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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

WWE RAW Preview for 09/18/06

Just 24 hours removed from Unforgiven, RAW comes to you live from the Uptown Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina for a night not to be missed

Finally, Triple H ended his long running feud with Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon last night as he defeated HBK in a brutal Last Man Standing match, with the stipulation being should HBK lose, Vince will terminate his contract effective immediately. How will Triple H react to finally putting the last few months of hell behind him as he is given an open mic to address the fans?

Also, what will the future hold for RAW without Shawn Michaels, as tonight marks the first RAW in almost five years that HBK hasn't been contracted to the brand for a weekly show. What does the post HBK era have in stall for RAW?

Plus, after his big win last night, AJ Styles will put his title on the line in a rematch against Charlie Haas tonight on RAW. These two have put on some classic matches in the past few months, and tonight will mark the final match in their ongoing dispute

And finally, how will Mick Foley react to Paul Heyman's attempted invasion last night during the Hardcore match? Heyman brought a stack of SD! superstars to make sure SmackDown! left with the Hardcore title, but the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin turned the plan on it's head. Will the tension between RAW & SD! continue to boil tonight?

All this plus Christian, RVD, The Rock, Kane, John Cena are all in the building, tune in for a big RAW not to be missed!


RAW is now in recaps seeing as No Mercy, a SmackDown! PPV is the upcoming show. RAW recap to be posted on Tuesday (AUS time) so Monday (US time)


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Adam, I'm really looking forward to this RAW. AJ Styles vs. Charlie Haas for the WWE Intercontinental Championship would be a match to watch-out for. And it'll be very interesting to see what Triple H has to say about Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon (I believe a new contender for his title will be coming for him at this week's RAW. And also I'm looking forward to how you continue this interpromotional feud between RAW and SmackDown!.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Mac’s Review for Unforgiven

Intercontinental Championship: AJ Styles vs. Charlie Haas
Kicking the night off with Styles and Haas, good match to start off with, which will hopefully be at a moderately fast pace. Relatively back and forth match up until the first big move is hit, a strong sit out Powerbomb from Styles but he only picks up a two. AJ is on a bit of a roll, picking up another near fall but once more Haas kicks out, hitting a move of his own for a 2 count. Lots of near fall in this match, and its turning out to be a nice, fast paced, technical match, a little bit quicker than I’d thought it would go. Styles goes for and missed the spinal tap, getting yet another 2 count. The finish comes completely out of left field, with Styles countering the vertical exploder into a roll up for the three count and the Intercontinental Championship. Nice opening match, setting the tone for the rest of the pay per view. ***

Funny comedic segment between the New Age Outlaws and Matt Striker. Nice job capturing the character of Striker and Gunn & Dogg are always utilized better when not in the ring…

World Tag Team Championship: Dudleyz vs. Cade & Jindrak

Not to sure about this next match up, the washed up, stale Dudleyz against the charisma-less tag team champions (). Bubba Ray Dudley completely dominates Cade in the early going, not allowing him to get in any offense. D’von gets tagged in but things still don’t get better for Lance Cade as he still gets his ass kicked. The fact that the Dudley Boyz are controlling this match so much, leads me to believe that Cade & Jindrak will be taking it. The heels spend a little bit of time in the driver’s seat before Bubba gets the hot tag and The Dudleyz retake control again! Finish came somewhat out of nowhere as Jindrak rolls Bubba up for the finish. Match was a little too one sided for my tastes but its all good in the end since the champions retained. **1/2

Solid promo from the coach putting over Monty Brown. Definitely liking this tandem but Coach may be better utilized elsewhere since Monty can talk on his own.

Carlito vs. Monty Brown
Relatively even match up as Brown uses his power and Carlito uses his speed advantage in the early portion of the match up. Kind of over exaggerating Brown’s strength in the match as he powers Carlito off of him. Carly isn’t that small. Monty manages to pick up a two count after a Alphalanche but Carlito too gets a near fall after a springboard cross body. Thankfully the bear hug didn’t last long and the action picks up again. Brown gets a near fall after a missed suicide dive. Nice use of The Coach there. Not the last time Coach get involved as he saves Brown from getting pinned after a corkscrew senton! Carlito gets distracted with The Coach and it costs him as Brown hit’s the Pounce for the win!! Decent match up between Brown and Monty, nothing special but it gave Brown a win while keeping Carlito strong. **3/4

I don’t know what the fuck is going on with Heyman and Bob Holly, but I’m very interested in finding out.

Hardcore Championship: Rhyno vs. Hardcore Holly
Clockwork House of Fun match - Mick Foley as referee

Never been a huge hardcore match fan, nor have I been in love with any of the three involved. With all that said, this should be a pretty solid hardcore match. Match up gets off to a quick start with both men going for quick pin covers. Typical hardcore action throughout, fire extinguishers, bowling balls and cookie sheets all used. Things begin to pick up when Foley accidentally gets drilled in the face with a chair by Holly! Rhyno Driver on the chair has got to put Holly down for the count! Heyman unloads the flood gates and several superstars come down to the ring. Orton and Booker have too much star power to be involved with something like this, IMO. They beat the crap out of Rhyno but … Holy Shit!!! Stone Cold shows up and cleans house of everyone! Holly is the only one left and ends up on the receiving end of a Gore from Rhyno who picks up the win and retains the Hardcore Title! Nice match up with an exciting conclusion, not sure it should have marked the return of Austin but it came off well. ***

Arrogant promo from Christian, doing his typical self promotion, while hyping his match with RVD and Benjamin. Hopefully he picks up the win here, though I doubt a loss will hurt any of them.

Rob Van Dam vs. Christian vs. Shelton Benjamin: Triple Threat Match
Feel like I’ve been bogging this review down by writing every single thing which comes to mind so time to speed things up. Alliance between Christian and Shelton probably won’t last long … and it didn’t. Benjamin and Van Dam both show some good athleticism in the opening minutes. Good, fast paced action throughout the middle of the match as all three begin to pull out some of their signature maneuvers. Haven’t seen Van Dam come off with the leg drop off the top rope in a while. Match picks up even more towards the end but finally Van Dam hit’s the five star frog splash for the victory. WAIT, Christian throws him out of the ring, in typical heel fashion to pick up the victory. Shelton comes out of it on the losing end but he had enough offense throughout so it doesn’t hurt him. Christian continues to roll, after his impressive performance at SummerSlam and picking up the triple threat victory tonight. Good stuff. ***3/4

Nostalgic moment between Austin and Rock = Awesome. Only problem, was Rock saying “I” once or twice, since he never does that, other than that, good stuff.

John Cena vs. Kane
Not to sure about this match up. Both guys are mediocre in the ring but neither can carry the other one to a good match up. Match starts off decent enough, a brawl as Cena and Kane exchange shots. Kane takes control for a bit with his “spectacular” offense, clothesline in the corner and a big boot, picking up a couple of near falls. Match up starts to get a little more even as we get settled into the match up, as Cena starts to get offense in. Flying shoulder and arm breaker both get him pin covers but his first real offense comes in the form of a fisherman’s buster! Cena can’t seem to put a string of moves together because Kane keeps coming back. “Freestyle”?? If that’s the flip into the cutter, then that’s called the Throwback. He hit’s the FKS but Kane kicks out. Never seems like a legitimate move warranting a near fall. Kane hit’s the huge clothesline off of the top for a near fall but he’s not done, looking for the choke slam. Very reminiscent of the finish to the Mania XX U.S. Title match as Cena distracts the referee long enough to hit him with the chain and hit the FU for the victory. Smart move giving Cena the win, especially since he beat Austin at SummerSlam. After this, Cena needs to move into the title picture before he gets ‘lost’ in the mid-card. Match was good for what it was, a brawl. The finish kept Kane strong and made Cena look even stronger. Had some back and forth action but almost too much as neither man got a (needed) sustained amount of offense. ***

Wow, Maria was almost a bit too retarded in that segment. Anywho, decent promo from Edge, a little short but he said what he needed to say, so no need to drag it on.

The Rock & Trish Stratus vs. Edge & Lita

Edge and The Rock start the match up off and Rock gets the jump on him, beating the hell out of Edge in the opening minutes. Edge makes a slight comeback but Trish gets involved and now its time for the ladies to get involved. Trish and Lita, both whom are far inferior to the greatness known as Mickie James (), go at it, with Trish gaining the upper hand, hitting the STO and a Stratusphere, both which almost get her the win over the redhead. A miscue by Trish gives Lita an opportunity to take advantage, as she takes control with some basic offense, elbow drop, leg drop. Nice use of the referee there as Edge and Lita manage to get a little tandem offense in on Trish. Edge beats the shit out of Stratus, something I’ve never been a fan of, but she finally hot tags in Rock! Rock whips ass even hitting the spine buster and following up with the People’s Elbow but only getting two. Makes his finisher look a bit weak since he immediately went for the cover. Distraction by Lita lets Edge get in some offense, picking up a near fall with the Edge -O- Matic. Lita and Trish end up legal as Rock gets taken out by Edge whom slams him into the ringpost!! Trish puts Lita away with the Chick Kick but then she gets dropped with a Spear!! Lita gets the cover for the win. Meh ending. Since it was the two women, it leads me to believe that the feud with Edge and The Rock is far from over. Nice match up. I liked how the Trish and Lita weren’t treated as “valets” and were allowed to get their fare share of ring time. Nice work.

Promo of the night between Vince and Michaels, as the intensity level was taken up a few notches. Most definitely expect Michaels to pick up the win and the title here tonight, to continue this storyline.

WWE Championship: Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels
Last Man Standing Match

Match up between Triple H and Shawn Michaels starts off with a bit of a cat and mouse game with Michaels avoiding The Game until Triple H finally catches him. Hunter controls the match up for a bit but not for long as Michaels dumps him out of the ring. Seems like its going to be a back and forth match up. Never been a fan of the trash can (or the trash can lid) because it looks so weak. Michaels easily answers the count, back to a vertical base at 2. HBK is back up and does some more damage with the trash can and then the ring bell, busting him open! Oh shit! Ladder! Michaels completely dominate the match up until Triple H gets a little bit of breathing room with the spine buster. Both men stay down til a count of five but eventually they’re back up and Triple H is in control though not for long. Low blow and then an elbow drop of a ladder, through the announce table!!! Looks like both guys will be down for the count but Vinnie Mac comes down the ramp (???). Vince helps Michaels up to his feet and the count begins again. What the fuck is wrong with HBK?! Superkick to Vince! Superkick to Doan! Loose cannon? Triple H hit’s a low blow and then a nasty chair shot. Michaels makes it up by the count of ten though and the match up goes on. Flying forearm is not going to put Hunter away but maybe the SCM can!! We’re heading towards the end as Triple H gets up from the Sweet Chin Music and hit’s the Pedigree on Michaels!! HBK manages to get up and Trips has had enough, grabbing the sledgehammer but McMahon stops him. LOL as Hunter beats the crap out of Vince, hitting him with the hammer and then pedigree him on the steps! Hunter and Michaels exchange potential finishers and reversals until Triple H finally hit’s the Pedigree on the steel chair!! Hunter wins the match and finally beats Michaels, retaining the WWE Championship. Great match up with a lot of drama, the added extra of McMahon’s interference was well done. Easily the match of the night. ****3/4

Overall: ***1/2 Good, really solid PPV. The triple threat and the main event were definitely the highlights as was the mixed tag match. Sorry it took so long for a review to go up but ... I like putting things off. Hope the review made up for it.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

^ Yes it did Mac, good lookin' on the review, which is more than I can say for your banner

Well, sadly, I won't be posting RAW till next week, as I have to finish two huge assesments by Friday and it's going to take up all the time I have left really.

So look out for RAW next Monday.


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

WWE Rumours Page

Out With the Old, In With the New

Expect the New Age Outlaws to be phased out of TV in the next few months. The WWE is refusing to new their short term contracts that will expire the night after Survivor Series and the WWE has no plans to re-sign either of them. This is one of the major signs that the WWE is moving away from the veteran side it had to it, after releases of Ric Flair, Big Show, Raven and Scott Hall have all occured in the past few months.

Within the next year, many new additions to the roster will be called upon with other wrestlers expected to be running short on time. One man that used to be high on management was Batista, but it's rumoured that he could've well run his course. Guys like Montel Vontavious Porter, Kenny Dysktra, CM Punk and the return to fitness of long term absentee Umaga are the four names being thrown around.

This could also result in some hard working midcarders to be promoted up the card, and some upper carders to hit the main event spot. Management is really high on Christian, and his push to the main event has been slowly building and is expected to climax at Wrestlemania in a huge match to put him over. Another guy that is considered a potential superstar to step up a gear is Mr. Kennedy. Currently lingering in the midcard, he is expected to be drafted to RAW and recieve a push. Kennedy is being considered to win the MITB match at WM23.

These pushes are also taking place due to Goldberg also being rumoured to be on his way out, and Stone Cold limiting his PPV appearances after Survivor Series. Austin is still expected to be at most weekly shows and is dubbed to be given a big match at Mania, possibly to put over another main eventer who is currently in a slump. After WM23, Austin is to be going into semi-retirement as far as wrestling goes.

Beginning after No Mercy, a third commentator is expected to be joining Michael Cole & Tazz at the announce both on SmackDown! Many signs point to Bobby "The Brain" Heenan returning to be the third man. Only time will tell.
Note: This is the beginning of fixing my ways. In the past, I've pushed way too many old timers and I know it. Wolfy & KOP complain all the time and really, they are right. There are plenty of guys I can use that deserve to be pushed instead of guys that had their fame 5 or 10 years ago. Hence why in the next six months the rosters will look fresher and younger.

There we go, RAW still going up on Monday.


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

RAW preview looks interesting...
Styles and Haas should put on a great match as always
Wonder what HHH has to say about Unforgiven and HBK
Hoping he gets a fresh new contender for the title maybe a mid-carder finally getting the chance at the championship.
Interpromotional feud is going well curious to see how it will play out.
Can't wait till next week's RAW.

Those rumors have me curious as to where your going with the mid-carders...will we finally see some mid-carders in the main event I hope so.

And I'm also wondering who the third announcer is going to be...I have a few guesses but I guess we'll have to wait to find out!


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Well, this is really pissing me off. So much on, so much to do.

Mid next week, I will be posting the RAW's for the ENTIRE month of October in a recapped form in one post, highlighting all the main points that happened over the four shows.

This is so all my time can be dedicated to writing SmackDown!'s in full and working on the BTB World Cup also.


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

WWE Unforgiven review for Renegade

Opening contest – Intercontinental Title Match: AJ Styles vs. Charlie Haas
This is a great matchup to start the PPV off with, it could steal the show with the in-ring abilities of both competitors. Nice timing on AJ’s no-hands plancha, a lot of back and forth action in the early going. Haas eventually really targets the midsection hard, constantly working it over and scoring near falls. Nice spot with Haas escaping the Starmaker and turning it into a Dragon Suplex with a bridge for a very near fall. This has been a terrific opening match; good writing by explaining how AJ couldn’t go for the pin after he connected with the Pele kick because of the amount of pain that has been accumulated throughout the match on his ribs. Eventually, Styles counters the Exploder Suplex into a surprise roll up, winning the Intercontinental Title. Excellent opening match right here, you have me hooked from the very beginning with your match writing skills. A lot of suspense and quality wrestling in this one, very impressive.

DX/Striker/Simmons segment
I thought this was fairly humorous, provided a little comedy relief early on. All the guys were extremely in character for this segment, the funniest part to me was when Simmons came in as the security man to diffuse the situation and say his trademark, “Damn!”

Tag Team Title Match: Dudley Boyz vs. Cade & Jindrak
Interesting to see Cade & Jindrak still as a tag team in this BTB; should be a quality matchup. The match starts out with Bubba dominating Cade with his weight/power advantage until he grabs the ropes and rolls out of the ring, I like how you had the Dudleyz refer to them as pretty boys and pansies as it fit their description in the early going. The Dudleyz continue their domination of Cade for awhile, Cyclone Attack by D-Von for a near fall. Cade really needs to make a tag to Jindrak, double hip toss by the Dudleyz for another near fall. “Sissy Mary,” was classic, absolutely hilarious and I love that they’re poking fun at the pretty boy images of their two opponents. Jindrak finally enters the matchup and he goes to work on D-Von. Nice textbook heel tactics utilized with Jindrak distracting the referee to allow Cade to attack him D-Von from the apron. Cade & Jindrak use the quick tag strategy to work D-Von over, leading to a surprise Reflection of Perfection out of nowhere for a near fall as Bubba saves the match. Didn’t expect to see that move at that juncture of the contest.

Nice double neckbreaker spot from D-Von, leading to the tag to Bubba. The Dudleyz take control with some of their trademark maneuvers and go for the table but Cade won’t let it happen. Very nice finish to the match here with Cade hitting Bubba with one of the tag belts, knocking him woozy and enabling Jindrak to victory roll him for the victory. The post-match beatdown by Team 3D was a nice touch as they destroy the tag champs and make a statement that this feud likely isn’t over yet.

Monty Brown vs. Carlito
Interesting to see Coach as Brown’s mouthpiece, very original and surprising to see. Carlito uses his athleticism and quickness advantage in the early going to gain the upper hand until Monty’s brute strength puts a screeching halt to his momentum. Intelligent writing with Carlito using realistic tactics to try to take down a much bigger opponent. Brown dominates until his attempt at the Pounce is countered with a dropkick to the knee, followed by a reverse springboard crossbody for a near fall. This match has turned out better than I expected prior to the start of it. Brown quickly goes right back on the offensive, nice tease of a momentum shift with the brief spurt of offense from Carlito. I like the involvement of Torrie Wilson here with Coach pulling her aside to draw more heat on himself and Brown mid-match.

Carlito gets right back into it and eventually hits a double springboard senton but Coach saves the matchup for Monty. Nice writing here, even if Carlito loses he doesn’t appear weak with this being incorporated into the match. Carlito spits the apple in Coach’s face after his actions at ringside have gotten out of control when Brown comes out of nowhere with a Pounce for the pinfall. Another well written match, better than I expected considering the two competitors.

Heyman/Holly segment
Heyman was very in character here and the way you wrote his words was very realistic, I could really see him saying them as I read them. Heyman’s got something up his sleeve but he leads Holly to believe that he’s just there to support him. I’m interested to see what’s about to happen.

Hardcore Holly vs. Rhyno
Solid hardcore matchup to have right here; though I personally was never a fan of the hardcore title let’s see what happens. With it being a Clockwork House of Fun match, this is more of a brawl with weapons than anything else, Holly bowls the bowling ball into Rhyno’s junk. Ouch! I like how when Rhyno went right back on the offensive, you had him still holding his groin and selling the previous move considering how badly it would’ve hurt. Rhyno has the match won after the chair shot but Foley is down after accidentally being taken out by Holly. I’m curious to see what Heyman had up his sleeve for this very moment. Rhyno Driver onto the chair, great spot but Foley is still knocked out.

Heyman calls his Smackdown troops down to the ring to beat on Rhyno, nice touch here. Holly is reluctant to finish of Rhyno as he wanted to win this match cleanly, but decides to after Heyman threatens to fire him. Out of nowhere Austin comes out and annihilates everyone, I did not see that coming whatsoever. Great surprise as he takes everyone out, Orton and Booker bail, Rhyno Gores Holly and retains the Hardcore title. Nice swerve here, very unexpected.

Christian vs. Benjamin vs. RVD
Perfectly written Christian promo prior to this matchup, perfectly in character, humorous lines. Great writing. I like the back and forth interactions between Christian and Shelton, with each outsmarting one another on separate occasions. Nice spot with the Corkscrew Attack on Christian and Tomko as they were consulting with each other at ringside. Eventually, Shelton and Christian end up working together, teaming up against Van Dam. I love Shelton’s cleverness by grabbing Christian’s hand after a high five and throwing him out of the ring to attempt a cover. Nice spot with the powerbomb/suplex combination off the top rope as all three go crashing down. Great series of near falls for RVD and Benjamin after some high impact moves.

RVD saves the match after a T-Bone by Shelton with a top rope leg drop. Terrific spot with RVD connecting with a Shuffle Sidekick as Shelton was in midair following a springboard. This has easily been the best match since the opening contest. 5 Star Frog Splash from RVD but Christian throws him out of the ring and steals the victory, great way of generating even more heel heat for Captain Charisma here. Overall, a very solid 3-way match, well written with some high impact spots.

The Rock is one very lucky guy to have seen Trish like that, the mixed tag match should be very entertaining later on. Nice interactions between The Rock and Stone Cold, glad to see no signs of a potential feud between the two, overall well written interactions.

Kane vs. John Cena
Definitely expecting a power/brawling type of matchup here with these two. Very back and forth contest throughout here with both men gaining a series of near falls. Interesting to see Cena work over Kane’s arm in this matchup, I didn’t see that coming at all. Cena is now dominating as he goes for the F-U but Kane holds onto the top rope to prevent it. Cena tries throwing him outside with it but Kane surprisingly lands on the apron feet first, unexpected athleticism from the Big Red Machine. Very nice realism with Kane having to drop Cena from the Military Press attempt because of the damage sustained on his arm throughout the match.

Cena uses dirty tactics towards the end, using the chain to crack Kane right in the face, followed up by an F-U for the pinfall. After the match, Kane sits up, symbolizing that this feud is not yet over. I’m expecting this to lead to some sort of gimmick match at a future PPV.

The Rock & Trish Stratus vs. Edge & Lita
Intriguing matchup here, Lita dominates Trish for awhile until Edge comes in and beats her down himself with a kick to the midsection followed by a spinning neckbreaker, this will draw major heat for him adding to his heel character. Lita goes for the Moonsault but nobody’s home as Trish finally gets a second to breathe. Nice tease of a tag here with Edge coming in to prevent it. Very interesting to see Edge try to put Stratus to sleep with a choke hold, I would figure Rock would immediately try to come in and prevent the opposing man from beating up on his female partner. Even more punishment from Edge dished out to Trish with a spinning heel kick. Coming into this match I did not expect Edge to be the one dominating Trish like this. Finally, Rock gets into the ring and breaks the count, Edge goes for the Spear but Trish matrix’s out of the way. Rock comes into the match a house of fire, dominating and then threatening that he’s about to attack Lita until Edge makes the save.

Eventually, Rock comes back on Edge, connecting with a Spinebuster followed by a People’s Elbow but Edge kicks out. Once again, a tease that Rock will get his hands on Lita but Edge drops him with an Edge-a-Matic for a near fall. Both women tag in, Trish gains the upper hand until she’s forced to crouch over due to the accumulation of damage she’s been dealt throughout the match, leading to a Spear from Edge, who drags Lita over to make the cover and score the victory. Coming into this match, I didn’t expect Edge to dish out as much punishment as he did on Trish. If the purpose was to give him even more heat, then it definitely worked.

Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels
The first big spot of this match is the suplex by HHH onto the garbage can, within a few moments Michaels then hits a crossbody over the top onto HHH. This should be a very action packed main event here. I loved Michaels’ comment of, “Don’t bother making the ten count, I’m not done yet!” It really showed that he possesses a sadistic edge in this matchup, and considering what he gave up to earn his title shot it correlates nicely. Eventually, HHH is on the table and Michaels is on the ladder. He looks up to the heavens above, which is a nice touch in your writing by the way, and then he flies off with the elbow drop through the announce table. Great spot here.

Now things really get interesting. McMahon ignores Michaels’ orders from earlier and gets involved to try to help him win the match. HBK ends up giving Sweet Chin Music to him, as well as the referee he brought down to count out HHH. Very nice touch here. Eventually, in the ring, HHH hits a low blow followed by a chair shot to HBK. For a moment I thought we’d see a double turn here considering everything that’s occurred thusfar but the crowd continues to pop for HHH. HBK hits Sweet Chin Music in the middle of the ring but Trips gets back to a vertical base before the ten count is made. HHH hits the Pedigree but HBK also makes his way up out of his opponent’s finisher.

Vince gets involved once more as he tries to prevent a sledgehammer blow by Trips but HHH rips it back out of his hands and cracks him in the face with it. He ends up hitting the Pedigree onto the steel steps, nice series of counters at the end with Triple H finally hitting a Pedigree onto a steel chair for the victory. Overall, a fantastic main event filled with surprises, suspense and creativity.

This was a fantastic PPV, I thoroughly enjoyed reading through all of it despite how long it took. You are a very gifted BTB writer and I will be sure to check back in this thread on the reg. The matches were written very well with the main event stealing the show, but the 3-way match and the IC title opener well also superb. The promos were also very well written, especially Christian’s prior to his 3-way match. Overall, terrific work.

Feedback on the latest episode in my BTB would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Unforgiven Review

Intercontinental Championship: Wow, this was some way to start the show that’s for damn sure. Styles and Haas put on an excellent match in their ‘rubber’ match as everyone else has noted. Liked the exciting action in this one, really showed both AJ and Haas’s strengths, and you did a good job of displaying them. A great win for Styles, and the Spiral Tap is pulled out, which is awesome. Finally AJ gets some gold, and hopefully he keeps it for a good amount of time. Great start to what should be a great PPV. Oh, and the sitout powerbomb spot sounded sick, and was my favorite spot of the match.

Hahaha, great segment with D-X, Striker, and Simmons. The Simmons interjection was perfectly placed, and all were in character during this promo. Good job, and a nice segment as I said.

World Tag Team Championships: A decent match here. Nothing too special as these two teams really do not show any makings of a ***** star caliber tag match. But this match gets the job done, and for who was in it, it turned out well. Some good action here and there, really was not a big fan of the match, probably would’ve fast-forwarded if I watched it :P. Anyway, decent match, and not surprised with the result, as it is a classic heel ending, and really puts over Cade & Murdoch as the ‘top’ heel team.

Aftermath was pretty sick, looks like a pay-off match could wind up being a tables match in the near future. Wouldn’t be mad if that happened.

A good coach promo I suppose. Good way of putting over Brown in this promo, liked how it went down, and the PERIOD was greatly placed.

Monty Brown vs Carlito: This was a decent match. Like how you displayed the power of Brown throughout the match against the much less stronger Carlito. Looks like this match really turned into a brawl quickly. Could’ve had Carlito use more of an expanded moveset as Deadman noted, but besides that in all honesty, I thought this match was a decent one. The springboards from Carlito really added some excitement to this match, which was well needed as it could’ve used it as it seemed more like a brawl during the match. Again, a solid contest, and a big win for Brown after hitting the POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUNCE!!

Nice advertisement for No Mercy. Can’t wait for that one.

Brief encounter with Heyman and Holly. Didn’t look like much, but it seemed like both were in character. Holly and Rhyno shouldn’t be anything special in my opinion.

Hardcore Holly vs Rhyno: Jesus, this match was brutal throughout. Tons of stuff was pulled out during this match, and I’m sure you enjoyed writing this. I was off the mark that this wouldn’t be anything special, because it was a great hardcore brawl, and I’m the biggest hardcore match mark on the face of this planet. Anyway, the Smackdown! invasion was a bit interesting, and holy crap! Austin comes in and stuns every breathing soul in the ring! I love it. Great win for Rhino, really proving himself as the champion in this thread.

Funny stuff from Christian. Usual from here, being in character and such, good job with this promo. Can’t wait for the triple threat.

Christian vs Shelton Benjamin vs Rob Van Dam: Wow, what an entertaining match. Just as I expected, all three pull out all the stops in this one, creating an exciting match. Match starts off just as all triple threats do, with two guys teaming up, and one guy double crossing the other. Some great spots and good action throughout this entire match, and a fantastic finish to the match, with Christian capitalizing on Van Dam hitting the Frog Splash. Wouldn’t be surprised to see an RVD/Christian feud come out of this match. Wondering where Shelton will go now.

Wow, loved the ‘nostalgia’ feeling of the Rock/Austin segment. Thought it was pulled off fantastically.

The Rock & Trish Stratus vs Edge & Lita: Overall, not a bad match. Was a good tag team encounter, and some fun and exciting action during the match. One of the better tag matches I have read in awhile. Not surprised with the ending at all, with Edge hitting the Spear on Trish to further this feud. So far I’ve been impressed with this feud, and I hope it pays off in the end with a good match, which as it looks now could be at Survivor Series.

Great Vince/HBK promo. Loved this one, as both were in character. Vince seems intent on destroying HHH tonight, doesn’t look like that will be happening though lol.

WWE Championship: Excellent close to the show Renegade. Loved this match top to bottom, thought you did a great job writing it, and all the tension between McMahon, Michaels, and HHH was written greatly. Triple H winning is great, and Michaels contract is now terminated. I see him coming back around WrestleMania time, and facing McMahon. But that is just my opinion on things, or he may face someone else hired by McMahon, which actually sounds more reasonable and realistic. Great show Gade, sorry I couldn’t get this up earlier, and now it is up.

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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

^ Thanks to thaphenom01 and JBLoser for the Unforgiven reviews. I have returned them with rep and when I have time, will review your threads. Here is the MONTHLY REPORT for RAW, that's the entire October compressed into an analysis of what went down between certain superstars etc.

SmackDown!'s will still be in full however, seeing as No Mercy is the upcoming PPV...

WWE RAW Monthly Recap (October)

Foley/Heyman seem to continue their war of words. Foley cuts a powerful promo attacking Heyman for his decisions and his want to start a war with RAW over the Hardcore title. Foley says this has gone beyond friendly competition, and the Austin makes his return to WWE TV, also tearing into Heyman, with the two saying if SmackDown! wants a war with RAW, they've gotten one. Over the weeks, the two GM's trade blows in promos cut, and Heyman eventually brings Booker & Orton over from SD! to attack Stone Cold and Sting, who will represent RAW in a Tag match against Orton & Booker.

Feuds bewteen RVD/Christian, The Rock/Edge and Kane/Cena continue throughout the month of October, with Cena beating Kane in a No DQ match to seemingly end their feud, whilst Christian boasts about being the "It" thing on RAW, and Rock/Edge goes on after Edge had Speared Trish Stratus.

Lita managed to weasel her way into a Women's title match with Trish after claiming she had pinned the Champion at Unforgiven, which she had indeed done. Trish however managed to beat her.

AJ Styles had a great October, going undefeated. He beat Charlie Haas in a rematch the night after Unforgiven, then beat Chris Masters, Test and teamed up with the Dudleyz to beat Test, Cade & Jindrak in a six man tag.

Cryme Tyme made their TV debuts, beating the Johnnies on RAW. Over the next few weeks they were used sporadically in matches, beating Cade & Jindrak thanks to the Dudleyz who cost C&J the match. However, their promo talent was their showcase as they provided many comedic skits backstage, raiding the superstars locker room and walking out with a box full of stuff which they auctioned off the following week to hilarious results.

Rhyno was doing well as Hardcore Champion, going through A-Train, Eugene and even a one time apperance from Tommy Dreamer to keep the title with him. The crowd went nuts for the Rhyno/Dreamer match, and both men embraced following Rhyno's victory.

One man who did not have a good October was Matt Striker. Striker was constantly ridiculed by the Outlaws and X-Pac, he had his Classroom interrupted one week, and the next the DX trio dressed up as Striker and two students and had their own hilarious "Classroom" segment, for which the words of the lesson were "Suck It". Striker said DX will pay for their actions against him.


There we go, that's all of RAW for October, I will post SD!'s in full every Friday as usual up till No Mercy, after which RAW's will be in full on the road to Survivor Series and SD!'s will go back to recaps.


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