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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

f-u92's SmackDown review

Batista vs Holly
Sorry, but I hate squash matches. Simply put, i dont like them at all. But i did like the aftermath.

Finlay/Steph promo
Good promo, very realistic of Finlay and Steph, should be a good match.

Another squash, but not as much. Love the Gory Bomb, so good ending. Cant wait to see if Chavo can keep his career.

Booker Interview
Hmm do i smell another person turning on their partner? Realistic of Booker, and I liked how you portrayed Regal's reaction.

Cena promo
Loved this. Spoken like a true heel. Loved the fiery touch at the end.

LondRick vs Hardyz
Great match here. Right length with plenty of excitement. Good choice of winners, keep it up. This feud could go somewhere.

Batista/Triple H promo
Good job here, very realistic. Love the reunion idea. Should be good to see what happens.

Pretty short, but ok match. I didnt like the ending, I dont know something about it, I just didnt like. Maybe thats just me, its not your fault. Loved the aftermath, though. Love the eight fingers thing.

Kennedy promo
This was okay, liked him telling Mathhews to leave, but I sort of lost interest in the rest of it. Maybe it was too long.

HHH vs Kane
Good match, capped by a good ending. I didnt want HHH losing that way, but you saved it. Hated the aftermath though. Hate the use of the sledgehammer. But it is your BTB.

Good job with the show, I will try to read more often.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Never been a fan of guys jobbing Hardcore Holly out when they always put him over as a "legit tough guy". But we all knew Batista would win so regardless, Batista is gonna prove his dominance going into WM. Kennedy saving Holly from further punishment was a good way to keep him on the show and keep that face status cemented

Hmm. Finlay gets his wish but is forced to team with Lashley to get his hands on Booker & Regal. I hope Lashley does something better than this going into WM

Of course Chavo was gonna win this one, the real test will be next week against Daniels, when I think Chavo will be retired from this thread

I can still see Regal disbanding from Booker soon, as The King seems so full of his own praise, he puts down his right hand man to do so. Good promo, although short, didn't need to be any longer

Another quality Cena promo here, all running his mouth until some interesting mind games from Taker, setting the note pad and then the outside of the ring on fire. Maybe setting up for a gimmick match at WM? Don't know, but Cena was on the spot and produced a top promo

WHOA! New Champs on SmackDown! Hooliganz finally win, and the Hardyz are finally done! Very good match here, and I can see the Hardyz disbanding soon too

Trips/Batista/Flair co-existing will be interesting to see next week at SNME, personally, I think they'll just get it done, to last the match

Scotty gets the done and dusted treatment by Daniels. This time Daniels mocks Chavo, but then the save is made. Next week will be a telling point in the Rey/Daniels storyline, the true beginning methinks

Good stuff here from Kennedy, and he's still confident he can do what I feel shouldn't happen but will, and win the title at WM. As always, you had Kennedy down to a tee

SNME is looking very pleasing indeed, especially the 8 Man Tag. Triple h here to run his mouth again, but the intense end to this promo was not really needed IMO, because there couldn't possibly be an added McMahon ingredient could there?

Nasty ending after a good main event as Triple H demolishes Kane and leaves the monster down and bloodied, really putting Hunter back over as the Cerebal Assasin. Good show overall, solid work as usual



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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Hey, I liked your show so I thought I would drop a review..
D-K-L's Smackdown review

Batista vs. Holly:This was just a squash match really.Not really a fan of them, but i suppose going into WM in a title match, he needs to look strong. The aftermath was good, I was maybe hoping for a littlefight between the two, but leaving it the way you did really builds up the tension for the match at Mania.

Finlay segment:This was good. Finlay looking for revenge, I wasn't suprised to see Steph refuse a 2-on-1 match for that night. I liked how Steph wasn't at all scared of Finlay though. The tag match shoudl be a good match.

Chavo vs. Noble:I was expecting another squash, it wasn't all one sided by the looks of it. Asd others have said, the match against Daniels will be good. The ending was good BTW.

King Booker interview:Good interview. Booker was in character. Looks like Regal might turn on Booker after his reaction

Cena promo:This was a great promo. Cena as a heel is different, reminds me of a few years ago. It looks like cena won't be intimidated by the Undertaker. Cena is comign across as a great heel, very arrogant and cocky. Nice little bit at the end, typical Taker playing mind games. Their match shoudl be great.

Londrick vs. Hardy boyz:This was a good match, very exciting as it would be in real life. Londrick are one of my favourite teams so it was good to see them get the win, having them beat the Hardy's makes them look really strong. glad they are the new champs, it will be an exciting reign.

Evolution backstage:I like Evoulution so I like the reunion, but I don't think it will last long. Batista won't be happy letting HHH be the leader though IMO.Batista is already questioning the Game, it might lead to a Batista/HH feud again.

Daniels vs. Hotty: this was a good match. I like Daniels as a heel.It maybe could of been a bit longer. REy and Chavo making the save was good, Daniels was a typical heel by leaving straight away.

Mr Kennedy promo:This was a very well written promo and Kennedy seemed to stay in character all the way through. He was very arrogant as usual. Good promo.

McMahon promo:This was decent.He was basically previewing SNME. Suprised to see HHH come out really. Can see something happening between the two in the future.

HHH vs. Kane:I was expecting HHH to get teh win and he did. It was a good match, lots of action. HHH atacking Kane after the match the way he did was OK, he made a real statement by destroying a monster like that. HHH looks strong.

Overall:It was a good show. I like way it's going, Mania should be great posters. I will keep reading.

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's SmackDown! Review

~ I think this might be the first time in a while that you have began a show with a match up, but it might as well have been another Flair promo, since all it did was make Batista look damn unstoppable. I'm not too fussed about Holly getting this kind of treatment like some guys are, since it gets over Dave's power by running through a 'grizzled' veteran. I was loving the stare down between 'Tista and Kennedy afterwards. A nice way to show the contrast between the two in full effect. No need to rush the fisticuffs, since this is a much different feud to that of Orton/Edge/HBK on Raw. Mind games almost. Batista walking away is the heel thing to do, especially since it was his manager Flair who pulled him off.

~ Nice segment between Stephanie McMahon and Finlay next. I think Finlay is pretty much in a transitional tweener phase right now, since I find it doubtful that he could ever be a fully fledged face. Blunt, to the point, you got Finlay down well. Even throwing in a "Princess" for good measure, since that's how British people speak in the WWE A pretty good match set up for SNME too, which should go even further to cementing Finlay as a tweener. It pales slightly in comparison to the Evolution and Chavo/Daniels matches, but is good nonetheless.

~ Ooo a squash for Jamie Noble? With Chavo clearly retiring after SNME and Rey going away from the division after Wrestlemania (I think), you're not doing your Cruiserweight division many favours to be honest. Noble and Kash aren't jobbers. Anyway, good to see Chavo actually getting some of the attention now, ahead of Rey. It's still sad that Chavo will be leaving, but this is a great feud to go out on.

~ Short but sweet interview from King Booker. Whenever he refers to anyone by their full name I mark out. "Steven". He should talk to Joey Styles and call him "Joseph". I'd love that. Anyway, this was a well written speech, though it seems you are planting the seeds for Regal to leave the King also. A Fatal Four Way for the U.S belt at Wrestlemania seems quite likely now.

~ This was a wonderful, wonderful segment from John Cena next. I'm liking the new moniker you have given him in 'The Boss', it suits his current persona very nicely. You nailed him pretty much throughout. It was a nice way with him reeling off all those he has beaten, though I can't honestly remember when he pinned The Undertaker before. I know that they feuded in '03 around Vengeance where 'Taker won, so I'm guessing they had another match on SmackDown! around that time and I just can't remember it. Let me know Undertaker's appearance at the end was handled well also, with the notepad exploding and the ring catching fire. 'Taker may use the same formula in his feuds, but that's simply because they are engaging and work over and over again on many levels with different superstars. Although, to be fair, this heel incarnation of Cena is doing a hell of a job right now.

~ Holy Crap new tag team Champions again?!!! I guess you're a fan of short reigns in the tag team division eh? Sounded like a good, fast paced match up with London pinning Matt with a Springboard Shooting Star Press. I would hope that The Hardys break up soon, since I much prefer Matt as a solo wrestler. I wonder what you have instore for Wrestlemania for the WWE Tag Team titles now. Possibly a large match with Shwlton/Helms involved too, and The Mexicools? Hmmm...

~ Loved this short backstage segment between Triple H, Flair and Batista. I was always interested in seeing these guys interact after Hunter went heel. Trips got owned a bit here though in the end by Batista. If there is a clean finish in the Tag Match at SNME, and all hell doesn't break loose, I'll be incredibly surprised.

~ Another squash match for the Cruiserweight division, but this time over Scotty, so you won't find me complaining. Nice counter from The Worm by Daniels, and the use of the Frog Splash was kind of like the 619 last week. Poor Chavo is going down, but this feud into Wrestlemania is certainly heating up.

~ Lovely interview from Kennedy next. It was rather ... Rock-like from the Attitude Era in my opinion, with him getting pissed off with the interviewer. I guess KK is going to keep repeating the same thing over and over again, that he is the underdog, that people say he doesn't deserve it etc. I hope he gets some new material soon, since you write with him so well. The contract signing next week should be a blast, but no pyhsical contact yet please More headgames from Naitch.

~ Yay, we get some McMahon mic time tonight. I think I pretty much had Evolution's opponents guessed last week didn't I? Come on, you know it's true. Though ... it was fairly obvious. Please write that match in full It'll be awesome. Triple H's interruption was well-handled also. His current character is sounding much like he did in '99 when he was constantly complaining that he was being held back and such. Only now he is moaning about The Rock taking his spot. I like it personally. I thought he was going to assault McMahon at first.

~ Good Main Event between these two veterans, although the result was never in any doubt. Triple H goes over Kane clean and strips away some more of his credibility. I'm sure Kane will be done in this thread following Wrestlemania. Nice aftermath too, since I again misread and thought Trips had whacked Vince with a Chair, until I saw that it was Kane. He beat the shit out of him, though I guess crushing his skull would have put Kane out for Wrestlemania, which wouldn't sit to well for the card. All of Hunter's taunting of The Rock is sitting really well so far. I wonder when their match is going to be made official for Wrestlemania?

Overall this was another excellent show, Mac, with your Road To Wrestlemania picking up some good speed now. Too many squashes matches tonight, but the tag title match and the ME were both huge. Thus far, your WM card is great, and your SNME is ... the best SNME card I've read? Yeah, I think I can safely say that Great spelling and grammar too, mate, you're very meticulous.

8 Out Of 10 - Keep It Up
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Great edition of Smackdown! man. Sorry for the lack of reviews lately, but I assure you I will review this weeks show. Keep up the good work, and unlucky at dropping out of that tourney on that other site where I Mod so brilliantly.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

‘Mac, I’m sorry but I’ve to rush on this feedback, and it’s mainly because of I haven’t got that much time. I’ve to write reviews, and write my RAW too. I’m sorry.

SmackDown’s Feedback:
Impressive way to kick off SmackDown with Batista’s dominance, but the guy he SQUASHED was Hardcore Holly. I mean, it makes Batista look like an unstoppable World Heavyweight Champion, and it surely builds up Batista greatly, but I don’t like how a guy like Hardcore Holly was SQUASHED. I hope you get what I’m trying to say. The aftermath was fine, and I’m glad that you didn’t have Batista and Kennedy attack each other because I believe that’s not necessary right now. What necessary right now, is to just hype this feud greatly, and I believe you are definitely progressing nicely and slowly, which is always good.

Okay, the next segment here was great. To be honest, Finlay here was perfect, and the way he responded to Steph with ‘I don’t take well to being coddled’ line was just great. Also, just like Legend, my thoughts are exactly the same because keeping Finlay as a tweener would be good. The match announcement was good for SNME, and it’ll be a great match for sure.

Chavo really needed to pick up this victory, and the case was the same. It puts Chavo over, and also gives him some huge momentum heading into his career’s biggest match at SNME.

I’m actually a fan of those promos which have a decent length into it. This segment here just had a little length into it. However, King Booker’s character (that was spot on) saved this segment. The ending kinda makes me believe that we might see Regal turning on King Booker, come SNME. Just a guess, but it could happen.

Good Cena promo here that hypes his HUGE feud with The Undertaker decently. Length was great. Flow was just okay. However, you know, just like the WHC feud between Kennedy and Batista, I’m loving how this feud is progressing too; Slowly, and neatly. Good ending too, with The Undertaker not appearing. A good choice for ‘Taker to not come out because he doesn’t come to normal shows like SmackDown or RAW week after week. Anyway, great way to expand their rivalry. Good promo.

Length, flow, and everything else was perfect in this match, but the ending shocked me. New Tag Team Champs on SmackDown in The Hooligans!? Seriously, I didn’t really expect that to come, but now, I expect The Hardyz to get their rematch at ‘Mania, but I doubt that they’ll win the tag team titles.

I can picture the heat between Batista and Triple H here. Ric Flair on the other hand, at the corner of Batista definitely spices up things, and that’s the MAIN reason why I’m loving Batista as a heel, and with the WHC in this thread. Great segment here and it’ll be interesting to see how Batista, Triple H, Orton, and Flair work as a unit at SNME.

You know, Daniels has got lots of hype in this thread, and I’m loving this Daniels as a CW Champ here in your thread. Anyway, just like Chavo, he needed a win too, and he got it. The aftermath was interesting with Daniels nailing the Frog Splash, and then Chavo coming out with REY makes me believe that it won’t be long until Rey accepts Daniels’ challenge.

Gold promo here by Kennedy. Length was there, flow was there, entertainment was there, and overall; the promo was perfect, and it surely adds even more hype to Ken’s feud with Batista. Kennedy was in character too, being cocky as hell. Good promo.

At the first, when Vince started calling for all the matches, it just looked too boring, and it looked like he’s just here to give some publicity to Saturday Night’s Main Event, but thank God Triple H interrupted. I guess that was needed to save this promo. Triple H looked really bland here, and that’s mainly because you had him use words that he already used in the last week’s promo. He needs new things to bash The Rock now. An okayish promo here. By the way, HBK, The Rock, Edge, and Kennedy will be a good team against Evolution.

I know that you tried to make this match good, but it wasn’t that much good, and I don’t blame you for that one. I blame Kane. LOL. Anyway, Triple H’s win was necessary, and the aftermath was nicely done too. It puts over Triple H’s character in a great way, and it also hypes his big feud with The Rock. Greatly done.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Thanks for the reviews. As always, they are appreciated and will be returned. Got to a couple today, hopefully I 'll wrap the rest up soon enough. Yes, Legend, Cena beat Taker on a SmackDown! following Vengeance 2003. Doubt it was by the FU though. Revisionist history I guess.

Originally Posted by Wrestling Observer Newsletter
Shockingly, the relationship between Vince McMahon and Bret Hart had been going so well lately, the chairman had convinced ‘The Hitman’ to take part in the proposed WrestleMania 23 match between Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels, possibly in a referee capacity. With the untimely injury to Benoit, effectively nixing the plans for the match, a Hitman appearances is in doubt, but not completely out of the question.

Expect Stone Cold Steve Austin to take a bigger role on Raw in the lead up to WrestleMania 23 and possibly, some of the shows immediately following. Austin is nearing the end of his run with the WWE, at least in a wrestling capacity, so expect the company to get the most out of his final run these final few weeks.

Also anticipate several things regarding WrestleMania to be announced at Saturday Night’s Main Event. We can confirm that the 2007 Class of the Hall of Fame will be one of the announcements, and possibly the revelation of the third annual Money In The Bank Ladder Match and it’s competitors.

Just posted on wwe.com - World Wrestling Entertainment has released the following superstars: Jon Heidenreich, Gene Snitsky, Mark Jindrak and Candice Michelle.
Raw tomorrow.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Having Bret The Hitman heart is good and bad in my opinion. I mean i always love to see Bret Hart come back for little special apperances in peoples threads but i also think it kicks reality out the window. No doubt about it, i's going to be a good match. And things look even more interesting now that Benoit is injured.

And again seeing Austin make appearances is always a good thing. Its cool and realistic that your thinking of having him come to the end of his active wrestling career. It will of course be a major loss but i will give you the chance to push younger talent in his place, and even maybe produce another Austin.

The ladder match sounds good and i can't wait until it is announced to see who will be participating in it. Also the Hall Of Fame announcement looks good. All of the fireings were not that bad although i was shocked to see Candice go.

Anyway i'm looking forward to Raw and i will get another review up soon mate. It might be a little later than last time though as college has started. But non the less it will be up. Also are you going to post a Raw preview?
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Monday Night Raw; March 3rd, 2007; New Orleans, Louisiana:

Opening Video


Jim Ross:
We are just five days away from one of the biggest spectaculars in WWE history, Saturday Night’s Main Event. I’m Jim Ross, here with Jerry “The King” Lawler and ladies and gentlemen, the road to WrestleMania goes right through Madison Square Garden this Sunday but don’t think we’re phoning it in here tonight! Big show planned for you this evening!

Jerry Lawler:
Each and every night the WWE is in town, it’s something special and tonight is no different, J.R.

Jim Ross:
Our main event, sees the two youngsters of the RKO Army, Ken Doane and “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters take on the two WrestleMania challengers of Randy Orton, the “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels and the “Rated R Superstar” Edge!

Jerry Lawler:
And after Randy found out that he had to defend the WWE Title in Three Way Dance at WrestleMania and Melina taking that sickening Spear from Edge, you can bet that the Legend Killer is gonna be in one foul mood tonight.

Jim Ross:
Also tonight, the Intercontinental Champion is in action. Carlito takes on the death defying Sabu in a non-title match up.

Jerry Lawler:
Definitely a bit of a challenge just days away from facing Sabu’s buddy in crime, and when talking about ECW, I mean that literally.

***Playa’s Club*** The crowd begins to give heat as Raw General Manager, Jonathan Coachman, makes his way down to the ring, looking spiffy in a new suit, microphone in hand. Coach steps in, looking around the arena before speaking.

Jonathan Coachman:
We are only five days away from Saturday Night’s Main Event and it is on that night, NBC, that my crowning achievement, my big moment simply begins because on that night the “Samoan Bulldozer” Umaga will establish Raw’s complete and utter dominance over that second rate trash, called Friday Night SmackDown!.

Mixed reaction.

Jonathan Coachman:
Oh, but it doesn’t stop there, because at WrestleMania 23, The Big Show and Umaga will finish the job by crushing the “B” show’s monsters, Kane and Mark Henry.

Another mixed reaction.

Jonathan Coachman: But all of that will come to pass within the coming weeks but I’m out here to talk about something that will have dramatic effects on Raw immediately … and on one of the main attractions of WrestleMania.

An “Ass - hole” chant starts up, cutting Coachman off for a bit but he talks right through it.

Jonathan Coachman:
It’s come to my attention that the two icons that will go one on one at WrestleMania are so HUGE that a special referee needs to be added to keep things in order on April the first.

The crowd pops, getting amped up for a potential special ref.

Jonathan Coachman:
It’s gotta be someone with guts - it’s gotta be someone who’s impartial and willing to get down to the nitty gritty and make sure that everything stays smooth.

The audience continues to stir, wanting to know who Coachman has in mind for the referee.

Jonathan Coachman: That’s right at WrestleMania 23, when the Wrestling Machine and Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle takes on Stone Cold Steve Austin the special guest referee … will be … ME, Jonathan Coachman!

Boos fill the arena as Coachman smiles, adjusting his tie.

Jim Ross:

Jerry Lawler:
That’s great!!

Jim Ross:
There is no way in hell that Stone Cold is gonna get a fair shake at WrestleMania!

Jonathan Coachman: Thank you, thank you and I will be as fair, as just and as impartial as I ALWAYS am.

“Bull-shit” chant starts up, causing Coach to look around.

Jonathan Coachman:
Thanks, but that’s enough about me. Ladies and gentlemen, one of the competitors in that Icon versus Icon match at WrestleMania, a grand slam champion, quite possibly the greatest world champion and WWE superstar that this business has ever seen AND the greatest amateur and professional wrestler in this history’s sport, the Olympic Gold Medalist, KURT ANGLE!!

***Medal*** Kurt Angle makes his way onto the stage, dressed in a suit and shades, receiving tremendous heat. Angle waives to the crowd as he steps into the ring, almost delusional, acting as if the audience if going wild for him. Angle shares a hug with Coach and then grabs a mic from Lillian.

Kurt Angle:
Coach, you have no idea how happy I am that you will be refereeing my match with Austin at WrestleMania. I mean, no offense to any of the referees in the back, but you and I both know, that only someone of your greatness with your incredible perception can referee this match up.

Coach nods as the crowd continues to pour on the boos.

Kurt Angle:
Think about it, all the referees in the back, they feel sorry for Stone Cold Steve Austin. Y’see, they remember what Austin used to be like and now they see this shell of a man acting like Steve Austin. There’s no doubt in my mind that they would be willing to quick count me or screw me out of the match just to make Stone Cold look good.

An “Austin” chant starts up and Angle looks around the arena.

Kurt Angle:
Yeah, very good, you got his name right. Congratulations. (Angle rolls his eyes before continuing) And lets not forget about how big of a hothead Austin is. If Steve was to get out of line at WrestleMania and get right in an officials face, one of the refs in the back - they’d crawl up in a little ball and let Austin do whatever he wants … but not you. If Austin gets in your face … you’d slap the taste out of his mouth.

Tremendous heat as Coachman imitates throwing a slap, getting amped up as Angle begins to nod.

Kurt Angle:
Exactly, you won’t take any crap off of anybody. You proved that last week, when you put Orton and JBL in their place. You’re not taking any backtalk. Not from Stephanie McMahon, not from any of the Raw superstars and sure as hell not from Stone Cold Steve Austin. If Austin feels uppity, you’ll put him right back in his place and then the better man will win -- YOUR Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle! YEAH!

More boos as Coach shouts out “YEAH”, clearly being affected -- motivated by Angle’s motivational speech.

Kurt Angle:
WrestleMania 23, is not only my crowning moment and Steve Austin’s downfall but its also the night that Jonathan Coachman shows … that he is the greatest leader that the Raw locker room has ever had, when he steps right into the ring and shows each and every referee how the job is done and shows every WWE superstar what intestinal fortitude is all about. Oh, its true, its damn true.

Angle drops the mic and holds his arms out for another hug. Coachman smiles goofily and then hugs Angle, garnering boos from the crowd. The two men then hold each other’s arms up, posing for the crowd…

***GLASS SHATTERS*** The audience explodes into an ungodly ovation as Angle and Coach immediately stop and turn towards the stage. After a bit of a wait, Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his way down to the ring, head swagging as he eyes up two people he can’t stand. Austin climbs the steel steps and steps into the ring, going to each corner and climbing the turnbuckle, receiving a tremendous ovation.

ANGLE QUICKLY BAILS!!! The crowd laughs as Austin stares at Coachman, left in the ring all by his lonesome, face to face with Stone Cold. Angle looks on from the top of the stage while Coach looks ready to crap in his pants as Austin slowly reaches down and grabs the mic from off the ground. Coach goes to walk away but Austin grabs him by the back of the jacket and turns him around. SCSA takes a second or two, before speaking.

Stone Cold Steve Austin:
You said you were gonna do what to Stone Cold Steve Austin?

Coach goes to grab Steve’s mic but Austin snatches it away, making Coach get another one.

Stone Cold Steve Austin:
What’d ya say?

Jonathan Coachman: I -

Stone Cold Steve Austin: What?


Jonathan Coachman:
All I said wa-

Stone Cold Steve Austin: What?


Stone Cold Steve Austin:
Did you say you were gonna be the referee for Stone Cold‘s match? (WHAT) You said you’re gonna call it down the middle? (WHAT) Fairly? (WHAT) Impartial? (WHAT) All that’s all nice and good … but what did you say you would do to Stone Cold Steve Austin if I got out of line?

Coachman gulps and holds his head down as Austin inches close to him.

Stone Cold Steve Austin:
Did you say you were gonna slap Stone Cold Steve Austin if I got in your face - if I got out of line?

Coach keeps his head down as Austin gets right up on him.

Stone Cold Steve Austin:
I’m in your face right now. What? (WHAT) I said I’m in your face right now. Go ahead. Slap Stone Cold.

Kurt Angle now has mic in hand, apparently being handed one during Austin’s tirade.

Kurt Angle:
Slap him, Coach! Slap the taste out of his mouth right now!

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Do it!!

Kurt Angle: Do it, Coach!!

Stone Cold Steve Austin: DO IT!!

Kurt Angle: Go ahead!!

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Do it, son!!

Kurt Angle:
Come on, Coach! That SOB is always talking crap, making your life hell! Slap the crap out of him!! NOW!!!


Jim Ross:
Oh … my … God.

The crowd gasps with surprise as Austin holds the side of his face, staring down at the canvas before looking back up at Coach. Coachman looks shocked with himself, staring at Austin with fear before The Rattlesnake … puts his hand on the shoulder of Coach, laughing, before he brings the mic up.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: There you go, showing some guts. That’s what I want to see.

Coach’s look of shock turns into a goofy smile … before Austin drills him with a right hand!! The crowd erupts as Austin tosses him into the corner and begins to stomp a mud hole in and walks it dry as Angle looks on in complete distress at ringside!!

Stone Cold then moves towards the center of the ring, waiting for Coach to get up. Austin turns towards Angle and flips him the bird, receiving a great ovation as Coachman comes out right into a boot … and a STUNNER!!!

Jim Ross:
STONE COLD STUNNER!!! THE RATTLESNAKE!! THE RATTLESNAKE!!! Stone Cold Steve Austin has just stunned our General Manager!!

Jerry Lawler:
What the hell is he doing?! You can’t just go around putting your hands on your boss, J.R.!!

Jim Ross:
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! Stone Cold will never be employee of the month!!

The audience continues to go wild as Texas Rattlesnake climbs the turnbuckle and flips Angle off once more while the glass shatters again!!

{Commercial Break}

A replay of the Stunner on Coach plays before J.R. mentions the unfair treatment Austin is in store for with Coach as the ref for his match against Angle at WM 23.

***Arabian Prayer*** Sabu gets a decent ovation as he walks down to the ring, with Bill Alfonso by his side, blowing his whistle like a madman.

***Cool*** The crowd gives a good pop as the Intercontinental Champion Carlito makes his way down the entrance ramp, title belt on his shoulder.

Match #1:
Carlito vs. Sabu w/Bill Alfonso
Five days away from his title defense against Rob Van Dam at Saturday Night’s Main Event, Carlito goes one on one with someone with a similar style in the Death Defying Sabu. The two men put on a solid contest, though it is a bit of a styles clash. After the seven minute mark, things pick up with Carlito taking control, hitting a couple of clotheslines, a knee to the gut and then following up with a knee lift, taking him down. Carly picks up a two count with his springboard senton but his moonsault misfires when Sabu gets his knees up!
Sabu takes over, hitting several versions of the Air Sabu - one on the ground, the other in the corner! Sabu then hits a DDT but only manages to pick up a two count! Sabu lifts Carlito up to his feet and shoots him into the corner. Sabu charges in but Carlito moves out of the way and Sabu crashes into the corner!! Carlito gets back up to his feet and hits the BACKSTABBER!! Carlito covers him! 1... 2... NO!
JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD BREAKS IT UP, STOMPING ON THE HEAD OF CARLITO!! The ref gets back up to his feet and calls for the bell!
Winner: Carlito @9:12 via disqualification.

JBL quickly exit’s the ring and grabs the Intercontinental Championship and slides back into the ring. Bradshaw waits for Carlito to get up and then swings the title but Carlito avoids it and drills JBL with left hands, knocking the title from his hands!

Carlito gets on a roll but Layfield cuts him off with a quick thumb to the eye and then a stiff kick to the crotch!! Carlito goes down in a heap as Bradshaw backs into a corner and waits for Carly to get up.

The crowd begins booing Layfield and also the fact that Alfonso leads Sabu to the backstage area, not coming to the aid of Carlito. A “R - V - D” chant starts up but there’s no sign of Mr. Monday Night as Carlito gets up to his feet and JBL CHARGES … HITTING THE CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!!!

The crowd boos furiously as JBL bends down, picks up the Intercontinental Title and puts a foot on top of Carlito, smiling with that toothy grin. The crowd pops as ROB VAN DAM BEGINS TO … jog down to the ring rather slowly. Van Dam steps in and JBL slowly steps out. RVD looks down at the Intercontinental Title and then stares at Carlito as we fade out.

{Commercial Break}

Backstage, Todd Grisham catches up with JBL, whom seems to be leaving the arena, carrying his bag.

Todd Grisham:
John! John!

Bradshaw turns around, still smiling away.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
Son … that’s Mr. Layfield.

Todd Grisham:
Uh, Mr. Layfield, what are -

John Bradshaw Layfield: Let me cut you off right there. Carlito just got the message, RVD just got the message - because quite frankly, I couldn’t care less who the champion is come this Saturday. John Bradshaw Layfield is coming for the Intercontinental Championship and I don’t give a DAMN who the champion is. Come WrestleMania 23, whether it’s Carrrrrrribbean Cool or Mr. ECW himself, Rob Van Dam, they will fall at the feet of the Wrestling Gawd!!
And it’s not about being cool, it’s not about being hardcore or extreme, its about being one of the top guys in this business! That’s what the Intercontinental Championship is all about - that’s what John Bradshaw Layfield is all about! So when we roll into Ford Field, unlike every single sports team in Detroit, JBL is the safe bet … how do you like them apples?

Bradshaw then pats Grisham on the face before heading out of the arena.

Back to ringside and we catch a shot of Umaga making his way down to the ring, with Armando Alejandro Estrada by his side.

Match #2:
Val Venis vs. Umaga w/Armando Alejandro Estrada
In preparation for his match against Kane at SNME, Umaga does what about what you’d expect -- the Samoan Bulldozer completely destroy Venis, hitting all of his signature maneuvers before finishing him off with the flying head butt and the Samoan Spike for the pinfall victory!
Winner: Umaga via pinfall @3:34.

Jim Ross:
Dominant. Umaga is nothing short of one of the most dominant wrestlers on the entire roster. But at Saturday Night’s Main Event, he goes head up with another one of those impressive competitors, in SmackDown’s Kane.

Jerry Lawler:
And, J.R., that’s only the prelude for the HUGE tag match at WrestleMania. Brand pride as well as bragging rights on the line. The Big Show and Umaga take on Mark Henry and Kane.

Cut backstage to the office of Jonathan Coachman, where Kurt Angle and the Coach stand around, pacing, with the Coach holding his jaw.

Kurt Angle: Completely disgusting. Who in the hell does Austin think he is? But you know what, Coach? At WrestleMania, I’m gonna be the crap out of Austin for TWICE as long as I would have - I’ll do it for the both of us, hit the Angle Slam, slap on the Ankle Lock and then you can ring the bell when Stone Cold taps out liked the washed up sack of crap that he is.

Coach nods still holding his jaw.

Kurt Angle:
But maybe we should do something about Austin tonight … not that I need any help for WrestleMania - just to send a message to the rest of the boys in the back.

Jonathan Coachman:
(somewhat mumbled) Like what?

Angle smiles evilly.

Kurt Angle:
How about Stone Cold Steve Austin being in action right here tonight?

Coach nods again as the crowd pops in the background.

Kurt Angle:
Think about this. Stone Cold Steve Austin versus … The Big Show!!

Boos as Coachman pumps his fist before holding his stomach in pain.

Kurt Angle:
Oh, but that’s not it. Austin versus Show … with YOU as the special guest referee!!

Coach’s eyes bug out as he rapidly shakes his head “no”.

Kurt Angle:
Relax, you’ll do fine. And to make sure things go smoothly UMAGA can be the special guest enforcer … and I’ll be the special guest commentator.

The GM seems to have warmed to the idea, nodding his head as Angle smiles ridiculously as we fade out.

{Commercial Break}

WrestleMania Recall: WrestleMania 13 - Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bret Hart battle in a Submission match and in the end, it’s the Hitman who picks up the victory, locking in the Sharpshooter on a bloody Austin, causing him to pass out. Hart may have one the match up but it’s the guts and refusal of SCSA to submit that elevated him to megastar status.

Jim Ross:
And what a WrestleMania that was and we’ll get to what Stone Cold Steve Austin is doing at this years WrestleMania a little later on, but this Saturday Night, Saturday Night’s Main Event returns with one of its biggest shows ever!

Jerry Lawler:
No doubt about it, J.R. Two title matches, a huge main event, a massive reuniting, some mega announcements and more!

Jim Ross:
Right off the bat, the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2007 will be announced at this Saturday on NBC!

Jerry Lawler:
Some of the biggest stars in the history of this business! I don’t want to give anything away so we’ll have to wait until Saturday night to hear the future inductees.

Jim Ross: I can’t wait to see that. The Intercontinental Championship will be on the line when Carlito defends against Mr. Monday Night, Rob Van Dam.

Jerry Lawler: The winner of that match gets to head to WrestleMania as a champion, but when they get their, the belt will be put on the line against a very determined John Bradshaw Layfield.

Jim Ross: The Amazon, Victoria, goes one on one with the six time Women’s Champion, the beautiful blond, Trish Stratus.

Jerry Lawler: Our current Women’s Champion, Mickie James, had a hand in booking this match up since she needs some time to recover from her shoulder injury.

Jim Ross: Sure she did … Raw versus SmackDown!. Preview of the Monster’s Collide match up at WrestleMania, the “Samoan Bulldozer” Umaga takes on SmackDown!’s Big “Red Machine” Kane!

Jerry Lawler: It doesn’t get much uglier than that, J.R. but you’ve got to wonder what kind of shape Kane will be in after that assault from Triple H on SmackDown!.

Jim Ross:
Speaking of SmackDown!, lets take it to Joey Styles and Tazz standing by in WWE Studios, to talk about some of the SmackDown! matches for Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Joey Styles: Thank you, J.R. and King. I can not wait to call my first Saturday Night’s Main Event and no doubt about it, Raw has a couple of solid matches but for the blue brand -- its personal. In tag team action, King Booker and the United States Champion William Regal take on former teammate Finlay and the “Real Deal” Bobby Lashley!

Booker and Regal kicked Regal out and Finlay is none too happy about it. With Bobby Lashley in the mix, you can expect things to get real violent, real fast.

Joey Styles:
Speaking of real fast, no one has risen to fame in the cruiserweight division as fast as Cruiserweight Champion, Christopher Daniels. This Saturday night, he has a chance to put a staple on his career and put an end to another when he takes on division mainstay Chavo Guerrero in a title versus career match.

Tazz: The Fallen Angel wanted Rey Mysterio but instead, Chavo stepped up. So now, Daniels will attempt to end the career of, perhaps, the greatest Cruiserweight Champion of all time and continue to establish himself in his place.

Joey Styles: And our main event, the most powerful group of the 21st century reunites. Evolution! “The Game” Triple H, the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, the WWE Champion, the “Legend Killer” Randy Orton and the World Heavyweight Champion “The Animal” Batista team up for a one night only reunion to take on a super group in their own right, the 2007 Royal Rumble winner Mr. Kennedy, sure fire WWE Hall of Famer, the “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels, former three time WWE Champion, the “Rated R Superstar” Edge and returning the People’s Champion, The Rock!!

Tazz: Lots of things have changed since Evolution was together. Batista and Randy Orton have gone on to become the top guys in this business and may have surpassed the original leader, Triple H. How are all of these egos gonna survive in one match up?!

Joey Styles:
Think about all of these combustible elements in this one match up - you’ve gotta wonder if Triple H will be able to coexist with his former teammates, you’ve got DX on opposite sides of the ring, you’ve got both WrestleMania Main Events in one match up with Batista and Kennedy meeting in ring for the first time ever, The Rock is returning and you know he wants payback on The Game, AND IT’S IN MADISON SQUARE GARDEN, this is gonna be an EXPLOSION!!

No doubt, no doubt, and with Edge, Michaels, Rock and Kennedy on one team, how will THOSE massive egos coexist?!

Joey Styles:
Saturday Night’s Main Event will be the most exciting night that we have seen in a long time, smack dab on the road to WrestleMania. Also appearing Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena, The Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio, VINCE McMAHON and many others!! It’s a can’t miss event, this Saturday Night on NBC! Back to you, J.R. and the King.

Back to ringside.

***Guilty*** The World Tag Team Champions America’s Most Wanted, James Storm and Chris Harris, make their way down to the ring, accompanied by Gail Kim.

Match #3:
America’s Most Wanted w/Gail Kim vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
Decent enough brawl from the two tag teams, with the Redneck Wrecking Crew showing a bit more fire, since a win over the tag champs would put them into immediate contention for the belts. The tandems go about eight or so minutes, a competitive contest but not long enough to give away a potential future feud () but in the end, Harris and Storm pick up the victory, hitting the Death Sentence on Cade and pick up the pinfall victory.
Winner: America’s Most Wanted via pinfall @7:49.

Jim Ross:
Impressive victory for America’s Most Wanted. They’ve been nothing short of dominant since coming to the WWE and it continues here tonight.

Jerry Lawler:
They’re not just the most dominant team on Raw, they’re the best team in WWE. Forget the Hooligans, AMW is the cream of the crop in the tag division.

Cut backstage.

Backstage, RVD, Sabu and Bill Alfonso stand around talking when Carlito walks up to them, holding the back of his head and his title in his other hand, furious.

HEY!! Van Dam, what the hell was that out there!?

Rob Van Dam:
What are you talking about?

Y-y-y-y you just stroll down to the ring, without a care in the world, while I’m getting my ass kicked - getting embarrassed by JBL … das not cool.

Rob Van Dam: I got news for you, Carlito. I’m a wrestler.

Carlito stares at Van Dam almost dumbfounded, getting a few laughs from the crowd.

You’re a wrestler? SO WHAT!?

Rob Van Dam: I’m NOT a babysitter. So you’ve got a problem with JBL … and not me, I suggest you take that up with him.

Carlito seems ready to snap but Sabu and Fonzie stand side by side with Van Dam, causing Carly to rethink what he possibly had in mind.

Rob Van Dam:
You shouldn’t be the one worried about JBL anyway - I should. So, take it easy, Bradshaw will leave you alone soon enough. Because come Saturday Night’s Main Event, there isn’t a thing in the world that will stop Rob Van Dam from taking that Intercontinental Championship and then strolling on into Ford Field to take on JBL with that (points to Carly’s IC belt) bad boy on the line.

Carlito shakes his head in disgust.

Rob Van Dam:
But don’t worry, losing to (thumb taunt as crows chants along) Rob -- Van -- Dam doesn’t make you a loser - it makes you just like everybody else. Take it easy there Carlito, your problems will become mine soon enough.

Van Dam, Sabu and Fonzie walk right on by Carlito, leaving the Intercontinental Champion there to “stew in his own juices”.

Back to ringside.

***Showstopper*** Kurt Angle, The Big Show, Jonathan Coachman, Umaga, Armando Alejandro Estrada, and Paul Heyman walk down to the ring to tremendous heat.

Jim Ross:
Coming up next, our first main event of the night, The Big Show takes on Stone Cold Steve Austin with Coachman as the special guest referee.

Jerry Lawler: This is gonna be great, Kurt Angle, Umaga, Paul Heyman, and Armando Alejandro Estrrrrrrrada are all out here to … lend their moral support. Austin is doomed, haha!!

{Commercial Break}

SmackDown! Rebound:
- Batista and Mr. Kennedy come face to face for the first time ever, four weeks away from their World Title match at WrestleMania.
- The Undertaker plays more mind games with John Cena, setting the ring on fire during his promo.
- The Hooligans win the WWE Tag Team Championship by defeating The Hardyz.
- Triple H destroys Kane, much like he did with The Rock at No Way Out.

***Glass Shatters*** Once again, Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his way down to the ring, looking as badass as can be, receiving an incredible ovation.

Match #4:
Steve Austin vs. Big Show w/Kurt Angle, Paul Heyman & Armando Estrada
(Jonathan Coachman as referee; Umaga as enforcer)
Austin comes out like a house of fire, swinging away on Show with rights and boots before Show eventually takes him down, keeps him down and takes control of the match up for a good long while. Show then tosses Stone Cold out of the ring, and the beat down commences with Angle. Umaga and Heyman stomping away on The Rattlesnake as Coach pays them no mind, conveniently looking at something else. Austin is tossed back into the ring and Show goes back on the attack, hitting several avalanche splashes, big boots and things of the sort but only manages to pick up a two count each and every time, despite Coachman’s quick counting.
Finally, Stone Cold goes back on the attack, after a miscue by Show, who misses an avalanche and slams into the turnbuckle! Austin turns him around and stomps a mud hole in him before walking it dry and pulls him up to his feet. Austin then shoots him off and catches him with a Lou Thesz Press and wails away on him! Show slowly gets back up to his feet and Austin hits a boot and DROPS HIM WITH A STUNNER!!! Austin covers him but Coachman refuses to count.
The crowd boos furiously as Coachman shakes his head. Stone Cold gets up to his feet and drills Coach with a right hand, causing a thunderous pop from the audience!! Austin then stomps away on the GM as the bell rings!
Winner: Big Show by DQ @ 9:37.

Jerry Lawler:
Austin’s got him again!!

Jim Ross: Coachman is getting exactly what he deserves here and Austin ain’t through with him yet!

Stone Cold continues to stomp on Coachman as Umaga slides into the ring and drills Austin with a shot to the back!! Umaga spins him around and throws a right but Austin blocks it and drills Mags with right hands before clotheslining him over the top rope and out of the ring!

Angle slides in and attempts to sneak up on Austin but Stone Cold quickly turns around and the crowd erupts as Austin and Angle come face to face!! Both men don’t back down an inch and seem ready to go at it until Coach drills Austin with a low blow!! Austin keels over and that’s all the advantage that Kurt needs, as he lifts him up and drills him with the ANGLE SLAM!!

That’s not all that’s in store for the Rattlesnake, as Big Show is now up and lifts Austin back up to his feet before drilling him with a CHOKESLAM!!! Umaga climbs onto the apron and up onto the turnbuckle, flies off and hit’s a diving head butt on Austin!!

Coachman gets back up to his feet and stands over Austin, before slapping him right across the face!! The crowd boos wildly as Angle takes off his shirt and lets out a roar and then PUTS THE ANKLE LOCK ON AUSTIN!!! Stone Cold lets out a scream as Angle wrenches in the hold, yelling for Austin to tap out!!

Kurt lets go of the hold and stares down at the Rattlesnake who holds onto his ankle in an incredible amount of pain as Angle, Coach, Show, Umaga, Estrada and Heyman all stare down at him, smirking away as we fade out.

{Commercial Break}

Inside of his locker room, Shawn Michaels, dressed to compete - though with a vest on,
begins to lace up his boots for the tag team contest later tonight, receiving a huge pop from the crowd here tonight. HBK soon looks up to find himself face to face with Lita … and EDGE.

The Rated R Superstar receives a great pop and is also dressed to compete, though wearing his leather trench coat and shades, while Lita is dressed rather provocatively. Michaels slowly arises and eyes up Edge, who takes his shades off before starting to speak.

I’ll get right down to it. Shawn, I know me and you don’t always see eye to eye and we sure as hell won’t be on the same page come WrestleMania with the WWE Title on the line, but tonight -- if we’re not working together tonight or at Saturday Night’s Main Event, we’re not gonna make it to WrestleMania.

Shawn Michaels:
I couldn’t agree more.

Edge: Good.

Edge slowly nods before turning and beginning to head out of the room.

Shawn Michaels:
I mean sure --

Edge turns around to face HBK.

Shawn Michaels:
You’ve never been the most mentally stable individual or the most trustworthy … or the most loyal but I’d like to think that you’d have my back out there tonight and on Saturday.

Michaels puts on a fake smile as Edge smirks.

Can’t say I disagree with any of that. I definitely have my flaws. Then again, lets face it, you’ve never been known as a team player yourself. You walk out when things don’t get your way … and seem to lose your smile at the most opportune times. You’ve turned on countless tag team partner and took part in the biggest screw job that this business has ever seen. I think its pretty safe to say … you’re no boy scout yourself, Shawn.

The crowd gasps a bit as Edge and Michaels come face to face, rather upset with one another but then HBK smiles.

Shawn Michaels:
You’re completely right. I always look out for numero uno. And if saaaayyyy … you didn’t make it to WrestleMania … that would definitely be something in my favor.

That comment catches Edge off guard as his mouth opens a bit out of shock.

Shawn Michaels:
Better yet, I could even string you along for tonight and then --- WHAM!! -- take your head off on NBC. Yeah, that sounds good to me.

Michaels then walks past an angry Edge, before stopping at the locker room door and turning back and smirking.

Shawn Michaels:
Don’t worry, kid, as long as we’re partners for the next week, The Showstopper has got your back … but after that, all bets … are off.

HBK then walks out of the locker room as Edge and Lita look at one another, quite skeptically.


Inside of the RKO Army’s locker room, the WWE Champion Randy Orton walks around somewhat frantically as Chris Masters and Ken Doane warm up. MNM, Melina in particular, are nowhere to be found.

Randy Orton:
Alright, listen up. We’re only five days - five short days away from Saturday Night’s Main Event … but more importantly than that, in mere weeks, I will be putting my WWE Championship on the line against Michaels and Edge. Your job … THE ONLY JOB YOU TWO HAVE TONIGHT, IS TO TAKE ONE OF THOSE S.O.B.’S OUT!!!

Masters nods a bit, but Kenny seems less than enthusiastic.

Randy Orton:
Last week, Chris, you showed that fire, you showed that determination that we need in this group. You showed that an opportunity -- and only an opportunity was more important than life itself and you put it all on the line to get a shot at the Intercontinental Title. And even though you came up short, you proved to me that you have the heart that it takes to go far in this business. That killer instinct!! That determination!! That drive!!

Masters smiles, getting pumped up as Orton turns his attention towards Doane.

Randy Orton:
And that’s something that should hopefully begin to run off on the less enthusiastic, less driven, less motivated, less talented members of this group.

“OH” from the crowd as Orton delivers that entire line right in the face of Kenny, acting as if he was speaking to Masters.

Randy Orton:
So tonight, maybe a certain member of this group can prove to me - prove to the world - prove to himself that he deserves to be within the company of greatness such as myself. If not, then I guess I’ll have to do something about it.

Orton and Doane remain face to face until Doane speaks.

Ken Doane: I’m pretty sure the … members … that you’re talking about will gladly step their game up.

Orton smirks.

Ken Doane:
Because I’m sure they’d hate to end up like Melina, right?

“OH” from the audience as Orton scowls, knowing that Kenny is referring to the Spear Melina received last week.

Randy Orton: Watch your mouth, you little prick.

Ken Doane:
Whoa, take it easy. All I’m saying is, that the members of the RKO Army have to start looking out for themselves because you sure as hell aren’t gonna do it. You couldn’t even protect Melina, there’s no way you can look out for each and every last one of us.

Randy Orton: I’m warning you.

Ken Doane: I’m just saying … you’re not superman, you can’t be in ten places at once.

Doane now inches toward Orton’s ear.

Ken Doane:
… Edge could. He elevated this group to places that no one ever dreamed of --

Orton gets more and more pissed by the minute.

Ken Doane:
He got us all to the top, kept Melina and Lita safe, and held on to the WWE Championship and did it all with guys on his tail … but that was him … and you’re no Edge.

Doane then backs up, smirking away as Orton seems ready to snap. Doane then heads out of the locker room and Masters soon follows. Orton angrily plops down on a couch, catching a glimpse of his title and taking a deep breath - nervous, embarrassed.

{Commercial Break}

Back from the break, a long limousine pulls up to the arena. Immediately, Ross and Lawler speculate on who it could be inside.

Back to ringside.

***Out Of My Way*** Ken Doane and Chris Masters make their way towards the ring, receiving a decent amount of heat, looking focused on the match at hand.

***Sexy Boy*** The crowd explodes into a huge ovation as the “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels enters the arena, strutting as only he can, as confident as always.

***Metalingus*** The “Rated R Superstar” Edge, with Lita by his side, makes his way down the entrance ramp, looking deadly focused on making his ex-teammates suffer.

Main Event:
Edge and Shawn Michaels vs. Ken Doane and Chris Masters
Masters does a solid job of keeping up with four superior athletes, contributing to a strong main event for the “go home” edition of Raw before SNME. Edge and Michaels dominate the early going, really putting over their first-rate skill level weeks before they semi-headline WrestleMania.
Midway through the match, the WWE Champion Randy Orton makes his way down to the ring, causing the distraction and allowing Masters and Doane to take the advantage. The two youngsters take the opportunity to isolate Edge from the corner, beating him down for a sustained period of time while Orton watches on almost gleefully from ringside, smirk on his face.
They can’t keep control for long as Edge regains the advantage with a double DDT spot and makes the hot tag to HBK!! Michaels comes in and lights Masters up with right hands, taking him down before knocking Doane off of the apron! HBK then goes into his finishing sequence, running the Masterpiece over with several clotheslines, hitting a Manhattan drop and then a body slam!!
HBK then goes up top, and hits his flying elbow drop!!! Michaels begins stomping his foot, looking for Sweet Chin Music but Doane leaps back into the ring. He attempts to break it up but Edge charges in, taking him down with a SPEAR!!! Michaels then drops Masters with SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! HBK then covers The Masterpiece for the pinfall victory!
Winners: Shawn Michaels & Edge via pinfall @12:51.

Edge quickly rolls out of the ring and quickly GRABS ORTON, sliding him into the ring!! Edge and Michaels continue to walk towards Orton, whom backs up as the two superstars slowly back him down!

Orton throws a right but Edge blocks it, and rocks him with a right hand … and then Michaels drills him … then Edge … then Michaels as they pound away on the WWE Champion!! The two challengers for the title shoots Orton off and then take him down with a back body drop!!

Orton continues to back off begging for mercy. Suddenly, the crowd erupts with the loudest reaction of the night - a mixed one as …
the World Heavyweight Champion BATISTA and RIC FLAIR climb over the barricade and slide into the ring!!!

Jim Ross:
Oh my God!! The Animal is here! SmackDown’s World Heavyweight Champion, Dave Batista and the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair are here on Raw and this spells trouble!

Flair hit’s a chop block on Michaels, taking him down!! Edge turns around and Batista lifts him up and plants him with a scintillating spinebuster!! The two stars from SmackDown then go to work as Orton gets up to his feet, obviously shocked, though pleasantly surprised that his former Evolution teammates showed up tonight.

Orton stalks Edge, before leaping up and taking the Rated R Superstar down with the RKO!! Flair lifts Michaels up and holds him. Batista delivers a nasty boot to the gut and its only a matter of time before he drops the Heartbreak Kid with a devastating DEMON BOMB!!!

Jim Ross:
Demon Bomb by Batista. Edge and Shawn Michaels, Raw’s number one contenders have been laid out by the WWE Champion, Randy Orton, and the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista, along with Ric Flair.

Jerry Lawler: It’s all about teamwork, J.R. Three fourths of Evolution, in my opinion, are giving you the perfect preview of what’s going to happen at Saturday Night’s Main Event.


Batista and Orton each climb a turnbuckle and show off their World Heavyweight and WWE Title, respectively, as the Nature Boy lets out a “WOOOOO” as Raw goes off the air, with Evolution, sans The Game, laying out two members of their competition for Saturday Night’s Main Event.



Current Card for Saturday Night’s Main Event:
Date: March 10th, 2007
Location: Madison Square Garden, NYC

Evolution Reunites For One Night Only: Eight Man Tag Team Match:
World Champ Batista, WWE Champ Randy Orton, Triple H, & Ric Flair
vs. Edge, Mr. Kennedy, Shawn Michaels, & The RETURNING Rock

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Carlito vs. Rob Van Dam

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Title vs. Career:
Christopher Daniels vs. Chavo Guerrero

Singles Match:
Victoria vs. Trish Stratus

Tag Team Match:
King Booker & U.S. Champ William Regal vs. Finlay & Bobby Lashley

Inter-promotional Match:
Umaga vs. Kane

The announcement of the 2007 class of the WWE Hall of Fame.


Current Card for WWE WrestleMania XXIII:
Date: April 1st, 2007
Location: Ford Field; Detroit, Michigan
Event Music: Saliva; Ladies and Gentlemen

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Batista vs. Ken Kennedy

WWE Championship Match; Three Way Dance:
Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Edge

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Carlito OR Rob Van Dam vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

One On One:
The Undertaker vs. John Cena

Monsters Collide:
RAW GM Jonathan Coachman’s Big Show & Umaga vs.
SmackDown! GM Stephanie McMahon’s Kane & Mark Henry

Icon vs. Icon:
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle
(w/Jonathan Coachman as the special referee)

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Hello there Mac. Thanks for the review. Twas a pleasure to read and I am glad you enjoyed the show. I’ll answer couple of your inquires about it in a future post. Anyway, I hope you understand that I don’t have the time to actually review each show spot for spot. So I will simply leave my overall thoughts on things as I have perceived them. I have read all the shows, including the latest Raw posted today, pretty much all in full. Just gonna let it roll off the brain, so here goes…

Firstly, I LOVE the current program you are building between Cruiserweight Champ Chris Daniels and Rey Mysterio. Daniels being dominant and Rey the legend, with Daniels using great stabs at Rey to lure him into that ever impending WrestleMania match! The promos have been great from Daniels, and so has been is “stealing” of moves. It will be a phenomenal match, and it’s a fine way of pulling Rey back into the division for a real reason, rather than “just because he’s the weight of a cruiserweight”. I love how you are using Chavo’s career, as it will no doubt be that last straw that brings Rey into the match. I hope that Chavo is actually done in the thread though, and perhaps Rey can “earn” his career back for him. Anyway, I see Rey ending Daniels reign in a five star CW title match on the grand stage.

In a another note, I am expecting to see a Champions vs. Champions match between AMW and Londrick at Mania. Two new sets of Champions, with seemingly no actual direction. I see the Hardyz being a part of MITB, along with RVD and three others, while JBL will go on to face Carlito, after he beats RVD at SNME. JBL=IC Champ at Mania, and man, I LOVE IT!

Onto the match that screams FILLER at Mania, the monsters match. No doubt it’s a good build, and will be an ugly war. Adding Steph and Coach to the mix adds some intrigue, and I am not one who “attacks” the big men like others do, but all in one match may be a stinker. And if ANYONE had anything negative to say about my Triple-A vs. Hogan, Angle & Flair match, in terms of in ring quality, good luck at getting this one over. At least I had Angle and Finlay, Flair and Umaga, all great workers. And again, I am not saying Umaga, Kane, and even Henry and Show in their own right aren’t good workers. But damn, no “No DQ” stip or anything does have me worried.

The Austin and Angle match is being built up wonderfully, and thankfully, you have Angle to carry the action. Austin certainly is not now in 2007, nor has he ever been a “GREAT” worker. He had a GREAT character – unparalleled in the WWE. And he had the ability to put on an electrifying match when the time was right. But then again, so did Hogan TBH. I think often times fans played a part in Austin’s matches being all that good, as in the ring, once he actually became the attitude era Stone Cold, he just wasn’t all that. Only reason I am saying all this to you is because in my thread you said Austin and Flair were the greatest wrestler ever. Flair = YES. Austin = NO. Gimmick, popularity? Yes, but overall, NO. Anyway, now that I’ve wasted our time, this match I have no doubts will come off great, and I can’t wait to see how you work the crowd in it. I am in full belief that if there were in today’s reality, Angle would get a damn fair share of cheering out there, so I hope you include that. Don’t like Coach being involved here as guest ref though. And the ONLY reason is because he’s involved in the Monsters match too. Being a manager like I have Cornette is one thing. But backing these guys from Raw in one match, and being a ref in another, all at Mania seems unrealistic too me. Not for any other show, just for Mania.

Can’t wait for the Rock-Triple H shit to unfold, as it has all the makings of a Mania classic, and one that has surprisingly never happened (unless Wolfy’s Mania 21 results are your Mania 21 results). J/K of course. And the way you’ve put Evolution back together has been superb. The one night only thing at SNME, against their individual adversaries, is just GREAT booking on your part. The promo between Flair, Dave and Trips on Smackdown was scintillating as well. Felt SOOOO realistic. The kind of promo that proves skill IMO. And having Evolution take out the faces on Raw leading into SNME was great too. I predict the faces get some revenge on SD!, with Evolution winning at SNME, leading into most/all of them losing at Mania.

HBK-Orton-Edge at Mania = MOTN. Not much more to say really. It’s gonna rule, and I love the way you factored in the 3 way dance angle. Sadly, I see HBK heading out first. But at least the elimination angle may allow for Edge to gain revenge and win the title! Edge>Orton IMO, so I hope WrestleMania sees a Rated R Champion crowned. Although, I am almost certain you’re the type to have one title retain, as you seem a bit conservative in terms of booking. Plus you’re an Orton fan, so I’m afraid he’ll win. Only problem I am seeing is that Big Dave if for sure losing to Kennedy, so the two title matches have a bit too much predictability IMO.

Loving the possible scenario in the US title scene. Tag match at SNME will be good, and it’s difficult right now for me to tell whether it will be a fatal four way for the title at Mania, or if all four of these guys will instead end up in MITB? Perhaps a one on one US Title match, with two entering MITB? Don’t know yet TBH. Good set of guys floating around the angle though.

Couple weird things to me are the Hardyz and Cena being heels, but whatever. It becomes hard to relate it to reality when I haven’t seen it happen, but no harm, as you’ve used them all well. Cena and Taker’s feud is REALLY shaping up. Loved how you didn’t disregard their past feud, and have included it. And Cena has surely done his part in making you believe he believes he’ll win. Too bad for Cena, he won’t. And if he does, I’ll contemplate never reading you work again! J/K, but Taker trult should NEVER lose. And perhaps the only negative in that for you, is that this gives another match a predictable finish. The fire around the ring on Smackdown was a phenomenal touch. One thing I totally dislike though is your overuse at times of unrealistic curse words. Bastard, SOB, etc are okay for the most part. But when I hear Cena say “SHIT” on Smackdown, it kills it for me tbh. Not that an occasional PPV slip up of that word isn’t okay, but I just think it’s cheap the way you’ve used it, and with the quality of your writing already, its unneeded. Another example was I think Kennedy saying “Means about … DICK”. Just couldn’t stand it tbh, and it harmed the credibility of an otherwise top flight promo.

Must make quick mention of the eerie similarity between our initial plans for Bret Hart. Before the Benoit tragedy, Hart was slated to be a guest ref at my Mania, in a submission match between Benoit & Y2J. He was never slated to be involved in the Vince McMahon match. It was going to be built around him being inducted into the HOF, and agreeing to ref a submission match between two of his Canadian comrades as a treat for the fans etc., with Benoit going over, and the three men showing each other respect in the end. Obviously I scrapped that. Shame too, as the match is written, and awesome, but won’t ever get used. So I went ahead and allowed him to get involved in the Vince match, just as a treat. A bit more unrealistic maybe, but who the hell cares. I say use him Mac. Hell, Wolfy, the greatest booker ever, has used him as GM for two years, and booked him in a Mania match. If people ride his nuts for that, certainly we can use him once. By the way, it was Foley and Batista that took the place of my initial Y2J – Benoit match, with Foley originally slated to guest ref the HHH-Taker match, and Batista originally in MITB. I mean, you wanted to know right?

Can’t wait to see your HOF class. Better be good. Love the Mania banners too. They blow mine away, I am not afraid to admit. Although Kane is in desperate need of moving over. However, I feel mine were good too, especially since I made them myself, with little to no “real” software. Only question I have is how is the Mania arena the background, when it hasn’t happened yet?

I feel as though I forgetting to cover something, but oh well. Onto the “Main Event” of Mania. Dude, it worries me tbh. No doubt, you are building it up SO WELL!! I mean Batista with Flair is being made to look awesome, and I am sure had I been reading longer, it’d come off even better. Same with Kennedy, your building him up SOOOOO well, and had I been reading longer, it’d probably be even better. But I must admit that as a 22 year + fan, I am not the Kennedy mark all others have become, and I personally think his reputation amongst current fans is so blown out of proportion that it is CRAZY! And in fact, I honestly enjoy Kennedy more in your thread, and feel his credibility and build more in your thread, than real life. But this match sitting on top of an otherwise elite card is just not working for me. No doubt it will be a phenomenal show, and I am sure you’ll do something to make it extra special, but going in, it’s worrying me a bit. However, I am marking beyond belief at the idea of Flair taking the belt from Kennedy later on for # 17. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

Just great shows Mac, from a great booker. You are up there with the best I’ve seen in terms of presentation and sheer skill. And I have not always been known to throw praise lightly. I really think you are that good, and I really cannot wait to continue on reading this thread. SNME is gonna rule, Mania will dominate, and in the mean time, I can’t wait for SD!

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