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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

april 14

A video package is shown of last week's smackdown. with that done, the opening video is shown and opening pyro erupt in the building as Michael Cole and Tazz welcomes us to Smackdown from the site of WrestleMania 22, Chicago, Ill.

"You know it's the MacMillitant"... blares through the speakers as Theorode Long makes his way to the ring to address the Chicago crowd. Tonight here live in Chicago we will see Eddie Guerrero vs. The Underatker in the main event. The winner of this match will face John Cena next week for the WWE Championship from Madison Square Garden. Holla, Holla. But for tonight we also have a special guest in the bionic texas rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin. Also tonight we have JBL vs. Kurt Angle with the winner getting a WWE title shot in two weeks on Smackdown from England. So ladies and gentlemen, all aboard the Smackdown train, for Smackdown!

MC: You know that the next time that we will be on pay-per-view will be Sunday, May 15th from Minneaplios, MN.
Tazz: That's right Cole, but that's next month. Let's first deal with tonight, alright.
Tony Chimel: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first weighing in at 278 pounds Booker T. Introducing second weighing in at 500 pounds the Big Show.

MC: And there's the bell. Booker T with a few rights to the face of Big Show. Show catches Book with an irish whip and a clothesline.
Tazz: Cole, Booker T must be quick aganist this GIANT!
MC: Booker T is knocked down again. Big show now with a clubbing blow to the chest of the former 5-time WCW Champion. Booker T,now going across the ropes and is in the corner and here comes the big show.

Tazz: Yeah, Cole just look at the massive hands of Show. And ow, just feel the pain that Booker T is feeling after that massive hand went across the chest of the BookMan.
C: And Now Show with that 22 Triple E size boot in the throat of the champ. He's cutting the oxygen from Book. And now, here's a big slam from Show. Show covers him.
Tazz: 1,2, and no. Booker T kicks out. Booker T now with some chops of his own. The Harlem Kick.
Cole: Yes these two are really going at each other. I can't believe it. Booker now on the outside tries going for the clothesline but Show grabs him and ram him right into the ring post.
Tazz: Can u just imagine how bad that feels. Man I've been in the ring with Show, and let me tell u from experience that hurts and it hurts alot.

Cole: Wait a minute, though. Tazz look at the top of the stage. It's Carlito. And he has Booker's wife.
Tazz: Man Booker, is high-tailing it. And Carlito is leaving with Sharmell.
*Backstage, Carlito gets a chair and nails Booker in the back. He then throws Sharmell into him and spits apple into them both before knocking Booker T out with some brass knucks.

TC: The winner of this match, as a result of a countout, The Big Show.
MC: Well we got bigger things on the agenda. We need Emt's for Booker T. He's lying their motionless.
*EMT's come and load Booker T onto a strecther and into a van where they transfer him and his wife to a local facility.*
MC: We'll be right back.

Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown, and after watching that insane act from Carlito, what is going to happen next.

JBL is in theordoe long office and is asking what is going on about his title shot. Long says tonight you will face Kurt Angle. And the winner of that match will face the WWE Champion in two weeks when Smackdown comes from Manchester, England. JBL says cool, but what about show. Well show already wrestled. So JBL, holla, holla.

TC: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is a binkini contest. Introducing first Joy Giovanni. And introducing second Torrie Wilson. Now it's up to you the audience, to determine who is the winner. First up Torrie. Medium pop. Next Joy, you're up. Huge Pop. The winner is Joy. Torrie hugs but then starts to attack Joy. And here comes Dawn Marie who helps Torrie and now it's a 2 on 1 attack on Joy. But wait here comes Michelle McCool. Michelle evens the score and takes out both Torrie and Dawn.

Teddy comes out and says next week it will be Torrie and Dawn vs. Michelle and Joy. Commerical Break.

MC: Welcome back to Smackdown. Now let's take a look at this weeks Raw Rebound.

Tazz: well smackdown is being sponsored by sony's new psp.
TC: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is schedule for one fall. Introducing first from NYC, JBL. And introducing second from Pittsburgh, PA. Kurt Angle!
T: well cole, this is going to be a [SIZE=3]ROCKETBUSTER![/SIZE]. Well anyway let's get this thing going.

C: Angle starts the match off with a suplex and tries to lock in the anklelock. But to no avail.
T: Kurt looks sharp and quick. Here tonight.
C: kurt, a former 4 time world champ, now goes for a snapmare into a sleeper.
JBL reserves it and hit a flying lariat. Now JBL is now going with hard blows to the Olympic Champ. JBL with the first cover of the night, 1-2 and no. Jbl now sends kurt into the corner and kurt blocks it with a knife edge chop across the chest of the former WWE Champ.
T: Look at the intensity of Angle
C: Angle now with a belly-to-belly. And another and goes for a third but JBL blocks it and now comes off the rope with a chopblock. Jbl nows hits a modified crossbar on Angle. Will he tap.
T: No angle gets up and nails a backdrop on JBL. Kurt now is going on top. Kurt goig for a moonsault. But no one is home. JBL gets out the way and goes for a cover. 1-2 and no, angle kicks out. Jbl then goes for the suplex but is met by a ddt and now three german suplexes. off come the straps and kurt is ready for the ankle lock, but Jbl gets up and hits kurt with a hard clothesline.
C: Oh man, tazz, jbl is now on top but wait a minute. here comes angle. angle just nailed a belly to belly tope rope suplex. the crowd is going nuts. which of these two men will get a title shot next week. we'll be right back.

C: welcome back, during the break these two went at it some more. wait a minute kurt just nailed the angle slam. 1-2 and no.
t: cole, and wait a minute the ankle lock is locked in. jbl is going to tap. he's going to tap. and wait a minute jbl, makes it to the ropes.
C: and now Jbl goes up and nails a scoop slam on angle. 1-2 and no. kurt goes for the angle slam but this time it's blocked and wham the clothesline from HELL!. It's over 1-2-and no. JBL can't believe it.
T:neither can I. I don't believe this.
C: Oh man and Angle hits another angle slam but picks jbl and delivers a german suplex. cover 1-2-and no. Jbl is up, Angle goes for a fourth angle slam, but JBL nails the Clothesline from Hell again. 1-2-3. And in two weeks it will be JBL vs. the WWE Champ. We'll be right back.

C: welcome back to smackdown.
JBL: you see that Orlando, we're still the champs. And in two weeks I will get me the WWE Title back.

Main Event:
Eddie hits Taker with a frog splash at the 10 minute mark. But to no avail. Taker hits the tombstone on eddie three times and chokeslams him and gets the V.

Post Match: Taker and Cena brawl and the show ends with Taker putting Cena through the announce table with a chokeslam and lightning going off in the ring.

C: We'll see you next week from Madison Square Garden. Someone get some help for Cena. Is this a new sign of the new taker? Goodnight from Chicago!

I'll be back either tomorrow or monday for raw. peace
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

alright, i got to do something to get some more replies from y'all.

April 18th:

A video package is shown highlighting last week's RAW! *Opening video and pyro starts. Followed by a crowd shot*

JR:Welcome to the world's most famous arena. Welcome to Raw. We are live here tonight from Madison Square Garden. JR and Jerry the king Lawler come to you live and just less than two weeks from Backlash. And King tonight what a card we have for you guys in store.

King: That's right, JR we have 3 titles on the line here. Chris Jericho v. Rowdy Roddy Piper. We have so much to do in just so little bit of time.

Lilian Garica: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it's for the Intercontinental Championship. Introducing first weighing in at 245 pounds he is the intercontinental champion Shelton Benjamin. Introducing second weighing in at 310 pounds Kane!

JR: This match will be for the intercontinental championship. can shelton keep up on his winning ways or will we crown a new intercontinental champion.

*bell starts*

JR: collarbone tieup as we kick things off here from madison square garden. Shelton with an irish whip, kane misses and shelton with a hip toss. and another one. Kane comes back with a clothesline. first cover of the night. 1-2-and shelton kicks out.
K: jr. you got to realize kane has brue force behind him that will outdo shelton's quick speed and agliity. kane with a press slam.
J: sleeper applied *shelton starts to fade*. if shelton's hand go down three times, kane will be the new champ. that's one. that's two, that's thr... no shelton's up. shelton with a back body drop slam. shelton with the cover 1-2 and no. both men are up to their feet. kane just hit shelton with a hard german uppercut.
K: yeah, jr let's take a look at that again.
J: irish whip and a hard lariat by the big red machine. down goes benjamin. kane now going up top. kane oh my god! no, benjamin catches kane in midair and hits an incredible slam. 1-2- and Kane kicks out. what a move.
K: shelton now with the motenum sends kane into the ropes. oh no.
J: The Stinger Splash!. Benjamin hits the bulldog. And now the garden crowd is starting to get on their feet. Benjamin up on top. Kane look out!.
K: Dropick to Kane. 1-2 and Kane kicks out! Uh-oh.
J:King, Kane is up and he sets Benjamin up for the chokeslam. Wait a minute, shelton countered with an armbar rollup into a pin. Wait 1-2-3. Yes. match time: 13:26
LG: The winner of the match and still ic champ, shelton benjamin.
JR: shelton with another impressive victory.

Maria: Shawn Michaels, tonight you challenge Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship. What are your thoughts as you look to capture your fifth heavyweight championship?
SM: well maria, the heart break kid is going to go out there and put on a show that you have never seen before. And when it's time HBK will tune up the band and connect sweet chin music and become the new champion.
*hassan and davari come and attack michaels as we go to commerical*

JR: And we're back here live on raw. coming up next is going to be Triple H vs. Chris Benoit.

Match starts:
Triple H and benoit exchange blows back and forth. h knocks down benoit with a clothesline. triple h now mounds benoit with a couple of punches. irish whip into the rope and now trips has the advantage. trips nails benoit with a hard spinebuster and then goes for the cover. 2 count. benoit gets up and start nailing h with hard knife edge chops. he then goes for three german suplexes. benoit hits the hat trick. goes for the cover, but trips hits a ddt.

h then delivers a boston crab. benoit gets to the rope. triple h goes for another attack but is hit with the crossface. h breaks out. but gets up to a belly-to-belly. benoit goes up top looking to nail the falling headbutt. h moves out the way. h then goes for the pedigree but it's blocked and h is back body dropped. benoit hits the sharpshooter buts h counters it by getting to the rope. benoit hits a big ddt and goes on top. flying headbutt. 1-2 and no. trips hits the pedigree. 1-2 and benoit kicks out.

h then goes on the outside and grabs the sledgehammer. he goes to hit benoit but benoit catches h with a shot to the stomach followed by the crossface. after 2 minutes triple h finally breaks it and catches benoit with a chopblock. pedigree to benoit 1-2-3. game wins. match time 14:55

after match, flair comes through the crowd ala last week, and busts trips wide open and hits him in the face with the sledgehammer as flair leaves a bloody triple h in the middle of the middle of the ring as we go to commerical.

K: Welcome back to raw and coming up next is the...
*Eric Bischoff music blares through the speakers* as Raw GM makes his way to the ring.

Eric talking:
good evening. anyway tonght here on raw we will have shawn michaels vs. batista for the heavyweight championship. and coming up next is chris jericho vs. batista. anyway i'm out here to announce some of the matches for our next pay-per-view BACKLASH! we all know the heavyweight championship and a steel cage match will be on the card but also now the intercontinental championship will be on the line as shelton benjamin will defend his title aganist the rabbid wovlerine chris benoit! also the tag team championships will be on the line in a fatal four way tag team elimination match which will feature tajiri/regal vs. la resistance v. sntisky/masters v. maven/dean. *Stone cold music hits and the crowd goes ballstic*

Austin talking:
you know something eric, there is one thing though that this crowd wants. and that's entertainment. now i wanna a salute. *crowd gives austin the one finger salute* austin goes back and forth until edge comes out. edge complains and complains and then catches a stunner. bischoff makes a match at backlash that will be austin v. edge. austin then stunners bischoff and drinks some beer as raw goes to a commerical break.

JR:We're back here live on raw!

LG: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall. introducing first weighing in at 235 pounds from New York City, Chris Jericho. And introducing second Hall of Famer Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Piper and Jericho starts off with a bunch of chops and suplexes. Jericho goes for the lionsault. piper counters it. 2 count. jericho then goes for a fallaway slam into the mat. 2 count. piper hits a running ddt. piper and jericho suplex each other to the outside. jericho is then choked by the wires by piper. piper breaks the count up and comes back into the ring. piper then scratch the eyes and hit a drop on jericho. jericho then hits a running bulldog and then hits the lionsault. jericho and piper hit each other at the same time with a lariat and are both down as we go to commerical.

After commerical break, piper tries to set up jericho for his finisher but its blocked. ref bump then happens as jericho hits hebner. piper hits a low blow then a rollup as the ref gets back in as he counts 1-2-and no, jericho kicked out. hits the breakdown and the walls of jericho, with no where to go, piper finally taps and jericho wins as we go to commerical. match time: 21:15

After the commerical it's the women's championship and its trish v. victoria.
the match is rather short. after two blocked stratusfaction, trish finally hits it on the third one and with the help with molly holly, trish then wins with a three count. after a 2 on 1 assault on victoria, molly takes trish belt and hits trish over the head with the belt. as then lita comes out but is taken out also by molly as she makes her way to the back. match time 9:00 commerical break.

backlash rundown:
main event:
batista and shawn michaels wrestle for 21:15 with batista hitting the batista bomb after kicking out and blocking the superkick two times. then jericho comes out and jericho hits batista and then puts him in the walls of jericho as batista is a bloody mess as raw goes off but wait michaels scm jericho as raw goes off the air and a banner shows that next week we will be in england.

*originally kane and michaels were to fight in a street fight and the winner face batista next week in england. however kane was injured at a house show and those plans were nixed.*

that's all for raw. coming soon will be smackdown. come on y'all i need some replies. it seems like i'm virtually the only one replying. kid-o-mac, 1.
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

You need color.Add color to your matches so there easier to read.Good show.
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

You must add color as everyone has said. You are making progress so just keep improving and you'll be fine.


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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

*before i begin due to the fact that my schedule has gotten a little bit more crazier i will try to do at least 2 to 4 shows a week based on my time. however pay-per-views will be more drawn out that television shows.*

P.S. Wolf Beast, you are a complete genius. Your WrestleMania 21 was a work of art. 94 pages while a tad bit long, was a masterpiece. So was Backlash. For me the standard has been raised higher. Keep up the good work. Now on to this week Smackdown from Madison square Garden.

april 21:
A video package is shown of what happened last week in the guerrero/taker match and what taker did to cena.

*video package is shown* and we are on to Smackdown!

Welcome to Smackdown everyone.
I'm Michael Cole alongside Tazz and Tazz we're coming to the fans from your own backyard.
That's right Cole, right here in the Big apple. madison square garden. it doesn't get any bigger than this. The WWE Championship will be on the line as John Cena faces the Undertaker. And plus how will kurt angle react after losing that #1 contender's match last week aganist JBL!

*JBL makes his way to the ring followed by his cabinet*
JBL: Aw, it feels to be back home. You people have a true leader in me. A winner. I'm am a leader. Unlike your sports teams like the New York Knicks. Hmmm, we just happen to be here tonight though, where you can feast your eyes on a wrestling god! Now Cena/Taker next week I will face one of you guys next week for the title that i had for over 10 months. you will bow to such greatness, or i will beat it out of you. now last week me and kurt angle fought in such an incredible match. and even though i was the victim of three angle slams i still was able to come out on top. now cena you slimy little punk. your title reign is a fluke. and taker you're just washed up. you're garbage. why don't you just quit. you want the future of this sport. well look no futher. The Cabinet. Me, John Bradshaw Layfield. The US Champion and Chief of Staff Orlando Jordan and after tonight the WWE Tag Team Champions and Sectarties of Defense Doug and Danny Basham, the Bashams Brothers. This is the future of Smackdown, the future of the WWE and the future of wrestling. and there's not a thing that you nor teddy long or anyone can do about it.-commerical break

Welcome back to Smackdown everyone and after hearing the words from JBL, he looks more determined than ever to become WWE Champion.

Josh Matthews: Kurt Angle tonight you will face Orlando Jordan for the US Championship. What are you're thoughts?
Kurt Angle: What are my thoughts? I just lost a #1 contender's match to JBL for the WWE Championship! these are my freakkin thoughts! *Kurt puts Josh into an anklelock as officals try to break the hold from Kurt.*

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it's for the United States Championship. Introducing first from Pittsburgh, Pa weighing in at 227 pounds Kurt Angle.
MC: Kurt looks poised and determined as we kick off with the first match of the night.
TC: Introducing second from Orlando, FL weighing in at 223 pounds he is the United States Champion, Orlando Jordan.
Tazz: Orlando, Kurt, the US Championship. All when we come back.

And we're back, *Cole speaking*
Tazz, both men are going head to head with one another as you can see, here now. That's right cole and these two are going at it with all they have. during the break, angle was able to catch benjamin with a top rope belly to belly.
Cole: And now Angle has the angle lock, but wait jordan has tossed angle outside the ring and on to the floor. and the ref has begun the 10 count. remember angle can't win the title by being counted out or DQ.
Tazz: Wait a minute, orlando has landed a t-bone suplex. quick cover 1-2 and no.
Kurt is down and wait a minute, Kurt was playing possum and nailed the angle slam, but hit the ref on the way down. wait a minute here comes JBL. And Dammit, JBL has hit Angle with the belt while the ref was down, and kurt is a bloody mess. Ref in for the count 1, no, 2, no, and no, angle somehow kicks out.
Tazz:Cole, JBL is iriate. Angle goes for the Angle Slam again but it's blocked. Wait, the clothesline from hell, from JBL while the ref back was turned. 1-2-3. The winner of the match and still United States Champion Orlando Jordan. Match time:17:35.
Coleammit. JBL and Orlando screw Angle out of the US Championship, and Tazz it's a damn shame that it has to be like that.
Tazz: Well coming up next is a tag team match when we will have Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson vs. Joy Giovanni and Michelle McCool. We'll be right back.

TC: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first weighing in at a combined 244 pounds Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson. Introducing second weighing in at a combined 239 pounds Michelle McCool and Joy Giovanni.
MC: this is the first match for both Joy and Michelle.
Tazz: So look for Torrie and Dawn to use that to their advantage.
*bell sounds*
Michelle and Dawn will start things off. Dawn connects with a snapmare takedown, into a headlock. michelle sends dawn into the ropes, dawn knocks down michelle. elbow to the chest of michelle and dawn gets the cover, 1-2 and michelle kicks out, and now dawn is slapping and pulling michelle's hair and wait a minute, michelle nails a kick flip onto marie and now michelle slaps up dawn and wow what a kick by the former fitness model. dawn is down and michelle is looking good here. quick cover 1-2 and dawn kicks out. michelle makes a tag and here comes joy with some kicks. but dawn returns it with a hard knock down. dawn tags in torrie and here we go. michelle and torrie go back and forth on each other until the ref breaks them up, and he gets entangled with them. torrie using her long legs to gain the advantage on joy. joy hits torrie in the sternum and out of nowhere hits the ddt. 1-2 here comes dawn, and she is met with a boot as michelle hits her and dawn is out- 3. Joy and Michelle picks up their first victories in their first match here in the WWE.
Tazz and Cole Way to go girls.
Cole: Well when we come back on Smackdown crusierweight championship as paul london faces billy kidman.

Tazz:Welcome back to Smackdown. These fans have been hot all night and they might get even hotter with this match. Chimel it's now you're turn.
TC: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it's for the WWE Crusierweight Championship. Introducing first weighing in at 205 pounds Billy Kidman. And weighing in at 201 pounds, the WWE Crusierweight Champion, Paul London.

Cole: We're in treat for a high flying match here.
Kidman and london exchanges blows as they start off the match. suplex by kidman. 2 count. london nails an ensguri. 2 count. kidman then gets rolled up for another two count. kidman tries to mound an offense but to no avail. the ref is then knocked down as kidman out of nowhere hits a running powerbomb. 2 count though. The ref is still down and this fan comes into the ring and acts like he's going to hit kidman but hits london. wait a minute, it can't be. it is. It's Eric Young! What The Hell! wasn't he from TNA! he just clocked london, and he put Kidman on top of london. 1-no, not this way, 2-and-3. Why! The winner of the match and new crusierweight champion Billy Kidman. What is this right here Billy Kidman and Eric Young! We have a new crusierweight Champion- Match Time 11:23- Commerical Break

Welcome back to Smackdown. Quick reminder the next time Smackdown will be on PPV, will be Sunday, May 22nd, and it will be for Judgment Day, which will emit from Las Vegas, NV and the Thomas and Mack Center.

*Undertaker back stage*
Cena, tonight the deadman will become 5 time WWE Champion and you Cena will indeed rest in peace. *flames and fire surround the ring*

Carlito in Teddy Long Office
*Gets into a conversation, and then Booker T comes in and clocks Carlito with a chair in front of Long* Long makes the first match for Judgment Day, Carlito v. Booker T.

Commerical Break

TC: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first weighing 493 pounds The Big Show. Introducing second weighing in at 150 pounds Spike Dudley.
* This challenge was brought on by spike after being disrespected by show earlier in the night*
Match is a complete squash. Show wins in 90 seconds. Promo is shown for the WWE Tag Team Championships which is up next. Commerical Break.

TC: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the WWE Tag Team Championships. Introducing first at a combined weight of 405 pounds the WWE Tag Team Champions Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio. And their opponents weighing in at 430 pounds The Basham Brothers.

tag team titles on the line here. back and forth action. 10 minutes of pure fighting, and Guerrero nails the frog splash. 1-2 and no. doug and danny switch and covers eddie who tries to lie, cheat, and steal, but is covered anyway. 2 count. Doug and Danny looks like they are getting ready to win this thing, until the lights go out. when returned on it's THE DUDLEY BOYZ!. The Garden is on fire!. A 3-D to Doug and Rey nails the 619 and drop the dime and then Eddie hits the Frog splash and wins the match and Eddie and Rey are still the tag champs. Crowd is still going crazy after the return of the Dudley Boyz. Well a video promo is shown, saying that the WWE Championship is on the line next as John Cena defends the belt aganist The Undertaker. Match Time-13:05 Commerical Break.

Ladies and Gentlemen it is now time for the WWE Championship. Introducing first weighing in at 240 pounds he is the WWE Champion, John Cena. Introducing second weighing in at 315 pounds The Undertaker.
Match Time 24 min.
Taker and Cena fight after Taker misses on Old School and blocks the F-U. Cena however almost nailed the tombstone piledriver. Cena missed on the five-knuckle shuffle. Cena then almost when through the table as Cena was thrown on the outside. Taker nailed a chokeslam in the middle of the ring and yet somehow Cena was able to escaped.
Match Finish: While in the Dragon Sleeper, Cena out of nowhere reserves and nails the F-U while in virtually midair, and somehow scores the 3 count.
After Match: JBL and Cena stare down then fight and JBL nails Cena with a clothesline from hell as Cena is left in the ring as JBL and the Cabinet celebrate as the show ends.

now i'll do the final raw and probably smackdown before the week is out. and then is backlash. I thank everyone for their feedback, even though soon I may need a writer to help me with Raw. Peace. 1.
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21


-Not typing out people's names out in full.
-No bold.
-Capital letters on people's name.
-Commentary through out the match.
-Lack of capital letters through out the show.
-Steve Austin versus Edge, considering that Austin will never wrestle again.
-Having a short match to end the show.
-Chris Jericho versus Batista? Both were in singles matches against other opponents.
-Length of the show.

-Continuation of the Shawn Michaels/Muhammad Hassan feud.


-No name of the people giving the opening introduction.
-Who is looking forward to be WWE champion?
-Commentary during matches.
-Having a divas match.
-Mentioning TNA, because the WWE wouldn't have it.
-Billy Kidman as Cruiserweight champion, because it makes Paul London's run look really bad.
-No talking between Carlito Caribbean Cool and Theodore Long.
-John Cena defeating the Undertaker.
-John Cena as WWE Champion.
-Length of the show.

-Return of the Dudley Boyz.
-Continuation of John Bradshaw Layfield/John Cena, which should end in John Bradshaw Layfield eventually retaking the title, but it's unlikely to happen.


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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Not bad I see improvment but when stuff is in bold that dosen't mean the font has to be bigger all the time.

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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Before I begin I would just like to remind everyone that this is the final Raw match before Backlash. Hopefully Backlash will be up by next Wedensday by the latest. Trust me, the pay-per-view will be much more layed out than the shows are now. Also as a side note, thanks to everyone for their feedback. Anyway let's get to Raw!

April 25:
A huge video from last year's England Raw is shown and then we cut to the opening video and pyro.

JR: The countdown to Backlash is just six days and with our final stop here in Manchester, England we welcome you to Monday Night Raw! Hello everyone I'm Jim Ross joined by always Jerry the king Lawler.

King: It feels great to be back here in England.
JR: That's right King and what a night we'll have for you tonight.

Eric Bischoff: Welcome everyone to England and Monday Night Raw. Being that Backlash is just six days away let's give the fans a preview of what will be in store for them. Shelton Benjamin who will be defending his intercontinental championship aganist Chris Benoit tonight will face Christian. Kane who wasn't here last week will do battle aganist Edge. The World Tag Team Championships will be on the line as Tajiri and William Regal faces simon dean and maven. Also Chris Jericho/Chris Benoit will face Batista and Shawn Michaels. So let's get raw under way.

Lilian Garica: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Intercontinental Championship. Introducing first from Toronto, Canada, Christian. And introducing second weighing in at 235 pounds he is the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin.

JR: Well ladies and gentlemen this match will start and we'll be right back after our first commerical break.

Commerical Break

JR: welcome back to raw ladies and gentlemen and during the break these two men have been going out at it back and forth in front of a sellout crowd here in the Manchester News Arena, here in England.
King: That's right, JR. These fans are going not.
JR: There's a dropkick from Benjamin. Quick cover, 1-2 and Christian kicks out. Christian now sent to the middle of the ring and is rolled up. 2 count. Christian with a thumb to the eye nails a russian leg sweep, into a boston crab. benjamin may have to give up if he can't get to a rope. benjamin tries to switch and reverse, and no christian somehow is still able to keep the submission locked.
King: Come on Christian.
JR: My gawd, Christian can once again become the intercontinental champion.
The crowd is now trying to get behind shelton. and finally, shelton is able to get to the ropes. and now, the ref adminsters the 5 count. christian breaks it at 4, and yet goes right to the back of the ic champ.
King: this is a good strategy. he's softening him up, JR.
JR: you're right. And christian with a vertical suplex. My god, he can have him right here, 1-2 and no shelton is just able to kick out. Irish whip to the ropes, shelton ducks and nails christian, with a powerslam out of nowhere. Shelton and this crowd have come alive here on Raw.
King: You can feel it, JR.
JR: Shelton now sends Christian across the ropes and yes, the Stinger Splash.
And now the bulldog. Shelton is now going up on top, but wait Christian goes up on top and oh no a superplex, but somehow Benjamin lands on top of Christian, while somehow reserving his weight on to Christian.
King: I don't believe what I just saw.
JR: Shelton with the cover. 1-2-3. Yes. Match Time 21:13
LG: The winner of the match and still Intercontinental Champion,Shelton Benjamin.
King: JR, I don't know he does it week in and week out.
JR: Wait a minute, it's Chris Benoit.
CB: Shelton, you may have defeat Christian, but this sunday, I will make you tap, and I will leave Manchester, NH as the new Intercontinental Champion

Commerical Break

JR: welcome back to Raw, and king there's a limo outside, it's the world heavyweight champion, Batista.
King: That's right and in just six days he will defend that belt aganist Y2J Chris Jericho.
JR: Well this past couple of days, King have been filled with adventure and excitement.
King: You're right.
JR: We would like to thank England and the fans for the love and support that you have given us.
*A video package is shown, highlighting what happened over the past few days.*

*Backstage in Eric Bischoff office, Eric and The Coach are having a discussion*

Coach: Boss, what's up, you ok.
Eric: Yeah, you know I'm good, but after what happened at Wrestle Mania and the Undertaker defeating Orton and Michaels barely beating Angle it's just making me think.
Coach: About what?
E: About how to beat Smackdown.
Coach: Well you got the Coach to help you out.
*Triple H walks in to the room*
HHH: Bischoff, where's Flair?
E: I haven't seen him.
H: Well let me tell you something, when you see him, let me know. Last week I was embarrassed by Flair in the Garden. If I see flair just one time he's mine. Bischoff, Sunday in that cage, Iím a beat Flair within an inch of his life. And later on tonight, I will show why I'm the Cerebral Assassin and why I'm that damn good!
E: Oh really? We'll see about that.

Commerical Break

JR: Welcome back to Raw, ladies and gentlemen. Right now, Todd Grisham is backstage with Edge. Todd, take it away.
TG: Thanks, JR. I'm here with Edge and Edge in just six days you will face Stone Cold Steve Austin. However tonight you will battle against Kane. What are your ...
*Edge grabs the mic from Todd*
*Edge in an crazy tone*
Edge: What are my thoughts. Todd, I am so close, and I mean so close to fulfilling my dream of being World Heavyweight Champion. And Austin wants to get into my business and wants to take me out, ok. But tonight with Kane and sunday with Austin, everyone will see my actions as an example of what will happen as I prepare for my title shot. Now are we done.
TG: JR, King, back to you guys.
King: Strong words from Edge. I still think he's a little bit off though.
LG: ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first from toronto, canada EDGE! And weighing in at 305 pounds KANE!
JR: This match has multiple implications. And there's the bell. Kane starts off with lefts and rights to the lower torso of Edge. Edge is sent to the ropes and is nailed with a sidewalk slam. Kane now goes for a leg drop and nails it right on Edge. 1-2 and Edge kicks out.
King: Edge must do something or this will be over rather quickly.
JR: Edge, now sends Kane to a short clothesline, and then to a sleeper. Hum, haven't seen this from Edge before. Edge looks more determined than ever. Edge now goes for a high kick but misses and Kane sends him over the ropes and to the floor. kane rolls out the ring, but Edge rams him and sends Kane into the ring post.
King: JR, did you hear that thud that Kane made as he hit that post. Let's get that replay. And, just listen to that sound.
JR: And now Edge, sends Kane into the steps, but Kane reserves and Edge goes crashing into the steps. Kane now has to roll in the ring to stop the count and he does. Kane now in control picks up Edge and rolls him into the ring. Now Kane goes for the cover 1-2 and Edge, kicks out. Kane looks like he's going on top. He is. Wait a minute, Edge catches him with a dropkick out of nowhere. What a counter by Edge. Cover on the mat, 1-2 and Kane kicks out.
King: Great move by Edge. Edge now sends Kane, to the top rope, and tries to superplex Kane, but can't. Kane sends Edge off the top rope. Kane now is FLYING! He nails Edge, 1-2 and no. Edge kicks out. Edge then is setup for the chokeslam, but out of nowhere blocks it. edge nails the spear. I don't believe it, he nailed the spear. 1-2 and no. Kane kicks out. Edge goes for a clothesline, but this time is met with a
JR: Chokeslam. My god, he hit the ref on the way down.
*Crowd yells 1-2-3-4-5* as the ref is down.
Kane goes for a second chokeslam, but Edge hits a low blow. Spear, Spear, Spear. Edge nails the spear. He grabs the ref. 1-2-3. Dammit.
LG: The winner of this match, Edge.
JR: Edge just cheated his way to victory.
*Glass Shatters and Stone Cold is on his way to the ring*
JR: King, it's Austin! Austin is here, The Rattlesnake.
Edge and Austin exchanges blows and Austin stomps into Edge, and then goes for the stunner, but Edge blocks it and hits him with the spear, and starts to attack him, and then yells you can't beat me. YOU CAN'T BEAT ME! Edge leaves to a crowd full of boos as we go to commerical. Match Time 19:21

Commerical Break

King: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw! Maria is standing backstage with Molly Holly, who this Sunday will face Victoria and Trish Stratus for the Women's Championship.
Maria: That's right.
Molly: Maria, I am a multiple time Women's Champion and this Sunday I am going to once again become that again when I beat that joke Victoria and that slut Trish.
Trish: Who are you calling a slut?
Molly: You.
Trish: You little bitch!
Trish and Molly fights and Victoria comes in and takes them both out with Trish's belt and says to Maria, this Sunday, I will become the new women's champion.

LG: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the World Tag Team Championships! Introducing first at a combined weight on 460 pounds Maven and Simon Dean! And introducing second the World Tag Team Champions, Tajiri and from Blackpool, England, William Regal!

JR: What an ovation for the hometown kid, Regal. Regal has definitly has the home court advantage in this match. And the crowd is still fired up.
King: That's right, this match is for the titles, and there's the bell.
JR: maven and regal start things off. regal, the southpaw nails some lefts into the face of maven and sends him into the ropes and begin the 10 count punch.
King: and down goes maven.
JR: regal now sends maven into the ropes and clothesline him again. cover 1-2 and maven kicks out. tag into tajiri. tajiri with kicks all over the place, and maven dropkicks tajiri nearly out of the ring. And he makes the tag to Simon Dean, who drops some elbows on Tajiri. Irish whip into the rope and a powerslam by Dean. Dean now applies a standing armbar into a sitdown armbar in the middle of the ring. Tajiri now tries to get up, but Dean connects with a clubbing blow.
King: And now, the tag back to Maven. By making Tajiri isolated they have the advantage. Maven sends Tajiri for a high backdrop, but Tajiri lands on his feet. tajiri goes for a kick, but maven clotheslines him and nails a top-rope elbow. Tags in Dean. Dean goes for the cover. 1-2 and tajiri barely kicks out.
JR: Dean and Maven are working great as a team here tonight as, Dean again knocks down tajiri and then goes to hit william regal, and is then met with an unbelievable kick by Tajiri. Both men are now down and needs to make the tag. Tajiri makes the tag. So does Dean. Regal and Maven are in, and Regal is cleaning house. Regal is on fire. What will happen when we return? We'll be right back to find out.

Commerical Break

JR: Welcome back to RAW! What a match. Regal and Maven are going at each other. Wait a minute, the Power of the Punch. Out of nowhere, 1-2-3. Regal and Tajiri win.
LG: The winners of the match and still tag team champions, William Regal and Tajiri.


JR: Welcome back. Now it's time for the Smackdown Rebound.
Now, Backlash is this Sunday, and King it's shaping up to be an excellent card, Here's a look at it:

World Heavyweight Championship:
Batista (C) v. Chris Jericho

Intercontinental Championship:
Shelton Benjamin (C) v. Chris Benoit

Tag Team Championships: Four Corners Elimination Rules
Regal/Tajiri (C) v. La Resistance v. Maven/Dean v. Snitsky/Tomoko

Women's Championship: Triple Threat Rules
Trish Stratus (C) v. Molly Holly v. Victoria

Steel Cage Match:
Triple H v. Ric Flair

Stone Cold Steve Austin v. Edge

Shawn Michaels v. Muhammad Hassan

JR: well i can't wait, wait a minute, let's go backstage. It's Triple H and Flair. They're fighting in the parking lot. Oh my god, Triple H just nailed Flair in the stomach with the sledgehammer. Triple H is now heading into a car, while Flair is bent over in pain. Oh my god, no. Triple H, don't do it. Stop it, H. Stop it. For the love of god. No, Flair get out the way, Flair move. My god, Triple H tried to run Flair over with that car, Flair just collapased. Oh my god, someone help Flair. Dammit Triple H, Damn you to hell. I don't believe it.
King: Calm down JR.
JR: Did you just see what just happened. Imagine what will happen when Flair and Triple H are locked inside of that steel cage this Sunday. Well coming up next Chris Jericho/Chris Benoit will face Batista and Shawn Michaels. We'll be right back.


[COLOR=Green]LG: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first weighing in at 232 pounds, Chris Benoit. Introducing second, his partner weighing in at 230 pounds, Chris Jericho. Introducing their opponents, first weighing in at 220 pounds, Shawn Michaels. And introducing his partner, the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista.

JR: This match will happen, when we come back after we take our final commerical.

JR: Welcome back to Raw, and Benoit and Michaels are going at it. Here comes michaels and he's caught with a german. and another, and one more. A hat trick, and these fans are going wild.
King: Michaels hits the superkick, out of nowhere. Wait a minute.
JR: here comes muhammad and davari. A chair shot. *Bell rings*. But here comes benoit. And now jericho and batista are going at it. here comes benjamin. the crossface to benjamin. jericho has the walls locked into batista in the middle of the ring, and muhammad has just nailed the superkick on michaels. My god what is going to happen at Backlash, goodnight from england.

Okay, i should have smackdown up by saturday. Backlash will be up on wedensday or friday at the latest.
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Alright, Backlash is coming. As I said in the earlier it should be up no later than this coming wedensday or friday. I'm right now about 4 pages deep with the card and hopefully this pay-per-view can be considered for PPV of the month or something of that nature. Well here is the final card. Post your predictions of who you think will win?

World Heavyweight Championship:
Batista (C) v. Chris Jericho

Intercontinental Championship:
Shelton Benjamin (C) v. Chris Benoit

Tag Team Championships: Four Corners Elimination Rules
Regal/Tajiri (C) v. La Resistance v. Maven/Dean v. Snitsky/Tomoko

Women's Championship: Triple Threat Rules
Trish Stratus (C) v. Molly Holly v. Victoria

Steel Cage Match:
Triple H v. Ric Flair

Stone Cold Steve Austin v. Edge

Shawn Michaels v. Muhammad Hassan
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21


-Not typing out people's names in full.
-Commentary in matches.
-Edge versus Steve Austin, because Austin can no longer wrestle.
-No capital letter on England, the last word of the show.

-The build up to Backlash.
-The card for Backlash, with the exception of Steve Austin/Edge.


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