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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Raw for January 23rd:

*Opening pyro and video is done*

Jim Ross: It is a sellout crowd here in Pittsburgh, as we welcome you to Monday Night Raw! I’m Jim Ross and I’m joined by Jerry “the King” Lawler. And King, with a little under three weeks away from No Way Out, tonight Raw is going to be explosive!

Jerry Lawler: You said it. What a main event we have planned for tonight though! Kurt Angle, Pittsburgh’s Hometown Kid, returns home and defends the World Heavyweight Championship against Chris Benoit, in what sure to be a classic technical title bout.

*Medal hits and instead of Kurt Angle coming out, it’s Shawn Michaels, as the crowd goes from cheers to jeers for the appearance of Michaels. Michaels continues to mock Angle’s entrance by doing his walk, and in-ring antics*

*Crowd chants “You Suck” at Michaels*

Shawn Michaels: Ah, how good is it feels to be back in Pittsburgh! Not!

*Huge heat*

Shawn Michaels: Why must I return to a city of never actually getting the job done? Why should I return to a city, where’s their champion is nothing but a loser, who complains when something doesn’t go his way. Hey, I won a freakin’ Gold Medal! Look at me! Kurt, that was ten years ago! But, let me tell you something that isn’t ten years old. Let me tell you this. In twenty days, it will be the me, Shawn Michaels heading to No Way Out, to face either you or Chris Benoit, for the World Heavyweight Championship!

*More heat on Michaels*

Shawn Michaels: You see, it really doesn’t matter who it is I have to face. Chris, I would love to make you tap out to the sharpshooter, just like I made that other guy tap out. Oh, wait what’s his name? Oh yeah, Cret Harp! No, Bret Hart! Whatever. I will screw you or Angle just like I did Bret, who’s right now up in Calgary, trying to hold on to whatever bit of pride he has left, since he continues to bash me at every chance that he gets. Kurt, me and you have a lot of history together. You beat me at Mania last April, I beat you at Vengeance last June, and now we finally settle this. Me and you. Man to man. At No Way Out, I am going to kick your teeth right down your…

*Medal hits and this time it is Kurt Angle as the Pittsburgh crowd goes insane for their hometown champ*

Jim Ross: What an ovation for the Hometown Champion!

*Kurt enters the ring and gets a mike from Lillian*

Kurt Angle: First off, let’s get one thing straight! Pittsburgh, is home of the Steelers. The Home of Pride and Honor. And most importantly, the home of the World Heavyweight Champion, I, Kurt Angle!

*Huge pop*

Kurt Angle: And, another thing, I’m not the one who suck, it’s you, Shawn, you suck!

*U Suck Chant starts up*

Kurt Angle: Shawn you want to come out here and say that at No Way Out, you’re going to screw me, just like you did Bret, nine years ago? Well bucko, I will break your freaking ankle, and I will make you tap!

*Huge pop for Angle*

Shawn Michaels: Now Kurt, hold on, for just a minute! You realize, you’re stepping in the ring, with the headliner, the main event, the icon, the showstopper, the man who’s performance in this ring, is the bar that these wrestlers are measured on! Son, when you were out winning your little gold medals, I was out, headlining arena after arena, city after city, with the WWE Championship around my waist.

*More boos on Michaels*

Shawn Michaels: Angle, you may have beaten me last year at Mania, but lets’ run down Mania shall we. Mania 12! I won the WWE Championship! Mania 2000 you made your Mania debut and lost both the European and Intercontinental Championships, and guess what. You weren’t even pinned in either situation.

*More heat on Michaels*

Shawn Michaels: Then at Mania XIX, you went in the champion, and went out with nothing. Clawing onto your life, as your broken neck, nearly sent you into paralysis. However you continued to come back Kurt. But make no mistake, about it. Whether it’s you or Benoit, I am walking out of Edmonton with that World Heavyweight Championship around my waist, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it!

*Huge heat*

Kurt Angle: At No Way Out, Shawn you will have No Way Out, from me nor anything. At No Way Out, I will make you my little b1tch!

*Huge pop on Angle*

*Michaels goes for Sweet Chin Music, but misses. Angle goes for the Angle Slam, but Michaels lands on his feet and slides out of the ring as Michaels heads back up the ramp, and Medal plays throughout the arena*

Jim Ross: The tension is just brewing between these two folks.

Jerry Lawler: Well, folks, coming up next, our first match of the night will take place as Shelton Benjamin takes on Luther Reigns.

Jim Ross: We’ll be right back!


Match 1:
Shelton Benjamin v. Luther Reigns

Decent opening match with Benjamin carrying Reigns throughout the match. Reigns gets in some offensive moves, and even nails a nice powerslam backbreaker combination. However Reigns only gets a two count from it. Finish of the match comes when Benjamin nails the T-Bone Suplex and scores the victory at the 8:12 mark.

Lillian Garcia: The winner of the match, Shelton Benjamin! MT-8:12

Jim Ross: Shelton picks up another victory here on Raw, and him and Styles look prepared as they head to No Way Out, to defend their World Tag Team Championships against The Naturals.

Jerry Lawler: Enough, about that, JR. Coming up next will be the first match of the Women’s Tournament featuring both Raw and Smackdown Divas. The winner of the match gets a WWE Womens’ Championship match with the champion Melina at WrestleMania 22!

Jim Ross: The first match will be Candice Michelle v. Maria. That match is up next.

*Commercials-3 ˝ minutes*

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Raw folks.

*Lillian does the introductions*

Match 2:
Candice v. Maria

Basic divas match with both vixens wrestling a good match, surprisingly. Maria actually nails some good moves like a modified frankensteiner. Candice though kicks out and comes back and nails a jumping tornado DDT from off of the top rope on Maria and gets the victory at the 6:04 mark.

Lillian Garcia: The winner of the match, Candice Michelle! MT-6:04

Jim Ross: Well folks, Candice moves on, in the first of our two diva tournament matches.

Jerry Lawler: Well later on tonight it will be Trish taking on Ivory.

Jim Ross: Folks, I’m getting word that Jonathan Carter will be addressing the audience later on tonight, concerning a match that will be taking place at No Way Out.

Jerry Lawler: I wonder what the General Manager has to say concerning the pay-per-view.

*The Coach is with Stone Cold*

The Coach: Ladies and players, it is the one and only, The Coach! And I’m here with the man who shortly will be taking on Ken Kennedy, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Now, Stone Cold, last week on Piper’s Pit, you said on March 26th, you said you are going to shock the world? What do you want to say about that?

*Austin doesn’t say anything*

The Coach: Stone Cold?

*Austin continues to not say anything*

The Coach: Austin, can you hear me?

*Austin smiles, then stuns Coach, to a big pop from the crowd*

*Austin picks up the mike*

Stone Cold: Time is running out! And that’s the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so!

Jim Ross: Folks, besides Austin’s weird behavior as of late, that match is up next!

*Commercials-3 minutes*

Jerry Lawler: Welcome back here to Raw folks!

*Mr. Kennedy…Kennedy hits and out comes Kennedy and Kennedy does his usual introductions*

*Lillian does Austin’s introduction*

Match 3:
Stone Cold v. Ken Kennedy

Austin basically beats the crap out of Kennedy as Kennedy tries to get out some offense, as Austin shows signs of Austin from the 2001 era. Austin finishes the match with a stunner on Kennedy and wins at the 7:04 mark, after countering a modified spine cracker from Kennedy.

Lillian Garcia: The winner of the match, Stone Cold Steve Austin! MT-7:04

*Austin doesn’t do his usual post-match celebration, yet just slides out of the ring and heads up the ramp looking very concerned about something*

Jerry Lawler: Austin wins, but something doesn’t seem right about him, JR.

Jim Ross: I know King.

*Todd Grisham is with Chris Benoit*

Todd Grisham: Chris Benoit, right here in Pittsburgh, PA, you get the chance to win the World Heavyweight Championship, by facing off against Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle, who is the hometown champ, has the advantage but of course to you, that means nothing. What are your thoughts on the match?

Chris Benoit: Well Todd, me and Angle have wrestled in some of the best matches this industry has ever seen in the history of this business. From our match at Mania X-Seven, to our submission match at Backlash, to our match at the Royal Rumble in 2003. We have both gave our best. However tonight I am going to beat Angle, and I am going to make Kurt tap out in his own hometown and I am going to leave here tonight as the World Heavyweight Champion and I’m going to go to my hometown of Edmonton, and walk in and leave No Way Out as the World Heavyweight Champion!

*Benoit leaves as we cut to Jim Ross*

Jim Ross: Well when we come back folks, Jonathan Carter will be addressing the audience.

Jerry Lawler: I can’t wait.

*Commercials-3 minutes*

*The Way I Am hits and out comes Raw GM, Jonathan Carter, to a bunch of heat. Jonathan steps into the ring and pulls a mike out of his jacket and has a briefcase with him.*

Jonathan Carter: Let me get down to business. Before I get into my announcement, here’s another match that will take place at No Way Out, that will stick it right to Smackdown and Theodore Long and their crappy brand. At No Way Out, it will be Triple H taking on The Rock!

*Huge pop from the crowd*

Jonathan Carter: With that out of the way, I would like to ask the Hardcore Champion, Nova to come down here to the ring.

*Nova’s Excellence hits and out comes the Hardcore Champion, Nova to a good pop*

Jonathan Carter: Nova, first off I will like to inform you, you will be involved in a match at No Way Out. It will be for the Hardcore Champion. Now, starting here tonight and next two weeks we will be having a small eight man tournament in which the winner of the match will be the number one contender to face you for the belt at No Way Out. But the question is, why? You see, at No Way Out, history will be made as, a unification will be made, and the resurrection of a belt will be seen. That belt that will be brought back is this.

*Carter opens the briefcase and pulls out the belt. It’s the new edition European Championship*

Jonathan Carter: As much as I hate to say it, the Hardcore matches hasn’t really been cutting it as of lately, here on Raw and at House Shows. So at No Way Out, the European and Hardcore Championships will be unified in a Hardcore Rules match! All hell will break loose!

Nova: Well trust me, at No Way Out, I will take it to the Extreme!

*Huge pop from the crowd, as Nova and Carter leaves to a mixed reaction*

Jim Ross: As much as Jonathan can act like a total jackass at times, he sure as hell know how to make matches.

Jerry Lawler: I have to agree. The Rock and Triple H will meet at No Way Out. The Unification of the Hardcore Championship and the resurrected European Championship will take place at No Way Out, in a hardcore match that will be totally insane.

Jim Ross: Well coming up next, Trish Stratus will be taking on Smackdown’s Ivory.

Jerry Lawler: We’ll be right back!

*Commercials-2 minutes*

*Lillian does the introductions*

Match 4:
Trish v. Ivory

Decent Women’s match with both divas giving their best. Both divas share a couple of near falls. Trish though picks up the victory after finally getting the advantage on Ivory with the Chic Kick and pin victory at the 4:17 mark.

Lillian Garcia: The winner of the match, Trish Stratus! MT-4:17

Jim Ross: Trish now moves on in the tournament.

*We cut to Coach who is back to normal and is with The Rock*

Coach: Rock, we just found out that you will be facing Triple H at No Way Out. However last Friday on Smackdown, John Cena said that he would be here to confront you about eliminating him at the Rumble. What are your thoughts on that?

*Before Rock can speak, he is told to come to his dressing room*

*Rock comes to his dressing room, and sees that his belongings has been messed up. Cena appears by a limo, and Rock chases after him. Cena leaves in the limo, and Rock hops in his car, and chases in pursuit of Cena, as the crowd can’t believe it, as Rock’s room had a message saying that ‘The End of Hollywood is Soon*

Jim Ross: Folks, this is just one crazy night. Well, coming up next in a hardcore match, Rhyno will be taking on Viscera.

Jerry Lawler: We’ll be right back.

*Commercials-90 seconds*

*Jim Ross welcomes us back, as the match has already started during the break and is in the back as we pick up on it*

Match 5: Hardcore Match
Rhyno v. Viscera

Despite being big and powerful, Rhyno uses his speed over the big man. Vis gets in some big moves, but soon comes to an end, as Rhyno nails a powerful gore right through a gate as Viscera is out and Rhyno makes the cover and gets the victory at the 5 minute mark!

Lillian Garcia: The winner of the match, Rhyno! MT-5:00

Jim Ross: Well Rhyno advances to next week, and the tournament.

Jerry Lawler: JR, coming up next, the World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line as Kurt Angle defends the title against Chris Benoit!

Jim Ross: This match, will be for the books!

*Commercials-3 minutes*

*Smackdown Rebound is shown. Announcement of the new WrestleMania commercial to be shown next week on Raw*

*Lillian does the introductions*

Main Event: World Heavyweight Championship:
Kurt Angle(c) v. Chris Benoit

In an excellent match, both men give a pure wrestling classic. The crowd even becomes split down the middle as neither man refuses to back down. Angle locks in the Angle Lock, but can’t get the job done. Benoit locks in the sharpshooter, but Angle gets to the ropes. Angle is put into the crossface, but escapes. After 16 minutes of battling, Angle lands an Angle Slam on a fatigued Benoit and gets the victory at the 16:24 mark.

Lillian Garcia: The winner of the match, and still the World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle! MT-16:24

*Kurt gets up and goes to celebrate, but is leveled by Shawn Michaels, with Sweet Chin Music, and Michaels smiles as the fans boos like crazy. Benoit gets up and is laid out with a pedigree from Triple H, as JR screams his head off, as the show comes to a close, with Michaels holding the World Championship and has a crazed look in his eyes.*

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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Good show! Full review later mate.
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

RAW Review:

Damn good promo in the beginning with Michaels and Angle. Cannot wait to see who wins that.

Short match dude but it is okay.

Okay diva match.

Good promo with Stone Cold.

Ok match with Stone Cold.

Good promo with Carter and Nova. I am looking forward to seeing who wins at No Way Out.

Another good promo with Cena and Rock.

Ok Hardcore Match.

I was looking forward to a longer match between two greats and I got a 5 line summary. Wishing for more but liked how it went with Shawn at the end.

Spelling/Grammar: Saw no mistakes – 10/10

Matches: I wish they were longer damn it but they looked like summaries so can’t take off too many points – 6/10

Length: A little short – 7/10

Entertainment: Very entertaining show – 9/10

Realism: Very realistic show too – 9/10

Overall: 82/100 – Don’t let the number get to you I just wanted longer matches.
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Very very good promo with Michaels & Angle. It seemed a very very good length.

Shelton winning is very good.

Divas match was okay. Cannot say to much about a divas match of course.

Stone Cold promo was kind of weird to me. Probably because this is my first review on your thread since the Rumble.

Good match with Kennedy/SCSA. I'm a little confused with Austin, so I cannot wait to see where you go with this.

Very nice promo with Nova and Carter. Can't wait for their match at NWO.

Good promo with Cena and The Rock.

Average hardcore match. Could have been better.

Good to see Trish winning.

Nice ending to the Angle match, good to see him still champ and the ending with Michaels laying him out seems very in character.

Overall: 8.5/10 Good show man.

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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

on the ball promo from HBK & Angle, really served it's purpose well. We're gonna get another great fued between these two me thinks

Good win for Shelton, getting some momentum before NWO. Loving the pairing of Shelton/Styles, and always have

Man that would've been a horrible divas match.

What's up with Austin? Weird. Time is running out eh....

Shock that you had Kennedy squashed, but Austin is really changing quickly, and I'm a little worried

Big announcement for NWO, Rock vs HHH. A little out of the blue, but it should be a good match. And the Euro/Hardcore title unification match should be good, considering it will be a Hardcore match

another divas match? One a night is sometimes too much, two would be overkill

looks like we are getting a Rock/Cena match at Wrestlemania, which will be huge. I have really no idea about the storylines in this thread, haven't reviewed since RR

Rhyno is on a roll, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him face Nova at NWO

DX ruin the main event, with HBK attacking Angle, and HHH getting at Benoit. DX is running the show almost

Pretty good show, a few weird things though.... 7.5/10

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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

WWE News and Notes:

The WWE has expressed great interest in the Angle/Michaels feud with their match at No Way Out, expected to go quite long. As for Smackdown, expect some big time matches to take place for their brand at Mania. It is a possiblity that, Drowning Pool will be performing at Mania 22.

Also the theme song of No Way Out, is Red to Black by Fort Minor. 1!

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

nice news, good to see that Drowning Pool could be the musical talent at WM, they're better than some of the bands WWE has been using.....

And Fort Minor totally pwn Hip-Hop at the moment. Move over Em & Kanye!

Nice to see that you want be giving up on SmackDown! fueds, I would personally love to see another Kane/Booker T match.

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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Raw for January 23rd:

When will my Wrestlemania review be up?

Spelling and Grammar
No grammar problems that I read. There were some spelling mishaps though. 9/10

Your shows are usually longer. Match summaries were shorter than usual. 9/10

This is just awesome. I think there were too many references to Hart, but at least it got heat. Great promo and this is surely going to be an amazing match at No Way Out, considering your vast match writing ability improvement.

Match 1:
Shelton Benjamin v. Luther Reigns
Shelton in DX still confuses me, but at least he is being used well. The team of AJ and Shelton is better than Charlie and Shelton.

Match 2:
Candice v. Maria
A diva tournament is very interesting and innovative. Really did not matter who won, I see a real wrestler winning this tournament.

That Stone Cold promo was terrible. Silence, stunner, one line?? C’mon! You can have something happen.

Match 3:
Stone Cold v. Ken Kennedy
Maybe Stone Cold wants to retire or create a huge match?? Anways, this is the first loss I have seen for Kennedy in the WWE and BTB. Stone Cold situation is what I care about though.

Great points there by Benoit! Benoit and Angle could main event Wrestlemania. Too bad the match is not in full.

Triple H vs. the Rock will be a good match, but I would have had preferred it to be made while the Rock and HHH were with each other instead of right out of the blue. A combination of titles will be good, I like that Simon is the champion for now. The only thing I am against is having two tournaments. You already have a womens one. You do not also need a Hardcore/European one.

Match 4:
Trish v. Ivory
Trish is winning the tournament in my eyes. She gets the victory over a strong opponent as well.

Many very weird and bizarre things going on in this show.

Match 5: Hardcore Match
Rhyno v. Viscera
Viscera! Great win for Ryhno over a very large man. Nothing much to say except there have been some very substandard matches before the main event.

Main Event: World Heavyweight Championship:
Kurt Angle(c) v. Chris Benoit
Sixteen minutes of pure excellence!! I have watched some of their encounters, they were first class. Many submission reversals until Angle needs to pin Benoit. I would never envision Benoit tapping out on a Raw show.

HBK kicking Angle makes sense, but HHH pedigreeing Benoit does not. I thought that HHH had a match with the Rock.

Probably the worst show I have read from you. You are ten times better than this. 7/10

Okay, you had five terrible matches combined with one great one. You did not have the Rock or HHH really do anything. Cena barely did anything. You hid the stars besides Benoit, HBK, Stone Cold, and Angle. Nothing happened in the DX letters situation. It just seemed weird. I know you have produced things much better than this. This is not the Kid O Mac that I know. You are one of the best at booking. This is not the epitome of you. Please rectify your mistakes to make yourself the real Kid O Mac.
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

I'll review the RAW today kid o mac.,

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Smackdown Preview for January 27th:

Smackdown comes to you live from the Wachovia Center in Philly, PA! What a night it's going to be when the WWE Champion, Randy Orton will be in the house to take on the returning Shane McMahon. Plus in a tune-up match, Chris Jericho will take on Petey Williams, while Billy Kidman takes on Christopher Daniels. All this and much more on Smackdown! Smackdown should be up by Sunday evening. 1!

Current No Way Out Card:

World Heavyweight Championship:
Kurt Angle(c) v. Shawn Michaels

Intercontinental Championship:
RVD(c) v. Chris Benoit

World Tag Team Championships:
AJ/Benjamin(c) v. The Naturals

Unification of Hardcore/European Championships:
Nova(c) v. Tourney Winner

Triple H v. The Rock

Stone Cold Steve Austin v. Ken Kennedy

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