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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Carver-Hawkeye Arena
Iowa City; Iowa

*Opening Video*


JR: 15000 fans have packed the Carver-Hawkeye Arena here in Iowa City for Monday Night RAW! And what a RAW it is going to be King!

King: These Iowans have no idea how big tonight is JR, but atleast they're making some loud noise!

JR: They sure are King, and with good reason. Tonight, in the middle of this ring the highly anticipated contract signing between Triple H & Shawn Michaels! Will Shawn Michaels sell himself to Vince McMahon just to get one more chance at the WWE Title? We hope not, but with the way Shawn Michaels has been acting this year we wouldn't know. Plus, Christian is finally booked in a match so thankfully we won't have to listen to one of his whigning segments on not wrestling as he teams with his "Problem Solver" Tyson Tomko to face RVD & AJ Styles, and also Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas in a Triangle Tag Match. And Bubba Ray Dudley takes on Lance Cade in singles action, after Dvon scored a win over the other half of the Tag champs last week when he beat Mark Jindrak. Will the Dudleyz keep up the pressure on the champs? And finally, Rhyno will go through a tune up match ahead of his interbrand Hardcore title defence against Hardcore Holly this Sunday when he takes on Goldust in a Hardcore match tonight.

*If Ya Smell* hits and the crowd comes alive with an electric ovation for The Great One as he steps out on stage to be greated by another terrific reaction with Trish Stratus making her way out by him. Rock grabs a mic of Lilian and gets into the ring, soaking up the pop from the crowd


Crowd goes wild with a huge *Rocky* chant

Rock: This weekend, The Rock heads to Unforgiven with the Women's Champion Trish Stratus to lay the smackdown on Edge's candy ass and Lita's flat ass!

Crowd pops

Rock: Now, The Rock is not going to let the Rated R for Rudy poo sissy Edge off with a short beating. The Rock is going to take Edge & Lita for a ride. See, we're gonna take them down Rock Bottom Boulevard, turn into Jabroni Drive, and then check them into the biggest suite in the SmackDown Hotel!

Crowd pops

Rock: But The Rock is gonna make sure that Edge doesn't leave Unforgiven empty handed because The Rock is going to give Edge a departing gift. See Edge, what The Rock is going to do is take his boot, shine that sumbitch up nice and turn it sideways, and stick it straight up your candy ass!

Crowd erupts again

Rock: But Lita, don't think The Rock's forgotten about you. The Rock still has the pains from when you kicked him right in the People's Package.

Rock turns to Lilian

Rock: Don't worry Lilian, the People's Struddle is still on the menu any time you want baby...

Crowd laughs as Lilian smiles back at The Rock

Rock: See what The Rock is gonna do for you Lita is he's gonna make sure th...

*Metalingus* hits to HUGE heat as Edge & Lita make their way out on stage, both glaring at The Rock with hatred in their eyes

Rock: Who in the blue hell do you think you are coming out here and interrupting The Rock's speech?

Edge: I a...


Crowd erupts into another *Rocky* chant as Edge looks unimpressed on the stage

Edge: You're funny Rock. Real funny. I tell you what you must be some big man coming out here and running down all your opponents with your schoolboy humour. It's all well and good that the immature pieces of crap in the audience enjoy it.

Crowd boos Edge

Edge: That's all you are Rock, you're a stand up comic because you can't back your big words up when you step into the ring. You're all talk and no walk.

Rock: Let The Rock tell you this Edge, The Rock's gonna have to take a moment and call the sanitation commition to come here because you just sputtered a whole lot of monkey crap all over the People's Stage!

Crowd pops

Rock: You Mr. (High pitched voice) "I got screwed, waha, wa wa wa, screw this, screw you" (End voice) Well Edge guess what, The Rock says screw you!

Crowd pops

Rock: But The Rock is confused, because he thinks that Lita would be the one whining like that, considering she won the Women's title on her back...

Crowd erupts as Lita's jaw drops

Edge: SHUTUP ROCK! Look who you're partnered with this weekend. Her...

Edge points to Trish, who holds her hands out as if to say "What?"

Edge: You've been paired with the biggest slut the business has ever seen.

Rock: If you ever talk like that again The Rock will not hesitate to whip your candy ass all over Iowa City!

Crowd pops

Rock: The Rock says Trish Stratus got on top of the Women's division by beating her opponents, The Rock says Lita got ontop by literally, getting ontop of certain people and beating them, if you catch The Rock's drift...

Crowd explodes into laughter as Trish laughs and Lita loses it

Lita: O haha! Laugh it up all of you! It's so funny isn't it?

Crowd pops and starts a *Slut* chant, which Lita looks on the verge of shedding tears to

Trish: Hey Lita, I think you've got fifteen thousand people telling you something...

Trish & Rock hold their mics up to the crowd and the *Slut* chant gets even louder

Rock: You know that reminds The Rock, he's got a little story to tell everyone ab...


Rock: Did you just interrupt The Rock?

Edge shakes his head, mouthing "I ain't falling for that again"

Rock: This is your last warning, know your roles and shut your damn mouths!

More cheers from the crowd

Rock: See, The Rock was driving into Iowa when he noticed an "Open for Business 24/7" sign, flashing out ahead and instantly, The Rock's first thought was "Lita works here too?"

Crowd goes wild as Lita stares at Rock looking glum and hurt

Rock: But The Rock realised as he got closer that it was a diner, so The Rock went in and ordered some pie. Unfortunately, when The Rock recieved his pie, it looked worse than Lita the morning after the Navy left town...

Crowd erupts again, eating up The Rock's insults

Rock: So Th...


Rock: The Rock warned you about interrupting him.

Rock drops his mic and tells Edge to "Just Bring It" but Edge shakes his head which gets huge heat

Edge: I'm not stupid Rock. Three weeks ago, you decided to get in my face and I left you in a pool of your own blood in the middle of this ring, and that's exactly what I'm going to do to you and the little princess by your side this weekend at Unforgiven. I'll see you then Rock.

*Metalingus* hits again as Edge & Lita head backstage glaring at Rock & Trish who stand in the ring and we cut to a commercial


JR: Welcome back to RAW folks, and King did we kick off RAW in a big way or not?

King: The Rock came out JR and he ripped into Edge & Lita, trying to tease them to getting into a confrontation before this weekend, but Edge & Lita showed why they are the WWE's dominant couple and decided better of it, leaving Rock and Trish in the ring.

JR: Imagine what is gonna go down when these two teams meet at Unforgiven King!

*Debonaire* hits and the crowd erupts with a big pop as Rhyno comes out on stage beating his chest, and then raises them up to another pop. Rhyno charges towards the ring and slides in, ready for the opening contest of the night

*Shattered Dreams* plays to a light pop as Goldust makes his way out, carrying a Golden Trashcan with him, which seems to have become standard with the Gold One in his Hardcore matches

Match 1
Hardcore Match; Singles
Non Title
Rhyno vs Goldust

Solid match to open the show's card, wtih Rhyno showing the agression he'll need in the match on Sunday, but Goldust holds his own, taking advantage of the Hardcore rules and blasting Rhyno with a trash can lid when Rhyno was setting him up for a Gore.
Goldy nailed a big slam off the middle rope, but Rhyno was able to kick out at 2.
The brawl spills to the outside and Goldust tries to send Rhyno into the steps but the Manbeast reverses it and then follows up with a clothesline for a close fall.
Rhyno rolls Goldy back into the ring but Goldy quickly goes on the offensive again, clubbing and stomping on Rhyno, before bringing him up and sending him to the ropes, catching him with a Drop Toe Hold onto the gold trash can for a near fall. Goldust now reaches inside the gold trashcan and pulls a Golden Shovel out! Goldust goes to whack Rhyno with it, but Rhyno ducks under it, comes off the ropes and nails a big shoulder block. Rhyno now gets Goldust up and drills him with a Rhyno Driver onto the Golden Shovel! Rhyno covers for the win and picks up a good win heading into Unforgiven.
Winner @ 8:45 - Rhyno

The crowd pops as Rhyno picks up a big win heading into Sunday's match with SmackDown!'s Hardcore Holly, while Goldust rolls out of the ring holding his head and Rhyno plays to the crowd, celebrating his victory

JR: And Rhyno is looking strong King ahead of this weekend's interpromotional Hardcore match against Hardcore Holly inside the Clockwork Orange House of Fun match!

Backstage now and The New Age Outlaws & X-Pac are in the cafertia area playing cards with Val Venis, Eugene, Matt Striker & Ron Simmons. We see that Striker is pretty much out completely with one chip left, while Eugene has a few left as does Val Venis. Road Dogg & Billy have decent sized stacks, X-Pac has a fair bit and Ron Simmons is sitting looking extremely happy with himself with a large stack

X-Pac: Alright Eugene, you wanna sit or you want another?

Eugene: Hit me!

X-Pac deals Eugene a card

X-Pac: You got 19.

Eugene: Hit me!

The others look at Eugene as if to say "Serious?" and X-Pac shrugs before dealing Eugene another

X-Pac: Damn! 21!

Eugene: Hit me!

Everyone instantly looks at Eugene in horror

Venis: Eugene, no.

Eugene: Hit me!

X-Pac deals Eugene one more card

X-Pac: You got 28...

Eugene: Hit me!

Everyone shakes their heads at Eugene and X-Pac takes Eugene's final few chips and Eugene looks ready to cry, when Matt Striker loses his cool

Striker: You lost it you idiot! You could've had the damn win if you stayed on 21! You have the IQ of a lamp post!

Simmons stands up with Road Dogg & Billy Gunn

Simmons: Hey, leave the kid alone. Just because he ain't the sharpest tool in the shed doesn't mean you can yell at him!

Eugene: Yeah I'm...I'm special...

Striker: No you're not. You're a damn retard!

Eugene looks ready to sulk again when Val Venis comforts him

Striker: Honestly, I've never met such a dumbfounded delinquent! If you were at school I'd drop you straight into the remedial class because kindergarten might be a bit too hard for you!

Road Dogg: You've been warned before.

Billy: Time to take out the trash...

The Outlaws & X-Pac pick up Striker and walk him over to the doors and toss him out into the cold hallways then head back to their card game while Striker lays on the floor looking annoyed

Striker: I hate you all!

Simmons pokes his head out the door

Simmons: Hey shutup, some people are trying to play cards in here.

Simmons pauses, with the crowd knowing what's coming next

Simmons: ...DAMN!

Simmons shuts the doors as the crowd pops and Striker still looks annoyed

Striker gets up and walks off in a bad mood as we go to a commercial

JR: I think Striker is taking being kicked out of the card game a little too seriously...

King: No he isn't JR! Striker is right. DX are nothing but bad news here on RAW, kicking a genius like Striker out of the game because they knew his intellect would outsmart them in the end and they'd lose.

JR: Striker only had one chip left!

King: Exactly, he had them right were he wanted them. He lured them into a sense of false security!


*Reflection of Perfection* hits and the crowd boos as Lance Cade makes his way out with Mark Jindrak beside him, ready for singles action. The duo hold their belts up to heat

*Drop Da Bombshells* and the crowd pops as Bubba comes out on stage after the pyro's explode with Dvon, and the Dudleyz pump up the crowd

Match 2
Singles Match
Bubba w/Dvon vs Cade w/Jindrak

Slightly longer than last week's Dvon/Jindrak encounter, but not by much.
Bubba was all over Cade for the early stages, before Cade began to work on Bubba for a bit after a sneaky trip from Jindrak on the outside.
Cade goes for the Sensational Slice, but Bubba counters with a sidewalk slam. Bubba now measures Cade and unloads with a snap jab combo and finishes it off with a little dance and a bionic elbow. Bubba goes for the Bubba Cutter as Cade gets up, but Cade shoves Bubba away and then Jindrak throws Cade a tag belt and Cade blasts Bubba with it, causing a DQ!
Winner @ 6:03 via DQ - Bubba

The crowd boos as Dvon gets into the ring and takes down Cade but Jindrak levels Dvon with the other tag belt to huge heat. The young champions now get Bubba up and send him to the ropes, giving Bubba a 3D!

This gains more heat for the champs as they pull up Dvon and give him the same fate, with a 3D to Dvon!
Cade & Jindrak now taunt over their opponents for this Sunday gaining more heat

JR: Those damn tag champs of ours! They just assaulted the Dudley Boyz for no reason!

King: Of couse there's a reason JR, they're sending a message to the Dudleyz, the same one they sent to every other tag team they've beaten, and that is they are the "It" team on RAW and no one can top them!

Backstage now and Mick Foley is on the phone to someone

Foley: Yes I understand that I do. We've been through so much together over the years, and I didn't know who else to turn to honestly.

Foley pauses, listening to whoever on the other end is for a moment

Foley: No you won't be doing that. You'll be enforcing on the outside of the Clockwork House of Fun match between Rhyno & Hardcore Holly, just to make sure that Heyman doesn't decide to get up to his games. You know Paul E will jump at the chance to steal a victory...

Another pause

Foley: I know. Yes. OK, so you'll be there? Great, I'll see you then.

Foley hangs up the phone and exhales heavily when Matt Striker walks in looking upset

Striker: Foley!

Foley: Yes Matt.

Striker: Do you have any idea what the cafeteria is being used for?

Foley: Um... delicious jams and jellies?

Crowd laughs as Striker looks unimpressed with Foley

Striker: No DX have turned that place into a casino! They're playing cards and taking bets on the matches occuring tonight!

Foley: I know.

Striker: You... you what? You know?

Foley: Yes.

Striker: Well why haven't you done anything about it?

Foley: Because they're not doing anything wrong!

Striker: They kicked me out of the game!

Foley: Yeah I heard that. And all I can say is you deserved it. You were abusing Eugene, you of all people should be able to realise that the kid is special after the time you worked as a school teacher.

Striker: I tought people who were capable of participating in a simple game of cards Foley, not people that couldn't peel the skin off a banana!

Foley: Look Matt just incase you don't realise, I have a show to run and as far as I'm concerned, DX's Casino stays.

Striker doesn't look too pleased and walks out as Foley shakes his head at Striker then picks up his phone again

Foley: Hey. Yeah it's me, of course I wanna bet. I allowed the thing to go ahead. Alright, put me down for a hundred on Rob Van Dam & AJ Styles winning the main event.

Crowd pops as Foley hangs up the phone and we cut back to ringside

JR: Matt Striker is a sore loser!

King: Mick Foley is endorsing the DX Casino, and he's betting on matches too!

JR: Well it's all just a bit of fun King, even the GM should be allowed to enjoy himself during running the flagship show of the WWE everyweek!

*Double Trouble* plays to mild heat as Johnny Jeter makes his way out, ready for singles action. Jeter gets into the ring and looks ready until...

*Slow Chemical* hits and the crowd erupts as Kane steps out, tightening his glove, while Jeter looks like he's dropped a brick in his spandex. Jeter is pleading with Chad Patton for the match not to go ahead, but Kane gets into the ring with Jeter cowering in the corner

Match 3
Squash Singles Match
Kane vs Johnny Jeter

Jeter runs at Kane in blind fear, leaping at him and firing crazily with lefts and rights. Jeter then rebounds off the ropes, right into a Big Boot, flooring Jeter! Jeter gets up dazed and Kane loads him up with a One Handed Sidewalk Slam! Kane now makes the motion that this one is over and Jeter gets up, as Kane goozles him and slams him down with a thunderous Chokeslam From Hell!
Kane now puts a foot ontop of Jeter and the fall is counted for an easy win to Kane!
Winner @ 0:34 - Kane

The crowd pops as Kane picks up an easy win, but John Cena runs down the ramp with a steel pipe in hand!
Cena slides into the ring and tries to crack Kane with it, but Kane blocks it and nails a big right hand, sending Cena out to the outside. Kane steps over the top rope, going after Cena with the two seemingly ready to finish what they started last week as the two slug it out, trading blows out into the crowd

JR: Kane & John Cena want to kill each other!

King: They started it last week during the main event JR, and I think they want to end it, and each other, before Unforgiven this weekend!

JR: We gotta go to a break folks!


We return and Kane & Cena are brawling in the halls in the backstage area. Cena tackles Kane, driving him back into the wall and starts unleashing furious right hands into the midsection of Kane, when Kane fights back again, throwing Cena across the hall. Kane now picks up a steel chair beside him and goes to hit Cena, but Cena avoids it and Kane smacks it into the wall!
The two quickly go back to brawling, fighting towards a roller door, which Kane throws Cena into! Kane now charges in but Cena sidesteps the Big Red Machine and sends Kane into the roller door face first! Cena picks up some cables and tries to choke out Kane with them, wrapping them around his neck and pulling on them tightly.
Kane struggles, then uses his sheer power and hoists Cena onto his back, then backs him into the steel roller door! Kane now socks Cena with a right hand, sending Cena to the floor when a ton of security arrive on the scene, breaking the two up, and a bunch of referees and other officials also show up, trying to get the two away from the other, but Cena breaks free and leaps at Kane, taking him down and hammers away at Kane, with Kane coming back with a headbutt, as the security get the two again, with every one of the officials seperating the two, they manage to escort Cena away, as Cena kicks trying to get free while Kane starts laying into the officials and security guards! Kane runs after Cena and shoves the officials away, as the two start beating at each other again, crashing through the drywall!
Both men are down in the rubble as once again the officials take them away

JR: Good lord! Kane & Cena just destroyed a wall because they want to tear each other's throat's out!

King: Did you see how much security it took to seperate them JR?

JR: There's gonna be one helluva fight between these two on Sunday at Unforgiven!

*Alpha Male* hits to heat as Monty Brown heads to the ring looking extremely focused, with The Coach by his side! People are surprised at this

JR: Well folks it's been announced, just this instant, that Jonathan Coachman is Monty Brown's new manager!

King: Hey JR, aslong as he's not on commentary with us I don't care what he's doing.

JR: I couldn't agree anymore partner.

*Tattoo* hits to a fair pop as Maven jumps out on stage pumping up the crowd a bit. Maven looks at Brown in the ring and strokes his chin, realising the gulf in power between the two

Match 4
Singles Match
Maven vs Monty Brown w/The Coach

To Maven's credit, he does very well in the opening stages of this one, really taking the fight to Brown with alot of running impact moves, which Brown rolls to the outside to recover from. Maven even shows off his athleticism with a Vaulting Body Press onto the Serenghetti.
However, The Coach at ringside proves to be the decisive factor as he clobs Maven with a shoe as the ref is checking on Brown. From here Brown starts wearing Maven out with his arsenal of power moves, getting plenty of near falls. Brown seems be setting up Maven for the Pounce when Torrie Wilson runs down to ringside as alot of the guys in the audience approve to this. The Coach stops Torrie, telling her to get away, when CARLITO jumps from the crowd and taps on Brown's shoulder, SPITTING APPLE CHUNKS IN MONTY'S FACE! The crowd erupts as Carlito scampers back into the crowd and Brown stumbles around into a small package from Maven 1...2...3!
Winner @ 7:46 - Maven

The crowd loves it as Maven sneaks a big win, and rolls to the outside, Carlito smirks and gives a passing, jubilant Maven a high five before joining his girlfriend Torrie Wilson on the stage, grinning back at Monty Brown & The Coach in the ring with Brown livid with what went down, and Coach calming Monty

JR: Carlito just spat his apple in Monty Brown's face and cost him the match! Maven again takes a number of a big superstar, adding to Shawn Michaels & Charlie Haas in recent months!

King: Another completely fluke win for Maven, and Carlito gets his revenge on Brown for last weeks assault.

Backstage now and Todd Grisham is waiting when Carlito comes back through the curtains

Grisham: Carlito! We just saw you cost Monty Brown his match, what was that about?

Carlito: Well Todd, Carlito heard about Monty Brown's little challenge, and Carlito has decided to accept his challenge for a match this Sunday at Unforgiven. Monty Brown, you want to try and throw your weight around here, you're gonna learn the old expression, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. And that Todd das... Das Cool!

Carlito takes a crunch of his apple and walks off with Torrie Wilson holding him by the arm


We are now in the locker room of Trish Stratus when The Rock walks in to a massive pop from the crowd

Rock: Trish?

Trish: Hold on, I'm back here...

Rock walks towards the open section, and turns to his right as we hear Trish shreak out and Rock jump back with his eyes open wide and his jaw dropping to the floor

Rock: Sorry, sorry. (Whispers) Day-yum!

Trish appears a few moments later with a towel wrapped around her

Rock: My bad girl, The Rock thought you were, you know, not smokin' hot naked!

Crowd pops

Trish: Well normally I'd call for security, but for you I think I can make an exception...

Trish moves in closer to The Rock smiling bashfully

Rock: Mmm girl you know you can. You ready to whip some candy ass and lay the smackdown this Sunday?

Trish: O yeah.

Trish makes a motion to The Rock, who grins like a guy who just won the lottery and heads towards the door

Trish: But right now, I just wanna do this...

The camera angle quickly changes as Trish drops his towel and Rock stands there with his lower lip moving up and down slowly, his eyes wide open again and his jaw once again at the floor, Trish moves up close to The Rock and Rock pulls her in, then they both turn towards the open door to the locker room

Rock: You know what, half the People are too young to see The Rock with this pie...

Rock closes the door and locks it as the crowd goes wild with a *Rocky* chant and plenty of whistles can be heard in the audience

King: Aw not again! The Rock is so lucky JR! So, so lucky!

JR: I think the People's Champion and the Women's Champion might be getting a little closer than just friends King...

King: What I wouldn't give to be in that locker room. I love Trish!

Backstage now and Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas are walking down a hallway, we then get a split screen view and Christian & Tomko are also shown in another hall, before the screen splits into three and we see RVD & AJ Styles who get a huge pop from the crowd

JR: Well folks, we are just moments away from our main event, Triangle Tag action as Rob Van Dam teams with AJ Styles to take on Christian and Tomko and also Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas, and it's NOW!

*Just Close Your Eyes* hits to loud heat with some scattered pops as Christian & Tomko make their way out. Christian walks with his back to the ring as Tomko prep talks him like always. The two get into the ring and Christian points out to the section of peeps in the audience

*World's Greatest* hits to a BIG mark out pop from the fans as the Intercontinental Champion Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin appear onstage, this time greated with heat as the two taunt before heading to the ring

*I Am* plays and the crowd erupts with a big pop as AJ Styles steps out on stage, flipping the hood of his jacket up and holding out his hands as the pyro crashes behind him and *One of a Kind* cuts in to another huge reaction as RVD walks out after the pyro explodes. RVD & AJ roll into the ring and the three teams stand in seperate corners, ready for this big match

JR: Well folks, up next, it's the big main event, don't go anywhere!

Match 5
Main Event
RVD & AJ Styles vs Shelton & Haas vs Christian & Tomko

Awesome main event with the crowd behind RVD & AJ, but there are some Christian fans in the audience and the crowd marks out whe the WGTT perform some double team moves. Everyone has had their time in the ring when Tomko & Christian begin to isolate AJ Styles, trying to keep the Phenomenal One down, but AJ shows just why he is Phenomenal and counters an attempted double hip toss by landing on his feet and nailing a split legged dropkick, taking both Christian & Tomko down! Tomko stumbles back into Charlie Haas who tags in and comes for AJ, but AJ dives across the ring and tags in RVD! The crowd goes wild as Haas takes Styles to the outside, meanwhile RVD comes off the top rope with a Flying Thrust Kick to Christian! RVD rebounds off the ropes and connects with a Rolling Thunder to Christian. RVD gets to his feet and does his thumb taunt but midway Shelton Benjamin springs onto the ropes, grabbing RVD by the back of the head and planting him with a Bulldog! The crowd pops the spot as Charlie Haas slides into the ring and the duo bring RVD up, setting him up for the World's Greatest Tag Move, and Shelton rebounds off the ropes ready to make his leap when AJ Styles trips Charlie Haas from the outside, and Haas loses his grip on RVD, who evades the move and Shelton straddles the top rope instead! Christian blind tags in from Charlie Haas and tries to get RVD in the Unprettier, but RVD sends Christian to the ropes, and Christian runs into his partner Tomko, knocking Tomko off the apron, before stumbling into a Spinning Cresent Kick! RVD now goes up top and soars off with the 5 Star Frog Splash, but Christian rolls away! RVD crashes and burns and Christian rolls up RVD 1...2...3!
Winners @ 16:43 - Christian & Tomko

The crowd boos as Christian bails to the outside joining Tomko as Christian once again has gotten the better of RVD and Shelton tonight, while AJ gets into the ring and talks with RVD, staring at Charlie Haas who holds his IC title up to Styles and helps Shelton up the ramp as Benji holds his groin after straddling the top rope earlier

JR: What a main event folks, Christian has picked up another victory and is looking so strong going into Unforgiven, I hate to admit it but King I think he could well beat RVD & Shelton this Sunday!

King: Of course he will JR, Christian is the man!

JR: Folks still to come, the huge contract signing for the WWE Championship match, it's coming after the break and it should be an intense one with Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon all in the ring at the same time!


Vince McMahon is standing in the ring with his music playing as we return, and he has a mic in his hands. There is a table in the middle of the ring with two seperate contracts on it, one for The Game and one for HBK

Vince: Alright. It's time for one man to sign a contract for a match at Unforgiven for the WWE Title, which I hold right here in my possession, seeing as atleast for another six days I am still the WWE Champion...

Crowd boos Vince


More heat, followed by an *Asshole* chant

Vince: But tonight is also the night history is made, because tonight right here in this very ring, for the first time in professional wrestling and sports entertainment history, a man will sell his soul, sell himself to the devil to gain one more chance at glory.

Vince pauses

Vince: The man I'm talking about is of course Shawn Michaels!

Boos for the Heart Break Kid

Vince: Whe he signs this contract, Shawn goes against everything he's stood up for in the past few years. All the change into some religious man, goes down the drain at the sheer temptation of such an offer. He'll turn away from all that crap he's involved himself in due to his new found religious side. So, would you please welcome him Iowa, The "Heart Break Kid" Shawn Michaels!

Crowd boos as *Sexy Boy* hits and HBK walks to the ring with a blank, far away look on his face. Shawn gets into the ring and stands there, looking at Vince, as Vince ushers him to his seat, which Shawn cautiously walks to and sits there, looking back at Vince with an emotionless look

Vince: And now, the former WWE Champion, the man who I had been trying to knock off the top since June, "The Game" Triple H!

*The Game* hits and the crowd erupts with a huge pop as Triple H storms to the ring looking pissed off with what's happened the last few weeks on RAW. HHH gets into the ring and kicks his chair over, showing his anger before picking up a mic

Triple H: Vince you piece of crap, don't think there hasn't been a single second of my life that I haven't lived out since I lost that belt two weeks ago, that I haven't thought about beating you to within an inch of your life. I've pictured grabbing my Sledgehammer, and breaking your damn neck with it!

The crowd comes alive as HHH snarls at McMahon, fuming with the boss

Triple H: Ever since I made my intentions for that title clear Vince you've thrown anything and everything in my way, trying to stop me, deny me of going back on my throne as the King of Kings, and when I did, you were still there like a leech, just consistently sucking the blood from me every week! First off John Cena, I dealt with him. I dealt with Shane and beat him so hard his silver spoon went down his throat and into his internal organs. Then it was Test, Cade & Jindrak, and I got rid of them all. And then you get this backstabbing piece of shit over here, and you strike some deal, but did it happen? No! And now, you stand here thanks to Shawn once again, but this time with the title and you think that for one moment that I'm gonna hesitate to sign this contract?

The Game turns to Michaels, and the two share an intensely cold staredown which the crowd eats up, as the tension rises

Triple H: And then there was Shawn. The Showstopper, the Heart Break Kid. Shawn, when that title left my grasp thanks to you, you signed your death warrant. You took the thing that mattered to me and now, I'm going to make you pay. I'm gonna beat every last ounce of blood out of your scrawny little body, you won't be able to walk again when I'm done with you Shawn!

Crowd pops

Triple H: You'll be begging to have a bad back again, you'll be begging that you wish you had some excuse to escape the brutality. Think back to 2002 at Summerslam. I beat you within an inch of your life. I crippled you again. Then at Survivor Series that very same year Shawn inside the first ever Elimination Chamber. I once again took you and beat the hell out of you. I made you bleed, you looked like you had been through a car wreck! Then Armageddon Shawn, 2 Out of 3 Falls. Another ass kicking. Royal Rumble 2004? I beat you so badly you couldn't answer the count of 10 in the Last Man Standing match. There's a pattern emerging here Shawn, and that is when you get into the ring with me, you end up a near lifeless carcass! What do you have to say about that?

Triple H pauses but Michaels just looks at him, not answering

Triple H: You got no words for me Shawn? Fine. Coz I got 2 words for you...

Triple H pauses as the crowd yells out "Suck It", but Triple H shakes his head

Triple H: No, actually Shawn I've got three words for you. You see, as the former champion I have the privelage of chosing the match type for Unforgiven. And Shawn, those three words are "Last...Man...Standing!"

Crowd erupts as Triple H picks up the contract and signs it, making it a Last Man Standing match this weekend. HBK finally shows some emotion, even if it's just a slight eyebrow raise

Vince: Alright, the match is made, Last Man Standing. Now what every single person in this arena, and around the world wants to know is Shawn, will you accept? Will you do the unthinkable, and sign for me? Is it in you to turn your back against what reformed ways and beliefs for one more shot at glory? IS IT?!?

HBK looks at Vince, then takes the contract in his hand, and picks up the mic in the other

HBK: These last seven days have been the toughest of my entire life. How does one weigh up their beliefs against the weight of being ontop of their business. The weight of being the WWE Champion, against the weight of your own virtues.

HBK stops and seems to be in deep thought, as Vince looks on like a man possessed, waiting for Michaels to sign the dotted line

HBK: If I was to do this, I know that even if I did win the WWE Title this weekend, I could never forgive myself for it...

HBK seems to be dropping the contract

HBK: Which is why I can only hope my religion can.

HBK takes his pen and signs the contract! The crowd can't believe it and are silent! Vince smiles, and begins to laugh like an evil villian, while Triple H stands there looking at Michaels, looking a bit surprised

Vince: I knew it! I knew it you dumb son of a bitch! I knew you couldn't turn down one more opportunity to be ontop, no matter what it meant! You see right here people on the dotted line it is made out to me that Shawn Michaels has sold his soul to me! Right here, it says...

Vince stops as he looks at the contract HBK just signed and looks horrified

Vince: Su...Su...Suck It?

Crowd goes bananas as Vince turns back to Michaels and is met with a Sweet Chin Music right on the jaw! Vince stumbles around into Triple H who loads up Vince and plants him with a AA Spinebuster through the table! The crowd is going crazy as HBK & The Game hug in the center of the ring! The crowd is going off their collective faces as HBK & Triple H turn to McMahon and give him a crotch chop! Triple H picks up the mic

Triple H: Iowa, ARE YOU READY?

Crowd erupts


Crowd goes wild

Triple H: Then for thousands in attendance and the millions watching around the world, let's get ready to SUCK IT!

Crowd erupts as Triple H hands HBK the mic

HBK: Then if you ain't down with that, I got two words for ya...

Crowd yell's out "Suck It"

HBK: Tricked ya...

The crowd is confused as is Triple H as Michaels NAILS HIM WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC! The crowd breaks out into boos as HBK stands there, smiling over Triple H, having pulled a huge monkey over everyone

HBK: Sorry Hunter, but it was too good to be true. And the WWE Title is too much to resist!

Michaels picks up his contract and scribbles out the "Suck It" and signs it with his name to more huge heat and a massive *F-ck You Shawn* chant has started, with the production team quickly bleeping the explicit language out on the TV broadcast. HBk now drops the signed contract over Vince McMahon's unconscious body

HBK: Now I'm sold...

Michaels drops the mic and walks out to resounding heat while Triple H comes to after the cheap shot and glares at HBK who stands on the stage and we fade out with the two staring down each other

JR: He did it! Shawn Michaels sold himself to Vince McMahon for a title shot! I don't believe it. I thought he wouldn't go through it, but Michaels had it all planned, he once again outsmarted Triple H and Vince McMahon! I thought Michaels and Triple H had re-united!

King: He outsmarted everyone JR! I think the crowd and everyone around the world thought he wasn't going to go through with it!

JR: Be sure to order Unforgiven folks for what should be a blockbuster event, Last Man Standing!

Shows fades to black


American Airlines Center
Dallas; Texas

*Opening Video*


Cole & Tazz welcome everyone before running down the card, including the last two matches of the No Mercy tournament first round which see Paul London face Finlay and Mr. Kennedy face Brock Lesnar. We are informed that also Hardcore Holly will be taking on Jeff Hardy in a tune up match for Sunday which will be a Hardcore match. Also made are Nunzio vs Helms, Matt Hardy taking on Muhammad Hassan and a star studded Highlight Reel featuring Bobby Lashley, Batista, Benoit, JBL and the Undertaker, all the men whom so far have advanced into the next round of the No Mercy tournament, and then are informed that the World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle has been given the night off, and is watching the show from the comfort of a sky box

The show kicks off with The Highlight Reel. Jericho takes a bit of time to plug his band Fozzy, then has a little fun insulting the Dallas fans, before he states that the era of Y2J begins at No Mercy when he wins the tournament and takes the WHC off Kurt Angle. Jericho looks to continue boasting on when JBL hits the ring and claims that only one man can go onto No Mercy to face Kurt Angle, and that man will be the Wrestling God, JBL. JBL tries to encourage the fans to chant JBL, but they end up chanting *Y2J* instead which annoys JBL. Jericho tells JBL to go back and do something boring on the stock market when Batista shows up, telling them that the Animal will be unleashed again at No Mercy when Batista takes the World title off Kurt Angle. Now Benoit comes out to and speaks his mind on the situation, before Bobby Lashley comes out and says the "Real Deal gets Real" when he takes the World title. The five men continue to trade insults and such, which eventually sparks into a wild brawl when *GONG* hits and the lights go out and they come back on with Undertaker in the ring! Taker starts wailing on everyone, as the six men erupt into a huge brawl which brings out Paul Heyman. Heyman says this isn't going to happen here, becuse tonight in the main event, these six men will settle their differences in an Elimination Over the Top Rope mini battle royal. The crowd loves the announcement, while the six men don't seem too impressed as we go to a commercial


Cole & Tazz discuss the huge main event made before the break before saying that one of the No Mercy matches are about to take place

A quick shot of Kurt Angle up in the sky box looking cozy, scouting his main competition tonight

The first match of the night ends up being Paul London vs Finlay. In one great match which pips the 10 minute mark London gives everything he's got, as does Finlay, with the crowd getting even more behind London as the match goes on as he nails some amazing moves and kicks out of several near falls. Little Bastard appears and tries to loosen the top turnbuckle, but London sees this and runs up nailing a dropkick to LB who falls off the top turnbuckle out to the floor. As this has happened though, with the ref's back turned, Finlay grabs the Shalleleigh and whacks London on the back with it and then rolls London up 1...2...LONDON KICKS OUT! The crowd loves it, Finlay is irate and lifts London up looking for the Celtic Cross, but London counters with a Tornado DDT! London now musters the energy after taking a beating and climbs up top, and leaps off connecting with a Shooting Star Press! The crowd is on the edge of their seats as London struggles to make the cover 1...2...NO! FINLAY GETS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPES! London thinks he has it won, and is shocked Finlay managed to kick out. London waits for Finlay to get up and goes for a Sunset Flip, but Finlay catches him and drives him down with the Celtic Cross! Finlay covers and manages to scrape through into the next round after being taken to the limit by Paul London here tonight

Cole & Tazz discuss how unlucky London was here tonight, as London is given a standing ovation by the fans for his efforts

Backstage now MNM are outside a locker room, pounding on the door, when finally Chuck Palumbo & Vito open the door! Mercury & Nitro tell them they want their contendership back, and the FBI laugh at them and say "Vaffanculo!" before slamming the door shut. Mercury & Nitro don't seem to know what was said, while Melina goes "No, F you!" and then Joey & Johnny's faces change from dumbfounded to pissed and the trio walks off in a bad mood


We come back and Hardcore Holly is backstage with Steve Romero, getting a good pop. Holly talks about this Sunday's Inter Promotional Hardcore title match, he says he's gonna take Rhyno to school and take the hardcore title to it's new home, around his waist over here on SmackDown! Holly then tells Jeff Hardy although he has alot of respect for him, he won't hold back tonight in their Hardcore match

In a good match, Hardy & Holly take it to each other, not in the brutal Hardcore style, although there are a couple of spots, with Hardy taking most with Holly keeping fresh much like Rhyno on Monday, by giving out the majority of punishment. Hardy does however counter an Alabamaslam attempt with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb onto the trash can for a very close fall. Hardy goes upstairs, looking for the Swanton, but Holly gets up and cracks him with a roadsign to the head, then pulls Hardy onto his shoulders and connects with the Alabamaslam! Holly picks up the win

Backstage now and Paul Heyman is in his office with Randy Orton & Booker T, the trio realise the door is open and quickly they shoo the cameraman away and shut the door, continuing these strange meetings between the three as of late

Cole & Tazz speculate what Heyman, Orton & Booker are talking about, before we get another shot of Kurt Angle up in his sky box

Josh Matthews is backstage with Matt Hardy. Hardy tells Matthews that Hassan is going to pay for ruining Matt's chance of going further in the No Mercy tourny. Matt Hardy says after he beats Hassan tonight, hopefully he'll realise he cannot beat Matt Hardy, because Matt Hardy Will... Not... Die


We come back and the FBI are in the ring. Gregory Helms and Nunzio partake in the Cruiserweight title match, and Helms is looking good at the start, showing his superior athleticism on Nunzio, who is relying on the help of Palumbo & Vito on the outside with distractions to get him back into the match. Nunzio starts to wear down Helms with a sleeper hold, but Helms gets back to his feet and spins him into a Northern Lights T-Bone! Helms fires up with some knockdowns and then knocks both Vito & Palumbo off the apron. The two men get back on the apron distracting the ref, but they are pulled off by MNM! Mercury & Nitro brawl with Vito & Palumbo, with Merucry & Vito going up the ramp and Nitro & Palumbo out into the crowd. Nunzio is watching this unfold and doesn't see Helms roll him up from behind 1...2...NUNZIO ROLLS THROUGH...1...2...FEET ALL OVER THE ROPES, BUT THE REF DOESN'T SEE IT...3! Nunzio steals it!

Nunzio grabs his CW belt and heads up the ramp being joined by Vito & Palumbo on stage as the trio run away with MNM still after them


Steve Romero is now with the defeated Gregory Helms backstage. Romero asks Helms if he has another plan to get the CW title back, when Helms says that the CW title, and the whole division is below him, and he's aiming higher. Helms says Matt Hardy better be ready because Helms wants the US title now and walks off

Next up is Lesnar vs Mr. Kennedy. They give it a good go, turning into a good match as Kennedy comes so close but Lesnar's power keeps him in the match. Lesnar begins to use his powr advantage and slam Kennedy around, but when he goes for an F5, Kennedy counters with a DDT! Kennedy covers for a close fall. Kennedy now goes upstairs and leaps off, connecting with the Kenton Bomb! Cover 1...2...NO! Lesnar gets a shoulder up! Kennedy can't believe it and brings Brock up, firing right hands at him and tries to send him to the ropes but Lesnr reverses it and clothesline kennedy down. Lesnar now loads Kennedy on his shoulder and drives him back into the corner, ramming his shoulder repeatedly into the midsection of Kennedy. Lesnar now backs off and charges in at Kennedy, but Kennedy Drop Toe Holds him into the middle turnbuckle! Lesnar stumbles out and Kennedy lifts Lesnar onto his shoulders looking for the Green Bay Drop, but Lesnar slips out the back and drills Kennedy with a German Suplex! Lesnar now waits for Kennedy to get up and scoops him up before driving him to the mat with the F5! Lesnar pins and advances, but Kennedy gave a good account of himself

Cole & Tazz discuss how unlucky Mr. Kennedy was here, and then the brackets for the next round which starts next week are shown

Batista vs Lashley
Undertaker vs JBL
Benoit vs Finlay
Lesnar vs Jericho

Backstage now and MNM storm into Paul Heyman's office demanding they get their title shots at the Tag belts back. Heyman says he cannot give them a shot for nothing. They then ask for a match with the FBI. Heyman lets this happen, but tells them they will face off in a Ladder match, next week on SmackDown! with the contract to AMW's tag title shot inside the briefcase! Huge pop from the crowd

Cole & Tazz praise the booking of Heyman for once, and say they can't wait for that match


Next up Matt Hardy and Muhammad Hassan meet in a fairly good match with both men taking it to each other, Hardy showing the frustrations that Hassan caused him last week by ruining his chance in the No Mercy tournament looks good, but Hassan shows he is hungry for the US title still and thanks to the added help of Daivari on the outside with the ref's back turned Hassan uses an exposed turnbuckle to take control and work on Hardy, although the Daredevil Renegade refuses to lay down for a variety of moves and starts to fight out of a Surfboard Stretch, flipping through and kicking Hassan on the jaw! Matt feels the chance to take the match and connects with a Side Effect to Hassan, before going up top looking for the Leg Drop, but Daivari gets on the apron! The crowd boos as Charles Robinson orders Daivari to go to the back, but he refuses to budge, but Matt Hardy leaps off onto Daivari, tackling him off the apron to the outside! Hardy is struggling to get back up after the awkward bump though, and Hassan goes outside and sends Matt into the steel steps, as Robinsons count reaches the ten mark and Matt still hasn't gotten back in the ring, Hassan has won the match!

We now get a glimpse of each of the six men getting ready for the upcoming main event


In another top quality main event on SmackDown! Undertaker, Batista, Benoit, Lashley, Jericho & JBL duke it out in a very good way to end the show. The first elimination is that of Bobby Lashley, he has Benoit up ready to hit the Dominator, but the opportunist JBL sneaks up on him and dumps Lashley out, with Benoit holding onto the ropes to survive. Undertaker & Batista begin to trade blows in the middle of the ring to a huge reaction from the fans with Taker winning out, only for Batista to knee him in the gut and try to eliminate Taker, but the Phenom holds on despite the Animal's best efforts. Jericho meanwhile looks to hit a Lionsault on a downed Benoit, but JBL again uses his veteran instinct and pulls the top rope down, and Jericho trips out to the floor! Batista is the next to go, looking to charge in on Undertaker, but the Deadman sticks his foot up in Big Dave's face and then clotheslines him out over the ropes. Benoit tries to place Undertaker in the Crossface, but Taker powers him up and tries to drop him over the ropes with Benoit hanging on, but then JBL comes and lifts both men out over the ropes, with Benoit pulling out Taker, but the Rabid Wolverine again holds on! JBL struggles with Benoit, but Benoit drags JBL out and the two duke it out on the apron, when Jericho pulls JBL off! Benoit wins! Jericho hits an Enziguri to JBL, saying "Who's smart now bitch?"

Show ends with the six men all staring each other down


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Both shows looked to be top notch as per usual mate, I'll get a review up for both as soon as I can.

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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Renegade's Raw Review:

Started out as a run of the mill Rock promo as most of his are and Edge came out and redeemed it a little. Too many of the sex jokes and Edge getting cut off pretty much a lot hurt this promo.

Rhyno was always going to win the match tonight as he can take all the momentum he can get heading into Unforgiven this Sunday. Rhyno will win but I think someone will take the belt after he wins.

Meh, hope this isn't a start of Ron Simmons saying DAMN every week. Striker didn't seem right as it wouldn't be in his ettitquete to cuss at Eugene. Pretty much a hit and miss promo really.

I have a feeling now the Dudley's have the belts all but secured this Sunday. The ending definently has to mean something too seeing as they just had their finishers stolen so, yeah I think the Dudley's will win.

Still didn't like Striker, someone else could have worked better in his spot in both promos. It's just hard to see him talk like this especially with how his character is but at least he's getting a push.

Wow, Jeter got killed. Kane got his momentum he needed, nothing really major though. Cena and Kane's feud has to continue past Unforgiven as really it is just starting in it's early stages.

Interesting pairing of Brown and Coach, we'll have to see where this goes. But um, not surprised to see Carlito come down and after, the match has been signed. Cool to see and Brown needs the win Sunday.

Rock and Trish, guessing they'll become on screen boyfriend and girlfriend soon, we'll have to see where this goes from after Unforgiven though.

Fun main event match and we have the contract signing last it seems which is always nice to see. But anyways, Christian winning makes me think for certain that RVD has the win this week in the Triple Threat at Unforgiven.

Nice way to end the night off with and I thought for sure when I read D-X was back that HBK wouldn't make it last long and he didn't. LMS this weekend, it's going to be huge and HHH will grab his title once again.
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Hey bro, looks like some good stuff here. I will definately get to reviewing this, but I am just tired and weak tonight, so once its done I'll edit it in. Unforgiven looks good, the double review will be edited in later down the line, looking good for Unforgiven.
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

ORRY'S Raw Review

Opening Segment:
Pretty basic Rock promo here, with the Great One cutting his usual lines, before Edge and Lita hit the scene, who of course bring plenty of sexual jokes with them. A decent start to the show, although the promo seemed slightly off at times, and the abrupt ending detracted from the overall quality.

Rhyno vs. Goldust: Rhyno was a certanity as soon as the match was booked to win this one, considering he's got a big Hardcore Championship Match coming up with Holly. Overall an average match, which is to be expected from these two, with Rhyno gaining the obvious win.

Backstage Segment: Pretty much a throw together segment here with no real purpose. It seemed the only reason you placed this here was to allow Simmons to say his 'DAMN' line. Definately a 'meh' segment.

Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Lance Cade: Effective way to build the up coming Tag Team Championship Match between these two men and their partners. In the end Dudley gets the win by DQ, and both challengers get layed otu after the match, which leads me to believe they're walkign away with the belts this Sunday.

Mick Foley/Matt Striker Promo: Another throw together segment with no real purpose other than to get Striker on the show. Nothing much eklse to comment about.

Johnny Jetter vs. Kane: Squash match with no other purpose then to build onto the next segment...........

Kane/John Cena Segment: NIce pull apart brawl here, which definately serves its purpose in giving this feud some nice hype up heading into the match at the PPV.

Monty Brown vs. Maven: Nice build here, further hyping the Carlito/Brown match this Sunday. Having Carlito interfere and cost Brown his match was a nice touch, and their contest at Unforgiven should be a very solid one at that.

The Rock/Trish Stratus Segment: Rocky's getting a root tonight, and a good one at that. Nice little segment to add a further touch to the Tag Match this Sunday. Good stuff.

RVD and AJ Styles vs. Charlie Hass and Shelton Benjamin vs. Christian and Tyson Tomko: Great main event, definately match of the night, and a perfect way to build the upcoming Triple Threat Match. Christian gets the win here, and I would love to see him do it again this Sunday!

Contract Signing: Awesome way to end the show with a very enjoyable contract signing, made all the more significant with the heel turn of HBK finally taking place. Can't wait for the Title match at Unforgiven, all the build and all the hype has been there, now it's time to see what type of match you pull off!

Overall: Decent show, used mainly to hype the upcoming PPV, which is exactly what it needed to do. 8/10

Booking Credentials
# Captain of Team Oceania- 2007 BTB World Cup
# Breakout Star of 2006
# Third in WF's Favourite Booker Award 2006
# 5th in the First Annual BTB Promo Tourmament
# Best New Booker x1
# Best New BTB x1
# Most Improved Match Writer x1
# Best Used Wrestler x1
# Biggest Shock of the Month x2
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Ok this is my first proper review of a show so please dont go crazy if its a little off in terms of quality, length or layout. I'll try and follow the other reviewers in this threads template.

Opening segment - Good opening segment with Edge and Rocky very much in character. The Rock delivered some very witty punchlines which made me chuckle and thats all the promo looked to do. It was very light hearted and a smooth start to the show. Trish could have said a few words, but hey, when rocks by your side I suppose you'll struggle to get a word in. The ending didnt flow with the calm and relaxed promo as it got rushed, but you can't win them all.

Rhyno Vs Goldust - A Rhyno win, we all knew it was coming but this couldnt be avoided. You have done the job to wet our appetite at whats to come at the ppv when Rhyno defends the gold. Ok match, no major mistakes and the description flowed well.

Poker segment - Wasn't a big fan to be honest. It had no real point and the possibiliy is you were trying to pull of the PCS poker tournement seg from TNA in WWE to no avail. Just seemed like filler to me.

Bubba Ray Vs Lance Cade - Not a big fan of both these men. Before reading I felt a run in was innevitable and I was right. This is effective to hype the ppv match as no one gets the victory and the fans will be wanting to see a clean victory. No more than average match but it done its job.

Mick Foley/Matt Striker Promo - A short promo featuring Matt Striker moaning. I really hate this guy so maybe im a bit biased in saying this was another filler promo.

Johhny Jetter Vs Kane - I was abit disappointed to be honest with this one. For the simple fact that I thought Jetter was a popular indy wrestler or something, since i had never herd of him. But ooo well it was a squash match what else can i say.

John Cena Run in - Aaa so there was a purpose for the squash match. Very good thinking mate. It seemed like a typical WWE layout with an easy match before the rival runs in and the superstars brawl. Hyping the ppv i suppose.

Monty Brown Vs Maven - Suprise win for Maven which maybe means hel be getting a little push. As for the match itself it was another great way to hype up the ppv.

Rocky Promo - a sexy little promo where the Rock strikes lucky. Either those two are going to be a couple after the ppv or expect Trish to turn on Rock.

RVD and AJ Styles vs. Charlie Hass and Shelton Benjamin vs. Christian and Tyson Tomko - Good little match with the fans firmly behind AJ and RVD. Christian sneaks the win in a match that could have went to either the strong heels or the strong faces.

Contract Signing - Good segment and it seems HBK's heel turn has been gradual so you have layed out good foundations for Unforgivens match. I think HBK will pick up the win in a really good match but I'll have to wait and see. Really good way to end a pretty solid show that was designed to build up the unforgiven line up.

Promo wise this wasnt your strongest show but as a whole this would have to come down as a high 70%.
Rating - 76%-79%. Well done and good luck with the ppv. Your hard work is very evident.
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Well I was expecting more reviews to come in over the past few days I've been away as I worked hard to review ALOT before I went away to make sure I got some back. Owell, hopefully a few more come in soon.

Tomorrow I'll post the final card for Unforgiven.


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Renegade, count me in. I am gonna review your SmackDown!, then RAW, then again SmackDown! (Yeah, I missed three shows.)

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Nice opening to RAW, Everyone was in character but the rock went a bit over.

Opening match - Goldust never even had a chance, Rhino ran all over him.

Very funny card game.

I wanted Cade to win cleanly but it is all good.

Foley promo, nothing special but it was okay to kill time.

What is to say about the squash.

I cant believe Maven beat Monty, bad decision and harmed Monty's credibility like hell. Apple doesn't hurt!

Not a bad main event and I'm glad you had that Michaels heal turn. Very good way to do it. But it was a little sudden but still believable.

Overall - 8/10 (lacked a very high profile match)

SmackDown! is recap right. I'm not going to review that but I'll review Unforgiven.
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

RAW Presents WWE Unforgiven 2006
Live from the ARCO Arena
Sacramento; California
Theme Music: "Saliva - No Hard Feelings"

WWE Championship; Last Man Standing Match
Triple H vs Shawn Michaels

Mixed Tag Match
The Rock & Trish Stratus vs Edge & Lita

Rob Van Dam vs Christian w/Tomko vs Shelton Benjamin

Intercontinental Championship Match
AJ Styles vs Charlie Haas (c)

Kane vs John Cena

World Tag Team Championships
Dudley Boyz vs Cade & Jindrak (c)

Carlito w/Torrie vs Monty Brown w/The Coach

Hardcore Championship; Clockwork House of Fun Match
RAW vs SmackDown! Challenge

Guest Referee: Mick Foley
Rhyno (c) vs Hardcore Holly

OK so there's the card for Unforgiven, which at this point should be posted in about 2 weeks time. I will from now on with a slightly relaxed timetable compared to last year be doing the common 200 words = 1 minute now for PPV matches so expect them all to be lengthier contests than the first 11 at Summerslam.


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