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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Thanks for the replies peeps. Anyway I'm taking somewhat of a break for now, to finish up some school work as well as other things. Raw however should be up by Sunday. 1!

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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

I too enjoyed this show, but one thing kinda bothered me, and maybe it's petty but....

The use of one singular color.

It bothered my eyes after a bit. However, it really was a minor thing, and overall it was great.

I'd give it a 7.5/10

Good Work.
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Raw Preview for June 27th:

Raw makes its way to the Charlotte Coliseum in Charlotte, NC. After an unbelievable Vengeance last night, what suprises will unfold tonight? Chris Benoit defied all odds and won War Games last night. What will the crippler have to say. Oh, and Matt Hardy defeated Edge in a street fight, that saw both men come crashing over 40 feet through the tables, from a twist of fate. We'll have an update on their conditions. This and much more on Raw!

Raw should be up by Sunday! 1!

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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Big News: WWE.com reports that Mike Mizanin and Dave Puder will soon be competing on Raw and Smackdown respectively. Mike reportedly will be on Smackdown while Dave will be on Raw. Both men should be debuting in the coming weeks. 1!

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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

I agree with gamer_35, the shows good just hard to read with the whole thing in one colour and in BOLD.
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

yo kid o mac, its Daniel Puder not Dave Puder......and use more than 1 colour too, because as gamer25 and cabs 26 said, its hard to read.

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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Raw for June 27th:

*Vengeance highlight video followed by opening video/pyro is shown*

JR: Welcome everyone to Raw, live from Charlotte, NC, in the Charlotte Coliseum. I'm Jim Ross and I'm joined by Jerry the King Lawler. And king, just 24 hours ago, we saw Chris Benoit go through hell, and win War Games.

King: And don't forget about tonight.

JR: Yes, fans tonight's main event will feature Rob Van Dam v. The Rock.

*Whatever plays and out comes Chris Benoit to a thunderous ovation*

CB: Thank you. Last night, I went through hell in the most barabic match of my 19 year career. I fought, I sweat, and I bleed. And I came out the champion. I was handcuffed, bruised and bloody, but I made Shawn Michaels tap out. You see everyone thought that I couldn't do it. But once again, I prove myself.

*I'm Back plays and out comes Bischoff*

EB: Benoit, you're damn right you prove yourself. You went out there and gave everything you could give. And you won. So as a reward, next week at the supershow in DC, the main event will be Chris Benoit vs. Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship!

*Crowd pops in approval*

*Time to Play The Game plays and out comes Triple H*

HHH: Bischoff, you know damn well, I deserve that title shot!

Bischoff: Benoit earned it. He defeated you and Michaels. You didn't deserve anything. And if you don't get out my face, then you will be fired, right here, right now!

*Trips leaves fustrated, as Benoit music plays and we go back up to King and JR*

JR: Well, folks when we come back it will be Maven and Simon Dean defending their Tag Team Titles againist Hurricane and Rosey. We'll be right back.


JR: Welcome back to Raw everyone. Let's send it to Lillian Garcia.

*Lillian does the introductions*

Match 1-World Tag Team Championships:

Maven/Simon Dean (c) v. Hurricane/Rosey

Maven and Hurricane start the match. Hurricane reserves an irish whip and nails Maven with a knockdown. However Maven gets up and nails a hard takedown on Hurricane. Maven gets Hurricane up and starts to pound on the Green Wonder. Maven then nails Hurricane with a full nelson slam. Cover by Maven. 1--------------------2------------------and Hurricane kicks out. Hurricane now sent to the corner of Dean/Maven is double teamed with attacks as Maven tags in Hurricane and Dean nails their version of the Dudley Device. Cover by Dean. 1-------------------2-----------------and Hurricane kicks out. Dean irish whips Hurricane to the ropes and Hurricane nails a headscissors takedown on Dean. Hurricane crawls and finally reaches out to make a tag to Rosey. Rosey comes in and cleans house. Irish whip to the ropes and Rosey nailed a hard scoop slam. Cover by Rosey. 1---------------------2-----------------------and Dean gets the shoulder up. Rosey goes to the ropes for the big splash, but Dean moves out the way. Dean comes off the ropes, looking to nail a swinging neckbreaker, but Rosey nailed Dean with a modified spinebuster. Rosey then nails the Big Splash. 1---------------------2------------------------and Maven breaks it up at the last second. Dean crawls to his feet, and ducks an attack from Rosey and nails a samoan drop on Rosey. Tag into Maven. Maven goes on top and nails a flying elbow on Rosey. 1--------------------2---------------and Rosey powers out. Hurricane now tags himself in, and nails a dropkick on Maven. However Dean nails Hurricane with an object from his bag, without the ref seeing it. Maven makes the cover. 1-------------------------2-----------------------3!

LG: The winners of the match and still World Tag Team Champions, Simon Dean and Maven! MT 7:57

JR: Dean and Maven once again still another one.
King: You're right, JR.

*Maria is standing with Trish Stratus backstage and Trish is with Francine*

Maria: Trish, tonight Eric Bischoff has said that you will face Dawn Marie in a rematch from last night, and if there is in any interference from anyone on your behalf, you will be stripped of your Womens Championship! What are your thoughts?

Trish: Well doll, let me say this. I'm a six-time Womens Champion. I'm the greatest. I've beaten them all. Bischoff wants no interference. Fine, with me. I'm Trish Stratus. I'll defy all odds. 100% Stratusfaction guaranteed!

*Trish and Francine leaves as we send it back to JR and King*

King: Well folks, that match is up next! We'll be back!


King: Welcome back to Raw everyone. It's now time for the Women's Championship!

*Lillian does the introductions*

Match 2- Womens Championship:
Trish Stratus (c) v. Dawn Marie

Match starts with Dawn nailing Trish with lefts and rights until the ref has to break it up. As soon as she's free, Dawn nails Trish with a takedown, and nails her with some more rights. Dawn pulls Trish up by the hair and nails a falling neckbreaker. Dawn goes for the cover. 1------------------------------2------------------------and Trish gets the shoulder up. Dawn picks up Trish and sends her to the ropes. Trish goes for the jumping elbow, but misses and Dawn nails her with an jumping elbow of her own. Dawn picks up Trish and nails a slam on her. Dawn then irish whips Trish to the corner, and then comes charging at her. However Trish gets the shoulder up and nails Dawn right in the face with it. Trish now sends Dawn into the corner and starts to chop Dawn in the chest with some chops. Trish then sends Dawn to the ropes, and goes for a bulldog, but Dawn counters it with a reverse facebuster. Dawn goes for the cover again. 1---------------------------2-----------------and Trish kicks out again. Dawn now goes on top, and goes for a crossbody, but Trish reserves it and grabs the tights of Dawn and gets a 1-----------------------------------2-------------------------and Dawn is barely able to escape. Trish goes to the ropes and goes for a dropkick, but somehow Dawn grabs her feet and nails an inside cradle. 1--------------------------2-------------------and Trish kicks out. Dawn picks up Trish, but Trish goes for the chick kick and misses and Dawn nails Trish with a hurrcuranna. Dawn with the cover. 1---------------------------2----------------and Trish escapes. Trish now trying to regroup, catches Dawn with a drop toehold that sends Dawn right into the bottom rope. Dawn turns around and is nailed with a bulldog. Trish picks up Dawn and goes for the Stratusfaction, but Dawn tries to block it, but on a second attempt, Trish nails the Stratusfaction. 1-------------------------------------------2--------------------------3!

LG: The winner of the match, and still Womens Champion, Trish Stratus! MT: 8:30

King: Well JR, Trish said she would do it, and she did it.
JR: Trish did come through on her words. But wait a minute, here comes Francine. And Francine and Trish are double teaming Dawn. But wait here comes Molly Holly. And Molly is helping Dawn, and now the odds are even. And Molly and Dawn knock Trish and Francine out of the ring!

*Trish grabs a mic*

Trish: Hey you two, think you're bad. How bout next week Molly, you and Dawn take on me and Francine?

*Molly grabs a mic*

Molly: You're on!

*Molly music plays as Molly and Dawn stare at Trish and Francine, as we cut to the back where Todd Grisham is standing with the new Hardcore Champion, Rob Van Dam*[/COLOR]

RVD: Why, Todd?! You ask why?! This is why! It's called making a mark. Etching you name in the walls of history. Eddie tried to take away, what made me. That was being hardcore. As for tonight, and The Rock, he faces a similar fate. Mr. Monday Night and the People's Champ. Oh yeah, I forget Rock was pinned last night. I wasn't. You know what, I'm R-V-D, and trust me, things will never be the same!

*Rob leaves as we go back to King and JR*

JR: Well folks when we return it will be Shelton Benjamin taking on the Nature Boy, Ric Flair. We'll be right back!


JR: Welcome back to Raw everyone. It's now time for the Smackdown Rebound!

*Smackdown Rebound is shown*

*Lillian does the introductions*

Match 3:
Shelton Benjamin v. Ric Flair

Match starts with a staredown between both men. Ric goes for the test of strength, but Benjamin outpowers Flair. Benjamin sends Flair to the ropes and nails a huge over the head suplex. Flair gets to his feet, and is sent to the ropes. Benjamin goes for a suplex, but Flair gets a thumb in the eye of Benjamin. Now the nature boy begins to chop the mess out of Benjamin's chest. Benjamin is sent to the ropes, and somehow Benjamin is backdropped by Flair. Flair now stomps on the left leg of Benjamin. Flair now starts to work on the leg of Benjamin, by nailing continious leg smashes on Shelton. Irish whip to the rope, and here comes Flair. But Benjamin, blocks and jumps from the top rope and nails a flipping neckbreaker from off of the top rope. Cover by Shelton. 1--------------------------------------2-----------------------and Flair gets the shoulder up. Benjamin waits for Flair to get up, but Flair catches Benjamin with a takedown via a chopblock. Flair goes up to the top, but Benjamin runs up the sides of the ropes and nails a facebuster from off of the top rope. Shelton is cookin'. Shelton goes for the cover. 1--------------------------2--------------------------and Flair somehow gets the right shoulder up. Flair gets up and Shelton nails him with some more punches to the face, and down goes Flair. Flair though comes back with a DDT and then tries to lock in the figure-four, but Shelton reserves it and goes with an enzurgi kick, but Flair catches Shelton this time and nails him with the figure-four. Shelton is screaming in pain, as he is in the middle of the ring. Both of Shelton's shoulders touch the mat. 1--------------------------------------------2--------------------------------------and no Shelton gets them up as the last moment. Flair still has the figure-four locked in. Shelton tries to get in some punches, but Flair increases the pain on Shelton. Shelton shoulders drop again. 1--------------------------------------2---------------------------and Shelton gets them up. Now Shelton tries to turn it, as the crowd tries to get behind Natch. Somehow Benjamin is finally able to reserve the hold, but soon breaks it. Both men now crawl to their feet, and now Shelton and Flair exchange blows but Shelton nails a kick to the gut of Flair, and Shelton goes to the ropes, but Flair catches him with a double arm DDT. 1-----------------------------------------------------2----------------------------------and Shelton gets the shoulder up. Flair now sends Shelton to the ropes and now gives him some more chops to the chest. But Shelton sends Flair to the ropes and nails the Stinger Splash. Flair stumbles from the ropes and walks right into a T-Bone Suplex. 1----------------------------------------------2------------------------------------------3!

LG: The winner of the match, Shelton Benjamin! MT: 12:32

JR: Folks coming up next is the main event. The Rock will face Rob Van Dam. We’ll be right back!


King: Welcome back to Raw, it's time for our main event!

*Lillian does the introductions*

Main Event:
RVD v. The Rock

Match starts with both men in a collar bone tie-up. Rock powers Rob into a corner. Rock nails three punches on Rock, but Rob ducks and nails Rock with some kicks of his own and then nails one that knocks down Rocky. Rob goes over to gloat about it, but turns around and Rock nails him with a vicious clothesline. Rock sends Rob to the ropes, but Rob ducks and nails a spinning heel kick on Rock knocking him back down. Rob now goes from coast to coast and goes for rolling thunder, but Rock moves out of the way. Now the Brahma Bull is ready. Right hands connects on the face of Rob and now Rock lays the smackdown on Rob. Rock then comes at Rob, but Rob catches Rock with snakeyes on the top turnbuckle. Rob then jumps and nails a springboard plancha attack to the back of Rock's head, and then heads to the top and nails a moonsault on the people's champ. First cover of the match. 1-----------------------2----------------------------and Rock gets the shoulder up. Rock climbs to his feet, but Rob catches him with an enzurgi to the side of the face. Monkey flip from off the top rope connects. 1-------------------------------2------------------------------and again The Rock is able to kick out. Rob sends Rock to the ropes, but Rock counters it with a clothesline. Followed by another one. Rob comes at full speed towards Rock, but Rock catches him with a samoan drop. 1------------------------------------------2--------------------------------and Rob kicks out. Rock picks up Rob and sends him to the corner, bu Rob jumps and nails Rock right in the face with a missle kick from off of the top rope. Rob then nails a senton splash on Rock and makes the cover. 1-----------------------------------------2---------------------------------------and Rock kicks out. Rob picks up Rock and sends him back to the ropes, but Rock ducks and clothesline Rob onto the outside, and Rock and Rob now fight on the outside and Rob sends Rock into the steel steps. Rob has the advantage, right now but will he keep it. We have to take our final commercial break. We'll be right back!


Welcome back to Raw everyone. During the break we saw Rob remain in control on Rock and attacking the right shoulder of Rock. Back in the ring, Rob nails Rock with some shoulder thrusts followed by a backflip/jumping elbow to the face combo on Rock. Rock now down for the cover. 1----------------------------2------------------------and Rock gets the shoulder up. Rob sends Rock to the ropes, but Rock blocks it and nails Rob with a spinebuster. Rock instead of going for the people's elbow, locks in the sharpshooter on Rob. Rob screams in pain, and he finally is able to make it to the ropes. Rock then picks up Rob and goes for the Rock Bottom, but Rob blocks it. Rob goes for a spinning heel kick on Rock, but misses and connects instead on the ref and now the ref is out cold. Rob turns around and Rock catches Rob with the Rock Bottom. Rock goes for the cover, but no ref. Rob rolls out of the ring, and grabs his hardcore belt. Rock turns around and is clocked right in the face with the belt. Rob throws the belt out of the ring, as the ref starts to come to. Cover by Rob. 1-----------------------------------2--------------------------------3!

LG: The winner of the match, Rob Van Dam! MT: 19:37

JR: Damn it, Rob just stole that match. Rob then waits for Rock to get up and tries to hit him again, but Rob is hit with another Rock Bottom, followed by the People's Elbow.

*Rock music plays as screen fades to black*

Smackdown Preview for June 30th:

Smackdown comes to you from Raliegh, NC and the RBC Center. Tonight the battle royal will take place to see what two superstars will face each other at GAB for the new Television Championship. Also after Rey Mysterio becoming the new #1 contender for the WWE Championship, what will Mr. 6-1-9 has to say about his shot at the title? Plus MNM will face the Bashams with the winners facing the Dudleyz at GAB for the titles. Don't miss Smackdown!

Smackdown should be up by Monday night. 1!

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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Realism: looked realistic to me 9/10

Length: You could of maybe had an extra promo or Match in there 7/10

Quality: Highly entertaining. The main event was well written 9.5/10

Spelling: Nothing spelled wrong with what i saw 10/10

Matches/Booking: Good booking. Maybe could of had an extra promo or match as i said earlier but overall a good show 8/10

Overall score: 87/100 Good show looking forward to Smackdown
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

I'll be reviewing your shows from now on and make sure to return the favour, thanks.

MBLedgends Legend Factor

Opening segment wasn't anything special but good to see Batista vs. Benoit for the Championship next week. I didn't see any point in Triple H coming out though if he was just told to leave and he did just that.

I like how your pushing Simon Dean and Maven as tag team champs, I really like them as a team. A good solid match against the superhero's lasting 8 minutes which only helped them get over more.

Trish Interview was short but you hit the nail with her character. Perfectly in character but please don't strip her of the woman's championship!

The womans match lasted a bit too long, longer than the tag team match in fact which is not good especially seem it has Dawn Marie wrestling who isn't a good wrestler at all. I liked how the match folowed though. Womans tag team match next won't be that exciting but good to see you rebuilding the division.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Ric Flair was match of the night so far. You gace it some time and I would have loved to watch it live in TV. Shelton Benjamin winning really gives him a huge boost.

Rob Van Dam as a heel is unique but I think he would be better as a face but it's your BTB. I have to hand it to you the main event was off the charts and RVD beating The Rock was great to see. I love BTB's where RVD gets pushed! RVD cheating to win was a good move as it made RVD look more like a heel and didn't make The Rock look weak.

Overall a decent show which could be improved by writing longer segments.

Realism: Seemed quite realistic except there wasn't enough major superstars performing on the show. The only major wrestlers you used were RVD, The Rock and Shelton in matches and Benoit + Triple H in a very short opening segment. This brings the score down a bit. 7/10

Length: Seemed a bit short but it might have been me. Longer promo's and maybe an extra segment and match would be benificial for the show. 7/10

Quality/Entertainment: Was very entertaining to tell you the truth. The main event was well written and the best part of the show. 9/10

Spelling: 10/10 nothing to complain about here.

Matches/Booking: Like I've said earlier, longer segments and an extra match would bring this score up quite a bit. The order of the show seemed good though. 7/10

TOTAL SCORE: 40/50 = 80/100

Good effort, keep it up.
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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

pretty quick opening segment w/ Bischoff and Benoit, could have been longer

Maven is finally getting recognized. I like that you are pushing Dean and Maven and them beating Rosey and Hurricane was good

real quick interview w/ Trish and then a rematch with Trish winning again, good job

benjamin vs flair was great!!!!!, probably one of the best matches you have written in that show

rvd upsetting the rock was pretty good and a surprise

well, overall, a good way to come off of a great ppv
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