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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

I hate being so god damn late with reviews Mac. I really do. So I'm going to instead drop some comments on the Pay Per View.

Thought the main event was amazing. As I read it, I was intrigued, and was very impressed by it. I see you copied my Buffer thing from Survivor Series , just kidding. It's fine, it provides a good 'main event' feel to it all. I was absolutely amazed at that match. Thought it was one of your best matches that you've written. The Cena/Kennedy encounter was great, loved how you put the odds against Cena, and had him overcome them, but seemingly heel his way out of things, possible turn? I hope so. All in all, a great show Mac, I was able to read it, but could not get the review done, as I was away from BTB for awhile, and was hounded with homework and other things I could not control. Here's hoping you take this.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Couple of thoughts. The main event was great. Glad you decided to write a bit of it out even if it was a recap. Umaga interfering and Edge returning sets up two feuds with HBK-Edge and Taker-Umaga, two more matches for the PPV. Orton/Flair should be good at Bad Blood. Maybe Orton will move to SmackDown. Forcing Doane and Nitro to team up is a nice move and I think it will be the destruction of Edge's group. As far as the women's feud, Mickie will always win.

Good recap.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

SmackDown Preview for 10/13

Coming off the heels of one of the biggest pay per views in SmackDown history, SmackDown once again makes its home in Green Bay, Wisconsin and the WWE will put on one hell of a show.

At No Mercy a new World Heavyweight Champion was crowned in the form of ‘The Animal’ Dave Batista, who defeated Kurt Angle in what can only be described as a brutal No Holds Barred match, to gain his second world title. This Friday night, Kurt Angle will get his chance at a potential rematch. The ‘Wrestling Machine’ will compete in a triple threat match against the ‘Fighting Irishman’ Finlay and the ‘People’s Champion’ The Rock with the winner earning a future World Heavyweight Championship match against Batista. Will Angle pull out the victory to gain a rightful rematch? Or will The Rock prove that he is officially back as the top guy in the industry? And what about Finlay? Will he step out of the shadow of King Booker and take the first step in becoming the number one man in this business?

With the show in Green Bay, will Mr. Kennedy have anything to say after his undefeated streak was broken by John Cena in front of Kennedy’s hometown fans? And what about the attempt at a handshake?

Last Sunday, the World Title wasn’t the only championship to change hands. Bobby Lashley pulled off a very impressive victory, defeating the ‘Big Red Machine’ Kane in a hard hitting match.

Christopher Daniels showed his true colors, cheating to defeat the Cruiserweight Champion Chris Sabin. On SmackDown, the ‘Fallen Angel’ makes his first title defense against one of the wrestlers he allegedly took out before the No Mercy pay per view, Kid Kash. Will Kash gain revenge, proving he should have been the rightful champion at No Mercy? Or will Christopher Daniels prove that the cruiserweight division is now in the ‘Fallen Angel Era’?

The only champions to retain at the pay per view, were the tag team champions Paul London and Brian Kendrick, managing to defeat Shelton Benjamin and Gregory Helms. We regret to inform you that, according to his agents, Gregory Helms sustained a major leg injury and will be out for several months. With Helms out, The Hooligans plan to move on to new opponents, taking on The Mexicools, Super Crazy and Psichosis, in a non-title match on SmackDown.

All this and more on Friday Night SmackDown!

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

SmackDown! looks good Mac, alot of big matches signed.

PS- Where the hell is my Unforgiven review?


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Smackdown is looking good, yet odd. Batista as Champion? Taking the title from Angle is sin when you use Batista. From the preview, I see a Kennedy and Cena feud in the works for the future. It's nice to see that you brought Cruiserweights into Smackdown. I know what it's like when the CW Division sucks. It's a shame that you wrote off Gregory Helms. If you look at my signature, you'll note I feel he's underrated.

Overall, Smackdown looks good. Expect a review.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

SmackDown; October 13, 2006; Green Bay, Wisconsin

Highlight video for No Mercy, showing us all the happenings but mainly focusing on the World Heavyweight Title match, in which Batista defeated Kurt Angle.

Opening Video


Joey Styles: For the third night in a row, the WWE is here in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The arena is sold out for Friday Night SmackDown!. Hello everyone, I’m Joey Styles, alongside my broadcast partner Tazz and we are only five days removed from the humongous No Mercy pay per view!!

Tazz: And what a pay per view it was Styles. We saw the undefeated streak of Mr. Kennedy ended. The Rock and Triple H were in action. We saw the Cruiserweight and United States Championship both change hands. But more importantly than all that, more importantly than everything that happened last night, we crowned a NEW World Heavyweight Champion.

Joey Styles: “The Animal” Batista defeated Kurt Angle, ending Kurt’s nine month reign in what was an instant classic in my opinion. The brutality in that match was unheard of and whether you want to admit it or not, Batista is the new World Heavyweight Champion, even if the ending was a little controversial.

Tazz: Definitely big time news there and big props to both Angle and Batista for a great match last Sunday but tonight is a new night. And we have a huge main event here tonight, when Finlay, Kurt Angle and The Rock do battle for the #1 contendership. I’m ready. You’re ready. Green Bay is ready. Lets get this show on the road!

***Mr. Kennedy … Kennedy*** hits to a thunderous ovation as Ken Kennedy makes his way down to the ring, dressed in sweat pants and no shirt. The hometown crowd continues to go wild for Kennedy as he signals for them to cut the music and grabs a microphone from ringside. An incredible “KENNEDY” chant starts up as he prepares to speak, seemingly a bit down from last Sunday’s result.

Mr. Kennedy: Y’know usually … (takes a breath) … usually, I would come out here, wait for my microphone to lower from the heavens and I’d talk about the greatness that is Mr. Kennedy.

Incredibly loud pop.

Mr. Kennedy:
But I’m not gonna do that tonight. You see I’m not gonna do that because last Sunday on pay per view, in this very arena, in front of my hometown fans …

Another great pop as KK takes a deep breath.

Mr. Kennedy:
… in front of my hometown fans, Green Bay, Wisconsin … I lost.

Crowd boos.

Mr. Kennedy: I lost. I lost to John Cena … I lost the most important match of my career … I lost my undefeated streak. Hell, I even lost a bit of my self confidence.

Crowd responds with a bit of shock at the humbleness of their arrogant hometown hero.

Mr. Kennedy: Last Sunday, at No Mercy, John Cena was the better man, and I’m man enough to admit that. I gave him everything I had. I took everything he had. We went at it for twenty minutes … but in the end it only takes three seconds. And once it came down to crunch time, once it came down to the fourth quarter, the ninth inning, whatever cliché you wanna use … my shoulders were on the mat for three.

Some fans applaud his humility but most boo, hating Cena.

Mr. Kennedy: Oh, but no, no, no, no, no, no, NO, make NO mistake about it, the next time we get into this ring, the next time John Cena steps into the ring with yours truly, the next time we go man up, face to face, its gonna be a very different result!!

The crowd begin to get to their feet hyped at the intensity of Kennedy.

Mr. Kennedy: Cena, tonight I was man enough to admit you were the better man at No Mercy. Tonight, I was man enough to admit you beat me. Are you man enough to give me an opportunity to prove I’m the better man … TONIGHT!?

Momentous ovation for the possibility of Cena-Kennedy II tonight.

Mr. Kennedy: That’s right John, that’s what I want. One more time, you give me a shot to prove I’m better than you. You give me a shot to prove that I’m as good as I say I am. Me and you, in a rematch, right here tonight!! John Cena, will you go one on one with MMIISSTTERR KKENNNNNEEDDYYY … KKEEENN …

***My Time Is Now*** hits to tremendous heat from the very partisan Green Bay crowd. John Cena makes his way down to the ring, all smiles, dressed in his typical ‘street gear’. He enters the ring and grabs a microphone from ringside. The crowd starts a “Cena sucks” chant as Cena simply smirks

John Cena: That’s as loud as you can get?

Crowd erupts into even more heat for the ‘controversial’ John Cena.

John Cena: (scoffs) Anyway, last Sunday night, me and you, we had one hell of a battle Kennedy but facts are facts and the fact is, I won.

More heat for Cena as he simply smirks, apparently enjoying this reaction.

John Cena:
But, uh, let me get this straight, after everything we went through at No Mercy, after the FUs, Kenton Bombs, STFUs, you wanna go at it one more time?!

Great pop as Kennedy nods and mouths ‘yeah’.

John Cena: Well, you know me, IF YOU WANT SOME … COME GET SOME!!

Phenomenal ovation as the match is set for tonight.

John Cena: That’s right, Mr. Kennedy, John Cena, right here ton …

Cena stops mid-sentence. Kennedy asks what the problem is.

John Cena: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I gotta think this over. Let me get this straight. I beat you, clean in the middle of this ring, these people boo the hell out of me in the process and now I’m supposed to give you and these people what ya’ll want?

Crowd cheers and manage to pull together a collective “yes”.

John Cena:
I’m supposed to just give you a rematch just because you want it?

Kennedy nods.

John Cena: Well, give me a second to think about it … Hell no.

Tremendous heat as KK’s smile turns into a look of anger.

John Cena: You had your shot and you blew it and you damn sure aren’t getting a rematch in front of your hometown crowd here tonight.

More heat for Cena and one fan goes so far as to throw an object into the ring.

John Cena: Besides, I got more important things on my mind. I got the end all, be all of Sports Entertainment on my mind. Because come one way or another, I’m gonna get me a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. It may not be tonight, may not be next week, hell it may not be this year, but John Cena is gettin’ his! WORD - LIFE!

Kennedy fumes as Cena crushes his hopes of a rematch. The crowd is now furious that they will not see the two young superstars go at it once more.

John Cena: So if ya’ll wanna see Cena - Kennedy one more time, I suggest you catch it on the replay. AH-HAH!

Cena pops his collar, drops the mic and quickly leaves the ring, amidst some astonishing heat from the Green Bay audience as ***My Time Is Now*** hits once more. Kennedy yells for Cena to get his ass back into the ring but its no dice as Cena heads through the curtain and towards the back. Styles and Tazz put over Cena’s ‘strange’ behavior as we cut to a break.

[Commercial Break]

We return from the break with Mike “The Miz” Mizanin already in the ring and we head to the ringside area after Tony Chimel makes the introduction.

Joey Styles: Welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown! everyone and we have a huge main event for you here tonight. Due to former World Champion, Kurt Angle, not having a rematch clause in his contract, tonight we will have a #1 contender’s match.

Tazz: Triple threat match, “The Wrestling Machine” Kurt Angle, “The Fighting Irishman” Finlay and … “The People’s Champion” The Rock go at it in our HUGE main event, with the winner getting a shot at new World Heavyweight Champion, Batista.

Joey Styles: That’s later on tonight but up next, our NEW United States Champion, the “Real Deal” Bobby Lashley is in action.

***Soldier*** hits to a nice ovation as the new U.S. Champion, Bobby Lashley, makes his way down to the ring, focused on his match up, title strapped around his waist. He sets off his huge pyro and continues on his way to the ring for his non-title match.

Joey Styles: Well, the first title change of No Mercy took place when Bobby Lashley defeated Kane and became the new United States Champion.

Tazz: What a hard hitting match that was! It took two spears, several suplexes and the Dominator but Lashley finally managed to beat The Big Red Machine.

Match #1 - Non-Title Match

Bobby Lashley vs. The Miz
The match is merely a vehicle for Lashley to show off his impressive offense, strength, agility and pick up another win. He hits Miz with most of his signature moves, getting a rise out of the crowd with a delayed vertical suplex. Miz manages to get in the teeniest amount of offense but he’s soon finished off with Lashley, hitting him with the Spear and then dropping him with The Dominator to pick up the win.
Winner: Bobby Lashley at 3:45.

Lashley celebrates his victory, grabbing his U.S. Championship and leaping onto the turnbuckle, posing for the fans. He turns back around and … gets goozled!! KANE lifts Lashley up and gives him a nasty choke slam from hell!!! The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Kane stands over the fallen U.S. Champion and sets off his pyro, with all four turnbuckles exploding.

***Cut to the backstage area, into the locker room of The Rock***

Rocky is getting set up, setting his water bottle on the top of his locker and hanging up his jacket before Kristal Marshall comes walking in.

Kristal Marshall: Rock, Rock, a couple of questions?

Rock begins to speak, with his back to her.

The Rock: Whoa, Whoa, WHOA, you don’t just barge into The Rock’s locker room and start speaking introd …

Rock turns around.

The Rock: (Looking Kristal up and down) Haha, yeah. The Rock remembers you vaguely but for some reason, The Rock is drawing a bit of a blank. What is your name?

Kristal Marshall: I’m Kristal Marshall and …


Great pop in the background as The Rock lets out a smile.

The Rock: The Rock had to be do that. What do you wanna ask The Rock?

Kristal Marshall:
Rock, last night you beat King Booker in your return match to pay per view but you had a little bit of help from Triple H. Now you and “The Game” haven’t had a great relationship in the past, so why would he help you?

The Rock: The Rock has said this before and The Rock will say it again, The Rock didn’t need Triple H’s help to beat King Booker and The Rock didn’t want Triple H’s help against King Booker. Hell, The Rock doesn’t need anybody’s help to beat anybody. The Rock has gotten to where he is by himself and the people.

Nice pop.

The Rock: And The Rock will continue to lay the SmackDown on pieces of monkey crap, like King Booker, by himself.

Nice pop as Kristal gets ready to ask another question.

Kristal Marshall: Yeah, but why do you think Triple H did what he did?

Rock prepares to answer but doesn’t actually have one.

The Rock: Y’know what? That’s a good question. The Rock is interested in that his damn self.

Rock then exit’s the locker room as Kristal looks on surprised.

[Commercial Break]

We return from the break into a locker room with King Booker, Sir William Regal and Queen Sharmell.

King Booker: Sir William, Sharmell, my queen, last Sunday, did not go exactly as we had it planned. Last Sunday, at No Mercy, I was defeated by that PEASANT, The Rock!

Crowd pops in the background.

King Booker:
There is no way that I, King Bookah, should have been defeated by that rogue. The Rock is not in my class. The Rock is not on my level and The Rock is sure as hell not the king of the world!

Queen Sharmell attempts to comfort The Rock before he continues.

King Booker:
There’s only one person to blame for my lost to The Rock. There is only one man to blame for the travesty that occurred this Sunday. That man is not here at the present moment. That man is the weak link of this court. That man’s name is …

Finlay walks into the locker room.

King Booker: (surprised) FINLAY! Hey Finlay, I thought you were getting ready for your number one contender’s match?

Booker seems a bit nervous.

Finlay: Yeah, I’m done. I got what I need.

Shows the shillelagh.

So, what are you all talking about?

Booker, Sharmell and Regal look around at each other.

King Booker: Nothing important. Just the usual stuff.

Finlay nods, not thinking twice of it.

King Booker: Uh, Finlay we’re gonna get out of your way. Big match tonight, you probably want to prepare and get your head together. So me and my queen will leave you to your own devices. Lets go my queen.

Booker and Sharmell quickly leave the locker room, leaving Finlay and Regal to themselves.

William Regal: Dave, I just want to let you know that if there’s anyway I can help you prepare and be of service, I’m more than glad to help a great competitor of your stature and a man I consider a friend.

Regal gives a cheesy smile but Finlay seems unimpressed with his sucking up.

Finlay: Go … away.

Regal gulps and quickly takes off out of the locker room. Finlay smacks the shillelagh against his hand, focused on his huge number one contender’s match.

***Back to ringside***

***London Calling*** hits to a pretty nice ovation and the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Hooligans, run down to the ring at full speed, with Ashley Massaro trailing behind. Paul London and Brian Kendrick enter the ring and Tony Chimel makes the ring introduction.

Joey Styles: Coming off a successful title defense at No Mercy, Paul London and Brian Kendrick are ready for what should be a very exciting match here tonight. But a successful title defense, wasn’t the only important development to come out of the night. According to Helms’ agent, Gregory Helms suffered a severe injury last night which will put him out for some time.

Tazz: Shame. Helms and his partner, Shelton Benjamin, were really developing some chemistry together and came very close to winning the titles last Sunday. Hopefully, Helms can come back and be better than ever.

***Mexicools*** hits to a fairly decent pop and The Mexicools, Super Crazy and Psichosis, come to the ring on top of their ‘Juan Deere’s’. The two men enter the ring, hoping to make an impact in this next match up.

Joey Styles: The Mexicools hope to pick up a HUGE win over the WWE Tag Team Champions here tonight.

Tazz: Even though it’s a non-title match, a win over London and Kendrick would get the Mexicools right in the thick of the title hunt.

Match #2 - Non-Title Match

Paul London & Brian Kendrick (w/Ashley Massaro) vs. Super Crazy & Psichosis
Very fast paced match, with each team going at it full blast, attempting to impress the sold out audience. Neither face team shows any heel tendencies as the match up is based on pure competition. The match up picks up even more at the seven minute mark, with London and Kendrick hitting simultaneous planchas onto Crazy and Psichosis on the outside. London, the legal man, grabs his counterpart, Psichosis, rolling him in the ring, and going for the cover, but only managing to pick up a two count. He whips Psichosis off of the ropes and goes for a lariat but he ducks and catches London with a nice huracanrana. Both Kendrick and Crazy recover enough to make it onto the ring apron, just in time to receive the hot tag from their perspective partners. Both guys go at it, but Crazy eventually gains the advantage, hitting a drop kick and managing to pick up a two count, when London enters to break it up. Psichosis, too enters the ring and we now have all four men engaged in the ring.
The action breaks down as London hit’s the dropsault on Psichosis but turns around into a dropkick from Super Crazy, and now both London and Psichosis are on the outside of the ring! Crazy attempts to focus on Kendrick but “Spanky” meets him with a couple of hard forearms and goes for the Sliced Bread #2 but Crazy counters into a variation of a backdrop! He then climbs to the top turnbuckle and goes for a moonsault but Kendrick moves out of the way! He then grabs Crazy and hit’s the Sliced Bread #2. Psichosis jumps onto the apron but is yanked down by London and the two men begin to brawl.
The referee becomes distracted by the goings-on on the outside of the ring and doesn’t notice that Kendrick has Crazy pinned on the inside. SHELTON BENJAMIN slides into the ring and lifts Kendrick up. He hits him with a knee to the gut before hitting the T-Bone Suplex! He quickly grabs Crazy and drags him on top of Kendrick before rolling out of the ring. The referee turns around and makes the cover. 1 … 2 … 3!!
Winners: Super Crazy & Psichosis at 11:13.

Benjamin backs up the entrance ramp, smirking, proud of his handiwork. He mouths “payback is a bitch” into the camera, probably talking about the injury to his tag team partner at the No Mercy pay per view.

[Commercial Break]

We return from the break with a backstage shot of The Rock walking down a hallway. He stops at the door labeled ‘Triple H’ and walks in. “The Game” is sitting on a chair when Rock storms in.

Triple H: You … uh … you lost or something?

Hunter smirks at Rock, whom simply stares back.

The Rock:
No, no, The Rock’s not lost but The Rock’s gotta question. Why in the blue hell did you get involved in The Rock’s match at No Mercy?

Hunter acts shocked by Rock’s hostility.

Triple H: I see you’re having a bit of trouble Rock. The words you’re looking for are “thank you”. Try it with me now. “Thank you.”

Rock doesn’t seem too amused.

The Rock: You want The Rock to thank you for getting your ridiculously large nose in The Rock‘s business? You expect a ‘thank you’ from The Rock? Is that what you want? Is that what you think?

Hunter nods, not letting The Rock get a catchphrase in that easily.

The Rock: Let The Rock make something perfectly crystal clear to you. The Rock owes you nothing. The Rock didn’t ask you to get involved in his match and The Rock didn’t want you to get involved in his match but more importantly than all of that, more importantly than all else, The Rock doesn’t like you and The Rock doesn’t trust you.

Hunter smirks and stands, getting off of his chair.

Triple H: Rock, believe it or not, I was really excited when you came back.

Rock looks confused.

Triple H: (keeping a straight face) But now you treat me like this and you’re just being really mean and I’m not so sure I like you anymore. You know what, I don’t wanna be your friend anymore.

Rock looks like he’s about to blow, pissed at Hunter’s sarcasm. The Game smirks before continuing.

Triple H: Look Rock, if you’re looking for me to bow down at your feet like the rest of these jack-offs around here, just because you made a couple of ‘c’ movies, you got another thing coming. As hard as it may be for you to believe, the world doesn’t revolve around that huge head of yours.

Rock and Hunter get closer to one another.

Triple H: The fact is, I didn’t come out there for you. I went out there because Finlay screwed me in my match and I wanted some payback and when Finlay took off, I decided to do the next best thing and I drilled Booker right in the face with a sledgehammer!

Loud pop heard in the background.

Triple H: And now that I’m here, looking through those two dollar, ‘Ray Charles’ shades you have on…

Crowd ‘ooooo’s as Rock seems to be getting more upset by the moment.

Triple H: I can see you’re not mad because I helped you. You’re upset because without me out there, you would’ve gotten your ass kicked.

Rocky takes off his shades.

The Rock: Let The Rock inform you of something. You can think what you want. You can say what you want. But none of that changes the fact that last Sunday, The Rock won his match and last Sunday, you lost your match.

That apparently struck a nerve as Hunter’s smirk turns into his trademark scowl.

The Rock: Oh but forget about No Mercy. Tonight, The Rock has got a huge main event. Triple threat, Rock, Angle, Finlay. You do The Rock a favor. You stay out of The Rock’s way … or else, The Rock will take that sledgehammer, shine it up real nice, turn that sumbitch sideways, AND STICK IT STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS!

Triple H is now the one whom doesn’t seem impressed.

The Rock: You see because tonight, The Rock’s gonna go out there and he’s gonna beat Finlay and The Rock is gonna beat Kurt Angle and then The Rock is gonna go on to whip Batista’s big gorilla ass and reclaim his spot as the top superstar in the WWE. Write it down, take a picture, after tonight, The Rock takes that first step in becoming the World Heavyweight Champion … again.

Rock gets damn near face to face with Triple H.

The Rock:
If ya smell … what The Rock … is cookin’.

Crowd pops as Rock turns around and prepares to leave.

Triple H: Oh Rock, before you go…

Rock turns around.

Triple H: Watch your back out there. You never know what could happen.

Rock and Triple H have an intense stare down before Rocky walks out. Hunter goes to a corner and grabs his sledgehammer!! He gives it a look and turns around, looking at the door.

***Back to ringside***

***Booyaka 619*** hits to a great pop. Rey Mysterio doesn’t spring from under the stage but instead, gingerly walks toward the ring with taped ribs after his attack at the hands of Matt Hardy, last Sunday.

Joey Styles: Rey Mysterio hoping to get back on the right track afte….


MATT HARDY attacks Rey from behind, clubbing him in the back!! Mysterio takes a tumble down the entrance ramp but Hardy doesn’t go after him. He instead waits on the top of the ramp as Rey gets back up to his feet. Once Mysterio gets back up to a vertical base, Hardy gives him a smirk and walks towards the back. Rey gives chase and runs after Hardy.

The camera follows Mysterio as he is in pursuit of Hardy and walks through a backstage corridor looking for him … when Hardy blindsides him!!! Hardy stomps away on Mysterio for a bit before taking off, heading into the parking lot and heading into the passenger seat of a car before it speeds off. Chavo Guerrero checks on Rey as Mysterio gets back up to his feet, infuriated.

[Commercial Break]

We return from the break with the former World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle, sitting on a chair, watching a tape of his title match from No Mercy against Batista. He keeps rewinding and playing the end of the match, getting angrier and angrier each and every time. He then takes the remote and slams it against the ground, before kicking the TV over, causing it to shatter. Angle fumes in anger and then storms out of his locker room. Back to ringside…

Joey Styles: …………….

Tazz: Would it be fair to say Angle is intense and focused on getting a shot to reclaim his World Heavyweight Title?

Joey Styles: … you could say that.

***Dilated Teens*** its to a ‘good’ amount of heat and the Cruiserweight Champion, “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels makes his way onto the stage, accompanied to the ring by Allison Danger. Daniels carries his tainted title with pride as he enters the ring and does (*cough*) blesses Danger whom is on her knees as Chimel makes the introduction.

Joey Styles: Well, last Sunday at No Mercy, The Fallen Angel cheated to defeat Chris Sabin in a singles match to win the Cruiserweight Championship. The match was supposed to be a fatal four way but Jamie Noble and Kid Kash were taken out of the match due to injuries they sustained during our Sunday Night Heat pre-show. And though we don’t know it for a fact, we can pretty much assume that Daniels is responsible due to his fake concern for the two.

Tazz: That’s not fair Styles. Maybe he was really concerned for the two.

Joey Styles: What about that … woman saying Daniels had nothing to do with the attack and then … interfering in the match, later on in the night? Is that coincidence?

Tazz: No comment.

***Kid Kash*** hits and The Notorious K.I.D. makes his way onto the ring, receiving a bland reaction as he’s a not so over heel, getting ready to take on another heel. He rushes into the ring and immediately goes after Daniels.

Joey Styles: He got screwed out of his Cruiserweight Title match at No Mercy but he’s ready for it right now!

Tazz: Daniels didn’t even get a chance to take his robe off!

Match #3 - Cruiserweight Championship Match
Kid Kash vs. Christopher Daniels w/Allison Danger
The two cruisers go at it with each man getting a sustained period of offense, though Daniels manages to get a slight advantage towards the five minute mark. He hits Kash with a couple of elbows and then shooting him off of the ropes, catching him with a jumping calf kick when he comes back! He goes for a cover but only picks up a two, quickly lifting Kash back up to his feet. Daniels throws him into the corner and charges but Kash leaps over the top, landing behind the Cruiserweight Champion. The Fallen Angel attempts a back elbow but Kash ducks it and plants him with a Northern Light’s Suplex with a bridge!! 1... 2... NO!
Daniels barely kicks out, avoiding a new champion. Kash lifts him up to his feet and goes for the Dead Level brain buster, lifting Daniels up into a vertical suplex position, but The Fallen Angel counters, landing behind him! He kicks Kash in the gut and drops him with a Death Valley Driver!! He takes a second to recover before going for the Best Moonsault Ever … but Kash rolls out of the way, causing Daniels to crash and burn!!! The challenger decides to take advantage, climbing to the top turnbuckle and going for a moonsault of his own … but Daniels rolls out of the way, at the last possible moment! He gets up and sticks Kash between his legs and hits The Angel‘s Wings!!! Cover… 1... 2... 3!!!
Winner: … and STILL Cruiserweight Champion Christopher Daniels at 8:21.

Daniels retains the title and is proud of it, defeating a worthy opponent, cleanly nonetheless. He calls for his title and the referee does as told, handing him his title.

Joey Styles: Daniels retains the championship, defeating Kid Kash here tonight.

Tazz: Impressive to say the very least.s

Joey Styles: Coming up next, out HUGE main event! Triple threat match to crown a number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, “The Fighting Irish Bastard” Finlay, former World Champion, the Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle and “The People’s Champion” The Rock! NEXT!

[Commercial Break]

RAW Rebound
- The footage actually runs quite a bit longer than it usually does, giving the SmackDown! audience quite a bit of the WWE Championship match that took place on Monday, pitting the champion Shawn Michaels against the challenger, “The Phenom” The Undertaker. They give us something to remember, putting on one of the best matches you will ever see on free television. The finish is shown with Michaels managing to kick out of a choke slam and Taker kicking out of Sweet Chin Music. Taker eventually goes for and hit’s the Tombstone!! We have a new champion possibly but Umaga interferes and breaks up the count, causing the disqualification!!! Umaga and The Undertaker begin to brawl, hitting each other with hard shots as they move up the ramp and towards the back. Michaels gets back up to vertical base inside of the ring, still a bit out of it, until … EDGE jumps over the barricade AND SPEARS HBK IN HALF!!! Edge taunts Michaels for a bit before grabbing a mic and announcing he’s back because his demands have been met.

In the office of the General Manager, Stephanie McMahon, Steph stares into the camera while sitting in her chair as she apparently has something important to say.

Stephanie McMahon: Before we begin the spectacular main event that I have set up for you here tonight, there are a couple of major announcements that I need to make.

The crowd is interested.

Stephanie McMahon: As a result of the events which have taken place tonight, next week we will get a No Mercy rematch, when Matt Hardy takes on Rey Mysterio!

Great pop.

Stephanie McMahon: Not only will we have that match next week, but we will also see Paul London & Brian Kendrick defend their WWE Tag Team Championship against The Mexicools, Super Crazy and Psichosis.

Decent pop.

Stephanie McMahon: And as some of you may know, in two weeks, we will see the WWE SmackDown! finally debut on its new network, FX with a THREE HOUR SPECIAL!

Mild pop.

Stephanie McMahon: And on that edition of Thursday Night SmackDown!, several RAW Superstars will be featured but no match will be more anticipated than the main event tag match that my father has given me the authority to set up.

Crowd boo the ‘mention’ of McMahon but are anticipating what she’ll say next.

Stephanie McMahon: On that SmackDown!, we will see SmackDown!’s King Booker team up with RAW’s “Rated R Superstar” Edge …

Boos for two of the top heel’s on the roster.

Stephanie McMahon: And they will face SmackDown!’s Triple H …

Great pop for “The Game”

Stephanie McMahon:

Incredible pop as the fans go wild for the announcement.

Stephanie McMahon: That’s right. For one night only, on the three hour edition of SmackDown!, D-Generation X will reunite!!!

The phenomenal ovation continues as we cut back to ringside with Styles and Tazz going wild.

Joey Styles: Incredible news! DX reunites for one night only in two weeks!

Tazz: RAW’s Shawn Michaels. SmackDown!’s Triple H. That is one huge main event set for SmackDown!’s three hour debut on FX.

Joey Styles: But wait a minute, wait a minute. Mr. McMahon worked so hard to get those two separated, why would he want them to be reunited, even if it is only for one night?

Tazz: I don’t know! Stop trying to bring the moment down Styles and just enjoy it.

***I Walk Alone*** hits to a surprisingly good pop but it quickly degenerates into heat and then hatred as the NEW World Heavyweight Champion, “The Animal” Dave Batista makes his way onto the stage, dressed in an expensive suit, as always but has a huge bandage on his forehead due to his bloody encounter at No Mercy. He sets off his humongous pyro and slings his title belt onto his shoulder before continuing on down to the ring. Batista grabs a microphone from ringside and apparently has something to say before we get the main event underway.

Batista: WHO’S THE MAN!!??

Tremendous heat as Batista looks intensely at the crowd. The camera closes in on his huge bandage on his forehead.

Batista: I told every last one of you, nine months ago to this day, this day, that I would reclaim MY World Heavyweight Championship!

More boos for The Animal.

Batista: Last Sunday, at No Mercy, I kicked Kurt Angle’s ass up and down this whole damn arena! What pain did I suffer during the match? What injuries did I get? Pfft, a couple of stitches. What did I do to Kurt Angle? I tossed him off of the stage, I beat his ass with steel chairs, steel steps, I hit him with Demon Bombs, Spine busters, and I did exactly as I f*cking said I would!

The censors bleep out Batista’s coarse language but the ‘live’ crowd boos.

Batista: I beat Angle down, I beat Angle up and I proved that he was nothing more than what I have said from the beginning … a paper champion.

Batista continues to piss off this crowd as they begin an “Angle” chant.

Batista: He didn’t beat me for this title in January but I beat his ass to get this title back. So Kurt, if you have any f*cking brains, I suggest you throw this number one contender’s match, because if we were to get in this ring and go one on one again it’d be the same result.

More boos as Batista ‘brings it home‘.

Batista: It doesn’t matter who likes it or who doesn’t, I … am the World Heavyweight Champion. Get on the internet, bitch, piss, moan, say I can’t wrestle, bitch about my attitude, do whatever you want, but the fact is I’m the f*cking man around here and this belt proves it.

Batista holds the World Heavyweight Title over his head, being drowned in heat.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, we apologize for the language being used by “The Animal” here tonight. Completely uncalled for…

Batista continues.

Batista: And I’m gonna remain the champion. It doesn’t matter if its Finlay, It doesn’t matter if its Rock, It doesn’t matter if its Kurt An…

***Medal*** hits to an incredible ovation as “The Wrestling Machine” Kurt Angle, with taped ribs, sprints down the entrance ramp at full speed, charging the ring. Batista quickly gets out and stands on the outside as Angle fumes on the outside, being held back by the referee. Several more refs come down to the ring and manage to restrain Angle. He screams “Your ass is mine!” as Batista calmly joins Styles and Tazz for commentary.

Joey Styles: Oh my Gawd! Batista is here! Angle is here! Finlay and Rock are coming! OUR HUGE MAIN EVENT IS NEXT!!

[Commercial Break]

We return from the break with Batista sitting beside Tazz and Michael Cole as this match up is almost ready to get started. Angle doesn’t take his eyes off Batista or his World Title, intensely staring at it as if he’s in a trance, focused on the title.

***My Name is Finlay…*** plays over the loud speaker and the fans give a mixed reaction, mostly geared towards boos, as Finlay makes his way down to the ring, shillelagh in hand. Angle finally takes his attention off of Batista and towards his opponent entering the ring.

Joey Styles: The Fighting Irishman, Finlay, looks ready and focused. He wants to become the next World Heavyweight Champion.

Tazz: Champ, whatta ya think about Finlay? I mean, how would you feel about putting your title on the line against Finlay?

Batista: Y’know Finlay is a great competitor but as far as putting my belt on the line against him, he’s not in my league. He’d get the same treatment Angle did.

Angle and Finlay get face to face apparently ready to go at it right now until…
***IF YA SMELL…*** hits to an fantastic ovation, easily one of the best of the night, as The Rock makes his way down to the ring. Rocky looks focused yet calm and confident as always, as he steps into the ring, climbs the turnbuckle and poses for the million and millions. He steps down and all three men move towards the center of the ring as this match is about underway.

Joey Styles: Here we go. Triple threat match, the winner receives a World Heavyweight Championship against the man to our left, “The Animal” Batista in the near future.

Tazz: Three of the top guys on SmackDown!, all goin’ at it for a shot at the World Heavyweight Title. Lets do this.

Main Event: Triple Threat Match: #1 Contender for World Heavyweight Title
The Rock vs. Kurt Angle vs. Finlay
All three men go on full tilt, putting on a great performance while trying to become the new number one contender. The beginning portion of the match involves the two incredibly popular faces, Kurt Angle and The Rock, teaming up against Finlay, attempting to wear him down. Eventually, Angle and Rock hit a double vertical suplex and Kurt goes for the cover. 1... 2... NO! Rocky pulls Angle off and the two men argue before all hell breaks loose. Angle and Rock exchange right hands until Rocky eventually gains the upper hand and shoots Kurt off the ropes. Angle comes back and throws a clothesline but Rock ducks and goes for THE ROCK BOTTOM … BUT ANGLE COUNTERS, fighting out of it, hitting him with hard back elbows!!! Kurt then goes for THE ANGLE SLAM … BUT ROCK COUNTERS, landing on his feet and planting Angle with a DDT! The cover. 1... 2... NO! Finlay breaks it up, saving the match up.
Finlay lifts Rock back up to his feet, attempting to go on the attack but “The Great One” has other plans, hitting Finlay with right hands and when Angle gets up, Kurt gets much of the same treatment, a plethora of hard rights from The Rock. He gives Finlay the spit punch, taking him down and then goes for one on Angle but Kurt ducks and hit’s a German suplex!! He keeps the hands clasped together and strings together a couple of more German suplexes, rocking The Rock!! Finlay gets back up and charges at Angle but Kurt catches him and takes him out with a Belly to Belly suplex!! He lifts Rock up to his feet and once again goes for THE ANGLE SLAM … BUT ROCK COUNTERS and shoves Angle off the ropes!! Kurt comes back and Rock hit’s the Spine buster! Rocky bounces off of the ropes and goes for THE PEOPLE’S ELBOW … but Finlay takes him out with a brutal clothesline, damn near decapitating him!
He lifts Rock up and tossed him over the top rope, out of the ring! Finlay then goes over to Angle and drops a jumping seated senton on his chest and then goes for a quick cover. 1... 2... NO! Finlay stays determined and goes back in the attack, delivering several stomps before lifting him to his feet. He lifts Rock onto his shoulders and hit’s the Finlay Roll/Kamikaze! He once again goes for the cover and this time he puts his feet on the middle rope for leverage! 1... 2... NO! Angle pulls Finlay out of the ring!! He then drills him with a hard European uppercut. He then throws Finlay down to the ground and looks at Batista. The crowd pops as Batista stands and Angle and Batista once again get face to face. Just when it looks like the two men will come to blows, Finlay kicks Angle in the gut and tosses him back into the ring.
Finlay measures Angle and gives him a stiff kick to the face! He smiles and begins sizing Angle up once more, before once again driving his boot into his skull! The crowd begins booing as Finlay is in complete control of this match up. He squares the Olympic Gold Medalist up and goes for another kick … but this time Angle is ready, grabbing the foot of Finlay and LOCKING IN THE ANKLE LOCK!!!! Finlay writhes in pain as Angle has his deadly submission hold locked in. The Rock slowly gets up to his feet and Finlay maybe sees a glimmer of hope. Finlay rolls through the Ankle Lock, sending Angle into The Rock … who catches him and gives him a spine buster before locking in THE SHARPSHOOTER!!!
This time Angle is the one in pain as Rock has the Sharpshooter locked in! Finlay lays on the ground in pain, clutching his ankle while trying to get back up in order to break the submission. Boos fill the arena as King Booker and William Regal begin to walk towards the ring. Rock can actually look at them walk the isle as that’s the direction he’s facing with the Sharpshooter locked in on Angle. Booker leaps onto the apron and Rock lets go of the Sharpshooter to grab him!! Finlay gets back up to his feet and charges but ROCK MOVES OUT OF THE WAY AND FINLAY CRASHES INTO BOOKER, CAUSING THE KING TO FALL ON REGAL!!! Rock now charges at Finlay but he dumps Rock over the top rope, to the outside!!
Finlay taunts The Rock, whom lays on the outside and then turns around into a kick from Angle. Kurt then GIVES HIM THE ANGLE SLAM!!!! COVER!! 1... 2... 3!!!
Winner: … and new #1 Contender Kurt Angle at 15:12.

Angle pounds his chest as he gets his rightful rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship. Batista stands up and stares into the cold blue eyes of Kurt Angle.

Angle steps out of the ring and gets face to face with Batista, who begins immediately begins trash talking. Angle’s heard enough and slaps Batista right across the face and we have got a brawl on our hands! Batista and Kurt swing away on each other hitting hard rights and eventually, the two megastars end up in the crowd, fighting towards one of the exits.

Back at ringside, Booker and Regal get back up to their feet and lifts The Rock up before tossing him back into the ring. Finlay too gets up and the three men begin to go to town on Rock, stomping on him. Booker calls for them to lift Rock up and Finlay and Regal do just that. Booker begins reigning in right hands before …

***King of Kings*** hits to an exceptional ovation as Triple H runs down to the ring, and King Booker immediately bails. Regal throws a right but Hunter blocks it and takes him down with a hard clothesline, causing Regal to roll out. Finlay tries the same but he’s met with hard right hands before being clotheslined out of the ring!

Triple H then turns his attention towards The Rock and seems to be getting set up for The Pedigree!! Rock slowly gets onto his knees and Hunter looks ready to strike but Booker hits Hunter from behind. He then attempts an Irish whip but Triple H counters and sends Booker into the ropes. He comes back and HHH gives King Booker a PEDIGREE!!!

The crowd pops as Hunter stands over Booker. Rocky turns around and sees The Game. Hunter turns around and THE ROCK GIVES TRIPLE H A ROCK BOTTOM!!! A mixed reaction fills the arena though mostly geared towards cheers as The Rock stands over Triple H. We fade out with a close up on The Rock as he intensely stares down at “The Game” apparently believing he had to strike before being struck.

End of Show

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

very good show of smackdown it was a good read and kept me gripped keep up the quality like the rock/hh idea that seems to spark something classic about it. nice job
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Cena puts himself over as an asshole, chickening out of a rematch with Kennedy in front of MK's howetown. Good promo with Kennedy turning into a face and Cena to a heel, and I have no doubts these two will collide again, sometime

Lashley squashes Miz, only for Kane to Chokeslam him post match. Not the best feud to continue with IMO, but it seems like Kane might be turning heel too after this

Rock promo was good, although he still doesn't seem too grateful that Triple H saved him from a mugging

Finlay continues to part further and further away from the King's Court, main event is gonna be a good one with Rock, Angle and Finlay in the same ring, spells a sleeping classic IMO

Shelton screws over L/K and now the Mexicools are number one contenders for the belts it would seem. I wonder why Shelton is still getting involved? Needs a new partner with Helms out for a few months

More tension between Rock/Trips, I can see Triple H involving himself tonight somehow in the main event or after it, and you get the feeling he might hit Rock by "mistake"

Hardy/Rey not done with each other yet either, as long as Hardy doesn't lose to Rey, I'm happy lol

Daniels beats Kash in pretty much an obvious result, matches tonight haven't exactly been the best. Where will Daniels next challenge come from I wonder...

Big announcements from Steph, DX reunion for one night is huge, as is a 3 hour debut show on FX in two weeks and Hardy/Rey rematch next week, along with the Tag Titles, good booking

Batista brags, swears an awful lot though, I don't think he'd be allowed to say Fuck four or fives times in a five minute promo tho. Angle is here? Main event next!

Nice match to end the show, really well written, we saw all the trademark moves, People's Elbow, Ankle Lock, and then the Court get involved, trying to help their man Finlay, but it backfires and Angle pins Finlay to get one more chance with Batista. Angle brawls with Big Dave, and the Court attack The Rock until, guess who? THE GAME! Trips cleans house, and Rock hits him with a Rock Bottom! Wow, didn't see that coming. To be fair tho, Trips was most likely going to drill him with a Pedigree, but still, swerve from no where

Very good show, matches weren't the best tonight, but promos were as good as usual. 8/10.


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

WWE Smackdown Review:

Kennedy Promo:

This is odd. You are booking Kennedy as a babyface. That is somewhat reasonable, but I just cannot see Kennedy putting Cena over like that. Even if Cena is the heel, Kennedy shouldn’t degrade himself like that. Cena shoots down Kennedy’s hopes at a rematch and then leaves. This feud isn’t over.

Match One:

Lashley with the United States Championship is a good move. Lashley squashes The Miz to show his dominance. So far, it’s good. Kane coming out and attacking Lashley gets him over as a heel and a contender to the Championship. I’d like to see where this would go.

The Rock Interview:

That was a pretty decent interview. The Rock hit his signature catchphrase and talked about Triple H. A Triple H and Rock feud would be pretty good. Did Triple H turn heel again in this thread?

King Booker Segment:

King Booker was spot on in this promo. He feels betrayed by Finlay and will cost him this match tonight. Unfortunately, King Booker is starting to get stale for me.

Match Two:

Shelton Benjamin is still giving London & Kendrick grief? Can’t he just get over it? The Mexicools win with Benjamin’s help. I see a three-way match at the next pay-per-view.

Triple H Segment:

The segment itself was good, but Triple H was just off. His lines were corny and he seemed to be playing a tweener in a feud where he will be an obvious heel. The Rock was spot on though. I was just wishing for a sense of realism from Triple H.

Mysterio Segment:

Mysterio got his ass kicked by Matt Hardy.

Angle Segment:

The TV got its ass kicked by Kurt Angle.

Match Three:

I like Allison Danger. The match itself was pretty good with Daniels getting the win to keep himself over. The reign of Daniels is going to be a good one.

McMahon Segment:

It was basically just a bunch of announcements. Smackdown is moving to a new network and getting a special, London & Kendrick defend and Mysterio takes on Hardy.

Batista Segment:

Nine months? Whoa, he could have had a whole baby in that time. WHY MAKE BATISTA SAY FUCK? Bad call. That’s not cool, especially on Smackdown. I see this in many BTBs. Bookers think that if they bleep it, it will be okay. No! This isn’t a Pillman and Austin segment. No one ever says fuck in the WWE. Batista shoots on Angle until he comes out. I’m not a fan of this Championship reign so far.

Main Event:

A 19-page show with only four matches? Lame. The match was pretty good and resulted in Angle wining, which is the only levelheaded thing to do. You already gave away the other feuds. Finlay verses Booker and The Rock vs Triple H are bound to happen. The Angle and Batista brawl made sense, but Triple H saves The Rock causing The Rock to attack him? You’re making The Rock into the heel here. Not such a great ending for the show.


I know you’re a good writer, but this show rather disappointed me. It’s okay, we all do bad occasionally. I hope the quality of your booking improves. It’s not the matches, promos, or anything like that. It’s the booking. Think about your decisions and ask yourself if they make any sense.


Be sure to review back .
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Good look Wolf. But to not just you Wolf, but to the rest of the Bookers in BTB, should the awards for Best Serious, Best Funny Promo(s), Best Show (Non-PPV, i.e. SNME), and Thread of the Month be reinstated? Just looking for some of you the bookers thoughts,
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