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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Raw Review

Opening Promo:
Great start to the show, with all involved written very well, and in character for the most part. HBK/HHH at Summerslam should be awesome, and I'm wondering if we will see a distinct heel turn for HBK, or will he maintain his tweener role? The Handicap Match at SNME shopuld also be very interesting, and I have a feeling this is where Michaels turn will take place, but which side will he choose?

Rhino vs. Coach: Funny little match for the most part, with Rhino dominating once again, until Raven makes another appearance, costing the Man Beast the Championship. Coach steals another victory, but I see Rhiono picking up a win before Summerslam, resulting in the match between Rhino and Raven having the Title on the line.

John Cena Promo: Didn't really seem in character to me, Cena just didn't sound like himself. Nether the less, the huge feud continues to be built well, and the Contract Signing should be very, very interesting.

Scott Hall/Mick Foley Segment: Hmmm, not to fond of the fact that Hall will be the final participant, I just feel like his prime has come and gone, and it's time to give the younger guys a crack. In any case, Foley's Team is stacked with legendary icons, and I am marking out to see who will prevail at Summerslam!

Charlie Hass/AJ Styles vs. Carlito/Test: MOTN so far, awesome action, with Carlito refusing to tag in Test throughout. Finally Carlito leaves to a big response from the fans, as Hass picks up a huge win for his team. Shock heel turn from Hass after the match was very unexpected, and a feud between the two should be awesome!

McMahon/Jindrack/Cade Segment: Nice little segment here, which further builds tonights main event. Could the McMahon's turn the tables on HBK tonight, or will Michaels stick to his word?

Contract Sigining: Great segment, very well written, and now the match is officially on! Cena pays Austin back from last week, by demolishing Stone Cold's most prized possesion, before elaving the Texas Rattlesnake a bloody mess in the ring! I can't wait until these two meet face to face at Summerslam!

John Cena in Ring Promo: Good little segment on unlimited, and the Battle Rap next week should be very interesting to say the least

Shelton Benjamin vs. The Rock: Huge win for Shelton here, in a match that has to be considered MOTN so far. Awesome athletic action from both men, which makes me want to see more of these two in the ring together.

Shelton Benjamin/Christian Segment: Great segment here, and the heat between Team Bicshoff continues to grow! Will they cost their Boss his job?

Edge vs. Sting: Another fantastic match, with the Rated R Superstar picking up a monstrous win, thanks to a little help from Christian. It looks like these two are on the same page for now, but how long will that last?

Main Event: Awespme match, just fantastic, with both men looking very strong as a result of the No Contest finish! I can't wait for SNME, where I feel the HBK turn will take place!

Overall: Great show from you man, a very enjoyable read. 9/10!

Booking Credentials
# Captain of Team Oceania- 2007 BTB World Cup
# Breakout Star of 2006
# Third in WF's Favourite Booker Award 2006
# 5th in the First Annual BTB Promo Tourmament
# Best New Booker x1
# Best New BTB x1
# Most Improved Match Writer x1
# Best Used Wrestler x1
# Biggest Shock of the Month x2
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Very interesting opening to the show, with HBK getting a title match despite crossing the McMahons. They obviously have something planned for Summerslam to ensure that HHH doesn’t keep the title, and HBK still appears to be the heel on his own

Coach keeps the title again thanks to Raven, and I guess that Raven and Rhyno in a hardcore match is being set up at some point. Maybe at Summerslam, but definitely at Unforgiven

Not too keen on the Cena promo, but this has been a violent and bloody feud, and it looks like tonight we will have a contract signing

Scott Hall was the obvious and possibly only choice to be the 5th man on team Foley, and even though I’m not a fan of him, he is the right person to put on the team, and the 5 on 5 match is looking great so far

Haas and AJ pick up the win in the tag match, but Carlito doesn’t want to be tagged in, which costs his side the win. The triple threat at SNME should be a solid match, and at the moment I see Carlito getting the win

Haas appears to have turned heel out of nowhere, which gives him a dimension to his character. Expecting Carlito to win now his name was mentioned

Austin comes out, and it is time for the contract signing. Cena has the edge this time though, by destroying Austin’s monster truck, and then beating Austin to a bloody pulp, and the match at Summerslam is on. Has to be no holds barred, as otherwise a no contest is the only result in fitting with the feud. Battle rap at SNME will be great as well, as you can actually write some good raps, so it will be interesting to see how this pans out

Shelton gets the win over the Rock by cheating in what would have been a good match, but is just to hype the Bischoff/Foley stuff. I guess a rematch could well be happening next week to allow the Rock to get a win back

Bischoff has a team full of egos, and I don’t see them not exploding before SS, as something has to blow, and to be honest, Christian is having run ins with everyone, who he is the likely one to turn

Good promo from Edge, who is primed to be the next big heel in this thread, and gets the win over Sting to prove it, but with some help from Christian, who will no doubt take all the credit for what has just happened

Main event ends in a no contest, which keeps both HHH and HBK strong, and sets up the handicap match for SNME well. I see HHH overcoming the odds again there, but a screwjob from HBK could be in order
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

WWE Raw; Uniondale, New York.

Length: Wow, you have come a long way from two sentences a match to a few paragraphs with in depth moves. Promos were spot on too. 10/10

Spelling and Grammar: Few spelling problems, but that is all. 8.5/10

The good part about this promo is that all three characters were well in character. Vince was the big heel, Shane was the suck up, and HBK was mostly heel. You are redoing the most banal feud in WWE history, HHH and HBK. They must have had 25 matches … in public. I hope you make a new twist to it. It already is different, but I hope you do something drastically different. Kind of weird that HBK was given a title shot for backstabbing against Vince.

Match 1
Hardcore Championship
Rhino vs The Coach (c)

For the second straight week, Raven costs Rhyno the Hardcore Championship, definitely making a match between these two at Summerslam inevitable, possibly a hardcore match.

Bah, contract signings are boring. Should be spiced up with two of the most eccentric personalities, Stone Cold and Cena.

Very odd teams you have compiled.

Match 2
Tag Team Match
Charlie Haas/AJ Styles vs Carlito/Test

Charlie Haas and AJ Styles! What a team! I hope they become a permanent fixture. The usual heel work there before some good teamwork from the faces for the win. Nevermind the permanent tag team, what a shock! Haas turns heel on AJ Styles as he wants to be the IC Champion! Big match that should happen at Summerslam.

Vince is just trying to get himself involved as much as possible.

What? What? What? Stone Cold is here in the ring, ready to lay it down to Cena. Take note Jimmy Yang Wang, this is a bonafide redneck. An eye for an eye, a nose for a nose, a liver for a liver, and a car for a car. I should have seen this coming. That is enough to ignite the fuse in Stone Cold. Cena may be down, but Stone Cold does not have his car.

You know why I love heel Cena? For battle raps!

Match 3
The Rock vs Shelton Benjamin

Dream match for me, and it is on a Raw. Seems like an awesome match as both men are well averse in the ring, no matter what you think of The Rock. Just an awesome match, and I think you may have given me an idea for a future feud. Shelton wins the long match by cheating. It shows that the heel team is ready to defeat the face team as arguably the least known member of the heel team defeats the most renowned member of the face team.

The tension between the heels is something that always happens. Five egos on one team are never good.

Not a fan of Edge in particular, but after a rather bland and generic start to this promo, it transgressed into quite a funny and good heel promo. I love all the insults about the opposing team.

Sting’s theme song is Ride the Lightning? Wow! How ironic? I am listening to that song right now. I thought his theme music was Seek and Destroy, but they are all scintillating.

Match 4
Sting vs Edge

Another good long match between a heel member and a face member. I did not expect Christian to help Edge after Edge insulted him during his promo. Still, it makes sense as they are E & C.

Lived for this? You spent three years wrestling HBK? Sorry man, but this is worse than HHH and Batista, it has to be the most hackneyed feud in wrestling history, which would make the fued even more trite in BTB.

Main Event
Match 5
Six Man Tag
HHH/New Age Outlaws w/X-Pac
HBK/Cade & Jindrak w/Vince & Shane McMahon

HBK refusing to tag in is absolutely classic HBK. Aha, but he gets in when he deems the time is right. Well, HBK was in the match, but it turns into complete bedlam. Another long match, that is what I like to see, even if it ends in a disqualification, just like the promo before the match foreshadowed to. Two words for you, SUCK IT!!

Entertainment: Oh yeah! This was awesome beyond awesome, especially the second half of the show with Edge vs. Sting, Shelton Benjamin vs. The Rock, and the six man tag match. 9/10

The Bottomline: Your promos are pretty good and your match ups were purely excellent, but you have some stale, corny, trite, boring, hackneyed, overdone, and banal storylines such as HHH vs. HBK, even if the back up characters are different. Coach with the Hardcore title is going to lose flavor, I do not really like that the same thing happened two weeks in a row, though I am sure that match will be sanctioned next week. My favorite non match part of the show was when Charlie Haas turned heel on AJ Styles. It should be a good push for Haas, who in most threads wrestles Benjamin, and then falls to misery. Just do not have him jumping around with Viscera if he loses the match, which I am guessing is another match for Summerslam, one of the ones that should be your best. Another great part of the show is Stone Cold vs. John Cena. Either man can be the heel or face, but Cena is just a straight up heel and Stone Cold is the classic face. Good stuff, but WIWA was just more you.
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Thank you to ORRY, Arj, FD and Hataf for the reviews, all have been returned with rep and I will be reviewing or have already reviewed your next show.

I'm expecting a few more to come in before I post SD! on Tuesday.


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Good promo all three men were in character and nice announcments by Vince and HBK/HHH should be a great match for Summerslam.

Coach retains his title thanks to Raven again who costs Rhyno the match. Will be intresting to see how long you have Coach as the Hardcore Champion.

Not too keen on Hall being the final man in Foley's team but he was pretty much the obvious choice.

Haas and AJ get the victory here after Carlito didn't tag himself in and spat apple in Test's face leading to the finish. Look forward to Triple Threat match at SNME

Great promo here continuing the Cena/Austin feud and lol at Cena getting revenge crushing Austin's car. Good ending to it with Cena and Austin getting into a brawl with Cena busting Austin open and then signing the contract in Austin's blood. The Battle rap at SNME should be very interesting.

Big shock here with Shelton picking up the victory despite cheating which hypes the ten man tag feud for Summerslam.

Bit of tension between team Bischoff again which is no suprise as they have a team full of egos and will be intresting to see if they can get along well come the War Games.

Good promo by Edge and Team Bischoff is on a roll with Shelton beating Rock and now Edge beating Sting making Team Bischoff look very strong.

Good Main event which ends in a no contest keeping both HHH and HBK looking strong. HBK/HHH feud is being built up very well but is a feud which has been done way too much but is mostly entertaining.

Overall this was a good show here builidng up the main feuds for Summerslam nicely 83/100
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Renegade's Raw Review:

Short little intense promo from the McMahon's tonight and two good matches announced. HBK/HHH confirmed finally sounds good and a huge Street Fight has been announced for SNME, let's see how that goes down come this Saturday.

Raven or Rhino are going to need to take that Hardcore title before SummerSlam as I feel a Raven/Rhino match coming. Coach is probably just a filler champ right now in the meantime and this feud could hopefully take off next week.

Cena wants a Contract Signing? Awfully brave of him to even want to get into the ring with Austin tonight. Cena and Austin might as well be set for SummerSlam tonight as we all know it's happening. But maybe Austin can drag it on to anger Cena?

Meh, maybe a bad choice with Hall being in it as I don't think anybody liked it but it was obvious. Hopefully he'll be out early and keep the realism going as I don't think he could last that long in that environment. But that's all we can hope for right now.

Good little tag match furthering the push for the Triple Threat coming this Saturday and Haas turns heel! Didn't see that coming and now Haas/Styles seems most likely to happen. Pretty much a lock as far as I can see it right now for SummerSlam.

Too short of a Contract Signing, seems as if many promos have been way too short and off tonight. Austin gets beaten down by Cena, and Cena signs the contract with blood. Typical Contract Signing, and with so little time, why did this happen?

Benjamin gains a win over Rock before heading into War Games, some good buildup there with the feud getting good. Benjamin could be taken out by the Rock though for revenge or something as Benjamin cheated to win for the win in the match.

Peep Show at SNME sounds cool. I'm expecting some type of beatdown on Foley by Team Bischoff somehow. Going to be a good segment and let's hope it's good and long compared to tonight's. We'll see what it looks like come SNME right?

Edge cut a good little promo before but some things didn't sound right or weren't needed in it. Edge gets the win with help from Christian and I think we might see Edge and Christian teaming together next week as maybe a preview for SummerSlam.

Good main event and shame it had to end in a No Contest but makes since furthering the feuds. HHH telling McMahon's and others to Suck It! was good and I'm wanting to see what goes down this Saturday on SNME before we start heading into SummerSlam.
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Thanks alot for those reviews KOP & Kane, I just returned KOP's by reviewing his Backlash PPV, and will return Kane's when he posts his SD! recap.

I'm expecting Wolfy, Natureboy and Spart to drop reviews sometime soon, SmackDown! will go up in a few days, then a SNME preview on Thursday, and SNME on Friday night, which I feel is one helluva show, so I hope you'll all agree when you read it.


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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™


Looks like you're still doing that irritating thing in promos calling Triple H 'HHH' when someone is speaking. It's okay to call Shawn Michaels HBK when someone is talking, because they do that, but NO ONE ever calls Triple H 'HHH' in a promo. My biggest BTB irritation by a long way.

Promo was okay, but Vince using the word prick seemed out of sorts. Despite Triple H and Michaels being done 100 times over, this is a fresh take, with the roles reversed, but as long as the feud doesnt drag on for three or four months, it's fresh.

Handicap match at SNME in a streetfight should be interesting, but I can envisage Michaels coming to the aide of Triple H for some reason, before taking him out with SCM again.

Meh, Coach as the lucky Hardcore champion has been done before by others, and I dont really care to see it again.

Short but sweet Cena promo, with that intensity I like to see. That Austin match up has to happen at SS.

My initial reaction to the Hall - Foley segment was 'For Fucks Sake', and still as I type this, my reaction is 'For Fucks Sake'. Its certainly one of my pet hates. You've got the skills in booking to be at the top of the pile, but you always drag yourself down with outdated rosters. I honestly believe keeping the likes of Scott Hall, NAO and other washed up has beens is what is stopping you from being in the top bracket of bookers, but whatever, rant done.

Loved this match up. In actual fact, my least favourite out of those four is actually AJ Styles. Never liked the spot monkey. Nice action, and good win for the faces, with a little tension between CCC and Test with egos getting in the way. Really surprised to see Charlie Haas turn heel on Styles afterwards, as it looked like he was beginning to excel as a face champion. Weird booking, but gives Haas a feud now, and leaves the options open for a winner at SNME to challenge him next.

And now, here comes Austin!!! Definately the promo of the night in this one, with Austin bang on character, and although we heard little from Cena, he seemed okay. Cool to have Cena get one over on Austin, doing in his 4X4 outside, before getting the better of The Rattlesnake busting him open, and signing the contract in his blood. Been done before, but it's always a welcome addition. Just actually occured to me too that both you and FD are doing this feud. I actually mean that in a good way, because you're taking totally different approaches to it, so both feuds are fresh.

Confused now though. Cena got up during the break and noticed the contract was signed?? I thought he signed it in Austins blood, or was he possessed for a few minutes?? Anyways, I'm not keen on the battle rap, as this is a serious feud, between two guys playing up their intensity levels recently, and now it's getting a comedy touch?? Not liking that.

Good win for Benjamin over The Rock, which gives Shelton a major rub, and hopefully this is allowed to branch out into a major feud between them after SS War Games.

A lot of feuding between Team Bischoff at the minute, which culd be the teams downfall, but I can see some sort of swerve where Bischoff ends up winning, possibly with a heel turn on Team Foley.

Quite a few big matches being given away on this show tonight, and it's 2 for 2 for Team Bischoff in the ring tonight, although the team definately has an ego problem. I'm sure Edge wont be happy that Christian helped him to get the win.

No contest in the main event allows the HHH / HBK feud carry on with no victories over the other for now, although Triple H has the last word tonight, and it's looking pretty sweet for SNME with the Handicap streetfight.
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Uniondale; NY

First review of your show since returning. Looking forward to it. Forgive me, as I don’t know where your storylines are at currently, so I may seem confused at times.

Vince and Shane start the show, which is always good for TV. Vince is his usual dickheaded self from the get here. Um, he called Triple H, “HHH”. Shouldn’t do that. It’s different if it’s during a match or something, but no one says it in dialogue. Pretty good promo overall here. HBK as a heel, who still dislikes the boss, is pretty cool. And The McMahons vs. HHH in a handicap match at SNME will be interesting to see. Wonder what HBK will do in that situation…? Triple and HBK has been done to death, but here they are switched face/heel roles, and it’s for the belt, so it will be okay. And the match between the two shouldn’t, and rarely could, fail to be good.

A Raven-Rhino program is okay. Coach as Hardcore Champion is funny, and despite not knowing how long he’s had it, I could see him escaping by the skin of his teeth a bunch more times. Ah, so it also happened last week. Rhino will indeed have Raven’s ass, and likely win the Hardcore title from Coach to culminate all of this.

Well, Cena wants Austin bad. Could be a good match at Summerslam if done right. Interesting to see what happens later.

Scott Hall finalizes team Foley. I know you get a lot of criticism for use of guys like this. But whatever. It doesn’t really bother me. If Hall had his act together, and could go in the ring, I’d like to see him back in real life, so why not it a “fantasy” thread. It’s not like you’ve got him as World Champion or anything. Not to mention, I just found out my biological father went to middle school with him. He couldn’t believe he became a wrestler, I showed him pictures and all, which shocked him. He said Scott was a military brat and was a very reserved quiet person in school days.

Carlito and Test weren’t meant to be. Carlito apples him, and Haas and Aj pick up a big win, which is good for them. However, I could see AJ as a contender for Haas. CALLED IT!! Haas levels AJ, and we’ve got a new program in the making, as I now think AJ will win the three way, and go after revenge on Haas.

Vince is happy with Haas’s ruthless aggression, and will accompany HBK and Cade & Jindrak. Could be cool.

Pretty cool short and to the point contract signing. Austin his usual self, and Cena gets some revenge, before taking the upper hand after the sparks fly, and making Austin sign it in blood. Meh, not too keen on a battle rap between these two. The feud seems too serious for that, although it should make for funny reading for sure.

Whoa!! Benjamin beats ROCK!! Albeit, with his foot on the rope. What a win!! Shelton’s career took a nice turn tonight, and the Rock’s seems on a downward spiral after just one loss. Rock better bounce back, or start thinking about hanging it up in this thread.

I have no idea what has led to this point, but that was a great little interaction between Shelton & Christian and Bischoff. Loved it, and interested to see what happens between the “team members”.

Really, really good Edge promo IMO. I loved the paragraph where he made fun of everyones names. And then, thanks to his “brother”, he beats Sting. Team Bischoff is one step ahead of team Foley. However, I am gathering that this is Wargames, with the GM spot on the line, between Foley and Bischoff…? Too much like Wolfy’s Survivor Series program if that’s the case.

Having DX is fine, but I wish it was either a new group, or with HBK. I just don’t like the “James Gang” anymore. I don’t really mind X Pac though. But oh well, it’s still a pretty good storyline, and one that Jindrak and Cade are damn lucky to be part of. Pretty good summary here, and the finish works for all involved. Looking forward to seeing what role HBK plays Sunday. Perhaps he’ll even help HHH, to keep him ready for their Title match at Summerslam, while completely disassociating himself from the McMahons. We’ll have to wait and see though.

Altogether a good show I feel. Only a few things that were hit and miss, with the rest being pretty good. I think your current storylines, while not altogether original all around the board, are being handled well, and could make for great outcomes come SNME and Summerslam. Looking forward to it all my friend.

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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

^Thanks for the review NB, much appreciated.

Marine Midland Arena
Buffalo; NY

*Opening Video*


The show opens with Kurt Angle hitting the ring to a great ovation, he gets into the ring and holds the WHC up high to a good pop. Angle talks about the fact that the title scene on SD! is a joke, he says that whoever the GM is tomorrow night better rectify the horrible mishaps of late and give the fans what they want, a rematch from the Bash, between Angle, Benoit & Jericho for the title. Jericho now comes out and runs his mouth, with typical Y2J insults to Angle and Benoit, Angle and Jericho then get into a brawl, with Jericho winning out and hitting an Enziguri to Angle. Jericho taunts with the title, when Benoit shows up behind him and plants him with a German Suplex, and then Benoit looks down at the WWE title, he picks it up in his hands, when BROCK LESNAR clobbers him from behind and drills him with an F5! Lesnar stands with the WWE title on the floor in front of him, with the carnage around him, and laughs as we go to a break

We return and find MNM awaiting their opponents in the ring, and are irate and scared as AMW's music plays and Storm & Harris make their way to the ring to a big pop

AMW completely outdo MNM in the tag match, and after a near fall occurs on Merucry, MNM decide to leave and get counted out, leaving AMW annoyed in the ring, as MNM retreat up the ramp shaking their heads, saying AMW don't deserve their belts

Backstage now, Booker T is giving an interview on how he is about to go out and show Lashley how to wreslte a real match

Lashley beats Booker via DQ when surprise surprise, Regal & Finlay get into the ring and begin a 3 on 1 beatdown on Lashley, with Booker orchestrating the assault. Sharmell brings a chair into the ring and Booker uses it across the head of Lashley, taking the big man down. Just as Booker looks ready to hit the Book End to Lashley onto the chair, *I Walk Alone* hits to a huge cheer as Batista runs to the ring, causing Booker and his cronies to scamper to the outside. Batista checks on Lashley, as Vince McMahon appears on the stage, and announces tomorrow night at SNME, Lashley will take on Booker T again. Booker is almost brought to tears with the announcement, Batista yells at the trio who stand on the ramp glaring at the Animal

Brock Lesnar now cuts a promo, saying he won't be overlooked anymore, and that he will get into the title scene one way or another, and that Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit & Jericho better watch out, because right after Summerslam, Lesnar is coming for the champion, whoever it be

We now see Randy Orton arrive ahead of his match with Ken Kennedy tonight

Mr. McMahon now is shown, and he is talking with Muhammad Hassan, with Hassan complaining that Matt Hardy doesn't deserve a US title shot. Vince says that tomorrow night at SNME, Hassan & Davairi will take on the Hardy Boyz, and if the Hardyz win, then Matt will get his US title shot at Summerslam. Hassan doesn't like it, but Vince says too bad and walks off

Goldberg hits the ring, and once again, destroys a young jobber with multiple Spears. Goldberg gets the kid up for a Jackhammer, and a *GONG* hits, sending the crowd into a frenzy. The lights cut out. The titantron scrambles, and then a video of Goldberg driving the trucker rig into the hearse Undertaker was in is shown, then the video cuts out, and we are shown an eery look at Goldberg's career, Spearing multiple WCW & WWE superstars, before another *GONG* hits, and then it all stops, and the lights come back on, and the jobber manages to roll up Goldberg for the 3 count! The crowd loves it, Goldberg is still in a trance after the weird video, and barely moves, looking slightly scared

In the main event, Randy Orton defeats Ken Kennedy with a low blow behind the ref's back, and then hits the RKO for the 3 count. Orton taunts as the show goes off air, with Kennedy livid that Orton cheated to win the match, saying he had it


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