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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Okay, you know all these results were fine. I really like what you're doing with Striker here. Hah, that's good. Anyway, I'll be reading smackDown! for sure and I'll try to review it.

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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

SmackDown! Preview for 09/22/06

SmackDown! rolls into St. Paul for what should be a huge show with three major matches signed for this weeks edition

Two of the four Quarter Final matches in the No Mercy tournament will take place as Chris Benoit takes on Finlay in what promises to be a pure wrestling showcase, while Undertaker meets his former nemesis JBL in the other matchup, the battle between these two brawlers is sure to produce some high impact pain!

Also, the other four men who will compete next week won't be left off as opponents for next week become partners for tonight, as Batista joins Bobby Lashley to take on Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar. What will play out in a match where trust may be a huge factor?

And we will finally be able to determine the next opponents for America's Most Wanted, as MNM and the FBI's Chuck Palumbo & Vito battle it out in a Ladder match with the contract to face AMW hanging above the ring in a briefcase. Who will be able to come out on top in what is sure to be a thrilling encounter?

Also, the World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle will be in action

Finally, Paul Heyman will be out to speak his mind about the current issues between the two brands RAW & SD! Heyman says the battle may've gone RAW's way, but the war is far from over. What will Heyman have to say?

All this and more on Friday Night SmackDown! from the XCel Energy Center on UPN

SmackDown! will be posted Saturday lunchtime (AUS) so Friday Night (US).


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Adam, I'll be specially looking forward to the Ladder Match, which has great potential. And I will also be looking forward to Quarter Finals of the Tournament. I expect Chris Benoit to beat Finlay and The Undertaker to beat JBL. But, I could be wrong though, so let's see find out I guess. The interpromotional war continues, and it's also looking good. I'll try to give some comments on SmackDown! when posted.

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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Originally Posted by Renegade™
^ Thanks to thaphenom01 and JBLoser for the Unforgiven reviews. I have returned them with rep and when I have time, will review your threads.
Take your time man, I'm looking forward to your feedback when you get a chance.

As for your Raw recap, I'm curious to see how the Foley/Heyman feud will continue on Smackdown, which is where you'll provide the details surrounding their heated war. Both are great on the stick and you have a lot of room for creativity, I'm sure you'll deliver and I'm looking forward to following this feud.

Interesting to see that Cena and Kane are likely over with their feud after Cena defeated Kane again, this time in a no DQ match. I have a feeling this may be a smokescreen and that they will face each other at the next Raw PPV but maybe I'm way off.

Nice to see Trish get some revenge from Unforgiven by pinning Lita in a Woman's Title defense. Also nice to see you pushing Styles as he has a great month going undefeated, picking up two singles victories and a victory in a six-man tag. I'm thinking he'll have a fairly lengthy title run.

Cryme Time debuting adds to the tag team division and I laughed at the recap, seeing that they robbed superstars in the locker room and auctioned off their stuff. I'm sure you'll make them very entertaining when Raw's are written in full once again. Rhino dominates the Hardcore division during the month, nice ECW flashback by having him go over Dreamer. Interesting to see Striker get sonned by DX throughout the month, I wonder if it will lead to him being in an in-ring feud with either member of DX or if he's just a guy they're feeding off of for comedy.

As for Smackdown, the tournament is absolutely star studded with PPV quality matchups occuring on the show. I'm very interested to see who goes over in both singles matches as well as the tag match. A ladder match on TV is interesting, I'm expecting MNM to defeat the FBI in that one. Nice to see that Angle will be in action and as I said earlier, I'm very intrigued to see where the Heyman/Foley feud is headed. I'll be dropping a review when the show is up.
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

XCel Energy Center
St. Paul; Minnesota

*Opening Video*


Cole: Welcome everyone to the sold out XCel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota for what is going to be a wild night Tazz! We are on the road to No Mercy, with the No Mercy Tournament finals continuing tonight, two of the four quarter finals matches will take place tonight with Chris Benoit taking on Finlay and Undertaker facing his old nemesis JBL!

Tazz: Cole it's gonna be a huge show. And that's only the start of things to come tonight my man, we are going to see MNM and the FBI meet in a Ladder Match with a contract to face America's Most Wanted at No Mercy dangling above the ring!

Cole: That will be huge partner, and we are also going to be adressed by Paul Heyman regarding what happened last night at RAW's PPV Unforgiven when he and half of the SmackDown! locker room tried to intervene and bring the Hardcore title to our show, only for none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin to resurface after a month off and cleaned house, saving the day for RAW

Tazz: In other words, we've got the goods tonight Cole!

*Paparazzi* hits to heat as Mercury & Nitro storm to the ring without Melina and forgoing the usual snapshots from the photographers, ready for a fight here to kick off the show

*Fully Blooded* plays and Vito & Chuck Palumbo head to the ring to even bigger heat. They get into the ring and are met by MNM, and we are underway in our first match of the night

Match 1
Ladder Match
Briefcase contains contract to face AMW for Tag Titles
MNM vs Vito & Chuck Palumbo

A very good match to kick things off tonight, with the crowd seemingly siding with MNM here as they place a more face role than the FBI. Things start off wildly early on with the two teams brawling, before MNM go high risk and nail in stereo Vaulting Body Presses onto the FBI. Mercury & Nitro now take ladders and both go for the belts, only to be stopped halfway up by the FBI. What follows is a mix of average spots, nothing too over the top, although it is still enough to get the crowd getting loud including Nitro Sunset Flip Powerbombing Palumbo off the ladder to the mat! Mercury is almost able to grab the case when his ladder is tipped and Mercury falls off, straddling over the top rope groin first!
Vito brings another ladder into the equation which backfires on him as Nitro counters a Suplex attempt, DDT'ing Vito onto the ladder! MNM try to get the Snapshot on Vito, but Palumbo saves him with a Jungle Kick to Mercury! Palumbo now climbs the ladder, with Nitro climbing up the other side and the two reach the top, beginning to trade right's, with both men wobbling, but neither falling. Then, both men reach up and grab the briefcase at the same time and yank it off, with both men losing their balance as they do this and both Nitro & Palumbo crash to the mat below and the briefcase comes down with them, all four men are down and referee Charles Robinson calls for the bell
Winners @ 16:34 - ???

Robinson tells Tony Chimel something, and Chimel grabs his mic, announcing

Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has informed me that due to the case being taken by a member from each team at the same time, this match is a draw!


Cole: Well then who's facing America's Most Wanted at No Mercy? These four men put their bodies through fifteen minutes of hell for a draw?

Tazz: That ain't right Cole, something will have to be done about this!

Cole: Both teams will claim they won it, but in the end, neither has!

Both teams slowly make their recoveries and are helped backstage as we go to a break


We return and see Steve Romero standing by with the World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle

Romero: I am standing here with the World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle!

Pop for Angle as he steps into view

Romero: Kurt, you were not originally scheduled to compete tonight, yet you have requested a match against anybody in the locker room willing to accept the challenge. May I ask why?

Angle: It's simple Steve. Paul Heyman has this whole No Mercy tournament set up going on, and while this happens, he sees it fit to rest me from competing, week in and week out so I don't run the risk of injury before the "big" match at No Mercy with whoever wins this tournament. Now the way I see it, there is no way that I, an Olympic Gold Medalist and the current World Heavyweight Champion, am going to sit on my ass, twiddling with my thumbs waiting to find out who I'll face at No Mercy without being in peak condition for my match and my opponent. Therefore, tonight I am challenging anyone backstage who wants a match, I mean a real match, to come out and get one, because I'll be out there and I'll be expecting some competition. And when I get it, I'll make them tap like I'll do to the unlucky winner who gets to face me at No Mercy. It's true, it's damn true!

Angle walks off and Romero sends it back to ringside

Cole: Well Tazz what a treat for the fans tonight, an unexpected match featuring Kurt Angle, the World's Champion, tonight!

Tazz: I wonder who's gonna accept the invite Cole. There's so many possibilities!

Cole: Well it seems like we are set for one of the two No Mercy tournament matches taking place tonight!

*I Love to Fight* hits to heel heat as Finlay makes his way to the ring, wielding his trademark Shillelagh in his hands. Finlay places it down in one of the corners and awaits his opponent

*Whatever* hits and the crowd erupts with a big pop as the "Rabid Wolverine" Chris Benoit walks out, raising his arms to another good pop. Benoit gets into the ring and raises his arms up again

Match 2
No Mercy Tournament Quarter Final Match
Chris Benoit vs Finlay

Very good technical encounter between these two veterans of the squared circle. Benoit was all over Finlay in the early going, trying to slap the Crossface on and working on the shoulder of Finlay, but a distraction of Little Bastard running across the ring as Benoit went to put the Crossface on Finlay, caused Benoit to lose his concentration for just a moment, which was enough for Finlay to take control of Benoit and wrestle him at his own technical game, trying to work on the neck area of Benoit. Finlay gets Benoit up, going for the Celtic Cross, but Benoit is able to counter with a rollup 1.....2..kickout! Finlay swings a shot at Benoit, trying to stay in control but Benoit ducks it and takes Finlay down with a German Suplex! Benoit hits the Trifecta of German's to Finlay, and then ascends the top rope, connecting with the Diving Headbutt! Cover 1.....2...NO! Finlay gets a foot on the ropes! Benoit looks to lock the Sharpshooter on Finlay, but Little Bastard gets up onto the apron. Benoit walks over to the leprechaun and tries to swat him away, and referee Jimmy Korderas tells LB to get off the apron, as Finlay takes the Shillelagh in hand and clobbers Benoit on the back of the leg with it! Benoit falls to the mat and Finlay desposes the weapon to the outside and calls the ref over for the cover 1.....2...NO! BENOIT KICKS OUT! Finlay is shocked, and the crowd erupts. Finlay grabs Benoit and goes for the Celtic Cross again, but Benoit rolls through it and instead of rolling Finlay up, locks the Crossface on! The crowd pops as Finlay is locked in the dreaded hold in the center of the ring, and has no choice but to TAP OUT!
Winner @ 13:42 - Chris Benoit
Advances to Semi Finals

Benoit has his hand raised to a big cheer from the fans, he raises his arms up, knowing he's one step closer to the chance to meet Kurt Angle at No Mercy

Cole: Chris Benoit has done it! He overcame Finlay's cheap tactics, the Little Bastard and the Shillelagh, but Benoit is now in the Semi Finals of the No Mercy tournament!

Tazz: That was classic wrestling at it's best Cole, two of the best performers inside the squared circle going all out tonight, and Benoit deserves the win, I'll give him that!

Cole: We've still got alot of action to come folks, and already we've been treated to two great matches tonight.

Backstage now and Chris Jericho is standing by with Kristal

Kristal: Chris Jericho, tonight you team with Brock Lesnar to take on the team of Bobby Lashley & Batista, how are you feeling about being paired with the man you will face next week in the No Mercy tournament, knowing the previous history between yourself and Lesnar?

Jericho: To be honest with you Kristal, it sucks. I mean, why would you throw the Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah, the first Undisputed Champion of this company, into a match with three guys that are single handedly keeping the steriod companies in business? It's not exactly smart. Especially when you pair me with the guy who assaulted me repeatedly over the summer on the road to Summerslam? I don't get it, honestly I don't. But, for all the Jerichoholics in the audience tonight...

Mixed reaction for Jericho, who's face turn seems to be coming

Jericho: I will go out there, I will work with the roid rager against his pill poppin' buddies. But if Brock Lesnar sets a foot wrong, then Y2J won't be held responsible for walking out.

Kristal: Over the past few weeks there has been some growing tension between yourself and JBL, would you care to comment on the situation?

Jericho smirks and pauses for a moment, stroking his chin before speaking

Jericho: It's simple. JBL is jealous. Jealous because what he has achieved, cannot amount to the success I have had and will continue to have. So what if he invests on the stock market? I'm the lead singer of one of the most successful rock groups around in Fozzy. So what if he's a best selling author? I could sit down, crap on about my boring life in some book and put my picture on the front of it and people would flock to by it!

Pop from the crowd

Jericho: And as for JBL's "Great" run as WWE Champion, well let's look back and see if we can remember one time, and I mean one time, where he didn't use his re-incarnation of the Village People to save him in his matches. Can you think of one? Cause I sure can't. And then look at me. I was the FIRST Undisputed Champion of this company. I beat Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock in one night! Now how many people can say they've done that?

Jericho pretends to think about his own question before continuing

Jericho: O that's right, me. So JBL, junior, take a long hard look at yourself before you try and compare yourself to me. Because flat out, I'm better than you'll ever be.

Y2J looks into the camera for a moment, then walks off and we go to a commercial


We return to the arena and *Extreme* fills the sounds to big heat as the General Manager of SmackDown! Paul Heyman makes his way to the ring, flanked by Randy Orton & Booker T. Heyman looks far from happy as as takes a mic and gets into the ring, looking into the crowd

Heyman: Will you people please show some respect when the General Manager is about to adress you?

More heat from the fans

Heyman: It was my plan to come out here tonight a happy man. It was my plan to come out here with a new acquisition, a new Championship for SmackDown! in the Hardcore title. But...

A loud *Austin* chant begins which seems to annoy Heyman who frowns at the mention of Austin

Heyman: Yes, go on, chant his name...

The *Austin* chants get louder, and turn into *We Want Austin* chants, although he is a RAW superstar

Heyman: But everything I had planned out, fell apart. It was faltless, it was foolproof, yet, thanks to an unexpected appearance by Stone Cold Steve Austin, the plan do not turn out so impressive.

Crowd pops

Heyman: And now instead I stand in this ring, in this God awful city...

Cheap heat

Heyman: And I can only find it in myself to feel dissapointed. Because as much as I place the blame on Stone Cold Steve Austin, he wasn't the only person that ruined the plan on Sunday. No, no, there was another. And his name is none other than Hardcore Holly!

Crowd is surprised to hear this

Heyman: If he had just accepted the plan, if he had just learnt his role, none of this would've backfired. So, Bob Holly, I know you're here tonight, please, come to the ring and explain yourself to me...

*How Do You Like Me Now* hits and Hardcore Holly walks to the ring, looking less than impressed with what Heyman is saying

Heyman: Well Bob, do you have anything to say for your down right stupidity of question my decisions on Sunday?

Holly tilts his head as if to say "Are you serious?" and shakes his head at Heyman

Heyman: Well then maybe you just need some sense beaten into you...

Just like that, Orton & Booker T attack Hardcore Holly, knocking the veteran down from behind and stomping away at him. They bring Holly up and Booker kicks him in the midsection, then rebounds off the ropes and connects with a Scissors Kick to Holly! The crowd is giving loud heat for this as Orton now brings Holly up and drills him with an RKO! Heyman gets on his knees, by a downed Holly's side and grabs him by the head

Heyman: Let this be a message to Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mick Foley! You get on my bad side, and very bad things begin to happen. Austin, on Sunday when you got involved in what originally didn't concern you, you got on my bad side. And Mick Foley, the moment you allowed Rhyno to appear on this show weeks ago and take the Hardcore title back, you too got on my bad side. So take this as a warning for the both of you. I am coming to RAW on Monday, and there are some things that need to be discussed, men to men!

With that being said Heyman, Booker & Orton leave the ring to loud heat from the fans

Cole: What a dispicable act from our General Manager Tazz! He got his goons Randy Orton & Booker T to punish Hardcore Holly for refusing to cheat his way to a match he could win in his eyes.

Tazz: Well Cole, Boby Holly's job was to bring the Hardcore title to SmackDown! and he didn't get it done. Paul Heyman is simply laying down the law to anyone who gets on his bad side, once you're there, you're gonna pay!

Cole: And now Heyman says he's going over to RAW on Monday! Why?

Tazz: That my man, I have no clue about.


We return, to the top of the second hour of the show, as *Longhorn* plays to heat as John Bradshaw Layfield steps out of his limosuine that is driven on stage. JBL takes one look at the crowd then heads to the ring

JBL gets into the ring and takes off his hat and tracksuit top, awaiting the arrival of the Phenom. It takes a few moments after JBL's music dies down to build the suspense, before *GONG* and the crowd goes wild as *Graveyard Symphony* begins to fill the sounds and Undertaker saunders to the ring slowly as always. Undertaker stops on the ring steps and commands the lights to turn back on before proceding into the ring and taking off his hat, rolling his eyes back, while JBL doesn't look too comfortable facing Taker tonight

Match 3
No Mercy Tournament Quarter Finals
Undertaker vs JBL

Very straight forward slug fest between these two brawler like big men, with both men bringing some hard hitting offense to take it to the other. Undertaker used his presence to stay ontop early, before JBL snuck a low blow with the ref's back turn and began to pound down on Taker. JBL tried to hit the Clothesline From Hell, but is met by a Big Boot from Taker! Taker then rebounds off the ropes and drops a leg to JBL 1.....2..kickout. Undertaker now takes JBL by the arm and heads upstairs, walking the top rope before leaping off with Old School to JBL! Taker now signals for the end of JBL, who staggers his way back up and Taker scoops JBL up, going for the Tombstone, but JBL slips out the back and shoves Taker into the corner, accidentally sandwiching referee Nick Patrick into the turnbuckle and knocking him out! Taker frowns down at the ref before turning back to catch JBL coming in with a Chokeslam! Taker drops to his knees, expecting for a count, but Nick Patrick is well and truly out. Undertaker looks far from pleased as he gets to his feet, and the crowd begins getting to their feet, booing? Taker turns around and IS DRILLED TO THE MAT BY A THUNDEROUS SPEAR FROM GOLDBERG! GOLDBERG IS BACK! The crowd is booing apeshit as Goldberg evily grins down at the Undertaker, then pulls the Deadman up and drives him to the mat with a JACKHAMMER! Goldberg now revives Nick Patrick who conviniently comes to and then Goldberg hops out into the crowd still grinning at what he's done, while JBL crawls to Taker and drapes an arm over him 1.....2.....3!
Winner @ 12:10 - JBL
Advances to Semi Finals

The crowd explodes into boos as JBL has his hand raised, not knowing what's happened, and we see Goldberg still in the crowd grinning at Taker, who is down in the ring

Cole: JBL is through, thanks to the return of Goldberg! I don't believe it! Goldberg has just returned and screwed Undertaker out of his match with JBL!

Tazz: What a statement to make from Goldberg Cole! I don't think he's finished with Undertaker yet.

Cole: You can be sure that Undertaker will want revenge in the worse possible way on Goldberg! This is just not fair, Undertaker was moments away from securing a victory and advancing!

Back to the ring now and Undertaker SITS UP! Taker is furious, rolling his eyes back into his head and gritting his teeth in seething hatred for what Goldberg has done before we cut backstage

Matt Hardy is walking the halls, getting a good pop from the fans, before he is stopped as he runs into Gregory Helms!

Matt: Yes?

Helms: I just want to tell you Matt Hardy, you've had a nice two months with that US Title, but it's only going to be with you for a little longer, because I, Gregory Helms, will take it from you.

Matt: Is that so?

Helms: Oh yeah.

The two men get in each other's faces, when a cough is heard and Mr. Kennedy steps into the picture

Kennedy: Did I hear you right chump. The Hurricane wants a US Title shot? Well stand back, because that ain't gonna happen. There is only one man that deserves a United States title shot, and that man is MR. KENNEDY!.....KEN-NEH-DAH!

Crowd pops

Matt: I'm sorry to ruin this little debate, but I don't think either of you have the right to face me for this Championship, so I'll leave you two to argue amongst yourselves...

Matt Hardy goes to walk off, but runs right into Muhammad Hassan and Daivari! The crowd boos and Hardy rolls his eyes, wondering if anything else could make this moment worse

Hassan: Typical American, too afraid to defend what he can lose.

Heat from the fans

Matt: O boy...

Hassan: You walk these halls with MY United States Championship like your some important person, yet when I had that title around my waist and walked these halls, I was frowned upon by the locker room. I was seen as an unfit US Champion in the eyes of every single prejudice fan in the World for holding a title that didn't reflect my nationality!

Matt: No you were frowned upon when you had this title because you were a cowardly, racist, egotistical whiner.

Crowd pops as Hassan steps in close to Hardy, both men breathing heavily, while Kennedy & Helms also move in close, and the four men share an intense staredown

Hassan: It seems like you're a marked man Hardy. And if I were you, I'd decide to grow some balls and put that title on the line against the man who rightfully deserves his chance at the belt, and that man is M-

Kennedy: MR. KENNEDY!

Hassan turns to Kennedy and Kennedy smirks, while Helms takes the opportunity to tap Hardy on the shoulder

Helms: Watch your back Hardy, because I aim to keep my word.

Helms walks off, and then Kennedy does in the other direction, leaving Hardy and Hassan staring down as we go to a commercial


Cole: Welcome back to SmackDown! folks. We are live from St. Paul and what a night we've seen so far. Goldberg returning to get revenge on Undertaker, Matt Hardy seems to be a marked man backstage, Benoit & JBL have advanced into the Semi Finals of the No Mercy tournament. And also, MNM and the FBI went through a hellacious Ladder match, only for it to end in a very contentious draw!

Tazz: There are some big issues that have to resolved Cole, and I think No Mercy could well be the place for that to take place!

Cole: I couldn't agree more partner.

*Fully Blooded* hits to some fair heel heat as the Cruiserweight Champion Nunzio makes his way out, ready to defend the belt

*Turn It Up!* hits to a good pop as Scotty 2 Hotty dances out on stage and down the ramp, partying with the fans at ringside like only Scotty can do, before getting into the ring

Match 4
Cruiserweight Championship Match
Scotty 2 Hotty vs Nunzio (c)

Match is kept short due to the show already chocked full of stuff to come, really just a way to book the CW Champ on the show and give him a match. Nunzio continually cheats around to stay in control of Scotty, although S2H is able to make a short comeback, countering a Sicilian Slice attempt and going on the offensive, hitting a Superkick, then a One Handed Bulldog. Scotty feels wormy and bounces around on one foot, connecting with the Worm! Scotty covers 1.....2....NO! Nunzio gets a shoulder up. Scotty looks a little surprised but tries to stay ontop, only for Nunzio to poke Scotty in the eye and connect with the Sicilian Slice! Nunzio covers for the victory.
Winner @ 3:53 - Nunzio
Retains Cruiserweight Championship

Nunzio poses with the CW title, looking smugly happy with his performance before heading backstage

Cole: Nunzio retains, but not in the greatest of fashions...

Tazz: And you expected something else? The FBI don't care how they do it, as long as they get the job done Cole, they're more than happy to go to almost any lengths.

Cole: I can't say that so far in his reign as Cruiserweight Champion, that Nunzio has been an upstanding Champion and role model.

Backstage now and we are in the office of Paul Heyman. The GM is given HUGE heat from the fans and is on the phone, when there is a knock on the door and in comes James Storm & Chris Harris of America's Most Wanted! The Tag Champs get a nice pop from the fans as they enter

Heyman: Ah, the pride and joy of tag team wrestling. What may I do for you two fine gentlemen?

Storm & Harris look at each other, raising their eyebrows, knowing Heyman can't seriously mean what he just said

Storm: Well you could start off by telling us who we are going to face at No Mercy for the tag titles, because from we were sitting tonight watching the Ladder match, neither team won, and that means neither team has the contract to face us for the tag titles.

Harris: We've sat backstage for the past hour and so waiting to be informed on what's happening, but we haven't heard anything apart from the fact all four men are being treated at a local medical facility.

Heyman: Yes, I was wondering how long it would take before this had to be addressed. Well James, Chris, it seems to me that the referee awarded the match a draw, because both Johnny Nitro and Chuck Palumbo were both able to yank the case off it's hook at the same time. So, that means that at No Mercy, it will be America's Most Wanted versus....MNM versus the FBI in a Triangle Tag Match!

Pop from the crowd

Heyman: Now if you two don't mind, I have a show to run, so if you'd please shut the door on your way out, that would be much appreciated...

AMW exit the room not looking miffed by the announcement made by Heyman, despite the fact that they will be facing two top teams for their titles in 3 weeks time

Cole: And our first finalised match has been made for No Mercy! America's Most Wanted defend their WWE Tag Team Championships in a Triangle Tag Match against both MNM and the FBI pairing of Vito & Palumbo!

Tazz: The champs days could well be numbered Cole!

Cole: They could well be leaving No Mercy without the belts they've held since Summerslam, but you can never count them out, not for a second.

Music begins playing

Tazz: Cole, can you hear that?

Cole: Yes I can Tazz.

Tazz: It's "Getting Thru?" by Fuel, which is the official theme song for No Mercy which is only 23 days away! It's the first time a Fuel song has been used in the WWE Cole!

*Medal* hits and the crowd erupts into a big ovation as the World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring ahead of his open challenge match. Angle looks extremely intense and ready to go here tonight, after not even being originally booked to wrestle tonight

Angle's music dies down and we wait for the opponent to appear, and after about 10 seconds of waiting *Born Naughty* plays and William Regal heads to the ring to some heat. Angle is shown in the ring getting ready for a potentially tricky contest

Match 5
Open Challenge Singles Match
Non Title
Kurt Angle (WHC) vs William Regal

The fans are treated to another top technical wrestling contest tonight, although this one runs a little shorter due to the want to put Angle over as a Wrestling Machine and also the fact that the show is running slightly behind schedule. Angle seems in total control and cannot put a foot wrong, taking it to Regal and wearing him down, but as Angle attempts the German Suplex, Regal counters sharply with a Snapmare takedown and locks in a reverse chin lock on Angle. The Olympian battles back to his feet only to be hit with the Regal Cutter! Regal covers 1.....2....NO! Angle kicks out, looking strong! Regal tries to apply the Regal Stretch, but Angle counters it, slipping behind Regal, and taking him down with a German Suplex! Angle then waits for Regal to get back up and he plants him with an Angle Slam! Angle now slaps the Anklelock on Regal in the middle of the ring and Regal has no where to go and no choice but to tap!
Winner @ 8:04 - Kurt Angle

The crowd applauds the intense performance from their World Champion tonight as Angle holds the belt high before turning to one of the camera's at ringside and mouthing "No one can take this from me" before exiting the ring as we go back to the announcer's booth

Cole: Kurt Angle is looking strong Tazz! A very impressive victory over the difficult William Regal, and our Champion seems focused on No Mercy and keeping the title around his waist!

Tazz: Well Cole I've said it before and I'll say it again, Kurt Angle is a Wrestling Machine! Regal hung in there for as long as he could, but Angle can kick it into a notch that very few can hang in and proved too good in the end.

Cole: I don't think anyone can deny the confidence in this man, but maybe at No Mercy, it could take a beating if the winner of the No Mercy tournament is able to dethrone Kurt Angle from the top of the ladder!

We now go backstage to Steve Romero who is standing by

Romero: Thanks guys, I am standing here with JBL, who earlier tonight due to some unexpected help from the returning Goldberg was able to advance into the Semi Finals of the No Mercy tournament with a huge win over the Undertaker.

JBL is all smiles as the crowd gives heat

Romero: JBL first off, it must be a great feeling to being one step closer to facing Kurt Angle at No Mercy...

JBL: Let me stop you right there Steve. First off, let me correct your sloppy interviewing. What you were meant to say is it must be a great feeling to being one step closer to BEATING Kurt Angle at No Mercy, and once again becoming the World Heavyweight Champion!

Boos from the fans

JBL: I haven't been ontop for so long, it feels strange to see the cornerstone of this show languishing far away from what is rightfully his prize. Everyone says that Kurt Angle is a brilliant Champion, Kurt Angle is a Wrestling Machine, well I got news for Kurt Angle, I am a Wressstling....Godddd!


JBL: And even well oiled machines like Kurt Angle can be overcome, because let's not forget Steve, man made machine, and God made man, so that would make me an obvious choice against Kurt Angle.

The crowd boos in annoyance with the crap JBL is talking

Romero: O...K...And I have to also ask you, we heard from Chris Jericho earlier tonight...

JBL's big grin quickly turns to a frown at the mention of Y2J

Romero: The tension between the two of you seems to be rising by the week, would you care to comment?

JBL swipes the mic from Romero looking unimpressed still

JBL: Chris Jericho is nothing but a punk. Seriously kid, you shouldn't even be trying to compare acheivements with John Bradshaw Layfield! I am a best selling author, a major player on the stock market, and I was the longest reiging Champion in SmackDown! history. No one gives a damn about your awful second rate rock band, the fact you are the "Ayatollah of Rock And Rollah" and that you were the first Undisputed Champion of this company, when you couldn't even beat a guy on virtually one leg at Wrestlemania X8! You're living in the past all the time son, it's time to take a long hard look in the mirror and see that you cannot touch greatness like me! You belong with all the other scum that infest the great city of New York! And if you want to keep talking the kind of rubbish you were talking earlier, then I'll make sure to shut that damn trap of yours for good!

JBL storms off, in a very sour mood as Romero sends it back to ringside

Cole: JBL with some hard words there for Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho Tazz!

Tazz: Well Cole he's got every right to boast and brag, because I believe if he gets there he can beat Kurt Angle. And on the other hand, I know he can beat Chris Jericho.

We now switch backstage to see Batista & Lashley meeting up, shaking hands with each other and getting ready for the main event, and then get a split screen view of the other supposed partners Jericho & Lesnar walking by themselves

Cole: Well when we come back, it's our main event, Batista & Bobby Lashley taking on Chris Jericho & Brock Lesnar!

Tazz: Talk about rocketbuster's!


We return and see Lesnar bobbing up and down in the ring with Jericho posing on the ring apron and his music playing. Jericho then gets into the ring and leans over the ropes looking into the crowd, getting a very pro response as the fans seemed to have warmed to him completely now

*Real Deal* hits and Bobby Lashley makes his way out on stage, setting off his pyro's and slapping a few hands at ringside as he awaits his partner

The crowd erupts with a loud pop as *I Walk Alone* hits and Batista heads out, walking to both ends of the stage before stopping in the middle and letting his pyro's explode behind him. Batista then joins Lashley and the big duo get into the ring

Main Event
Tag Team Match
Batista & Bobby Lashley vs Chris Jericho & Brock Lesnar

Entertaining main event with the power game of Batista, Lashley & Lesnar coming to the forefront of the match while Jericho sparingly involves himself in the match when Lesnar seems to be in trouble, hacking at the leg of Lashley and the shoulder of Batista, trying to slow the big men down. The crowd is very much on Jericho's side even when he's against Batista and Lashley working his heel tactics. Jericho is able to hit the Flashback on Lashley 1.....2....NO! Lashley just kicks out. Jericho tries to go for the Walls Of Jericho, but Lashley uses his leg power and sends Jericho back into the turnbuckle, and Y2J stumbles out into a Belly to Back Suplex! Both men down. The crowd begin making a noise with a mixed reaction for both men as Jericho tags in Lesnar. Lesnar gets in, but LASHLEY TAGS IN BATISTA! The crowd pops as Big Dave and Brock Lesnar go punch for punch in the middle of the ring with neither man blinking until Lesnar goes the low road and knees Batista in the gut. Lesnar goes for the F5, but Lashley helps Batista out the back and the two hit Lesnar with a Double Clothesline! Jericho comes running in and scores with a Running Enzuiguri to Lashley, taking the "Real Deal" out through the ropes after the impact. Batista fights off Jericho with right hands, then plants him with a Spinebuster! Batista turns his attentions back to Lesnar and is caught with a Belly to Belly Overhead! Lesnar covers 1.....2...Kickout. Lesnar now gets up, wanting to end it and pulls Batista up, only for the Animal to break free and hit a Spear to Lesnar! Batista now tugs at the ropes, getting ready to hit the Batista Bomb, but Jericho springs off the turnbuckle and hits the Springboard Dropkick to Batista, who stumbles backwards into Lesnar who rolls him up 1.....2.....3!
Winners @ 11:32 - Chris Jericho & Brock Lesnar

Lesnar celebrates with his victory and Jericho heads out as Batista seems dissapointed he was pinned, and Lashley comforts him in the ring as the show goes off air


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Strange opening match with 2 heel tag teams competing in a ladder match (vito and palumbo in a ladder match full stop doesn’t work), but it looked to be a decent enough match, although not spectacular. Double ending leads to a very predictable triple threat match, and so it makes me think that the ladder match was only for the spots and not really as any real part of a storyline

Angle makes the challenge….A good thing. But the promo to announce this challenge didn’t work for me, and just didn’t sound right. Angle does get his win over Regal in a match that looked pretty decent, and keeps him doing something while the tournament happens

JBL vs. Jericho will be happening at some point, either at No Mercy or the final of the tournament, and the way the feud is being set up sounds pretty good to me. Liked the promo from Jericho which kept him in a decent tweener role. JBL has a pretty decent response, but jericho’s promo was the better of the 2

Decent Heyman promo where he shows his sadistic side, and this war between Raw and Smackdown is going to develop into something more than it just being about the hardcore title…but the way you’ve started it is a very clever way to do it

JBL wins, but it is due to the return of Goldberg. Good to see the guy back to finish off his feud with Taker, although this return may have worked better as the closing segment to the show. Taker will probably score the win to send Goldberg out of the thread for good

Hardy has his 3 challengers for the belt then, so a fatal 4 way looks to be coming soon. Okay promo here, but never really got going and was a little too brief really, but starts the feud nicely

Nunzio keeps the title, although that was always going to happen. Nice to see Nunzio getting a push in someone’s BTB, even though I see him dropping the belt soon.

Solid main event, but the ending of the match didn’t seem at all like an ending to a main event match. Lesnar gets the roll up win, and then nothing happens at all really, and so the show ends on a flat note. JBL/Taker would have been the better ending to the show
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Nice way to end the ladder match, and either both teams will face AMW at No Mercy, or a rematch will take place next week. As for Angle's words, that's good to see that the champ isn't going to sit and watch, and instead fight and prove why he is indeed the World Heavyweight Champion.

Finlay and Benoit put on a great match as expected and even though the Little Bastard try to interfere, Benoit gets the win here. As for Jericho's comments, I see possibly that neither of these two men make it to No Mercy to face Angle, and instead these two might face off against one of another.

Heyman gets in some cheap heat comments before having Orton and Booker attack Bob Holly, and making an example out of Holly, to not cross the Smackdown GM. As for the JBL/Taker match, the match was good, but WOAH! Goldberg is back!!! This was a big shock and now that Taker is out of the tournament, I see Taker facing Goldberg at No Mercy.

The promo between Hardy, Hassan, Helms and Kennedy looks to be leading to a Fatal 4 Way Match at No Mercy for the title. If built right, this match could be a show stealer and a great feud. As for Heyman's announcement, I expected this to happen. Still I see AMW winning the match and still remaining the champs. As for Nuzio's match, I see he is getting a push, and that's good. The match though could have been a little longer though.

Angle beats Regal in a competive match and Kurt seems very focused heading into No Mercy. As for JBL's promo, this was well done. Seems like this feud will continue both men over the next couple of weeks. Finally the Main Event was great, and Jericho and Lesnar get the win. The big point here was the staredown that Lashley gave Batista.

Great show, as I know the buildup to No Mercy is going to be great. Thanks for the review.

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

The Patriot's Smackdown! Review

The match between the two heel tag-teams to start the show was a nice television contest, as you don’t get to see a ladder match very often. Nonetheless, this was a good encounter, and the end result sets up a potentially good match at No Mercy between all three teams.

A very good promo by Angle that seemed realistic to me, and an open challenge fits Kurt Angle perfectly. This is a really good tactic to make Angle look like a fighting champion heading into his contest at No Mercy.

A tournament match follows as Chris Benoit does battle with Finlay. This is a good technical bout, and these two always provide for an entertaining read when written properly, and you did just that. Finlay tries to cheat and pick up the win, but a resilient Benoit is made to look extremely strong. A good decision to allow Benoit to advance, as he is a bigger name at this point than Finlay.

This was my favorite part of the show, as Chris Jericho covered a lot of bases in this promo. He seemed in character, talking about his Main Event match later tonight, as well as his confrontation with JBL over the past few weeks. I suspect that Jericho and Layfield will eventually end up butting heads in this tournament, but that doesn’t necessarily mean either of them will face Kurt Angle. It will be interesting to see where you take this angle and feud.

Heyman comes out next and this segment seems a bit rushed from the start. Heyman covers Mick Foley, Rhino, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, telling us how these men have taken the Hardcore Championship away from Smackdown. He also holds Hardcore Holly responsible, and calls him out. Booker T and Orton attack him prematurely in my opinion, and dispose of him too quickly. With so much talent on your shows, using a guy like Hardcore Holly seemed a bit strange to me also.

JBL and The Undertaker engage in a war here, and I really didn’t know who the winner was going to be until Goldberg made his presence known. I’m a first time reader, so I don’t now the history of Goldberg in your thread, but I do know that the Goldberg vs. Taker feud could very well extend into WrestleMania. This should make for a physical encounter at No Mercy.

A very craftily written segment with all four of these men vying for Matt Hardy and the United States Championship. With a Triangle-Tag match already hinted, I don’t think a Fatal-Fourway is a good idea, so perhaps a singles contest at No Mercy between Hardy and Hassan could lead to a Fatal-Fourway at Mania. This promo was well written though, with several good lines, and it wasn’t confusing as some multi-man promos can be.

Nunzio disposes of Scotty 2 Hotty in a match that just looks like filler to me. I didn’t see a need for it, but it’s good to keep the Cruiserweight title credible, I guess, especially if you have plans for it down the road.

A very predictable angle and promo follows, as the Tag-Team Champions make their presence felt, demanding to know their opponents at No Mercy. Heyman books a Triangle-Tag Match, and the champions seem to have their backs against the wall. I look for them to retain, but the contest should be a good read.

Kurt Angle defeats William Regal in the Open Challenge, and I can’t think of a better man to pit against Angle in this type of situation. These two were well written in your contest, and the decision to make Regal tap was predictable, necessary, yet entertaining to read. Angle came off as being dominating.

JBL cuts a promo here answering Chris Jericho. The war of words between these two makes for a good read, but it takes away from the tournament because it becomes so predictable that a contest between the two is inevitable. This feud should be a good one though, and I could see Jericho and JBL settling their differences at WrestleMania.

The Main Event follows, with Lashley and Batista teaming up to take on Jericho and Lesnar. Jericho and Lesnar pick up the win in a well written contest, giving Jericho some momentum heading into his inevitable contest with JBL.

Overall, you are a solid writer with good storylines and good feuds. You seem to know your stuff without a doubt, and I think your thread has a great deal of promise in the future. My thread is WWE: ALL GROWN UP, and I’d love a return review if you don’t mind.

Overall Score: 75/100

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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Thanks alot guys for the reviews, I'll get to returning them ASAP.

The next SD! will go up earlier this week on Thursday afternoon, as I'll be out on Friday due to the HOLIDAYS! Lol, thank God for holidays.


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Haidys Smackdown! Review

I don't owe you anything, just thought i'd review a great show

2 Heel teams kick of Smackdown! Odd choice, but good match placement, warming up the crowd with a nice ladder match. It looked very solid and looked like it would be a great TV match to watch. And odd ending which i have never seen or read before. It was actually a pretty good choice. Don't know how the crowd would react though.

The Angle segment was good, though not spaced out, which is what i like. It sets up a good match which will be later on in the night, leaving hype, which is great. It seemed pretty realistic and typical Angle. Nice build-up

The Quarter Final match. Benoit vs Finlay. Loving it. 13 minutes of great action which is enjoyable. We have seen it before, don't mind it happening again. Finlay trying to cheat his way to a victory was expected, and i like how you booked it. Of course, Benoit, the Wolverine that he his picking up the victory, great choice and i would root for him to win.

I loved the Jericho segment! I laughed out loud on the comment "I mean, why would you throw the Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah, the first Undisputed Champion of this company, into a match with three guys that are single handedly keeping the steriod companies in business?" I really enjoyed this promo. Jericho talked about JBL being jealous and what not. It will be nice to know if any of those two will advance and face Angle. You got Benoit, Jericho, JBL, i can't choose!

The Heymen segment was great. It was very heelish in particular, calling out Holly. After the assault with Booker and Orton. Heyman threatens Austin and Foley and claims he will be coming to Raw. I like it, and you would expect to lookg forward to seeing what will break down.

Taker and JBL. We have seen it, but still nontheless a good match to read. I do not know the reason of Goldberg returning. As i have not read every single one of your shows. But this is a for-sure fued for the future and it will be intresting to see what breaks down.

A very nice segment with each person getting in their say. I see a fatal four way no doubt. Unless this is a build up for a fatal four way into another PPV. And perhaps only one of those men could get a shot, say the 3 challengers competeing in a number 1contenders match? I'm not sure, but we will see how it plays out.

The Cruiserweight match was a short fest jobbing Scotty 2 Hotty. Building up Nunzio as a strong character, i do not suggest seeing as how it feels unrealistic, Nunzio is a small man. A filler match, not much to say.

A casual segment with the announcement of a Triangle-Tag Match. I see a new champion coming out of this unless you want to build up.

Regal accepting the open challenge. I liked the match, making Regal tap, just like Angle said he would do makes Angle seem very dominate heading into No Mercy.

JBL promo now. Switching sides a litte with JBL trashtalking Jericho. It's a great entertainment factor seeing these two great mic workes battle it out in the promos. Something great can come out of this, Wrestlemania? We will see

Main Event Time! well written and booked, with Jericho and Lesnar picking up the win. Jericho and JBL could be a great fued and this is a good win for him. Seemed a little short, still, good job.

Quality/Entertainment - 8/10 - Loved it, especially the Jericho promo
Grammar/Spelling - 10/10 - Nothing noticable
Booking - 8/10 - Very well done
Length - 9/10 - Great length overall
Matches - 8/10 - Well written and very entertaining to read through
Intrest - 7.5/10 - Most of the show was very intresting and i enjoy that

Overall - 50.5/55 - Though not the real sum, that's what i would personally rate it. The show was very great and written well. Keep it up!
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