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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

I'll review sometime later on tonight or tomorrow but I am currently working things around so I am busy a bit
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Orry's Saturday Nights Main Event Review

Hardy Boyz vs. Muhammad Hassan and Davairi:
Great opening contest here, an excellent choice to open the show. Good back and forth action, with the Hardyz looking the stronger team throughout. Matt dominates at the end, taking down both Hassan and his manager, before picking up the win for his team. Hardy gets his shot at the US Title at Summerslam, and I feel he will take home his long deserved gold. Off to an awesome start mate!

McMahon's Segment: Shane O and Vince seem very confident tonight, and it will be interesting to see if all their plans indeed work out for them. Shane as a suprise up his sleeve for the Street Fight, will we see the long awaited heel turn of Shawn Michaels?

John Cena/Stone Cold Battle Rap: I'm not sure if it's just me, but I found it really hard to get into this segment. Cena seemed a little off from the get go, but when Austin appeared I thought he came at just the right time, saving this segment. However both raps, although you obviously put a lot of time into them, seemed off, expecially Austin's (I just can't imagine him saying any of those things). Stone Cold hits the Stunner, and plants Cena to end this segment. Austin's last line also seemed out of character, and un-Austin-like.

Billy Gunn vs. Lance Cade: In another good match, Cade cheats to win thanks to a little help from Jindrak. Cade adds insult to injury by planting Gunn with the Fame Asser, and I can guarentee you that the NAO won't be happy about this. I expect the Degenerates to take the straps at Summerslam.

Christian/Bischoff Segment: Ok promo, in and out of character here. Christian is very full of himself, and I wont be suprised to see him cost Team Biscoff the match at Summerslam. Peep Show later tonight should be awesome!

McMahon Announcement: WOW! Paul E is back, and he's the General Manager of Smackdown! Heyuman makes his long awaited return, and it looks as if he will be playing the heel role, adding Brock Lesnar to the title mix, the Fatal Fourway should be huge!

Lashley vs. Booker T: In yet another very good match, Regal gets involved just when it looked like Lashley may pick up the win, rendering the match a No Contest. The aftermath was great, with the Court getting on top, before Batista makes the save, sending Boker and his Knights fleeing.

Raven vs. Coach???: Funny segment here, with Coach looking scared, before his henchman turns on him, taking his precious title for himself. It looks as if Raven/Rhino at Summerslam will be for the Hardcore Title now, I can see Coach refereeing the match.

AJ Styles vs. Carlito vs. Test: In an awesome match in which Hass is a problem to all, AJ finally picks up th win, and earns his shot at Hass at Summerslam. Good result, but whats next for Carlito and Test? In any case Summerslam is shaping up to be epic!

Goldberg Promo: Very good promo here mate, with the big Taker/Goldberg feud continuing to be built well. Goldberg states that he is the man, and not afraid, but when the video plays and the lights go out, everyone knows the former WCW Champion is in for a shock. Luckily for Goldberg, Taker does not appear, but an imposter. Unluckily for Goldberg, he will have to battle Taker at Summerslam!

Peep Show: Awesome segment here man, a fabulous read, definatly POTN so far! Christian and Foley were both in character, and <C>'s insults were hillarious. The aftermath was also good, with Team Bischoff looking extremely strong heading into Summerslam. Is this a sign of things to come?

Rhino/Raven Segment: I can't imagine Rhino saying "Sorry man", but nether the less a good segment, which helps build the fued between the two even further. What will hapen next?

6 Man Tag: MOTN wih out a doubt. Great contest which would have been terrific had it been written out in full. The faces pick up a big win, as the respective rivalries between all involved continue to build. Great match!

Goldberg Promo: Bill looks furious at the Deadman, and vows to defeat him at Summerslam.......we will see. On a isde note, Raven manages to escape, while Rhino looks irate.

HHH Promo: Great face promo hyping up the main event tonight. I feel that despite the Game's best efforts, the McMahons will somehow find a way to win, namely HBK.

Street Fight Handicap: In a match that was full of interferance, HHH loses in the end, thanks to the predicted heel turn of HBK. This feud has hit boiling point now, what can possibly happen next?

Overall: Awesopme show man, a very entertaining read which helped build Summerslam extremely well. Great work, 9/10!

MOTN: 6 Man Tag

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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Renegade's SNME Review:

Interesting opening to the show as I see you're opening with a match, I thought we were getting a promo to start it off. Anyways, good match with the Hardy's getting the win and he finds himself moving on towards SummerSlam for the US title.

Nice little segment, Cena's was ok but not the best rap I've seen and Austin's was funny. The match is set for SummerSlam but why a No DQ? I know they've been brawling which kinda sets this up but there is already a War Games which is an hardcore environment.

Nice ending as Cade steals one from Gunn and making it even worse seeing as it's a stolen finisher. Going to be interesting when this one gets announced and hopefully it stays a normal tag match as we don't need more gimmick matches flooding down SS.

Kinda confused at the end of the promo, Christian seems determined it's his team but it's not. Peep Show tonight sounds good and I'm expecting a beat down from the rest of Team Bischoff for only Team Foley to come and make the save for Foley.

Promo did it's part in making Heyman become GM but seems so bland whenever Lesnar came down. Making it a four way seems kinda out of nowhere as I haven't checked SD recently but he most of done something to deserve it.

Seems to similar to the real life feud that's been dragging on recently as for a while on Smackdown. BTW it's shillelagh. Anyways, guess they're will be some type of six man tag come SummerSlam if it's not been announced, guess we'll find out soon.

Raven sneaks one out on Coach and as predicted, he ends up winning the Hardcore title. Thought that would happen and now Raven/Rhino can head towards SummerSlam with a meaning instead of doing nothing, it's got the Hardcore title now.

Styles gets the win as expected and now rolls into towards SummerSlam with some momentum facing Haas. Ok showdown at the end and seems a little more build is necessary for this feud now that both men are here and in a one on one situation.

Kinda short promo which threw the whole thing off but I'm not complaining since it's Goldberg. Anyways, Goldberg vs Undertaker announced for SummerSlam sounds ok, and the fake 'Taker makes Goldberg even more scared heading into SS.

Best promo of the night so far with Christian ripping into his own teammates even though they must team together soon. Beatdown takes place as expected and Team Bischoff gets the better of Team Foley which makes me think Foley wins at SS.

Smackdown's main event was good but I don't think it would have went that long considering how long the show has been tonight. The faces get the win tonight with major help before four of them roll into SS, I'm thinking we might see a new champ.

HHH's interview was good, let's see if he can keep his word and take down the McMahon's. HBK has screwed over HHH tonight! Good build towards SummerSlam as HBK comes down and helps out the McMahon's, nice way to end the show.
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Hardyz vs. Hassan/Daivari starts the show, and it looked to be a good match to continue the build towards the Hardy/Hassan match which is on the way for SS. Going to be a good mid card match there, and once again, the Hardyz have the win, and are winning this rivalry. Hassan gets some revenge on S/down though, but Hardy is taking the belt at SS

Wonder what the Mcmahons have planned? Probably an HBK appearance, or maybe somebody else who is about to debut

Battle rap is next, and it starts with Cena cutting an average promo on the crowd, which didn’t really go anywhere. Cena cuts a good rap, but not one of the best that I have seen you give him, before Austin responds with some comedy of his own, and then he nails the Stunner to Cena. No DQ match is signed, and it is going to be a great one

Cade steals one over Gunn, which really just moves the Tag title feud along. Outlaws could get the win back at SS, but I have a feeling that the heels will win that one as well

Christian is turning face I feel, and I can see him costing team Bischoff the match at SS. The 5 men on the team cannot co-exist all the way to SS surely, and they have to start the brawl

Vince names Heyman as the new GM, and then Heyman cuts an okay promo, but it felt a bit bland. I have a feeling that Heyman and Lesnar are on the same page though by the end of the promo, and I sense a screwjob occurring at SS

Lashley/Booker ends in a no contest, with the Court beating down Lashley, but Batista comes out and makes the save, maybe setting up a 2 on 3 match for SS? Looks to be the way that this is heading

Raven screws the Coach and steals the belt off him, and now this allows the Raven/Rhyno match to happen for the belt at SS, which again, looks to be about to happen

AJ gets the win in the triple threat, and him vs. Haas would be a hot opener to the card if you decide to go that way. Haas with his new attitude looks likely to keep the belt for a lot longer, although I see AJ getting it at some point

Taker continues the mind games with Goldberg, with him not showing up, but instead, a lookalike who Goldberg spears. But it looks like the match is set for Summerslam, and that is going to be a hell of a match, but will probably end in a no contest. Vintage Taker so far in this feud

Christian starts the show by shooting on his own team, and I see CC getting his ass kicked on Raw by all of them as revenge for this. And if you really wanted to make things interesting, how about Eric kicking Christian out of the team? Don’t see it happening myself, but you never know? Some good insults thrown out, but not entirely convinced by all of them. Foley comes out, and then cuts a solid promo, before then 10 man brawl happens, ending with Team Bischoff on top, and on the same page, but not for too much longer I would have to say

Faces get the win in the 6 man tag from S/down, but this isn’t the end of any of these rivalries, as I’m sure Kennedy and Orton are set to square off at SS as well. Looked to be a good match, which put all the men over, and Smackdown is looking strong for SS at the moment

By the numbers HHH promo, but it does the job of hyping the main event a bit more

Main event looked to be a good match, and had the typical run ins from C+J, and then the Outlaws to counter that. Test comes out as well, but gets nailed with the chair shot, but HBK costs HHH the match with the SCM, and shows again he is out to get him. He also nails Shane again, and HBK is still independent to the McMahons. HBK has the upper hand at the end of the show, but for how much longer?
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

I'll try my best to follow whats going on from Smackdown, but I havent followed it, I dont think at all, since the thread started. Maybe if you get a chance, you could PM me anything I need to know.

Win for the Hardys means we get Matt vs Hassan now at Summer Slam, thanks to a win in this sweet little tag team match. I'd actually like these two teams to battle over the tag belts, as they are both proper teams, and not just thrown together.

McMahons always have a plan, but I cant think of anything other than a run in from the goons, or HBK. Still saying HHH during speech. . I'm not the only one to have pointed that out now. Please sort it.

I stick by my comments from Raw that Cena and Austin shouldnt be competing in a Battle Rap. Just totally out of place in an intense, bitter feud, to have a comedy promo in the middle. Having said that, this was damn well entertaining. Cenas lines were the best from a Cena rap in any BTB. Really awesome. Austin was as awkward as you could expect it to be, but the ending was nice with a stunner. Now, forget this happened, and bring the intesity back to this feud.

Why you have a dead spot Raw match on a special event like SNME beats me. Two tag teamers in one on one action seems really out of place here, but at least the right guy won. Get rid of NAO please. They were stale in 1999.

Team Bischoff has to implode at some point, surely?? The egos are just too big. Bischoff and Christian are certainly not on the right page.

Cant say much about Heyman and the announcement or promo, as I've not followed SD. Good choice for a GM though.

I see you've got him as King Bookaaaa here too. Finlay deserves better than being Bookers lackey. Finlay > Booker. I guess Lashley and Batista are forming an alliance to take on The Court, and it'll be interesting to see if they get a third partner, or take on The Court 3 on 2.

LOL!!! Raven turns on Coach, and takes the Hardcore title. Finally that stupid run is over, and we can get on to Raven vs Rhyno.

Like FD said - I think it was him - Styles vs Haas would make for an extremely hott opener at SS. Glad AJ prevailed here, as it was the most sensible choice to go for.

Typical Taker with the mind games on Goldberg. Very much can constitute as a Dream feud, but it'll certainly be far from a great match when they lock horns, guessing that'll be SS. Worth a look though as a spectacle match up.

Surely there will be ramifications for Christian literally burying his team matches for War Games. Some points were really humourous, whilst others missed the mark. I can see Bischoff making Christian prove himself as the top dog, by having him enter first, but we'll see. Good cutting comments from Christian to Foley throughout, and ends in an inevitable brawl, with all ten men involved, and surprisingly, it's Team Bischoff on top once more. Was hoping for something more original than a brawl though, but I can see something going down soon that'll swerve us.

Cant see all thee feuds making it to Summer Slam unless you're booking like a 14 match card, as it's looking loaded already. Face win works for me, as the heels have dominated this night so far. Excellent match it seems, and has plenty to build on for SD.

Main event was your typical Mcmahon match with run ins, cheap shots etc, but the finish with HBK was pretty cool, even if it was seen a mile away. Victory for McMahons over the World Champion seems weird, but HBK nails SCM on Shane too!!! Surely, the McMahons are going to want to straighten Michaels out soon??
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

SNME Review

Hardy Boyz vs. Muhammad Hassan and Davairi: Great match to start the show, and it really sets the pace for tonight. I'm really looking forward to Matt getting his US Title shot... He will win, and he will get the opportunity he really deserves!

McMahon's Segment: Do Shane and Vince seem confident? ha..thats a dumb question. Oh hell yah they do.... The street fight is gonan be huge, and Michaels will align himself with the McMahons TONIGHT!!

John Cena/Stone Cold Rap: HAHA...what a segment. Cena's could have been a tad better, but to be serious I wasnt expecting much flow with Austin, which was absolutely perfect for how you wrote it. It was PERFECT!! Austin hitting the stunner at the end was gold!

Billy Gunn vs. Lance Cade: Cade winning with interference was expected, but it wont happen this way at the ppv...the titles are gone

Christian/Bischoff Segment: Christian was really in character. He is the man, and only he is the man! Hes defintely gonna cost Bischoff the match tonight, but that doesnt matter.. He's Christian dammit!

McMahon Announcement: Paul is back! Good, this seems to be a general flow right now in BTB. Bringing back Mr.Heyman! He can only play the heel character, so Im expecting him to do that, but Lesnar added to the title picture..that was a given!

Lashley vs. Booker T: Would have loved to see Lashely get the win clean here...but maybe another day

At this point I'm running otu of time, and im gonna speed this up.

Raven vs. Coach???: Just in for the comedy..Have to have these though sometimes

AJ Styles vs. Carlito vs. Test: Carlito and Styles would be great to see in the on one...

Goldberg Promo: I only have one thing to say..Goldberg and Undertaker in a promo....ouch on the mic

Peep Show: This is the Promo of the night.....I knew it would be at the begininning of the show..Christian...Christian!

6 Man Tag: Good match, possibly MOTN...not too sure yet though!

Street Fight Handicap: With the pre promo I saw the ending written in stone. Great job, and the feud has hit the max point. Loved everything about it..Tied for MOTN

Overall: 9/10 - Beautiful job...I might edit this to make the complete thing full...I ran otu of time like I mentioned

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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Thanks alot for the reviews that have come through, much appreciated.

Hopefully some questions will be answered soon regarding how things went down, within the next couple of shows.


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

WWE RAW Preview

On tonight's massive RAW, just 48 hours removed from SNME, Milwaukee is set for a wild night

Announced on yesterday, Shane McMahon has taken over as Interim GM for the next 2 shows until Mick Foley or Eric Bischoff are re-instated after their War Games match at Summerslam. How will Shane run the show?

Shane's first booking decision noticed on was that both HHH & HBK will be involved in matchups, Pick Your Poison matches, where they will choose an opponent for each other, anyone from the RAW roster can be called upon. Who will be chosen?

After AJ Styles won the right to face Charlie Haas at Summerslam for the IC title, another competitor who felt cheapened by Haas' refereeing, Carlito, will host the Cabana and hold Haas as the special guest. What will Haas have to say, and will AJ make himself noticed tonight?

Raven will put his Hardcore title on the line against Rhino after their recent scuffles, after just 2 nights ago, Raven stole the Hardcore title off The Coach who was treated with head injuries at hospital after the DDT on the floor

And finally the main event will see The Rock take on Shelton Benjamin in a rematch from last week, but with the stipulation that the remaining members of Team Foley & Team Bischoff will act as lumberjacks

All this plus the fall out of the Austin/Cena feud and more this Monday night on RAW, 9/8pm on USA Network


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Great preview mate, the show looks awesome as usual! Shelton/Rock should eb huge, and I can't wait for the Cabana!

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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Saturday Night's Main Event

Please... please... please post the dates of the shows. Lol, I have said it so many times and if you continue like this, I won't stop saying this, lol. Anyways, I start off with the review and see a great match to kick off the show with the Hardyz getting the win. It'd be interesting to see how Matt works against Hassan at SummerSlam with the Intercontinental Title on the line.

Um, glad to see you hyping about the McMahons/Triple H/Shawn Michaels situation. Let's see if you can surprise me or not. Cena's rant at the start towards the city was not needed, I don't think so. Maybe because he was not feeling Cena himself. Ok, here comes Austin. Wow, his lines were really sweet. I wasn't expecting that to be honest. Nice ending to a great segment.

I second what Wolfy said about a RAW type of match here at SNME and also to get rid out of them. Um... typical match here with a typical ending. I didn't expected Cade to attack Gunn with his own finishing move, Fame Asser. Whoa, Austin and Christian are not a same page. Well, I think that the entire Team Bischoff isn't on the same page with Bischoff.

Lol, it is really annoying to see 'HHH' everytime in promos. I gotta agree with Wolfy. Heyman as the new general manager is sweet. And I'd like him to corporate with Lesnar because that is always entertaining/interesting. Oh yeah, I was right. Maybe my wish come true? But anyways, this will be great. Is Heyman heel? Confused. Anyway, SummerSlam's gonna be huge.

Is it King Booker or just Booker T? I am confused because throughout the match, you wrote 'Booker T'. No contest to end this match was nice because it stated that you didn't wanted Lashley to be pinned. And that means that you wanted both men to be strong, not weak. Finlay makes the save for Booker's wife and so far this alliance is doing great. Glad that Batista now turns the tables and saves Lashley.

Finally, a comedian run by Coach as the Hardcore Champion has been ended. I think that this was the right time and right place to do so because Coach was getting stale. Anyways, Raven could be a good champ with that title. Ok, an interesting match here with a good out-come. However, I was thinking for a Carlito win. But AJ is okay. AJ vs. Haas could be good for SummerSlam.

Undertaker, once again plays mind games to Goldberg. It was a little bit surprise to read that that was not the real Undertaker. Anyways, Taker vs. Goldberg at SummerSlam would be interesting, but not the best match of the night.

Christian is very much on the spot. I am loving this promo so far. Christian has turned face? Well, I am confused. Anyways, here comes Mick. He was looking interesting and also right on the spot. I am loving this feud man. Team Bischoff, at the end, is on the same page. I don't think that they'll be on the same page at SummerSlam though.

Rhino vs. Raven at SummerSlam. Yeah! Very good SmackDown! match with the faces getting their deserved win. Another Goldberg promo. I think that you are hyping their match greatly. Rhino again tries to get Raven but is unable to do as Raven gets out of the town, lol. Nice to see a Triple H promo to hype the main event.

Okay, the main-event time - Well, it was a great match with some special intereferences. But in the end, HBK comes out and he was the major factor of Vince and Shane's win. HBK gives them the win but then again he turns on them. I see, HBK is a tweener at the moment.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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