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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Judgment Day
May 22, 2005
Thomas and Mack Center
Attendance: 16, 726
Announcers: Michael Cole, Tazz, Tony Chimel

*Tonight dreams will be fufillied.

Others will be shattered

The sins of one will become evident tonight

Men will become warriors

Tonight Judgment has reached it's final hour

Tonight is Judgment Day!*

Narrator: And now Smackdown and PSP presents WWE Judgment Day!

*pyro and arena screen shots are shown*

Cole: Welcome to Judgment Day! The soldout crowd of 16,726 here in the Thomas and Mack Center are on their feet as we bring to you the fans the first pay-per-view here in Nevada since 2001. Hello everyone, I'm Michael Cole and I'm joined by as always, the one and only Tazz!

Tazz: Cole, I'm fired up. Judgment Day is here and I'm ready to go.
Cole: 7 matches folks, 4 titles, and a lot more.
Tazz: Don't forget Cole, that this may just be the last time we see some of these superstars wrestle on a Smackdown show.
Cole: That's right, as tomorrow night the draft will take place. But that's tomorrow. It's now time to kick of Judgment Day, with the WWE Tag Team Titles on the line!

Tony Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it's for the WWE Tag Team Championships. Introducing first from El Paso, Texas weighing in at 222 pounds, 1/2 of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Eddie Guerrero!

Cole: Eddie Guerrero who last year fought in a brutal match with JBL for the WWE Championship, kicks things off here tonight.

Chimel: And introducing his partner, weighing in at 218 pounds, from San Diego, CA., 1/2 of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Rey Mysterio.

Tazz: Rey ribs are bandaged up, as a result of being put through a table, by a 3-D, thanks to the Dudleys.

Chimel: Introducing second, from New York City, weighing in at a combined weight of 512 pounds, Bubba Ray and D-Von, the Dudley Boyz!

Cole: The Dudley's look ready!

Match 1-WWE Tag Team Championships:
Eddie Guerrero/Rey Mysterio (c) v. Dudley Boyz

Match starts with Eddie and D-Von. Eddie and D-Von start with a collar bone tie up, which leads into D-von powering Eddie into the corner and getting in some blows on Eddie. But Eddie quickly reserves and starts laying into D-von. Irish whip into a Suplex by Guerrero and Eddie comes charging into D-von and nails a nice lariat. Irish whip again, but this time D-von nails Eddie with a clothesline. Eddie gets up and goes to the ropes but D-von catches Eddie with a sidewalk slam. Followed by a leg drop from the ropes. 1-2 and Eddie kicks out. D-von picks up Eddie and nails him with a swinging neckbreaker. 1-2 and Eddie kicks out again. D-Von now sends Eddie for the ride but Eddie ducks and nails a Fisherman’s Suplex into a pinning combination. 1-2 and D-von kicks out. Eddie now gets on top and goes for a dropkick but D-von clothesline Eddie somehow in midair. Quick cover, 1-2-and no. D-von gets the shoulder up. Eddie now on the defense now gets an Alabama slam. D-von now tags into Bubba, and Bubba goes right for the throat of Eddie. Bubba now with a hard clothesline and a “s*ck it” gesture to Eddie. Bubba now applies a full nelson, on to Eddie, now a full nelson slam, but Eddie nails a jawbreaker that knocks down Bubba down. And Eddie makes the tag to Rey and Rey is in. Rey lets loose on Bubba with kicks and shots to the ribs. Rey goes for a dropkick but is messed with a flapjack. Bubba now hits a guillotine on Rey and now Eddie tries to get in, but is stopped by the ref, but D-von nails the Wasup headbutt on Rey. Bubba goes for the cover, and only gets a two count. Bubba now goes for the Bubba effect(3 punches), and then nails a clothesline on Rey. 1-2 and no. Bubba now with an irish whip to the ropes but Rey hits a sunset flip into a rope slingshot moonsault splash and now Rey is in control. Rey now hits Bubba with a shoulderspin hurcurrana, and now Rey gets on top and nails the Drop the Dime on Bubba and gets the two count but D-von breaks it up. Here comes Eddie and all four men are going at it. The ref breaks it up but Bubba nails the Bubba cutter on Rey. 1-2 and Rey barely kicks out. Bubba goes for the clothesline but Rey nails Bubba with a Tilt-a-World Headscissors Takedown, and both men are down, and now Rey crawls and makes the tag to Eddie and now Bubba makes the tag to D-von. Eddie takes down both men, and now Eddie goes on top, and connects with the frog splash. 1-2 and wait a minute, Rey hits Eddie. What is going on here. And now Eddie and Rey argue, and wait a minute here comes Bubba, and the Dudleys nail the 3-D while Rey and the ref are arguing. The ref turns around, and D-von makes the cover. 1-2-3!

TC: The winners of this match, and new WWE Tag Team Champions, the Dudley Boyz! Match Time: 14:17
Cole: Why did Rey do that to Eddie!

Rey: Eddie, I’m sick and tired of always being the second guy. It’s my time to shine, and shine is what I’m going to do. And one more thing, Eddie… (Rey clocks Eddie with the Tag Team Belt before leaving with the Dudleys)

Tazz: Man, Cole, Rey has completely changed!

*Backstage we see Kurt and crew arrive to the arena. We then see Steve Romero who tries to get a word with Kurt, but to no avail*

Cole: Well coming up next is our second title match of the night when Orlando Jordan defends his US belt against the Big Show!

*video is shown, following by match introductions*

Match 2: US Championship
Orlando Jordan (c) v. The Big Show

Match start with Orlando getting in some moves on Show but Show quickly nails a headbutt and Orlando is down. Irish whip to the ropes and Show nails OJ with a big punch thaft sends Orlando reeling. Another whip to the rope and here comes Show, but OJ moves out the way, and Orlando starts to work on the body of Show. Orlando nails the Orlando Magic on Show and goes for the cover. 1-2 and Show kicks out. Orlando now uses some of his martial arts background on Show with a kick to the side of the head of Show. Show a little bit groggy walks into the Johnson Shuffle. Orlando gets the cover. 1-2 and again Show kicks out. Show now slaps Orlando on the chest and start nailing some chops on the United States Champion. Sidewalk slam by Show, and the cover. 1-2 and no, Orlando kicks out at 2. Show now goes for the alley-oop, but Orlando counters with a neckbreaker out of nowhere. 1-2 and again Show kicks out. Orlando now goes on top and tries for a flying splash, but Show catches him in midair and then nails The Final Cut. 1-2-and no Show kicks out. Orlando rolls out of the ring, but Show catches him, but Orlando ducks and Show hits the ring post. Back in the ring, Orlando now starts to work on Show’s bad right arm. Jordan nails an armbreaker into a armlock submission hold on Show. Show starts to scream in pain. Eventually, Show breaks out of it. Orlando goes for another shot at Show’s leg but Show nails Orlando with the Hog Log. Show now with the momentum, picks up Orlando and goes for the The Showstopper, but Orlando nails Show in the face with an illegal object (brass knucks) and hits Show with the Running Over, as Show is out. 1-2-3!

TC: The winner of this match and still United States Champion, Orlando Jordan! MT: 13:54

Cole: Orlando Jordan, just stole another match!
Tazz: But he still got the victory!

*JBL is in Teddy Long office*

JBL: Now you see that Teddy. That’s why Orlando Jordan is the future of Smackdown. That is greatness. You know it, I know it, these stupid gambling low lives here in Las Vegas know it, and everyone else knows it. Look all these people do is spend their minimum wage check on hookers, alcohol, and gambling. And they win nothing. But tonight, they get a chance to see me! John Bradshaw Layfield. A wrestling god! They get to see a man with class, dignity, honor, and most importantly respect! As for John Cena, he did get lucky when he beat me at WrestleMania, but tonight I will once again become champion, and I will once again be the man to beat.

Long: Well tonight, you have the chance to do that. JBL you may be a whole bunch of things, but champion you are not. Tonight is put up or shut up. Because tomorrow you may not even be here on Smackdown! So I suggest you either put up or shut up! Now holla, holla player!

Tazz: Strong words by Theodore Long and JBL. But coming up next Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie will team up and face Joy Giovanni and Michelle McCool. Here’s a look at how this all started.

*video is shown, followed by match introductions*

Match 3:
Torrie Wilson/Dawn Marie v. Joy Giovanni/Michelle McCool

Match starts with Torrie v. Joy. Torrie goes for the face of Joy and both ladies exchanging punches to the face of one another. Joy gets the advantage by nailing a chop to Torrie’s chest followed by a snapmare takedown. Now Joy nails a hard kick to the back of Torrie. Joy with the first cover of the match only gets a two count. Joy sends Torrie to the ropes, but Torrie knocks down Joy. Torrie now hits Joy with a hip toss, followed by another one, and now Torrie grabs and stomps on the hair of Joy. Quick cover by Torrie, but Joy kicks out. Torrie sends Joy into the cover, and continues the attack on Joy, and then tags in Dawn. Dawn comes in and nails swift kicks to the side and chest of Joy and then goes for a rollup. Dawn now with a neckbreaker. 1-2 and Joy barely kicks out. Irish whip to the rope, and Joy nails Dawn with a nice dropkick, followed by a backflip splash. Joy makes the tag to Michelle, and Michelle makes her way, and knocks down Torrie and Dawn. Michelle, using her long legs, puts her foot in the throat of Dawn. Hip toss by Michelle, and Michelle nails Dawn with a hurcurrana. 1-2 and Dawn barely escapes. Dawn goes for another kick, but Michelle catches her with an inside cradle. 1-2-3! And Michelle and Joy just tricked Dawn and Torrie again.

TC: The winners of the match are Michelle and Joy! Match Time 10:15

*Dawn and Torrie go crazy, after realizing what just happened to them*

Cole: Well folks, it’s been a wild and crazy night, as PSP and Smackdown presents WWE Judgment Day! Here live, tonight from the sold out Thomas and Mack Center. And Tazz, coming up next is a match that have big hairy proportions.

Tazz: That’s right, Cole. Because after this match, someone will be leaving here with no hair. In just a couple of moments it will be Carlito facing Booker T. This match all started when Carlito spit apple in the face of Booker T’s wife. Take a look.

*video is shown*

Tony Chimel: The following contest is the hair vs. hair match, in which the loser will have his hair shaven. Introducing first weighing in at 258 pounds, from Houston, TX, Booker T. And introducing his opponent, from Puerto Rico, Carlito!

Match 4- Hair v. Hair Match:
Carlito v. Booker T

Match starts with Booker laying into Carlito with rights and lefts. Carlito tries to escape, but to no avail. Booker continues the assault, with chops and slams on the outside. And since there is no countout, Booker knocks Carlito over the guard rail, and out to the crowd. Both men continue to fight, but Carlito nails a rake to the eye, and some uppercuts on Booker. Both men continue to fight, and Carlito knocks Booker back over the raling on to the mat. Booker is then irish whip into the post, but Carlito tastes the post as Booker ducks out the way. Booker throws Carlito into the ring and now Booker hits a kick to the face of Carlito. Cover. 1-2 and Carlito kicks out. Booker now applies a triangle choke on Carlito, but soon breaks it, as Carlito gets his foot on the ropes. Carlito now back to the ropes, nails Booker with a nice shot to the face, followed by a bulldog. 1-2 and Booker T kicks out. Carlito now goes for a Northern Lights Suplex, but it’s reserved by the Bookman, and Booker T nails Carlito with a side Suplex. Booker T then does the spin-a-rooni. Booker gets up, but Carlito nails him with a screwdriver. Carlito goes on top, and connects with a flying crossbody on Booker. 1-2 and Booker T kicks out. Carlito now fustrated, sets Book up for the Carlito, but Booker counters it into a DDT. Booker T is all fired up, and nails a flapjack and a back body drop on Carlito. 1-2 and Carlito gets the shoulder up. Booker nails Carlito with a Russian leg sweep. Another cover. Another kickout by Carlito. Carlito nails Booker with a Suplex into a bridge, and gets a 1-2 and a kick out by the Book man. Carlito now picks up Booker, but Booker hits Carlito with a nice roundhouse kick. Booker on top, nails a missile dropkick on Carlito. 1-2 and no. Carlito now up, nails the Carlito, out of nowhere. With the feet on the rope, Carlito goes for the cover. 1-2 and Booker T, kicks out. Carlito goes for a pumphandle slam, but is met with the Book End. Booker T then nails the kick to the back of the head and covers Carlito. 1-2-3!

TC: The winner of this match is Booker T! Match Time: 17:19

Tazz: Run, Carlito, Run!

(*Booker catches Carlito, and ties him up to the chair, and Booker and his wife begin to cut the hair of Carlito. And when they finally finish, Carlito, has a little bit of hair left, as the audience laugh, and we go to the back, and see Billy Kidman, leaving the locker room and coming to the ring for his match*)

Cole: As exciting as the match was, coming up next is our third title match of the evening, when Billy Kidman defends his Cruiserweight Championship against Psicosis. Lets take a look at how this match all came about, with a look at the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament.

*video package is shown, followed by the match introductions*

Match 5-Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Finals:
Billy Kidman (c) v. Psicosis

Kidman immediately goes for the face of Psicosis, but Psicosis uses his height and size to outpower Kidman. Irish whip to the ropes and Kidman nails Psicosis with a dropkick. Kidman now with a splash to the chest on Psicosis. Kidman now nails Psicosis with a Super-short sitdown powerbomb, on Psicosis. But Psicosis now comes back on Kidman and nails Kidman with a spinning backbreaker. Psicosis now locks in a bow and arrow submission on Kidman. Kidman refuses to quit, and manages to escape the hold. Psicosis connects with a hurcurrana that knocks Kidman on to the outside. Psicosis on top, nails Kidman on the outside with a flying senton splash, and the crowd goes nuts. Both men are down, but Psicosis makes it in the ring first. Kidman crawls in the ring, and Psicosis nails a baseball slide on Kidman, knocking him back on the outside. Psciosis and Kidman continue to nail each other until Psicosis nails a superplex on Kidman. 1-2 and Kidman barely kicks out, and now Kidman is rolled up into a small package. 1-2 and no. Both men now come from off the ropes, and nail each other with a jumping elbow attack. Kidman gets to his feet, and goes for the Shooting Star, but misses. Psicosis goes for the cover, 1-2 and no. Psicosis now goes on top, and goes for the 450 but misses. Kidman takes Psicosis and goes for the BK Broiler bomb, but Psicosis nails a rolling powerbomb on Kidman, followed by the 450 splash, and again, Kidman kicks out. Psicosis goes for an enzurgi, but hits the ref instead. Kidman out of nowhere clocks Psicosis with the belt, and then climbs the ropes and nails the Shooting Star Press on Psicosis. 1-2-3!

TC: The winner of the match, and still Cruiserweight Champion, Billy Kidman.

Cole: Billy Kidman, again has outsmarted everyone, and remains Cruiserweight Champion.

Tazz: Well folks, we’re hope that you’re enjoying this pay-per-view, because the next time we’ll be on pay-per-view, will be in the month of June, and it will be for Vengeance. And Vengeance will be on Sunday, June 26th, from Winston-Salem, NC, from the Joel Memorial Coliseum and it will be a Raw production.

Cole: And tomorrow will be the second annual draft. However, tomorrow we as a whole will take a special look back on Owen Hart, who died six years ago tomorrow. So please join us for a special three hour Raw, from the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Coming up next though will be Kurt Angle and The Undertaker going one on one. This is going to be for the books. Take a look.

*video is shown and introductions*

Match 6:
Kurt Angle v. The Undertaker

Match starts with both men staring down one another. Soon though, Taker lets loose with lefts and rights on Angle. Angle though reserves and start to nail some punches on Taker. Angle now irish whips Taker, but Taker counters with a DDT. Angle gets up and walks into a dragon sleeper. Taker now in control, locks it in, and Angle is quickly fading. 1- and the shoulder goes down. 2, and the shoulder goes down. 3, and no, Kurt is fighting, and nails a nice backdrop on Taker to finally break free. Angle back up now goes into the back of Taker with various amateur submissions. Both men now back up, and Angle catches Taker with a overhead belly to belly. Taker though sits up, but Kurt locks in the sleeper on Taker. Taker though overpowers, and brings Kurt onto the mat. Taker sends Angle to the ropes, for some old school, but Kurt runs into the ropes, knocking Taker to the floor. Now Angle with the advantage beats up on Taker by throwing him right into the steps. This match refuses to be stopped, as now Kurt throws Taker on the table. Taker begins to fight back, but Kurt nails another over the head belly to belly Suplex, and this time, Taker goes right through the Spanish Announce Table. The crowd begins the “Holy Sh1t” chant! Both men are down and out. Kurt makes it to the ring at 8 to break the count. Kurt now drags Taker into the ring and Kurt makes the cover. 1-2 and Taker kicks out. Irish whip into the ropes, and now Kurt walks into a sidewalk slam out of nowhere. Taker knocks Kurt to the outside apron and nails a leg drop right across the throat of Kurt. That’s vintage Taker, for you. Kurt now walks into a sidewalk slam. 1-2 and no Kurt kicks out. Taker doesn’t believe it, but wait Angle locks in the Angle Lock. No, no, no. Somehow Taker makes it to the ropes, but Angle pulls on it again. Taker this time catches Angle with a triangle hold, and it’s a double submission. Angle shoulders are down, so are Takers. 1-2-and both men kick out. Taker comes after Angle, but walks into an Angle Slam out of nowhere. 1-2-and no, Taker kicks out again. Angle goes on top, and goes for the moonsault, but Taker somehow catches Kurt, and hits the tombstone piledriver on Kurt. 1-2-and Kurt kicks out. The crowd is stunned. Taker is in shock. Taker gets up, but Kurt locks in the Angle lock for the third time and Taker is screaming in pain. Taker somehow is able to get out of the angle lock once again. Kurt is beside himself, as he holds his neck, but walks right into a chokeslam. 1-2-and Kurt gets the shoulder up. Taker goes up, but Kurt nails the overhead belly-to-belly from off the top rope. Angle crawls over, and makes the cover. 1-2-and Taker again kicks out. Taker goes for the boot, but Kurt ducks and hits Taker across the shoulder. Taker though throws Angle to the rope, and Taker tries the Old School again, but Kurt grabs and nails Taker with the Angle Slam from off the top rope. The crowd once again starts the “Holy Sh1t” chant. Angle and Taker are done. Somehow, though Angle gets the shoulder over Taker. 1-2-3!

TC: The winner of the match, Kurt Angle! Match Time: 29:28

Cole: Both men, just gave it their all in that match.
Tazz: However, on this night, Kurt Angle was the better man.
Cole: And now the officials help both men to the back.
Tazz: What a match! However, Cole the time is now!
Cole: That’s right. The time is now. Coming up next is the Main Event. The WWE Championship. John Cena defends the title against JBL! This all started at Wrestle Mania 21!
*video and match introductions are done*

Main Event: WWE Championship:
John Cena (c) v. JBL

Match starts with both men attacking each other, finally JBL gets the advantage by leveling Cena with some uppercuts. Cena now tries to get some momentum going but JBL hits Cena with another clothesline. 1-2 and Cena kicks out. JBL hits a vertical Suplex on Cena, and then picks him up and connects on a hard swinging neckbreaker. JBL isn’t done yet as he begins to lay punches on the forehead of Cena. It’s been all JBL since the bell. JBL now attacks Cena with a chopblock, trying to weaken the leg of Cena. Cena now with his leg in pain, is put in a pretzel looking submission and Cena screams in pain. However he doesn’t quit. JBL now with a blatant choke on Cena, but breaks it at the count of four. Irish whip to the rope, but Cena ducks and nails JBL with a clothesline, and another one. Cena nails with an over the shoulder stomachbreaker. Cena is ready to go. Stiff tackle from Cena and now Cena is the one who is taking out JBL. Five Knuckle Shuffle coming up, but Cena misses. JBL now clobbers Cena with a pump handle slam. 1-2 and Cena kicks out. JBL now goes on top, but Cena follows him and Cena connects with a Proto Bomb. 1-2 and JBL kicks out. Cena now lets go with some fists of fury, as JBL tries to cover up. Both men get up and JBL catches Cena with a rolling reserve into a cradle. 1-2-and JBL can’t get the three. JBL picks up Cena and nails a hard slam. JBL goes on top, and tries to nail an axe handle but Cena blocks and sets JBL up for the F-U! 1-2-and JBL kicks out. Cena is shocked. JBL is sent to the ropes, and goes for the Clothesline from Hell, but nails the ref. Cena picks JBL and goes for the F-U again, but JBL, blocks it and nails the F-U on Cena. The Ref is out, but JBL goes and grabs the title belt, but Cena DDT’s him right on the belt. The ref slowly starts to make the cover. 1—2---and no! JBL gets the shoulder up. JBL hits Cena across the face with the belt, while the ref is back down, and now both men are bleeding. JBL makes the cover. 1-2-and Cena barely is able to kick out. JBL is going nuts. JBL comes from off the ropes and nails the Clothesline from Hell on Cena. 1—2—and no! Cena will not quit. Both men now are a bloody mess. Cena out of nowhere nails the Throwback. 1-2 and again JBL won’t quit. JBL now up, musters up enough strength and nails Cena with a hard powerbomb. But JBL is barely able to make the cover. 1-2-and Cena once again gets the shoulder up. JBL gets Cena up, and goes for the Clothesline from Hell, but Cena and JBL hit each other simultaneously. The crowd is pulling for Cena, who is bleeding like crazy. JBL gets up, and Cena sends him to the ropes, but JBL blocks it with a forearm, but Cena reserves a slam that JBL tries to connect, and out of nowhere nails a head scissors. JBL comes running at Cena, but Cena ducks and hits the F-U on JBL! 1-2-3!

TC: The winner of the match and still WWE Champion, John Cena! Match Time: 37:19

Cole: What a Match!
Tazz: That was indeed a rocketbuster!
Cole: John Cena and JBL gave it their all, but Cena who is a bloody mess, remains the champ. What a match and what a night. For Tazz, I’m Michael Cole, we’ll see you, tomorrow night on Raw for a History Making Night. Goodnight from Las Vegas!

*Cena celebrates as closing pyro goes off, followed by video package of the whole night is shown. Then the screen fades to the black with the WWE logo.*
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Hey this is just a little synopsis of how this thread has been going. This is just a basic summary of what has happened, so you don't have to go through all four pages.

Raw From April 4-May 16

-Batista is the new WHC
-Batista and Jericho main event Backlash
-Triple H and Flair fight in a steel cage match at Backlash
-AJ Styles debuts on Raw, and helps Shelton Benjamin remain IC Champ
-Simon Dean and Maven becomes the new Tag Champs
-Trish remains Womens Champ
-Edge wins the Money In the Bank Match at Mania 21
-Matt Hardy returns and starts a feud with Edge
-Rock Returns for good
-HBK beats Rock on Raw in Miami
-HBK and Triple H join forces
-AJ Styles and Chris Benoit fight in a possible Match of the Year Match
-Vince announces that we will have a second annual draft
-Benjamin and Styles join forces with HBK and Styles
-This coming up Raw (May 23) will feature the draft, WWE Roulette, and a special look back on the life of Owen Hart!

Smackdown from April 7-May 22

-John Cena is the new WWE Champ
-Carlito and Booker T get into a nice feud which turns into a hair v. hair match at Judgment Day
-Dudley Boyz return and win a #1 Contender's Match to face Eddie/Rey at Judgment Day for the Tag Belts
-Cruiserweight Championship Tournament takes place with the winner facing Kidman for the belt at JD
-Psicosis makes his debut
-Big Show faces OJ at JD for the US belt
-Dawn and Torrie challenges Joy and Michelle for a match at JD
-Kurt Angle defeats Undertaker at JD
-Booker T beats Carlito at JD
-John Cena defeats JBL at JD
-Dudleys become new tag champs
-Rey turns heel
-Kidman remains CW champ by beating Psicosis in the final
-Joy and Michelle pulls an upset on Dawn/Torrie and JD
-On the May 23rd Raw, the second annual draft will take place dealing with both Raw and Smackdown stars!

Hope this help everyone out. 1!

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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Hey, I just want to let everyone know that the Raw eposide will be up no later than Wedenesday, and like I've been saying earlier, history will be made once again. 1!

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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

great ppv, Cena winning was good as I predicted, Carlito loses his hair, hahaha, thats cool! And if RAW is as good as you say it will b then I for one will continue to read on


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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

hey, i just want to say that Raw was supposed to be up by Wed. but I've come down with a real bad cold. My whole body is just aching. So it looks like Raw won't be up to Saturday. Reason being is that since this Raw is going to be a 3 hour special, looking back at the life of Owen, WWE Roulette, and of course the draft, I want to make sure it's done right and done special. I am though already at the end of my second match, and my 1st and second picks for Raw and Smackdown! Oh, yeah shoutout to someguy999 and everyone else who's been reading and replying to my thread. And to the ones that haven't replied, please do. I'm telling you. It's all worth it. 1!

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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

May 23rd Raw:

*video is shown of what has led up to here and an additional video is shown of the life of Owen Hart*

Lilian Garcia: All rise for the 10 count bell in memory of Owen Hart!

*10 count bell happens*

Vince McMahon: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a historic, emotional, and heart pumping edition of Raw! Tonight will be the start of a new beginning here in World Wrestling Entertainment. Tonight is the second annual draft. Tonight is also the first ever WWE Roulette featuring both Raw and Smackdown Superstars. But more imporantly, tonight we look back on a man who helped this business so much during the 90's, a member of the Hart's family. The King of Hearts. Owen Hart!

*second video of Owen is shown*

Vince: So without, futher ado, let's get this show started.

*A new Raw and Smackdown video is shown, with the new Raw Theme Song, "Get XXX", by J-Kwon plays for Raw, and "Step Up" by Drowning Pool for Smackdown!*

JR: Welcome to a very special edition of Monday Night Raw. I'm Jim Ross joined by Jerry the King Lawler. And tonight King, for one night only, we're joined by the Smackdown crew as well.

King: That's right, JR. Smackdown is here, trying to take up our spotlight. Anyway, let's send it to them.

Michael Cole: Good evening everyone, I'm Michael Cole and I'm joined by Tazz, and we're coming from the MGM Garden Arena here in Las Vegas. And Tazz what a night it plans to be.

Tazz: That's right, Cole. Tonight will be a very special night.

Vince: Alight, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your RAW GM, Eric Bischoff!

*Eric comes out to a mixed reaction*

Vince: And please welcome Smackdown's GM, Theordoe Long!

*Long comes out to a mixed reaction also*

Vince: Now here are the rules, there are two bins. One is blue, and the other is red. Teddy you will pick from the red, and Eric you will pick from the blue. There will be a total of 12 picks. 6 from Raw and 6 from Smackdown. And since Raw went first last year, this year Smackdown will go first!

Long: Thank you Mr. McMahon. *Teddy picks into the red bin, and picks up the red ball* Smackdown will like to welcome the first ever WWE Undisputed Champion, Chris Jericho!

JR: Woah, what a pick. Chris Jericho is heading to Smackdown!

Vince: Eric, you're up.

*Eric picks a ball from the blue bin*

Eric: Raw will like to welcome, the only Olympic Gold Medalist in WWE history, Kurt Angle!

Tazz: Oh man, we've just lost a huge star in Kurt Angle!
Cole: Tell me about it.

Vince: Well since this is WWE Roulette, this one night every single match will be a Raw vs. Smackdown Match. And Eric please pick a superstar out of the bag, to see who will represent Raw, and Theordoe do the same for Smackdown!

*Eric picks out Christian, and Theordoe picks out Regins*

Vince: Eric, please spin the wheel.
*Eric spins and the wheel ends up on a capture the flag match*

Vince: Well folks, that match is up next.

*shows Christian and Regins, both shocked*

Commercial Break

JR: Welcome back to Raw ladies and gentlemen!

LG does the match introductions and rules:

Rules of the Match are that, there are two flags. One is blue, and the other is red. Match ends when one of the participants grabs the opponent’s flag.

Match 1-Capture the Flag:
Christian (Raw) v. Luther Regins (Smackdown)

Match starts with Luther nailing Christian with a hard clothesline. Luther tries to go up, but Christian nails Regins with a chopblock. Christian comes off the ropes and nails an elbow. Christian with an irish whip, misses and gets leveled with a hard spinebuster. Regins goes for the Regins of Terror, but Christian counters and nails a neckbreaker. Regins gets up and hits Christian with a modified jackhammer. Regins begins to climb to grab the flag, but out of nowhere, Tomoko comes out of nowhere and clocks Regins. Christian nails the unprettier on Regins and begins to climb the ropes. Christian grabs the Blue Flag. Winner of Match: Christian-MT: 9:48

JR: When we come back, we will have the second pick from Smackdown! We'll be right back!


Cole: Welcome back to Raw, everyone. It's now time for Smackdown's second pick.

TL: Ladies and gentlemen, Smackdown is pleased to welcome, Christian!
Eric: Well, Theordoe Raw will like to welcome back a person who is making his return to the ring tonight, however this person is now the property of Raw! The man that I'm talking about is, Rob Van Dam!

*Crowd goes nuts*

TL: Being that it's my turn to spin the wheel, the person that I will like to use is Chris Jericho.
Eric: Fine with me, but the person I will like to use is RVD!

*Teddy spins the wheel*

TL: Hmm, it looks like those two will fight in a Hardcore Haven Match!

Tazz: Oh man, Cole!

*Tony Chimel does the introductions*

Match 2: Hardcore Haven Match
Rob Van Dam (Raw) v. Chris Jericho (Smackdown)

Match starts with the two exchanging punches and hip tosses. Jericho hits a backbody drop, but RVD lands on his feet, and plants Jericho with a spinning heel kick. RVD goes for a monkey flip, but Jericho moves out the way. Jericho then nails rolling thunder on RVD. 1-2 but RVD kicks out. Jericho goes for a bulldog, but RVD counters it and nails a standing dropkick into a monkey toss. RVD goes to the outside and grabs a kendo stick, but Jericho hits a kick from off the top rope, and knocks the stick loose from RVD. Jericho grabs the stick and nails RVD with it right in the ribs. 1-2 and RVD kicks out again. Jericho goes for a moonsault from the apron, but RVD nails him with the stick across the face. 1-2 and Jericho kicks out. RVD goes and grabs some trash cans and a stop sign. RVD DDTs Jericho right on the trash cans. 1-2 and no. Jericho kicks out. RVD goes for a five star, but Jericho dropkicks the lid right into the face of RVD. Jericho goes and grabs a chair, and puts it over the face of RVD. Jericho goes for the five star, but is met with a steel chair to the face. 1-2 and Jericho gets the shoulder up. Both men now crawl back into the ring. Jericho now tries to throw the sign into the face of RVD but RVD hits a hurcurrana on Jericho which knocks him right out. RVD places the chair over the face of Jericho and puts the trashcan right over Jericho arms. RVD then goes to the top of the ropes on the other end of the ring, and goes for the Van Terminator. RVD misses though. Jericho catches RVD with a bulldog right on top of the sign. Then Jericho nails the lionsault on RVD right on the sign. 1-2-3! Winner of the Match: Chris Jericho. MT: 14:12

King: What a night it has been. But JR it’s also been an emotional night too.
JR: King, you’re right. It has. Ladies and gentlemen, unfortunately eight years ago, tonight Owen Hart, a man known as the “King of Hearts” died at a pay-per-view produced by WWE while trying to enter the ring as an old character, The Blue Blazer. Somehow, there was some kind of malfunction with the harness that was lowering Owen into the ring and Owen fell over 50 feet, and was later pronounced dead at a local hospital in Kansas City, MO. Well tonight, we as a whole will like to express our memories of the legendary Owen Hart!

*a video is shown of Hart in his early days*


Tazz: Welcome back to Raw.

Cole: Yes, Tazz on this emotional night, tears will be let out, as these superstars talk on a man that was a great help in this business.

The Rock: I met Owen, about 9 years ago. When I met him, he was one of the most funniest and coolest people I have ever met. His personality was second to none. He is a person who I miss everyday. I miss his character, his personality. I miss him. So to Owen’s wife Martha, to his kids, to his family, the Rock will like to say Thank You! Thank you, for bringing up such a well respected gentlemen, a person who loved his family, a person who loved this business. A man who can be described as only the Kings of Harts, the one, the only Owen Hart! Thank You!

*crowd cheers as we cut to the back, where Vince is standing with Long and Bischoff.*

Vince: Thank you, Rock, and later on tonight I will be out there to make a speech about the life of Owen. However, as for now Long it’s time for your next pick.

*Long reaches into the bag, and grabs a ball*

Long: Smackdown is pleased to welcome Randy Orton!

Bischoff: Okay, well here we go! Raw would like to welcome Eddie Guerrero!

Michael Cole: Man, that’s big.

Rey Mysterio: Hey, Eddie how you’re doing. Since you’re no longer on Smackdown, it’s looks like I got the last word.

*Eric spins the wheel*

Eric: Well Rey, it’s looks like you and Guerrero will fight next, in a table match, and oh that match is next.

King: Oh man, Guerrero and Mysterio, in a table match up next! We’ll be right back!

JR: Welcome back to Raw, everyone! Now let's send it back to Lilian!

*Lilian does the introductions*

Match 3: Table Match:
Rey Mysterio (Smackdown) v. Eddie Guerrero (Raw)

Match starts with both men exchanging cruiserweight moves. Rey hits Eddie with a hard shot to the ribs followed by a head scissors take down. Rey then dropkicks Eddie and tries to hit Eddie with a hard shot to the head, but Eddie grabs Rey and nails him with a hard powerbomb. Eddie then nails Rey with a STF, trying to get Rey a little bit more weaken. Eddie then nails Rey with a nicely done backbreaker. Eddie tries to go out of the ring, but Rey somehow nails the 619 on Eddie. Rey then goes for the West Coast Pop, but Eddie nails a flapjack on Rey. Eddie then locks in the lowrider. Eddie goes for a vertical Suplex but Rey reserves and nails Eddie with a guillotine. Eddie now confused, is hit with the Dropping of the Dime by Mysterio. Mysterio, now tries to get the table, but Eddie nails Rey with a flying over the top neckbreaker. Eddie grabs the table, but Rey nails him with a senton splash from off of one of the rails. Rey puts Eddie on the table but Eddie moves the table, and Eddie hits the concrete. Eddie then irish whips Rey right into the steel steps. Eddie throws the table and Rey into the ring, but Rey catches Eddie with a Quebrada. Rey goes to the set the table up, but Eddie nails a bulldog on Rey right off the middle rope. Eddie goes on top for the frog splash, but Rey moves out the way. Eddie hits the mat. Rey then nails Eddie with a Suplex ala Three amigos. Rey now puts Eddie on the table, and nails a 450 but somehow the table, did not break. Rey now tries to nail Eddie again, but Eddie reserves a swinging neckbreaker on Rey and nailed him good. Eddie goes on top and nails a frog splash right through the table. The winner of the match, Eddie Guerrero! MT: 11:13

*Eddie then paybacks Mysterio by beating up on him, before leaving.*

Vince: Well coming up next we’re going to have the Intercontinental Championship on the line when Shelton Benjamin defends the belt against William Regal!


King: Welcome back to Raw, now let’s send it back to Lilian.
*Lilian does the introductions*

Match 4: Intercontinental Championship:
Shelton Benjamin v. William Regal

Match starts actually with Regal having the advantage. However that doesn’t last long, as Shelton begins to nail Regal with some suplexes to tire out Regal. Shelton sends Regal to the ropes but Regal moves out the way, and the southpaw Regal starts to level Shelton with uppercuts and one that actually knocks Shelton out. 1-2-and Shelton is able to kick out. Irish whip to the rope, is reserved when Shelton nails a flying lariat on Regal. Shelton goes on top but Regal catches him into a reserve slam, and once again Regal goes for the cover. And once again, Shelton kicks out. Shelton then tries to get some offense going by connecting on a dropkick. However Regal gets back to his feet, and nails Shelton with a hard clothesline. Regal now tries for the Union Jack, but Shelton catches him with a DDT into a sleeper. Shelton then whips Regal back into the corner, and Shelton nails the stinger splash on Regal. Shelton then tries to nail the T-Bone Suplex, but Shelton is nailed with the Regal Stretch. Shelton tries not to tap, but Regal has it locked in. And wait here comes Styles. Styles begins to distract the ref, while Shelton nails the T-Bone Suplex on Regal and Shelton gets the 1-2-3 for the victory. The winner of the match and still IC Champ, Shelton Benjamin! MT: 13:16

*video is shown of Owen during his tenture in the Harts Foundation, followed by commercials*

Long: Well, Eric we’re going to give Raw a little taste of Cruiserweight action when Billy Kidman defends his Cruiserweight Championship against Paul London right now!

*Tony Chimel does the introductions*

Match 5: Cruiserweight Championship:
Billy Kidman v. Paul London

Match starts with London starting to attack the lower back of Kidman. Kidman though irish whips London to the ropes and nails a clothesline on London. Kidman picks London up for a slam, but London reserves it with a head scissors. London now nails Kidman with a backflip front dropkick. London goes for the first cover of the match but only gets a two count. London then nails Kidman with a neck cradle powerbomb. Another two count. London now sends Kidman to the ropes and goes for the Waffle Face, but Kidman counters it with a atomic drop into a sitout face slam. Kidman goes for the cover, but only gets a 2 count. Kidman now takes London and nails him with a short sitdown powerbomb. Another two count. Kidman now takes London to the top rope, but London reserves and nails a superplex on Kidman. 1-2-and Kidman barely is able to get the shoulder up. London now takes Kidman and connects with Twisting Cutter followed by a DDT. 1-2-and again Kidman kicks out. Kidman, connects with a lowblow, while the ref didn’t see it, and nails the BK Broiler Bomb. 1-2 and no London kicks out. London tries to get some momentum going but Kidman nails him again. This time Kidman nails the Shooting Star Press on London. 1-2-3! The winner of the match and still Cruiserweight Champion, Billy Kidman, Match Time: 14:15!

Tazz: Well when we come back we will have the fourth picks from both Smackdown and Raw! We’ll be right back!


*Lillian does the intros*

Match 6:
Triple H v. JBL

Match starts with Triple H and JBL exchanging words and then fists to one another. JBL catches Triple H with a knockdown, but Trips gets back to his feet and nails a facebuster on JBL. 1-2 and no, Trips can’t get the three. Irish whip to the ropes, but JBL nails a spinebuster on the Game. JBL then begins to punch the face of Triple H. JBL then nails Trips with some shoulder thrusts. Trips now is backbody dropped, and Orlando gets in a cheap shot. JBL goes for a quick cover, but Trips kicks out. Trips now catches JBL with a forearm followed by a swinging neckbreaker. Flair begins to punch the face of JBL while the ref isn’t looking. Trips and JBL fight onto the outside and then they fight into the crowd, with JBL busting the game wide open. However, Trips returns the favor, by busting JBL up by throwing him right into the post. Trips throws JBL into the ring and covers him, but only gets a two count. Trips goes for the pedigree, but JBL counters and nails Trips with the Clothesline from Hell. 1-2-and Triple H kicks out at the last moment. Trips now stumbles as he tries to get up, but JBL goes for the Clothesline from Hell, but Triple H nails the pedigree on JBL. 1-2-and JBL kicks out once more. Trips and JBL both come off the ropes and collide into one another. Both men climb to get up, but JBL connects the Clothesline from Hell again. JBL falls and lands right on Trips. 1-2-3! JBL gains the victory over JBL! The winner of the match is JBL! Match Time: 21:12

*John Cena and Batista come out and beat up on Trips and JBL. Then they have a staredown.*

Vince: Well since you two are already out there, our main event will be John Cena vs.

*cuts to backstage, where Edge and Matt Hardy are beating the crap out of each other in the parking lot.*

Eric: I’ve had it. You two, will finish it. At Vengeance, you two will fight in a street fight! This will end once and for all!


Vince: It’s time for the fifth and sixth picks from Raw and Smackdown!

TL: Smackdown will like to welcome Victoria!
EB: Then, Raw will like to welcome Dawn Marie!
TL: For our final pick, Smackdown will like to welcome to Chris Masters!
EB: As for Raw, we will like to welcome Luther Regins!
Vince: Ladies and gentlemen, the 2005 WWE Draft!

Kurt Angle
Rob Van Dam
Eddie Guerrero
The Undertaker
Dawn Marie
Luther Regins

Chris Jericho
Randy Orton
Chris Masters

Main Event:
John Cena v. Batista

Match starts with Batista getting the advantage landing in some punches to Cena. Cena returns the favor by hitting Batista with some thrusts to the side of Batista. Cena then nails Batista with a nice swinging neckbreaker. Batista sits up. Batista puts Cena into a bearhug. Cena now in the corner, gives Batista a thumb to the eye, followed by a german Suplex. Cena goes for the five knuckle shuffle, but misses. Batista nails Cena with a hard clothesline. Batista now applies an armbar takedown on Cena trying to soften Cena up some. Cena though reserves and hits Batista with a backbreaker. Cena then picks Batista up and goes for a sidewalk slam, but Batista overpowers and clobbers Cena. Cena down for the count. 1-2 and Cena kicks out. Batista with an irish whip catches Cena with a full-nelson slam. Batista again goes for the cover, but Cena kicks out. Cena now fighting back now catches Batista with a cradle piledriver. 1-2-and Batista kicks out. Cena and the crowd is shocked. Batista nails Cena with an electric chair. Batista goes for the spinebuster, but Cena counters it with a throwback. Cena now nails the five knuckle shuffle. Cena now feeling it, goes for the F-U, but Batista counters out of it. Batista now tries to nail the Batista Bomb, but Cena somehow hits a tornado DDT, into a dragon sleeper. Somehow though, Batista overpowers Cena and connects with the spinebuster. Cena though blocks the Batista Bomb, and out of nowhere connects on the F-U. 1-2-and no. Cena can’t get the three. Cena though picks up Batista but Batista nails the spinebuster, out of nowhere. Batista then nails the Batista Bomb. 1-2-3! The winner of the match is Batista! Match Time: 17:57


*Everyone is out on the stage, with Vince and the family in front.*

*Another video of Owen is shown, when he first got in the business*

*Stone Cold Steve Austin music plays and out comes Austin to a massive pop*

SCSA: I met Owen a couple years ago, and Owen is one of the best people I have ever come across. The things that he would say and do, while we were on the road were just plain gold. And even though, he’s the reason of why my neck is how it is, I love him. I love him like a brother. And we all did. Owen, this is to you. For all your sacrifices, for all your blood, for all your pain. Owen this is to you! And from the bottom of our hearts here at WWE, Owen and the Harts, we all want to say “Thank You”. Thank You, to the “King of Hearts” Owen Hart!

*closing pyros go off, as a final video of Owen is shown*

RIP Owen! Gone, but never forgotten! Thank You!

*closing screen is shown with a picture of Owen is shown, and the show ends.*

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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Smackdown Preview for May 26th:

With four days removed from Judgment Day and three days since the Draft, Smackdown comes strolling in live from the America West Arena in Phoenix, AZ. Smackdown has five new superstars on the roster and things will never be the same.

Plus, tonight is the debut of Carlito's Cabana. It will surely be something you don't want to miss. Plus, we have new tag team champions in the Dudley Boyz. What will the Dudley's have to say about being the new tag champs.

Don't miss Smackdown!

I will try to have Smackdown up by Saturday night. P.S. I'm hoping for some more replies than usual. After Judgment Day, and a historic and emotional Raw I guess I need it. 1!

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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

may 26th smackdown:

*video of judgment day, owen/raw, and the new smackdown video and song is shown w/pyro*

MC: welcome to a brand new edition of Smackdown! Hello everyone, I'm Michael Cole and I'm joined by Tazz. And Tazz what a night we have for the fans here tonight in Phoenix!

Tazz: That's right, Cole! And Cole with the aftermath of Judgment Day beginning what else will happen on Smackdown.

*No Chance in Hell Plays and out comes Vince*

Vince: Welcome to the brand new Smackdown! Tonight, however Theordoe Long is not here, so tonight for one night only, I have found someone who will take over Smackdown. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my son, Shane McMahon!

*Shane comes out to a massive pop*

Shane: Thank you, Dad, and welcome to Smackdown. Well let me say that you the fans are in for a treat tonight. Because tonight the WWE Tag Team Championships will be on the line in a table match when The Dudley Boyz face the new comers MNM. Also Orlando Jordan, tonight you will defend your US Championship aganist Christian! But here's the big part. Tonight John Cena will defend his WWE Championship aganist Chris Jericho! And next week here on Smackdown, Teddy Long will be announcing the dawning of a new title here in the WWE! So let's get things going.

Steve Romero: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, Charlie Hass. And introducing his opponent, Mark Jindrak!

Match 1:
Charlie Hass v. Mark Jindrak

Hass tries to use his power and strength over Jindrak but Jindrak nails him with a stiff clothesline. Jindrak applies a wristlock to Hass but Hass quickly escapes out of it, and nails Jindrak with a nice hip toss. Jindrak comes at Hass but Hass catches Jindrak with a russian leg sweep into a STF. Jindrak makes it to the ropes, and Charlie breaks. Charlie now irish whips Jindrak, and goes for a sleeper, but Jindrak nails him with a reserve falling facebuster. 1st cover of the match. 1-2-and Hass kicks out. Jindrak now with a side headlock applied to Hass to weaken Hass up some more. Hass now gets some offense going with a running forearm smash. Hass gets Jindrak up, and plants him with a nice dropkick. 1-2 and Jindrak kicks out some more. Hass nails a rolling cradle. 1-2 and Jindrak kicks out. Hass goes for another punch but Jindrak catches him with a spinebuster. Jindrak goes for a pumphandle slam, but Hass counters it in mid-air with a triangle choke. Hass breaks it and tries to connect on the Hass of Pain but Jindrak out of nowhere catches Hass with the Reflection of Perfection! 1-2-3!

SR: The winner of the match is, Mark Jindrak! Match Time: 8:14

MC: These two just put on a great technical bout.
Tazz: You're right Cole, they did.

MC: Well when we come back we're going to show you one of the Owen videos that was shown, from this past Monday night. We'll be right back!


MC: Welcome back to Smackdown everyone. Well last sunday, Billy Kidman defended his Cruiserweight Championship aganist Psicosis in the finals of the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Series! Psicosis and Billy fought in an unbelievable match, but in the end, it was Kidman who remained the champ. (clips of the match is shown)

*Backstage, Victoria is speaking with some of the Divas when Torrie comes in and interrupts her.*

TW: Woah, who are you?!
V: I'm Vic...
TW: Yeah, I know who you are. But I run this diva locker room. And even though me and Dawn came up short on Sunday, that means nothing. We're still on top. And if you got a problem, with it, we can settle in the ring!
V: Well I do. How bout, we fight in the ring right now!
TW: Fine

Tazz: It looks like we're about to have ourselves a match between the divas!

*Steve does the introductions*

Match 2:
Torrie v. Victoria

Relative short match. Victoria basically dominates Torrie throughout the match, until Torrie hits Victoria with a DDT, and grabs the tights to steal the victory.

SR: The winner of the match, Torrie Wilson! Match Time: 6:12

*Torrie then beats up Victoria, after the match!, Torrie laughs after what she did, as we go to commercial*

Tazz: Welcome back to Smackdown, and it's time for our first of three titles.

*Steve Romero does the introductions*

Match 3-WWE Tag Team Championships-Table Match; Must get both members of the opposing team through a table, to win the match
MNM v. Dudley Boyz (c)

Match starts with all four men beating the living crap out of each other, while Melina does commentary with Cole and Tazz. Bubba and Nitro fight on the outside and then Bubba nails the Bubba Cutter on Nitro. Bubba tries to put Nitro through the table but Mercury grabs the table from behind. Now D-von and Mercury fight while Bubba continues to beat up on Nitro. Bubba nails Nitro with a flying headbutt. Back in the ring, D-von nails the wassup on Mercury. Mercury is down and out. The Dudleys go for the 3-D but Nitro nails Bubba from behind and the table moves out of the way. Nitro and Mercury now double team D-Von and now they knock him out the ring and nail the MNM on Bubba right through the table. Oh man, 1 down, 1 Dudley to go. We'll be right back.


Cole: Welcome back to smackdown. During the break we saw, this... (clip of Mercury going through the table by D-von. Now back in the ring all four men are bruised up badly. Irish whip by Bubba and Nitro reserves it into a frontlayout suplex. After a couple of minutes of more fighting, Nitro heads to the top, but is knocked down. Melina comes over and tries to distract the Dudleys. However they duck and Nitro accidentially hits Melina, but turns around and get a 3-D through the table. The Dudleys win.

SR: The winner of the match and still WWE Tag Team Champions, The Dudley Boyz! Match Time: 16:12

Tazz: Well folks, when we come back, we will be joined by Carlito and the very first edition of Carlito's Cabana! We'll be right back!

Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown! And it's now time for Carlito's Cabana!

*"Cool" plays and out comes Carlito with a new cut*

Carlito: Yeah, laugh it up. Laugh, laugh. This is not cool. But you want to know what is cool. This is cool. Carlito's Cabana. That's cool. It's about time, that the people get to see the definition of cool. And that's me. Carlito. And that's cool. Now it's time for my guest of the evening. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the GM of Smackdown, for one night only, Shane McMahon!

*"Here comes the Money" plays, and here comes Shane McMahon*

Carlito: What's up Shane?
Shane: Nothing, I'm good.
Carlito: Shane, you know something. You're not cool. Look at you, you're a disgrace to the McMahons. You couldn't even defend your mother honor, by defeating Kane in an ambulance match at Survivor Series two years ago. Your company was flushed out by your own dad!
Shane: Enough, I refuse to be humilated by you, Carlito. That, is not cool!
Carlito: Hey, take it easy, take it easy. But you did have some good moments!
*Video of Shane shown, with some good matches*
Shane: You're point is?
Carlito: You've grown weak. You know what happens to people when they grow weak?
Shane: What?
Carlito: This. (Carlito spits apple in the face of Shane and starts to attack Shane, before officials break it up.)
Carlito: Now, that's cool.
*Cool plays as Carlito leaves smiling, and we see a graphic of the next match being shown and it's showing the US Championship match between Orlando Jordan and Christian., We then cut to commercial*


Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown, and now it's time for the Raw Rebound.

*Raw Rebound is shown*

Tazz: We would like to thank everyone who watched and ordered Judgment Day, this past Sunday, and even though both of these men are no longer apart of the Smackdown roster, these two produced what could be a match of the year canadiate. Take a look.

*video of the match of Kurt and Taker is shown*

*Shane sees Vince and says*

Shane: Dad, next week, right here on Smackdown, from Toronto, I want Carlito, 1 on 1.
Vince: Okay, you got it. However, you must agree to return to the active roster.
Shane: Fine, I'll do it.
Vince: You got yourself a deal son.

*Steve Romero does the introductions*

Match 4-US Championship
Orlando Jordan (c) v. Christian

Christian starts the match with a bow and collar tieup. Orlando gets the advantage and starts to nail Christian with chops across the chest. Short irish whip into a frankinsteiner by Orlando to Christian. 1-2-and Christian kicks out. Orlando now picks up Christian and nails a hard scoop slam. Coming off the ropes, Orlando drops the elbow, but no one is there, and here comes Christian with a baseball slide right to the face of OJ. Christian now hits the Plancha. 1-2-and no, OJ gets the shoulder up. Orlando now sent to the ropes, ducks and nails a forearm smash to Capt. Charisma. OJ picks up Christian and goes for the Orlando Magic, but Christian reserves it and hits a gutwrench suplex. 1-2 and no OJ kicks out. Christian picks OJ up again, but this time OJ hits the Orlando Magic on Christian. 1-2-and Christian kicks out. OJ now goes on top, and nails a dropkick on Christian. 1-2-and again Christian, kicks out. Christian now on the defense gets an inverted backbreaker. 1-2 and again Christian kicks out. Christian goes to the ropes, ducks and nails a falling inverted DDT on OJ. 1-2 and OJ kicks out. Christian goes on top, and goes for the elbow, but Christian misses. OJ gets Christian up and nails The Johnson Shuffle. OJ goes back on top and tries for a diving moonsault but he can't connect. Irish whip to the ropes, and Christian blocks a suplex, and nails the unprettier on OJ. 1-2-3!

SR: The winner of the match, and the new US Champion, Christian! MT: 16:23

Cole: I don't believe it,but we have a new US Champion, and his name is Christian!

Tazz: Well coming up next, is the battle in the desert! John Cena defends his WWE Championship aganist Chris Jericho! It's next!


*Steve does the introductions*

Main Event-WWE Championship:
John Cena (c) v. Chris Jericho

Jericho and Cena start the match off with a tieup. Jericho gets the upperhand, and Jericho begins to lay in some chops on Cena. Cena though returns the favor, and starts to chop on the chest of Jericho. Jericho sends Cena to the ropes, but Cena moves, yet Jericho lands on his feet, and Jericho dropkicks Cena. 1-2 and Cena kicks out. Jericho now comes off the ropes, ducks, yet Cena nails him with a forearm. Cena picks Jericho up and nails him with a vertical suplex. Jericho nails Cena with The Flashback. Jericho goes for the lionsault, but Cena puts the legs up. Cena now nails a fisherman swingingneckbreaker. 1-2 and Jericho kicks out. Both men now get to their feet, but Jericho nails Cena with an armdrag. Jericho lets go and then knocks Cena outside the ring. Jericho gets on top and dropkicks Cena from off the second rope, and Cena goes back to the floor. Jericho now irish whips Cena to the ropes, but Cena catches Jericho and sends him right into the post. Cena crawls back into the ring, to break up the count, then rolls back out, to grab Jericho, but Jericho nails a back body drop on Cena. Jericho throws Cena into the ring, and tries a boston crab, but Cena reserves it and nails Jericho with a Boston crab of his own. Jericho quickly makes it to the ropes. Jericho comes charging at Cena, and Cena nails the Throwback on Jericho. 1-2-and no Cena can not get the 3 count. Jericho, ducks and hits the bulldog. Lionsault. Yes. 1-2-and no, Cena gets the shoulder up. Cena comes back and nails Jericho with back to back tackles. Cena goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but misses, and Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho. Jericho has it in tight, but Cena gets to the ropes. Jericho goes for a clothesline, but Cena ducks and nails the F-U. 1-2-3!

Steve Romero: The winner of the match and still WWE Champion, John Cena! MT: 26:12

Cole: Well partner, what a week it has been for us.
Tazz: Yeah, it has been a crazy and emotional week for us.
Cole: Fans, we'll see you next week in Toronto. But we would like to leave you with this special video reflecting on the life of the "King of Harts" Owen Hart!

*video is shown, followed by fading black screen*

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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

RAW Preview for May 30th:

As Raw comes to Montreal for Memorial Day, Raw will be one crazy one. The draft has come and gone. How will these new superstars fit on Raw. How will Triple H react after losing to JBL. With the announcement made about Edge and Matt Hardy fighting in a street fight at Vengeance what else will happen. Don't miss Raw!

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

thats some g9ood shows youve done there, I cant review them all now so overall 88/100


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