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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Handicap match starts the show, and this should be a solid match, but doesn’t strike me as an opener due to the talent involved. Guessing that this is the feud ender, as that would make sense, but anyway…Batista and Lashley’s power was the key thing in this match really, as they start by dominating the Court, before Lashley gets worked on, and there was some nice work done on him, but it would be expected with Finley and Regal. Batista gets the hot tag, and it is soon over, with him Batista bombing regal to get the win, and to move back up the card. Okay opener, which was short enough to get you into the show. Wasn’t the best match ever, but it did the job of putting Batista and Lashley over, and allowing them to move up the card

Okay promo from Hardy, but honestly, nothing too special in this. Still have him winning the title though

Bar room brawl is next, and this is probably going to be a comedy style match, but still with enough brutality in it to keep the feud alive and to make it look a good match. Raven jumps rhino to start the match, so clearly no time is going to be wasted in this one, and it will be all action. Nice spots such as the bar stool being used as a weapon were used, which was good to see, as the environment should play a part in how the match goes down. 8 ball was nice to see as well, and a good near fall with the rhino driver. Raven nails Rhyno with the chalkboard, and then tackles him through a shelf to get the win, and keep the championship. Okay match, which was totally spotty, but a good enough match which would keep you entertained

Nice to see the 24/7 rule being used, and Holly stealing the belt. Guessing that this will run through the night, which is always a good angle to have, and it keeps you involved

Goldberg is ready to face Taker, and I cant see Taker not showing for this match. Going to be an all out brawl when the match happens, and good to see Goldberg actually looking as if he is wanting the match, but still being very scared at the same time

Hardy vs. Hassan is next, and it was a solid match, but to be honest, seemed very formulaic, and never really got going until the end of the match, when Jeff came down to help Matt get the win. He takes the chair off Hassan, and then he takes Daivari away, allowing matt to have Hassan to himself. Hardy hits the twist of fate, and then gets the pinfall, and we have a new champion. Definitely not the best match that you have ever written, and honestly, nothing happened until the end, but I know that you don’t like Hassan, so that explains the lacklusture booking of him. Hardy is the new champion, and I guess he has a decent reign coming

Solid promo from Cade and Jindrak, hyping their tag match, which should be a solid contest. Card does look to be a bit full though at the moment, and it will be interesting to see how you keep the variety in the matches going.

Again, the tag match was an okay match, but nothing in the beginning of the match really stood out as being memorable, and was pretty formulaic, but I suppose this is all that these guys can do. Again, the match was reasonably short, but you wouldn’t want it to go too long, and as it got into the finish of the match, the match did pick up a bit, but finished too soon. Gunn comes in, and straight away hits his finisher, which is broken up, but then is hit from behind with the belt, and C&J retain the titles. Nice finish there, but I guess it means that the feud will continue now, which isn’t really what I want, as this feud has dragged a bit, and hasn’t produced the good matches to allow for it to happen.

Raven steals the hardcore title back, in what was a nice fun segment, but this wont be the end of it tonight, and I see more title changes happening

Orton promo was very short, but sets up his match with kennedy which should be a good match, as both men are good enough in the ring, and should have the ability to put a good match together. Expecting this to be the longest match of the night so far, where they have all been a bit short for a ppv

Nice start to the match, and good to see Orton get his rear chinlock in, but it happening in the opening minute or so isn’t a good sign for the rest of the match, as the resthold is used far too soon. Some okay work from Orton, but it doesn’t last too long before Kennedy gets back in with the tornado ddt, which tells me that this match is again going to be short. Rollups don’t get the job done, and then Kennedy goes for the green bay plunge, but Orton counters into the RKO, and gets the 3 count. Good win there for Orton, which is going to help him move up the card again after the clean win, but doesn’t do too much for Kennedy, who is probably going to stay in the midcard a but more. As for the match… okay, but needed to be longer to achieve anything. The ending was a bit flat as well, and probably one of the disappointments of the night… nothing has caught fire so to speak tonight, but I’m hoping the second half picks up, as it does have the better matches on paper

The Court break up it seems, and I guess we could see a brief feud between Booker and Finley, or it could just be to get them away from each other. Finley looks to be a face, or on second thoughts… he may just be staying as a heel… guess we’ll have to see

Now this should be a great match, as both Haas and AJ can go in the ring, and I hope this is given time to develop. Haas starts to getting heat from the crowd which is good to see, and he seems to have gotten over as a heel well. Some good wrestling at the start of the match, before Haas gets out of the ring, knowing that he cannot hang with Haas. This looks like there will be some length to this match, which is always good to know. Haas is trying to keep AJ down, but the high flying of him is working well, and the two styles are combining well at the moment in this match. Vertical exploder off the top rope isn’t enough to get the win for Haas, and neither is a mid air powerbomb, which is a big shock. Pele kick changes the momentum, and AJ is on the way to getting back into the match now. Haas though locks in the Haas of Pain, only for AJ to get the ropes, which must be really getting to him, and it shows, as he blatantly low blows AJ to get himself DQ’ed. Never like to see a DQ on a ppv, but it makes perfect sense here, as it is the way to continue the feud, with Haas knowing that he cannot beat AJ. This was by far the best match of the night so far, and without the DQ would have been even better. Expecting a rematch at Unforgiven, which does give the great match that this was shaping up to be

Coach wins the hardcore title, but there is no way that he is leaving here with the title, and he will lose it near the end of the show

Carlito and Torrie look to be hooking up then, which should be interesting to see how that develops, as Haas comes in and insults him. Maybe a triple threat over the belt though, but somehow, I don’t see Carlito just letting this lie

This should be a good match, and could challenge for the MOTN, and MNM start the match well, and do some good work on the team of AMW, with Melina getting involved as well. Does feel a bit rushed though, which means this is going to be short like the first few matches. Some good work on Harris, with MNM not allowing him to get the tag, and liked the catatonic turned into the facebuster driver, which was a good counter to have. Storm gets the hot tag, and they hit the death sentence, but Melina gets on the apron to stop it, but Mercury gets another death sentence, and AMW are the new tag champs. Good match here, but I feel that there is more to come between these teams, as something about this match was missing. Bit of a squash down the finish as well, with MNM not getting in any offence, but a good win for AMW here

HBK is gunning for the title, but only for himself, and wants nothing to do with Vince. Will be interesting to see what happens to him if he doesn’t win the belt tonight, and whether Vince will actually fire the guy

Cena vs. Austin next, and this is a must win match for Cena, but I expect this to be a brutal contest. Also, interested to see how you write this match, and how it compares to the same match I did at Mania. Of course, I had Austin playing the heel which makes it a bit different, but still should be the same kind of match. Very early on we go to the outside, which you had to expect, as this isn’t going to the best in ring match, but the weapons can make it a great contest. Surprisingly enough though, Cena seems to be ignoring the no dq element of this match, and is actually trying to wrestle Austin, which doesn’t seem to fit the feud, but is intriguing to say the least. Austin fights back, but Cena starts the 5 moves of doom, only to be hit with the Stunner, but Austin cannot capitalise. FU to the outside was good to see, and then Cena gets the chain and starts to beat Austin with that, which has turned the match up well. Austin starts to fight back, but Cena gets the STFU in, and Austin has to pass out through the pain of it, which gives Cena the win. Good match between them here, but the bets thing about the match was that Cena ends up looking like a star from it, as for the most part, he dominated Austin, and in the ending was a colossus, and I guess he has to be going back towards the title now after this.

Benoit and Angle are on the same page for the moment it looks like, and the fatal 4 way should be a great match with the 4 men in it

Taker vs. Goldberg is next, and I don’t expect this to be much of a wrestling match, and to be honest, having a result to this would surprise me, as it wouldn’t do anything for either man if they lost. Taker starts off on fire, nailing the vaulting splash to Goldberg, and it looks as if Taker has brought a big effort with him tonight in an attempt to make this a good match, and to be honest, there is more wrestling in the match then I expected. Loving the spear through the barricade, and it looks like they are trying to destroy each other at the moment, but Taker kicks out, and then he sits up, which pisses off Goldberg. Taker keeps sitting up, and it looks as if Goldberg doesn’t have it in him to beat the guy tonight, which is what you would expect. Goldberg then spears the referee, which allows Taker to nail the chokeslam, and then without the referee, the massive brawl to begin. Goldberg gets the chair, and he starts to wail with it on Taker, but it doesn’t work, and Taker throws him through the stage, and stands tall as it ends in a double countout. Good brawl here, but I think that these two good produce a better wrestling match if you wanted to. The feud definitely isn’t over just yet, and wont be for a while, as both men will want vengeance on the other

HBK doesn’t seem to want to get involved in the match at the beginning, and keeps stalling HHH, so this match is going to go long as well, and adds some interesting psychology to the match. Some good work from both men, as HBK gains control of the match, and he wears down HHH, but to be honest, I expected a bit more from this match at this stage. HBK only gets 2 with the elbow, and goes for the SCM, but HHH blocks it, and then takes down HHH as we go towards the end of the match. HBK then locks in the figure four, but HHH manages to reverse the pain, and then takes control of the match, as the champion is starting to motor. HHH nails the pedigree, but Vince pulls the referee out of the ring, and then the goons come to help HBK win the title. They drag HBK over HHH, but he kicks out. DX then come down and they chase off the goons, and then HBK takes out Vince with the SCM, only to be nailed with the pedigree, and HHH keeps the title. Solid match between them here, but more could have been done with them I thought, but the feud will rumble on between them I guess now, and I guess Vince will throw in a different guy to try and win the title (cena???)

Holly gets the title back off the Coach, and I guess that that will be it for the night now, with no more title changes. Hardcore title on Smackdown will be interesting, and gives some different people stuff to do

Fatal 4 way starts off well, and this should be a pure wrestling match, as none of the last 3 have been, and the main event wont be, and it starts off well. The power of Lesnar though helps him a lot, and he moves through all 3 men, only for Jericho to go back on the attack on him. Loving the double german suplex spot, which kicks starts this match properly, and now it is starting to get really good, as both men kick out of Angle’s cover. Lesnar and Angle put together a good couple of minutes between them, before Lesnar misses the shooting star press, which is overused really at the moment. Should only be used in rare occasions, and I suppose a title match would count, but it seemed to be used not as a finisher, but just another move. Jericho has it won with the lionsault, only for the headbutt of Benoit to break the count. Benoit goes for the crossface, but Jericho rolls through, only for Angle to break the count. Lots of near falls are good to see here, as the action and the pace is never going to drop, and I’m thinking we may see Angle/Lesnar and Jericho/Benoit after this, regardless of who wins the belt. Angle gets the foot on the ropes from the F5, but Benoit and Jericho put the stereo submissions on Lesnar, taking him out of the match is would appear. Benoit is then rolled out of the ring (weak way to get rid of him), before Angle gets Jericho to tap to the ankle lock. Good match, but did at times feel a bit rushed, and the ending could have been less rushed I felt. Still… possibly match of the night so far, which shows that this show has been slightly disappointing.

Edge and Hall open the War Games match, which is interesting, and see get some good action between them, but clearly no fall as Masters comes out next to give the heel team the advantage. Guessing the time between when it was only Edge and Hall, and between the entrants wasn’t meant to be the same, as there was a good few minutes at least of difference between them. Heels have the advantage, as Foley comes out to the ring, putting himself in the match early, and we get some good stuff with the weapons, but no elimination yet. Shelton comes in, and after a few minutes, Hall is speared after the dragon whip, and Hall is gone from the match. 3 on 1 isnt good for Foley, but tells a nice story, with him having to overcome these odds to get back into the match. RVD though comes to the rescue, and we get a very spotty few minutes, with RVD going through his repertoire of moves, and leaving everyone down by the time the next man enters, and that is Monty Brown. Barbed wire now comes into the match, and RVD goes coast to coast on Edge, and that has to be it for him. Rock though comes in to try and even this up and takes out Brown, and then pins Masters with the Rock Bottom, as it is levelled up at 3 each in the ring. Brown drops Foley into the thumbtacks though, and that has to be enough for him, as Christian comes to the ring, and he is the wild card in this match, as no-one knows what he is going to do, but he starts by eliminating Foley with the unprettier onto the tacks, and that should take Foley out of being GM for a few weeks, as there is no way that he could recover from that so quickly. Sting is the last man in, but Tomko takes him down to start with, giving the heels the advantage. Sting though recovers enough to roll up Edge and get him out of the match, which is a bit of a surprise, as I expect him to go further in the match. RVD then gets pounced, and he is out of the match, and it is 3 vs. 2 against Rock and Sting, and it isn’t looking good for them to fight back in the match. Brown taps to the sharpshooter, which wasn’t expected, but levels the match up, and it looks as if we are going all the way in this one. Rock is then handcuffed, as Sting is beaten down, and then Christian finishes him off with the Arabian facebuster, and now it is 1 on 1. Tomko beats down Rock, as Christian turns on Shelton, and lets the Rock eliminate him, and I’m guessing this means that Christian wants to do this himself. People’s elbow would be enough, but the lower card jobbers come out, and start to beat down the Rock, making sure he cannot get the win… only for Kane to return and make the save for Foley, and this is huge for Kane, and he is to be back as a main eventer now. Rock hits the Rock Bottom to CC, and Team Foley gets the win, to end what was a good match, with was very brutal at times. CC will bitch about the ending, but that will be good to see, and interesting to see where people like the Rock go after this

I'll try and get some comments up on Raw at some point, but i am a long way behind at the moment, so i may miss this show and pick up the reviewing off the next show
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Thanks FD for the review. Here is the SD! recap. Reviews aren't expected, a paragrpah or two is fine as always...

WWE SmackDown!
RCA Dome
Indianapolis; Indiana

A video of all the SmackDown! brand matches from Summerslam is shown before we cut to the regular opening routine

*Opening Video*


We open the show with Paul Heyman hitting the ring to heat from the fans. Heyman gets on the mic and starts to talk about what went down on Sunday night. He says that he impressed by the way SmackDown! showcased themselves in a superior way compared to RAW which brings a pop from the crowd. Heyman then moves onto making some matches for tonight, and starts off by saying SmackDown! will have it's first Hardcore title match in over 4 years as Hardcore Holly will take on Jeff Hardy which the crowd loves. Heyman now moves onto the World Heavyweight Title picture. Heyman says that unfortunately Brock Lesnar did not win the title at Summerslam, and Heyman has been warned by top officials in the WWE that booking instant title shots for Lesnar in the future will result in bad consequences, so Heyman says that we're going to have a Tournament taking place over the next few weeks to determine the man who will face Kurt Angle at No Mercy in 8 weeks time. Heyman points to the titantron, revealing the brackets which look like this

Batista vs Randy Orton
Chris Benoit vs Brock Lesnar
Undertaker vs Chris Jericho
Booker T vs Bobby Lashley

Heyman says that tonight we will have two of the matches, with the other two on next week. Then the week after that the two semi-final matches will take place, and the following week the final will take place. Heyman is about to leave when he suddenly stops and says that Kurt Angle will be in action as he takes on Mark Henry tonight. Heyman laughs as we go to a commercial


We return and have our first match of the night as new WWE Tag Team Champions, America's Most Wanted are in action against Nunzio & Vito aka the FBI in a non title match. In a pretty good match, the FBI try and work on Chris Harris, much like MNM did at Summerslam, but Harris counters a Sicilian Slice attempt by Nuznio into a flapjack and tags in James Storm who cleans house, then goes for the Eight Second Ride on Nuznio, but a figure trips Storm, and Nunzio uses this with a cover, grabbing a handfull of the tights and holding onto the ropes for a surprise win! Nunzion & Vito celebrate on the outside and we see that the figure wasCHUCK PALUMBO!Palumbo celebrates with Nunzio & Vito, as AMW are telling the ref what happened

Backstage now and Matt Hardy is interviewed on becoming the new United States champion. Hardy says it's the best feeling he's had since the Hardyz re-united and he intends to make it last, no matter what the competition is. He says that in his title rematch with Hassan later tonight, he's gonna do what he did at Summerslam again and show everyone and especially Muhammad Hassan & Daivari, that Matt Hardy Will...Not...Die!

We switch backstage and see Booker T walking with Sharmell and then see a split vision with Bobby Lashley also walking through the halls, with their match coming up next!


In a very good matchup Booker & Lashley take it to each other, with the match lasting past the 10 minute mark as Booker takes control working on Lashley's left shoulder which is in bandages after the beating it took at Summerslam, but no matter if it's a Arm Wrench & Hook Kick combo, a Jumping Calf Kick or even the Book End, Lashley kicks out. Lashley uses his power and mounts a comeback, getting a Spear in but Booker gets a foot on the bottom rope. Lashley goes for a Dominator but his shoulder gives way and Booker goes for the Scissors Kick, but Lashley moves back and this time powers up Booker on his right shoulder and nails the Dominator to pick up the win and advance

Backstage, Kurt Angle is shown warming up for his match with Mark Henry later tonight

We now witness the first Hardcore title match on SmackDown! for over 4 years as Hardcore Holly takes on Jeff Hardy in a very entertaining contest. Road signs, trash cans and lids and a kendo stick are all used, and Holly even sprays Hardy with a fire extinguisher at one stage of the match. Holly brings a table into play and sets it up in the corner, looking to put Hardy through it with a Alabamaslam, but Hardy uses the swinging momentum of the move to nail a Sunset Flip Powerbomb to Holly! Jeff now goes upstairs looking for the Swanton Bomb, but Holly rolls out of the way! Holly now brings Hardy up and blasts him with a trash can and looks to finish him off, but the crowd comes to their feet as Holly turns around and is MET BY A GORE, DRIVING HIM THROUGH THE TABLE IN THE CORNER! We instantly see that it's RHINO!Rhino has referee Chad Patton with him and Patton makes the count for a 1...2...3 and Rhino takes the title and bolts out through the crowd as security rush down the ramp after him

We go to a break with Cole & Tazz discussing Rhino showing up, and what Heyman will do about this


Muhammad Hassan hits the ring and cuts a long, typical Hassan promo talking about being hated for being an Arab American and then being cheapened out of his US Title by injust actions. Hassan continues going on, insulting the crowd before insulting Matt Hardy which finally brings out the US Champ and their match begins

In a good match, similar to the one at Summerslam, Hardy manages to beat Hassan again foiling Hassan's plan as Daivari tries to get involved in the match but Hardy takes him out with a Side Effect out on the floor. Hassan takes the opportunity to try and defeat Hardy with the Camel Clutch, but Hardy counters it with a jawbreaker and then nails the Twist Of Fate for the win

Backstage Booker T is dissapointed with his loss when he bumps into Finlay & Regal, his former associates. Finlay stirs the pot a bit by asking Booker about his loss, before Booker responds with some harsh words to both Finlay & Regal, Finlay then walks away as Booker says "I'm done with you two for good!" and walks in the other direction

[COLOR="Blue]Angle manages to beat Mark Henry in just over 5 minutes, showing a relentless pursuit, working on Mark Henry's legs for the matchup, and although Henry showcases his power, Angle is always in control and makes Henry tap out to the Ankle Lock in a very sound performance from the champion[/COLOR]

We now switch to Paul Heyman's office where a bunch of security is present. Heyman says he wants to know how Rhino managed to get into the building tonight, and when no answer is given, Heyman is obviously upset and dismisses security telling them to be on the lookout just incase any more RAW superstars are in the building. Then as security leaves, Heyman smiles as if he's got an idea as the camera fades out


Now Batista gives an interview moments before his match with Randy Orton. Batista says he's been dormant for the last few months, but it's time to unleash the animal again

In a fair main event, Batista does manage to beat Randy Orton with a Batista Bomb after Orton had worked on Batista's lower back for most of the match, trying to deny Batista the chance to hit a Batista Bomb, the first time he tried it his back gave way and Orton almost stole it with a rollup. However, Orton went for an RKO and Batista side stepped from it, then drilled Orton with the Spinebuster, before picking him up and planting him with a Batista Bomb for the win. Batista celebrated as SmackDown! came to a close


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Deadman_014's SD Comments

Firstly, I'd like to appologize for not getting my review up, i'll try to get it up soon but if not I will just review 3 or 4 shows of yours in return. Anyways, I think the tourney looks good as well as Holly vs Hardy, but maybe you should of used a few lower tear stars, as these matchs are PPV quality for the most part, and shouldn't be done on TV like Lesnar vs Benoit and Taker vs Jericho. Nunzio and Vito take a nice victory, and Palumbo has an 'FBI' return nicely here. Lashley beats Booker in a big matchup, the Hardy promo was alright, and nothing happend with him retaining again. Rhino came and won his title back, I think this will turn into a big feud between the brands leading to Survivor Series probably.

We have Heyman here who looks to probably send someone to Raw this week, which will be interesting. Booker and his court have a confrontation, probably will lead to Booker vs Finlay at No Mercy. Batista does an interview, wins the main event and ends the show which is predictable but not a great idea, since Orton is coming off the heels of a nice victory. Not good Kennedy isn't around, nor Jericho, Undertaker, Lesnar, Benoit, etc. Not a bad recap, but had major flaws and really a bit of a stacked card here, with 2 title matchs, the return of Chuck Palumbo, a tourney announced and Booker vs Lashley along with Batista vs Orton. Decent show, not your best but not your worst, it fits though for a recap good job mate, I hope to get to work on your review for SummerSlam again soon.
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

LATE Summerslam Review

Sunday Night Heat

Not too bad of a Heat. Does its job of hyping the show, which should be awesome by the way.

2 vs 3 Handicap Tag Match - Batista & Bobby Lashley vs Booker T, Finlay & Regal:
Well this was a good start to the show in my opinion. Played off well, and good fast-paced action from the veterans in this one, which was surprising in my book. Batista comes in near the end of the match and gets the hot tag, and takes out everyone in sight. Realistic as it is, predictable as well. Not surprised the faces won here. And this was a pretty good start to what should be an excellent show.

Decent Hardy promo. He seemed in character, though he did look stupid when Romero corrected him. That was my only problem with this promo.

Hardcore Championship – Match Bar Room Brawl –
Rhino vs Raven (c)
Not that great of a match. As Arjun said, this would’ve been a perfect fit for Stone Cold. Regardless, it was somewhat entertaining, but not the greatest match ever. Liked how weapons were used early, which made it better because it would’ve been stupid to introduce them later on near the finish. Rhino Driver through the table was a nice touch, and kept the crowd alive. I was surprised that Raven won after the Rhino Driver, but it keeps the title on him which is good because Raven’s always been one of my favorites.

Goldberg promo was good, showed him being paranoid about The Undertaker, which is usually the case when it comes to feuds with Taker. You did a good job of describing that.

United States Championship Match
Matt Hardy vs Muhammad Hassan (c) w/Daivari
First off, I love how Hassan has the US Title. What you should do to really turn off the fans and make him a ‘super-heel’ is to have him change the name is to change the title’s name to a middle-eastern country, lol. Anyway, this match was pretty good. Liked the action during this match, was fun and exciting till the very end. WOW! I thought he wouldn’t win the title, but this sets up what could be a very good rivalry.

Nice interview with the champs, does its job of hyping the next match, and I think they’re retaining tonight.

World Tag Team Titles
The New Age Outlaws vs Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak (c’s)

Meh, this wasn’t that great of a tag match. And I’m not surprised by the men involved. Anyway, glad Cade & Jindrak retained their titles, and hopefully they can move onto a better feud with a better tag team, no disrespect to the Outlaws. Good job though writing this match, it wasn’t the worst match in the world, but then again it wasn’t the greatest.

Haha, 24/7 rule. I used to love this thing. Raven retains to no surprise.

Randy Orton vs Ken Kennedy:
Now this was the best match on the PPV so far in my mind. Great wrestling by two of the future stars in the business. I wish this was put higher in the card, but I guess this was put here to liven the crowd up toward the last few matches. And it delivered big time. Excellent action, was exciting throughout, and loved the finish with the surprising counter from Orton to hit the R! K! O! lol. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Orton be pushed into the main event scene, and Kennedy put into the midcard or something.

Interesting move of Booker firing Finlay and Regal. Although he seemed a bit OOC with the whole sucka line, unless that means something in the future…

Intercontinental Title
AJ Styles vs Charlie Haas (c)

A good match here, probably the best title match tonight. Fast-paced start to the match, which was good, and the action throughout the match was very exciting and easy to read. Haas played the heel role good in this match, and AJ played the fan favorite good as well. DQ finish was a bit of a drag to this match, but I guess it fit Haas’s character. Aftermath was good, with Haas beating down on Styles to put him over as a heel. I thought AJ would win this, but I’m sure he’s gonna get some type of gimmick rematch at Unforgiven.

Interesting Carlito/Haas promo. I see a triple threat feud coming… or just a Carlito/Haas feud, who knows.

WWE Tag Team Championships Match
America’s Most Wanted vs MNM (c’s)

A good tag match here, much better than the one earlier. Good tag action throughout, had all the dynamics a tag match should have. Some points in this match were a little boring, but it go through nicely. Ending was pretty exciting, and the two Death Sentences near the end were a nice touch. Good job with this match, and glad to see new champions.

Intriguing Michaels/McMahon promo. Wonder what will happen in the WWE Title match…

Singles Match; No Disqualifications
‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin vs John Cena

Not surprised with how the opening of this match panned out, as this is usually what happens in Stone Cold’s matches. Austin opens up early, but it looks like Cena’s getting the advantage here now. Cena mocks him, in typical heel fashion. Good job of utilizing that early. Glad to see this match go out of the ring early, and Cena looks dominant in the early part of the match, which may mean for an Austin comeback near the end. We’ll have to see though. Austin refuses to let Cena lock in the STFU, so Cena’s shut down for now. I can’t remember the last time Austin used a chop, then again. I haven’t watched an Austin match in some time. Little strange that Cena hit the five-knuckle shuffle early, but I’ve seen him do that before. BIG superplex in the middle of the match, great spot in my mind, it completely creates a more exciting finish. Neckbreaker from Austin, oh man, this should be some finish with the way this is going. Big spinebuster, near fall though! Thought Austin may have had it there. STUNNER!! He has to have it. No!! F-U TO THE OUTSIDE!! HOLY CRAP! That’s some spot, considering Austin’s neck problems and such. Steel chain to the face, this bloodies him up. He kicks out again!! STFU!! Cena winz! Lol, damn, that was some match, and a WrestleMania 13ish ending to that one. Great match. I can expect Cena to get a big push now after this one.

Short Benoit/Angle promo, but this is expected. Not so sure if they’re a tag team in this thread, since I haven’t read this thread and this is my first review, or if they’re just friends. Can you give me some insight?

Singles Match
Goldberg vs The Undertaker

Not really expecting a five-star match with this one, so we’ll see how far this one goes. Interesting beginning to the match, creative and a good way to make Goldberg scared. Last Ride attempt early seemed a little unrealistic, but I’ll go along with it. Glad this started getting ‘violent’ early, as it suits these two. Damn! Spear through the barricade early, I would’ve saved that for later, but that’s your preference so yeah. Big near fall afterwards, shows Undertaker’s still got it in him here early. Classic sit up from Taker, and now I’m expecting the momentum to shift here. But it doesn’t! Signature powerslam from Goldberg, near fall again. Loving this one so far. Uh oh, Taker’s coming back in this one, chokeslam!! Near fall again, you’re getting me excited with this one. Old School from the Deadman, and that still doesn’t do the job. You’re making Goldberg seem very resilient, which in this case is very good building of character. Oh no!! Ref bump!! I’m not the biggest fan of these, but this one may turn out good. Oh no, Undertaker gets off another chokeslam but there’s no referee!!! The Taker mark in me is screaming vulgar things. HOLY S**T!! Goldberg sent through the set!! Kinda reminds me of Lesnar/Taker from Unforgiven five years ago. Ending was a very good way of building a rematch, possibly HIAC if things like this happen and you’re following Lesnar/Taker from five years ago, which could be great.

WWE Championship Match
Shawn Michaels vs Triple H (c)

Here we go with a match that has the potential to steal the show. I hope HHH comes away with the victory tonight, so the aftermath ahs some build to it considering the whole Vince/Shawn thing from earlier. Interesting beginning moments, with Michaels running away constantly, obviously wanting no piece of him. Michaels is slowly gaining the momentum as the match goes on, only leading to me believing he won’t be walkign out with the championship tonight. Good to see Michaels go after his quad, it makes sense as Michaels knows Triple H best of course, and knows that it was injured before. Smart on your behalf. Anyway, good exciting action during this match, pace was good, and toward the end, Michaels superkicking Vince builds into a possible other feud. Glad to see The Game pulling out the victory here to retain, I wonder who his next opponent will be…?

Hahaha, Coach loses the title to Hardcore Holly. Lol.

Fatal Four Way World Heavyweight Championship Match
Kurt Angle (c) vs Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit vs Brock Lesnar

Now this should be one if not the match of the night. Liked how this one started with everyone going after Lesnar. Good transition into the guys who apparantley were supposed to be in this match. Brock’s powerful offense seems to be the strength for him in this one so far in the beginning of this one. Nice elbow smash from Jericho, liked that part because it showed Jericho’s athleticism which is very rarely displayed in real life when he was in the WWE. Now Jericho seems to have the upper hand in this one, and hits his signature underhook backbreaker. Did I mention that I love that move? Lol. Damn! Nice double German suplex spot, I was expecting something like that eventually in this match, and now I’m betting this match will soon get better. Nice submission from Angle, I’ve seen that used before from him I think, but it’s a smart counter. Big belly to belly from Angle, that could be a momentum shifter in this one. Good action between these two, no surprise to that though. SSP!!?? Holy s**t, great job bringing that move back, even if he missed it AGAIN. Jericho comes out of nowhere, and does the famous springboard dropkick to Angle, another move of his I love. Near fall! Oh man I thought Jericho had that one, but Benoit hit the headbutt out of nowhere, which seemed very realistic and a great way of inserting him back in the match. Wow! F5 and Jericho kicks out! Exciting moments till the end, with Angle retaining after putting the ankle lock on Jericho. This only makes me believe we may see an Angle/Jericho feud for the title, but I could be wrong.

War Games Match
Team Foley vs Team Bischoff

Now here comes what should be a pretty good contest. And it sure turned out that way. Nice to see Hall and Edge start this one off. Good trade of holds in the beginning, seemed surprising to me as Hall and Edge aren’t the greatest ‘technical’ wrestlers, but it was a nice start. Nice flapjack onto the turnbuckles from Hall, but afterwards Edge takes control it seems. But Hall comes back, and hits the fallaway slam! Good use of his signature move there, as it transitions into the next man into the match. Masterpiece is in next, and takes his time into the ring. In character in my opinion, and here comes that double team advantage I expected to see. Hall puts up a fight, and here comes the next man, Foley! Yes! Weapons!! I’m a weapons mark lol. Good usage of the trash can and lid in this part of the match. I always feel that the trash can always sets up bigger weapons as it’s usually the first weapon used in this sort of thing. Ouch, seemed like a brutal hit for Hall after being hip tossed onto the trashcan. I could visualize that well, so good job on your part on that. Benjamin’s in next, let’s see what he can do. He goes right after Hall; I’m guessing they’ve had a feud before this match, just judging on this. MANDIBLE CLAW!!! Doesn’t work though, as it’s too early for eliminations in this one. That’s for sure. Guess I spoke too soon, because there goes Hall!! Damn, wished to see him go longer, but I guess it’s for the best lol. R! V! D! Here! He! Comes!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a split legged dropkick, but it sounds cool. Van Dam seems to have everything going for him now. Holy crap, loved the super hurricanranna spot, that would’ve been sick if I saw that in real life. Monty Brown’s in next, guessing he’s playing the heel role in this one. Oh man, Barbie!! Figured that would be brought out soon. Damn!! RVD goes coast to coast!! So many spots so far, this should have a great ending. *Wanted to get this done, so going to recap the next few sentences* Anyway, good action throughout the entire match, many big spots, all realistic and such. Ending was fantastically done, loved the Christian turn, should catapult him to a bigger feud, most likely with Shelton now. Kane coming back is awesome, and I’m glad Team Foley won in this one.

Overall, a very good PPV Renegade. The beginning didn’t start off as well as it could have, but the last few matches were great. Sorry it took so long to review, but hey I have it up.

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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

WWE: SmackDown! - 8/25/06 – Review
~ Good way to open up the show with Heyman announcing some nice matches for SmackDown! Hardcore Championship and the Tournament matches is the most I’m looking forward to. Good brackets there and it must be a good tourney.

~ America’s Most Wanted needed a victory here because they just won the WWE Tag Team Titles at SummerSlam, and all there momentum has gone down. But anyway, FBI’s victory shocked me, and what shocked me more was Palumbo’s return and alligning himself with the FBI. Should be a good feud/storyline.

~ Matt cuts a good-looking promo here. So his feud with Hassan and Daivari hasn’t ended yet?

~ Booker tries it all, but in the end, Lashley picks up the victory and advances in the Tournament.

~ A very good and interesting Hardcore Match here. Rhino said that he’ll show up at SmackDown! at RAW to it was expected, and not a surprise. By the way, what shocking is that once again he’s taking the title back to the RAW.

~ Hassan cuts a rant towards the Americans, followed by the NEW United States Champ, Matt. Matt gets another victory over Hassan, and that’s cool.

~ Now this Booker/Finlay/Regal short backstage meeting confused me because I don’t know where is this heading to.

~ Looked like the ‘squash’ match of the night to be honest. Anyway, Angle’s win is always a good thing.

~ Heyman’s got the idea? Ermm, let’s see what it is.

~ Batista picks up the victory over Orton and advances to the Tournament. Where was Kennedy? Anyway, enjoy the review/few comments.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

OK RAW is a little late so what I am going to do is post both shows either tomorrow or Thursday and I may be doing this for the next few weeks until things die down a bit in my life. A preview for RAW will go up tonight and a news page too, so lookout for that, I've still got reviews for FD & Kane01, DDMac, ORRY and a few others to return aswell so I know I'm behind with those but they ARE coming guys don't worry.

Thanks to the small portion of SD! comments, much appreciated.


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

You can take my name of that list of people to review Gade, because unfortunately in your absence, New Era Begins has come to an end. Hopefully that releases some of the pressure you've been feeling mate, but in any case I should have a few comments up for Smackdown by tomorrow.

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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Quote: News & Rumours

RAW Main Event Stipulation Added
Vince McMahon has announced that his match with Triple H will be for the WWE Championship and will be a No DQ matchup.

The Rock Set for Return
After being bloodied and brutalized at the hands of Edge, The Rock has recieved medical clearance to return within the next few weeks in time for Unforgiven. An exact date is yet to be determined, as it is thought Rock will leave it to be a surprise.

No Mercy Tournament Extended; Current Matches Altered
Paul Heyman has been pressued by his superiors to extend the No Mercy tournament and has obliged, as the lineup now includes Finlay, Hassan, Matt Hardy, JBL, William Regal, Paul London, Jeff Hardy & Mr. Kennedy. This week on SmackDown! Chris Benoit will take on Muhammad Hassan and Undertaker will meet William Regal. The following week Matt Hardy will face Chris Jericho and Paul London face Finlay, and the next week will see JBL face Jeff Hardy and Mr. Kennedy face Brock Lesnar.

Injury Updates
Rey Mysterio may be fit enough to make his return around the time of the Royal Rumble after he damaged ligaments against Hassan at the GAB a few months ago.
Velocity & HEAT Results

Chuck Palumbo, Vito & Nunzio (FBI) def. Mexicools & Scotty 2 Hotty
Mark Henry def. Jobber
Paul London def. Gregory Helms (Non Title)
Jeff Hardy def. William Regal

Matt Striker def. X-Pac
Val Venis def. Chris Masters
Gail Kim def. Victoria, Jazz
Test def. Maven


WWE RAW Preview for 8/28/06

Sioux Falls will be in for a night to remember as RAW rolls into the Sioux Falls Arena tonight

In a huge main event which has been building for months, finally Triple H and Vince McMahon will meet inside the squared circle in a No Disqualifictions matchup, and Vince McMahon earlier on made thet match for the WWE Championship. In this huge spectacle, will The Game be too much for the owner of the WWE or will McMahon produce an upset to remember?

Also, Rhino & Raven will face off in a rubber match to end their current run ins with each other. Rhino made it 1-0 with victory to win the Hardcore title back in May, and Raven tied it up with a win at Summerslam. Also, can we expect SmackDown! to show up after Heyman feels they have been cheapened out of the Hardcore title?

It sure will be a night to remember as the first ever 12 Man Tag Match will take place on RAW tonight as the team of Goldust & Eugene team with the Headbangers and the men who have made it known they're coming for Cade & Jindrak's tag titles the Dudley Boyz to face the champions Cade & Jindrak, La Resistance and the Johnnies. Don't miss what should be an action packed match

And finally Mickie James will take on Lita in a match to determine who will face Trish Stratus for the Women's Title. Lita will have the "Rated R Superstar" Edge by her side, can Lita go onto what she says she should have been a long time before, or will Mickie get back into the title scene?

All this and much more tonight on Monday Night RAW live on the USA Network


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Sioux Falls Arena
Sioux Falls; South Dakota

*Opening Video*


JR: Welcome to Sioux Falls for Monday Night RAW ladies and gentlemen! And tonight, a massive main event takes place as WWE Champion Triple H defends his title against Vince McMahon! Vince signed this match to be a title match on over the weekend and added a No DQ stipulation to the match, which makes me wonder King if he's got something up his sleeve?

King: Of course he does JR, this is Vince McMahon we're talking about! Not you're average run of the mill, johnny come lately!

JR: I've just got this gut feeling something's going to happen. Onto other things folks, Lita faces Mickie James in a number one contender's match for Trish Stratus' Women's title. Also, the Hardcore title is back on RAW after Rhino made a huge appearance on SmackDown! by Goring Hardcore Holly through a table and pinning him to take the title back! We will see Rhino defend the title against Raven in the match that will end their ongoing battle tonight.

*My Time is Now* hits and the crowd boos loudly as John Cena makes his way out teasing with the fans, then grabbing a mic and rolling into the ring

Cena: Yo yo yo yo!

Crowd boos

Cena: Damn that's a reception! Any Chaing Gang Soldiers up in here?

Crowd boos again as Cena makes a "fair enough" motion

Cena: Aw come on, I know you can do better than that Sioux Falls!

Crowd boos even louder and a *You Suck* chant starts, which seems to spur Cena on

Cena: That's not the kinda love you should be showing the man who made Stone Cold Steve Austin pass out at Summerslam! I cut the head off the Rattlesnake and let it bleed to death. And last week, I think I made it clear that I wanted to know why John Cena wasn't getting time on RAW. Why I was booked with Maven? I did away with him quicker than Viscera does away with the buffet! John Cena wanted answers, but all he got was a big, silent screw you! Then, I did something I regret having to do to get some attention. I FU'd Maria...

Crowd boos Cena

Cena: Hey don't worry, none of her eye candy was damaged. She'll be fine to pose in all those bikini's again in no time. She just got in my way when it wasn't needed. And in the end, the best I got was a big, red, 320 pound freak come out! That's not what I wanted. John Cena wants competition, and if Kane hadn't come out, I may have gotten an answer! But Kane, coming out when you did was the biggest mistake you've ever made. Yes, bigger than playing with fire, you wanna get in my way? Then you better get ready for the fight of your life. John Cena backs down from no one! I don't care if you have a mask back now, we all know how ugly you are anyway! We've seen that mug for 3 years and nothing can dispose the image of you from those frightened little kids minds!

More boos from the crowd

Cena: Kane, I've faced some of the biggest and baddest guys to grace this ring! Brock Lesnar, Undertaker, Triple H, Edge, Stone Cold, Big Show, JBL, you name them, I've had no problems throwing down with them. I ain't afraid of no man, no freak, no whatever you may be.

Cena pauses before continuing

Cena: I back down from no fight, and Kane you wanna get involved in what doesn't concern you? Fine. But you've just made me even hungrier and I guarantee you I want a piece of you big man. So, if you're feeling like you did last week, why don't you get down here and throw down homie?

*Slow Chemical* hits and the crowd erupts with a big pop as Kane heads to the ring, with Cena ready to get into a fight. Kane steps over the top rope and goes face to face with Cena, and Cena looks like he's gonna throw the first punch, but stops and gives Kane a "You Can't See Me" taunt and kicks Kane in the groin! Cena now powers Kane up onto his shoulders and plants him with an FU!

Cena raises the Word Life sign and the crowd boos him immensely, Cena picks his mic back up and stands over Kane

Cena: Kane, you gotta have all angles covered homie. I tell ya what though, hows about at Unforgiven, I give you another beating, but this time in a proper match? Whadda ya say? O wait, my bad, you can't answer right now coz you got knocked the F out!

Cena drops the mic and *My Time is Now* hits again and Cena heads up the ramp with Kane coming to in the ring as we go to a break


JR: Welcome back to RAW folks, and just before the break we saw John Cena lay out Kane with an FU and issue a challenge to a match at Bad Blood!

King: Cena has gone through a transition JR, he's taking crap from no one and is doing what he sees fit, and he sees fit in beating Kane!

JR: I dunno if Cena will be able to dominate his match with Kane like he did for the most part of his match with Austin. If Kane accepts that will be a true war inside the ring!

*Mickie Time* hits and the crowd gives a light pop for Mickie James, as she is supposedly heel, yet because she is facing Lita, most of the crowd seem to be behind her. Mickie actually plays to the crowd, maybe hinting towards a face turn and then rolls into the ring

*It Just Feels Right* plays and the crowd erupts into boos as Lita makes her way out with her husband Edge by her side. Lita gets in the ring and tries to get nosy at Mickie, who responds by socking Lita with a right hand, taking her down as the match begins

Match 1
No. 1 Contender's Match for Women's Title
Singles Match
Mickie James vs Lita w/Edge

Enjoyable womens matchup with both good in ring workers putting on a good match to kick things off tonight.
Mickie started the brighter but with Edge on the outside pulling as many disctractions as he could, is wasn't too long before Lita took over.

Going into the break Lita was all over Mickie but couldn't put her away, and as we return we see the crowd willing Mickie back into the match as she takes Lita down with a clothesline and begins taking the fight to the Fiery Redhead.
Edge gets on the apron, trying to slow Mickie down but Mickie nails a dropkick to Edge, knocking him off the apron! Lita however uses this to her advantage and rolls up MJ and putting her feet all over the ropes to score the win!

Winner @ 8:53 - Lita
Earns Women's Title Shot

Lita smiles and has her hand raised by the ref while Mickie holds her head, frustrated that she was cheapened out of the match

Edge gets into the ring and kisses Lita, then turns to Mickie and glares at her with an evil look, before SPEARING MICKIE JAMES DOWN TO THE MAT!

The crowd boos immensely as Edge yells at Mickie never to touch him again and Edge & Lita head up the ramp with the ref attending to Mickie who is out

JR: That no good SOB Edge just Speared a Woman! As if attacking The Rock last week and bloodying the People's Champion wasn't enough, he just helped Lita get a Womens title shot at Trish Stratus and he Speared Mickie James! I know I haven't been the biggest Mickie fan recently but that was just uncalled for!

King: Edge had every right to do it JR! Mickie provoked him!

JR: She was taking him out of a match he shouldn't have even gotten involved in! Edge is a sick human being!

We are taken backstage now and The Coach is standing by

Coach: I am here with the World Tag Team Champions, Cade & Jindrak.

Crowd boos as C&J walk into view

Coach: Cade my man, last week you stood tall after victory over the Headbangers in a specially booked match by Mick Foley, and you said that you were the greatest tag team on RAW and that you'd gone through everyone, only to have the Dudleyz show up. What are your thoughts?

Cade: My thoughts Coach? My thoughts are this. Dudleyz, you wanna shot at these titles? That's fine, we don't back from anyone! We've beaten every other team thrown in front of us. Goldust/Eugene, beaten. Maven/Val Venis, beaten. La Resistance, beaten. The Johnnies, beaten. The Headbangers, beaten. America's Most Wanted, beaten. The New Age Outlaws, beaten. No team can beat us, and if you want to be added to the list, then we've got no problem with that. You're gonna find out what every other team that has faced us has found out. And that is...

Jindrak: You can't top Perfection!

Cade & Jindrak walk off as we switch to another area backstage where Trish Stratus is talking with Gail Kim when Lita & Edge approach her

Lita: Hey Trish!

Lita turns to Gail Kim

Lita: Buzz off honey...

Gail looks offended by the comment and looks like she might do something, but then Edge steps in front of her

Edge: You heard the lady, scram!

Gail thinks better of it, and walks off

Trish: What do you want?

Lita: Well gee Trish, what do I want? I'll give you a hint, it's round, it's gold and you have it right there, strapped over your shoulder. I'm pretty sure you heard I just beat that wacko Mickie James.

Trish: Yeah I heard you had to put your feet all over the ropes when you rolled her up, and then I heard what happened after the match.

Trish looks at Edge and shakes her head

Lita: I was just coming by to tell you honey, you've got exactly one week before I take that belt off you, so do me a favour and shine it up for me so it saves me doing it when I take it from you. I'll see you next week Trish.

Lita smiles and gets up close to Trish, then walks off with Edge as Trish shakes her head at them, then looks to be thinking of something as we go to a break


We come back and find Goldust & Eugene in the ring as *Real Men Wear Skirts* and the Sioux Falls crowd erupts with a big pop as the Headbangers head to the ring! The crowd is on their feet, though some seem surprised to see the Headbangers on RAW for a second week in a row

King: O good God not again!

JR: The Headbangers are here again folks! We're getting ready for what should be a wild, first time ever 12 Man Tag Match! 6 vs 6, it's never been done on Monday Night RAW before tonight folks!

*Drop Da Bombshells* hits and the crowd comes alive again as Bubba Ray & Dvon head to the ring slapping hands with the fans at ringside, then getting into the ring and meeting up with their partners

King: It's the preverbial odd squad JR! A slow minded man, a guy who dresses in gold, two brothers from different mothers and two guys who got lost on the way to the Marylin Manson conert!

JR: Odd Squad maybe, but three very different and capable tag teams it has to be said, especially the Dudleyz, who have made it clear they want Cade & Jindrak's tag titles!

*Johnnies* plays to light heat as Johnny Parisi & Johnny Jeter make their way out on stage taunting the crowd and acting like a bunch of idiots as always, before laughing at their opposition in the ring

*Final Force* hits and the boos get louder as Rene Dupree & Rob Conway come out on stage waving the French & Quebecan flags high

Finally *Reflection of Perfection* hits to the biggest heat of the heel teams as Cade & Jindrak make their way out, looking at their opposition and can't help but laugh and smile to each other before hopping into the ring and joining their partners for tonight

Match 2
12 Man Tag Match
Dudley Boyz, Headbangers & Goldust/Eugene
Cade & Jindrak, La Resistance & The Johnnies

Very unorthodox and catastrophicly entertaining matchup which sees an all our brawl spark between the teams as the bell is rung with the Dudleyz jumping Cade & Jindrak, as the Headbangers go for the Johnnies and Goldust/Eugene for after La Resistance.
Finally the referee Chad Patton calms the match down and Bubba takes it to Cade and then to the tagged in Johnny Parisi.
Bubba tags in Thrasher and the two hit a double snap jab combo to Cade & Parisi, and then finish it off with a double bionic elbow smash which the crowd loves.
Thrasher tags in Eugene and Eugene comes in doing his regular antics by mimmicking the Junkyard Dog before he is tripped "accidentally" by Dupree on the apron.

This finally allows Parisi to tag in Jindrak and the isolation on Eugene begins, with all six men on the heel team getting time to work on Eugene for a minute or so each. It ends with Johnny Jeter going for a right hand, but Eugene "Hulks Up" to a fair reaction from the fans and tags in Goldust who cleans house until he is overrun, which brings in the faces and another all out brawl spills out to ringside. Goldust nails the Golden Globes on Jeter and tags in Dvon.
Goldust scoop slams Jeter down and Dvon comes off the top with a Wazzup Headbutt!
Dvon gets up but is wiped out by a left hook from Jindrak, who is then drilled with a Bubba Bomb!
Bubba is then hit with the Bonsoir by La Resistance, but then the Headbangers clothesline Dupree & Conway to the outside, with the momentum taking the Headbangers out too!

Eugene hits a Eugene Stunner to Parisi, but then Cade dumps Eugene out to the floor, and tags in from a dazed Jeter and grabs a distracted Dvon, who is knocking Dupree off the apron, Cade pulls Dvon into the Sensational Slice! Cade covers as the Headbangers try to get in to save the match but are held back by Conway & Jindrak and Cade picks up the victory over Dvon!

Winners @ 10:32 - Cade & Jindrak, La Resistance & The Johnnies

Cade rolls out of the ring joining his partner Jindrak as they grab their titles and scurry up the ramp with the Johnnies & La Resistance and the six heels celebrate their win as the face team stand in the ring telling them to come for some more, as Bubba is checking on his partner Dvon

JR: What a match King! I have never seen such pandamonium in a tag match like the one we've just witnessed!

King: One of the best matches I've seen on RAW this year JR, and one of the most entertaining ones ever, which is sweetened ever further by the fact that our champions got one over the Du..Du..Dudsy Boyz!

JR: You mean Dudley Boyz?

King: Yeah, I must've come down with Bubba's stutter and Dvon's spelling skills both at once!

JR: Well I can tell you the tag division on RAW is hot at the moment folks with these six teams and you can bet that the Dudleyz will want to rectify their dissapointment here tonight!

Backstage now and Monty Brown is walking around not looking too happy. He bumps into Carlito, and Carlito tries to walk away, but Brown steps in his way

Brown: You gotta problem?

Carlito: Naw man it's cool.

Carlito goes to walk past Monty, but Brown again moves in his way

Brown: No, it ain't "cool" afroman. You just bumped into me.

Carlito: Hey man it was an accident, I didn't see you coming...

Brown: O so now I'm not important enough to be recognised by guys who can't even get a match on RAW?

Carlito: Look I don't know what you talkin' about, you aren't wrestling tonight either and Carlito doesn't want to start any trouble.

Brown: So you wanna get smart with me now? You think you're smarter than me, funnier than me, more important than me, "cooler" than me?

Carlito: Well...yeah...

Crowd laughs

Brown: We'll see about that.

Brown walks off with Carlito looking confused as we cut back to ringside

*Just Close Your Eyes* hits to a huge mix of boos and cheers as Christian heads out with Tomko, going through his usual antics pointing to some peeps in the crowd although not looking too happy. Christian takes a mic off Lillian and looks at her as if to say "Hey there". Lillian raises her eyebrows at Christian and turns away looking embarassed, as Christian gets into the ring

Christian: Sup Sioux Falls?

Crowd pops

Christian: Where my peeps at?

A few pops are heard, but is overcome by heat

Christian: You know Tomko, you'd think after last week when I wasn't booked on the card at all, we got a match with Mr. Overrated Rob Van Dam and Mr. Underperforming Shelton Benjamin and then we got the win when I pinned Shelton, I'd be happy. But that's not the case.

Crowd boos and an *Asshole* chant starts

Christian: Because for the second week running, Mick Foley is depriving the RAW audience, all those millions of peeps worldwide and the thousands in this arena tonight of their regular dose of vitamin C! This is crazy. Judging by Mick Foley's decision making lately, maybe he could do with a good dose of it too.

Crowd laughs but boo heavily to drown it out

Christian: I put the butts in the seats! Week after week, show after show people don't come to see Steve Austin, Triple H, The Rock, Kane, Rob Van Dam, Sting and damn sure not to see overweight and out of shape GM Mick Foley. No, they come to see Captain Charisma, Christian!

Christian pounds on his chest as the crowd boo him

Christian: They tune in because each and everyone one of you fans hope that the right choice will be made, and Christian will be crowned undisputed champion! Because without Christian, RAW would be the equivalent of a 1950's breakfast! Old, out of date, stale and too much to stomach!

Crowd boos Christian, although there are alot of scattered laughs around the arena following that comment

Christian: But once again they tune in only to be dissapointed, because Christian isn't WWE Champion, he isn't Intercontinental Champion, he's not even the damn Women's Champion, he's not even on the card! This is a travesty! I should be headlining PPV's, main eventing RAW's, not being benched on the sidelines. I won't stand for this!

*One of a Kind* hits and the crowd erupts for RVD who heads to the ring with Christian not looking too pleased that he's been interrupted. RVD gets into the ring and plays to the crowd

Christian: Rob, what are you doing? This is the time for winners to be in the spotlight, like me last week, and unlike yourself.

RVD: Winners who aren't on the show right? Dude, get over it. You don't see me coming out here because I don't have a match and whining for like 5 minutes, wasting everyones time with your self obsessed speech.

Christian: Dude? Did you call me a dude? Rob, what's it like back there in the 1960's? Feel free to jump to the 21st century when you want.

RVD: Look Christian you can't really say I am a loser, you didn't pin me last week you pinned Shelton Benjamin.

Christian: I don't care if I pinned Shelton Benjamin, Rob Van Dam or the bloody Easter Bunny! I should not be treated like this. This isn't how I roll! My peeps all around the world are being deprived of their hero, their icon, their Mr. Monday Night!

RVD: Dude how many times do we have to go over this, I am Mr. Monday Night. Rob-Van-Da...

Christian: Yeah yeah yeah, Rob Van Dam! Big whoop! You're past that time Rob, you're a shadow of your former self.

RVD: O yeah?

Christian: Yeah, you couldn't beat me. In fact, let's settle it Rob, me and you, at Unforgiven. How about it?

Crowd pops, liking the challenge

*Ain't No Stoppin' Me* hits and Shelton Benjamin appears on stage to heat from the fans

Shelton: Aw no! I know this ain't happenin'! Christian, you want a worthy opponent? Don't challenge him, challenge me! So I can mop the floor with you and shut you up! All you do is run your mouth Christian. You can't back it up against me.

Christian: You want some of Captain Charisma too? Sorry guys, look I know everyone wants the "Peeps Package" but I'm spoken for...

Shelton: What? With who? Yourself...

Crowd laughs

RVD: Or with your pet goat over here?

Crowd erupts as Tomko gets annoyed but Christian holds him back

Christian: Calm down Tyson. You're both hilarious. The fact is, Shelton I'm beyond you and Rob, I'll step over you at Unforgiven...

*Erk-Crash* hits and Mick Foley steps out on stage to a good pop from the crowd

Foley: It sure feels great to be back in Sioux Falls!

Cheap pop

Christian: O God what now? Foley, you're not needed here. The youth is trying to settle an issue.

Foley: Christian. Shutup.

Crowd erupts

Foley: I'm not gonna put up with you three arguing over who's the better man, who's the Mr. Monday Night or the Mr. PPV. I've gotta show to run, so you three can settle it at Unforgiven in a triple threat match! Have a nice day!

Crowd cheers as we go a break with RVD, Christian & Shelton exchanging some words


JR: Well folks a huge match just booked for Unforgiven as Rob van Dam, Christian and Shelton Benjamin will settle their differences inside the squared circle to find out just who should have the bragging rights on RAW at the moment!

King: That's gonna be Christian JR, doing it for all his peeps!

JR: Uhuh, sure. And folks we are now set for hardcore action!

King: Yay, we get to reminice about the days of Extremely Crappy Wrestling...

We return and find Raven at ringside tossing weapons into the ring from his shopping cart as *Freight Animal* hits and the crowd erupts as Rhino charges to the ring and attacking Raven, tackling him into his shopping cart as the Hardcore title match begins

Match 3
Hardcore Title
Singles Match
Rhino (c) vs Raven

Loud *ECW* chants are constantly heard during the match as Rhino & Raven engage in a typical weapons littered affair for the title in a match to end their current feud.
Raven almost has it with a clothesline to Rhino in the corner then follows up with a bulldog onto the trash can lid, but Rhino kicks out.
Raven comes at Rhino looking to end the match, but Rhino elevates Raven over the ropes and Raven lands in the shopping cart! The crowd pops and a *Holy Shit* chant starts. Rhino goes outside looking to follow up, but Raven sprays him in the face with a fire extinguisher!
Rhino staggers away and Raven sends him into the barricade.
Raven runs at the Man Beast, but Rhino puts a foot up, taking Raven down, then a person reaches from the crowd and pulls Rhino over the barricade, IT'S HARDCORE HOLLY!
Holly tries to hit the Alabamaslam but Rhino counters it and before we know, the two are brawling up the stairs into the backstage area!
Rhino gets Holly and drives him into the wall as the two pound each other with rights and lefts as security shows up on the scene with Mick Foley

Foley: Break it up! Get him out of here and make sure he's gone!

The guards grab Hardcore Holly and take him away as we see Raven burst through the doors, only for Rhino to GORE him! The referee is still with the action, and he makes the pinfall 1...2...3!

Winner @ 5:46 - Rhino

Rhino gets up and wipes some of the extinguisher liquid from his face as he is handed the title by the referee and he walks off leaving Raven down as we go to a break


*Hello Ladies* hits to a good pop as Val Venis makes his way out for the next match

*World's Greatest* hits to heat as Charlie Haas heads to the ring looking sour knowing he's got a rematch with AJ Styles

Match 4
Non Title
Singles Match
Val Venis vs Charlie Haas

Just a way to get Haas on the show tonight as he goes to work on Venis, staying in control of most of the match. Venis mounts a comeback towards the finish hitting some clotheslines, a fisherman suplex and even a Blue Thunder!
Venis now goes upstairs looking for the Money Shot, but Haas gets his knees up and quickly turns the momentum into the Haas of Pain!
Venis tries to reach for the ropes but cannot get near them, and then taps out to the hold

Winner @ 6:57 - Charlie Haas

Haas keeps the hold on, as the referee tries to free Venis and finally AJ Styles runs to the ring to a big ovation from the crowd and Charlie Haas sees this and bails, sliding out to the side of the ring as Styles checks on Venis before leaning over the ropes talking smack to Haas, who has a mic in his hand

Haas: See that AJ? Huh? That is gonna be you at Unforgiven, I'm gonna dominate you and make you tap like a bitch, like MY BITCH!

Haas drops the mic and taunts with his IC title as he and Styles stare down as we go backstage

We see Triple H taping up his fists to a huge reaction, then a split screen image is shown with Vince McMahon readying himself, as Test is talking to him about the match

JR: Well folks, we are set for the huge matchup between Triple H & Vince McMahon!

King: I can't wait JR! Vince is going to end The Game.

JR: I highly doubt that King, and folks don't go anywhere because that match, IS NEXT!


*Break It Down* hits and the crowd blows the roof off with a giant response as Triple H steps out on stage with the WWE Title strapped around his waist. The Game walks to the ring with a purpose, and Road Dogg, Billy Gunn & X-Pac by his side. The quartet get into the ring and Triple H has a mic

Triple H: Sioux Falls, I have one question for each and everyone of you, and that is....Are You Ready?

Crowd pops

Triple H: No, no, NO! I said, ARE YOU READY?!?

Crowd erupts as Triple H pumps the crowd up and hands the mic to Road Dogg

Road Dogg: Ladies and gentlemen, D-Generation X proudly presents to you, the WWE Champion, The Game...TRIPLE H!

Crowd erupts

Road Dogg: And by his side as always, the Road Dogg Jesse James, the Badass Billy Gunn, The NEW...AGE...OUTLAWS!

Crowd pops again

Road Dogg: O yeah, and how could we forget, X-Pac!?!

Crowd laughs and Road Dogg hands the mic to Billy Gunn

Billy Gunn: And Vinnie Mac, if you ain't down with Triple H kicking your ass, then we've got two words for ya, SUCK IT!

Crowd erupts again but then *No Chance* hits to loud heat and Vince steps out on stage with a mic in his hand

Vince: That's great guys, but I've got some news for you three. You're barred from ringside! There will be no DX or Corporation involvement in this match!

Crowd is surprised by this as security head to the ring and escort Road Dogg, Billy Gunn & X-Pac away. Triple H looks skeptical to this decision from McMahon

Vince: And now, the match can get underway!

Vince heads to the ring and gets in as the crowd erupts into a *H-H-H* chant and both men stare down, waiting for Chioda to call for the bell, which he does and the crowd erupts as the match gets underway

Main Event
Match 5
WWE Championship
Singles Match; No DQ
Triple H (c) vs Vince McMahon

Triple H is all over McMahon, just letting all the frustrations and ill feelings he has for Vince pour into this match as he pummels the WWE Chairman, but on mutiple instances breaks up certain 3 count falls, wanting to continue the demolition of Vince.
As we return from a commercial, HHH has just sent Vince crashing into the steel stairs.
The Game rolls Vince back into the ring and measures a knee drop to Vince.
Triple H gets up and leans against the turnbuckle smiling as Vince struggles back to his feet, HHH gives him a crotch chop to a rousing response from the fans and comes in at Vince, but McMahon hits a low blow to Triple H!
Triple H falls to his knees and Vince has bought himself a bit of time as he slaps HHH across the face and tries to talk trash to him, but HHH plants him with a Spinebuster!
The Game now makes the motion that it's all over and drills Vince with the Pedigree 1...2..THE COUNT STOPS!

The crowd is confused as to why, but then see HBK has pulled Chioda out of the ring!
HBK gets into the ring and HHH gets up and eats a Sweet Chin Music right on the jaw!
The crowd can't believe it as HBK stands over HHH with the crowd boing him heavily. Vince is slowly recovering and he gets up, smiling at HBK who smiles back as the crowd are booing like crazy and HBK goes to leave, but turns back and NAILS VINCE WITH SCM TOO!
The crowd erupts but Vince falls back onto Triple H and Chioda is forced to make the count by Michaels 1...2...3!

Winner @ 10:10 - Vince McMahon
NEW WWE Champion

The crowd goes crazy booing insanely loudly and throwing cups and cans into the ring as HBK gets the WWE Title and drapes it over McMahon's concussed body with a huge *Screw You Shawn* chant as HBK gives a "Suck It" to all the fans and hops out of the ring as *No Chance* plays again

JR: I don't believe it! That no good backstabber Shawn Michaels has done it again! He's just helped Vince McMahon become the WWE Champion! I can't believe this! This is pathetic, what a sorry excuse for a human being!

King: I told you JR! Vince is the champion, I told you he would be!

JR: He's only the champion thanks to HBK! You can be assured that next week Triple H will want both men's heads!

Test and Cade & Jindrak get into the ring to celebrate with their boss as they lift him up on their shoulders to more heat and more rubbish is flung into the ring as Vince holds the WWE Title up high as we end the show

Pepsi Center
Denver; Colorado

*Opening Video*


Cole & Tazz discuss the matches on tonight, including the other two matches from the No Mercy tournament in which tonight we see Benoit take on Muhammad Hassan and Undertaker face William Regal

We kick the show off with Benoit meeting Hassan in a good opener. Benoit feeds off the crowd and after taking a beating from Hassan, Benoit rallies against Hassan with a German suplex trio and then drills him with a diving headbutt, but Hassan shows his resiliance and kicks out. Benoit tries for a Crossface, but Hassan counters with a roll up hooking the tights, but Benoit counters it by rolling back over and putting the Crossface on Hassan who taps after just a few moments in a good match and Benoit will join Bobby Lashley & Batista in the next round


As we come back Paul Heyman is in the ring. Heyman says that he is out here for one reason, and that is to tell RAW that what happened on Monday was only the beginning of the backlash they're gonna suffer to taking the Hardcore title back. Heyman says that Rhino may be a fair champion, but Heyman says he knows there is one man who wants his rightful chance at the Hardcore title. Hardcore Holly hits the ring to a big pop and challenges Rhino to show up on SmackDown! next week to defend the Hardcore title in a match

Gregory Helms takes on Kid Kash in singles action next, in a quick and fun Cruiserweight match, the belt on the line as Helms continues to show why he is the best Cruiserweight champion, finishing off Kash with the Fire Storm to continue his domination of the cruiserweight locker room

Cole & Tazz then discuss if there is anyone that can beat Helms with the form he's in

Backstage now and the Full Blooded Italians; Nunzio, Vito & Chuck Palumbo are standing by with Steve Romero. The FBI say that after last week, since they pinned the champions in a non-title match, that they should be awarded the new number one contendership. This brings MNM into the picture, and Melina tells the FBI to wait their turn because MNM still have their rematch clause in their contract and when they beat America's Most Wanted, then the FBI can have a match with them. The FBI don't like this and challenge MNM for their contendership rights next week, which Melina seems against but before she can say anything, Mercury & Nitro say it's on! The FBI smile and walk off while Melina asks her boys what they were thinking accepting, and MNM say they have to prove they're number one, not back away from stepping stones like the FBI. MNM walk off with Melina looking at little lost at her boys' approach


We are now in the presence of Paul Heyman's office when Randy Orton walks in, saying "You wanted to see me?" to Heyman. Heyman nods and tells Orton to shut the door, leaving the camera man shut out from whatever they are talking about

Cole & Tazz talk about what Heyman could want with Orton that has to be kept so private

The tag champs are in action next as AMW take on the Mexicools in a very good matchup but are too good for the jumpy Mexican team of Psicosis & Super Crazy, ending the match with a Death Sentence on Crazy after Psicosis was planted with a Catatonic. During the match both MNM and the FBI were out at ringside watching the match which proved to be a distraction for AMW for most of the match until they found their form at the end of the match and sealed it as mentioned above

After the match, the FBI's Palumbo & Vito invade the ring and attack Storm & Harris with AMW's own tag belts as MNM stare down the FBI from the ramp and nod at their opponents for next week

Kurt Angle then hits the ring and says no matter who wins the tournament, he will defeat them at No Mercy. Brock Lesnar hits the ring and laughs off Angle's speech, saying Lesnar is going to destroy Mr. Kennedy and then everyone else who gets in his way of what he wants, which is the WHC. The two men share a tense staredown before Lesnar leaves the ring and we go to a break


As we return Gregory Helms says he's sick of having no one to face, saying he's beaten Scotty 2 Hotty, Funaki, Kid Kash, Jamie Noble, Psicosis, Super Crazy, Brian Kendrick and Paul London and he wants some competition when Nunzio hits the ring to a mixed reaction and says he'd like a match to shut Helms' up and take the title off him. Helms says Nunzio hasn't made enough of an impact for Helms to take him seriously, which is when Nunzio slaps Helms and the two break out into a brawl, which brings out Paul Heyman. Heyman says that next week we are going to have a Contendership 6 Man Tag when Helms teams up with MNM to face the FBI, if the FBI win then Nunzio earns a CW title match with Helms and Palumbo/Vito will take MNM's contendership for the tag titles

Melina beats Ashley in an average Womens match with an inside cradle after countering a DDT attempt by Ashley

JBL is now backstage with Steve Romero and JBL says he's ready to take his spot back on SmackDown! as the Wrestling God when he beats Jeff Hardy, laughing off the chance that Hardy has


In the main event Undertaker defeats William Regal with a Tombstone after Finlay had interfered for his partner, only to eat a Chokeslam, which however allowed Regal to work on Taker's leg, but Undertaker proved to be too much for Regal and finished him off as mentioned above to advance into the next round with Bobby Lashley, Batista and Chris Benoit


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Hey Gade. I havnt reviewed since Summerslam. Its the procastinator in me. Damn me to hell

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