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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Raw Feedback

I think I've review you in the past, but I've never really tuned in for a long time. I'm gonna try to do that now. So, here goes...

Oh, and great commentary. Overselling much? Great hype though, honestly.

Opening Segment - Angle was on, and off in this promo as for character. He sounded great at some points, but at others, not too much. I didn't like the transition from talking about SD! to talking about himself being on USA. Kind of awkward. I popped for Angle vs. Austin, but Coachman says no. I like that. Great promo work there. Vince pwns. Angle vs. Austin at WM 23. It's on. Great promo. Other than the shaky Angle start, the promo picked up, and entertained.

Tag Title Match - I don't really know the story behind this all, but it was nice to see the tag titles switch hands on a Raw show, and nice ending to the match. Good stuff here.

Orton Promo - It was an okay promo. Orton didn't sound like himself, but he's a changed person in this promo with the leader gimmick, which I can never see in reality. Bashing each member of his army, except Melina of course. I see mutiny in the future tbh.

Women's Match - Mickie leaving, and getting counted out. WADS SUP WIT DAT? [/Hurricane] It's pretty intriguing actually. Hopefully, we get the full scoop later in the show.

First Big Show, and Heyman enter, not Umaga, and AAE. Suspicious considering Vince's words earlier.

JBL Promo - Short, but I loved it. Sounded just like him tbh. Flowed great too. Backup plan, eh?

Masters vs. Jobber - Squash. Masters doesn't go over for me here.

Angle/Haas Promo - Great confrontation. Brings back old Team Angle days. Angle sounded good to start, but not so good to me afterwards. Haas was great. Ending of the promo didn't feel right, but Angle vs. Haas next week should be good.

Coach Persuasion - Nice. Coach has a plan. Good stuff with Estrada. Loved that.

Carlito vs. Doane - I wanna see Orton's reaction after this honestly. Doane loses, but what's more interesting is that JBL's backup plan is to go for the IC title? That's one step down from the WWE title, which I guess JBL would go for. Good stuff here.

HBK Promo - I liked this. HBK sounded just like HBK, and some of the things he said I could imagine. Great promo with a great flow to it. Nice hype for the main event too.

Edge Promo - Hate the transition from one promo to another. For Edge, it's about revenge on Orton. Great promo here as well. I'm loving your promos tbh. They have a nice flow to them.

Main Event - What a better way to end it, then this. I thought HBK would have won, but Orton interfered. I see a triple threat at WM.

Overall - Great show. Definitely one of the better shows I've read in the past while. Promos were great. Probably the best part of the show. Matches were also good. Definitely loving the storylines, their progression, and your booking. I'm gonna try to tune in from now on. Keep up the good work.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Raw Feedback

-For the most part, loved the opening promo here. Angle was classic, but the little bit about the gay wasn’t needed. Angle/Austin at WM should be pretty kick ass, but please, please, don’t let Austin keep being an active competitor. Oh, and the we’re not worthy bow was priceless. Vinnie Mac was bit mehish, but other than that, solid, solid, stuff.

-Killer shit to see Gail Kim get involved with the Hurricanrana, but glad to see AMW get the victory and the Titles. TNA fucked up AMW hardcore, so do ‘em justice.

-Rofl, RKO Army > Rated R Army. . I love the gall of Orton, and can’t wait to see this faction just implode. Great stuff here though, you’re writing is solid as can be.

-Meh, while I like the angle with Mickie and her shoulder because it does something for the division, weak for the match, and makes it seem like filler at the end of the day, because of the weak finish.

-Rofl, JBL = Ratings, for real. Nice little promo here, and also, I’m liking the little snippets of Edge/Michaels and the guys going to Vince’s office. My money is on Edge winning, by the way.

-Masters squashes a nameless jobber… yay.

-Nice little angle here with Angle and Haas. Good segment, and I’m glad that you’re incorporating Haas into plans here and there, and hopefully this can spark a mini-push for him. Charlie Haas has and always will be the better half of WGTT. Haas > Benjamin.

-And Coach gets sneaky and tries to keep his monsters on Raw… I like, I like. Nice to see Coach growing a set and fighting against the power that is Mac Daddy.

-Very nicely written recap with Doane/Carlito, and am very glad to see Doane job, as it makes the chances of RKO Army imploding that much stronger. I definitely want to see that happen. JBL taking out Carlito afterwards wasn’t full expected, but makes sense and is solid. Hopefully JBL takes home the gold at WM, because JBL EQUALS RATINGS~!

-I was really liking the Michaels promo, except the ending. ‘Because I can’ was a flat ending to a Shawn Michaels promo. Other than that, really solid. Edge’s promo was great, and you’re really doing an excellent job with your writing right now. Fo’ real.

-Great main event, and I love the ending more than Edge winning. Triple threat at Mania, eh? Should be good. However, I didn’t like Orton taking out two referees, only needed to be one. And why wouldn’t Orton just take out the second ref as he ran down the ramp anyways? Orton would’ve been right there. That was my only gripe with it, everything else was solid with the main event. Oh, and Orton giving Lita the RKO afterwards rocked too.

-Overall, a really solid show. You’re writing continues to get better and better, and I had very few qualms with the show. Almost every character was in character. Few booking decisions were mehish, and only a few grammar and syntax errors. Spot on, Mac, keep it up.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Mac my ole' friend; just to keep you updated with my schedule, I've had absolutely no time as of late to comment your thread or any others for that matter, but now that things have died down a bit, I'll be back in the swing of things, as per usual. I still plan on giving by feedback for No Way Out, as well as a review for the latest edition of Raw. Keep up the good work mate, good stuff.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Raw Feedback:

-Opening promo was solid. Angle was absolutely awesome in this promo I felt at least, the I'm not worthy bow sounded hilarious. The "gay" bit was a little random tbh, but whatever. Vince is here, and Angle/Austin is on!! If it's anything like their Summerslam 2001 bout, then it should be a fucking classic. Can't wait for that one Mac.

-Awesome to see AMW win the tag titles, and Gail Kim hitting the hurricanrana was a great touch. Hopefully they get a long run as champions, because they're one of the better teams in the biz today before TNA fucked them over as Szum said.

-Big Show and Heyman go into Vince's office. Hmm, very intriguing.

-Orton promo was ok, and the crumbling of this faction is becoming more inevitable as the weeks go on.

-Meh, the count out thing is a bit weird, it kinda makes Mickie look weak, and the match itself as well. Not too keen.

-Moving on, JBL is absolutely priceless. JBL truly = buyrates, for sure. Good promo here, and will be fun to see where he goes as the weeks go onto WrestleMania, as you can't have a WM without Mr. Layfield.

-Meh, jobberfest and Masters squashes him. Next...

-Interesting confrontation between Haas and Angle. Honestly really liked that one, and probably would have marked out if it was on television, and the possible match between them next week could be great. Really good stuff.

-Nice stuff here with Coach trying to persuade Heyman and Estrada to keep their monsters on Raw. Really good stuff from Estrada, the grammar here was impeccable and loved how you were able to make him talk exactly how he normally talks.

-Nice match here with Carlito and Doane. Very well done recap, and Carlito retaining the championship is no suprise, and JBL~!!! This could produce some fun promos between 'Lito and Layfield, which could be fun to read. Hopefully JBL takes the gold at Mania.

-Nice stuff from both Edge and Michaels. Liked the whole transition thing between the two, innovative as I don't think I've ever seen that done in the E ever. Liked that very much, and it hypes the main event even more.

-Fantastic match between Edge and Michaels, and the aftermath makes me believe it will probably be a Triple Threat match for the championship come WrestleMania, unless something happens next week and a 'rematch' or something occurs. But from the real looks of it, it will probably be a triple threat.

-Overall, good stuff Mac. Keep up the good work, and the RTWM should be very fun to read.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Didn't expect to get those reviews. Much appreciated. Definitely get your reviews up shortly, except for NB for obvious reasons.

SmackDown; February 23rd, 2007; Anaheim, California

A video recap of No Way Out plays; the Hardys defeating the Hooligans to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles, Kane brawling with Henry to a no contest, Rey/Lashley/Chavo defeating Booker/Finlay/Regal and then the blow up between Regal and Finlay afterward, and Shelton/Helms beating The Mexicools in the SD Tag Showcase.

John Cena defeats Sabin and then brawls with The Undertaker, Christopher Daniels retains his Cruiserweight Championship by defeating legendary cruiserweight Dean Malenko, Mr. Kennedy continues his incredible roll by beating Kurt Angle and retaining his WrestleMania title match, Batista def. The Rock in a steel cage match to retain his World Heavyweight Title match.

After the match up, “The Game” Triple H made his return after a two week lay-off to a huge ovation but that soon changed when he destroyed The Rock inside of the steel cage, beating him on each side of the cage, hitting a Pedigree on a steel chair and then capping it off with a sledgehammer shot, onto a steel chair, onto The Rock’s skull!

Opening Video


***Turn Up The Tremble*** The crowd erupts into an immense ovation as the soon-to-be WrestleMania headliner, the #1 contender, Mr. Kennedy makes his way down to the ring. Kennedy steps in, looking as confident as always and calls for a mic.

Joey Styles:
Last night, the WrestleMania 23 main event was set it will be Batista defending his World Heavyweight Championship against the man in the ring right now, Ken Kennedy.

Tazz: That sellout Kurt Angle put up a fight but Mister Kennedy is going to Ford Field to challenge for the richest prize in the business.

Kennedy finally gets his mic.

Mr. Kennedy:
Ladies an-

Kennedy is cut off by a loud “Kennedy” chant which catches his attention, garnering a smirk from the confident star.

Mr. Kennedy:
Ladies and gentlemen, I stand before you tonight … a little bit tired, a little bit worn out, a little bit beat up but despite the war that I went through with Kurt Angle last night, I still stand before you tonight as the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at WRESTLEMANIA!!!

Cheers from the crowd.

Mr. Kennedy:
Now, you all know that I’m not one to be giving out praise left and right but that baldheaded bitch son of a bitch Kurt Angle put up one hell of a fight last night … it just wasn’t good enough. So now, Kurt can take his ball, go over to Raw and get his ass kicked by Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania 23.

Crowd pops.

Mr. Kennedy:
With that out the way, lets talk about THE absolute most important date in my career … WrestleMania 23 … April 1st … Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan … 75,000 some-odd people in one damn building … millions upon millions watching around the freakin’ globe … Mister Kennedy … Kennedy challenges for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Great pop.

Mr. Kennedy:
But - and this concerns WrestleMania - but ever since I won the Royal Rumble, I’ve heard the critics - skeptics, whatever the hell you want to call ‘em - I’ve heard them say “Kennedy challenging for the title isn’t a good story”.

Light boos as KK stares at the crowd a bit.

Mr. Kennedy:
They’re right, no, they are right. My story -- its not as dramatic as the grizzled twenty year veteran who scratches and claws his way to the top and then finally breaks through the glass ceiling. Its not that good of a story.

Kennedy rubs his chin.

Mr. Kennedy:
Its not as good as the five foot three cruiserweight “giant killer” who battles and battles for respect and then finally gets to headline WrestleMania. Definitely not as good as that. But I tell you this … I couldn’t give a shit.

Great pop.

Mr. Kennedy:
NO, I’m not a charity case. NO, I’m not a washed up veteran, I’m a young, arrogant, cocky, conceited, pompous, pretentious, snobby, ASSHOLE who can’t get enough of himself!!

Somewhat surprisingly, another pop.

Mr. Kennedy:
But the fact is, I’M THE BEST!!

More cheers.

Mr. Kennedy:
I proved it at the Royal Rumble when I outlasted 29 other superstars, dumped Kurt Angle, Kane and Umaga over the top rope and EARNED my spot in the WrestleMania main event!


Mr. Kennedy:
I proved it last Sunday at No Way Out, when I took one of the best wrestlers of all time and pinned an Olympic Gold Medalist’s ass dead center in the middle of this very ring!

Another pop as a “Kennedy” chant starts up.

Mr. Kennedy:
So come WrestleMania night, come April 1st, I’ll be standing across the ring from the World Heavyweight Champion, my first damn title match, my first pay per view main event and there won’t be a damn thing to stop me from capturing that belt. Nice guys finish last … thank God, I’m an asshole.


Mr. Kennedy:
The Kennedy Administration has begun. Now say it LOUD, say it PROUD, MMMMIIIIISSSSTTTTEEERRRRRR … KKKEEENNNEEDDDYYYY …

The crowd pops as Kennedy walks to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle.

Mr. Kennedy:

***Space Odyssey 3000*** The crowd gives the greatest wrestler of all time his appropriate ovation with a few boos sprinkled in as Ric Flair walks out onto the stage, dressed in his custom suit, microphone in hand. Many bow at the site of Flair but that doesn’t shake Kennedy.

Ric Flair:
Ken … Ken … Ken … tsk, tsk.

Flair shakes his head with a smile.

Mr. Kennedy:
Eloquently said.

Ric Flair: Didn’t I tell you to take your WrestleMania title match and head to Monday Night Raw? Didn’t I say that?

Kennedy smiles.

Mr. Kennedy:
(nonchalantly) I remember something like that vaguely.

Ric Flair:
Didn’t I say that Batista would retain the title at No Way Out? Didn’t I say that you had no chance in hell of beating Batista? DON’T YOU REALIZE … don’t you realize that Batista has crushed wrestler after wrestler, legend after legend, ICON AFTER ICON, from Kurt Angle to The Rock to Triple H to King Booker to Rey Mysterio to Finlay to Bobby Lashley!?


Ric Flair:
Don’t you realize that it is impossible for this man to be beat? Batista is a killer, he’s a DAMN MONSTER!! Uncontrollable, unstoppable, unbeatable, immovable, INDESTRUCTABLE, an ANIMAL!!

Kennedy shouts over Flair.

Mr. Kennedy: Enough with the hype job!! I’ve heard it all before, Batista’s supposed to be invincible, I get it.

Flair laughs a bit.

Ric Flair:
Hype job?! Am I making any of this stuff up? Batista beat Triple H THREE TIMES IN A ROW and then beat him AGAIN at the Royal Rumble!! HE CRUSHED ROCK IN THE STEEL CAGE!! Batista has come out of No Disqualification Matches, Elimination Chambers, Steel Cage Matches WITHOUT A DAMN SCRATCH!! STILL THE CHAMPION!! AND YOU THINK YOU CAN BEAT HIM?!

Kennedy nods pretty confidently and Flair takes off his jacket to “WOOOO” from the crowd.

Ric Flair:
YOU!? A guy who hasn’t headlined a pay per view in his entire life?! A guy who got lucky by winning the Royal Rumble!? A guy who got lucky when Kurt Angle made a mistake last night?! Kid, this is the big leagues. At WrestleMania, nobody’s asking you to throw Batista over the top rope - WOOO - we’re asking you - YOU - to grab a man who’s 300 pounds, six feet six and pin his shoulders to the mat for three or to make Batista submit!!! Something that LEGENDS havent been able to do -- LEGENDS!! And you’re gonna do it?!

Kennedy answers without hesitation.

Mr. Kennedy: You bet your ass I’m gonna do it.

Ric Flair: You’re gonna win?!

Mr. Kennedy: You damn right I’m gonna win.

Ric Flair: Just like you won at last years WrestleMania?

Kennedy rolls his eyes as Flair hits himself in the head.

Ric Flair:
Oh, that’s right!! You weren’t even AT last year’s WrestleMania! So not only is this your FIRST pay per view main event, and not only is this your FIRST title match, and not only is this your FIRST WrestleMania - a place where Batista has already been and been successful -- BOTH TIMES -- but you’re gonna step into the ring with the most dominant World Heavyweight Champion OF ALL TIME!!

Kennedy seems to be losing his sense of confidence as Flair almost shakes his head in pity.

Ric Flair:
You don’t have a clue what you’ve gotten yourself into.

KK holds his head down a bit, contemplating his situation it would seem.

Ric Flair:
You thought WrestleMania 23 would be the greatest night of your life - a dream come true - but make no mistake about it, you are in for the worst night of your life, nothing short of a nightmare! You’ve come all this way … to bomb on the biggest stage ever in front of millions of fans.

Kennedy looks up as Flair grins from ear to ear.

Ric Flair:
(Mocking Kennedy) April 1st … Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan … MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF FANS - WOOOOOO!! - Mister Kennedy chokes … chokes. WWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Flair’s music hit’s again as he picks his jacket up, turns around and heads through the curtain, leaving a contemplating Kennedy in the ring.

Commercial Break

Joey Styles:
The seeds have been planted. In my opinion, Ric Flair has effectively gotten into the head of the usually confident Mr. Kennedy.

Tazz: That’s quite possible but Kennedy better find his mojo quick because if he has any doubt come WrestleMania, Batista WILL crush him.

***Dilated Teens*** The dominant Cruiserweight Champion, the “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels makes his way down to the ring, as his valet, Allison Danger, shows off his title belt to the crowd, whom gives him a mixed reaction. Kid Kash waits in the ring as Daniels takes off his robe and steps in, ready to go.

Match #1:
Christopher Daniels vs. Kid Kash
The Notorious K.I.D. makes a very rare television appearance and does his damndest to make the most out of it, giving the match 110% as does Daniels, continuing to establish himself as the in ring most valuable player of the SmackDown! brand. Kash hangs with Daniels throughout, using his vast repertoire to keep a hold on the match but at the six minute mark, the Fallen Angel kicks it into a different gear, hitting a running calf kick, catching Kash off guard. Daniels tucks him between his legs, going for the ANGEL’S WINGS but Kash spins out of it, throwing a right hand but Daniels ducks it before delivering a dropkick to the back of Kash, causing him to get caught on the middle rope. The crowd boos as Daniels shoots off the ropes and hit’s the 619!!!! Daniels smirks as he re-enters the ring and plants Kash with the ANGEL’S WINGS for the three count!!
Winner: Christopher Daniels @6:32 via pinfall.
Daniels calls Allison in and she shows the belt off to the crowd as Daniels smirks, another impressive win in the record books.

We cut backstage, inside the locker room of King Booker, Finlay and the United States Champion William Regal, with Regal and Finlay staring a whole though each other.

King Booker:
See, see, we don’t need this right now, alright, tonight the two of you have gotta be unified in our quest to vanquish Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero from my SmackDown! Kingdom. We can not afford to have any of this dissention amongst us or we’ll end up losing again.

Regal finally speaks.

William Regal:
I said it once, and I’ll say it again, the next time that Dave puts his bloody hands on me, I’ll rip them off and shove it down your throat!!

FLARE UP~! Finlay takes a step toward Regal but the US Champ backs up and Booker holds Finlay back.

You know what, after tonight, I’m done with the two of you. DONE!

King Booker:
Come on, Sir Finlay.

Its just … Finlay. And as for you (pointing to Regal), last Sunday, you “accidentally” hit me in the face with that scepter and you’ve done nothing but piss me off ever since I’ve laid my eyes on you. So, I’ll tell you this. After tonight, I’ll be coming to knock your block off and maybe even take that belt around your waist.

Finlay intensely glares at a nervous Regal before storming out of the locker room. Booker looks at Regal in shock as we fade.

Joey Styles:
My goodness, the tension in the King’s Court has reached an all time high, but will they be able to defeat Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero up next!?

Commercial Break

***Booyaka 619*** Rey Mysterio shoots out onto the stage as Chavo Guerrero enters the arena and the crowd gives a great pop. The two stars slap the hands of the fans on opposite sides as the walk towards the ring.

***Royalty*** Boos fill throughout the arena as the United States Champion William Regal, accompanied by King Booker and Sharmell, walks to the ring.

***My Name Is Finlay*** The Fighting Irish Bastard Finlay walks down to the ring, shillelagh in hand as he eyes up Regal, whom steps behind King Booker.

Match #2:
Rey Mysterio & Chavo Guerrero vs. William Regal & Finlay(w/King Booker & Sharmell) The two men go at it, Rey and Chavo utilizing their speed as Regal and Finlay use their European offense and somehow manage to stay on the same page throughout the contest. The King’s Court employ several double teams to wear down Chavito before dragging him back into the corner. Eventually Chavo gets free and makes the tag to Mysterio, who comes in and does his usual cleaning of the house, hitting hurricanranas on both men and following up with the 619 on Regal!! Mysterio hops onto the top and gets ready for the West Coast Pop! He leaps off but FINLAY SHOVES REGAL OUT OF THE WAY!! Rey lands on his feet and Finlay takes his head off with a nasty clothesline!! Chavo runs forward and hit’s a clothesline, taking he and Finlay out of the ring as William Regal crawls over and lifts Mysterio up before dropping him with a Dragon Suplex and a bridge!! 1... 2... 3!
Winners: William Regal and Finlay @ 9:19.

Joey Styles:
William Regal picks up the win here over Rey Mysterio but he can give the huge assist and the save to Finlay.

Tazz: I hope this means they’re back on the same page.

King Booker enters the ring and helps Regal up to his feet, congratulating him on his victory. Mysterio and Chavo head to the back as Finlay rolls back into the ring, staring down Regal, whom backs up behind Booker.

Book tries to talk some sense into Finlay, telling him to relax. Regal moves Booker out of the way and the Englishman and the Irishman have a bit of a staredown before Regal extends his hand to Finlay. The Fighting Irishman takes a second or two before accepting Regal’s handshake.

The two grizzled veterans are finally back on the same page … BUT BOOKER GRABS THE ARMS OF FINLAY!!! Regal then lays into Finlay with left hands, drilling him right in the face as Booker just lets him rain in open shots!!!!

Finlay gets taken down and Booker & Regal stomp away on their former friend. The crowd boos wildly as the two men beat down the grizzled veteran.

***Soldier*** The crowd pops huge as BOBBY LASHLEY sprints down to the ring and slides in! Booker and Regal immediately bail, rolling to the outside of the ring as Lashley chases them off. Lashley stares at Booker and Regal before calling for the United States Championship.

Lashley barely pays any attention to a downed Finlay, whom holds his ribs in pain before we fade out.

Commercial Break

Backstage, Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero walk down a hall, clearly fatigued after the match up they just had. They’re soon met by the Cruiserweight Champion of the world, Christopher Daniels and Allison Danger.

Christopher Daniels:
Nice work out there tonight, Rey. (Scoffs)Looks like I can hit your moves better than you can. Not that that comes as a particular shock, because when you’re the best Cruiserweight of all time, everything comes easy.

Rey and Chavo shake their heads in disgust.

Rey Mysterio:
I don’t have time for this.

Christopher Daniels:
Face it, Mysterio, I’m the best cruiserweight you’ve ever seen and I proved it last Sunday at No Way Out when I took Dean Malenko down and showed The Iceman just who the superior athlete was. When are you gonna step up to the plate, Mysterio?

Rey Mysterio: What are you talking about?

Christopher Daniels:
Just like I told you at No Way Out, you need to stop ducking me and come back to the place that everyone around here seems to think you built. Personally, I think you’re nothing more than an overrated spot monkey who isn’t fit to lace up my boots but if it takes beating you dead in the center of this ring to show every fan around the world just who the best is, then I’m more than willing to expose you for the overrated joke that you are.

Chavo seems to be getting more and more upset as Mysterio manages to keep his cool in the face of an arrogant champion.

Rey Mysterio:
I’ve already said I’ve been there and done that and I’ve moved on, so, the answer is still no.

Christopher Daniels: That’s a true shame. I never thought of you as someone to back down from a DIRECT challenge, Mysterio, but I guess you know that you would never be able to hang with the Fallen Angel, the best cruiserweight in the business today. Someone who is much better than Dean Malenko, much better than yourself, much better than Chavito over here-

Chavo takes a step towards Daniels but Rey holds him back.

Christopher Daniels:
Jushin Liger, Ultimo Dragon, Chris Jericho, Taka Michinoku, Gregory Helms, Eddie Guerrero -

Chavo Guerrero:

Allison is taken aback as Daniels simply smirks - getting the reaction he wanted, just from the wrong person.

Chavo Guerrero:
Rey may not be willing to shut you up but I’d be more than happy to. Me and you next week on SmackDown! for the Cruiserweight Championship. What do ya say?

Christopher Daniels:
Oh no, y’see, the Fallen Angel only puts the gold on the line on the big stages. Lucky for you, we’ve got a huge event coming up next month, Saturday Night’s Main Event on March 10th and I’ll gladly put the belt on the line against you…

Chavo Guerrero:
Good, I-

Christopher Daniels: IF.

Daniels smirks.

Christopher Daniels:
You seem pretty confident, Chavo. You’ve got a lot of aggression and are very respected within my cruiserweight division, but the truth is, you haven’t done anything to actually earn a shot at my title, so what do I get out of this match up? I’ll tell ya. You want a shot at my championship - you put your career on the line.

Both Chavo and Rey react with shock.

Christopher Daniels:
You feel I’m a loudmouth?! You feel I haven’t earned my stripes hear in the WWE?! You think you can shut me up and take my title?! I say prove it and put your career up if you think you can hang.

Chavo Guerrero:
You want my career on the line? YOU GOT IT!

Rey looks at Chavo with almost comedically large eyes, in complete shock. Daniels smirks and nods before heading off with Allison Danger as Chavo steams.

Raw Rebound
- Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle is made for WrestleMania 23.
- McMahon allows any Raw superstar to make the jump to SD this week. Umaga and The Big Show seem particularly interested.
- Randy Orton interferes in the Edge/HBK #1 contender match, causing the Raw main event for WrestleMania to once again be delayed.

We get a split screen of the “Big Red Machine” Kane and “The Silverback” Mark Henry walking backstage, apparently towards the ring.

Joey Styles:
Up next, monsters collide once more. No Way Out rematch, Kane versus Mark Henry, next!

Commercial Break

***Some Bodies Gonna Get It*** The crowd turns up the heat as the World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry walks towards the ring, with his usual snarl on his face. He steps in and looks around at the crowd when…


***Slow Chemical*** Kane walks towards the ring, receiving a good ovation from the sold out crowd. Henry exit’s the ring as The Big Red Machine steps in, setting off his massive pyro.

Joey Styles:
Last Sunday at No Way Out, these two huge behemoths beat the living crap out of each other, but nothing was settled. Hopefully, we get some answers here tonight.

As J.R. would say, this is gonna be bowling shoe ugly but trust me, all hell is about to break loose.

Match #3:
Kane vs. Mark Henry
Guess what? Not a technical masterpiece … but much like No Way Out, the two behemoths slug away on each other with hard rights until they’re out of breath. Kane does his best to get the most out of Henry, including using his flying clothesline for excitement - but since he’s not all that particularly talented either, its of little to no use. Kane follows up with yet another one of those flying clotheslines and looks ready to finish Henry off and plants him with the CHOKESLAM FROM HELL when…

Todos, eschuchame, everybody listen - haha - to me.

The crowd gives a pop out of shock as Armando Alejandro Estrada appears at the top of the stage.

Armando Alejandro Estrada:
MY NAME ES ARMANDOOOO ALEJANDROOOO ESTRRRRRRRADA!!! HAHA!! And my friends, don’t rub jour eyes because jes, I am right here on SmackDown!! But don’t get your - como se dice - hopes up because I am not jumping over to anywhere! I just felt the need to comment on the abysmal, embarrassing wrestling and embarrassing superstars, pathetic monsters that I’m seeing in the ring right now!!

Boos as Kane raises a eyebrow - or what would be his eyebrow if they weren’t seared off for some reason.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Kane, my friend, jou’re all washed up!! Its about time ju hanged up the boots because ju just don’t have it anymore!! Go home and don’t come back.

Estrada goes to turn around and leave but soon enough, the crowd gets up to its feet as
THE BIG SHOW and Paul Heyman begin to make their way through the crowd. Estrada turns back around.

Armando Alejandro Estrada:
Haha, I almost forgot, we have message from Jonathan Coachman to Stephanie McMahon. “Why jump to SmackDown!, when you can JUMP SmackDown!” Haha!

UMAGA enters the arena, brushing past Estrada and charging into the ring. Kane and Umaga exchange right hands as Big Show steps over the barricade and grabs the foot of the unconscious Henry, pulling him out of the ring.

Show then begins to rip the announce table apart, pulling off the top, monitors, cords and the such. Show lifts Henry to his feet, wrapping his hand around his throat and though he initially struggles, he picks Henry up and CHOKESLAMS HIM THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!

A “Holy Shit” chant breaks out as Big Show then eyes up Umaga and Kane brawling in the ring before deciding to get involved himself, climbing onto the apron and over the top rope.

Kane begins to take control, hitting a couple of consecutive rights to the Samoan Bulldozer but Show grabs him and hit’s a nasty headbutt to the back of the head!! Umaga rolls out of the ring and grabs the steel steps before tossing them over the top rope and inside.

Several refs run down to the ring but they’re systematically destroyed, each hit with a strong right from Umaga as Heyman and Estrada laugh outrageously. Mags rolls back into the ring and picks up the steel steps as Show lifts Kane up to his feet. Umaga then pulls back and smashes the steps right into the face of The Big Red Machine!! Kane goes tumbling, eventually rolling to the outside as the two biggest men on the SD roster have been laid out by Raw’s most dominant.

Stephanie McMahon appears on the entrance ramp and waives wildly for back up, as several (eight or nine) mid card/lower card SmackDown! Superstars begin to run down to the ring, sliding in. Show and Umaga are ready to take them all on - successful or not - but Heyman and AAE think better of it, calling them off and Show and Umaga leave the ring and head back out through the crowd.

Commercial Break

Back from the break, we watch as The Big Show, Umaga, Paul Heyman, and Armando Estrada walking towards a limo. Stephanie McMahon runs after them, finally catching up with them.

Stephanie McMahon:
Do me a favor would you?

Heyman smirks as Big Show turns around and gets right in Steph’s face - or would, if he wasn’t a giant.

Stephanie McMahon:
Get Coachman on the phone and tell him to pay very, VERY close attention to our main event. I have a very special surprise for him.

Steph puts on her trademark grin before walking off, leaving the foursome from Raw to look a bit baffled.

No Way Out Video
We head right into a video package, recapping the final moments of the No Way Out main event, which saw Batista barely escape the Steel Cage match with the World Title, narrowly escaping The Rock.

After the match, Rock gets a standing ovation but thats soon interrupted when Triple H makes his return after two months and destroys the People’s Champ, slamming him into the cage, hitting a Pedigree on the chair, a couple of nasty sledgehammer shots and then the final blow, a hammer shot, onto the chair, onto Rock’s head.

We then get a replay of the events of which just happened, seeing Raw’s Big Show and Umaga crush Mark Henry with a Chokeslam through a table and Kane with a shot with steel steps.

***Time To Play The Game*** After the initial pop, The Game gets some of the most ungodly heat ever heard as he enters the arena, dressed in a black suit and shades, almost as if he‘s going to a funeral. He walks down the entrance ramp and several fans flip him off, to which Hunter ignores before continuing into the ring.

Joey Styles:
I don’t think it would be a stretch in the least to call this man the most hated WWE superstar on the entire roster.

This man is an icon, one of the best talents we’ve ever seen but I lost a lot of respect for Triple H at No Way Out. Just so incredibly unnecessary, that attack on The Rock, man. Just sick stuff, sick stuff.

Triple H calls for a microphone and gets one from Tony Chimel, but as soon as Hunter goes to speak, a thunderous “asshole” chant starts up, cutting him off. Hunter waits for it to die down - but it doesn’t and The Game continues to wait as this crowd refuses to give him a break. About a minute passes before Helmsley brings the mic up to his mouth.

Triple H:
“Trips, you make me sick” … “Triple H, that was the most sickening thing that I have ever seen” … “Hunter, how could you possibly do such a thing?” … “Why, Hunter, why?”

Boos as Hunter looks around the arena, these fans completely riled up over the assault of one of their heroes.

Triple H:

Incredible heat as Hunter takes a deep breath. Yet another “Asshole” chant starts up, much shorter duration than the last one though.

Triple H:
Four years, four long, LONG years, I took this company, threw it on my back and carried it year by year, month by month, from pay per view to pay per view, day after damn day, minute by minute, FOR FOUR GOD DAMN YEARS!! It was me!!

More heat for The Game, whom boils with anger, furious and this crowd continues to pound away on him, starting a “You Suck” chant.

Triple H:
Austin came and went, Goldberg came and went, so did Nash, so did Steiner, so did Lesnar, so did Hogan, SO DID THE ROCK!! The one consistent, the one dependable commodity that this company had to rely on was ME!!

More “You Suck” chants from this rowdy crowd as The Game‘s motives become more and more clear.

Triple H:
You don’t have to like it but it is the truth - it is the ever-loving truth. I put asses in the seats, I put money in Vince’s wallet, sold out the arenas, elevated the ratings, bumped the damn buy-rates and made this company what it has evolved into to this very day!!!

Hunter brushes the hair out of his face, relaxing a bit more but the anger still clearly bubbling under the surface.

Triple H:
Through all the utter crap and complete bullshit that I have to go through from the critics and each every one of you idiots, I remained loyal. Every damn place I go, I have to hear about politics, I have to hear about holding people back, but yet, all I do is come out here week after week, for years on end, and put on the best match that you idiots have ever seen and keep you people on the edge of your damn seats because … its … what … I … do. I’m willing to accept the outright nonsense from everyone in this place, because being a wrestler -- being the BEST is what I do.

Triple H takes a deep breath as the crowd seems to be giving him a chance to finish his promo instead of booing.

Triple H:
SummerSlam 2006.

Helmsley seems to be getting himself riled up even by mentioning the event. He takes another breath, recomposing himself before bringing the mic back up.

Triple H:
SummerSlam 2006 - “The Return of The Rock”.

Immense ovation as Hunter looks around the arena, his scowl portraying his disgust for Rock’s popularity.

Triple H:
Yeah, that’s right. Rock decided that he had enough of Hollywood. Just like that. Decided he had enough and came right back to the WWE and … (sarcastically) much to everyone’s surprise, the WWE accepted him with open arms. That I can understand, its simply business. I get it.

Hunter looks around the arena once more and scoffs before shaking his head at the “ungrateful” crowd.

Triple H:
But what I don’t get is, how The Rock comes back and is just handed everything on a damn silver platter. Vince plasters his mug all over pay per view posters, all over promotional events. Rocky gets top billing. Rocky gets handed the main events. Rock gets handed shots at the World Heavyweight Championship - MY World Heavyweight Championship.

Boos for what seems to be The Game‘s blatant jealousy over The Rock’s status within the company.

Triple H:
I’d blame Stephanie, I’d blame Vince, I’d blame management, but the fact is, the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of each and everyone of you idiots around the world and here tonight.


Triple H:
This guy takes his ball … goes to Hollywood … gives a big “screw you” to the WWE … basically tells all of you to shove it up your ass … and then he gets bored, comes back and you -- you accept him with open arms?

More cheers -- almost a sarcastic pop from the sold out crowd tonight, which causes Hunter to snap.

Triple H:

“Asshole” chant as Triple H becomes more and more red in the face. The Game takes a second, letting the chants die down and takes the time to calm down before lifting the mic back up.

Triple H:
I wasn’t gonna sit by and let this arrogant jack off come in and take what rightfully belongs to me - my title shots, my main events, my pay per view paychecks, MY DAMN RESPECT!!


Triple H:
So I did the right thing, I did what I had to do -- I took my sledgehammer, walked into that cage, beat his ass within an inch of his life and then proceeded to bust his damn head open!

Tremendous heat from the crowd now as Triple H reviews the repulsive attack on Rock from the pay per view.

Triple H:
That was a message, that everybody in the back, everybody in the office, everybody sitting on their asses in this crowd and at home needs to understand. THE GAME IS BACK!!

More heat for Triple H as Hunter stares directly at the hard camera, ready to bring it home.

Triple H:
I’m through letting things slide, the blatant disrespect that I’ve been getting ceases NOW! I will not stop until I get the respect that I have earned by being the best! The Rock was only the beginning. I will go through EVERY single man on the damn roster until Triple H is back on the t-

“Rocky” chants fill throughout the arena, cutting The Game off and Triple H lets out a smirk.

Triple H:
NEWSFLASH!!! The Rock isn’t here tonight! He’s laying up in a hospital bed trying to remember what the hell his name is!


Triple H: And if The Rock knows what’s good for him, once he regains his faculties about himself within the next few months or so, he should hop on a jet and head back to Hollywood, because it will NEVER be over between him and I. Last Sunday was a message, “Go away”. He brings his ass back and I will put him down for good.

Tremendous heat.

Triple H:
And there won’t be a damn thing anybody can do about it because I am exactly what I say that I am. I am The Game and I am … that … damn … good!

The Game’s music hits once more as he stares around at the crowd before tossing the mic down and exiting the ring. Triple H heads back up the ramp before turning around and taunting the crowd a bit, trash talking before heading through the curtain and to the back.

Commercial Break

Back from the break, we get ourselves a video package on the World Heavyweight Champion Batista, showcasing his complete and utter dominance known as his most current title reign, beating Kurt Angle at No Mercy, joining with Ric Flair at Survivor Series, beating Angle, Rock, Triple H, King Booker and Finlay in the Elimination Chamber match at Armageddon, defeating Bobby Lashley at New Years Revolution, Triple H at the Royal Rumble, and Rock in a steel cage match at No Way Out.

The camera then goes to the locker room of Mr. Kennedy who watches his monitor and the video, shaking his head, almost in awe.

We then get a graphic, promoting Batista in one on one action next week.

WrestleMania Recall: Hulk Hogan slams Andre The Giant in front of 93,000 at WrestleMania III.

After the video, we get the entrances of the four tag teams in our tag team match up, the WWE Tag Team Champions the Hardys, Shelton Benjamin & Gregory Helms, the Hooligans & the Mexicools. The Hardys and the Hooligans are clearly limping, still hurting from the ladder match at No Way Out.

Match #4: Eight Man Tag Team Match:
The Hardys, Shelton Benjamin & Gregory Helms vs. The Hooligans & The Mexicools
Considering the caliber of the guys involved, the match is a bit disappointing since the Hardys and Hooligans are forced to continue to sell the brutality of the ladder match. Super Crazy, Psichosis, Benjamin and Helms are forced to carry the action, moving at a solid pace and giving the fans in attendance some solid action. Per usual, the match eventually breaks down and the hot tags are made to Paul London and Jeff Hardy!! London comes in with taped ribs and hit’s a wheel kick to Hardy and then goes to the corner, drilling Matt and company with forearms. London continues to open up on Jeff with the high octane offense. London then hit’s a dropsault and goes for the cover, but its soon broken up by Matt. The Mexicools and Kendrick enter the ring and the three on three brawl is on, causing all six illegal competitors, barring Benjamin to end up on the outside. They all get back up to their feet and Shelton shows his incredible athleticism, hitting a flying helo over the top rope, taking everyone out!!! Back in the ring, Jeff goes for a Twist of Fate but London counters, shoving him off the ropes and then hitting a hurricanrana, with a hook of the legs!! 1... 2... 3!!
Winner: The Hooligans and The Mexicools @ 8:09.
The crowd pops as London has picked up the victory over one half of the tag team champions, avenging their loss from last Sunday.

Cut backstage to Steve Romero standing by with John Cena.

Steve Romero:
It has been a wild night here on SmackDown!, with --

John Cena:
Big, BIG, ginormous night, Sean.

Steve Romero: Steve.

Cena glares angrily at Romero.

Steve Romero: Sean.

John Cena: Its been a crazy night on SmackDown!, Kennedy’s pissing his pants, the Court’s breaking up, Chavo’s putting his career on the line, Raw showing up on SmackDown!, Triple H is back - and apparently, so is The Game. Phew, that’s quite the mouthful. But … nobody cares … because John Cena has exploded onto your screen live and in living color!!

Mixed reaction.

John Cena:
And last Sunday, I showed Chris Sabin who the boss is, when I beat his ass dead center in the middle of the ring. And then after that, I showed The Undertaker who the boss is, when I pimped slapped him in the face.

Crowd boos as Cena laughs a bit.

John Cena:
The Deadman needs to learn that his time -- his era -- his decade and a half of destruction is long gone and my time … IS NOW!

Boos as Cena stares right into the camera.

John Cena:
Ohhhh, but Taker me and you, we’re gonna come face to face eventually enough but tonight, I teach Chris Sabin who runs the show just one more time(does ‘You Can’t See Me’ taunt). Ya heard?

Cena then walks off camera to heat as Romero looks on.

Joey Styles:
Coming up next, the rubber match, the “Doctor of Thuganomics” John Cena versus Chris Sabin, NEXT!

Commercial Break

***Hail Sabin*** The crowd gives a nice pop to Chris Sabin as he makes his way down the ring, slapping the hands of the fans before stepping in.

***My Time Is Now*** John Cena steps out onto the stage and the crowd completely explodes into a mixed reaction, many of the young fans booing while many older teens cheer the rebellious, outlandish superstar. The Doctor of Thuganomics steps in, and makes his hand into the shape of a gun before pointing it at Sabin, and “pulling the trigger”.

Main Event: Rubber Match:
John Cena vs. Chris Sabin
The match continues the string of solid matches that the two have had recently and follows the format of the last two, big man/little man. Sabin manages to gain the upper hand throughout the early going but Cena regains control, using his tremendous power to take the cruiserweight down. Cena hits several big clotheslines and then follows up with the Killswitch/Spinout Powerbomb and then follows up with the Five Knuckle Shuffle, much to the chagrin of the crowd. Cena then goes for the FU … but Sabin slides off of his back. Sabin spins him around and kicks Cena in the gut before throwing him on his shoulders, looking for the CRADLE SHOCK … but much in the same way, Cena counters, landing behind Sabin and kicking him in the back of the leg! Cena then angrily shoves Sabin’s face into the mat and his face slaps the canvas hard before Cena locks in the STFU!!! Cena continues to choke Sabin out as the former cruiserweight champ struggles for air, but soon submits!!
Winner: John Cena @ 10:17 via submission.
The crowd gives another mixed reaction as Cena gets up to his feet and looks down at Sabin, whom holds his neck in pain. The referee raises his hand up but Cena snatches it away and heads out of the ring.

Joey Styles:
Now what? Come on, you won the match.

Tazz: Sending a message, Styles. That’s what this is about.

Cena grabs a steel chair and rolls back into the ring. Sabin struggles back up to his feet and the Doctor of Thuganomics positions himself behind Sabin, stalking him and once he turns around, Cena catches him right in the throat with the chair!! Sabin collapses to the mat but Cena is far from done, as he spins Sabin over and locks in the STFU again!!

Sabin reaches his arms out in pain as Cena grits his face with intensity before …


The crowd pops with an incredible ovation as Cena lets go of the hold and looks around the arena.


The lights go out.


The lights come back on and the audience goes wild as
THE UNDERTAKER comes face to face with the Doctor of Thuganomics!! Cena smirks and even laughs a bit before looking at the Deadman and asking “You came back for some more?”.

Cena then turns around and tries to quickly grab the chair, but Taker grabs his arm and spins him around, lighting Cena up with hard right hands, backing him up, before knocking him over the top rope!!

The crowd pops as Cena throws a hissy fit, kicking over the steel steps, picking them up and tossing them around, as The Undertaker stares on coldly from the ring, before Taker gives Cena the throat slash.

***I’m All Grown Up*** The SmackDown! General Manager, Stephanie McMahon, steps out onto the stage, as a couple of refs check on Sabin. Steph has a mic in hand as both Cena and Taker turn their attention to the GM.

Stephanie McMahon:
Ladies and gentlemen, the newest addition to the SmackDown! roster, THE UNDERTAKER!!

Thunderous ovation for The Phenom as Cena initially looks shocked but soon yells out “So what!? I’m the star!”.

Stephanie McMahon: That of course, brings me to you … John Cena.

Mixed reaction as Cena holds his arms out, asking “WHAT?!”

Stephanie McMahon: You think you’re the man in this company?

Cena responds “Damn skippy”.

Stephanie McMahon: “The boss”, as you put it?

Cena nods.

Stephanie McMahon: Well, we’re gonna put that theory to the test on April the first.

The crowd begins to stir as Cena looks rather confused.

Stephanie McMahon: Because on April 1st, WrestleMania 23, we will see the “Doctor of Thuganomics” and former two time WWE Champion, John Cena--

Mixed reaction as Cena begins to shake his head in disbelief, knowing what’s coming.

Stephanie McMahon:
-- go one on one with the man whom is undefeated at WrestleMania, THE UNDERTAKER!!!

Incredible pop. ***Graveyard Symphony*** hits again and Cena slowly turns around to face The Undertaker, whom continues to look coldly at Cena, before dropping down to his knee and sticking his freakishly large tongue out, while a purplish aura overtakes the arena.

We cut to Stephanie smirking wildly, getting the legendary superstar in The Undertaker to jump ship, a huge match announced for WrestleMania and once again, getting one up on Raw.

We then fade out with Cena and The Undertaker locking eyes with one another, around five weeks away from their anticipated slugfest.



Current Card for Saturday Night’s Main Event:

Date: March 10th, 2007
Location: Madison Square Garden, NYC

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Title vs. Career:
Christopher Daniels vs. Chavo Guerrero


Current Card for WWE WrestleMania XXIII:

Date: April 1st, 2007
Location: Ford Field; Detroit, Michigan
Event Music: Saliva; Ladies and Gentlemen

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Batista vs. Ken Kennedy

WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels OR Edge

One On One:
The Undertaker vs. John Cena

Icon vs. Icon:
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle


Credit goes to Crazian for match banners.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Kennedy's promo wasn't really going anywhere here and while he sounded fine the kick it needed came when Flair came out. Flair was quality and he's really run Kennedy down into the ground here. I think we all know, that Kennedy will win at WM, but atleast now he's doubting himself. Made by Flair

Daniels still winning and STILL trying to get at Rey Rey, using his own 619 on Kid Kash. Nicely booked, should see a challenged layed down soon

Court must split. Must

Regal & Finlay get the win, and then it happens! The Court turns on Finlay! Wisely done, and Lashley saving it, can't picture Finlay as a face, but atleast you can try. Rey will go the CW scene from here, Chavo will fade into obscurity

Wow. Rey turns down a match with Daniels pretty much and then Chavo steps in and puts his career on the line next week! So this will be the end of Chavo I guess

Interesting mess here. Kane about to go over Mark Henry, and then another two bohemoths from RAW in Umaga & Big Show storm the ring and destroy Kane & Henry. Aftermath with Stephanie's little speech to Coach & Estrada has me wondering

Terrific and powerful promo here from Triple H. Totally in character and what a way to get himself over as the companies big heel again. Everything about this promo was spot on, Trips letting rip like he used to do, in typical fashion. Loved this one, great promo

LMAO! Cena vs Sabin main event? Yuck. Atleast Undertaker will be around somewhere I hope. I bet Cena mauls Sabin tonight

Cena took ten minutes to beat Sabin? Meh. Aftermath was were it's at, and Taker shows up and is the new SmackDown! addition to the roster! Whoa! Huge news to end the show with Taker vs Cena announced. Plz don't ruin Taker's streak against Cena of all people. Plz...

Another quality show Mac. Good work. 8/10


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

No Way Out Feedback

A good decision for the opener; the Hardyz and Londrick are sure to get the fans involved into the PPV instantly. Some nice back and forth, exciting action is put on display by the four individuals, I enjoyed the 'extended recap' style you used for this match, and the Hardyz as heels/tweenies is something fresh and unique. We've seen the finish before, Jeff pulled off almost the exact same thing in the Hardyz/Edge and Christian Ladder Match at No Mercy in 1999, but it is an awesome spot, so kudos for bringing that bad boy back.

Addition of the Angle/Steph segment added some nice final build to what should be a great contest, and Steph's imitation of Kennedy was nicely done.

Kane/Henry contest sounded about as good as we could have hoped for, and the no contest finish makes me sure a rematch will occur at Mania, *sigh*.

Trouble in paradise seems to be a term that could be associated with the Kings Court as of late; it'll be interesting to see what occurs tonight. Nice exchange from Flair and Kennedy- that'd be great to see in real life- as the upcoming Batista/Kennedy World Title Match at Mania begins to be built.

Great 6 man tag match here; I enjoyed your description of the contest, and it was nice to see the heel team under-manned for a change. In the end however, Rey Mysterio gets the duke, and I in vision a big role for him come Mania.

Haha. I like the tease of the possible Kennedy/Rock clash, but we both know that is not going to be the case. Still, I must admit I creamed a little, and the thought of a possible match between the two sometime after Mania raises more than just my interest .

Kennedy wins clean with the Green Bay Plunge! Yay! Angle and Coachman will no doubt be angry at this, but I'm sure you'll try to move away from the Kennedy/Kurt feud now that Austin/Angle is on for Mania; or no doubt will be on. Great recap by the way.

King's Court is now done and dusted, finally, and we can now look forward to a Triple Threat Match at Mania for the gold! Woot!

One of my personal "most looked forward too' matches on the card in Daniels/Malenko, turned out to be just as good as I hoped for. Malenko was by no means embarrassed out there; but15 minutes may have been stretching it a bit though for a man who hasn't worked a match in a hell of a long-time. Regardless, Daniels walks away as the Champ, and will hopefully play a big role at WM.

Nice build to the inevitable Austin/Angle feud, with Stone Cold making a surprise appearance on the show 'welcoming' Kurt to Raw. This match has the potential to be a show stealer at the biggest show of the year; it'll be very interesting to see how you build towards this contest in the coming weeks.

Benjamin and Helms get the obvious win over the Mexicools, in clean fashion as well, which sets them up for a big role on SD! in the weeks/months to come.

Cena cuts a promo on his upcoming match with Sabin, but his mind is clearly still on the Deadman. Personally, I have enjoyed the way this feud as gone down to this point; keep it up.

Cena defeats Sabin in a solid 11 minute contest (great to see you wrote the match out in full). The talking point however, was the painfully obvious Undertaker appearance after the match, as the Deadman begins is overdone mind games with Cena, heading into Mania.

Mysterio/Daniels for the CW Title at WrestleMania? Fuck yeah.

Main event time, and The Rock and Batista, to no one's surprise, produce a high quality contest inside the 15 foot high steel cage. I liked the interaction between the two, Batista seemed to flow from sequence to sequence much better than he does in real life, and the Great One was his usual brilliant best. In the end, after a very solid 18 minute bout, Batista manages to prevail over The Rock, as expected, and retain the title. The talking point however, much like the Sabin/Cena clash earlier, is what happened after the match, as Triple H made his heel turn a reality, destroying the fuck out of The Rock! What a contest it should be at Mania, and what an end to a very solid recap. Well done mate.

On another note, this weeks SD! looks tops mate; expect feedback shortly.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's SmackDown! Feedback

~ Apologies for this review being a little late, Mac. Anyway, let's get started. I was thinking we would probably get Triple H to open up the show with, but getting KK is just fine with me You write Kennedy so well it's scary to be hones. Usually I don't really like it when we just have one guy in the ring for ten minutes tooting his own horn with no real conflict, but this was just fine, with Kennedy sounding so tweenerish it's beyond belief. The angle I think you have taken with him is that of Stone Cold from '97. At No Mercy we actually saw the roles reverse between KK and Cena mid-way through a match, and now we're seeing Kennedy acting in the same damn way as he did when he was a heel, but is getting cheered regardless. The only exception, much like Stone Cold, is that Kennedy will side with faces now instead of heels. I have to say, I really love this approach, Mac. Ah, here he is, Naitch going face to face with Kennedy in the ring. This is what this feud is going to be all about. Nobody wants to see Batista in a battle of the mics with KK, but they do want to see Flair in that situation. Why this promo from Naitch was so good is that there was no brawl, no violence, it was just Flair being the ungodly heel he can be, planting seeds of doubt in Kennedy's mind. Some of the things he said really opened my eyes to just how green Ken is in this thread. Wasn't even at Wrestlemania 22, has never had a title shot, and has never even headlined a PPV, and all of a sudden he's in the Wrestlemania Main Event. I think it's fine personally, as I loved KK's justification earlier when he mocked Rey Mysterio and various veterans. I don't know why you've done this to me, Mac, but you've actually got me worrying that Batista might retain the belt come Wrestlemania, which I hope does not come to pass, since I really want to see Ken with the gold. Great opening segment.

~ Squash matches usually aren't exciting, but in the Cruiserweight division pretty much everything is highly watchable. I was a little disappointed to see Kid Kash be such a jobber, since I'm a bit of a fan of his, but I guess it all makes sense in the long run. Christopher Daniels hitting the 619 was excellent; a really nice touch to slowly progress this feud with Rey Mysterio. There Wrestlemania match is coming, is only a matter of time.

~ Pretty much everytime we see the King's Court nowadays they are at one another's throats, so it's fairly obvious that the break up is coming soon. Unlike a lot of people, I actually enjoy the group very much, but I'll agree that they have been together a long time. This was a good segment, with Booker playing the peacemaker of sorts (odd), but I can see you swerving and having Booker turning on Regal and Finlay. U.S title at Wrestlemania between these three? Hell of a match.

~ Short but sweet match up between Regal/Finlay and Rey/Chavo. I was quite surprised to see Rey get pinned again. He does get pinned rather a lot on SmackDown I've noticed. I don't know whether you are making the point that he can't hack it with the big boys. Dragon Suplex pin though. Nice. The aftermath was most interesting though, and I guess I was partly right, since Booker did pull a swerve on Finlay, but he is still in cahoots with Regal. Bobby Lashley making the save pretty much confirms Finlay's face turn. I've always wondered whether he could work as a face, but that was mainly because of Hornswoggle, so on his own I'm not sure. I guess I'll see how you run with it. Maybe Lashley will get involved and make it a Fatal Four Way for the U.S belt come Wrestlemania.

~ Wonderful segment backstage here with Christopher Daniels confronting Rey and Chavo. You write Daniels very well, making these segments enjoyable, since Rey doesn't really add much to them. I can't believe Rey actually said no to a direct challenge; I guess he really does believe he is too good for that division now. Oh man, you've certainly made Saturday Night's Main Event interesting now, with Chavo/Daniels for the CW title and Chavo's career. This has saddened me slightly, since I know that this is all being done to set up Daniels/Rey at Wrestlemania, but in the process you are sacrificing Chavo Guerrero, who is, in my opinion, a better wrestler than Mysterio, so it'll be a shame to see him go I hope you write his match with Daniels in full though.

~ You don't really need to take the piss out of Mark Henry and Kane every time you write with them do you? If you don't like them and don't rate them so much, why bother to even have them on your roster? It's just a little irritating to read. Anyway, Kane looked to have this one won until Estrada? Damn, I love his accent and voice, especially when you get him so in character. "Kane, my friend, jou’re all washed up!!" A great line, and then Umaga and Big Show destroy Big Show and Kane. Wierd. This is very, very wierd. This is obviously what Bischoff had in mind on Raw, but I don't know why this would stop Estrada and Heyman from jumping ship. What does this mean for the four monsters involved? I can't honestly see a Monster's Tag Match at Wrestlemania. That would be ridiculous really, and maybe my imagination is just running wild. I'm very interested though.

~ If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were setting up Raw versus SmackDown! again. Stephanie has every right to be a little pissed off to be honest, and I can only think that she has a Raw superstar jumping to Friday Nights. The Undertaker maybe?

~ Bloody hell! What a promo from Triple H. This was one of the most intense things I think I've read of yours. The opening description of Hunter's attire as being all in black as though for a funeral, actually made me think that that was what we were going to get: a funeral for The Rock. But it also represents Triple H's change back to a heel, with the black being his personality. And Trips does make some excellent points about the company and about he has been a consistent star, whereas The Rock just buggered off. Nice to see that now he is a heel you are referring to him as 'The Game' again instead of 'The King Of Kings', since I don't really like that moniker. With Rocky sidelined for now, I'm not really sure what Hunter is going to do until his return. He can't just cut promo after promo surely, or can he? I for one wouldn't mind those, although more than likely we'll see some interaction with Stephanie McMahon and other superstars. Pat yourself on the back, Mac, this was one hell of a promo

~ Ah, once again you are hyping Batista up like a monster. He reminds me of Psycho Sid or Diesel for some reason in this thread. Don't know why. We can see the seeds of doubt have been planted by Naitch in Kennedy now. Uh oh. Ah, that explains it. I was wondering where Batista was and thought that he might be selling his injuries from the Cage Match. Good thinking.

~ Oh hang about, all four teams coming together in the tag team division. Could this be the kind of match we will see come Wrestlemania? It's mad that you actually have four teams in the division, since a lot of people struggle on that side of things. Underwhelming match, as you alluded to, with London pinning Jeff to seemingly get his team in the title hunt again, although I hope Shelton and Helms, and the Mexicools get involvd as well.

~ A short but rather nice promo from the heel John Cena next. Nice interaction with Steve Romero by calling him Sean. You know I've been loving Cena as a heel of late, and this short promo showed why, with its clear effectiveness and in character approach. Calling himself "The Boss"? I like that moniker. I'm expecting an appearance from Undertaker later.

~ Cena versus Chris Sabin is the Main Event? Awesome. Their match you wrote out in full at No Way Out was really impressive to me, as I'm sure you know, and if this match was anything of the kind, then I'd love it. It sounded similar too, as you alluded to, although this time Cena wins with the STF-U. Beat down afterwards to get some heel heat, before Undertaker comes out. I love Cena's reactions to the Deadman here, he isn't even afraid, even though he gets put over the top rope and goes nuts on the outside. UNDERTAKER IS ON SMACKDOWN AGAIN!!! I knew it. He wasn't really having a lot of success on Raw I'm sure you'll agree, so it's a good move to bring him home. The ending to this show has probably got me more hyped for Wrestlemania then any other, mainly because The Undertaker IS Wrestlemania in person, and I loved the way Cena turned around to stare at his now OFFICIAL opponent. It'll be a show stealer for sure, since Undertaker is THE MAN in the ring no matter what people say, and Cena is very underrrated.

Another wonderul show, Mac, keeping the Road To Wrestlemania firing in all cylinders. The Kennedy/Flair and Triple H promos you wrote tonight were wonderful, two of the best I think I've read. The ending to the show was amazing too, really adding some fire to the Wrestlemania run in. Your spelling and grammar was fine too. Also, I love the new match banners.

8 Out Of 10 - Keep It Up
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

'Mac, I had this review written since so many days, but my internet connection was fucked up, and I wasn't able to post it early, but here it is now. A review for SmackDown will be up soon.

RAW Feedback - DDMac
Good promo to kick off Monday Night RAW. Speaking of characterization, Kurt Angle was spot on. I liked Jonathan Coachman throughout the promo as well. Both of them looked perfect, and it looked like they were having great time there, gaining a good amount of heel heat from the fans with ease. The flow of this promo looked perfect to me as well. Vince McMahon’s appearance came out of nowhere, so I was surprised with that one, but then when he appeared, I kinda expected that he’ll announce Austin vs. Angle for ‘Mania. That’d be awesome. Great promo. By the way, I loved when Angle took shots on SmackDown and Stephanie.

Wow, I was surprised to see the sudden title change here on RAW in the first match up. I don’t really like TNA superstars on a WWE thread, but I don’t know why I’m starting to like them, only because of your thread. AMW with the World Tag Team Championships is definitely unique. However, onto the match, I would’ve personally wanted some more action in this. It looked like a short match to me.

I don’t know why, but The Big Show and Paul Heyman entering Mr. McMahon’s office makes me feel that they are heading to SmackDown. It’ll be interesting to see what you do with them.

Okay, the flow in this promo was going perfect until Orton started talking to his teammates. Orton looked generic at some points too, but he looked spot on at most of the times also. Through this promo, it looks to me that the RKO Army will fall apart soon, and that’d be good to my eyes. Nice promo.

Okayish match here, as Mickie James retains her title via count-out. You know, this ‘count out’ finish makes me believe that we’ll be seeing Mickie vs. Victoria for ‘Mania. I could be wrong though, but anyway, the match was okay, which means it needed some good amount of content in it, which wasn’t actually present there. I’d like you to focus on the women’s division and women’s matches as well.

I like how you’re putting us in suspense. The Big Show and Heyman are already in, and now, Umaga and Estrada enter. Are they heading to SmackDown? I think so.

JBL was awesome here. The line when he said ‘JBL equals butts in the seats’ were phenomenal. It just made me laugh. Great promo, even though it didn’t really have good amount of length. Back up plan? Let’s see what it is.

Masters beats a Random Jobber in a squash match, which will be enough for his confidence.

I liked how the way you announced this match between Angle and Charlie Haas for next week. It should be good.

Eh, I don’t really like short segments after short segments. Anyway, let’s see what Coachman’s ‘particular challenge’ is. By the way, I’d like to see Armando talk in his accent. At the second line, maybe it is a typo, he said ‘you’, not ‘ju’. I thought I’d tell you.

It was an awesome match up, you know. Probably the best match of the night so far. Loved the back and forth action between Carlito and Ken Doane, and in the end, loved the booking too, as Carlito retains his Intercontinental Championship. I now sense Orton throwing Doane out from the RKO Army, or something interesting happening in that stable. I say let’s see what’ll happen there. Onto the aftermath, it shocked me, but it still doesn’t look good to me. I don’t know why, but JBL should not be wrestling for the Intercontinental Championship. He is WAY beyond the mid card division now. I don’t know if I would like that feud or not.

I don’t really see any negative points here in this interview segment by Shawn Michaels. He was right in character, and I completely felt this promo. Great promo to hype the main event.

Edge was spot on also, but Shawn’s interview segment was basically better than this. Nice promo, but not better than Michaels’ interview segment.

This here no doubt was the best match of the night. I completely loved to see Edge kicking out from the Sweet Chin Music. It just shows how much he wants to face Orton, who comes out, and screws the things up. Didn’t really expect a ‘no contest’ finish but it adds more suspense to the feud. That’d be interesting to see. By the way, I loved when Orton spit on the face of Michaels, and RKO’d Lita aftermath. It just makes him look a top heel. Great match, great aftermath, and a great show.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Monday Night Raw; February 26th, 2007; Houston, Texas

Opening Video


We don’t get the obligatory opening commentary because once the pyrotechnics display ends…

***Burn In My Light*** Boos fill the arena as the WWE Champion, the “Legend Killer” Randy Orton steps out onto the stage, dressed in a suit, with his title belt on his shoulder. Orton raises his hands up and sets off his pyro before continuing on down to the ring.

Jim Ross: Last week, this no good SOB, not only did he interfere in the Road to WrestleMania Finals but he assaulted Edge, Shawn Michaels AND gave the RKO to Lita. The man has no class.

Jerry Lawler: Who needs class when you’re the WWE Champion, J.R.?

Jim Ross: Well, we regret to inform you that Lita will not be here tonight, recovering from her injury and Edge will also not be here tonight, in order to insure Orton’s safety. Which is a ridiculous decision by Jonathan Coachman. Orton should get what’s coming to him!

Orton steps in and calls for the microphone.

Randy Orton: Take a look … at greatness.

Heat as Orton smirks.

Randy Orton: Yeah, I know you’ve heard me say it before, but that’s only because it’s … the truth … and I continue to prove it as such week in and week out. I took this title from the “Overrated Superstar” Edge at New Years Revolution and then I beat the sixty year old Shawn Michaels at the Royal Rumble. FACTS are FACTS and the FACT is, those two can’t compete with the Legend Killer.


Randy Orton: You don’t have to like it but you better learn to accept it, because there isn’t a damn thing that Michaels or Edge or any of you people can do about it. Randy Orton … is here to stay.


Randy Orton: You don’t believe me? Huh? You think I’m talking out of my ass? Well, (points to the titantron) take a look.

Footage of the ending to last week’s show plays, showing Orton interfering in the Edge-HBK #1 contender’s match, taking both superstars out before dropping Lita with a sickening RKO.
The clip ends and the crowd boos as Orton stares at the screen with a huge smile before bringing the mic back up.

Randy Orton:
Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, that in one foul swoop, Randy Orton was more effective than the rest of the RKO Army has been all year.

A bit of an “OH” from the crowd, as Randy smirks.

Randy Orton: Secondly, you’re thinking “whose the number one contender?”

Orton scoffs.

Randy Orton: It doesn’t matter who the number one contender is. I’ve beaten Edge, I’ve beaten Michaels and I could beat them both at the same time. It simply … doesn’t … matter. Bec-

***Sexy Boy*** The crowd explodes, giving a tremendous ovation for the “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels, whom walks out onto the stage, microphone in hand. HBK then continues down to the ring, before stepping in.

Shawn Michaels:
Listen up, boy, usually I’d come out here, I’d make a couple of smart-aleck remarks before I got down to business, but last week, you cost me a shot at the WWE Championship and on top of that, you cost me a shot at the WrestleMania main event.

Orton smirks and rubs his title belt.

Shawn Michaels: And if there’s one thing that everybody should know, its that you don’t mess with HBK’s spotlight. Big no-no. So, as of right now, I don’t have much to say, lets cut the semantics, and get right down to business. You, me, WrestleMania 23 for the WWE Championship!!

Great pop as Orton looks around at the crowd.

Randy Orton: Shawn, what have you done to earn a shot at me at Mania? Nothing! You’ve done squat except get your ass beat by myself on several occasions and PINNED at the Royal Rumble.

Boos as Michaels smirks.

Randy Orton: Lets face it, Shawn. For all your talk, for all your hype, all your legendary status, all your accolades, you always mange to come up short.

Michaels looks deadly serious.

Shawn Michaels:
HBK always comes up big, Randy. Just last year, SummerSlam 2006, I beat Edge and Triple H to win my FIFTH World Championship!

Crowd pops.

Shawn Michaels:
The next month, I reta-

Randy Orton: Sure, you had a short little title reign and a couple of decent months as champion last year but when was the last time you were champion before that? Four - five years? Its about time to accept the fact that the HBK of old is gone and he aint coming back.

HBK rubs his chin, trying to keep his cool.

Randy Orton: I mean, this isn’t 1997. Its 2007. You’re ten years older, ten years weaker, ten years slower and FIFTEEN years older than myself, today’s athlete, today’s superstar, a man who isn’t even in the prime of his career, at only 25 years old.

Orton and Michaels meet eyes.

Randy Orton: Two time World Champion. Seven month reign as Intercontinental Champion. The youngest World Heavyweight Champion of all time. The youngest WWE Champion of all time. And quite simply, better than all the rest. What makes you even THINK that you, at age 40, deserve to lace up my boots, let alone challenge for my championship?

SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! Michaels lays out Orton with the devastating Superkick as the crowd goes wild and HBK stares down at the fallen WWE Champion. Michaels lets out a small smile as Ross and Lawler put over the lightning quick speed of HBK’s devastating Superkick.

Commercial Break

Back from the break, we get a clip of The Big Show’s and Umaga’s invasion of SmackDown!, taking out the Mark Henry with a Chokeslam through the announce table, and Kane being taken out with the steel steps.
The Highlanders wait in the ring, looking quite a bit nervous before…

***Showstopper*** The Big Show, Umaga, Paul Heyman, and Armando Alejandro Estrada make their way down to the ring, as terrifying and as mouthy a stable if there has ever been one.

Jim Ross:
The deadly duo of The Big Show and Umaga showed the most horrifying display of strength and dominance that I have ever seen. On SmackDown!, they completely destroyed Mark Henry and Kane, two of the biggest superstars on the entire roster.

Jerry Lawler: Lets be fair, J.R., they were SmackDown! superstars. No competition for the best Raw has to offer.

Match #1:
The Big Show & Umaga vs. The Highlanders
Show and Umaga continue to rip apart every opponent they face here, and this is no different as Rory and Robby are systematically destroyed. After a couple minutes of total domination, The Big Show takes it up a level, grabbing Robby around the throat and chokeslamming him over the top rope and to the outside!!!! Umaga grabs Rory and hit’s the Samoan Spike and covers him for the three count.
Winners: Umaga and The Big Show @ 3:12.
Paul Heyman grabs a microphone from ringside, before climbing the steel steps and entering the ring.

Paul Heyman: What you’ve just witnessed, was complete and utter destruction by the two most dominant forces in professional wrestling today, the Samoan Bulldozer Umaga and the most overpowering wrestler in the history of the WWE, the seven foot tall, 500 pound monster, known as The Big Show.

Boos for the two superstars.

Paul Heyman:
Not only has this destructive duo crushed teams here on Monday Night Raw, but just last Friday, The Big Show and Umaga showed Stephanie McMahon, and showed SmackDown!, that their two biggest, toughest stars, Mark Henry and Kane, couldn’t hold a candle to these two towers of terror.

Armando laughs as Show nods.

Paul Heyman:
Y’see, Mr. Coachman, our esteemed General Manager, has convinced myself and Mr. Estrada that Monday Night Raw is the place to be and once we dispose of Stephanie McMahon’s second rate behemoths … the price will be right.

Estrada slaps Umaga on the shoulder, smiling wildly.

Paul Heyman:
But Stephanie, maybe you think that was a fluke, so let me assure you that Umaga, Show, Mister Estrada and myself are more than willing to prove it to you and your (scoffs) “monsters” again. WrestleMania 23--


Paul Heyman:
Quite simply put, literally, the BIGGEST match in WrestleMania history, Jonathan Coachman’s Raw puts forward the Big Show and Umaga while Stephanie McMahon and SmackDown! put up Kane and Mark Henry and then on April 1st, we‘ll see just which brand has the most dominant athletes in the world. We’ll be waiting.

Heyman drops the mic and leads the group out of the ring as Ross and Lawler hype up the possibility of that match.

Cut backstage.

Inside the office of the GM, Jonathan Coachman, the Coach smiles as he watches his television monitor before he is interrupted by a furious WWE Champion Randy Orton, whom continues to hold his jaw, in pain from Michaels’ Superkick.

Randy Orton:
Coach, you saw what happened out there with Michaels!! You give me his ass tonight!!

Pop for a WM main event caliber match tonight.

Randy Orton:
That’s right, Shawn Michaels versus … the entire RKO Army.

Boos as Orton smirks.

Jonathan Coachman:
First off, I can’t make that incredibly one sided handicap match. I’ve got Mister McMahon watching my every move, besides Chris Masters and Ken Doane are both in the five man match to crown a new #1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship, with the winner facing Carlito at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Orton sighs and shakes his head.

Jonathan Coachman:
But I’ll tell you what I can do, okay. Later tonight, in the main event, you’ll get Shawn Michaels but it’ll be in a six man tag team match. The WWE Champion Randy Orton teaming up with MNM to take on the new World Tag Team Champions America’s Most Wanted and the “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels.

Randy lets out a bit of a smile, not getting nearly as much as he wants but he does get a chance at payback against HBK. He goes to turn and leave the office but Coachman grabs him by the shoulder.

Jonathan Coachman:
With that out of the way, Randy, I think we need to discuss WrestleMania and the WWE Championship.

Orton begins laughing.

Randy Orton:
I was wondering when you’d get around to that. So what is it, Coach, am I going to have to wrestle against Edge and Shawn Michaels in a triple threat? I’m shocked.

Jonathan Coachman: Well, not exactly. At WrestleMania 23, you will be defending your WWE Title against Shawn Michaels AND Edge --

Crowd pops in the background as Orton rolls his eyes, before doing the Scott Hall wagging of the fingers.

Jonathan Coachman:
But it wont be a in a triple threat match, it will be … in a three way dance.

The crowd pops again as Orton looks quite confused.

Jonathan Coachman:
Much like a triple threat, the match will start out with the three of you in the ring, but once the first fall occurs, the remaining two competitors will continue the match. So, Randy, what I’m saying is, if you want to retain that WWE Championship at WrestleMania, you’ll have to outlast Shawn Michaels AND Edge!!

Cheers from the crowd and Orton’s jaw clinches up in anger. Coachman smiles and pats Orton on the shoulder before taking a seat on the couch as we fade out.

Commercial Break

WrestleMania Recall: Stone Cold Steve Austin defeats Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 14, further establishing the dawn of a new era in wrestling.

SmackDown! Rebound:
- Flair runs down Mr. Kennedy’s credentials, much to the chagrin of the arrogant youngster.
- Booker and Regal turn on Finlay but Lashley makes the save.
- Daniels vs. Chavo is made for SNME: Title vs. Career
- Triple H explains his attack on The Rock.
- The Undertaker jumps to SD and Taker/Cena is made for WM23.

***Out Of My Way*** Ken Doane, the former IC Champion, makes his way down to the ring, looking focused, ready to earn another title match.

***Masterpiece*** Doane’s fellow RKO Army member, Chris Masters skips his regular entrance and just storms towards the ring, all set for business.

***Arabian Prayer*** Sabu walks towards the ring to a good pop before sprinting, sliding in and looking at a couple of his challengers.

***One Of A Kind*** The crowd erupts into a great ovation as Rob Van Dam walks out onto the stage, ready, prepared for this match, without seemingly taking away from his usually calm demeanor.

***Longhorn*** Boos fill the sold out arena as John Bradshaw Layfield enters the arena, toothy grin intacked, about to punch himself a ticket to SNME, and if successful there, possibly WrestleMania.

Jim Ross:
Here we go and what a match up this should be. Two young studs in Doane and The Masterpiece, the death defying Sabu, and two former WWE Champions, JBL and Rob Van Dam.

Jerry Lawler: The winner gets an Intercontinental Title match an-

***Cool*** The crowd pops as the Intercontinental Champion Carlito make his way down to the rest, dressed in ‘Caribbean’ gear, title on his shoulder, and apple in his hand, as he takes a seat next to Jim Ross and The King. He eyes up JBL, whom simply smirks before turning back to his opponents.

Jim Ross:
Last week on Raw, Carlito successfully defended his title against Ken Doane but after the match, (footage plays) JBL took the opportunity to make an impact and laid Carlito out with that devastating Clothesline from Hell.

Carlito: J.R., Carlito is not gonna forgive JBL for what he did. That was very uncool. But you know what is cool? Payback.

Jerry Lawler: Well, tonight, the winner of this match gets a shot at your title at Saturday Night’s Main Event on March 10th. Should be one hell of a match, no matter which one of these guys wins.

Match #2: Five Man Match: Winner Receives IC Title Match at SNME
JBL vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu vs. Ken Doane vs. Chris Masters
A bit of a clusterfuck for the opening several minutes but it eventually settles down at a steady pace. RKO Army members, Masters and Doane team up to take on RVD as JBL and Sabu go at it. Masters and Doane hit a double suplex on Van Dam before lifting him back up to his feet and tossing him over the top rope! On the other side, Sabu goes for the Air Sabu on JBL in the corner but JBL avoids it, shoots off of the ropes and then takes him out with the CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!!
JBL smiles wildly but Masters grabs him from behind, applying THE MASTERLOCK!!! Masters locks it in and begins to fling Bradshaw around from side to side!! Seeing this match up in jeopardy, Doane grabs Masters from behind, rolling him up in a school boy! 1... 2... NO! Masters kicks out and both men get back up. They don’t waste time arguing and Doane throws a clothesline but Masters ducks it, and puts Kenny in the MASTERLOCK!!
RVD climbs back onto the ring apron and begins to climb the turnbuckle, before flying off and hitting a front dropkick to the back of Masters, sending both him and Doane flying through the middle rope and outside of the ring!! JBL gets back up to his feet and throws a right at Van Dam, whom ducks it and fires off several rights of his own. RVD attempts to shoot JBL off but Bradshaw counters. Van Dam comes back and leaps up, going for a hurricanrana but JBL counters, into a powerbomb!!
Bradshaw smirks, but doesn’t see Carlito get up from his seat and walk towards the ring. JBL stalks Van Dam, waiting for him to get up and once he does Bradshaw shoots off the ropes, but Carly pulls the ropes down and JBL tumbles out of the ring!! Carlito smiles as he reaches over and grabs his apple from the table before spitting it in JBL’s face!! Carly then grabs his IC Title and heads back up the entrance ramp to a nice pop as JBL gets back up to his feet, wiping the apple out of his face before heading back onto the ring apron and back into the ring.
Sabu, Masters and Doane all get back up to their feet on the outside. Sabu hits both with right hands, desperately fighting before sliding back in the ring. He then shoots off of the ropes before leaping over with a rope flip, taking both out!!!! The crowd pops huge as the RVD and JBL brawl in the ring. Sabu gets back up to his feet on the outside, runs around ringside and grabs a steel chair, bringing it in the ring. Sabu sets it up as RVD begins to back JBL up into the corner with right hands.
Sabu runs forward, leaping up for the AIR SABU but Van Dam moves out of the way and Sabu crashes into Bradshaw!! Van Dam grabs the steel chair and tosses it at Sabu, whom catches it and Van Dam leaps up, hitting the VAN DAMINATOR!!! Van Dam with the cover! 1... 2... 3!!!
Winner: And new #1 contender for the IC Title, Rob Van Dam @ 16:13.
RVD raises his hands into the air, receiving a huge ovation from the crowd, becoming the #1 contender for the IC title at SNME. JBL steams in anger as he rolls out of the ring and begins to yell at Ross and Lawler.

Commercial Break

Back from the break, we have the General Manager Jonathan Coachman sitting in his office, talking to some random woman, possibly his assistant. Coach then gets a phone call.

Jonathan Coachman:
I was waiting for you to call.

Coachman puts it on speaker.

Stephanie McMahon: So, is that how we’re gonna play this, Coach? You send your guys to SmackDown! to assault my superstars and now you call us out? Well, it’s a bush league tactic but I’ve got no problem playing your game. SmackDown! gladly accepts your tag team challenge for WrestleMania and myself, Kane and Mark Henry will even more gladly expose The Big Show and Umaga for the “big fish in small ponds” that they are.

Coachman laughs.

Jonathan Coachman:
Sure you are. Sure you are. Talk to you later, Steph

Stephanie McMahon: Coach, before you go, how about we get the table set BEFORE WrestleMania. After this past SmackDown!, as you would imagine, Kane is not too happy. So at Saturday Night’s Main Event, how about the “Big Red Machine” Kane versus Umaga.

Slight pop in the background.

Jonathan Coachman:
You’re on. We embarrassed you on SmackDown!, we will embarrass you on NBC and then we cap it off with the granddaddy of them all, Wre-

JBL storms into the office. Coachman hangs up the phone, getting up to his feet.

Jonathan Coachman:
Hey! You saw what Randy Orton got when he stormed into my office demanding things left and right! I put him in his place! (Deep breath) I’m under a lot of pressure right now, from Orton and Angle and Austin and Edge and Vince and … Stephanie calling every week to taunt me about something or to throw Undertaker’s departure in my face. I’m under a lot of pressure right now.

Realizing he needs to take a different route, Bradshaw calms himself before speaking.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
Coach - er, Mister Coachman, what happened tonight was a complete miscarriage of justice. Carlito, in a fit of rage and jealousy cost me my opportunity for the Intercontinental Championship. That makes two times I was screwed out of my rightful title shot. First the Road to WrestleMania tournament and now this. At Saturday Night’s Main Event, it should be JBL versus Carlito for the Intercontinental Title - not RVD. You wanna showcase the best, you wanna show the best Raw has to offer, than you get rid of R…V… D and put J…B…L on N…B…C.

Coachman thinks for a second.

Jonathan Coachman:
I’m sorry, I can’t do that. JBL, Rob Van Dam won that title shot at Saturday Nights Main Event and I don’t have the right to take that from him.

JBL looks disgusted.

Jonathan Coachman:
Then again, Carlito did interfere in your match, so here’s what I do. We ARE gonna have the Rob Van Dam-Carlito title match on NBC but the winner of that match will face John Bradshaw Layfield at WrestleMania 23 for the Intercontinental Championship!

Bradshaw smirks and then shakes the hand of the GM before heading out of the office.

Back to ringside, where Charlie Has already waits in the ring, warming up for his match. ***Medal*** The crowd erupts but that soon degenerates into heat as Kurt Angle steps out onto the stage.

Jim Ross:
The Road to WrestleMania is upon us and one of the biggest matches of the year takes place - Kurt Angle versus Stone Cold Steve Austin, Icon versus Icon at WrestleMania 23. Though that match up is huge, I would hope that Angle is not looking past a very capable Charlie Haas here tonight.

Jerry Lawler: He’s one of the best technicians in the history of the sport, an Olympic Gold Medalist and the Wrestling Machine. Austin is in for the fight of his life come WrestleMania.

Match #3:
Kurt Angle vs. Charlie Haas
In Kurt Angle’s first match on Raw in about a year, he puts on one hell of a performance against former protégé Charlie Haas, whom puts forth a tremendous effort. The two mat wrestle throughout the early going before picking up the pace. Many suplexes are exchanged throughout until eventually Haas hit’s a succession of Germans, much like Angle!! The two lay out for a bit until Haas climbs to the top but Angle sprints back up to his feet, leaping up the turnbuckle and planting him with a belly to belly!!! Angle cranks up the intensity up and soon follows up on Haas with the Angle Slam and the Ankle Lock for the submission victory!
Winner: Kurt Angle @ 8:19 via submission.

Jim Ross:
Charlie Haas put up one hell of a fight but at this point in time, you may be looking at the best wrestler in the free world today, Kurt Angle. Angle just stepped it into a different gear out here.

Jerry Lawler: Angle has got to be at his best because in just a few short weeks, he steps into the ring with Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania 23. Should be … well … a slobberknocker, J.R.!

Commercial Break

We return from the break with Kurt Angle still in the ring, microphone in hand.

Kurt Angle:
Did you see that!? Did you see that?! That’s what I’m talking about, baby! Charlie Haas, world class athlete, amateur wrestler, all American, former tag team champion -- taken out just like that (snaps fingers)! And you know why -- because Kurt Angle is the absolute greatest wrestler in the HISTORY of the WWE! Oh, its true, its DAMN true! WOOO!

Heat for the Olympian.

Kurt Angle:
And that cold, hard fact will become all the more true when WrestleMania 23 rolls around and the Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin (thunderous ovation) … taps out.

Crowd boos.

Kurt Angle:
The marquee may read ‘Icon versus Icon’ but it should read “Icon versus Washed up superstar, who should’ve hung up the boots in 2003, instead of coming back and ruining his legacy, by stepping into the ring with an athlete who is far superior than he EVER was”. It’s a little long but that doesn’t make it any less true.

“Asshole” chant starts up.

Kurt Angle:
Don’t get mad at me. I know you don’t want to hear it, and I know Austin doesn’t want to hear it, and the sponsors want to hear it even less, but the fact is that the Stone Cold Steve Austin of today, IS NOT the Stone Cold Steve Austin of 1998. Its not the same Stone Cold that drove the beer truck into the arena, its not the same Stone Cold that drove the Zamboni, its not the same Stone Cold that beat Shawn Michaels in front of thousands and its not the same Stone Cold that put on the heroic effort at WrestleMania 13. Its not, I’m sorry.

Slight “Austin” chant starts up.

Kurt Angle:
This Stone Cold … this Stone Cold doesn’t have the fire that the first one had. This Austin is a multi-millionaire, who’s fine with coming out here each and every week, giving out a couple of stunners, drinking a few beers and going back to Texas with a big fat paycheck. As much as that may hurt to hear, it’s the truth and each and everyone of you know it, Austin especially!


Kurt Angle:
The fact is -

***GLASS SHATTERS*** Stone Cold Steve Austin enters the arena, receiving an immense ovation from the crowd. Austin steps into the ring and poses on all four turnbuckles to huge pops before grabbing a mic and getting face to face with Angle. The crowd begins to pop as Austin and Angle stand face to face before Stone Cold speaks.

Stone Cold Steve Austin:
Did I hear you right when you said that the Stone Cold Steve Austin standing before you right now, isn’t the one of past?


Stone Cold Steve Austin:
You calling me washed up?


Stone Cold Steve Austin:
I don’t have it anymore?


Stone Cold Steve Austin:
I’m a joke?


Stone Cold Steve Austin:
A sham?


Stone Cold Steve Austin:
A charade?


Stone Cold Steve Austin:
Well, son, you can think whatever you want, but the truth is, Stone Cold Steve Austin has always been serious about one thing and that’s whoopin’ a lot of ass, takin’ a few names and being the best in the damn business!!

Great pop.

Stone Cold Steve Austin:
I didn’t come back for no damn paycheck, I didn’t come back to be some damn mid-carder and I sure as hell didn’t come back to be mocked by a jackass!!

Thunderous ovation.

Stone Cold Steve Austin:
I came back because I was tired of sittin’ on my ass at the house, wondering why I didn’t get off it, and step foot back in the ring, so that’s exactly what I did!!

Crowd cheers.

Stone Cold Steve Austin:
I got my ass in shape (WHAT), came back (WHAT), whipped JBL’s ass at Bad Blood (WHAT), continued on (WHAT), got into the Royal Rumble (WHAT), gave out Stunners to everyone in the match (WHAT), (points to Angle) including your ass (WHAT), I said including his ass (WHAT), and then -

Kurt Angle: And then I tossed your ass right over the top rope!!

Heat from the crowd as Austin smirks a bit.

Kurt Angle: You can try to convince everybody here that you came back for the right reasons, but I’m not an idiot, I-

Stone Cold Steve Austin: You’re a jackass!!

Great pop.

Stone Cold Steve Austin:
And come WrestleMania 23, I’m gonna show how much I got left in the tank, son, I’m gonna show that there ain’t a damn thing washed up about Stone Cold Steve Austin, when I grab you around your scrawny neck, look right in your beady, little eyes, stomp a mudhole in your ass and then walk that sumbitch dry!!

Another tremendous ovation.

Kurt Angle:
You keep telling yourself that, Austin, but everyone with half a freakin’ brain knows that on April 1st, I’m gonna expose you for the incredibly AVERAGE wrestler that you’ve become. You may have got everybody else fooled but I know the truth and the TRUTH is that when the lights are on bright and you step into the ring with a wrestler that is completely UNTOUCHABLE, a wrestler that BREATHES intensity, a wrestler that BLEEDS greatness, you’ll realize that you … can’t … hang with me.

Angle seethes with intensity as Austin looks in his eyes.

Kurt Angle: WrestleMania 23 will be … just another night for me, but for you … it will be the most embarrassing night in your entire career, when you’re exposed for what you’ve become … a joke.


Stone Cold Steve Austin:
Kurt, all you’re doin’ is digging your own grave, because if you believe ANY of the crap that’s coming out of your mouth right now, you’ll be in for the shock of your life … because I’m heading into Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan and I’m gonna open up the biggest can of whoop ass that you’ve ever seen!!

Great pop.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: And that’s not a promise, that’s not a threat, that’s not even a guarantee…

Austin gets right in Angle’s face, neither man giving an inch.

Stone Cold Steve Austin:
THAT … is the bottom liiiiiine, cause Stone Cold said so!!

The glass shatters once more and Austin tosses down the mic, before flipping Angle off and heading back up the entrance ramp to an incredible ovation. Kurt seems to be unflustered by Austin’s confidence, letting out a smirk before shaking his head, muttering “no way”.

Commercial Break

Jim Ross:
You wanna talk about tension and intensity -- we felt the very definition of that between Stone Cold and Kurt Angle out here earlier tonight.

Jerry Lawler: I’d pay to see WrestleMania on that match alone. Two of the greatest icons in our industry go at it on the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania 23.

Cut backstage with Maria standing by with the WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James. Mickie has her right shoulder wrapped up in a sling, apparently from the “injury” she re-aggravated last week.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the Women’s Champion Mickie James and Mickie, last week, you got counted out in your title match against Victoria. So, um, Mickie does your shoulder hurt bad?

Mickie James: Yeah … the doctors have said that my shoulder was re-injured by that kick from Victoria, and that’s why I was counted out on last week’s Raw. So once again, I’ll be out of action here on Raw for a couple of weeks until my shoulder is all ready to go.

Mickie goes to walk away but Maria speaks again.

Maria: What about Victoria?

Mickie turns around, looking annoyed.

Mickie James:
What about her?

Maria: Well, she was supposed to get a title shot but then your shoulder got hurt, so once your shoulder gets better, (in a bubbly manner) shouldn’t she get another title shot?

Maria smiles cutely, causing Mickie to let out a mocking smile of her own.

Mickie James:
You ask a lot of questions, don’t you?

Maria nods.

Mickie James:
Yeah, well, Victoria’s gonna have her hands full at Saturday Night’s Main Event, so I shouldn’t be the first thing on her mind, anyway.

Maria: What’s Victoria gonna be doing at Saturday Night’s Main Event?

Mickie James: It’s a surprise.

Mickie smirks as Maria looks confused.

Tell me.

Mickie turns around and Victoria gets right in her face. Mickie gulps before rubbing her shoulder.

Mickie James:
(Stuttering) Well … I … uh, may have told Jonathan Coachman that you needed a bit more work in my absence, so … he … uh, put you in a match at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Victoria inches even closer to the face of the nervous Mickie.

(Talking in low tone) Against whom?

Mickie backs away a little bit, causing a bit of separation.

Mickie James:
Trish Stratus.

The crowd pops in the background as Vickie looks unflustered. She once again gets in Mickie’s face, pounding her fist against her hand as Mickie looks incredibly nervous. Victoria then storms past Mickie, leaving the Womens Champion and Maria to look on.

Back to ringside.

Jim Ross:
Saturday Night’s Main Event on March 10th is really coming together now, King.

Jerry Lawler: Absolutely. We just found out that Victoria will be taking on Trish Stratus. The Intercontinental Title will be on the line. And Raw’s Umaga will be taking on SmackDown!’s Kane.

Jim Ross: Not to mention, this past Friday, we found out that the Cruiserweight Championship will be on the line when the “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels takes on Chavo Guerrero, with Chavo’s career on the line!!

Jerry Lawler: (Giddily) And what about the news we got moments ago, J.R.? Mr. McMahon made a huge match for when we head to NBC.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, after our main event tonight, we have a huge announcement to make regarding Saturday Night’s Main Event’s … Main Event. So stay tuned after our six man tag.

Match #4
Trevor Murdoch & Lance Cade vs. Eugene & Hacksaw Jim Duggan
This match is the very definition of filler, with the card being rounded out before the main event tonight. Eugene does his usual comedy routine as Duggan does his usual spiel as well. The finish comes when Murdoch and Cade finish Eugene off with the High-Low clothesline-chop block combination, allowing Cade to pick up the pin.
Winner: Cade and Murdoch @ 5:29.

Jim Ross:
Up next, out huge main event…

Split screen of Shawn Michaels leading the tag champs America’s Most Wanted down a hallway as on the other side, the WWE Champion Randy Orton and MNM do much of the same.

Jim Ross:
AMW and HBK versus Randy Orton and MNM. NEXT!

Commercial Break

***Sexy Boy*** The crowd gets up to its feet as the former multi-time World Champion, the “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels makes his way out onto the stage, with the World Tag Team Champion, America’s Most Wanted and Gail Kim.

***Burn In My Light*** The “Legend Killer” Randy Orton makes his way out onto the stage with the WWE Championship around his waist, with MNM closely behind. Orton tells Mercury and Nitro to take a step back and brings Melina by his side as his golden pyro falls from the ceiling. Orton and Melina continue to the ring side by side as MNM look unimpressed.

Jim Ross:
Earlier tonight, our WWE Champion Randy Orton decided to talk a little bit of trash, insinuated that HBK was past his prime and Shawn Michaels showed him just how on top of his game.

Footage plays of Michaels lightning quick SCM.

Jerry Lawler:
Come WrestleMania 23, when Orton is in the ring with Edge and Michaels, the Legend Killer will be ready for that Superkick. No way the has been kid will connect like that come April 1st.

Main Event: Six Man Tag Team Match:
Randy Orton and MNM(w/Melina) vs. Shawn Michaels and AMW(w/Gail Kim)
The six men put on a very solid match up, which is to be expected considering the caliber of athlete and superstar involved. Orton and Michaels spend the most time on the inside of the ring, playing off of the promo they had earlier, with Orton taking every chance he gets to make Michaels feel inadequate, or less quick than the younger Michaels. Somewhat surprisingly, HBK doesn’t lose his focus, instead, slapping Orton across the face, forcing the youngster to lose his cool.
Eventually, the contest breaks down into a three on three slug fest, with the two teams pairing off as Michaels and Orton, the legal men, slug it out. The finish comes when the referee gets distracted by Melina, and Orton drills HBK with a low blow!! He then leaps up and polishes Michaels off with an RKO!!! Orton covers Michaels for the three count and the victory!!
Winners: Randy Orton, Johnny Nitro & Joey Mercury @ 11:01 via pinfall.

Jim Ross:
Randy Orton has stolen one here tonight!! That damn RKO is enough to put anyone down, especially after a low blow.

Jerry Lawler: J.R., in a few short weeks, Orton will have to put his WWE Championship on the line against two of the best in the world, Shawn Michaels and Edge in a THREE WAY DANCE! He’s got to do whatever it takes to gain the upper hand before then.

Jim Ross: Last week it was interfering in a #1 contender’s match and the RKO to a defenseless Lita. This week, it’s a damn low blow and screwing Shawn Michaels out of a victory.

Melina hops into the ring, and embraces Orton. The two share a “warm” hug as Nitro and Mercury look on, Mercury rather confused as Nitro looks incredibly pissed.

The crowd pops huge and Orton and company look around but they don’t see that EDGE is in the ring!!! The Rated R Superstar charges forward AND SPEARS MELINA IN HALF!!!!! The crowd actually pops for the viciousness of the Rated R Superstar, showing a bit of that heel attitude we haven’t seen in a long while.

Edge gets up and smiles down at his handy work before looking at Orton with a smirk. Randy is still in shock as he stares down at Melina, but soon turn angrily towards Edge.

Edge then quickly rolls out of the ring and leaps back through the crowd, after gaining revenge on Randy Orton for RKO’ing Lita last week. Orton checks on Melina frantically as does MNM as Ross and Lawler put over the state of mind of Orton and Edge.


Cut to video.

“At Saturday Night’s Main Event, an eight man tag match will take place … and …”

Shot of the SNME logo.

“The most successful and destructive group of this millennium…”

Flashing clips of all of the WWE superstars.


Shot of Triple H spraying water into the air as “Line in the Sand” plays.

“The Game Triple H”

Shot of Helmsley delivering the Pedigree to some poor bastard.

“The Nature Boy Ric Flair”

Shot of Flair strutting in one of his expensive robes.

“The Legend Killer Randy Orton”

Shot of Orton hitting the RKO.

“And The Animal Batista”

Shot of Batista hitting the Demon Bomb.

“On March 10th, Evolution…”

Shot of Orton under his falling pyro.


Recent shot of Flair on SmackDown!.

“For One…”

Shot of Triple H holding the World Heavyweight Championship.


Shot of Batista giving the double thumbs down.


The closing shot of Armageddon 2003, with each member of Evolution, holding gold.

“At Saturday Night’s Main Event.”

Video closes with Triple H spewing water into the camera.



Current Card for Saturday Night’s Main Event:

Date: March 10th, 2007
Location: Madison Square Garden, NYC

Evolution Reunites For One Night Only: Eight Man Tag Team Match:
World Champ
Batista, WWE Champ Randy Orton, Triple H, & Ric Flair
vs. ???, ???, ??? & ???

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Carlito vs. Rob Van Dam

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Title vs. Career:
Christopher Daniels vs. Chavo Guerrero

Singles Match:
Victoria vs. Trish Stratus

Inter-promotional Match:
Umaga vs. Kane


Current Card for WWE WrestleMania XXIII:
Date: April 1st, 2007
Location: Ford Field; Detroit, Michigan
Event Music: Saliva; Ladies and Gentlemen

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Batista vs. Ken Kennedy

WWE Championship Match; Three Way Dance:
Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Edge

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Carlito OR Rob Van Dam vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

One On One:
The Undertaker vs.John Cena

Monsters Collide:
Stephanie’s Kane & Mark Henry vs. Coachman’s Big Show & Umaga

Icon vs. Icon:
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle

for the week of September 28th


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