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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Edited Post:
Stipulation added to War Games match at SummerSlam is great. I hope that when Kane returns, He comes back wearing a mask. I can see him feuding with Sting when he comes back. Great news here though.

By the way, Please delete some of your Personal Messages. I want to send you a PM.

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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

^ OK, but with War Games, it's at Summerslam, not Survivor Series.


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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

WWE RAW Preview

RAW comes to you hot off the heels of a blockbuster Bad Blood, where new champions were crowned, old friends reformed old stables, and all hell broke loose

DX will be in the ouse with the new champion HHH, what will they have to say on H's big 11th title win, and on them getting back together? What does The Corporation have in stall for them?

And how will John Cena react after losing his title, and now knowing he cannot challenge for it again while HHH is the champion?

All this plus the Hardcore title is decided as Rhino, obviously still feeling his effects of the KOTM last night, takes on the mammoth A-train for the gold

Plus all the fall out from Bad Blood, tune into RAW on the USA Network at 9/8pm


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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Can't wait for RAW and I hope you can follow the momentum from Bad Blood and hype Summerslam at the same time.

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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

^ i hope it's good, I'l be posting later tonight, as I am no gonna be able to use the comp on Monday it looks like, I hope it follows up well enough, although I just feel a little off with this show, must be getting back into the groove of things.

Look forward to your review RRS.


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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Fresno; CA


*Opening Video*

Syles: Welcome to Monday Night RAW everyone! We are live from the Cow Palace in Fresno, California, and what a night it's going to be, 24 hours removed from Bad Blood, which was one of the best PPV's I've ever witnessed! We had a hellacious KOTM match in which Charlie Haas retained his IC title, Sting & Kane went to hell and back in a brutal Hardcore match, RVD beat Shelton Benjamin for the final time over their MITB feud, and of course, HHH beat John Cena in a "Final Confrontation" lumberjack match with Mr. McMahon as the guest ref, and is the new WWE champion.

King: But how can you forget the biggest news, DX is back!

Styles: That's right, DX reformed at the end of the night in front of a capacity crowd in the Conseco Fieldhouse!

Coach: It was a travesty! If Austin didn't give Vince that Stunner and then hit Cena, Cena would still be the champ!

Styles: Well maybe if Cena hadn't provoked Austin all night, he wouldn't have done it!

The arena falls silent and then *Are You Ready?* plays and the crowd goes wild with a HUGE pop as the familiar DX music begins to play

Styles: O MY! DX is here, right now!

Coach: Yay.....

King: What a way to kick off RAW!

*Break It Down* hits and then the crowd comes alive as the New Age Outlaws come out first, followed by X-Pac, and then the new WWE champion, The Game HHH!

HHH & Billy are wearing DX jerseys, Road Dogg has a tanktop and X-Pac has a black jacket with DX in green on the back. They get in the ring and line up in a row of four, then let the crotch chops fly as the "X" jet pyro flys off behind them

The crowd finally starts to die down as Road Dogg grabs a few mics

Road Dogg: Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, D-Generation X proudly brings to you your new WWE champion of the world, The Game, The King of Kings, HHH!

The crowd erupts as Road Dogg hands the mic to HHH

HHH: Thank you, Dogg.

Crowd laughs as HHH hoists his title higher on his shoulder

HHH: Last night, it happened. I told you all. I am the man again! John Cena, is once again, going to have to live off what small amount of revenue his insult to Vanilla Ice CD makes, because I'm the champ baby! And as long as it's around my waist, or over my shoulder, or hanging from certain other parts of my body....

Crowd laughs

HHH: Johnny Boy doesn't get a title shot!

Crowd erupts

Billy: But that's alright, because we already started to kick into the "John Cena Relief fund!"

HHH: That's right. We went down to the record store to buy a John Cena CD, but we couldn't find it anywhere in the $2 bin out front could we?

Billy: No Hunter we couldn't, but we did find it in the sanatation bin out back, next to some old cardboard boxes and Paris Hilton's single!

Crowd erupts, as Billy & HHH slap a high five

HHH: But in all seriosuness, this feels so good. DX is back!

Crowd erupts and a loud *DX* chant starts

Road Dogg: And if you ain't down with that we got two words for ya, SU-

*No Chance* hits to huge heat, as the DX foursome turn towards the stage and see Vince McMahon appear on stage with Shane, Test, Cade & Jindrak, but no Cena

Vince: Cut the bloody music!

The music is cut and the crowd boos the Corporation

Vince: You no good son of a bitch, you wouldn't be champion if it wasn't for Steve Austin...

Crowd erupts for the mention of Austin


Crowd gives heat towards McMahon, who is looking very pissed off

HHH: Phew! WHOA! Guys, can you smell that?

X-Pac: O that smells nasty!

Road Dogg: What is it?

HHH: It smells alot like a big bunch of bullshit!

Crowd erupts with laughter as Vince seems even more pissed off

HHH: Vince, where's your lapdog? Where's Johnny Boy?

Billy: I guess the strudle's only for lickin' when Cena has the championship with him, anyways, Vince has plenty of other people around him to suck up to him. He's got his son to eat it with the silver spoon that's stuck so far up his ass, or he's got Marky Mark junior over here with a Jesus wanna be and a silent, big version of Carson Cressley!

Crowd erupts as Vince bites his lower lip, shaking his head

Vince: SHUT THE HELL UP! ALL OF YOU! Kick their ass, now!

Test, Cade, Jindrak & Shane run to the ring and we have ourselves a major brawl sparking out, as *Erk-Crash* hits to a good pop and Mick Foley comes out on stage

Foley: Hey, cut it out!

The 8 men stop brawling and look up at Foley, both sides keeping one eye on each other and one eye on Foley

Foley: Firstly, can I say it's great to be back in Fresno!

Crowd erupts for the cheap pop, as Foley raises his thumb and smiles

Foley: Well, I see you've all got scores to settle, so hows about this. Tonight, in the main event, it will be DX vs the Corporation!

Crowd cheers

Foley: And let's make it interesting while Eric Bischoff isn't here, if the Corporation wins, then next week, HHH will defend his WWE title against....

Foley moves his index finger around, scanning the men in the ring, then stops, and turns it to Vince McMahon, who is looking up to the roof, not noticing who Foley is pointing at

Foley: Vince McMahon!

The crowd pops as Vince's eyes open wide, first with shock, but then he smiles and nods

Foley leaves as we go to a break, with HHH smiling at Vince, who stares coldly at him


We return and find Gail Kim in the ring with her newly won Women's title, as she readies herself

*MJ* plays to no reaction whatsoever and Mickie james heads to the ring looking to claim her title back

Match 1
Women's Championship
Gail Kim (c) vs Mickie James

Fair womens match which doesn't last long and gets stale in the middle, but Gail mounts a comeback after Mickie has controlled the match.
Gail sends Mickie to the ropes and knocks her down with a clothesline, then rebounds off the ropes and drops a body splash, followed by a cover for 2.

Gail goes for a suplex, but Mickie counters with a suplex of her own, which gets a close fall on Gail.
Mickie now goes for the Mick Kick, but Gail avoids it, then grabs Mickie, loads her up and drops her with a brainbuster! Gail covers for the 3 and retains her championship

Winner @ 3:54 - Gail Kim
Retains Her Women's Championship

Gail gets her title and celebrates as we go backstage to see Mick Foley taking a nap in his office, feet on the desk and leaning back against the wall, when Eric Bischoff walks in the door looking like he just came in from a hurricane. Bischoff smiles, then turns and slams the door, spooking Foley out of his sleep, and he falls off the chair, bringing a small laugh from the fans and a big one from Bischoff

Foley gets back on his chair

Bischoff: What where you doing? Where you snoozing on the job?

Foley: I was just resting my eyes.

Bischoff: Haha, don't kid yourself Foley, you already made yourself look like a moron. And Mick, have you decided who's going to be your five man team yet for Summerslam?

Foley: No, not yet. I'll have to wait and see.

Bischoff: You're a fool Foley, I already have mine planned, prepare to wait on me everyweek for the rest of the year.....fool.....

Foley: Well, this fool just booked a blockbuster main event, and you, where the hell were you?

Bischoff: WHAT? I was stuck in traffic, this city is friggin' insane, no one was letting me turn off into the street. You bo...booked the main event wit...without me?

Foley: O yeah, it's a big one. DX vs The Corporation in an 8 man tag and if the Corporation wins, Vince faces HHH next week for the WWE title!

Bischoff is speachless as Foley gets up and heads out, Bischoff the throws his briefcase against the floor in frustration, while we see Foley grinning as he turns around

Styles: Well Bischoff just can't seem to get a break at the moment!

Coach: Nothing's going my mans way! Things will pick up though, after Summerslam, that no good Foley will be Eric's servant for the rest of the year. Then we'll see how Foley acts!

Styles: Well Todd Grisham is standing by with Christian.

Grisham: Christian, last night, you said you would make it 3 and 0 to you, over The Rock. But, The Rock defeated you, and made you eat all your words whole.

Christian: Toddy, here's ten cents. Use it, to call a cab, hop in it and then get the hell out of my sight, forever.

Christian grabs the mic off Grisham and pushes him away

Christian: We all know why The Rock won that match. He had to rely on my groin injury to win that match, I was kicking the Brahma bullshit out of his body until that "accident". But for my peeps, despite medical advice, I continued the match, in vein that I would be able to pull out a victory. But it was not to be. Because I felt like I had two watermelons hanging off my privates. I could barely move my legs. That's how The Rock won. It was a lucky break Rock, next time, you will not be so lucky.

We hear a cough in the background, and the camera spins around and we see The Rock there, he gets a huge pop from the fans

Rock: Next time? Christian, you're mistaken, there will be no "next time". The Rock plain and simply put whipped your monkey ass all over the Fieldhouse, and he'll be glad to do it all over again tonight in the Cow Palace!

The crowd erupts with a *Rocky* chant

Rock: And hows the twins? Are they blown up like a pair of blue bowling balls, or did they fall off and roll away, like all the women you get in bed with?

Crowd laughs as Christian shakes his head

Rock: Now get your sore, candy ass outta here, and go and nurse your fruit basket, because your melons are about to burst.

Christian: This isn't over, Rock.

Rock: It's as over as you are at the local gay bar.

Christian turns and walks, but cracks a wry smile, while The Rock watches him and shakes his head

Styles: Well, Christian seems a little upset tonight. Could it be that The Rock has finally gotten the better of the war of words with Christian?

Coach: I don't think so, Christian has better things to do then keep arguing with him!

*World's Greatest* hits to a standing ovation as Charlie Haas makes his way to the ring, limping slightly and with a cast on his left arm, the crowd give him a generous ovation for his efforts in the match last night

*Masterpiece* plays to heat as Chris Masters comes to the ring with a large bandaid across his forehead, but still chewing his gum and looking confident as always

Match 2
Intercontinental Championship
Charlie Haas (c) vs Chris Masters

Decent matchup, both men show signs that they are still hurting after the war they went through last night.

Masters has controlled the majority of the match, working on Haas' bad arm, but a reverse attempt on the Masterlock sees Haas take down Masters with a German suplex.
Haas bridges it for a 2 count.
Both men get to their feet and Haas hits Masters with a right hand, and another.
Haas sends Masters to the ropes and goes for a Exploder, but Masters fights out of it and connects with the Polish sledge to the face. Cover 1.....2....kickout!
Masters thought he had the IC title won there.
The Masterpiece now waits for Haas to get up, ready to set up the Masterlock.
Haas gets to his feet and Masters tries to lock it on, but Haas slips out of it, trips Masters down and locks on the Haas of Pain!
Masters tries to get out of the hold and grab the ropes, but he can't get anywhere, and eventually, The Masterpiece taps out!

Winner @ 8:35 - Charlie Haas
Retains IC Championship

Haas rolls out of the ring and gets his title, then celebrates with the fans for a moment, before he turns back and heads over to the timekeeper's table, and picks up a mic

Haas: Everyone back there, in the RAW locker room, listen up! Starting next week, I will be holding an open challenge to ANYONE on the RAW roster to come and take this belt off me. I look forward to your challenge....

Haas drops the mic and heads out as we go back to the announce table

Styles: An open challenge starting up next week for the IC title?

Coach: Haas' confidence is too high, and hopefully, someone's gonna take that belt off him!

King: Well so far no one has been able to, and he's had plenty of opponents.

We cut backstage and see Vince McMahon in the Corporation dressing room all by himself, and he is one his cellphone to someone

Vince: you listen to me, I did what you wanted done. Because of it, you're not here. Now, you hold up your end of the damn bargain tonight, you know what you have to do, so you had better show up and do it. I'm not in a mood to mess with!

There is a slight pause, then Vince gets angry all of a sudden and yells into the phone

Vince: I don't care you no good, self indulgent prick! Yes, you will get what you want, just as long as I do too. So get in your damn car and get over here, because if you no-show, you're career is OVER!

Vince hangs up and storms out in a bad mood as we go to a commercial


Styles: Welcome back to RAW, just before we went to a break, Vince McMahon was on the phone. We do not know to whom it was, but it doesn't sound good for tonight.

King: I wonder who that could be, and Vince didn't seem particulary happy about speaking to him at all.

Coach: Mr. McMahon is a genious, and I'm sure whatever he has up his sleeve, it'll be a terrific surprise.

Styles: Will you please stop with the ass kissing? Well let's take you back to last night and show you the happenings of the main event, where HHH took the title off John Cena, who now can no longer fight for the WWE title while HHH is the champion!

*Video is shown as the lumberjacks break out into a huge brawl after Test interfere's on the part of Cena, then Austin stopping Vince's count and giving him a Stunner, then HHH nailing a Pedigree to Cena and Austin using Vince's hand to count the 3 for the win*

Styles: It was a bizare ending that was really bound to happen.

*My Time Is Now* hits to huge heat as John Cena slowly heads to the ring, looking stone cold, no expression on his face, he walks to the ring at a slow pace, while the crowd taunts and boos him. Cena gets into the ring with the crowd still booing him like crazy

Cena: Yo......yo......

Cena can't get anymore out as the crowd boos over him

Cena: Last night, was....something different.

Cena bites his lower lip, clearly frustrated

Cena: Last night was in fact a load of SHIT!

Crowd boos as Cena takes his cap off, throws it to the ground in anger and stomps on it

Cena: I was robbed, I had the match won, I was going to retain MY WWE title, and then it all went wrong. But I don't blame myself. I don't blame Vince McMahon or the lumberjacks, or even HHH. I blame one man for this, and that man is......

Cena drops his head and takes a deep breath while the crowd waits

Cena: Stone Cold Steve Austin!

The crowd erupts with a huge *Austin* chant which angers Cena

Cena: It was Stone Cold who stomped on Vince and then gave him a Stunner, it was Stone Cold who hit me and flipped me off. STONE COLD COST ME MY TITLE!

Crowd cheers as Cena shakes his head

Cena: Austin, get your ass out here right now, right now!

Crowd pops as Cena calls out Austin, and Cena circles the ring waiting, and a huge *Austin* chant begins

Cena is about to speak again when *GLASS SHATTERS* hits sending the crowd into a frenzy with a gigantic pop as Stone Cold heads to the ring smiling at Cena, Austin salutes the fans and then hops off the turnbuckle, and Cena is right in his face. Austin goes to move aside, but Cena gets in his way. Austin licks his lips and looks at Cena as if to say "move it", but Cena shakes his head, and Austin responds with the middle finger right in Cena's face to a huge pop, as Austin heads over and grabs a mic

Austin: Lemme get this straight.


Austin: You're out here, you're a little grumpy, coz old Stone Cold Stunned your "special" ref Vince, and then hit you right in between your vile, wanna be Vanilla Ice lips.


Austin: And used the old man's hand to count the fall


Austin: Well son, as you told me before that match....

Austin does the "You Can't See Me" taunt right in front of Cena to a big *OOO* from the crowd, as Cena grits his teeth as Austin continues to circle the ring

Austin: Now son, you shut that trap of yours and listen up....

Cena: NO! You, shutup you past your prime glory hog! Just as Edge proved last night, you're done. You're past it. Your best days are still back in the mid 90's, and this is 2006!

Austin: O really? Well from where I'm standing it's the early 90's in Orange County!

Crowd erupts for the white rapper joke at Cena

Austin: No you can run your trap about this and that, but the fact is, you lost, and it's your falt. It's not my fault HHH whipped your ass


Austin: It's not my fault you can't rap


Austin: In fact, Stone Cold Steve Austin has a little rap for you.

Cena: No, hell no! Austin, you took what was mine, what I deserved, and now as long as Pinnochio back there is champ, I can't get my rightful shot at it, so I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll have a shot at the next best thing....

Cena clocks Austin over the forehead with his mic, knocking Austin down to huge heat. Cena now mounts Austin and pummels away at the forehead of Austin, which has now been busted wide open

Cena now waits for Austin to get up, and when he does, Cena hoists Austin on his shoulders and plants him with an FU!

Cena now stands tall over Austin's bloodied body and pounds on his chest slowly, grimacing coldly, Cena then goes as far as to spit on Austin as he leaves

Styles: John Cena just assaulted Stone Cold!

Coach: And Austin had it coming Joey, you know it, I know it too.

King: You can be sure that Steve Austin will have something to say about that attack next week!

Backstage now and Chris Masters is fuming about his loss earlier, and he bumps into Scott Hall, takes no notice of him and continues to walk off, but Hall grabs him by the shoulder

Hall: Ey chico!

Masters turns around

Masters: Take your hand off me, old man.

Scott Hall brushes his hair out of his face before saying

Hall: Well this "old man" could kick your cocky, young, roid ragin' behind anyday of the week!

Masters: Is that a fact?

Hall: O yeah....

Hall & Masters get in each other's faces and Hall flicks his toothpick into Masters' face, then wiggles his fingers at him, pretending to be scared. Masters laughs for a moment, then walks away, leaving Hall there staring at him

*I Am* hits and the crowd goes wild as AJ Styles steps out from the curtain to a huge reaction from the fans. Styles holds his arms out by his sides on the stage and the golden pyro falls behind him, he then flips his hood up and makes his way into the ring

*O-O-AY* and Monty Brown storms towards the ring to heat, throwing his fur coat down by ringside and running up the stairs, then hops into the ring looking focused

Match 3
AJ Styles vs Monty Brown

Very good match again put on between these two, both men still showing effects from last nights hellacious KOTM match however, doesn't stop a top match.

Brown has Styles planted with a Powerslam, and now waits for him to get up, looking for the POUNCE, but Styles sidesteps it, and nails the Pele Kick to the back of Brown's head!
The crowd pops as Styles now unloads with a fury of right and lefts at Brown, staggering the Serengetti monster to the ropes.
Styles goes to whip him to the ropes, but Brown reverses, comes off the opposite side and connects with a POUNCE!

Brown makes the cover for an elementary 3 count

Winner @ 7:54 - Monty Brown

Monty Brown goes outside and picks up a mic

Brown: Eric Bischoff, I understand you're looking to fill out your five man team for War Games at Summerslam, and I just put you on notice, I want in, so you can be down with the new Brown, PERIOD!

Brown drops the mic and heads to the back as we go to a commercial


We return with an outside shot of the Cow Palace which brings the crowd to pop, as we then cut inside to the commentary team

Styles: Welcome back to RAW, and we are about to see the Hardcore title decided as Rhino takes on the mammoth A-Train!

*Train Wreck* hits to heat as A-Train heads to the ring with a trash can full of roadsigns and kendo sticks and the like

*Freight Animal* hits to a big reaction as Rhino pounds on his chest and runs to the ring, showing no fear of the 350 pound A-Train

Match 4
Hardcore Championship
Rhino vs A-Train

Entertaining brawl, which the crowd enjoys as the two combatants batter each other with the trash can, it's lid, roadsigns, kendo sticks and even a chair comes into play as Rhino blasts A-Train over the forehead with it.
Rhino covers for a close fall.

Rhino now sets up A-Train for the GORE, but A-Train gets a jumping scissors kick up in the face of Rhino! A-Train covers for a 2.
Train loads up Rhino for the Train Wreck backbreaker. Train goes to sit down for it, but Rhino gets out the back, picks up a baking sheet and hits A-Train over the back with it, then on the head.
Rhino covers for a 2.
Rhino tries to hit a Belly to Belly on A-Train, but A-Train counters with one of his own.
A-Train pulls Rhino up and goes for the Derailer, but Rhino boots him in the ribs, rebounds off the ropes and connects with a GORE! Rhino hooks the leg for the 1...2...3 and we have our first Hardcore champ of 06!

Winner @ 8:49 - Rhino
New Hardcore Champion

Rhino is handed the belt and he plays to the crowd to a good pop as we go backstage, where Monty Brown is walking down the halls, packed up and most likely heading to the car park, when we hear the familiar voice of Bischoff calling him in the background, and the camera turns around to see Bischoff jogging up to Brown

Bischoff: Hold up Monty!

Brown stops as Bischoff reaches him

Brown: What do you want?

Bischoff: I heard you earlier, I saw you dismantle AJ Styles, and I heard what you said, that you're available for my team at Summerslam.

Brown: Damn right I did, I deserve the exposure, no one can stop me!

Bischoff: That's great to hear, because I want you to be the first man to join my War Games team! Whadda say?

Brown: Hell yes. Mick Foley's boys are gonna feel the wrath and be down with "The New Brown" PERIOD!

Brown heads into the parking lot, as we see Bischoff smiling as we cut back to ringside

Styles: Eric Bischoff is wasting no time filling up his team for War Games, which is still just uner 2 months away!

Coach: It's smart strategy! And that's why Bischoff's team will prevail.

Styles: So you can predict the future?

Coach: Of course. Always listen to the Coach.

King: Shutup idiot.

Styles: Folks, coming up after the break, the main event, 8 man tag when we return!

We see a shot of Shane, Test, Cade & Jindrak heading to the entrance way, and then a shot of DX walking through the halls also, who get a major pop as we go to the break


*No Chance In Hell* hits to HUGE heat from the fans as Shane leads his team to the ring, with Vince McMahon following them out and joining in for commentary for the main event, while the four men await in the ring

*Are You Ready?* blasts to a huge reaction as the lights flicker green and the DX titantron begins playing, and then *Break It Down* rocks the arena to a massive ovation as DX step out on stage, flying the DX colours, and HHH holding up his WWE title to a huge cheer, the foursome then get in the ring and let the crotch chops fly as the pyro blasts behind them

Match 5
Main Event
8 Man Tag Match
DX vs The Corporation

Big main event, DX controls Shane McMahon at the beginning showing good signs of unity in their first 24 hours back together.

However, a cheap move from Test on X-Pac allows the Corporation to isolate him from the DX corner for a fair bit of time, running through a commercial and then as we return we find that Jindrak is still controlling X-Pac in the middle of the ring.

Jindrak places X-Pac in the corner and then pulls the ref away, distracting him while Cade uses the tag rope to choke X-Pac out.
Test then levels X-Pac with a right hand, and Jindrak covers him for a 2 count.
Jindrak tags in Cade and the duo give crotch chops to the DX corner which brings in the Outlaws, and allows Test to make an illegal entry into the ring, pretending to tag in with Cade, and plant X-Pac with a Sidesweep Powerbomb. Test covers 1.....2....Billy Gunn breaks it up!

Test puts the boots to X-Pac as we head to the final commercial.
As we return, Shane McMahon is casually driving elbows into x-Pac in the corner, then fires a jabbing combo and dances around before going to finish it off, but X-Pac blocks it! Shane looks stunned, and X-Pac quickly nails a wheel kick to the chin of Shane, as both men are down.

DX gets the crowd into the match, as they clap on X-Pac who crawls to the corner and tags in the extended hand of HHH!

The WWE champion gets into the ring and nails a big right on Shane, then one to Jindrak, then Test. Cade runs in but is met with a high knee lift, then The Game catches Shane McMahon with a powerslam. HHH goes to cover but Test breaks it up, which brings the Outlaws in and the ref has lost control of this match.

Road Dogg clotheslines Jindrak out of the ring, as Billy does likewise with Cade, and the two tag teams brawl on the outside.
Test tries a sneak attack on HHH, but HHH meets him with a rolling spinebuster! HHH now pulls Shane McMahon up and hooks the arms for the Pedigree when a masked man plants a superkick to the chin of HHH from nowhere!

The crowd is stunned as the masked figure quickly rolls out of the ring and out through the crowd, and Shane falls ontop of an unconscious HHH for the 3 count!

Winners @ 13:42 - The Corporation
Vince McMahon gets a WWE Championship match next week

The crowd gives major heat as the Corporation celebrate their win on the stage, with Vince smiling sadistically at HHH, who looks shocked after being hit with the superkick from the masked man

The rest of DX gets into the ring and stares at the Corporation, as the show goes off the air


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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

hey man nics rosters, do u have the video of backlash
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Sure, I'll just pull it out of my ass....

Fucking moron.

Hopefully my next few responders are a little more with the program.....


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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Adam, I have read the whole show but will review at Monday. And yeah, I got your other PM also.

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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Raw Review:

Great opening promo. DX gets the ball moving in the right place with their comedy lines. The Corporation come out and we have ourselves a brawl here. Foley comes out and tonight it's DX vs. The Corporation in the Main Event, with if DX wins, Trips defends the belt against Vince next week on Raw.

Not too much to say about the Womens' Championship match, as I know you're really not a fan of womens's matches and Gail wins. As for the Foley/Bischoff segment, another good piece. You really have been able to capture both Foley and Bischoff's characters in this thread.

Another funny segment with Christian and The Rock. Please let this feud continue man. Hass continues his impressive run as the champion and starting next week he will hold an open challenge for the title. Man, this is going to be big. I was going to say Vince was talking to Cena, but Cena is already in the arena.

Cena and Austin put on a great segment and Cena is really doing it big as a heel in this thread. As for Austin, he always comes with the entertainment. However tonight was Cena's night and Austin paid for it.

Monty Brown makes sure Bischoff is watching as he easily takes on AJ Styles with the Pounce! Rhyno is the NEW Hardcore Champion and Brown is the first member to join Bischoff's Team.

I'm not saying Michaels was the masked man, but questions must be answered next week as Triple H defends the title against Vince.

Overall great show. Looking forward to more of it, and if you could, drop a review for one of my shows that are up. Thanks. 1!

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