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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

The Hardyz vs London/Kendrick would've been great to see in full, this was a nicely done match. Had some good ladder spots, nothing huge, which is expected to be saved for WM's MITB match, but still, quality showing on a Febuary PPV all the more. Hardyz stay the champs, who can stop them? Good booking, good opening to the PPV

(Sadly) it seems that Kane/Henry will go through to WM and culminate there, which I can't say I'll be excited for. Made a solid brawl out of nothing here, and the double count out makes neither man look weak

I had a feeling that the King's Court would lose this one. Chavo going first was the right idea, and Regal following made perfect sense. I was kinda expecting it to go down to some mis-hap between Booker & Finlay, but instead, Rey snaps a win with the Hurricanrana, which is sorta soft to end the match, but owell, Rey gets a good rub, and can now take on Chris Daniels at WM like Daniels has been wanting, and The King's Court can truly fade into a break up. Lashley seems a little out of order after this, wonder what's next for him?

Lovely match and Kennedy retaining was the right idea, as he will go on to face Batista and come away with the title at WM, like the script is written. Angle will not be happy, there was no Austin to screw him over, but you can bet that after the effort he put in, he'll leave in a storm of rage. Wisely done to put Kennedy over even more, like he needs it, as you've turned him into a Demi God in the last few months, but whatevers, smartly done, quality match recap

Ah, the Court does lose it's cohesion, as Finlay snaps at Regal and the two brawl. It's all crumbling down on King Booker

Daniels beats Malenko as expected and the guy has had a super run with the CW title, which is why I think he's gonna get done in at WM looking good after his run, only to be beaten by Rey Mysterio in the match Daniels seems to desperately want. Once again, Allison Danger played a part in the match. I think it was good to have Malenko wrestle again, I still wish he did in the real WWE. Good match

LOL! Angle sick of being treated like "crap" on SD!, so he's off to RAW and is greated in the limo by Austin! Haha. Nice segment here, Angle coming back and then he high tails it off. All characters seemed fine, and it seems as if we definately know Austin/Angle will happen now

Filler and a half right here, really just to get these four talented guys on the show I guess, Shelton & Helms were always gonna win. It was good to give a bit of a rub to the next Tag Title angle, possibly involving The Hardyz and Shelton/Helms? Anyways, solid booking to make them look strong, while the poor Mexicools again notch up a loss

Pretty short match here and Cena gets the win without too much bother which doesn't damage his status at all and sends Sabin packing (hopefully altogether from this thread). I am actually surprised it took Cena 11 mins to put away Sabin, but owell, he did it atleast and looks good coming off such an easy win. Undertaker's appearance after the match was needed to give the feud that much more and the typical fight ensues, Taker comes out on top and then the mind games with the lightning strike was a good touch

The Cage was a good way to put Batista over even more, like he needed it. Rock gives it a wonderful go, but we all know he's destined to face Triple H at Mania, and thus Batista had to win this. It was finished well, with him just getting over the line in the end before The Rock got out of the cage too. Kennedy's interaction here. Big aftermath too with Trips coming out and really stamping his authority on this feud, giving it a real personal angle as he brutalizes The Rock to end the show. Very good match and the ending was nicely crafted if a little basic, very powerful and we have some good stuff heading into WM, which should be awesome

Good job Mac.


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's No Way Out Review

~ I'm back to normal now, Mac, so you can expect my reviews on a regular basis once again. I managed to hook this one up between reviewing Apple Spitter's Wrestlemania. Anyway, on to the show and a very, very, very nice way to kick things off, with the Hardys/Hooligans Ladder match. I have to admit, two things surprised me in the build up to this feud, the first being the reunion of the Hardys themselves, since I was loving the way you were handling Matt in his singles push as a heel; the second surprise was the Ladder stipulation at NWO. It seems a little odd, since Ladder matches are generally feud enders (not always), and I don't actually think this feud is over at all. Very nice contest, and well written too, with the recap being actually quite detailed so it still captures the excitement of the contest. Some nice spots were thrown in there such as London crashing and burning after missing the 450 Splash, Kendrick hitting the Doomsday Dropkick, and, my particular favourite Ladder match move, Kendrick nailing Matt with the Sunset Flip Powerbomb from the top. I would have loved to have read this match in full, since it was frenetic and quick simply via a recap; in full it would have been amazing. Didn't get as much time as I thought thought at 15 minutes, but I guess that's because Kennedy/Angle, Rock/Batista, and, possibly, Daniels/Malenko, need to go longer. Nice finish with Jeff pushing the Ladder down to pick up the win for his team. Like I said before, I'm not sure where this feud goes from here. It's not like you can have TLC at Wrestlemania now or anything, though I think these two teams will probably meet at that PPV, possibly with Shelton Benjamin/Gregory Helms and The Mexicools getting involved.

~ Oh come on! The build around this whole Angle/Kennedy/Stone Cold/Coachman deal has been amazing. Even without his jump to Raw, Angle was stealing the show on SmackDown with his heel turn and this wonderful feud with KK. But this business with Raw and Austin has only sweetened the deal. Nice little confrontation with Stephanie McMahon and here impersonation of Kennedy would have been a thing to see. I think Steph is right though, as I fully expect KK to retain his W'Mania spot tonight, though it should be a hell of match.

~ Heh heh, I guess I'm the only one who seems to be enjoying the Mark Henry/Kane feud then. No, the match really wasn't anything special from a wrestling perespective (obviously), but it sounded like a good brawl, with Henry actually showing his dominance well. The finish was, well it was coming let's just say that. What this means though from the looks of it is that these two monsters will meet again at Wrestlemania, possibly in some kind of gimmick match. You don't seem to excited by that fact, Mac, but I am Could Henry really Gorilla Press the 300-pound Kane? He did it to Batista right? That's okay then, I was just wondering. Henry should probably go over in this feud, since he'll benefit from it much more in my opinion.

~ Nice bit of hype for the Six Man Tag match later on, with King Booker psyching up his troops. I'm still not sure where all of this conflict between The Court is going, since none of them work well as faces, and they have nothing, as of yet, clearly lined up for Wrestlemania. I can see the face team picking up the win tonight thanks to some miscommunication from Booker, Finlay and Regal.

~ Oh baby, this I want to see. Ric Flair and Mr. Kennedy going one-on-one in a battle of the mics. It's going to happen I'm sure when Kennedy retains his spot tonight and Batista defeats The Rock, setting up Kennedy/Batista for Wrestlemania, which will be a scintillating feud with Naitch thrown into the mix. This little segment was more of a snippet I suppose than anthing, really getting up prepared for the Road To Wrestlemania. Naitch gets the better of Ken on this particular occasion, but it'll probably just get him all fired up for later.

~ Okay, here we go with the Six Man tag action then, which should be a great match. The use of Chavo Guerrero was a bit disappoiting here, since he really ended up becoming the jobber of the equation, getting eliminated via a Scissor's Kick from King Booker after only 6 minutes. I think I would like to see something better for Chavo, so maybe just throw him back into the Cruiserweight division. Rey certainly took the Celtic Cross very early on, maybe a little too early for a finisher. Oh man, Finlay gets eliminated pretty early too after an accidental Scepter shot from Regal; this is bound to spell more conflict within the group. What the hell is up with Regal? He got himself disqualified on a whim it seems, leaving Booker all alone against Rey and Lashley. Bobby doesn't last much longer though either, leaving Rey and Booker to fight it out. Rey picks up the win though, which I kind of expected, since a face victory was clear from the start. Once again, this was a very nicely written match, especially for the recapped style that it was in. Blimey, I didn't think it would go that long, but a 22 minute match up makes it the sleeper hit of the night in my opinion since NO ONE was expecting anthing special from it I'll bet. In terms of what the outcome of this match means for future Wrestlemania feuds, I suppose that Booker, Finlay and Regal will not last much longer; they are all prime candidates for the Money In The Bank match, but I think that William Regal will probably defend his United States title at W'Mania, possibly against Lashley, possibly against Rey Mysterio, with Booker and Finlay maybe thrown into the occasion too. I'll look forward to all of the outcomes though.

~ What a great moment this was. The future of sport's entertainment in Mr. Kennedy meets possibly the biggest icon in The Rock. After KK had a similar moment with Stone Cold Steve Austin on Raw, I'm really getting a sense of 'passing the torch' with Kennedy, that you a turning him into THE BIG FACE of the WWE right now. The "Wrestlemania" line between the two was a nice touch, which kind of makes me want to see Rocky win tonight in order to see Kennedy/Rock; but I think the up and coming Batista/Kennedy and HHH/rock feuds will be better.

~ Ah, The Coach is here yet again, I suppose to check on the welfare of his latest aquisition, Kurt Angle. I like the banter between these two, especially when you right it in full like you did on Smackdown. I hope the Kennedy/Angle match stays as a clean wrestling match, though I suspect we may see a run in from either Coach or Stone Cold Steve Austin. I hope not though.

~ Wow, we're getting Kennedy/Angle this early? Ball game! It was a pretty intense contest throughout, with Kennedy seemingly stading toe-to-toe with Angle, even introducing something that I haven't seen before in using one of Angle's own German Suplexes. That's alwas a nice way to play personal mind games in an Angle match, hitting one of his own Suplexes on him. I expect a Kennedy German would be quite similar to the ones Edge does, which is quite like a throw as opposed to a perfect Suplex like Angle. Kurt brings in the real technical prowess to the match as I expected, targeting Kennedy's leg, using the ring post and the Figure Four Leg Lock in a nice, Bret Hart-eque move. Angle dominates for the majority here, even nailing the Angle Slam and getting in the Ankle Lock quite early, which is always the case in Angle's matches, as he uses his moves to add variety. No way does Angle go for a Stunner! Awesome, but gets an Angle Slam from KK instead! I love it. Angle makes the mistake by going to the top and Kennedy hits the Green Bay Plunge for the win! Woo, KK's going to Wrestlemania. I like the way you actually have Kennedy use his finisher's, since I can't remember the last time I actually saw him hit any of them in real life. Really fantastic match up, man, a great way to end a great feud, and now both men can go their separate ways with Kennedy/Batista and Angle/Austin at Wrestlemania. Excellent.

~ I thought we would probably see the backlash of the loss of King Booker and company earlier, and here it is. What was most interesting though was that it was William Regal who was being the most rebellious towards Booker here. In the past it has been Finlay who has been causing all of the problems, with Regal taking Booker's side more or less. Maybe Regal will be the first one to break away from the group, especially since he is the only of them whi is a Champion. With the brawl between Regal and Finlay, the split must be imminent.

~ Another potentially huge sleeper hit comes up next with the Cruiserweight title match between Christopher Daniels and Dean Malenko. It was a good match up too, with Malenko hanging with Daniels toe-to-toe. The veteran even gets the Texas Cloverleaf in early on after a missed B.M.E. I really loved the spot where Malenko hit the Diving Headbutt and locked in the Crippler Crossface; it was a great tribute to the late Chris Benoit (R.I.P ) Daniles' cowardly side comes across as he actually taps out, but Danger saves here man, and Malenko ultimately loses after a Last Rites from the top and the Angel's Wings for a great finish. Obvious result in the end, as this match was really a cameo apperance for the great Malenko, giving Daniels a lot more momentum and build heading into Wrestlemania where ... Rey Mysterio? Chavo Guerrero? It could happen.

~ Oh, Mac, you don't half spoil us with these segments that you write in full. This was a wonderful bit, with Kurt Angle and Coach showing their (very nice and entertaining alliance), and I loved Stephanie here strangely, escorting the Raw personnel from the building. STONE COLD!!! STONE COLD!!! STONE COLD!!! Oh yes, this just makes this already excellent PPV even better. Everyone was wonderfully in character throughout, and it really gets me hyped for the up and coming Austin/Angle match at Wrestlemania. Kurt Angle's Welcoming Party is going to be a thing of beauty. I'm so glad you're now writing both shows in full.

~ Short but still a pretty good match up between The Mexicools and Shelton Benjamin/Gregory Helms. I had worried that The Mexicools might pick up a relatively quick win, completing the tag team depush of Helms/Benjamin, but instead we get a good match, with Helms picking up the win for his team with and old school move of his, Vertibreaker! I'm glad you included this match in the PPV, despite it only being short, as it really DOES showcase SmackDown's tag team talent. It was an inspired choice to pair Helms and Benjamin all those months ago, so now you have four teams on the show worthy of the belts. which contrasts sharply with Raw, where there are only two. I hope we see some kind of mass tag team match come Wrestlemania with Hardys/Hooligans/Mexicools/Helms & Benjamin involved.

~ Nice bit of hype from Cena ahead of his big match up later with Chris Sabin. I hope to God that Sabin doesn't get the win again, although I do expect The Undertaker to make an appearance at some time.

John Cena vs. Chris Sabin
Really strange choice of the other match to write in full, but I guess you just had it wrote before you decided to recap the PPV or something. Anyway, onto the contest, and you continue Sabin's (a bit wierd) push in the early going, as he takes it to Cena, knocking him to the outside and going for the Plancha ... but gets caught. Great spot there, with Cena actually doing a move that we're used to seeing from The Undertaker, slamming Sabin's spine into the steel post. I wonder if you did this on purpose, having Cena utilise an Undertaker move, since we all know that Cena/'Taker is coming soon. Maybe a bit of mind games, like when Angle tried to use the Stunner earlier. Cena is suffering from Sabin's excessive speed, which is an interesting tactic, especially since Cena is not a slow man, but is obviously bulkier, so Sabin has the edge, as takes Cena down with the snapmare, kick to the spine and the dropkick to the face. Really showing that X-Division credential he has. It's a very nice contrast for the feud in fact, the speed of the X-Division/Cruiserweight against the power of a Heavyweight like Cena. Again, you're writing the contrast really well, jumping suddenly from the speed attacks of Sabin into the power of Cena with the Fisherman's Suplex. I'm really liking this contrast. Cena changes the match in a split second via power, whilst Sabin changes the match in a split second via speed. It happens yet again, as Sabin shows his athleticism, taking it onto the apron and then up high with a Missile Dropkick, before the matches changes almost instantly yet again with a power move, the Spinebuster. This was the perfect Cena/Sabin, Heavyweight/Lightweight contrast, going from the top rope moves of Sabin to the slam, mat moves of Cena. Cena looks for the F-U quite earl on, which he does way too much for my liking in real life, but at the end of the exchange he is nailed with a Hesitation Dropkick. No you see I don't if this is just that you've hit on a winning formula with Cena and Sabin, a great combination of power and speed, or whether you are just a damn good match writer, Mac, because that exchange was wonderful. You start off with the big power move of the heel, the dominant one etc. Yet the exchange ends with a high-flying move from the athletic face. It's very nicely done. This next exchange was quite nice too, as it actually ended with a power move from Sabin using the Running Liger Bomb. Damn, I actually thought that Sabin was going to pick up the win there, but that's not going to happen, since I can't see Cena losing tonight. As a heel, Cena hitting the Five Knuckle Shuffle is a great sight to see, really taunting the fans to one hell of a degree. Another nice touch with Sabin landing on his feet mid-way through the F-U, which I always like to see from the lighter wrestlers, like when Carlito does it and counters into the Springboard Elbow, here Sabin counters into the Torando DDT. Dun dun DUHHHHHHH! Here comes the evil heel move from Cena, as he loosens the top turnbuckle pad, and NEARLY sends Sabin into it ... but ends up eating the steel himself. Damn, he nearly lost again, but not quite. A very rapid finish then, with Cena looking for the STFU for the first time in the match, Springboard Crossbody ... F-U! CENA WINS!!! Great finish to the match up, with you getting over Cena's moves as powerful and dominant. You get the feeling that if Cena hits one of these moves it's over, like they said with the Umaga/Cena match at the Royal Rumble. You really nailed the chemistry, psychology of this encounter, a match that I didn't really have high hopes for. I actually would have liked for it to have gone on past the allocated 11 minutes. The aftermath to this match up added to the occasion even more, with The Undertaker making an appearance and getting it on with Cena for the first time. Cena doesn't even come across as that weak, since he managed to get 'Taker up for the F-U, but couldn't quite hit it. One gets the impression that Cena is going to be a real test for The Deadman. The lightning strikes and Cena's heel turn has me prepared for some excellent promos in the future. Anyway, as for the match itself, you shocked the hell out of me, Mac, since it was a thrilling and beautifull written contest. ****

~ Hmmm, I guess that Christopher Daniels' Wrestlemania opponent could very well be Rey Mysterio. In all honesty, I agree with Rey, that he is too BIG for the Cruiserweight division (not literally), but a match between these two at Wrestlemania could very well be a passing of the torch kind of thing in terms of the Cruiserweight division at least. So I wonder what could be in store for William Regal's U.S title challenger then.

World Heavyweight Championship: Steel Cage
IT'S TIME! Big match up now that I have been looking forward to like hell. It annoys me sometimes when I'm reading people's matches that they fail to inject any emotion into their matches. With you, Mac, that really isn't a problem at all. The opening of this match was simply you writing the emotion of the match. After all, this is Batista versus The Rock, this is absolutely HUGE, with the greatest EVER at ringside in Naitch, so you're damn right in writing the emotions of the match first As the big face of the match, Rocky gets the early advantage by taking it to Batista. That moment in the corner was really good too, where Batista takes advantage of Rock pausing for ONE second, to rip up his insides with furious Shoulder Thrusts. The way you write Batista is amazing to be honest, make no mistake about it. NO ONE has ever used Batista as well as you, and this match is a perfect example of that. Mere minutes in, he shows dominace of The Rock, he is threatening, frightening and damn impressive too. I liked the way he went for the Batista Bomb early on but didn't hit it. I get the impression that the way you are using Batista's move set in this match is kind of like how you were using Cena's in the last one, where we get the impression that if he hits his finisher ... it's over. Batista starts to dominate though after throwing Rock into the cage and then applying Bearhug. The chemistry in this match has been good so far, that no matter what Rock (himself a powerful athlete) throws at Batista, Dave is always going to be stronger. A different chemistry from the Sabin/Cena match, but that was a clash of weights/divisions, whilst this is a straight up Heavyweight bout. Oh crap, I thought Rock had submitted then. You and your tricky writing, Mac Rocky moves, and subsequently the writing moves, at a much faster pace when he is on the attack, cranking up the excitement a few notches, like the next flurry he has, really taking it to Batista with a Samoan Drop before slamming him into the Steel Cage. I like the way you bold and highlight the word BLOOD in red to make it stand out. I read it from the top of the page and couldn't wait to get to that point. I might have to 'borrow' that technique Rocky is really starting to dominate now, much to the chargrin of 'The Nature Boy' on the outside, as he goes through his usual routine by removing his jacket and going nuts. How's he going to get inside that Cage, that's what I want to know. Damn, Rock Bottom out of nowhere, I didn't see that one coming. Yet again, this way of writing is that Batista is a monster basically and it'll take more than one finisher to put him down, whilst you get the impression that the moment Batista hits the Demon Bomb, it's over. Now Rock is bleeding too, and this match is sounding incredibly intense right now. Batista can't hit the Demon Bomb there, else I know, and the crowd gets the feeling that it would have been over. I think The Undertaker is the only person who should realistacally kick out of the Demon Bomb. I liked the spot with Rocky jumping from the Bomb position onto the Cage, as I had almost forgotten that you could win by escaping the cage as well. It doesn't end too well for Rock though, as he lands on his groin and ... DAMN! Batista kicks his head into the Cage, that sounded sick to say the least. Batista can't really take advantage though, as he gets the Spinebuster and the People's Elbow! Mark out! But he kicks out again! You are really selling Batista's dominance and strength here, as Rocky just can't seem to put him away. This reminds me of Rock's matches with Brock Lesnar a while back. Rock's selling was incredible in those matches, and I could imagine it here. Oh yes, here comes Flair! He beats up the ref ... Sharpshooter! A nice spot for sure, with Naitch and Rock locking eyes and exchanging words, before Flair gets into the Cage with a chair but only succeeds in getting his own ass kicked. Batista nails the Spinebuster though and both men are down. Flair's going to help 'Tista win ... KENNEDY! MARK OUT! Naitch and KK going toe-to-toe! Oooh, a sickening chair shot, and Batista escapes to retain. Those final few minutes of writing were exhilirating to say the least. Really, really cranked up the tension as they tried to escape the Cage, and, throughout, the use of Batista's Demon Bomb was really well handled, so that he still came out looking awesome and strong despite needing Ric Flair's help to win. He kicked out of the Rock Bottom and the People's Elbow, so now I'm wondering how the hell Mr. Kennedy is going to put him away come Wrestlemania. I guess my prediction of Triple H screwing The Rock was wrong, but I also thought that you might try to get over Batista's dominace factor even more by having him beat Rock clean with the Demon Bomb and the pin. The way you did it though, was much better. What a match. **** 1/2

~ Okay, this is what I have been waiting for. Triple H finally makes his move, and the way you wrote it was simply sublime. Describing Hunter's colda attire and expression was as though ou were showing his transition back to the dominant heel he once was, contrasting it nicely with Rocky's bloody attire. You could also say that metaphorically speaking Rock's lack of clothing was to represent his lack of defence he had to stop Triple H's assault. Maybe. What and assault it was too. Not only do we get Rock being thrown into the Steel Cage, not only is he Pedigreed onto a Chair, but he has his head smashed by a Sledgehammer onto a Steel Chair. This was incredibly brutal, and I can't wait to see what the backlash of this is going to be. Rock will surely be out for a while. But his match, feud with Hunter for Wrestlemania is now set. Triple H is back as a heel the way it should be. I'm very happy

Overall this was an excellent PPV, Mac. Despite the fact I wished you had written it all in full, you still gave us a treat with well detailed recapped matches and promos, as well as one brillaint little segment in full from Angle and Coach and two SENSATIONAL matches. Your spelling and grammar is damn impeccable, and your feuds are the best around. This recapped PPV showed why ou are the true #1 BTB, man
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Much, much thanks for the reviews, Renegade and Legend. I appreciate the feedback and I'm glad to see you enjoyed it. I'll be waiting for 'gade's Survivor Series and for Legend to get back into the swing of things.

Gotta get this out of the way...

Originally Posted by Wrestling Observer Newsletter
We’ve finally got word on the “Rabid Wolverine” Chris Benoit. Apparently, Benoit tore his bicep at the Royal Rumble, which would explain his absence from recent editions of Monday Night Raw. This is not being seen as a huge loss for Raw, since Kurt Angle was due to move over anyway and the roster is so top heavy, but it does throw the WrestleMania plans for a whirl. The injury to Benoit will keep him out for 4 to 6 months.

The original plans would have seen Edge challenge Orton for the WWE Title and Chris Benoit going one on one with Shawn Michaels, but with Benoit’s injury, Michaels is left without a WrestleMania opponent. The scenario being passed around at the moment, would see Michaels end up in the WWE Title scene with Orton and Edge, but there’s been talk of bringing in a major star to be put into a WM program with Michaels. Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Mick Foley were a couple of the names being pitched around.

The decision should become a little more clear after Monday’s Raw, which will see Michaels versus Edge, with the winner getting the title shot against Orton at WrestleMania 23.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

That's a good way to keep Benoit off TV until he passes away.

Program for HBK involving Foley, Nash, Hogan? Would be awesome if it was Foley. Nash, we've seen years before but still the nostalgia would be off the charts.

And HBK/Hogan has been done many times, so meh on that.

RAW should be good.


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

No Way Out Feedback
First of all, I'm surprised that a Ladder Match is kicking off tonight's show. Anyway, I completely read this match, and to be honest with you, it didn't really looked like a Ladder Match. You just had two spots in the match, and all were in the last part of this match up. I would've personally liked more spots involving Hardyz and Hooligans, as you know they are capable of doing it. It would've given a better start to the show if you would have had more spots, and I think you also missed the crowd's interactions, which would've added alot to the match. Anyway, the match culminates, and Hardyz win the titles. I sense now that Hoolgains will get another shot at the tag team titles, at 'Mania, and win that match, becoming the new tag team champions.

Haha, I definitely loved reading Stephanie imitating Mister Kennedy. I can't really notice any negative points about this segment. So yeah, it was a good promo to hype Angle's match with Kennedy. Good promo.

Just an okayish match here, which (sadly) doesn't really culminate the feud of Mark Henry and Kane. However, I just loved one spot in this match, and that was Kane taking Henry down at the outside with a leap. That would've been awesome to watch! Anyway, the double count out finish makes me believe that we'll see Kane vs. Henry at 'Mania in some sort of a stipulation? I don't know why, but I feel that you'll have some stipulation in their match at 'Mania.

I don't know why, but to me, it looks like that the King's Court will soon fall apart, giving King Booker to get his push solely (I don't know why, but I also believe that King Booker will get a good push in this thread). Anyway, an okay promo here, which hypes their match with the three faces for sure.

Good promo here, which hypes Kennedy's match with Angle more, and at the same time, it hypes Batista's match with The Rock as well. I really liked the 'miracle' line by Flair to Kennedy. I can't really notice negatives once again, so yeah, it was a good promo.

I loved how this match started, and ended. In these 22 minutes, all we saw was a great wrestling match, and a fast paced one. I definitely loved this match. Chavo's elimination at the start was a good booking choice seeing that he's the only one who hasn't got that much hype. And then William Regal screwing things up for Finlay makes me believe that we might see a US Title Match between Regal and Finlay at 'Mania. King Booker's Court is finally collapsing! Yep, here it is; The Court finally collapses, as Regal disqualifies himself, leaving only King Booker to face Mysterio and Lashley solely. I'm surprised to see Lashley going before Mysterio though. Now we're once again all evened up, and let's see what you've got now. The action then countinues nicely, and in the end, Mysterio beats Booker. Now that surprised me. It was a good wrestling match, but let me tell you that Mysterio's head scissors and hurricanrana's were probably over used.

You know, I'm loving the way you're hyping this Kennedy's feud with Angle, and The Rock's feud with Batista at the same time. These two feuds have got alot of hype, and I'm sure that the matches will not disappoint me. Good promo once again.

And then elsewhere, we get a promo by Coachman, and Steph, which was just okay. However, now I think that you don't need to over hype the feud between Kennedy and Angle.

You know, I'm surprised actually because I believe this match should've happened before the WHC Match. Not a good booking choice in my opinion because you've hyped this alot, and I know that Sabin/Cena match was written fully, but I still think that this match between Kennedy/Angle should've happened before the WHC Match. Ya know, this match was tremendous. Every single second of this match was filled with intensity, and I loved how the way Angle went for the Stunner... but then Kennedy countered into an Angle Slam. Loved this match absolutely, and a great booking choice, by having Kennedy beat Angle.

Yeah, it finally happens; The King Booker's Court collapses! Nice way to end it right here, at No Way Out, so now the fans could predict a Regal vs. Finlay match for the US Championship at 'Mania, but what for King Booker? Maybe a match with Lashley? Or Mysterio? I'll wait and see.

I would have absolutely loved to read this match in full because all of the twists, and turns in this match were phenomenal. Dean Malenko was portrayed nicely, and he almost looked like an active wrestler, whilst Daniels was just superb. Good match throughout, specially in the middle and the finish part, where Daniels tapped out from the Crippler Crossface, but Allison just helps up Chris, who picks up a win on Malenko out of nowhere. Great match, and now I wanna know who will Danielson face at 'Mania. I believe it'll be Sabin, who will get a defeat tonight against Cena, but who knows.

Even though Angle is done with Kennedy, I still believe that you over hyped that feud. There were just so many promos that hype their feud. Anyway, this promo was just okay. Steph pissed off Coach, and Kurt, and then Coach calmed Angle, but then SCSA comes out of nowhere, surprising the fans, and at the same time, making me believe that we'll see Angle vs. SCSA at 'Mania, which will be a damn good match. However, Angle's gonna win that... and that's for sure.

Now this SmackDown Showcase Tag Team Match was just okay, and nothing too special. I liked the fact that Mexicools got the offense on Benjamin and Helms, and in the ending, it was a perfect choice for the heels to get a victory the faces, Mexicools. By the way, I'm surprised that Helms took the winning falls because I was expenting Benjamin to take the winning falls who didn't even connected his finisher or his favorite moves. I would've liked to read much more offense from Benjamin, but it's okay.

An okayish promo here, which doesn't really excites me too much. I liked the fact, that Sabin's match with Cena is written in full, espcially because it'll be unique and especially because that'll be the first time I'll read Sabin wrestling with Cena in full. Matthews and Cena mentioning about The Undertaker was good though.

Singles Match:
John Cena vs. Chris Sabin

I'm pretty impressed with this match. From start to the finish, even though Cena is not that type of a wrestler, the match still had fast paced action throughout. You know, I loved the way how you made comebacks with Sabin everytime when Cena got in the control of the match up. Great match up, and yeah, I liked the way you had Cena exposing the turnbuckle, which actually showed that deep down in Cena's heart, he started to believe that he can't beat Sabin cleanly, and at the same time, it showed how much you have pushed Sabin too. Great match, and a great finish. Flow, realism, length, and everything else was perfect in my opinion.
Rating: 8/10

The aftermath was amazing, which makes me sure that Cena will face 'Taker at 'Mania. Although Cena will fight like a true fighter, I'm gonna go with 'Taker because he just can't be beaten at 'Mania. Good aftermath as well.

Good promo here with Daniels, and Mysterio, who seems to be the one who will wrestle Daniels at 'Mania for the Cruiserweight Championship. And at the same time, I now believe that King Booker will wrestle Lashley at 'Mania. Good promo.

Steel Cage Match:
World Heavyweight Championship:
Batista(w/Ric Flair) vs. The Rock:

The main event was truly an awesome. The usage of the steel cage was done nicely, and I believe it was not over done, so that's good. I liked the usage of Batista, The Rock, and Flair as well. Batista looked like a true monster here, The Rock made comebacks after comebacks, surprising the fans, whilst Flair was being 'The Dirtiest Player in the Game'. Kennedy's run in was also a nice way to keep the fans involved. Speaking of the fans, let me tell you the interactions by the fans were good, although it could've been better. Length was fine, although I believe it could've went over 20 minutes. Realism was just fine, flow was good, and the excitement was definitely there. However, I didn't like Batista kicking out from The People's Elbow. It makes The Rock weak to be honest. It would've been better if Batista would have put his foot on the bottom rope. Anyway, the match ends, and Batista win the title. Batista vs. Kennedy for 'Mania!
Rating: 8.5/10

The aftermath was just pure destruction by The Game on The Rock. You know that I WAS not a regular reader earlier, and I've just started to read this thread more now. Please let me know why Triple H destroyed The Rock like this. Anyway, the show ends, and let me tell you that this was an awesome and entertaining read. The Rock vs. Triple H for 'Mania will be awesome, and the way you've started this feud is brilliant. All of the fans' reactions, and the way you described that some fans were shown crying, was done amazingly.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Thanks for the review/feedback/whatever the hell we're calling it, Spitter, much appreciated.

The beef between Hunter and Rock has been going on since SummerSlam '06, where The Rock returned, and the two have exchanged words on several occasions (damn near every week since). A couple of physical interactions here or there leading up to the triple threat at the Royal Rumble.

On the first SmackDown! after the RR, Rock is awarded the World Title shot against Batista at No Way Out. Triple H bitches to Steph, the GM, and Hunter and Stephanie have the following exchange:

Stephanie McMahon: You can’t beat The Rock, Hunter.

HHH stops dead in his tracks, turning around to face his ex-wife.

Triple H: What in the hell are you talking about? I’ve beaten The Rock’s overrated ass more times than I count.

Stephanie McMahon: That’s not what I mean and I think you know that. I see you out there, playing to the crowd, mocking The Rock, trying to get these people on your side. But no matter what you do, no matter how many jokes you make, no matter how many DX shirts you wear, you will never be as popular as The Rock and that’s what eats you up inside. Ever since The Rock came back, you’ve been trying to one up him and its not just happening. Its pretty pathetic to watch because deep down inside, you and I both know, its just not you. You don’t give a damn about these people but your ego won’t let you be outshone by The Rock in the ring, on the mic, anywhere … How long is it until you show your true colors, anyway?

Stephanie smirks a bit as Hunter stares at her, various emotions running through his face.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Alrighty, I understand it now, Mac. And yeah, I remember reading your shows couple of weeks before where I saw The Rock and Triple H taking shots at each other in their respective promos. Thanks for clearing it out.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Monday Night Raw; February 19th, 2007; Los Angeles, California

Opening Video


Jim Ross: Hello everyone and welcome to Monday Night Raw. I’m Good Ol’ J.R., Jim Ross, here with Jerry “The King” Lawler and ladies and gentlemen, tonight … we have one of the biggest Raw’s any Monday Night Raw history.

Jerry Lawler: J.R., I’ve got goosebumps. This show is monstrous and our main event has WrestleMania implications.

Jim Ross:
Absolutely, in the finals to the Road to WrestleMania tournament, the “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels takes on the “Rated R Superstar” Edge with the winner facing the WWE Champion Randy Orton for the title at WrestleMania 23.

Jerry Lawler:
Huge match up but my favorite match is our Women’s Title match, Mickie James defending against Victoria, woohoo!!

Jim Ross: And that’s not the only championship that’s on the line, TWO MORE titles will be on the line. MNM defend the World Tag Team Championships against America’s Most Wanted and Carlito puts his Intercontinental Title on the line against Ken Doane.

Jerry Lawler: Those are huge but lets not forget about the newest acquisition to the Raw roster, the Olympic Gold Medalist, the “Wrestling Machine” Kurt Angle makes his first appearance and he’ll be getting a special welcoming party here tonight.

We get a shot of the lower and middle card of Raw, along with random jobbers (no real stars and mostly heels) all surrounding the ring and lining the entrance ramp.

Jim Ross: And as you can see, we’re about ready to get this charade -- I mean, this welcoming party underway.

***Medal*** The crowd gets to its feet, delivering a thunderous mixed reaction before it eventually degenerates into heat as the “Wrestling Machine” Kurt Angle, along with the Raw General Manager Jonathan Coachman and several security guards, makes his way down to the ring and both men are dressed in suits and shades.

Several superstars surrounding the ring perform the “I’m not worthy” bow, sucking up, as the Olympic Gold Medalist and the Coach step in. Coach calls for a mic and gets one from the beautiful Lilian Garcia. The security stays at the entrance ramp, lookin to stop any unwanted guests.

Jonathan Coachman: Ladies and gentlemen of Monday Night Raw, get on your feet for the newest acquisition to the Raw Roster, the 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist, the former WWE, WCW, Intercontinental, United States, Tag Team and World Heavyweight Champion, the Wrestling Machine, KURT ANGLE!!!

Tremendous heat as Coachman hands the mic to Angle with a huge grin. Kurt takes the microphone with an equally large smile before the “You Suck” chants begin to pour in.

Kurt Angle:
Don’t rub your eyes, because yes, I am standing before you. The greatest wrestler in the HISTORY of the WWE is right here as a Raw superstar, baby, WOOOOOO!!!

Crowd boos.

Kurt Angle: I mean, lets be honest, when the two choices are Raw and SmackDown!, its not a very hard decision. First off, Raw has an intelligent, well-dressed, savvy man as their General Manager, while SmackDown! has a woman who just happens to be the boss’ daughter and is … well … a big breasted idiot, who shouldn’t be allowed to run on the sidewalk, let alone run a wrestling brand!!

The crowd “OH”s as Coachman laughs.

Kurt Angle:
Its ridiculous. What kind of an idiot treats an American hero such as myself like just another midcard act? I’m Kurt freakin’ Angle!


Kurt Angle: What kind of an idiot thinks that guys like Triple H(boos), and The Rock(pop), and John Cena(boos), and Batista(boos) and … Mister Kennedy sh-


Kurt Angle: Yeah, that idiot - why should any of those guys have a higher spot than an Olympic Gold Medalist? That’s exactly why I made the decision to come to Monday Night Raw, because Raw has a General Manager who can appreciate the greatness of Kurt Angle.

Coachman nods as the crowd continues to boo.

Kurt Angle: But that’s enough about SmackDown!, lets talk about what’s next for Kurt Angle right here on USA.

Angle rubs his chin, contemplating something, evidently.

Kurt Angle:
(snaps his fingers) Oh yeah … STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!!

Incredible ovation for the Texas Rattlesnake as Coachman and Angle shake their heads in disgust.

Kurt Angle: Austin, you’ve done everything in your power to try to make my life hell ever since you drunkenly bumped into me at the Royal Rumble. First, you gave me a freakin’ Stunner after I had already dumped your ass over the top rope and out of the damn ring!!


Kurt Angle:
Then, last week, out of the goodness of my heart, I bless this show with my presence a week early and what do you do? You run down to this ring, huffing and puffing, and attempt to … as you say(using air quotes) “stomp a mudhole in my ass and walk it dry.”


Kurt Angle: And lets not forget about last night at No Way Out -- an event that you weren’t even supposed to be anywhere near -- you come out and attack me in the parking like, like some kind of a maniac!!

“Austin” chant.

Kurt Angle: I don’t know what this recent obsession with me is but I’ve got news for you, Austin, just so you don’t get any weird ideas in your head. I don’t swing “that” way.


Kurt Angle:
I know that gay people love me - and I love ALL of my millions of fans - but that’s never been my way. I’m as straight as an arrow.

More boos for the obnoxious Angle. Coach grabs Angle’s mic and pulls it towards him a bit.

Jonathan Coachman: Good one, Kurt.

Angle nods and brings his mic back as more boos ring in.

Kurt Angle: Seriously though, I know what you want, Austin … yeah, I know what you want. It’s the same thing all of these fans want. It’s the same things every single executive in Stanford wants.

Angle holds his head down before bringing it back up and looking directly into the camera.

Kurt Angle:

Godlike ovation for the potential match up of icon versus icon on the grandest stage of them all. Angle waits for the crowd to die down - and it does take quite a while before Angle brings the mic back up to his mouth.

Kurt Angle: If you want to see Stone Cold Steve Austin versus Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 23, give me a “Hell yeah!”


Kurt Angle: Coach, will these fans get Austin versus Angle?

Coach takes the mic.

Jonathan Coachman: OH HELLLLLL … NO!

Incredible heat before another “You suck” chant starts up.

Jonathan Coachman:
You see, Austin, its behavior like yours that not only reflects poorly on yourself but on the Raw brand as a whole and myself personally. That’s why I didn’t allow you in to the Road to WrestleMania WWE Championship Tournament -


Jonathan Coachman:
That’s why you will never be the WWE Champion as long as I’m the General Manager -

More heat.

Jonathan Coachman: And that’s why you will NEVER wrestle Kurt Angle on my watch - you don’t deserve to! And that’s why I banned you from the building here tonight!

Tremendous heat.

Jonathan Coachman: Raw needs superstars with class, superstars who bring intensity, integrity and intelligence to the Raw Roster and that’s why I snatched Kurt Angle from right under SmackDown’s and Stephanie McMahon’s nose! That’s why --

***No Chance In Hell*** The crowd pops, a much different response than the last time that music was heard, and MR. MCMAHON power walks down to the ring, as a stunned Angle and Coachman look on. McMahon calls for the microphone and receives one as his music and ovation die down.

Mr. McMahon: I hate to interrupt this welcoming party -- or should I call it a SmackDown! slash Steve Austin bash fest -- but, I’m going to make this short and I’m gonna make it sweet. This whole … “Kurt Angle coming to Raw but staying on SmackDown! and competing for the number one contendership” … it strikes me the wrong way, as I’m sure it does many of these fans. What I’m saying is, there’s definitely some shady business going on!

Great pop as Coachman and Angle shake their heads.

Mr. McMahon: Basically, the two of you made a mockery of MY brand extension and that’s something … you … just … don’t … do.

More cheers as Coachman gulps nervously before lifting his mic up.

Jonathan Coachman: Mister McMahon, I never wan-

Mr. McMahon: SHADDUP!!!

Thunderous ovation.

Mr. McMahon:
Don’t worry, Coach, I’m not gonna fire you.

Boos as Coach takes a deep breath.

Mr. McMahon: But I live by the moniker “an eye for an eye”. Therefore, I would suggest that every Raw superstar surrounding the ring right now, everyone in the back, I would suggest you listen up, because this, concerns you … Because of Jonathan Coachman’s shady business practices which have transpired with the acquisition of Kurt Angle -- for a limited time only, one week, to be exact -- ANY Raw superstar who wants to jump ship and go to Friday Night SmackDown!, is to meet me in my office and I will make that possible.

Huge pop as Coachman’s eyes open wildly.

Mr. McMahon:
Thank you.

McMahon prepares to exit the ring as Angle snatches the mic from Coach.

Kurt Angle: What a load of crap!! Nepotism at its finest! Why does SmackDown! catch all the breaks, Vince!? Wouldn’t happen to be because your dimwitted daughter runs that show, would it?!

The crowd gasps as McMahon slowly turns around.

Mr. McMahon:
I was hoping you’d say something like that, Kurt … Therefore, at WrestleMania 23 …

The crowd begins to cheer and Angle’s face begins to show quite a bit of fear as McMahon gets face to face with him.

Mr. McMahon:

The crowd goes completely apeshit as Angle goes completely nuts, yelling like a mad man. McMahon smirks a bit while his music hits and he heads out of the ring, leaving a steaming Angle and a dejected Coach.

Commercial Break

WrestleMania Recall: Hulk Hogan slams Andre The Giant in front of 93,000 at WrestleMania III.

Jim Ross: My God, what a match we got announced for WrestleMania before the break. Icon versus Icon, The “Texas Rattlesnake” Stone Cold Steve Austin versus The “Wrestling Machine” Kurt Angle.

Jerry Lawler: This isn’t fair to Kurt Angle, J.R. His first night on Raw and he gets put into a match with that damn rattlesnake! Not only that, but Raw superstars are gonna be allowed to freely jump to SmackDown!, if they want to. This is awful for Raw.

***Paparazzi*** The World Tag Team Champions MNM, Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury, make their way down to the ring to sufficient heat, accompanied by Melina with their titles hanging from their pants.

***Guilty*** America’s Most Wanted, “The Wildcat” Chris Harris and “The Cowboy” James Storm, walk towards the ring, with Gail Kim by their side, and the two former tag team champions look focused on regaining their titles.

Jim Ross:
World Tag Team Titles on the line, the two best tag teams in the world today, you can talk about SmackDown! all you want - and they got a lot of great tag teams - but in my opinion, it doesn’t get any better than MNM and AMW.

Jerry Lawler: Should be a great one, I love to hear Melina scream.

Match #1: World Tag Team Championship:
MNM w/Melina vs. America’s Most Wanted w/Gail Kim
Match up cuts a decent speed with solid action throughout, going back and forth, but kicks into a third gear after the seven minute mark. Harris ends up on the outside of the ring, leaving his downed partner Storm inside the middle of the ring with both members of MNM. The two begin to stalk Storm as Melina distracts the ref’s attention away from the double team. Gail Kim hops onto the apron and climbs the turnbuckle. She leaps off and takes Mercury down with a perfect hurricanrana, sending him out of the ring, before rolling out of the ring herself. Storm gets up, turns around and Nitro lifts him onto his shoulder, looking for the SNAPSHOT … but there’s no Mercury! Storm fights off of his shoulder and then drops Nitro with a DDT as Harris begins to climb onto the apron! Storm gets him set into position as Harris leaps off and hit’s the DEATH SENTENCE!!! Mercury hops onto the apron but Harris knocks him down with a right hand as Storm covers him! 1... 2... 3!!!
Winners: AMW @10:31. AMW win the World Tag Team Championship!

Jerry Lawler: Nooooooooooooooooo!!

Jim Ross: America’s Most Wanted has done it, they are now the two time tag team champions of the world!! Harris and Storm!!

Jerry Lawler: The RKO Army is off to a bad start tonight, Lets hope Doane fairs better against Carlito.

Jim Ross: Doane challenges Carlito for the Intercontinental Championship but in the main event, the “Rated R Superstar” Edge faces the “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels and the winner takes on the WWE Champion Randy Orton for the title at WrestleMania and we cant forget the history between HBK and the Rated R Superstar…

EDGE-MICHAELS MOMENT: Royal Rumble 2005, Edge defeats HBK in the opener of the pay per view, pinning him with a hook of the ropes and a hook of the tights.

Commercial Break

We return from the break with The Big Show and Paul Heyman walking down a hallway. The two stop and turn towards the right and look at the door which reads “Mr. McMahon”. The two then enter…

Cut backstage.

Todd Grisham is standing by with the entire RKO Army, the WWE Champion Randy Orton, Ken Doane, Chris Masters, the former tag champions Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro, and Melina.

Todd Grisham: I’m standing here with the “Legend Killer” and WWE Champion Randy Orton and the RKO Army, and Randy, I have to ask you about the main event tonight which pits Shawn Michaels against Edge and the winner will get a shot at your WWE Championship at WrestleMania. What are your thoughts on this match tonight?

Orton scoffs.

Randy Orton: What are my thoughts? The last time I checked, I had beaten Shawn Michaels’ ass into the ground at the Royal Rumble and I put the (talks mockingly) Rated R Superstar into a body cast at New Years Revolution when I took the W … W … E Championship.


Randy Orton:
The fact is, I’ve been carrying this company on my back for a while now, so pardon me if I don’t fear a has been in HBK and the most overrated superstar in the business today, Edge. It doesn’t matter which one it is because come WrestleMania, you’re looking at the man who’s leaving Ford Field with the championship.


Randy Orton: But that’s enough about me, because as you might have seen tonight, the RKO Army has been off to a rough start tonight … because Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury lost their World Tag Team Championships to America’s Most Wanted.

Crowd pops as Orton shakes his head and Melina looks at MNM, almost in disgust of the tandem.

Randy Orton: AMW may be a good tag team but there’s no way in hell that we should have lost that match. Mercury, Nitro, the two of you have been getting very sloppy as of late and that’s something that won’t be tolerated, get your act together.

Mercury and Nitro look at one another, almost as if to say “is this guy serious?”

Randy Orton: Come on, guys. Melina, as beautiful and talented and … sexy … as she is, can’t keep carrying you guys to wins. Get it together.

Melina blushes as Orton gives her a bit of a wink, to which MNM, especially Nitro, are oblivious to.

Randy Orton: That brings me to the two youngest members of MY army, Ken Doane and Chris Masters.

Doane and Masters stare at Orton.

Randy Orton: Kenny, I know it was Edge who gave you your big break and I know it was Edge that made you a star but I’m the leader of this group, and I think you need to get used to hearing that.

Doane looks a bit confused.

Randy Orton: Ever since I took over this group at New Years Revolution, your performances have gone downhill and I’ve had just about enough. This Intercontinental Title match against Carlito … you better bring the belt home to the RKO Army … or we’ll have a problem.

That catches Doane’s attention and he inches towards the face of Orton, whom turns away and toward the Masterpiece.

Randy Orton: Chris … you’ve been a piece of crap for a while now.

The RKO Army get shocked looks on their faces as Masters balls his fist up, getting a bit of a nervous reaction from Orton.

Randy Orton: Lets be honest, Chris, you’ve done nothing of note for about a year and a half now, and that may have flown by with the last chump that was leading this group but not me - not the WWE Champion.

Masters puts his hands on his hips, shaking his head.

Randy Orton: I can not keep carrying this group with no help, no back up - I just can’t do it - not heading into WrestleMania. Its time for you guys to get your asses in gear or you’ll be gone.

Orton sighs, slapping his WWE Championship, before heading off camera, leaving a pissed Masters, an annoyed Doane, confused former tag champion in MNM and a blushing Melina.

Jerry Lawler: Definitely some dessention going on within the RKO Army. Randy has got to pull this group together.

Jim Ross: Looks to me, he’s doing the exact opposite. Up next, the Women’s Championship is on the line. Will the incredible ten month reign of Mickie James end at the hands of the dominant Amazon-like Victoria? Mickie versus Victoria, NEXT!

Commercial Break

EDGE-MICHAELS MOMENT: Unforgiven 2006, Shawn Michaels defeats Edge to retain the WWE Championship, even despite his arch-nemesis Vince McMahon, as the special referee.

***Widow’s Peak*** The crowd gives a decent pop as Victoria makes her way down to the ring, looking focused on becoming the next Women’s Champion.

***Mickie*** A solid mixed reaction fills the arena as the current Women’s Champion, the vivacious Mickie James skips down to the ring, with her shoulder showing almost no ill effects.

Jim Ross: Over the past few weeks, Mickie James has complained of a shoulder injury. Could that be the chink in the armor that costs her the title tonight? That is, if her injury is legitimate.

Jerry Lawler: What do you mean, J.R.?

Match #2: Women’s Championship:
Mickie James vs. Victoria
Mickie and Victoria put on a solid couple of minutes, most of which is spent going toe to toe, move for move, the two top women on the Raw roster. But at the four minute mark, Victoria catches Mickie with a strong thrust kick, right to her “injured” shoulder. Mickie screams out in pain before rolling out of the ring. The ref calls for her to get back in as Mickie walks around the ringside, holding her shoulder in pain and the referee begins his ten count. Victoria tries to follow to the outside but the ref holds her back, before finishing his count up, signalling the count out.
Winner: Victoria @4:23 via count out. Mickie James retains Women’s Title.
Mickie grabs her Women’s Title from the timekeeper and heads up the entrance ramp, still favoring her shoulder as Victoria looks incredibly pissed in the ring.

Jim Ross:
Victoria has won this match by count but Mickie keeps her championship.

Jerry Lawler: She has a severe shoulder injury, J.R. I hope she’s okay.

Jim Ross:
If you say so, King. Later on tonight, Shawn Michaels battles Edge and the winner receives a WWE Title match at WrestleMania 23.

Backstage, much like The Big Show and Paul Heyman earlier, we get a shot of Umaga and Armando Alejandro Estrada walking into the office of Mr. McMahon.

Elsewhere… Maria stands by with John Bradshaw Layfield.

Maria: Ladies and gentlemen, J … B … L!

Bradshaw looks annoyed as boos are heard in the background.

Maria: JBL, now that you’ve been eliminated from the Road to WrestleMania Tournament, are you angry?

JBL stares at Maria almost dumbfounded.

John Bradshaw Layfield: … That may be the dumbest question I’ve ever heard. You’re damn right I’m angry -- I’m pissed off because that WrestleMania title shot belonged to me! The only people more upset than me are Vince McMahon, the investors and every damn person who bought a ticket because JBL equals ratings, JBL equals buyrates, John Bradshaw Layfield equals butts in the seats and without the true American Heeeeerooo in the main event, the bottom line suffers!

JBL shakes his head.

Maria: So what now?

Bradshaw’s anger fades as his toothy grin appears.

John Bradshaw Layfield: If there’s one thing that even somebody of your intelligence should know, is that the Wrestling GAWD … has always got a backup plan.

JBL continues to smile before walking off camera, leaving a bewildered Maria.

Commercial Break

EDGE-MICHAELS MOMENT: Bad Blood 2006, Edge defeats Shawn Michaels in a ladder match to win his third WWE Championship.

SmackDown! Rebound
- Focuses on the No Way Out pay per view which took place last night and highlights Kennedy keeping his WrestleMania title match by defeating Kurt Angle, before focusing on Batista escaping the cage match with The Rock, retaining the title. The video then gets really gloomy before showing the brutal assault by Triple H on Rock afterward.

***Masterpiece*** Chris Masters makes his way down to the ring, skipping his usual pre-match antics.

Match #3:
Chris Masters vs. Random Jobber
Masters wastes no time taking care of his opponent, still visibly pissed over Orton’s tongue lashing earlier. Masters goes right to work, hammering away on him before doing it literally with the devastating Polish Hammer!! Masters then finishes him off with the Masterlock!
Winner: Chris Masters @1:41 via submission.
Masters holds onto the submission for an extra ten seconds or so before flinging him down to the ground.

Jim Ross:
A very impressive win for the Masterpiece but that win will pale in comparison, if Ken Doane can get the job done tonight.

Jerry Lawler:
Kenny takes on Carlito for the Intercontinental Championship.

Jim Ross: Now that’s cool but will it be cool for Carlito, next!

Backstage, Kurt Angle, fully dressed and apparently ready to leave the arena, walks down a corridor, furious over the events which have transpired tonight. Angle then bumps into Charlie Haas.

Kurt Angle: What the hell is your pr - (realizes who it is) - Charlie Haas. (Angle scoffs and then laughs before shaking his head) What the hell happened to you? I make you a star, make you a part of Team Angle and this is where you end up -- backstage, doing absolutely nothing of note. When was the last time you were on television anyway?

Charlie Haas: Whatever you say, Kurt. All you’ve done for the past few months is run your mouth but yet, all you’ve done in the ring, is lose match after match after match. Maybe you should worry a little more about yourself, instead of worrying about me.

Kurt Angle: The last time I checked, I’ve done more in this past month, than you’ve done in your entire career. Now get the hell out of my way before you piss me off.

Angle goes to walk by him but Haas doesn’t let him. Angle attempts to get Haas to flinch but he doesn’t move.

Charlie Haas: Kurt, you havent had a match on Raw for over a year and God knows the last time you won a match on Raw. So, how about me and you go one on one tonight.

Pop in the background as Angle smiles a bit - hiding his nervousness?

Kurt Angle: Actually, I have some very important business to handle tonight, but I’ll take pleasure in kicking your ass up and down that ring next week.

Haas nods as Angle storms off, through the doors and out of the arena.

Commercial Break

Back from the break, Jonathan Coachman catches up with The Big Show, Umaga, Paul Heyman and Armando Alejandro Estrada.

Jonathan Coachman: Guys, uh, did I see you two go into Mister McMahon’s office early tonight?

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Pero, ju know how much me and the bulldozer have appreciated Raw and everything that you, Senior Coachman, have done for us but we feel that we have -- como se dice -- done everything here on Raw.

Paul Heyman: Quite frankly, Mister Coachman, sir, The Big Show has proven that he is the most dominant athlete on the face of the planet week in and week out on Raw. The Big Show is seven feet tall, 500 pounds and has crushed every superstar here on Monday nights.

Jonathan Coachman: You two think you’re the baddest guys on the block, the meanest wrestlers in the world?

Heyman and Estrada arrogantly nod.

Jonathan Coachman: Well, gentlemen, I’ve got a particular challenge that may intrigue you …

Fade out and back to ringside.

***Out Of My Way*** The former IC Champion Ken Doane makes his way down to the ring, not with his usual confidence, possibly thinking about Orton’s speech earlier.

***Cool*** Carlito, the Intercontinental Champion, coolly walks down to the ring, receiving a good pop from the sold out crowd.

Jim Ross: Two of the brightest young stars in the industry today. You talk about youth, confidence and arrogance with the ability to back it up, look no further than these two.

Jerry Lawler: These two have traded the Intercontinental Championship back and forth with one another, very evenly matched, this should be a good one.

Match #4: Intercontinental Championship
Carlito vs. Ken Doane
Much like two weeks ago, the two brash, young superstars put on a high octane exciting match up, which sees several near falls even in the first six minutes of the match up. At the seven minute mark, Carlito begins to take control, hitting Doane with hard left hands before shooting him off and hitting a back body drop. He gets up and Carly catches him with a kick to the gut, a knee to the face and a clothesline. The crowd continues to pop as Caribbean Cool springs off the second rope, hitting a senton, getting back up and going for a moonsault but Doane rolls out of the way and Carlito crashes and burns!! He gets up to his feet, holding his stomach and Doane kips back up to his feet before hitting a dropkick to the chest!! Kenny lifts him up and hit’s a couple of rights before tossing Carlito into the corner. Carly leaps up and over a charging Doane, landing behind him, and going for a backdrop, but Doane lands on his feet, turns him around, and drops him with a FLATLINER!! The end appears to be near as Doane rolls him over, going for the cover. 1... 2... NO! Carlito kicks out of Doane’s impressive new move and Kenny lifts him up to his feet before hitting a body slam. Doane then walks towards the corner and leaps to the top turnbuckle, steadying himself on top. Doane then leaps off, going for the GUILLOTINE LEG DROP … but Carlito moves and Doane slams ass first into the canvas!! Doane gets up, holding his ass and Carly rolls him up into a small package! 1... 2... NO! Doane kicks out and both men get right back up. ‘Lito throws a right but Doane avoids it, GOING FOR ANOTHER FLATLINER … but Carlito spins out of it, getting behind Doane, leaping up and HITTING A BACKSTABBER!!! The cover! 1... 2... 3!!
Winner: Carlito @12:52. Carlito retains Intercontinental Title.
The crowd gets to its feet and applauds Carlito whom struggles back up to his feet and is soon handed his championship. Carlito takes his title and climbs the turnbuckle, showing it off to the fans.

Carlito climbs down from the turnbuckle and WHAM!!! Carlito gets taken down to the canvas completely out cold from the … CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!!! Heat fills the arena as JBL smirks down at the fallen Carlito.

Bradshaw reaches down and grabs the Intercontinental Championship before raising it up to this hostile crowd, toothy grin and all.

Commercial Break

EDGE-MICHAELS … “MOMENT”: At New Years Revolution, Randy Orton defeated Edge for the WWE Title, after Edge’s own group, the Rated R Army, turned on Edge.
Later that month, at the Royal Rumble, Randy Orton defeated Shawn Michaels to retain the WWE Championship with a hook of the ropes and the tights.

Backstage, Todd Grisham is standing by.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, the former WWE Champion, the “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels!!

The crowd pops huge as HBK comes into screenshot, dressed to compete with a t-shirt and his custom & extravagant entrance attire on.

Todd Grisham: Shawn, coming up shortly, you go one on one with a man you have a tremendous amount of history with, the “Rated R Superstar” Edge and the winner gets a WrestleMania title match. How are you feeling heading into this match up?

Shawn Michaels: As you know, and as (points off camera) they know, at the Royal Rumble, the Heartbreak Kid came up just a little bit short in my quest for that sixth world championship. I can make all the excuses in the world - “Orton pulled the rope” and what have you - but the fact is I didn’t leave San Antonio with the belt.

Michaels brushes the hair out of his face.

Shawn Michaels: But nobody knows more than HBK, about how important second chances are and that’s EXACTLY what I’m getting here tonight. A second chance at greatness, a second chance at the top of the mountain, a second chance at the WWE Championship, a second chance at Randy Orton, and to do that, all I’ve gotta do is beat one of the top stars in the game today, Edge.

Crowd pops for Edge as Michaels lets out a knowing smile.

Shawn Michaels: Oh yes, Edge and myself go way, WAY back, we busted each other up, we’ve exchange the WWE Title on numerous occasions, we’ve bad mouthed each other, and we’ve put on classic after classic but the fact is, I’ve always had respect for Edge because he loves this business as much as I do and that’s something that EVERYONE should respect.


Shawn Michaels: But tonight isn’t about respect, tonight is about getting a shot at the gold and heading to WrestleMania, and only ONE of us gets to go, and considering I’m Mister WrestleMania … I think it should be me.

Michaels smirks.

Shawn Michaels: So tonight, in the middle of that ring, me and Edge are gonna lay it all on the line. Every drop of sweat, every ounce of blood and once its all said and done, THE SHOWSTOPPA, THE HEADLINA, THE MAIN EVENT, THE ICON, THE HEARTBREAK KID SHAWN MICHAELS, will be headed to just one more WrestleMania main event. Why? Because I can.

HBK then walks off camera to a great ovation.

Todd Grisham: Well, we heard from Shawn Michaels, lets here from his opponent in just a few moments. Maria is standing by with Lita and the “Rated R Superstar” Edge!

The crowd pops as we cut away to Lita and Edge, whom is dressed in his wrestling gear, shades, and trademark trench coat as Maria holds the mic.

Maria: Edge, you heard what Shawn Michaels has to say, what are your thoughts about this upcoming match up?

Edge: For Shawn, this may be about going to the big show one more time, it may be about being Mister WrestleMania, but for me this is about REVENGE!

Edge grits his teeth together before taking a deep breath.

Edge: … Randy … Orton …


That no good son of a bitch has done everything possible to continue to piss me off. He beat the living hell out of me at New Years Revolution, stole my OWN GROUP from me, STOLE MY CHAMPIONSHIP, SCREWED ME OUT OF THE ROYAL RUMBLE, TRIED TO COST ME THIS TOURNEMENT!!! HE’S DONE IT ALL … but Randy, I’m still here.

The crowd pops as Edge smiles maniacally. Scary stuff.

Edge: I’ve gone through Big Show, I took on Umaga, I’ve gone head up with the best and I’ve made it past every single round in this tournament and I sure as hell don’t plan on stopping tonight. I am this close (leaves about an inch between his index finger and thumb) - THIS CLOSE - to getting my hands around your scrawny little neck and there isn’t a damn thing that will stop me from going to the main event at WrestleMania, kicking your teeth down your throat and taking back MY WWE Championship!!

The crowd pops as Edge grits his teeth once again in anger before he and Lita take off off-camera.

Jim Ross: My goodness, what a main event, a match that could headline WrestleMania all by itself!

Jerry Lawler: The Rated R Superstar versus The Heartbreak Kid!

Jim Ross:
Edge versus Shawn Michaels, the winner gets a shot at the most prestigious belt in the business on the grandest stage of them all, NEXT!!

Commercial Break

***Sexy Boy*** The “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels enters the arena to his usual immense ovation as he struts on the entrance ramp before setting off his pyro and continuing down to the ring.

***Metalingus*** Edge steps out onto the stage, accompanied by Lita and an equally impressive ovation as the HBK ovation which preceded. The Rated R Superstar walks down to the ring, looking focused - obsessed on winning this match.

Main Event: Finals to the Road To WrestleMania Tournament
Edge vs. Shawn Michaels
Edge and Michaels do what is expected, putting on a great contest, given the time to do what they can. The Rated R Superstar begins to take control at the eight minute mark, hitting Michaels with hard right after hard right, knocking HBK back before shooting him off the ropes. Michaels comes back and takes him down with a flying forearm before kipping back up to his feet!! HBK then lifts Edge up, hit’s the body slam, and climbs the turnbuckle, getting set on top. Michaels then leaps off and drives his elbow right into the heart of Edge!!
The Icon then goes to the corner and begins tapping his feet, tuning up the band and once Edge gets up, HBK throws the SWEET CHIN MUSIC … but Edge avoids contact, getting under Michaels and lifting him into a Electric Chair position! Edge then lifts Michaels off of his shoulders and forward, sending HBK’s face right into the canvas! The Rated R Superstar walks over to the corner and gets set, ready to hit the Spear once Michaels arises.
HBK slowly gets up and Edge charges, looking for the SPEAR … but Michaels hit’s a beautiful drop toe hold and Edge’s face slams into the middle turnbuckle! Edge staggers back up and Michaels rolls him up with a school boy! 1... 2... NO! Edge kicks out and both men quickly get back up. HBK throws a clothesline but Edge ducks it, grabs Michaels by the back of the head and slams him into the canvas with the Edge-O-Matic, hooks the legs!! 1... 2... NO! Michaels kicks out!
Edge gets back up to his feet and walks towards the legs of Michaels, looking to apply the Edgecator but Michaels fights out of it, shoving Edge off and into the corner. Michaels gets up and charges in, but Edge leaps up and over the top. Edge attempts to charge in but … SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!! HBK takes his head off but isn’t able to capitalize immediately as he rests on the top turnbuckle before falling down on top of the Rated R Superstar! 1... 2... NO! Edge kicks out!!
Michaels looks around in shock, bewildered that Edge managed to kick out. HBK grabs Edge and struggles to lift him up, Edge being deadweight … but he was apparently playing possum, kicking Michaels in the gut and planting him with the IMPALER DDT!! Edge with the cover! 1... 2... NO! Michaels barely … barely manages to kick out and Edge begins to show his desperation, ripping at his hair.
The crowd erupts into an incredible amount of heat as RANDY ORTON, the WWE Champion walks down to the ring. Edge notices him and immediately his face boils with rage, calling the champion in, whom merely smirks. Orton tells him to pay attention to the match and Edge scowls at him before turning around, INTO A SUPERKICK!!! Michaels with the cover. 1... 2... NO! Orton pulls the referee out of the ring!! The ref lambastes Orton but Randy DROPS THE REF WITH AN RKO!!!
Michaels is still somewhat out of it but still manages to yell at Orton, whose smirk has yet to leave his face. Michaels slowly begins to stand up and Orton spits at him!! Michaels prepares to leave the ring but Edge grabs him and shoots him off!! HBK comes back and Edge hit’s the SPEAR!!! Edge waives his hand wildly and another referee runs down before sliding in. 1... 2... NO! ORTON STOMPS RIGHT ON THE HEAD OF THE REFEREE!!!
Edge gets up furious but his fatigue hurts him as he wildly throws a right at Orton. Randy ducks it and DROPS EDGE WITH AN RKO!!! Orton then begins to alternate between stomping away on Edge and Michaels as a few referees run down to the ring, throwing this thing out!!
Winner: No Contest @18:56.

Jim Ross:
That no good son of a bitch Randy Orton has just screwed up one hell of a match and effectively screwed these two athletes out of a WrestleMania title match!!

Jerry Lawler:
Haha, its genius, J.R.

Orton grabs his WWE Championship and waits for Michaels to get back up to his feet before cracking him right over the skull with the title belt!! The crowd gives Orton tremendous heat as he begins to go to work.

He then turns his attention towards Edge, whom finally begins to stir. The Rated R Superstar uses the ropes to pull himself up and he receives the same treatment as HBK, a title belt across his face!!!

Orton grabs his championship and exit’s the ring, showing it off to the thousands around the arena who boo the crap out of the Legend Killer. Lita slides in and checks on Edge as a few referees check on both downed superstars.

Suddenly, Orton reenters the ring. A couple of the referees get in Orton’s way but he quickly scares them off and out of the ring. He then grabs Lita by the hair!!! The crowd boos ferociously as Orton then turns her around before PLANTING HER WITH THE RKO!!!!

Jim Ross: NOOOOO!!! DAMN IT!!!

Jerry Lawler:
That was sick. That was sick!!

Orton raises his title in the air to tremendous heat with incredible arrogance, no challenger for WrestleMania, his two possible contenders laid out, the top superstar on Raw, with Lita out cold for kicks.



Current Card for WWE WrestleMania XXIII:
"All Grown Up"
Date: April 1st, 2007
Location: Ford Field; Detroit, Michigan
Event Music: Saliva; Ladies and Gentlemen

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Batista vs. Ken Kennedy

WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels OR Edge

Icon vs. Icon:
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's Raw Feedback

~ Sorry this is a little on the late side, Mac . Anyway, onto the review/feedback, or whatever the hell we're calling it nowadays. Okay, this opening promo from Kurt Angle and Jonathan Coachman was ... unfreakin'believable! I loved it. I hope you continue this alliance between Angle and Coach for a long time, since, with Angle's return to his (goofy) heel (kind of), they fit one another perfectly. The visuality of a suited and booted Angle and Coach with an entourage of security makes a striking impression. One has to expect that following Wrestlemania Kurt will be back in the WWE title hunt, although personally I think that his run on SmackDown as World Heavyweight Champion was good enough. He probably won't be continuing his feud with Stone Cold past Wrestlemania, but there's still the likes of Edge and Shawn Michaels for him to interact with. Some of the comments Kurt and Coach made were excellent, such as Angle's 'subtle' comparison of Stephanie McMahon to a prostitute, as well as the way he spoke about "not swinging that way". This is what makes me think that he is becoming his goofy self again in a way, since these comments are comedy gold, something that we wouldn't neccessarily get from the Nutty Kurt Angle. I had it pencilled in that Austin would crash this 'Welcoming Party' for sure, but he's banned from the building and we get Mr. McMahon instead? Shocked me there, since we haven't seen him since ... Unforgiven was it? He was a heel last time anyway, which you alluded to, but now he appears to be taking on his Chairman persona, where he is basically a tweener. I quite like him in this role, it makes a change. Another classic insult from Angle about Stephanie, and ANGLE/AUSTIN IS ON FOR WRESTLEMANIA!!! Awesome, but I think you can back me up when I say that I had that match marked down a while ago I was still kind of expecting an appearance from Stone Cold though, but fingers crossed nwe may still see one later tonight. As for the Austin/Angle match itself, it could be a classic like their matches from '01, but it could also be a bit of a disappointment, since this is '07 and Austin isn't the wrestler he once was. We'll see though.

~ Wow, America's Most Wanted win the World Tag Team titles on Raw? I really had this little title change pencilled in for Wrestlemania, but I guess that was always unlikely with the amount of times these two teams have met on free television. I can see a rematch coming, though AMW will most likely win that too. I would say that I could see a multi-team match between AMW, MNM and a couple of others come Wrestlemania on the Raw side of things, but you really don't have enough teams for that, so I'm rather clueless.

~ So Big Show and Umaga are looking to jump to SmackDown eh? I doubt it, there isn't really much for them on that show worthy of their talents, or Umaga's anyway.

~ Next up we hear from the WWE Champion. This was a good interview, though I feel it was mainly done in order to plant the seeds for the future break up of the group. I did like Orton here though, the way you wrote him in his matter-o-fact way was to a 'tee' and in character. His interaction with Melina was a little odd; that will probably be used to pull Nitro and Mercury out of the group. His words to Masters were particularly harsh, which makes me think that he won't becoming the enforcer of the group that I'd originally thought. As for Doane, he isn't winning tonight so I think he and Orton are going to be having a confrontation next week. Good segment.

~ I don't know how you've managed it but you've actually made me interested in a Women's Championship feud. It's probably because you are using my two favourite WWE women wrestlers in Victoria and Mickie James, and you have Mickie as a heel. Yay! This finish was kind of obvious, since Mickie will likely keep dodging Vickie until Wrestlemania until we (finally) get a new Women's Champion.

~ Yay, more JBL on Raw. He isn't really working that well on Raw currently, since he was squashed by Stone Cold unfortunately, and hasn't been in the WWE title scene for a long time. I wonder who you might have him feud with him come Wrestlemania? Judging from this short but very, very sweet promo it seems that we'll find out later tonight what he has planned. So he wants gold I suppose, and he is out of the WWE title picture. Hmmmm ... I wonder ...

~ A quick squah for Chris Masters here. Well, I suppose one member of the RKO Army had to win atleast, though I had thought that they might all suffer defeats tonight and set the decline of the stable in stone. I doubt this means anything significant for Masters by way of a push though.

~ Kurt Angle meets ... Charlie Haas? I like it. I'm a fan of Charlie Haas, so I hope this little segment actually means something decent for him. It was a nice touch to have the former Team Angle members meet on Raw, and their match next week should be a treat anyway. Most likely it will turn into a squash for Kurt, which would be a shame, though I could also see Stone Cold getting involved in some way. However, if it was going to be a squash match, then why bother with this little set up? A push for Mr. Haas? God, I hope so. Kurt was nicely in character here once again; whilst Charlie was a little generic, but come on, this guy is all about what he does in the ring.

~ Ah, I guess Umaga and Big Show were set to head over to SmackDown then, but this little segment with Coach has not only seemingly scuppered those plans, but it could also finally set up their matches or match at Wrestlemania. I LOVE Estrada! The man is so cool on the mic it's beyond belief, so I'm glad to see you giving him even this little bit of time to shine tonight, and you nailed his character. In terms of what I think Coach has on his mind, I actually think he's going to suggest setting up Show/Umaga at Wrestlemania to see who truly is the baddest. But with Kane/Mark Henry looking likely for that PPV, I could very well be wrong.

~ A bit of detail given to a match tonight at last, and a suitable first choice with the Intercontinental title shot for Ken Doane. Sounded like a pretty good match, with Carlito pulling out the expected match win with a ... Back Stabber? Surely he wouldn't call it that if he was a face? Maybe not I guess, but I'll agree that Back Stabber sounds better than Back Cracker. The end for Doane in the RKO Army is surely near now, but it was the aftermath of this match that was most interesting. JBL TAKES OUT CARLITO!!! Damn, I never saw it coming. If anything, I had thought that JBL might possibly interfere in the match between Edge and HBK later, setting up a match with HBK at Wrestlemania. But going after the Intercontinental title? I can't see JBL with that belt somehow, it doesn't quite fit a superstar of his calibre. I guess we can thank Chris Benoit for making the U.S title seem so much much prestigious than the IC one. Now don't get me wrong, Carlito/JBL is still a potentially hot feud, with some great promos in the works. I'm just a little disappointed that Bradshaw has sunk to IC level.

~ Okay, the dual interviews from Shawn Michaels and Edge was a nice touch. Needless to say you nailed both men's characters seemingly effortlessly. The contrast though was that HBK went on about Edge, about respect etc. whilst Edge spoke about Orton ... and Orton ... and Orton. Edge still seems nuts to me, he still seems kind of tweenerish to me. It'd be interesting to see if the crowd would really warm to him as a babyface. I guess when he lines up aganist Randy Orton in some way or another for his Wrestlemania feud, we'll see how well he works as a face in 2007.

~ Beautiful sounding match up between Edge and HBK, as you would expect from those two really. Edge even kicks out of the Sweet Chin Music at one point, but that was after a little break of course Edge is actually the one in control when Orton makes his appearance, therefore, in my opinion anyway, making him look slightly the stronger. Both HBK AND Edge get nailed with SCM and Spears though before Randy's interference. I KNEW IT!!! TRIPLE THREAT AT W'MANIA!!! Brutal assault by Orton afterwards, belt shots and RKOing Lita () and all. I guess this is the heelish claim that he is 'taking out' his challengers to give him a clear run. What you have done is set up a potential classic for Wrestlemania, which I hope TO GOD to see Randy retain, since it would be nice to see him get a long reign, and we have already seen Edge and HBK as Champs many times in this thread.

Overall another great show, Mac. I'm so glad you are now writing Raw in full as well, as it will be an epic Road To Wrestlemania. The HBK-Edge moments throughout the show were not missed and were a very nice touch. Your spelling and grammar was immaculate as ever, and you seem to have settled on a format for the time being. Here's to hoping you stick with it.

8 Out Of 10 - Keep It Up
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Well Mac, this will be my first review of ANY of your work. You seem a decent enough guy, which is why I am choosing your show to review. And by the way, this is in no way my attempt at pushing you to review my WrestleMania, which you said you couldn’t wait for.

Monday Night Raw Review – NatureBoy™

I pay attention to every detail in a show, and especially a first time read, and to start it off, the opening commentary was fine, in character and all. Wasn’t too excited when I saw the name Ken Doane though. I understand that “Dykstra” sucks, but Doane is boring. I have something planned for his debut myself, a new name altogether, so who knows how that will go over. Big matches set for tonight, should be good.

Very strong opening promo involving Kurt Angle, the Coach and Mr. McMahon. All three characters were captured spot on, and Kurt Angle in particular, was used perfectly. I could have done without the “gay” comment, as it seemed the one out of character comment, that I couldn’t see Kurt, or really anyone else saying. That aside, the promo was very good, and did its job of setting up the match-up for WrestleMania. Should be a decent enough contest with Angle carrying it, as Austin is really not that good in ring. And I could see it being a throwback to Austin-Hart ten years ago at Mania 13.

I’m sorry, but I really like ring intros by an announcer, and I also like commentary and entrances laid out a little better than you did here. Obviously PPV would be different, at least hopefully, but I still think the layout could be a bit better there. Shocked to see AMW pick up the tag titles, which I can only assume is because you either want to build MNM back up to take them, or you need a championship retain at Mania. RKO Army? A decent name I guess. Who are they?

Good to see some build being put behind Edge-HBK tonight, with the clips being shown from past occurrences between them.

Another pretty good promo here, this time from Orton. Seems as though the RKO army, who appear to have only just formed or been taken over by Orton, are beginning to self destruct. You’ll have to elaborate on the group. Orton did good here, and I believe him when he says he’ll leave Mania as Champion. Furthermore, looks like he’ll be enjoying Melina a little more in the near future as well.

I’m with you when it comes to your love for Mickie James. She is absolutely stunning. Thin bleach blondes, with big breasts, and mediocre backsides <<<< Brunette bombshell, Thickie Mickie, with perfect breasts and that incredibly shapely backside. Glad to see her retain here, and also glad to see it end the way it did, as two true wrestling divas will now continue to feud for the women’s title.

Meh, not too much special about JBL’s short deal. Well written, but the same lines have been said by others in the past, Jericho in WCW to be exact. Which is okay, I just would have liked to see more. I am, however, very interested in where JBL will go from here. Perhaps he initiates the idea for MITB this year?

Meh part 2. Masters wins easily, but it could have been Val Venis or some real WWE jobber, as it makes no sense to have an unnamed jobber on WWE TV. Anyhow, he’s pissed, which should hopefully take him somewhere.

Looks as though you’ll be bringing Haas back to TV, which is good. Shame he’ll basically be fed to Angle. However, perhaps he’ll have a hell of a showing, and even in defeat, gain some momentum. Or hell, I figured it out!! Austin cost Kurt the match, thus killing two birds by furthering the feud, and putting Haas over. Book it that way, please.

Wonder what Coach has in mid for the monsters, who appear to be Friday Night bound.

Decent little match summary for the IC title match, and really glad to see Carlito pick up the win. AWESOME!! JBL sets his eyes on the next best thing! JBL vs. Carlito for the IC Title = Ownage IMO. Won’t be the best match in ring most likely, but the buildup will be great, and the “sizzle” factor will definitely sell the match.

Another good HBK-Edge moment, which is helping me understand the things you’ve done. How ironic that Orton beat Michaels the exact same way Edge did in RR 2005?

Two more strong promos here going into the main event. Both men sounded very good, and in character. It’ll be interesting to see who wins, or if you’ll pull something that will allow for a triple threat, as currently, all the seeds are in line for that. I would go that route over your earlier proposed Dream Matches, as you’ve already got Austin vs. Angle and I think I feel rumblings of Triple H vs. The Rock and Cena vs. Taker from other random things I’ve read in this BTB. Those five matches, including Kennedy-Batista are enough, as you don’t want to overkill the card with too many BIG matches or DREAM matches. And perhaps now, the only thing you have to worry about, is how the hell to make Kennedy-Batista better than those others, or at least convincing enough to follow them. Damn near impossible if you ask me, so good luck with that.

Very competitive main event, and based on the summary, if written in full, this would have been an awesome contest, and a fitting one to cap off an Edge-HBK rivalry, even if no title shot was at stake. But, a title shot IS at stake, and the champion made his presences felt. Triple threat is how it looks, and it should likely be the MOTN at Mania for me personally. RKO on Lita was a sweet touch, that really adds to the Edge-Orton seed. I see Orton retaining against these two on the grand stage, and then Edge and Orton continuing to go on, with Edge likely finally gaining all his revenge, for the group, the title and ect, etc, at SummerSlam or so.

Good Show here DDMac, and arguably the best first time read of a thread that I have had, especially considering it was just a Raw episode. Not anything mind blowing or anything, but it was certainly very strong and it delivered on all fronts, from promos to matches to storyline progression. Can’t wait to see where you go from here, with about five or six Mania matches firmly brewing right now from what I see. Kudos, and good luck.

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