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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

may 5th:

opening video and pyro is shown!

Michael Cole: welcome to smackdown! I'm Michael Cole joined by Tazz and tonight we're coming to you live from the FleetCenter here in Boston, MA. And Tazz, what a main event we have for you fans here tonight!

Tazz: That's right partner! Six-Man Tag Action, in which the Tag Team Champions Guerrero/Mysterio will team with the WWE Champion, John Cena and take on JBL/Orlando/Doug Basham. Plus will Kurt Angle accept the challenge of the Deadman who will be here live tonight?

Cole: Let's send it up to Tony Chimel.

Chimel: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is the Crusierweight Championship tournament matchup. Introducing first weighing in at 215 pounds Chavo Guerrero. And introducing second weighing in at 200 pounds, Nuzio.

Cole: The winner of this match will face Paul London, next week when Smackdown comes to you live from Orlando, Fla.!

Match 1: Crusierweight Tournament Semi-Final Match:
Chavo Guerrero v. Nuzio

Match starts with Chavo and Nuzio exchanging hip tosses to one another and various crusierweight moves. Chavo then nails a hard clothesline on Nuzio. 1st cover of the match and only a two count. Nuzio now gets a elbow to the stomach and now Chavo locks in the Gory Special. Nuzio somehow is able to make it to the ropes. Nuzio catches Chavo with a low blow while the ref isn't looking and hits Chavo with a modified Sicilian Slice. 2 count, and Chavo barely is able to kick out. Both men now ascend to the top rope, and Nuzio in mid air nails a flying soon-to-be-called Nuzio suplex and nearly and I nearly gets the win. Somehow, though Chavo gets the rollup and only a two count. Chavo fustrated charges at Nuzio who nails the The Arrivaderci. 1-2 and Chavo kicks out. Nuzio tries it again, yet this time Chavo counters it with the Tornado DDT. 1-2-3!

Chimel: The winner of the match Chavo Guerrero! Match Time: 9:14

Tazz: So Cole, next week we will see Chavo taking on Paul London. Well we still have two more tournament matches to go.

*cuts to the backstage where JBL and the Cabinet arrive, minus Danny Basham.*

JBL: Ah, the city of Boston. The city of punks and thugs. However I'm from New York, where the New York Yankees are the team to beat. It took the Red Sox over 80 years to break the curse. While we went on and won 26 world titles. The Yankees and the Cabinet. Both represent greatness. Now pathetic crap like the Red Sox and the Celtics who play in this infested arena. Let's go.

*Cabinet leaves as we go to commerical*

Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown and with the Cabinet just arriving, business will indeed pick up tonight.

Lauren: I'm here with Torrie and Dawn and ladies what do you have to say being that you two have requested this time?

Torrie: Well Lauren, we are tired of you Divas coming in and trying to take our spotlight. And you know who we're tired of the most?

Lauren: Who?

Dawn: Joy and Michelle. For the last two weeks those two have humilated myself and Torrie. So you know what we're going to do? We're challenging them to a tag match at Judgment Day.

*Joy and Michelle appear*

Joy: Well we heard what you've just said?
Michelle: And you know what?
Lauren: What?
Joy: We accept your challenge!

Cole: Oh man. Torrie and Dawn will face Joy and Michelle at Judgment Day, which is just less than two weeks away.

Dawn: Oh yeah, you Divas better be ready, cause we're coming after you.

*Dawn slaps Joy, and Michelle hits Dawn, and Torrie hits Michelle as security and officals come to break up the catfight*

Tazz: Well when we come back, The Big Show will face Heidenreich. And the winner will face Orlando Jordan for the US Championship at Judgment Day. We'll be right back!

Commerical Break:

Tazz: Welcome back to Smackdown, ladies and gentlemen. Let's send it up to the Chimel.

Chimel: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall, with the winner facing Orlando Jordan for the US Championship at Judgment Day. Introducing first weighing in at 315 pounds, Heidenreich.

Cole: Heidenreich has an opportunity to meet Orlando Jordan and could possibly win his first WWE Title.

Chimel: And introducing second, weighing in at 493 pounds, The Big Show!

Match 2: Heidenreich v. The Big Show: Winner faces OJ at JD for the US Title:

These two large men connect some rights in the face of one another and some other offensive moves, until Show catches Heidenreich with a large fist that sends Heidenrich reeling and he walks right into a sidewalk slam. Heidenreich quickly gets up and starts to land clubbing blows to the back on Show. He even is able to suplex the giant. 2 count, and Show kicks out. Show now goes for the Chokeslam, but Heidenreich counters it and nails a modified belly-to-belly suplex. 2 count. Show now reeling gets an another submission move on him. After 10 more minutes, Show out of nowhere nails the chokeslam. 1-2-3! Show, Jordan, US Title, Judgment Day!

Chimel: The winner of your match, Big Show! Match Time: 12:35

Cole: We'll be right back.

Tazz: Welcome back to Smackdown! Now it's time for the Raw Rebound! *Raw Rebound is shown*

Chimel does the introduction for Shannon Moore!

Chimel: And introducing second from Mexico, weighing in at 200 pounds, Psicosis!

*crowd goes crazy as Psicosis comes to the ring*

Tazz: Cole, oh my god! The legendary Mexican Luchador is finally here in the WWE!

Match 3: Crusierweight Tournament Semi-Final Match:
Shannon Moore v. Psicosis

Psicosis immediately goes to work on the left arm of Moore. Moore in a hurry is down, as Psicosis hits the springboard huccruanna on Moore that takes out both men. Moore however gets the advantage as he nails a 450 on Psicosis and nearly gets the 3 count. Psicosis brings in his famous chair and starts dancing, however Moore catches him with a running neckbreaker into a pin. 2 count. Moore now sets Psicosis up and nails a suplex from the top rope. 1-2 and no. Moore again now tries to lock in a modified chin lock, but Psicosis quickly escapes and hits a Russian leg sweep. German suplex, and now Psicosis is on top. Missle Dropkick, but wait. Shannon connects on a dropkick that knocks out Psicosis. 1-2 and again, Psicosis kicks out. Psicosis now with a monkey flip, and an elbow to the chest of Moore. Moore somehow blocks a suplex and nails The Halo. 1-2 and no. Moore picks Psicosis up again for The Halo, yet he can't get it done. Irish whip and a hard knockdown to Moore. Psicosis goes on top, and nails the Springboard Diving Moonsault in the ring on Moore. 1-2-3! Psicosis wins.

Chimel: The winner of the match, Psicosis! Match Time: 14:01

Cole: So next week, Psciosis will face Funaki who won on a house show over a Spike Dudley.

*Medal hits and out comes Kurt Angle.*

Kurt Angle: Last week, I was informed that The Undertaker wants to face me at Judgment Day. well you know what I got to say to that. I *Kurt drops the mic and walks away.

*As Kurt Angle leaves, the arena goes dark and smoke fills the arena. The ring then somehow catches fire, and Taker is behind Angle, and Chokeslams Angle. Then quotes "At Judgment Day, Kurt you will rest in peace! Taker leaves as lightning strikes the arena. Cuts to commerical.


Tazz: During the break, we have found out that Kurt Angle has accepted the challenge of The Undertaker. Right now, Michael Cole is in the ring.

Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, this man that I'm bout to introduce, really needs no introduction. Boston, please give a welcome to Massachusetts own, and the WWE Champion, John Cena!

*My Time Is Now Hits and Out Comes Cena to the biggest pop of the night*

Cena: Hey, yo, hey yo, hey yo. The Chain Gang is in Full Effect here tonight in Boston! You know what, The Champ is Here, and I still Ain't going nowhere. Now later on tonight Me, and the Tag Champs, Guerrero and Mysterio are going to whip the living hell out of the Cabinet. As for Judgment Day, it doesn't matter to me, I will stand as #1 and still be the champ.

*Theordoe Long Music hits and he comes out*

Long: Due to a contractual clause, I must make this announcement. Tonight if you're team is successful tonight, you get to choose who you would like to face for the belt at Judgment Day. However, if JBL team wins, JBL gets a title shot at your belt at Judgment Day.

Long leaves as Cena can't believe what just happened, as we go to commerical.


Cole:Welcome back to Smackdown!

*Chimel does the introductions*

Match 4:
CCC v. Booker T

Match is a basic slugfest. Carlito nails the Carlito right off the back however he can not make the pin. Carlito and Booker now fight onto the outside and Carlito goes face first into the ring post. The Book Man now lays some chops into Carlito. Carlito answers back with a rake to the eyes and a fireman carry. 1-2-and Booker T kicks out. Booker now with an irish whip to the ropes hooks Carlito up, yet Carlito nails a facebuster on Booker T. Booker T now down, 1-2 and no, he kicks out. Booker now misses a clothesline and Carlito nails him with a flapjack. 2 count. Booker now tries to get back in it, nails a shot to the face, but Carlito hits a snap suplex. Another 2 count. Carlito goes for the Carlito, but Booker hits the Book-End, out of nowhere! 1-2-3! Booker T wins!

Chimel: The winner of the match, Booker T! Match Time: 16:24

Tazz: So, Booker T will have the choice of the match at Judgment Day.
Cole: Well coming up next is John Cena/Mysterio/Guerrero v. JBL/Orlando/Doug Basham in six man tag action. And it happens next!

Commerical Break:

*Chimel does the introductions*

Main Event:
Six Man Tag Match
Cena/Guerrero/Mysterio v. JBL/Orlando/Doug

Match starts with Cena and JBL locking it up with Cena and JBL exchanging blows until JBL is in the corner and Cena starts throwing lefts and rights into the former champ. Cena is all fired up. Cena connects on the Throwback, yet he only gets a 2 count. Cena now tries to get some more action but is met with a vicious clothesline from JBL. 2 count. JBL now lays some more shots to the stomach of the Champ. And now JBL with a sleeper on Cena, trying to slow the pace of the match. Cena is fighting and is fighting with all he's got but JBL backs him into the corner of his own men, where Orlando and Doug continue the assault on Cena. Cena now trying to fight back, but he's being destroyed. What will happen next, we'll be right back!

Commerical Break:

During the break, Orlando tagged in and Orlando now hits the Orlando Magic on Cena who desperatly needs to make a tag. Cena though hits a shoulder thrusts which is just enough to make a tag to Mysterio. Mysterio in now and Mysterio takes out Orlando with a high dropkick. Mysterio now working on the lower body of Orlando and now hits the Crossing bridges on Mysterio. Ah man, Orlando is stuck on the ropes and here comes the 619! Going for the Springboard, but Orlando catches him into a powerbomb. 1-2 and Guerrero makes the save. Orlando now with a hard catching slam and Orlando makes the tag to Doug Basham. Doug now comes in and applies the STF on Mysterio. Mysterio blocks it and nails a DDT on Doug. Rey makes the tag to Eddie and comes Guerrero.

Guerrero immediately nails the three amigos on Doug. Doug and Eddie exchange blows and Doug nails a hard backbreaker. After 10 more minutes of moves, Eddie nails the Frog Splash on Doug. 2 count thanks to JBL. JBL now in and Cena in and the other 4 going at it on the other side. Cena hits the F-U on JBL, but can't make the cover. Cena now going for the five knuckle shuffle, but wait it's Danny Basham! He just nailed Cena in the back with the WWE Championship Belt! JBL nails the Clothesline From Hell! 1-2-3! Dammit.

Chimel: The winners of the match Orlando Jordan, Doug Basham, and JBL! Match Time: 27:13

Cole: So JBL will face John Cena for the WWE Championship at Judgment Day and it's all because of Danny Basham! Now come on, the cabinet is beating up on Cena, Guerrero, and Mysterio. Another clothesline from hell to Cena as Cena is knocked out. And the cabinet must be proud of what they have done here tonight! We'll see you next week live on Smackdown from Orlando, FL. Goodnight!

Yeah, Raw and Smackdown for next week will be up in the next couple of days. Anyway, I'm out
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Raw preview for May 9th:

Raw comes to you live this week from hot Miami, Florida! Batista defends his title in a triple threat match aganist Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho!

Plus Triple H will be in the house. What will the game have to say after his brutal cage match with Ric Flair just 8 days ago at Backlash?

Plus Shelton Benjamin defends his Intercontinental Championship aganist Chris Masters and Edge and Matt Hardy will do battle. Don't miss Raw from the American Airlines Arena!

Raw should be up by tomorrow night, thursday night the latest.
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

good job, but one little problem. I think it would be better if you had some angles added in. Not just matches. Check out my thread thats with hbk_nwo33 for examples, WWE : Breakdown.

Other than that , the shows arent that bad.


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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

may 9th:

*opening video and pyro is done*

JR: Welcome to Raw! We are live from Miami, Florida and the sellout crowd of 19,763 in the American Airlines Arena are on their feet. Three big matches including the WHC title in a triple threat match as Batista defends the title aganist Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit!

King: Yeah, JR. Raw is going be crazy tonight!

*If Ya Smell what the Rock is Cookin!...*

JR: King, I don't believe it. These fans are on their feet. It's The Rock. The People's Champion! He's back.

The Rock: Finally the Rock has come back to the WWE! The Rock has been gone for a while, and finally The Rock has come back! The Rock is ready to layeth the smackdown on each and every single jabroni who gets in the Rock's way, for the World Heavyweight Championship. If Y'all Smell what The Rock is...

*I'm Back plays and Eric Bischoff comes out to major heat*

Eric: Rock, welcome back. But who do you think you are! This is my show. Eric Bischoff. I run things here. I'm the General Manager of Raw! Not you. But since you're back in the WWE...

Rock: Who are you to interrupt the Great One! You little jabroni.
Eric: I'm Eri...
Rock: It doesn't matter who you are. The Rock does not get interrupted by no one. And the Rock means no one. How dare you disrespect, the People's Champion. Well...
Eric: Well Rock, let me say this. Tonight, you've made your return to the WWE. And its just happen to be here in Miami. Well Rock, I hope you are ready! Because tonight, you, Rock will face for the first time in your career, the HeartBreak Kid, Shawn Michaels! Welcome back!

JR: Do you believe it, King?
King: It's a dream match, and you don't even have to pay to watch it. It's free.
JR: Well coming up, when we come back, it will be The Hurricane vs. Simon Dean! We'll be right back!

Dunkin Donuts
Being The Booker
Castrol GTX

King: Welcome back to Raw! Now lets send it to Lilian Garica!

*Lilian does the match introductions*

Match 1:
Simon Dean v. The Hurricane

Match starts off with The Hurricane getting in some punches, but quickly the matches changes as Dean gets in some suplexes and some moves that takes Hurricane to the ground quickly. Dean then catches Hurricane with an inverted russian leg sweep, into an armbar submission. Hurricane now up, irish whips Dean and nails three hip tosses in succession as Dean is now down, and Hurricane sends Dean over to the corner and nails a head scissors takedown. 2 count. Hurricane now on top, nails a flying dropkick and now Hurricane is now in the driving seat. Hurricane sets Dean up and goes for an over the head DDT, but Dean catches Hurricane and nails Hurricane with a Third Degree, and somehow and I mean somehow Hurricane is able to kick out. Hurricane goes on top and nails a Shining Wizard Kick from the top rope and both men are down. Hurricane crawls on top of Dean and gets a 1-2-and no, Dean kicks out. Hurricane now sets up Dean and nails the Vertaebreaker. 1-2-and no. Dean, somehow kicks out. Hurricane, now on the rope, gets ready to finish Dean, but wait, Dean is up, and grabs Hurricane and nails an belly to belly suplex from the top rope as the crowd is stunned. 1-2-3! Simon Dean wins.

LG: The winner of the match is Simon Dean! Match Time: 11:11
JR: Love him or hate him, Simon Dean just put on a classic.
King: That's right! I'm still in shocked

*cuts to backstage, where Triple H is talking on a cellphone*

Triple H: Yeah, man. I don't believe it man. Rock comes back and everyone goes crazy. Who does he thinks he is? This isn't Hollywood. I'm the game. I'm a 10 time World Champion. I've beaten them all. And you know what, it's time for these people to realize that I'm the game, and I'm that good, and starting tonight, I will prove tonight. Cuts to commerical


JR: Welcome back to Raw, and lets send it to Lilian.

*Lilian does the introductions*

Match 2: Intercontinental Championship:
Shelton Benjamin v. Chris Masters

Match time starts with Masters completely overpowering Benjamin. Benjamin tries to get together some kind of offensive, but is nailed with an Gorilla Press Slam. Quick cover. 2 count. Masters now applies his power to the ribs of Benjamin, with multiple rib breakers. Masters now hits a high knee, and hits an armbar, but Benjamin is able to counter finally with a hip toss. Benjamin now gives Masters some punches to the face and sends Masters to the ropes. Stinger Splash. Benjamin now in control, then runs right into a boot by Masters, and into a back body drop. Masters now knocks Benjamin out of the ring and continues to work on Benjamin. Both men now back in the ring, with Benjamin dazed, yet he catches him with a russian leg sweep. 1-2 and Masters kicks out. Masters then connects the sleeper into a full-nelson slam. 1-2 and Benjamin kicks out. Masters continues to work on the upper body of Benjamin and continues to nail more suplexes. However Benjamin gets a second wind and nails Masters with another Stinger Splash. Bulldog, and now I don't believe it, but Benjamin nails Masters with a T-Bone Suplex from off the top rope. The crowd is stunned. 1-2-3! Benjamin wins!

LG: The winner of the match and still Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin! Match Time: 13:21

*Todd Grisham is in the back, and is interviewing Chris Benoit*

TG: Chris, later on tonight, you have the opportunity to once again to become World Heavyweight Champion. What are your thoughts?
CB: What are my thoughts? I've been waiting for my shot for the title for so long. Since New Year's Revolution. I 've waited. I went out there in that Money In the Bank Match at WrestleMania and gave my all. My all though wasn't good enough. But tonight, I get my opportunity to win back the title. As for Jericho, I've known Jericho for many years, but tonight in that ring, if he gets in my way, I will make him tap. As for Batista, he may be big. But that's no problem. I'm the Crippler. And Batista will fear the crossface! Because I'm not leaving here tonight without that World Heavyweight Championship around my waist!

*AJ Styles comes in, and him and Benoit begin to brawl, but Benoit nails the crossface as we cut to commerical*

Stacker 2 AD
New Movie AD
New Movie AD
Foot Locker

JR: Welcome back to Raw!

*Christy makes her way out to the ring*

Christy: How is everyone tonight (huge pop)? Well I'm here to boost your spirits some more. *Christy does a dance, and hands and fires out some free shirts and other items* *Through the crowd, Alexis Laree comes and takes out Christy with a Tornado DDT, as the crowd is in shock, and then she grabs a mic and says:*

AL: I'm Alexis Laree, and I'm the woman to beat. I will take out each and every single Diva out there and I will not stop until I'm the best. And to prove to you that I'm for real, watch this. (Laree picks up Christy and gives her another Tornado DDT, and leaves smiling while Christy is out cold*

*cuts to the back where Muhammad Hassan and Davari are talking*

Muhammad: Davari, I don't get it. these americans continue to hate us, and throw racial insults to us. Yet, because of our skin, we are treated like this. Last sunday, at backlash was a travesty. These Americans continue to humilate us. And you know what, I'm sick of it. And next week in Washington, D.C., Muhammad Hassan and Davari will begin to climb the ranks and take out anybody who wants to stop us. It makes me sick to my stomach, and everyone will know who Muhammad Hassan and Davari are.

*goes back to JR and King*

JR: Well king, when we come back, it will be Edge v. Matt Hardy. We'll be right back!

Commerical Break:

Triple X the Movie
Vignette of Chris Cage

King: Welcome back to Raw! Well JR, first off, how are you doing after last week?
JR: King, I'm better and I hope that Edge gets what is coming to him!

LG: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first weighing in at 228 pounds, Edge!

JR: Edge should be ashamed of himself. Edge thinks that since he won the Money in the Bank Match at WrestleMania, he can do what he wants!

LG: And introducing second, weighing in at 227 pounds, Matt Hardy!

Match 3:
Edge v. Matt Hardy

Match starts with Matt running into the ring and taking down Edge! Matt is furious and throws punches into the face of Edge. Edge now up takes down Matt and throws some punches of his own to Matt. Both men now up and Matt clothesline Edge outside of the ring, along with himself. Both men now continue to brawl, as Matt throws Edge into the ring post. Matt is fired up as he takes Edge now with a Sideffect and Matt gets on the ropes and goes for a flying elbow, but Edge trips Matt, and Matt hits the security post. Now, both men back into the ring and Edge now works on the back of Matt and now takes him out with The Electric Chair. STF now to Matt, as Matt screams in pain. Edge then takes a page out of Matt's book and nails Matt with a Leg Drop off the top rope. Cover. 1-2 and Matt kicks out. Matt is sent to the ropes, but nails Edge with a jumping tornado DDT. And now Matt goes on top and nails the leg drop. 1-2 and Edge kicks out. Edge now goes to the ropes, and both men are on the top rope, when Edge nails a swinging DDT from off the top rope, as both men are out. Edge crawls over to cover Matt for the 1-2-and no, Matt will not quit. Edge now is beside himself, and starts to throw punch after punch to Matt, but Matt nails a jawbreaker, to gain some time to regroup. Matt now hits Edge with a german suplex as the sensai of mattitude hits Edge with the Reality Check. Cover. 1-2 and Edge kicks out. Irish whip and Matt tornado DDTs Edge from the middle rope. another 2 count. now both men stagger to their feet as Edge goes to nail Hardy with a Spinning Kick. And now both men are out again. Edge sets up Hardy, and nails the spear. 1-2 and no. NO. Matt kicks out. Edge is in shock. Edge goes for the spear, but Hardy jumps and hits The Twist of Fate while Edge jumps in midair, and Edge comes crashing down hard. 1-2-3! Yes. Yes!

LG: The winner of the match is Matt Hardy. Match Time: 19:54

JR: What a match! I don't believe it. Matt Hardy has done it. What a way to return. Wait a minute. Matt turn around. No. No. Edge just nailed Matt with a spear! Why, Edge, Why?! Edge is a sore loser.

King: Well coming up next is the Triple Threat Match for the WHC, as Batista defends the gold aganist Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit! We'll be right back!

Commerical Break:
Judgment Day Preview
WWE phone AD
Wrestling Edge Forums AD
Pepsi AD
WWE by MSDavis

JR: Welcome back to Raw! And the time is now. The WHC Match!

*Lilian does the introductions*

Match 4: World Heavyweight Championship: Triple Threat Match
Batista v. Chris Jericho v. Chris Benoit

Match starts with Jericho and Benoit teaming up on Batista with each other exchanging chops on Batista. Both men then clothesline Batista, yet Batista gets up and clothesline both of them. Batista now picks up Benoit, and slams him to the mat. Batista now picks up Benoit and hits him with a nice powerslam, into a cover. Benoit though takes Batista down with a chicken wing crossface, but Jericho nails the both of them with a lionsault. First cover of the match only gets a two. Jericho and Benoit now exchange chops before Benoit gets the upperhand and nails Chris with a german suplex. and another one, but Batista clothesline Jericho before Benoit can get off a third one, and picks up Benoit, but Benoit, suplexes Batista and heads up on top for a falling headbutt, but Jericho gets up and suplexes Benoit off of the top rope. Jericho then nails a dropkick to the side of the face of Batista, and tries hitting Batista with the Jericho Spike, but Batista slams Jericho right back into the mat. Now Batista covers Jericho and only gets a two, where Benoit breaks it up. Batista now feels like he has it, sets Jericho up but Benoit nails a flying takedown to the chest of Batista that knocks Batista down, and now Benoit hits Jericho with two snap suplexes. Benoit goes on top and nails a flying headbutt on Jericho, and signals for the end, but walks right into a spinebuster. Batista now is feeling it, until Jericho nails him with a bulldog, and then goes again for the lionsault but this time misses it, and Jericho now walks into a spinebuster of his own. But here comes Benoit, and Benoit has the crossface locked in. Batista is gettting ready to tap, but Jericho nails a dropkick to the face of Benoit, and sets Benoit up for the Walls of Jericho. Benoit is screaming in pain. But wait a minute, Batista is up and breaks the hold. Jericho is down, and now Benoit trying to get some offense going, but wait a minute, it's AJ Styles. AJ Styles just nailed Benoit with some kind of object, as Benoit is out cold. Jericho now up, walks into another spinebuster, but somehow grabs Batista and nails him with the walls of Jericho. Batista breaks it, and nails Jericho with a third spinebuster. The Batista Bomb on Jericho, and bang. 1-2-3!

LG: The winner of this match and still World Heavyweight Champion, Batista! Match Time: 22:39

JR: Why! AJ Styles cost Benoit his shot at the title. And Benoit is out cold. But Batista however is still the champ. But coming up next, legend vs. legend. The Rock v. Shawn Michaels. And it's next.

Commerical Break:
JLA Wrestling
WWE-World Wrestling Entertainment

King: Welcome back to Raw! And JR it's time!
JR: Folks, the time is now! Michaels. Rock. The Time Is Now!

*Lilian does the introductions*

Main Event:
Shawn Michaels v. The Rock

Match starts off with both men exchanging some punches, until the Rock starts to layeth the smackdown on Michaels. Rock is on fire and nails Michaels with a clothesline. The Miami crowd is definately behind The Rock. Rock sets Michaels up for a sleeper, but Michaels counters it and nails the Rock with a jawbreaker. Michaels now takes Rock to the corner and does the 10 punch. Michaels then nails a dropkick on the Rock and goes for the cover. 2 count. Rock up, now hits Michaels with a DDT, and The Rock is up setting Michaels up, but Michaels scouts it, and hits Rock with a hip toss, and an hurcurrana. Michaels then applies the sharpshooter on The Rock, and the fans boo Michaels. Michaels now with the advantage comes off the rope and nails Rock with a DDT of his own, and HBK is up now and goes to the top rope. Elbow time, but Michaels misses it. Rock up, nails Michaels with a Samoan Drop, and the Rock gets up and Michaels moving slowly hooks Michaels for the Rock Bottom, but Michaels blocks it, and hits Rock with a spinebuster of his own. Michaels now, goes back to the ropes and this time connects with the elbow. and as the crowd boos, Michaels is fired up, and goes for sweet chin music, but misses and clocks the ref. Michaels turns around and is planted with a Rock Bottom. Rock goes for the people's elbow and connects. But no ref. Wait a minute, here comes Triple H. Rock and Triple H fight each other but The Rock goes for the Rock Bottom, but Triple H, blocks and hits a facebuster, followed by the Pedigree. Trips picks Rock up again, for another one, but the Rock, hits the Rock Bottom, and the People's Elbow. Trips is now outside of the ring. But Rock, look out. Bang! Michaels nails Rock with Sweet Chin Music. 1-2-3! I don't believe it!

LG: The winner of the match, Shawn Michaels! Match Time: 19:15

JR: I don't believe it. And now wait a minute, here comes Michaels and Triple H. They both are attacking The Rock. And another pedigree. I don't believe this. And now Michaels and Triple H are hugging each other and are standing over a bloody Rock. Somebody tell me why!
King; Yeah, why!
JR: (screams) Somebody tell me why! I don't believe this! Gawd almighty! Goodnight!

*well, i need some replies. I think this is my best show yet. Smackdown should be up by Saturday night. SD preview will be up by tomorrow night! 1
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Smackdown Preview for May 12th:

Smackdown comes to you live from the TD Waterhouse Centre in Orlando, Fla. What mood will John Cena be in after being attacked last week by JBL and his cabniet? Plus John Cena must defend his title aganist JBL at Judgment Day.

Plus after Kurt Angle was basically forced to accept the Undertaker's challenge, what will happen next? Also, the crusierweight tournament continues. Plus, what will Booker T choose as his match?

So don't miss Smackdown!

P.S. Smackdown should be up by Saturday night.

Side Note:

Here is the current Judgment Day Card:

WWE Championship:
John Cena (c) v. JBL

US Championship:
Orlando Jordan (c) v. Big Show

WWE Tag Team Championships:
Eddie Guerrero/Rey Mysterio (c) v. Dudley Boyz

WWE Crusierweight Championship:
Billy Kidman (c) v. TBD

Kurt Angle v. The Undertaker

Booker T v. Carlito - Booker T gets to choose the match stipulations

Joy/Michelle v. Dawn/Torrie

Judgment Day Theme Song:
Crossfade-So Far Away- Crossfade
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

may 12th:

*video highlighting last week's main event followed by opening video and pyro*

MC: With just 10 days away from Judgment Day, we welcome you to Smackdown. We're live from the TD Waterhouse Centre, here in Orlando, Fla. Hello once again, I'm Michael Cole, joined by as always Tazz. And Tazz are 15, 265 who have sold out this arena will be in for one big night.

Tazz: That's right, Cole. Tonight the WWE Tag Team Champions, Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio will face JBL and Orlando Jordan. Plus we have two more crusierweight tournament matches. So without out futher ado, lets send it up to the Chimel. Tony Chimel.

TC: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is apart of the Crusierweight Championship Tournament. Introducing first weighing in at 207 pounds, Paul London.

Cole: Tazz, the winner of this match will face the winner of the other match, next week on Smackdown in Houston, TX, at the Toyota Center.

TC: And introducing second, weighing in at 214 pounds, Chavo Guerrero.

Match 1: Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Series-Semi-Final:
Paul London v. Chavo Guerrero

Match starts off with both competitors giving all they have. London clotheslines Guerrero on to the outside. While outside, London sends Guerrero into the ropes, and hit a jumping tornado DDT, on the floor. Chavo gets up and nails a rake to the eye, followed by a gory special. Both men back in the ring now, and Chavo nails London with a backbreaker. 2 count. London comes back with The Dropshot. 2 count. Both men exchange some hip tosses and now London connects with a Waffle Face. Somehow, Chavo is able to kick out and hits London with his version of The Waffle Face. Chavo now on top goes for a dropkick but London connects with Chavo right in the face. London now in control goes on to connect with a twisting cutter. 1-2-and no, Chavo kicks out again. London is furious that he can't get the 3 on Chavo.. However Chavo gains an advantage by hitting emerald frosion on London. 1-2 and no. Both men now up, come colliding into one another. Both men are now down. Both men now stagger to their feet and Chavo rolls up Paul, for a 1-2 and no. London kicks out. Chavo goes for The Brainbuster Suplex but, London counters and nails a hard falling DDT right on the head of Chavo and pulls him to the corner. London goes on top and nails the 450 splash on Chavo, and gets the 1-2-3!

TC: The winner of the match is Paul London. Match Time: 12:14

Tazz: So next week in Houston, Paul London will face the winner of the other cruiserweight match, with the winner facing Kidman at Judgment Day.

Cole: Well coming up next Danny Basham is in action against The Big Show. Weíll be right back.

Commercial Breaks:

Judgment Day AD
Being The Booker
WE Forums

Tazz: Welcome back to Smackdown everyone, and now itís time for the Raw Rebound!

*Raw Rebound is shown*

TC: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, he is a member of The Cabinet, weighing in at 232 pounds, Danny Basham. And introducing second weighing in at 493 pounds, The Big Show!

Match 2:
Danny Basham v. The Big Show

Match starts with Danny trying to get the upperhand on Show, but Show overpowers Danny. Show gives Danny some hard slaps across the chest, as Danny is now in visible pain. Show picks up Danny and nails him with a sidewalk slam. Show now tries to get more of an advantage, by gorilla press slamming Danny with ease. Danny though nails Show with a Russian leg sweep and is able to lock in the STF. Show though easily breaks out of that. Show now after Danny is met with a reverse tiger driver. With show down, Danny heads to the top, and goes for a flying headbutt, but Show moves out the way, and Danny connects on nothing. Show picks up Danny and goes for the chokeslam, but Danny counters it. Wait a minute, here comes Orlando, and Orlando whacks Show in the face with the belt while the ref back is turned. Orlando puts Danny on top of Show and leaves the ring. 1-2-3!

TC: The winner of this match is Danny Basham.

Cole: Danny stole this one, thanks to Orlando. And look, Doug, Danny, and Orlando all are teaming up and taking out Show. And Orlando with another shot to the head of Show and now Show is bleeding. *Cabinet music plays and Orlando and The Bashams leave*.

Tazz: Man, Cole, if this happens in 10 days, Orlando will remain United States Champion.

Cole: Tazz, youíre right. However coming up next it will be our second Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Match of the night, when Piscisois takes on Funaki. Weíll be right back.


UPN Movie
Raw by PowerMan
WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21
Raw Preview

Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown, folks and now letís send it up to Tony Chimel.

TC: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is apart of the Crusierweight Championship Tournament. Introducing first, from, Mexico weighing in at 205 pounds, Psicosis. And his opponent weighing in at 175 pounds, Funaki.

Match 3:
Cruiserweight Championship Tournament:
Psicosis v. Funaki

Funaki actually puts on a good match, by stealing the show for the first couple of minutes during the match. The two exchange suplexes and punches until Psicosis hits Funaki with a swinging DDT. 1-2- and Funaki kicks out. The self proclaimed Smackdown #1 Announcer, nails a beautiful moonsault on Psicosis. Yet, heís unable to get the three. Psicosis now connects with a small package, but he only gets a two count. Psicosis now goes for a running head scissors take down, but is met with a powerbomb from Funaki. Funaki now with the advantage nails an asai moonsault onto Psicosis from the top rope into the ring. 2 count again. Psicosis catches Funaki with a flapjack, and now Psicosis is the one on the top rope. And he nails a crossfacing shoulder breaker. The crowd is in complete amazement. 1-2 and no. Funaki with just an ounce of strength left is able to kick out. Both men now ascend to the top rope this time, and out of nowhere Psicosis nails a falling hurcurrana into a falling DDT. 1-2-3.

TC: The winner of this match is Psicosis. Match Time: 12:13

Tazz: So next week in Houston, Cole, it will be Psicosis and London facing each other with the winner facing Kidman at Judgment Day.

*backstage Theordoe Long is talking with Carlito and Booker T*

Long: Well Booker, the time is now. Have youíve made your mind on what kind of stipulation it will be?

Booker T: Yes, I have. The match that we will have will be a hair versus hair match! If I win, that mess will go, and Carlito if you win, the dreads will go. And one more thing, thatís cool.

*Booker T leaves the room*

Carlito: Long, this isnít right!

Long: Well Carlito you lost the match, last week. So the stipulation stands. Now holla-holla.

*Long and Carlito leaves*

Cole: Well coming up next is the contract signing of The Undertaker and Kurt Angle for Judgment Day. Weíll be right back!


Smackdown Schedule
Castrol GTX

Tazz: Welcome back to Smackdown.

*You know itís the MacMillitant plays and Long makes his way out to the ring*

TL: Tonight, two of Smackdownís finest superstars will make official their match at Judgment Day. Now Orlando, can I get a Holla Holla, and a Believe Dat. (crowd pop)
Now last week Kurt Angle and The Undertaker did get into an altercation and lets show the fans what happened last week.

*video is shown*

TL: So without any more talking, introducing first, the only Olympic gold meadlist and former WWE Champion, Kurt Angle!

*Medal plays and Kurt comes out to a mixed reaction*

TL: And introducing his opponent, from Deathvalley, The Undertaker!

*Takerís music plays and Taker comes out to one of the biggest pops of the night*

TL: Now gentlemen, you may be seated.

*Both men rather stand*
TL: Okay, then, Kurt Angle youíll sign first.

KA: Okay, but before I do, Taker hear me out. Iím an Olympic Champion. I won my very first WWE Championship, King of the Ring, Intercontinental and European Championships all in my first year. Some people donít even do that in their entire career. I won these medals, with a broken freakiní neck. I have beaten each and every single person, that has been thrown at me. Austin, Rock, Brock, Hunter, Kane, Jericho, Cena, and I believe even you. I won in a H*ll in a Cell Match with five of the top stars in this industry. Iíve main evented WrestleMania three years in a row. And last month, I did something that no one had ever done before. I made Shawn Michaels tap at WrestleMania. Whooh. Itís true. Itís dam* true. And what makes you think, you can beat me Taker. Huh. Iím the most purest athelete in this business, today, tomorrow, anytime, DeadMan. Because once I lock in that Angle Lock, Taker you will tap, or I will break your ankle.

*Kurt signs the contract and gives it to Taker. Taker says nothing, but just looks at Angle, and does the eye thing, in which the ring and arena turns purple and the ring is filled with smoke, before signing the contract and saying ďAngle, at Judgment Day, you will RestÖ InÖ Peace! The ring and lights return to normal.

*Angle tries to Angle Slam Taker, but Taker reserves it and connects with the Chokeslam through the table.*

*Light goes purple and black, and Taker does his taunt before leaving*

Cole: Well coming up next, it will be the WWE Tag Team Champions, Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio facing JBL and the United States Champion, Orlando Jordan. Weíll be right back.

Commercial Break:

Dunkin Donuts
Movie Ad
Raw Preview
Movie Preview

Tazz: Welcome back to Smackdown. Smackdown and PSP present WWE Judgment Day. Live in just 10 days away from the sold out Thomas and Mack Center, in Las Vegas, Nevada. PSP itís the new thing.

Cole: Tazz, just look how things are shaping up for next Sunday.
Tazz: Youíre right. You got a hair vs. hair match with the loser losing his hair and it will be Booker T v. Carlito.
Cole: And you know what Tazz. The last time we had a match like this for Smackdown was three years ago at Judgment Day 2002, and it was Kurt Angle v. Edge. And we know Angle lost that one. Speaking of Angle, you will have Kurt Angle taking on The Undertaker.

Tazz: You know this one will be explosive. I donít know what will happen, but I know it wonít be pretty. You also got the WWE Tag Team Championships on the line when MR. 619, Rey Mysterio and Latino Heat, Eddie Guerrero defend their belts against the Dudley Boyz!

Cole: The Dudleys will have experience on their side on this one. Another match will be a diva tag match, as Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie team up to take on Joy Giovanni and Michelle McCool.

Tazz: Yeah these four ladies have quite the score to settle. And whatís a better place to settle it, then in the ring. We also will have the final match to determine the Cruiserweight Champion, when Billy Kidman defends his title against either Paul London or Psicosis.

Cole: Yeah, Crusierweights. The only place you will see them are on the Smackdown brand, and right here on Smackdown! Plus, the United States Championship will be on the line when Orlando Jordan defends the gold against The Big Show!

Tazz: Nearly 500 pounds of weight, is what Jordan is going to have to beat, in order to remain champion.

Cole: And the main event, a rematch of the WWE Championship Match at WrestleMania 21. We will see John Cena, the WWE Champion defending the gold against JBL.

Tazz: Cole, Cena is fired up. After what happened last week, thereís no telling of what can happen.

Cole: Well donít miss Judgment Day. 10 days away, from Las Vegas!

*Orlando and JBL walk down the corridor, talking and JBL and Orlando gets heat from the crowd, by laughing at the fact that hockey is gone and The Lightning canít even celebrate their victory. Then they make fun of the Orlando Magic, by saying for two years in a row, they have proved to this dumb city, that they are just pathetic.*

Tazz: well the match, Ö is next!

Commercial Break:

Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown. The time is now.

*Tony Chimel does the introductions*

Main Event:
Eddie/Rey v. JBL/Orlando

Rey and Orlando start off the match and Rey basically controls the match. Rey then hits a running DDT, on Orlando and Orlando is down and out. Rey goes on the ropes and hits a sit down bomb from the top rope. 2 count. Orlando tags in JBL and JBL and Rey goes at it for the next couple of minutes, until Eddie is finally able to get in the match, and Eddie and JBL exchange blows. Eddie nearly is hit with the clothesline from h*ll. Eddie catches JBL with a swift move, and goes on top and connects with a Frog Splash. But wait a minute here comes the Bashams. The ref calls for the bell And now, the Bashams and JBL and Orlando are teaming up on Eddie and Rey. But wait, here come the Dudley Boyz! And the Dudleys even out the odds, but wait a 3D to Rey through a table, but Eddie knocks the Dudleys down for a moment. Wait! Here comes Cena. Cena is taking out everyone. F-Uís are happening all over the place. And now JBL and Cena are going at it like crazy. JBL goes for the CFH, but Cena counters it and nails the F-U on JBL.

Cole: If this happens in 10 days, Cena will remain the champ.

*Cena music plays as he holds up his belt, and the screen fades to black*

Raw preview will be up by tonight or tomorrow, and Raw will be up by Monday or Wednesday night.
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Raw Preview for May 16th:

As Raw comes from the MCI Center in the Nation's Capital, anything can and will happen. After last week shocking display, the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels joined forces with his long time nemesis Triple H, and the two attacked the returning Great One, The Rock. What mood will the people's champion be in?

Also, last week, Edge and Matt Hardy fought in a brtual match. Even though, Matt came out victorious, it was Edge who had the last word. What is going to happen to them next?

Plus Ric Flair and the Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin will be in the house. And don't forget about last weeks incredible Triple Threat Match for the WHC! Batista who is still champion, will definately be in the house. Don't miss RAW!

Raw should be up by Wedensday!

Keep the replies coming.
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

pretty good raw and smackdown's. im liking the judgment day card, plus hhh and hbk together is great. good job and keep up the great work
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

boring this topic could be better kid o mac. think out the box
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

check it. this grading system can be a very interesting thing and can help us bookers step our game up, if it's done right.

sorry about the delay. my week right now is looking a little bit filled up. i'm trying to see if i can get raw up by wedensday. my plan is get to get raw, smackdown, and judgment day up by next sunday at the latest.

i myself now will continue to raise my own bar, in terms of quality. So quick shoutouts to everyone who's been replying to my thread(s) and to Grendrill, Juvy, and of course Main Event who has come up with this brilliant idea. Anyway I'm out. 1!
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