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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

may 16th:

*highilights from last week's michaels/rock, opening video, and pyro is shown*

JR: Welcome to Raw everyone! From the nation's captial here in DC Raw is ready to rock and roll. I'm Jim Ross joined by Jerry "The King" Lawler. And King, after what happened last week, I don't know what to expect tonight.

King: JR, I feel the same way.

*HBK's music hits and Michaels and Triple H makes their way out to the arena, to a mix reaction*

Michaels: Last week, right here in this very ring, the Heartbreak Kid, defeated the people's champ, The Rock! And another thing, I did it right in his backyard. You see, the thing about me and Hunter is that we know more about each other than anyone else. We though, didn't leave when the going got tough. Unlike the Rock we stayed and fought, for you the fans! And tonight me and Triple H will prove to everyone that we are something not to be messed with!

Triple H: Yeah, that's right. Together me and Shawn are a combined 14 time Heavyweight Champions. We are the backbone of this company. He's the Showstopper and I'm the Cerebal Assassain! We take orders from no one. You can even say were d-generatives. (Huge pop) We take things to the X! Tonight is the start of a blast from the past.

*Rock's music plays and out comes the Rock*

Rock: Last week, the Great one was screwed in front of his family, friends, and the people! HBK, you wanna run your mouth of how big and bad you are, well how about you face the Rock right here, right now. 1 on 1! What do you think about that?!

HBK: Well,...
Rock: It doesn't matter what you think, b1tch! You see The Rock is ready to lay the smackdown all over your candya*s, right here tonight!

*Ric Flair music plays and out comes Flair*

Flair: Hunter, a couple of weeks me and you fought in the most brutal and barabic cage match in the history of this business. Even though, you were victorious, this problem between me and you are far from over. You son of a b1tch, I gave you everything that you needed and you thank me by attacking me. Well, you know what, tonight your a*s is mine!

*I'm Back plays and Eric Bischoff comes out to the ring*

Eric: You know what, enough is enough! I will not let this continue to happen! So you know what I'm going to do? Tonight's main event will be the team of Shawn Michaels and Triple H versus The Rock and Ric Flair!

JR: King, did you just hear that! What an announcement by Bischoff!
King: I'm stunned!
JR: Michaels/Triple H v. Rock/Flair. Right here tonight! We'll be right back!


King: Welcome back to Raw everyone. Now lets send it to Lilian Garica.

*LG does the introductions*

Match 1: World Tag Team Championships:
Simon Dean/Maven (c) v. Snitsky/Tomoko

Match starts with Dean begging for mercy from Snitsky, but to no avail. Snitsky lets out fists of fury to Dean, and knocks Dean to the ground, at which time, Dean quickly rolls out of the ring to regroup. Dean tries to play possum and Snitsky falls for it, as Maven sneaks up and nails some clubbing blows to the back of Snitsky. Dean then nails Snitsky with a clothesline and Maven and Dean continue to work on Snitsky until Tomoko comes from behind and takes out Maven. Dean quickly runs into the ring and breaks the 10 count, and again goes to attack Snitsky. Quick cover. 2 count. Snitsky hits Dean with a hard shoulder breaker. 2 count. Snitsky now continues the assault on Dean as he nails a dragon sleeper, on Dean who is quickly down and just about out. Snitsky tags in Tomoko. Tomoko picks up Dean and nails a hard gorilla press slam on Dean. 2 count. Dean now to the ropes, ducks and nails a jumping tornado DDT on Tomoko into an amateur submission hold, which has Tomoko nearly giving up. Dean won't let go and nails a facebuster on Tomoko, and somehow Tomoko won't quit. Dean makes the tag to Maven and Maven goes on top and nails a dropkick on Tomoko. 2 count. Maven goes for a suplex, but Tomoko counters it with a screwdriver DDT. 1-2 and no. Maven kicks out. Maven and Tomoko continue to fight until they get back into Maven's corner, at which time Deab throws powder into the eyes of Tomoko, and tags himself back in, and goes on top and nails a jumping powerbomb device from the top rope. Maven knocks Snitsky, go the apron and they fight outside, while Dean covers grabs the tights and gets the 1-2-3!

LG: The winners of this match and still World Tag Team Champions, Simon Dean and Maven! Match Time: 11:12

JR: Maven and Simon steal another one.

*cuts to backstage, and we see Batista arriving to the arena, still WHC and then we cut to commercial*


JR: We're here, back on Raw, and king I'm still in shocked over the announcement that Bischoff made earlier tonight!
King: I hate to say it, but JR, Bischoff has been making some nice matches as of late.
JR: Let's send it back to Todd Grisham, who is standing with Edge!

TG: Edge, last week, you and Matt Hardy fought in a brutal, brutal match. Even though you suffered defeat, by the looks of it, you got the last word.

Edge: Last week, I did get the last word. You know why, because I'm better than he is. I have proven that time and time again. I'm a 7 time Intercontinental Champion. A history making 11 time tag champ, a King of the Ring winner, a perfect 4-0 record at WrestleMania and acolydes of everything else, except one thing. And that's being the World Heavyweight Champion. But since I'm the Money in the Bank winner, I will one day become the World Heavyweight Champion. As for Matt Hardy, I've beaten him twice at WrestleMania. I even beat him in his own backyard at SummerSlam five years ago. I'm better than him, and I will fufill my destiny of becoming World Heavyweight Champion!

*Matt comes from behind and him and Edge fight all over the backstage area into the parking lot until security and officals break them up. We cut to commercials.*

*Bischoff is speaking with Coach*

Bischoff: Coach, you see that. I can't have that kind of display, here on my show. So since Edge and Matt can't leave each other alone, next week in Las Vegas Nevada, Raw Roulette returns. But this match will need no wheel. Because next week, Edge and Matt Hardy will fight in a good old fashioned street fight!

Coach: Great idea, boss.
Bischoff: Who could this be? *Bischoff speaks on his phone* Tonight! Are you serious! He will be here tonight! I don't believe this! He's on his way. Well thank you for informing me Mrs. McMahon. Coach, do you believe it?

Coach: What is it boss?
Bischoff: That was Linda McMahon. And she just informed me that Mr. McMahon is on his way to the arena and will be making a ground breaking announcement here tonight on Raw!

King: JR, what announcement do you think Mr. McMahon will be making tonight.
JR: I don't know king, but lets send it back up to LG.

*LG does the introductions*

Match 2:
Trish v. Victoria

Match starts out with Victoria getting the upperhand on Trish. Victoria who has the height advantage over Trish puts her foot into the throat of Trish. Trish falls to the ground, and tries to gather some air, yet Victoria nails a schoolboy on Victoria for a two count. Trish gets up and nails a clothesline on Victoria and starts smacking Victoria. Victoria soon reserves it and does the same to Trish. Referee Jack Dole has to come in and break them up. Victoria nails Trish with a DDT, but Trish somehow kicks out at two. Irish whip to the rope, and Victoria comes for Trish, but Trish moves out the way and nails a bulldog, on Victoria. With her feet on the ropes, Trish makes the cover, but Victoria kicks out. Trish goes for the chick kick, but Victoria counters it and nails The Spider Web! 1-2 and Trish somehow kicks out. Victoria goes for the Widow's Peak, but wait a minute here comes Alexis Laree, and she nails a neckbreaker on Victoria, and puts Trish on top of Victoria for the cover. 1-2-3!

LG: The winner of the match is Trish Stratus! Match Time: 9:09

JR: And king, look, Alexis Laree and Trish are now beating up on Victoria, and Trish nails the Stratusfaction on Victoria.
King: I don't know, JR, but Alexis Laree is hot.
JR: Still, king, Alexis is taking out the women one by one. First Christy, now Victoria. Well folks when we come back it's going to be Chris Benoit versus AJ Styles. This will be AJ's first match here in the WWE! We'll be right back!


*A vignette of Chris Cage is shown*

JR: We're back here, live on Raw and King, this Chris Cage looks like someone who can be a major player here on Raw. But lets send it up to Lillian.

*LG makes the introductions*

Match 3:
Chris Benoit v. AJ Styles

Match starts with Benoit just completely attacking Styles. Benoit nails a german on Styles. 2 count. Wait a minute, here comes Styles. Styles nails Benoit with a dropkick and nails a 2 count. Styles, now who sends Benoit to the ropes and Styles hits Benoit with a Vertical Suplex into a Neckbreaker. 2 count. Benoit now confused, begins to nail chops into the chest of Styles. Styles reserves and hits Benoit with chops of his own. Styles now connects with a corner dropkick followed by a moonsault right from the chest of Benoit. The crowd is going nuts. TNA chants begins and now Styles with the advantage goes on top, but Benoit counters and tries to lock in the crossface on Styles. However Styles makes it to the ropes as Benoit tries to lock it in. Benoit replies back with back to back snap suplexes. Benoit goes on top and comes flying for the headbutt, but Styles moves out the way, and nails Benoit with a spinning heel kick and both men are down. Styles picks up Benoit and sends him to the ropes this time again. Benoit this time catches Styles with a belly to belly. Benoit now nails Styles with a tope. 2 count. Benoit now goes for the sharpshooter but Styles blocks it and nails Benoit with a Spine Breaker. 2 count, and now Styles is beside himself. Styles goes on top, but Benoit goes up and nails an over the head belly to belly from the top rope. Both men are down and out. This match will continue when we come back.

*Commercial Break*

Welcome back. During the break, these two continued to beat the h1ll out of each other, and now Styles is met with a german. And another one, and now the hat trick. Benoit now on top. And he nails the headbutt. 1-2 and styles gets the shoulder up. Benoit now picks up Styles and go for the crossface, but Styles nails Benoit with a Fireman's Carry Headbreaker. This crowd is going nuts. Styles gets up on top and goes for the Shooting Star Press, but he misses. Benoit now goes for the cover, but he's only able to get a two count. Benoit, now locks in the sharpshooter. Styles tries to get out of it, but to no avail. However, finally Styles makes it to the ropes. Benoit goes for a gutbuster followed by a pin, but only gets a two count. Benoit can't believe it, and now fustration is growing within Benoit. Benoit gets Styles and hits a Hammerlock Suplex on Styles. Another two count. Benoit sends Styles back to the ropes but Styles comes back with a backbreaker into a gutbuster. 2 count. Styles picks up Benoit and nails Benoit with a Indian Death Lock. Benoit struggles but somehow is able to make it to the ropes. Styles now hits Benoit with a running corner backflip kick. He tries it again, but this time Styles walks into the CROSSFACE! Benoit has it locked in, and it's in tight. Styles somehow is able to hit Benoit enough to break the hold, and now nails an enziguri kick to the face of Benoit. Another 2 count. Now with both men on the top rope, Styles nails The Styles Clash. 1-2 and Benoit kicks out. I don't believe it. Both men are completely spent. But Benoit nails another german on Styles. 1-2 and no. No. Styles now sent to the ropes, and comes off with a flying lariat to Benoit. Styles to the top, nails a shooting star press on Benoit. 1-2 and no! I don't believe what I just seen. Benoit kicks out. Benoit and Styles are going off aderaline now. Both men are spent. Styles now goes for Benoit crossface but Benoit nails Styles with a dragon screw leg whip. Styles up, catches Benoit with a Kipup Huracanrana. 1-2 and again, Benoit kicks out. Styles goes on top, now and flies but Benoit catches him and locks in the crossface again! Styles is screaming in pain, he tries to make it to the ropes, but Benoit won't let him. Finally, Styles is forced to tap!

LG: The winner of this match is Chris Benoit! Match 32:27

JR: King, that has got to be one of the most best debut matches of a person here in this business ever.
King: Yeah, JR. That match right there may take home Match of the Year honors!

*cuts to the back, where Vince arrives.*

JR: Well when we come back, Chris Jericho will be out here for the highlight Reel! We'll be right back!


Chris Jericho: Welcome to The Highlight Reel! Last week, I was involved in one of the most brutal triple threat matches for the WHC ever. However, I couldn't get the job done. However my next guest, requested to be on this show, right here tonight! So without any futher ado, ladies and gentlemen please welcome the chairman of the WWE, Mr. McMahon.

*No Chance In H*ll plays and here comes Vince*

Vince: It feels good to be back. As we all know, Smackdown, this sunday presents Judgment Day. However, I want the Smackdown fans to here this too, because I will also be on Smackdown in Houston this coming up Thursday! However, all of the Raw superstars, and everyone involving Raw needs to listen up. Next week, in Las Vegas, Nevada, it will once again be Raw Roulette. However we'll just call it the WWE Roulette, because next week both Raw and Smackdown superstars will be on Raw! You know why?! Because it's that time again! It's time for another...

*I'm Back, plays and Bischoff makes his way to the ring*

Eric: Mr. McMahon, how wonderful it is for you to show up here tonight! I just came out here, so I can hear up close about your big announcement.

Vince: Shut UP! You interrupt me again, you won't have a job! But Eric, do you like your job. Well after next monday, you may won't have one! Next week here on Raw, Raw and Smackdown Superstars will all be under one roof. Next week we will have the annual WWE Draft! That's right. 10 picks from Raw and 10 picks from Smackdown! And being that this is going to be such a big event, Raw and Smackdown superstars will be particpating in matches next week, and the show will be a special 3 hours long, next week. History will be made all over again. Thank you.

*Muhammad Hassan and Davari make their way to the ring.*

MH: Mr. McMahon, how great it is to hear this news. These stupid Americans who treat me and Davari like dirt, and here in the nations capital where the city's baseball team is a complete joke, there is at least one american who has class and dignity, unlike these americans who show themselves to be racist to arab americans like me and davari. and since we're here in DC, I will make a name for myself, in front of you, the troops, and everyone else. *He starts to attack Jericho and then slams Bischoff. Then he slams Jericho through one of the tables as McMahon, stops Hassan and Hassan gets ready to hit McMahon, but stops and leaves.*

JR: Do you believe it, The Draft is next week!
King: I can't wait, but it's now time for the Smackdown Rebound! and The Judgment Day Card lineup!

*Rebound and Card are shown*

JR: Well coming up next it's Michaels/Triple H vs. The Rock and Ric Flair. A combined 37 World Championships regins come within those four men. And folks it's next!


*LG does the introductions*

Main Event:
HBK/Triple H v. Rock/Flair

Rock and Michaels start the match off. The Rock lays the smackdown on Michaels with rights to the face of the Showstopper. Rock now with a backdrop and Michaels is down and the Rock is on Fire. Rock with an irish whip to the ropes and he knocks down Michaels again. Michaels now sent to the ropes and The Rock nails some shoudler thrusts on HBK. Michaels now sent to the ropes, ducks and nails a flying clothesline on Rock. Michaels now, hits a snapmare and goes for a quick cover. 2 count. Michaels now with an elbow to the people's champ. Irish whip and Michaels nails back to back hip tosses on the Rock. And now Michaels who is still in control, goes on top and nails a dropkick on the Rock. 1-2 and no. Michaels picks Rock up, but the Rock nails Michaels with a Double Arm DDT! 1-2 and no, Michaels kicks out. Michaels sent to the ropes and nails the spinebuster on Michaels. People's Elbow coming up but no, Rock is hit from behind by Hunter, and Michaels now nails a Huracanrana. This crowd is going nuts. 1-2 and The Rock barely kicks out. Michaels now sends Rock to the ropes and nails a sleeper. Rock starts to fade, but hits a Samoan Drop. Both men now make it to their corners and makes the tags.

Flair and Triple H are in, and now the Nature Boy nails both Michaels and Hunter with chops to the chest. And now Flair with an irish whip to Triple H, yet it's telegraphed by a facebuster by the Game. Trips now nails Flair with a chopblock. Now Trips locks in a STF. Flair makes it to the ropes, and Hunter now applies a blantant choke. He breaks it at 4. Trips now applies the sleeper on Flair. Flair begins to fade. Somehow he breaks at the count of two. Flair nails a backdrop on the Game, and now Flair and Trips exchange blows. Trips continues to hit Flair, and Flair falls flat on his face. Trips now picks up Flair, and sets him up for the pedigree, but Trips is backdropped. Flair makes the tag to Rock, and the Brahama Bull is now back in. Rock with rights to the Game, but Trips comes back with a spinebuster. 1-2 and no, Rock kicks out. The game doesn't believe it. Trips now going for a high knee, but the Rock nails the Rock Bottom. 1-2 and no. Trips kicks out. Trips now on the defense, nails a rake to the eye, and the pedigree. 1-2 and The Rock barely kicks out. The Rock now blocks a clothesline and nails a DDT. The Rock going coast to coast nails The People's Elbow. 1-2 and no. Trips kicks out again. Trips is back up and both men make the tags to their partners.

Flair nails Michaels with some more lefts and rights, but Michaels hits a DDT on Flair, and goes on top. Michaels flies and connects with the flying elbow. Michaels starts to tune up the band, but Flair catches Michaels and nails Michaels with the FIGURE-FOUR! Michaels screams in agony, yet he's able to reverse the hold, before breaking out of it. Michaels catches flair this time with sweet chin music. 1-2 and no. Flair with an undetected low blow on Michaels now buys some time and tags in Rock. Rock and Michaels go at it some more, and now Michaels tags in Hunter. Rock goes for the Rock Bottom, but is sent to the rope, and is hit with the Intercontinental Championship belt, and the ref didn't see it, and AJ Styles nails Flair with an enzurgi kick knocking him out. Trips nails Rock with the Pedigree. 1-2 and no. Trips sent to the ropes, hits a low blow on the Rock followed by another pedigree. 1-2-3!

LG: The winners of the match are Shawn Michaels and Triple H! Match Time: 27:14

JR: Dam1it! Dam!it. King, Benjamin and Styles just cost Rock and Flair the match.
King: I don't believe it. Wait here comes Benoit and Benoit goes straight after Styles. But the numbers game come to the effect, and these four have the advantage.
JR: Wait a minute here comes the WHC, Batista! Batista nails a spinebuster on the Game, and now all four are going at it, but Michaels nails the Superkick on Batista. And now Hunter, Michaels, Styles, and Benjamin are taking apart Flair, Rock, and Batista! Look at this King. The carnage! Can these four men be the future of Raw, and the powerforce in the WWE! This is unbelievable! We'll see you next week in Las Vegas for the draft! Goodnight, from the nation's captial!
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Smackdown Preview for May 19th:

The final stop to Judgment Day makes its way through Houston's Toyota Center. After Mr. McMahon's shocking announcement, Smackdown will never be the same after Judgment Day!

The Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Series continues as Psicosis and Paul London do battle with the winner facing Billy Kidman at JD! Plus, after the hair v. hair match announced for Booker T and Carlito what will happen next? Angle and Taker meet for the final time also before their match. And finally Cena. JBL. The WWE Championship. The rematch. What will happen between these two, with just three days before JD?! Don't miss Smackdown!

Smackdown should be up by saturday. Judgment Day should be up by Sunday!

Once again here is the final card:

WWE Championship:
John Cena (c) v. JBL

WWE Tag Titles:
Eddie/Rey (c) v. The Dudley Boyz

WWE US Championship:
Orlando Jordan (c) v. The Big Show

WWE Cruiserweight Championship:
Billy Kidman (c) v. Paul London or Psicosis

Kurt Angle v. The Undertaker

Hair v. Hair Match:
Booker T v. Carlito

Divas Tag Match:
Torrie/Dawn v. Joy/Michelle
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

i am looking forward to sd! my jd predictions are

cena/jbl- cena
dudley boyz/guerrero and mysterio- dudley boyz
jordan/big show- jordan
kidman vs london- london
'Taker/Angle- 'Taker
Carlito/Booker T- Carlito
Torrie and Dawn/Michelle and Joy- Torrie and Dawn

you are doing pretty good but step up on the promos
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

peeps, let me tell you this. Smackdown will be one crazy one as we make [our final stop before Judgment Day. I'm halfway through writing the show and it should be up friday or saturday. And if you think Judgment Day and this monday's raw will be good, trust me you won't be disappointed.

As a side note, I already have planned the main event for Bad Blood. Let me just say, it will be a match that has never been done in the WWE before. Bad Blood will be Sunday, June 26th. I should have it up sometime during the next couple of weeks.

For The Great American Bash on July 17th, the card will be explosive to say the least.

And finally, Summerslam which will be in Miami on August 14th, may just be the best pay-per-view, that I have ever put together. Trust me, this thread is just getting started! Judgment Day will be up by Sunday, the latest. Get your predictions in quickly. 1!
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

boring this topic could be better kid o mac. think out the box

Yo Kid o mac, this is a pretty good thread, you are doing well, you should spread the colouring out, like colouring certain parts of the shows always in one color. But Judgement Day is looking good. Keep it up.

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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

may 19th:

*opening video and pyro*

MC: With just 72 hours to go, before Judgment Day, we welcome you to Smackdown! The Toyota Center here in Houston, TX is on fire, and Tazz what a night we have for the fans here tonight!

Tazz: That's right, Cole! Eddie Guerrero v. Kurt Angle will fight tonight in the main event. It's going to be one explosive night!

*Longhorn plays and out comes JBL.*

JBL: In three days I will once again become WWE Champion and once again my illustrious career will have another milestone added to it. I look at you people, here tonight, and see a former reflection of myself. The beer gut, the redneck attitude, the stupidity. Well that was never me. It was just you and the people of Texas. Now that I live in New York, my life is better than it ever was here in Texas. And after this Sunday, it will become even better when I once again become WWE Champion and you people will kiss the feet of a wrestling god!

*No Chance... plays and Mr. McMahon comes out*

Vince: JBL, week in and week out you talk about how much of a wrestling god you are. How you beat...

JBL: I Am A Wrestling God!
Vince: SHUT UP! Interrupt me again and you will be fired! This Monday night history will be made as we once again will have our annual draft. And let me make a revision to what was said earlier. There will be in total of 12 picks. 6 from Raw. 6 from Smackdown! Who knows, Sunday, can be the last time that you compete as a Smackdown superstar. Things will never be the same after Monday!

*My Time Is Now plays and John Cena comes out*

Cena: What's up H-Town?! The Chain Gang Leader is officially in the building! JBL, I got one thing to say, to you. This Sunday, I will finish this once and for all. This Sunday, I will bury your a*s in the ground, and finally I will make you realize that YOU CAN'T SEE ME! Vince, he can't even see me. OJ nor the Bashams can't see me. Anyone on Raw, THEY CAN'T SEE ME! Realize, I'm the Franchise, And You Can't See Me!

*JBL and Cena exchange blows with JBL going for the clothesline from hell, but Cena counters it and nails him with the F-U, as the crowd goes nuts. Vince and Cena stare at each other, before Cena pimps out Vince's jacket. Cut to commercials.*

*Vignette of MNM is shown*

Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown, and Tazz after what just happened I don't know what will happen next.

Tazz: You're right. Let's send it up to Chimel.

*Chimel does the introductions*

Match 1: Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Series (Conference Final; winner faces Billy Kidman at Judgment Day for the title)

Paul London v. Psicosis

London and Psicosis start the match with each other exchanging blows to the other. London comes off the ropes and nails a hurcurrana on Psicosis, but Psicosis catches London and nails a rollup for a count of 2. Irish whip to the ropes and London nails a shiner kick on Psicosis and a spinning DDT. Backflip into a side kick, but Psicosis lifts London and nails a facebuster. 2 count. London ducks from Psicosis and nails a dropkick, and Psicosis goes outside the ring. London goes for the asai moonsault but of nowhere, Psicosis nails a head scissors takedown in midair. Psicosis continues to beat up on London, and then throws him back in the ring, only to get a two count. Armbar takedown into an armbar submission, but London escapes. London jumps and hits an enzurgi kick on Psicosis. London goes for the 450 but misses. London now up walks into the London Effect from Psicosis. 1-2 and no, London barely kicks out. Psicosis goes for a backbreaker, but London nails a facebuster DDT, that knocks Psicosis out. London goes for the 450 but Psicosis nails the Psychopath on London, from the top rope. 1-2-3!

TC: The winner of this match is Psicosis. MT: 11:14

Tazz: So it will be Psicosis and Kidman at JD, and it will be for the title. Here comes Kidman. *Kidman and Psicosis fight with Psicosis eventually nails the Psychopath on Kidman, and we cut to the back to the Dudley Boyz.*

Bubba: It feels good to be back!
D-Von and Spike: Yeah, we feel ya.
Bubba: D-Von, this sunday, we get the chance to add on to another list of titles on our impeccable resumes. Coming back in our own home, Madison Square Garden was excellent.

DV: But the best part will be when we win the tag team belts sunday aganist Mysterio and Guerrero.
Spike: Look, who it is.

Bubba: Rey Mysterio. We go way back. But this sunday, we will take those titles from you and Eddie.

DV: And tonight, after I defeat you, you will realize why the Dudley Boyz are the greatest tag team of all time. *Mysterio stares at the Dudleys before slowly leaving, and we cut to commercials.*

*Vignette of Kid Kash is shown*

Tazz: Welcome back to Smackdown, and now it's time for the Raw Rebound. (Raw Rebound is shown)

*Cool plays, and out comes Carlito.*

Carlito: Hey, this sunday and houston have two things in common. They're not cool. Sunday, I face Booker T, in a hair v. hair match. As for houston and all of texas, you guys are never cool. However sunday, i will win. and booker t will be destroyed of his dignity. Long, Booker, and anyone else can continue to play some games with me, but I continue to outsmart them. However next week, right here on Smackdown in Phoenix, it will mark the start that would make Piper's Pit and the Hightlight Reel a joke. That's right, I'm talking about Carlito's Cabana. Now that's cool.

* Can you dig it plays, out comes Booker T. Booker and Carlito immediately start fighting, however it soons turn more into a brawl, but Carlito hits Booker with a low blow, and spits apple in the face of the hometown kid, and Carlito leaves as we cut to Long's office, and he has Kurt Angle with him.*

Angle: Teddy, in three days I face the Undertaker, and after what has been a crazy week for me. I'm Kurt Angle. An Olympic Gold Medalist. A 4-time World Champion. And a real American. The Undertaker walks around in his shadow, knowing his time has passed, yet refuses to leave. He continues to say that this is his yard. But at Judgment Day, I will tell you this. The yard will offically become mine.

Teddy: Well, Kurt, you will have your chance to prove it Sunday, because your match will have no interfence whatsoever. If you're the best, prove it. Man to Man. 1 on 1. Now, you better b'live dat, player.

Cole: Well coming up next it will be Rey Mysterio v. D-Von Dudley. We'll be right back!


Tazz: Welcome back to Smackdown. And now back to the Chimel.

*Tony Chimel does the match introductions*

Match 2:
Rey Mysterio v. D-Von Dudley

Match starts with rey getting the best of D-Von with his educated feet. Irish whip to the ropes. amd Mysterio runs into D-Von, and D-Von nails a reserve fireman's carry. 2 count. D-Von locks in the sleeper on Rey, to slow him down, and he does. Mysterio's shoulders are down. 1-2 and Rey gets the right shoulder up. Mysterio sends D-Von to the ropes, but is knocked back down to the mat by D-Von. D-Von gives a leg drop to Mysterio and changes it to a submission hold on Mysterio. Mysterio breaks free, ducks and dropkicks D-Von on to the outside. Out of nowhere, Rey nails a moonsault to D-Von on the outside. But here comes Bubba, who knocks down Rey. Rey is then thrown back into the ring by Bubba, as D-Von crawls into the ring. 1-2 and Mysterio kicks out. D-von nails rey again, but Rey stays balance and D-von goes for the attack again, but D-von misses and hits Bubba, and knocks him off of the apron. D-von turns around and is hit with a splash, but turns it into a slam on Rey. 1-2 and no. Rey kicks out. Mysterio sends D-von to the ropes, jumps and hits a dropkick on D-von. Here it comes. The 6-1-9 connects. Mysterio nails the West Coast Pop. 1-2-3!

TC: The winner of the match Rey Mysterio! Match Time: 12:15

Cole: Wait a minute, here comes Bubba. It's a 2 on 1. Wait a minute, there's Gurrero, and wait D-von nails Eddie with the belt. And a 3-D to Rey and the Dudley Boyz looked poised to become the new tag team champions sunday at Judgment Day!

*Cuts to backstage with Orlando and Big Show*

OJ: What's up Show?
Show: Not you. You see you have something that I want.

OJ: And what's that?
Show: The US Championship! I went through hell lately and now I'm coming after that belt. Sunday, I will finally get some kind of breather after all of what I've been through.

OJ: I'm a distinguished gentleman, Show. But here's a word of advice.
Show: What's that?
OJ: This!

*The Bashams attack Show and OJ clocks Show across the face with the United States Championship as Show is laid out cold, as we go up to Tazz.*

Tazz: Well coming up next it will be Dawn Marie v. Michelle McCool. We'll be right back!


Tazz: Welcome back to Smackdown. It's time for the Divas to get it on.
*Tony Chimel does the introductions*

Match 3:
Dawn Marie v. Michelle McCool

Quick match here with the two exchanging blows back and forth. Dawn wins with a rollup and hand on the ropes. After the match, all four start battling with Dawn and Torrie taking out Michelle and Joy.

Cole: I don't know what to say, but PSP presents Judgment Day, this sunday, and your listening to the official theme song of Judgment Day, which is "So Far Away", by Crossfade.

Tazz: And after seeing what we just saw can Torrie and Dawn remain on top when they team up and face Joy and Michelle.

Cole: I don't know, but what will happen when Big Show gets his hands on Orlando Jordan when the US Championship is on the line.

Tazz: OJ better be ready, because Show is going to be ready. Another match is the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Finals, when Psicosis challenges Billy Kidman for the title.

Cole: Trust me, it will indeed be a match that everyone needs to watch. Moving on with titles, the WWE Tag Team Championships will be on the line when Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio defend the gold aganist the Dudley Boyz.

Tazz: Well after being 3-D through a table, and being hit in the face with the belt, Eddie and Rey will definately be looking for revenge. We also have a hair v. hair match when Carlito faces Booker T.

Cole: In a stipulation made by Booker T, the loser will have his hair shaved. And after being nailed in the face with apple by Carlito, Sunday there will be no more fun and games in the mind of Booker T. Also in what looks to be a classic, Kurt Angle v. The Undertaker.

Tazz: The Olympic Champion vs. The DeadMan. It’s going to be crazy. The Angle Slam v. The Tombstone Piledriver. And Cole, this one is for all the marbles.

Cole: That’s right. A Wrestle Mania 21 rematch. The WWE Championship. The Champion, John Cena defends the gold against JBL.

Tazz: Yeah, this one will indeed be a rocketbuster.

Cole: Judgment Day is this Sunday. But coming up next it will be Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle. We’ll be right back!

Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown. It’s now time for our main event. Chimel, the time is now.

*TC does the introductions*

Main Event:
Kurt Angle v. Eddie Guerrero

Match starts with a stare down between the two men. Angle and Eddie now exchange punches and Angle throws Eddie to the ropes and nails a belly to belly, and Kurt is fired up. Kurt now picks Eddie up, but Eddie nails Kurt with a belly to belly of his own. Eddie picks up Angle and nails a snap suplex. And another one. 1-2 and Angle kicks out. Eddie with a dropkick to the back of Kurt, and a rolling snapmare takedown. 1-2 and no, Angle gets the shoulder up. Both men to their feet, and Eddie hooks Angle up with some hip tosses and Eddie is rolling. Eddie now comes charging at Kurt, but Kurt hits Eddie with a German Suplex. And now with Eddie on the ground, Kurt begins to work on the right ankle of Guerrero. Guerrero spins and knocks Kurt back to the floor. Eddie now applies a Mexican stretch of Angle, yet Angle will not quit. Eddie goes up on top, for a dropkick but is hit with a dropkick by Angle in midair. Angle now goes up and nails a moonsault on Guerrero but only gets a two count. Guerrero and Angle go up to the top rope, but Guerrero nails a flying twisting DDT on Kurt as both men are now down and out again. Eddie goes on top for the frog splash and misses but Kurt grabs Eddie’s ankle, and locks in the Angle lock. Guerrero screams in pain, but makes it to the ropes. Kurt tries again, but Eddie this time nails a rollup on Kurt. 1-2 and no. Kurt barely escapes. Kurt picks up Angle and tries for another german, but this time it’s reserved and Eddie hits a suplex. And another. And another. It’s the three amigos. Eddie this time again, goes on top. This time he nails the Frog Splash. 1-2 and no, Kurt kicks out. Eddie now wonders what to do, picks up Kurt, but Kurt acts quick and nails a low blow, and the Angle Slam. But all of a sudden, smoke fills the arena and the light turns purple. But wait, Guerrero from behinds rolls up Kurt. 1-2-3! Yes.

TC: The winner of this match is Eddie Guerrero. Match Time: 22:15

Cole: Angle just got played. But this Sunday, all the games will be off. We’ll see you in Las Vegas on Sunday, for Judgment Day! Goodnight everyone.

*Screen fades to black, as Kurt goes crazy in the ring.*
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

[COLOR=Red]Raw Preview for May 23, 2005

Raw will be special for two reasons. Well for one, the draft will take place, and Raw and Smackdown superstars will be in the house. However the second reason is that, we will commerate the sixth year anniversary of Owen's Hart death on a special lookback on Owen. So join us for an emotional and heartracing Raw live from the MGM Grand Studios Arena on Monday!

Raw should be up by Monday![COLOR]
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

good job on sd! cant wait till jd, looking forward to booker t/carlito, 'taker/angle, and cena/jbl, also for the raw preview, i like the idea of the lottery draft after jd but my favoritest idea you have used yet is the Owen Hart Memorial Ceremnony, well good job and keep up the good work, sd grade- 9/10
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

thanks capt. chrisima. anyway, i just want to remind you that Raw will be live and will start a special time of 8 p.m. because Monday's show will be 3 hours long! History will be made... again!
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

well i've thought about it, and I think I might just put Judgment Day up tonight. Trust me, it will be something that you don't want to miss. 1!
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