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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Oh boy, do I have some catching up to do.

Will post double feedback later on Mac. For sure. Raw looks brilliant.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Smackdown Feedback

Alright Mac, I loved your Raw that I had to come back for more. :P

Opening Promo - Not a bad start with Kennedy. Kennedy as face isn't as entertaining as Kennedy as heel. Nice wording with some things. I didn't like the little talk about Angle, and then the transition to WM. Didn't feel right, and didn't flow to me. I'm quite surprised you give Kennedy pops to some of the things he said. Meh, he's kinda like SCSA in a way here, I guess. Flair interrupting came at the point I expected tbh. It always happens at that point. Why is Flair backing Batista up? Being a bitch again? Flair's pretty damn good so far. I like how your capturing his intense side. I personally didn't like how it ended. Made me feel that there was no ending tbh. Overall, a good promo. Had it's highs, and lows. Character, for the most part, was great. Flow was good for most of it. Not a bad opening promo, just needed a better conclusion imo.

Daniels vs. Kash - 619? Mimicking Mysterio now? I guess I know where this will go. Not a bad opening match. Cruiserweights getting time = ratings to me. Good stuff.

King's Court Promo - Decent enough promo here. Was pretty damn short, but I guess it wasn't really meant to be long. Finlay seemed off in this promo, while Booker was okay, and Regal wasn't that great either. To me, the promo felt awkward for flow. I wasn't feeling it.

Rey/Chavo vs. King's Court - Didn't expect Regal/Finlay to win, but I kind of expected the beatdown. I guess the heels got the better end of things here. I'm quite surprised by Lashley's save, but not so much at the same time, as their seems to be good reasoning behind it. Not bad, like the booking here.

Daniels/Rey/Chavo Promo - Daniels was great in this promo, but calling Mysterio an overrated spot monkey is kind of breaking kayfabe imo, and I mark for Mysterio, so that was pretty bad. Daniels controlling, and making this promo good = ratings. Chavo falling into pressure, and taking the challenge is pretty cool. I don't see his career gone because of this though. Great promo here. Daniels pwns.

Kane vs. Mark Henry - AAE? Cool, guess this has to do with Coach's proposition. Wow, I was right. Big men massacre here. Haha, and Umaga, and Big Show running this show. Good booking. I love the possibilities of this storyline. Not a bad start to it either. I see Steph has something planned for Coach as well. This storyline is starting up quite fast tbh.

Triple H Promo - I know I said this somewhere else, but I hate the expression "Why, __________, Why". I feel it was really appropriate for Eddie, and should be kept that way. It's really me nitpicking at little things though. The whole "I did it" speech is pretty damn good, but corny to me. Bringing The Rock into this, and making it seem personal makes me believe there's something that's gonna happen between the two. Good promo here. Triple H was great for the most part. Flow was great as well. I think some things could have been worded better, but they're minor.

8 Man Tag Team Match - I thought it was just a filler tag team attraction match, but London pinning one half of the tag champs = rematch to me. Not bad though. At least every division seems to be shining, and standing out in their own way. I like that.

Cena Promo - Good promo here. Could have been longer, but I liked it. It touched on the points needed, and the message came across clearly. Plus Cena being heel is awesome, and new.

Main Event - A match like this as main event? Wow, that's quite surprising. There's better possible things. STFU plus chair = major ratings to me. Steph announces Taker being added to Smackdown, which basically is a trade for Kurt Angle. Cena vs. Taker seemed most likely, but I didn't expect the announcement so early.

Overall - Good, solid show. I prefered the last Raw over this Smackdown though. Promos were good. Matches were good. I like your booking despite some early things in some decisions. I mostly like how everything in the show stands out in a way, and no division seems to be left out. Good stuff Mac, keep it up.

Raw Feedback

Opening Promo - Orton to start off the show. First line, I didn't like, but it was a decent way to start off. Orton goes on a rather unentertaining talk, which had the random RKO Army line, before Michaels comes. I'm hoping for him to spruce it up. Michaels was okay. Wasn't really feeling the remainder of the promo, and the SCM was the most random ending to a promo ever. Came out of nowhere tbh. Decent promo to start off the show.

Big Show/Umaga vs. High + Promo - Kind of expected a win from the newly formed duo, especially with a Raw vs. SD type feud starting. Heyman didn't sound like himself, but that's maybe because of the storyline. Great match announcement, and the banner for the match isn't that great. Probably the worst one there. :P

Coach/Randy Promo - Both weren't really in character. Coach seemed too confident. That's not him at all. Match announcements were great, especially the three way dance. That should be one helluva match.

IC Contender Match - Van Daminator = DQ, right? If not, that's pretty weird. RVD vs. Carlito is a good choice, although I though JBL would have gotten the win because of last week.

Coach's Corner - Coach seemed way too confident. I don't know, Coach isn't usually like this though, but this thread, he might be different. Good match announcement as well. I see JBL might get a chance at Carlito afer all.

Angle vs. Haas + Promo - I remember the match announcement from this last week, and by the sounds of it, it was a pretty good match. I liked Angle at the start of this promo, but towards the middle, he strayed out of character. Austin owns, and the "WHAT" definitely add to his part. Austin's part was great, and the clash between the two verbally after was great as well. I still wasn't feeling Angle though. His character in this promo wasn't that great at all.

Mickie Promo - Surprised Mickie gave in to Vic so fast with the surprise. Not much of a surprise now I guess. It's definitely not over between the two. Other than Mickie looking like a little bitch, she was good for the most part of the promo. Good stuff.

Cade/Murdoch vs. Eugene/Duggan - Filler.

Main Event - Heels take it here after a low blow, and RKO. Surprised Edge didn't make his presence felt all show despite him being added to the main event. Nevermind, just read the match aftermath, and there he was. I still think he should have made an appearance earlier.

Overall - SNME looks good, WM looks great so far. Match booking, and storyline advancement are great. I think some things are announced too early instead of being overtime, but that's nothing really big. Promos were good. Average for you me thinks. Once again, another solid show from you, and I'm really enjoying this thread.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's Raw Feedback

~ Once again, apologies for this being a little later then I had intended. Anyway, onto the show right now, and a great way to kick it all off with the WWE Champion cutting a promo. Orton was in character throughout, since he has that very matter-o-fact tone that keeps the promo at a very slow and methodical pace. Soe people find his delivery boring, but I find it quite effective actually. Shawn Michaels was on cue too, and you characterised him as a bit more serious, which is better than the joker he can sometimes be in his promos. Orton's mockery of HBK's age was picture perfect to be honest, something that would obviously come up. It seems as though this three way feud is very much a clash of ages, with HBK a veteran, Orton a youngster, and Edge caught somewhere in between. I'm not sure why, but I'm not certain that the Sweet Chin Music to Orton at the end was strictly required, although I guess it might add something to Orton's character later. I expect the Triple Threat to be announced by the end of the show.

~ I'm really liking this combination of Big Show, Heyman, Umaga and Estrada as a stable. Quick squash match over The poor Highlanders to get their dominance over really, but it was Heyman's words that were most interesting. I loved Heyman on the mic also, and his challenge was quite intriguing also. I never expected an actual Monster's Tag Match at Wrestlemania, but I guess that is what we'll get. It certainly has a Wrestlemania feeling, but I doubt the quality of the match will be up to much.

~ Well, I guess the Sweet Chin Music really did have some logic behind it after all, withit prompting Orton into a match tonight. I have to say I wsn't digging the way you portrayed Coachman here at all. He was far too mouthy and confident for my liking. He is occasionally, very occasionally like this will faces, but I don't ever remember him being this way with a heel as big as Randy Orton before. The Main Event tonight should be good though, and I'm quite surprised that you've opted for the Elimination Three Way Dance at Wrestlemania. That's the first Elimination Main Event since WM 16 I think, which wasn't a great success. This should be an improvement though I feel.

~ Great match up next between five good workers in the ring. This is all pretty much setting up Carlito/JBL at Wrestlemania, so I wasn't surprised when CCC cost Bradshaw the match and spat in his face. Nice finish too with the Air Sabu followed by the Van Daminator, which was a nice finish, seeing as though I sometimes get sick of the Five Star Frog Splash. RVD/Carlito at SNME should be a good match, though I could possibly see JBL getting involved somehow.

~ So the Monster's Tag Match is now official? You've really added something to it by having it as a means on Stephanie McMahon and Coach to feud with their respective brands. It gives it a bit more of a Wrestlemania feeling. Good announcement with Coach giving JBL the shot at Wrestlemania, but Coac was a little bit offhand initially with a major heel like JBL; that's something he doesn't really do.

~ Oh damn, it was just a squash match for Charlie Haas it seems. Well, if you have nothing for him, then you have nothing for him I guess. Good match to debut Angle on Raw with though, atechnical showcase, but once again it was the promo that followed which was more important. Kurt was a little more intense here tonight, which I was sorry to see, as I loved his increased goofiness in his welcoming party last week. He was still on though, though as a heel I dislike his intense side; it works better when he's a face. You pretty much nailed Austin yet again, though I can't help but think Angle is in the right here, since Austin is washedup really, and Angle should be going over come Wrestlemania. Nice to see these two not brawling tonight, since we've had enough of that from this feud in the last few weeks.

~ An actual promo for a Women's feud? I'm impressed Mickie was a bit generic, but that kind of thing is to be expected in the Women's division. It's excellent that you are building this feud so well. Great match set up for SNME with Victoria against Trish. I can either see Victoria destroying Trish to prove why she is Number One Contender, or see Mickie interfering somehow.

~ Lol, this really was a complete filler wasn't it? Heh heh. Good to see Cade and Murdoch getting some time though. They'll probably challenge AMW soon enough. Two similar gimmicks, it's surprising no one has done it before.

~ Would have been a great, Road To Wrestlemania worthy Main Event, with Orton getting the win for his team in revenge for the Sweet Chin Music he got earlier. It balances it out I suppose. I'm really not sure about this business between Melina and Orton. I remember it was only last year in '06 in this thread that Melina was involved in a love triangle with Nitro and Ken Doane, and so now we're getting one with Orton? It might just be another way of having the RKO Army split I suppose, though I'll be very interested to see if Melina sticks with Orton. The aftermath pretty much confirms that Edge will be a tweener heading into Wrestlemania. Spearing Melina is not a very face thing, something that HBK wouldn't do. With all this, Randy and Edge are the clear favourites at Wrestlemania, with Edge just ahead at this moment in my mind.

~ Evolution re-uniting at SNME? Awesome booking there. What a moment that's going to be. There opponents will likely be Edge, HBK, Kennedy and a returning Rock, though I could be wrong.

Another great show, Mac, and it seems you've finally settled on the coding of your choice, and I like it too Your spelling and grammar was fine too, as is your booking.

8 Out Of 10 - Keep It Up
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

~Raw Feedback 2.26.07

~Orton starts off like his cocky self, no surprise there. The "Overrated Superstar" is something that I haven't heard before, new and original, props for that. Little bit of overstressing of FACTS for a few seconds, but if it gets across a point, it works. Yes Randy you are talking out your ass, lol. That seemed a bit much for Orton, but in this role that he's in I could see him possibly saying it. Michaels is out, and immediately jumps to the point, and we get the serious HBK. I like it. Orton then begins to bring up the FACTS, and MICHAELS LAYS HIM OUT WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC~! Interesting way of starting off the show, and so far it's looking good.

~Ah, the monsters of Raw take out Cade 'N Murdoch. Alright, looks good to me. The challenge to Henry and Kane sounds pretty cool, but I'm expecting that match to 'flop' so to speak, but anything is possible.

~HBK vs The ENTIRE RKO ARMY!? Nope, nevermind. Coach shows a bit of fear from Vinnie Mac. WOW. Three way dance, looks good to me. Now Orton has to outlast the both of them, sounds good to me. Good booking decision there Mac.

~Clusterfuck match next, and Rob Van Dam comes out of it. I like the sounds of it. JBL gets screwed by Carlito, which leads me to believe a triple threat or something of the sorts comes out of it.

~Kane vs. Umaga for SNME. Sounds good to me.

~JBL is in character, and of course, = ratings. Anyway, I liked the R...V...D...and put J...B...L...on N...B...C... bit personally. JBL gets his way, and now the IC champion faces JBL at WrestleMania. Sounds fine to me. Wouldn't be surprised if Carlito comes out the victor of that.

~And the match between Angle and Haas is on. Good contest, and not rather shocking that Angle comes out the victor, rolling into his match against Austin at Mania.

~And a great promo from both Austin and Angle follows, with it being perfect throughout. Loved it, enjoyed it, entertained by it. Austin closes the promo, with the classic "Cause Stoneee Coldddd said so," line, and I love it. Great promo Mac.

~Mickie promo is next, and from the looks of things I can't really tell if she's the heel or face. Please let me know. Anyway, Victoria comes in, and Mickie's facing TRISH!?!?!? Sounds pretty good, SNME is looking stacked.

~Wonder what the news is.

~Cade and Murdoch get the win in the 'filler' of the night. Next.

~Nice six man tag team match to close the show. Finish is pretty nice, and the heels get the victory. Aftermath is intriguing, with Melina hugging Orton, which gets the RKO Army a bit jealous, AND EDGE~!!! Edge gets revenge over Orton and spears Melina. Nice way to end the show.


~Overall another good show. The Austin/Angle promo was pretty awesome and hopefully it continues on the road to WrestleMania. Evolution reuniting is awesome news and I can't wait. SNME looks absolutely fantastic.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

SD! feedback still on its way as promised, and just to be nice I'll throw in some feedback for Raw as well.

Keep up the good work man headining into Mania.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

SmackDown Feedback
You know, I gotta agree with Peter/Crazian here. Kennedy sounded like Stone Cold Steve Austin in this promo. I wasn’t really appealed by Kennedy in this promo. However, Flair saved this promo tremendously. Ric Flair was at his best, and I started to like the promo, but once again, just like Peter, I believe that the ending should’ve been good. There wasn’t any build up to it, and it came out of nowhere. Must’ve worked on that. However, you’re definitely moving Kennedy’s feud with Batista in a right way.

I don’t know why, but this match sounded like a squash match to me. Only a filler match, and a way for Daniels to continue his impressive streak as the Cruiserweight Champion after beating Dean Malenko at No Way Out. However, Daniels using Mysterio’s finishing move was a priceless moment. God damn I would’ve loved to see that.

Uh, I thought that the King’s Court was ended at No Way Out, but I guess that’s not the case. Anyway, I’m loving the tension in the King’s Court, which falls apart finally, as Finlay quits. Finlay sounded great in this promo, whilst others were just… meh. Finlay vs. Regal for ‘Mania? It’d be an awesome match, and original for sure because that’d be good for Finlay and Regal to show case what they can do at Wrestle –– fucking –– Mania!

The only thing about the match that looked good to me was the finish. Finlay helping out Regal, and then picking up a victory for his team came out of nowhere because I thought that he quit the King’s Court already, but that wasn’t the case here. It was a great surprise, and WHAT!?? Damn!! How many surprises are you gonna give us? I loved the aftermath turn on Finlay from King Booker and Regal, and then Lashley coming out for Finlay’s save was a good surprise to me. A.w.e.s.o.m.e.

You know, this segment here was terrific. I liked the way how you had Mysterio not talking, and giving all the time to Daniels, who once again looked phenomenal with the microphone. I also like the way how this feud is progressing, as you’ve now involved Chavo into this one, and I’m sure that Mysterio will accept Daniels’ challenge when Daniels ends the career of Chavo at Saturday Night’s Main Event, or possibly looks to destroy Daniels at the aftermath. I’m just guessing it.

Guess what? You didn’t finish the match or said that the match ended as a no disqualification. Haha. Anyway, I was getting bored of Mark Henry feuding with Kane, and it was the right time for you to entertain me and your readers. Big Show, Heyman, Umaga, and Estrada as a stable looks damn good, and their attack on Kane and Mark Henry was awesome. It adds entertainment to this feud, but I’m confused on what we’ll be seeing on ‘Mania. Would it be a tag team match? I guess I’ll wait and see.

Stephanie has a surprise for Coachman in the main event? Good hype around it. Let me see what it is.

I loved this promo here, although in the last two paragraphs, the flow got shaky. It was basically a shoot promo, and I loved the points made by Triple H. Great promo, and it is actually a great way to expand his feud with The Rock, who I believe will come out next week, or will screw Triple H when he’d not expect it. Great promo.

Okay, Kennedy’s expression here would’ve been priceless. Onto the next promotional clip, just like Jonathan/Legend, I’d say it is a good thinking for having Batista not show up tonight because he has to sell his ‘injuries’ from the Steel Cage Match that happened at No Way Out.

An okayish match here, which continues the feud between two teams at the same time; The Hardyz & The Hooligans, and Shelton/Helms & Mexicools. It was a good booking choice for having the faces pick up a victory here, and I don’t know why, but I’m feeling that we’ll be seeing the same match on ‘Mania. I hope not though. I want to see The Hardyz vs. The Hooligans II.

Cena was great at the start, but the ending of this promo could’ve been better. Onto a side note, I love how his feud with ‘Taker is progressing though. Great work.

The main event would’ve been better if you would have showed Sabin showing some more fight to Cena. I have liked Cena’s mini-feud with Sabin, and finally, it culminates here tonight, as Cena beats Sabin via STF-U. Wow. The aftermath was awesome. Cena nails the steel chair shot right to the THROAT of Sabin? Loving the heel Cena here! The Undertaker’s here, and that was done greatly. Fills up more heat to their feud, and Steph’s part was great as well. RAW gets Angle, but SmackDown gets the bigger player, ‘Taker!

RAW's review will be up soon.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Just hit you with a five star to curve the assholes who took you down to three.

Anyway, I'll get some thoughts up on the recent shows asap. It'll be like a brief Raw/SD! combo of sorts. Probably Sunday bro, as I am busy now, and also need to get Raw up tonight. And I'll be whipping ass at Texas hold 'em tomorrow night, so Sunday it is.

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RAW Feedback
Very short promo to kick off RAW. Randy Orton at first was really bland, and too generic, but when Shawn Michaels interrupted, he started to get better, whilst Shawn was just right on the spot. Also, I think that you should have let Randy Orton talk more at the start. The Sweet Chin Music really came out of nowhere, and my thoughts are same like Crazian/Peter. There just wasn’t enough hype around it to entertain me. An okayish promo to kick off RAW.

Kind of expected The Big Show and Umaga to pick up a squash victory here to put them over. Just to tell you, I’m really liking this stable of Big Show, Heyman, Umaga, and Estrada. It’s just damn original. Heyman was really entertaining with the microphone, and I liked whatever he said. Good hype around the match and Steph will do nothing, but accept the match. It’ll be interesting to see who wins that match up, although I’d make a prediction that Kane and Henry would win that. I don’t know why, but I think maybe Umaga and Big Show are going to feud with each other after ‘Mania. So let’s see.

Umm, Randy Orton started fine, but then he started to look out of character, whilst Coachman was just being okay. The main event will be fine, and the Three Way Dance Match for the ‘Mania would be great. Original. It’ll be an awesome match for sure.

I’m sure that a Five Man Match wouldn’t have a DQ rule, right? I think so. Anyway, the match was great, and I loved the fast paced action throughout this one. I still don’t like seeing JBL in the Intercontinental Division. Rob Van Dam wins, and now is the new number one contender. That’s a good booking choice, and I hope JBL doesn’t get in the IC Match for ‘Mania. JBL is beyond the IC Title Division in my opinion.

Okay, The Monster’s match is finally made for ‘Mania, and adding Steph and Coachman to it would be great. Thank God it won’t be a boring match now, and Steph and Coach will be there to fill excitement around it. JBL seemed good to me, but Coachman was just way out of character. He just doesn’t talk to heels like that. JBL gets a title shot, but I still don’t like it.

A win was needed for Kurt Angle after suffering a defeat from Mister Kennedy at No Way Out. Glad to see Kurt Angle picking up some momentum here, but the match would’ve been better. You must’ve had few more highlights into it. The promo was better though. Angle started getting flat at the middle, but then he picked up his pace when he and Austin got into a verbal attack. Austin was spot on, and the way this promo ended was great too. Great promo to hype this MAIN feud.

Mickie James was being boring, but Victoria was good, as you described her expressions. Victoria gets Trish in a match at Saturday Nights Main Event, and you know what I’m expecting? I’m expecting Mickie to help up Trish, but then either Trish or Mickie will turn on each other to give some excitement back to this feud. It’d be better if Trish turns though because that’ll be original. So let’s see what happens anyway.

I’m surprised to see Cade and Murdoch here. It looks to me that they’ll wrestle for the tag team titles at ‘Mania. Anyway, they get a typical squash victory here, and let’s see how you build them up in your thread.

To be honest with you, I’m disappointed after reading the main event. It might’ve been a good match, but there just wasn’t enough content. The finish was not a good booking too. Orton shouldn’t have pinned HBK. It really killed Shawn’s credibility, even though Orton used illegal tactics to clear him out. Just didn’t like that. Aftermath makes me feel that we might see Melina aligning up with Melina. Edge’s part at the end was great too.

Evolution’s reunion would be huge. Awesome booking.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Thanks for the reviews. I know I owe a couple of reviews and they are more than definitely in the process of being returned. Thanks for that Naitch. Apparently, some non-BTBers disagreed with my very blunt opinion and took it out on my thread rating.

SmackDown!; March 2nd, 2007; San Antonio, Texas:

Opening Video


Joey Styles: SmackDown! continues to roll on the Road to WrestleMania, rolling right into San Antonio, Texas. I’m Joey Styles here with former ECW Champion Tazz and we have a hell of a show for you here tonight.

Tazz: No doubt, no doubt, for the first time since that brutal cage match, The Animal Batista, the World Heavyweight Champion, is in action here tonight.

Joey Styles: He won’t be the only champion in action tonight, the WWE Tag Team Titles will be on the line as The Hardys defend against Paul London and Brian Kendrick.

Tazz: That’s gonna be something to see. Both Chavo Guerrero and Christopher Daniels will be in action just eight days away from their title vs. career clash at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Joey Styles: And we have a huge main event tonight. Eight days away from his match with Umaga, The “Big Red Machine” Kane takes on the “Cerebral Assassin”, “The Game” Triple H!

***I Walk Alone*** The World Heavyweight Champion “The Animal” Batista and Ric Flair step out onto the stage to big time heat and walk towards the ring, where Hardcore Holly waits.

Joey Styles: Batista’s first in ring competition since his hellacious match with The Rock at No Way Out. The beast is about to be unleashed and you’ve gotta feel for Bob Holly here.

Tazz: I never feel sorry for Hardcore Holly. This man is a legit badass, so don’t expect Batista to just run through him here, Styles.

Match #1:
Batista vs. Hardcore Holly
Styles is right, Tazz is wrong, because Batista plows right through Hardcore Holly from the start, with somewhat surprisingly little to no offense from the grizzled veteran. The World Champion hits a nasty spinebuster and then follows up with another then hitting the Demon Bomb for the pinfall.
Winner: Batista @ 3:02 via pinfall.

Joey Styles: Dominant.

Tazz: My goodness, I’m convinced that this man is bulletproof. Batista just took a very capable veteran and just destroyed him, like he was rookie cruiserweight.

Joey Styles: Mister Kennedy could very well be in trouble when WrestleMania 23 rolls around … wait, Hardcore Holly could be in more trouble right now!!

Batista is tossed a steel chair from Ric Flair!! The Animal kicks Holly onto his back and then begins to drill Holly right on his back over and over and over and over and over again!! The crowd boos as Tista throws the chair down and gets Holly into position for another Demon Bomb!!!

The crowd completely erupts into cheers as MR. KENNEDY, the #1 contender sprints down to the ring and slides in. Batista doesn’t move and the two men come face to face as the crowd gets back up to their feet, with the WrestleMania 23 headliners face to face right here and now.

With KK and Batista looking each other up and down, the difference between the two stars becomes really apparent. Kennedy, decent height for a wrestler, decent size, decent physique. Batista, a complete animal, inches taller, looking down at Kennedy, 300 pounds, about 60 pounds heavier than KK, with a body that looks like its been chiseled out of stone.

KK chews his gum as Batista stares at Kennedy with a smirk before saying something to Flair and the two men slowly walk off, exiting the ring, and heading back up the ramp.

Flair yells “that’s the man!!” pointing to the champion, as Batista turns his back on Kennedy and walks to the back. A “Kennedy” chant starts up as KK looks a bit apprehensive after the showdown but manages to keep that apprehension from turning into downright fear.

Commercial Break

Joey Styles: Just announced during the break for next week, the official contract signing for the WrestleMania 23 main event, the World Heavyweight Champion Batista and Ken Kennedy. The match will be official, come next week here on FX.

Tazz: I could feel the tension and the uneasiness between the two out here tonight, seconds away from exploding. Next week should be a rocket-buster.

Backstage, Finlay walks down the hallway, looking incredibly pissed. He stops at the office of the General Manager before storming in. Stephanie McMahon leaps up from behind her desk.

Stephanie McMahon: Let me guess-

Finlay: No need to guess, princess. I’ll make this quick and painless. I want King Booker, I want William Regal and I want them both here tonight.

Slight pop from the crowd in the background.

Stephanie McMahon: I can’t do that. I’m not gonna sanction a handicap match, just so you can get your ass kicked like you did last week. No.

Finlay: Maybe I didn’t make myself clear.

Finlay takes his right arm and completely clears Steph’s desk of her papers, a glass lamp and such.

Stephanie McMahon: I don’t take well to threats.

Finlay: I don’t take well to being coddled.

Steph smirks, liking the guts of Finlay.

Stephanie McMahon: Alright, here’s the deal, you’ve got Booker and Regal at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Finlay nods.

Stephanie McMahon: But you’ll have to have Bobby Lashley as a tag team partner.

Finlay: I think last week showed that I shouldn’t exactly trust any more partners. I fight alone.

Stephanie McMahon: Maybe I didn’t make myself clear. Either you team with Lashley, or you don’t have the match at all.

Finlay takes a second or two, eyeing up Steph who doesn’t seem ready to budge in the least. Finlay begrudgingly nods before heading out of the office.

Back to ringside.

***OOOOO Chavo*** Chavo Guerrero makes his way down to the ring, ready for a bit of a warm up match for his Cruiserweight Title - Career match at SNME.

Joey Styles: In just a little over a week, eight days, Chavo Guerrero will wrestle the most important match of his career. He will either win another Cruiserweight Championship or it’s the end of the line.

Tazz: Lets make this very clear. If Chavo loses, he’s not just done on SmackDown!, he’s done in wrestling.

Match #2:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Jamie Noble
The two cruiserweights put on a very technically sound, though fast paced contest, with each man tying to make an impression on upper management and the fans. The finish comes when Noble attempts a Tiger Bomb but Chavo flips out of it and then catches Noble with an enzugiri, staggering the former CW Champ. Chavo then follows up by finishing him off with the Gory Bomb and picking up the pinfall victory.
Winner: Chavo Guerrero @ 6:01 via pinfall.

Joey Styles: Chavo looking very impressive heading into Saturday Nights Main Event and he’s got to. In just nine days, he will either defeat The Fallen Angel for the Cruiserweight Championship … or his career will be over.

Tazz: Christopher Daniels has proven to be an impressive force over the past few months he’s been here. Chavo is in for the fight of his life, and more importantly, his career, come March 10th.

Cut backstage, Steve Romero standing by with King Booker, Queen Sharmell and the United States Champion William Regal.

Steve Romero: King Booker, William Regal, last week on SmackDown!, the two of you turned on you former ally Finlay and proceeded to beat the Fighting Irishman down until Bobby Lashley made the save. General Manager Stephanie McMahon has made the tag match for Saturday Night’s Main Event but I’ve gotta ask, why you did what you did last week on SmackDown!.

King Booker: Its really quite simple, Steven. The fact is, Finlay had become a liability. His anger, his Irish temper and his overall insubordinate attitude made him a liability to myself, a liability to my Queen and a liability to Sir William Regal and that’s something that will not be tolerated in my kingdom. So, William and myself took out the trash and that’s the end of that.
As for Saturday Night’s Main Event, when Sir Regal and myself team up to vanquish Finlay and that rogue, Bobby Lashley, that will be no problem. None at all. I’ve beaten Lashley in the past ova and OVA, and I’ll have no problem doing it again. Just like William Regal praises me each and every week, those peasants will learn to HAIL KING BOOKAHHH!!!!

Booker and Sharmell take off camera as Regal seems a bit taken aback -- disrespected maybe by Booker’s final comment.

Backstage, John Cena walks down a corridor, apparently, towards the ring.

Commercial Break

Back from the break, a replay of last week’s main event plays, showing Cena’s brutal assault on Chris Sabin, followed by the appearance of The Undertaker. Taker is announced as the newest member of the SD roster and Cena/Taker is made for WrestleMania 23.

***My Time Is Now*** The crowd erupts into a thunderous reaction but that soon turns into tremendous heat as the “Doctor of Thuganomics” John Cena makes his way onto the stage, looking pretty perturbed. He heads down the ramp and snatches his shoulder away from the fans whom attempt to touch him, sliding into the ring and calling for a mic.

Joey Styles: Last week, this man went through every emotion you could possibly go through in a split second. He was on top of the world when he beat Chris Sabin in the rubber match but that feeling would soon fade when he found out that he would be facing the newest SmackDown! Superstar, The Undertaker at WrestleMania 23!!

Tazz: Its bad enough to have to face The Undertaker on a regular night but John Cena has to face Taker on a stage in which The Undertaker has never been defeated. 14 and 0 at WrestleMania. Damned impressive.

Cena gets his mic as a “You Suck” chant begins to start up.

John Cena: You people can’t see me anyway.

Crowd boos.

John Cena: So, I guess, as of last week, it’s official. At WrestleMania 23, (puts on pitiful voice) its poor, little, defenseless, helpless John Cena against (puts on booming voice) the man undefeated at WrestleMania, The Deadman, The Phenom, The UNDAAAAAAAAAAATAKAAAAA!!!

Thunderous pop for the Phenom.

John Cena: It reads like a storybook. The disrespectful, cocky John Cena costs Undertaker his title shot at the Royal Rumble, he disrespects Taker constantly but then, in the end, Taker gets his revenge at WrestleMania. That how its gonna go?

Crowd cheers.

John Cena: I mean, I should probably just pack it in now. There’s just NO WAY that anybody will be able to defeat the almighty Undertaker at WrestleMania, right? Sure we could go that route. But I’d like to think that The Undertaker is a lot smarter than all of you people here tonight. And if that’s the case, he sure as hell better not underestimate JOHN CENA!!

Audience boos.

John Cena: Deadman, you’d best recognize that John Cena is no ordinary man. I’m the big man on campus, the big dog roaming these halls. You walk around these locker rooms, all of the boys in the back fear ME!!

More heat.

John Cena: Oh, no doubt, no doubt, you were the man back in the day. People used to crap their pants whenever they even thought about the Deadman and many of them STILL do but you go in the back and ask any of the SmackDown! Superstars who they would hate to face and nine times out of ten, you hear one name, John Cena. That other one time, they’re too damn scared to let my name pass through their mouth. That’s not hype, its truth.

“Asshole” chant starts up.

John Cena: You aint gotta like it, but you bet your ass you gotta take it, because when you’re me and you’re the best, you can say whatever the hell you wanna say because there isn’t a damn person to tell you differently. Yeah, I talk a lot of shit but I got the fists to back it up. I talk the talk, but I walk the walk and have been walkin’ the walk ever since I stepped foot into a WWE ring. You name ‘em, and they’ve been pinned or made to tap to The Boss. Lets rattle them off, shall we.

Cena pulls out a notepad and flips it open.

John Cena: Kurt Angle? Showed him who the boss was the first night I got here and then showed him over and over whenever I get the chance. John Cena beating down Kurt Angle is almost a yearly tradition at this point.

Flips to next page.

John Cena: Triple H? WrestleMania 22, with all you jack offs booing me in the process, The Game tapped out like the bitch he is. I can honestly say that I might not have won that match if I didn’t want to shove it up all your asses.

Boos as Cena nods solemnly before flipping the page.

John Cena: Chris Jericho? I actually single handedly sent him out of the WWE. You can thank me for that later.

Tremendous heat.

John Cena: Lets see who else we got here. JBL? Beat him, made him say “I quit”. Edge? Beat him many a time. Shawn Michaels? Beat him too. The Big Show? FU’d his ass at WrestleMania. Mister Kennedy (Crowd: KENNEDY)? Pinned him at No Mercy. I don’t know about you, but I’m noticing a pattern.

A much louder “Asshole” chant rings out and Cena is beginning to enjoy himself, laughing openly at this riled up crowd.

John Cena: Who else, who else. Chris Sabin? Not much of an accomplishment but I smoked him too. Carrrrrrrrlitooooo? I’ll admit, he gave me a bit of a run when he first came but we all knew it was only a matter of time before I sent him and his 1970s hairdo packing with a big “L” in the record book. But, you know what? I feel like I’m forgetting a big one. Who was that guy I beat when I was really hot?

Cena rubs his chin before snapping his fingers.

John Cena: Oh yeah … THE UNDERTAKER!!!!

Mixed reaction - cheers for Taker, boos for the arrogance of Cena, whom stares directly at the hard camera, shaking with intensity.

John Cena: Maybe that’s the reason I’m not shaking in my boots!! I’ve been there before, I’ve done that, I’ve looked into the eyes of the dragon, and not ONLY have I come back, I’ve come back with a win in my pocket and a smirk on my face because The Undertaker CAN BE BEATEN, BECAUSE I … HAVE … DONE IT!!!

“Undertaker” chant.

John Cena: You can chant his name all you want. Go right on ahead. It won’t change the fact that The Undertaker has been planted with the FU before, it won’t change the fact that The Undertaker has found himself looking up at the bright lights, and it won’t change the fact that The Undertaker has found himself pinned, dead center in the middle of this ring with the Doctor of Thuganomics hand raised in victory!!

Cena looks directly into the hard camera.

John Cena: Deadman, I fear nothing and I regret even less, so come WrestleMania 23, where you’re undefeated, you better get used to seeing a one right next to the fourteen and you better get used to it RIGHT GOD DAMN NOW because at WrestleMania there will be no cease and there will be no quit!!! I’m coming for your ass and I’m leaving with the duke! PHENOM!!!! YOU WANT SOME, COME GET SOME!!!


The lights in the arena go off to a huge ovation.




The lights come back on.

John Cena: SHIT!!

The crowd pops as Cena’s note pad is ON FIRE!! Cena quickly tosses it down and steps on it, putting it out.


A lightning bolt strikes one of the four turnbuckles and suddenly, the ring is surrounded by fire ala the Inferno match!!!! The crowd erupts into cheers as Cena looks scared shitless as he stares around at the incredible flames surrounding him. Cena’s look of fear slowly turns into a smirk and he continues to look around, unimpressed…

Commercial Break

Raw Rebound:
- RVD earns the right to face Carlito for the IC Title at SNME and the winner faces JBL at WrestleMania 23.
- Austin and Angle go toe to toe on the mic.
- Mickie sets up Victoria vs. Trish for SNME.
- Orton and MNM defeat HBK and AMW in a six man but after the match, Edge spears Melina, gaining retribution for Lita’s RKO a week back.

***Xtreme*** The WWE Tag Team Champions, the Hardys, sprint down to the ring, getting boos from most of the crowd, but cheers from the females in attendance.

***London Calling*** Paul London and Brian Kendrick sprint down to the ring, sliding in as the Hardys look on rather nonchalantly.

Joey Styles: At No Way Out, the Hardys managed to retain their WWE Tag Team Championships when they defeated London and Kendrick in a ladder match but last week on SmackDown!, the Hooligans managed to pick up the win over the Hardys, earning themselves this tag team title match here tonight.

Tazz: The Hooligans have been there before. They know what its like to be the WWE Tag Team Champions but you’ve got to imagine that if they lose tonight, this’ll be the last shot they have at the Hardys for a while.

Match #3: WWE Tag Team Championship
Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick
As one would expect, the two teams put on a hell of a match up, going all out, a little under two weeks after going all out at No Way Out. Matt and Jeff try to use their size advantage to keep the challengers down and the strategy is effective for the first seven or so minutes, but eventually, it’s the Hooligans who take control, using their youth and speed to gain control. Ultimately, London and Matt Hardy take the hot tags and enter the ring. London cleans house, taking Matt down with a spinning leg kick, before catching Jeff with a stiff elbow, knocking him from the apron! Matt gets back up to his feet and London takes him down with a DROPSAULT!
He lifts Matt up to his feet and shoots him off, looking for a clothesline but Hardy counters, hitting a SIDE EFFECT!! Matt goes for the cover. 1... 2... NO! Kendrick breaks it up. Jeff comes in and begins to swing away on Spanky, exchanging rights with the youngster before stopping him with a boot to the gut. Jeff then backs up, looking for a big show but Kendrick takes him up and over the top rope, to the outside! Kendrick climbs the turnbuckle, waiting for Jeff to get up and once he does, Kendrick goes head over heels, taking Jeff out with a HELO!! Inside the ring, Matt lifts London up, going for the TWIST OF FATE - but London counters into a small package!! 1... 2... NO! Both men get back up and Matt throws the clothesline but London ducks it, applying the school boy!! 1... 2... NO!
Matt kicks out once more and once again both men get back up, but this time, Hardy hit’s a boot to the gut. Hardy then grabs London by the back of the head and tosses him over the top rope - but London holds on!! Matt comes in and London grabs his neck, hitting a hot shot, taking him down!! London then springboards off of the ropes, hitting an incredible SPRINGBOARD SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!! London with the cover!!! 1... 2... 3!!!
Winners - New WWE Tag Team Champions: The Hooligans @ 10:19 via pinfall.
London drops to his knees in the ring, smiling away as Kendrick struggles to get back into the ring. The crowd stands and applaud the Hooligans, overcoming a most daunting task and one of the best tag teams of he modern era.

Cut backstage.

The World Champion Batista and Ric Flair walk down a hallway looking as confident as ever, with Naitch putting over Dave’s dominance from earlier.

Ric Flair: Big Dave, Hardcore Holly … crushed him. Not a chance - not a hint of offense and it’ll be the same thing come WrestleMania. WOOO! Haha, no doubt about it.

Batista: There isn’t a single doubt in my mind. Gonna take more than saying your name twice to get this (slaps World Title). Hold up, Ric.

Batista points off-screen and both men smirk before walking over. The two stop and soon enough, the camera pans over to show Triple H! Hunter, dressed to compete with a T-shirt for now, looks at the two former teammates, letting out a smirk.

Triple H: Take a picture, it’ll last longer.

Batista: Cute.

Ric Flair: Hunter, you know I have all the respect in the world for ya … but come next week, Saturday Night’s Main Event - no matter who we face out there, no matter who the four victims are, you follow Dave leads. Batista’s the man out there!

Tista flexes a bit as Flair slaps him on the back. Hunter smirks.

Triple H: The last time I checked, I was the leader of Evolution, which means once we get out there in a week, we follow MY lead. One time only reuniting, reunion, whatever the hell you wanna call it, it makes no difference. You guys follow me. That’s the way its always been and that’s the way it stays. I don’t care if you’ve become a big shot, I still call ALL the shots.

Batista and Flair scoff with a sly smirk. Hunter begins laughing as well but within an instant, becomes deadly serious.

Triple H: Because if you don’t, if you think differently, I can always treat you just like I treated The Rock. Get it?

Hunter gets right into the face of The Animal, scowling. Batista grins a bit.

Batista: Or better yet, I can beat you up and down like I did at WrestleMania 21 … or like I did in the rematch … or like I did in the Hell in a Cell … or like I did at the Royal Rumble. Get it?

Batista and Trips spend a couple of intense moments in the face of the other before Flair leads The Animal away, leaving a furious Helmsley.

Commercial Break

Back from the break, we return in the parking lot as a limousine pulls up to the arena. The driver gets out, opening the door and
MR. McMAHON steps out!!

Back to ringside.

Scotty Too Hotty is in the ring, dancing for the crowd as his music plays.

***Dilated Teens*** The “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels makes his way towards the ring receiving a mixed reaction, with his valet Allison Danger not far behind, carrying his Cruiserweight Championship.

Joey Styles: The best cruiserweight in the world today and quite possibly, the best pound for pound wrestler in the entire company. Christopher Daniels has beaten Chris Sabin, Dean Malenko, Kid Kash and Jamie Noble and has established himself as tops in the world but next Saturday, he has the opportunity to add another HUGE notch to his belt by ending the career of Chavo Guerrero at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Tazz: Daniels wanted to face Rey Mysterio but Chavo and that temper of his may have signed a check that he can’t cash. We’ll find out in eight days.

Match #4:
Christopher Daniels vs. Scotty Too Hotty
Outside of the tag team title match, the trend of short matches continues with this one, as Daniels is on Scotty from the word “go”. The veteran WWE superstar manages to get a bit of offense on the Fallen Angel, lighting him up with right hands, before hitting a bulldog. The crowd pops as S2H begins to act like a nut, jumping up and down before hopping on one leg, as the crowd spells out “W-O-R-M”, BOOM!!! Daniels takes his head off with a leg lariat!! Daniels follows up, lifting him up to his feet and following up with the ANGEL’S WINGS for the pinfall victory!!
Winner: Christopher Daniels @ 4:47 via pinfall.

Joey Styles: Impressive win for the Cruiserweight Champion, the Fallen Angel, rolling into Saturday Night’s Main Event!

Tazz: He’s on point. Chavo and his career could be in trouble in just eight days on NBC. Looks like Daniels isn’t done here. What’s he doin’?

Daniels stares down at the fallen veteran before going onto the apron and climbing onto the turnbuckle. The Fallen Angel stares around the arena as the crowd begins to boo him. Daniels smirks before leaping off of the top and hitting a perfect FROG SPLASH!!

The Fallen Angel smirks as he stares down at Scotty, whom holds his chest in pain. The crowd gives a nice pop as Chavo Guerrero and Rey Mysterio sprint down to the ring, before sliding in and Daniels immediately exits.

Daniels backs up the entrance ramp, with Allison holding the title, as the Fallen Angel smirks, holding up eight fingers, symbolizing the amount of days left in Chavo’s career. Chavo and Mysterio shake their heads as the Cruiserweight Champion heads to the back.

Cut backstage with Josh Matthews standing by.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, he will be signing a contract for his WrestleMania 23 World Heavyweight Title match next week against Batista, the #1 contender and 2007 Royal Rumble winner, Mr. Kennedy!!

Mr. Kennedy comes into screenshot, receiving a thunderous ovation.

Josh Matthews: Mr. Kennedy, yo-

Mr. Kennedy: Kennedy.

Josh Matthews: Last week on SmackDown!, you were in a verbal confrontation with the Nature Boy Ric Flair and this week, you were very close to a physical confrontation with the World Heavyweight Champion Batista. I have to ask, are you intimidated by Batista?

Kennedy looks at Matthews as if he’s got three eyes. After several uncomfortably quiet seconds, Matthews speaks again.

Josh Matthews: The scuttlebutt around the lockerro-

Mr. Kennedy: Scuttlebutt?? Just go. (Points off camera) Yeah, just go. Be gone. That away.

Josh takes off as Kennedy looks directly into the camera.

Mr. Kennedy: I don’t fear Batista. I fear no man. I fear nothing. Well, that’s not true. I fear that one day I’ll either wake up and say words like “scuttlebutt” or I’ll be one of those guys who hang around FAR past their prime and stick around to kiss the ass of some shaved gorilla named Batista. Worse yet, I could end up with a million dollar body and a ten cent brain like our illustrious World Champion.
Truth is, Flair shook me a little bit last week. I can admit it. There’s no denying that. Ric Flair laid all the cards on the table. TRUTH, Batista’s a monster, who’s been completely dominant as the champion of this company and has NEVER lost a World Title match. TRUTH, I have never headlined a pay per view or had a World Title opportunity. More truth? I wasn’t even AT WrestleMania 22 last year. And do you know what all that adds up to? Do you know what it means? It adds up … to about … dick.

The crowd pops in the background as KK looks around matter-of-factly.

Mr. Kennedy: Up until thirty days ago, I had never competed in the Royal Rumble match but yet, I outlasted 29 other superstars to win the event. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Chris Benoit, Kane, Umaga, Edge, The Undertaker, John Cena, Bobby Lashley, King Booker, Finlay, I outlasted ‘em all and punched my ticket to the main e-freakin-vent.

Another pop for the #1 contender.

Mr. Kennedy: Last month at No Way Out, I fought Kurt Angle, an Olympic Gold Medalist, multiple time World Champion - yeah, I fought him for the first time ever and I won! Pinned his ass dead center in the middle of this ring.

A “Kennedy” chant starts up as KK looks a bit more intense.

Mr. Kennedy: Firsts don’t scare me. Oh, but Dave, they better scare you. You’ve never lost a World Title match in your career, but you can bet your ass that that first for you is coming. Mark the date on your calendar and count the damn days. April 1st, WrestleMania 23, Detroit, Michigan in Ford Field, with thousands upon thousands watching. Its new territory for me but that wont make a bit of difference. Because at the end of the night, the entire world will say it LOUD and say it PROUD “Your NEEEEWWWWW World Heavyweight Champion, MMIISSTTERRRRRRRRRR KENNEDY!!!!” (Points off camera) You! Have your mic back.

Matthews comes back and takes his mic as KK walks off.

Josh Matthews: You heard it from the horse’s mouth. M-

KK quickly comes back.

Mr. Kennedy: KEN - NA - DAY!!!

The crowd pops huge as Kennedy smirks before walking off.

Elsewhere, Mr. McMahon walks towards the ring.

Commercial Break

***No Chance In Hell*** The crowd pops as the WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon walks towards the ring - his patented strut in full effect. Several fans perform the “I’m not worthy” bow as Vince steps in, calling for a mic.

Mr. McMahon: No time to waste here tonight, we still have the main event to come, so lets get right down to business.

Applause as McMahon looks around the arena a bit.

Mr. McMahon: Next Saturday, on NBC, World Wrestling Entertainment presents Saturday Night’s Main Event.


Mr. McMahon: As you know if you’ve been watching over the past couple of weeks, or checked wwe.com, several matches have already been announced. We found out tonight that King Booker and United States Champion William Regal teaming up to face Finlay and the “Real Deal” Bobby Lashley!

Good pop.

Mr. McMahon: Announced on Raw, Rob Van Dam will be challenging Carlito for the Intercontinental Championship.

Great pop.

Mr. McMahon: The “Big Red Machine” Kane - who will be in one on one action in a little bit - at Saturday Night’s Main Event will take on Raw’s “Samoan Bulldozer” Umaga! (Decent pop) Also from Raw, Victoria will be taking on Trish Stratus(couple of whistles for Stratus). And a match of the utmost importance, title versus career, Christopher Daniels defends the Cruiserweight Championship against Chavo Guerrero(pop). If Chavo loses, his career in the WWE would be over.

Boos with a couple of sprinkled “Eddie” chants mixed in.

Mr. McMahon: But of course, the main event for that event coming up on March 10th would see the reuniting of The Game Triple H-

Tremendous heat.

Mr. McMahon: The WWE Champion, the “Legend Killer” Randy Orton-

Major heat.

Mr. McMahon: The sixteen time World Champion, the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair-


Mr. McMahon: And the World Heavyweight Champion, “The Animal” Batista!


Mr. McMahon: That’s right, Evolution reunites for one night only at Saturday Night’s Main Event, taking place in an eight man tag. But whom are their opponents? Which four men will step up to take out this deadly foursome?

Almost immediately “KENNEDY” chants begin to ring out, causing Vince to smile a bit.

Mr. McMahon: A man who has had his problems with Randy Orton over the past few weeks - The “Rated R Superstar” EDGE!!

Great pop for the former WWE champion.

Mr. McMahon: A man who will be facing Edge and Randy Orton in a three way dance at WrestleMania, the icon, the showstopper, the “Heartbreak Kid”, SHAWN MICHAELS!!

Great pop for good ol HBK as well.

Mr. McMahon: The number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship and the 2007 Royal Rumble winner, KEN KENNEDY!!!

“KENNEDY!!!” followed by a tremendous ovation for SD’s “own”.

Mr. McMahon: And fina-

***Time To Play The Game*** Triple H, dressed to compete, with his main event match up coming up shortly, walks down the ramp, cutting off the chairman, whom looks rather surprised. Hunter slowly steps in and smirks and walks around, grabbing a mic of his own.

Mr. McMahon: Might I ask - What the HELL brings you out here, interrupting me?!

Triple H: No need to get riled up. First off, lets cut all the drama. No need for the dramatic pause for each name, just go ahead and tell us what “HUGE” superstar is gonna take on Evolution. Let me guess, he’s a … jabroni beatin, pie eatin, all that crap, right?

Hunter scoffs as McMahon grins a bit, knowing Hunter flipped his card.

Triple H: Yeah, Vince, that’s a nice ticket. It looks real good on the marquee. “Evolution reunites to take on Michaels, Edge, Kennedy and returning … THE ROCK!!”

Thunderous pop for Rock.

Triple H: There’s only one problem, I bashed his damn brains in!! And I’d be willing to bet that The Rock doesn’t even remember his own name, let alone is he ready to compete in eight days!!

Mr. McMahon: Is that all? Is that it? You had to come out here and be Mr. Big Shot, Mr. Tough Guy? I’m sick of it!

Triple H: You’re sick of it!!? I was put on the damn backburner for The Rock!! I carried this company, I carried YOUR company, YOUR ass, for years on end, while The Rock was putting on crap movies and all I catch is shit from you and everybody else in this place!!

Mr. McMahon: (Throwing his hands up)Not with this crap again.


Hunter boils with anger, right in the face of McMahon, whom keeps his wits about himself.

Triple H: This guy turns his back on this company but yet hear I am, day after day, month after month, year after year, but yet, Rock gets the title shots!! Rock gets the headlines! Rock gets the main events!! This shit comes up again because here we are again and Rock and his “big return” overshadows me and Evolution!!

McMahon stares at Helmsley for an inordinate amount of time, while Triple H looks furious.

Mr. McMahon: … … … … … … … … … … … … … Boo … hoo.

The crowd laughs a bit before applauding wildly as Hunter’s look turns from one of anger to downright shock, mystified but the blatant gall of Mr. McMahon. Vince goes to walk away but Hunter GRABS his arm!! The crowd lets out an “OH” as McMahon turns around.

Triple H: Who in the hell do you think you are?!

Mr. McMahon: … If you know what’s good for you, you’ll get your damn hands off of me NOW … and you’ll worry about your main event up next.

Triple H slowly lets McMahon go and the two share a stare down before Vinnie Mac leaves the ring. McMahon thinks about leaving up the ramp, but turns around and heads around ringside, towards the announce table and has a seat beside Styles and Tazz but surprisingly, doesn’t get on headsets.


***Slow Chemical*** The crowd delivers a nice ovation as the Big Red Machine Kane walks towards the ring, looking none too happy while Hunter turns his attention away from McMahon and to the monster walking towards the ring.

Joey Styles: Our HUGE Main Event, “The Game” Triple H takes on the “Big Red Machine” Kane, NEXT!

Commercial Break

Main Event:
Triple H vs. Kane
The match is joined a couple of minutes in progress, with Helmsley in the driver’s seat, but it doesn’t take long for Kane to gain control, using his huge hands to pound away on The King of Kings. Our announcers mention several important tidbits, such as Mark Henry not being here tonight due to the attack from last week, the Evolution tag at SNME, Kane versus Umaga at SNME, The Monster’s Collide match at WM and McMahon here at ringside.
Kane really begins to take charge, running Hunter over with a couple of strong clotheslines, and hitting a side slam for a two count. Kane then climbs to the top, looking for that flying clothesline - but Helmsley catches him with a boot, coming down, LOOKING FOR THE PEDIGREE - but Kane counters into a backdrop!! Hunter gets back up and Kane grabs him, looking for the CHOKESLAM, hitting a couple of strong back elbows, breaking the hold!!
Hunter takes off, coming back, looking for a clothesline but Kane ducks it. Helmsley hit’s the ropes, coming back once more, and taking Kane down with a Harley Race knee!! Triple H smirks, knocking the huge man down before looking over to the announce table and gives Vince a DX crotch chop, to a mixed reaction!!
KANE SITS UP!! Hunter turns back around and Kane lights him up with right hands and shoots him off. HHH comes back and hit’s the FACE CRUSHER!! - BUT KANE DOESN’T GO DOWN!! He grabs Hunter by the throat and lifts him up, HITTING A CHOKESLAM!!! Instead of going for the cover, Kane makes the throat slash and lifts H back up to his feet before lifting him onto his shoulder - LOOKING FOR THE TOMBSTONE - but Hunter counters, sliding off of his shoulder and landing behind him!! Triple H spins him around, BOOT … PEDIGREE!!!!!!! Hunter turns him over, hooking the far leg! 1... 2... 3!!
Winner: Triple H @ 11:31 via pinfall.
McMahon looks very impressed at ringside as Hunter gets back up to his feet, spreading his arms out with intensity in his trademark pose as the fans deliver a mixed reaction, definitely leaning towards boos. Vince gets up to his feet and begins to applaud the effort of Helmsley but Trips leaves the ring.

Joey Styles: Very emphatic win by The Game but what’s this?! He coming over here?!

Tazz: I would hope not. Protect the boss, Styles.

Hunter gets face to face with Vince before letting out a smirk and grabbing the steel chair he was sitting on!! Trips then rolls back into the ring, waiting for Kane to get back up to his feet, and once he does, HUNTER CRUSHES HIM WITH A NASTY CHAIR SHOT!!! Completely unprotected!

We cut away to show Hunter smirking and doing the “smelling” taunt of The Rock to tremendous heat. The camera pans back to the face of Kane, to show the Big Red Machine, busted open!! Hunter mounts him and begins to wail away on him, hitting right hand after right after right!

McMahon looks a bit concerned - possibly about the mental state of Helmsley, who’s attacking a man he has no immediate problems with. Triple H rolls out of the ring once more, giving McMahon a smirk, before reaching under the ring and pulling out a … SLEDGEHAMMER!!

Boos from almost all those in attendance as Hunter rolls back into the ring and sets up the chair on top of Kane’s head - SHADES OF ROCK AT NO WAY OUT!! Hunter raises the hammer up … but several officials and road agents run down, sliding in and begging Hunter off.

Trips smiles and … leaves the ring, heading back up the ramp, smiling away, sledgehammer still in hand. Styles and Tazz put over the volatility of Triple H since NWO before commenting on his match with Evolution at SNME. We fade out with the officials checking up on the bloody monster, left in a heap by a destructive Game.



Current Card for Saturday Night’s Main Event:
Date: March 10th, 2007
Location: Madison Square Garden, NYC

Evolution Reunites For One Night Only: Eight Man Tag Team Match:
World Champ Batista, WWE Champ Randy Orton, Triple H, & Ric Flair
vs. Edge, Mr. Kennedy, Shawn Michaels, & The RETURNING Rock

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Carlito vs. Rob Van Dam

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Title vs. Career:
Christopher Daniels vs. Chavo Guerrero

Singles Match:
Victoria vs. Trish Stratus

Tag Team Match:
King Booker & U.S. Champ William Regal vs. Finlay & Bobby Lashley

Inter-promotional Match:
Umaga vs. Kane


Current Card for WWE WrestleMania XXIII:
Date: April 1st, 2007
Location: Ford Field; Detroit, Michigan
Event Music: Saliva; Ladies and Gentlemen

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Batista vs. Ken Kennedy

WWE Championship Match; Three Way Dance:
Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Edge

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Carlito OR Rob Van Dam vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

One On One:
The Undertaker vs. John Cena

Monsters Collide:
RAW GM Jonathan Coachman’s Big Show & Umaga vs.
SmackDown! GM Stephanie McMahon’s Kane & Mark Henry

Icon vs. Icon:
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

DD Macs Smackdown Review.

Well this is the first time reviewing your work althouh i have read a few shows. Anyway here goes man.

Opening: The commentators were well written and i like the way you use them. It was good to hear what was going to happen on tonights show. Everything seems good and im looking forward to Smackdown.

Opening Match: Batista squashing Harcore Holly was expected to some extenet. I would have liked Holly to get a little bit more offense in than he did. Its brilliant how you described the stare down between the two and i loved how your'e changing Batista's character to some sort of a prick teaming with Flair. I thought they would have come to blows but it was nice that they didn't as it adds that little bit more tension for Wrestlemania. It was good to see the announcers also announcing the contract signing for next week. Its good to see you give the commentaors something important to say, as most just say jibberish.

Finlay Backstage: You captured Finlays rage very well here and the two seemed to flow. Its good booking that he has to team with Lashley. I winder what will happen next in this little storyline here. I liked Stephanie not being scared, thats a real McMahon!

Chavo vs Noble: Another short match but thats not a problem. maybe you could have just put a little bit more description but this was ok and it got the point across. A good ending to what sounds like a good match.

King Booker Backtage: This was a good little interview. It added more hype to Saturdays main event and also to this current take out the trash rivalry. King Booker was in charater nd you wrote him out perfectly. Hmmm interesting to say the least about Queen Sharemell looking a bit taken a back.

Cena Promo: I like how the crowd hate Cena. I laighed when i read his second line. When he puts on the voices. That made things more enjoyable and funny. Cena sounded very well in character and i like his feud with The Undertaker. I think this promo was a little bit too long though tbh. Some times he sounded a bit plain and sometimes i didnt really get what he was talking about. It was good when he named some of the peope he has beat. The ending was good with Cenas notepad setting on fire, I Knew he wouldnt show up but The Undertaker really doesnt need to. The ring being on fire was cool and im guessing you have already set up an inferno match that ive missed. None the less a good intense promo and i liked at most times.

Hardy Boys vs London & Kendrick: This was probably MOTN at this point in the show. Both teams were good and got some good offense in which made for a better match. Well i was kind of suprised that The Hooligans got the win but none the less an exciting match to read.

Backstage: Batista and Flair in the usual hype job was good. Then bumping into Trilple H was better. This reunion of Evolution sounds interesting. And they were all in character. Batista and Triple H getting in each others fave seems good and maybe a fues coming soon? I would not mind even though they have gone before.

Limo: Oh Mr McMahon is here, i wonder what he will do and now things have picked up even more.

Christopher Daniels vs Scotty 2 Hotty: Again a match i would love to see. I thought Scotty would get the win first but it was a nice way to give Daniles the victory. Daniels being the heel here was cool and hitting the frogsplash was good. I really thought he was going to attack him more but Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero coming down to make the survive was good.

Kennedy Promo: This was class. It was entertaining and funny and written well and that is everything thats great about a promo. It was not too long or not too short. I would have loved it to of been in the ring but it was still good. And again built hype to Wrestlemania. Kenedy coming back to finish off the phrase was cool and i really liked it. I really can't wait until that main event match now at Wrestlemania.

Mr McMahon Promo: This was a very nice promo before the main event. Mr McMahon talking about Saturday Nights main event wasnt needed in my opinion. None the less it did its purpose and then Hunter comes out. Talking about what possibly is the truth. Mr McMahon not listening is good characterisation as he probably wouldnt. Anyway the promo was a good length and i liked it all.

Main Event: A main event that i would love to see. Now obviously i wanted Kane to win just because he my favourite wreslter. Triple H winning though was expected and a good win for him too. Triple H then hitting kane in the haed with a chair was a nice touch to the show. The officials sliding down and begginf Trips to stop was realistic and i liked that.

Overall: A pretty decent sho. There were some bits that i didn't like but i liked most of it. A good hype job done for Wrestlemania and altogether a nice read. Good Look with mania too bud!
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