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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

I've been reading yours but havent really gotten to a review yet so here's one

Jonathon Coachman promo: Coach seems in character. I like the idea of a SD vs. Raw WM match even if its Monsters cause I think that they can work well together imo. Even if they couldnt in WWE they can in your thread lol

Mercury/Harris: I liked the match as it draws something the WWE probably wouldnt do for WM. I like recaps if they're good and yours are good.

Edge/Coach promo: Edge seemed in character. It made me think that Edge would be helping out HBK in the match later which is exactly what happened, nice promo

Carlito/Steve:Liked the in character promo how Steve didnt really want Lito there he just wanted Kurt, very realistic, good promo

RVD/Sabu vs Masters/Doane: I too was wondering why not Dykstra and cant wait for his face turn and he leaves RKOs army and becomes a singles competitor, nice matchup.

Angle/Maria segment: This segment was HILARIOUS, the What and the go play in traffic, in character and funny, great interview

Nitro/Storm match: Good match, im hoping for the MNM AMW feud to continue through WM lol, maybe one team costing the other you never know

Austin/Carlito vs Angle/JBL: MOTN imo, I loved the entire match, favorite part of course was the ending, great match man.

Shawn/Edge promo:it was ok, I didnt really like this one as i didnt find it that necessary, but it was to hype up the WM ME which works so nice job

Mickie/Ross/Victoria promo: I think this is the only thread where there is an actual Diva feud lol, or at least a good one, i like this feud its interesting, good luck.

RKO army promo: I dont like how Melina is going with Orton to make them split RKOs Army up but then you stated the things about Orton taking Credit and stuff, good job.

Randy/Shawn w/Edge ref: I loved this match, if you didnt have the tag match this would be MOTN, liked seeing Edge help Michaels win and then them work together only to have HBK turn on Edge at the last moments of the show lol. Nice match!
Overall: A Great show, cant wait for WM. Overall a 9/10

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Solid promo to kick things off, nothing more or less. lol at Steph ignoring Coach's request to be called Coachman. Big man brawl to end the segment gives Kane & Henry much needed credibility. Also liking the Londrick/Shelton & Helms vs AMW/MNM match, heels and faces teaming together should be interesting with their brands pride at stake

Speaking of AMW & MNM, surprised to see Mercury get the win over Harris. Wouldn't of expected this after the announcement before

Edge almost loses his cool but is saved by Lita here, good promo from Edge if a little lacking but he really is hungry as can be to take it to Orton come WM. Coach is always gonna have 75% of the roster hating him though

Austin was truly well captured as always by you here. Carlito was pretty much just there to give Austin the cue to run his mouth and end the promo, but nontheless, this tag match should be a good one

Another victory as you pointed out for the RKO Army, and is Doane on the verge of flying solo? Cannot picture him as a face at all, so I hope you don't take that road with him. Poor RVD & Sabu having to job

LMFAO! Maria was fucking excellent. Truly hilarious segment, more of these plz. Angle & JBL then turned the promo into a very good serious one, both men getting some powerful words in and building their matches even further, and both were in character

O boy another win for RKO here and both AMW members job out. It's a resurgence for the RKO army after their recent poor form

Angle gets himself DQ'd intentionally here to keep everyone guessing and momentum even in the feud with SCSA. Good way to book the match as the winners would've instantly been thought of as favourites in this feud

Ugh that talentless waste of space is back . Never cared for womens matches and such in BTB but atleast you are giving a true build to this feud, much more than any other booker is atm. Mickie sounded great as a heel, don't care for Victoria though

Definately a split on the horizon here with Kenny the front runner to leave tbh, also wouldn't surprise me if MNM split too as Nitro seemed to side more with Kenny here

Nice way to cap off a quality show as Edge fast counts Orton lmao and then is levelled by HBK! Holy crap! Brawl ensuing before that seemed like HBK & Edge would buddy up, but HBK pulls the swerve and what a good way to keep the feud interesting heading into WM

8.5/10. Quality stuff Mac.


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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

A couple of things.

~ Thanks for the votes in this month's Mega Standings. I'm always appreciative of votes in general, especially to number one.

~ Finally managed to finish kid o mac's Survivor Series review. Took quite a while but now I'll be moving on to KOP's Raw, Legend's SmackDown!, Renegade's newest WIWA show (whenever that goes up) and whatever other reviews I need to get to.

~ kyle_wwe, yes, 'sexily' is a word. And yes, Bill Alfonso did manage Rob Van Dam (along with Sabu and others) in ECW.

~ Surprised and glad that everyone enjoyed the Maria-Angle-JBL segment. Came to me about half way through Angle's tirade. Went back and put her ditsy performance in. Happy you guys enjoyed it.

~ SmackDown! once I get the reviews done.

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Smackdown Review

Opening Promo - I think you're making Batista sound smarter than he is. Batista heel is better than Batista face though. The flow is okay with Batista right now. It's a little boring with him, which is typical I guess. Good stuff from Kennedy. I liked the speech being boring comment. It should be used more often in BTB tbh. I've only seen it a few times. Kennedy stirring things up nicely. Great comments from him. And Batista being the big idiot slowly starts to fall for it. Nice, it gets physical. Good way to start the show. Kennedy definitely helped the promo cause Batista wasn't that great to me. It seemed like a typical Smackdown promo too and I don't know if that's good. Flow was okay to me. Character was good. Batista was too smart at the beginning tbh. The diction used was nothing Batista would really say, based on what I've seen. Other than that, yeah, it was a great way to start off the show.

Hardyz vs. Helms/Benji - MITB qualifying? Teams? Cool concept, I guess. I've never really liked the concept of heels vs. heels. Cause in a match, one side would definitely be brought out as a face team. Nonetheless, it sounded like a very exciting match. Definitely a good match opener for a show. I would have liked either team to win it considering both teams are great for the MITB match so Hardyz winning is good. Good stuff here.

Daniels Promo - Nice blood on hands comment. I like that. Damn, I love this promo. Everything Daniels says has an "impact" to it to me, and it flows nicely. Despite being a short promo, this is one of the best promos I've read recently. From the Mysterio promo on SNME and this promo here, Daniels vs Mysterio looks amazing. Can't wait.

Mysterio vs. Noble - Good match. Shows that Mysterio can still hang with the cruiserweights. Definitely a great booking idea just to have this match.

Booker/Steph Promo - Booker's last part was great to me. Reminiscent to his Booker T days to me. Regal's attack leads me to believe a Booker vs. Regal match is coming up. 2nd time in the night you've used security/referees. Don't use them too often. Other than that, another good short segment.

The Rock/Triple H Promo - Nice placing of his signature sayings. Fits in nicely. Lol @ the random comment to Styles. Typical Rock. Nice way to recap why The Rock wants a piece of Trips. I don't recall that, so it's good for new readers and unaware readers. Trips is hurr. Loving what Triple H is saying. Makes for an entertaining promo and feud tbh. I'm surprised The Rock didn't interrupt at any point though. I think he would. Spoke too soon. Abrupt way to end the promo, but nonetheless, another stellar promo. All the minor things of this promo made it great from the little comments to the little mockings. I didn't really have a promo with this one. Entertainment was definitely up there. Great work.

Hooliganz/Helms & Benji Promo - Rather odd ending to the promo for me. I was a little confused. Great match for next week, that's for sure. I'm guessing none of these guys get into the MITB match. Meh. A tag feud between these two teams would be more entertaining. Another short promo with generic characters. Nothing more I can say really. The promo did get the point across, I guess.

Kane/Henry vs. ??? SQUASH? I think so. According to the WWE, squash matches = more ratingz. Have more plz. :P

Chavo Promo - I liked this segment. Talking to Chavo at home after he's forced to retire. Good booking here. There's nothing really in this promo that hasn't been said though.

Cena Promo + Match - Hah, the boss is here! Nice. I like that. “OH!” Lmao. Nice shot towards Taker. Good Cena promo. It dragged on towards the end. Cena basically squashes S2H and sends a message to Taker. Not bad.

Batista/Flair Promo - Short promo here. Flair winning the MITB qualifier? Seems really possible so far, as no one else has really stood out as a possible choice.

Main Event - Finlay, Lashley, Regal and Booker were all each other's throats and the majority of them got eliminated because of it. Booker got the best of it, I guess. Definitely looks like it's a Flair win here. Flair does win! The beatdown of Sabin and save from Kennedy was a nice touch to end the show. Good stuff.

Overall - Another stellar show. Promos were great throughout for the most part. Matches and booking were awesome. Some of your decisions, I wish I would have thought of. Even the little things. Like I said, a stellar show. Really shows why your on top of the Mega Standings. Keep it up Mac. I'll have a Raw review up ASAP.

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's Raw Feedback

Sorry for the lateness, Mac

~ I have to say, this opening promo was a real, real treat. Imagine not opening your show with your major feuds like Orton/HBK/Edge, Austin/Angle or JBL/Carliti, and you still managed to make it damn exciting. Pat yourself on the back for this writing, Mac; it shows incredible skill. Coach and Stephanie's interaction to begin with was excellent, as you write both of them very well, and their competitive rivalry has given us a nice little mini feud. The little "That's Mister Coachman" line was pretty funny, showing Coach's [false] ego. It's good to see the announcement for the tag teams at Wrestlemania also. I have to say that, at first, I thought a simple eight man tag match sounded a little underwhelming, but I thought it continues the SmackDown vs. Raw theme, it places two rival teams as partners, and it has eight VERY good athletes involved. What's not to like? I'm can see now that whoever wins out of the Monster's Collide Match will lose later on in the tag team showcase. The ending was suitably high octane and made it a perfect ending to the segment. I love the way you describe Big Show, Umaga, Heyman and AAE coming down to the ring [this stable needs a name], especially Heyman. I couldn't believe that they would have actually assaulted Stephanie, so the run in from Kane and Henry was well timed. It seems very wierd referring to Henry as a face, but that's what he effectively is here. Once again, Mac, this was a fine way to start the show and give two of your lower profile matches some real hype. I'm actually quite psyched for Monster's Collide and Tag Team Showcase now, something I wasn't before

~ Good choice of an opening contest between Chris Harris and Joey Mercury. It really adds some tension heading into Wrestlemania between the two teams, and also works as a nice way to tie up both tag team divisions, since both Raw and SmackDown really only have two teams. Quite surprising to see Mercury pick up the win, mainly since members of the RKO Army have not been doing too well of late.

~ Very nice segment from Edge and Coachman next. Edge started off much better than he has been for the past few weeks, mainly because he was a little bit more cocky, as opposed to simply acting like a psychopath. That's probably why I really enjoy his backstage segments with HBK, but I'm not too keen on the ones he has had so far with Orton. I can actually see Orton losing tonight, mainly because Edge will screw him, and also because HBK will more than likely be eliminated first at Wrestlemania, and needs some momentum.

~ Great backstage segment from Austin and Carlito here. CCC didn't really have that much to say, but Stone Cold certainly took care of that. I loved the line about sipping coconuts too This is a great way to give Carlito the rub in this thread and possibly elevate him higher than the Intercontinental title in the future. I doubt either of these two will take the fall tonight though, as they suffered quite badly last week.

~ Another good match up for the evening, this time giving the MITB competitors a chance to sqaure off against one another [and Masters]. Once again, I was quite surprised to see Doane pin Sabu and get the win for the RKO Army, making it quite a good night for them so far. I certainly didn't miss the reference in the aftermath of the match to "a few cheers" for Doane. A face turn coming? I'm honestly not sure if it would work.

~ Well, you just went right ahead and topped the Carlito/Austin segment with this interview here. Maria's involvement was hilarious, it really was. It's always great in an Austin feud to have the heel going nuts over the "WHAT?" chants all the time. JBL's little speech was well managed, and it really alludes to what is making this feud between him and CCC pretty darn good, and that's the fact that Carly is a working class guy from the Caribbean, and it contrasts nicely with JBL. Angle was intense as ever [although I don't think JBL should have been 'nervous' of him] and gave a very impressive speech. Like I said previously, I can really see Angle making Austin tap out come Wrestlemania ... or maybe not ... since your name is DDMAC ...

~ Yeah, a James Storm/Johnny Nitro match would probably be a bit better than a Chris Harris/Joey Mercury one, though not by much. The RKO Army pick up their third straight win?! Wow, this is turning into one hell of an evening for them, but as for Nitro using the title belt to nail Storm, this probably won't bode to well for their team come Wrestlemania. I have a sneaking suspicion that all of this success for the RKO Army tonight is setting Orton up for a fall in the Main Event.

~ Great tag team contest between four great competitors of the business. No real surprise to see Carlito become the sacrificial lamb to the heels, but the ending became frantic as hell, with Carly missing a Plancha and JBL getting a Stunner, before Angle gets himself DQed. No real surprise to see a non-result tonight, since either man taking the pin fall at this point towards Wrestlemania would be damaging. I was loving the double bird to Austin too from Angle.

~ This is definately what I have been enjoying of late, this uneasy alliance between HBK and Edge. You write with Michaels very well, and Edge is so much better in this vain. The tension is VERY evideny when you crank it up like this. Judging from the comments here, I can most definately see one of these two men following through on their threats after the match tonight, with either a Spear to HBK, or some Sweet Chin Music to Edge.

~ So you're really giving this Women's Championship match some hype eh? It about time This has been one of the best Women's feuds I've read in BTB, so you can be proud of that. This was a good way to do it too, with a sit down interview from J.R. Victoria was good, although that ... uh ... what's her name? I kid, Mickie carried this promo excellently with her psychotic ways. Although it is all set for Victoria to end Mickie's reign in its year anniversary, I don't think you are EVER going to take the belt off James ... honestly

~ Very nice backstage segment from the RKO Army next, showing the growing relationship between Orton and Melina. As a valet for the Champ, I guess she could work quite well. Orton was very good here, as he hypes himself up, and promises to do it himself, even though he is obviously going down tonight. I'm not too sure what to make of the argument between Doane, Masters, Nitro and Mercury next. They seem to have been having them for months now, and all I can think is that when the split happens, it's going to be a wild one. Personally, I would quite like to see Masters stay as Orton's bodyguard, but I wouldn't mind the others going their seperate ways at all. Nice dig my Mercury to Doane as well at the end.

~ Damn, great Main Event that really played with my head. Orton actually had HBK beat until he started trying to get one over on Edge and went for a Spear. Edge quick counts Orton and gives Michaels a HUGE win. I predicted it Superb aftermath as well, with only Mercury and Masters trying to help their leader, but getting their asses whipped ... BUT EDGE GETS HIS HEAD KICKED OFF! YES! Finally it has happened. No more alliance between the two faces in this feud. I cannot wait for the next confrontation between HBK and Edge now.

Overall this was another excellent show, Mac, that hyped up Wrestlemania wonderfully. Despite all of the great action from the WWE title stars and Austin/Angle, I have to say that I was most impressed tonight by what you did for the Monster's Collide feud and the Tag Team Showcase. Great work
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

When Friday night rolls around, WrestleMania 23 will be only NINE DAYS away. And much like the grandest stage of them all, Friday Night SmackDown! will be loaded to the gills. In possible retaliation to the double main-event of this past Monday Night Raw, SmackDown! GM Stephanie McMahon has signed two main-events for SmackDown! as well.

Last week, in order to help "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair, the World Heavyweight Champion Batista effectively screwed Chris Sabin out out of a Money in the Bank opportunity. This week on SmackDown!, The Animal teams up with Naitch to take on Chris Sabin ... and the 2007 Royal Rumble Winner Ken Kennedy. Will Mr. Kennedy be able to silence the critics so close to WrestleMania 23? Or will Batista show the cocky superstar why he's considered the most dominant World Heavyweight Champion of all-time?

Main-event number two is BIG in more ways than one ... and explosive. SmackDown!'s monsters, "The Big Red Machine" Kane and "The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry team up to take on ... "The Game" Triple H ... and his WrestleMania 23 opponent, "The People's Champion" The Rock! After the decade of verbal assaults, sneak attacks, bloody wars, and 19 World Champions, will The Rock and Triple H be able to coexist against two monsters? Or will Kane and The Silverback show the dominance they plan to display against Raw at WrestleMania?

Both champion and challenger in the Cruiserweight Championship Match at WrestleMania 23 will be in action on SmackDown!. Rey Mysterio will take on one of his most frequent rivals Matt Hardy; Cruiserweight Champion, "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels wrestles Jeff Hardy. Will Daniels and Mysterio continue to roll heading into WrestleMania? Or will each Hardy pick up some momentum heading into the Money in the Bank Ladder Match?

Also, the WWE Tag Team Titles will be on the line. Champions, The Hooligans Paul London and Brian Kendrick take on Shelton Benjamin and Gregory Helms in what should be one of the best matches of the new year. Will Benjamin and Helms regain their tag titles? Or will the run of The Hooligans continue to move forward at their trademark lightning pace?

All this and more Friday night at 8/7CT on FX.

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

nice Preview man, cant wait

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

That's the most stacked show as far as quality matches go, that you've ever produced. Should be a class act to say the least.


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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Surprised to see this as the opening promo segment, but hey it was well booked and gives some spotlight on the feud. The eight man tag match at Mania is going to be huge.

The opening match was kind of average, but I understand that it was done to add hype between the two teams. As far as Edge goes, the segment was well written and very realistic. Looking forward to that huge main event match.

Austin's promo with Carlito was really great. I wish Carlito could have said more, but still the promo was good. Austin even added some comedy into the segment which was great and builds up the match between the two teams.

Man it looks like Ken Doane is getting quite a push in this thread, as he picks up another huge win here tonight in this tag match. The way he is being booked, I wouldn't be surprised if he is booked to win the Money in the Bank Match at Mania.

Promo of the Night! This segment had comedy, intensity, and credibility. JBL was perfect in character, and outside of myself, I have not seen an intense Angle promo written as good as this one was. This just builds the Austin/Angle match even more, and at this point it is looking like a classic match will be taking place at Mania! Orton's stable seems to be on their game here on Raw, as they are 3-0 here on this edition of Raw.

Despite losing the match via DQ, Angle keeps his heel heat on him by attacking Austin. Great booking. The Michaels/Edge promo was good, and I have a feeling that either Michaels or Edge is going to attack the other before Raw ends.

The way Mickie James has been built in this feud has been excellent and the heel Mickie James has always been a great character. I haven't seen a Women's Championship outside of my thread, be built up so big like this one has. Plus, it involves my two favorite divas, Mickie and Victoria. Their match at Mania, if given time should be great.

The RKO Army promo was great. It seems though that soon Ken will be leaving the group and go into singles' competition, from how he is booked, he is the best wrestler outside of Orton in the group.

Great Main Event! The match was well written in that it got the point across, which was Edge costing Orton the match, without costing him his title match at Mania. Michaels hitting the Sweet Chin Music on Edge was expected, as there was no way that Edge and Michaels would head into Mania as an alliance. So that had to be done to give the feud even more momentum.

Closing Comments: This thread is continuing to be at the top of BTB, and this show proves why. Mania is looking to be great, despite the fact that it won't be posted likely until December. Looking forward to Smackdown, and then the final Raw and Smackdown before Mania.
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

RAW Review
Nice promo to kick off this week’s RAW. Coachman looked solid here, and so did Stephanie. I admit that I was a bit surprised to see Steph here, but not that much. Length, and flow were also perfect. I’m actually getting excited about this feud – I never thought I’d be because of the competitors, but the GMs are making this feud gold. Good to see Steph having something up her sleeves, and SmackDown gaining an advantage over RAW this week. Good, and strong build up to the Monsters Collide Match, Mac. The announcement of the new match was good too.

I’m sure there’ll be some tension between AMW and MNM come WrestleMania after reading this match up’s conclusion. Mercury definitely gained some momentum, but Harris doesn’t look weak too. Good way to end this match up.

You’re now becoming a new promo god. Good promo again, Mac. Edge’s gimmick in this BTB is just awesome. I love the crazy Edge. He seemed right in character, and the concept of this promo was good too. I’ve said it already in the past few weeks, but let me tell you again that the RAW’s main event of WrestleMania has got a great build up so far.

Austin, as always, sounded right in character here. Carlito didn’t play a huge part, but he was good in his own way. Flow was once again spot on too. Nice job of hyping up this tag team match between JBL-Angle and Carlito-Austin.

Surprised to see the RKO Army (Ken & Masters) getting a win here. I guess you’re trying to make Ken look strong heading into the MITB Match. Good to see Ken pinning Sabu though. RVD > Sabu. Looked like a decent match up. Good work.

JBL was right in character, whilst Kurt Angle looked solid here. The part with Maria at the start was good too, as it made me laugh. Maria’s dumb. Lol. Perfect promo, man.

Wow. Even though Nitro cheated, I didn’t expect him to beat Storm here. So it was a great surprise. I thought that maybe Storm would win here because Harris was also beaten earlier. 3 wins for RKO Army is huge though, as they now get their momentum back. And even though AMW were beaten through cheap tactics two times; they need to bounce back now, probably next week.

Loved this semi-main event. It was just like a preview of what’s to come at WrestleMana. The match had lots of excitement, but the finish was awesome, with Austin going for the Stunner on JBL. The counters then between Austin and Angle were written brilliantly, as it created good suspense. Good to see Angle just low blowing Austin, and then leaving the ring, STILL keeping his credibility. Austin didn’t lose his credibility too. So that’s good. Expected that this match will end with a DQ finish in it.

The way you had Shawn Michaels and Edge staring each other, I think that someone surprisingly is going to happen tonight to end the show. Let’s see what it’s going to be because I can’t predict it. Neat promo that did its job to hype the main event.

Decent promo here. Mickie James - my Mickie James - was just awesome here. I’m glad that you have Victoria and Mickie a chance to speak because it was a good way to fresh the readers. I’m sure that they, including me, haven’t seen a women’s promo since ages in the BTB section. So that’s a good change. And surprisingly, the promo was good too. Did its job to hype the impending Women’s title match for WM.

Randy Orton was great in this promo, but when he left with Melina, the promo went downhill. The confrontation between the rest of the members of RKO Army was bland. One thing is sure though, that RKO Army is going to fall apart soon. Probably at WM. Right? I hope so. Okayish promo.

Loved how you showed Orton’s cockiness in this main event, but in the end, Edge costs Orton here. Perfect way to end the match up, but I don’t like how the WWE Champion got pinned here. I know Edge cost Orton the win here, but still. Perfect way to end this show too, with HBK and Edge cleaning house, and HBK then rocking Edge with a SCM!! Solid show, buddy.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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