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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Originally Posted by arjun14626rko
Wait a minute Kid O Mac, is No Way Out a Raw PPV?

Nonetheless, you can count on my review.
Yes, to my knowledge of Kid O Mac. No Way Out is a Raw brand PPV.
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Arj, what you edited into Taker lives post, was absolute gold. Rep added.

KOM, can you confirm that this is a RAW PPV, because I thought it was a SD! show.

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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Yes to all those who wanted to know, No Way Out in my thread is indeed a Raw Pay-Per-View. Raw should be up by the end of the night. 1!

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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Here's a title history in my thread in case some are interested.


World Heavyweight Championship:

Batista defeated Triple H-WrestleMania 21-LA, CA-Staples Center-4.3.05-8.14.05

Edge defeated Batista-Summerslam-MSG-NYC, NY-8.14.05-11.20.05

Eddie Guerrero defeated Edge-Survivor Series-11.20.05-12.18.05

Belt is vacated due to Guerrero's death (RIP) 12.18.05-1.15.06

Kurt Angle defeated Muhammad Hassan to win the title in the tournament-Royal Rumble-San Juan, PR-Coliseo De Puerto Rico-1.15.06-present

Shelton Benjamin defeated Chris Jericho-Taboo Tuesday-10.19.04-8.14.05-Milwaukee, WI-Bradley Center

Matt Hardy defeated Shelton Benjamin in a Ladder Match-Summerslam-NYC. NY-MSG-8.14.05-1.2.06

Ken Kennedy defeated Matt Hardy-Supershow January 2nd-Miami, FL-1.2.06-1.16.06

Rob Van Dam defeated Ken Kennedy-Homecoming-Orlando, FL.-1.16.06-present

Tag Team:

Nova/Maven win a Tag Team Turmoil Match for the Tag Team Titles at Backlash-Providence, RI-5.1.05-10.31.05-Verizon Wirless Arena

The Naturals defeats Nova/Maven-Halloween Havoc-Toronto, Ontario, Canada-Air Canada Centre 10.31.05-12.25.05

AJ Styles/Shelton Benjamin defeat The Naturals-StarrCade-LA.CA-Staples Center-12.25.05-present

Rob Van Dam defeats Eddie Guerrero to win the tournament-6.26.05-12.5.05Vengeance-Winston Salem, NC-Joel Coliseum

Nova defeats RVD-12.5.05-Raw-NYC, NY-MSG; 12.5.05-present

WWE Championship:

John Cena defeated JBL-WrestleMania 21-LA, CA-Staples Center-4.3.05-8.14.05

Chris Jericho wins the Elimination Chamber by defeating John Cena-Summerslam-8.14.05-12.25.05

Randy Orton defeated Chris Jericho at StarrCade-LA, CA-Staples Center 12.25.05-present

[COLOR="Blue"]United States:
Orlando Jordan defeated John Cena-3.3.05-7.17.05

Carlito defeated Orlando Jordan-The Great American Bash-Miami, FL-American Airlines Arena-7.17.05-10.13.05

Christian defeated Carlito-No Mercy-10.13.05-12.25.05

Billy Kidman defeated Christian-StarrCade-12.25.05-present-LA.CA-Staples Center

Billy Kidman defeated Booker T in the finals of tournament-The Great American Bash-7.17.05-12.4.05-Miami, FL-American Airlines Arena

Rey Mysterio defeated Billy Kidman-Three Stages of Hell-Armageddon-12.4.05-1.15.06-Seattle, WA-Key Arena

Carlito defeated Rey Mysterio-Royal Rumble-1.15.06-present-San Juan, PR-Coliseo De Puerto Rico

Tag Team:

Eddie/Rey won the belts at No Way Out-2.20.05-5.15.05

Dudley Boyz defeated Eddie and Rey at Judgment Day-5.15.05-10.13.05

AMW defeated Dudley Boyz-No Mercy-10.13.05-12.25.05

Brock Lesnar/Big Show defeated AMW-12.25.05-present-StarrCade-LA.CA-Staples Center

Billy Kidman defeated Psicois to win the title-Judgment Day-5.15.05-7.21.05

CM Punk defeats Billy Kidman-Smackdown-7.21.05-10.13.05-Orlando, FL.-TD Waterhouse Centre

Juvented Guerrera wins an elimination match to win the title-10.13.05-1.2.06-No Mercy

Psicosis defeats Juvented Guerrera-Supershow-1.2.06-present-Miami, FL-American Airlines Arena

Trish Stratus defeated Lita to win the Womens' Championship-1.8.05-San Juan, PR-Coliseo De PR-New Year's Revolution-1.8.05-8.14.05

Alexis Laree defeated Trish Stratus-Summerslam-8.14.05-11.20.05-NYC.NY-MSG

Melina Perez defeated Alexis Laree-Survivor Series-11.20.05-present-Chicago, IL-Allstate Arena

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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

interesting title recaps, I remember most of what's gone down, being your longest reader.

Looking forward to NWO also.

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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

One of your dates was wrong so I fixed it, besides that, great job. I plan on doing it in my BTB too. Never knew Kennedy was the IC champion.
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Great job. Those are some pretty good title histories. I see that you didnt make barely any mistakes with the titles. Good job once again.
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Raw for February 6th:

*opening pyro and video are shown*

Jim Ross: Welcome to the final Raw before No Way Out! I’m Jim Ross and I’m joined by Jerry the King Lawler! King, what a night we have for you guys here tonight.

Jerry Lawler: That’s right JR. Stone Cold Steve Austin teams up with The Rock and the World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle to take on Ken Kennedy, Triple H, and the man who will be facing Kurt Angle for the title this Sunday, Shawn Michaels.

Jim Ross: Plus the Hardcore/European Unification tournament continues with Rhyno taking on Michael Shane. The winner will be facing Nova this Sunday at No Way Out for the belts.

Jerry Lawler: Also tonight we will also see Jillian Hall taking on Ivory.

*Glass Shatters hits and out comes Stone Cold Steve Austin to a thunderous pop*

Jim Ross: The rattlesnake is here and he is ready for business!

*Austin gets into the ring and gets a mike from Lillian*

Stone Cold: Cut the music! Cut the damn music! Ken Kennedy. You sorry son of a b1tch, last week you made the biggest mistake of your puny young life. You put me right through the announce table! The same one that JR and King are sitting at about 10 feet from me! Son, I want you to bring your damn sorry carcass down here so Stone Cold can open a can of whoop ass and proceed to beat the living hell out of ya.

*Huge pop*

Stone Cold: I guess you didn’t hear me, you reject. So let me be perfectly clear with you. I’m not waiting for later on tonight to whoop your ass. I’m doing it right here, right now.

*Huge Pop*

Stone Cold: I’m giving your ass to the count of three to get out here, or I’m going to go back there and whip your two dollar haircut having ass from all the way in the back to all the way out here in front all of these people.

*Huge pop*

Stone Cold: 1………2………

*Austin gets ready to say three when Mr. Kennedy…Kennedy hits and out comes Kennedy to a bunch of heat*

Mr. Kennedy: Ah, it feels great to be here in this pathetic city once again. Austin, the following video is being brought to you by the friends of Green Bay, WI’s own Mr. Kennedy…Kennedy.

*The video begins. Basically it’s a complete mockery of Austin’s legacy. From when Austin was a bloody mess in his match with Bret Hart back at Mania 13, and the number of times Austin was beaten by the Corporation and Mr. McMahon to being beat by Chris Jericho at Vengeance 2001 and beat by the New World Order, and how he was beaten by The Rock at Mania XIX all the way down to his numerous defeats and brawls in which he lost.*

Mr. Kennedy: And that was a video brought to you by Mr…

Stone Cold: Cut the crap jackass and bring your sorry yellow belly trash self down to this ring!

*Huge pop*

*Kennedy slowly comes down to the ramp, and then gets ready to get into the ring, before stopping himself*

Mr. Kennedy: Not yet, Austin. Not yet. You see tonight will be just a small preview of what I’m going to do to you this Sunday, at No Way Out! And this has just been words from Mr. Kennedy…Kennedy!

*Kennedy’s music hits and Kennedy leaves to a bunch of heat*

Jim Ross: I don’t believe Kennedy. Leaving like a scolded dog!

Jerry Lawler: No, he’s picking his battles just right.

Jim Ross: Anyway coming up in our first match, Batista takes on AJ Styles. We’ll be right back!

*Commercials-3 minutes*

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Raw folks.

*Lillian does the introductions*

Match 1:
Batista v. AJ Styles

Decent match with two different styles of moves taking place. Styles uses his speed and agility to get somewhat of an advantage over Batista. However Chase Douglas comes down and returns a favor to Styles for a couple of weeks back attacking them, and nails a huge back cracker on Styles. Batista proceeds to do his spinebuster, Batista Bomb special without realizing what’s going on. Batista makes the cover and gets the three count at 8:12.

Lillian Garcia: The winner of the match, Batista! MT-8:12

Jim Ross: With some unknown help from Chase Douglas, Batista picks up the win.

Jerry Lawler: Douglas and Chase better watch their backs because this Sunday, it will be on.

Jim Ross: I understand that Todd Grisham is with Nova right now.

Todd Grisham: JR, thank you. I’m here with the current Hardcore Champion Nova, who this Sunday will be facing either Michael Shane or Rhyno in the unification match for your hardcore championship and the returning European Championship. My question is what do you have to say to your possible opponents?

Nova: Todd, you see. It doesn’t matter who I have to face at No Way Out. Whether it’s Rhyno, whom he and myself go back to our days in ECW, or Michael Shane the upstart from that company down in Orlando who’s now here. The point is, that it doesn’t matter! I am the best wrestler in this business today. And though this Sunday will feature the final Hardcore Championship match, I will be leaving Edmonton as the Undisputed European Champion!

*Nova leaves as we cut to Michael Shane heading down the ramp*

Jim Ross: Well folks, this match will take place when we get back!

*Commercials-3 Minutes*

*We return inside Jonathan Carter’s office, where Jonathan is speaking with some friends of his when Lita comes in*

Jonathan Carter: Can you guys and girls give me a minute please?

*Carter’s friends leave as Lita looks on, as the crowd begins a “Slut” chant*

Jonathan Carter: Alright, Lita, how can I help you?

Lita: Well Jonathan, I was sent here by my man, Edge!

*huge heat*

Jonathan Carter: And?

Lita: Well he sent me here to tell you that he is almost a 100 percent, and says he will be returning in two weeks right here on Raw, live from London, England at the MEH Arena.

Jonathan Carter: Well that is big news, but I gotta get ready for I have some important announcements concerning that Raw in London in two weeks.

Lita: Edge says that he is feeling better, and that on Raw in two weeks, he will prove a point not just to Matt Hardy, but to the entire world!

*Lita leaves as Jonathan looks on*

*Lillian does the introductions for the next match*

Match 2:
Rhyno v. Michael Shane

Interesting type of match with a lot of brawling and both men taking advantage of the Hardcore rules in this match. Shane scores a lot of near falls in this match. Rhyno also is able to get in some close calls. Finish comes when Shane misses an enzurgi and Rhyno spears him right through a table. Rhyno picks up the W at the 9:05 mark!

Lillian Garcia: The winner of the match, Rhyno! MT-9:05

*Rhyno has his hand raised but is attacked from behind viciously by Nova. Nova throws some trash into the ring and beats up Rhyno. Nova gets Rhyno up on the top rope and delivers the Kryptonite Krunch on Rhyno right on the trash bin*

Jim Ross: For the love of god, that’s human flesh going right on top of hard metal!

*Nova grabs a mike*

Nova: Rhyno, this Sunday at No Way Out, I will destroy your legacy. At No Way Out, the games comes to an end!

*Nova drops the mike on Rhyno as Rhyno is clearly in a lot of pain*

Jerry Lawler: That was completely uncalled for.

*We see The Rock heading to the ramp*

Jim Ross: Looks like The Rock is on his way out here King.

Jerry Lawler: Things are about to get real serious.

Jim Ross: We’ll be right back!

*Commercials-4 Minutes*

*Cookin hits and out comes The Rock to a enormous pop*

Jim Ross: The rafters are shaking as The Rock is in the building!

The Rock: Finally The Rock, has come back to Chicago!

*Huge pop*

The Rock: The Rock is out here for one reason and one reason only. John Cena, The Rock says that if you think that he’s scared of your rehashed version of Vanilla Ice and Marky Mark then bring your candyass down here so The Rock can proceed to beat your ass up and down Know Your Role Boulevard and Shut Your Mouth Drive!

*Huge pop*

The Rock: You think that you can throw The Rock off his game with your little games that you’re playing, but uh-ha jabroni! The Rock ain’t having it! You can say You Can’t See Me, and all that other crap, but like you say If You Want Some, Come Get Some, well The Rock says, Just Bring It!

*Huge Pop*

*Time to Play the Game Hits and out comes Triple H from behind. Triple H hits Rock in the back and goes for a knockdown but Rock ducks and explodes off the corner with a huge lariat. Rock then goes for the Rock Bottom on Hunter, but Hunter blocks it and nails a high knee on The Rock. Rock slowly gets up and Hunter goes for the pedigree, but Rock blocks it. Triple H gets up and is hit with a hard clothesline that sends him out of the ring. Triple H can’t believe he was knocked out of the ring as Rock’s music begins to play again over the PA system. Triple H slowly heads back up the ramp exchanging words with The Rock as those two will be apart of the huge six man tag main event scheduled for later on tonight.*

Jim Ross: Tensions are sure brewing really high as those two will not only be apart of tonight’s main event, but also this Sunday’s No Way Out.

Jerry Lawler: Well coming up next, Jillian Hall will be taking on Ivory. The winner of that match will be facing the winner of the match on Smackdown at No Way Out this Sunday.

*Commercials-3 Minutes*

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Raw folks. Just to let you all know, that next week’s Raw will be LIVE from the sold-out Molson Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada!

*Lillian does the introductions*

Match 3:
Jillian Hall v. Ivory

Great divas match as Ivory shows why she is a legit competitor in this company. Ivory uses her experience over Jillian throughout the match. However Jillian’s youth helps her out in pulling out the win with a small package at the 7:22 mark!

Lillian Garcia: The winner of the match, Jillian Hall! MT-7:22

Jim Ross: Smackdown’s Jillian Hall is heading to No Way Out!

Jerry Lawler: Well when we come back folks, Chris Benoit will be facing Ric Flair in a 20 minute ultimate submission match.

Jim Ross: You’re right, and folks that is up next!

*Commercials-3 Minutes*

*Lillian does the introductions*

Match 4: 20 Minute Ultimate Submission Match:
Chris Benoit v. Ric Flair

MOTN with out a doubt. Benoit and Flair go scoreless throughout the entire match until Benoit locks in the crossface and gets Flair to submit with 2 seconds remaining to score the only fall in the match.

Lillian Garcia: The winner of the match, Chris Benoit! MT-20:00

*Benoit then sees Rob Van Dam coming down the ramp. Benoit and RVD exchange blows with one another and then Van Dam gets some trash bins and throws them into the ring. The two continue to brawl, until Benoit gets the advantage and throws RVD on a table with a trash bin right on RVD. Benoit goes to the top and nails a flying headbutt on RVD right through the table. RVD is out as Benoit slowly gets back to his feet and looks like he may have busted himself and RVD open. Benoit gets the IC championship and holds it up high, as his music begins to play once again*

Jim Ross: Can Chris Benoit do it this Sunday, and win the Intercontinental Championship in his hometown of Edmonton, Alberta against Rob Van Dam?

Jerry Lawler: Well Raw and Subway presents WWE No Way Out! No Way Out comes to you live this Sunday, from the sold out Skyreach Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada! And also what will happen when Stone Cold Steve Austin takes on Ken Kennedy… Kennedy.

Jim Ross: Earlier these two got into a heated debate, and will also be opponents in the upcoming six man tag match scheduled for later on tonight. Also, The Rock who came down to the final four in the Royal Rumble last month will face off against Triple H.

Jerry Lawler: Can The Rock be focused though following the recent actions of Smackdown’s John Cena? Also, Jillian Hall will face either Victoria or Michelle McCool this Sunday at No Way Out with the winner facing Melina Perez for the Womens’ Championship at WrestleMania 22! Plus, I’ve gotten word from Melina, herself that she will be in attendance for that very match!

Jim Ross: That is indeed big news King. Plus we will crown a undisputed European Champion as the Hardcore and European titles will be unified when Rhyno takes on the current Hardcore Champion, Nova!

Jerry Lawler: Rhyno will indeed be looking for revenge following what took place earlier here tonight between the two of them. In a rematch from StarrCade, AJ Styles and Shelton Benjamin will be defending the World Tag Team Championships against The Naturals!

Jim Ross: These two teams definitely have no love loss between each other. This will indeed be one match you don’t want to miss. Finally in the main event folks Shawn Michaels will be facing the champion Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Championship!

Jerry Lawler: The series is tied at one a piece. Angle won at WrestleMania 21.Michaels won on Raw back in August. These two will settle the score, and either the Olympic Hero or The Heartbreak Kid is leaving Edmonton as the World Champion!

*We cut backstage to Michaels getting ready to leave the room for his match, when the lights go off. All of a sudden a bright white light is shown. Suddenly the light is back on, and hair is on the ground. Michaels doesn’t take much light to it, but then sees his book, Heartbreak and Triumph on the ground. However it’s opened to Michaels talking about how he went through pain in his match with Stone Cold at WrestleMania XIV. Michaels then looks at the door, and walks out of it. Michaels then sees a letter, that says “I didn’t know, I swear, I didn’t know.” Michaels grabs the piece of paper and throws it to the ground.*

*We then see Kurt Angle walking to the entrance way, as the graphic for the main event is shown*

Jim Ross: Well when we come back, a six man tag match will take place when the World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle teams up with The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin and takes on Triple H, Ken Kennedy, and Shawn Michaels!

Jerry Lawler: This will all go down. Next!

*Commercials-3 Minutes*

*Smackdown Rebound is shown*

*Replay of the previous WM 22 Commercial is shown*

Jim Ross: Welcome back folks. Don’t forget, that next week, Raw will be live from the sold-out Molson Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada!

*Lillian does the introductions*

Main Event-Six Man Tag Match:
Kurt/Austin/Rock v. HHH/Michaels/Kennedy

Great main event which really served its purpose in hyping up the three top matches for Sunday. All hell breaks through in the match, as the ref is forced to call for the bell after Kennedy breaks up a count from Austin with a steel chair. Austin and Kennedy proceed to fight throughout the outside with the ending come when Austin nails a stunner on Kennedy right through the announce table. Triple H and Rock brawl throughout the ring, with Rock nails the Rock Bottom on Triple H. Angle and Michaels go at it, as well with neither man backing down from one another. The show closes with both men actually nailing a superkick on each other. A look around the ringside and you see Rock and Austin celebrating with a beer bash with King and JR.

Lillian Garcia: The winners of the match as a result of a DQ, Kurt Angle, The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin! MT-18:45*Show ends*

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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Very good show. I am looking forward to reading No Way Out. I will post a review of RAW tomorrow.
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Raw review:

Good opening promo with Austin/Kennedy. This match looks good as it varies in styles.

Not surprised Batista won here. The Naturals better be ready though as AJ and Shelton pack a powerful punch.

Short interview with Nova. Could have been longer.

Short promo with Carter and Lita. Edge returning is a good thing.

Not shocked Rhyno won here, nd Nova attacks him at the end. Who knew Simon Dean was that tough.

Great Rock and HHH promo. The Rock seemed in character.

Jillian/Ivory was a sleeper. No comment on that women's match because, well, it's a women's match.

Wow this seemed like a great match. Good to see Benoit win. RVD vs Benoit at NWO should be great.

That thing with Michaels is a little weird.

Good match with Angle/Austin/Rock winning. Wow what a dream team.

Overall: 9/10 you consistently do well kid o mac. Good job.

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