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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Another quality Edge/Orton confrontation to kick off the show, liking the way you're using Edge as a face, he's not sucking up to the crowd, but he brings intensity to the feud, and the fans eat it up. Before too long it breaks down and just when Edge looks like he's gonna get beaten severely, HBK makes a save. I don't know how much longer this angle can go with HBK & Edge helping each other out, but for now, it's sufficial

Definately sensing an RKO Army break up soon, Orton is tearing into them all, instead of trying to keep them together

As if RVD wouldn't beat Mercury? Too easy, and we have the generic favourite for the ladder match in first to the MITB match at WM, which should be a goody with RVD spots

Powerful words from Heyman & Estrada and the force of Umaga & Show looks impossible to topple for Austin, even with the help of a partner, it'll be an ask. As for the Monsters Collide match at WM, it's gonna be slow and brutal

Ugh Kenny gets a MITB spot over Charlie Haas. I'd like to have seen Haas in there instead, but I guess one jobber from the Job Squad (RKO Army) should be in there so Orton doesn't blow another gasket

Carlito was nicely captured here and Kurt was typically on boiling point and after an Austin hype package is aired, Angle snaps on Carlito. Good way to get Austin involved tonight as he comes to the rescue of CCC, but Carlito is booked to face Angle, which means he'll lose, and Austin still has no partner. Coach is a shady character ain't he?

Carlito gave it a try, but thanks to interference from JBL he falls short, Angle using Austin's own Stunner will surely piss off Austin big time, but Kurt is looking strong going into WM

JBL rubs salt into the wounds with a degrading speech to Carlito while he's down of course. I can see JBL becoming the new IC champ at WM, more credible than Carlito to me

Sweet that Sabu is in the MITB too, that's gonna make it even more insane than before. Really looking forward to what goes down now

Short and sweet Austin interview with the WHAT in full force. Who's the partner? Hmm...

There's the start of that tension between Michaels & Edge coming into play. Now, we'll see where this goes. Michaels sounded all well and good, Edge was perfect, you can picture him doing what was said and described

HOLY SHIT MICK FOLEY IS BACK!!! BIG surprise there, we haven't seen Mick for a while since Umaga gave him a beating months ago no? Anyways, not much of a main event match but a terrific brawl full of action to end the show, Austin and Angle go at it, leaving poor Mick Foley to get decimated once again, Umaga absolutely crushed him through that table. What a wild way to end the show.

Good stuff as always Mac. I see there was no time for that talentless diva Mickie James


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

The new format looks good so far. I very much enjoyed the opening promo, it was very realistic and kept your interest. Orton's charcacter was spot on, I loved his input. The segment ended in the perfect way, good storyline feud build up here.

Nice promo for the RKO army dissention, very entertaining, well done.

RVD wins a very good opening match here, with some great signature moves, and it looks like the RKO army is in trouble, this is a well plotted break up, if they break up at all...

Wow, you really captured Paul Heyman here, a master promo from him. He really can make losers like Big Show sound good, that's why he's so great. Estrada is also dynamite on the mic, but he didn't do as well as Paul here.

Nice job with the next match, I was expecting Haas to win. Ken Doane in MITB should be off the chart!

Good promo here, with Carlito being great all round. The Austin run in was a bit repetitive, but I'm an Austin mark so I liked it!

Angle and Carlito have a great athletic contest, and two feuds are built up very well here. JBL and Carlito is a unique feud, it is panning out nicely. Angle and Austin is a money maker, as we've seen in the past, so good decision. Nice finish to this match...

Sabu was used well here, good to see him in MITB. MITB looks to be awesome

HBK and Edge with a dynamite promo, loved this...

Mick Foley, that was awesome, and I enjoyed the many shocks here, it is good to have unpredictability. Awesome stuff, mark out central!

Overall: The show was full of awesome segments, but however, your matches could have been better. Work on the matches and your on your way to immortality lol! Take care bro, and I give the show 7/10
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's Raw Review

~ I have to say, I don't really like your new format; I think i preferred the old one actually, as it was much easier on the eye. Nice way to open up the show with Coach on his own, as he has been in danger of late of being little more than Kurt Angle's lackey. You always write Coach pretty well, but this opening was nothing more than an announcement fest really, with the Handicap Main Event for tonight in particular. I can't really see that getting a clean finish, as not even you would have Stone Cold squash Big Show AND Umaga. Surely? What excited me most was the announcement of the MITB qualifiers tonight. It's looking fairly likely that the three guys i predicted will be making it into the match. Edge comes out next, and here's where my problems with this thing begin. Edge is still just a heel basically the way he acts and talks, and i just can't see him keeping the crowd's support like this. He is also getting VERY repetetive for a face, just acting like a lunatic. Don't get me wrong, I understand why he is like this; it's just that i won't be too sorry to see it end. Strangely, Randy Orton actually carried this promo when he came out. Some people portray him as arrogant and cocky, whilst others portray him as a nut. You have gone for the cocky yougster and it is working very well for you, i have to say. He was excellent here in his taunting phase, and you even managed to incorporate those pauses that heighten his matter-o-fact tone. Good job. The aftermath was rather predictable, since Edge is a complete nut and basically can't keep his hands off Orton whenever he sees him. What did surprise me was the speed with which the RKO Army came to their boss' aid. I expected it from Masters, but Doane and Mercury haven't seen eye to eye with Orton for weeks now. I wonder how this faction is finally going to split? HBK's save was expected, and shows the odds that Orton is facing at Wrestlemania, with two faces in the match. I can see either Edge or HBK snapping soon and nailing the other, just to add some more tension to the match. Good start.

~ Another backstage segment so quickly? Maybe should have had a match first. Good job at showing the increasing tension between the RKO Army, and it's looking like Nitro is going to be the first to leave. He and Doane won't work as faces, so more then likely it will just be a natural split. I'm liking Masters acting like more of a bodyguard to Orton, as that's the role he should be playing in my opinion. Melina is going to be in Orton's corner at Wrestlemania, so i can see her being part of the reason for MNM's departure from the group.

~ Yeah, this match was pretty much a foregone conclusion to be honest, with RVD being a long way above Joey Mercury in terms of the roster. Might have been quite cool to see Mercury in there though, although you can't really complain with Van Dam. Odds are he won't win, since he won last year, and he probably shouldn't win either, if it originality you are looking for.

~ Glorious, glorious interview from Heyman and Estrada next. I am really loving this combination, and it's great to see that you love those two as much as me. You wrote Heyman's subtle slyness so well, but i think Estrada probably stole the show, especially calling Stephanie a "big dummy" and "sweet cakes". It's quite a shame that Show and 'Mags don't have anything else but a Monster's Tag match for Wrestlemania, especially Umaga.

~ There's be nothing surprising about this being a good match, Mac. Charlie Haas is a great wrestler, and I find Ken Doane to be highly underrated. Haas hasn't had any build in this thread for a long time; in fact the last thing I remember him doing was jobbing to Kurt Angle, so it would have been illogical to have him win ... no matter how much I would have loved it. Ken Doane will be a good addition to the MITB match, since he can fly around the ring quite well. If we get a Guillotine Leg Drop from the top of the ladder then I'll be a happy man. Odds are, Doane is too young at 20 to win the MITB, but you never know. I guess Orton really didn't have anything to do with getting Doane in the match after all

~ Ah, Carlito's Cabana. This was an awesome segment, incredibly well written. It's really great that you are giving Carlito a lot of hype as a face, since that was what let him down in real life. He was stuck in a bunch of crap feuds with Nitro and Masters, which really don't do much for your credibility. Now he has beaten RVD cleanly, and is facing a MAJOR heel in JBL and gets the rub from Stone Cold. The best part of this segment was when Carlito was taunting Angle with the crowds "WHAT?" chant, leading him on. The video packge was very nicely done as well, really gets over just the hell of a career that Austin has had. With Kurt as the nut he is, it was quite obvious that he was going to nail 'Lito, but it was great to see Carly get the upper hand, and have both JBL and Austin get involved. It was a wonderful moment when Carlito offered to be Austin's partner, and with Austin agreeing too; it really looks like you have big plans for CCC in this thread. His match with Kurt was suitably good as you stated, and it was incredible to see that Carly actually had Angle beat until JBL cost him the match. The Stunner was a nice touch for the feud, but not so nice when it comes to 'Lito's credibility. Still, this whole segment made me think that Carlito could be in line for a Main Event push in this thread. It would be about time, since everyone seems to shy away from pushing 'Lito too much. JBL's promo was very good in the aftermath too, especially since he looked like a bit of a lackey in this feud to begin with. His mockery of Carlito's accent and nationality was spot on, and really made it work.

~ I know, I know Sabu in a Ladder Match is bound to be awesome, but i was actually kind of hoping for a Chris Masters victory, simply because i can't ever see Sabu winning the match, and Masters might stand a bit more of a chance. Anywho, just so long as Sabu gets in some crazy spots in the MITB match i'll be happy, but i can't honestly see him, RVD or Doane getting the win. Mostly likely it will be someone from SmackDown, but i don't know who.

~ Blimey, anyone would think that Austin/Angle was your Main Event feud to be honest, with the amount of attention it gets, but this was still a good segment with Maria, which would be quite innovative to see, especially with her 'dumb' gimmick. I'm really not sure who Austin is waiting for, but they have to be a big star to team up with the Rattlesnake. Maybe Rock from Smackdown?

~ See, i actually prefer these little segments between Edge and Shawn Michaels more sp than the more emotionally charged ones with Randy Orton, mainly because Edge isn't being incessantly intense with HBK, and is being a bit more light hearted really. His final speech about HBK's obsession with stealing the show, was a real breath of fresh air, and I hope we get some similar ones in the future.

~ Ah ha, I was a little disappointed not to see or hear anything from Mickie James or Victoria tonight, but at this we get the announcement - finally - of their big title match at Wrestlemania. Mickie dropping the title a year on from her first win? I think so Wow, that Main Event for next week sounds absolutely amazing, but I can't see it ending cleanly. Edge will probably try to beat the crap out of Orton at some point. Triple Threat - oh, wait, sorry, Three Way Dance's do give you a bit of leeway when it comes to making hype matches.

~ MICK FOLEY! Ha ha, I should have guessed I suppose, especially with the show being in New York and all. More of a promo with a brawl then a match; Austin and Angle clear off quickly through the crowd and Foley gets absolutely murdered by 'Mags and Show. Foley trying to get Show off his feet with constant chair shots was a nice touch, but the splash through the table was awesome. Umaga is so good, it's just not fair he hasn't got anything better in line for Wrestlemania. I can't really see this just being a randon appearance from Foley to get Umaga and Show over, as they don't really need any help there. He probably won't end up with a match, but Foley could very well now end up refereeing the Monster's Collide match. Great ending to the show.

Overall this was another great show, Mac. Although I don't approve of the new format it didn't hinder the quality. The spelling and grammar was spot on once again, and you managed to blow me away yet again with a spectacular segment from Carlito and Angle, as well as a thrilling conclusion to the show. I'm getting incredibly psyched for Wrestlemania now, but first I can't wait for SmackDown, and Cena/Undertaker
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

With the road to WrestleMania nearing it's end at a rapid pace, Friday Night SmackDown! rolls into Buffalo, New York.

At Saturday Night's Main Event, The Rock made his much anticipated return, helping Mr. Kennedy, Edge and Shawn Michaels fend off the one night reunited Evolution. "The People's Champion" also let "The Game" Triple H know that his WrestleMania challenge has been accepted, and as a result, The Rock and "The King of Kings" will go one on one in a No Holds Barred Match. But this Friday night, The Rock will make his return to SmackDown!. What will "The Great One" have to say about his impending match up with his long time rival? And will the ten time World Champion have anything to say to The Rock, the man he brutally assaulted at No Way Out?

While The Rock returned at Saturday Night's Main Event, Chavo Guerrero wrestled his last match in the WWE. Though he gave a tremendous effort, he lost his Cruiserweight Title Match to Cruiserweight Champion, Christopher Daniels and subsequently, is forced into retirement. This week on SmackDown!, we will get the thoughts of Chavo Guerrero on his retirement and the monster Cruiserweight Championship Match featuring Christopher Daniels defending against Rey Mysterio.

Also announced for WrestleMania last Saturday night, the third annual Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Three stars from Raw, three from SmackDown!. The three Raw slots were filled this past Monday night by RVD, Ken Doane and Sabu. This Friday, the three SmackDown! slots will be occupied. The match that was set for respect will no be for TWO of the three slots, when the Hardys take on former tag champions Shelton Benjamin and Gregory Helms. The FINAL slot will be filled in a FIFTEEN MAN OVER THE TOP ROPE BATTLE ROYAL! Bobby Lashley, King Booker, Ric Flair, Finlay, William Regal among others will fight for a chance to earn a shot at a world championship. Which three superstars which will punch their ticket to the grandest stage of them all?

All of that PLUS the World Heavyweight Champion, "The Animal" Batista and the 2007 Royal Rumble Winner Mr. Kennedy will be in the same arena since their first physical clash at Saturday Night's Main Event.

Live at 8/7CT on FX.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

The Smackdown preview looks absolutely masturbateable, Mac...lol. I look forwards to seeing what Chavo has to say about his retirement, and I look even more forward to seeing what happens between Batista and Kennedy. If I have time when the time comes, I'll do my best to giver 'er a review dude. Keep upz tha good work.

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

SmackDown! seems like a goody, with The Rock coming back we can expect a top promo between him and Trips. Good matches booked too, Battle Royal should be interesting.

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Great Smackdown Preview man. Looking forward to the Rock segment, along with Chavo Guerrero speaking on his match from SNME. The Kennedy/Batista segment should be good, as the feud has been great so far. I'll drop a review once the show is posted.

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

'Mac, SmackDown looks good, and that's especially because of The Rock's return. Much like Adam, I expect a great promo by 'The People's Champ' and 'The Game'. I'm also interested to know how you'll continue hyping the Kennedy-Batista feud. Chavo's comments on his retirement, and everything else looks fine too. I'll be reviewing SmackDown.

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

I'm in shock, Mac. We're getting two previews on the trot?

SmackDown! looks superb as ever, especially the situation concerning the MITB qualifiers. Quite a unique concept to have a tag team match for two of the spots. I can probably see The Hardys qualifying there. The Battle Royale should be good fun too, and I've got my money on King Booker.

I'm looking forward to hearing from Chavo Guerrero and Mr. Kennedy as well
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

SmackDown!; March 16th, 2007; Buffalo, New York:

The opening video plays before we head into the arena to witness the tremendous pyro display. The camera pans around the arena to all the fans, going wild, holding up their signs, before we cut to the announce table, where Joey Styles and Tazz sit.

Joey Styles: Six days removed from an explosive Saturday Night’s Main Event, and two weeks away from WrestleMania 23, Friday Night SmackDown! rolls right into Buffalo, New York with another blockbuster of a show. I’m Joey Styles here with former ECW Champion Tazz and Tazz, what a show we have in store for tonight.

Tazz: No doubt, no doubt, SmackDown! always delivers but tonight, we’re on the road to WrestleMania and there are definitely some WrestleMania implications for tonight.

Joey Styles: Two Money In The Bank Qualifiers. In the first match, we see a battle of former WWE Tag Team Champions when the Hardys take on Shelton Benjamin and Gregory Helms with the winning team taking the first two of three SmackDown! spots of that ladder match.

And that final Money In The Bank spot will go to the winner of a fifteen man battle royal. Huge stars in this one; the United States Champion William Regal, Bobby Lashley, former five time WCW Champion King Booker, sixteen time World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair, Finlay, Chris Sabin; HUGE match up.

Joey Styles: Also tonight, two weeks away from his highly anticipated clash with the ‘Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels, Rey Mysterio returns to the Cruiserweight Division, taking on Jamie Noble.

Tazz: And speaking of returns, the ‘People’s Champion’ The Rock makes his much anticipated return to SmackDown! right here tonight! Mega night and what a way we’re getting this one kicked off!!

***I Walk Alone*** The crowd erupts into an explosive mixed reaction as the World Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Animal’ Batista, steps out onto the stage, dressed to impress, title belt on his shoulder - but no Ric Flair by his side. Batista walks down the isle, steps into the ring and calls for a mic as a “Kennedy” chant starts up.

Batista: I hate to say I told you so -- but I told each and every one of you that Mr. Kennedy (“Kennedy!”) was no where close to being in my league … and this past Saturday Night … I proved it.

Heat for The Animal as Batista lets out a smirk.

Batista: Out of the dozens upon dozens of wrestlers on the entire roster, it’s gonna be Mr. Kennedy challenging me for my championship??

Batista scoffs while shaking his head, none too impressed.

Batista: I’ve beaten up icons, I’ve beaten down legends, I’ve been in Steel Cage Matches, Elimination Chambers, No Holds Barred Matches and each and every time, I’ve left this ring without a scratch on me, World Championship in hand. But now this joke, this platinum blond idiot is gonna step up and take this (slaps his title belt) championship from me?? I just don’t see it.

Another “Kennedy” chant starts up as Batista continues.

Batista: For those of you who didn’t see it because you were doing whatever it is that you people do in this horrible state - probably daydreaming while digging in your ass.

Cheap heat.

Batista: For everybody who didn’t see it, at Saturday Night’s Main Event, a lot of crap happened. Chavo Guerrero was forced to retire (heat), The Rock came back (pop), and John Cena laid out The Undertaker (big time heat). But above all else, Mr. Kennedy got his ass dropped dead center in the middle of this ring with a spine buster from ME and got counted down … for the one - two - three.

More heat as an “Asshole” chant starts up.

Batista: That was only the beginning. Last Saturday, I proved Kennedy wasn’t ready to step with the big boys and two weeks from tonight, I embarrass him on the biggest stage of them all. All you idiots will have to latch on to some new flavor of the month, because I GUARANTEE each and every one of you that not only will I beat Ken Kennedy in the middle of this ring come April 1st, but I GUARANTEE that he won’t leave this ring standing on his own two feet.

The crowd delivers major league heat as Batista takes his shades off and stares directly into the hard camera.

Batista: The ending to the WrestleMania 23 main event is not up for discussion; there’s no use for debate. Kennedy, your fate is already sealed and there isn’t enough heart and determination in the world to stop this 300 pound Animal, this 6’5” FREAK - OF -NATURE from breaking you in two!!!

***Turn Up The Tremble*** The crowd erupts into a thunderous ovation as the #1 contender Mr. Kennedy steps out onto the stage, dressed to compete with a T-shirt on top. KK has microphone in hand and Batista lets out a smirk, as Batista doesn’t look happy.

Mr. Kennedy: You look a bit different tonight, Dave. What’s different? Where’s grandpa?

Batista lets out a fake smirk.

Batista: Very clever. The Nature Boy is busy preparing to throw fourteen chumps over the top rope and get into that Money In The Bank Ladder Match. But you don’t have to be concerned with that now, bec-

KK cuts him off.

Mr. Kennedy: Yeah, I’m aware. You’re gonna do this and you’re gonna do that. Guarantees galore. I heard you. I was actually one of the few people to remain awake throughout the whole speech, or didn’t you hear 15,000 people snoring as you rambled on and on?

The crowd laughs a bit as the World Champion shakes his head with a smile on his face, lifting the mic up.

Batista: Even after I kicked your ass at Saturday Night’s Main Event, you’re still not taking this seriously? You still think this is some sort of a joke?? I’m kicking your ass up and down that ring come WrestleMania 23, and there isn’t enough jokes on this planet to stop that from happening.

Crowd boos.

Mr. Kennedy: You don’t think I’m taken this seriously? Oh, I’m serious, about as serious as a heart attack. And as you may have noticed, I’m dressed to compete here tonight.

Great pop as Batista seems to be caught a bit off guard by that comment, looking at Kennedy quizzically.

Mr. Kennedy: Yeah, you caught me Saturday. So I figured why don’t I come out here tonight and challenge you … to a one on one match … right here, right now, tonight on SmackDown!.

Great pop as Batista smirks.

Mr. Kennedy: No, don’t worry, you don’t have to put your World Heavyweight Championship on the line … nah, not yet, you can wait a bit and hand that to me at WrestleMania 23.

Another tremendous pop and this time it’s Kennedy who smiles as Batista’s face scrunches up.

Mr. Kennedy: No, no, no, no, tonight all I want you to put up … is your pride. Mano a mano, one on one. You think your baddest thing to walk into a WWE ring, I say prove it against me right here tonight!

Crowd cheers.

Batista: No.

Batista’s curt response takes a second to register, causing boos from the crowd and a sideways glance from Mr. Kennedy.

Batista: You haven’t earned it, you don’t deserve it, so you aren’t gonna get it. I’ve got nothing to prove to you tonight. I proved what I need to so far on Saturday night, and I’ll finish the job at WrestleMania.

Light boos.

Mr. Kennedy: I get it … you’re scared.

The crowd gasps as Batista squints his eyes, offended.

Batista: What did you just say to me??

Mr. Kennedy: Did I stutter? Scared, afraid, frightened, terrified, petrified, horrified, ready to piss your pants -

Batista: Scared ’a you??

Mr. Kennedy: I’m under the impression you’re not worth a damn without father time Ric Flair by your side. Lets face facts, he bailed you out of that cage match against Rock, he bailed you out of the Last Man Standing with Angle, he bailed you out of the Elimination Chamber. Hey, maybe they can fit Flair’s name somewhere on that big gold belt … until WrestleMania obviously.

Batista: You know what, boy … you just pissed off the wrong man. You can’t get a match up here tonight, but you can sure as hell catch a beat down.

Kennedy lets out a smile, takes his shirt off and sprints down to the ring, receiving a tremendous ovation as Batista takes off his jacket and rips off his shirt!! KK slides in and Big Dave throws a huge right, which Kennedy ducks and begins laying into Batista with rights, backing him into the corner.

With the crowd on his side, Kennedy just hits right after right after right … until The Animal decides he’s had enough, using his raw power and strength to muscle Kennedy from one corner, all the way across to the other before laying into him with strong shoulder thrusts!!

Batista attempts to rip his insides apart as Kennedy swings away on his back, attempting to wear down The Animal, but soon enough … several security guards run down to the ring to separate the two superstars a couple of weeks away from their WrestleMania main event!!

They pull Batista from the corner and the two men begin to yell at one another from across the ring … but Kennedy gets free, charging out of the corner and leaping onto Batista … who actually CATCHES KENNEDY, slamming him down to the mat and begins swinging away!!! Eventually, Kennedy gains the upper hand, switching positions with the world champion and drills Batista in the face as another “Kennedy” chant fills the arena!!

Finally, the two superstars are once again separated as we fade out, with the crowd, the announcers and the fiery competitors all going loco!!


***Firestorm*** The crowd boos as former WWE Tag Team Champions Shelton Benjamin and Gregory Helms make their way towards the ring, looking as confident and arrogant as always.

***X-treme*** The multi-time tag team champions, the Hardys, Matt and Jeff, make their way down the entrance ramp and towards the ring, receiving a mixed reaction from the sold out crowd.

Match #1: Money in the Bank Qualifying Match:
Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin & Gregory Helms
Though they are four heels, they’re four tremendous athletes and put on an athletically charged, fast paced match up, which keeps the crowd enthralled from start to finish. The fans take the side of the more visually-pleasing Hardys, who play the semi-face role in the match up, while Benjamin and Helms take the part of antagonists.
Seven minutes into the contest, the match up breaks down, with the referee losing complete control. Matt and Helms are the legal men but all four men brawl inside the ring. Jeff rocks Shelton with right hands before shooting him into the corner, but Benjamin uses the turnbuckle to leap frog over Hardy. Once Jeff turns around, Shelton catches him with a scintillating kick to the face, sending him out of the ring!! Matt takes Helms down with a SIDE EFFECT, before getting back up to his feet and waiting on Benjamin. Benji turns around and Hardy delivers a kick to the gut before going for the TWIST OF FATE - but Benji counters into a strong Northern Lights Suplex!!!
Matt turns over onto his stomach in pain. Shelton quickly backs up before charging ahead STEPPING ONTO HARDY’S BACK BEFORE LAUNCHING HIMSELF OVER THE TOP ROPE AND ONTO JEFF HARDY!!!
The crowd erupts into “Holy Shit” chants as Matt Hardy stumbles up to his feet, as does Helms. Matt faces Helms and the he gets a stiff kick to the gut. Helms then quickly looks for the VERTEBREAKER - but Hardy quickly evades that and instead rolls Helms up in a school boy!! 1... 2... NO!
Helms kicks out and both men get back up to their feet! Matt throws a clothesline but Helms ducks it and delivers a low dropkick to the leg of Matt, taking him down to a knee! Helms then shoots off of the ropes and looks for the SHINING WIZARD - but Hardy avoids it, gets back up to his feet, kicks Helms in the gut AND GOES FOR THE TWIST OF FATE - AND HITS IT!!! Hardy covers him, hooking the far leg!! 1... 2... 3!!
Winners: Matt & Jeff Hardy via pinfall @10:19.
Matt and Jeff earn two of the three SmackDown! spots in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Matt lets out a smirk while he raises his hand in the air.

Cut backstage, with Josh Matthews standing by with … the Cruiserweight Champion, the “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels and Allison Danger, whom receive a tremendous amount of heat. Daniels, dressed in shades, slacks and a nice dress shirt, smirks as he rubs the title on his shoulder.

Josh Matthews: Christopher Daniels, six days ago, you successfully retained the Cruiserweight Championship against Chavo Guerrero at Saturday Night’s Main Event. And because of that victory, Chavo was forced to retire.

Heat as Daniels smiles.

Josh Matthews: But also at that event, Rey Mysterio finally accepted your challenge for a match between the two of you. Therefore, at WrestleMania 23 you will put your Cruiserweight Title on the line against Rey Mysterio.

The crowd pops while the Fallen Angel pulls the mic towards himself.

Christopher Daniels: You have no idea how long I’ve been craving to see this match up. And all it took … was for me to take Rey Mysterio’s best friend on this planet and take away his way of making a living, his way of supporting his family, his dream, his life, his legacy, his FAMILY’S legacy; but as I said before, that doesn’t fall on my hands. That blood is on the hands of Rey Mysterio and Rey Mysterio alone.

More boos from the audience as Daniels takes a quick look at Allison before turning back to the camera.

Christopher Daniels: Ever since I started competing in the sport of professional wrestling, the word “cruiserweight” has always been defined by Rey Mysterio. He’s been the popular, he’s the one that all the fans came to see, he was quite simply the most exciting figure in the sport.

Crowd cheers.

Christopher Daniels: But Josh, that was long ago. Now I and I alone am the Cruiserweight Division. There isn’t a wrestler past, present or future that can touch me in this ring. Dean Malenko found that out the hard way at No Way Out. Young Chris Sabin found out the same thing at the Royal Rumble. And as you well know, Chavo Guerrero found that out and lost his career in the process five days ago.

Rey Mysterio, at WrestleMania 23, I won’t be taking away your pride like I did Malenko, and no, I won’t be taking away your momentum like I did to Sabin, and there’s no need to worry, I won’t be taking your career like I took Chavo’s. In a little over two weeks time, I will be taking the one thing that no one of your popularity can lose, the one thing that no man with your name can afford to lose. I’ll be taking your aura. I’ll be taking every single ounce of respect that every single fan in that arena has for you and I’ll put it in my back pocket, because quite frankly, you don’t deserve it.

I will confirm every single ounce of self doubt, every single ounce of hesitation that you have ever had when I expose you for what you’ve always been; a whole lot of flash with very little substance. The Rey Mysterio Era is long gone and I close the lid on the coffin at WrestleMania 23 on the biggest stage of all time! And that’s the gospel … according to the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels.

Daniels raises his fingers before smiling and walking off camera, with Danger soon following behind.

Joey Styles: That’s Christopher Daniels’ take but Rey Mysterio likes to let his action speak for his words! Up next, Rey Mysterio makes his return to the Cruiserweight Division! Mysterio versus Jamie Noble, NEXT!


Jamie Noble waits in the ring, looking ready for this next match up…

***Booyaka 619*** Rey Mysterio walks out onto the stage to a monstrous ovation, skipping over his usual entrance and looking quite intense, dawned in black trunks, mask and gloves.

Match #2:
Rey Mysterio vs. Jamie Noble
Far from a squash match. Noble gets in his fair share of offense against the icon of the Cruiserweight Division as the match up plays out with Mysterio trying to “regain his wits” in his old division.
Noble uses his sharpness to and impressive technical ability to ground Mysterio for a nice portion of the match up but Rey-Rey soon refocuses and gets his cruiserweight groove back. He quickly runs the ropes, taking Noble down with a variety of hurricanranas, much to the liking of the crowd!!
Jamie attempts to cut Rey off and finish up the match up, kicking him in the gut and going for the TIGER BOMB -- AND GETS HIM UP -- BUT MYSTERIO COUNTERS into a hurricanrana, causing Noble to stumble forward and gets caught up on the middle rope!!! The crowd erupts as Rey shoots off of the ropes and hits THE 619!! Rey then springboards off of the top rope AND DROPS THE DIME ONTO NOBLE, before hooking the leg!! 1... 2... 3!!
Winner: Rey Mysterio via pinfall @7:03.

Joey Styles: What a performance by Rey Mysterio!! Rey Mysterio is back in the Cruiserweight Division and what a win he just pulled out of his hat!!

Tazz: A little rough there in the beginning but Mysterio proved that he hasn’t lost a step and is willing to give the Fallen Angel a hell of a fight come April first.

Cut backstage into the office of Stephanie McMahon, whom views paperwork as she sits behind her desk … when KING BOOKER and Queen Sharmell burst in. Steph stands up.

King Booker: What is the meaning of this?? What in the bloody hell is going on??

Stephanie looks perplexed - either by his accent or intentions.

King Booker: You give those … unkempt monkeys The Hardys a chance at the Money in the Bank ladder match since they won a tag team title match? Their speci-ali-tay(specialty)?? What is going on around here? Those flying scoundrels get to compete in as match hand-crafted for their abilities, but yet, I, King Bookah, have to win a fifteen man battle royal?? THIS - IS - A SHAM!!

Stephanie McMahon: So what?

King Booker: So what?!

Steph shrugs her shoulders.

Stephanie McMahon: Yeah. So what? You don’t like the fact that I put you in the battle royal, then don’t compete in it. I’m sure I can find someone who wants a shot at being in that Money in the Bank ladder match - you don’t want it, you’re not needed.

Booker’s eyes bug out, almost comically.

King Booker: (dropping accent) You didn’t just say that … somebody tell me that she did not just say that. NOT NEEDED!!?? I’ve been carryin’ this damn place on my back since I got here and now I’m not needed?! This is some kind of a sick joke. Let me tell you somethin’. This place does not exist without me. You dig what I’m sayin’? This place crumbles, SmackDown! collapses without King Bookah keepin’ it-

Suddenly, WILLIAM REGAL busts into the office and lunges at Booker, grabbing the King and taking him down to the ground, hitting him with hard shots to the face as Booker covers up!! Sharmell swings away on the back of Regal as the Englishman rocks the man who abandoned him at SNME!

Finally, a few referees manage to pull the United States Champion off of King Booker and the Booker Man quickly gets up, grabs the hand of his wife and takes off out of the office, leaving his former teammate more than pissed.

Styles and Tazz hype The Rock’s first SmackDown! appearance in a month.


***IF YA SMELLLLLL*** The crowd explodes into easily the loudest ovation of the night as “The Great One” The Rock steps out onto the stage, dressed in shades, a pair of jeans, a white tank top and a pair of tan boots.

Rock looks around the arena at the multitude of fans going wild before continuing on down to the ring. Rock steps in, walks to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle, raising his arm to another huge pop. The People’s Champ steps down and is handed a mic. Rock gets ready to talk but a thunderous “ROCKY” chant starts up, cutting him off. Rock waist for it to die down before speaking.


Incredible cheap pop.

The Rock: And finally, The Rock is back on SmackDown!. And The Rock will be honest. The Rock couldn’t wait to come back to SmackDown!, The Rock couldn’t wait to come back to all of the millions -


The Rock: And millions of The Rock’s fans. The Rock couldn’t wait to come back to Friday nights and entertain and ELECTRIFY like only The Rock can!


The Rock: But above all else, above everything else, there was one man that The Rock wanted to see. There was one man that The Rock had to see. There was one man that The Rock NEEDED to see!

Rock walks around the ring a bit.

The Rock: And no, I’m not talking about that jabroni, Joey Styles, whose got his hand in his pocket, gawking at The Rock. Stop playing pocket pool you SICK FREAK!!!

The crowd pops and quite a few laugh as the camera focuses on Styles slowly pulling his hand out of his pocket.

The Rock: No, that one man, that one son of a BITCH that The Rock wanted to see goes by the name … of Triple H.

Thunderous amount of heat as Rock’s jaw clinches up.

The Rock: Triple H, one month ago, No Way Out, in front of all The Rock’s fans, The Rock put it all on the line … in one of the most brutal cage matches in WWE history!! And once that cage match was done, once The Rock was a beaten, bloody, tired mess … you strolled your monkey ass out there -

Rock is cut off by a monstrous “ROCKY” chant.

The Rock: You walked your monkey ass out there - SLEDGEHAMMER AND ALL and proceeded to beat The Rock from pillar to post!! From one end of the cage to the other!! Sledgehammer shots!! Pedigrees!! Steel chair shots!! Pedigrees ON steel chairs!! And on top of all of that … you tried to end The Rock’s career. You tried to end The Rock’s career by crushing - by MASHING The Rock’s skull between a steel chair and a sledgehammer!!

More boos.

The Rock: Well, let The Rock explain something to you.

The Rock slowly takes off his shades and hangs them on the front of his shirt as the crowd cheers wildly.

The Rock:
You can’t stop The Rock - you can’t take out The Rock - you can’t keep The Rock down and you certainly can’t keep The Rock out! Hunter, you tried it all and you’ve tried it all for the past decade!!

Rock squints his eyes with intensity.

The Rock:
You and The Rock have gone at it tooth and nail, like cats and dogs. Ladder Matches, Strap Matches, Handicap Matches, Hell in a Cell Matches, Steel Cage Matches, World Title Matches and in the end, it was always and WILL always be The Rock who whups your CANDY ASS!!!

Thunderous pop.

The Rock:
So, you want it to come to end one WrestleMania night? Well, you can bet your ass that it will end on WrestleMania night. No Holds Barred - The Game and The Rock - one on -

***Time To Play The Game*** Rock quickly turns around to face the entrance as Triple H steps out onto the stage, dressed in a dark suit, shades and microphone in hand, receiving an incredible amount of heat from the sold out crowd. Rock boils with anger as Hunter lets out a smirk.

Triple H: (Speaking in a sarcastically impressed tone) THE ROCK! THE GREAT ONE! THE PEOPLE’S CHAMP! BRAHMA BULL!

The crowd cheers for Rock’s monikers while Rock stares intensely at Triple H, who smirks a bit.

Triple H: I gotta hand it to you, Rock. Only you can go through a beating like that, get your ass handed to you on a silver platter, get beaten and bloodied, suffer a concussion … and still come back the same pompous prick you left as.

“Asshole” chant starts up causing Hunter to grin a bit more as he waits for them to die down.

Triple H: Rock, you and I both know, you don’t stand a chance in hell come April first.

Boos as Rock tilts his head to the side - that’s news to him.

Triple H: Lets forget the fact that just a month ago, you didn’t know what the hell your name was. Lets forget the fact that just one short month ago, I almost ended your career - and make no mistake about it, if I wanted to have put you on the shelf for good, I would have.

More heat as Rock boils with anger.

Triple H: Put that all aside and … just what the hell have you done since you’ve came back?? No, seriously, lets check. You came back at No Mercy and you won that match … a match up you wouldn’t have won if it wasn’t for me!!

Crowd boos.

Triple H: You got the pin over Austin at Survivor Series … but that was after I Pedigreed his ass!


Triple H: At the Royal Rumble, I had your ass pinned dead in the middle of this ring. Lets face it, Rock, YOU AREN’T A DAMN THING WITHOUT ME!!

Tremendous heat as Hunter shakes with intensity.

Triple H: Just like this damn company, YOU ARE NOTHING WITHOUT ME!! Without me carrying your ass you get nothing done! For years upon years, everybody talks about the Rock and Austin Era! Everybody talks about the so called second ‘golden age’ of this company, but the fact is, I CARRIED THIS PLACE!! I GOT THE JOB DONE!! But more importantly than all else, I STAYED LOYAL while you took your ass to Hollywood and Austin took his ball and went home!!

Another “Asshole” chant starts up.

Triple H: These idiots don’t wanna hear it, because it’s true. I took the WWE and put it on my back for years and years and you stroll your ass in here, years later and think you’re still the big man on campus! At No Way Out, I made it abundantly clear that I still call ALL the shots when I wiped the floor with your ass!!

More boos.

Triple H: And at WrestleMania 23, I will finish the job. On the biggest stage of all time, the grandest stage of them all, thousands upon thousands of fans, all there to see the climax of the biggest feud of all time, I will put the final nail in your coffin and cap off your overrated career!! Get your bags packed for Hollywood, Rock, because you get run out of this place in two weeks and there isn’t a damn things you can do about it. WHY!? Because I AM THE GAME -

The Rock: (Mocking Hunter) I am The Game-ah and I am that damn good-ah!! (Stops) SHUT YOUR MOUTH YOU BIG NOSED FREAK!!!

Thunderous pop as Hunter scowls at The Rock.

The Rock: The Rock has had enough of you whining, enough your moaning and groaning. Bitching about crap that happened ten years ago!! The Rock says if you really want a piece of The Rock, if you really think you’re as bad as you say, then you’ll walk your monkey ass down that ramp, step your ass into this ring and get the ASS-WHOOPIN’ OF A LIFETIME!!!

Humongous cheers.

Triple H: I told you once and I’m saying it again. I call ALL the shots. You’ll get your ass kicked when I dictate you will. So I suggest you use this time to count down the mere moments until your career comes to a screeching halt. Game … over.

The Rock: And The Rock suggests that much like the past THREE WrestleManias, you will (starts gagging) CHOKE on the grand stage!!

The crowd explodes into cheers as that comment hit’s a button with Helmsley, whose face turns a ferocious shade of red.


The Rock’s music hits again as the crowd goes completely ape shit and Rock and Hunter stare each other down as we fade to commercial.


WrestleMania Recall - WrestleMania 21 - Shelton Benjamin puts on a spectacular performance in the first ever Money in the Bank ladder match in a losing effort; Running up a ladder; launching himself on to multiple opponents; hitting a T-Bone on Edge off of a ladder.

Backstage, Steve Romero stands by flanked by the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Hooligans, Paul London and Brian Kendrick.

Steve Romero: Paul London, Brian Kendrick, two weeks ago here on SmackDown!, the two of you went on to recapture the WWE Tag Titles by defeating the Hardy Boys in an incredibly exciting match up. What plans do the two of you have as champs heading into WrestleMania 23?

Paul London: Well tonight, the plan is for one of us to win that 15 man Battle Royal and get into the Money in the Bank ladder match. And whether it’s myself or whether it’s Brian or whether it‘s someone else who wins that match, you can bet that you’re going to get 110 percent effort in that ring tonight, much like you get from us each and every week.

Brian Kendrick: The point is, no matter what the obstacle, you go full speed ahead. We didn’t back down from The Pit Bulls, we came right at them. We didn’t back down from JBL and Mr. Kennedy, we came right at them. We didn’t back down from The Hardys, we came right at them. And we won’t be backing down from any of the wrestlers in that match up tonight-

The crowd boos as Shelton Benjamin and Gregory Helms step into screenshot, neither man looking overly impressed. London and Kendrick don’t back down an inch as Helms shakes his head.

Gregory Helms: This little act is getting real old, real fast. (Puts on whiny voice) “We don’t back down from anybody, we’re fighting champion, we just wanna compete.” (Stops)We all know that’s as big a lie as there’s ever been, Fact is, you boys have been ducking us for the longest while and Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon and every single “suit” sitting in that Stanford office has played a part in holding us back, and keeping the two of you safe.

Paul London: What the hell are you talking about?

Shelton Benjamin: You guys are the pretty boys. The charismatic high-flyers. The guys that the girls just love to see and guys love to watch. Meanwhile, Gregory Helms and myself are being held back for simply being … great. Instead, the WWE gives you guys every opportunity in the world because you have long hair and do a bunch of circus flips. Guess what, I’m not impressed. I wasn’t impressed when we beat you for the belts. I wasn’t impressed when we beat you at No Mercy. And I wasn’t impressed when you screwed us out of the belts a-

Brian Kendrick: We didn’t screw you two guys out of anything. We earned these belts the good old fashioned way. Working for it. And if you want us to prove it to you, just name the time and place.

Gregory Helms: Whether or not one of you two idiots win that Battle Royal tonight, we want a tag team title shot next week right here on SmackDown!.

The crowd pops in the background as London nods; Kendrick looks a bit hesitant.

Brian Kendrick: Title match?

Paul London: You’re on!

Kendrick looks at London a bit surprised but soon turns back towards Helms and Benjamin.

Brian Kendrick: Yeah … you’re on.

Benjamin and Helms smile before taking off, leaving behind a set of determined tag team champions.

Back to ringside. A couple of no name, medium-sized wrestlers wait in the ring ready for action when … BOOM!!!

***Slow Chemical*** The crowd pops as the “Big Red Machine” Kane walks down the entrance ramp and … is soon followed by “The Silverback” Mark Henry, the two SmackDown! monsters showing a bit of solidarity a couple of weeks away from their clash with Umaga and Big Show.

Match #3: Tag Team Match:
Kane & Mark Henry vs. Jobbers
Kane and Henry completely destroy these guys with no effort at all, going through their respective move sets before Kane hits one with a CHOKESLAM and Henry hit’s the other with the WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM for a double pinfall!
Winners: Kane & Henry at 3:00 via pin fall.

Kane and Henry stare at one another, smirking a bit as the commentators put them over. Styles and Tazz then hype the appearance of the now retired Chavo Guerrero, NEXT!


Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, from his home in El Paso, Texas, former multi time Cruiserweight and Tag Team Champion … Chavo Guerrero.

The crowd pops as we cut to Chavo sitting in a chair in his home.

Joey Styles: Chavo, five days ago, you wrestled … your last match here in World Wrestling Entertainment - a loss to the Cruiserweight Champion, the “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels. Do you have any comment on that or … ?

Chavo shakes his head, holding it down in disappointment before bringing it back up.

Chavo Guerrero:
Yeah … I … I uh … lost that match. I gave it everything I had, left it all out there in the ring … but Daniels was just better. I can’t put it much simpler than that. Daniels was quicker … y’know, better prepared, faster, stronger, the works, man. He’s a great wrestler. My career is over, but it’s been a hell of a ride and if it had to end, I’m glad it ended the way it did. I didn’t take the easy way out, I went out against one of the best wrestlers in this company, gave it my all and came up on the short end. Nothing I can do except move on.

Light applause is heard in the background.

Joey Styles: You did do that, Chavo. A wonderful performance.

Tazz: Chavo, it’s Tazz.

Chavo Guerrero: How are ya, Tazz?

Tazz: I’m good. I just wanted to get your thoughts, your opinion, possibly a prediction on the WrestleMania match which will see you best friend, Rey Mysterio, return to the Cruiserweight Division and challenge Christopher Daniels for the championship. I was wondering if we could get your thoughts on that?

Chavo Guerrero: A lot of people could say this match up should’ve taken place so I didn’t have to put my career on the line … but that’s neither here nor there. It’s gonna be a great match up, no doubt about that. As I’ve said before, Daniels is a great competitor but if he thinks he’s just gonna run through Rey-Rey and keep that belt, he’s in for a HUGE shock at WrestleMania. Rey Mysterio lays down for nobody. And I predict that we’ll have a new Cruiserweight Champion at WrestleMania 23.

Crowd cheers as Chavo smiles.

Joey Styles: Thank you for your time, Chavo, and best of luck in whatever you do from here.

Tazz: Best of luck, Chavo.

Chavo Guerrero: Thanks, guys.

Chavito gets up from his seat as we cut to the Raw Rebound.

Raw Rebound
- RVD, Sabu, & Ken Doane qualify for the MITB ladder match.
- The tension between Edge and Michaels picks up.
- Mick Foley returns to help Steve Austin, but once Austin gets tangled up with Kurt Angle, Umaga and Big Show lay waste to Foley, putting him through a table.

***My Time Is Now*** The crowd gives an incredibly loud mixed reaction as John Cena steps out onto the stage, dressed in his custom black shirt, dog tags and camouflage shorts, big wide smile on his face.

Joey Styles: We were the witnesses to quite the surreal experience at Saturday Night’s Main Event. (Footage plays) Not only did John Cena spit in the face of The Undertaker but he laid The Phenom out with an FU.

Tazz: I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it. John Cena stepped up, embarrassed The Undertaker and then dropped him all within the span of seconds. This kid is the real deal; I’m telling ya, Joey.

Cena steps into the ring and calls for a mic, soon being given one by Tony Chimel. Immediately, dueling chants of “Cena!! - Cena!!” and “Undertaker!!” start up. Cena waits for them to die down before speaking.

John Cena: Don’t run your eyes, I’m here live and in the flesh. I showed at Saturday Night’s Main Event, SPIT … in The Undertaker’s face, bitched him out, dropped him down and I’m still standing today. THE BOSS IS HERE!!!!

Mixed reaction as Cena smirks.

John Cena: I heard it from everybody, “John, you’re gonna get hurt messing with The Undertaker”, “John, a decade of destruction”, “John, he’s The Phenom”, “John, he’s this. John, he’s that” but through it ALL, I SAID THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER!!! I told each and every one of ya, I FEAR NOTHING AND REGRET LESS!! And I proved it five days ago!!

Mixed reaction - this time, actually leaning towards cheers.

John Cena: Make no mistake about it, Taker made all the threats in the world. The Deadman loves to play these spooky little mind games; Phenom, that might have worked on me fifteen years ago when I was a teenager and you actually had some sort of physical talent -

The crowd lets out a collective “OH!” with a few boos sprinkled in.

John Cena: It might’ve worked back then, Deadman, but nowadays … in the John Cena Era, you gotta come strong, homie. Leave the magic, lighting effects, and fire at home and step to me like a man and MAYBE you’ll have a shot.

Another “Taker” chant starts up, cutting Cena off, causing him to look at the crowd with distain.

John Cena: Chant his name all you want, it won’t change a damn thing come WrestleMania 23. Y’see, Taker, if you were expecting the conventional WrestleMania match, with the conventional WrestleMania mind games against the conventional WrestleMania opponent, you were sadly mistaken.

Cena scoffs, dropping the mic down a bit before bringing it back, glaring into the hard camera.

John Cena: In a little over two weeks from tonight, I’m strolling on in to Ford Field - on the set of the grandest stage of them all and I will stare across the ring - not from the man undefeated at WrestleMania, NO NO!! Not from the former multi-time WWE Champion, NO NO!! Not from the most respected superstar to ever walk through those doors, NO NO NO!!!

Cena trembles with anger.

John Cena: NO!! Across the ring from me will stand a man who I’ve SLAPPED IN THE FACE!!! Across the ring from me will stand a man who I’VE SPIT ON!!! Across the ring from me will stand a man whom I … HAVE … BEATEN!!!

More heat as Cena takes a deep breath.

John Cena: I stand across the ring from The Undertaker, a man who I’ve screwed out of a WWE Title match, a man who I screwed out of the Royal Rumble, a man who I’ve laid out … but on the grandest stage of them all, I just flat out TAKE his WrestleMania winning streak.

Boos from the crowd, causing Cena to smirk before popping his collar.

John Cena: The sad part is … The Undertaker won’t be able to do a damn thing about it. Ya heard?

Cena waives his hand in front of his face, performing his “You Can’t See Me” taunt, much to the chagrin of some in the crowd.

***Turn It Up*** The crowd gives a minor pop as a veteran, Scotty Too Hotty, makes his way down to the ring, as jovial as always while inside the ring, Cena takes off his shirt and dog tags.

Match #4:
John Cena vs. Scotty Too Hotty
Scotty tries his damndest, using to look his speed to overcome the dominant former WWE Champion but Cena will have none of it, using his underrated explosiveness and celebrated power to blast right through the WWE mainstay. He runs Scotty over with a couple of clotheslines, before quickly following up with his Killswitch Powerbomb and Five Knuckle Shuffle!! Cena then hits the FU, and quickly chokes S2H out with the STFU!!!
Winner: John Cena via submission @2:23.
Cena doesn’t let the hold go for quite a while, choking Scotty out until he stops fighting, stops tapping, and stops moving all together! Finally, Cena lets go of the deadly submission and points his hand like a gun to the head of S2H, pulling the trigger, before looking at the hard camera and giving The Undertaker’s patented throat slash.

Styles and Tazz put over the tremendous intensity and dominance of Cena before hyping the Money in the Bank Qualifier Battle Royal, up next!


Backstage, inside the locker room of Batista and Ric Flair, the Nature Boy, dressed in his black wrestling gear, puts on one of his many extravagant robes. Soon, the finely dressed World Heavyweight Champion Batista walks in, carrying his title.

Batista: There he is. THE MAN!! You ready to go, Ric?

Ric Flair: Ready? Ha, ready? You can get no more ready than the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. WOOOO!

Batista smirks.

Ric Flair: Bobby Lashley - OVER THE TOP ROPE!! King Booker - he’s gone TOO!! Finlay, Sabin, Regal, London, Kendrick, IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO IT IS!! The Nature Boy Ric Flair is winning the Battle Royal and heading to the GRANDEST - STAGE - OF THEM ALL!!!

Flair and Batista shake hands before hugging. The two let go and then smile again.

Ric Flair: And then at WrestleMania 23, the Nature Boy Ric Flair wins the Money in the Bank contract, a WORLD TITLE SHOT!! After that, you’ll beat Mr. Kennedy and Big Dave, once again YOU … AND I … will be on the mountain top once again, for long, LONG time! WOOOOOOO!! WOOOOOOOO!! WOOOOO!!!

The two superstars laugh before leaving the locker room.

Back to ringside.

The ring is already filled up with several superstars - Chris Sabin, Hardcore Holly, The Miz, Super Crazy, Psichosis, Kid Kash, Jamie Noble and Funaki.

We then get the full entrances for the “stars” of the match up - the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Hooligans, Ric Flair, King Booker, Finlay, William Regal and Lashley.

Main Event: Over-the-Top-Rope Battle Royal; MITB Qualifier:
King Booker w/Queen Sharmell, Bobby Lashley, Ric Flair w/Batista, Finlay, William Regal, Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Chris Sabin, Hardcore Holly, The Miz, Super Crazy, Psichosis, Kid Kash, Jamie Noble & Funaki
Like most matches of this type, this Battle Royal starts off a complete cluster-fuck with each man going at it with reckless abandon - fists-a-flying. After a couple of minutes, the first elimination takes place with the United States Champion William Regal throwing Funaki over the top rope, before drilling him with an elbow, sending him down to the ground!

Elimination #1: Funaki

Soon after, Lashley shows his incredible amount of power, crushing Miz with an overhead belly to belly suplex! Miz uses the ropes to pull himself up and Lashley charges forward and takes him over the top rope with a clothesline!!

Elimination #2: The Miz

Regal and Booker brawl as Finlay goes after Lashley - pairing off. The same goes for the best ever, Ric Flair, and Chris Sabin. London and Kendrick double team Hardcore Holly in a corner as Noble and Kash do battle with the Mexicools in the middle of the ring. After a couple of fast paced seconds, The Mexicools hit stereo dropkicks, taking their opponents down! Both Kash and Noble get up at the same time and Crazy and Psichosis charge in - BUT Kash and Noble pull the ropes down, causing The Mexicools to tumble out of the ring to the floor!!

Elimination #3 & #4: Crazy & Psichosis

The crowd boos while the two cruiserweight heels taunt but unbeknownst to them, London and Kendrick toss Hardcore Holly over the top rope and to the floor below!!

Elimination #5: Hardcore Holly

The WWE Tag Team Champions then walk toward Kash and Noble and toss both men over the top rope - Kash hit’s the floor!!! -- but Noble holds on!!

Elimination #6: Kid Kash

Noble manages to clutch onto the top rope but London soon leaps up, hitting his patented Dropsault and taking the former Cruiserweight Champion off of the apron, to the floor and with Kash below!!

Elimination #7: Jamie Noble

London and Kendrick then split up, with Kendrick grabbing a hold of Sabin before rocking him with a forearm while London grabs Ric Flair and hits him with a right hand. Booker attempts to eliminate Regal in the corner as Lashley and Finlay move towards the center of the ring, exchanging right hands. Finlay goes low, hitting a boot before shooting off of the ropes but Lashley reacts quickly and presses him over his head!! The crowd reacts in awe as Lashley moves towards the ropes - but Finlay gets down out of his hands, and behind Lashley. He spins the Real Deal around but Lashley quickly grabs him, locks his hands around Finlay’s hips -- AND TOSSES THE IRISHMAN OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH A BELLY TO BELLY!!!

Elimination #8: Finlay

King Booker chokes his former teammate, William Regal, out in the corner until Lashley walks over and clubs the 5x WCW Champion in the back. He then turns him around before shooting him into the ropes. Lashley gets set too early and Booker hit’s a stiff kick to the face - but Lashley no sells it and the crowd goes wild as Lashley yells at Booker, who looks scared shitless.
Booker throws a right hand, which Lashley ducks. The Real Deal waits for Booker to turn around, kicks him in the gut and then tucks him between the legs, READY FOR THE DOMINATOR -- but Lashley drops down AND HIT’S A LOW BLOW ON LASHLEY!!!
Lashley clutches over as Booker stumbles up to his feet while Regal reaches in his trunks and pulls out BRASS KNUCKS!! Booker turns around and REGAL SWINGS -- BUT BOOKER DUCKS - AND REGAL DRILLS LASHLEY, SENDING HIM TUMBLING OVER THE ROPES AND OUT OF THE RING!!!

Elimination #9: Bobby Lashley

Regal’s misstep causes him to stare, quite a bit shocked, but Booker’s not and grabs Regal by the tights and hair and tosses him over the top rope!!

Elimination #10: William Regal

Booker raises a pinky to tremendous heat before refocusing and walking over and grabbing London by the arms! London fights but he’s left wide open as Flair just unleashes on his chest with nasty chops, turning it a beat red color. Naitch then lets loose with shots to the face before he and Booker grab the tag champ and toss him over the top rope!!!

Elimination #11: Paul London

Flair points to Kendrick and he and Booker do much of the same to him, this time, with Booker taking offensive control before both men grab Spanky and send him out of the ring as well!!

Elimination #12: Brian Kendrick

Sabin slumps down in the corner in pain as Booker and Flair smirk. The two heels look at one another slyly -- AND BOTH HIT A THUMB TO THE EYE!! The crowd laughs as Booker and Flair stumble around the ring blindly!! Sabin quickly gets up to his feet and charges ahead with a clothesline, TAKING BOOKER AND HIMSELF OVER THE TOP ROPE -- BUT SABIN HOLDS ON AS BOOK HIT’S THE FLOOR!!!

Elimination #13: King Booker

Batista, whom hasn’t left ringside, walks around the ringside area and grabs a STEEL CHAIR as Flair approaches the dangling. Flair goes to force Sabin out of the ring BUT SABIN SKINS THE CAT A BIT - AND WRAPS HIS LEGS AROUND THE THROAT OF FLAIR!!! Sabin attempts to force Flair out of the ring, with the crowd firmly behind him but … WHACK!!! BATISTA DRILLS HIM WITH THE CHAIR … and Sabin crumbles onto the apron and then TO THE FLOOR BELOW!!!

Elimination #14: Chris Sabin

Winner: Ric Flair qualifies for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at 17:58.

The crowd boos as Batista arrogantly adjusts his jacket and tie before tossing Sabin back into the ring. Flair raises his hands in the air, now booked for an opportunity to get a World Championship Match.

Batista climbs back into the ring and the two stars go to work on Sabin, stomping away on the youngster!! Flair then lifts Sabin up and sticks him between the legs of Batista, ready for the DEMON BOMB!!! -

MR. KENNEDY comes sprinting down the entrance ramp and Batista tosses Sabin aside!! Kennedy slides into the ring and Batista adjusts his shades before … calmly leaving the ring!

The crowd boos as KK calls for Batista to get back into the ring but Big Dave and Naitch aren’t listening as they walk back around ringside, grabbing the World Title on the way and head back up the entrance ramp, huge smiles on their faces.

Batista and Flair stop at the top of the entrance ramp and stare at Kennedy whom points over his shoulder at the WrestleMania 23 sign, which causes The Animal to smirk and raise his World Championship proudly into the air as we fade out.



Current Card for WWE WrestleMania XXIII:

Date: April 1st, 2007
Location: Ford Field; Detroit, Michigan
Event Music: Saliva; Ladies and Gentlemen

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista w/Ric Flair
vs. 2007 Royal Rumble Winner Mr. Kennedy

WWE Championship Match; Three Way Dance:
‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton
vs. ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels
vs. ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge

No Holds Barred Match:
‘The Great One’ The Rock vs. ‘The Game’ Triple H

Icon vs. Icon:
‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin vs. ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle

One On One:
‘The Phenom’ The Undertaker vs. ‘The Boss’ John Cena


Intercontinental Championship Match:
Carlito vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Christopher Daniels
w/Allison Danger vs. Rey Mysterio

Women's Championship Match
Mickie James vs. Victoria

Money In The Bank Ladder Match:
RVD vs. Matt Hardy vs. Ken Doane vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Sabu vs. Ric Flair

Monsters Collide:
Raw GM Jonathan Coachman’s Big Show & Umaga
(w/AAE & Heyman)
vs. SmackDown! GM Stephanie McMahon’s Kane & Mark Henry

Gif Credit - will94
Match Banner Credit - Crazian

for the week of September 28th


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