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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

World Champ Batista, WWE Champ Randy Orton, Triple H, & Ric Flair
vs. Edge, Mr. Kennedy, Shawn Michaels, & The RETURNING Rock

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Carlito vs. Rob Van Dam

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Title vs. Career:
Christopher Daniels vs. Chavo Guerrero

Singles Match:
Victoria vs. Trish Stratus

Tag Team Match:
King Booker & U.S. Champ William Regal vs. Finlay & Bobby Lashley

Inter-promotional Match:
Umaga vs. Kane

This looks a superb card and the main event looks amazing. I just hope the actual match is as good as it looks.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Wow, I'm three shows behind. It'll be too hard for me to catch up, so I'm gonna start reviewing again from SNME. I have a little clue about what's happening so I won't be too behind. Oh, and some predictions.

FINAL Card for Saturday Night’s Main Event:
Date: March 10th, 2007
Location: Madison Square Garden, NYC

Evolution Reunites For One Night Only: Eight Man Tag Team Match:
World Champ Batista, WWE Champ Randy Orton, Triple H, & Ric Flair
vs. Edge, Mr. Kennedy, Shawn Michaels, & The RETURNING Rock

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Carlito vs. Rob Van Dam

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Title vs. Career:
Christopher Daniels vs. Chavo Guerrero

Singles Match:
Victoria vs. Trish Stratus

Tag Team Match:
King Booker & U.S. Champ William Regal vs. Finlay & Bobby Lashley

Inter-promotional Match:
Umaga vs. Kane

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Evolution Reunites For One Night Only: Eight Man Tag Team Match:
World Champ Batista, WWE Champ Randy Orton, Triple H, & Ric Flair
vs. Edge, Mr. Kennedy, Shawn Michaels, & The RETURNING Rock

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Carlito vs. Rob Van Dam

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Title vs. Career:
Christopher Daniels vs. Chavo Guerrero

Singles Match:
Victoria vs. Trish Stratus

Tag Team Match:
King Booker & U.S. Champ William Regal vs. Finlay & Bobby Lashley

Inter-promotional Match:
Umaga vs. Kane

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Evolution Reunites For One Night Only: Eight Man Tag Team Match:
World Champ Batista, WWE Champ Randy Orton, Triple H, & Ric Flair
vs. Edge, Mr. Kennedy, Shawn Michaels, & The RETURNING Rock

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Carlito vs. Rob Van Dam

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Title vs. Career:
Christopher Daniels vs. Chavo Guerrero

Singles Match:
Victoria vs. Trish Stratus

Tag Team Match:
King Booker & U.S. Champ William Regal vs. Finlay & Bobby Lashley

Inter-promotional Match:
Umaga vs. Kane


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Evolution Reunites For One Night Only: Eight Man Tag Team Match:
World Champ Batista, WWE Champ Randy Orton, Triple H, & Ric Flair
vs. Edge, Mr. Kennedy, Shawn Michaels, & The RETURNING Rock

I see Evolution taking this one. Rock's return is huge but I think he'll win at Mania so Triple H can win at SNME

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Carlito vs. Rob Van Dam

As much as I'd like to see RVD win the storylines revolve around Carlito

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Title vs. Career:
Christopher Daniels vs. Chavo Guerrero

I hate to see Chavo go but Mysterio/Daniels should continue

Singles Match:
Victoria vs. Trish Stratus


Tag Team Match:
King Booker & U.S. Champ William Regal vs. Finlay & Bobby Lashley

I pick the faces again. I don't see Finlay and Lashley losing because Lashley is on a roll and Finlay just turned

Inter-promotional Match:
Umaga vs. Kane

Kane won't win, no way is he going to defeat Umaga although I see a no contest here

Card looks stacked but could do with a little attraction such as a legend showing or a cutting edge/cabana etc. Will review when you post
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

'Mac, I've read RAW and SmackDown and I would've reviewed them but since you said that SNME is going to be posted tonight, then I thought I'd just wait and review SNME, which looks a damn good show.

World Champ Batista, WWE Champ Randy Orton, Triple H, & Ric Flair
vs. Edge, Mr. Kennedy, Shawn Michaels, & The RETURNING Rock

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Carlito vs. Rob Van Dam

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Title vs. Career:
Christopher Daniels vs. Chavo Guerrero

Singles Match:
Victoria vs. Trish Stratus

Tag Team Match:
King Booker & U.S. Champ William Regal vs. Finlay & Bobby Lashley

Inter-promotional Match:
Umaga vs. Kane

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Day late. My bad.


The opening video plays, showing several classic clips of this wonderful event before we head into the arena to witness the fantastic pyro display. The camera pans around the arena to all the fans before we cut to the announce table, where Jim Ross and Joey Styles sit.

Jim Ross:
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome everyone, to Saturday Night’s Main Event here on NBC, emanating from the Mecca of World Wrestling Entertainment - Madison Square Garden!! From Monday Night Raw, I’m ‘Good Ole’ J.R., Jim Ross, and here with me tonight on NBC, representing Friday Night SmackDown!, the former voice of ECW, Joey Styles!!

Joey Styles: And what a night we’re in store for here tonight, J.R. The biggest stars from both Raw and SmackDown! in the building tonight. Evolution members - the World Heavyweight Champion Dave Batista, Triple H, Ric Flair, and WWE Champion Randy Orton are all here.

Jim Ross: There opponents, the ‘Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels, the ‘Rated R Superstar’ Edge, the 2007 Royal Rumble Winner Mr. Kennedy all here … but The Rock is not here yet. Was The Game correct when he said that The Rock wouldn’t make it here to Saturday Night’s Main Event?

Joey Styles: I don’t know, but what I do know is that one of the most important Cruiserweight Title matches of all-time takes place here tonight. Cruiserweight Champion, the ‘Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels takes on Chavo Guerrero and if Chavo loses, he will be forced to retire, right here tonight.

Jim Ross:
That’s gonna be one hell of a match up - one of two title matches tonight. For the Intercontinental Championship, Carlito defends against Rob Van Dam. Also tonight, Victoria takes on six time Women’s Champion Trish Stratus and monsters collide when Raw’s ‘Samoan Bulldozer’ Umaga takes on the ‘Big Red Machine’ Kane of Friday Night SmackDown!.

Joey Styles: That’s only half of it, J.R. King Booker and the United States Champion William Regal team up tonight to take on Bobby Lashley and Finlay, while the self proclaimed ‘Boss’ John Cena is going to call out The Undertaker! We’re in for an explosion tonight!

***One Of A Kind*** The crowd pops, giving a good ovation as the former WWE Champion, “Mr. Monday Night” Rob Van Dam makes his way down to the ring, accompanied by Bill Alfonso and Sabu.

Jim Ross: Rob Van Dam has a chance to book himself into the biggest stage in WWE history, WrestleMania 23, while also leaving with the Intercontinental Championship if he beats Carlito tonight.

Joey Styles: He’s been there before, J.R. and throughout his career Rob Van Dam has been known as a big match performer. He earned the “Mr. Pay-Per-View” moniker in ECW and it followed him here. Doesn’t get much bigger than Saturday Night’s Main Event here on NBC.

***Cool*** The Intercontinental Champion Carlito enters the arena, title belt on shoulder, looking more determined than usual. Caribbean Cool walks down the entrance ramp as Van Dam gets some encouragement from Fonzie.

Jim Ross:
Carlito won his latest Intercontinental Title on Monday Night Raw, following the Royal Rumble and recently, he’s been having some problems with JBL as well as Rob Van Dam.

Joey Styles:
The winner of this match defends the title against John Bradshaw Layfield at WrestleMania 23. But they both need to get their minds off of JBL and onto tonight, or else, they’ll get caught.

Match #1: Intercontinental Championship Match:
Carlito vs. Rob Van Dam
w/Bill Alfonso & Sabu
Van Dam and Carlito start off slowly, locking up on several different occasions, each time being forced to break it up. The final time, RVD doesn’t break clean, hitting Carlito with a cheap shot, much to the chagrin of the audience. Van Dam takes control of the match up, cutting the IC Champion off at every turn, with his “educated” feet. RVD then scoops him up, hitting a body slam, before quickly following up with a Split-legged Moonsault!! 1... 2... NO! Carlito kicks out and Van Dam stays on the attack and lifts the champion back up to his feet.
He grabs him by the hand and shoots him into the corner. Van Dam charges in but Carly gets his boot into the face of RVD and knocks him back! Carlito ascends up the turnbuckle and flies off, looking for a MOONSAULT -- but Van Dam moves in and Carlito lands on his feet!! RVD throws a clothesline but Carlito ducks it and hit’s a boot to the gut, keeling him over! The Intercontinental Champion then bounces off the ropes and hit’s a high knee, before shooting off once more and taking Van Dam down with a clothesline!!
Carlito runs towards the ropes, springboards off of the middle one and hits Van Dam with a twisting senton splash!!! Fonzie hops onto the apron, blowing his whistle as Carlito attempts to springboard once more, but Sabu trips him up and Carlito slams back into the canvas!! Van Dam gets back up to his feet and bounces off of the ropes, rolls on the ground before leaping back up to his feet, and hitting THE ROLLING THUNDER!! Van Dam with the cover!! 1... 2... NO! Carlito kicks out once more and Van Dam lifts him up to his feet.
RVD then tosses him over the top rope and to the outside, but Carly lands on his feet on the apron! Van Dam charges forward, hitting a baseball slide to the knee, knocking Carlito down and causing his face to slam into the apron!! RVD follows to the outside, lifting Carly up and onto the fan barricade. Van Dam then climbs onto the apron, does his thumb taunt and hits his flying, twisting leg drop on Carlito! RVD tosses him back into the ring - goes for the cover. 1... 2... NO! Carly kicks out again & RVD shows quite a bit of anger, glaring at the ref.
Van Dam lifts him back up to his feet and throws a right, but Carlito blocks it, hit’s a right, and then hits two more lefts, picking up momentum. He shoots RVD off and hit’s a back body drop, following that up with a couple of clotheslines. He lifts Van Dam up but RVD cuts him off with a shot to the gut. He tries to follow up with a spin kick but Carly ducks. RVD then goes for a sweep but Carly leaps over it and then hit’s a dropkick, taking him down! Carly grabs Van Dam and shoots him into the corner, before he charges in but RVD leaps up and over him!
RVD grabs him around the waist and goes for a German Suplex - but Carlito counters, and lands behind Van Dam on his feet and goes for the BACKCRACKER -- but RVD grabs the top rope and Carlito crashes and burns!! Van Dam then exits onto the ring apron, as Fonzie blows his whistle like a nut. RVD then leaps off the top - GOING FOR THE FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH … AND HITS IT!! Carlito rolls around on the ground in pain as RVD holds his stomach before covering him. 1... 2... 3!!! NEW IC CHAMPION!!
NO! CARLITO GETS HIS HAND ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!!! The crowd pops huge is soon followed by a “Carlito” chant as Van Dam gets in the ref’s face, incredibly pissed off now. RVD backs the ref into a corner, yelling at him … and obscuring his view as Sabu enters the ring with a CHAIR!! Carlito gets up to his feet and Sabu flings the chair -- but Carlito catches it and drills Sabu with it!! Van Dam turns around and Carly swings it at him - but RVD ducks it!! It almost hit’s the ref but Carlito manages to hold up!! He turns around and RVD goes for the VAN DAMINATOR -- but Carlito ducks it, drops the chair and rolls him up!!! 1... 2... {Carlito grabs the rope} … 3!!!!
Winner: And STILL Intercontinental Champion, Carlito via pinfall @13:31.

Carlito quickly rolls out of the ring, smirking away, as Sabu shakes off the chair shot and Van Dam yells at the referee, who says he saw nothing.

Jim Ross:
Carlito picks up the win! Carlito retains the title! And Carlito is going to WrestleMania 23 as the Intercontinental Champion. It doesn’t get much better than that! He’ll be taking on former WWE Champion, the “Wall Street Warrior” John Bradshaw Layfield, on the grandest stage of them all.

Joey Styles: Lets not gloss over the fact that RVD had this match up won on several occasions. Lets also not forget to mention that Carlito had his hand on the rope in order to pin the ECW alumnus.

Jim Ross: You ECW guys sure do stick together. But what a way to kick off the night - a tremendous match up by two of Monday Night Raw’s finest.

Shot of John Cena walking down a backstage hallway, dressed in his trademark camouflage shorts, “Never back down, never quit” black T and a scowl - a look of pure determination.

Joey Styles:
From two of the best of Raw, to - in my opinion - the BEST young star in the world. ‘The Boss’ John Cena is ready - ready to call out The Phenom. Cena calls out The Undertaker. Next!


***My Time Is Now***

The arena comes unglued with an incredibly loud mixed reaction, as John Cena steps out onto the stage and has himself a look around Madison Square Garden. He raises up the “Word Life” symbol up to the crowd, garnering another mixed reaction, before the self proclaimed Boss continues on down to the ring.

Joey Styles:
Love Cena or hate Cena and there are a LOT of people with differing opinions on him here tonight, The Boss John Cena is one of the most spectacular, impressive, controversial and downright dominant superstars - possibly in the history of the WWE.

Jim Ross:
But, Joey, when you talk about Cena and Cena being dominant, and Cena being spectacular and impressive - when you look at the top of that list of superstars with all of those qualities, don’t be surprised to see The Undertaker’s name right at the top of it.

Joey Styles:
Absolutely, and in just three weeks, the WrestleMania winning streak of The Undertaker and the completely unpredictable volatility of John Cena go one on one at WrestleMania 23. Will we get a preview here tonight?

Cena steps into the ring and calls for a mic - getting one after a short respite. His music dies down and the reaction quickly picks up - with surprisingly, quite a few fans cheering for the Doctor of Thuganomics. Cena waits for the mixed reaction to die down before speaking.

John Cena:
I’m not our here to jerk you around, and tell you how I’m gonna do this and I’m gonna do that because … DEADMAN!!!! -

Great pop for the Phenom.

John Cena:
The time for talking … is over. Everything I’ve needed to say has been said. No more speeches, no more mind games, no more fire, no more threats, no more fires, no more stalling, NO - MORE - NO SHOWS!!! Undertaker, I’M CALLING YOU OUT RIGHT HERE AND NOW!!!

Another loud ovation as a small “Deadman” chant starts up. Cena walks back and forth in the ring.

John Cena: Chant his name all you want, it’s up to that sack of bones to show up here tonight. And you know what, I’m not a big fan of waiting - I am not a patient man, and I don’t take well to being made to sit and stew, but Taker we’ve got all night. Tell NBC to keep rollin’, tell Vinnie Mac not to get his panties in a bunch, tell Orton not to get lotioned up all yet, tell Big Dave to stop warming up, tell Hunter to (puts on H impersonation) take it easy, jack(stops), because I’m waiting out here ALL GOD DAMN NIGHT UNTIL TAKER BRINGS HIS ASS OUT HERE!!!


The crowd rises to its feet, as the lights in the arena dim.





The titantron brightens up and static is heard before a video package begins to play.

For fifteen years … one force has dominated the biggest event in sports entertainment, like no other.

Shot of The Undertaker dropping Snuka on his head with the Tombstone.

Narrator: For fifteen years … one man has destroyed superstar after superstar on the grandest stage of them all.

Shot of The Undertaker delivering a Tombstone to Orton.

For fifteen years … some of the greatest superstars that this business has ever seen, have fallen at the head of the dragon.

Shot of Taker chokeslamming Triple H.

Narrator: And at WrestleMania 23, that superstar …

Taker beating on a bloody Ric Flair.

Narrator: That man…

Taker rocking Jake Roberts with a right hand.

That dragon …

Taker delivering a boot to The Big Show.

… will be slain.

“My Time Is Now” hits as we get a shot of Cena dropping The Undertaker with an FU!

The incomparable, John Cena…

Cena hitting the FU on several superstars.


Cena and Taker standing face to face with The Boss showing no sign of backing down.


Cena clotheslining Taker from the ring at the Royal Rumble.


Cena being surrounded by flames but yet, still showing no fear.


Cena showing up on Monday Night Raw and costing Taker a possible chance at the WWE Championship.

Narrator: At WrestleMania 23...

Cena forcing Triple H to submit to the STFU at WrestleMania 22.

Narrator: The Undertaker…

Cena hitting Chris Sabin in the throat with a steel chair.

Narrator: Meets…

Cena beating Edge for the WWE Title.


Cena hitting the FU on Mr. Kennedy at No Mercy.

Narrator: Maker!

A final clip of Cena standing tall in the ring, staring down at a fallen opponent, smirk on his face.

Video ends.

Cena stands applauding the video, laughing a bit as the crowd has now almost completely turned on him, booing furiously outside of a select few, still applauding their defiant “hero”. Cena waits for them to die down before he brings the mic back up to his feet.

John Cena: Don’t tell me you people didn’t enjoy that as much as I did. (Light boos) I figured The Deadman wouldn’t have the balls to show up here tonight, so I thought to myself, I said “John, why not do something fresh, something new … instead of the same old song and dance, boring, stale crap, send some guy a message, light a ring on fire, light a book on fire, crap that Taker has been doing week in and week out for the past fifteen years?”.

Crowd boos.

John Cena:
So, tune in on pay per view, April 1st, WrestleMania 23, yada-yada, more Mania hype, to see me kick The Undertaker’s ass. Catch ya later. (Popping his collar) AHA!!!

Cena smirks as the crowd boos and he soon goes to leave the ring, when…


The lights go out completely and the crowd erupts.




The lights come back on …with THE UNDERTAKER … FACE TO FACE WITH CENA!!!

The crowd goes wild as Cena and Taker stand toe to toe, neither man backing down an inch. Cena takes a step back and then SPITS ON TAKER!! The crowd gasps and Taker looks up into Cena’s cold blue eyes, in complete shock.

Cena waives him in, tell him to “bring it” and Taker does just that, throwing a huge right hand, which Cena avoids! The Doctor of Thuganomics then lights Taker up, hitting him with hard right after hard right, backing him up into the corner!! Cena spends a decent amount of time, wailing away on The Phenom in the corner but that doesn’t last as Taker soon grabs Cena and flings him into the corner!

The Deadman then foes to work, letting the soup-bones fly, hitting Cena with hard rights and lefts to the stomach and face, before hitting a big one, causing Cena to stumble out of the corner. Taker lifts him up and hit’s the Snake Eyes on the turnbuckle, shoots off of the ropes and hit’s a boot to the face!!

The crowd goes crazy as The Undertaker gives a throat slash, setting him up for the Tombstone. Cena stumbles up to his feet and Taker lifts him up, GOING FOR THE TOMBSTONE -- BUT CENA COUNTERS, LIFTING THE UNDERTAKER INTO POSITION FOR THE TOMBSTONE AND THEN ONTO HIS SHOULDERS AND HIT’S THE FU!!!!

Joey Styles: OH MY GAWD!!! John Cena has just laid out The Undertaker!! John Cena has just planted The Phenom with the FU!!

Jim Ross: What an incredible show of strength form the Doctor of Thuganomics right there!! Have we just seen a change of the guard?! Have we just seen John Cena TAKE the proverbial torch away from the Deadman!?

Cena stand over the fallen Phenom and the crowd has almost gone completely silent as no one expected Cena to be able to drop Taker as clean as a whistle as he just did. Cena lets out a smirk before “turning” his hand into a gun and aiming it at the Deadman, pulling the trigger and then walks off.


***Samoa*** Boos fill the arena as the Samoan Bulldozer Umaga, Armando Alejandro Estrada, The Big Show and Paul Heyman make their way towards the ring.

Jim Ross:
Isn’t that a scary sight? The Big Show and Umaga making their way down to the ring. The Samoan Bulldozer has a chance to make an impact before he and Big Show collide with Kane and Mark Henry at WrestleMania.

Joey Styles: A few weeks ago, Jonathan Coachman, the general manager sent Big Show and Umaga to SmackDown! to take out the two biggest guys on the ‘A’ show and they did just that. Payback is a bitch.

***Slow Chemical*** The Big Red Machine Kane enters the arena, receiving a nice pop. Soon after, Mark Henry comes down the entrance ramp -- backing up his tag team partner.

Jim Ross: This is something I didn’t think that I would see in a million years -- Kane and Mark Henry walking down to the ring together.

Joey Styles:
They showed a bit of unity this past week on SmackDown!, taking on Batista and Triple H last night. It’s apparently carried over into tonight. They better be on the same page come April 1st or else Big Show and Umaga will make short work of them.

Match #2: Inter-promotional Match:
w/Mark Henryvs. Umaga w/Show, AAE & Heyman
Like most matches of this ilk, the match up starts off with a complete and utter slugfest, with Kane and Umaga swinging away on each other until The Big Red Machine gains the advantage and keeps control for a couple of minutes, until Show gets involved, tripping Kane up when he shoots off the ropes.
The Samoan Bulldozer takes full advantage of the opportunity, taking control of the match up for a couple of minutes, rolling through his signature maneuvers -- but only for a bit. Kane soon makes the comeback, hitting the Samoan Bulldozer with right hands, shooting him off and hitting a sidewalk slam! Kane gets back up to his feet, and climbs to the top rope, quickly leaping off and taking Umaga down with his patented flying clothesline!!
The Big Red Machine pops back up, looking for the Chokeslam as Umaga stumbles back up to a vertical base. He wraps his arm around his throat -- but Umaga fights it off, hitting a couple of stiff elbows. Mags then shoots off, but runs into a stiff boot, right to the face!! Kane takes a second to rub the side of his head and then goes to lift Umaga up, but the Samoan Bulldozer quickly reacts, lifting Kane up and slamming him to the canvas with a Samoan Drop!!
Umaga gets back up to his feet and this time HE is the one to climb onto the apron. The Samoan Bulldozer flies off the top, looking for a diving head butt, but Kane rolls out of the way and Mags crashes and burns!! Both men get back up to their feet and Kane grabs Umaga, before lifting him up and dropping him with a thunderous CHOKESLAM!! The Big Show has seen enough and climbs onto the apron before stepping into the ring and clubbing Kane in the back!!
Winner: Kane via disqualification @6:32.

Show takes Kane to the ground and begin to stomp away on him! Mark Henry climbs into the ring and away we go!! Henry rocks Show with a right hand, taking him back in the corner and the two monster’s begin to swing away on one another. Kane and Umaga soon rise up to their feet and we get a taster of WrestleMania as all four mammoth superstars swing away on each other, Raw vs. SmackDown!, before we get a dozen referees and security guards down to the ring in order to break this thing up!!

Cut backstage.

Inside of a locker room, we get an upward view (Andre shot) of “The Game” Triple H. The camera slowly moves away from Hunter to show … the World Heavyweight Champion Batista … then the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair … then the WWE Champion Randy Orton. The crowd pops each and every time for the heels, as Evolution appear on screen for the first time together in god knows how long.

All four superstars are in their ring wear, ready to go, though they wear a T-shirt over it. The camera soon straightens up to a normal view as Orton speaks.

Randy Orton: Listen up, alright … lets be honest … there’s lots of bad blood in this room right now.

Everyone begins to look around at one another.

Randy Orton:
None of us had a nice departure from this group. I mean … I got a little cocky, the three of you decided to turn your back on me, Batista turned his back on Hunter, Hunter turned his back on Flair. We’ve all got blood on our hands. But the fact is, we’re only three weeks away from WrestleMania 23 and the last thing that ANY of use can afford is to look like crap here tonight. So, we head into that ring tonight, we take out Kennedy, we take out Edge, we take out Michaels, we take out The Rock, and we send those bastards a message before we head into WrestleMania.

Each member nods as Hunter smirks.

Triple H: You’re right, kid. Everything you said, was absolutely right … except one thing … The Rock is not showing up here tonight. So, for all of you, this is sending a message for WrestleMania. For me, this is sending a damn warning. After tonight, when Evolution stands tall in the middle of that ring, for the last time, one night only, the first time in three whole years, it is a warning!! And the warning is simple - “Rocky, this is your fate come April 3rd!!”

Ric Flair:
Tonight … is the night. The biggest night in sports entertainment history. The greatest group in WWE history reunites for one night only! We’re talking about the “Legend Killer”, the WWE Champion, Randy Orton!! We’re talking about “The Game” Triple H!! Haha, we’re talking about the NAAAAAAATURE BOY - WOOOO!!!! - Ric Flair!! And we’re talking about the most dominant World Heavyweight Champion in the history of the WWE, “The Animal” Big Dave Batista!! IT GETS NO BIGGER!! IT GETS NO BETTER!!!

Flair sticks his hand out, looking for a sign of unity here tonight. It takes a while, but Hunter puts his hand on top and Orton soon follows.

Lets … get it … done.

Batista puts his hand on top and all four members smirk as we fade out.


***OOOOO Chavo*** Chavo Guerrero, with Rey Mysterio by his side, enters the arena to a nice ovation, looking determined, if not a bit antsy, with his title on the line tonight.

***Dilated Teens*** The crowd gives a mixed reaction as the “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels steps out into the arena, adorned in his custom robe and cloth, as Allison Danger follows, holding up his championship.

Match #3: Cruiserweight Championship vs. Career
Christopher Daniels
w/Allison Danger vs. Chavo Guerrero w/Rey Mysterio
-{If Chavo loses, he must retire from the WWE}-
The match up starts out with both man a bit hesitant, not ready to risk giving the other any advantage this early on. After a minute or so, Chavo makes the first move but Daniels quickly avoids it, using his speed, and possible technique advantage over Chavito. Guerrero continues to attempt to gain the upper hand only for The Fallen Angel to evade it, frustrating the hot tempered Chavo.
Eventually, Chavo refocuses himself and manages to catch Daniels with a thumb to the eye, much to the delight of the crowd. Guerrero then goes into attack mode, hitting the champion with right hands, shooting him off and hitting an arm drag and then another once Daniels charges in again! Chavo has the Cruiserweight Champion is on the ropes but he doesn’t let up, ducking a clothesline, and hitting a back suplex for a two count. Chavito lifts Daniels up and hits him with two vertical suplexes in a row, going for a third amongst “Eddie” chants but Daniels lands on his feet behind him, and drops the former champ with a neck breaker!!
The Fallen Angel takes direction of the match up, shooting Chavo into the corner and hitting a forearm before shooting him into the opposite corner and hitting a running knee to the back. Chavo collapses and Daniels follows up with a split legged moonsault, getting a two count!! The Cruiserweight Champion tries on several different occasions to put Chavito away but each time Chavo kicks out. Daniels lifts Chavo onto the top turnbuckle, looking for a superplex off of the top, but Chavo fights it and sends Daniels off of the top rope - crashing to the mat below. Guerrero then points to the sky, before leaping off of the top rope and hitting a FROG SPLASH!!! Chavo takes a second before hooking the far leg!! 1... 2... NO!
The Fallen Angel kicks out and Chavo looks around, thinking “what the hell do I have to do?” He lifts Daniels up to his feet and tucks him between his legs, looking for the Gory Bomb, but on the way up, Daniels counters into a hurricanrana!! Both men get back up, and Daniels catches him with a jumping calf kick!!! Rey Mysterio watches from ringside in dismay as Daniels has seemed to turn it up several notches now! He lifts Chavo back up to his feet and goes for the Irish whip which Chavo counters. The Cruiserweight Champion catches him on the way back with a stiff kick, and then an ever stiffer palm strike!!
The Fallen Angel kicks Chavo in the gut and then goes to end it with the Angel’s Wings … but stops and grabs his opponent, setting him on the middle rope! Madison Square Garden delivers a mixed reaction, more geared towards heat, as Daniels shoots off of the ropes and hits the 619 on Chavo!!! Daniels looks at Mysterio the entire time he climbs onto the apron and up to the top turnbuckle. The Fallen Angel lets out a smirk before flying off of the top and hit’s the FROG SPLASH!!!! Daniels thinks about going for the cover, but instead lifts the broken Chavo back up to a vertical base, not through with him just yet.
The Fallen Angel holds Chavo by his chin, before letting go, causing Chavo to fall down limp to the canvas, clearly finished. Daniels begins laughing as Mysterio shakes his head in disgust and disbelief, knowing that the end of this match, Chavo’s title hopes, and Chavo’s career are as good as over.
Daniels stands over Chavo and begins to slap him in the face, and the heat begins to rain in - the Fallen Angel showing blatant disrespect. Mysterio yells at Daniels to “end it already”, getting a smirk from the champion. Daniels slowly lifts Chavo up to his feet and tucks him between his legs and hitting the ANGEL’S WINGS and covers him!! 1... 2... 3!!!!
Winner: Christopher Daniels via pinfall @15:13.

DANIELS WINS - RETAINS … AND CHAVO GUERRERO MUST RETIRE!!! The Fallen Angel stares down, smirking at Chavo as Rey Mysterio looks on, clearly depressed as he enters the ring.

Joey Styles:
I don’t believe this! One of the greatest Cruiserweight Champions is being forced to retire here tonight at the hands of The Fallen Angel. Chavo Guerrero’s career in the WWE is over.

Jim Ross: Chavo has nothing to be ashamed of. He put it all on the line here tonight - he put it all on the line for a shot at the prestigious Cruiserweight Championship. Chavo put on a hell of a performance but he just came a bit short tonight against - in my estimation one of the top wrestlers in the world.

Mysterio checks on Chavo … before slowly looking up and into the eyes of the Cruiserweight Champion. Daniels mouths “This is on you”, which cause Rey to leap up to his feet and get right into his face!

The Fallen Angel lets out a smile before rolling out of the ring and walking with the lovely Allison Danger back up the entrance ramp.


We get ourselves a clip of what happened during the break, the Madison Square Garden crowd standing up and applauding as Chavo Guerrero takes in the ovation. Of course, it’s NYC, so you get a couple of “na-na-na” chants from a few idiots in the front row, but 95% of the audience shows their respect for the respected veteran.

Backstage, inside of a locker room, the crowd pops as we get a view of Mr. Kennedy, Edge(w/Lita) and Shawn Michaels, each man sitting on a chair, getting ready for their match against Evolution. The camera pans over to another chair - apparently for The Rock - empty.

Shawn Michaels: I know this is a huge night and far be it for me to put a downer on this (puts on voice)MOMENTOUS event but -- we’re a guy short, heading into a match with … the top dog on Raw, the top dog on SmackDown!, a ten time World Champion, and the greatest wrestler in the history of this sport. So, I would suggest that you lace your boots on tight, boys, we’re in for the fight of a lifetime.

Mr. Kennedy: Whether Rock shows up or not … I couldn’t care less. I know it sounds harsh, but I couldn’t give a damn if you paid me. Tonight isn’t about The Rock, tonight isn’t about Shawn Michaels, tonight isn’t about Edge, tonight isn’t even about Mr. Kennedy.

Shawn Michaels: Go ahead and say it.

Mr. Kennedy: … Kennedy. Tonight is about playing the spoiler. Everybody’s been going on and on about Evolution for the whole damn week. (Fakes throwing up) And I’m sick of it!! (Puts on whiny voice) “What if they don’t get along?” “Will they stay together for more than tonight?” (Normal) WHO CARES?! What if I suddenly grow a hand out of my ass?!

Forget Hunter, forget Flair, forget Batista, forget Orton. All we do tonight - is win. Just like the two of you’ve done for years and years. Just like I’m gonna win at WrestleMania. We just go out … and win.

Michaels lets out his trademark grin before he and Kennedy shake hands. Edge just sits on his chair, rocking back and forth as Lita tries to calm him, massaging his shoulders. HBK and KK look at Edge, somewhat quizzically, before The Rated R Superstar stands up.

… … … MY Championship, MY Rated R Army, MY blood, MY #1 contender’s match, (through gritted teeth) TRIED TO BREAK MY GIRLFRIEND’S DAMN NECK WITH AN RKO!!! (Takes a deep breath before speaking) You two can go out there to win, or play spoiler, or stop the show, or say your name twice, do whatever the hell you want! But Orton … is MINE!!

Edge storms out of the locker room, and Lita soon follows, as Michaels and Kennedy look at one another, clearly skeptical about Edge’s mental state heading into the huge match up.

Back to ringside.

Ross and Styles give us a brief intro before we head into the video package for the 2007 Hall of Fame inductees…

- “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes

- “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig

- Nick Bockwinkel

- Mr. Fuji

- The Sheik

- The Wild Samoans

- Gordon Solie

- Terry Funk

Cut backstage with Josh Matthews standing by with Rey Mysterio, whom holds his head down.

Josh Matthews:
Rey Mysterio, you requested this time to make some sort of an announcement?

Mysterio shakes his head, before looking at the camera.

Rey Mysterio:
Yeah … I uh … (shakes his head again) … Chavo’s done ... His career is over … The thing he loves to do. The thing that everybody in his family loved to do. Y’know Hector, Mando, Chavo Sr., Eddie, down the line, this is what Chavito loves - wrestling is what Chavo loves and … and now it’s all over.

Rey-Rey shakes his head again, sighing.

Rey Mysterio: Chavo shouldn’t have been out there tonight. DAMN! … Christopher Daniels didn’t want to face Chavo tonight, he wanted me. He wanted to face me … and I wouldn’t do it … I couldn’t do it. I don’t know why I couldn’t face Daniels. Maybe it was because I was done with the Cruiserweight division - that’s what I told myself … but that’s not the reason.

The Fallen Angel Chris Daniels is one of the greatest wrestlers in the business - not just cruiserweight, one of the best wrestlers in the world. And over the past few years, I’ve gotten lazy. I’ve gotten complacent. I can admit it, I’ve been happy with just taking in the cheers from the great fans, staying in the heavyweight division, where I know that no one can keep up with me.

And when Daniels challenged me, I knew that there was no way that I could keep up with him. He goes out there and beats Dean Malenko - one of the greatest cruiserweights ever. Daniels goes out there and beats Chris Sabin - the future of the Cruiserweight division - one of the top young athletes in the industry.

So how could I be able to keep up with The Fallen Angel, years removed from the prime of my career, after all of the ankle and knee surgeries? How could I honestly go out there and go move for move, hold for hold with Daniels. I couldn’t and I turned the match down. And because of me - because of my indecision, because of my own self doubt - one of my best friends in this world, has to sit at home now, and stop doing what he loves to do. Because of me.

Mysterio face scrunches up.

Rey Mysterio: But there’s nothing I can do about that. There’s nothing I can do for Chavo except promise that his loss wasn’t in vain. And it wasn’t in vain. It’s gotten me more motivated, more determined, and more pissed off, than I have been for the past ten years of my career. Chris Daniels, you want me? You got me.

Great pop.

Rey Mysterio: Me and you, the Cruiserweight Championship on the line, at WrestleMania 23!

Thunderous ovation as Mysterio stares into the camera, deadly serious.

Rey Mysterio: Fallen Angel, you want to make a name for yourself by beating Dean Malenko, you want to make a name for yourself by retiring Chavo Guerrero, you want to make a name for yourself by defeating Rey Mysterio on the grandest stage of them all?? Your challenge has been accepted! I don’t know what’s going to happen once we get to WrestleMania, except, I can promise you that you’re going to be in for the fight of your life come April the first!

The crowd pops as Mysterio walks off camera.


Jim Ross:
Ladies and gentlemen, what a night it’s been - one of the most exciting nights in my career. Carlito retained the Intercontinental Championship, Chavo Guerrero has been forced to retire, causing Rey Mysterio to accept Daniels challenge for a match and it’s been set up for WrestleMania 23!! On top of all that, John Cena laid out The Undertaker with that FU. And believe me, we’ve got quite a bit left here on Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Joey Styles: Absolutely. It’s definitely been a truly amazing night here in Madison Square Garden, J.R. We’ve got Evolution reuniting and The Rock making his huge return here tonight as well -- that is, if The People’s Champion actually shows up since The Game Triple H seems steadfast in his belief that The Rock won’t make it to Madison Square Garden. We’ll find out soon enough … but he isn’t hear yet.

Jim Ross: We’ve got a huge announcement to make. We’ve already heard the 2007 inductees for the WWE Hall of Fame, which will take place the night before WrestleMania 23 but AT WrestleMania, we will see the THIRD annual … MONEY IN THE BANK LADDER MATCH!!

Joey Styles:
Six superstars in total, three wrestlers from Friday Night SmackDown!, three wrestlers from Monday Night Raw, and the winner - the man who climbs the ladder and grabs the prestigious briefcase, will receive a contract, earning himself a World Title shot at anytime in the upcoming year. That’s right, a full 365 days with the ability to call your own shot.

Jim Ross: The last two men to win the Money In The Bank Ladder Match, Edge in 2005 and Rob Van Dam in 2006, went on to win the WWE Championship. Will this year’s winner have the same fate?

Joey Styles: You’ll have to wait until WrestleMania 23 to see but we will find out the six competitors in that match up on upcoming editions of Raw and SmackDown!.

***Royalty*** Boos fill the arena as the King Booker, Queen Sharmell and the United States Champion William Regal make their way down to the ring.

Joey Styles: Recently we’ve seen King Booker’s group come under some hard times. Booker, Finlay and Regal had been arguing for months and it culminated with Booker and Regal kicking Finlay out of The Court, but has that solved the miscommunication problems?

Jim Ross: I’m not so sure it has. We’ll find out here tonight.

***I Love To Fight*** The Fighting Irish Bastard Finlay walks out onto the stage and down the isle, shillelagh in hand, looking as pissed as ever.

***Soldier*** The crowd pops and the former US Champ Bobby Lashley steps out onto the stage, sets off his pyro and then continues on down to the ring.

Jim Ross: Definitely a union of necessity. Bobby Lashley and Finlay have been at it tooth and nail for almost a year now, but they’ve got to band together to take down Booker and the United States Champion William Regal.

Joey Styles: We have a very explosive situation on our hands here, with all four men not exactly within good standing with one another. Could see some fireworks.

Match #4:
Finlay & Bobby Lashley vs. William Regal & King Booker
w/Queen Sharmell
The first five minutes of the match up go off without a hitch, both teams working together as a cohesive unit for the greater good - a win. Surprisingly, the match doesn't follow the typical tag format with the heels dominating, instead, the match goes back and forth at a rapid pace with quick tags in an out.
The two best workers in the match, Finlay and Regal, spend the most time in the match up, carrying the action, while Booker and Finlay stay on the apron. Eventually, the hot tag is made and it's time for Booker to get beat down. The Real Deal enters the ring and takes the King down with a stiff clothesline, and then a couple of more, before following up with his traparm overhead belly to belly suplex!
Regal re-enters the ring, tagging himself in, attempting to cut off the powerful youngster but he's no match either as Lashley takes him up and over with a back body drop! Lashley continues to wail away on Regal as Booker has had enough ... AND BEGINS TO WALK BACK UP THE RAMP!!!! Sharmell follows as everyone wonders what the hell is going on. Soon enough, Lashley lifts Regal up to his feet and plants him with The Dominator!! Lashley with the cover! 1... 2... 3!!!

Winners: Bobby Lashley & Finlay via pinfall @8:18.

Lashley smiles and raises his arms in the air, picking up the win. Lashley exits the ring and grabs Regal's United States Championship, possibly back in the hunt after pinning him here tonight. He raises the belt into the air and gives a nice applause before Lashley places the belt on Regal's chest.

He turns around ... AND FINLAY BLASTS HIM WITH THE SHILLELAGH RIGHT IN THE FACE!!! Mixed reaction as Finlay stares down at the man he just helped win a match with. Finlay then reaches down and grabs the US Title, letting a gap toothed smile to appear from his face.

Cut backstage.

The crowd goes completely wild as we get a shot of a backstage hallway and … the Texas Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin appears to be on his way towards the ring, dressed in his shirt and cut off jeans, looking as pissed off as always, BMF walk in tow.

Jim Ross: The Texas Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin is on his way to the ring, and I hope the NBC censors are ready.

Joey Styles: The toughest S.O.B. in the WWE is on his way, NEXT!



The most explosive reaction of the night so far, as the audience stands and cheers wildly as Stone Cold Steve Austin storms out onto the stage and proceeds into the ring. The Rattlesnake climbs all four turnbuckles, raising his hands, to a monstrous ovation each and every time. Stone Cold steps down, gets handed a mic and lifts it up to his mouth.

Steve Austin: Last Monday on Raw, Stone Cold Steve Austin was on the receiving end of a six on one beat down. What?? I said six.


Steve Austin:
You had Kurt Angle.


Steve Austin:
You had The Big Show.


Steve Austin:


Steve Austin:
Paul Heyman.


Steve Austin:
Armando Estrada.


Steve Austin:
And you had the general manager Jonathan Coachman.


Steve Austin:
Six lousy sumbitches that thought that putting a hurtin’ on Stone Cold would get the Rattlesnake to back down.

Crowd boos.

Steve Austin:
That wasn’t the first ass-whoopin that Stone Cold Steve Austin has gotten in my life and you can bet that it won’t be the last! You can also bet your sorry asses that it sure as hell won’t be forgotten, won’t be forgiven and it will be takin’ care of at WrestleMania!!


Steve Austin:
Kurt Angle went out and got himself some back up, but that won’t make damn bit of difference! It won’t matter who the referee is, it won’t matter whose at ringside, because when it comes right down to it, Stone Cold will be in one corner, Kurt Angle will be in the other corner and there won’t be anything anybody can do to stop me from grabbing you around your neck, looking in your eyes and beating you within an inch of your LIFE!!

Great pop for The Rattlesnake.

Steve Austin:
Hell son, you might as well -

***Playa‘s Club***

Boos fill the arena as Jonathan Coachman, the general manager of Raw and the special referee for the Austin-Angle match, steps out onto the stage … with The Big Show, Umaga, Paul Heyman and Armando Alejandro Estrada close behind.

The group walks down the entrance ramp and Coach enters the ring, looking as cocky as ever, as the rest of the group wait at ringside. Coachman lets out a smile, as Austin seems to be getting more fired up. Coach then points at the stage …


Tremendous heat as the Olympic Gold Medalist, the ‘Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle steps out onto the stage, dressed in a suit and shades, microphone in hand. Angle walks down the ramp and steps into the ring. Angle and Coachman eye up Stone Cold before Austin speaks.

Steve Austin:
I don’t give a damn about politics, you two look great together.

The crowd laughs, and even Angle lets out a smirk.

Kurt Angle:
Get the jokes in while you can, Austin, because if it’s up to me - and it’s ALWAYS up to me, WrestleMania 23 is gonna be your last night.

Boos as Austin stares into his eyes.

Kurt Angle:
No, I’m not gonna be like Daniels and challenge you to a Retirement Match. No, I’m far more straight forward … I’m gonna snap your freakin ankle in front of millions!

More heat as Angle gets serious; Austin continues to look right at him.

Kurt Angle:
I told you before, Austin, this isn’t 1997 or 1998. I don’t give a damn that you’re still popular, I don’t give a damn how badass you think are. You’re slow, out of shape, and ten years past your prime, while I, Kurt Angle, am just hitting my stride. Move your ass aside, because the absolute greatest wrestler in the world today stands before you.

Heat as Angle smirks; Austin rubs his beard.

Steve Austin:
Out of shape?? What??


Steve Austin:
Past my prime??


Steve Austin:


Kurt Angle:
What, do you need a hearing aid? Yeah, slo-

KICK … STUNNER!! Austin drops … Coachman with the Stone Cold Stunner for the second time this week as the crowd goes crazy!! Angle stares down at Coach, in complete shock as Austin gets back up into the face of Angle.

Steve Austin:
The time for talkin is over, son.

Austin rocks Angle with some strong right hands, backing him up into the corner, as The Big Show and Umaga step into the ring!! Stone Cold stomps away on Angle in the corner, before Austin quickly turns around and begins to swing away on the two monster, alternating between Show and Umaga!!

The Rattlesnake doesn’t last long before Angle hits Austin in the back, taking him down and the three superstars begin to stomp away on him - shades of Monday Night Raw. The crowd boos wildly as Stone Cold is being decimated. Show and Umaga lift Austin up to his feet and hold his arms as Angle SLAPS him right across the face, garnering a tremendous amount of heat from the crowd!!

Coachman stumbles back up to his feet and Angle smirks, before telling Coach to slap Austin across the face!! The crowd boos as Coach takes off his jacket and begins to warm up, jumping up and down. Coach then rears back and …


The crowd EXPLODES as Coachman stops dead in his tracks, while MR. McMAHON walks out onto the stage, looking as pissed as ever, eyes bugging out of his head, microphone in hand!

Mr. McMahon:

Show and Umaga let go of Austin, who collapses to the canvas as Angle and Coach look at Vinnie Mac nervously.

Mr. McMahon:
Every damn time I turn around, I can’t focus on running a billion dollar company because I’ve gotta watch Monday Night Raw and see you, Coach, abusing your power, putting yourself and Kurt Angle before the talent and that’s something that won’t be tolerated -- not on my watch!!!

Great pop.

Mr. McMahon:
So the first thing we’re gonna do is fix up that Austin-Angle WrestleMania match!

Another thunderous pop for Vince as Angle and Coach begin to shake their heads.

Mr. McMahon:
At WrestleMania 23, on the grandest stage of them all, we will see Stone Cold Steve Austin versus Kurt Angle … but, Coach, we sure as hell WON’T be seeing you as the special referee.

HUGE pop as Angle looks pissed and Coach is in shock.

Mr. McMahon:
It’s gonna be one on one, man on man! At WrestleMania 23, we’re gonna find out exactly who the best is, we’re gonna find out how much Stone Cold has left in the tank, we’re gonna find out if Kurt Angle is a true icon and you bet your ass it’s happening on the biggest stage of all time!!

Incredible pop.

Mr. McMahon: As a matter of fact … Coach, Umaga, Big Show, Estrada and Heyman … NONE OF YOU, will even be allowed at ringside!!

That too garners a monstrous pop as Angle doesn’t look nearly as angry as before; more like … scared.

Mr. McMahon:
And just in case any of you attempt to test me and decide to make your way down to the ring during that match up -- let me guarantee you that you’ll be hearing these two special words …

The crowd cheers with excitement as the heels look on.

Mr. McMahon:

McMahon turns around and walks off as his music plays once more - Angle, Coach and company look on. The clan doesn’t realize it but the crowd does, going wild, as AUSTIN rolls out of the ring, grabbing a steel chair!!!

Stone Cold slides into the ring and Coach and Angle immediately bail to the outside!! Estrada, Umaga and Heyman also leave the ring and The Rattlesnake swings and DRILLS THE BIG SHOW IN THE SKULL, sending the big man tumbling through the ropes and out of the ring!!

Madison Square Garden explodes into a phenomenal ovation as Austin wags his head with intensity, raising his hands in the air and flipping Kurt Angle off, regaining the advantage after a surprise appearance from the Chairman. Angle shakes his head with disappointment and shock, as he stares at his WM opponent.


Cut to the parking lot, where The Rock … has yet to show up here tonight. Back to ringside.

***Don’t Mess With*** The crowd gives a nice pop as Victoria walks out onto the stage, dressed in all black, looking ready for business.

Jim Ross: Probably the strongest of the WWE Divas, Victoria has been promised numerous title matches by our 11 month reigning Women’s Champion Mickie James, but each time Victoria seems close to a shot, Mickie seems to aggravate her injury.

Joey Styles: Very convenient injury Mickie has there, J.R. but that culminated three weeks ago when Mickie got counted out against Victoria after she was kicked stiffly in the shoulder. She either has the best timing in the world, or we’re seeing a bit of cowardice from the Women’s Champion.

***Time To Rock And Roll*** The six time Women’s Champion Trish Stratus enters to a good ovation, making her first WWE appearance in about a month. Trish steps into the ring, raising her hand to the crowd, which cheers her on.

Jim Ross: The greatest Women’s Champion of the current era, Trish Stratus can work herself back into title contention with a win over Victoria here tonight, a women who has been on a tremendous roll.

Joey Styles: It won’t be easy, that’s for sure. This match up suggested by Mickie James to Raw’s general manager Jonathan Coachman, to give here more time to heal … yeah, right.

Match #5:
Victoria vs. Trish Stratus
The match is designed for Victoria to come as impressive as possible without hurting Stratus. Trish uses her speed advantage over Vickie throughout the opening minutes of the match up but eventually Victoria’s strength advantage to catch the “pesky” former six-time Women’s Champion. Victoria takes over the match up, planting Trish with a power slam before following up with her nasty spinning sidewalk slam!
With Victoria seemingly having the match in hand, the Women’s Champion Mickie James makes her way down to the ring, her shoulder in a sling. Mickie’s presences distracts Vickie, allowing Trish time to recover! Trish rolls her up for a two count! Both divas get back up and Victoria goes for a Savant Kick, which Stratus ducks, and attempts to counter with a quick CHICK KICK, but Victoria ducks that! Victoria then delivers a stiff kick to the gut and follows up, tucking Trish between the legs, lifting her up and dropping Trish with THE WIDOW’S PEAK!!!
Winner: Victoria via pinfall @6:30.

Victoria stares down at Trish and doesn’t see Mickie slide into the ring with the Women’s Title. There doesn’t appear to be a damn thing wrong with her shoulder as she rears back … but Victoria spins around, almost in flash and stares Mickie right in the eyes.

A look of unequivocal fear comes over the face of the Women’s Champion as she slowly rolls out of the ring, with Victoria not taking an eye off her - both women now knowing where they stand.



The crowd goes crazy in a tremendous reaction, actually leaning towards the positive side, as EVOLUTION - the World Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Animal’ Batista, WWE Champion, the ‘Legend Killer’ Randy Orton, the ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair and ‘The Game’ Triple H step out onto the stage.

Jim Ross: Listen to this ovation, and look at that view. The best group of this millennium, four of the top wrestlers in the world, together for a one night only reunion. Evolution in the here and now!

Joey Styles: Triple H, Ric Flair, Randy Orton and Batista together but they have got some work to do, as they’ve got four -- well, at least we hope it’s four, of the best wrestlers on the opposite side of the ring.

The four men line up on the stage, taking in the scene, looking at one another, before continuing on down the ramp. Evolution steps into the ring and all four men take a turnbuckle as the crowd continues to give a nostalgic pop to the most impressive stable of the 2000 millennium.

***SEXY BOY*** The ‘Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels steps out onto the stage, smirk on his face, receiving a phenomenal ovation from Madison Square Garden, Michaels gets on his knees and sets off his pyro before walking to the bottom of the ramp and stopping.

Jim Ross: A surefire, first ballot, future hall of famer, Shawn Michaels. HBK will make up one third of this year’s WrestleMania main event for Raw, taking on Edge and WWE Champion Randy Orton in a Three Way Dance. One more time, Shawn Michaels on the big stage!

Joey Styles: It’s no secret that Shawn Michaels loves the spotlight. He’ll have it at WrestleMania and he’s got it here at Saturday Night’s Main Event, inside Madison Square Garden on NBC!

***METALINGUS*** The crowd delivers a tremendous ovation as the ‘Rated R Superstar’ Edge enters the arena, with Lita by his side whom is dressed rather scantily.
Edge grits his teeth as he looks at Orton from the top of the ramp, before continuing down the ramp.

Joey Styles: While Shawn Michaels is out of the big stage matches, the main events and headlines, this man, Edge, is out for revenge. Randy Orton has taken his group, his WWE Championship and RKO’d Lita a couple of weeks back on Raw. He could get his comeuppance here tonight.

Jim Ross: Edge is not out for his teammates here tonight, he doesn’t care about how big of a night this is. Edge is out for the Legend Killer’s blood here tonight in the Garden.

***TURN UP THE TREMBLE*** Mr. Kennedy walks out onto the stage, matching the tremendous ovations of Michaels and Edge, smirking away. Kennedy walks and joins his teammates at the bottom of the ramp.

Joey Styles: There he is! One of SmackDown!’s finest, the man that will challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship against Batista at WrestleMania 23. Tonight, in that very ring, we can possibly see Batista and Kennedy go “mano a mano” for the first time here tonight.

Jim Ross: The 2007 Royal Rumble winner, Mr. Kennedy, we could be looking at the future of the industry in that man right there come WrestleMania. Will that begin to come to fruition here tonight?

Kennedy, Michaels, Edge, Lita, Orton, Batista, Flair and Triple H especially all wait with anticipation as …

Nothing happens. Hunter smirks, his prediction coming true as apparently The Rock hasn’t made it here tonight. Evolution smirks, calling the faces in. Edge, Michaels and KK look at one another and … slide in! Away we go - Rock or naught!

Main Event: Evolution Reunites - Eight Man Tag Match Handicap Match
World Hvwt. Champ. Batista, WWE Champ. Randy Orton, Triple H & Ric Flair
vs. Edge(w/Lita), Mr. Kennedy, Shawn Michaels & The Rock
Mr. Kennedy takes Triple H, Edge pairs off with Orton, while Shawn Michaels goes after Batista, with Ric Flair watching in this huge brawl!! Eventually all the faces clean house of their respective opponents amongst mammoth cheers from the fans!!! Flair decides to take a cheap shot but Kennedy is ready, dumping the Nature Boy Ric Flair over the top rope and down to the floor!! Not a great start for Evolution as we cut to our final commercial break.
We rejoin the match in progress, with Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton on the inside of the ring, exchanging right hands. Michaels gains the better of the advantage, lighting him up before shooting off of the ropes. He comes back and goes for a lariat but The Legend Killer ducks and grabs Rock from behind, wrapping his arm around his neck and hitting him variation for his neckbreaker!!
That pretty much spells the demise of The Showstopper as Orton and company make Michaels the sacrificial lamb, isolating him in their corner. The Heartbreak Kid makes several attempts at a comeback, only to be shut down. At the twelve minute mark, Triple H, the legal man, decides to put the match away, going for The Pedigree on his former DX teammate!! Michaels counters, spinning out of it and dropping Hunter with a DDT!! He begins to crawl for the corner but Trips grabs his leg. Hunter lifts HBK back up to one of his feet, doling the older but Michaels leaps up and kicks The Game in the head with a nasty enzugiri, sending Triple H down and then makes the tag … to Mr. Kennedy!!!
The crowd explodes as Kennedy comes in and whips ass. He drills Hunter with a right hand and then knocks Batista off the apron with a hard shot as well, which receives a thunderous pop, the first time the two superstars have had any physical interaction!! He turns back around and Hunter kicks him in the gut, going for a Pedigree on Kennedy this time!! This attempt fails as well!! Kennedy grabs his legs and trips him up before tossing him into the turnbuckle pad!! Batista steps into the ring and kicks Mr. Kennedy right in the mouth with a big boot!!
Edge gets into the ring and rocks the World Heavyweight Champion with hard rights hands but soon enough, The Animal fights back, kicking Edge, dropping to a knee, hitting a shot to the throat and then tossing him over the top rope!! Batista smirks and turns around … right into a flying elbow from The Showstopper causing Batista rolls to the outside!!
Flair goes to check on Big Dave and Michaels grabs the ropes and launches himself over the top rope, taking Flair out with a flying plancha - but Batista moves out of the way, not receiving part of the blow!!! Batista then lifts Michaels up and slams him hard into the steel turn post!!
Kennedy and Triple H both begin to get up to their feet and Orton enters the ring, charging but Edge enters the ring almost simultaneously and drops him with a strong clothesline!!! The crowd goes crazy as does Lita while Edge swings away blindly on the face of The Legend Killer!! The Rated R Superstar then gets back up to his feet and gets set in the corner, looking for the Spear!!
Kennedy and Hunter wearily exchange right hands as Edge continues to look for the spear on Angle. He bounces off of the ropes but Batista grabs him by the leg! Edge gets his leg free and delivers a stiff kick to his face, knocking The Animal down! The Rated R Superstar turns around and Orton leaps up and drops him with an RKO!!! Orton smirks at the downed Edge before turning his attention towards Kennedy, whose holding his own against The Game.
Orton hits Kennedy in the back and soon the double team begins with Hunter and Orton attacking the RR winner. Kennedy soon begins to fight back, hitting Hunter with a right … and then Orton … and then H … and then Orton. Kennedy shoots off the ropes and takes both down with a double clothesline as the crowd goes wild!! Kennedy then shoots off the ropes again … right INTO A NASTY SPINEBUSTER FROM BATISTA!!! The crowd boos furiously as Hunter then lifts Kennedy up and drops him with a PEDIGREE!!! Hunter with the cover as Batista puts his hands on The Game’s back as well! 1... 2... 3!!!!!
Winners: Evolution - Triple H, Batista, Orton, and Flair @15:01.

Flair rolls into the ring as Batista stares down at the fallen Kennedy. Triple H points around to the crowd, trash talking. The four members of Evolution hold hands and raise their arms into the air to a thunderous mixed reaction.


By far, the loudest pop of the night, as THE ROCK sprints down to the ring - THE ROCK IS BACK!!!! A thunderous “Roc-ky” chant starts up as Triple H looks like he’s just seen a ghost … at first, but he soon looks around, realizing the incredible amount of back up that he has with him, the World Champ, the WWE Champ, and the best ever.

Trips tells Rock to bring it and doesn’t see Michaels slide back into the ring and Edge get back up to his feet!! HBK turns Batista around and drills him with right hands as The Rated R Superstar attacks Orton once more, cracking him in the back of the head, taking him down and wailing away on him again!!

Rock sprints down to the ring and slides in!! Hunter throws the right but Rock blocks it, and fires off some lightning quick rights of his own, rocking The Game amongst this huge ovation!! Hunter cuts him off, hitting a thumb to the eye and then a right hand, which stuns The Rock, still suffering from a concussion apparently, down on one knee!!

Trips turns around to leave the ring, but Kennedy is up, and drills Hunter with a couple of hard right hands. H turns around and Rock hits Hunter with a couple of more right hands before tossing The Game over the top rope!! MSG continues to go wild as the ring is soon cleared with Rock, Kennedy, Michaels and Edge all standing tall in the ring, until Rocky calls for a mic.


Incredible pop.

The Rock: Triple H, you wanna bash The Rock upside the head with a steel chair, you wanna slam The Rock in the cage, you wanna hit The Rock with a sledgehammer, bashing The Rock’s head wide open, putting The Rock in the hospital, putting The Rock on the shelf, 17 STITCHES in The Rock’s skull, you wanna do all that to please your ego??

Well, The Rock says this, you want The Rock at WrestleMania 23, No Holds Barred match, the match to end it all, the match to end the greatest rivalry in all of sports-entertainment??

After all the Rock Bottoms, after all the Pedigrees, after all the People’s Elbows, all the sledgehammer shots, all the cheap shots, almost an entire DECADE of the two of us fighting at it tooth and nail, 19 World Championships between us and now you wanna end it?? Well The Rock, says … JUST BRING IT, BITCH!!!

Another thunderous pop as Hunter trembles with intensity.

The Rock: Rock, Triple H, The Brahma Bull versus The Cerebral Assassin, The Great One versus The Game on the grandest stage of them all, The Rock says you’re on and make no mistake about it, The Rock plans to give you the ass whuppin OF A LIFETIME!!!

Trips shakes his head as the crowd continues to cheer.


Rock’s music hits again and The Game and The Great One stare one another down as NYC stands on their feet, cheering The People’s Champion on.

Jim Ross:
What a way to end one of the greatest nights in WWE history!! The Rock is back and The Great One will take on The Game Triple H, No Holds Barred Match at WrestleMania 23!! By Gawd, what a night!!

Joey Styles: Carlito retained the Intercontinental Title, John Cena dropped The Undertaker, Christopher Daniels forced Chavo Guerrero into retirement, Austin and Angle will go one on one with no special referee, and we’ve got Daniels-Mysterio, Carlito-JBL, the Money In The Bank Ladder Match and ROCK-TRIPLE H set for the grandest stage of them all!!!

Jim Ross: The Road to WrestleMania is approaching fast and it continues tomorrow night on USA with Monday Night Raw!! Thank you everybody, I’m Jim Ross, signing off for myself and Joey Styles, good night, everybody!

SNME fades with Rock (Kennedy, Michaels, and Edge as well) staring at Triple H, with the rest of his former group behind.



Current Card for WWE WrestleMania XXIII:

Date: April 1st, 2007
Location: Ford Field; Detroit, Michigan
Event Music: Saliva; Ladies and Gentlemen

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista w/Ric Flair
vs. 2007 Royal Rumble Winner Mr. Kennedy

WWE Championship Match; Three Way Dance:
‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton
vs. ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels
vs. ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge

No Holds Barred Match:
‘The Great One’ The Rock vs. ‘The Game’ Triple H

Icon vs. Icon:
‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin vs. ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle

One On One:
‘The Phenom’ The Undertaker vs. ‘The Boss’ John Cena


Intercontinental Championship Match:
Carlito vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Christopher Daniels
w/Allison Danger vs. Rey Mysterio

Money In The Bank Ladder Match:
??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???

Monsters Collide:
Raw GM Jonathan Coachman’s Big Show & Umaga
(w/AAE & Heyman)
vs. SmackDown! GM Stephanie McMahon’s Kane & Mark Henry

Match Banner Credit: Crazian
Gif Credit: will94

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Saturday Night's Main Event:- Review

First of all the opening video could've been specified as I find them highly enjoyable to read but anyway could've atleast given a few instances. The opening commentary was long and got the show across as huge. Great match to start off the show. Carlito and RVD could be the showstealer IMO

So far so good. I predicted Carlito would win and he did. JBL and him could have a good match at WrestleMania and could get a little more momentum heading into the event. We all knew that there was no way that Carlito would win fair and square so good work there as well. One small thing that bothered me was the frog splash. From my perception it's one of the best finishers there is(diving finishers are usually very good). A mid card fight showing a kick out of a move like that could help the match but it takes away from the credibility of the move. I know Carlito grabbed the ropes instead of kicking out but RVD should've either missed or hit another diving move. Just my view on the topic.

I like how Joey Styles sticks up to RVD. John Cena calling out the Undertaker looks good although I'm not too keen on the feud, it still could be huge especially if Cena wins but I don't see that happening at all. The promo was awesome. Cena is good with his words and the video was great. Undertaker was guaranteed to show up and he did. Both men got in about eual offence with the favor in Cena's direction. The counter from Tombstone to F-U was good, seen that in No Mercy HIAC to F-5. It was very nice to read and could be the best part of the show.

Moving on to the next match I'd say that I'd rather have seen Mark Henry vs. Big Show than Kane vs. Umaga but still good. From my estimation if Show hadn't interfered then Kane would've pinned Umaga. I didn't think anybody would win the match as I mentioned before but a DQ was alright as well. Kane still holds credibility, which he barely has anymore in WWE.

The evolution promo had two mistakes I could see. Both minute so no biggie - us<>use and April 1<>April 3. So Batista is kind of the strong silent type, which works best for him. Having Flair as his mouthpiece is good too but he should learn to hold his own soon. Randy was the best part of this promo.

The Cruiserweight match was good. Again two frogsplash and still not working. Chavo's retiring so no biggie with that. Good finish and I knew Daniels was going to win. Rey and him are going on at Mania. Chavo Guerrero could've been big if used right but I'm thinking he'll make a comeback soon. The promo was intense and funny as well. I loved Kennedy's line and Edge brought intensity to the table. A nice mesh of things.

Good promo by Mysterio and excellent logic and booking as well. Mysterio can't keep up with Daniels, that was awesome and the challenge has been accepted. I see this match opening the show at Mania but I would want this somewhere in the middle.

Running out of time so don't mind my rush. The tag team match should've switched places with Cruiserweight match but the promo and everything went well so no problem. Again as per prediction Lashley/Finlay won. That's almost all right if you count the technicality with Umaga/Kane. Another good promo between Angle and Austin. Reminded me of a few good times. Angle and Austin are great together but again I think new feuds should start at Mania. One or two money feuds can end at Mania, that's all good but this is a renewed feud......don't mind the blabber. Coach not referee anymore sounds good as the last thing it needs is swerves, which I see coming anyway in spite of Vince's rulings.

Lost a prediction. Average women's match. I don't care much about Women's matches unless I've been following it for a long time, which I have not done with this. No Rock for the match was kind of completely shocking to me as I would think he'd be back but I see you're saving his match for WrestleMania. Without Rock the faces lost whatever small chance they had. It was good to see evolution again but it usually draws much better when a face team is reuniting hence the face DX run in 06. I hope they don't get back together as none of them need it. Maybe Orton on Triple H or Batista/Flair can have their own stable soon. Rock out after the match, Jee wonder why? I liked the ending as well. Electric way to end the show leaving more to come at Mania.

I liked the show and enjoyed reading it all except the women's match. Sorry if the review seems short but have a lot on my mind.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

SNME Review

Great way to open the show. However being it SNME, I thought that Jericho/Taker segment would open the show. However the match between Carlito and Van Dam was great. Surprised to see Carlito win the match, as I thought that Van Dam would be leaving the Intercontinental Champion. However I have a feeling that Van Dam will be one of the members in the Money in the Bank match at Mania.

Excellent Cena promo man. I see that you’re keeping the hip-hop style of Cena, and that’s great. This promo was very original, and you were able to get the fans to turn on Cena within the middle of the promo. Taker coming out was expected, but I’m surprised to see Cena hit the F-U on Taker, as it made Cena look a little too strong against Taker, but there match at Mania, should be a classic.

Not surprised to see Umaga vs. Kane end in a DQ. While the match was not a classic, it was able to continue the feud between Kane and Umaga, and Raw and Smackdown. The Interpromotional Tag Team Match at Mania looks like it is going to be a huge brawl.

Evolution’s promo sets the tone perfectly for the huge main event. The promo felt very realistic, and it got the point across. Looks like the members of Evolution are all on the same page, and the main event looks like it is going to be great.

Man, I’m shocked that Chavo lost the match. I hope there is a reason as to why Chavo lost the match, and hopefully returns to the ring in this thread. Great match, and I like how you kept the realistic view of the crowd with some of the NYC showing some disrespect to a legend, Chavo Guerrero. Looks like Mysterio versus Daniels is going to be off the chain come Mania. Hopefully after Mania, both Daniels and Mysterio are pushed more in this thread, and a possibly run at the US Championship for Mysterio.

Great promo with all three men in character, and even some comedy was added into the promo. I like the buildup that this match and the WWE Championship has been receiving in this thread.

Great Hall of Fame class man, as all of the men inducted truly deserve to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

That might have been one of the best Rey Mysterio’s promos that I have read in BTB history. That was great as the promo flowed so well. In that little segment, Mysterio just made that match against Daniels for Mania, a must see match. I have a feeling that the match might be the match if not MITB to open Mania, and if it is, I have a feeling, if given enough time, that it will be a match that quite possibly steals the show.

The push for Lashley continues as he and Finlay win the match, but Finlay turns on Lashley after the match. Looks like Finlay will be the next person that Lashley has to face as the build up for Lashley in this thread continues.

Austin comes to the ring and cuts a great promo, and Coach and his crew along with Angle come and attack Austin. Surprised to see Vince, but this is SNME and it’s at the Garden, so Vince has to be on SNME. Great announcement from Vince, and now that Coach won’t be the guest ref, Angle vs. Austin should be a classic!

Didn’t know that Mickie has been the Women’s Champion in this thread for eleven months. That is quite impressive. Victoria wins the match, and gets the momentum back in her corner, and we have a staredown between Victoria and the champ, Mickie. I thought that the two would start a fight, but it seems like that will happen on an upcoming episode of Raw.
Excellent Main Event match man. Evolution wins as expected, but the point of the match, was that The Rock returns and the crowd is on its feet. Rock vs. Hunter is going to be great man!

Overall Comments: After reading your last Raw, I thought that SNME was not going to be that good. However Smackdown had changed my opinion. And this event was great, as it got the gears going for Mania. Still surprised that Chavo lost, but everything on this show was on point. Looking forward to Raw, and the WrestleMania card is looking great!

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Mac. Quality show. Expect my review up tomorrow.


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