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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Thanks to FD & Deadman for some comments on SmackDown!, honestly, with the 3 days going past, I thought I would've had more responses, but then again, I guess things will pick back up again soon.

I had a great time with my g/f btw

RAW preview up tonight.


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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Originally Posted by Renegade™
Thanks to FD & Deadman for some comments on SmackDown!, honestly, with the 3 days going past, I thought I would've had more responses, but then again, I guess things will pick back up again soon.

I had a great time with my g/f btw

RAW preview up tonight.
With Smackdown being recapped, I would rather forget about it, and focus on Raw, where the main storylines are going on such as DX. I am sure other people think that way too.
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

WWE Raw Preview

Tonight RAW will be a blockbuster show with a massive main event just announced on, which will feature the DX trio of HHH and the New Age Outlaws taking on Shawn Michaels and the World Tag champs Cade & Jindrak in what is sure to be a hotly contested 6 man tag

HBK has shown that last week, he's taking no sides with the Corporation, he's only in it for the WWE title. However, Vince McMahon has promised that if Michaels doesn't co-operate with Cade & Jindrak tonight, he will be suspended without pay. Will HBK go along with the plan? Will DX be victorious?

Also, Rhino will be out for revenge as he seeks out The Coach, who thanks to the help of Raven last week, claimed a shock win for the Hardcore title. Can Coach survive the night as champion, despite being thrown into a rematch against the Manbeast?

All this plus the continuation of the Foley/Bischoff war and the appearances of Steve Austin & John Cena, tonight on RAW, on USA Network at 9/8pm


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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

RAW will be up tonight, sorry about the double post...


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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Uniondale; NY

*Opening Video*


JR: Welcome folks to Monday Night RAW, coming live to you from the sold out Nassau Coliseum here in Uniondale, New York! And what a show we have tonight King, with just 5 days left until Saturday Night's Main Event, we already know that AJ Styles, Carlito & Test will compete in a triple threat match this Sunday with the winner facing Charlie Haas at Summerslam for the IC title, and Christian has asked Mick Foley to make a guest appearance on the return of the Peep Show, but will anything else be added to the SNME card from RAW's side?

King: I dunno JR but you can just feel the electricity in the air tonight can't you? This crowd is hot, and hopefully the show will follow and be a big one!

JR: Confirmed over the weekend on, tonight's main event features HHH and the New Age Outlaws taking on Shawn Michaels and the Tag Team Champions Lance Cade & Mark Jindrak, it's DX versus The Corporation, and Shawn Michaels throw in.

King: That will be a big one JR, I can't wait, let's get this show underway...

*No Chance* hits to huge heat as Vince McMahon makes his way out on stage looking in a very bad mood, with Shane McMahon by his side, not looking happy either. The duo grab mics and get into the ring, as the crowd begins to chant *You Suck*


Crowd gives more heat

Vince: Last week, everything was set. It was all going down well. The Lethal Lottery made examples out of X-Pac, and then the New Age Outlaws, and things were looking good ahead of my son Shane's title match against HHH, inside the Steel Cage!

Crowd boos McMahon

Vince: And it came to the time of the night. Everything went to plan, HHH was destroyed before the match got underway. Shane had numerous fall attempts, and everytime, every DAMN time, HHH would somehow kick out! And then, just when that good for nothing backstabber Shawn Michaels had completed his deal with me, he turned against me, and hit Shane here with Sweet Chin Music, and then the bastard had the fortitude to place HHH's hand over Shane and make the count!

Crowd pops

Shane: Hey show some respect! You're booing the man who brings you people this show everyweek, without him, there would be no WWE, so I think you people should shut your mouths and listen to what my dad has to say.

Crowd boos Shane, an *Asshole* chant starts up

Vince: Shawn, we had a deal! And you fulfilled every part of it, except the main point, which was make sure that HHH does NOT leave that cage as champion. Yet, he did, because of you. Now you better get out here because I want a damn good explanation for this!

*Sexy Boy* hits to a few pops, which quickly are overcome by MAJOR heat as HBK steps out on stage with a "Backstabber" sleeve cut on, smiling at the McMahons

Vince: You self indulgent piece of crap! How dare you stand there and wear that shirt! You went back on our agreement Shawn, and guess what that means?

HBK: What Vince? What does that mean? Are you going to fire me? The one who puts the butts in the seats everyweek? The Showstealer, the Showstopper, the Heart Break Kid?

Vince: No, I'm not going to fire you.

HBK: What then? Do I have to kiss your saggy ass?

Crowd laughs

Vince: No.

HBK: Then what Vince?

Vince: I'm gonna give you something. You saved HHH, albeit without deliberate actions on your part. So, in doing so, congratulations Shawn, you just booked yourself a title match with HHH at Summerslam!

Crowd erupts, loving the announcement

HBK: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on a sec! Did you just book me in a title match with HHH at Summerslam?

Shane: I think it's quite clear that he did!

HBK: O hey Shane! I didn't see you back there. How's the jaw?

Crowd laughs, as HBK smiles

HBK: So now HBK gets a match with HHH for the WWE title, because I cost your son his match?

Vince: Yes.

HBK: I dunno Vince, that sounds kinda dodgy to me. What's the catch?

Vince: There is no catch, all you have to do is show up in 20 days at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, and defeat HHH for the WWE title. Just as long as that prick doesn't leave as the champion. Because Shawn, you got me thinking. You're the one who's given HHH the most hell over these years, and you've beaten him quite a few times. So, I know he wants you, and I know deep down inside you want a match with him, and you'd love another chance to get the WWE title, so there it is Shawn, the offer's been made, all you have to do, is accept it.

HBK looks into the crowd, who gives him a mixed reaction, some people want him to accept, while others are just booing him

HBK: Fine.

Crowd cheers as HBK accepts the challenge

Vince: Great. And as for HHH, this Saturday at Saturday Night's Main Event, HHH will be in a Streetfight...

Crowd pops

Vince: And HHH will be facing my son Shane....

Crowd boos, Shane nods

Vince: AND ME!

HBK seems unimpressed, and walks backstage, still not happy that he's been booked in the
6 man tag tonight, but he atleast knows he has a WWE title shot

Crowd gives a better reaction, as Vince smiles sadistically as we cut to a commercial, we see HHH watching backstage on a monitor, he snickers and walks off, not seeming fazed by the announcements


We return and find The Coach in the ring, looking petrified, geared up for action with the Hardcore title in his hands

*Freight Animal* hits and the crowd erupts with a big pop as Rhino runs to the ring giving a deathly glare at Coach as he slides into the ring

Match 1
Hardcore Championship
Rhino vs The Coach (c)

Rhino is taking out his frustrations of Ravens assault last week on The Coach, and Rhino seems to have the title won again, when he hits a devastating GORE to The Coach, when Raven runs down the aisle, and Rhino sees him, and the two begin brawling, which is legal in this matchup, seeing as the Hardcore title is on the line.

Rhino gets the upperhand of the fist fight and tackles Raven down and unloads on him with more ferocious rights and lefts.
Rhino now picks up a trash can and clobbers Raven over the head with it, then over the back as Raven falls to the mat, and over the back again, and again.
Rhino now crouches down in the corner, ready to uncoil with a Gore to Raven, who is slowly recovering.
But as Rhino gets ready to charge in at Raven, Coach finds himself back to his feet, and Rhino boots him in the ribs and throws him through the ropes to the outside, which allows Raven to sneak behind Rhino and nail a low blow! Rhino clutches at his groin area and falls to his knees, and Raven grabs him and drills him to the mat with the Evenflow DDT! Coach gets back into the ring and covers Rhino for the win

Winner @ 5:43 - The Coach
Retains Hardcore Championship

The crowd boos as The Coach celebrates another robbery win over Rhino, as Raven stands over the Man Beast smiling, he then extends his arms with his trademark pose to heat

JR: Damn that Raven! Two weeks in a row, Rhino has had a victory against The Coach in the bag, and two weeks in a row, Raven has showed up and cost Rhino the match!

King: I can't believe The Coach is surviving in the Hardcore environment!

JR: There'll be hell to pay for Raven I guarantee that, Rhino will want to make sure of it.

We now go backstage and see John Cena sitting in front of a monitor, with what looks to be the contract from last week in his hands

Cena: Last week, I tried to get Steve to sign this, but Steve would rather send my car crashing out of the carpark to the road below. You crossed the line Austin, you say I crossed the line, well you well and truly widened it and crossed it again, because I will get my match with you, and it WILL be at Summerslam.

Crowd loves the idea

Cena: Right here is a contract for our match, I ask, that later tonight you make your way down to the ring to meet for an unexpected contract signing! And Steve, if you know what's good for you, you'll come to me, and not the other way....

Cena gets up and leaves with a stern look of anger on his face, still upset about last weeks' incidents obviously

JR: A contract signing, tonight? What a big moment that could be!

King: I say it takes all of a minute before they come to blows, these two won't stop, they will kill each other if they have to.


We return and see Scott Hall sitting down on a chair in the deserted cafeteria, looking at the wall, with no apparent reason, when a figure takes a chair beside him and sits down, the man is Mick Foley, who gets a big pop!

Foley: Hey Scott.

Hall: Ey chico, wassup?

Foley: Look, I saw what happened last week, you were robbed by Bischoff, and I know you could take Chris Masters anyday. And there just happens to be one more spot left on my War Games team....

Hall: And you want me to join?

Foley: Yes. You'll get another chance at Chris Masters.

Hall's face lights up with a smirk, he nods his head grinning and slaps hands with Foley

Hall: O you better believe it's a done deal Mick. I'm in.

The crowd erupts as Foley grins back at Hall, then taps him on the shoulder and walks off, with Hall nodding and smiling, Hall then gets up and heads off with Foley

JR: Team Foley has been finalised! Scott Hall is the fifth member consisting also of The Rock, Mick Foley himself, RVD & Sting! What a team!

King: That's true JR, Foley had done well to counter the picks made by Bischoff.

*This Is A Test* hits to heat as Test storms to the ring, rotating his wrists, ready for this match. Test sees a "You Suck" sign at ringside and rips it off the fan and tears it in two, then hops into the ring and taunts to heat

*I Spit In The Face* hits to a good pop as Carlito heads to the ring bouncing an apple in his hand, although, he is not happy he has been paired with Test tonight

*I Am* hits and the crowd explodes with a huge ovation for AJ Styles, who steps out on stage and extends his arms sidewards as the golden pyro falls behind him. AJ then flips his hood up and slaps a few hands on the way to the ring

*World's Greatest* hits and out comes the IC champion Charlie Haas to a generous pop from the fans, Haas & AJ shake hands then get into the ring

Match 2
Tag Team Match
Charlie Haas/AJ Styles vs Carlito/Test

Very good tag match which sees all four men showcase their talents, Carlito & Test are unevenly doing their best to act as a team, while AJ & Haas mould into a strong team.

Test has been in control of Styles for the past few moments, and refuses to tag in Carlito, who is getting frustrated with the big man.

Test goes for a Sidesweep Powerbomb, but Styles manages to counter it with a hurricanana! Styles now begins making his way to tag in Haas, but Test grabs him by the foot. AJ spins around to connect with an enziguri, but Test ducks it, then Styles keeps spinning and uses his left foot to nail a wheel kick to the jaw of Test, which gets a big pop from the crowd for the athleticism used. AJ now extends his hand and tags in Haas to a good pop.

Haas comes in and takes down Test with a clothesline. Haas waits for Test to get back up and hits a big right hand, then whips Test to the ropes, only for Test to reverse it and take Haas down with a clothesline of his own.
Test now goes over to tag in Carlito, but Carlito sprays him with a shot of apple to the face!
The crowd cheers as Carlito drops off the apron, and Test staggers into a T-Bone Exploder from Haas! Haas hooks the far leg and scores the victory!

Winners @ 7:32 - Charlie Haas & AJ Styles

Carlito is already heading up the ramp smiling at Test and mouthing "You should've tagged me in" while Haas & Styles play to the crowd, then from no where, Haas levels AJ Styles with the IC belt!

The crowd is shocked, as Haas stands above an unconscious Styles, with a strange look beginning to form on his face, as Carlito seems surprised on the stage by Haas' actions. Haas raises the belt up high in one hand, and points to Carlito with the other, as Test is on the outside wiping his face clean of the apple from Carlito, Haas looks sharply at him, as we cut to the commentary team

JR: A good win for Haas & Styles, then Haas decided to hit AJ with the belt right across the face! It seems Haas doesn't care if the fans are on his side or not, and the fans are letting him know they don't appreciate that!

King: I'm shocked JR, I didn't think Haas would want to turn away from the great fan support he's had of late, maybe he missed getting stale reactions...

JR: Regardless, this makes this Saturday's triple threat contenders match at SNME alot more interesting, Haas isn't siding with anyone!

Haas has gotten a mic

Haas: You wanna know what that was about? Huh? Well here's a newsflash for everyone in this building tonight, Charlie Haas doesn't take sides, Charlie Haas doesn't care for the people out there, or back there. And finally, Charlie Haas does what he wants, when he wants, to who he wants. So Carlito, don't think I've forgotten about you, you'll get no special treatment this Saturday, I'll call it MY way. And if you people don't like that, you can kiss the biggest part of my athletic ass!

Crowd is taken aback by Haas' change in attitude as he slams the mic down and walks backstage

Backstage now and the McMahons are watching on a big screen TV in their locker room, Cade & Jindrak by their side with the tag belts hung over their shoulders

Vince: Now that's the kind of attitude I like to see on my show! But tonight, there are much more important things to take care of. Now Lance, Mark, I've layed the law down to Shawn Michaels a few moments earlier, he knows now that he's got a title match with HHH at Summerslam, and he knows that he's teamed up with you two for tonight's main event. Just to make sure he doesn't decide to hit either of you with a superkick, Shane and myself will accompany you guys to the match tonight.

Cade & Jindrak nod in agreement

The camera cuts to the parking lot as we hear the screeching of tyres, and then we cut to the entrance as a giant 4x4 pulls up and the crowd goes wild, immediately noticing the giant skull with the snake around it and the 3:16 printed on it, to know it's Stone Cold. Austin hops out of the truck and shuts the door, and heads off

JR: Well folks Steve Austin is here, and I'm being told he's coming to the ring, we've gotta take a break, but when we come back, Stone Cold will out here to answer Cena's demands!


As we return *Glass Shatters* hits to an incredible ovation as the crowd blows the roof off with a booming reception as Stone Cold heads to the ring with a F*ck Fear shirt and jean shorts on. Austin gets a mic, then salutes the fans with the bird on all 4 corners

Austin: John Cena!


Austin: You want Stone Cold out here?


Austin: Well here I am boy, get your ass out here!


Austin: WHAT


Austin: I said WHAT


Austin smiles to the crowd

Austin: Come on Johnny boy....

*My Time Is Now* hits to MAJOR heat as John Cena heads to the ring with a cold stare directed straight at Austin, holding the contract in one hand, and a mic in the other. He stops at ringside and gives a "You Can't See Me" to a few fans insulting him

Cena: I was wondering how long it would be before you came out, I was almost worried I'd have to come down here and iniate this...

Austin: WHAT?


Cena: I wa....

Austin: WHAT?


Cena stops talking, knowing Austin won't stop

Austin: You dragged my away from my home, where I was sittin' down, having a beer


Austin: Watching the replay of the game


Austin: Having some more beer


Austin: To sign this contract?

Cena: That's right.

Austin: Well, get in here and hand it over.....

Cena: Well I'd love to do that Steve, but before I do, let me draw your attention, and the crowd's, to the titantron for a feature presentation!

Cena points to the tron as the camera turns and fixates on it, and it's a shot of the parking lot and Austin's 4x4 still parked there. Cena smiles, as Austin frowns at him, wondering what's going on, when a monster truck comes from the side at full pace and smashes into the side of it, sending it flying into the wall! The monster truck then follows in and crushes the 4x4 against the wall, reducing it to a crushed cube!

Austin looks pissed as Cena smiles, getting into the ring

Austin: You sonnuva bitch!

Austin boots Cena to the gut as he is getting through the ropes, and tackles him to the ground and starts hammering away at him as the crowd goes wild, Austin unloads right hands on Cena

Austin pulls Cena up and boots him in the ribs, and goes for the Stunner, but Cena pushes Austin away into the ropes, and as Austin rebounds, Cena clocks him over the head with the microphone! Austin falls to the mat as Cena drops down and hits Austin over the head again and again with the mic, busting Austin wide open. Cena then runs his fingers through the blood, and uses it to sign Austin's name across the contract. Cena then raises the contract high, with the blood of Austin clearly visible across the dotted line, and Austin down beside Cena bleeding perfusely


JR: Welcome back to Monday night RAW folks, just before the break, John Cena got his answer and his contract signed, it is official, in two weeks at Summerslam, John Cena will face Steve Austin in a match. And what a match that will be!

King: That will be huge, but what about what just happened during the break JR?

JR: It's big, and thanks to WWE Unlimited, this is what went down in the break....

**WWE Unlimited Footage**

Cena: Thank you Steve, for signing your death warrant. But this Saturday night, as we all know, is Saturday Night's Main Event, from Salt Lake City, Utah, and Steve, I challenge you to something I haven't done in a long, long time, and that is a battle rap. That's right, this Saturday, you and me, rapping off, and we'll see who embarasses who won't we? I'll be expecting you to show up Steve. Word life!

Cena drops the mic and does his taunt and then heads backstage

**End of Footage**

JR: That will no doubt be interesting to see if Stone Cold shows up for the "battle rap".

*If Ya Smell* hits and the crowd explodes with an electric ovation as The Rock heads to the ring, he climbs the buckle and soaks up the tremendous pops he gets from the crowd, then gets into the ring, heads across the ring to the other corner and taunts again, getting a huge cheer

*Ain't No Stoppin' Me* plays and Shelton Benjamin heads to the ring dressed all playa, which gets The Rock laughing at him. Shelton tells him to watch, as Rock bursts into more laughter

Match 3
The Rock vs Shelton Benjamin

Very good match in the middle of the show, both men give a top performance, with Shelton constantly outclassing The Rock, who is getting annoyed with Shelton's athleticism.

Shelton backs Rock into the corner and unloads with right hands, then goes to whip him across the ring, but Rock reverses it, sending Shelton towards the opposite turnbuckle, and The Rock follows in, only to have Shelton leap onto the turnbuckle and moonsault over The Rock! The Rock stops and turns around into a lifted shin kick, Shelton covers for a 2 count.
Shelton stomps on The Rock, then lays him on the bottom rope and uses it to choke Rocky out with it.

Shelton now waits for Rock to get up, and goes for the T-Bone, but Rock blocks it, then spins around and connects with the People's DDT to Shelton!
Both men down.

The crowd begins a ten count, which reaches 4 and The Rock nips up! The crowd cheers, then at 5, Shelton nips up, which startles The Rock and shocks The Rock, as Shelton smiles at him, and Rock hits a big right hand, and follows it in with more, backing Shelton to the ropes, Rock then goes to finish the combo, but Shelton ducks it and rolls The Rock up 1.....2....SHELTON PUTS HIS FEET ON THE ROPES FOR LEAVERAGE......3!

Winner @ 12:34 - Shelton Benjamin

The crowd boos, and half are in shock, as Shelton rolls out of the ring pleased with his big victory, while Rock looks dumfounded in the ring, he can't believe what just happened

Shelton rasies his arms up on stage, while Rock tells the ref what happened, but the ref dismisses The Rock's words

JR: Shelton Benjamin just stole a major victory over The Rock! The crowd is shocked, The Rock is shocked, we're shocked!

King: That was unbelievable JR! The ref didn't see the feet all over the ropes and Shelton steals a memorable win here in Uniondale!

JR: There'll be no room for that kind of foul play in 20 days at Summerslam!

Backstage now and Eric Bischoff is talking with Christian in the privacy of their locker room

Bischoff: So this Saturday, your "interview" with Mick Foley on the Peep Show is all set up?

Christian: Don't worry Eric we've sorted everything out. Don't be surprised if a few cameos are made though.

Bischoff: O I won't.

The two laugh as Shelton bursts in, still estatic after his win moments ago

Shelton: Did you see that? Did you see that? That's why I'm gonna win this match at Summerslam Eric, I just pinned The Rock 1-2-3 in that ring!

Bischoff: Congratulations Shelton, well done.

Christian: Pfft.

Shelton turns to his "teammate"

Shelton: What's your problem?

Christian: You beat The Rock. Big deal, I pinned him twice.

Shelton: Yes but I have a 100% record against him, while you, let me think, almost lost your nuts along with the match against him at Bad Blood!

Crowd pops as Shelton & Christian get in each other's faces

Shelton: See Eric? That's why I'm gonna be the guy gaining victory for this team in 3 weeks, not Christian here.

Christian: O yeah, why don't you put your money where your mouth is and let's see who's the better man?

Both men look ready to come to blows, but Bischoff steps in between them

Bischoff: For God's sake! If you two don't keep your ego's in check, then I'll make sure neither of you get what you want after I win that damn GM spot back! You understand me?

Shelton: Yeah.

Christian: Yeah I here you.

Christian & Shelton share an uneven stare as Christian walks out, Shelton waits a few moments and heads out, while Bischoff puts his head in hands and takes a deep breath and sighs

Bischoff: This team is gonna be the end of me, I swear....

Bischoff shakes his head again as we fade to ringside

JR: There is some major ego issues that need to be checked on in Team Bischoff, otherwise his team won't be able to get along in 20 days time at Summerslam!

King: It's not a good sign for Eric Bischoff, but a great, I mean GREAT sign for RAW however, I hope that whiny little bastard never shows back up as RAW GM! Ever!

JR: OK King, calm down.

King: Sorry, but that man is a horrible excuse for a human being....

*Metalingus* hits to big heat as Edge runs out on stage, and does his usual taunt, before making his way to the ring, Lita by his side, the Rated R Superstar slides into the ring and grabs a mic

Edge: You people here in Uniondale are in for a real treat!

Crowd boos Edge

Edge: Not only do you get to see the single handedly greatest superstar of all time, me, tonight. But, you get to see me beat the living snot out of some forty something year old moron who thinks it's cool to still don a black jacket and face paint himself like Gene Simmons....

Crowd boos Edge, who is obviously insulting Sting

Edge: What kind of reject does that kinda thing? It must give him that funny feeling. The kinda feeling he wishes, and all you fat, ugly, sloppy New Yorkers wish you could get going home to your repudnent wives and girlfriends that I get with my girl, Lita, all night long!

Crowd boos again, a huge *Asshole* chant starts

Edge: You're all gonna witness a little preview of Summerslam, because not only will I repeat my great feat of beating Sting, but I'll do the same to Scott Alco-hall, The Crock, Pot Van Sham and the glorified stuntman!

Crowd gives a light laugh which is quickly overcome by huge heat

Edge: And another thing, Christian & Shelton Benjamin, I heard your little cat fight earlier, if you guys wanna know how the big boys do it, you can tune in right now on your monitors backstage, and see how the Rated R Superstar does things. I'll give you a few pointers, show you how to actually win a match for a change, and that hoods and Miami sweatshirts aren't the "in" thing in fashion, and that I, am.

Edge drops the mic as *Ride The Lightning* hits to a huge reaction from the fans as Sting makes his way out and the pyro crashes into the stage behind him, the crowd starts a big *Sting* chant as he gets onto the apron, and mouths something at Edge

Match 4
Sting vs Edge

Very good match, both men going at it with the crowd into Sting and booing the hell out of Edge.

Edge takes control of the match when Lita distracts the ref and Edge kicks Sting low in the abdomin area and then uses the ropes to choke Sting with.
Edge now puts the boots to Sting in the corner and makes a cover for a 2 count.

Edge brings Sting to his feet and whips him to the ropes and locks on a sleeper hold. Sting falls down and begins to fade, but gets the sudden second wind and fights to his feet, battling back with elbows to the ribs of Edge, Sting then rebounds off the ropes and connects with a diving clothesline, taking Edge down. Sting hits a knife edge chop to Edge, then a right hand, and a knee to the ribs of Edge, backing him to the corner. Sting slams Edge's head into the turnbuckle, then backs into the opposite corner and charges in, looking for the Stinger's Splash, but Edge moves, and Sting crashes ribs first onto the turnbuckle, and then Edge yanks him down from behind from the head with the Edge-O-Matic! Cover 1.....2...KICKOUT!

The crowd pops as Edge runs his hands through his hair in frustration that Sting kicked out. Edge begins to put the boots to Sting, as Christian appears on the stage and begins walking to the ring. The ref asks him what he's doing, Christian just casually backs off, and watches as Edge takes Sting down with a scoop slam. Edge sees Christian and tells him to watch a real winner. Edge turns around and Sting trips him up and puts on the Sharpshooter, as the crowd goes wild! Edge is in seering pain, his eyes bursting wide, as Lita gets on the apron and the ref goes over to talk her out of it, as Christian pulls a chair from under the ring, reaches in between the ropes and clocks Sting over the face with the chair! Christian then drops the chair under the ring and pretends like nothing happened as Edge covers Sting for the 3 count!

Winner @ 10:10 - Edge

Edge gets out of the ring smiling, as Christian smiles back at him, and the two look at each other, Lita runs over to Edge and hugs him, Edge points to Christian as if to say "Thanks" and Christian nods and heads up the ramp smiling, while Edge celebrates his victory with a pash to Lita

JR: No that good son of a bitch Christian just cost Sting the match!

King: What's going on here JR, it looks like Team Bischoff may be on the same page after all, well, atleast these two seem to be.

JR: I seriously thought that Christian was going to hit Edge and ramble on about his ego again, but Christian has helped Edge steal a big win over Sting, adding to Shelton Benjamin's earlier victory over The Rock, Team Bischoff is looking stronger and gaining some momentum!

Sting gets to his feet in the ring holding his head and looks pissed off, he hops through the ropes and heads to the back biting his lip in dissapointment

We now cut over to the DX locker room to see HHH taping up his wrists, Road Dogg lacing up his boots, and Billy Gunn walking back and forth, pumping himself up for the main event tonight

HHH: You guys ready for this?

Billy: Yeah, you?

HHH: Man I was born for this. I've lived every moment of the last seven days thinking of getting my hands on Shawn Michaels, that backstabbing prick, and crippling him with a Pedigree.

Road Dogg: Just don't yourself disqualified eh Hunter?

HHH: Ha, don't worry about it guys. Let's do this...


*Sexy Boy* hits and the crowd boos loudly as Shawn Michaels makes his way to the ring with a stern look on his face, expressing little emotion, now knowing he has a match with HHH at Summerslam. HBK looks out into the crowd as he gets into the ring and just gazes out, leaning over the ropes as

*Dream Team* plays to heat as Cade & Jindrak, the Tag champs, head to the ring with Vince & Shane behind them, Vince is glaring at Shawn Michaels, Vince gets into the ring and right into Shawn's face, and begins to snarl and yell at him, until Shane steps in between and cools his dad off

The crowd falls silent as a *DX* chant begins and *Break It Down* cuts in sending the crowd into a frenzy with an amazing ovation as HHH, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn step out on stage with X-Pac right with them. The four line up on stage and let the crotch chops fly as the X jet pyro shoots off behind them. They head to the ring, looking focused

Main Event
Match 5
Six Man Tag
HHH/New Age Outlaws w/X-Pac
HBK/Cade & Jindrak w/Vince & Shane McMahon

Terrific main event, the crowd is hot throughout as DX take control early, beating on Cade or Jindrak, which ever one finds themself in the ring, while HBK refuses to tag in, especially when HHH is in.

Road Dogg miscalculates an elbow drop and Cade rolls over and tags in HBK, who quickly gets in to be greeted by a flood of boos from the crowd, Michaels takes Road Dogg down with a right hand, and then goes to whip RD to the ropes, but RD reverses and takes HBK down with an arm drag. Road Dogg then follows up with a dropkick to the jaw of HBK and tags in HHH to a booming response, but Michaels quickly rolls away and tags in Jindrak.
Jindrak gets in and gives a crotch chop to HHH, who levels Jindrak with a right hand.
HHH now powers up Jindrak and slams him with a suplex to the mat and covers for a 2 count.

HHH tags in Billy Gunn, who uses his power to dominate proceedings, until Jindrak backs him into the corner and while he distracts the ref, Jindrak uses the tag rope to choke out Billy, HBK then trips Billy down and yanks him groin first into the ring post! The crowd boos as Cade runs in and drops a leg to the back of the neck of Gunn and covers 1.....2...kickout. We head to a commercial with Cade in control.

We return to find HBK with Billy in a camel clutch, the crowd gets behind Billy, urging him to his feet, and Gunn begins to outpower HBK easily and gets him on his back, then falls down, squashing HBK between his back and the mat! The crowd cheers as Billy begins to crawl towards the DX corner, but Shane gets on the apron, getting the refs attention, while Jindrak nips into the ring and stomps on Gunn's head.

While this is happening, X-Pac tackles Shane off the apron and begins brawling with him, which brings Vince over, and X-Pac takes him down with a spinning heel kick! Inside the ring a brawl has broken out and the ref has lost control. Road Dogg is firing lefts and rights at Jindrak, while Michaels decides to grab a steel chair and bring it into the ring, but HHH cancels it out by bringing the sledgehammer in! HHH goes to take off Michaels' head, but HBK gets the chair up in time to block the shot and rolls out of the ring as the ref calls for the bell

Winners @ 15:36 - No Contest

HHH calls for HBK to come and get some, while he backs off up the ramp, and the Corporation is down at ringside making their way out also, HBK uses his index finger to tap on his head to say he outsmarted The Game, who stands there breathing heavily with a menacing look on his face

HHH: I'm not done with you Shawn! I'll deal with your scrawny ass at Summerslam, but this Saturday, I'm gonna kick your ass (points to Vince) and yours (points to Shane) first, just to vent some anger out, before I come for you Shawn! And if you ain't down with that, DX has two words for ya...... SUCK IT!

The crowd cheers as the show goes off air with DX standing in the ring staring at the Corporation, while HHH & HBK share a dead lock on each other


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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Raw looked great man, I'll try to get a review up as soon as possible bro.

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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Me too. I also forgot about this. Renegade, I'll be reviewing this. Probably tonight.

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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Very sad to see no reviews, despite all the reviews I have handed out recently. Hopefully some come through today and tonight.


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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Originally Posted by Renegade™
Very sad to see no reviews, despite all the reviews I have handed out recently. Hopefully some come through today and tonight.

You are definitely getting one from me tomorrow. I just have three tests to study for tomorrow, and I really cannot be spending half an hour on a review when I have more important things to take care of. It is on my head if you do not have a Raw review tomorrow.

By the way, I just repped you past 2,000!
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

WWE RAW -- Uniondale; NY –- Review

I was really impressed with this promo. I mean, I really loved this one. Everything was perfect. Only one thing did not seem good to me is the finish of the promo because I think it could've done better. Anyways, Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels at SummerSlam would be great. I think that it should’ve given some more build-up though. And the Saturday Night’s Main-Event between Shane & Vince vs. Triple H would be cool. I am wondering who’se the heel and face at SummerSlam. Hope that we know this in few weeks.

It’s funny that once again Coach, somehow finds a way to retain the Hardcore Championship. Raven, once again comes up and screws Rhino out of the title. Looks like to me that Raven vs. Rhino is heating up. And I guess that the match between them is booked at SummerSlam.

I can say that Austin would likely show up and sign the contract. If not, than I’ll be somewhat surprised. Let’s see what more you can do in the build-up of this feud. By the way, I am expecting something [Maybe brutal] huge to happen tonight between them.

Scott Hall. I really don’t like him. I still think that Razor Ramon > Scott Hall. Anyways, I don’t know that he fits in Foley’s team or not but from what I can see: Foley’s team is looking good, holmes! Lol…

I’d say that AJ Styles was used really good in this match. Apart from that, I really liked this match because of the shocking aftermath. It was interesting that Carlito did not tagged-in Test and spat the apple right into his face. And then after that, a big surprise of Haas turning heel and turning on AJ. That shocked me. And by the way, I don’t think that Carlito vs. Test could be good though. Lmao. Biggest part of my athletic ass. Man, that was gold. Rofl.

Seems to be that Shane-O-Mac and Vince McMahon has a plan to take out Shawn Michaels tonight. I think that HBK would turn the tables on them and beat the crap outta them though. Or maybe I could be wrong and HHH could do the same with D-X at this side against McMahons and HBK. Looks interesting mate and it’s not predictable, which is awesome.

Oh my gawd! Man, things are really looking interesting here. It was a great promo, which I loved. Other than that, I think that Cena paying back what Austin did last week was something even more interesting. Austin now tries to get over with Cena, but he gets the best and leaves Austin in the ring, with blood going off from his head. Yes, as I said that something brutal would happen. So it’s official d00dz, Austin vs. Cena at SummerSlam! Hell yeah!

Battle Rap would be good mate. It will be interesting how you do this one because I think that it’d be hard to write raps, lol. I don’t have experience in this thing though. Maybe that’s why I am saying that…

It was a damn good match. Match of the night so far. Shelton wins the match and uses the ropes for leverage? Rock vs. Shelton coming up? That would be cool man. I’d love it. [Edited Part: Oh, I edited this later man, now I see that this was all about building up Eric vs. Foley’s feud, now I get it.] Anyway, good match there. Erm, some problems for Team Bischoff. That’s not a surprise for me though because I expected that, this would happen.

Edge was right on the spot here. I couldn’t find anything wrong about the promo here. Okay, here comes Sting and the match goes underway. Contest was good between them because both men gave a back and forth action. I was shocked that Christian came up and turned on Sting. Christian vs. Sting here? It could be interesting. I hope that you do it a lot better then the way TNA produced. [Edited Part: Same like Shelton vs. Rock.] And it looks like that Foley’s team is gaining advantage over here at RAW.

Amazing main-event here. Back and forth action was produced here, with the brawls, and everything else than that was perfect. So, the match ends in a No Contests and I am glad that we did not see someone gaining advantage over other, which made both, HBK and HHH look strong. Alright, you’ll be glad that I finished this review.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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