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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Looking forward to the final Smackdown and final show before Mania Mac. The show looks like it is going to be huge and it should be with Mania just two days away (thread time). Looking forward to Smackdown and looking forward to Mania, as I'm sure it's going to be great.

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Super Kennedy in action against Flair? Job plz.

I'll kill you if Cena goes over Taker. Looks like another quality show, I'm sure we can expect to see The Rock at sometime too.

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Looking forward to reading this. Everything looks fine and dandy and if it's anything like your last RAW, youse God mates.

WWWF is Coming...
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Mybe you can beat Spitter's, Wolfy's and kid o mac's Mania, and maybe Nature Boy's if you put in a lot to it, good luck Mac, I'm sure you'll not dissapoint!
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Smackdown looks good Mac, and I'm a little more comfartable reading and reciewing this as i have been keeping up to date with your Smackdown shows alot more than Raw for some strange reason.

Never the less though I can't wait for the Kennedy vs Flair match, and basically the whole show. I look forward to reading and reviewing!
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's Raw Feedback

Sorry for the lack of punctuality with my reviews lately, Mac

~ It really is nice to see the way you are hyping up the Intercontinental title now. At first, I thought that having JBL go after that belt was almost a downgrade for him, but it has done is given a hell of a lot of credibility to the title by having a former WWE Champion actually want it. Kind of like what Y2J did with it, and what Benoit did with the U.S title. You have also pushed Carlito greatly ever since he actually won the belt from Doane after the Royal Rumble. He's partnered with Austin (is there a bigger rub?) and so on. At this stage, it almost looks as though you are building Carly up to make the leap into the Main Event. Personally, I'd mark. I loved the interaction in this opening promo, with you playing off Carlito's face/rebel teenager and JBL's heel/business man authoratarian personas really well. Interesting that it didn't come to blows, as it has had a lot of brawls over the last few weeks. It really gave it some extra tension, and left it completely up in the air who will pick up the win. I love JBL's reasoning behind going after the IC title, as it is the only one he hasn't held. Good heel/egomaniac logic. My money is on Carlito at Wrestlemania though, so to continue his push to the Main Event.

~ That was unexpected. I didn't know the Hooligans were going to be on Raw. Nice to see that you are paying some serious attentiont to the tag division now, although I'd be careful in the future not to job out teams like Cade and Murdoch. I seem to be the only person who does ... but I like them.

~ LOVED this next interview from Shawn Michaels. I would have to say, Mac, that week in and week out, you probably write better promos and segments with HBK than anyone else I have ever read. The interaction here with Maria was very funny, kind of like the one she had last week with Angle and JBL. Also, HBK acting tweenerish is glorious heading into Wrestlemania. Just like in '04 when he was a tweener in between HHH and Benoit, that is when he's at his best in my opinion. Clean finish tonight against Edge? No way.

~ Ha ha, brilliant, brilliant segment from Mickie James and Trish Stratus. This is the best Women's feud I have ever read thanks to Mickie, Classic entertainment. A fruit basket? Ha ha. I really hope she retains at Wrestlemania, because quite honestly I can't see Victoria being as entertaining.

~ I think "Jobbers" is a very creative name, Mac. That's why we all use it Nice squash for Umaga and Big Show. I think I actually mark for their squash matches. Estrada on the mic is almost as good as Heyman on the mic. You're spoilt for choice with this tag team. If these guys don't interfere in the Handicap Match on SmackDown, I'll be VERY surprised.

~ What is Mickie planning? Getting herself some bodyguards I see.

~ Wonderful video package of Randy Orton. You have a knack for doing these well, although my personal favourite is still the one John Cena did at SNME. It's good that you are incorporating Orton's sadistic side into the video. Punt to the head at Wrestlemania plz

~ Poor Melina Anyway, I think the reason I liked the aftermath to this match was because it was so completely over the top, with Victoria destroying a couple of guys. Very funny though. Mickie has really been on the back foot in this feud throughout, so I hope that means her reign continues come Sunday.

~ Did I say you write with HBK better than any other booker? I meant to say you write with HBK, Austin and heel Angle better than any other booker. Glorious segment between these two, as they have been ever since the Royal Rumble to be honest. Austin interrupting Angle immediately was a good laugh. Despite Austin being, well, Austin, Angle has been THE MAN in these segements. He is so much better as a heel it's beyond belief. I've been waiting for a while now to see if you would bring up the fact that Angle made Austin tap out at Unforgiven '01. Only time ever. Angle has pretty much made everyone tap out at some point. Great way to end it as well with Angle trying the cheap shot with the beer can but catches a Stunner instead. I think that pretty much confirms that Angle will be going over Stone Cold, the way it should be. The question that still remains, is whether or not Austin will be made to tap out?

~ I think this video package for Edge was maybe slightly better than the one for Randy Orton earlier. It really showcased the evolution of his career. The best bit though, had to be the little insert of Orton's words at Survivor Series and New Year's Revolution. Such a great feud. Edge is kind of like an anti-hero right now. He's Bruce Wayne!!!

~ Goddamn I feel so sorry for Chris Masters in this thread. Firstly, he seems to get pinned every single week (and again this week) and he also seems to take one hell of a beating for just trying to keep the RKO Army together. Here again, he gets pinned by RVD and then Sabu steals the show and puts him through a table. Love it. Sabu could very well steal the show at Wrestlemania as well in the MITB ladder match. Doane didn't come out of this thing looking too strong, and my hope is that either he or Matt Hardy get the briefcase on Sunday. Plz?

~ King is right. Orton has more important things than Chris Masters to worry about. I still think that Masters should become Orton's bodyguard though. More dissention from Nitro and Doane? The split is coming soon.

~ Wasn't as good as Edge or Orton's video, but was still a great video package for Shawn Michaels. These videos have really made this show feel like what it is: the final Raw before Wrestlemania. Mankind is a giant?

~ Quite a disappointing Main Event all in all, but I guess you didn't want to spoil anything with Wrestlemania only six days away. No real surprise tos see Orton get involved, but the aftermath was wild. First Edge pins HBK, so Edge has the momentum and HBK doesn't. Then Edge fends off Joey Mercury, but Orton gives him an RKO. Now Orton has the upperhand over both HBK and Edge ... until HBK gives Orton Sweet Chin Music!!! So now it has all come full circle, and HBK is the one standing over his two opponents. I guess that means that HBK will be eliminate first at Wrestlemania, as I speculated, but as for who will walk out the WWE Champion ... I have no idea. I can only hope that it is Randy Orton

~ Overall this was a great send off from Raw before Wrestlemania, Mac. The opening Cabana was superb, as one ANYTHING that featured HBK, Austin or Angle. I have such a good feeling about Wrestlemania, Mac. I think it is going to be the greatest one that this section has ever seen
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

man the Raw was great and will get a review up for Raw and Mania man, cant wait!!!

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Hey Mac. I will review Smackdown when you get it up, so try to get a PM to me when Smackdown gets up. If you can't thats fine. Mania looks awesome!
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

SmackDown; March 30th, 2007; Battle Creek, Michigan:

The opening video plays before we head into the arena to witness the fantastic pyro display. The camera pans around the arena to all the fans, going crazy, holding up their signs, before we cut to out commentators.

Joey Styles: Huge night tonight, ladies and gentlemen just TWO DAYS away from WrestleMania 23. This is the final stop. I’m Joey Styles, and by my side, the former ECW Champion Tazz, and, Tazz, what a show we’ve got tonight.

Tazz: Huge night, Styles. The Royal Rumble winner and number one contender, Mr. Kennedy … Kennedy, takes on the sixteen time World Champion, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. And you know Batista will be keeping a close eye on that one.

Joey Styles: Absolutely. Also, King Booker and his new court, consisting of “The Express” Elijah Burke and “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown take on Bobby Lashley, Finlay and the United States Champion William Regal.

Tazz: That’s a big one. What about our huge handicap match - huge in more ways than one.

Joey Styles: “The Game” Triple H takes on SmackDown’s two monsters, Mark Henry and The Big Red Machine Kane! And that match will be kicking us off here ton-

***Playa’s Club*** The crowd responds with shock pop but that soon turns into huge heat as Raw General Manager, Jonathan Coachman, walks down to the ring and soon … The Big Show, Umaga, Paul Heyman and Armando Alejandro Estrada follow! The quintet step into the ring and AAE grabs a mic.

Armando Estrada:
Now, me amigos, don’t adjusts jour television sets, the greatest group from the greatest brand in the history of professional wrestling is live and in living color here on Friday night. The 500 pound Big Show (heat), the mad scientist Paul Heyman (heat), The SAAAAAAAMOAN Bulldozer … (crowd chants along) UUUUUUMAGAAAA!!! And me? Ha-ha, in case ju haven’t heard, MY NAME ES ARMANDOOOO ALEJANDRRROOOO ESTRRRRADA!!

Some of the crowd cheers the extremely charismatic Estrada as he glares at the camera.

Armando Estrada: Now this past Monday night, I told ju SmackDown dummies that payback is indeed a bitch. So here we are in the flesh! Now, please, ignorant fans of SmackDown, get on to your feet and clap jour hands and applaud the greatest general manager of all-time, and the man who will reign successful in BOTH interpromotional matches on the grandest stage of them all, at WrestleMania 23, this Sunday … Senior Jonathan Coachman!

The crowd boos while Heyman and Estrada applauds. AAE hands the mic to Coach as Coachman frowns upon hearing this hostile reaction.

Jonathan Coachman: I would expect that reaction from a place that actually think Stephanie McMahon is a decent general manager, and Rob Van Dam is a decent WWE superstar.

Cheap heat, taking a shot at the hometown hero, RVD.

Jonathan Coachman: But right here and now, I, Jonathan Coachman am laying down the gauntlet to SmackDown right here and now.

The audience pops a bit, intrigued.

Jonathan Coachman:
I know Mark Henry and The Big Red Machine Kane were supposed to wrestle Triple H in a handicap match right now … but the stars of Monday Night Raw are here which means all other second rate, B show business can wait.

Slight heat.

Jonathan Coachman:
Stephanie, a little under two weeks ago, you decided to show up on Monday Night Raw and attempt to not only embarrass me, but embarrass, The Big Show, Umaga, Paul Heyman, Armando Estrada and every Raw superstar by having your monsters attack mine.

Slight pop.

Jonathan Coachman: Well, we want an opportunity to do much of the same to you here tonight! No official match, no referees, just come down to this ring and get embarrassed on YOUR own sho-

***I’m All Grown Up*** Stephanie McMahon, dressed in a suit, walks out onto the SmackDown stage to a nice pop, microphone in hand. She looks rather unimpressed, smirk on her face, as she brings the microphone up to her lips.

Stephanie McMahon:
Coach, what a pleasant surprise it is to have you here on SmackDown.

Coach lets out a fake smile.

Jonathan Coachman: I don’t how many times I have to tell you, it’s M-

Stephanie McMahon: “Mr. Coachman”, right?

Jonathan Coachman:
That’s right!

Stephanie McMahon: Okay, “Mr. Coachman”, well … your challenge for tonight … is denied.

A couple of boos are heard as Coach looks rather shocked that his challenge is seemingly going unaccepted.

Jonathan Coachman:

Stephanie McMahon: Well for a couple of reasons. The first one being that Mark Henry and Kane are already scheduled for competition and I can’t afford to have the two of them get into an altercation before they dismantle - excuse me, wrestle, Triple H.

Heyman takes the mic from Coach.

Stephanie McMahon:
The second reason being … you don’t show up on my show and dictate to me what’s going to happen. I run SmackDown, which means I tell you what’s going to happen. (Pop) And what’s going to happen is the two of you are going to leave this ring on your on accord or I will get few guys from the back to escort you out on your ass!

Crowd cheers for Steph as Heyman brings the mic up.

Paul Heyman:
While that sounds all nice and good, I think that you, I and everyone in this arena know the real reason you won’t send those two ogres of yours down to this ring to take on the pure dominance which stands before you in this ring.

Stephanie McMahon: Please enlighten me.

Paul Heyman:
I’d be more than happy to. You’re afraid.

Stephanie begins laughing.

Paul Heyman: Oh, you can hide behind the giggles, and that tough McMahon exterior, and an arrogant smirk, but we all know that you’re afraid of being embarrassed here on your own home turf. You’re nothing but a scared little girl who goes around bullying everyone you see, pulling on girls’ pigtails, and pushing fat kids in the mud because you want to impress your daddy.

OH! Heyman smirks while Steph looks unaffected.

Paul Heyman:
That’s why you got into the wrestling business in the first place, that’s why you wanted to be the general manager of SmackDown, that’s why you accept challenges that you know you can’t win … except tonight. You won’t have your guys take us on tonight, because you’re not stupid. If you’ve got to be embarrassed, you’d rather it be on the big stage so your daddy can hug you and tell you what a good job you did. It’s truly pathetic.

Steph brings the mic back up.

Stephanie McMahon: Are you done?

Paul Heyman:
I’m just getting started … but that’ll be all for tonight. Now prove how tough and badass you are, and send Kane and Mark Henry out here.

Stephanie McMahon:

Heyman and company are caught off guard, as a few applaud.

Stephanie McMahon: All of the psychobabble in the world won’t get me to authorize my guys getting into a fight with those two baboons this close to WrestleMania. Y’see Heyman, I’d rather wait until the big stage to show you that not only can I run a brand and a company a lot better than YOU can -

Crowd cheers as Heyman looks especially hurt by that comment.

Stephanie McMahon:
But I’ll also show I’m a far better manager than anyone in that ring. See you at Wrestle-


***Slow Chemical*** Everybody in the arena turn to face the entrance ramp as The Big Red Machine Kane and The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry walks onto the stage! Stephanie gets in front of the two, attempting to stop them from walking down the entrance ramp, but it’s of no use, as Henry and Kane quickly brush past the GM. Heyman, Estrada and Coach leave the ring as the two SmackDown monsters slide in and the brawl is on!

Kane pairs off with Show as Umaga and Henry brawl, ferociously exchanging right hands, in the middle of the ring! And while things remain on an even keel for a while, Heyman and Estrada begin to smile at ringside … while Coach waives his right arm wildly. Steph looks confused until …

The Redneck Wrecking Crew, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch, leap over the crowd barricade, dressed in jeans and T-shirts, STEEL CHAIRS in hand!! The two slide in and whack both Henry and Kane in the back with chairs, dropping them!! Henry hit’s the canvas and rolls out of the ring, but Kane doesn’t have it so lucky.

Cade and Murdoch hand the steel chairs over to The Big Show and Umaga and the two behemoths from Raw go to work on Kane with chair shot … AFTER CHAIR SHOT … AFTER CHAIR SHOT .. AFTER CHAIR SHOT …

Until eventually, several SmackDown superstars, Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Chris Sabin, Hardcore Holly, and a slew of other faces, sprint down to the ring before sliding in. Show and Umaga still hold steel chairs though and are ready to have at it with a solid portion of the SmackDown locker room, but Heyman, Estrada and Coach call them out, smirking.

Stephanie enters the ring and checks on Kane, as he holds his ribs in pain. The Raw crew soon step over the fan barricade and exit the arena to a tremendous amount of heat from the SmackDown audience, destroying Kane just two days away from WrestleMania 23.


We get a replay of the attack before the break. Backstage, Kane is helped through a hallway by several officials as Stephanie McMahon looks on nervously while Mark Henry follows.

Back to ringside.

Match #1: Eight Man Tag Team Match:
The Hooligans, Benjamin & Helms vs. Mexicools, Kid Kash & Jamie Noble
As you would expect, the eight superstars tear it up, not going appreciably long, but getting enough time to “do their thing”. At the seven minute mark, the match kicks into third gear, when Kash and London are tagged in. Kash throws a clothesline, but London ducks it, before he takes Kash down with a hurricanrana!!
Noble steps in and begins to hammer away on London, and is soon joined by The Mexicools. Benjamin, Helms and Kendrick step in, and the three on three brawl explodes. The Mexicools and Noble are taken over the top rope and down to the floor. They eventually get back up to their feet and Kendrick and Helms leap over the top rope, taking all three out with a double plancha!! The crowd cheers as Shelton waits in the ring, for all five stars to get back up to their feet, and once they do, Benjamin hits the ropes before leaping over the top one, TAKING EVERYONE OUT WITH A HELO!!! All six stars lay out amongst cheers, while London and Kash get back up.
The two exchange right hands, before Kash goes low, hitting a boot to the gut, before shooting him off the ropes. London comes back, ducks a clothesline, and hits Kash with a DROPSAULT!! London then climbs to the top rope, looking for something high impact but Kash quickly gets back up to his feet and rocks London with a right hand, stunning him, before climbing the turnbuckle. Kash goes for a superplex - but London fights him off, sending Kash crashing back down to the canvas!! London then leaps off - AND HITS A SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!! 1... 2... 3!!!
Winners: The Hooligans, Shelton Benjamin and Gregory Helms at 9:37.

The crowd cheers while London gets back up to his feet. He’s soon joined by Kendrick and the two celebrate.
Benjamin and Helms walk back up the ramp, knowing they’ve played a monster role in the victory here tonight. L&K look at Shelton and Helms rather skeptically … and a bit nervously, knowing how good their main challengers for the WWE Tag Team Titles are, mere days before they team up with them against Raw in an eight man tag.

Backstage, Josh Matthews stands by with King Booker, Queen Sharmell, and Book’s New King’s Court, Elijah Burke and Monty Brown.

Josh Matthews:
Ladies and gentlemen, I’m currently standing by with King Booker and his Court, and, Booker, I have to ask you about the assault last week on William Regal, Bobby Lashley and Finlay. It-

King Booker:
It’s really simple, Joshua. That rogue, Bobby Lashley, and his cohorts, Sir William Regal and Sir David Finlay, formerly of the King’s Court needed to be sent a message. Finlay and Regal needed to realize that they are easily replaceable, and Lashley needed to realize, that he is easily dispensable.

But I’ll tell you what’s not easily expendable, and that … is the United States Championship. The same United States Championship that will end up in King Bookah’s possession at WrestleMania 23. Sir William, you can consider it an insult, you can consider it a travesty, or you can consider it penance for your previous insubordination. Any way you tend to look at it, the United States Championship will come to KING BOOKAAAHHHHHH!!! Let’s go.

Booker and company leave screenshot, to a decent amount of heat as Matthews looks on.


Video Package plays of The Hardys, Matt and Jeff, highlighting their tremendous feats in ladder matches, capped off by Jeff’s Swanton Bombs through tables. A graphic for the WM Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

***Turn Up The Tremble*** The crowd erupts into a great pop as Mr. Kennedy makes his way down to the ring. KK steps in and raises his hand up, as his microphone lowers from the ceiling. “Kennedy” chants start up as KK looks around, waiting for them to die down, before speaking.

Mr. Kennedy:
Ladies and gentlemen, we are merely two days - two VERY short days away from WrestleMania 23, where I WILL become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion.

Crowd cheers.

Mr. Kennedy:
But as for tonight, I weigh in at an absolutely astonishing 245 pounds! I wrestle tonight in BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAAAAANNN … (thunderous cheap pop) … MMMIISTERRRRRRR KENNEDY!!!

KK walks over to the corner and climbs it, putting the mic back up to his face as the crowd chants along.

Mr. Kennedy:
KEN - NA - DAY!!!

***Space Odyssey 3000*** The crowd boos and WOOS as “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair steps out onto the stage, dressed in one of his robes. Flair dances before continuing down to the ring.

Match #2:
Mr. Kennedy vs. Ric Flair
Flair and Kennedy have a rather fast paced couple of opening minutes, exchanging right hands and chops, before KK takes control of the match up. Kennedy backs Ric into the corner and begins stomping away on him - BUT BATISTA RUNS DOWN THE ENTRANCE RAMP AND SLIDES IN, BEFORE HAMMERING AWAY ON KENNEDY!! The ref calls for the bell!!
Winner: Mr. Kennedy via DQ at 2:21.

Kennedy and Batista exchange right hands, but Batista double legs him and takes KK down to the mat! The two roll around for a bit, brawling, until Kennedy ends up on top and begins to swing away wildly on the face of The Animal! KK has the advantage for about a second before Flair grabs a hold of his arms, holding him in place as the World Champion gets back up to his feet.

Flair holds Kennedy in place and Batista begins to swing away on him, hitting Kennedy with a succession of unblocked right hands! Batista then rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair, before rolling back into the ring, ready to tee off on the prone Kennedy. He rears back …

… but Chris Sabin sprints down to the ring, carrying a steel chair!! Flair lets KK drop to the canvas, and rolls out of the ring, while Batista holds his ground as Sabin slides in. Sabin and Batista stare at one another, both wielding a steel chair - but Flair grabs a hold of the youngster’s leg and trips him up, not only causing him to drop down, but to drop the steel chair as well.

Batista looks at Sabin like a piece of meat but Kennedy grabs the steel chair on the canvas and gets back up to his feet. Big Dave turns around and KK swing the chair, knocking Tista’s chair from his hand!! The Animal angrily glares at Kennedy, who yells “Bring It!”, still holding a chair, and Batista thinks the better of it, and climbs out of the ring, shaking his head.

Kennedy doesn’t take his eyes off of the World Heavyweight Champion and The Nature Boy, as the two superstars head back up the ramp.


Backstage, in his locker room, Triple H, dressed in his attire (apparently ready to wrestle in the handicap match) begins to unwrap the tape from his hands with a smile on his face, no need for it now with Kane taken out. Hunter then takes his elbow pads off and tosses them into his bag … as the general manager Stephanie McMahon walks in. H smiles.

Triple H:
Better luck next time, toots. (Laughs) It’s strange how things sometimes work themselves out, don’t cha think? I mean think about it; (stands up) You unfairly put me into a match with those two ogres, thinking I’d get my ass handed to me just two days before WrestleMania 23. And instead of that happening, Kane gets his ass kicked, and YOU get YOUR ass handed to you before WrestleMania. Ironic.

Hunter smirks, and for some reason, that causes Stephanie to smile.

Stephanie McMahon: You’re right about that, it is strange how things seem to work themselves out. Like how, since Kane was attacked, I was planning to give you the night off before WrestleMania.

Hunter nods.

Stephanie McMahon:
But as you said, strange things happen, and as you saw a few moments ago, Mr. Kennedy and Ric Flair didn’t get to have their match because Batista decided to get involved. So here’s what came to mind.

Tonight, in a six man tag team main event, you, Triple H, will team up with the World Heavyweight Champion Batista and The Nature Boy Ric Flair and the three of you will face Chris Sabin (decent pop), Mr. Kennedy (great pop) -- and who could we get to team up with them, that wouldn’t mind getting his hands on you? Hmmmm.

H boils with anger as Steph smirks.

Stephanie McMahon:
How about … The Rock?

The crowd erupts as Hunter looks in disgust.

Stephanie McMahon: You manage to get out of the frying pan … and right into the fire. Ironic.

Steph smiles once more before leaving, as Hunter takes his bag and flings it against the wall in anger.

Back to ringside.

Match #3: Six Man Tag Team Match:
King Booker & The New King’s Court vs. Bobby Lashley, Finlay & William Regal
Solid match up, with the two newer stars, Burke and Brown, sharing the majority of the time in the ring, with Booker on the apron, while Lashley and Finlay spend ALL the time in the ring for their team. The “face” team have several miscommunications and a couple of awkward stare downs which comes as no shock due to the history between them, but they still manage to stay in the match up from beginning to end.
At the seven minute mark, Finlay and Burke make the hot tags to Lashley and Booker!! Lashley comes in like a house on fire, taking out Booker and then doing the same to the King’s Court as they enter the ring!! Eventually, the numbers game catches up with him and the referee loses complete control as Lashley is triple teamed by Booker and company!! Finlay comes in and begins to hammer away on the King, evening things up a bit more and then Regal … HOPS OFF OF THE APRON!! The crowd boos as Regal goes to the timekeeper’s position, and grabs his United States Championship, before heading back up the entrance ramp.
Regal mouths “it’s all about this” before heading through the curtain, allowing his teammates to suffer the consequences of the disadvantage. Eventually, Finlay is thrown from the ring and Lashley pays the price, hit with the POUNCE, which is quickly followed up by a SCISSORS KICK for the three count!!
Winners: King Booker and The New King’s Court at 10:46.

Whether you like it or not, definitely a smart move for Regal to leave the ring, and … well … abandon his teammates. He’s gonna be fresh come WrestleMania, when he as to defend that United States Championship.

Joey Styles:
He’s a coward, Tazz. That’s all there is to it.

You say coward, I say smart.

Joey Styles: Later on tonight, HUGE six man tag team main event, The Rock, Mr. Kennedy and Chris Sabin team up to face “The Game” Triple H, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair and the World Heavyweight Champion, “The Animal” Batista. AND John Cena plans to call out The Undertaker. Later tonight on SmackDown!


{Styles and Tazz run through the WrestleMania card, shooting it to Ross and Lawler for the Raw matches, much like Monday night}

Backstage, The Rock appears on camera, receiving a HUGE ovation, as he warms up in a hallway, dressed to compete with a T-shirt on top and a pair of shades. Soon enough, Mr. Kennedy walks in to a nice pop, also still dressed to compete, as he and The Rock shake hands.

Mr. Kennedy: Oh, it gets no bigger than this. It can’t possibly get bigger than this. Two days until the grandest stage of them all. Two days until WrestleMania 23. And more importantly than that, two days until the World Heavyweight Championship goes around my waist. Two days until the World Title goes around the waist of MMIISSTTEERRRR KENN-

The Rock: Whoa, whoa, ha-ha, take it easy, Kennedy. The Rock knows your hyped up, amped up for the main event of WrestleMania.

Kennedy bounces up and down, pumped.

Mr. Kennedy: Oh yeah.

The Rock: Yeah, The Rock knows the feeling. The Rock’s been there. The Rock’s been on the mountain top on the biggest stage of them all. The Rock’s been on the main stage, challenging for that prestigious prize. But most importantly, The Rock has stood across the ring and looked into the eyes of that big hairless monkey, Batista.

Rock takes his glasses off and Kennedy stops moving.

The Rock: Let The Rock tell you something, kid. You need to walk into that ring one hundred percent focused, one hundred percent at the complete top of your game, at your absolute BEST if you want to beat Batista. And even then, you STILL might not walk out with the World Title. No Way Out, The Rock walked in at his finest, on the biggest roll ever seen, the first man to pin Batista in MONTHS! But that candy ass … He becomes a different person with the World Championship on the line. So, you need to be ready to go through hell.

Kennedy nods a bit.

Mr. Kennedy: Oh, I’m ready. WrestleMania 23 … that belt is mine.

Rock stares at Kennedy for a bit, both men looking intense. Rock then puts his glasses back on, letting out a smile.

The Rock:
Good. See you out there.

Rock and KK slap hands before Kennedy turns and walks away. Rock turns around and runs right into Triple H!! Rock’s jaw immediately clinches with anger as Hunter smirks, dressed to compete with a T-shirt on, much like The Rock.

Triple H:
Nice speech, Rock. Dishing out the ‘feel goods’ now? Mentor Rock. Uncle Rocky.

Hunter scoffs as Rock looks pissed off.

Triple H:
Maybe you can teach these kids how to take their bags and ship off to Hollywood. Better yet, you can tell these young wrestlers how to piggyback off of the hard workers who actually have some damn talent!

That’s all you’re good for, that’s all you’ve EVER been good for. You’ve NEVER been anything special. You talk a big game, you talk a lot of shit, you’re clever, you’re funny, but in that ring, you’ve never been able to cut it. That’s why you took your ass to Hollywood; to be surrounded by a whole bunch of other frauds who get over on the people with actual talent.

The Rock:
(Makes snoring sounds, pretending to be asleep)

The crowd laughs as Hunter is the one now upset.

The Rock: The Rock knows what you’re thinking. You’re wondering why The Rock hasn’t jumped all over your monkey ass for Pedigreeing The Rock last week. You’re wondering why The Rock hasn’t tuned that ass up for getting in The Rock’s face YET AGAIN this week! Why do you think that is, Hunter?

Triple H:
You’re afraid o-

The Rock:

The crowd roars in the background, as Hunter and The Rock glare at one another.

The Rock:
The Rock isn’t gonna whip your ass just yet, because in mere moments, you and The Rock will be in that ring, and The Rock is gonna proceed in giving you what you need, and that’s The Rock taking his size thirteen boot and sticking it straight up your CANDY ASS!!!

Crowd cheers.

The Rock: Oh, and as much as you enjoy having things shoved up your ass, let The Rock guarantee you, you won’t like that. But believe or not, all of that will compare in comparison to the incredible ass kicking that The Rock is gonna give you at WrestleMania. Hunter, BRING IT ALL!! Bring the sledgehammers, bring the tables, bring the steel chairs, bring the ladders, bring the kitchen sink, bring your momma’s kitchen sink!! None of it is gonna stop The Rock - because you can’t stop The Rock - CAN’T STOP The Rock from whuppin your big nosed, stuck up ass, No Holds Barred at WrestleMania this Sunday!!

Crowd cheers once more as Hunter fumes. Rocky takes his glasses off and gets as close to The Game’s face as possible.

The Rock:
If ya smell … what The Rock … is cookin’.

Rock and Hunter stare one another down, before Rock puts his shades back on and walks past Hunter, slamming shoulders as he passes by, leaving Trips burning with anger.


Backstage, Ric Flair and Batista walk backstage, Naitch in a DIFFERENT custom robe, while Big Dave is dressed to compete, title on his shoulder. The two seem very confident as they walk the halls and stop at the locker room which reads “Hardys”. They step in…

Ric Flair: Ladies!

Matt and Jeff stand, not looking pleased, as Flair and Batista both smile.

Ric Flair:
Ha-ha, just kidding with ya, don’t take everything so seriously, fellas. More fun that way. But I’ll tell ya what is serious - this Sunday, WrestleMania, Money in the Bank Ladder Match. And I KNOW you guys saw Monday Night Raw.

The Hardys both basically say “yes”.

Ric Flair:
I told you guys that Rob Van Dam and that crazy SOB Sabu would be working together and you saw what they did to that Chris Masters two on one. Put him through an announce table, diving into him from some fifteen feet off of a ladder.

Why were they able to do it? Because they had the numbers advantage two on one on Monday Night Raw. That’s why the three of us need to form a pact - STICK TOGETHER - Sand then at WrestleMania, WE get rid of Van Dam, WE get rid of Sabu, WE get rid of Doane, and then - ha-ha, WOOOOOOOO - WE fight it out for the Money in the Bank contract. I asked you guys last week, you told me to let you sleep on it. You’ve had seven days. Lets hear it, guys. Do the smart thing … for all of us.

Matt and Jeff look at one another and nod a bit, causing Flair to smile wildly.

Matt Hardy: Ric, we did see Raw on Monday night and what happened to Chris. But let me ask you a question.

Ric Flair:
Go ahead. Anything.

Matt Hardy: Do you know where me and Jeff are from?

Ric Flair: Ha-ha, you’re from the state of the greatest wrestler of all-time! Couple of Tarheels, North Carolina! WOOOO!

Matt and Jeff both smile.

Jeff Hardy: So I guess you can guess who our favorite wrestler was growing up?

Ric Flair:
I would hope it’s yours truly.

Jeff Hardy: Absolutely.

Flair smiles again.

Matt Hardy:
Ric, there wasn’t a time that you were on the TV and me and Jeff weren’t in front of our televisions watching as carefully as possible. You were awesome, man. You ARE awesome, Ric. Jeff and I followed your whole career.

Flair extends his hand, smiling.

Ric Flair: Put it there, kid.

Jeff shakes his hand, and then Matt does, but Matt doesn’t let go.

Matt Hardy:
Slick Ric … the dirtiest player in the game.

Ric begins to seem a bit nervous as Matt smirks.

Matt Hardy:
Yeah, Ric, we loved you, but that doesn’t make us stupid.

Flair’s smile completely fades.

Matt Hardy:
We saw you turn on tag team partners, kick people out of the Four Horsemen, add people to the Horsemen, only to kick them out a week later. We’ve seen you lie, plot and scheme to get all the way to the top of the mountain and then lie, plot and scheme to stay on top of it. So, as for your offer, thanks … but no thanks.

Flair snatches his hand away from Matt furiously. The Hardys smile while Batista shakes his head in disgust as does Flair.

Ric Flair:
You two just made the BIGGEST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIVES!!! I GUARANTEE IT!! Nobody - NOBODY - says no to The Nature Boy Ric Flair!! I’m RIC FLAIR, GOD DAMN IT!!

Jeff Hardy: Later, Ric.

Matt Hardy:
Good luck in your match tonight.

Flair and Batista storm out of the locker room and into the hall. The two then stare at each other.

Ric Flair:
Can you believe those idiots?

Let’s go take it out on Kennedy.

Flair and Batista smirk a bit before heading down the hall.

Back to ringside.

Match #4:
Rey Mysterio vs. Scotty Too Hotty
The match merely acts as a vehicle for Mysterio to show his newfound Cruiserweight romanticism, lighting Scotty up with hurricanranas and head scissor takedowns from every angle, before finishing him off with a 619 and the Droppin Da Dime for the three count.
Winner: Rey Mysterio at 3:58.

Mysterio celebrates, climbing then turnbuckle and raising his hands to a nice pop, before…

***Dilated Teens*** The crowd boos as Allison Danger and “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels, the Cruiserweight Champion, walk out onto the stage. Danger carries the title belt as Daniels, dressed in slacks and a shirt carries a microphone. Mysterio begins to shake with anger as Daniels lifts the microphone up to his mouth.

Christopher Daniels:
Rey … two days … just two days. Two days until WrestleMania. Two days until The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels waltzes into Ford Field as the Cruiserweight Champion and takes on the man many consider the innovator of cruiserweight wrestling in the United States, Rey Mysterio.

Pop for Rey as Mysterio continues to stare at Daniels.

Christopher Daniels:
Two days until Rey Mysterio ends up on his back in the middle of that ring, and is merely another victim of Christopher Daniels. Just like Dean Malenko. Just like Chris Sabin. And just like your la familia Chavo Guerrero.

The crowd boos as that comment upsets Rey, whom holds his head down. Daniels and danger begin walking down to the ring.

Christopher Daniels:
Yeah, it was me who beat Chavo in the middle of this ring. But I still maintain that it was YOU who is responsible for Chavo no longer being in this ring, and doing what he longs to do. You know it’s the truth Rey. All you had to do was man up, and take me on like a man in the first place, and Chavo would be there, right by your side.

Daniels and Allison climb the ring steps and enters the ring.

Christopher Daniels: But no, you had to be poked, and prodded, and begged, and tricked, pissed off and pissed on. And STILL it wasn’t until I beat Chavo black and clue, and retired his ass - it was only THEN that you decided to take up and accept my challenge for WrestleMania.

Rey shakes his head.

Christopher Daniels:
Then why was it, Rey?! You know it’s the truth, Mysterio. That’s why you finally made up your mind to take me on at WrestleMania, because you knew it was your fault that Chavo got retired, you KNEW it was your cowardice that sent your best friend out on his ass at Saturday Night’s Main Event. You KNEW it was YOUR fault that Chavo -

Rey snatches the mic.

Rey Mysterio:

The crowd cheers as Daniels looks taken aback.

Rey Mysterio:
It’s no my fault that Chavo’s at home. I used to blame myself but you and I both know it’s not my fault!! I’ve known Chavo my whole life - he knew the risks going into that match, and he put it all on the line to shut you up and take the Cruiserweight Title! He just came up a little bit short … but I won’t.

Crowd cheers.

Rey Mysterio: I didn’t want to come back to the Cruiserweight Division. I’ve done it all here as a cruiserweight, I’ve wrestled everyone as a cruiserweight, and I’ve beaten everyone as a cruiserweight. From The Ultimo Dragon, to Chris Jericho, to Dean Malenko, to Chavito, Guerrero to my best friend, my homie, the late, great Eddie Guerrero.

The audience erupts into cheers, starting an “Eddie” chant as Mysterio kisses his hand and points to the sky, before refocusing on Daniels.

Rey Mysterio:
I accepted your challenge because I did feel guilt about Chavo, but now I realize why I’m gonna fight you at WrestleMania - why I’m going to BEAT you at WrestleMania 23. It’s not just about the title, it’s not just about pride, you decided to make this personal and believe me, Chris, it’s real personal.

At WrestleMania this Sunday, you’re not just gonna get the best Rey Mysterio you’ve seen in a long while, you’re gonna get the best Rey Mysterio you’ve EVER seen. This isn’t gonna be a throwback to the ECW or WCW Rey Mysterio, this is gonna be a brand new Mysterio, a Mysterio that’s gonna take you on, headfirst, and give you the worst beating of your life!

More cheers as Mysterio looks right into Daniels’ eyes, who seems a bit apprehensive now.

Rey Mysterio: You’ve proven yourself by beating some of the best in the business, we’ll see how good you REALLY are when you take on THE BEST this Sunday at WrestleMania.

Mysterio tosses down the mic to a wonderful ovation as he and Daniels continue to stare at one another. Daniels then snaps his fingers and Allison Danger attempts to take Rey’s head off with the Cruiserweight Title - but Mysterio ducks it!!

Daniels then looks to hit Rey with a clothesline but Mysterio ducks that, springboards off of the middle rope and takes Daniels down with a springboard CROSS BODY!!

The Fallen Angel stumbles back up to his feet, clearly out of it, and Mysterio dropkicks him in the back, causing him to get caught up on the middle rope. Rey raises his hand into the air and shoots off of the ropes, looking for the 619!!! - but Danger gets in his way!!

Rey moves her out of the way … but The Fallen Angel quickly rolls out of the ring, and scurries up the entrance ramp. Danger soon follows and Mysterio’s music hits to another nice ovation, as he manages to get one up on Daniels two days before WM, without causing any real damage though.


Raw Rebound:
~ Victoria destroys Melina and two MALES, once more showing her impressive ability, before her title match against Mickie James at WrestleMania.
~ Austin and Angle exchange words in the middle of the ring before Austin drops him with the Stunner.
~ Sabu drives Masters through the announce table, before he competes in the WM Money in the Bank Ladder Match.
~ Due to a distraction from Randy Orton, Edge manages to defeat HBK in the main event. It’s Michaels who comes out on top in the end though, hitting Orton with SCM after Orton RKO’d Edge.

Main Event: Six Man Tag Team Match:
Batista, Triple H, & Ric Flair vs. Mr. Kennedy, The Rock, & Chris Sabin
Sabin and Flair spend the majority of the time in the ring, as Rock, Hunter, Batista and Kennedy spend far less time and once they do, it’s never against their actual WrestleMania opponent.
After a commercial break, we return with the heels managing to isolate Chris Sabin and do so for the next three minutes with Triple H as the legal man. Eventually, Sabin manages to hit the enzuigiri on Hunter, before making the tag to The Rock, as H tags in Batista! The Animal and The Great One meet in the ring and it’s Rock who lights up the champ with right hands before taking him down with a BIG right!!
Flair steps in and charges at Rock, but Rocky counters, planting him with a Samoan Drop!! Rock gets up to his feet, and Hunter drills him with a hard right hand, taking him down to the canvas. H then lifts Rock up - going for the PEDIGREE but Rock counters, pushing him forward, all the way into the corner!! Sabin makes the blind tag as Rock lets loose on Hunter with right hands, before taking him over the top rope and to the outside with a Spit Punch!! Rock follows him to the outside and begins rocking The Game with hard right hands, before knocking him into the CROWD!! Rock climbs over the barricade and the two fight until they’re out of view.
Sabin enters the ring and begins to fight both Batista and Flair holding them off, until The Animal takes him down with a nasty clothesline!! Mr. Kennedy steps into the ring to an immense ovation and begins to drill Batista in the face with hard rights, knocking him into the corner!! Flair grabs a hold of KK’s arm, spinning him around, only to be hit with right hands, before Kennedy backs up, and clotheslines both Flair and himself to the outside and to the floor!!
Sabin gets back up to his feet as Batista comes in. Sabin hits The Animal with hard forearm shots but Big Dave goes low, hitting a knee to the gut, and shoots Sabin into the ropes. He comes back and takes Batista down with a hurricanrana!! Sabin then goes to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle, before leaping off - but Batista CATCHES HIM - and simply tosses him to the ground!!! Sabin gets back up to his feet, holding his back but is soon planted with a SPINEBUSTER!!! Batista brings him back up and follows with a DEMON BOMB for the victory!!!
Winners: Batista, Triple H, & Ric Flair at 12:11.

Kennedy climbs back onto the apron, but is drilled with a LOW BLOW by Flair, causing him to slump back down. Batista grabs Sabin and brings him back up before lifting him up into a DEMON BOMB POSITION, walks toward the corner and POWERBOMBS HIM INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!!!

The crowd groans as Sabin collapses down to the canvas. Batista uses his foot to roll the cruiserweight out of the ring, and then tells Flair to toss Kennedy in here. Flair does what’s asked and Batista lifts Kennedy back up to his feet, but KK fights back, drilling The Animal with hard right hands, rocking him!

Flair gets back on the apron and Kennedy knocks him down with a hard right hand!! Kennedy then turns around and gets planted with A SPINEBUSTER!!! Batista smirks and then lets out a roar as the audience showers him in heat.

The Animal then lifts his challenger back up to his feet, before HITTING HIM WITH A DEMON BOMB as well!!!

Batista grabs Kennedy, lifts him back up and backs him into the ropes, tying him up between the middle and top ropes. Flair walks around ringside and grabs the World Title and a microphone. Naitch steps into the ring and hands the belt to Batista before getting right in Kennedy’s face.

Ric Flair:
Look at ya!! Kennedy, hey! HEY!! KENNEDY!!!

Flair slaps the barely conscious Kennedy, causing him to look at Flair.

Ric Flair:
LOOK AT ME YOU SON OF A BITCH!!! I warned your ass!!! GO TO RAW!! THAT’S WHAT I SAID!! NOW, in two days you will have WASTED your Royal Rumble win!! YOU WILL HAVE WASTED YOUR MOMENTUM!! You will have WASTED your potential!!! You will have WASTED your promise!! Because let me guarantee you, this is as close as you will EVER - EVER -- EVER come to the World Heavyweight Championship!!!

The crowd boos as Batista rubs the title in his face.

Ric Flair:
YOU CAN’T BEAT BATISTA!! NO ONE CAN BEAT BATISTA!! AND IN TWO DAYS, YOU WILL FIND OUT JUST WHY HE’S … the World Heavyweight Champion - the GREATEST World Heavyweight Champion of all-time. See you Sunday, you dumb son of a bitch.

Batista then backs up, before charging forward and DRILLING KENNEDY WITH THE TITLE BELT, setting his arms free from the ropes, as Kennedy topples all the way to the outside, onto the floor!!

The crowd boos as Kennedy lays face down on the outside with Batista and Flair smiling. The Animal then raises the World Title above his head, letting out an animalistic roar to even more heat as we fade out.


Tazz: Sick attack we saw before the break, Styles. Batista and The Nature Boy sending one hell of a message mere days before WrestleMania.

Joey Styles:
Kennedy could be in grave trouble come WrestleMania. Well, we’re waiting on John Cena, who promised he would call out The Undertaker here tonight and-




***Graveyard Symphony*** The Undertaker steps out onto the stage, receiving a thunderous ovation from the sold out crowd. Taker makes his perpetually slow entrance before climbing the steps and entering the ring. The Phenom calls for a microphone and soon gets one. “Undertaker” chants start up as The Phenom begins to speak.

The Undertaker:

Mixed reaction - leaning towards heat.

The Undertaker: You’ve proven yourself a worthy adversary. You’ve proven yourself to be unafraid. But make no mistake about it, in two days … at WrestleMania 23 … in Ford Field … just like the fourteen men before you … John, you will be taken to the depths of hell … you will be put in pain that you didn’t think was humanly possible … and in the end, you will fall.

Crowd cheers.

The Undertaker:
In the end … At WrestleMania 23 … you WILL … REST … IN … PEEEEEEACE!!!

Thunderous pop as Taker rolls his eyes into the back of his head.

***My Time Is Now*** The crowd erupts into a mixed reaction, as John Cena steps out onto the stage, microphone in hand, smile on his face, as The Undertaker slowly turns his head around to look at Cena.

John Cena:
The PHENOM live and in living color!

Mixed reaction as Taker looks at Cena emotionlessly.

John Cena:
When was the last time I saw you in the flesh? Let me see … it wasn’t last week, or two weeks ago … uhhhh … (snaps fingers) … that’s right, Saturday Night’s Main Event. And what was it that happened then??

Taker continues to look on without showing too much of an expression either way, while Cena taps his finger on his chin.

John Cena:
Instead of me just telling you all what happened, I’ve got a better idea. (Howard Cosell impersonation) Let’s go to the video tape.

Everyone’s attention turns to the Titantrons. Cut to video.

Cena stands in the middle of the ring, after watching a video package.

John Cena:
Don’t tell me you people didn’t enjoy that as much as I did. (Light boos) I figured The Deadman wouldn’t have the balls to show up here tonight, so I thought to myself, I said “John, why not do something fresh, something new … instead of the same old song and dance, boring, stale crap, send some guy a message, light a ring on fire, light a book on fire, crap that Taker has been doing week in and week out for the past fifteen years?”.

Crowd boos.

John Cena:
So, tune in on pay per view, April 1st, WrestleMania 23, yada-yada, more Mania hype, to see me kick The Undertaker’s ass. Catch ya later. (Popping his collar) AHA!!!

Cena smirks as the crowd boos and he soon goes to leave the ring, when…


The lights go out completely and the crowd erupts.


The lights come back on …with THE UNDERTAKER … FACE TO FACE WITH CENA!!!

The crowd goes wild as Cena and Taker stand toe to toe, neither man backing down an inch. Cena takes a step back and then SPITS ON TAKER!! The crowd gasps and Taker looks up into Cena’s cold blue eyes, in complete shock.

Cena waives him in, tell him to “bring it” and Taker does just that, throwing a huge right hand, which Cena avoids! The Doctor of Thuganomics then lights Taker up, hitting him with hard right after hard right, backing him up into the corner!! Cena spends a decent amount of time, wailing away on The Phenom in the corner but that doesn’t last as Taker soon grabs Cena and flings him into the corner!

The Deadman then goes to work, letting the soup-bones fly, hitting Cena with hard rights and lefts to the stomach and face, before hitting a big one, causing Cena to stumble out of the corner. Taker lifts him up and hit’s the Snake Eyes on the turnbuckle, shoots off of the ropes and hit’s a boot to the face!!

The crowd goes crazy as The Undertaker gives a throat slash, setting him up for the Tombstone. Cena stumbles up to his feet and Taker lifts him up, GOING FOR THE TOMBSTONE -- BUT CENA COUNTERS, LIFTING THE UNDERTAKER INTO POSITION FOR THE TOMBSTONE AND THEN ONTO HIS SHOULDERS AND HIT’S THE FU!!!!

Joey Styles: OH MY GAWD!!! John Cena has just laid out The Undertaker!! John Cena has just planted The Phenom with the FU!!

Cena stand over the fallen Phenom and the crowd has almost gone completely silent as no one expected Cena to be able to drop Taker as clean as a whistle as he just did. Cena lets out a smirk before “turning” his hand into a gun and aiming it at the Deadman, pulling the trigger and then walks off.

Back to real time.

The audience delivers a loud mixed reaction while Cena and Taker look at each other once more, Taker looking a bit upset, while Cena looks as serious as can be.

John Cena:
What else needs to be said, Deadman? This Sunday at WrestleMania 23, I’m not laying down for you, Deadman, YOU’RE LAYING DOWN FOR ME!! You’ve been in my face twice and twice I’ve let you off the hook without completely ripping you to shreds!!

I’ve slapped you, I’ve spit in your face, and I’ve dropped you like a bad habit! But believe me, all of that was simply the prelude to the real deal come WrestleMania. This Sunday, is the main attraction. I’m not Diesel, I’m not Sid, I’m not Bundy, I’m not the Bossman, I’m not Snuka, I’m not Flair, I’m not Show, I’m not Orton, I’m not Kane, I’m not Hunter, I’m not The Snake, I’m not A-Train, I’m not Henry, and I sure as hell ain’t Giant Gonzales. I … AM JOHN … CENA!!!

Tremendous mixed reaction as Cena scowls with intensity at The Phenom who continues to stare back coldly.

John Cena:
I don’t fear you, but you better learn to fear ME and learn to do it as quick as possible. Because you’ve got 48 hours until you lose every single bit of that aura that you’ve built up over a decade and a half when I not only beat you in the middle of that ring, but completely embarrass you at the ONE event that you’ve been the most successful at.

That’s all you’ve got left. The magic, the tricks, the lighting effects, the fire, the scary eyes, the dark clothes, IT’S ALL FAILED!!! All that’s left is for me and you to stand toe to toe in the middle of that ring and have it out one on one, man to man, face to face, and when we get there in two days, this Sunday, at WrestleMania, you can bet your ass that’ll FAIL TOO!! WORD LIFE!!

The crowd roars into another mixed reaction as Cena drops the microphone and raises his hands into the air. Taker merely stares at Cena before reaching up and taking off his hat, to a nice pop. Cena watches as Taker then takes off his jacket and tosses it out of the ring, before backing up and waving Cena in.

The crowd erupts as Cena looks around, apparently, not expecting to throw down with The Phenom here tonight. The crowd cheers, as Cena looks at Taker … AND SPRINTS FOR THE RING!!!

Taker puts his hands up as Cena slides into the ring. The Boss throws a clothesline and Taker but The Phenom ducks and then lights Cena up with hard right hands, unleashing weeks of pent up fury on the arrogant but dominant superstar.

Taker then goes to shoot Cena into the ropes but Cena counters, sending Taker in. Taker comes back and ducks a Cena clothesline, hits the ropes once more then leaps up and takes Cena down with a flying clothesline!!

The Undertaker gets back up to his feet, waiting on the staggering Cena, and once The Boss gets up, Taker wraps his arm around his throat, lifts him up, and PLANTS HIM WITH A CHOKESLAM!!! The crowd delivers a mixed reaction - more geared towards cheers as The Undertaker gives the throat slash, signaling for the Tombstone Piledriver.

Taker then lifts him up off of the canvas and then onto his shoulders - but Cena slides down his back, drops down to his knees and HITS THE LOW BLOW!!! Cena gets back up, spins him around and lifts Taker up onto his shoulders, before HE HITS THE FU!!!

Cena pounds on his chest as he lays out The Undertaker again with the FU. Cena then turns The Undertaker onto his stomach … AND LOCKS ON THE STFU!!! Both cheers and boos ring in as Cena attempts to choke the life out of The Phenom, veins popping out of his arm as he has his devastating finishing submission hold locked in on The Deadman!!

Several referees run down to the ring and attempt to pull Cena off of Taker but it’s of no use as Cena merely wrenches it in tighter. Even more refs run down to the ring and Cena … lets go of the hold, getting back up to his feet … only to start SWINGING ON THE REFS, knocking them down a couple with hard right hands!! The rest get the idea and slide out of the ring, fearing for their health.

Cena then drops down and LOCKS IN THE HOLD AGAIN!!! The Boss yells at the top of his lungs as BLOOD begins to trickle down from The Undertaker’s mouth, with Cena continuing to choke him out!!

Styles and Tazz give a final hard sell for the Mania card and the Taker-Cena match in particular as we fade out with the image of Cena yelling intensely, holding onto the STFU while The Undertaker looks completely out of it, blood coming from his mouth.



FINAL Card for WWE WrestleMania XXIII:

Date: April 1st, 2007
Location: Ford Field; Detroit, Michigan
Event Music: Saliva; Ladies and Gentlemen

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista w/Ric Flair
vs. 2007 Royal Rumble Winner Mr. Kennedy

WWE Championship Match; Three Way Dance:
‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton
vs. ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels
vs. ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge

No Holds Barred Match:
‘The Great One’ The Rock vs. ‘The Game’ Triple H

Icon vs. Icon:
‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin vs. ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle

One On One:
‘The Phenom’ The Undertaker vs. ‘The Boss’ John Cena


Intercontinental Championship Match:
Carlito vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Christopher Daniels
w/Allison Danger vs. Rey Mysterio

Women's Championship Match:
Mickie James vs. Victoria

United States Championship; Fatal Four Way Match:
William Regal vs. King Booker vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Finlay

Money In The Bank Ladder Match:
RVD vs. Matt Hardy vs. Ken Doane vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Sabu vs. Ric Flair

Monsters Collide:
Raw GM Jonathan Coachman’s Big Show & Umaga
(w/AAE & Heyman)
vs. SmackDown! GM Stephanie McMahon’s Kane & Mark Henry

Eight Man Inter-Promotional Tag Team Match:
America's Most Wanted & MNM vs. Hooligans & Helms/Benjamin

Gif Credit - will94
Match Banner Credit - Crazian



for the week of September 28th


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