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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Nice preview. Expect a review from me.


Raw for 4/10/06 is Posted. Click on the banner to check it out!
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Kid o Mac WWE No Way Out

Match 1-Nova vs. Rhino
I am not familiar with Nova but I am with Rhino and he is a great wrestler and with this guy Nova he seems good, usually late in the match hardcore matches start getting hardcore, but in this match it seemed to start early. Both men take bumps into the tacks is pretty sweet but it seems like they recovered in a blink of the eye. I liked the battle on that cage, seemed like it could actually happen, also the end of the match where Rhino gores Nova through the gate was sweet. Good way to start No Way Out having a new Undisputed European champion!

Match 2-Jillian Hall vs. Victoria
Meh, I am not the big Diva mark, only when they do like a beauty contest or something like that, this is just like a regular divas match with nothing too important happening. I didn't even know that Jillian wrestled! I do like some thing the divas do in this match though like when Jillian jumps off the top with that splash but only got a two count. Nothing happening at the end with just a regular ending, also nice to see Victoria back in a Wrestle Mania match.

Match 3-DX vs. The Naturals
Well I am a fan of Tag team matches, and this one was great seeing it was of perfect length! That spinning splash is pretty cool but it only got a 2 count, crazy! You do a lot of different false finishes, which makes the match a lot more suspenseful instead of having just a 1 and a half or a 2 count but you have like 2 and 9/10 of a second. The move of the night is either that belly-to-face suplex or the 450 splash to break the pin.

Match 4-Ken Kennedy vs. Steve Austin
Wow people always talked about this match and wanted it to happen and now you bring it to life! Two titanic sized egos in one ring=chaos! Some great moves by these two superstars, some they do all the time and some I never heard of. There are no times in this match that make me believe it is over and that is where you lost me. Good pick up win for Stone Cold after the Stunner.

Match 5-Triple H vs. The Rock
Man you are going back into the good old days with the Rock and Triple H in this one. A thing I noticed shortly is that they got three back breakers and then kicked out, seem very unlikely that that would happen. When I read this I actually imagined this happening seeing I saw a whole lot of their matches back in the early 00's and late 90's. If ya smelllll what WrestleMania 22 match Rock will be in!!

Match 6-Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Benoit
Dude, you had an RVD/Benoit match! This match owns, big. Well I saw a few moves in here that aren't even real moves, well actually every move is a real move but the moves were hard to imagine. Also I noticed RVD took a massive amount of suplexes, more than Angle would even pull off. But all in all it was another Benoit/Van Dam classic. I can see why you had it next to the main event, also who is the heel and who is the face?

Match 7-Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle
Man you keep bringing back great matches and pulling them off even better but this match seemed just like another one of those with nothing different happening. 4,222 is a perfect number of words for the main event especially between these two. Having the match start outside the ring sets up a good later match but for now no weapons or illegal things were used except for a table but it was only used for hype not being used or broken. The second paragraph was very confusing as they spend most of their time switching places and getting chopped. Even you got confused when you wrote, Michaels then chops Michaels. BTW in the third paragraph you mentioned a jawbreaker, what is that? Fourth paragraph had nothing special but the belly-to-belly from the top. Why do you space the numbers out so far? It is really confusing but it does make it more suspenseful. Ouch that head on collision sure looked like it hurt. They get up from it and Angle nails the good one. The next paragraph is one of the best as the ref. is knocked out Angle hits his finisher, Michaels hits his, and the crowd hits theirs, 'You screwed Bret!' next paragraph is pretty good as Michaels finally bleeds after a drop toe hold onto the steps, and then Michaels goes for the SHARPSHOOTER, to no avail. Michaels then tries his luck at the sharpshooter again and locks it in but Angle grabs the ropes. Damn that is some determination after 2 1/2 minutes! Final paragraph! Not a breathtaking finish but a good one no doubt with Michaels kicks out of a Super Angle Slam and nails the Super kick, new champion in Montreal! Wow! Crazy, Guitar chords? Who is it?

Overall 9.5/10-Crazy ppv probably the best you had so far actually this is my first of yours to read but it is probably better! Dude Wrestle Mania is 6 weeks away and you can expect a review from me! Maybe I will review Raw too?
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Hey KOM, I've got Spring Break next week so that gives me some time to be able to work on a review for you so just wanted to let you know that.
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

^^Hey, me too. Too bad I have four essays, baseball, vacation, Flash projects, and sleep still. Do not worry, review coming before this break ends. I am starting it right now.
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

No Way Out Review

Been along time since I was around BTB, but I'm gradually trying to get back into it, here's your review I promised, sorry about the lateness....

BTW, love the theme music "Red to Black" is a kick ass song, and Fort Minor is the shit at the moment as far as hip-hop goes

Rhyno vs Nova
Wasted no time, the match going at a strangely frantic pace. The weapons come out nice and early as you would expect. Too early for thumbtacks IMO, far too early. Lot's of good action, the weapons being utilized well. Gore through the gate and Rhyno wins. Pretty good opening bout, but thumbtacks should've been left to the end. ***1/4

Victoria vs Jillian
I'm bored shitless with Women's matches. No mark for the match as I cannot grade Womens matches, but it was decent. Victoria vs Melina could be a good match, Melina has lots of talent.

Naturals vs Styles/Benjamin
Just like at StarrCade, solid match, nothing special but it had some good points, this match would be amazing in real life, and you kept a good flow and temp throughout it. ***1/2

Austin vs Kennedy
Austin is brutalizing Kennedy here, this would be a good match to witness, glad you have booked it. Wow, surprising how resilient both men are in this match, they have both kicked out of chair shots. Finally Austin picks up the win. Great match, entertaining stuff. ***3/4

The Rock vs HHH
This one's gonna be good, but the crowd seems split. Please don't turn The Rock heel like the WWE did, because Ca-na-da didn't like him against Hogan. Wait a sec! Cena! No ref, just like the previous match. A small flaw, should never have that in consecutive matches. HHH wins, I smell a definate Rock vs Cena WM match now. ****

RVD vs Benoit
Classic matchup, delivered everything I thought it would be and more. Put these two in the same ring = great match, and that's what we got. Not sure that the crowd would boo RVD, I'd think they would cheer him but cheer Benoit loudly, you are making Bizzaro land sound weirder than it is. RVD retains, he's got bigger things on for him at WM methinks. ****1/4

Kurt Angle vs HBK
Hasn't been alot of variety at this PPV, mainly all singles match bar the Tag title match, but then again, you must be saving some stips for WM. Unbelievably awesome match, we've been given 3 back-to=back greats here, this one the creme of the crop. HBK winning, but surely the aftermath indicates one of the following 3 men: Bret Hart (guitar chords), Sting or Taker(fire and ring collapse). ****1/2

Very good PPV, lacked variety, but had some top 1-1 matches. 91/100


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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Raw for February 13th:

*Highlights from last nightís Main Event is shown*

*Break It Down hits and out comes DX to a bunch of heat*

Jim Ross: Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw, live from the Bell Centre, here in Montreal, Quebec, Canada! Iím Jim Ross and Iím joined by Jerry Lawler! King, last night at No Way Out, Shelton Benjamin and AJ Styles cheated to remain the champs, Triple H defeated The Rock, thanks to Smackdownís John Cena, and Shawn Michaels defeated Kurt Angle to become the new World Heavyweight Champion!

Jerry Lawler: But JR, you have to remember what took place last night following HBKís match.

Jim Ross: Yeah, that was definitely an interesting situation to say the least

*HBK has the mike in hand, as the ďYou Screwed BretĒ chants have already started*

Shawn Michaels: Yeah, keep it up! I want to hear this. Let me soak this in!

*The crowd continues to jeer Michaels*

Shawn Michaels: You guys done?

*Crowd continues*

Shawn Michaels: Well you know what, it was nine years ago, and if I had the chance, Iíll do it again!

*Crowd chants once again*

Shawn Michaels: A little over 24 hours ago, I defeated Kurt Angle, to become a 5 time World Champion!

*More jeers at Michaels*

Shawn Michaels: WrestleMania 22 is less than six weeks away! Right in my home state of Texas! And you know what, Iím walking into Houston as the champ, and Iím leaving Houston, still with the Heavyweight Championship still around my waist!

*More jeers*

Shawn Michaels: For the past couple of months, Iíve been the victim of these weird messages. These crazy sayings. All of this mayhem. Well you know what? Iím still here. Last night, another message, but for me, hereís a message to that person. Iím Mr. WrestleMania! Iím the headliner! The main eventer! The Showstopper! The Icon! The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, and I will give you a show youíll never seen befÖ

*Hitman hits and the crowd goes ape and pop for the sound of the Hitman! However itís seen in the ring, that it was a rouse, as all of DX is on the mat laughing*

Shawn Michaels: Ha, you all fell for it. Each and every single one of you fell for it! Hook, line, and sinker!

*Crowd jeers Michaels once again*

Shawn Michaels: And if Bret were to show up here tonight, Iíll do what I did, nine years ago, right here in this very arena! And thatís take his pride, his honor, his dignity, and his respect! Tonight though, Kurt, Rock, Naturals, we are going to show you why D-Generation X, is indeed the best there is, best there was, and the best that will ever be! We are D-Generation X!

*Break it Down hits once again as the crew leaves to a bunch of heat*

Jim Ross: Well tonight, eight man tag action will take place, but coming up next folks, Rhyno, will defend the newly restored European Championship in a rematch from last night against Nova!

Jerry Lawler: This will be one match that you donít want to miss!

*Commercials-3 Minutes*

Jim Ross: Welcome back folks to Raw!

*Lillian does the introductions*

Match 1-European Championship:
Rhyno(c) v. Nova

Both men are given a decent amount of time, as these two once again put on a great match, this time without all of the hardcore moves and elements. A lot of false finishes are seen in this match, as both men are determined to put on a good match for the fans. Nova, goes for the Kyrpotonic Krunch, but Rhyno counters it with a modified Facebuster. Rhyno then nails the Gore to finish the match off at the 7:57 mark!

Lillian Garcia: The winner of the match, and still the European Champion, Rhyno!

Jim Ross: Rhyno picks up the win in this hard fought rematch against Nova!

Jerry Lawler: Nova couldnít get the job done, now two nights in a row.

Jim Ross: Well letís send it over to Todd Grisham who is with the number one contender for the Womensí Championship, Victoria!

Todd Grisham: Thanks JR. Well Victoria, last night at No Way Out, you defeated Smackdownís Jillian Hall, in an Interpromotional match for the right to face Melina for the Womensí Championship at WrestleMania 22, in less than six weeks in Houston. Tonight though, you will be facing Alexis Laree in a one on one match. What are your thoughts on this match and your Royal Rumble rematch with Melina at Mania?

Victoria: Todd, last night, I proved a point. I proved that it doesnít matter whether youíre from Raw or youíre from Smackdown, I will beat you! Melina, at the Rumble, you had your night. You beat me. 1-2-3! But rest assure that when Mania comes, Iím going to give you a side of me, that no other diva has ever seen in their lives. Melina, after Mania, I will be the NEW Womensí Champion! As for tonight, Alexis, while you are very talented, tonight, you will be an example, to what I am going to do Melina Perez, at WrestleMania 22!

*Victoria then laughs with an evil look on her face, before leaving*

*We see Alexis getting ready for her match, which is up next*

Jim Ross: Well Victoria, seems to be back to her crazy ways. But will that be enough, to defeat the up and coming and former Womensí Champion, Alexis Laree?

Jerry Lawler: Weíll find out, when we come back!

*Commercials-4 Minutes*

*Outside shot of the Bell Centre is shown, as some of the sponsors for this portion of Raw is being announced*

*Lillian does the introductions*

Match 2:
Victoria v. Alexis Laree

Fast paced diva action is what we have here, as two accomplished divas put on a very entertaining wrestling match. Both divas hit their big moves, and Alexis almost has the victory, but misses on the moonsault. Victoria quickly gets on the rebound and nails the Widowís Peak on Laree, ending the match at the 8:01 mark!

Lillian Garcia: The winner of the match, Victoria! MT-8:01

*Victoria then looks at Alexis, and picks her up, and knocks her down with a clothesline. Victoria though starts to yell ďGet up MelinaĒ at Alexis. Alexis gets up and Victoria nails the Widowís Peak once again on Alexis. Victoria screams, itís mine Melina, itís mine! Victoria leaves the ring with a sadistic look on her face, while the ref is checking on Alexis*

Jim Ross: Victoria is crazier than a pet coon. King, this is Raw, but Melina better be careful when she steps in the ring with this nut job.

*A shot of Victoria is seen up at the top of the ramp, and sheís laughing and smiling about what has taken place*

Jerry Lawler: Look, JR. The woman has gone mad!

*We cut into Jonathan Carterís room. We see him and Mr. McMahon are talking, but thereís no audible.*

Jim Ross: Well folks, Jonathan and Mr. McMahon will be out here later on tonight, but coming up next, Stone Cold Steve Austin will be out here to speak about last night, and some other matters. Weíll be right back!

*Commercials-4 Minutes*

Jerry Lawler: Welcome back to Raw, here live from Montreal!

*Glass Shatters hits and out comes Stone Cold Steve Austin to a huge pop*

Jim Ross: The Bell Centre is on their feet for the rattlesnake! Stone Cold is here!

*Austin gets in the ring and does his usual four corners salute, before grabbing a mike and speaking*

Stone Cold: Last night at No Way Out, I did exactly what I said I was going to do! I whipped Ken Kennedyís ass all over Edmonton, and walked it dry. Well, I will admit, that Kennedy is also one tough s.o.b., that got a good shot with that chair last night across the face of the former 6-time WWE Champion! However, thatís not the reason that Iím out here. WrestleMania, is the showcase of the immortals. Well, Iíve been thinking, look at my WrestleMania career! Mania 12, I beat Savio Vega. At 13, Canadaís golden boy, Bret HartÖ

*Bret chant starts up*

Stone Cold: Thatís right, me and him put on a classic match that is remembered as one of the best matches of all time. At XIV, I beat the now current champion, Shawn Michaels, to win the title. At XV, the next year, I did the same thing, only to The Rock. Two Years later right in Houston, I unleashed hell and partnered up with the proposed Devil, Mr. McMahon, and beat the living hell out of The Rock again, to win the title. At X-8, I beat Scott Hall, in an easy match. At XIX, finally The Rock beat me. However, when I look at, I see one thing missing. Then I look at a man, who has beaten Snuka, Bundy, Jake, Gonzalez, Diesel, Sid, Kane, twice, he beat Kane twice. The late great Big Boss Man, The Game Triple H, A-Train, and Big Show, and even that punk, and current WWE Champion over on Smackdown, Randy Orton! All at WrestleMania! A record of 13-0! However, what a fitting way to go out, than two Texans going at it! And actually me defeating him and breaking his immortal legacy! So, this is the deal. Taker, Iím calling you out. No, better yet, Iím giving you a week. So next week in London, whatís itís going to be! Thatís right! I want you, and I want you at WrestleMania 22! See you next week, Deadman!

*Glass Shatters hits once again and Austin stares at the camera, before leaving to a mixed and stunned crowd*

Jim Ross: Stone Cold wants to face and beat The Undertaker at WrestleMania 22!

Jerry Lawler: However will the Undertaker accept the challenge?

Jim Ross: Well folks, itís been a wild and crazy night, and itís only going to get even crazier. We still have a big eight man tag match coming up later on tonight. However coming up when we come back Rob Conway is going to be taking on Gregory Helms. Weíll be right back!

*Commercials-3 Minutes*

Jim Ross: Folks, welcome back to Raw. Remember next week we will be live in London, England for Raw. The return of both Matt Hardy and Edge.

Jerry Lawler: We havenít seen any of them since the Royal Rumble in January when Matt nailed the Side Effect to Edge and both went crashing into the sound stage and suffered multiple injuries, to the face and body. Fortunately none of them suffered any burns. Well, next week they will be returning to Raw!

*Lillian does the introductions*

Match 3:
Rob Conway v. Gregory Helms

The match is basically a dud match, as neither man can really get the crowd into the match. Both men do nail some of their signature moves, however to little or no fanfare from the crowd. Finish of the match comes when Conway connects with the Conís Way Out on Helms. Conway makes the cover, and scores the victory at 7:13 mark.

Lillian Garcia: The winner of the match, Rob Conway! MT-7:13

Jim Ross: Rob Conway picks up the victory here in this contest.

Jerry Lawler: Well folks, as you all know, WrestleMania is 41 days away.

*We cut to the hallway and we see Raw General Manager, Jonathan Carter, and WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon heading to the ring entrance. Well it looks like these two will be coming out here when we come back to discuss next week, and the Raw side of WrestleMania 22!*

*Commercials-4 Minutes*

Jerry Lawler: Welcome back to the show folks.

Jim Ross: In case you missed last nightís No Way Out, here is the newest WrestleMania 22 commercial. We hope you enjoy it.

**Note: The following is a paid advertisement for WWE WrestleMania 22! Live! Sunday, March 26th, 2006, from the Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas! Only on PPV!**

Jim Ross: Hello fans, I am Jim Ross!

Tazz: And Iím Tazz! Welcome to the Raw vs. Smackdown All Star Football Game here in Houston, Texas!

Jim Ross: Itís going to be 11 of the best from RawÖ

Tazz: Against 11 of the best from Smackdown.

Jim Ross: Letís go down to WWE Chairman, Mr. McMahon who is with the Raw captains, Triple H, Kurt Angle, and Shawn Michaels! As for the Smackdown captains, itís JBL, Randy Orton, and Booker T!

Vince McMahon: Thanks JR. Gentlemen, the rules have already been explained. Now Raw will have the choice of calling the coin in the air.

JBL: Wait a minute, Vince. Why in the living hell does Raw get the chance to choose it in the air, when Smackdown, showcases the man who has single handely changed Friday Night Television, the man who has the longest reigning title run in the last 10 years, and the person who is not just a regular man, a man who is not a mere mortal, but a man, who is indeed a true Wrestling God! Why?

Triple H: Shut up, JBL. This may be Texas, but damn it, Raw is the superior brand. The home to the King of Kings. The home to the man who kicked your ass back at Summerslam, in your own hometown. You call yourself a Texas great, but you donít lift a finger towards Keith Von Enrich, Shawn Michaels, or even the beer geezer himself, Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Vince: Gentlemen, calm down.

Randy Orton: Wait a minute. As much as Iím enjoying this, I must say, that this city of Houston, is filled with a bunch of ingrates, and a bunch of common no good rednecks. Where as in St. Louis, the town that birthed a true legend. Me! The Legend Killer, Randy Orton.

Shawn Michaels: Randy, you claimed to have killed all of the legends, but thereís no bigger legend than I, myself, the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels! The Main Eventer, the man who was headlining events when you still were in elementary school!

Booker T: Woah, suckas! Houston, is the place where I grew up in! The city, where anything can happen, like when I win the WWE Championship at WrestleMania next month!

Randy Orton: What did you say?

Booker T: You heard me!

Kurt Angle: Iíve had enough of this crap!

*Kurt pokes JBL in the eye*

*Hunter laughs until being hit by Booker*

Booker T: Thatís for screwing me at Mania X-9!

*Booker and Hunter go at it*

Shawn Michaels: Legend kill this!

*Shawn drops Orton with Sweet Chin Music*

Vince McMahon: All hell has broken loose!

*The Masterpiece music hits and out comes Chris Masters*

*Chris slowly makes his way over*

Carlito: Chris, youíre taking too long, move out of the way*

*Rockís music hits and out comes The Rock who nails a right hand at JBL*

*Soon all of the men have made their way out from the brands, as well as the divas, and are going at it*

Jim Ross: Itís extreme!

Tazz: Hey, thatís my line!

Jim Ross: So!

Tazz: Come here!

*Tazz takes JRís hat, and the two go at it. Tazz runs but slips on the floor. JR somehow locks on the TazzMission on Tazz, before stopping and going to get a beer. But Tazz, gets up and charge at JR. Both men wind up colliding into each other*

*We cut back to the middle field, where Show and Kane are throwing everyone through the tables. All of a sudden, Takerís music hits*

Undertaker: Welcome to WrestleManÖ

*Real American hits and out comes Hulk Hogan, who is immediately hit with a superkick from Michaels*

Shawn Michaels: Go home Hogan!

Vince: WrestleMania, where anything canÖ

Austin: Hey VinceÖ

Vince: What?

Austin: This!

*Austin stuns Vince as everyone begins to drink some beer*

All: And thatís the bottom line, causeÖ

*Everyone says their own Austin phrase*

Austin: Oh hell no!

*Everyone begins to brawl as the clip comes to an end*

*No Chance hits and out comes Jonathan and Vince to a bunch of heat*

*Both men walk into the ring and Vince speaks first*

Mr. McMahon: Why, thank you. Youíre too kind!

*More heat on both men*

Mr. McMahon: Anyway, Iím out here to announce that starting next week on Raw and Smackdown. We will be having ourselves, a bunch of matches in elimination tournament style. There will be three matches from each brand. The winners of the matches will go to WrestleMania 22! They will be competing in the second ever Money in the Bank Ladder Match!

*huge pop from the crowd*

Mr. McMahon: The Money in the Bank winner will have a guaranteed title shot for either the World Heavyweight or WWE Championship at any time and any place within the next twelve months from WrestleMania 22! That will last all the way until even up to WrestleMania 23!

Jonathan Carter: What an announcement Mr. McMahon. Now, next week as you all know, Raw will be live from London, England!

*Mixed reaction*

Jonathan Carter: However, next week, Shawn Michaels, you will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Kurt Angle in a rematch from No Way Out!

*Huge pop from the crowd*

Jonathan Carter: Also, next week Edge and Matt Hardy will be making their return after being out for the past months, due to the result at the Rumble last month. Next week, the Intercontinental Championship will be on the line as Rob Van Dam takes on Triple H!

*Huge pop from the crowd*

Jonathan Carter: Finally, we will hopefully find out an answer to Stone Cold Steve Austinís proposal to the Undertaker for a match at Mania!

Vince McMahon: WrestleMania is 41 days away. Jonathan, Smackdownís Main Event is the WWE Championship Match, between the WWE Champion, Randy Orton, and the 2006 Royal Rumble Winner, Booker T! Jonathan, whatís yours?

Jonathan Carter: Well, Vince, trust me, when I say, that it will be something that the people will never forget for the rest of their lives. Speaking of which, may I please ask Ric Flair to come down to the ring!

*Space Odyssey 2000 hits and out comes Ric Flair in a nice tan-gold suit to a nice pop*

Jonathan Carter: Alright, Ric, Iíve called you out here because youíre going to address why you did what you did to the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes a couple of weeks back.

*Ric looks at Carter with an angry look*

Jonathan Carter: Guys, roll the clip.

*Space Oddessy hits and out comes the Nature Boy Ric Flair, to a huge pop from the crowd*

Ric Flair: Whooo! The Nature Boy is here and Mean Gene itís good to see you. Here we got the whole crew. The Hardcore Stunt Legend Mick Foley. The Immortal Hulk Hogan. The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes. The Legend, Double A, Arn Anderson. But back to the American Dream. Itís been awhile.

Dusty Rhodes: Well, you know something Ric, it has been.

Ric Flair: You see Dusty while you were at the studios about five minutes here, working with about 150 people, twice a month, I was all over the world, styling and profiling my way across the board. And I was woohing with all the ladies!

Dusty Rhodes: Flair, I want you to realize something. And realize something quickly, me and you have had our history. We have beaten the living hell out of each other, but that was then and this was now. Lets move on.

Ric Flair: Alright.

*Flair puts his hand out. Rhodes shake and the two embrace and hold their hands up*

Mean Gene: What a sign of respect, these two have for each other. Once bitter enemies, now a group of one.

*Flair out of nowhere clocks Dusty. Dusty tries to fire back, but is hit with a low blow. Flair proceeds to bust open the American Dream. Flair picks up a steel chair and whacks Dusty with it. Flair goes ape on him, and then knocks down Mean Gene who tries to help him, as Flair leaves the ring with a sick smile on his face*

Jim Ross: What the hell did Dusty do to Ric?

Jerry Lawler: JR, I am completely shocked as what we have just witnessed here.

*We cut to the ring, where Dusty is a bloody mess, and the tape ends*

Jonathan Carter: So, whatÖ

*Ric speaks*

Ric Flair: Well you know something, seeing Dusty up there, reminded me of how much better of a wrestler I was than that no good piece of fat crap. The cage matches that me and him all over the NWA and WCW, were classics. Not because of the big lard, but me. The sixteen time, wooo, Heavyweight Champion of the world! You know, Dusty, you call yourself the American Dream, well Iím the American Legend. You and me used to go all out for it, during Fall Brawl! Whether it was the Horseman, NWO, or whatever, I kicked ass! So, what Iím saying, Dusty, is me and you, at the biggest stage of them all! WrestleMania! What do you say? Since youíre not here, tonight, Iíll give you two weeks to decide. Live, when weíre in Madison Square Garden! Thereís you explanation!

*Ric leaves to a bunch of pops from the crowd*

Mr. McMahon: Well, before we leave, let me announce that on Saturday, March 11th, from Conseco Fieldhouse, Saturday Nightís Main Event will be returning. Next week on Smackdown, I will be announcing some of the matches. Remember, this is the WWE. The Power is Back!

*No Chance hits and both men smile and leave the ring to a bunch of mixed reactions*

Jim Ross: My god, what a bunch of announcements. The return of Saturday Nightís Main Event to NBC. Money in the Bank II at WrestleMania! Now, the chance of an old-school classic, when Dusty Rhodes has the option of facing off against the Nature Boy Ric Flair!

Jerry Lawler: This night is getting extremely crazy for me.

Jim Ross: Well when we come back Muhammad Hassan will be taking on Batista!

*Commercials-3 Minutes*

*Lillian does the introductions*

Match 4:
Muhammad Hassan v. Batista

Power match is what this can be described as both men use their power and technical skills to put on a good match. However after 13 minutes of going at it, Batista nails the Batista Bomb to end it for Hassan at the 13:11 mark!
Lillian Garcia: The winner of the match, Batista! MT-13:11

Jerry Lawler: Batista looks to be apart of Mania, but in what shape or form?

*We cut to the back and see DX in a small pep talk. Michaels is revealed in his outfit, and surprisingly has on black and pink.*

DX: If they Montreal ainít down with this, we got two words for yaÖ

DX: Screw U!

*DX then leaves and head to the ring, as we go to commercials*

Jim Ross: Welcome back folks!

*Lillian does the introductions*

Main Event-Eight Man Tag Match:
DX vs. Angle/Rock/Naturals

In an exciting main event, all hell breaks loose, as all eight men go at it, in this great matchup. Finishers galore are hit, and at the end, Michaels steals one over The Rock, after nailing a low blow followed by Sweet Chin Music. Michaels gets the cover and W at the 19:04 mark.

Lillian Garcia: The winners of the match, DX! MT-19:04*

*Oddly though, Shawn is the only person left in the ring. All of a sudden the lights start to blink. The ring shakes. A voice is heard, saying the time is now! Then just like that, a guitar chord is heard. Followed by another, and another. The lights then begin to turn pink and white. Then it hits. ďHitmanĒ blasts throughout the arena. The crowd is on their feet. Finally after five seconds, Bret ďHitmanĒ Hart emerges from the curtain! Michaels is stunned beyond belief. The crowd is popping for Hart like crazy! Michaels just stands there as Hart enters the ring, and gets in the face of Michaels*

Bret Hart: Thatís right, Shawn! It was me all along! The messages, the mind games. The notes! Right here, we stand here in Montreal. Iím out here, for revenge. Youíre the World Heavyweight Champion. I donít want just the title, I want to humiliate you.

*The Way I Am Hits and out comes Jonathan Carter to a bunch of heat*

Jonathan Carter: What a surprise this is! I canít believe my eyes. Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels in the same ring. Well, well, well! Next week, the title will be on the line as HBK faces Angle. However, Bret, the winner of the match, will defend the title against you at WrestleMania 22!

*huge pop from the crowd*

Jonathan Carter: Bret, put it there.

*Bret shakes Carterís hand, before Carter leaves*

*Bret turns around, and Michaels goes for Sweet Chin Music, but misses. Bret takes Michaels down, and locks in the sharpshooter on Michaels, in the center of the ring. Michaels tries to break the hold, as he almost gets to the ropes. But Hart pulls him back to the center of the ring. Michaels finally taps out, but Hart doesnít let go, as Hart finally lets go of Michaels. Bretís music hits once again, as he stands over Michaels with the title in his hands. The show ends, with confetti falling over Bret from the ceiling, as Bret Hart is back in the WWE!*

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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Smackdown Preview for 2/19/06:

Smackdown comes to you from the Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada! WrestleMania is just 37 days away, and what will happen when Match 1 of the best of seven for the Undisputed US Championship takes place when Chris Jericho takes on Billy Kidman?

Plus, Mr. McMahon will be in the house to discuss some of the Smackdown's action, and more of less next week's Smackdown also from London, England. CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, and Chris Masters will face off in a triple threat match with the winner facing Psicosis for the Television Championshop at WrestleMania 22!

All of this and much more, will take place on Smackdown. Smackdown will be up sometime tomorrow. 1!

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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Nice Smackdown preview kid o mac.

I will review your Raw tomorrow as I just got back from the Islander game.


Raw for 4/10/06 is Posted. Click on the banner to check it out!
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Smackdown for February 17th:

*opening video and pyro is done*

Michael Cole: Welcome to TV thatís changing Friday Nights! Welcome to Smackdown! The Calgary Saddledome here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada is on their feet! What a week it has been here in the WWE. The return of the legendary, Bret the Hitman Hart! Iím Michael Cole and Iím joined by Tazz!

Tazz: Cole, without a doubt, this week has been indeed very crazy. However tonight, itís going to be even crazier. Triple Threat Action will take place as Jeff Hardy battles CM Punk and Chris Masters. The winner of that match will face Carlito at WrestleMania 22 for the Television Championship!

Michael Cole: Plus, Mr. McMahon will be on hand to discuss next weekís Smackdown and the Smackdown side of WrestleMania!

Tazz: But itís time to get things started with Match 1 of the best of seven series, for the Undisputed United States Championship, as Chris Jericho takes on Billy Kidman!

*Tony Chimel does the introductions*

Match 1:
Chris Jericho v. Billy Kidman

Both men wrestle a very high paced mat based wrestling match. A lot of false finishes and quite even a bunch of reversals and technical counters. Jericho connects with the lionsault, but gets a two. Kidman nails the BK Bomb, but only gets a two count. Finish comes when Jericho is hit with a rollup and Kidman uses the ropes to get the three count, and Kidman goes up 1-0 in this best of seven series matchup!

Tony Chimel: The winner of the match, Billy Kidman! MT-19:33

Michael Cole: Billy Kidman goes up 1-0 in this best of seven series!

Tazz: What a way to kick off Smackdown!

*We see JBL heading to the ring*

Michael Cole: It looks like JBL will be out here next. Well I wonder whatís going to happen. Weíll be right back!

*Commercials-4 Minutes*

*Longhorn hits and out comes JBL to a bunch of heat*

JBL: Well, well, well. If it isnít Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The home of the cry-baby, immature, self-centered, oh, I have too much pride, to put something behind me that happened 10 years ago, Mr. Bret Hart!

*Huge heat at JBL*

JBL: However, Calgary, while Bret was whining and complaining, I was making history. I became the longest reigning champion for the past ten years. Matter of fact, Bret, my one single reign was longer than any of your five reigns here in the WWE or the piece of crap known as WCW. Bret, however, tonight is not about you. Tonight, is about me, the epitome of perfection, The Real Deal, The Mastermind, The Killer, The True Wrestling God, John Bradshaw Layfield. Triple H!

*Mixed reaction to the announcement of the Game*

JBL: Triple H, at Summerslam last August, me and you brawled to a bloody fight last summer in the Garden. However, one thing stood out in my mind, about it. I lost!

*Huge pop from the crowd*

JBL: I lost in front of my hometown fans! I lost to the self-proclaimed King of Kings. So, Hunter, at the Rumble, you were eliminated by me, and I was eliminated by The Rock!

*Heat on Rock*

JBL: So, Hunter itís tied up at one piece. So letís settle this, man to man. At the biggest stage of them all. WrestleMania! You, The King of Kings vs. I, The Mastermind, The Killer, The Wrestling God, JBL! Hunter, in two weeks, I will be at the Garden for Smackdown. Come on down, and letís settle this.

*Longhorn hits and JBL smiles and leaves*

Michael Cole: JBL, just challenged Triple H to a match at WrestleMania 22!

Tazz: Both men have a victory over the other, and after what these two have done, I wouldnít mind seeing these two going at it once again.

Michael Cole: Well coming up next, Juvented Guerrera will be facing Kid Kash, with the winner becoming the Number 1 Contender for the Cruiserweight Championship!

Tazz: Weíll be right back!

*Commercials-4 Minutes*

Michael Cole: Welcome back to the show folks, and folks, weíre being joined by the Cruiserweight Champion, Psicosis! How itís going man?

Psicosis: Itís great Cole and Tazz.

Tazz: Well after this, it looks like weíre going to know who youíll be facing with your belt on the line!

*Chimel does the introductions*

Match 2:
Juvented Guerrera v. Kid Kash

A high flying cruiserweight match is seen here, with Kash using more of a ROH style of wrestling and not his usual WWE style of wrestling. A lot of close calls, and the fans are into this match, as this match has gone quite long for a cruiserweight match. Finish sees Juvi nailing the Juvi Driver on Kash, and scoring the three count at the 11:22 mark!

Tony Chimel: The winner of the match, Juvented Guerrera! MT-11:22

Michael Cole: Well Psicosis, you now must put your belt on the line against one of your partners in the Mexicools, in Juvented Guerrera!

Psicosis: We might be friends, but Iím not losing this title!

*Juvi and Psicosis hug, and shake hands. Juvi leaves and then is walking up the ramp, with a smile on his face*

Michael Cole: Well, itís been a wild and crazy night here on Smackdown. However coming up next, folks, John Cena will be taking on Shane McMahon. Weíll be right back!

*Commercials-4 Minutes*

Tazz: Welcome back to Smackdown folks. The Calgary crowd has been hot all night.

*Tony Chimel does the introductions*

Match 3:
John Cena v. Shane McMahon

Great contest, and Shane McMahon has been on the ball as of late, since his return to the ring, a couple of weeks ago. Shane hits a lot of suplexes and clothesline, but Cena though somehow remains ahead of the Boy Wonder. Finish comes when The Rock comes through the crowd and takes out Cena with a Rock Bottom, and Shane nails the elbow for the three count, at the 14:29 mark!

Tony Chimel: The winner of the match, Shane McMahon! MT-14:29

Michael Cole: The Rock just helped Shane McMahon, get the victory over John Cena!

Tazz: Cena is livid. Wait, a minute Cena, turn around

*Cena turns around and is planted with a spinebuster from the Rock. Rock then nails the Peopleís Elbow, on Cena! Rock then poses on the top rope, as the crowd is half and half with The Rock in their reactions*

Tazz: I hate to say it, but Cena had it coming to him!

Michael Cole: What on earth is happening here tonight!

*We cut backstage and see Hulk Hogan, who is talking with his kids, on the phone, when the lights go out. The lights soon come back on, and Hogan is a complete bloody mess. Hogan is out of it, and his kids are screaming over the phone to find out what just happened. EMTs get Hogan and escort him onto the ambulance. The ambulance rides away, as we go to commercials*

Michael Cole: Welcome back folks, and the image that just was shown, is one that may be in our minds, for a long time to come. Hulk Hogan, was just now attacked by an unknown person, and was a bloody mess. Hogan is currently in route to a local medical facility, to be looked at.

Tazz: Hulk, weíre hoping for the best. As you saw, Hogan, had a hard type breathing, and seemed to be bleeding really badly.

Michael Cole: Itís a damn shame.

*Cool hits and out comes Carlito. Carlito, the Television Champion goes to join, Cole and Tazz at the announce table*

Michael Cole: Looks like, weíre being joined by the Television Champion, Carlito!

*Chimel does the introductions*

Match 4: Triple Threat Match
CM Punk v. Jeff Hardy v. Chris Masters

What turns into a two on one approach, Punk and Hardy try to take out Masters. However Masters uses his power to stay in control. Finish comes when Masters nails a backbreaker on Punk, followed by a fallaway slam to the outside, and locking in the masterlock on Hardy. Hardy finally submits after 10 seconds of being in the hold. Masters wins at the 8:00 mark!

Tony Chimel: The winner of the match, Chris Masters! MT-8:00

Michael Cole: So, Chris Masters will be facing you at WrestleMania for the TV Championship!

Tazz: Well see yaí Carlito.

Michael Cole: Well folks, coming up next, itís our main event match up, as the WWE Champion, Randy Orton, teams up with the WWE Tag Team Champions, Brock Lesnar and The Big Show, to take on the 2006 Royal Rumble winner Booker T, and the team of Rey Mysterio, and Chavo Guerrero!

*We see Theodore Long and Vince McMahon talking, and theyíll be out here later on tonight, as we cut to commercials*

Michael Cole: Next week Smackdown, returns to the U.K.!

Tazz: I canít wait!

*Chimel does the intros*

Main Event-Six Man Tag:
Orton/Brock/Show v. Booker/Mysterio/Chavo

Great matchup here with all six giving their all, however in the end, Brock and Showís power became too much for the Booker, Mysterio, and Chavo to handle. Match finishes with Orton nailing the RKO on Booker and getting the three count at the 16:05 mark!

Tony Chimel: The winners of the match, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, and The Big Show! MT-16:05

Michael Cole: Randy Orton just scored a pinfall victory over his opponent for WrestleMania!

Tazz: This definitely gives Orton the advantage heading into Mania!

*No Chance hits and out comes WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon and Smackdown General Manager, Theodore Long*

*Both stand in the entrance way*

Vince McMahon: Smackdown is back in Calgary!

*You screwed Bret chants start up*

Vince McMahon: Like I said on Raw, starting this Monday, and next Friday, here on Smackdown, there will be individual matches, to take place, and the three winners of the matches from both brands, will face off at WrestleMania 22, in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match!

*Huge pop from the crowd*

Theodore Long: Now, next week, Match 2 of the best of seven series will take place, as Chris Jericho looks to even the score with Billy Kidman, at 1 a piece. Also, folks, in two weeks time, in Madison Square Garden, the contract signing will take place between Booker T, and the WWE Champion, Randy Orton!

*Huge pop*

Vince McMahon: Iíve received word, on Hulk Hoganís condition. Hogan is not doing well, but Iíve received word that the mysterious person who did this, will be revealing himself, in two weeks time, also at the Garden!

*Mixed reaction*

Theodore Long: Finally, Big Show and Brock, next week here on Smackdown, you will be defending the WWE Tag Team Championships in a Triple Threat Match, against MNM, and The Dudley Boyz!

*Huge Pop*

Theodore Long: Now, holla, holla!

Michael Cole: Weíll see you next week from London! Goodnight from Calgary!

*End of Show*

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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Smackdown Review!

Kidman/Jericho was great. It seems like it would have been a fast, high-paced match-up. And one day Iíd love to see this match happen although I doubt it will ever happen now.

A decent promo from JBL. He wants HHH at Mania and I want to see it! Canít wait for HHH to answer JBLís challenge!

The Cruiserweight Match was great and a match between the Mexicools at Mania would be freaking sweet!

Cena/Shane was decent and The Rock screws Cena! Cena/Rock at Mania would be great and Iím looking forward to it if it happens!

Hogan is beaten up, I can only wonder who by. Should be good as this story continuesÖ

An okay Triple Threat Match here and Carlito/Masters is scheduled for Wrestlemania also. A lot of Masters/Carlito feuds have been floating around the BTB area; hopefully you can make yours stand apart from the rest.

An okay main event and the announcements after are great. Some good matches are booked over the next two weeks and Iím sure itís gonna be great!

Sorry if my review seems a little odd, I might be missing something as this is the first show Iíve read by you.

Overall- 6.5/10

It seems a low score but this show was waaay too short, six pages isnít enough to be honest.

However what you did write was good, hopefully from now on you can have longer showsÖ

Please check out WWE: Era of Anarchism!, Thanks

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