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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

JBL and Kennedy tag champs i like it. Good luck
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's Monday Night RAW - February 5, 2007 - Review:

The Wrestlemania tournament sounds like a great idea. JBL winning against Sabu was a given and I'm glad to see him move on in the tournament. It's good to see Victoria going after the Women's Championship and the Carlito/Doane segment is good to build up a feud between the two, which I would like to see. I thought MNM was going to pick up the win, but AMW did. Good win for the two men.

Coach segment sounds interesting. Big Show getting the win was a good move and its tough to say who he will face. Austin shows up, raises hell and leaves as he beats Heidenreich in a little bit over ten seconds. Great way to get the point across between Umaga and Big Show. Edge/Umaga was good and the end was intense. The after-match actions were great timed.

Main Event: A very good match-up and given well time. I'm surprised Michaels won, but Cena screwed him over so I guess thats a good enough reason.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's Raw Review

~ Hey, the tournament kicks us off right away, which is very nice to see. I'm glad to see that Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker are Main Eventing the show tonight, since a match of that magnitude deserves nothing less. I like the idea of Randy Orton being at ringside throughout the evening to scout the competition, though I doubt he'll be able to stop himself from interfering. A good match to kick off with, as JBL takes on Sabu. I never really thought that Sabu stood much of a chance, since he isn't much above Intercontinental lvel really, and it's good to see JBL advancing. His opponent in the next round will probably be HBK, who should win that match, since JBL is a heel, so him going on to face Orton wouldn't make sense.

~ Things continue to heat up between Mickie James and Victoria, with Vickie getting a little obsessed. Mickie is still acting like the heel, but the way Victoria is behaving is psychotic too, so the face turn for one of them will be intresting. A nice slow burning feud for Wrestlemania though, which is a nice touch.

~ I'm glad to see that the feud between Carlito and Ken Doane will be going on for a little longer and getting a better feel to it, since Carlito's win last week came completely out of the blue and it wouldn't make much sense to simply end it there. I can see these two feuding all the way into the MITB match at Wrestlemania most likely, since they are both in that mould. Nice touch with the Cabana too, since Carlito on the mic is gold.

~ I think that is the second time that AMW have pinned MNM in the last few weeks, so it looks as though this feud is being set up for Wrestlemania. Your tag team division is going through a familiar problem, with not much strength in depth. AMW will likely go over in the feud eventually though.

~ I guess Coach was speaking to Kurt Angle on the phone. I suppose he will be setting up Angle/Austin for Wrestlemania, though Angle/Kennedy seems to be lined up for No Way Out.

~ Well, I thought that Van Dam might actually pick up the win here, thus setting up an exciting match with Edge, but Big Show continues his push of sorts by looking dominant. It doesn't make that much of a difference, since Show will likely lose to Edge next week. I don't really know where Show is going right now, and whether this alliance with Umaga is leading to a feud between the two.

~ Austin gets in his weekly promo it seems and runs his mouth off about Angle, just like he did last week and just like Angle did on Smackdown. I guess Austin and Angle will be feuding from a distance through Coachman, whilst Angle feuds with Kennedy till No Way Out. Lol, Heidenreich is Austin's opponent. I thought it was an odd choice, so thanks to clearing that up for me

~ I can't help but get the feeling that this uneasy alliance that has been in existence between Umaga and Bog Show, AAE and Paul Heyman is leading to a fued. I thought that they might become a fully fledged tag team at first, but now I think that a feud is on the cards for Wrestlemania. I'm probably wrong though.

~ Edge advances as I thought to the next round thanks to Orton's interference. I guess you had Umaga get disqualified to keep him undefeated (as you stressed ) heading into Wrestlemania. Orton and Edge are so entwined in a feud already that they just have to meet at Wrestlemania, so I expect Edge to beat Show next week. Masters and Orton try to beat down Edge until HBK makes the save. The way Masters is of late, you might as well just turn him into Orton's bodyguard/enforcer/problem solver full-time, since he has nothing to do on his own really, unless he will be in the MITB match, which I doubt.

~ Terrific Main Event between Undertaker and Shawn Michaels which had the perfect feeling to it, as Undertaker continues to look strong, as he had HBK beat right at the end until ... JOHN CENA screws him! Wow, I can safely say that I expected that. It feels a little strange though, since Cena had no real reason to go after Undertaker, and has no beef with him. It's Undertaker who has the beef with Cena for eliminating him from the Rumble. I know Cena has become a nut lately, but this feels a little unneccessary from a heel, unless Cena felt that Undertaker disrespected him on Smackdown by trying to intimidate him? Possibly. Still, it's your best feud BY FAR at this moment, and that's saying something We're still on course for a HBK/Edge final, where Edge will probably win, although it could also result in a Wrestlemania triple threat. One question, Mac, is No Way Out a Smackdown PPV this time around, or will it be cross brand?

Overall this was another very, very well done recapped show, Mac. The Road To Wrestlemania has become very exciting, and you have created one hell of a feud in Undertaker/Cena. Your spelling and grammar was immaculate as ever too
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

For the life of me, I can't seem to be able to sit down and write a preview. Meh...

Thanks for the reviews. Always appreciative of those. Legend, yes, No Way Out is a SmackDown brand only pay per view and I've decided that it will be in recap form, outside of the Batista-Rock main event, which will be written in full, video package and all. SmackDown will be up late tonight.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

February 9th, 2007; St. Louis, Missouri;

Opening Video


***My Time Is Now*** The crowd erupts into tremendous heat as the “Doctor of Thuganomics” John Cena makes his way down the entrance ramp and into the ring, dressed in his own gear, huge smirk on his face.

Joey Styles: What a crazy seven days this man has had. Last week on SmackDown, John Cena issued a heartfelt apology to The Undertaker but this past Monday night, John Cena interfered in the Raw main event and cost The Undertaker his Road to WrestleMania tournament match.

Tazz: I have no clue what was going through Cena’s mind this week. First he apologizes then he costs Taker his match up but I guess we’ll here what he has to say.

Cena steps in and calls for a microphone, getting one from Tony Chimel. The crowd I already buzzing, a few chanting “Undertaker” while others chant “Cena sucks.” He tries to wait for them to die down but since that’s a no go, Cena decides to talk over the rowdy crowd.

John Cena: Why do I get the feelin’ that you people don’t like me very much?

More heat as Cena lets out somewhat of a smirk, continuing to rile up this hostile crowd.

John Cena: I’m not gonna waste my time out here talking to you people for long, I’ve got a match coming up so I’ll get right to it. UNDERTAKER …

Crowd pops for the mention of The Phenom.

John Cena: Make no mistake about it, at the Royal Rumble, it was an accident. I didn’t mean to eliminate you from that match. That blonde headed bitch Mister Kennedy was my target and you were just at the wrong place, wrong time.

Cena rubs his chin as the crowd buzzes.

John Cena: And my apology last week here on SmackDown was on the up and up. I didn’t want any beef with you Deadman, so I wanted to squash any problems right then and there.

“Bullshit” chant starts up, causing Cena to stare into the audience.

John Cena: I don’t give a shit whether you idiots believe me or not. Last week, when I came out here, I meant every word I said … but then the whole weekend, at the airport, picking up my bags, eating in a restaurant, all any little snot-nosed brat would come up and ask me was “Do you think The Undertaker will accept your apology?” or “You think Taker will be mad?” or “Do you hope Taker keeps his cool?”

Cena scoffs.

John Cena: And I realized … people thought I did what I did because I was actually afraid of The Undertaker.

Crowd pops, agreeing with the thought as Cena shakes his head.

John Cena: I want each and every one of you to look right at me when I tell you this!! John Cena fears NO … MAN!!


John Cena: It doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, yellow, blue, orange, blue, brown, or DEAD, John Cena will step right up in your grill and tell you exactly how it is!! I never back down, I never quit and that’s exactly why I took myself to Monday Night Raw this past week!! Roll the footage!

Originally Posted by Raw; Ending to HBK-Taker Tourney match
Taker finally gets all the way back up and Michaels once again goes for Sweet Chin Music … but once again Taker avoids it and Michaels levels the ref with the SUPERKICK!!! Michaels shakes his head in frustration and turns right around into Undertaker who lifts Michaels up onto his shoulder before planting him with the TOMBSTONE!! Taker applies the Darkness Cover on HBK but there’s no referee. The crowd reacts with incredible shock as … JOHN CENA jumps over the fan barricade and slides into the ring!! Taker turns around and Cena kicks him in the gut before lifting him onto his shoulders and HITTING THE FU!!! Michaels and Taker lay out in the middle of the ring as Cena walks back up the ramp, receiving tremendous heat. He stops at the top of the ramp, saying “You can’t see me” as Taker sits up, fuming as he stares at Cena, whom smirks back. Taker turns around and … SWEET CHIN MUSIC!! Michaels takes his head off before getting an arm over and a barely conscious ref makes the three count!

Crowd boos as Cena stares there, nodding his head.

John Cena: That was a message to everybody in the locker room of SmackDown, everybody on the Raw roster, everybody in the front office, every legend sitting on their ass at home, every fat slob sitting on their couch and watching me right now … that was a message to THE UNDERTAKER HIMSELF … YOU WANT SOME … COME GET SOME!!!!

Cena drops the mic and takes his jersey off before bouncing around and pacing back and forth in the ring, ready for his match up.

***Hail Sabin*** The crowd gives a respectable pop to Chris Sabin whom makes his way into the arena, with his ribs taped up, only about a week and a half removed from his brutal loss to Christopher Daniels at the Royal Rumble.

Match #1:
John Cena vs. Chris Sabin
Though Sabin manages to avoid the onslaught of Cena early, the Doctor of Thuganomics finally catches up with him and the domination begins. Cena catches Sabin with a kick right to his injured ribs and with that, Cena takes complete control, backing Sabin into the corner before plowing into him with shoulder thrust after shoulder thrust. He pulls him out of the corner before shooting him off the ropes and planting him with a spine buster!! He decides not to go for the cover, instead, lifting Sabin back up to his face and applying a bear hug, attempting to crush the insides of Sabin. Sabin struggles, attempting to fight loose and hammers away at the head of Cena, hitting him with right hands and breaking the vice-like grip. He shoots off the ropes and avoids a Cena clothesline before bouncing off the ropes once more, leaping up and taking Cena down with a hurracanrana!! Cena gets up, caught off guard and throws a right hand but Sabin ducks, remaining in front of Cena and taking him down with a snap mare before delivering a scintillating kick to his back! Sabin shoots off of the ropes and catches Cena with a dropkick right to the face, going for the cover. 1... 2... NO! He lifts Cena back up, hitting him with a couple of forearm shots before bouncing off the ropes. Cena reacts quickly, sidestepping Sabin and throwing him over the top rope, trying to catch a breather. Much to his chagrin, Sabin lands on the ring apron. He leaps up, springboards off of the top rope and takes Cena down with a dropkick!! He goes for another cover. 1... 2... NO! Cena kicks out again but he’s clearly on the ropes. He gets up and backs up into the corner, attempting to catch a break but the young and resilient Sabin stays on him, hammering away on him in the corner. He lifts Cena up and sets him up in the tree of woe, before running towards the opposite corner, turning around, charging ahead and going for the Hesitation Dropkick … but Cena pulls himself up and Sabin crotches the steel turnbuckle!!! Sabin gets back up to his feet, holding his crotch as Cena gets off of the turnbuckle, back on his feet. He turns Sabin around and lifts him onto his shoulders before planting him with the FU!!! Cena goes for the cover. 1... 2...
Cena gets up to his feet and the crowd pops as the lights go out! After a dozen seconds, the lights come back on and nothing. Cena smirks before shaking his head in frustration and the lights go out again!! This time when they come back on
THE UNDERTAKERstands behind Cena!! Cena quickly turns around, catching a glimpse of the Deadman before the lights go out once again!! The lights eventually come back on and The Phenom is GONE … but Sabin is up and right in front of the Doctor of Thuganomics, rolling him up in a small package!! 1... 2... 3!!!
Winner: Chris Sabin.

The crowd pops as Sabin has pulled off the upset!! Sabin quickly rolls out of the ring as Cena gets back up to his feet, furious, kicking the ropes in frustration.

Joey Styles: Holy crap, what a huge win for Chris Sabin, even if he did have a bit of help!!

Tazz: A bit of help?? The Phenom, The Undertaker distracted Cena.

Joey Styles: Like you always say, by hook or crook, it doesn’t matter, Sabin picks up a huge win over the former two time WWE Champion. Later tonight, the huge contract signing between Batista and The Rock for the World Heavyweight Title match at No Way Out inside of a Steel Cage match. But coming up next, the World’s Strongest Man is in action for the first time in six months. Mark Henry, NEXT!

Commercial Break

We return from the break with John Cena throwing a rampage backstage, kicking over crates, picking them up and throwing them into the backstage set, sending the workers fleeing.

Cut to the locker room of the King and his “Court”.

King Booker: What the hell is going on here!? Where in the hell is the communication?! Last week, Finlay, I come out there to have your back and stop you from LOSING your match and how do you repay me, you let me get my ass stomped out by Rey Mysterio and Lashley! And Regal, where the hell were you?!

Regal looks shocked at the tone of voice Booker‘s has taken with him.

William Regal: Where in the bloody hell do you get off asking me that question? I had just gotten through wrestling in one hell of a match up against Super Crazy and now I have to play a bloody baby sitter and make sure that the two of you don’t get hurt? That’s not my job.

Booker gets in Regal’s face.

King Booker: Your job is whatever I tell you your job is. You’re my knight!

Finlay: Enough with this stupid royalty crap.

Booker and Regal turn their attention towards the Irishman.

Finlay: It was cute for a while but now its just annoying. You’re a grown man playing dress up. Lets all grow up.

Booker thinks about responding, but instead, keeps quiet as the Irishman stares a hole through him.

Finlay: Here’s the deal, so listen up. The three of us may not be best friends or knights or whatever the hell, but we are better off together than we are separated. It’s a fact. So instead of being at each other’s throats, lets make sure we all get on the same page and leave tonight with a couple of victories.

Booker and Regal begrudgingly nod and Finlay grabs his shillelagh before storming out of the locker room.

Back to ringside, with Hardcore Holly already waiting in the ring.

We get a quick replay of last week’s brutal assault on Kane by Mark Henry before … ***Some Bodies Gonna Get It*** Mark Henry begins to walk down the entrance ramp and steps into the ring, eyeing up his prey.

Joey Styles:
You wanna talk about an impactful return, last week Mark Henry came back and absolutely obliterated the seven foot monster Kane. That’s a return!

Tazz: I think its fair to say that Hardcore Holly is in a world of trouble.

Match #2:
Mark Henry vs. Hardcore Holly
The World’s Strongest Man makes a hell of a return to the ring, absolutely crushing Hardcore Holly, hitting several avalanche splashes in the corner before dropping him with a Gorilla Press Slam!! Once Henry brings him back up to his feet, Holly gets a couple of shots in, rocking him with right hands … but that’s it as Henry grabs Holly and drives him into the canvas with the World’s Strongest Slam and pinning him for the pin fall victory.
Winner: Mark Henry.

Henry stands over the fallen Holly and pound his chest to heat before … BOOM!!!

***Slow Chemical*** Kane makes his way down to the ring, STEEL CHAIR in hand. He steps in and Henry calmly steps out, smartly avoiding any confrontation but not looking weak either. Henry makes it to the top of the ramp as Kane sets off his huge pyro in the ring, the two mammoth superstars staring a hole through each other.

Joey Styles: Things are certainly heating up between Kane and the World’s Strongest Man but coming up later tonight Batista and The Rock have a contract signing for their Steel Cage World Title match at No Way Out.

Tazz: That’s gonna be a damn explosion.

Joey Styles: No doubt about that but coming up next, the Cruiserweight Champion of the world, the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels speaks for the first time since his huge win at the Royal Rumble.

Tazz: This should be good. NEXT!

Commercial Break

Clip of the Daniels-Sabin Cruiserweight Title match at the Royal Rumble plays with the Fallen Angel pulling out the victory after a Angel’s Wings on a chair and then following up with the BME.

***Dilated Teens*** Heat fills the arena as the “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels makes his way onto the stage, dressed in his ‘gospel gear’, shades, collar and all, with Allison Danger, whom carries Daniels’ Cruiserweight Championship, by his side.

Joey Styles: Since October, the Fallen Angel has been the best Cruiserweight in the world and he finally defeated his archrival Chris Sabin at the Royal Rumble.

Tazz: What’s next for him?

Daniels steps in and grabs a microphone from ringside. He waits for the music to die down before speaking.

Christopher Daniels: I’m not out here to brag … but at the Royal Rumble, a week and a half ago, the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels did exactly what I said I was going to do and I vanquished Chris Sabin from MY cruiserweight division.


Christopher Daniels: But less than two weeks removed from that pay per view, what are people talking about? They’re talking about Batista retaining the World Heavyweight Championship, AGAIN. They’re talking about Randy Orton defeating Shawn Michaels. They’re talking about the attack by Kurt Angle on Mister Kennedy last week. They’re talking about Raw’s Road to WrestleMania tournament. They’re talking about The Rock. They’re talking about Mister Kennedy winning the Royal Rumble…


Christopher Daniels: The fact is that you people and more importantly, this company, is disrespecting the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels and that’s something that just won’t be tolerated.

Daniels wipes his mouth, angry.

Christopher Daniels: So next Sunday at the pay per view, No Way Out, in front of tens of thousands of fans, I’m going to do what I do best and that’s stop the show, that’s steal the show and upstage every single superstar on the card because lets face it, no superstar … on any roster … on the planet can hang with the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels on my worst night, let alone on pay per view.

Heat but a few fans get behind Daniels, knowing that he may not be that far off from the truth.

Christopher Daniels: So while Batista and The Rock attempt to kill each other inside of a steel cage, it will all go unnoticed because the next day, around the water cooler, in offices around the world, all you idiots with your nine to fives will be talking about the five star classic that I put on at No Way Out.

Mixed reaction.

Christopher Daniels: So right now, I’m laying it on the table. This goes out to any former Cruiserweight or former Light Heavyweight Champion, not only in this company, not only in ANY company in North America, but to ANY company around the WORLD, all you have to do is show up and you get a shot at my Cruiserweight Championship at No Way Out, under the bright lights of pay per view.

Nice pop.

Christopher Daniels: That’s right. If you’re a former Cruiserweight Champion, you show up and get a shot. I don’t care if its Jushin Thunder Liger. I don’t care if it’s the Ultimo Dragon. I don’t care if its Matt Hardy and he drops a couple of pounds. I don’t care if its Jamie Noble. I don’t care if its Gregory Helms. I don’t care if Rey Mysterio…

Pop cuts Daniels off.

Christopher Daniels: I don’t care if Rey Mysterio finally gets off his lazy ass, stops ducking me and comes back to the Cruiserweight division where he belongs. As long as you’re a former cruiserweight champ and … your name is NOT Chris Sabin.


Christopher Daniels: As far as I’m concerned, Chris Sabin got his shot, so its time for him to go to the back of the line.

Small “Pussy” chant starts up.

Christopher Daniels: At No Way Out, my legacy as the greatest Cruiserweight Champion in history becomes set in stone when I defeat one of the best that this business has to offer and my friends, that’s not a promise, that’s the gospel according to the Fallen Angel.

Daniels’ music hits again as Allison raises his Cruiserweight Championship into the air, showing it off to the crowd, as Daniels smirks, continuing to make an impact in the WWE.

Joey Styles:
Another huge match up made for No Way Out. The Fallen Angel challenging any former Cruiserweight Champion IN THE WORLD to wrestle him at No Way Out as long as its not Chris Sabin.

Tazz: Well, he beat Sabin already so you can’t blame him. I wonder who it will be.

Joey Styles: Already made for No Way Out, Batista defends the World Heavyweight Championship against The Rock in a STEEL CAGE match with the contract signing tonight.

Tazz: You know, Joey, Steel Cage matches are some of the most brutal matches in the company’s history and that will be no different at No Way Out.

Joey Styles: Lets take a look at the steel cage!!

Short video package on some of the most brutal spots in the history of Steel Cage Matches, including Angle‘s moonsault from the top, Triple H bloodying several superstars including Rock and Austin, Big Show throwing Stone Cold through the cage. The video closes with a shot of Batista and The Rock face to face from last week.

After the video, we cut to a shot of the NEW WWE Tag Team Champions, Matt and Jeff Hardy, walking down a corridor, on their way to the ring.

Joey Styles:
The Batista, Rock contract signing is later on tonight but coming up next, we find out the challengers for the tag titles at No Way Out. Paul London and Brian Kendrick take on Shelton Benjamin and Gregory Helms. NEXT!

Commercial Break

Back from the break with the tag champs, the Hardyz, on the headsets at ringside.

***Firestorm*** Shelton Benjamin and Gregory Helms walk to the ring to a decent amount of heat, looking none to happy.

***London Calling*** The crowd applauds as Paul London and Brian Kendrick sprint down to the ring, sliding in.

Joey Styles:
I’ve got to ask you right off the bat, is there anyone of these two teams that you would rather defend those tag belts against at No Way Out?

Jeff Hardy: To be honest, we don’t really care which team it is, these are two great tag teams you know and we wouldn’t mind facing either one of them.

Matt Hardy: BEATING either one of them.

Match #3: Shelton Benjamin & Gregory Helm vs. The Hooligans
Winners Receive WWE Tag Team Title Match at No Way Out
Benjamin and London kick things off, with both men showing their athleticism in the early going. Eventually, the tag is made and Kendrick and Helms step in, going at it tooth and nail. Helms takes control, using a more grounded offense than his three counter parts in this match up. Spanky begins to make the comeback, hitting a few soaring forearms and wheel kicks before finally making the tag to Paul London. London comes in like a house of fire, taking Helms down and doing the same to Benjamin once he gets back in. Kendrick gets back in it and drills Benjamin with hard forearms before charging ahead but Shelton throws him over the top rope! London grabs Helms and hit’s a body slam and then climbs the turnbuckle. He gets set on the top, possibly ready for a Shooting Star Press but Benjamin leaps right over Helms body and onto the top turnbuckle!!! Benjamin goes for a superplex but London reverses it and sends Benjamin crashing down to the canvas, landing right on top of Helms!!! Benjamin rolls out of the ring, clutching his gut and London leaps off the top, hitting the Shooting Star Press!! 1... 2... 3!!
Winners: The Hooligans.

The crowd pops as London gets his hand raised. Helms rolls out of the ring in pain as Kendrick gets back in and The Hooligans raise their arms with excitement. Benjamin and Helms make their way back up the ramp, dejected after losing the chance to regain their tag team titles. Jeff Hardy, for some reason, gets up from the announce table, and walks around ringside before stepping into the ring.

He extends his hand to London, whom accepts it before doing the same to Kendrick, who also accepts it. Jeff congratulates the two superstars but the crowd begins to stir as Matt Hardy reaches under the ring, grabbing a LADDER!! Within a flash, Jeff kicks London in the gut, dropping him with a Twist of Fate! Kendrick reacts with shock but not for long as Matt takes him down with a ladder shot!!

Matt lifts the ladder up and slams it on Kendrick’s chest as Jeff rolls out of the ring, reaching under the ring and grabbing another ladder!! Jeff slides it in as Matt throws the other ladder to the ground, lifting Spanky up. He grabs Kendrick around his neck with both arms before leaping up and dropping Kendrick onto the steel ladder with a Side Effect!! Kendrick rolls around on the ground in pain, clutching his back as Matt lifts London up to his feet.

Shockingly, Paul London begins to fight back, catching the Hardyz off guard. He hits Matt with a right and then Jeff and then hits them both once more, picking up momentum. London shoots off the ropes but The Hardyz are ready for him, catching him with a double flapjack onto the ladder!!! The crowd groans in pain as Jeff takes London, who’s flailing in pain and places him on the ladder. With Kendrick out and London laying on the ladder, Jeff climbs the turnbuckle, Matt watching on, and Jeff leaps off, hitting the SWANTON BOMB ON THE LADDER!!!

The crowd boos as Matt and Jeff Hardy hold their tag team title belts up in the air over the fallen Hooligans as we fade out.

Commercial Break

Raw Rebound
JBL defeats Sabu, Edge defeats Umaga, and Big Show defeats Rob Van Dam, allto advance in the Road to WrestleMania tournament.
In the final Quarterfinals match, Shawn Michaels defeats The Undertaker after an FU from SmackDown’s John Cena and Sweet Chin Music.

Replay of the closing to last week’s show after Mr. Kennedy announced that he would be staying on SmackDown and challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 23...

Originally Posted by Last Week On SmackDown
Kennedy gets dropped right in the middle of the ring with a hard steel chair shot!! The crowd erupts into heat as KURT ANGLE stands over him, looking as if he’s almost in a trance. The heat gets even louder as we get a close up of the face of Kennedy which has been busted open. Angle mounts Kennedy, raining down right hand … after right … after right … after right … after right … after right … after right … and he continues to just wail away on the bloody face of the Royal Rumble winner!! Angle gets up, pulls his shirt off and wipes Kennedy’s blood on his chest, letting out a roar as the crowd boos the shit out of him. Angle lifts Kennedy up to his feet and plants him with the Angle Slam!! Kurt then grabs KK, lifting him up, before tossing him out of the ring. Kennedy has no clue where he is, feeling around for something, blood in his eyes but Angle delivers a stomp right to the side of his face. He grabs him, slamming his head into the announce table and then following up a couple of more times before KK slumps down to the ground. A huge “You Suck” chant starts up as Angle begins to clear the announce table, getting rid of the monitors and such before staring at the crowd with a smirk. He stalks Kennedy, waiting to get up and he wait’s a LONG time as Kennedy is almost completely out of it. Eventually, KK gets back up to his feet and KURT DELIVERS THE ANGLE SLAM THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!!!!!!

***Turn Up The Tremble*** The crowd rises to its feet, with an amazing standing ovation for the 2007 Royal Rumble winner, Mr. Kennedy, who walks to the ring, bandage on his forehead and scowl on his face.

Joey Styles: Look at that face, Tazz. Mister Kennedy is far from happy and who can blame him, being attacked by Kurt Angle for what on the surface, looks like no reason at all.

Tazz: I talked to Kennedy earlier and he was pissed. I know we’re on FX but the censors better have their hand on the button.

Kennedy steps in and instead of calling for his microphone from the heavens, angrily tells Chimel to throw him a mic. Chimel finally does and Kennedy waits for the loud crowd to die down before talking.

Mr. Kennedy: Last week … last week, I was on top of the world. Beating John Cena for the second time in a row, winning the Royal Rumble, getting ready to headline the biggest WrestleMania of all time, WrestleMania 23. I was on cloud nine … that is, until Kurt Angle de-

Heat for the mention of the Wrestling Machine.

Mr. Kennedy: Yeah, Kurt Angle decided to bash my head open with a steel chair, pound away at my face, beat me within an inch of my life and put my ass through that announce table over there!!

Heat as Kennedy points to the announce table.

Mr. Kennedy: A lot of people have been asking me why Kurt Angle did it and the truth is … I don’t HAVE an answer, I don’t WANT an answer and I don’t NEED an answer! All I WANT, all I NEED is for Kurt Angle to bring his ass down to this ring and get what’s coming to him. NOW!

Crowd pops huge but no Angle.

Mr. Kennedy: Kurt, we don’t have all day, wipe that white stuff off of your face -- you call it “milk”, I call it “happy juice” -- wipe that crap off of your face and bring your ass down to this ring or I will go back there and get you!!

Another pop but no Angle.

Mr. Kennedy: KURT, I-

KURT ANGLE appears on the titantron to tremendous heat. Kennedy’s face tightens up as Angle sits on a chair, staring right ahead.

Kurt Angle: You’ll what, Kennedy? Huh? Come back here and get me? That’s going to be a bit of a problem … because I’m not gonna be at that arena tonight. You see tonight, I’m at my home right here in Pittsburgh.

Heat and Kennedy’s face scrunches up even more.

Kurt Angle: Hell, I may not be at the arena next week … or the week after that. I may not be on SmackDown ever again.

More boos.

Kurt Angle: But Kennedy, that’s all up to you.

Mr. Kennedy: What the hell are you talking about?!

Angle smirks.

Kurt Angle: As of last week, my contract with SmackDown is up. I am officially … a free agent.

Kennedy still looks perplexed as light boos are heard throughout.

Kurt Angle: And this upcoming Monday night, I’ll be making a trip to Monday Night Raw to check out my potential new home.

Mr. Kennedy: Kurt, stop boring me and stop boring this crowd to death and get to the damn point.

Kurt Angle: Get to the point? That’s ironic coming from you.

Angle smirks again and Kennedy seems to be getting more and more restless.

Kurt Angle: The point is, if I go to Monday Night Raw … permanently, than you can forget about any payback, you can forget about getting even and getting revenge for me smashing your freakin’ brains in last week.

Kennedy shakes his head in disgust.

Kurt Angle: But if I say … had a bit of incentive to stay here on SmackDown for a bit, then you can take all the shots at me that you want. Of course … you’d just get your ass kicked again but I’m sure you’d be willing to take the risk.

Mr. Kennedy: What do you want, Angle?


Heat as Angle’s intensity increases.

Kurt Angle: That’s right. I want that WrestleMania main event title shot that you won at the Royal Rumble. The same Royal Rumble that I entered, going in at number one, and lasting SIXTY FIVE FREAKIN’ MINUTES, throwing out superstar, after superstar, eliminating Chris Benoit, ruining Edge’s return by throwing his ass over the top rope, getting rid of that bald son of a bitch Stone Cold Steve Austin, Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Chris Harris, wrestler after damn wrestler!!

Heat as Angle looks crazed.

Kurt Angle: The only reason you even had a shot in that Rumble match was because I was already in the ring for a damn hour AND, on top of all that, Austin came back into the ring and gave me a Stunner after he was already eliminated! So as far as I’m concerned, just like your WrestleMania title match, and just like your whole damn career, your Royal Rumble win is a joke!!!

More heat and an “asshole” chant starts up.

Kurt Angle: So Kennedy, you listen up and you listen good … No Way Out, me and you go one on one for the first time in history and we both get what we want. You get your chance for payback and after I kick your ass again, I get your WrestleMania main event. Whaddaya say?

Kennedy talks without hesitation.

Mr. Kennedy: You got it!

Great pop and Angle smiles cockily, thinking he‘s manipulated himself into the WrestleMania main event.

Kurt Angle: Kennedy, you have no idea what you just did … so I’ll tell ya. You just handed me your WrestleMania main event on a silver platter. Oh its true, its da-

Mr. Kennedy: SHUT UP!!

Crowd cheers as Angle looks shocked, taken aback by the gall of KK.

Mr. Kennedy: I’ve listened to you ramble on and on and on and on and on and ON for the last three months about how you want another World Title shot, about how the World Heavyweight Championship is your belt and I’ve had enough! You want a shot at my WrestleMania main event? You got it and I didn’t have to think about it. I’m supposed to be afraid of you? Why? What have you done since you’ve lost the World Heavyweight Championship, huh?

Angle seems to be getting frustrated.

Mr. Kennedy: I’ll tell ya ... AB - SO - LUTE - LY DICK!!

Great pop as Angle fumes, face trembling with anger.

Mr. Kennedy: You just keep getting your ass kicked over and over and over and over. What? I’m supposed to be scared because you walk around big and bad? Umaga’s big, Kane is bad, and just like you, Angle, I threw their asses right over the top rope and won the Royal Rumble!


Mr. Kennedy: So come No Way Out, all the ring expertise and all the Gold medals in the world won’t stop me from kicking your ass, knocking your teeth down your throat, paying you back in full for this (pointing to bandage), keeping my title shot and going on to WrestleMania to win the World Heavyweight Championship!!

Great pop as Angle gets up from his chair, ripping the microphones off before walking off camera.

Mr. Kennedy: The Kennedy Administration has begun. At No Way Out, Kurt Angle gets his bald headed ass handed to him by … MMMIIISSSTTTEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRR KKEENNNNEEDDYYY … KEN - NA - DAY!!!

The crowd erupts as Kennedy flings the mic back over to Chimel and walks back up the ramp, looking not so much angry as he was before but determined -- determined for payback.

Commercial Break

We return back from the break with the World Heavyweight Champion Batista and the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, standing around the locker room.

Ric Flair: You wanna talk about a waste of time, it gets no bigger than that match right there. Kurt Angle versus Mister Kennedy at No Way Out. No matter who wins, at WrestleMania 23 -- WOOOOO -- they go down to the most dominant wrestler of all times.

Batista: It’s pathetic. Speaking of a waste of time, before we get to WrestleMania, we have to deal with The Rock and the Steel Cage match at No Way Out.

Ric Flair: I know you’re winning. You know you’re winning and everybody in that audience tonight deep down inside knows you’re winning. Forgone conclusion, brother. But if The Rock doesn’t know that by now, he’ll know it by the end of the contract signing.

Flair and Batista shake hands with huge smiles on their faces before we cut back to ringside.

***Booyaka 619*** The crowd pops as Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero walk into the arena, ready for this tag team match up.

***My Name Is Finlay*** The Fighting Irish Bastard walks down to the ring, shillelagh in hand, prepared for war.

***Born Naughty*** The United States Champion William Regal arrogantly enters the arena, roundly booed by this crowd, before taking his title off as he enters the ring.

Tazz: This should be one hell of a tag team match up. Four great SmackDown superstars going head up here.

Joey Styles: Rey Mysterio has had his problems with Finlay, Regal and King Booker over the last couple of weeks and its only going to get worse before it gets better.

Match #4: Rey Mysterio & Chavo Guerrero vs. Finlay & William Regal
Solid match up, which is no surprise considering the four workers wrestling in this match up. Regal and Finlay stay on the same page for the majority of the match up with fluid teamwork and nice pacing, keeping Chavo Guerrero isolated in their corner. At the seven minute mark, Finlay tags in Regal and the two men double team Chavo in the corner, stomping away on him. Regal pulls Guerrero out of the corner, hitting a snap mare before delivering a scintillating kick to the small of his back!! He then drops his knee right across the face of Chavo before locking in a armbar variation. After a couple of seconds, Chavo begins to fight back, getting up to his feet and hitting back elbows. He attempts to shoot off of the ropes but Regal grabs him and shoots him off the other side. Chavo comes back, looking for a kick but Regal catches it. Chavo comes back and delivers a strong enzugiri, taking the United States Champion down! Both men lie out for about a dozen seconds until they make it to their respective corners, tagging their partners in!! Rey Mysterio and Finlay come in and Rey avoids a clothesline, shooting off of the ropes and taking Finlay down with a jumping wheel kick!! Finlay gets back up and Mysterio nails him with right hands before attempting to shoot him off but Finlay counters the Irish whip!! Mysterio comes back and Finlay attempts a wheelbarrow but Rey counters into a bulldog!! Mysterio turns around and Regal takes him down with a drop toe hold before locking in the REGAL STRETCH!!! Mysterio squeals in pain as Regal has the hold locked in! Chavo kicks Regal in the head, breaking the hold and then rocking the U.S. Champion with right hands. Guerrero then backs up and clotheslines Regal over the top rope but he lands onto the apron. Chavo charges ahead but Regal catches him with a shoulder to the gut before dropping off of the apron and yanking Chavo out of the ring. He lifts Chavo up and then flings him into the steel steps with authority!! Back inside the ring, Mysterio and Finlay both begin to make it back up to their feet and the Irishman charges ahead. Rey catches him off guard and trips him up, getting him caught on the middle rope. The crowd pops as Mysterio shoots off of the ropes but Regal grabs him by the leg. The ref checks on Finlay as Regal smashes Rey in the face with the U.S. TITLE BELT!!! Mysterio falls down to the canvas out cold as Finlay crawls over for the cover! 1... 2... 3!!!
Winners: William Regal and Finlay.

Joey Styles: Finlay and William Regal steal one here tonight!!!

Tazz: Y’see, Styles, you look at the glass as half empty instead of half full. You’re missing the big picture here. Finlay and William Regal were on the same page tonight!

Joey Styles: Whatever, Tazz. Later tonight, Batista and The Rock have a contract signing for their huge World Heavyweight Title Steel Cage match at No Way Out. But coming up next, we’ll see if the Kings Court can make it two out of two tonight when King Booker takes on Bobby Lashley. NEXT!

Commercial Break

We return from the break with Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero, Finlay and William Regal, all still remaining around the ringside area, on opposite sides of the ring.

***Royalty*** Boos fill the arena as King Booker and Queen Sharmell walk down to the ring. Sharmell applauds but Regal and Finlay look less than enthused.

***Soldier*** Bobby Lashley walks out onto the stage and sets off his pyro before he storms down to the ring, eyeing up Booker, Regal and Finlay.

Match #5:
King Booker vs. Bobby Lashley
Booker and Lashley put on a serviceable match up, not going too long, around five or so minutes before they head into the finish. Lashley backs Booker into the corner, hitting shoulder thrusts before shooting him into the opposite corner. He charges in but Booker gets his feet up, catching him in the face and knocking him back. Booker charges out and Lashley lifts him onto his shoulder but Booker slides off. Lashley turns around and Booker goes for a spin kick but Lashley ducks it, and shoots off of the ropes. He comes back and goes for a SPEAR … but Booker leaps over him!! Lashley twists around and Booker kicks him in the gut before shooting off of the ropes and hitting the SCISSORS KICK!!! Instead of going for the cover, Booker spinaroonies off of the ground and onto his feet, receiving applause from Sharmell. He then goes for the cover. 1... 2... NO! Lashley kicks out, using the extra time to recover. Frustrated, Booker lifts Lashley up to his feet and goes for the BOOKEND … but Lashley fights back, hitting a couple of hard back elbows. He then kicks Booker in the gut and tucks his head, going for the DOMINATOR … but Booker fights out of it, hitting a back body drop!! Lashley gets up holding his back and Booker charges but Lashley lifts him onto his shoulders!! Lashley backs up a bit and then runs forward, planting Booker with the RUNNING POWERSLAM!!! Cover!! 1... 2... NO! Regal breaks up the cover, lunging into the ring in the nick of time as the ref calls for the bell!
Winner: Bobby Lashley by Disqualification.

ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!!! Mysterio and Chavo get in the ring and Finlay joins Regal in the brawl!! All four men exchange shots and eventually Lashley and Booker get back up to their feet, exchanging right hands as well! The crowd gets to their feet as the three on three brawl explodes right in front of their eyes … but it doesn’t last long as several referees run down to the ring and get in between the six superstars. Finally, King Booker, Finlay and Regal are pulled from the ring and onto the beginning of the ramp by the referees.

The refs manage to hold back Mysterio and Chavo but not Lashley whom charges forward and LEAPS OVER THE TOP ROPE, TAKING EVERYBODY OUT!!! A “Holy Shit” chant starts up as several referees, Finlay, Regal, Booker and Lashley all lay out as Mysterio and Guerrero watch on in astonishment.

Joey Styles: Oh my Gawd!! Bobby Lashley, taking out every single person in one of the most impressive feats I have ever seen!! He’s 280 pounds and he leaped over the top rope like it was nothing!!!

Tazz: This guy is a freak!!

Commercial Break

Backstage, a commotion is being caused as Stephanie McMahon watches while the participants in the brawl, Booker, Regal, Finlay, Lashley, Mysterio and Chavo continue to be separated backstage. Finally, a dozen security guards get the six superstars away from each other and Steph, No Way Out contract in hand, begins to head towards the ring, until … Raw General Manager Jonathan Coachman walks up to her, smug smile on his face.

Jonathan Coachman: Tight ship you’re running here. In the past hour and forty five minutes, I’ve seen John Cena destroy equipment backstage, two monsters going at each other - one with a steel chair, your WWE Tag Team Champions destroy your number one contenders, Rey Mysterio get slapped in the head with a title belt, a huge brawl with several WWE officials being taken out. Am I missing anything?

Stephanie McMahon: Are you done? I have a contract signing to attend.

Jonathan Coachman: Oh yeah and not only is one of the top stars in the company, Triple H, not been seen or heard from since you got in his face last week but another one of SmackDown’s top stars, the “Wrestling Machine” Kurt Angle will be jumping to Raw soon enough. Hell, after he beats Mister Kennedy at No Way Out, he may just jump to Raw ANYWAY and use his WrestleMania main event on the ‘A’ brand.

Steph tries to seem unbothered but can’t help to look a bit nervous over the very real possibility that Batista or The Rock could be left without a WrestleMania challenger after No Way Out.

Jonathan Coachman: Be sure to tune into Raw this Monday Night to see Kurt Angle test the waters of the premiere brand, the flagship, of this company, my show, Raw.

Coach smirks as Stephanie puts on a fake smile before turning away and walking down the hall.

Back to ringside. The ring is now laid out with a red carpet, set up with a table, a couple of leather chairs and three microphones.

***I’m All Grown Up*** Stephanie McMahon makes her way down to the ring to a mixed reaction and catcalls, contract in hand.

Joey Styles:
I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for a contract signing before. The most dominant World Heavyweight Champion of this era, possibly of all time, Batista takes on the nine time champion, a legitimate icon in this business, one of the most popular superstars of all time, The Rock, in a Steel Cage match!!

Tazz: The contract signing is tonight but in nine days at No Way Out, live on pay per view, the collision takes place!

Stephanie steps in and grabs one of the mics off of the table.

Stephanie McMahon: Before we get to the contract signing, I have several announcements to make concerning next Sunday’s pay per view extravaganza, No Way Out. Of course we have the World Heavyweight Title match between Batista and The Rock and we also have the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels Invitational but several new matches have been made for what has turned out to be a spectacular card. Right off the bat, Angle wants it, Kennedy wants it, so it will happen. At No Way Out, we will see the Wrestling Machine Kurt Angle take on Mister Kennedy with the winner going on to headline WrestleMania 23!!

Cheers with “Kennedy … Kennedy” calls mixed in.

Stephanie McMahon: Secondly, John Cena has demanded a rematch and it was accepted. So, at the pay per view, John Cena will get another crack at the man who defeated him tonight, Chris Sabin.

Decent applause.

Stephanie McMahon: Also, we will see the “World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry take on the “Big Red Machine” Kane!!


Stephanie McMahon: After the explosion we just saw moments ago, we will see a Six Man Tag Team Elimination Match at No Way Out. It will be King Booker, Finlay and the United States Champion William Regal taking on Chavo Guerrero, Bobby Lashley and Rey Mysterio!!

Cheers for all three faces.

Stephanie McMahon: And finally, after the stunt our WWE Tag Team Champions pulled out here earlier tonight, I say we take the Hardy Boyz tag team titles and hang them high above the ring…


Stephanie McMahon: At No Way Out, it will be Matt and Jeff Hardy defending their WWE Tag Team Championship against Paul London and Brian Kendrick in a LADDER MATCH!!!

Great pop, the crowd going wild for the ladder match.

Stephanie McMahon: All of that takes place, next Sunday, live on pay per view, No Way Out. Okay, lets get this thing on the road. Introducing first, he is-

***Space Odyssey*** The crowd rises to its feet as the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair struts to the ring in a custom suit. Tazz and Styles give us a hard sell for the Contract Signing as we go to our final commercial break.

Commercial Break

We return with Ric Flair in the ring with a mic as he gets finished riling up the crowd apparently.

Ric Flair: Now … introducing, the man … who’s first World Heavyweight Title reign lasted for NINE MONTHS and now in his second run, he has been even more impressive. Beat Kurt Angle at No Mercy! Beat five -- count ’em up, one, two, three, four, FIVE -- WWE superstars in the Elimination Chamber at Armageddon! Beat Bobby Lashley at New Years Revolution!! And pinned Triple H at the Royal Rumble!! Ladies and gentlemen, the most dominant World Heavyweight Champion of all time, Big Dave, The Animal, WOOOOOO, Batista!!!

***I Walk Alone*** The crowd erupts into an incredible amount of heat as the World Heavyweight Champion Batista steps onto the stage, dressed smartly in a suit and shades, before setting off his pyro. He continues down the ramp and steps into the ring, shaking hands with Naitch before placing his title belt on the table. Flair puts his hands onto the shoulders of Batista as the two men smirk with all of the confidence in the world.

Stephanie McMahon:
And Batista’s challenger at No Way Out, he is a former SEVEN time WWE Champion, a WCW Champion and a World Champion. Ladies and gentlemen, the People’s Champion, the Great One, the Brahma Bull and most importantly, the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, give it up for THE ROCK!!!

***If Ya Smell*** The crowd goes completely wild, giving the loudest ovation of the night as The Rock walks down to the ring, dressed in a pair of sweats, a “Just Bring It” tee shirt and sneakers. He steps in and walks right past Flair and Batista, climbing the turnbuckle and raising his arm into the air to an electrifying pop.

Rock takes a seat across the table from Batista and the two men glare at each other, the tension blatantly obvious, even through their shades. Stephanie places the contract on the table but Rock and Batista don’t take their eyes off of each other.

Stephanie McMahon:
Batista, you’re the champion, is there anything you would like to say?

Flair goes to pick up the mic but Batista waves him off and surprisingly, picks up the mic for himself.

Batista: Before I tell you what’s gonna happen next Sunday, let me tell you what this is NOT. Rock, this is NOT Hollywood. I am NOT an actor, I’m NOT a stuntman. I hit you, it’s gonna be legit. Nobody’s gonna step in and take that blow. I’m gonna have your ass all to myself in that steel cage and I guarantee you that you won’t walk out on your own power. I’m gonna beat you down, I’m gonna bloody you up and send you back to California to make some more ‘B’ movies.

Heat as Batista stares at The Rock, as serious as a heart attack.

Batista: You can get in the best shape of your life, go to every single gym, lift all the weights in the world, run five miles a day, but it will not change the fact that this era is MY TIME! You had your chance to be the man seven years ago. You decided making crappy movies would be more important. This is not the movies. Everything doesn’t wrap up nicely in a couple of hours and there are no happy endings.

Rock smirks a bit.

Batista: Every single superstar who has dared to step up and challenge me has been put in the ground and Rock, you will be no different. Next Sunday, I leave that solid steel cage with MY belt on my shoulder and I leave that cage with YOUR blood on my hands.

Heat fills the arena as Batista grabs the contract and signs it. Batista then stares at The Rock before throwing the pen down and flinging the contract right at his chest!! The tension immediately picks up as The Rock gets up to his feet as does Batista, smirk on his face. Rock seems ready to lose his cool … but a smile comes across his face as Rock reaches down for the mic.

The Rock: The Rock will admit, you’re good. You’re smart. You know how to press the right buttons. You’re big, tall, strong. Eight feet two, five hundred pounds, the World Heavyweight Champion, the greatest World Champion of all time by your side. And you’re right, this isn’t Hollywood but let The Rock explain something to you. The Rock has seen bigger and The Rock has seen better. Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, The Big Show, King Booker, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Triple H … Ric Flair … The Rock has been in the ring with them all, and The Rock has BEATEN them ALL!!

Thunderous pop.

The Rock: All types of matches, Elimination Chambers, Six Man Hell In A Cells, Four on One matches, Handicap Table Matches … So understand that in nine days when The Rock steps into that Steel Cage with you and looks right into your eyes, you better BELIEVE that The Rock doesn’t fear you. You better BELIEVE that The Rock doesn’t fear the Steel Cage. You better BELIEVE that The Rock will be ready to take each and every thing you throw at him and give it right back ten fold!!!

Huge cheers.

The Rock: Next Sunday, it won’t make a damn bit of difference how many people you’ve beaten, it won’t make a damn bit of difference how big you are, it won’t make a damn bit of difference how strong you are because come nine days from tonight on pay per view, you will realize that you just can’t stop, CANT STOP, THE ROCK!! If ya smell … what The Rock … is cookin’.

The crowd pops as Batista and Flair stare at The Rock, whom signs the contract before tossing the contract right back at Batista. Batista nods, seemingly impressed with Rock’s confidence before extending his hand to The Great One. The Rock hesitates, unsure, but then accepts the handshake of Batista and the two men shake on it.

Rock goes to turn away but Batista pulls him, going for a clothesline but The Rock is ready for it!! He ducks the shot and then lights Batista up with right hands!! Flair comes at him but Rock catches him with a boot to the nuts!!! Rock grabs the title belt off of the table and drills Batista with it, sending him over the top rope!!!

The crowd pops huge as The Rock glares at the title belt before looking down at Flair whom holds … himself. Rock drops the belt, kicks a chair out of the way and begins stalking Naitch. Flair gets up and turns around and THE ROCK DRILLS HIM WITH A ROCK BOTTOM THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!!

The crowd goes wild as The Rock picks up the World Heavyweight Championship and climbs the turnbuckle, posing with the title belt amongst thousands of flashbulbs going off while Batista watches, clutching his forehead as we fade out.



Current Card For No Way Out

World Heavyweight Championship;
Steel Cage Match:
Batista vs. The Rock

WWE Tag Team Championship;
Ladder Match:
The Hardyz vs. The Hooligans

Cruiserweight Championship;
Fallen Angel Invitational:
Christopher Daniels vs. {Former Cruiserweight Champion}

WrestleMania 23 World Title Match On The Line:
Mr. Kennedy vs. Kurt Angle

Six Man Elimination Tag Team Match:
King Booker, Finlay and U.S. Champion William Regal
vs. Rey Mysterio, Bobby Lashley and Chavo Guerrero

Singles Match:
John Cena vs. Chris Sabin

Grudge Match:
Kane vs. Mark Henry


Current Card for WrestleMania 23

World Heavyweight Championship
Batista OR The Rock vs. Mr. Kennedy OR Kurt Angle

WWE Championship
Randy Orton vs. Winner of Road to WrestleMania Tournament

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's SmackDown Review

~ Sorry it's a tad late, Mac Anyway, thanks for clearing up that business with No Way Out for me. I just thought it might be multi-brand since I remember you saying that Batista faced Lashley at New Year's Revolution, which was a Raw event. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

~ Ah, excellent to see you are kicking off the show with some more hype for the John Cena/Undertaker feud. I must admit, I was a little puzzled myself as to why Cena made the first real move in the feud by attacking 'Taker on Raw, so it was nice to have all that cleared up by Cena. It makes sense I guess, since the way you have been pushing Cena of late is kind of like a crazed, unstoppable heel, an egomaniac too, so if someone were to claim that he fears The Undertaker, then he probably would do something as irrational as attacking him. This was a very nice promo, and very much in character, getting over Cena's heel side without feeling the need to resort to the rapper gimmick again. I guess we didn't see Chris Sabin last week, so it's nice that he is still on the show. If the match description had been short then I would have thought an instant squash match, and that Sabin was now a jobber, but as it went on, I suspected some interference from 'Taker, which is exactly what we got. I was still pretty amazed that Sabin got the win, but I guess it gives the feud with Undertaker a lot of hype, playing mind games and all. I wonder what Cena will do at No Way Out though...

~ Nice little backstage segment from King Booker and his Court. I'm glad to see that they will not be breaking up or feuding, since they all work very well as heels and uneasy allies. You could tell that Booker was pissed, since he lost his King voice and went all Booker T on us, which is always amusing to see. All three of these guys get a good amount of time on your shows, so there hasn't been any visible de-push yet, but they do not appear to be in any significant feud currently, and I'm a little unsure of what awaits them come No Way Out and Wrestlemania.

~ Ah, Mark Henry makes his official return this week by squashing Hardcore Holly. I hope you give Henry a decent monster heel push, since I feel it is always nice to have such a character on your shows. Kane makes a run in later, and I guess this is setting up a match between the two at No Way Out. As an explanation of why he attacked Kane, I would think that Henry would claim he was "making a statement" or something along those lines.

~ Wow, you're Cruiserweight division has really become interesting of late, especially thanks to Christopher Daniels and Chris Sabin. This was a pretty good promo from Daniels too, really giving his division some much needed attention. Interesting idea with the Open Invitational too, but I'm a little unsure of one thing. Is it an invitation for one Cruiserweight to face Daniels in a one-on-one match, or simply an offer for ANY Cruiserweights to get involved, making it a Battle Royal?

~ It's quite sad to see Gregory Helms and Shelton Benjamin losing out in the tag division after they finally got their run, but I guess a Hardys/Londrick feud just had to happen at some point. Odds are, after the Ladder attack from Matt and Jeff, we are going to see a Ladder match between the two at No Way Out, which would be amazing, but very quick for such a fresh feud. I wonder what is next for Shelton and Helms also; a break up perhaps, back to singles competition? I guess Helms could challenge Daniels at NWO, but most likely that will be someone new.

~ Awesome segment next between Mr. Kennedy and Kurt Angle. Since the amazing pushes that you have given both men, you have managed to nail their characters to a 'tee', even turning Kennedy into a very credible face of Rock '99/2000 proportions when he got his first real face run. As for Kurt Angle, I guess he shifts between face and heel all the time, and since Batista has Triple H, Rock and Kennedy to feud with over the belt, Angle has more people to feud with as a heel ... like Stone Cold at Wrestlemania. I think I may have speculated that Kennedy would put his title shot on the line at NWO, so a good guess there eh Should be an excellent match between the two, with Kennedy hopefully getting the win. I think Angle/Austin is too hot to waste with an Angle/Batista/Kennedy Triple threat, and, also, I still think that Raw might be having a Triple Threat between Edge/Orton/HBK. Great segment though, especially with Angle appearing from home via comm.

~ Yay, we get to see Naitch and the Champ for the first time tonight. With Kennedy being the Rumble winner and all, there's really no doubt that he's beating 'Tista at W'Mania, but you can't help but love the way Flair continuously puts Dave over. It's all Ric seems to say

~ Excellent match up next between Regal/Finlay and Rey/Chavo. It's good to see Chavo getting back in the mix of things too. Usual heelish way of isolating Chavo before Rey gets in and all hell breaks loose. A cheap win in the end for the heels thanks to Regal and his U.S title belt. I wonder, all of these guys, they could possibly be in the U.S title hunt soon themselves.

~ Nice little match up with Lashley and Booker too. I guess the presence of Rey and Chavo at ringside too suggest that all of these men are in fact feuding. Lashley has it won until Regal gets involved, and now it's chaos time, with Lashley taking everyone out. I'm not sure where all this is leading come No Way Out though.

~ Jonathan Coachman on Smackdown? What was all this about? Surely he wasn't just there to gloat about the possibility of Kurt Angle jumping to Raw. But now that I think about it, following No Way Out, it's a very real possibility that Angle could in fact jump to Raw to face Austin at Wrestlemania, because afterwards he would have a lot of potential feuds, like Edge, HBK, Orton, Undertaker, JBL etc. I guess it could happen.

~ Okay, and we're on to the contract signing at last. Stephanie makes some nice announcements first. Kennedy/Angle is official. Kane/Henry is too. Cena/Sabin? I didn't see that what coming. I guess it's a filler match of sorts whilst Cena waits for Undertaker. Six Man tag match too, another quite fillerish match that suggests none of these men really have anything to do, but it could also be setting something up for Wrestlemania. The Ladder Match is on as well, which should be very, very nice. I just love the way you are writing Naitch at the moment; he's so in love with Batista it's beyond belief, it really is. He won't even allow anyone else to introduce him. I think that should become a regular thing, especially whenhe is feuding with Kennedy, that Flair keeps introducing 'Tista, since no one else can do him justice. I like it Out comes The Rock though, and the contract signing is official. Batista gets in all the cheap digs about Hollywood and Rock being past his prime, but Rocky still seems to own Dave in this verbal exchange unsurprisingly. Batista should have let Flair do the talking, like Naitch wanted to, but I guess the fact that Batista actually spoke quite a lot tonight suggests a real intensity for his feud with Rocky. I expected Rock to get the upperhand next week for sure, since Batista is almost certainly winning at No Way Out, so it was quite a turn for Rock to turn the tables tonight and put Naitch through a table. Very intense brawl at the end, and really gets me pumped for the Steel Cage match at No Way Out. I'm so glad you are going to write that match in full (even though the othe rmatches would be nice in full too plz) and it should be awesome. One question though, where was the man who will be screwing The Rock out of the title come NWO? Where was Triple H? If I'm just being unobservant and missed the commentators mention him, then please let me know.

Overall this was another fanstastic show, Mac, showing why this has become my favourite thread on here. Your spelling and grammar is top notch, as is your characterisation. Kennedy/Angle, Cena/Undertaker, and Batista/Rock are all amazing feuds that make the show that bit more exciting.

8 Out Of 10 - Keep It Up
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

TKoW's review of Smackdown; February 9th 2007 edition (written by DDMac)

-John Cena's opening promo was superbly written - it completely fitted his character and I couldn't find anything that didn't fit. I think maybe we'll hear the "GONG" of The Undertaker later on.

-I knew it!! Undertaker doesn't actually make an appearance but the GONG was heard. A big win for Chris Sabin, this was quite an enjoyable match. Cena vs. Taker at WrestleMania?

-Another great segment with King Booker starting off as the leader of the Court before Finlay takes control. I don't think Booker is going to settle to being second best - I predict a feud in the future.

-Squash match with a victory for Mark Henry - it's very good that you managed to keep Henry look strongly by "calmly exiting the ring". Most people would simply write that he quickly rolls out of the ring or something, but this way you kept Henry as a legitimate threat. I know you're not really a fan of Kane's so I think Henry will definitely go over in this feud.

-Good promo with Christopher Daniels; comparing his predicted win at No Way Out to Batista-Rock was very arrogant and egotistical. The only thing I don't agree with was the comments on Rey Mysterio, about coming back to the Cruiserweight division. Wouldn't a heel try to keep potential threats away from his title? Anyway the promo was still effective, and makes me wonder who will challenge for the title at NWO.

-A great match with the Hooligans coming out on top - personally I thought that Shelton & Helms would win because they're a heel tag team. WAIT!! THE HARDYZ TURN HEEL!! I can't believe it!! One of the tag teams who I could almost never imagine as a heel tag team turn! I really hope you pull this off well. I didn't see that coming!

-WOW! What a double promo from Angle and Kennedy!! Both men were written in character perfectly. So far this is DEFINITELY the highlight of the night and will probably stay that way. Angle vs. Kennedy at NWO should be a huge and very exciting match. Although I don't see Kennedy losing his title shot to Angle.

-I'm glad to see Regal and Finlay got the sneak win over Rey and Chavo here. Being British I really like William Regal as a champion, and after what happened earlier tonight I think Regal may stick with Finlay once the Court breaks up.

-The DQ finish was acceptable; but personally I feel something should've been in between the Tag match and Booker/Lashley. Lashley taking out everyone was great as well; I'm guessing there's a 6-Man Tag match at NWO? Sorry, I haven't been following your thread completely but I will from now on.

-The Coach/Stephanie segment was very nice; I think Steph will make some sort of decision or announcement to fire back at Coach.

-YAY! A Ladder match!! 6-Man Tag! Some nice announcement from Steph; NWO looks to be a hell of a pay-per view with WM23 right around the corner.

-The contract signing was superb; probably my second favorite part of the evening after the Angle/Kennedy confrontation. As Legend said, Flair does seem like he is in love with Batista right now.Rock slamming Flair through a table was great; my guess is that although Batista is the dominant World Heavyweight Champion, he's not going to make it to WrestleMania. The way I see it, it's going to be Rock defending against either Kennedy or Angle. Rock/Kennedy especially would be the "dream match" for WrestleMania.

FINAL WORD: This was indeed a fantastic show with lots of great segments. 5 matches is perfect for the length, which was also on target as usual. Despite a few minor details I'd give the show 9.5/10, and this isn't joking, that's the highest score I've ever given someone. I'm quite a harsh marker but I didn't really have much to complain about. That was perhaps one of the best shows I've ever reviewed.

Here's my predictions for No Way Out:
-The Rock to win the World Heavyweight Title and defend against Kennedy at WM23
-The Hardyz to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles
-Christopher Daniels to retain the Cruiserweight Title
-Mr. Kennedy to defeat Kurt Angle
-Rey, Lashley and Chavo to defeat the King's Court, who will then split
-John Cena to crush Chris Sabin with some sort of confrontation with Undertaker
-Mark Henry to dominate Kane.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Cena's promo was very good. He certainately wants to make it seem like he wasn't scared at all. I liked the intensity he brought to the promo and I expect Taker to appear in this match in some form

Sabin looks like he'll get squashed by thanks to expected mind games from Taker, Sabin scores the win! WHOA! That was a big surprise. Cena should be irate, beaten by a relative no one thanks to The Deadman. The traditional, yet well done Taker tactics used well

Hmm I've said it for a while and I can see the King's Court splitting after they lose their six man tag match at NWO. I have a feeling Finlay will be the main cause of the break up and not Booker or Regal however

Henry > Holly easily here. Squash to get Mark on the card and here comes Kane ready to make a statement. Won't be a pretty match I must say

Daniels promo was solid. Open challenge to ANY Cruiserweight champion in the world? I wonder who you'd possibly pick. I could see a returning veteran like Malenko or a foreigner like Dragon or Liger...

London/Kendrick get the chance to face the Hardyz at NWO and then are taken out by Matt & Jeff post match with ladders! Hardyz as heels is a first in BTB that I've seen and I like it, I can see a Ladder match coming up

Kennedy/Angle promo was excellent to read. Perfect length and both men well in character. You can feel the hatred they share and I don't see Kennedy after his monsterous push at the RR losing to Angle, but maybe Austin showing up and getting a little bit of revenge on Kurt during the match

Batista & Flair are gonna pull something on The Rock and attack him by the looks of things

Finlay & Regal stay on the same page in a good match and Regal blasts Rey with the title to steal the victory. Momentum to the Court

Lashley gets the win over Booker via DQ as he is attacked and saved by Rey & Chavo and we have ourselves a wild brawl beginning between the heels and faces

It's still going on after the break as security is on the scene. Coach is here to play games with Steph's head, will Kurt trade shows? Methinks no, but it's intruiging nonetheless

Some awesome announcements made by Steph, all of which were already obvious to me IMO but it makes a solid card with Rock/Batista in the Cage, Angle/Kennedy, 6 Man Tag and Ladder Matches sure to provide some good reading

Flair & Rock were very good, Batista was as good as he can be too. The promo came across well in the long run and as expected they try to sneak attack Rock, but he turns the tide and ROCK BOTTOMS FLAIR THRU THE TABLE! Big spot and a loud and clear message to Batista that The Rock has his number, but come NWO, I don't think it'll be up because I still say Triple H will meet The Rock at Mania. Nice ending to another quality show

8.5/10. As always, enjoyable and worth the read Mac. NWO is looking good and WM is shaping up nicely.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Firstly, sorry if any of this is wrong and I have missed something important in the shows I didn’t read, but I hope most of the comments that I make are relevant and correct

Cena vs. Taker is a very good feud to have, and Cena is one of the few men who actually could end the streak at Wrestlemania. Loving the heel Cena here, and he cut a very good promo, which was the kind of promo I could see him cutting. Sabin gets the win over him in the match, which is huge for him, and he now must be having a push off the back of this, or else it has been wasted

Henry vs. Kane isn’t a feud I would be overly interested in seeing, but it makes perfect sense to have it as neither man is going to be look too week coming out of it. Henry’s squash was just to get him on the show, and kept the feud moving nicely

Don’t know too much about Daniels, but I do know that I liked that promo a lot, as it was perfect for getting him over a heel in the cruiserweight division. Good to see it getting a lot of focus here, and I have a feeling that Daniels vs. Mysterio is being set up at some point, as well as Sabin getting his rematch as well, so I’m looking for one of those matches to happen at Mania

Hooligans vs. Hardyz in a ladder match will be sweet, and is a real contender for match of the night. Interesting to see the Hardyz as a heel team as well, which I don’t remember seeing anywhere else before, and not too sure if it could be pulled off. As singles stars it can happen, but they are the kind of tag team that won’t work as heels. Then again, I don’t know how they turned heel, so I may be totally wrong here

Good promo from Kennedy and Angle, which I could definitely see happening. Some great lines from both men as well, and loved the way that Angle managed to get his match at NWO to happen. Don’t see him winning the match at all, as it would be stupid to have Kennedy lose after the push he has had, but should be a great contest

The Court vs. Rey/Lashley/Chavo seems to be a decent midcard feud, and gives those who haven’t really got a lot going on at the moment something to do. This is the kind of feud that may get on the mania card as a 6 man tag if they are not doing anything else

Felt that the Batista/Rock promo ended a little too soon, as it was getting really good, but I suppose you wanted to get to the ending with the Rock dominating Batista and Flair. Batista actually sounded pretty good in this promo, which is always good to see. Before this, I was certain the Rock would win and face Kennedy at Mania, but Batista appears to have been so dominant that he could main event

Overall… very impressed with this, and is a lot better than when I last read the shows. Keep this up, and you could be one of the top names, if not the top name around here very soon.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

When get we start predicting No Way Out, Mac?
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