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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Glad to see you back in action 'Mac, and starting all the way off in 2007 aye? I likey, because that means I don't have to read through to refresh my memory on everything

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Good to see you back to booking, and I'll try and catch up with this thread when shows start to be posted in it again. Kind of missed out on a bit in this thread, but it was always a good read, and hopefully the shows will still be as good when you start posting them again
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Sorry i haven't been active in this thread for a while, been away with PC problems and whatever. But anyhow good to see this thread is sticking and look forward to your first recaps and shows.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Quick recap for RAW from October through New Year's Revolution...

Edge, The Rated R Army and the WWE Championship

~ At the Bad Blood pay per view, Edge finally regained the WWE Championship, defeating the “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels in a LADDER MATCH!! The match went a long 20 minutes and both men gave a hell of an effort but it was The Rated R Superstar who picked up the clean win, reaching up and recapturing the WWE Title!!

~That wasn’t the only big move that The Rated R Army had that night. In the night’s opener, Army members, Johnny Nitro and Ken Doane teamed up to face Rob Van Dam and Joey Mercury. Though most assumed that Nitro and Doane wouldn’t be able to co-exist due to the problems they have been having recently, everyone was shocked when MERCURY TURNED ON VAN DAM, beating the hell out of RVD and rejoining with his tag team partner Nitro, reforming MNM and consequently, joining The Rated R Army!!

~ At Survivor Series, the challenge for Edge would be just as difficult as he was forced to put his WWE Title on the line against The Undertaker!! The Deadman would give Edge a major run for his money but once again, The Rated R Superstar would pull out the victory, hitting two spears on The Phenom to put him away CLEANLY and retain the championship!!!! As Edge left the ring that night, the crowd applauded the champion, seemingly becoming more and more impressed with his toughness.

~ Also at the Survivor Series, Team Showstopper consisting of Shawn Michaels, the IC Champion Carlito, Rob Van Dam and RVD’s guest partner, Sabu managed to defeat The Rated R Army in a classic Survivor Series Elimination match.

~ With two clean wins over certifiable legends in his book and the fans on his side, the leader of the ‘Army began to change subtly, playing to the crowd at times even going so far as to slap their hands, slowly turning face. Noticing the change, Randy Orton asked The Rated R Army who’s future Edge had in mind, his or theirs? Edge’s girlfriend, Lita, attempted to reassure the youngsters that Edge hadn’t change and if he did, it was for the better but they weren’t listening… At Armageddon, Edge managed to defeat The Undertaker again, this time in one of Taker’s specialties, a Casket match!! When Edge & Lita went back to celebrate with The Rated R Army, they were no where to be found…

~ The rift between Edge and The Rated R Army continued all the way until New Years Revolution where Edge was forced to defend the WWE Championship against Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Randy Orton and John Bradshaw Layfield. Edge put up an incredible effort, managing to eliminate both JBL and HBK. Stone Cold got rid of the Deadman, hitting a Stunner before pinning him which left it down to just Austin, Edge and Orton. SCSA was the next to go, eliminated after a low blow and an RKO from Orton!! With just Edge and Orton left in the match, The Rated R Army came down to ringside. Sensing something wasn’t right, Lita stepped in but was quickly grabbed by The Masterpiece who held her while Nitro, Mercury and Doane all entered the ring. Edge swings away on his teammates, knocking them all down with hard right hands!! He soon turns around and gets drilled by Orton who drops him with an RKO!!! Randy covers him and gets the three count!! Orton is the new WWE Champion!! After the match, Orton and the rest of Edge’s army proceeds to beat the shit out of the former WWE Champion, each hitting their finisher on him, while forcing Lita to watch!! Orton soon goes to the outside of the ring and grabs a steel chair, proceeding to cause even more damage with stiff shots to the gut of Edge, whom soon begins to cough up blood!! The new WWE Champion Randy Orton, Nitro, Mercury, Masters and Doane pose over a bloodied Edge and a frantic Lita as NYR went off the air.

Other things of note for RAW during this period:

~ A little bit before Survivor Series, Mr. McMahon named Jonathan Coachman the General Manager of RAW.

~ At Bad Blood, Stone Cold Steve Austin won his return match up, defeating JBL with a Stone Cold Stunner.
Also, Randy Orton defeated Ric Flair in a Loser Leaves RAW match!!

~At New Years Revolution, MNM and “The Phenomenal” Ken Doane of The Rated R Army defeated America’s Most Wanted & Carlito to
win both the World Tag Team and Intercontinental Championships!!

~ The only RAW champion to retain at NYR was Mickie James (defeated Maria) whom has remained the Women’s Champion since WrestleMania 22, around 10 months ago.


SD Recap tomorrow...



The boys talk WWE SummerSlam, NXT Takeover, and Monday Night RAW. Mac worships the higher power that is Sasha Banks, while Cash rips Sting (and his fans) a new asshole.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Mac, that recap was amazing.

Nice to see Edge pick up the title in a nice long ladder match against HBK at Bad Blood.

I really figured that the Rated R Army was splitting up soon, but hell Kenny and Nitro won the tag titles and reformed MNM by Mercury turning on RVD

Sounds like a great feud between Edge and The Undertaker and nice too see Edge keep it at SS. The Rated R Army suffered a loss to team Show Stopper though.

Pretty suprising to see The Army starting to turn face, but a nice twist. Edge picks up his win at Armageddon and against Taker and the Army disappears

Shocking turn of heel for Edges entire team in the NYR match and Orton wins the belt! After the match Orton and his new stable destroy Edge in the ring.

Incredible recap Mac

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Sounds a little one sided, we should hear more about Raw because there are other superstars besides Rated R Army and such that would be doing some things. I do like most of this though as it was rather interesting. Rated R Army not breaking up and winning all the gold seems different, I guess its not the Rated R Army though now is it? Rated RKO Army? I think that might of been a better idea actually, sounds like it turns into the RKO Army though to me.

They took all the gold basically and now, looks like the dominant force on Raw. They would of gotten stale by now, but meh, thats alright I suppose since its now Orton leading, or breaking apart. Edge beat everyone who went after him basically, it seems like you made Edge the complete focus of this whole thing, which isn't always a good thing to completely focus on one guy. Orton as champion I really like and the screwover was a nice touch. They probably will have a WM feud of sorts the Edge vs. Orton's Army. Not much else to say, at least HBK won against Edge's team at Survivor Series. A big change in the tides for Edge to turn face, I very much doubt it can happen and be believable in current WWE since his heel persona is very good and his face persona well... isn't.

Good luck Mac, SD recap will be good I am sure. Hopefully you can focus some stuff on different subjects, like the IC Division where that went instead of just telling us a title change, and other stuff, etc. This sounded good, but didn't get a lot of info, though Flair left Raw I also read in here which was different. Enjoy the comments/review.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Well thank GOD you decided to return, and you kept to your old thread


Nicely detailed recap, Orton as the champ surprised me as Edge had just won it at Bad Blood. MNM back together is cool.

But what happened to the rest of RAW? Austin/JBL?


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

SD recap. Only talking about the major evemts and happenings because ... there the major events. No Filler. Thanks for the RAW feedback, though. Much appreciated.

Angle-Batista | Rock-Triple H | The King and His Court

~ At Survivor Series, the final deciding match between the two was to finally take place, Angle-Batista 3 in a Last Man Standing Match. After about thirty minutes of beating the hell out of each other with everything except the kitchen sink, Kurt Angle delivered an Angle Slam off of one announce table through another!!! The referee’s count had gotten up to 5 when former RAW superstar Ric Flair ran down to ringside!!! Kurt Angle began to get up at the count of 8 but Flair grabbed a steel chair and slammed it across his back, before he got up at the count of 10!!! The referee calls for the bell and the draw as Flair lifts Batista up, grabbing the World Heavyweight Title as well and helping him to the back, helping him to retain the title by one of the cheapest ways possible.

~ Also at the pay per view, a 5 on 5 inter-brand elimination match took place with Team RAW consisting of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Randy Orton, JBL, Big Show & Chris Benoit battled against Team SmackDown!, The Rock, Triple H, King Booker, Finlay & William Regal. Though almost no one on Team SmackDown! saw eye to eye (except maybe Booker & Regal), they pulled out the victory with Triple H hitting a Pedigree on Austin before Rock followed up with The People’s Elbow!!

~ At Armageddon, hell was unleashed as Batista defended his title in an Elimination Chamber Match against Angle, Triple H, Rock, Booker and Finlay!! In the end it came down to just Angle and Batista once again, but once more Batista snuck out with the victory. Flair slid a lead pipe in between the chains and allowed Batista to blast Angle right in the face with it, picking up the final elimination!!

~ At New Years Revolution, Batista finally got a break but definitely not a big one as he defended the title against Bobby Lashley!! The Animal picked up the victory over The Real Deal, hitting a Batista Bomb for the pin fall, and retaining the championship!!
~ The Rock, Triple H and Kurt Angle took part in a huge SmackDown! Battle royal at NYR along with several other SmackDown superstars for a shot at the World Hvwt. Title at the Royal Rumble. Hunter, Rock and Angle dominated the match, with the three of them being responsible for all of the rest of the eliminations!! Hunter and Rock then shocked everybody by actually teaming up to eliminate Angle!! Rock and Triple H went back at each other but Angle would have none of it, climbing back into the ring and clotheslining both men out of the ring!!!

The Double Switch…SWITCH!

~ At the No Mercy pay per view, though Mr. Kennedy put up one hell of an effort, it was John Cena who ended his undefeated streak, hitting the FU for the pin fall!! After the match up was over, Kennedy extended his hand to Cena in a show of respect but Cena rejected it, waving his hand in Kennedy’s face before walking away.

~ During the build up to Survivor Series, Kennedy asked Cena for several rematches, only to have Cena refuse over and over. Finally Stephanie McMahon made a match up to resolve the situation. At Survivor Series, it would be Team Kennedy (Mr. Kennedy, the WWE Tag Team Champions Shelton Benjamin & Gregory Helms, and the Cruiserweight Champion Christopher Daniels) taking on Team Cena (John Cena, The Hooligans and Chris Sabin). If Cena’s team wins, they take the titles, if Kennedy’s team wins, KK earns another one on one opportunity to take on Cena.

~ At Survivor Series the two teams put up a hell of an effort, running about 30 minutes. After Kennedy eliminates Sabin the match up, comes down to just Kennedy and Cena one on one!! The crowd actually chants for Kennedy as KK calls for Cena to step into the ring but John once again refuses, jumping off the apron and towards the back. He gets counted out and Kennedy’s group wins, retaining the titles. KK doesn’t seem to broken up by the loss however, since he now gets a one on one match with Cena.

~ After Survivor Series, the crowd was clearly in the favor of Kennedy, cheering him on at every opportunity and doing the exact opposite for Cena. The SmackDown before Armageddon, Cena, in a (pre-taped) backstage promo, cut a scathing, hate filled promo towards the fans and Kennedy, laced with four and five letter words that the WWE let air in its entirety, taking full advantage of the freedom FX gives.

~ At Armageddon, it was Kennedy who pulled out the victory in a brutal match up, hitting The Green Bay Plunge and quickly following with the Kenton Bomb to pick up the victory!! After the match, Cena brutally attacked Kennedy, going to work with a steel chair before putting him in the STFU, choking the life out of him!! Cena held the hold on for a good two minutes as KK begins to cough up blood!!

~ Kennedy took several weeks off, recovering but returned at New Years Revolution, competing in a SmackDown! battle royal for the #1 contendership. KK goes right after Cena, taking him and Cena over the top rope, eliminating both of them!! The two swing away on each other with hard shots, rolling around on the outside before its finally broken up by about a dozen officials!!

Other things of note for SmackDown! during this period:

~ SmackDown! finally moved to FX in the middle of October.

~ Gregory Helms surprised everyone by joining Shelton Benjamin to defeat Paul London & Brian Kendrick to win the WWE Tag Team Championship on a SmackDown! following No Mercy, revealing he milked his leg injury.

~ Jeff Hardy returned, joining his brother, Matt Hardy, Jamie Noble and Kid Kash to defeat Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero, Super Crazy and Psichosis at Survivor Series.

~ Also at Armageddon, William Regal managed to steal a win against Bobby Lashley with a brass knuckle shot, capturing the United States Championship!!!



The boys talk WWE SummerSlam, NXT Takeover, and Monday Night RAW. Mac worships the higher power that is Sasha Banks, while Cash rips Sting (and his fans) a new asshole.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Great SD! recap Mac

Great feud between Batista and Angle and the LMS match and Elimination Chamber seemed brutal. Ric Flair coming back to Batista's aid and becoming his manager was a nice twist. I figured he'd move to SD! after leaving Raw

Sounds like a very good 5 on 5 matchup and weird to see all the SD enemies working together. Nice ending with a pedigree followed by a Peoples Elbow

Batista continues his title reign as WHC and Lashley loses the US title to Regal. Nice idea. Angle picks up the win at NYR and gets another shot at Batista.

The Kennedy/Cena feud is perfect and nice matchup at SS with KK, The tag champs and the CW champ against Cena and the losers of each title. kennedy picks up the win and receives his rematch

Sounds like a nice match at Armageddon and Kennedy picks up a win on Cena. Cena destroys KK after the match injures him. Kennedy makes a nice return at NYR and has a huge brawl with Cena

Pretty nice recap of SD!. Can't wait to start seeing some actual shows again

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Awesome man. I loved both of those recaps and I can't wait to see where you go from here. Good luck man.
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