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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Much thanks to everyone for the reviews and thanks to FD for the final comment. Means a lot, especially coming from you.

Couple of responses.

Legend: The Coach mentions Triple H, somewhat in passing, stating that "he hasn't been heard from since last week". Outside of that, there was (intentionally) no mention of The Game this week.

And Daniels is inviting one cruiserweight to face him for the title at No Way Out.

Rabid: There's Raw coming up, followed by SmackDown and then predictions can be left for the SmackDown pay per view.

Raw will be posted sometime over the weekend. With SmackDown's Kurt Angle showing up, should be worth the read. It will once again be in recap form, outside of the final Kurt Angle segment.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Currently in the midst of reviewing Legend's Royal Rumble, FD's Raw and Kane01's SmackDown. Should be up sometime during the week. Raw is in recap outside of the final segment. Enjoy.

Monday Night Raw; February 12th, 2007; Birmingham, Alabama

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the program, hyping up the semifinals to the Road to WrestleMania tournament which features John Bradshaw Layfield taking on Shawn Michaels and Edge versus The Big Show.

The night kicks off with a rematch from New Years Revolution with the World Tag Team Champion MNM teaming up with Ken Doane to take on Intercontinental Champion Ken Doane and America’s Most Wanted. The six men put on a solid contest, developing chemistry with each other over the past few months. But in the end, it’s the 20 year old former IC Champion who picks up the pinfall @ 10:11, hitting the Guillotine Legdrop on Storm after a low blow from Melina.
The RKO Army head back up the ramp, all smiles, as Doane motions to Carlito that he’s coming back for his IC Title, after losing it two weeks ago and being embarrassed by Carly last week.

In an interview, John Bradshaw Layfield hypes up his upcoming tournament match up, stating that Shawn Michaels may be a icon but tonight is just a mere stepping stone to greater things tonight. JBL then states at WrestleMania 23, it will be “Legend vs. Legend Killer” when JBL takes on Randy Orton for the title.

After a commercial break, we cut to the arena parking lot where a limousine pulls up. Jonathan Coachman greets the limo, waiting for the driver to open it and once he does, Kurt Angle steps out. Angle and Coach shake hands before walking into the building.

Paul Heyman & The Big Show take a trip to the locker room of Umaga & Armando Estrada. Heyman makes a couple of snide comments about Umaga no longer being in the tournament but soon gets down to the reasoning of his visit. Paul E. states that if Big Show had a bit of help in getting by Edge in the RTW tourney and then continued on to capture the WWE Title, then Umaga could benefit greatly from getting the first title shot. Estrada puts on his awesome smile as Heyman and Show smirk a bit.

In the second match up on Raw, a unique handicap match takes place, with the Women’s Champion Mickie James and #1 contender Victoria teaming up to take on Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle and Maria. The match starts even enough with Mickie and Victoria holding the advantage despite the handicap but it soon unfolds as Mickie begins to sell her “shoulder injury” from the past couple of weeks and tags out, hopping off of the apron in pain, leaving Vickie one on three. The camera catches Mickie smirking a bit but that soon wiped off of her face as Victoria kicks it into a different gear, plowing through all three women before finishing Candice off with a Widow’s Peak @ 5:54!
The Women’s Champion looks on in utter shock as Victoria displays just how dominant she can be, one week before the two divas face each other with the Women’s Championship on the line. Ross and Lawler hype up the title match between Mickie and Victoria for next week on Raw before cutting away.

In an interview, Shawn Michaels talks about his desire to once again headline a WrestleMania and at the same time, get another shot at Randy Orton and the WWE Championship.

After a commercial break, we return to see Kurt Angle and Jonathan Coachman walking down a hall, talking about the possibility of Angle beating Mr. Kennedy at No Way Out and then jumping to Raw. Angle says he can’t wait to address his adoring Raw crowd tonight before the two men talk about Stone Cold Steve Austin, Angle stating that he has a plan for Austin tonight as well. The two men then stop at a locker room door which reads “Luther Reigns”. Angle smirks before stepping in.

After being hyped up tremendously, we finally get our first Road to WrestleMania tournament match of the night, Shawn Michaels versus JBL. JBL pulls his weight in this match up but the contest is obviously carried by HBK, whom bumps like a madman for Layfield. The finish comes when JBL throws a Clothesline From Hell, which Michaels avoids and catches JBL with SWEET CHIN MUSIC, picking up the victory @ 11:43. HBK advances to the finals to face the winner of the Edge/Big Show match up.
As Michaels celebrates, we get a shot of the locker room of Randy Orton, whom throws a fit. We then get a shot of Edge and Lita whom watch their monitor. The Rated R Superstar runs his hand through his hair and lets out a bit of a sigh. We then cut to the locker room of The Big Show whom doesn’t even watch the monitor, instead, pounding his hand against his fist as Heyman hypes him up.

SmackDown Rebound; Focuses on Chris Sabin picking up the HUGE UPSET win over John Cena after a distraction from The Undertaker.

After the SD Rebound, we get an interview from The Rated R Superstar Edge, whom states that he owes Orton big time and has not forgotten about New Years Revolution. Edge is soon cut off though as The Big Show and Heyman come into the picture. Heyman says that Edge isn’t ready to be back in the ring, not after the beating he took a little over a month ago at NYR at the hands of the RKO Army. Heyman then says that Edge will be receiving much of the same treatment by the one man army tonight, The Big Show.

Following a commercial break, we get the second RTW tournament match up, The Big Show taking on Edge. The two put on an acceptable match with Show dominating the majority, using his strength and power to control Edge. Finally, the Rated R Superstar regains some momentum, hitting a couple of big moves and capping it off with the Edge-O-Matic!! Edge gets back up to his feet, and seems to be looking for the SPEAR but Show moves out of the way and Edge SPEARS THE REF!! Frustrated, Edge gets up and turns around, only to be dropped by a big boot from Show. Heyman then waives to the back and Umaga and Estrada make their way towards the ring, stepping in and the Samoan Bulldozer and Big Show put the boots to Edge. The crowd soon erupts as Shawn Michaels sprints down to the ring, now dressed in a t-shirt. HBK slides in and swings away on Umaga before backing up and taking him down with a SUPERKICK!! The crowd pops as the Samoan Bulldozer has been taken down but Michaels turns around and gets goozled before being dropped with a CHOKESLAM from Big Show!! Show smirks a bit but he turns around and gets SPEARED!!! Edge covers Show as the ref recovers and slowly counts the three count @ 13:37!!
Edge gets back up to his feet as Lita steps in and now the match is made. Next week, Edge vs. Shawn Michaels with the winner facing Randy Orton at WM23 for the WWE Title. Edge helps Michaels up to his feet and the two men stare at each other, knowing what’s up next for them. The crowd erupts into heat as Randy Orton makes his way out onto the stage and cuts a promo, stating he’s beaten Michaels at the RR and beat Edge down at NYR, therefore, he fears neither of them. He continues to run the two top faces of the brand down as unbeknownst to them, The Big Show and Umaga rise to their feet behind them and soon enough, the two behemoths take out Michaels and Edge, clobbering away on them with right hands before dropping them with a couple of Chokeslams and Samoan Spikes!! Orton smiles as the two possible contenders to his WWE Title have been laid out.

After a commercial break, J.R. and Lawler bring up the incredibly stacked show we have for next week with a few new matches announced.

  • Finals to the Road to WrestleMania tournament: Shawn Michaels versus Edge, with the winner taking on Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 23.
  • Kurt Angle officially debuting on Raw.
  • Intercontinental Championship: Carlito defends against Ken Doane.
  • Women’s Championship: Mickie James defends against Victoria.
  • World Tag Team Championship: MNM defend against AMW.
In our final match up of the night, Rob Van Dam and Sabu team up to take on Nicky and Johnny of the Spirit Squad. As expected, RVD and Sabu get back on the winning track after losing matches last week. The ECW alumni smoke the SS members, running through their signature moves before finishing Nicky off with a tandem Five Star Frog Splash/Legdrop and Van Dam picks up the three count @ 4:44.

Finally, we cut to Kurt Angle walking down a hall backstage as Ross and Lawler hype up Angle’s speech, coming up next after our final commercial break…

***Medal*** The crowd gets up to its feet, giving a thunderous mixed reaction as the Wrestling Machine
Kurt Angle enters the arena, dressed to impress. Angle sets off his pyro before walking down to the ring, stepping in and calling for a microphone, which he soon receives.

Kurt Angle: Don’t adjust your television sets and no need to wipe your eyes. Your Olympic Hero Kurt Angle is right here on Monday Night Raw, baby, WOOOOO!!!

Mixed reaction.

Kurt Angle:
As of right now, I’m still a SmackDown superstar, but I figured - being the generous guy that I am - I figured, I would give each and every one of you fans the incredible experience of seeing Kurt Angle LIVE one week before I officially made the jump to Raw!!

Mixed reaction, leaning a bit more towards heat this time.

Kurt Angle:
Y’see, I knew that it was only a matter of time before each and every Monday Night Raw fan got tired of seeing mediocre superstars and washed up legends week after week after week. But fear no more, Kurt Angle is here to save this sinking ship called Raw.

Heat this time.

Kurt Angle:
But first, I have to do something more important and it all starts this Sunday at No Way Out, when I save WrestleMania 23 by making sure that Kurt Angle goes to the main event, instead of that stuttering idiot Mister Kennedy.

Huge pop for Kennedy.

Kurt Angle:
As most of you saw … or as most of you would have saw, if there was a television or two in this hellhole--

Cheap heat.

Kurt Angle:
As you would have saw, two weeks ago, I had the Royal Rumble all locked up. I was on my way to the main event of WrestleMania 23. You might as well have penciled it in, the finish to the greatest rivalry in the history of this sport, Kurt Angle versus Dave Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship on the grandest stage of them all.

A few boos are heard for Angle’s self promotion.

Kurt Angle:
If you hicks would have seen the Royal Rumble, you would have been amazed.

More cheap heat.

Kurt Angle:
I was incredible, outlasting every superstar, going SIXTY FIVE minutes, eliminating superstar after superstar. Got rid of Chris Benoit, dumped Edge right over the top rope, I even got rid of (wags head like Austin) the most overrated son of a bitch in the WWE, Stone Cold Steve Austin!!

Mixed reaction - heat for the insult, pop for Austin.

Kurt Angle:
Win, lose or draw, it was the most impressive Royal Rumble performance of all time. Better than Ric Flair’s ‘92 win, better than Shawn Michaels Royal Rumble performances and sure as hell better than Stone Cold Ste-

***Glass Shatters*** The ‘Texas Rattlesnake’ Stone Cold Steve Austin walks out onto the stage, receiving the loudest pop of the night. Austin has a mic in hand as Angle looks at the Rattlesnake blankly.

Kurt Angle:
What in the hell are you doing out here, Austin?

Steve Austin: What?


Kurt Angle:
I said what the he-

Steve Austin: What?


Kurt Angle: Damnit Austin! I sai-

Steve Austin: SHUT UP!!!

Thunderous pop and Angle fumes.

Steve Austin:
I heard what you said, son. What am I doing out here? I know I’m a little drunk and have been since about 10:00 this morning, but the last time I checked, this is still Monday Night Raw, this is still Stone Cold Steve Austin’s show, which means you’re on my turf and ANH, ANH, that’s something you just don’t do!!

Great pop.

Steve Austin:
Ya see, Kurt, every single time Stone Cold Steve Austin hears your whiny little voice, you make my ears ring.


Steve Austin:
I said its impossible for me to focus.


Steve Austin:
It pisses me off!!


Steve Austin: Its bad enough for me to sit down and watch an episode of SmackDown, hearing your pathetic little voice, so pardon me, Kurt, if I don’t wanna hear you repeat the same damn thing here on Raw!


Kurt Angle:
Well, you better get use to, Austin, because after this Sunday, No Way Out, you’re gonna hear it each and every week, right here on Raw until I win the WWE Championship! Oh its true, its DAMN true!!

Heat and Angle smirks as Austin rubs his goatee.

Kurt Angle:
Now, if that’s all, Steve, why don’t you just stagger your drunk ass to the back before I put another beat down on you just like I did at the Royal Rumble. Hell, I put a beat down on you so bad, you’ll wake up thinking it was ten years ago. Yknow … like … the last time you actually meant a damn to this company.


Steve Austin:
Is that right?

Kurt Angle: That’s damn right. Ever since you’ve come back, all you’ve done is hog up the spotlight from some young superstar who could hold a spot on the roster. When are you gonna learn that you’re nothing more than a fat, lazy, washed up, has been, who couldn’t hold my jockstrap even when you were in your prime!!

Heat as Austin nods a bit.

Steve Austin:
Hell, you ain’t sayin’ nothin new to Stone Cold, son. I’m bigger, I’m slower but you better believe that I’m still the world’s toughest son of a bitch!! I ain’t never made a name off of my past and I never will. I come out here each and every week and I raise hell, I take a few names and I whip some ass!!

Great pop.

Steve Austin:
And I’ll look right into your eyes when I tell you this. You’ve made an enemy out of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Ever since you got in my face at the Royal Rumble, you’ve done nothing but try to get under my skin and son, I’m about threw waitin’.


Steve Austin:
So you can keep on flappin your gums but you’re gonna do it with my boot up your ass and THAT’S THE BOTTOM LINE … CAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO!!

The crowd erupts and gets to its feet as Austin drops the mic and begins to make his way towards the ring. He makes it to the bottom of the ramp when … he gets attacked by Luther Reigns!! Reigns hits Austin with a couple of clubbing shots to the back before tossing him into the ring as Angle takes off his suit jacket and rolls up his sleeves.

Austin slowly gets up to his feet and Angle grabs him, going for the ANGLE SLAM … but Austin lands on his feet!! The Rattlesnake then opens up on Angle, drilling the Olympian with right hands, backing him up into a corner as Reigns slides in. Austin turns around and Luther throws a big boot but Austin ducks it … STUNNER!!! Austin drops Reigns with the Stunner but doesn’t get much time to celebrate as Angle hits him from behind, taking him down!

Angle then stomps away on him, receiving tremendous heat from the sold out crowd before …
MR. KENNEDY sprints down the entrance ramp, to an immense ovation!! KK slides in and Angle throws a right hand, only to be blocked and retaliated in kind by Kennedy. KK then backs Angle into a corner and begins stomping away on him, as Austin gets back up to his feet. Austin and Kennedy share a bit of an awkward staredown before the two men both start kicking away on Angle, receiving an incredible amount of applause from the audience.

Austin and Kennedy then pull Angle out of the corner and shoot him off of the ropes, looking for simultaneous back elbows but Angle manages to hold onto the ropes, before getting the hell out of dodge and heading back up the ramp. Austin and Kennedy once again stare at each other before Stone Cold calls for a couple of beers, which he gets, three to be exact. He hands one to KK and the two men open them up before slamming them together to a nice ovation. Kennedy and Austin, the icon and the future, then each climbs a turnbuckle and down the beers to a huge pop.

Ross and Lawler hype up next week’s show before hyping the Kennedy-Angle match up at SmackDown’s No Way Out this Sunday, citing it will have huge implications on the Raw title scene.



Current Card for WrestleMania 23

World Heavyweight Championship
Batista OR The Rock vs. Mr. Kennedy OR Kurt Angle(?)

WWE Championship
Randy Orton vs. Edge OR Shawn Michaels (vs. Kurt Angle?)

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Going to edit this post with some comments on the show tomorrow Mac. Looks to be great.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

OK I'm guessing you meant AMW & Carlito vs MNM & Doane...

Which is smart to keep the heels strong, despite the fact their group is starting to fall into tatters. I can see Kenny perhaps taking the IC title later down the track. JBL could go over Michaels, but I'm not sure if he will. Angle is here, you can bet he'll have something to say about Stone Cold tonight

If Umaga were to help Show out, they would be near unstoppable together. Lets hope Edge gets thru tonight, which I think he might. Victoria is left to fend for herself but destroys the competition, sending a long and hard message to Mickie that she's gonna be a handful. But how can anyone rob Super Mickie of another title defense?

HBK could win this tournament, I wouldn't put it past an Edge/HBK/Orton match for the strap at Mania at this rate. Angle looks like he's gonna score some extra muscle for tonight and his speech. HBK does advance as expected, wonder where this leaves JBL though. Edge looking strong and after his monsterous return at the Rumble, I'll expect him to advance

Whoa! Catastrophical ending to the match as Edge scores the win thanks to help from his opponent next week in HBK, who drilled Umaga only to get taken out too. Orton blabbers on and the two contenders are laid out, making me think there might be a little side feud between Edge/HBK vs Show/Umaga sometime before they settle things between themselves for the chance at the title

The Spirit Squad are easy meat for RVD & Sabu. I can see these two involved in MITB come Mania. Angle's address coming up next should be good. STACKED line up for next week's show, 3 titles on the line and the Edge/HBK match perhaps to go ahead would = ratings!

Angle was gold, giving himself a rub and pissing off the fans at the same time was gold. He's very confident he's gonna beat Kennedy, so I'll laugh when Austin costs him the match at NWO. Austin is here now! Great back and forth banter between the two and Angle really got personal on Austin, but Stone Cold hit back strong as ever. As thought Reigns attacks Austin and KENNEDY saves the day! Big moment to end it with Austin & Kennedy sharing a beer, standing tall over the heels. Nice job with a good promo to end the show.

As ever, a good read Mac. 8/10

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac


Just some quick comments on Raw for this recap. Nice match to kick Raw off with some 6 man tag team action and Kenny Doane looks like he could regain his Intercontinental Title in the near future as he is getting a good push. JBL v Shawn Michaels should be great don’t see JBL winning though. Umaga and Show joining forces would be damn near unbeatable and Edge could be in trouble tonight. Champion and Number 1 contender join forces here and a bit of tension shown between the two with Mickie leaving Victoria on her own, but Victoria fights back and picks up the victory. Victoria v Mickie should be interesting and we could very well have a new womens champion, knowing your love for Mickie though I don’t think so.

Angle has a plan for Steve Austin, could Luther Reigns be something to do with It, I think so. Huge win for HBK picking up the victory over JBL and I have a feeling that the main event at Mania will be a 3 way with HBK/Orton/Edge. Confrontation between Edge and Big Show just moments before their match, Show sounds confident but I am expecting that Edge will somehow make it through. Good main event with Edge being in trouble due to Umaga getting himself involved only for HBK to make the save and Edge picks up the win after a spear. Good aftermath with Orton addressing HBK and Edge and then Umaga and Show attack both men. Huge card for next week. RVD/Sabu easily beat SS and will be interesting to see how you use them going into Mania. Great promo and ending to the show with Kurt already confident that he will beat Kennedy when Austin comes out. From this promo I have a feeling that Angle will lose to Kennedy and will save SCSA at Mania. Nice ending to the show with the past and the future sharing a beer.

Despite being short was a very good read and looked like a hell of a show 8/10
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

The Patriot’s Raw Review

First of all, I’ll address the Main Event situation. The Road to WrestleMania tournament is always a good thing. It’s safe, consistent booking on your part to put together a solid tournament, and you’ve done just that. John “Bradshaw” Layfield and Shawn Michaels would have been an amazing match, and Michaels’ bumping is great booking. Layfield is capable of keeping up, and the finish only added to my opinion of the match. Next up, Edge against Big Show with the run in from Michaels was a bit awkward to me. Michaels didn’t seem like the type to help Edge out, but this led to a stare down that really builds the show for next week. The segment was a little awkward, but as I said before, it was good and effective. Umaga and Big Show attacked Edge and Michaels to the delight of Randy Orton, but once again, this seemed a bit out of place to me. I realize you’re trying to keep your two monsters strong, but I’m not so sure this was the way to do it. The speech from Angle was also a fantastically written segment, and you made a wise decision to write it in full. Since you did, I’ll give it some more attention. I think Angle came out with the right state of mind, to let everyone know that he’s coming to Raw. Austin predictably emerged from the back, and went to work on Angle. Angle tells Austin that he’s just a has been, and that’s a good angle to go with. Angle and Austin eventually go to town, and Luther Reigns tries to get involved, before being quickly disposed of. Once again, we have another run in that just was a bit awkward. I think Reigns should have helped to get Angle over, or he should have just been left out of the equation. Kennedy makes the save, and a classic moment takes place when Kennedy and Austin celebrate to win the show. I’m giving you some extra points for the theatrics of that moment. Overall, your Main Event level feuds look good, but the booking of this show seemed a little cluttered. I didn’t see any need for the Orton promo, or the Umaga and Show attacks. I also saw no need for the Reigns involvement. 7/10

Next up, I’ll address the under card. There was a really good women’s match on this card that showed some great psychology from the conniving Mickie James. I look for Mickie to retain against Victoria, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Victoria won, leading to a confrontation between the two at WrestleMania. In the first contest of the evening, we saw Ken Doane get back to his winning ways after a tag match. Doane and Carlito somewhere down the road will be a fun and unique match for you to write. In the final contest of the evening, the ECW alumni got back on the right track. This contest was awkwardly placed on the card, and I think it would have fit in nicely between the two tournament semi-finals. Nonetheless, you are delivering some efficient and effective lower card feuds that should eventually add some depth to your WrestleMania project. 9/10

I’ll write a few short points regarding presentation. There was a grammatical error that saw you mention Doane as a member of both teams. As a new reader, that was confusing to me. Other than that, your presentation looked solid. I would have liked to see more color, but your well written, effective recap style really helped me get through the project with no problem. 8/10
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

WWE: Friday Night SmackDown -- Review
Let me say this, John Cena vs. The Undertaker for WrestleMania would be amazing, and I absolutely love how this feud has started with Cena first asking an apology from 'Taker, but then screwing him. Onto the promo now, it was a very fresh promo as well. The whole John Cena's character was pretty good, and him making the points on why he screwed The Undertaker were good as well. I thought that the promo finished on the 'come get some' word, but now I realise that it was just a pre-promo. Nice pre-promo with John Cena. Length, characters, flow, and everything else was just perfect.

Onto the first match of the night now. The match itself was explained briefly, and the encounter between Sabin and John Cena were unique, yet good. The Undertaker's appearing, and costing Cena a match against Chris Sabin wasn't a suprise though because I already guessed that scenario. But yeah, this win for Sabin would be huge for him, and that's for sure. And the part with Cena, after the commercial break, was indeed good to add some more hype to their feud.

Very interesting promo to say the least here with King Booker and his 'Court'. By the looks of this promo, it looks like that the end of King's Court is not too far way. It might be tonight, but let's see.

Mark Henry completely squashes him, and that's good to build him up, but the aftermath was a good idea, as you didn't have Kane and Henry getting into each other's face, and starting a messy brawl. Good to see that both of these man didn't look weak after this segment. One thing, Kane vs. Henry won't be a good wrestling contest, but it sure as hell would be interesting and entertaining.

Well, when I started reading your thread, TNA guys in this BTB didn't really appeal me, but now, after reading this promo, I sure as hell like them. Believe me, It's rare that someone gives that much concentration on the cruiserweight division, and it's good to see you giving it. I thought that this would just be a short promo, but I was wrong, and in fact, it was one hell of a promo. Daniels was at his best, and you kept the flow in it perfectly as well. Great promo, and it's a nice idea for him to challenge any former Cruiser/Light Weight Champion from any company. Let's see who it turns out to be.

The Hooligans pick up a victory, and now get to face The Hardy Boyz for the tag team titles at No Way Out. Whoa, the aftermath! I mean, the aftermath was phenomenal. It's good to see you adding your focus to the tag team division as well. Believe me again, it's rare that we see someone adding that much focus to this divison as well. Yeah, that's right. By the way, by the looks of the aftermath, it looks like The Hardyz turned heel, and that was indeed a shocker to me. The destruction from The Hardyz to The Hooligans after the match was needed to hype their match, which I guess will be a Ladder Match, right-o? Anyway, listen something interesting my friend, in my thread, The Hooligans are currently heel, whilst The Hardyz are faces.

What do I have to say? Another great promo. The starting when Angle appeared was not that much best, but then it picked up, and the intensity showed by Kennedy (Which I didn't expect) and Kurt was truly phenomenal. I absolutely loved this promo. You've got a damn good feud between these two wrestlers, and it sure as hell would be interesting to see who takes the victory at No Way Out, and heads on to WrestleMania for the main event. I expect a double countout or something like that so both men get in their. Let's see though. Awesome promo by the way. Probably the best from you I've ever read (Expect the HBK promo from the World Cup though).

I liked how this segment between Ric and Flair was kept short because in fact, it needed to be short, and that's only because we've already had two fantastic promos, and now the wrestling should do the talking (And we get the official contract signing later on as well). And through this promo, I know that they talked a little about The Rock, but whatever they said, definitely added some hype to their match.

Umm, this match was fine, but to be honest with you, I didn't expect William Regal and Finlay to win (Even though using the heel tactics) because I was early predicting The King's Court to break apart, but that wasn't the case here, and a good surprise nonetheless. Poor Mysterio and Chavo though (I believe someone from these two will face Daniels for the CW Title at No Way Out, but I could be wrong though).

And now onto this match, just when it looked like Bobby Lashley would be taking the win (By pinfall), William Regal comes out of nowhere, and adds the DQ finish to it. The aftermath was interesting though, with Lashley showing his dominance and taking down everyone. By the way, the part from Mysterio and Chavo was good, and now I don't think they'll be facing Daniels for the CW Title at No Way Out.

I loved the idea of Coachman appearing, and then insulting Steph and her brand, and at the same time, hyping Kurt Angle's decision, and Monday Night RAW. This little confrontation between these two have kept me interested, and now I'll be seeing what happens on RAW. Yep, RAW's got my attention.

You know, I liked every announcement of it. Ladder Match between the tag team champs and the number one contenders looks good, Cena vs. Sabin looks fresh and I do expect 'Taker to appear once again on the show (After Cena does something to him on RAW, only to leave a reason for 'Taker to interfere). Six Man Tag Team Elimination Match is just okay, nothing special, and Kane vs. Mark Henry will be okay as well.

I really liked reading Flair introducing Batista, and then the Batista part was also good, with him ranting on The Rock, and ranting on The Rock's run as an actor in Hollywood. The Rock's part was good, but I needed to read more from them. The content was there, but I needed some more quality to consider it as an awesome promo. Believe me, Kennedy/Kurt promo is the best promo of the night. But anyway, the last spot: I mean, The Rock destroying Flair through the table was a good choice because Batista shouldn't have take that since he's the champion, and his credibility would have been destroyed.

Overall, an amazing show, and I was truly entertained with this one. I now realize that whatever Forever Delayed said was indeed right. I don't know why, but your promos attract me to this BTB. Your writing style is fresh, and the promos are freakin' amazing. Awesome show my friend. One of the best I've read in a few months, and that's for sure. Bank on it!

WWE: Monday Night RAW -- Review
Looked like a good way to kick off RAW to me. It surely would have been a fast paced match, and 'fast paced' matches are always good to start the show with. Ken Doane picking up the victory makes me believe that you might give him a push somewhere in the future, which will be good seeing that you are already building him through this RKO Army.

JBL's words were strong, but I highly doubt he'll be able to beat Shawn Michaels, but I could be wrong though. So... let's just wait and see, right? Right. Kurt Angle's here on Monday Night RAW, and something fresh will happen... and that's for sure! It's just a matter of time for me to not lose my patience. Lol.

I would've not liked seeing Big Show alone, but seeing that you've aligned him with Paul Heyman -- I like him now. It's definitely good for him, and by the looks of this promo, it looks like that Paul Heyman and Estrada have agreed on proposal, but the things could go wrong.

Great demonstration showed by Victoria, and by the way, even though this was almost a six minute match, I liked it, and that's only because once again you wrote it briefly, which entertained me. Poor Mickie though who now seems to be in danger.

Shawn Michaels might get a chance to headline WrestleMania, but I somewhat remember that Edge first had his Rated RKO Army that screwed him, and eventually became RKO Army. So I believe Edge becoming a number one contender, and headlining WMania would be common sense.

Interesting meeting between Coachman and Kurt Angle here, but Angle wants someone to be with him to take care of Austin, and Angle's going to ask Luther to come? That's good, but let's see how the things turn out to be in that promo.

Michaels advancing is good, but just like Renegade, I'm also wondering where will JBL go from here now. Whoa, now this match was interesting. Edge beats The Big Show, but thanks to Shawn Michaels, who will face Edge next week, right? Interesting way to hype their match for the next week. Orton's interruption was out of nowhere though so that was a nice surprise, and the unstopabble team of Umaga and Big Show looked superb here, with them taking out Edge and Michaels with ease.

Umm, this promo was good, but not better than the one you had between Kurt and Kennedy at SmackDown. Kurt Angle was superb, and once again the intensity was showed. Austin was just okay, but the aftermath really made me excited, with Luther Reigns coming out to help Angle, but then KENNEDY coming out to save Austin. I get now. Kennedy will face either The Rock or Batista at WMania, and Austin will face Angle.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's Raw Review

~ Apologies for this review coming in a bit late, Mac I'm terrible when it comes to punctuality. Anyway, onto Raw, and a very nice way to kick it all off, with a merging of the World Tag Team and Intercontinental title feuds. The heels pick up the win after some cheating, but I think that Carlito still has the upperhand on Doane, and will likely head through Wrestlemania as the Champ. There was one error present, where you stated that Ken Doane took on Intercontinental Champion Ken Doane, which I somehow doubt Lol, no big deal, it just threw me for a second is all. Whilst I'm fairly certain that both Doane and CCC will be in the MITB match at W'Mania, I'm not sure where the MNM/AMW feud is heading.

~ It would be very nice to once again see JBL main event Wrestlemania and a match between him and Orton would be nice with the whole 'Legend Killer versus Self-Proclaimed Legend Gimmick', but heel versus heel matches only really work at smaller PPVs than Wrestlemania. Shawn Michaels should pick up the win tonight, so what lies in store for JBL towards Wrestlemania, I have no idea.

~ Oh baby, Kurt Angle is in the house. So I guess he really will be jumping ship to Monday Night Raw. Should be nice, especially with the wealth of talent he has to feud with. But it looks like the jump will be so he can face Stone Cold at W'Mania, as he isn't beating Kennedy ... I think

~ Sorry, Big Show, but I'm afraid that you're not winning tonight. What is more interesting here is once again the budding alliance/frienship between Heyman/Show and Estrada/Umaga. I really have no idea what is going to transpire from it, but I must admit, I'm intrigued to say the least. A feud perhaps?

~ Wow, that certainly was a unique Handicap match to say the least. Two heels against three faces? I don't think I've seen that before, especially in the Women's Division. Really got over Victoria's domination though, and got me into this brewing rivalry with Mickie even more, which is a nice touch, since I usually have no time for the Divas division.

~ At first I thought that Shawn Michaels would simply lose to Edge in the Road To Wrestlemania finals, but then I got thinking that if that in fact happened, then what the hell would HBK do at W'Mania? Nothing, it would seem. So now I actually think that a Triple Threat for the WWE title could very well be on the cards. What a match it would be too.

~ Well, I guess Kurt Angle just got himself reaquanted with his old enforcer Luther Reigns. I wonder if this could mean that Reigns will be becoming Angle's bodyguard again? Anyway, odds are Stone Cold will be meeting Luther later tonight one way or another.

~ Yep, as I thought, HBK defeats JBL to advance to the final. Don't be so harsh on JBL's wrestling ability, he isn't that bad I liked the reaction shots of everyone backstage, especially Big Show, who doesn't even give a damn about who he might face. Edge's was pretty interesting also.

~ So Heyman gets the last word heading into their match up with Edge? Oh Show is so losing now. It sounded like a particularly hectic and exciting match up to say the least, with both Umaga and HBK getting involved. All the interference meant that Edge's victory over Show was more realistic, as straight one-on-one it would seem a bit wierd for Edge to win so easily. However, the aftermath was nice too, as I had thought that HBK was going to Superkick Edge ahead of next week, but instead we get Orton providing the distraction, much like with Edge at the Royal Rumble, allowing Umaga and Show to beat them down. Some decent momentum for the Champ now. Next week's Final should be awesome.

~ Damn, next week's show looks stacked. I can't wait for those matches, and Angle's 'Official' debut should be a treat.

~ Lol, don't really know why this tag team match was there, I guess it was just to eat up some time. Bit of a jobber fest really, with RVD and Sabu cleaning house. Since AMW and MNM are the only real tag teams at the moment, could you be building up Umaga/Show and Sabu/RVD as new challengers?

~ Oh boy, I really enjoyed this closing segment from Kurt Angle and Stone Cold. It makes me all the more anxious to see the quality of shows you will undoubtedly be producing one Raw is written in full after No Way Out. I have been loving heel Kurt ever since the Rumble, as he has become a complete egomaniac it seems, which suits him best. Austin basically owned him in the promo though, which Austin tends to do with most guys really. The brawl at the end was a nice touch too, with Luther Reigns getting the jump on Austin, but Austin comes back and Kennedy comes to the rescue. Damn, what a sight that would be in the ring, Kennedy and Austin. I wish the 'E' would get off their ass and do something like that. A great way to end the show.

Overall another high quality recap, Mac, with a wonderful segment written in full to close out with. Yet again your spelling and grammar was nigh on perfect, and your feuds and booking are a pleasure to read. I can't wait until SD and No Way Out
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Another decent show on the way to Wrestlemania here, and a very interesting final segment with Angle/Austin and Kennedy. By the looks of that, Angle and Austin may well be set to face each other at Mania, as that can be the only real reason why the beatdown occurred. Kennedy is really being made to look like the top face at the moment, and there is no way he doesn’t leave Mania as the champion. Angle does appear to be heading to Raw by the sounds of the promo, but something about the promo just didn’t seem to fully work. Don’t know what it was, but something about it seemed slightly off

Orton vs. Edge is going to happen at Wrestlemania, as otherwise the whole storyline about Orton taking Edge out and stealing his crew would be wasted. Edge has to win the tournament, and it looks as if he is going to do so. The only slight problem is the fact that HBK doesn’t appear to have a lot do otherwise, but I’m sure there is something available for him, like a rematch with JBL, or a cross-brand match with someone like HHH

The angle between Big Show and Umaga is interesting, as I have no idea where it is heading at all. I could see it happening at Wrestlemania, but I don’t think that is where this is going

Doane vs. Carlito is a nice feud to have for the IC title, and it looks as if it is moving towards a final match at Wrestlemania, maybe involving the rest of the RKO army and whoever they face as well in a final blow off match
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Nicely recapped show man, as per usual. I'll leave some more detailed comments sometime tomorrow, but I just wanted to let you know I'm back from the trip, and will continue to follow the thread. Like I said, a review up tomorrow.

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