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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Smackdown Thoughts

What a way to open the show with the Champ verbally dissing all his challengers, even requesting a rematch to prove his dominance! Y2J has had enough and hits the scene, and after a breif scuffle, Jericho comes out on top, and poses with the belt. His moment in the spoltight is short lived, as Benoit appears and takes down Y2J, before none other than Brock Lesnar shocks us all by showing up. Looks like a Fatal Fourway could be on the horizan!

The feud between AMW and MNM continues to be built well, with the Champs using a "scared heel" gimmick. AMW seem to have the wood over Mercury and Nitro, and I believe it's only a matter of time before they take the straps.

WOuld have love to have seen Booker's post match promo written in full, as you are a gemwhen it comes to work on the stick.

Lashley wins by DQ, when Booker and his cronies assault the former All American. The beat down continues until Batista makes the save, and it looks as if we might see the real life feud come to ahead in this thread. Lashley/Booker at SNME should be huge!

Lesnar's promo pretty much confirmed my earlier suspicians, and I would love to see Brock vs, any of the three top main eventers for the title- preferably Benoit (On second thought, Angle/Lesnar or Y2J/Lesnar would be amazing as well, I would love them all!!!)

Hassan/Vince segment was very interesting, and I really, really hope the Hardyz can defeat Hassan/Davairi at SNME, as Matt deserve's a US Title oppurtunity, especially a US Title reign.

Lol Goldberg jobs to a jobber, and it is very obvious that Taker has Bill's number, as this awesome feud continues to be built. Made me laugh reading the result

Orton defeats Kennedy in a match worthy of the main event spot, as the Legend Killer cheats to pick up the victory. Great way to end the show!

To tell you the truth Renegade, I love your SD Recaps nearly as much as I love Raw! I can't wait to see how all your feuds continue to be built!

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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Looks like we are heading for a 4 way for the title at some point, with Angle, Jericho, Benoit and Lesner all having a claim to the title. Jericho and Benoit will definitely get another shot after the way the GAB ended, and I guess Brock will force his way in as well. Will be a great match when it happens

MNM vs. AMW looks set to be a good feud, and it has been built well to begin with, with MNM not wanting to face them. I guess the title changes hands at Summerslam, but I can see it being stretched out longer than that

Booker and Lashley ends in a DQ with an attack by the Court, but Batista comes out and saves the say, and I guess a tag match will be announced soon, but instead, we get a 1 on 1 match with Booker and Lashley. Guess it could end the feud

Lesnar is definitely going to force his way into the title scene, but the question is when he does it

Hassan and Daivari vs. The Hardyz at SNME looks to be a good match, and I guess the Hardyz pick up the win so that Matt can get his US title shot. A decent mid card feud here, which is going to be used to Matt over I feel

Goldbegr loses to the jobber due to the actions of Taker, who is still spooking Goldberg. Liking this feud so far, and Taker has definitely got the edge over himn at the moment, and it is going to be very interesting when they actually meet in the end

Orton beats Kennedy in the main event, although with the cheap finish, I don’t think this feud is over yet, and wont be for a bit longer. Guess we can book a rematch in for SS, which is shaping up to be a great ppv

This show seemed a bit short, and not sure whether it would have gone the full 2 hours or not, but still, SS is looking great
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

^ Thanks alot for the reviews ORRY & FD.

SNME preview up tomorrow, and then SNME on Saturday my time.


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

I will get some quick Smackdown comments up within 48 hours Renegade, and I cant wait to see what you come up with for SNME as well. Just know that my reviews will be nothing more than a paragraph or two until I finish Mania. But they'll be better than no review at all.

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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

^ That's fine I know you're pressed for time ATM.

SNME will be posted tomorrow everyone, gear yourselves up for my best show since the days of WIWA I feel.....

SNME Preview

SNME returns for the first time since the March edition in Detroit for a jam packed 3 hour extravaganza, as RAW & SmackDown! superstars pack Salt Lake City, Utah for a huge show

In RAW's main event, HHH will take on the McMahons in a Handicap Streetfight, with Vince's plan to make HHH's life a living hell ever since The Game won the WWE title at Bad Blood, plus, will Shawn Michaels show up tonight and get involved on either side, as he has done lately, to make a bigger impact ahead of Summerslam?

In the SmackDown! main event, just announced on, World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle will team with Chris Benoit and Ken Kennedy to take on Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton in what is sure to be an explosive 6 man tag match

Other matches include AJ Styles vs Carlito vs Test with Charlie Haas serving as the Guest Referee, Bobby Lashley vs Booker T, Billy Gunn vs Lance Cade and the Hardy Boyz vs Hassan & Davairi

Also, Christian hosts the returning Peep Show, with special guest Mick Foley, and Vince McMahon announces the new SmackDown! General Manager

All this and more tomorrow night, 7pm on the NBC Network


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™


Awesome preview mate, can't wait for the show Renegade!!!

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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Friday Night SmackDown! ~ Comments
Oh, Friday Night SmackDown! really opens with a bang. Interesting opening promo their. Brock Lesnar comes in and involves himself in the title picture, now that’s cool. Kurt defending the title against Y2J, Benoit, and Brock in a fatal four-way match would be a superb match. MNM and AMW’s feud is heating up as once again, MNM find a way to somehow retain the titles. I am glad that it’s not the annoying King Booker in your thread. I have always liked him, with the Booker T gimmick. Please… please don’t have Finlay and Regal involve in Booker’s business. And please don’t make him the King Booker. He could work well all alone. Mkay, SNME, Booker vs. Lashley again. So what’s the point of bringing in Batista? Where’s he going from now on? Now let me move onto next things - Lesnar comes for the title after SummerSlam? So what was the point of him attacking the champion and challengers earlier tonight if he’s coming for the title after SummerSlam? Lots of questions are arrising. Lol. And just remember that this is the first time I am reviewing SmackDown! so that’s why I am catching up things. I could be wrong at some times though. Another match has been added to the SNME card and that’ll be a good match, and I am hoping for Hassan and Daivari to win. Undertaker plays the mind-games here to Goldberg, as the jobber then rolls-up Goldberg for three counts. Lol at that one. Stupid Goldberg. But how can I blame him? Undertaker is the master of all. Anyways, Orton beats Kennedy in the main-event? Main-event?! What the heck is that? There should’ve been another match mate. Build-up for the WHC is lacking… lacking so much. Show was going on great but at the end, it all went down. Sorry to say but you should have made a match, for example – Benoit vs. Angle or Benoit vs. Jericho or something like that. Oh, at last, I'll say you that please put up the dates of the show, because I would be able to keep a track on them after it.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Saturday Night's Main Event
Salt Lake City, Utah
Theme Music: Ludacris/Sum 41 - Get Back


JR: Welcome to Salt Lake City, Utah for Saturday Night's Main Event, the first one since the March edition in Detroit! And what a night it's gonna be, 3 hours, RAW and SmackDown! both in the house to bring the entertainment, and by looking at the line up, I think the fans will be most certainately satisfied!

King: That's right JR, just look at RAW's side of things tonight.

JR: So many big things happening, we have one half of the two tag teams that will meet at Summerslam in two weeks for the Tag Team titles, going at each other as Billy Gunn takes on Lance Cade in singles action. Will Road Dogg or Mark Jindrak get involved for their teams?

King: I think there's a high probability of something between DX and the Corporation going down tonight JR!

JR: Also, John Cena has challenged Stone Cold Steve Austin to show up tonight, for a "Rap Battle". We haven't seen John Cena in one of these for a long time, it should be nontheless an entertaining segment of the show, but I'm afraid that they won't be able to contain their hatred for each other and beat the holy hell outta each other like they have every other week previously on RAW for the last few weeks!

King: I can see it happening JR, I seriously doubt they'll be able to keep their tempers at bay, after some of the insults that may be flung their way in this battle. But JR, Charlie Haas' new attitude has come to the forefront this past week on RAW, he said he is a new man who doesn't care what anyone thinks of him, he'll do things the way he sees fit, and that includes officiating the triple threat contenders match tonight between AJ Styles, Carlito & Test, with the winner going on to face Haas at Summerslam for the IC title.

JR: Charlie Haas surely has changed these past few weeks, and 5 days ago was the final part of that change. Also tonight, Christian has issued an invitation for Mick Foley to be his special guest on the Peep Show, but something just isn't right about the set up, is it?

King: No it's not JR, as you said on Monday after we went off air, you can smell a set up a mile away, and I think Bischoff schemed this up to get a little bit of an upper hand on Mick Foley ahead of the massive War Games match at Summerslam!

JR: But how can anyone look past the main event of RAW, and of the night, as WWE Champion HHH, who will meet long rival Shawn Michaels at Summerlsam for the title, takes on Vince & Shane McMahon in a handicap Streetfight!

King: That's gonna be huge JR! I can't help but feel HBK might make his presence felt however, as these two just seem to have taken their hatred towards each other to a new, higher level.

JR: I agree King, but now let's send it over to our SmackDown! colleagues Michael Cole & Tazz to run through the blue side of the card and call the opening contest, which will be the Hardy Boyz taking on Hassan & Davairi!

Cole: Thank you very much JR & King, and Tazz, RAW has brought the goods, but so has SmackDown!

Tazz: You got that right my man, tonight is gonna be huge from both sides.

Cole: Amongst other things, Vince McMahon will make an appearance before his big Streetfight tonight, to announce the new SmackDown! General Manager! I wonder who it could be?

Tazz: Rumours have been running rampant, many names have been thrown around Cole, some including Stephanie McMahon, Ricky Steamboat, Randy Savage, Bobby Heenan, it's a guessing game really!

Cole: But tonight, we will find out. Also, in a big main event, WWE Champion Kurt Angle teams with one of his opponents in Chris Benoit and Ken Kennedy, to take on another of his Summerslam opponents in Chris Jericho, along with Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton!

Tazz: What a match that's gonna be! I can feel it Cole.

Cole: And Tazz, these last two weeks, Goldberg has been surrounded by eery messages and happenings, all signs point to the work of the Undertaker, whom Goldberg demolished at the Great American Bash, so tonight, Goldberg is going to call out the Undertaker!

Tazz: I dunno if that's the smartest thing Goldberg can do, but we'll see. One match I'm looking forward to is the Hardy Boyz against Hassan & Davairi.

Cole: Remember if the Hardyz win, then Matt Hardy gets his rightfully deserved US title shot at Summerslam against Hassan! And we will also see Bobby Lashley take on Booker T in singles action, with the odds a little more even than they have been recently, because while Booker will have Regal & Finlay in his corner, Bobby Lashley will have Batista in his, evening things up a bit!

Tazz: What a night it's gonna be Cole, looks like we're ready to get this show rolling, here comes Hassan & Davairi!

*Arab Prayer* plays to heat as Hassan & Davairi head to the ring, Hassan not in a good mood after the announcement that this match would happen last night. Hassan taunts with the US title to heat

*Team Extreme* hits to a good cheer as the Hardy Boyz sprint to the ring and taunt, playing to the crowd, getting big pops

Match 1
Hardy Boyz vs Hassan & Davairi
If the Hardyz win, Matt gets a US title shot at Summerslam

Good match to kick the show off with, the Hardyz are too good early on, taking it to Hassan, while Davairi screams farsi at them from the apron but refuses to get involved in the match.

As Jeff goes for a Whisper in the Wind, Davairi pushes him off the turnbuckle to the outside, and the crowd gives major heat, Davairi claims that Jeff just fell off, and as we go to a break, Hassan begins to take control of Jeff.

We return and see Davairi stomping on Jeff and yelling more farsi at him, Davairi then tags back in Hassan. Hassan measures a kick to the face of Jeff Hardy, then whips him to the ropes and connects with a back elbow. Hassan covers and Jeff kicks out.
Hassan tags back in Davairi, who goes for a suplex, but Jeff counters it, falling out the back, then when Davairi turns around, Jeff meets him with a wheel kick to the jaw! The crowd pops as both men are down. The crowd will Jeff on, and eventually he makes the tag to brother Matt, who comes in like a house of fire, taking down Davairi with multiple clothslines, then he sees Hassan coming in and nails a drop toe hold to him. Hardy now ducks a right hand from Davairi and plants him with the Side Effect!

Matt now mounts the second rope, ready for the Leg Drop, but Hassan runs up, and Matt puts a boot to the face of Hassan. Hassan stumbles out into Jeff Hardy, who connects with the Twist of Fate! Matt now leaps off with the Leg Drop to Davairi, and hits it! Matt covers for the 1-2-3 and now has a US title shot at Summerslam against Muhammad Hassan!

Winners @ 7:59 - Hardy Boyz
Matt gets a US Title shot at Summerslam


As we return, we see a limo pull up, and the McMahons step out to huge heat, both looking focused on their main event tonight

Vince: Tonight, hopefully, is going to all go according to plan. Lance Cade will beat Billy Gunn, Test will win a title shot against Charlie Haas, and we'll put HHH in a pool of his own blood.

Shane: Dad, don't worry, I've got a special surprise for tonight, just incase things in the Streetfight seem a little off center for us.

Vince: O yeah?

Shane: Yeah, but it's a secret surprise, just wait and see.

Vince: I like the sound of that. Hahaha.

The McMahons walk off as we come back to ringside

JR: I don't like the sound of that King.

King: HHH might be in for a bit of a shock tonight JR, Shane's plans are normally very well thought through.

JR: The Game will have to be at his Cerebral best I feel.

*My Time Is Now* hits and the crowd floods John Cena with a sea of boos as the former WWE Champion steps out on stage with a mic, making gestures towards the crowd who begin a loud *Cena Sucks* chant, Cena waves them off and gets into the ring

Cena: OOO, Salt Lake City let me hear you roar!

Cena raises the mic up as the crowd boos heavily at Cena, who nods his head with a sarcastic look of shock on his face

Cena: Well it might just be, but I think you, just like every other city we visit, hates me....

Crowd erupts with a *Yes We Do* chant

Cena: Well that's fine, because guess what? I don't give a damn about anyone in this audience anymore. All the little kids cheering me, all the screaming girls, get off my back. What do you honestly want me to do? You want me to bust a sweat to get everyone on my side? Well it doesn't seem to work, no matter what I did, no matter where I went, I would still be booed, no matter if it was 100 people or 10000, I could hear them clearly, and one day I just thought, do I need all of these people to win me a damn match? No I don't. So, there it is Salt Lake City. You are the first, and only useless bunch of idiots I will ever explain myself to. I ju-

*GLASS SHATTERS* cuts off Cena to blow the roof off with a thunderous ovation as Stone Cold heads to the ring with a mic in hand, and stitches on his forehead. Austin gets into the ring and walks right past Cena to flip the birds up on the turnbuckle. Austin hops down and Cena is right there in his face. Austin tries to move to the side, but Cena moves with him, staying in his way. Austin looks to the ground, strokes his goatee, then flips the bird at Cena and pushes past him to climb the opposite turnbuckle and get another staggering pop from the crowd

Austin: John, seriously, listening to that rambling crap for the last few minutes, you've got to ask yourself, does anyone give a damn?

Crowd cheers

Austin: That made for the most boring moment of the night, and lord knows we've still got Goldberg to come!

Crowd pops as Cena frowns and shakes his head

Cena: Austin, we're not here for this. We're here for something else.

Austin: That's right. Battle rap.


Austin: Stone Cold Steve Austin.


Austin: Kickin' a freestyle.


Austin: Down a beer.


Austin: Bust a rhyme.


Austin: WHAT?


Cena: Hey, what the hell are you doing? For God's sake, I'll start....

Crowd boos Cena, who pauses for a moment

Cena: Hit the damn music!

A slow, hip-hop oriented beat begins playing, which gets a few heads in the crowd nodding and bopping along, while Austin smiles at Cena who tips his cap and puts the mic to his mouth

Cena: Uh, yeah. Salt Lake, you ready for this?

Crowd gives a mixed response

Cena: A'ight, check it.

Yo, Steve Austin shows up to battle an emcee
I kill this diss before he reaches for a case of the cold b
Feelin' John Cena on the mic is sweet and beaut
Unlike the useless Utah Utes!

Crowd boos

Most likely Austin's gonna bring down the house
Worse than a Michael Jackson and Polly Shaw spouse
Austin you claim to be the toughest SOB in the E
Yet you ain't ever come across a soldier like me

I'll kill you in the ring like I murdered you tonight on the mic
You like a regular Salt Lake resident, a second rate transvestite!

Crowd gives major heat

Tougher than steel, built to last
John Cena be the one whippin' yo ass
If you ain't down homie quit acting like a cows tick
Get yo act together and get off my D*CK!

Crowd boos as Cena gives a "You Can't See Me" taunt to Austin who strokes his beard, with a laugh coming from under his hands, as Cena hands Austin the mic, while loud *Cena Sucks* chants begin again

Austin: Er-herm! Lemme warm my vocals up for a moment....

Austin turns to the crowd smiling

Austin: La, la, blah blah, ma, na, la, LAAAAAAAA!

Austin turns back to Cena who is pacing back and forth, waiting for Austin's reply

Austin: Credit to the ghostwriters backstage for this one. Hit my music!

The same tune starts up again, with Austin standing there, not quite believeing he's about to participate in a battle rap

Austin: I'm the toughest SOB you'll ever meet
Kick your ass from head to your feet
F Fear written on my tier
Never one to pass down a beer

John you claim to be gangster, a rapper to the core
Please son you're whiter than the White House floor

Crowd pops, Austin starts to laugh as he reads it out

After this you should consider a career change to a runner...

Austin moves close to Cena

Because you'll need to, to avoid the Stone Cold Stunner!

Crowd cheers as Austin flips Cena the bird and boots him to the ribs, then drops him to the mat with the Stunner! The crowd goes wild as Austin drops on all fours and starts trash talking to Cena, rubbing it in. Austin then gets up and calls for some beers, and begins toasting to the capacity crowd which is on their feet for the Rattlesnake, who now gets back on the mic

Austin: O and at Summerslam, you and me, you can get your conformation, it's on John. And it's a No DQ match!

The crowd erupts with the announcement

JR: So much for a rap battle, this ones turned into a regular night at the local pub on Saturday night! Stone Cold just hit the former WWE Champion with a Stone Cold Stunner!

King: That was a pretty funny "rap battle" JR, Cena was pretty good actually, and Austin was just hilarious. it may be a different story at Summerslam in 13 days, or infact in 2 days on RAW however!

JR: I agree with you on that partner, folks stick around because coming up after the break, it's Billy Gunn vs Lance Cade in singles action, don't go anywhere!


We return to see Cade & Jindrak in the ring, taunting the crowd with their Tag Title belts

*O You Didn't Know?* hits and the crowd erupts with a huge pop as Billy Gunn makes his way out with Road Dogg by his side, RD slaps some hands at ringside while Billy slides into the ring and the bell is rung

Match 2
Billy Gunn w/Road Dogg vs Lance Cade w/Mark Jindrak

Match kicks off with Billy using his power advantage to outdo Cade, who is on the back foot for a couple of minutes.
Billy powers Cade up and drops him to the outside onto Mark Jindrak, as the crowd cheers and Billy plays to the crowd in the ring.

Cade now is refocused, and on getting back in the ring, ducks a clothesline from Gunn and chops out the left leg. Cade begins to disect Billy's leg, who becomes increasingly desperate to get Cade off him, yet Cade continues his assault, almost being DQ'd by the ref in doing so multiple times.

Cade continues the work on the leg as we head to a break.

Returning, we see Billy battling back with sharp right hand jabs, rocking Cade backwards. Billy whips Cade to the ropes and hobbles to him and catches him with a Powerslam! Billy covers for a 2 count.
Billy brings Cade to his feet and goes for a suplex, but Cade hops out the back and rolls up Gunn 1.....2...FEET ON THE ROPES!...Road Dogg pushes Cade off the ropes just in time, and Billy is able to break the count!

The crowd pops as Cade slaps the mat, as Jindrak begins brawling with Road Dogg on the outside. Inside, Billy boots Cade to the gut, then limps in looking for the Fame Asser, but Cade moves and Billy crashes into the referee!
Jindrak has sent Road Dogg into the steps on the outside and sees his chance to get involved, he slides into the ring and the duo size up a Double Superkick, but Billy ducks it, rebounds off the ropes and knocks both men down with a double clothesline!
Billy gets Jindrak up and nails the One And Only! Jindrak rolls to the outside, while the ref is stirring in the corner. Billy now goes to boot Cade to the gut again, but Cade catches it, and low blows Billy while the ref isn't watching! Gunn clutches at his groin and Cade nails a Fame Asser to Billy Gunn! Cade makes the cover as the ref slowly counts 1.....2.....3

Winner @ 9:45 - Lance Cade w/Mark Jindrak

JR: Damn those cocky young partners! Cade has just stolen a lucky win over Billy Gunn thanks to Mark Jindrak!

King: And what's even more insulting, is that Cade beat Billy with his own finishing move! Pure genius!

JR: Only thanks to that no good Jindrak! This was a robbery, I guarantee it will be a different story at Summerslam.

King: Yeah, it'll be taking place in Atlanta, and not Utah!

Backstage now and we see Christian in his locker room, sitting down, when Eric Bischoff walks in

Christian: What's up?

Bischoff: I was just telling the rest of this team, that they would "not" be needed tonight during your show with Mick Foley.

Christian: Look Eric, it's no secret. I'm the man on this team, I don't need any help tonight. I've got it covered.

Bischoff: O do you?

Christian: Yes I do.

Bischoff: Well Christian, here's the thing. This is MY team, and MY job on the line, so you'll do as I see fit, if you ever want another WWE title opportunity. Are we clear on this?

Christian: Mmmph.

The two nod and look like they are struggling for words

Bischoff: So I'm gonna head off....

Christian: Yeah, sounds good.

Bischoff walks out, and Christian shakes his head

Christian: Asshole.....

Christian gets up and heads for the door

Christian: This IS Team Christian!

Crowd pops as the camera fades back to the ring and *No Chance* hits to huge heat as Vince McMahon power walks down to the ring, ready to announce the new SmackDown! GM. He is greated by more heat as he begins to open his mouth, with a loud *You Suck* chant beginning before he can get a word out


Crowd boos with more heat and jeers

Vince: Now, tonight, is a very special occasion. Tonight, not only do you people get to see a double serving of Vince McMahon in this very ring...

Boos from the crowd

Vince: But you get to see the humiliation of The Game, HHH!

Crowd boos

Vince: But I'm not here to badger HHH, I'm here to announce the new General Manager of Friday Night SmackDown! So, without further ado, I give to you, your new SmackDown! General Manager, please make him welcome....

*Extreme* hits to a surprised reaction as Paul Heyman makes his way out on stage, with the crowd breaking out into a huge *E-C-DUB* chant as Heyman walks to the ring with a giant smile on his face

Vince: Well Paul, I'll leave you to address the fans....

Vince exits the ring

Heyman: Thank you Mr. McMahon, let me just say, it's great to be back!

Crowd pops

Heyman: And you will not be dissapointed with what I do with SmackDown! I am going to make it the number one brand, I will give the fans what they want, because Paul Heyman's running Friday night's now, and I'll take it to the EXTREME!

Crowd cheers

Heyman: Now it seems to me that SmackDown! has been a shambles these last few weeks, so I'm going to straighten a few things out. First off, Brock Lesnar, we need you out here now!

*Here Comes The Pain* hits to heat as Lesnar storms to the ring lookng happy, as does Heyman inside the ring, Lesnar gets in and hugs Heyman! The crowd isn't sure what to make of this

Heyman: Brock, let me just say, it's great to make this announcement.

Heyman pauses

Heyman: You are going to have your title opportunity, at Summerslam!

Crowd cheers the announcement, but then boo, confused

Heyman: Because you showed the hunger last night that SmackDown! needs, which is why, I am adding you to the Championship match, to make it a Fatal-4-Way!

Small pop, heat too

Heyman: Because, I run SmackDown! now, and Kurt Angle will have to work for that title, against 3 of the best now. We can't just have a bland GAB rematch, we have to spice things up to be the bigger brand. And how much bigger can you get, by adding the "Next Big Thing" to a title match?

Crowd boos

Heyman: Wow, tough crowd tonight.

Lesnar: Paul, just to correct you earlier, I'm not the Next Big Thing, I AM THE BIG THING!

Crowd boos Lesnar loudly

Heyman: Yes you are. Hahaha....

Heyman shakes Lesnar's hand as we head to a break

Cole: Paul Heyman is our new GM!

Tazz: This is unbelievable Cole, I love it!

Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, what a huge coup for SmackDown!, we've just been given one of the best General Managers around, a creative genious, in Paul Heyman!

Tazz: OK Cole, breathe easy.


*Can You Dig It Sucka?* hits to heat as Booker T steps out on stage looking tense, and worried, with Sharmell by his side, and Finlay & Regal behind him. Booker lets the pyro fly and gets into the ring while Regal & Finlay stand at ringside with Sharmell

*The Real Deal* hits to a good cheer and Bobby Lashley makes his way out, he flexes his arms out to the side as the pyro blasts out, and then walks to the ring with Batista in tow, Batista recieves a huge pop, while Regal & Finlay don't look too happy that Batista is at ringside

Match 3
Lashley w/Batista vs Booker T w/Sharmell, Regal & Finlay

Decent match, Lashley gives it to Booker, using his power to his advantage throughout the match, Booker having to rely on distractions by his hired help and wife at ringside, but everytime it looks like Booker will begin to take control, Lashley powers out.

Booker even manages to hit a Book End, but Lashley kicks out. Booker is furious with Lashley, and continuously glances over at Batista, and telling Finlay & Regal to keep an eye on him, this however, ends up working against Booker, as while he does this, Lashley gets to his feet and goes on the offensive with some hard shots to the face, then whips Booker into the corner and follows in with a clothesline, taking Booker down.

Lashley now brings Booker up and plants him with a Powerslam for a 2 count.
Lashley now fires up the crowd who cheer, getting behind the powerhouse, who sends Booker to the ropes and catches him with a Spear tackle! Lashley covers 1.....2...kickout from Booker.
Lashley tries to keep the pain on Booker, but Booker scouts it and moves away from Lashley, who rebounds off the ropes into a reverse sidekick! Booker hooks the legs but Lashley kicks out.
Booker now sizes up Lashley, measuring him for the Scissors Kick, but as Booker goes to drop the leg to the back of Lashley's head, Lashley moves! Booker turns around and Lashley loads him up as the crowd comes alive, ready for the Dominator, when William Regal gets up on the apron with brass knux and cracks Lashley across the head with them, sending the Real Deal down and the ref calling for the bell!

No Contest @ 10:11

[I]The crowd boos as Regal gets into the ring and stomps away at a downed Lashley, but then come alive when Batista rolls in and takes Regal's head off with a clothesline! Batista now sees Sharmell trying to sneak up on him and turns to her, smiling, and Sharmell freaks out and backs off. Batista slowly walks to her with a crude smile across his face, but the smile is wiped as Finlay comes in with the Sheleleigh and nails Batista over the back of the head with it!

Finlay now continues to clobber away on Batista with the Sheleleigh, as Regal pulls Lashley up and Booker nails the Scissors Kick to Lashley! Booker now instructs his wife Sharmell to grab a chair, and she does so, sliding it into the ring for her husband. Booker now goes and places Lashley's neck in between the chair, as Finlay mounts the turnbuckle, ready to jump off and smash the larynx of Bobby Lashley when Batista fights off Regal and pushes Finlay out to the floor! Booker tries to cheapshot Batista, but the Animal spear tackles Booker down, then catches Regal coming in with a Spinebuster! The crowd erupts as Booker T, Finlay & Regal stagger out and Batista helps Lashley to his feet and the muscle bound duo stare down the Booker Trio, with Sharmell talking to her husband with a worried look on her face

Cole: I don't think Booker T likes the fact that the numbers are now even, he and his little party of hired help may not be running SmackDown! for much longer with a new GM and these 2 hard hitters opposing them![/COLOR][/B]

Backstage now and we see The Coach walking by with his Hardcore title slung over his shoulder. Coach freezes and his jaw drops however, when we notice Rhino go storming by, yelling out for The Coach. Coach quickly turns and runs back to his locker room and locks the door behind him

Coach leans against the wall, huffing and puffing, when Raven appears beside him

Coach: O good Raven, I just saw Rhino outside, he's looking for this....

Coach taps on the Hardcore title, as Raven nods

Coach: Well? Don't just stand there. Think of something!

Raven: It seems, that you're in trouble with that belt.

Coach: No way! Thank you for that insightful observation!

Raven: So we'll have to do something about that.

Coach: Like what?

Raven stands back and shrugs his shoulders, then kicks Coach in the midsection and plants him to the floor with an Evenflow DDT! The crowd pops and Raven calls out, and a referee runs out from the side door and counts the fall for the 1.....2......3!

New Hardcore Champion - Raven

Raven: Quote the Raven, nevermore!

Raven picks up the Hardcore title and runs off, leaving Coach out on the floor with the crowd laughing at him

JR: Raven has just stolen the Hardcore title, literally, from The Coach!

King: Hahahahaha! I'm sorry JR, I can't stop laughing. Haha!

JR: Quite the shocker, but Raven now is on the run, and we all know, Rhino is looking around backstage for him, and if he finds him, then there will be some trouble!

*World's Greatest* hits to fair heat as Charlie Haas makes his way to the ring, not caring for the few fans he has at ringside. Haas rolls into the ring, not really looking bothered about being a referee in this match

*I Spit In The Face* hits and Carlito comes out to a good pop from the fans, juggling an apple in his hand and pointing at Haas after RAW's incidents. Carlito slaps a few hands at ringside then gets in the ring

*This Is A Test* plays to heat as Test heads to the ring with a stern, focused look on his face. Test climbs over the top rope and gets right in Haas' face, and credit to Haas, who doesn't back down an inch

*I Am* hits and the crowd erupts with a loud ovation as AJ Styles steps out on stage and lifts his hood up, then holds his arms out to the side as the golden pyro falls behind him. Styles gets on the ring apron and taunts, when he is met by Test with a Big Boot, knocking him off to the floor, and the bell is rung!

Match 4
Triple Threat Match
Winner is Number One Contender for IC Title
Guest Ref: Charlie Haas
AJ Styles vs Carlito vs Test

Very good match which keeps a lively pace, with Test dominating Carlito for the opening minute or so, until AJ Styles recovers and leaps off the turnbuckle taking out Test with a crossbody. As we go to the break, Carlito clears the ropes with a plancha, taking out all 3 men with the crowd loving the matchup.

As we return, Styles & Carlito are trading blows near the announce table. Carlito has his head slammed into the table, before hitting an elbow to the stomach of Styles and slamming him into the table also. Test now comes around and grabs Carlito, smacking him into the ringpost! Test now rolls AJ Styles into the ring.
Test whips Styles to the ropes and lowers his head, but does so too early, and Styles uses this to hit a spinning headscissors takedown to Test! Test gets back up a little dazed, and Styles comes through with a roll up for a near fall.

AJ now tries to nail the Styles Clash, but Test easily overpowers him and elevates him over the ropes to the outside. Carlito now gets into the ring and hits a hard left to Test.
Carlito goes to scoop slam Test down, but Test gets out the back and clobbers Carlito with a stiff blow across the back. Test covers Carlito and Haas again takes time to make a slowish count 1.............Carlito kicks out.

Test is pissed with Haas and shoves him, Haas then shoves Test back and Carlito nails the Apple Splitter (Falling Backbreaker) to Test! Carlito covers 1.....2.....AJ Styles breaks it up coming off the top rope with the Spiral Tap to Carlito! Styles now covers and Haas doesn't want to, but does count the fall 1.....2.....3!

Winner @ 17:34 - AJ Styles

The crowd erupts as AJ Styles gets his match with Haas. Styles gets to his feet to play to the crowd, but Charlie Haas is still there, and the two go face to face, Haas slaps Styles across the face! Styles then slaps Haas back, and Haas decides against trying to fight Styles and grabs his IC belt and heads back with AJ playing to the crowd, before shaking hands with Carlito

JR: AJ Styles gets his chance against Charlie Haas!

King: That is huge JR, Summerslam is looking like a real blockbuster!

We cut backstage to see Goldberg walking down the halls, he gets big heat from the fans

JR: Well folks we are being told that Goldberg is on his way out to call out the Undertaker, after the eery events surrounding him the last few weeks on SmackDown! Don't go anywhere!


Cole: Welcome back to Saturday Night's Main Event, and Tazz, we are just moments away from Goldberg coming out here to call out the Deadman, the Phenom himself!

Tazz: O boy Cole I got a feeling that something's gonnsa happen here, you can just sense it!

*Drum March* begins to play to huge heat as Goldberg makes his way to the ring, no pyro display tonight for the powerhouse, who just grabs a mic and gets into the ring

Goldberg: Right.

Crowd boos, *Goldberg Sucks* chants pick up

Goldberg: If I suck so much then why did I destroy the Undertaker? Huh?

Crowd gives more heat

Goldberg: At the Great American Bash, I crippled the Undertaker, the legendary Phenom, and I ENDED HIM! So, whoever is doing this stupid crap everyweek with the dimming lights, gong's and weird videos, cut it out! I want an explanation from whoever it is, and I want it NOW!

Goldberg snarls this message, looking at the stage, with no one showing up

Goldberg: So now that I'm ready and aware, you're not gonna do it? No flashing lights? What's going on, are you afraid? YOU SHOULD BE! I will decimate you, like I did to Taker, who is now folklore in this business! Show yourself you coward!

After a few moments, nothing happens, but then, all of a sudden, smoke begins to rise up from around the ring, and Goldberg doesn't notice at first. Only after the crowd pops does he see it, and Goldberg nods and smiles, knowing something's going down

Then, a loud *GONG* hits and the crowd erupts as the lights cut out, and the titantron scrambles. A shot of Goldberg driving the car into the wall with the Undertaker in it is shown, then a light shines down on Goldberg in the ring. The video continues to play, until we see a shot of Goldberg leaning over the ropes, like he is right now, and then from behind him, we see a dark figure approach the light, which Goldberg realises is right behind him now, and he turns around to go face to face with THE UNDERTAKER!

The crowd erupts as the lights turn into blue, and Goldberg is stuck, locked on with Taker, neither man blinking. Goldberg shows no fear of the Deadman, and Taker quickly raises his arms up, as lightning strikes the turnbuckles, causing Goldberg to jump slightly! Goldberg backs off, as Taker keeps an eye on him, and Goldberg charges in with a SPEAR, connecting!

Goldberg taunts to huge heat as he takes the Undertaker's hat off, and is shocked when he realises it's NOT THE UNDERTAKER, but a look alike! Goldberg looks around, wondering what's going on, when another message appears across the titantron, which reads "See you at Summerslam"

The crowd cheers as the lights come back on and Goldberg looks weirded out as we go to a break


We return and find the set for the Peep Show set up

Cole: Welcome back everyone, and Tazz, it seems like the Undertaker has just challenged Goldberg to a match at Summerslam.

Tazz: He sure did Cole, and that is going to be a HUGE match, I mean HUGE! Can you imagine, for the first time ever, Undertaker & Goldberg hooking things up?

Cole: It really would be special....

*Just Close Your Eyes* hits to a mixed reaction, mainly boos, as Christian strolls to the ring with a cocky, Christian like look on his face. He gets into the ring and picks up a mic

Christian: What up Salt Lake City?

Crowd erupts for the hometown pop

Christian: Tonight, is the return of the Peep Show.

Crowd gives a small reaction

Christian: The best looking show presenter is back, but unfortunately, the guest once again, looks like he just crawled away from the local dump...

Crowd boos, as Christian insults Mick Foley

Christian: Aw that's right, I'm talking about Mick Foley! The glorified stuntman! The one and only. But before we get to him, there are more important things that need to be said out in the open, and they involve a few people who are supposed to be my team mates, and my supposed "boss" Eric Bischoff.

Crowd boos Bischoff

Christian: Bischoff, I don't want to have anything to do with you. The only reason, and I mean ONLY reason I am competing in the War Games match is to get the 3 and 0 over The Rock, and to earn a much deserved WWE title shot. I will not be told to stand in line, I will not take orders from you. You don't run things around here anymore, God knows if you did it would be WCW all over again!

Crowd erupts, getting behind Christian now, who can't seem to keep his mouth shut

Christian: So you listen to me you backseat coach! Christian is the team, I'm the only respectable man on the team. I mean look what you've paired me with. Two roid ragin', muscle bound, pea brain, clean shaven gorillas! Well I'd say two heads are better than one in this case, but really, when you look at it, those two heads don't even add up to half of one!

Crowd pops, and a small *Christian* chant starts

Christian: Then there's Shelton Benjamin. Good for you, you're the best pure athlete in the WWE. But really, when you're as stale as you are on the mic and as far as fashion goes, becauase this is NOT the casting set for the Miami Vice remake, you realise that bread from 10 years ago could draw more numbers!

Crowd erupts again, really beginning to turn with Christian

Christian: And let's not forget about my brother Edge. His head's gonna be in two different places at once, and no I don't mean with two other wrestler's wifes....

Crowd is in stitches now, Christian really ripping into his team mates again

Christian: He'll be thinking of how he's gonna be screwed over this time, and then who he's gonna possibly blame for it. I mean he's swept the whole roster in the past for his excuses, and to be honest, it's getting more boring than a Sylvain Grenier promo!

Crowd pops again, a loud *Christian* chant begins, as Christian looks pleased to have some crowd support tonight

Christian: Can you hear that Bischoff? That's the sound of success. They're chanting my name. Because, I'm the only hope you've got. But enough of this for now, at this time, please welcome Mick Foley!

Crowd comes alive as *Erk-Crash* hits and Mick Foley heads to the ring with a Cactus Jack shirt and flannel vest on. He does the dishgun taunt and gets a mic before getting into the ring

Foley: Let me just say that it's great to be back....

Crowd pops

Foley: In Salt Lake City, Utah!

Crowd erupts with a big *Foley* chant as Mick raises his thumb to the fans, while Christian rolls his eyes at the typical Foley punchline

Christian: O please. Keep your lips off the fans' butts for a while so you actually speak during this interview.

Crowd boos Christian, while Foley smiles at him

Christian: I mean it's just the same old boring Mick Foley routine that you've been running for the last few years. You come out, suck up to the fans and then give an Oscar worthy speech on what you're gonna do to your opponent at the PPV, then when you get there, you get beaten so bad you can't remember how many fingers are on your hand, and then you return sober, looking like a little baby, and do it all again. And get serious Mick, it's old.

Crowd gives more heat to Christian, who makes a signal for them to shutup, which only makes the jeering louder

Foley: Did you ever think to why I do it Christian? Why I don't come out here and diss the fans and my team mates? Because they have been by my side for the majority of my career, they cheer me all the time, so I reward them with what they want.

Foley pauses as the crowd claps

Foley: That's why I took up the role as Co GM, to give the fans what they want, because everyone knows if I didn't and Bischoff was running RAW by himself, the select few would be basking in the spotlight, and there would be alot of mistreated guys wanting to jump ship to SmackDown!

Christian: Don't kid yourself Foley, no one wants to go to SmackDown! That's the B show, the only people who go to SmackDown! are the guys who can't hold it in the big leagues here on RAW! Washups like Benoit, Mysterio, Undertaker, Angle, Jericho, Batista. Spent wrestlers on extremely spent time. They know it's over. They all know Christian is the future, and I had to come through some time. They got out of the way, now I don't understand why you, and guys like The Rock, Stone Cold, HHH, Scott Hall and Shawn Michaels, won't follow suit, their slowly turning this into the Bad Acting and Retirement Village center!

Crowd gives major heat with Christians small face turn already over

Foley: That's your problem Christian. Your attitude. That's why you have never been and never will be at the top. Look at you, just a few minutes back your were running down your own team mates who you're gonna have to work with in 13 days against me and my team! You think the light needs to be on you, and you hate it when other people have the light on them.

Christian shakes his head, while Foley continues

Foley: Well I can tell you this, in 13 days, there won't be any escape for you. No funny jokes, there will be two cages, and we will be locked inside it, 10 men, 2 teams and only one winner. I have had everything done to me in my career, but nothing like what we're about to compete in. It's gonna be bloodier, and more brutal, then anything you've ever experienced. And we'll see if you can back that big mouth of yours up. I've been put through tables, thrown off stages, hit with barbed wire, touched fire, but this, this is War Games, there is no escape from it! It even worries me, what kind of man I will become inside those cages, and what the others will become. For the first time in a long time, I'm worried.

Christian is now on his inflatable couch, pretending he's asleep, when Foley stops speaking, he pretends to yawn and gets back up, acting like he's had a long sleep

Christian: You quiet done yet?

Christian goes to cheap shot Foley, who sees it coming, and ducks it. Christian then turns around, and Foley locks the Mandible Claw on Christian!

The crowd goes wild as Christian drops to the mat with Foley applying the claw, but soon boo as Eric Bischoff appears on stage, waving to the back, and sure enough Edge, Shelton, Masters & Monty Brown run down to the ring. However, the four stop at ringside, and actually begin to smile at seeing Christian being put in the pain, but snap out of it when Bischoff yells at them

The four enter the ring and begin beating down on Foley, which doesn't last long as The Rock, Sting, RVD & Scott Hall come running down with the crowd on their feet, as they are met by their opposition, and the eight men begin trading blows. Rock with Shelton, Sting with Edge, RVD with Brown and Hall with Masters

Hall goes to clothesline Masters to the outside, but Masters ducks it and slaps the Masterlock on Hall! We cut across and see Edge rebound off the ropes with a Spear to RVD, while Monty Brown charges over and drills The Rock with a POUNCE! Sting tries to fight the four men off, but they take turns pounding on him with right hands, then let Shelton take Sting and hit the T-Bone Exploder to Sting

The crowd is booing heavily as Foley gets to his feet groggily, and Bischoff slides a chair into the ring, which a recuperated Christian picks up and creams Foley across the head with! Bischoff now gets into the ring and applauds his teams work, and then the six men line up and raise each other's arms, nodding and embracing each other, now seemingly noticing if they're on the same page, they can do it and we head to a break with shots of the destroyed Team Foley


As we come back, we see Raven, still on the run from Rhino, he keeps to a wall and looks around the corner, with the coast looking clear. Raven then sneaks around and we see Rhino charging at him on a buggy from the opposite end of the hall!

Raven freaks out and moves out of the way, just in time to avoid a crash with the buggy. Rhino tries to put the breaks on, but he cannot, and crashes into the wall. Rhino hops out of the cart and chases Raven through a set of double doors, into the bar backstage, Rhino enters and looks around for Raven. He spots a person at a table with a newspaper up, and immdiately smiles

Rhino: Gee, I wonder where Raven could be....

Rhino creeps up to the table and yanks down the paper, and is taken aback to find Maven there

Maven: Hey, I'm reading that.

Rhino: Sorry man.

All of a sudden from the side, Raven wipes out Rhino with a pool cue! Raven then runs off, while Maven looks at Rhino as if to say "ouch" then goes back to reading the paper, while Rhino gets up annoyed that Raven escaped, and runs off holding the side of his head

JR: The Hardcore title means alot to both Rhino and Raven, as they are showing here tonight.

King: I still can't get that hilarious image of The Coach being layed out by his own hired help in Raven earlier!

JR: I can't say he didn't have it coming. But now folks, we're handing things over to our good buddies from SmackDown! Michael Cole & Tazz to call SmackDown's main event, a huge six man tag!

Cole: Thank you JR & King, and Tazz, JR put it right, this match is huge.

Tazz: True dat Cole. On one side, you have the World's champion Kurt Angle, the Rabid Wolverine Chris Benoit and the young Ken Kennedy, going against Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton.

Cole: And no matter what Paul Heyman said earlier, I have a feeling it'll be a tough job to keep Angle, Benoit & Jericho in check before Summerslam!

*Burn In My Light* hits to heel heat as Randy Orton makes his way out, doing his "Destiny" pose on the ramp with the pyro falling behind him. Orton gets into the ring and tugs at the ropes, warming up his legs

*Here Comes The Pain* and out comes Brock Lesnar to more heat, Lesnar paces back and forth on the stage, then snaps out of it and heads to the ring. He leaps onto the apron and looks at Orton, he nods to Orton, who nods back

*Millennium* begins after the countdown and the pyro's explode as Jericho slowly walks out on stage, posing, then talking some trash to a few fans at ringside before rolling into the ring and leaning over the ropes, saying "He's the man"

*Kennedy....KENNEDY* plays to a nice pop as Ken Kennedy comes out, looking at Randy Orton, who smirks at Kennedy. Kennedy forgoes his usual microphone introduction and waits at ringside for his partners

*Whatever* hits to a huge pop as Chris Benoit walks to the ring not taking his eyes of Lesnar, and then looks at Jericho with a typical Benoit stare

*Medal* hits to a great ovation as Kurt Angle dances out on stage, then stops on the ramp and points to the sky as the pyro shoots off behind him. Angle then joins Benoit & Kennedy at ringside

Cole: Coming up after the break, Kurt Angle, Benoit & Ken Kennedy take on Jericho, Brock Lesnar & Randy Orton, don't go anywhere!


Match 5
SmackDown! Main Event
6 Man Tag
Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit & Ken Kennedy
Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar & Randy Orton

Terrific six man contest, all six men sharing time in the ring and serving up a brilliant matchup, with the contrasting styles working out well. Lesnar seems focused on Angle & Benoit and constantly argues with Jericho also, showing that he's playing no favourites and wants the title.

As we head to the break, a brawl has broken out and they are duking it out at ringside.

We return and find Lesnar dominating Kennedy, as a continuous *Kennedy.....Kennedy* chant circles around the arena as the crowd tryo to get the youngster back into the match. Kennedy manages to break a sleeper hold from Lesnar and hit a clothesline, but Lesnar doesn't even go down, just to one knee, then runs in and nails a shoulder block to Kennedy. Lesnar now brings Kennedy over to the corner and tags in Randy Orton to huge heat. Orton boots Kennedy in the exposed the ribs, then nails arches his back and drops Kennedy across it with his Falling backbreaker special. Orton covers but Kennedy kicks out. We go to another commercial with Jericho unloading knife edge chops to him in the corner.

As we come back, Kennedy counters a Walls of Jericho attempt and catapults Jericho into the turnbuckle! Kennedy now struggles over, while Jericho tags in Orton. Orton gets in and cockily heads over to Kennedy, who sees Orton coming and leaps over, tagging in Kurt Angle to a huge pop!

Angle comes in and takes down everyone with clotheslines, then plants Lesnar with a German suplex! Jericho comes from behind on Angle, which brings in Benoit, as the two fight to the outside.
Angle now hits a right hand to Orton, who gets a thumb to the eye of Angle, and stalks him, setting him up for the RKO, when Ken Kennedy comes from the side and hits a right hand to Orton, who staggers around into the Angle Slam!

The crowd erupts as Lesnar tries to save the day, but Benoit takes him down with a German suplex, while Kennedy knocks Jericho off the apron, and Angle covers Orton for the 1-2-3!

Winners @ 19:46 - Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit & Ken Kennedy

The crowd erupts again as the ref raises the trio's arms, and Angle & Benoit look at each other, while Kennedy points to Orton, who holds his head on the ramp and says "This isn't over"

Back in the ring, Angle extends his hand to Benoit, and Benoit shakes it, but neither man takes their eyes off each other, while Jericho glares at them from ringside, and Angle raises his title to a big pop, Lesnar watches Angle from the stage

Cole: What an explosive matchup Tazz, and Kurt Angle looks in fine form heading into Summerslam in 15 days!

Tazz: He sure does Cole, he'll go in with confidence, but so too can Benoit, who you can never count out.

Cole: Same with Chris Jericho! But it's time for us to sign off for the night, and say goodnight to everyone, as we pass it over to JR & The King to call the RAW main event and close out the show, guys, take it away!

JR: Thank you very much. King, SmackDown! just served up a great match, and RAW will hopefully follow suit.

King: That was a great match JR, and it seems like Kurt Angle is gonna be a hard man to stop over on SmackDown!

We cut backstage and see Goldberg standing in front of the monitor

Goldberg: Undertaker, you wanna keep playing your games with me? Fine. But you can bet I'll be there at Summerslam, ready to cripple you again, and send you permanently into the "Deadman" phase of your life. It may have been raining smoke and gongs tonight Taker, but at Summerslam, it will POUR BLOOD! YOURS!!!

Goldberg storms off huffing and puffing in a bad mood

The camera swings around and we see Raven running, he bursts through double doors into the parking lot, and hops into a waiting taxi, which speeds off, as Rhino shows up to see Raven leaving, Rhino kicks the wall in frustration

Todd Grisham is standing by

Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the WWE Champion, The Game, HHH!

The crowd goes crazy with a massive pop as HHH steps into the picture

Grisham: HHH, you are just moments away from facing Vince & Shane McMahon in a handicap Streetfight, can we have your thoughts?

HHH takes the mic off Grisham

Triple H: My thoughts? Well Todd, in the last two months, I've been stabbed in the back by one of my best friends. I've been put through hell ever since I won this title, as the McMahons try to make it feel lke a burden on my shoulders. But guess what? This isn't gonna break me! No, if anything, it's made me even stronger, even hungrier. The hunger to fight for my title and career, the right to stand up with DX against the Corporation, and the will to kick some major ass in the process!

Crowd pops

Triple H: So, tonight, I'll give the McMahons a beating, and Shawn Michaels a preview of what's gonna happen in 15 days at Summerslam, Vince & Shane can taste a Pedigree, and they can do what they've done to me before, and taste their own blood. If you ain't down with that, Salt Lake City has two words for ya...


HHH gives a crotch chop and walks off as Grisham sends it back to ringside

JR: HHH & the McMahons, Streetfight, it's NEXT!


We come back and *The Game* hits to a massive ovation as HHH steps out on stage, dousing himself in water then spraying it up in the air and storming to the ring looking focused. HHH sips some water and throws the bottle into the crowd, then stands on the apron and does his usual taunt, then enters the ring, climbs the turnbuckle and plays to the crowd to a huge pop, before letting the DX chops fly as the pyro shoots off behind him

*No Chance* plays to MAJOR heat as the McMahons walk to the ring, Shane dancing in his usual trackpants and a "Shane-O-Mac" shirt, while Vince is wearing street gear, like HHH

Match 6
RAW Main Event
Handicap Match
HHH vs Vince & Shane McMahon

Match kicks off with HHH in control, out wrestling both men, although Shane takes most of the beating as Vince tries to avoid any contact.
However, it doesn't take much longer than a few minutes before Cade & Jindrak rush the ring and begin pummeling on The Game to huge heat.

While this happens, Shane pulls a couple of trash cans, a chair and a table from under the ring. Shane slides them all into the ring, while Cade & Jindrak hold HHH up, and Vince hits HHH over the head with the trash can!
The crowd boos and chants for *DX*, but they don't show up.
Vince now instructs Cade & Jindrak to roll HHH out to the floor.
Vince follows and gets HHH up, before sending him into the steel steps. Cade & Jindrak now pick up HHH and lay him on the SmackDown! announce table, as Cole & Tazz scatter clear, Shane has climbed the turnbuckle, the crowd to their feet, knowing what's coming up.

Shane points to HHH, then leaps off with an elbow drop, driving HHH through the SD! announce table!

The crowd goes wild with a huge *Holy Shit* chant. Vince helps Shane up while C&J roll HHH into the ring and Shane covers HHH 1.....2.....NO! HHH gets a shoulder up to a huge ovation from the fans, while the Corporation looks shocked.
C&J now set up the table Shane brought into the ring earlier, but the crowd comes alive as the New Age Outlaws run down the ramp and get into the ring, and take it to C&J, who end up brawling out through the crowd!

Inside the ring, Shane stalks HHH, and runs in when he finally gets to his feet, but HHH sees it coming and catches Shane, then spins him and drills him through the table with a AA Spinebuster!
The crowd explodes as Vince looks shocked, his plan is falling apart.
Vince tries to hit a cheap shot to HHH, but The Game scouts it, blocks it, and knocks Vince down with a right of his own.
HHH now picks up the steel chair and waits for Vince to get up, before jabbing a shot to the ribs, then when Vince goes to all fours, whacks him over the back with it! HHH now fires up the crowd to a loud response.

Test now runs down, looking to help his boss, but HHH sees him coming and wipes him out with a chair shot to the head! Test stumbles back and over the ropes to the outside!

HHH now drops the chair and pulls Vince up, hooks the arms up and plants him to the mat with a Pedigree! HHH covers 1.....2.....NO! HBK IS HERE! HBK pulls the ref to the outside.
HHH gets up, and turns into WHAM! Sweet Chin Music right on the jaw of The Game, who goes down, bloodied and out. Shawn now gets Vince's arm and slings it over HHH as the ref gets back into the ring and counts 1.....2.....3!

Winners @ 13:51 - Vince & Shane McMahon

The crowd boos heavily as HBK smiles, seeing HHH out and bloodied. Shane McMahon is finally getting back to his feet behind HBK, and Michaels turns around and nails a SCM to Shane, which gets a mixed reaction!

HBK now goes to the outside, gets the WWE title and brings it into the ring, and lays it over HHH's body and taunts as SNME goes off the air

JR: What a night! HBK has once again screwed HHH over!

King: And once again shown no favourites to the McMahons either!

JR: We'll see you on Monday for RAW, goodnight everybody!


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Wow! What a show Renegade, a review is coming your way shortly dude!

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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

^ Hopefully those reviews start coming in soon eh? lol.


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