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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Kid o Mac's Raw Review

Opening segment was ok, nothing to really get excited over though and JBL coming out was intresting. Well he helps Kennedy gain the win and a brawl to start the show off, nice touch with JBL running away at the end and not wanting too much of Triple H

Triple H invading Smackdown? Seems good and I'm expecting another brawl on Smackdown this week. If not that, then maybe the Smackdown superstars will guard JBL in the ring similar to what they did with Paul Heyman in '04 before WM.

Angle vs Benjamin sounds good and seems like a good match. We're getting Angle vs Lesnar at WrestleMania huh? A WrestleMania rematch should be a classic and hopefully you don't turn it into anything real similar to what they did at WM XIX

No comment on the Women's match.

Cena and Rock promo was good until the ending, there was no need for another brawl when you had had two already. Two is enough but three is stretching the limit. Anyways, these two seem ready to rock the buidling come WrestleMania.

Edge and Benoit seemed like it could have been a good match but I don't like the ending. If Benoit is the challenger, he shouldn't be losing to Edge at all and it hurts his credibility. Hopefully you make up for this and give Benoit a win very soon.

NO! Another brawl, that makes four and you really need to fix this, there really is no need for four brawls. Sorry but had to mention that and also, I don't like this Rhodes/Flair match, I think it is only there for nostalgia purposes and drawing names in.

Well Nova gains the win in the Battle Royal and is moving onto WrestleMania in the MITB Ladder Match. No problem with that as you have pushed him well and I'm expecting him to be used real well coming up soon, and maybe he stands a chance at the contract.

Uh main event decision was good and it doesn't hurt each man but I know HBK and Hart are feuding while Austin and 'Taker are? Maybe that needs to be cleared up for me because I'm not really sure, anyways good way to end the night off with.


Got some comments on this and well, first off would be the lack of creativity. Hate to say this but it is true. You've got Angle/Lesnar and HBK/Hart have both happened before, doesn't do much for me. Rhodes/Flair, ugh! Cena/Rock is the best feud you have going.

Another thing, you rush your shows! Your recaps seem too small to me and you need to take your time. I see that you are posting a Smackdown preview tonight? WHY? Take your time, make the shows have more buidlup to them and surprise me in the end.
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Well for two reasons, man:

First off I have a very busy week headed up. I have a BBQ today, HS Graduation practice all next week, Senior Awards, Banquet, and Graduation next Saturday.

Yeah I realise that the recaps are short, but I really trying to get to the point, while at the same time, keep it moving. As for the fights, I've had little buildup and I really needed to get the ball moving with the feuds. Yes Michaels is facing Hart, Dusty is facing Ric, Kurt is facing Brock, Trips is facing JBL, and yes Austin is facing Taker at Mania. Plus, I wanted the SD preview up early, so I can get it out of the way.

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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

RAW REVIEW, in grades...

JBL promo 8/10 good promo, both men in charachter

HHH v Kennedy 7.5/10 what a long opening match, and what big names to open the show, any way, pretty good match

HHH/JP promo 7/10 short, but good as it builds up Smackdown! i'm looking forward in seeing what happens

Angle v Benjamin 8/10 man what starpower in your first 2 matches! good match

by the way, Smackdown v Raw before Mania : smart move!

Victoria v Dawn Maria 6.5/10 too short, but hey it's victoria

Rock/Cena promo 9/10 very very good promo, good job

Benoit v Edge 8/10 wow, Edge winning against Benoit, unexpected

Rhodes/Flair promo 6/10 two old "has beens" going at each other, i'm not really excited about this

10-man battle royal 7/10 could've done a lot better here, 8 minutes is too short for a battle royal! Nova getting a push is cool though, luckily Dean is gone

Hart v Undertaker 7.5/10 cool of Michaels adn Austin interfering, but the main event could've been more spectacular in my opinion

all round : 74.5/100 ==> pretty good
your show was good, but i'm a little affraid that you are not pushing the young talent enough
Wrestlemania is going to look like oldman mania i'm affraid, but you have 2 weeks to sort things out, so i'm still looking forward to Mania
keep it up!
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

JBL Promo - Typical JBL which is nice, good showing by HHH.

HHH/Kennedy - Great match to open the show with and Kennedy going over is always a good thing.

JP/HHH - Short and to the point, HHH is going to Smackdown!

Angle/Benjamin - This match never gets old, nice work and a great followup to HHH/Kennedy

Victoria/Dawn - Short women's match with Victoria picking up the win.

Rock/Cena - Both men are poised and ready to take it to the next level. Nice job on capturing their characters

Benoit/Edge - Solid matchup between these 2, Edge winning not such a good thing but it keeps his "streak" as of late alive. Lets just not bury Benoit

Rhodes/Flair - 2 of the best talkers the wrestling business has ever seen. Would have like to see some more elaboration from both to really tap into their characters but it was good none the less

Battle Royal - Way too short for a Battle Royal and with all the participants I'm a little dissapointed to see Nova of all people win but hey he needs a push.

Hart/Undertaker - Sort of a let down in terms of main event but only because of the names involved. It was really for storyline purposes but a real fall would have been good for either man.

Overall - Good show here. It started off fantastic and lost some steam near the end but it still delivered. Mania is looking good, I'll keep reading.

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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Three reviews

First time I'm reading you're thread so I might as well review a bunch of shows at once to get into it

RAW march 6th

Wow great mainevents there: Edge vs The Rock and Triple H vs Kurt Angle. Looking forward to those.

RVD vs Shelton Benjamin: Seemed like a great high paced match. I've never seen Shelton do an enzuigiri though. RVD gets the clean win to get some momentum going into WM against Benoit. That should be an awesome match!

Kurt Angle battled Bret Hart on SNME? Should have kept that for Wrestlemania since that's a huge dreammatch. But Angle is facing Brock at WM for the title so I guess that's good to. The interview was short and sweet. Angle was in character and to the point.

AJ STyles vs Benoit: Ughhh AJ Styles in WWE..... I hate seeing TNA guys in WWE. It just doesn't fit in. Your match description could have been more detailed here since we have 2 great wrestlers in the ring and you give us a 4 line summary? Not cool! Styles steals the victory(guess he's heel?). Dunno what purpose it served to let BEnoit lose so close to WM against a guy who apparantly is doing nothing.

Mickie James vs Molly Holly You should do a segment between matches. 2 matches back to back doesn't come off good. Anyway it was an ok diva match. Maybe a little to long even with 7 mins, its still a womens match which means that a good match is still a waste of time IMO. Give them 5 mins max on a tv show, save the longer matches for ppv.

The HBK promo was good and it hyped up the match for WM but it came off a bit bland IMO. You could have added more DX HBK in there because he was just running down Hart's career and added a few lines of intimidation at the end. I also saw a few grammar mistakes. Other then that it was good

Angle/Rock: This stood out

Angle goes for the Angle Slam, but Triple H counters and nails a huge clothesline on The Rock
Gave me a chuckle.

Angle wins after a failed runin from Lesnar. But whats with the multiple Rock mixups?

I didn't like the Flair promo. It just doesn't sound like Flair and he looks like he's all calm and then the wooo's at the end just come off so bland. Flair vs Rhodes, most ppl won't even care about Rhodes because he's from the 80's and the match would suck ass but meh its your WM.

Rock/Edge. Seemed alright. you could have had Cena running in during the match and cost Rock the match instead of using foot on the ropes finish. Aftermath didn't make sense. Cena hits edge with a chair but edge turns around and hits the spear? When you get hit with a chair you fall down in pain, you don't turn around!

Overall. Average RAW, needed way more promo's, especially so close to WM. Most of the top guys like Edge, Rock, Cena and HHH didn't get any mic time and the ME aftermath was poorly put together.

SD March 10th

More TNA guys? meh. I've never seen Harris do an enzuigiri. You need to put more detail in the matches. Who took the snapshot at the end? Santa Clause? Also 14 mins is a ridiculous length for a tv show.

Team OVW? Like what casual fan knows/cares about OVW? Sounds like a more boring knockoff of the spirit squad. Carlito then spits in josh's face for no reason at all after asking a stupid question. Why doesn't he just answer the question even though he is heel, still doesn't mean that you can't do normal interviews. 'whip' Johnny Jeter? Couldn't you have used a less ridiculous word? Masters makes the unnecessary attack after the interview. Carlito for one, would never brawl back with a guy who's two times his size. It doesn't fit his character.

Lets see, they're brawling before the commercials but then Carlito is suddenly inring and Masters attacks again during the match? Man, that backstage attack was really unnecessary.

Lesnar's promo was pathetic. Lesnar sucks on the mic and he doesn't talk like that. He uses even more simple lines. His opponent: Paul London? Why not give a midget as an opponent straight away, might be even more predictable.

Lesnar picks up the win. You made the maineventer of wm look like he had trouble with a cruiserweight? thats bad booking. Also the match went on far to long. He should have just squashed London in 3 mins max.


I didn't care about this match because it was obviously filler. Dunno what purpose it served. Again way to much time given. Why does Johnny Jeter get his real name and Mike Mondo doesn't?


This could be great match yet you only give it four lines. Even for a summary: be more detailed! Why doesn't Jericho get any promo time?

'Good in quality' are you kidding me? Hogan's in the match and you call it good? Ok wtf is savage doing here? I could live with Rhodes/Flair but Savage/Hogan? why bring back all these fossils when you have Mysterio and such being stuck with filler matches? Aftermath is basic

Overall: 2 (bad) promo's in a SD is pathetic. The matches were either filler or weren't detailed enough and I really don't like Hogan and Savage in here. No storylines were developped and quite frankly it was a lackluster SD. And where the hell are Kennedy and JBL?

RAW June 13th

Now thats what I'm talking about! the opening promo with JBL and Triple H was great! Loved the 'tits as big as Trish' line. JBL also gives a classic promo of course but you've made a few grammar mistakes again. Spell check is your friend buddy Kennedy is gold as always

JBL predictably screws over HHH. Try to be less predictable in your angles. HHH and JBL have the basic postmatch brawl but why does JBL run away when he has HHH down? He should continue the beatdown. If you wanted to run this coward angle then have HHH grab the sledgehammer so JBL has a reason to run away.


What was the purpose of this match? Last week it was Molly Holly vs james and this week its victoria vs dm? Where are the female feuds and where's the women's champ? She should get some airtime don't you think?

PS: its mic, not mike

Rock's promo was decent, you caught the character and it really felt like a true Rock promo. Cena should have done a rap or something, he came off very bland compared to Rock and thats not good. The inevitable brawl erupts but when you brawl you don't use a DDT, you either trade punches or use a finisher, no normal moves. Cena looked so weak in here, you better let him make a good comeback next time! And its 'whoop' not 'whip'.


first Benoit jobs to AJ Styles and this time to Edge. but at least this time it wasn't useless since edge needs the momentum going into WM. But I still don't know why you let Benoit job to AJ STyles when he has a match at WM against RVD? You totally degrade the IC match by making Benoit job so much IMO.

Rhodes/Flair. I didn't like this segment. First of all, Flair totally doesn't sound like flair. Rhodes should have been able to say more after Flair disrespected him and the brawl sucked to be honest. It was over to soon.

Ah nice, Nova goes to mitb. Good you got rid of Simon Dean.

ok, why is the match taker vs hart even made? Have mainevents make sence instead of just putting together a random one. And where were hart, taker and austin last week? Seems like you have to much superstars when half don't even show up on RAW. Austin stunners everyone, meh.

Overall. Again just like your previous shows, give more promo time to guys like austin and hart and so. This raw was better then the previous one but it still could have been better. The Flair/Rhodes promo sucked to be honest and you really need to pay attention to your spelling and grammar.

There ya go, reviewed three shows at once, cheers

"ICH WILL FICKEN!!!" (Rammstein - Das Alte Leid)

Deep huh? think about it...
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Just to let everyone know, this is the WrestleMania Lineup as of March 13th, 2006:

WWE Championship-Randy Orton(c) v. Booker T-2006 RR Winner

World Heavyweight Championship-Shawn Michaels(c) v. Bret Hart

Intercontinental Championship-Rob Van Dam(c) v. Chris Benoit
Stone Cold Steve Austin v. The Undertaker

Television Championship-Carlito(c) v. Chris Masters
TLC VI for the WWE Tag Team Championships: MNM(c) v. AMW v. Dudleys

Cruiserweight Championship-Pscisois(c) v. Juvented Guerrera
European Championship-Rhyno(c) v. Muhammad Hassan

Edge v. Matt Hardy

MITB II-Kennedy/Nova/Batista v. Shane/Miz/Christian

Kurt Angle v. Brock Lesnar
Triple H v. JBL
WWE Womens' Championship-Melina(c) v. Victoria

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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Nice card, but two ladder matches? Seems a little odd for the one PPV, but o well. TLC is different than a ladder match, so, yeah.

Looking forward to it, hopefully it will be as good as your Survivor Series PPV was last year.


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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

That is a great Wrestlemania Card so far. You are building each feud up really well.
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

WrestleMania should be awesome. I have read your BTB from the start and it has continued to rock.
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Wrestlemania looks to have a fantastic card, as Renegade said it is a little odd to have two ladder matches. I will pay back your review, when you get your next show up.
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