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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Originally Posted by vipinkatangur
Good look Wolf. But to not just you Wolf, but to the rest of the Bookers in BTB, should the awards for Best Serious, Best Funny Promo(s), Best Show (Non-PPV, i.e. SNME), and Thread of the Month be reinstated? Just looking for some of you the bookers thoughts,
Are you retarded? How does this pertain to his thread at all?
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Hey DDMac. It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed your show, hope you appreciate it.

Kennedy Promo – Great Promo, In Reality that would have been awesome. Cena can be so annoying, good length and good show-starter.

Lashley Vs Miz – Nice squash, lol. Good build up for Lashley and Kane.

Rock Promo – Good Classic Rock lines. Suspense on what the Rock is going to do. Good Booking

Booker/Finlay/Regal Promo – Nice casual promo that usually follows PPV’s. Hype for the contenders match, all good.

The Hooligans vs. Mexicools – Great match, back and forth and fast paced. Benjamin Interference for the Mexicool win, I like it, yet more good booking.

Rock/HHH Promo – Very entertaining, good length and great promo. A upcoming feud I presume? We will have to see what happens.

Hardy Assault – The feud continues, I wasn’t expecting Hardy to attacking, maybe interfere a match or something but the assault was a good surprise.

Kash vs. Daniels – Nice filler cruiserweight match, loving this show so far.

Steph Promo – DX reuniting for 1 night only is a lot better then full time, nice booking decision and hype. Also great matches announced for next week and the FX debut. A great SD! Is soon to be expected!

Main Event w/ Batista on Commentary – Awesome main event. Awesome After match. The Rock and HHH is going somewhere, Angle is the New #1 Contender again!

The great booking makes you hyped and want to read next weeks show. Very good Smack down. Here is the second part of my review.

Realism: 9/10
Length: 10/10 Perfect length
Quality / Entertainment: 9.5/10 Loved the show very entertaining
Spelling / Grammar: 10/10 No major flaws
Matches / Booking: 9.5/10 Great booking and entertaining matches

Overall: 48/50
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

The Thread Ends

Well, I've thought about it for the last week or so and I've decided that this thread will come to its conclusion right here. Lack of motivation, lack of passion, whatever it is, I've feel that this thread has become stagnant, even after No Mercy.

That being said, I'm very much proud of what I managed to accomplish with this thread. Call it arrogance but I'd gladly put the 70 some odd pages of WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac/ddmrko up against any booker's first eight months of writing.

So thanks to all whom have contributed to this thread. Major props go out to Wolfy (whom my style is completely ripped from lol), Renegade (Mickie > Trish), FD, Kane01, KOP, Orry, Jae (my first review), Deadman, Boogeyman, The Icon, JBLoser, WCWRules, K2 and Sheltonisthebest (where the fuck is this guy?).

With the fluff out of the way, my booking tenure on WF is far from finished. Job #1 is helping Team U.S. North in winning the BTB World Cup (yeah I said it and its not the discussion thread so sue me ). Then once the thirty days after this post are up, I'll be back with a new thread.

Thanks for your time.

~Mac (Mello dramatic )

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Aww Damn, I was just getting into your thread. Your BTB has been one of the most entertaining ones I have read. And you made it pretty damn far too. Well I'll look foreward to your new one in 30 days . Good luck!

Good luck in the cup aswell.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Sucks to see this go. I was about to get back into reading this like many other threads, it was a good run here and the next thread will probably show off your skills more. Good job making it this far as I didn't expect this to go till now but it did good. Sad to see you go but its all good I knew about it already, and England>USA North (oh yeah I said it, what you gonna do about it ... nothing.) And that is what you shouldn't say lol.

Good job, sad to see it go, etc, should be interesting to see what you produce for the Cup, good luck.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Yep, sad to see this thread go. I was starting to get into reviewing and this was one on my least. All the best with your next thread, bud
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

The curse of TTT finally got to you, eh? I have expected this for a long-time. You used to post shows alot and slowed down, despite being online so i knew something was up. Just a matter of time. Despite this, you have made massive strides. I think you would be the first to admit that you sucked right at the beginning but you quickly learnt and became a top booker, despite falling off your game quite recently.

Hopefully you come back with a better thread soon enough as i was always enjoying the Rated R Army storyline.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Bah, you bastard! You ended one of my fav threads in BTB

Owell, I know the wait for your next will no doubt be worth it.

And Mickie < Trish.


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Everyone knows that you have done great things with this thread, you've won awards, improved a whole heap in match and promo writing, and you've got yourself some nice friends and readers. I see you coming back with another huge thread, I'll be sure to be the first to review
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

By my watch, I managed to last, oh, less than 20 days. Wow...most definitely a testament to my will power. DC/WCW are doing 2007 as are several others. Not feelin' going old school, so I figured might as well come back to the bread and butter.

Quick recap of both RAW and SmackDown! all the way from October through New Years Revolution where this thread will kick back off.

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