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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Smackdown Review-

Opening Promo- This was a great opening promo. It did a great job of building up the feud for the match at Wrestlemania. Everyone was in character and it was very entertaining. I liekd how Stephanie constantly tells the Raw guys that Kane and Mark Henry won't come out, but the 2 monsters come out and disobey her. It sort of puts them over as monsters that don't care what anyone says. It is a shame that they got beat up with chairs by Murdoch and Cade.

8 Man Tag Match- This would have been a great match to watch on real life. A bunch of highflyers and cruiserweights always put on a good match. The Hooligans are a great atg team. Good win for them.

Booker Interview- This was short and sweet. I am not a big fan of the King Booker gimmick, but you did a good job of keeping him in character.

Kennedy vs Flair- Was probably gonna end up as an ultimate jobbing match which Kennedy would win. I like how Batista came in and attacked Kennedy. Really sets up for their match at Wrestlemania. And I really liked the altercation after the match. I dont know what significance Chris Sabin had for helping Kennedy because this is my first time reading one of your shows. But it was good, but I dont think that Kennedy will win at Mania.

HHH/Steph Promo- This was pretty funny with the Ironic comments. That is cool that the main revent is a 6 man tag match with The Rock involved. The Rock and Triple H go way back, not liking each other. But this was a good promo, I enjoyed reading it.

6 Man Tag Match- It is cool that Booker and his new court win. Burke and Brown are actually two guys that fit in well to the new court gimmick. Will Booker winning this match mean something for Wrestlemania? I hope not, I hate the King Booker gimmick. Nothing against you haha.

Rock Promo- Jeez, two of the greatest promo workers here. This was a great promo. Kennedy and Rock should be able to work togetehr just fine in their match later. Rock is amping up Kennedy really good for his amtch at Wrestlemania. When HHH comes I knew that the promo would get better. I absolutely loved this part better than the Kennedy part. Rock was sooo funny, the crowd loved it and so did the readers. Lmao at the you can bring your mommas kitchen sink comment lol.

Mysterio vs Scotty- Usual jobbing by Scotty. nothing new...

Rey/Daniels Promo- This was alright. Nothing special because Rey's promos all seem to be the same from him. Talking about Eddie, how he is going to win, and how now it's personal. lol. Don't get me wrong, this promo was good but all Rey promos are the same and I get tired of them. I like how neither Rey or Daniels got hit because it kinda takes out a lot of the hype for the Wrestlemania match in my opinion.

Main Event- Oh my god! Great match even though it was just a summary. I like how Batista pins Sabin for the win, after he ruined his attack on Kennedy. This did a good job of building up all these matches for Wrestlemania.

Aftermath of ME- Dammnnn! Batista really beats the shit out of Kennedy. My mind has changed, I think that Kennedy will win at Wrestlemania. I liked the Ric Flair comments to Kennedy about how he should have went to Raw instead.Good ending.

Final Promo- This was great. John Cena and Undertaker went at it. It was insane. Great promo and then the battle was brutal. It was so good, I cant wait for the match at Wrestlemania.

Final Grade- 9/10. Great show, Mania should be great!
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Smackdown Review:

In what has become a really great feud over the past few weeks, this interpromotional tag team match between Show and Umaga vs. Kane and Henry keeps getting better. Great comments from Stephanie and Heyman. However the beatdown from Show and Umaga to Kane was really good, though Henry leaving as quick as he did, could have came back in to try and help. While Raw got the better of Smackdown, I have a feeling that the Smackdown team will win the match come Mania. The opening tag team match was really good as it showcased the other members in the eight man tag match for Mania in a great way. The Kennedy/Flair match was a surprise in that I thought Kennedy would win the match via pinfall before the beatdown from Flair and Batista. The staredown though between the champ and Kennedy was well written, and hopefully this is the match that goes on last at Mania as it deserves it. King Booker's promo was good but could have been much better, as Booker could have said more of his signature phrases and switch back and forth from his "King Booker" and "Booker T" personas.

Great segment with Hunter and Stephanie. I like the fact that you are acknowledging the fact that they were a stable on TV a couple years ago. Stephanie though seemed better in this segment though. Great announcement from Stephanie about the show's Main Event. The Six Man Tag Match was good. Not surprised that Regal left his team though, as that was smart booking for a heel champion before his upcoming title match. The Kennedy/Rock segment was good, but Kennedy could have said a bit more in the segment and The Rock could have said some more, as the segment seemed a bit rushed. However The Rock/Hunter segment was gold! Even though Hunter didn't say much, this promo was pure gold! This was classic funny yet serious Rock! Excellent promo and I can't wait until their match at Mania!

Great promo from the Hardys and Flair. That was great writing of how the Hardys mentioned that they were fans of Flair and then pulling a fast one on him, by speaking on the tricks that Flair used to do back in the day. Flair's reaction was priceless though. Mysterio's match seemed like nothing more than a squash, which it ashame because Scotty is a great wrestler. The promo from Daniels though was excellent, as Daniels has carried this whole feud with his promos, IMO. The ending of the segment was well written, though their match if given enough time could be a showstealer at Mania. The Six Man Tag Match was great, even though the ending was predictable. The beatdown from Batista and Flair to Kennedy was good and reminded me of the beatdown from the Corporation to Austin and McMahon screaming at Austin on the Raw before their cage match back in 1999. This title match I'm sure is going to be a classic!

What an end to the show! I know that you are not a fan of Taker, but this feud has been built up greatly, and I hope that it gets a great spot on the card at Mania. Cena was very intensed in this segment and that was made the segment even better. Even though the show ended with Cena having the STFU on a bloody Taker, I still have a feeling that this match could go either way. I must say that I'm looking forward to the match.

Overall Comments: What a way to conclude the road to WrestleMania in this thread! I know that WrestleMania is going to be huge! You have built the feuds up in a great way and I know come Mania the matches will deliver. One question though, do you have a possible date for when Mania will be posted?

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Hey Mac,

As promised i will get you a review for Smackdown, later tonight or tomorrow. And if i don't get a review for this show, i will get a review for your next show.
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

First off, sorry about making you look like an ass in my thread, but honestly I couldn't help myself

Opening promo was good, nothing spectacular but I guess it suits, more build for the Battle Of The Behemoths, and Armando is gold. Coach & Steph sounded fine, and afterwards Kane getting wasted along with Henry, is not good for the SD! pair who now are gonna go into the match with Kane bandaged up. Clearly, RAW has been dominant in this one, and I expect SD! to pull off the win at WM. Overall, solid opening

Good 8 Man Tag, loved it, L&K on the money but really Shelton/Helms looked so impressive I can see them stealing the show at WM in the 8 Man Tag against RAW, and follow it up with a title reign, because you're building them well here

Short but to the point Booker promo, expecting a good showcase for Brown & Burke tonight

That was short, only two minutes for Flair & Kennedy? What's this, another wild fight breaks out and Batista of course gets involved, fucking Sabin! Why do you love this guy o so much? Anyways, interesting development here, wonder why it ended so abruptly...

Haha Trips is once again outshone by Steph, big 6 Man Tag booked should be good, expecting Sabin or Flair to job, most likely Sabin as he doesn't have a WM match. Wonder if anything will ever come of Trips & Steph's constant bickering?

Regal shows his true colours here and leaves Lashley & Finlay to get done in. Lashley jobbing doesn't look good for his chances going into WM, I'm now expecting King Booker to become the new US Champion

Nice segment here, really enjoyed it. Rock goes from the mentor with Kennedy, to ripping the shit once more out of Triple H, with some classic lines. I'm so pumped for Rock/Trips NHB, and Kennedy/Batista could be better than it looks, because the fact that Super Kennedy is destined to win, will atleast refresh the title scene. You captured all three guys excellently here, as you always seem to do

LMFAO! Flair is brilliant. Never lose him plz. Hardyz shut Flair down and now the Nature Boy has no allies this Sunday in MITB. Loved it, nice promo all round and it's odd to see someone get one over on Flair

Rey > Scotty. Next. Decent promo to follow, Rey atleast shows there is fire in his belly and he's hungry for the win this weekend where I think he will prevail, only because Daniels has been the CW Champ for God knows how long, and Rey & Daniels could really bring the CW picture back to life

As expected Sabin jobs in a top main event, wasn't aware Rock & Trips had gone out through the crowd until I skimmed over it again. Aftermath looks bad for KK as he and Sabin get mauled, but really, that just surely means he goes over at WM, to make him look even stronger (not that it's needed). No clear favourite in Rock vs Trips leaves me wondering, although it would be good for Rock to win at WM again

Wow, big ending tonight. Cena owns Taker. I mean he owns him. Not only does he spit on him, claim he's not afraid, hit two FU's to him, but he bloodies him and saps his energy with the STFU. Taker got fucked up, plain and simple. Cena looks like a total beast going into WM and the hard sell for his credibility is really making me wonder if he will end Taker's streak. But with the streak being as it is, I can't see Taker losing even if it is to Superman

Top show Mac, heading into what should be a top PPV. 8.5/10


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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Hey Mac, I have half of your review done for Smackdown. Allow me to finish it either tonight or tomorow morning. Ill probably just edit it here when ive finished
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Bradley's Smackdown Review:

OK, this is my first time reviewing this thread so bare with me.

Great opening with what seems to be a great crossbrand feud. Really playing on the accent of AAE livens things up and the flow was great, rolled off the tongue nicely. Stephanie's attitude was portrayed extremely well and you didn't put a foot wrong but it seemed a little clusterfucked at the end including ALL of these stars; I know they facing off at 'Mania in the 8 man tag but it isn't needed quite so early on. Plus, I would have had Cena on first.

The next match, straight after the Hooligans were involved in an attack, was not such a great idea. They obviously wouldn't be at full fitness if they were involved in a brawl and having them go over a team that have tremendous talent, 'Mania match or not, isn't a worthwile choice. Interesting interaction between Helms/Benjamin and The Hooligans. I sense a RAW turn for Benjamin and Helms.

Interesting match next. I didn't understand why Flair and Batista started fighting unless it was a complete copy of Batista/Flair/HHH in '05. (I joke ) but it seemed weird. I don't know what part Sabin had to play (rivalry with Flair?) but he wasn't needed because he didn't do an awful lot. Nice choice holding off the imminent Kennedy/'Tista brawl and it hypes it up even more when they finally duke it out this Sunday.

Great promo here. HHH was distinctly cocky here, much like he was in a heel DX stable 10 years ago. Great chemistry between the two and the 6 man tag match is huge but Flair in 2 matches as you would say= ratings.

Booker's Court had to win here but I feel you could have hyped up Brown and Burke's debut match a little more. At least they are well built up. I hate to say this but the U.S title match looks really out of place. It's not that it won't be a bad match, far from it, but seeing all of the other matches on the card, this looks the weakest for some reason.

Excuse my e-French but Fucking hell what a promo! Great dictation, flow was spot on and the characters were superb. You say the Rock has done it all on the main stage, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think he has won a world title at a 'Mania. I loved the humourous insults the Rock dishes out. Much like you, he never stops being do damn great (Kiss up over) and it really had fantastic flow and the match later on should be awesome. AND YOU CAN BET YOUR CANDY ASS THE ROCK WILL BEAT TRIPLE H'S ASS ALL OVER FORD FIELD, DETROIT IN FRONT OF THE MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF ROCK FANS WATCHING AT HOME AT THE SPECTACLE, THE ICON THAT IS THE ROCK IN A NO HOLD BARRED MATCH! I got a little carried away there, sorry!

Really liked the Hardyz promo. Showcased all 3 of the their histories and making it seem like a VERY special moment and Flair has no-one on the big stage and I KNOW who is going to win the MITB now.

Mysterio's promo oozed hatred, which was great. I can't wait to see the new intense Mysterio at 'Mania. This battle is gonna be so damn great and you hyped it up perfectly.
Daniels was a perfect heel, a coward, so congrats on that front as well.

Sabin had to take the fall here, everyone else was too big. Sabin did look WAY out of his league in this match which was a shame. The Rock and HHH getting out of the way was a perfect opportunity to help 'Tista gain some momentum Kennedy lost a fair bit here but I still think KK will win on Sunday.

Awesome promo here. Cena being a great arrogant little SOB and I was really hating him here. (Not a bad thing) He was a great face but you have made him a fantastic ruthless heel now. Naming all of the Undertaker's 'Mania opponents was a great way to hype Cena up. The reader thinks 'Wait, if Cena wins he's better than all of those guys.' So good thinking there. Cena was vile at the end but it was definitely needed to give the feud that extra edge. I honestly don't know who will win, either way it will be ana amazing contest.

I will give this show 9/10, great build towards 'Mania and I loved mostly everything but there were a small amount of miniscule and minor flaws which you won't have to worry about.


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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

DD Mac's Smackdown Review.

Opening Promo - The opening promo was unaccpected in a good way. I knew they were going to be making an appearance on the show but I didn't think it was now. It was extremely good booking to have Kane get hurt badly so close to Wrestlemania, and now I'm left wondering whether he will be able to compete at the show or not. Once again the promo was alright but I switched off a little way through and got a little bit bored of the promor. That's why i think the action was clever because it broke up the talking and I once again became switched on. Overal a decent promo which added some majour hype for Wrestlemania.

Match One - A great match to kick off the wrestling side of the show. Action flying in from all over the ring which made the match dramatic and fun to read. It kept serious throughout but you also had a hint of fun. I wouldn't have chose the winners you did for different reasons, but then again that just proves why this thread has lasted longer than all of mine put together!

Booker Backstage - A short little interview segment here, which is all it needed to be really. I love the King Booker chracter you have created and it was good to see you keep him like that.

Kennedy vs Flair - Well i was dissapointed Mac i wanted a great wrestling contest between these two but you had to spoil it! Na in all seriousness it was needed in my opinion to build hype ready for Wrestlemania. Again I would have done things more differently but that's just me.

Aftermath - Batista and Flair exchange hands? Im assuming you meant on Kennedy and not themselves. The aftermath seemed repetative like most weeks sorry. I mean they always seem to fight for a bit and then leave the ring. Nevermind though because it still seemed to add a reasonable bit if hype for Mania which is what the final show before should do.

Hunter and Steph - Brilliant segment. It flowed so nicely and the lines that were used worked well. I liked the 'how ironic' line that they both used. That made me laugh. Now a good main event was set up for tonight which will get most people on the card before Wrestlemania.

Match Three - I had been looking forward to this match all night for some reason. I guess it's because i like the King character you have portrayed. I knew very well that The Kings Court would get the victory. I liked how Regal left the others to get man handled as it keeps him fresh for Wrestlemania and he obviously gains an advangtage. I still don't think he is going to win at Mania though. And to be honest i can see some sort of a twist happening at mania with this storyline.

Rock/KK/Hunter - This was a good segment and at the right time too, before their match. It was also a hype job once again for Wrestlemania. Man these were in character and i loved every second of this segment, mainly the Rock though. Now im hyped for the main event but more importantly, Wrestlemania.

Hardyz - To say this was funny is an understatement. I mean now that Flair has no one to help him in MITB at Wrestlemania, it's going to be interesting to see if e can mirraculusly get the victory. I think the end is near for Batista and Flair come Wrestlemania.

Rey - I liked this because it set the picture for Wrestlemania. He seems raring to go and I liked it. Character was perfect and an enjoyable little segment.

Batista and co - MOTN for sure. Nice winners too, but surely that means they will all loose at Wrestlemania. Well not all of them but I'm hoping for a Kennedy win. The aftermath was good too and i liked how Kennedy was tied up in the ropes while Flair talked to him about wasting. As usual you were in character with these guys.

Undertaker/Cena - Now i was confused. Did Cena lay him out at first with an F-U because when you said back to real time i thought you were just messing around. OHHHHH hand on a minute, was that the video footage. Sorry for being so dumb I just got really confused. Anyway nice promo to end the show, but I would have prefered the actual main event feud to have ended the show before Wrestlemania. never mind though because Mani is looking scrumptious, and I am very much looking forward to it.

Overall - A fantastic show Mac just like always. Wrestlemania couldn't come sooner
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

SmackDown Review
With just two days remaining until WM; this edition of SmackDown is really looking huge. Nice way to kick off the show, with a promo between the two authorities from each brand. In characterization; I founded Estrada and Heyman great, whilst Steph and Coach were reacting like two smart minds. Ending was good too, with RAW getting one over SmackDown just two days before WM, although by some help from Cade and Murdoch.

Nice fast-paced match here to kick off the action. And as expected, the team of Kendrick, London, Shelton, and Helms pick up a victory just two days before their challenge against the tag team of MNM and AMW. Good match up, and the aftermath was written even better, explaining the tensions between Kendrick/London and Helms/Shelton. I see SmackDown winning this match at WM, and RAW winning the monster’s one.

I felt that you rushed at this promo in the ending. The start was good, but the ending had no build up. King Booker was nice in characterization, but I just didn’t like how this ended. It was decent enough to hype the US Title feud though.

I was expecting this match to go a few minutes more to be honest. The aftermath was better though, with Chris Sabin entering the ring for Kennedy’s help. Nice way to have Sabin on the show, and good way to build up the Ken/Batista feud even more, with neither men looking weak.

Okay, now I get why the match between Flair and Kennedy was kept short. Anyway; I loved how Steph countered Triple H with the “ironic” line in the end. The tag team match looks huge. The promo itself was good too, but I think you need to go in more detail.

Nice way to debut (match debut) The New King’s Court here, by taking a victory over the team of Regal, Lashley, and Finlay. I like how you’ve built up King Booker’s New Court so far in these two weeks. I also sense a huge twist at WrestleMania between this match up. With the amount of build up you’ve given to him (King Booker); it looks Booker’s gonna become the new champ at WM with some help from his New Court.

Killing two birds with one bullet. Yep, I liked how you hyped the Batista/Ken, and The Rock/Trips feud in one promo. Ken was good in this promo, and so was The Rock, but Triple H was just awesome. I mean, what Triple H said was actually great, and he looked spot on. At first, I also got confused that why The Rock isn’t attacking Trips, so it was good that you cleared that up through The Rock’s speech. Good promo.

Glad that you’re hyping up the MITB Match too. Ric Flair was truly awesome here. Just brilliant. Hardys were just okay, but I enjoyed Ric Flair more than anything else here. His expressions, wordings, and everything else was described amazingly. Loved how Hardys said “no” to Ric Flair too. Loved this promo. Absolutely.

Well, we’re just two days before the HUGE event, WM. So I guess its fine to have a squash match. Expected that Rey would get momentum here by beating S2H. Nice promo afterwards with Daniels and Rey too. This match has got an amazing build up, and I know you’ll deliver when the readers read the match between them. It’d be awesome.

Hmm, I liked how you had The Rock and Triple H get “out of the view” through the crowd area. Good and obvious booking choice to have Sabin get pinned by the World Champ, Batista. The aftermath made Kennedy look like an under dog (which I guess is fine), whilst Batista looks too strong now heading into WM. But I know Kennedy’s gonna take the title at WM. Great match and great aftermath. Flair’s speech was awesome too.

Wow. Huge way to cap off a solid show, ‘Macster. You’ve built up John Cena greatly in this feud, and I loved how this promo was kept short, with Cena just playing the video package. I loved how Cena didn’t look afraid, and decided to get into the ring with “The Deadman”. Great ending too, with Cena making The Undertaker look like an under dog two days before WM. Great segment. Great ending. Great show. Looking forward to WM.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's SmackDown Feedback

Last show before 'Mania? Oh hell yeah

~ Once again, it seems as though you really are leaving nothing to chance in terms of your Wreslemania feuds. EVERYHING has been hyped to the max (with the possible exception of MITB), and the Monster's Collide match has really picked up pace in the last few weeks. Four splendid mic workers in Steph, Estrada, Heyman and Coach all going at it? It was top notch. As you would expect, Estrada kind of stole the show, but doesn't he always. I guess Steph refusing their challenge was just a litte reminder that she is a tweener and doesn't always do what the fans want. Still, great to see Kane and Mark Henry come out anyway, although I still laugh everytime I see that tag team. Henry as a face/tweener is mark out worthy The brawl in the ring was great fn, especially when Cade and Murdoch (WOOO,Push plz ) got involved and helped beat the crap out of Kane. Coach and co. get one over on Steph and co. the show before Wrestlemania? Oh, this almost gurantees a victory for SmackDown, although previously I had been quite sure that you wanted Show and Umagao go over. Ahhh, you taunt me, Mac.

~ Hell of a match to kick things off with. This feud between The Hooligans and Benjamin/Helms is really starting to entertain me. Last week they had what would have been a MOTY had i been written in full ( ), and tis week they get to team up against four equally talented guys. Great booking heading into an 8-man tag match that has suddenly kicked into gear. I love the way how you continue to keep Shelton and Helms looking really strong and The Hooligans as slightly araid of them. Makes for a very exciting tag division. I would have thought that Benjamin or Helms would have taken the pin this week, but I guess it keeps the Champ looking strong too. Also, stop jobbing out Kash and Noble

~ Ha ha, I'm loving King Booker and his New Court already. Good interview from the Book Man, and he seems to have the momentum heading into Wrestlemania at the moment. I like all of the four guys in the match, so whoever gets te title is fine by me. I can't wait for Monty and Elijah to start getting some mic time as well.

~ Awww, I'm kind of disappointed that we didn't get to have Kennedy/Flair one-on-one, but the other part of me thinks that you are saving that for a World title feud when Kennedy wins the belt () and Naitch wins MITB (still not sure). Looks as though Big Dave wants to put some hurting to KK ahead of W'Mania, which should make for a fun filled evening. I have to disagree with Renegade though, as I'm actually quite enjoying the way you are pushing Chris Sabin. It's always nice to treat a young star in such a way. He should be in MITB in my opinion.

~ Very interesting segment between Hunter and Stephanie. Ever since Hunter has turned heel he has been one of the most entertaining things in this thread. I expect him to feud with Kennedy at some point for the gold after Wrestlemania. Great announcement for the Main Event tonight, which kind of makes up for not getting Flair/Kennedy. Sabin will probably take the pin though ( ).

~ Good match between the United States contenders and the New Court. Ha ha, I kind of knew that Regal was not turning face any time soon. I really love the way you have been presenting him and Finlay lately, as unpredictable tweeners, makes for a very exciting mix. Lashley gets POOOUUUNNNCCCEEDD for the scond week in a row, and Booker pins him. This may be hinting at Finlay or Lashley getting the title. It's up in the air yet again.

~ Rock and Kennedy in the same room? Too much damn charisma for me, Mac Great banter between the two, and Rocky really makes Batista sound like an absolute beast. WHEN, yes I said WHEN Kennedy beats Batista for the title at Wrestlemania, it is going to be huge. Feud between Rock and Kennedy please? I was surprised to see Rock and Hunter get a stare down, I thought they might get into a brawl. Brilliant tension between the two. Their match at Wrestlemania is going to steal the show.

~ Wow, The Hardys just owned Flair? That was wierd. Flair was simply awesome in this segment, simply awesome. He is one of the most entertaining guys you write. No real surprise to see Matt and Jeff turn him down, and hopefully they cotinue their face turn. Matt carried the Hardys bits, which makes sense, since he can actually talk. It could very well come down to Matt and Flair in the MITB match.

~ Oh man, I had completely forgotten about the Mysterio/Daniels feud. Ha ha, how could I? Quick squash for Rey Rey before Chris cuts a nice promo, building on the 'Chavo factor'. Rey's retort was good as well. This might just edge out the Hunter/Rock feud as the most personal, due to the way you have built it up so well.I've said it before and I've said it again, **** please

~ Nice Main Event between six talented guys. I was quite disappointed that Rock and Hunter disappeared quite early on, but it actually worked well as one BIG final hype for their Wrestlemania match. Another one I'm torn about. No real surprise to see Sabin take the fall AGAIN. He seems to have been pushed towards the Main Event ... to job? Strange. Anyway, I actually loved the beat down to Kennedy after the match, mainly because of Flair's superb speech. You write him so well, Mac; never, and I mean NEVER stop using him this way. It's just so damn entertaining. Great way to send the babyface Kennedy into Wrestlemania against the dominant Batista. I can almost taste the gold for Ken now

~ Ha ha, I almost thought that the show was over. How could I forget about my favourite feud? Very wierd to see Undertaker cut a short promo, but it really helped give this show that 'pre-Wrestlemania' feel. As ever though, Cena was THE MAN here, with another splendid insertion of his own. Personally, I did not need the video package, as I remember SNME perfectly. Cena is the master of the video packages The ending was insane. Cena OWNED 'Taker AGAIN! Jesus, Cena is absolutely incredible in this thread. He is like a heel Superman. To be honest though, unless it is you intention to completely bury 'Taker, he has to go over at Wrestlemania, as Cena has dominated the feud thus far. I simply cannot wait for their match.

Overall this was another wonderful, wonderful show, Mac. Brilliant hype heading into Wrestlemania, especially Cena/'Taker and Kennedy/Batista. I firmly believe that your Wrestlemania will be the GREATEST EVER in this place. You'll get my full thoughts and such when I post my (very accurate) predictions. Great stuff, Mac
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Wow, thanks for all the feedback. Didn't expect that many reviews; Much appreciated. Most will be returned soon enough.

Page 100, imo.

Here's a bit of an update: WrestleMania is finished. With the amount of hype this event has gotten, it could've been a disappointment rather easily, but I love it and I suggest the majority will as well.

I'll be posting a bit of news and notes on the 26th and then instead of an "official" preview, I'll be posting Sunday Night Heat, video packages and all, on the 29th. No need for any legit reviews for that event, but a comment or two would be nice. Finally, WrestleMania 23 will be posted on the afternoon of December 2nd.

Until then, leave your predictions plz.


FINAL Card for WWE WrestleMania XXIII:

Date: April 1st, 2007
Location: Ford Field; Detroit, Michigan
Event Music: Saliva; Ladies and Gentlemen

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista w/Ric Flair
vs. 2007 Royal Rumble Winner Mr. Kennedy

WWE Championship Match; Three Way Dance:
‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton
vs. ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels
vs. ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge

No Holds Barred Match:
‘The Great One’ The Rock vs. ‘The Game’ Triple H

Icon vs. Icon:
‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin vs. ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle

One On One:
‘The Phenom’ The Undertaker vs. ‘The Boss’ John Cena


Intercontinental Championship Match:
Carlito vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Christopher Daniels
w/Allison Danger vs. Rey Mysterio

Women's Championship Match:
Mickie James vs. Victoria

United States Championship; Fatal Four Way Match:
William Regal vs. King Booker vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Finlay

Money In The Bank Ladder Match:
RVD vs. Matt Hardy vs. Ken Doane vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Sabu vs. Ric Flair

Monsters Collide:
Raw GM Jonathan Coachman’s Big Show & Umaga
(w/AAE & Heyman)
vs. SmackDown! GM Stephanie McMahon’s Kane & Mark Henry

Eight Man Inter-Promotional Tag Team Match:
America's Most Wanted & MNM vs. Hooligans & Helms/Benjamin


Gif Credit - will94
Match Banner Credit - Crazian

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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