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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

^ Kid O Mac already had Austin end Takers streak in his thread ages ago. So DD would be the second person to do it.


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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Originally Posted by Renegade™
^ Kid O Mac already had Austin end Takers streak in his thread ages ago. So DD would be the second person to do it.
Oh OK, my bad.
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Raw Review

Opening Promo - Straight to The Coach to start. I think you got into the topic of SCSA too fast. Just a little thing I didn't like. Doesn't make much of a difference. I like The Coach using his power to "chastise" Austin. Great announced match as the two monsters representing Raw are involved. MITB announcement. Ugh. Don't like the placement of these announcements, but there must be a good reason for this. "Then in out second" = confusing. Edge interferes. Odd to me as these announcements don't really concern him right now. "I booked myself" - uh, using "booked" kind of breaks kayfabe, I think. "Put" would have been more appropriate. Nice little tantrum by Edge. And here comes Orton. "they wanted to be with a success" sounds awkward. Nice little battle at the end there. I see RKO Army vs. Edge & HBK as the main event because of this. Good promo. Kinda seemed all over the place to me with the announcements and then Orton/Edge conflict, but the flow was good throughout, along with the character and diction used. Booking is great too. Things seemed nicely planned, and the WWE Title feud looks great thus far. Good stuff.

Orton/Nitro Promo - Great promo between the two. There were some pretty awesome shots towards Nitro. Fake celebrity made me laugh. Nitro is definitely going to turn face from the looks of it, and Orton is portrayed as a pretty awesome leader. Great promo overall. Flow, and character were great. Wording of things was good too.

Mercury vs. RVD - No help for Mercury? Meh. RVD wins, which is just right to me since there were no interferences. RVD would be better in the MITB match than Mercury anyways.

Heyman/Estrada Promo - I didn't really like the long and big buildup of Austin only to have a slow and short verbal "destruction". I guess the idea brought out was great though. Just thought it could have been longer that Heyman ripped him apart for. Love the way you write Estrada. Seems more realistic. The things said were okay only for me though. Didn't flow that great in my head. Maybe it's just me. Nice line to end it. Good promo.

Haas vs. Doane - Doane surprisingly wins. I thought the RKO Army wouldn't even get into the MITB match. I liked how you have the army loving that he made it, while Orton looks like he hates that Doane won. Good stuff.

Carlito's Cabana - Very little on Carlito's conflict at the start of this. Expected a little more about him because well, that's what Carlito would do, I think. He hypes up the WM card. Unlike him really, but I guess there's a point to it and that's to bring out Angle. Once again very little between Angle and Carlito other than some comments. Video package now. Damn, that video package was awesome. Amazing description and use of "commentary". Even Carlito loves it. The promo aftermath was booked nicely. Even The Coach's announcement was great, as it stops Austin from having a partner. Definitely loved the ending of this promo, while the beginning, I felt was a little weak. Good promo nonetheless.

Angle vs. Carlito - Angle's use of the Stunner is quite cool rly. I kind of expected Angle to win cleanly especially since he's in a more important match. JBL's promo afterwards is the epitome of awesome. Everything about it I liked. The fire thing was "different" though. Great stuff.

Sabu vs. Masters - Sabu wins this, which is good. High-flyers are better for ladder type matches. Masters would be boring in the MITB match. RVD, Kenny and Sabu are great for the MITB match. Good booking there. Low blow for the win though? Especially from Sabu? Meh.

Austin Promo - So someone called Austin to be his partner? Intriguing tbh. I'm expecting a legend or some old companion. The confrontation between Maria and Austin was quite odd and some of Austin's speech afterwards was awkward to me, but other than that, another solid promo.

Edge/Michaels Promo - Use of "fire" again in this show, I felt was weird. Nice little confrontation between the two. I guessed this shows that Edge is not only focused on Orton and Michaels is helping Edge out a bit. Edge is the tweener here, I guess. Rather short promo, but it served its purpose. Nicely written promo here. Vic vs. Mick is announced. Should be a good match between two divas that can actually wrestle.

SCSA/Foley vs. Big Show/Umaga - Mick Foley. Nice to bring him back for this. Main event doesn't even start. Ugh. Angle and Austin are out in the crowd leaving the monsters and Foley. Foley looked good for a while, but gets decimated. I guess Foley's gonna be back for some revenge? Definitely an entertaining way to end the show. Good stuff.

Overall - Another solid show. Promos were nicely written. You haven't lost your touch there. Only things that I don't like in the promos are small details, but I may be just nitpicking. Matches are nicely written. A little more detail in some of them could help a little, but once again, nothing that important. Booking is great. WM looks awesome far. Can't wait. Keep up the good work. I'll have a review for SD! up ASAP.

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

The road to WrestleMania continues to grow shorter and shorter. When Monday Night Raw rolls around, there will be less than two weeks before the colossal event; an event which may be heavily effected by the outcome of Raw's HUGE main event.

The WWE Champion, the "Legend Killer" Randy Orton will be involved in a match against one of his WrestleMania 23 opponents ... the "Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels ... with Orton's other WrestleMania challenger, the "Rated R Superstar" Edge, as the special guest referee! With the unadulterated hatred between Edge and Orton, and the competitive rivalry between Edge and Shawn Michaels, how will The Rated R Superstar call the match up?

That match is only one of the TWO main events slated for Raw. The second will feature Stone Cold Steve Austin teaming with Intercontinental Champion Carlito to take on John Bradshaw Layfield and the "Wrestling Machine" Kurt Angle. After brawling with each other at the end of last week's show, one can only imagine that The Rattlesnake and the Olympic Gold Medalist can't wait to get their hands on one another just thirteen days before their iconic clash at WrestleMania 23. And will JBL be able to once again gain the upper hand on Caribbean Cool before he challenges Carlito for the Intercontinental Championship on the grandest stage of them all?

Raw play-by-play announcer Jim Ross has conducted a sit-down interview with the Women's Champion Mickie James and her WrestleMania challenger and the footage will air this Monday night on Raw. Last week, J.R. thought we would see fireworks, and it's a safe bet that having a couple of divas with explosive personalities produced just that!

And what about The Big Show and the "Samoan Bulldozer" Umaga? Last week on Raw, the two monsters of destruction laid waste to the returning hardcore legend Mick Foley. Will we receive an update on Mick Foley's condition and will he be on Raw Monday night? Or have the dominant Raw monsters truly established their complete and utter dominance over the WWE, two weeks away from their Monsters Collide Match with SmackDown!'s Kane and Mark Henry?

All this and more Monday night at 9/8CT on USA.


Thanks for all the reviews and comments. Far more than usual and it's always appreciated. I'll get around to dishing some back out sometime in the upcoming week.

~ Kid O Mac, right now WrestleMania 23 is slated to be finished and posted sometime around the beginning of December.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

The Raw this week looks like it will be a good one. I'll try and get a review up when it's posted, but good job mate, and I still haven't congratulated you on becoming a mod, so, congratulations
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Good preview right there, 'Mac. The TWO main events are really huge, and I'm specially looking forward to HBK vs. Orton w/ Edge as the special guest referee. Everything else looks top-notch to me too! Looking forward to RAW, and I'll surely leave a review for you once the show is posted.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Currently working on reviews for KOM's Survivor Series and KOP's Raw. "Gonna try to it I get it right" is all I can say about the format situation. Back to the classic or Wolfy Special for this one.



RAW; March 19th 2007; Edison, New Jersey:

***Playa’s Club*** The crowd boos as Jonathan Coachman, the general manager of Monday Night Raw, makes his way down the entrance ramp and to the ring, dressed in a suit and shades. Coach then climbs the ring steps and enters the ring, soon getting a microphone from Lillian Garcia.

Jonathan Coachman: Ladies and gentlemen, we are less than two weeks away from the greatest sports-entertainment spectacular of all-time, WrestleMania 23.

Crowd cheers.

Jonathan Coachman:
And what a night it will be, when we see … LITERALLY … the BIGGEST match up of all-time, the Raw versus SmackDown! MONSTER’S COLLIDE Tag Team Match.

Decent pop.

Jonathan Coachman:
I gotta admit … I gotta admit that a couple of weeks ago, I was an itsy-bit, liiiiittle bit nervous about this match up. I mean … Kane and Mark Henry are two scary guys. But after last week, there isn’t a doubt in my mind that The Big Show and Umaga will wipe the floor with those two chumps at WrestleMania 23!!

Crowd boos.

Jonathan Coachman:
For those of you who didn’t see the complete and utter dominance by the Samoan Bulldozer and the 500 pound giant, let me show you just how and what went down.

Video plays of the ending to last week’s Raw, showing Mick Foley return to Raw, helping Austin out but once Stone Cold gets caught up with Kurt Angle, The Big Show and Umaga crush Foley, hitting a Samoan Spike, a Chokeslam on the floor, and then a SPLASH FROM THE TURNBUCKLE THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!

The video package ends and Coachman smiles while this NJ crowd boos ferociously.

Jonathan Coachman: Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mick Foley thought the would get one over on Kurt Angle and myself and get revenge on Umaga, but they underestimated how dominant - they underestimated just how destructive MY monsters of annihilation can be.

“Asshole” chant starts.

Jonathan Coachman: And just like Steve Austin and the now crushed Mick Foley were SNAPPED back to reality, Stephanie McMahon, Mark Henry, Kane and the entire SmackDown! Brand will be snapped right back into that same reality come April first at WrestleMania 23.

Coach smiles.

Jonathan Coachman: And, Steph, I play to win the game. So don’t be surprised if myself, The Big Show or Umaga decide to show up on Friday Night SmackDown! whenever we feel like it just to send a message and show that second rate show exactly what it’s like-

***I’m All Grown Up*** The crowd reacts in shock and soon pops as the general manager of SmackDown!, Stephanie McMahon, steps out onto the Raw stage, dressed in a suit with a low cut shirt. Coach looks quite a bit shocked but that look soon turns into a look of disgust as he brings the mic up while Stephanie continues to walk down the entrance ramp.

Jonathan Coachman:
What in the HELL are you doing on MY SHOW?!

Stephanie lets out her trademark grin as she climbs up the ring steps and steps inside of the ring.

Stephanie McMahon:
Coach, over the past-

Jonathan Coachman:
That’s “Mr. Coachman”.

Stephanie McMahon:
(Ignoring him)Coach, over the past few weeks, I’ve sat down on Monday nights, watching Raw and I’ve had to listen you pointlessly ramble on and on for minutes on end about how great, and how dominant, and how impressive, and how … destructive, Umaga and The Big Show are.

Jonathan Coachman: They are as dominant and destructive as I say they are. And luckily for me and you both, you won’t have to here it too many more times before WrestleMania 23 rolls around.

Stephanie McMahon: You’re right about that. Because when April 1st rolls around, a little under two weeks from tonight in Ford Field, Kane and Mark Henry are gonna show Umaga and The Big Show just what two monsters look like.

Light cheers.

Jonathan Coachman:
I know you’re a McMahon and think that you can do whatever you want but I hope you didn’t just come to my show just to tell me about some fantasy you have about WrestleMania night.

Steph smirks.

Stephanie McMahon:
Actually, Coach -

Jonathan Coachman:
That’s Mr. Coachman.

Stephanie McMahon:
(Ignoring him once more) Coach, no, I didn’t come here to say just that. Y’see, the SmackDown! roster - MY SmackDown! roster is so deep that some of the most talented stars in the industry - the BEST tag teams in the world don’t have matches for the grandest stage of them all.

Coachman rolls his eyes.

Stephanie McMahon:
So here’s what I suggest. You find two of the ragtag tag teams you have in that dump of a tag team division and at WrestleMania 23, we can put those four losers against the two best tag teams in the world, the WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans, and Shelton Benjamin & Gregory Helms.

Coach seems a bit intrigued, rubbing his chin before smiling and bringing the microphone back up to his face.

Jonathan Coachman: Let me get this straight, you want to lose to Monday Night Raw twice at WrestleMania 23?

Steph shakes her head with a smile.

Jonathan Coachman:
Fine, I’m always more than happy to put your over inflated ego in check. Two tag teams? I don’t have to think twice. Tag team number one … Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro, MNM!

Mixed reaction, leaning towards heat as Steph nods a bit.

Jonathan Coachman: Tag team number two … and I’m not huge fans of these gentlemen, but there isn’t a doubt in my mind that they could beat four SmackDown! chumps any day … (sigh) … “The Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm, “The Wildcat” Chris Harris, AMERICA’S MOST WANTED!!!

The crowd pops loudly.

Stephanie McMahon: Well, it should be entertaining nevertheless.

Steph extends her hand to Coach, and Coach smirks before extending his hand and shaking Steph’s. Stephanie then goes to turn around and leave the ring but …

Jonathan Coachman:
Wait, wait, Stephanie.

Steph turns around.

Jonathan Coachman: Before you came out here, I was gonna bring out a couple of friends of mine. But since you’re here, you might as well meet them.

***WELL … IT’S THE BIG SHOW*** The crowd lets out a huge groan while Coach smiles and Steph gulps as The Big Show and the Samoan Bulldozer Umaga make their way down to the ring with Paul Heyman and Armando Estrada by their side.

The two monsters step in and tower over Stephanie, whose attempt to cover her fear through her McMahon toughness fails miserably. Show and Umaga move in on Stephanie, who rapidly backs up … until she runs out of real estate and her back hit’s the turnbuckle!

Estrada pulls a cigar out of his breast pocket and breaks it in half! Umaga raises his taped thumb up and … Steph’s look of fear turns into a smirk. Everybody involved looks incredibly confused when …


***Slow Chemical*** The crowd erupts as “The Big Red Machine” Kane and “The Silverback” Mark Henry make their way down to the ring, as Coach, Umaga and Show turn in complete shock.

Steph and Coach quickly slide out of the ring as Kane and Henry slide in AND THE BRAWL IS ON!!! Kane and Umaga pair off as do Show and Henry with all four monsters swinging away with brute force.

Eventually, the SmackDown! monsters gain the upper hand and Henry and Kane clothesline The Big Show and The Samoan Bulldozer over the top rope and to the floor below!! The crowd cheers wildly Coachman, Heyman and Estrada check on the fallen monsters!

Umaga and Show get back up to their feet, incredibly pissed with Show yelling like a mad man and Umaga taking the ring steps and flinging them into the ring, barely missing Kane and Henry!

The Big Red Machine raises his arms into the air before bringing them down, and all four corners explode with pyro as Kane’s music hits again. Steph, Kane and Henry stare down the Raw squad with SmackDown! finally gaining the upper hand in this feud.


Jim Ross: What an explosive way this Monday Night Raw has kicked off here tonight! Friday Night SmackDown! invaded Monday Night Raw and Kane and Mark Henry cleared the ring of The Big Show and Umaga!

Jerry Lawler:
This is not right, J.R.! You don’t show up on the “A” show and take out our monsters! The Big Show and Umaga are gonna teach those SmackDown! idiots a lesson come WrestleMania 23.

Jim Ross: We’re far from finished, ladies and gentlemen. TWO tremendous main events we have planned for you tonight. First, a DREAM tag team contest. The Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin teams up with the Intercontinental Champion Carlito to take on former WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield and Grand Slam Champion Kurt Angle!

Jerry Lawler: Austin and Angle in the same ring, Icon vs. Icon, before WrestleMania? That’s gonna be huge.

Jim Ross:
And our second main event, the WWE Champion, “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton takes on “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels … with “The Rated R Superstar” Edge as the special guest referee!!

Jerry Lawler:
There’s no way Edge is gonna be able to call this thing down the middle, J.R.! He’s no fan of Shawn Michaels but he HATES Orton! This isn’t right.

***Paparazzi*** MNM and RKO Army member, Joey Mercury, makes his way down to the ring, receiving a decent amount of heat.

***Guilty*** One-half of the World Tag Team Champions, James Storm, enters the arena to an adequate pop from the audience.

Match #1:
Joey Mercury vs. Chris Harris
The two put on a decent contest with the crowd not particularly into the match, with the two tag team specialists going at it one on one. At the five minute mark, Mercury tosses Harris into the corner before charging in but Harris gets his feet up and into the face of Mercury, causing him to stumble back!
Harris charges out of the corner, looking for the Spear but Mercury sidesteps him, grabs the back of his head and goes for a Hangman’s Neckbreaker - but Harris shoves him into the corner. He comes charging in but Mercury quickly moves out of the way and Harris slams into the turnbuckle, allowing Mercury to run him into a school boy! 1... 2... {Mercury grabs the bottom rope} …3!!
Winner: Joey Mercury via pinfall at 7:33.
Mercury quickly rolls out of the ring as Harris gets back up to his feet, pissed. The MNM tag member raises his hands into the air, staring at one of his three tag team partners come WrestleMania.

Cut backstage to Jonathan Coachman walking down a hallway, looking frustrated, annoyed and even a bit worn out mentally from the events that opened up the night. Coach stops at his office and steps in and immediately his eyes bug out in shock … as EDGE and Lita sit on his couch.

Edge is dressed in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, while Lita is dressed in one of her usually clad outfits. He stands up, carrying something in his right hand. Edge soon unfolds it - a referee shirt.

You think this is cute? Putting me in the same ring as Orton … but yet … I’m a referee. You know how bad I wanted Orton … but yet … you give Shawn Michaels the match up with that son of a bitch?! What the hell is your problem?!

Jonathan Coachman: My problem is that you’ve been walking around here for the past few months like a mad man, looking to get your hands on MY WWE Champion at any cost, looking to injure him, looking to take him out, looking to out him on the shelf!

You’re a bright one.

Jonathan Coachman:
I know. The fact is Randy Orton is the WWE Champion of Monday Night Raw and the last thing I need is for him to be injured by some crazy superstar out looking for revenge oh so close to WrestleMania. Therefore, you won’t be laying a finger on Randy Orton until WrestleMania.

Edge smirks.

We’ll see about that. Referee or not, Orton is MINE!

Edge grabs the hand of Lita and begins to walk out the door but Coachman puts his hand on his shoulder. Edge shoots Coach a look and Coachman quickly takes his hand off of his shoulder as the Rated R Superstar turns around.

Jonathan Coachman:
Y’see, Edge, you won’t be putting your hands on Randy Orton nor will you be putting your hands on Shawn Michaels … from ring bell … to ring bell. Because as long as you’re the acting referee in that match, if you lay a finger, mess up a hair on the head of Randy Orton OR Shawn Michaels, I will yank you out of that WrestleMania Championship Match so fast it’ll make your head spin!

Edge looks at Coachman in shock … AND THEN GRABS HIM by his jacket and backs him up against the wall!!! Coach looks ready to crap his pants as Lita grabs the arm of Edge, attempting to get him to come to his senses.

Think about the title! Think about Orton! You cant get either of them if you get fired!!

Edge takes a deep breath and slowly lets go of Coachman’s jacket before storming out of the office, with Lita following behind.


Backstage, inside a locker room, Stone Cold Steve Austin laces up his boots, receiving an incredible ovation from the crowd. Soon thereafter, Carlito walks in, receiving a good ovation himself, IC Title on his shoulder.

Steve … you ready for tonight?

Austin stands up, scowl on his face.

Steve Austin:

Carlito looks around confused.

Carlito: Yeah … y’know, ready for our tag team match; me and you against JBL and Kurt Angle … ?

Steve Austin:
Last week, I called in a favor from Mick Foley. Now that was hard enough since I don’t like to ask people for their help, because I get things done on my own, but then those two big bastards, Umaga and The Big Show take that man, beat the crap out of him and put him through a table.

Stone Cold rubs his goatee.

Steve Austin:
And since I cant get my hands on those two sons ‘a bitches, the next best thing would be to open up the biggest can of whoop ass that this planet has ever seen on the stupid beady-eyed, milk-drinkin’ bastard that played a part in the whole thing, Kurt Angle!!

Crowd cheers as Carlito seems to be getting fired up.

Steve Austin:
So as far as I’m concerned, you keep Bradshaw out of my way, you keep the referee out of my way, you do whatever the hell you want out there, whip ass, take names, raise hell, sip on cocoanuts, whatever, but Kurt Angle’s ass belongs to me … and that’s the bottom line!!

The crowd roars as Austin storms past Carlito.

Carlito: Now dat … das cool.

Carlito smiles as the crowd pops once more.

Back to ringside.

***One Of A Kind*** The crowd cheers wildly as two of the Money in the Bank competitors, Rob Van Dam and Sabu make their way to the ring, with Bill Alfonso by their side, blowing his whistle like a mad man.

***Out Of My Way*** RKO Army members, Chris Masters and MITB competitor Ken Doane, walk towards the ring, looking as focused as always, ready to make an impact.

Match #2: Tag Team Match:
Rob Van Dam & Sabu w/Bill Alfonso vs. Ken Doane & Chris Masters
RVD and Sabu light it up, putting on an exciting, though not technically sound match up. Going against the grain of normal tag matches, the extreme alumni, the faces, dominate the majority of the match.
At the six minute mark, the hot tags are made to Masters and Sabu, respectively. The two superstars step into the ring and Sabu takes Masters down with a clothesline. The Masterpiece gets back up and Sabu takes him down with another one. Masters gets up once more and this time, he avoids a clothesline … and goes for THE MASTERLOCK -- but Sabu slips out of it and kicks him off!
Both men get back up and Masters hit’s a boot to the gut before attempting to shoot Sabu into the corner but Sabu counters and sends Masters in! DOANE MAKES THE BLIND TAG! Sabu charges into the corner and hit’s the AIR SABU on Masters, rocking him! Sabu then climbs to the top turnbuckle but Doane shoves him off and to the canvas below! Kenny then quickly climbs to the top rope and leaps off … HITTING THE GUILLOTINE LEG DROP!!! Doane with the cover as Masters gets back up to his feet and charges into the corner, rocking Van Dam with a right hand, sending him off of the apron!! 1... 2... 3!!
Winners: Ken Doane & Chris Masters via pinfall at 8:47.
THE RKO ARMY PICKS UP WIN NUMBER TWO - as the youngster, the 20-year old Ken Doane pins the death-defying Sabu clean in the middle of the ring. The referee raises the hands of Doane and Masters, and per usual they get quite a few boos ... except this time, there seems to be a few cheers in there for Doane.


Backstage, Maria stands by, microphone in hand.

Maria: Ladies and gentlemen, my guests at this time, they will be teaming up to take on Stone Cold Steve Austin and Carlito later on tonight, John Bradshaw Layfield and the “Wrestling Machine” Kurt Angle!

The crowd delivers a mixed reaction, leaning toward boos as Angle and Layfield walk into screenshot - Kurt, dressed to wrestle, wearing a “Tap or Snap” T-shirt, while Layfield is dressed in his workout jacket and white hat.

Maria: Last week, Kurt Angle, you pinned Carlito in the ring and, JBL, you distracted Carlito. Um, so my question is, do you want to win your match again tonight?

JBL and Angle look at Maria as if she’s got two heads.
Kurt Angle:
(Sarcastically) No, Maria. We don’t want to win tonight. We’re going to that ring to lose.

Maria: But why?

Kurt Angle:
Why what?

Maria: Why would you want to lose?

John Bradshaw Layfield:
It’s called sarcasm.



Kurt Angle: Don’t start that crap!


Maria: Start what?


Kurt Angle: THAT!


Kurt Angle: SHUT UP!!


Maria: Who?


Kurt Angle:




John Bradshaw Layfield:
MARIA! Just hand me this. Come on (taking the mic). Now just go. Go away and … uh … go play in traffic or something.

Isn’t that dangerous?

Kurt Angle:

Maria scurries off camera as Angle shakes his head in disgust and the crowd laughs. JBL turns back toward the camera.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Now, what our very lovely but dumb as a box of rocks interviewer was alluding to … was last week on Raw, when Kurt Angle and myself took Carlito and embarrassed him right in the middle of that ring. And believe me, it won’t be the last time for Caribbean Cool. Carlito, it’s time that you realized that at WrestleMania 23, you’re quite simply … outclassed.

Bradshaw lets out his toothy grin.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
I’m a self-made millionaire, I live in New York City, I wear expensive suits, and only surround myself with the absolute best that this world has to offer. You, Carlito, on the other hand grew up on an island two sizes smaller than my HOUSE! People like you … don’t beat people like me, because people like me … play to win the game.

JBL adjusts his hat.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
When it comes to me, I take no risks, I take no chances, nothing is a gamble, because I CAN’T LOSE. You never bet against the house and you never bet against JBL. In a little under two weeks from tonight, the Intercontinental Championship returns to prestige, the Intercontinental Championship returns to greatness and you can bet your ass it comes to the AMERICAN HEEEEEERO, THE WRESTLING GAWD … John - Bradshaw - Layfield!

The crowd boos as Layfield smirks.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
But that’s what on tap for WrestleMania 23. As for tonight … tonight, you -

Angle grabs a hold of the mic, and Layfield slowly lets it go, looking a bit nervous but keeping his cool.

Kurt Angle: Tonight, Stone Cold Steve Austin is in for the most crushing defeat of his career … until WrestleMania 23 that is. Austin wants revenge because Mick Foley got his ass handed to him last week??

Angle scoffs shaking his head.

Kurt Angle: You should be less worried about that broken sack of crap and more worried about the thirteen days you have left in your career. I’m taken no prisoners on April first, and I’m taking no captives tonight. Lets face facts. Austin, you can’t hang with me in that ring. I’m faster, I’m stronger, quicker, younger, in better shape and just flat out better than you out. All the beer bashes, and “cool” video retrospectives on this PLANET won’t change those facts!

Kurt takes a breath, calming himself down before speaking again.

Kurt Angle: Ever since I came to this company, it’s been guys like you, guys like The Undertaker (crowd cheers), guys like The Rock (cheers), guys like Triple H (mixed reaction) hogging the spotlight, while the real athletes like myself had to sit back and wait … and wait … and wait … and WAIT for an opportunity to shine!!

Angle begins to tremble with anger.

Kurt Angle:
And the second, the INSTANT that the spotlight isn’t on you, the second you feel yourself slipping out of the public eye … here comes Steve Austin back to the WWE, giving out Stunners, raising hell and all that crap. You’re nothing more than a washed-up glory-hog.

“Austin” chant starts up as Angle shakes his head.

Kurt Angle:
Well, you know what, you had your chance to leave on a high note. You had your chance to go out on top, head held high like an icon should. Instead, you decided to come back. Now, it’s no longer your decision. Now, your fate is in my hands and mine alone! At WrestleMania 23, I play judge, jury and executioner of your career, Austin … and I’ve already made MY decision ... You will not walk out of Ford Field on your own power.

Tremendous heat.

Kurt Angle: I’m not just gonna snap your ankle; I’m gonna break your freakin’ neck! And I won’t think twice about it. WrestleMania 23, Stone Cold Steve Austin - one of the greatest icons that this industry has ever seen - gets completely embarrassed by the GREATEST wrestler to EVER step foot into a WWE ring! Oh it’s true, it’s DAMN true! YEAH!!

Angle tosses his mouthpiece into his mouth and growls at the camera before taking off camera and JBL soon leaves as well.

Back to ringside.

Match #3:
Johnny Nitro vs. James Storm
Nitro and Storm put on a better match than they’re counterparts did earlier in the night, as these two have a little less time and move at a faster pace. Nitro in particular manages to garner “OOOHS” and “AHS” from the crowd, using his visually pleasing offense against one half of the tag champs.
Four minutes into the match up, Storm rocks Nitro with a super kick, causing the MNM member to stumble backwards and outside of the ring! The crowd begins to boo as Joey Mercury jogs down to the ring and leaps up onto the apron -- but Storm drills him with a right hand, knocking him down!
The crowd pops as Chris Harris runs down to the ring and grabs Mercury, rocking him with a right hand … but unbeknownst to everyone focused on the brawl, Nitro crawls around ringside and grabs the World Tag Title belt. The ref continues to try to get Mercury and Harris from ringside while Storm goes over to grab Nitro -- BUT HE DRILLS HIM WITH THE TITLE BELT!!! Nitro quickly drops the belt and slides into the ring, whistling to get the ref’s attention. He finally does and he goes for the cover. 1... 2... 3!!
Winner: Johnny Nitro via pinfall at 6:21.
RKO ARMY - 3 AND 0! Harris slides into the ring as Nitro slides out and he helps Mercury off of the ground as this stable continues to roll tonight, despite the upheaval within the group recently.

Jim Ross: Coming up next, our first main event. The Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Intercontinental Champion Carlito take on the “Wall Street Warrior” JBL and the “Wrestling Machine” Kurt Angle -- our dream tag team match up is up next!

Jerry Lawler:
Two WrestleMania matches in one right here tonight, up next!


SmackDown! Rebound
- Batista and Kennedy have a huge brawl.
- Ric Flair, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy qualify for the MITB Ladder Match.
- The Rock returns to SmackDown! and has a verbal exchange with The Game.

After we get the entrances of JBL and Kurt Angle, and the subsequent arrival of the Intercontinental Champion Carlito…

***GLASS SHATTERS*** The loudest ovation of the night takes place as Stone Cold Steve Austin sprints down to the ring, foregoing his usual entrance and just slides in, kick starting this match!

Match #4: Semi-Main Event; Tag Team Match:
Stone Cold Steve Austin & Carlito vs. Kurt Angle & John Bradshaw Layfield
The match is an explosion from the start with Austin quickly attacking Angle, while Carlito does the same with JBL. Eventually, the faces clear the ring, but they don’t rest on their laurels, quickly exiting the ring and continuing the brawl on the outside of the ring before we cut to a commercial break.
Back from the break, the legal man, Carlito, is isolated by Angle and JBL for minutes on end, with quick tags from the heels in and out. Finally, Carlito makes a comeback, hitting his knee lift, clothesline sequence on JBL and following that up with a leaping twisting senton and moonsault from the middle rope! Carlito and Bradshaw lay on the canvas for several seconds before both make the hot tags and the audience goes completely nuts as Austin and Angle step into the ring!
Angle throws a right but Austin blocks it and lights Kurt up with hard right after hard right! Angle hits a knee to the gut, cutting him off before shooting him off of the ropes! Austin ducks a couple of clotheslines and then applies to Lou Thesz Press and wails away on Angle!!! Stone Cold then gets up, hit’s the ropes and drops the elbow on his face!! Austin with the cover … but JBL breaks it up with a boot to the back!
Carlito reenters the ring as well and hits JBL with a couple of strong lefts hands before taking him over the top with a clothesline! Carlito then launches himself over the top rope, looking for a plancha but JBL moves out of the way, and he crashes and burns!!
JBL then slides back into the ring and bounces off the ropes - LOOKING FOR THE CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL ON AUSTIN - BUT THE RATTLESNAKE DUCKS - KICK - STUNNER!!!
Austin drops JBL with the Stone Cold Stunner and then waits on Angle. Kurt turns around - KICK - STUNNER - NO, ANGLE CATCHES HIS BOOT, SPINS HIM AROUND AND GOES FOR THE ANGLE SLAM - BUT AUSTIN COUNTERS LANDING BEHIND HIM!! Austin goes for the STUNNER ONCE MORE -- but Angle drops down and HITS THE LOW BLOW!!! The ref calls for the ring bell!
Winners: Steve Austin and Carlito via DQ at 13:58.
Angle rolls out of the ring, amongst tremendous heat from the crowd and heads back up the entrance ramp. Austin uses the ropes to get back up to his feet and glares at Angle with intensity in his eyes as … Angle flips him the double bird!! Austin nods angrily as Kurt heads to the back.


Backstage, inside a locker room, Edge moves around a bit, dressed in his referee outfit. A knock on the door is heard and Lita answers it … before Shawn Michaels walks in!

Shawn Michaels:
I hate to be the one to tell you this, Edge, … but the vertical stripe look is definitely passé.

Edge seems none too amused.

Shawn Michaels:
Tough crowd.

Is this gonna be a weekly thing with you?? Do you live to poke at me?

Shawn Michaels:
Take it easy, kid. I just came here to tell you that I didn’t push for this match up with Orton. I was more than happy to wait until WrestleMania 23, and not only get the win, but get my championship as well.

You won’t be winning anything with me in that ring on April 1st … but I appreciate the sentiment.

Shawn Michaels:
Yeah, well, even though I didn’t ask for this match with Orton, I still expect to beat his ass clean in the middle of that ring.

Crowd cheers.

Shawn Michaels: And for that to happen, I’m gonna need you to just do your job and count the pin when I knock Randy’s lights out with a little Sweet Chin Music.

Edge lets out a fake smile.

Thanks for the tip, I think I can handle it.

Shawn Michaels:
What I’m trying to say is … if you don’t do that out there tonight, or if you decide to get a little payback on Randy Orton at my expense, or maybe you decide to get back at me for the times that I’ve dimmed your lights in that ring … well, me and you are gonna have a problem.

Michaels and Edge share a stare down with neither man giving an inch until Edge breaks the silence.

Shawn, when I decide that I want to take Orton out, there isn’t a threat in the world from him, or from you, or from Coachman, or from anybody that’s gonna stop me. And believe me, when I decide to take out my frustration on you, it’ll be face to face, nose to nose, man to man. So, you go to that ring tonight with no worries at all, Michaels. I’ll deal with you at WrestleMania 23.

Edge and HBK continue to stare at one another with HBK letting out a smirk before we cut away.

Cut to a clip, with Jim Ross sitting on a chair, facing the camera, with Victoria and Mickie James flanking him on either side, both dressed casually in a pair of jeans and a shirt, Mickie holding her Women’s Title.

Jim Ross:
I think it would be fair to say that the impending Women’s Championship match with our close to year-long reigning champion Mickie James defending her title against the very impressive Victoria is one of the most anticipated Women’s Title Matches in recent memory.
Mickie, as the champion, I’ll ask you the first question. What does it mean to you to head into WrestleMania, the event where you first one the title, and head into that event as the top women’s wrestler in the WORLD for almost a year??

Mickie James: J.R., it’s been like a dream come true! When I beat Trish Stratus for this championship at WrestleMania 22, it was like … the greatest thing ever! But defending this belt over and over again over the past year has eclipsed even my wildest dreams! And defending this championship against my good friend, Victoria, one year into my reign, would be my honor.

Mickie lets out a smile, as Victoria turns to stare at her, glaring a whole through the Women’s Champion.

Jim Ross:
I don’t mean to be out of line, but to me and everybody else who’s been watching Monday Night Raw over the past couple of months or so, and Saturday Night’s Main Event a little while ago, it seems as if you’ve been doing everything in your power NOT to defend that championship against Victoria. What do you say to those of us who suggest that you’ve been ducking Victoria?

Mickie’s smile fades … quickly as she stares at Jim Ross, before chuckling a bit - wide-eyed.

Mickie James:
(Coming out of her chair and into Ross’ face) Why would you say that, J.R.!? Who would you say that I’m ducking anybody!? I’ve been a good champion, haven’t I? I’VE BEEN A FIGHTING CHAMPION, HAVEN’T I, J.R.!? WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO GET ME UPSET, J.R!?

Ross swallows nervously a bit as Mickie calms down, sitting back in her chair.

Mickie James:
I wasn’t ducking anybody, J.R. On Raw a couple of weeks ago, I had a severe shoulder injury and I was counted out because of it. I would NEEEEVER get myself intentionally counted out, especially against a good friend of mine. I’m an honest champion … and you wouldn’t call me a liar, would you, J.R.?

Jim Ross:
I certainly wouldn’t do that. (Turns away from Mickie and towards Vickie)Victoria, let me ask you, you’ve beaten some of the best divas in this company - from Trish Stratus, to Lita, to Molly Holly and down the line. What does it mean for you to head into WrestleMania 23 and challenge Mickie James, your “friend” for the Women’s Championship?


Mickie James: What do you mean “friend”!? Are you saying that we’re not friends!? I think you’re calling me a liar, J.R.! (Getting out of her chair and into Ross’ face once more)I DON’T LIKE BEING CALLED A LIAR, J.R.!!

Victoria gets out of her seat and grabs Mickie, sitting her in her chair with authority!! Victoria then takes her right hand, puts on the chin of the Women’s Champion, and gets right in Mickie’s frightened face as she speaks.

Jim Ross:
Alright, ladies, lets take it easy.

Shut up, J.R.!

Ross watches on nervously as Vickie talks to the psychotic, though terrified champion.

Victoria: You have been pissing me off for weeks. Fake injuries, fake promises, fake friendship. I’m done with it all. I want - (Mickie struggles to get free but Vickie tightens up her grip on her lovely chin) - I want what you promised me … and I’m going to get what you promised me at WrestleMania 23. So you can leave the phony hugs and kisses at home, ‘cause I’m not buying it. At WrestleMania 23, I’m gonna TAKE that Women’s Championship. See you in a couple of weeks.

Victoria slowly lets go of Mickie’s face before turning and storming away, leaving Mickie breathing heavily and looking quite a bit nervous.

Cut backstage.

Inside the locker room of the RKO Army, Melina straps the WWE Championship around the waist of Randy Orton as the rest of the group look on. Nitro and Doane look particularly annoyed as Melina finishes and Orton smirks, turning around.

Randy Orton:
Thank you very much.

Melina: (Sexily)Anytime.

Melina walks away as Orton turns to the fellas.

Randy Orton:
We’ve had a great night so far. Doane and Chris won their match. Nitro won his, as did Joey. I knew -- I had faith … that I would be able to turn this thing around.

Nitro shakes his head in disgust as Doane scoffs.

Randy Orton:
The only thing left to do tonight is for me to go out there and prove why I wear this belt. All I have to do … is go out there and show Shawn Michaels and show Edge, and show each and every single fan in that arena … show them why I will be walking into WrestleMania as the champion … and why you can bet your ass that I’ll be leaving with this championship.

Orton slaps his belt before he looks up.

Randy Orton:
And for me to do that … for me to show that I am the only wrestler alive today deserving of wearing the WWE Championship, I need to go out there alone. Yeah, I need to prove that the Legend Killer isn’t some fabrication of a group. Not Evolution and not this group. No, Randy Orton is the WWE Champion because I’m the best wrestler in the world … and tonight, I’ll prove it in that ring against a five time World Champion … alone.

The group seems to be mildly impressed with Orton’s little speech - even Doane and Nitro.

Randy Orton: Alright, guys, I’ll see you after I drop Shawn Michaels … Melina, lets go.

Orton grabs the hand of Melina and the two head out of the room as once again, Nitro and Doane look disgusted with their leader.

Ken Doane:
Can you believe that guy?

Johnny Nitro:
What a joke. “I wanna do it alone” … with Melina.

Joey Mercury:
I would suggest you guys start thinking with your big head and not your little one.

Nitro and Doane turn to Mercury.

Johnny Nitro:
What the hell does that mean?

Chris Masters:
Lets be honest. You guys are just jealous that Melina’s spending more time with Randy instead of you. Isn’t that what’s going on?

Ken Doane:
That could be it. Or it could be the fact that Orton’s a pompous, arrogant self-absorbed jackass that’s gotten our asses handed to us on numerous occasions, cost us our championships due to his beef with Edge - who, by the way, trumps this idiot by a good mile as a leader and then Orton has the balls to take the credit when we pick up a couple of wins.

Joey Mercury:
If you hate being in this group so much, Kenny, why don’t you just leave?

Ken Doane:
You might have the right idea.

Joey Mercury: Hey, maybe those fairy-looking cheerleaders will take you back.

Doane moves towards Mercury but Masters and Nitro holds him back and the two stable mates have an intense stare down for a couple of tension filled seconds before we fade out.


Main Event:
Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels (Edge as the special referee)
Orton and Michaels put on a very good contest, moving at a faster pace when compared to their match up at the Royal Rumble. At several points throughout the match, Orton attempts to bait Edge into hitting him; getting right into his face and smirking. Edge surprisingly manages to keep his cool for the most part, outside of one occasion where Orton performs his destiny pose right in Edge’s face, causing the Rated R Superstar to pull back and get ready to throw a shot but the pleas of Lita causes him to think the better of it.
Ten minutes into the match, Michaels goes into his five moves of doom, hitting the inverted atomic drop, taking Orton down with a couple of clotheslines before following up by scooping Orton up and hitting a body slam. HBK then climbs to the top rope and GOES FOR THE FLYING ELBOW DROP -- AND HITS IT!!! The crowd cheers wildly as Michaels walks to the corner and stomps his foot … over and over and over again, just waiting for Orton to get up.
Orton thinks about going for the cover but instead, takes a look at Edge and smirks before moving towards the corner. The crowd boos ferociously as Edge stares a whole through the WWE Champion, whom looks ready to connect with something big. After a few seconds, Michaels gets back up to his feet and turns around and Orton charges -- LOOKING FOR EDGE’S SPEAR -- BUT MICHAELS SIDESTEPS HIM, THROWING HIM INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!!
Winner: Shawn Michaels via pinfall at 14:09.

The crowd cheers as Orton pops back up to his feet, getting right into Edge’s face … and Edge rocks him with a right hand, taking him down!! Edge then mounts the Legend Killer and begins to wail away on him with hard rights and lefts as Orton covers up.

Soon enough, “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters and Joey Mercury sprint down to the ring, sliding in and the two on two brawl is on, with Michaels and Edge taking on the two youngsters. Orton rolls out of the ring and Melina helps him to the top of the ramp.

Michaels and Edge clean house of the ring, with HBK rocking Mercury with Sweet Chin Music while Edge takes Masters down with a Spear!! The crowd cheers wildly as Edge then glares intensely at Orton, whom shakes his in disgust, before turning around and heading to the back.

The Rated R Superstar smiles evilly before turning around … SWEET CHIN MUSIC FROM MICHAELS TO EDGE!!!!

The crowd explodes into a thunderous mixed reaction as HBK lets out a smirk, staring down at the fallen Edge. Michaels then starts dancing a bit, before staring up at the WrestleMania 23 sign, then turning towards Edge and shrugging his shoulders rather matter-of-factly.

Jim Ross:
Shawn Michaels just leveled Edge with that Superkick!! Turned Edge’s lights off! What the hell was that about?!

Jerry Lawler: Don’t act shocked, J.R. It’s Shawn Michaels, this is far from the first time we’ve seen this from him, haha, you can NEVER trust HBK!

HBK’s music hits once more and Michaels flexes, performing his signature pose over Edge’s body.



Current Card for WWE WrestleMania XXIII:

Date: April 1st, 2007
Location: Ford Field; Detroit, Michigan
Event Music: Saliva; Ladies and Gentlemen

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista w/Ric Flair
vs. 2007 Royal Rumble Winner Mr. Kennedy

WWE Championship Match; Three Way Dance:
‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton
vs. ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels
vs. ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge

No Holds Barred Match:
‘The Great One’ The Rock vs. ‘The Game’ Triple H

Icon vs. Icon:
‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin vs. ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle

One On One:
‘The Phenom’ The Undertaker vs. ‘The Boss’ John Cena


Intercontinental Championship Match:
Carlito vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Christopher Daniels
w/Allison Danger vs. Rey Mysterio

Women's Championship Match
Mickie James vs. Victoria

United States Championship; Fatal Four Way Match:
William Regal vs. King Booker vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Finlay

Money In The Bank Ladder Match:
RVD vs. Matt Hardy vs. Ken Doane vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Sabu vs. Ric Flair

Monsters Collide:
Raw GM Jonathan Coachman’s Big Show & Umaga
(w/AAE & Heyman)
vs. SmackDown! GM Stephanie McMahon’s Kane & Mark Henry

Eight Man Inter-Promotional Tag Team Match:
America's Most Wanted & MNM vs. Hooligans & Helms/Benjamin

Gif Credit - will94
Match Banner Credit - Crazian

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Hey DD, you said the best way to enjoy a review is to find a good show, so ill review yours :P.

Kyle_wwe's review of Monday Night RAW

Jonathon Coachman promo: Coach seems in character. Not to sure about those 4 in a match together TBH. If WWE did it, it would be awfual but im sure you can make it good :P. Big Show and Umage attacking Foley is pretty cool, not sure why they did it, but thats cuz i havent read ur BTB before. Umaga and Show showing up on Smackdown would be pretty cool. This reminds me of the RAW vs Smackdown survivor series feud awhile back. Steph showing up was good, i really do like your build up towards this match. IMO i dont really thing Coach would say " Your a McMahon and you think you can do whatever you want" because he is a ass kisser, but that is just MO. The inter-promo tag match should be one hell of a match. Lovin' that Show and Umage came out and now Kane and Henrey are coming out to! A little preview? I would have liked to have seen some weapons brought into that brawl, had them fought to the back and had just a brutal ass kicking, kinda dissapointed that they just got knocked out of the ring.

Mercury/Harris: RKO army? Is that Randys faction? That would be pretty cool. Pretty short match, could have been a little longer even though its a recap.

Edge/Coach promo: Edge seemed in character, im guessing that he is going to be against Orton even as a ref? It says "You see Edge, you wont be putting you hands on Edge" I know thats a typo lol. Coach threating(SP?) to take Edge out of the match is not cool, but he said "Bell to bell" After the match? "Coach looks like he is going to crap his pants" lol, made me chuckle.

Carlit/Steve: Both men seemed in character, not much to say about that.

RVD/Sabu vs Masters/Doane: Bill Alfanso? Is he the guy from the old ECW? Didnt like how Sabu took him down with one clotheline, i know thats kinda a small thing but Masters is a big guy and Sabu isnt. Masters and Doane picking up the win is not bad. JW why do you call him Doane instead of Dykstra?Few cheers for Doane? Face turn?

Angle/Maria segment: LOL at the "WHAT?" a little Stone Cold in there. "Go play in traffic" lol, this is a pretty humerous promo. JBL really seems in character, this reminds me of him comparing himself to Cena a few years back. I didnt really know that Steve and Foley liked each other but ok, moving on. Kurt really does seem in character here, very intense. Got his little "Its DAMN TRUE" at the end, dats cool.

Nitro/Storm match: Good match, better then the other one with their tag partners. Good to see Nitro cheat for the win also. Im guessing that the RKO army is, Randy, Nitro, Mercury, Masters and Doane? That sounds like a pretty solid group, a big guy, a talker or two and a few good atletes.

Austin/Carlito vs Angle/JBL: Just got back from a commercial and then you go to another? kinda weird. Austin hits the lou thez press is classic. Looked like Austin was going to lose his head but instead hits the stunner, where is Angle? Still down from a elbow? A good match with a pretty good ending, both men reversing into their finishers is always exciting.

Shawn/Edge promo: LOL, how did you do that accent? Shawn wanting to wait for Mania' doesent seem like Shawm to me TBD. NVM Shawn seems more into character now.

Mickie/Ross/Victoria promo: Mickies held it for a year? That is pretty cool, i really do hope she retains against Victoria. Mickie is still nuts? That is really good, i really did enjoy it when she was nutts. Victoria kicks ass! Getting right in here face, should be one hell of a womens title match.

RKO army promo: Is "sexily" a word lol :P. Orton seemed in character and seemed pretty confident. Troulbe in paradise for RKO army? LOL shot at the spirt squad.

Randy/Shawn w/Edge ref: Smart having Orton get in Edges face in an attemt to get him out of the M.E at Mania. Another good finisher reverses sequnce(sp?) Going for the spear to get the win is another very smart move. I would have liked to have seen Orton get the win with that and then get in Edges face after. Edge counting fast was good. Cool that RKO army members came out and Shawn and Edge kinda worker together. But then he turns on him! Didnt see that coming, even though i should have.

Overall: A pretty damn good show with some good matchs and some great promos. i would give it a 7.5/10.

Wrestlemania matchs look solid. The Kennedy/Batista match should be good, i didnt really like when it really happened but im hoping you can do a better job then WWE. After reading that i am really looking forward to the WWE title match as it should be a slober knocker. The Rock v. Triple H, should be sick, i am doing that in my BTB also, i also did a hardcore style match. Austin v. Angle should be sick also, once again after reading i am looking forward to it. Cena v. Taker should be good, for the love of god, please have Taker win! I would not want to see Cena be the one to end Takers streak. Carlito v. JBL should be a ok match, i would like to see this in real life TBH. I dont know who Chris Daniels is but i do know he is a TNA guy and i hope this well be a good match. Mickie/Victoria should be a rare treat for a womens match with two of the best WWE divas in the current time. The Fatal 4 way should be a hell of a match, except for Lashly, i dont like him, but with the other 3 great wresters i hope it will be good. Not really happy about Booker being back to the U.S title because i never really think he should go back to mid card. THIS should be the MOTY, with all of these great high flyers! Everyone is good but Flair and Doane. Not really liking this match because its four huge guys, but they are 4 of WWE's best big guys so good luck with it. And last but certaily not least, the 8 man tag match should be really good with MNM and THe Hooliganz in it. Overall Mania' looks to be sick and a BTB classic. Good luck and i will review it for sure.

hate to ask but, review for review?

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Surprised to see this as the opening promo segment, but hey it was well booked and gives some spotlight on the feud. The eight man tag match at Mania is going to be huge.

The opening match was kind of average, but I understand that it was done to add hype between the two teams. As far as Edge goes, the segment was well written and very realistic. Looking forward to that huge main event match.

Austin's promo with Carlito was really great. I wish Carlito could have said more, but still the promo was good. Austin even added some comedy into the segment which was great and builds up the match between the two teams.

Man it looks like Ken Doane is getting quite a push in this thread, as he picks up another huge win here tonight in this tag match. The way he is being booked, I wouldn't be surprised if he is booked to win the Money in the Bank Match at Mania.

Promo of the Night! This segment had comedy, intensity, and credibility. JBL was perfect in character, and outside of myself, I have not seen an intense Angle promo written as good as this one was. This just builds the Austin/Angle match even more, and at this point it is looking like a classic match will be taking place at Mania! Orton's stable seems to be on their game here on Raw, as they are 3-0 here on this edition of Raw.

Despite losing the match via DQ, Angle keeps his heel heat on him by attacking Austin. Great booking. The Michaels/Edge promo was good, and I have a feeling that either Michaels or Edge is going to attack the other before Raw ends.

The way Mickie James has been built in this feud has been excellent and the heel Mickie James has always been a great character. I haven't seen a Women's Championship outside of my thread, be built up so big like this one has. Plus, it involves my two favorite divas, Mickie and Victoria. Their match at Mania, if given time should be great.

The RKO Army promo was great. It seems though that soon Ken will be leaving the group and go into singles' competition, from how he is booked, he is the best wrestler outside of Orton in the group.

Great Main Event! The match was well written in that it got the point across, which was Edge costing Orton the match, without costing him his title match at Mania. Michaels hitting the Sweet Chin Music on Edge was expected, as there was no way that Edge and Michaels would head into Mania as an alliance. So that had to be done to give the feud even more momentum.

Closing Comments: This thread is continuing to be at the top of BTB, and this show proves why. Mania is looking to be great, despite the fact that it won't be posted likely until December. Looking forward to Smackdown, and then the final Raw and Smackdown before Mania.

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

man looks like a good raw and will review it later.
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