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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Teddy’s announcement – Nice way to open the show and that’s a cool idea, with the trophy of Eddie plus a title shot. This will be interesting.

Helms vs. Dragon – I kinda expected Dragon to win the belt here, but I can see why you had Helms retain. His cheating ways are a great way of elevating his status in the cruiserweight division and I hope he dominated by cheating for a while before dropping the belt.

Next week, I’m guessing it’ll be Helms vs. either Psychosis or Super Crazy.

TV Title – Nice to see a bad ass side of Burchill. This is a good way of continuing this feud and builds things up nicely, making this very personal now.

Benoit interview – I liked it when Kenny entered the scene. It was a good way of getting his arrogance over.

6 Man Tag – Good to see London get the pin fall and I hope he continues his winning ways.

Tag Title – This is the second title match that didn’t get underway really. I think that’s probably too many in one night, but I see why you did it, and the TLC Match will be great. I see a title change, with the Hardy’s taking the belts.

Main event – I loved reading this, it was great to have Rey and Benoit start it off, and end the match. Benoit vs. Angle next week will be amazing, I can see Angle retaining though, maybe due to Ken Kennedy’s interference?

Overall, this was a good show in terms of matches, but it lacked in other areas, as there were not enough non-match segments.
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

RAW Preview

This Monday night on RAW, a big show is lined up

With them meeting this Sunday in a Lumberjack match for the WWE title, HHH & John Cena will have their contract signing. Fireworks are sure to explode in what is a cooking fued right on boiling point, will Cena finally have the guts to fight HHH, or will he coward out, sign and leave?

All this and plenty more on RAW this Monday

this RAW will be a recap, so I can work on Bad Blood, which is gonna be up in likely 2 weeks

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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

RAW (recap)

RAW kicks off with Rhino defeating Chris Masters in a decent match after a GORE, as Charlie Haas provided commentary during the contest, Rhino & Haas stared down afterwards, Haas knowing that in 6 days he'll have his work cut out for him against Rhino, Masters, Carlito, AJ Styles & Monty Brown

After the break, the Dudley Boyz take on Lance Cade & Mark Jindrak for the right to face the New Age Outlaws at Bad Blood, and after a solid match lasting over 7 minutes, the Dudleyz go for a 3D to Jindrak, but Test, who was at ringside, trips Dvon down, and Jindrak counters with an Implant DDT to Bubba, and hooks the leg for the win, and another steal for Cade/Jindrak!

Backstage, Todd Grisham interviews Edge, who brags about his win in the main event last week, saying that Stone Cold could never match up to the Rated R Superstar, and then challenges Austin to a match at Bad Blood, if Austin still has it in him to go up with Edge in a match on PPV

We now cross to the ring where Kane is facing Maven in a match. Kane decimates Maven in about 2 minutes, but isn't done after nailing the Chokeslam, as he brings a chair into the ring and creams Maven over the head with it. Mick Foley then hits the ring and announces that seeing Kane likes using weapons everyweek, Kane's match with Sting at Bad Blood will now be a Hardcore Match

Mickie James cuts a short promo on being a dominant Womens champion that no-one will ever beat, and she'll prove it on Sunday in the battle royal, which will be HEAT's main event

RVD & Shelton Benjamin are forced to team up to take on the Johnnies, and while they somehow get through most of the match without coming to blows, towards the end, RVD is ready for the 5 Star, but Shelton runs up and nails a kick to the side of RVD's head, who falls off the turnbuckle, and then Parisi covers him for the win, and the Johnnies debut victory in the WWE, as we go to the break, Shelton mouths "it's mine" while RVD glares at him from the ring

Carlito now hosts the Cabana, and his guest is Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin says he accepts Edge's challenge, and he's gonna beat his pretty boy ass so hard, he won't be sitting down for a week. Carlito then foolishly falls for a beer bash with Austin, and Austin gives him the Stunner, and celebrates as we head to a commercial

Monty Brown meets AJ Styles in a good matchup, showcasing two former TNA superstars, and Brown scores a win with the POUNCE after a solid showing, and he gets on the mic and says that starting from Sunday night, Monty will be the next IC champion, and everyone will be "Down with the new Brown. PERIOD"

Christian is now backstage, and he delivers a typical Christian promo, saying that The Rock is going to find out why Christian is the real People's champion this Sunday, when Christian "humiliates" him for the third time in a month

We are now shown John Cena and then HHH, heading to the ring for their contract signing, Cena is walking with the McMahons behind him, then Cade & Jindrak and Test bringing up the rear, while HHH walks alone

We return to the ring to find a table set up, and two chairs either side of it, and two contracts on the table, with Joey Styles in the ring, acting as the host. Cena hits the ring first to HUGE heat from the fans, followed by all of the Corporation members except for Edge, and he takes his seat. HHH is then introduced to a huge reaction

The two trade some powerful words, before HHH grabs his pen and signs the contract and literally throws it at Cena and says for him to sign it. Vince tries to stall things, but HHH slaps the mic out of Vince's hand to a huge cheer, and Test goes to take a shot at HHH, but Vince tells him not to. Shane McMahon is on the outside with Cade & Jindrak

Cena takes forever to read the contract, getting on the fans nerves and he knows this, as he pretends he cannot see the fine print and asks Styles about a few things. Finally John Cena puts pen to paper, and Styles announces it's official. HHH smiles and then turns to leave, but Test takes him down with a big boot to the back fo the head, and then Cade & Jindrak slide into the ring and join in, while Vince & Shane stand back and watch on, as Cena heads to the outside and grabs a chair

The crowd starts an *HBK* chant, but nothing happens, as the Corporation continues to beat down on The Game

Cena now tells Test & Cade to pull HHH up, and Cena talks some trash and tells HHH that he can't see him, and lifts the chair up, ready to slam it down on HHH's head when

*Glass Shatters* hits and Austin & Hall hit the ring to a huge pop, and start cleaning house, as the Corporation scatter, however, Test runs at HHH during the melee, and The Game sees it coming, and spins Test around with a SPINEBUSTER THROUGH THE TABLE!

The crowd goes wild as the show ends, and Cena stands on the stage with the belt, holding it up and staring directly at HHH, while Cade pulls Test out of the ring

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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Rhyno wins in like you said a passable match against Masters, and with Hass at ringside, and the implications of Sunday, Rhyno is in for one big fight. Thanks to Test, Cade/Jindrak are going to face the NAO this Sunday. Wished the Dudleys could've got the W, but hey. Woah, I see a continued push for Edge, as he challenges Austin at Bad Blood. Kane kicks the hell out of Maven in a squash, and then Foley makes his match with Sting at BB a Hardcore Match! I don't know but I know you can do something good with it.

Thickie-Mickie, defends the title on Heat and not on PPV. That's not cool. But I know, she'll remain the champ, so it's all good. The feud between Shelton and RVD continues as Bad Blood is six days away. Typical Austin segment and I'm looking forward to Austin/Edge. Decent segments from both Monty and Christian. Unless Christian is set for a huge push, I don't see Christian winning nor Monty. What a contract signing for Bad Blood. Austin's group and The Corporation is red hot with the tension continuing to grow. Cena and Triple H should be good.

Great recap man. No grade though will be given. As for my Mania, it should be up within 2-7 weeks. 1!

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!

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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Just some notes.

Rhyno getting the win over Masters was good but I have a feeling that Haas wont leave Bad Blood with the IC title.

I thought that Dudley Boyz would faces the New Age Outlaws but oh well.

Edge vs Austin at Bad Blood would be a great match but make it a No Holds Barred so Austin can kick his ass.

Well I guess the No Holds Barred match I was dreaming up is not going to happen since Kane vs Sting will be a Hardcore Match which is the same as NHB anyways but that match is going to be good.

Mickie James will be in the main event of Heat? I guess that is ok.

I am really loving the Benjamin/RVD fued and I really loved that Shelton cost him and RVD the match against The Jonnies.

So it will happen, Austin vs Edge at BB, Yah

Down with the new Brown, I could see him winning the IC title or AJ Styles.

I dont know what I liked about it but I really liked the ending. I guess it is because Test being SpineBustered through the table. I am really looking forward to the Cena/HHH match.

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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™ Smackdown News

This week Smackdown comes to you with a huge World Heavyweight Championship match. After last week, Chris Benoit won the Eddie Guerrero Royal Rumble Style Battle Royal to be able face Kurt Angle this week for the World Heavyweight Championship. As Smackdown went off the air last week, both Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit shook hands. We all know this match will be great but who will walk away with the title?

Also we have a 2nd huge match for the WWE Tag Team Championship. Last week Teddy Long made this match between The Basham Brothers, MNM, The Hardy Boyz, and William Regal/Finlay a TLC Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship. Who will win this match?

Also a 3rd Championship will be on the line when Gregory Helms faces off against any Mexican Crusierweight in the world. Also Bill Goldberg will face Rey Mysterio and Bobby Lashley will face Brock Lesner.


Kurt Angle(C) vs Chris Benoit

MNM vs Regal/Finlay vs Hardy Boyz vs Basham Brothers(C)

Gregory Helms(C) vs A Mexican Crusierweight

Brock Lesner vs Bobby Lashley

Goldberg vs Rey Mysterio

After what Paul Burchill did to the TV Champion, Miz last week on Smackdown. Teddy Long have banned both Miz and Burchill away from the arena this week on Smackdown. Dont worry though as there will be a sit down interview with both Paul Burchill and Miz this week.

Vito beats a Jobber
Johnny Nitro beats Funaki
Jillian Hall beats Kristal Marshell
Main Event- The Hardy Boyz beats The Mexicools

5. The Undertaker
4. Goldberg
3. Brock Lesner
2. Chris Benoit
1. Kurt Angle

That is all the news this week, check every Wednesday for news. Also lets get some more reviews or notes for RAW.

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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Nice preview, three titles again this week? Sweet! Angle vs Benoit will be great, TLC sounds good too! Anyways, I need to catch up on some threads here and I'll try my best to drop you with a review.
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Alrite nice show for this week..i wonder what happens
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Final show before Bad Blood i presume? Looked to do its job of building up to the ppv well, and basicallyt gave every match on the card some hype. Looks like the corporation/rebels storyline is still going on, and HHH/Cena should be a great main event for the ppv, especially with all the interference that could happen. Typical contratc signing here, but it had an explosive ending, which means the match really does look like a top one. Edge/Austin should be another top match, and i think this is the time for Edge to get a win here, to put him over as a main eventer. Kane/Sting being a hardcore match should also be good, as it will hide the in ring weaknesses. RVD and Shelton's match looks to have a lot of build behind it, and them costing themselves the tag match was a nice touch. Interesting to see you give the Jonnies a win, as i guess they will be pushed now.
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Well hopefully RO24 will get SmackDown! up soon.

Probably be tonight or tomorrow.

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