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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Smackdown is looking good Mac, especially with Batista and Naitch making their feelings heard, as well as the King Booker/Finlay versus Kane/Rey Mysterio tag match. I'll be following this one for sure
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

I hate reviewing recapped shows, so I'll be waiting for SmackDown to be up. Haven't read one of your shows in a while, so I can't wait for this.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Nice, a full show. I'll definatly check this show out now. Can't wait for it to be up.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

SmackDown!; January 19th, 2007

~ Opening Video

~ Pyro

***I Walk Alone*** hits to a thunderous amount of heat as the World Heavyweight Champion, Dave Batista, makes his way down to the ring with the ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair by his side.

Joey Styles: Oh my God!!

Tazz: Haha, we’re kicking things off in a big way, Styles. The World Heavyweight Champion, “The Animal” Batista and the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair!!

Joey Styles: And no doubt, the champion is not happy about the huge announcement that Stephanie McMahon made last week on SmackDown!. At the Royal Rumble, Batista will defend his championship in a triple threat match against BOTH “The Game” Triple H AND The Rock!!

Tazz: You damn skippy he’s not happy. The Animal has to put the most prestigious belt in the business, the richest prize in the game against two icons, two future hall of famers, Triple H and The Rock

Both men are dressed to impress, expensive suits and shades intact. They both step in and Flair calls for a microphone. A “Batista Sucks” chant starts and Batista smirks. Flair waits for the fans to die down before starting.

Ric Flair: Ladies and gentlemen, rise to your feet in astonishment and put your hands together for the two greatest World Champions that this business has ever seen, the greatest champion of all time, ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair and the most dominant champion EVER, PERIOD, END OF STORY, Batista!

Mixed reaction, with boos for Batista and some cheers for the legendary Flair.

Ric Flair: I’ve heard the critics moan and complain on the internet, in the dirt sheets, in the magazines, bitching, saying “Batista can’t wrestle, Batista doesn’t talk a lot”, the whole nine!

Flair looks at Batista and the two men smirk a bit.

Ric Flair: Kids, listen up, pull out a pen and paper because the Nature Boy is about to take ya to school.

WOOS throughout the building.

Ric Flair: A great World Heavyweight Champion -- and believe me, I know -- needs to be able to do two things, TWO things; Number one, beat the holy living hell out of every single challenger that steps in … to … his … path! And nobody, NOBODY, has done that better than the man standing to my right, ‘The Animal’ Batista.

Boos for the champion.

Ric Flair: Number two, he has to be able to put fans, put asses in the seats and judging from this sold out arena and the arenas that Big Dave has sold out around the world, the fact that he single handedly got SmackDown! this deal with FX, the fact that he’s brought up ratings and buy-rates across the board, Dave Batista has got the second criteria covered as well. So as far as I’m concerned, Batista is the greatest thing to happen to SmackDown! in HISTORY and all of you fans and the people that run this place should -- WOOO -- bow at his feet.

More boos as an “Asshole” chant starts up.

Ric Flair: And that fact is what makes it all the more baffling as to why our General Manager, Stephanie McMahon, would stack the odds against the greatest champion in SmackDown! history. I just don’t get it! At the Royal Rumble, not only does Batista have to defend his World Heavyweight Championship in a triple threat match but he has to defend it against Triple H …

Great pop for The Game.

Ric Flair: …but he also has to defend it against The Rock.

Great pop for The Rock.

Ric Flair: Are you kidding me?! Is this a sick joke?!

Flair takes his jacket off and tosses it down.

Ric Flair: IT -- DOES -- NOT -- MATTER -- WHO -- STEPS -- UP!! Those two are no different than all the rest!! You step up against The Animal, you get put six feet under!! At the Rumble, Rock and Hunter will line up and Big Dave will knock ‘em down, just like Kurt Angle, just like Bobby Lashley, just like King Booker, Mark Henry, Finlay -- WOOOO -- he’ll be leaving San Antonio, Texas as the World Heavyweight Champion!! To be the man, you have to beat the man and Batista simply can’t be beaten! WOOOOOO!!

Boos and WOOS throughout the building as Flair and Batista smile before going to leave the ring …

***If Ya Smell*** hits to a tremendous ovation as The Rock makes his way onto the stage, microphone in hand, looking down at Batista and Flair, whom smugly look back at The Great One.

The Rock: Finally, The Rock has come back to HOUSTON!!!

Thunderous cheap pop.

The Rock: Ric Flair, Batista, look at you. The two of you come out here and Ric all you do is run your mouth about how Batista has done this and how Batista has done that and how Batista will do this and how Batista will do that. Ric, The Rock is tired of hearing what you think. Batista has a mouth, he can speak for himself. Dave, is everything Ric said what you actually think?

Flair hands Batista the mic.

Batista: You damn right …


Great pop as Batista snatches the shades off of his face in anger. A “Rocky” chant starts up as The Rock looks at the crowd.

The Rock: Let The Rock explain something to you two jabronis, Father Time and that shaved ape with the championship.

Another pop as Flair and Batista look on with a fury.

The Rock: It doesn’t matter how many arenas you’ve sold out. It doesn’t matter how many ratings you draw. It doesn’t matter what kind of ratings you get. The only thing that matters is that in nine days, NINE DAYS, you, The Rock and Triple H are gonna head into the AT&T Center with the millions …

*And Millions*

The Rock: And millions of The Rock’s fans going wild and once all the dust has settled and once all the smoke … has cleared, it will be … the jabroni beatin’, LALALAO, pie eatin’, trail blazin’, eyebrow raisin’, its not about ratings, not about Triple H, gonna bend Batista over and make you my Naitch!!

“OH” throughout as Batista and Flair get a verbal lashing from the best of them. Ric almost has an aneurism in the ring.

The Rock: Once its all said and done, The Rock will be walking out of the Royal Rumble the World Heavyweight Champion! IF YA SMELLLLLLLL-LA-LA-LAO … WHAT THE ROCK … IS COOK …

Batista angrily butts in.

Batista: Forget all the nursery rhymes, Rock! You think you’re that bad?! Huh?! As a soon to be dead man once said, “Just bring it”!

Rock stares down at the ring for a second before taking his shades off. He looks at the crowd whom respond with a huge pop before beginning to walk down the aisle. He makes it to the bottom of the ramp when …

***King Of Kings*** hits to an astonishing ovation and the attention of The Rock, Batista and Flair all turns towards the top of the ramp as ‘The Game’ Triple H makes his appearance felt, smirking as he appears on the stage. Hunter, dressed in jeans and a tee has a microphone in hand.

Triple H: Look at the level of talent that’s out here. I mean, really, I look down and I see a b-list actor … someone who should never be the World Champion … and someone who is past his prime … and I’m just talking about The Rock.

The crowd gasps and even laughs a bit as Hunter lets out a smirk. Rock looks at The Game, letting out a fake smile.

Triple H: Three jack offs arguing back and forth about something that is already written in stone. Come the Royal Rumble, no actor, no wrestler, no old man will be able to stop the inevitable. I will walk in to San Antonio, Texas, beat each and every one of your asses and leave with the World Heavyweight Championship -- MY World Heavyweight Championship …

Crowd pops initially though a few boos are heard afterward.

Triple H: Next Sunday, the Royal Rumble … THE KING OF KINGS … goes back on his throne!!

The audience continues to cheer as Triple H scowls down the entrance ramp, switching his view between both Rock and Batista.

The Rock: You know what, The Rock says this … The Rock is here, Batista’s here, Triple H and his big ass nose is here …

A few laughs from the crowd as Hunter lets out a sarcastic smile.

The Rock: Why WAIT until the Royal Rumble?

Rock drops the mic and slides into the ring. Batista throws a right but Rocky blocks it and lights Batista up with right hands. Flair attacks Rock from behind and the two on one beat down commences until Triple H sprints down the ramp, sliding into the ring. With it evened up two on two, Rock and Hunter take control with The Game clothes lining Batista out of the ring as Rock does the same to Flair!! The crowd goes wild as Hunter and Rock stare at each other … hell about to break loose?!

:::Commercial Break:::

Joey Styles: During the commercial break, our General Manager, Stephanie McMahon, made us a huge main event for tonight. After what we just saw before the break, it will be the legendary “Nature Boy” Ric Flair with the World Heavyweight Champion Batista in his corner taking on THE ROCK … with “The Game” Triple H in his corner!!

Tazz: Just nine days away from the triple threat match when The Rock and Triple H will be going after Batista’s title, The Game and The Great One will try to coexist? (Scoffs)Yeah, that’ll end well, Styles.

Match #1: Gregory Helms vs. Paul London vs. Matt Hardy
In the first match up of the night, one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Gregory Helms wrestles Paul London and Matt Hardy in a triple threat match with their perspective partners (Benjamin, Kendrick, J. Hardy) watching from ringside. Considering all involved, its no shock that the match moves at a fast paced, with each man going balls to the wall. The finish comes when Helms hit’s the Shining Wizard on Matt and goes for the cover but Jeff jumps onto the apron! Jeff’s interference causes Benjamin and Kendrick to snatch him down off of the apron and pummel him as the crowd cheers. On the inside of the ring, London grabs Helms and tosses him out of the ring but soon London AND the referee are distracted by the brawl going on between Hardy, Benji and Spanky at ringside. Matt struggles to get onto his hands and knees and crawls behind London, drilling him with a low blow! Hardy gets back up to his feet, turns London around and drops him with a Twist of Fate, covering him for the three count!!
Winner: Matt Hardy via pin fall at 8:38.
Matt rolls out of the ring as Kendrick and Ashley come in to check on London. Benjamin checks on Helms at ringside as Matt & Jeff make their way up the entrance ramp, pulling out the cheap victory here.

Cut backstage to Steve Romero, who is standing by with the Cruiserweight Champion “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels and Allison Danger.

Steve Romero: Christopher Daniels, later on tonight, you defend your Cruiserweight Championship against Chris Sabin. What are your thoughts on this match up?

Daniels smirks a bit before rubbing the title on his shoulder.

Christopher Daniels: You know when I first came to this company in October of last year, the Cruiserweight division was nothing more than a sea of complete and utter mediocrity. Wrestlers who were never fit to make it in this business in the first place had the audacity to call themselves champions and even lesser men had the gall to call themselves contenders. But since the Fallen Angel has made his way into the WWE, no longer is this division the butt of the jokes, no longer is this division secondary to the heavyweights because the Cruiserweight division is MY division. And as the lord and ruler of MY Cruiserweight division, I’ve had just about enough of the current #1 contender, Chris Sabin.

The crowd pops for Sabin as The Fallen Angel and Danger roll their eyes a bit.

Christopher Daniels: Chris Sabin, you are a nice, solid talent and at any other time period you would be considered the “guy” in the Cruiserweight division. Problem is, you came along in the Christopher Daniels Era. Sabin, you’ve had the opportunity to step aside and you refused. Now, its time for you to be pushed aside and that’s not a threat, that’s not a promise … that’s the gospel according to the “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels.

Daniels and Allison Danger walk off camera, leaving a blank-faced Romero behind.

:::Commercial Break:::

Back from the break, Josh Matthews is standing by.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, Kurt Angle!

Angle comes into screenshot, receiving a mixed reaction leaning towards cheers.

Josh Matthews: Kurt, only nine says until the Royal Rumb…

Kurt Angle: Shhh!! Don’t say anymore because you’ve said all you need to. Nine days. San Antonio, Texas. The Royal Rumble. The single most vital night in my career to date. More important than my Olympic Gold Medal. More important than every single World Title I’ve won and you know why? Doubt. Ever since I lost the World Heavyweight Championship, I can hear the doubt in everyone’s voice, I can feel the doubt in the boys in the back. They DOUBT me!! They doubt whether or not I actually am the best wrestler in the business. Well, come January 28th, in the AT&T Center, there will be no more doubt. I’m running right THROUGH 29 other superstars no matter who the hell they are. Mr. Kennedy, John Cena, The Undertaker, JBL, Chris Benoit, even Stone Cold freakin’ Austin. In nine days, all the star power in the world won’t mean shit because I’m winning the Royal Rumble and going on to WrestleMania 23 to recapture my World Heavyweight Championship!! Oh its true!! Its DAMN true!!

Angle storms off, leaving a befuddles and somewhat frightened Matthews behind. Cut to the backstage locker room of King Booker, Finlay and William Regal, whom all stare at the monitor before Booker gets up and turns it off.

King Booker: You see that? You see that, man? Everybody around here is goin’ loco, ya dig what I’m sayin’, crazy! And its all over the Royal Rumble and that championship match at WrestleMania. Finlay, you and I, we came up short at New Years Revolution in the Elimination Chamber. Lets not have the same thing happen tonight and especially not at the Royal Rumble. We gotta be on the same page, ya dig?

Finlay nods.

Finlay: Lets get it done.

Finlay walks out of the locker room, shillelagh in hand. William Regal, with the U.S. Championship on his shoulder, walks over to Booker.

William Regal: When are you going to talk with our little friend about the plan?

King Booker: Eventually. You know how Dave is. Gotta ease into it.

Booker slaps Regal on the back before he and Sharmell leave the locker room.

Joey Styles: Coming up next, King Booker and Finlay take on Kane and Rey Mysterio!!

:::Commercial Break:::

Joey Styles: (As graphic appears) Later on tonight, the “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels defends the Cruiserweight Championship against Chris Sabin … and … ICON VERSUS LEGEND … The Rock takes on the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair!!

Match #2: King Booker & Finlay vs. Kane & Rey Mysterio
Match goes pretty much by the numbers with Kane dominating both Booker and Finlay for a decent amount of time before Rey Mysterio gets in. Mysterio also controls the contest for a bit with his agility and speed but its not long until he’s caught by a kick from Booker!! This opens it up completely for the team of the “King” as Booker and Finlay isolate Mysterio for a bit, keeping him away from his corner for a sufficient amount of time. Eventually, Mysterio catches Booker sleeping, taking him down with a beautiful hurracanrana and making the tag to Kane!! The Big Red Machine comes in and cleans house of both Finlay and Booker, hitting the flying clothesline to the Fighting Irishman and getting ready to Chokeslam the King!! He grabs Booker around the throat but Booker fights it off and shoots off of the ropes. He comes back and Kane lifts him onto his shoulder, going for the TOMBSTONE but Finlay breaks it up, hitting Kane in the back. Finlay then goes to work on the legs of Kane, chopping him down to size until Mysterio dropkicks Finlay in the back causing him to straddle the ropes. Rey then shoots off of the ropes and goes for the 619 but Finlay slides out of the ring and drags Mysterio with him!! On the inside, Booker kicks Kane in the gut and goes for the Scissors Kick but Kane avoids it and grabs Book by the throat! He then lifts him up and plants him with the Chokeslam before going for the cover!! 1... 2... 3!!
Winners: Kane and Rey Mysterio via pinfall at 10:45.
Mysterio and Kane pick up the victory and The Big Red Machine sets off his tremendous pyro. Finlay stops hitting Rey and looks into the ring, seeing that the match is over. Booker and Finlay lock eyes and The Booker Man looks none too happy.

:::Commercial Break:::

Raw Rebound
~ RVD qualifies for the Royal Rumble by defeating Sabu in an Extreme Rules match.
~ Michaels and Orton exchange words and then brawl on the return of Carlito’s Cabana.
~ Undertaker def. Big Show by DQ but is assaulted afterwards as Steve Austin does nothing except watch.

Back from the break, Psichosis waits in the ring. ***Medal*** Kurt Angle intensely makes his way down to the ring amongst a good ovation, with a few boos.

Match #3:
Kurt Angle vs. Psichosis
Angle explodes right through Psichosis, who gets very minimal offense in. Angle comes out with all guns blazing, hitting a belly to belly, following up with a German suplex and then planting him with the Angle Slam!! Angle doesn’t go for the cover, instead pulling down the straps and locking in the Ankle Lock and Psichosis taps immediately!!
Winner: Kurt Angle via submission at 2:12.

Angle doesn’t let go of the hold, keeping it locked in as Psichosis taps furiously. Eventually, Super Crazy sprints down to the ring and manages to help the referee pull Angle off. Kurt stares at Super Crazy, almost in disgust before kicking him in the gut and hitting The Angle Slam on him as well!! Some of the crowd boos the actions of Angle but surprisingly most cheer, impressed by his intensity as Angle lets out a roar!!

Joey Styles: Kurt Angle has snapped, Tazz! The former World Heavyweight Champion has gone completely nuts on the road to the Royal Rumble.

Tazz: Kurt is picking up his intensity to a whole new scary level and The Mexicools were the victims of that here tonight.

Shot of John Cena walking down a hallway, scowl on his face.

Joey Styles: John Cena! Is he on his way out here?!

:::Commercial Break:::

***My Time Is Now*** John Cena enters the arena to a thunderous mixed reaction but it soon turns into tremendous heat. Cena steps in and grabs a mic from ringside.

John Cena: So that’s how ya’ll gonna treat me?

More heat for Cena.

John Cena: (Waving hand over face) Ya’ll can’t see me anyway. I didn’t come out to here to talk about you people anyway. I’m out here to talk about two things and they all happen at the Royal Rumble.

Crowd pops for the event.

John Cena: Ya see on that night, John Cena takes his place back at the top of the mountain, a mountain that I fell off of about a year and a half ago at One Night Stand.

Cena’s face clenches up with anger.

John Cena: That was the last night that I was a World Champion in this business. In front of thousands of fans in New York City, I choked. John Cena didn’t live up to the hype and looking back on it, I can tell you why. Its because of you people.


John Cena: For months on end, I went out of my way trying to hold onto the WWE Championship and make all you people happy and in the end, it cost me my title. But ya see, I’m not about that anymore. I realized that the lover and admiration of the fans -- in the end, it amounts to absolutely dick!

Outburst of boos from this rowdy crowd tonight as Cena stares ahead, intensity in his eyes.

John Cena: Each and every night, I’d go out there and damn near kill myself for you people and why? (In childish voice) So you people would like me? So you people would cheer John Cena? (Back to normal) Well, I went down that road and all of you people turned your back on me!

Some smartasses cheer but mostly boos from the audience.

John Cena: So now, I look out for numero uno!! Ain’t nobody gonna give me shit back! Not the people! Not Stephanie! Not Vince! And sure as hell not Batista!! If I want the World Heavyweight Championship around my waist, I’ma have to get it by my damn self … which brings me to the Royal Rumble.

Slight pop.

John Cena: Now once I get to San Antonio next Sunday, before I get to the actual Royal Rumble match, I have a little score to settle with a certain platinum blonde haired bimbo that you all know by the name of …

One fan shouts out “Kennedy!!” which in response causes several others to yell out “…Kennedy” in response. Cena angrily waits for them to finish before continuing.

John Cena: (Scoffs)Yeah, him. It all started just like any other wrestler that wants a piece of John Cena. He stepped up at No Mercy and I put his ass down with the FU but this time, it was different. Usually when I beat somebody, they fade into oblivion … like Chris Jericho, but this time that loudmouth bastard kept coming and coming and coming, BEGGING me for a rematch. So eventually, I said the hell with it and gave him a rematch. And at Armageddon … he beat me.

Crowd cheers and Cena seems to get upset but it soon turns into a smile.

John Cena: Yeah, I admit it, he got me, he beat me but who was left laying in the middle of the ring in the end, who was carted out on a stretcher after being beaten down and choked out by the STFU, it sure as hell wasn’t me. Nah, it was MMIISSTTERR KKEENNEEDDYY … KENNEDY!!

Cena laughs a bit and the crowd continues to boo.

John Cena: That’s right!! He needs to learn just like you bitches need to learn that there is no “beating” John Cena! You either get beat up or you get beat down and Mr. Kennedy will learn that very real fact at the Royal Rumble! Because at the Rumble, I am taking no prisoners and I damn sure ain’t taking no names!! I’m showing up, I’m kicking Kennedy’s ass and then I’m throwing 29 superstars over the top rope to get my World Title match because believe it or not, THE CHAMP … IS … HEEEERRRRE … HERE!!!!

Crowd boos as Cena smirks, ready to walk off when the crowd completely erupts … KEN KENNEDY standing behind John Cena with a STEEL CHAIR in hand!!! Kennedy rather calmly taps Cena on the shoulder and he turns around only to be drilled with a steel chair in the face!! The crowd pops huge as Kennedy calls for his mic to be lowered from the ceiling.

Mr. Kennedy: The preceding chair shot that you just witnessed was merely a preview for our grudge SLASH rubber match at the Royal Rumble just nine days away in San Antonio, Texas LIVE on pay per view!! The attackee, Vanilla Ice, got his beat down for running his mouth and boring this crowd half to death.

Nice pop from the audience.

Mr. Kennedy: But there is no need to worry, John Cena WON’T be winning his match at the Rumble and he damn sure won’t be winning the 30 man Royal Rumble match because his opponent is … MMIISSTTEEEEERRRRRRR KKEENNNNEEDDYY …

Kennedy gets right up into the face of an unconscious Cena.

Mr. Kennedy: KEN - NA - DAY!!!

Great pop as the crowd chants along with the last “Kennedy”. KK takes his microphone and flings it into the air, raising his hands into the air, enjoying the applause from the crowd. The camera closes in on Cena who’s still out in the ring before we fade.

:::Commercial Break:::

Back from the break, we get several replays of Cena being laid out by Mr. Kennedy and a steel chair. After the replay, a “Moments Ago” clip plays of John Cena going completely nuts after awakening, grabbing the steel chair and slamming it on steel steps, tossing it back up the ramp and almost stewing in his anger as he blankly stares up at the entrance ramp.

Joey Styles: Not only is this getting intense, Tazz, but this is getting personal between Ken Kennedy and John Cena. This isn’t about earning respect anymore. These two just wanna hurt each other.
Tazz: You damn right. This is wrestling, not ballet. Kennedy got the upper hand tonight but we’ll see what happens at the Royal Rumble

***Soldier*** Bobby Lashley makes his away onto the stage as the crowd gives him a good ovation for the former U.S. Champion.

***Born Naughty*** The crowd boos as the current United States Champion William Regal makes his way down to the ring, smugly looking at Lashley.

Joey Styles: This is a non-title match but if Lashley can win this match up, not only will he pick up momentum for a possible Royal Rumble win, he’d be a top contender for the U.S. Championship.
Tazz: William Regal took the title off of him at Armageddon and you just know that Lashley would love a shot to get it back.

Match #4: William Regal vs. Bobby Lashley
The Englishman carries the continually improving Lashley to a solid match up, showcasing the former U.S. Champion’s incredible power. Seven minutes into it, Bobby Lashley really turns up the pace, running Regal down with a couple of clotheslines, and then following up with a flying shoulder block. Sensing the momentum switch, Regal rakes the eyes of the Real Deal, slowing him down. Regal then shoots off the ropes but gets crushed with a SPEAR!! Lashley with the cover. 1... 2... NO! Regal kicks out and Lashley looks at the referee, completely shocked that this match is still on. He gets back up to his feet and waits in the corner, looking for another spear. Regal slowly gets back up to his feet and Lashley charges but the Englishman applies a beautiful drop toe hold and locking in the Regal Stretch!!! Lashley struggles as the hold is locked into perfection. Styles and Tazz put over the match being over until Lashley shows his incredible strength, muscling his leg out of the lock and now all Regal has on is a measly chinlock. The crowd pops as Lashley begins to get back up to his feet, Regal holding on for dear life. Lashley reaches back and grabs Regal, lifting him onto his shoulder, showing his strength!! Lashley runs forward and plants him with the running power slam!!! Cover!! 1... 2... 3!!!
Winner: Bobby Lashley via pinfall at 11:01.

Joey Styles: The strength. The unadulterated power of Bobby Lashley is scary, Tazz. He countered what turns out to be a scissors hold and a sleeper into a power slam!

Tazz: That win is nothing to sneeze at. William Regal is one hell of a competitor. He’s the United States Champ and Lashley just beat him clean in the middle. You might as well pencil the Real Deal in as the #1 contender for that championship.

Joey Styles: Well, the United States Champion and a tag team champion have both loss tonight, will the same happen to the Cruiserweight Champion.

Tazz: If it happens this time however, we’ll get a new champion.

Joey Styles: Coming up next on SmackDown!, the Cruiserweight Championship is on the line as the “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels defends against Chris Sabin. Daniels, Sabin, next!!

:::Commercial Break:::

***Hail Sabin*** Chris Sabin makes his way down to the ring amongst a good ovation, pumped up as always, ready for his CW Title rematch.

***Dilated Teens*** The “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels makes his way down to the ring, Allison Danger by his side, Cruiserweight Title around his waist.

Match #5:Cruiserweight Championship:
Christopher Daniels vs. Chris Sabin
The two men do what they do best, put on an incredible performance for the fans in attendance and watching around the world. Daniels and Sabin go at an incredible pace for the first seven or so minutes, pulling out the fast paced, high impact offense before we go to a commercial break. After the break, the pace has settled down with Daniels in complete control of the match up. The Fallen Angel kicks Sabin in the gut before shooting him off of the ropes, hitting a tilt a whirl backbreaker, and quickly going for the cover. 1... 2... NO! Sabin kicks out but Daniels stays on the attack, hitting a Death Valley Driver and going for another cover! 1... 2... NO!

Sabin shows his incredible resilience and Daniels is pissed, slamming his fists into the canvas. He lifts him back up to his feet and slings Sabin into the corner, charging in with a high knee … but Sabin moves and Daniels knee slams into the turnbuckle! Sabin comes from up behind him and rolls him up into a school boy! 1... 2... NO!!The crowd groans in disappointment as Daniels looks to be in shock. Both men get back to their feet and Daniels delivers a hard knee to the gut of Sabin before chucking him over the top rope to the outside of the ring! The Fallen Angel distracts the referee as Allison Danger gives Sabin a couple of hard kicks on the outside! She gets greedy and goes for another but Sabin grabs her foot! He thinks about hitting her, but decides against it. He lets go of her leg and she scurries. Sabin tries to climb back into the ring but Daniels delivers a hard baseball slide. Daniels then climbs onto the apron before hitting a split legged moonsault to the outside, wiping Sabin out! He lifts him back up and tosses him in, going for the cover. 1... 2... NO!

Daniels lifts him up and shoots him into the ropes but gets set too early and Sabin drops him with a DDT!! He lifts him up, hitting a couple of hard forearms before Sabin shoots him off the ropes, hitting a dropkick!! Sabin lifts Daniels up but the Fallen Angel is ready for him, raking the eyes of Sabin hard and receiving heat from the crowd. He then grabs Sabin and tosses him over the top rope, trying to get a bit of breathing room but Sabin lands on the apron!! Daniels doesn’t realize it until late as Sabin is already airborne, spring boarding off of the top rope and hitting a dropkick!! He goes for the cover, hoping to put this one away! 1... 2... NO! Daniels is the one to show his resilience. Danger has seen enough, as she leaps onto the apron! Sabin grabs her by the hair as she begs for mercy. He holds her still and Daniels charges in but Sabin moves!! Daniels and Danger almost collide but the Fallen Angel manages to stop his momentum in time! Daniels turns around and SABIN GOES FOR THE CRADLE SHOCK … BUT DANIELS COUNTERS, LANDING BEHIND HIM AND HITTING THE LAST RITES!!!! 1...2...NO!!!

Sabin kicks out and Daniels is completely flabbergasted, not believing what he’s seeing. Daniels thinks about leaving the ring, and simply getting counted out but instead decides to finish Sabin off. He lifts him up to his feet and gets him in position for the ANGEL’S WINGS BUT SABIN COUNTERS, SPINNING OUT OF IT, GOING FOR THE SMALL PACKAGE!!! 1... 2... NO! Both men get back up and Sabin spins him around, GOING FOR THE SCHOOL BOY!! 1... 2... NO! Daniels kicks out once more! Both men once again get back up to their feet and Daniels throws a clothesline!! Sabin ducks it and … GETS DANIELS ON HIS SHOULDERS!!! He wastes no time AND HIT’S THE CRADLE SHOCK!! 1... 2... 3NO! Danger pulls the referee out of the ring!!! The referee argues with Danger before Allison slaps him across the face!! The referee has seen enough and calls for the disqualification!!
Winner: Chris Sabin by DQ at 16:12! Daniels retains Championship!

Joey Styles: Son of a bitch!! Daniels has wiggled his way out of losing the championship again! Last week he got himself counted out and this week he gets himself disqualified!

Tazz: The Fallen Angel is a smart man, Styles. Hey! Hey! What the hell is Sabin doin’!?

Sabin reaches between the ropes and grabs Danger by the hair, lifting her up onto the apron. He looks ready to do some damage but Daniels drills Sabin from behind, causing Danger to drop. Sabin and Daniels exchange rights in the ring until Daniels goes low, hitting a boot to the gut and shooting Chris Sabin off with an Irish whip but Sabin counters.

Daniels comes back and Sabin drills him with a hard dropkick to the face!! Sabin then mounts the Fallen Angel and wails away on him. The advantage doesn’t last long though as Danger comes from up behind Sabin and drills him in the back of the head with the championship belt!! Daniels makes it back up to his feet and scoffs at Sabin before grabbing Danger and leaving the ring.

:::Commercial Break:::

After the break we see a replay of the events which just transpired, Daniels once again screwing Sabin out of a possible Cruiserweight Championship win and the subsequent brawl with happened afterward with Allison Danger laying Sabin out with the belt.

The camera cuts to Joey Styles and Tazz at ringside but before the two can even get out a word, we quickly cut to a backstage hallway where another brawl between Sabin and Daniels has broken out!! Sabin drills Daniels with right hands as the Fallen Angel does nothing more than cover up, protecting his face until he gathers the strength to charge ahead, talking Sabin down with a double leg!!

Daniels mounts Sabin and begins hammering him with rights until Sabin manages to switch positions with him, pounding on Daniels! Finally, several referees and agents manage to get in between the two, separating them before anymore damage is done. After about a dozen seconds, order is finally restored as Sabin is dragged away, leaving Daniels to fume in anger. Back to ringside.

Tazz: Speechless, Styles?

Joey Styles: … Oh my God. Just all out mayhem between Chris Sabin and The Fallen Angel, all over the prestigious Cruiserweight Championship. Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, coming up next, our HUGE main event, icon versus legend, The Rock with -- get this -- “The Game” Triple H in his corner takes on the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair with the World Heavyweight Champion Batista in his corner! NEXT!

:::Commercial Break:::

Tazz: Huge match just made for the Royal Rumble, just nine days away on pay per view.

Joey Styles: For the Cruiserweight Championship, the “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels defends against Chris Sabin … in a NO DISQUALIFICATION match!!

Tazz: Sabin and Daniels have been goin’ at it tooth and nail for months now. They’ll finally settle their difference in San Antonio.

***King Of Kings*** The Game enters the arena amongst a huge ovation, dressed in the gear he was in earlier as he walks towards the ring.

***If Ya Smell*** The crowd goes completely wild as The Rock walks down to the ring, stepping in and looking at HHH, whom stares right back, looking rather bored.

***Space Odyssey 3000*** Ric Flair and World Champion Batista walk down to the ring, eyeing up Batista’s title competition in just nine days.

Main Event:
The Rock vs. Ric Flair
The two extremely important figures in history put on a very entertaining match highly reliant on comedy with several infamous Flair flops being thrown in as well as The Rock mocking the Nature Boy strut. Surprisingly, Triple H does the job of a “ring man” the entire night, preventing Batista from getting involved, much to the anger of The Animal and the presumed appreciation of The Rock. The finish comes when The Rock prepares to hit The Rock Bottom on The Nature Boy but Batista leaps onto the apron, attempting to get involved. Triple H once again does his job, running over and pulling Tista off of the apron before rocking him with right hands!! On the inside of the ring, Flair counters the Rock Bottom with hard back elbows and then shoots off of the ropes but The Rock is prepared and Flair runs right into a spine buster!! Rock quickly follows up with a People’s Elbow for the three count!!
Winner: The Rock via pinfall at 7:12.

Rock’s celebration is short lived however as on the outside, Batista knees Hunter in the gut before grabbing him and tossing him into the steps!! Batista slides in and clobbers Rock in the back, taking him down. Soon, Flair gets back up to his feet and the two on one beat down commences. Heat fills the arena but it turns into a thunderous ovation as HHH reaches under the ring and pulls out the SLEDGEHAMMER!!

He rolls into the ring and Flair and Batista immediately bail, wanting no part of Helmsley‘s self proclaimed ‘great equalizer‘!! Rock manages to get back up to his feet and eyes Hunter as the crowd gets back up to their feet. The tension reaches almost a fever pitch as Rock stares at HHH’s weapon until Hunter drops the sledgehammer and the crowd applauds.

Rock nods his head a bit and goes to turn around but Triple H grabs him and spins him around, kicking him in the gut and hitting the PEDIGREE on The Rock!!! An incredible mixed reaction fills the arena as Hunter looks down at The Rock, giving him a DX crotch chop before looking up the ramp at Batista and Naitch, and motioning for the championship as SmackDown! goes off the air.



Current Card for the Royal Rumble

30 Man Royal Rumble
Winner Receives a World Title Match at WrestleMania 23

Big Show, Bobby Lashley, Brian Kendrick, Chris Benoit, Chris Harris, Chris Masters, Finlay, Gregory Helms, James Storm, JBL, Jeff Hardy, Joey Mercury, John Cena, Johnny Nitro, Kane, Ken Doane, Ken Kennedy, King Booker, Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns, Matt Hardy, Paul London, Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam, Shelton Benjamin, Steve Austin, Umaga, Undertaker, William Regal, (One Raw Spot Left)

World Heavyweight Championship:
Batista(c) vs. The Rock vs. Triple H

WWE Championship:
Randy Orton(c) vs. Shawn Michaels

Cruiserweight Championship; No Disqualification Match:
Christopher Daniels(c) vs. Chris Sabin

Women’s Championship:
Mickie James(c) vs. Gail Kim

Grudge/Rubber Match:
John Cena vs. Ken Kennedy

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

The show starts off with a bang, Batista & Flair hit the ring. Flair gives a quality promo as he always does, and just as the talking is done, it's THE ROCK! Rock was awesome as always and then Triple H comes out. Insults are traded, and then fists fly and now we have a big main event

Hardy cheats to win, I forgot bout the Hardy's being heels here. Interesting and fresh

Nice interview from Chris Daniels, I don't see him losing the CW title to Sabin. Never felt Sabin fits in with WWE anyways...

Intense stuff from Kurt Angle, he's hungry for the RR win and he may just get it, but only time will tell

I still think Finlay is gonna leave the King's Court soon, just can't picture him there taking orders from King Bookah for much longer

Kane & Rey pick up the win and again there is that tension between Booker & Finlay after the match. I think Booker turns on Finlay in the Rumble perhaps

Angle destroys poor Psicosis easily and then tries to snap his leg, only for Super Crazy to make a save, and Angle plant him with an Angle Slam! Kurt's losing it here, and surprisingly, some of the fans seem to be too! Angle has gotta be a favourite for the RR

Good Cena promo, I was feeling it and he's another big name that is looking strong ahead of the Rumble. Kennedy sneaks into the ring and smacks him with a chair! Whoa! Mr. Kennedy makes a huge statement on Cena there, I'm really loving this feud

Lashley beats Regal, that's gotta put him in line for a rematch with Regal which I think The Real Deal would win, if it happens

Daniels escapes with a DQ loss, so he keeps his title. Smart. However, this isn't the end of the feud, as we all know, DQ losses don't settle title feuds

Rock was always gonna beat Flair, but the aftermath was very crafty, The Game saving Rock, then dropping the hammer in respect and all of a sudden drilling him with a Pedigree! You can bet The Rock isn't gonna be too happy about that. I can fully see a Rock/Triple H match at Wrestlemania now. Batista gets away scot free, not a hand layed on him afterwards, keeping him strong and fresh

Very entertaining as always Mac. 8.5/10


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

30 Man Royal Rumble
Winner Receives a World Title Match at WrestleMania 23
Big Show, Bobby Lashley, Brian Kendrick, Chris Benoit, Chris Harris, Chris Masters, Finlay, Gregory Helms, James Storm, JBL, Jeff Hardy, Joey Mercury, John Cena, Johnny Nitro, Kane, Ken Doane, Ken Kennedy, King Booker, Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns, Matt Hardy, Paul London, Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam, Shelton Benjamin, Steve Austin, Umaga, Undertaker, William Regal, (One Raw Spot Left)

World Heavyweight Championship:
Batista(c) vs. The Rock vs. Triple H

WWE Championship:
Randy Orton(c) vs. Shawn Michaels

Cruiserweight Championship; No Disqualification Match:
Christopher Daniels(c) vs. Chris Sabin

Women’s Championship:
Mickie James(c) vs. Victoria

Grudge/Rubber Match:
John Cena vs. Ken Kennedy
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's SmackDown Review

~ Okay, so we kick off tonight with our first chance to really get a look at Batista and his manager Ric Flair in his thread. No one would deny last this is a match made in heaven, but only as a heel partnership, so it's good to see that they are. Flair does all of the talking to begin with, which is what he is there for really, allowing Batista to stand there and ... well ... look cool. Flair's comments made it seem like a bit of a 'shoot' promo, as he makes definate references to smark fans who do make a lot of complaints about Batista's lack of in-ring ability and mic work. From your use of Dave in this thread I think I can safely say that you are a fan of his. Correct me if I'm wrong though. Your use of him has been perfect though, so maybe if the WWE used him like that, people wouldn't mind him so much. Nice to see Naitch getting irrate towards the end with all of the jacket throwing, until The Rock comes out and gives the two of them the metaphorical bitch slap. Getting in all of his usual jibes before Triple H makes his presence felt. I honestly cannot really see either HHH or Rocky getting the title at the Rumble, as, like you hinted at in your news and notes a while back, I am expecting this Rock and Triple H business to culminate at Wrestlemania. Nice opening segment anyway with no problems with characterization at all.

~ No doubt the opening match up would be a thing to see, even with the short amount of time it had. Three great and very fast workers going at it in what has become a three-way feud for the WWE Tag Team titles. The heel challenger Matt Hardy pins the face Paul London to get one over, as it looks as though those two teams are feuding through the midst of the Champions Helms and Benjamin.

~ Nice little backstage interview with Christopher Daniels next. Nothing too spectacular here, but Daniels was in character pretty much all the way through, and this was all about hyping up the burgeoning feud between him and Sabin.

~ Would you really have two interviews right after each other? Correct me if I'm wrong by all means, but I can't really remember that happening all too often, and I'm not sure if I'm really a fan of it. Anyway, the interview itself was excellent as you really captured the 'intense' side of Kurt Angle here, as you have been doing a lot of late. Angle is my pick to win the Rumble in nine days to set up a rematch with Batista at Wrestlemania. He's had the most hype really, unless Edge makes a surprise return to win it.

~ You have been using King Booker well in this thread too, which is nice for a fan of his such as myself. Still kind of hovering in the upper-mid card scene, as is Finlay. This was a more Booker T King though here, as he sounded all Houston and no England (or what some people think is England ), which I guess means that Book is pretty upset with Angle. King Booker is probably the only MAJOR heel going into the Royal Rumble, as there are no real other major ones except for JBL and Umaga; but Booker has the most hype. Not too sure what he and Regal were talking about, but it probabl has something to with the Rumble.

~ Sounded like a decent tag team match up next with Rey Mysterio and Kane (very strange pairing) getting the win over King Booker and Finlay. The heel team seemed to beat up Rey for the majority of the match up, until Kane gets in and clears house. Bad win for Booker here really, who loses a bit of Main Event credibility as a result I fear.

~ Total squash match for Kurt Angle over Psicosis next, followed by an assault on the other Mexicool Super Crazy. One can never quite tell with Angle what his status is. Normally this kind of behaviour would be considered that of a heel, a particularly dominant one at that, but when it's Kurt, it could just be his usual intensity. I can't decide.

~ This next segment from John Cena was very enjoyable. Some of your references to crowd reaction and the like made me think that his heel turn is still taking effect really. There was a real intensity in his characterisation tonight, which is how I would picture him as a heel if he wasn't using the old rapper gimmick of '03. Boo, not liking that reference to Chris Jericho at all, that would certainly turn me against Cena. Lol. Some nice little hype for his match with Kennedy at the Rumble, which I have an inkling might just steal the show. Kennedy gets the last word though via a steel chair though, a nice shot. Since Kennedy was victorious at Armageddon, I can see Cena possibly getting the win at the Rumble. Not sure what I think they will both be doing at Wrestlemania, but for Kennedy it might involve Money In The Bank I suppose. I can't see either of them winning the Rumble.

~ Nice non-title match up next to really give some hype to both William Regal and Bobby Lashley heading into the Rumble, but also to further this little feud over the United States title. I liked the finish too, with Lashley powering out of the Regal Stretch into the Running Powerslam. Although whenever Regal loses it annoys me. I mean I have to support the guy, he grew up just just down the motorway from me D:

~ Blimey, this was a hell of a match for Smackdown. Well, Smackdown always put on the best matches to be fair, and this was no exception. A real rejuvination for the Cruiserweight Division it has been to bring in Chris Sabin and Christopher Daniels from TNA and this match is just why. Full of counters and such, with each man hitting their finishers to no avail, before Danger gets Daniels DQ'd and retains. Bit of a brawl afterwards with a belt shot, and it even carries on into teh back after the break. I don't think the WWE have had a CW feud this intense. This isn't over I'm sure. Ah, a No DQ match at the Rumble. The RR card is stacked now for sure. No more matches though, I reckon.

~ Two big stars go at it in the Main Event, as Flair and Rocky go one-on-one, with Rocky getting a relatively easy victory. The aftermath was more important, with Batista trying to get the beat down on both HHH and The Rock, before Helmsley gets the sledgehammer. Show of respect with HHH refusing to hit Rock with the weapon, but he still gives him a Pedigree!!! Two major faces building right through this title business to Wrestlemania. I can see it now...

Overall, this was a very, very enjoyable show, and as you can see from my review I found virtually nothing to complain about. The spelling and grammar was all fine, and the MOTN was easily the Sabin/Daniels encounter. The Royal Rumble looks absolutely stacked, and should be an awesome show.

7.5 Out Of 10 - Keep It Up
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

After just having a quick whiz through SD, it looks very solid indeed man. I'll hook you up with a review soon man, and try to get back into this thread on a full time schedule.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Thanks for the reviews. Much appreciated.


RAW Preview for January 22nd, 2007

This Monday night, Raw rolls right into Houston, Texas, just six days away from the Royal Rumble and the superstars of the red brand are definitely going to be wound up tightly with the 3 hour extravaganza so close.

What a huge main event already signed to the show. The WWE Champion Randy Orton’s group consisting of the Intercontinental Champion Ken Doane, the World Tag Team Champions MNM and “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters will team up to face the #1 Contender Shawn Michaels, “The Wolverine” Chris Benoit, and America’s Most Wanted. Can HBK pick up some needed momentum heading into his WWE Title match in just six days or will the “Legend Killer” be facing a weakened icon at the Royal Rumble?

Two of the former WWE Champions in the famed Royal Rumble match, John Bradshaw Layfield and Rob Van Dam, will be going one on one on Raw. Last week on Raw, RVD qualified by defeating Sabu but after his match up, JBL had some very choice words for Van Dam, stating that RVD had just become one of “29 losers in the Royal Rumble match”. This upcoming Monday night, Van Dam has the chance to shut JBL up and elevate himself heading into the sixty minute spectacular.

Unlike JBL and Rob Van Dam, several other Raw superstars have yet to qualify and this Monday on Raw they will get their chance in the Last Chance Battle Royal. Every single Raw superstar who has yet to qualify for the Rumble and does not already have a match at the pay per view, will be eligible to take part and earn themselves the last Royal Rumble spot. Will Carlito make up for his first missed opportunity? Or will Sabu? How about Matt Striker? Or will a different superstar be heading to San Antonio, Texas?

Last week on Raw, The Undertaker was the victim of a brutal assault from the newly aligned Big Show and Umaga as Stone Cold Steve Austin just watched on from ringside. What will the Texas Rattlesnake have to say about his actions this week and what will The Phenom have in mind for his attackers … and Austin?

Also at the Royal Rumble, Mickie James puts the Women’s Championship on the line against Gail Kim. Recently, Mickie has attempted to befriend the psychotic diva Victoria for a bit of help come Rumble time but Victoria has yet to accept. Will Gail Kim be facing a two on one advantage in just six days?

All this and more from Monday Night Raw, 9/8CT on USA.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Monday Night Raw; January 22, 2007; Houston, Texas

The show kicks off with the WWE Champion, the “Legend Killer” Randy Orton kicking off the proceedings, cutting a promo, trashing his challenger at the Rumble, Shawn Michaels, and managing to get a cheap shot on an injured Edge. Soon, HBK makes his presence felt, appearing on the stage and talking about his record in high profile matches, citing his two Rumble wins as evidence. Michaels then states he will win the WWE Championship and headline one more WrestleMania before exiting, leaving a furious Orton in the ring.

In the first match up of the evening, Rob Van Dam manages to defeat John Bradshaw Layfield. The match up goes back and forth for ten minutes but the finish comes when JBL brings a steel chair in the ring, tired of this match but RVD leaps up and connects with a Van Daminator!! The ref doesn’t call for the bell since JBL brought the chair in the ring and Van Dam then climbs the turnbuckle and hit’s the Five Star Frog Splash for the three count, picking up momentum six days away from the Royal Rumble!!

Backstage, Victoria steps into the locker room of Mickie James and lets her know that she will make sure that Mickie defeats Gail Kim at the Rumble and leave with the Women’s Championship. A huge smirk comes over the face of Mickie as she glares at her championship belt.

In a complete squash match, Luther Reigns defeats Hacksaw Jim Duggan, crushing him with an Emerald Fusion but instead of going for the cover, lifts Duggan up and hit’s a modified swinging neck breaker for the three count.

***Glass Shatters*** Stone Cold Steve Austin comes down to the ring, amongst a huge pop. Austin mockingly asks why he didn’t help The Undertaker last week and says its everyman for himself and he could give a damn about the Phenom.

Before Austin could continue, The Big Show and Umaga make their presence felt, walking down the stage and stepping into the ring and the brawl is on!! Austin swings away on the two behemoths and shows that famed intensity but its just too much to overcome and the two monsters eventually put the beat down on Austin. The crowd pops as the lights go out and come back on with THE UNDERTAKER standing in the ring! He grabs Umaga and hammers away on him as Austin gets back up to his feet.

Ultimately, Austin drops Show with a STUNNER and Taker drops Umaga with a CHOKESLAM!! Stone Cold then grabs the Undertaker and attempts to throw him over the top rope and send a message but Taker counters throwing Austin over the top! Taker stares at Austin and gives him the throat slash as Stone Cold stares and nods a bit, acknowledging Taker got one up on him before the Rumble.

Gail Kim defeats Victoria in a solid match utilizing a simple roll up. After the match, Vickie went to town and begin to attack Gail but Trish Stratus ran down to the ring and make the save … only to be laid out by Mickie James and the title belt! Mickie then does the same to Gail Kim and stands over her, holding her title.

In an interview, Stone Cold Steve Austin angrily says that he doesn’t give a damn who has to go through or how many times he gets destroyed by giants, monsters and deadmen, he’s leaving San Antonio, Texas the winner of the Royal Rumble and that’s the bottom line.

Backstage, Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit talk a bit before HBK tells Benoit to be on his game tonight. The Wolverine tells Michaels to be ready tonight, at the Rumble, and at WrestleMania because if HBK beats Orton at the Rumble, he’ll be facing Benoit at WrestleMania 23. HBK smirks a bit before shaking Benoit’s hand and the two men walk off.

Carlito wins the Last Chance Battle Royal, defeating 14 other Raw superstars and last eliminating the death defying Sabu to earn his way into the Royal Rumble match. After the match, Carlito got on a microphone and guaranteed us all a very cool Royal Rumble and an even much cooler WrestleMania.

Randy Orton hypes up the troops backstage, telling them to take Shawn Michaels out before they head off down the hallway.

The eight man tag team match pitting Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit and America’s Most Wanted against the RKO Army(excl. Orton) goes on for quite a while, approaching the 25 minute mark. The finish comes when Benoit hit’s the Diving Headbutt on Chris Masters and Michaels follows up with Sweet Chin Music for the 1… 2... 3!

No one gets a chance to celebrate as AMW take the fight to MNM, brawling with each other into the crowd. On the outside of the ring, Doane grabs the leg of Benoit and pulls him out and the brawl between the two is on. HBK looks around the ring and sarcastically shrugs his shoulders before doing his pose in mid ring amongst a huge ovation. That too is short lived as Orton attacks Michaels from behind, taking him down and stomping away on the Heartbreak Kid. Masters rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair, tossing it to Orton, whom hits Michaels with it as soon as he gets up! Orton then tosses the chair down in center ring, and drops to the canvas, ready for the RKO!

He doesn’t get a chance because LITA makes her way out onto the stage, microphone in hand. She asks Orton to remember what he said last week and then says she has a message from Edge! Orton’s face lights up with fear and the crowd cheers wildly as Lita says Edge guarantees to make Orton’s Royal Rumble night a living hell. Orton shakes his head in disbelief as Lita then walks off, leaving Randy in shocked.

Orton bends down and picks up his title, looking at it in disbelief, in fear of Rumble night six days away. Randy turns around and Michaels takes him down with a double leg and begins to wail away on him as the crowd continues to go nuts!! The Masterpiece slides in and pulls Michaels off but ends up on the receiving end of a Superkick AGAIN! Orton then takes Michaels down and begins to swing away on him until HBK counters and the two men continue to brawl as Jim Ross does his specialty, giving us a final hard sell for the pay per view.


Current Card for the Royal Rumble

30 Man Royal Rumble
Winner Receives a World Title Match at WrestleMania 23

Big Show, Bobby Lashley, Brian Kendrick, Carlito, Chris Benoit, Chris Harris, Chris Masters, Finlay, Gregory Helms, James Storm, JBL, Jeff Hardy, Joey Mercury, John Cena, Johnny Nitro, Kane, Ken Doane, Ken Kennedy, King Booker, Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns, Matt Hardy, Paul London, Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam, Shelton Benjamin, Steve Austin, Umaga, Undertaker, William Regal

World Heavyweight Championship:
Batista(c) vs. The Rock vs. Triple H

WWE Championship:
Randy Orton(c) vs. Shawn Michaels

Cruiserweight Championship; No Disqualification Match:
Christopher Daniels(c) vs. Chris Sabin

Women’s Championship:
Mickie James(c) vs. Gail Kim

Grudge/Rubber Match:
John Cena vs. Ken Kennedy

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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