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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Renegade™ Reviews No Mercy

Opening video was very good. You are quite good at producing these

London/Kendrick vs Shelton/Helms
Looks like we are gonna start the show with a potential show stealer with these four in the ring. Was a good, quick paced encounter and Shelton & Helms really did work well together, makes me wonder if maybe you're gonna keep them as a team together on SD! The ending was done at a frantic pace, and a nice win for the champs to retain with a rollup after evading the Shining Wizard. ***1/4

Batista is here, I don't think it'll be his night, as I hate seeing him as champ and I think you'll have Angle hold the strap until SS

Kane vs Lashley
Meh I'm not gonna expect much from this, even though it's between two fairly good workers for their size. Found it kinda hard to get into, Kane went for the Chokeslam mighty early. Both men show their toughness and kick out of some match winners normally, and then Lashley romps home with a trifecta of power moves and secures the victory. Nothing fancy, just a bogged down big man match. ***

Desension in the ranks of the King's Court? Finlay could leave soonish as he doesn't really fit with the others

Matt Hardy vs Rey
I'm pulling for Hardy, just because I dislike Rey on a large scale. This was alot better than the match it preceeded, and Hardy was on fire but he just couldn't finish Rey off, as Mysterio kept alive and kicking. He even manages to kick out despite Hardy hooking the tights. Hardy batters Rey with the chair and then Chavo tries to make the save only to get a chair shot too. He's DQ'd! Eh, thought something better might come from this IMO, still for what it was, decent match. ***

Hardy continues the assault on Rey, beating him senseless with the chair. Rey might be out for a few weeks

Angle talking it up, he'll retain, should be a brutal matchup to say the least

Chris Daniels vs Sabin
Not too keen on two TNA cruisers in this thread hogging all the CW spotlight. Turned out into a very good cruiserweight match with both men going all out for the win, surprised to see Sabin kick out of the Last Rites and Daniels out of the Running Powerbomb, seeing as how both can easily be match winners. Allison Danger? Eh, who the fuck? She distracts Sabin and Daniels turns heel with a low blow and then nails the Angels Wings for the win. It seems like Danger could be siding with Daniels after this. ***1/4

LMAO at the last line from Hunter, gold. Seems like Steph is already asserting her heel persona around the place

HHH vs Finlay
Much better match here, the physicallity was awesome and it really was a brawl mixed with some good wrestling. Finlay outsmarting the ref after losing the chair and attacking Trips with the Shillelagh was genious, and then isolating the knee was a good move. Triple H even got back dropped through the announcer's table and managed to keep going, Finlay gets the Celtic Cross but The Game kicked out! Wow, that makes Finlay's finisher look a tad weak but makes Trips look even stronger. Uh-oh, ref is flattened accidentally by Triple H. Finlay takes full advantage and low blows HHH, but the ref is gone as Triple H hits the Pedigree! Ref still down, and Finlay hits Trips with the Shillelagh! What a steal for Finlay here, big win for the Irishman. ***3/4

The Rock going through the motions until Trips walks in front of him! The tension between these two is building, wonder why The Game smiled after Rock walked off, is he going to screw The Rock over? Hmm...

The Rock vs Booker T
Another good match, following the trend of the previous one. Booker was really taking it to The Rock early on which was surprising, but Rock got back into it only to get the Scissors Kick! Rock kicks out, then Booker kicks out of the Rock Bottom! Don't believe that, how. People's Elbow, and Sharmell takes out the ref. Regal attempts to help beat on The Rock but gets a Rock Bottom! Now Finlay is coming with his Shillelagh, but here comes The Game with his Sledgehammer! O boy, he's gonna either intenionally or un-intentionally drill The Rock with it. NO! He hits Booker, thank God. Rock scores with a second Peeps Elbow and wins it! ***3/4

Daniels is not a popular man backstage and nor he should be, the way he outsmarted everyone in the locker room with the help of Allison Danger (WTF?)

Kennedy vs Cena
Man it's almost as bad as when Cena went to ONS II, the fans are booing the shit outta him. Cena is all over Kennedy here, and the crowd are not happy about it. Man this is turning out into a better and better match, Meatpacker can't put Cena away who is still getting booed heavily. It's almost relentless lol. Kennedy hits Cena with an FU! What an insult. Kennedy however misses the Kenton, what a waste, he should've covered Cena. STFU! No, amazingly Kennedy got to the ropes, I thought he was gonna tap out....tap out....lol. Eh Kamikaze always looks weak when done, not surprised to see Cena kick out of that. And from no where, after being pretty much dominated, Cena pulls out a Superman performance with an FU to put Kennedy down. ***3/4

Cena shows no sportsmanship for Kennedy, which was a shock to see Kennedy actually extend his hand in the first place

Michael Buffer doing the intro's? Can't see that in the WWE really, feels so WCWish

Angle vs Batista
Angle getting in Batista's head right from the off, slapping him twice! What a way to piss him off. Lots of "Fuck" coming from the mouth of Big Dave early on, keeping with his brash new Animalistic personality. Didn't expect Angle to be so dominant early on, but Batista rolls through the Ankle Lock and we are going outside, which normally begins the spots. Belly to Belly against the barricade would kill. ANGLE GOES OFF THE STAGE! Holy crap that was quick, this one could be over already! Steph orders the match to continue. Man this doesn't look good for Angle as Batista destroys the backstage security to get to him. Batista stopped the count? Not enough punishment done yet it seems. Angle begins to fight back, a couple of Germans before he's stopped dead in his tracks with another low blow! The Angle Slam can't put the Champ away, gotta wonder if the table will come into play soon. Angle goes nuts busting Batista open, can he produce a big comeback here and win it? SPINEBUSTER THROUGH THE TABLE! Good god that's nasty, but Angle kicked out! Wow, what a fighting champion. Here come the steel steps and Angle counters, ANKLE LOCK! How did Batista get the ropes? Amazing strength from the Animal. Angle hits a Belly to Belly off the top, but still it doesn't settle it! OMG! Batista Bomb on the steps! Goodnight Kurt, new champion. ****1/4

Overall, quality PPV Mac. The main event was fucking awesome and the three before it where also great. Tag match was really good, Kane/Lashley was a bore however. All the promos were good. 89/100


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

The Opening of it was quite entertaining and enjoyable

Shelton Benjamin & Gregory Helms vs. The Hooligans
This was a solid opening Tag Team match with lots of close falls but the finsiher could of been better

Kane(c) vs. Bobby Lashley
Ok usually two big men who basically use power moves aint fun but you managed to make it actually interesting and i was suprised that Lashley became the champ

Matt Hardy vs. Rey Mysterio
Good match and i was suprised that Matt would do something like that but if it had to happen Mysterio was a good choice

Chris Sabin(c) vs. Christopher Daniels
I have never seen these guys wrestle but if that is the way they wrestle i wanna see them

Triple H vs. Finlay
An interesting choice of match up and i liked the way they wrestled each other and the way it finished

Rock vs. King Booker
Good match and suprised that HHH came in during the match

John Cena vs. Ken Kennedy
A very good match up but i was just disappointed with the results of it

Kurt Angle-Batista II
A good main event and i enjoyed the whole match and i am glad that Batista is the Heavy weight champion but you had other matches in this pay per view that were better then the main event.

Overall Show Rating: 9/10
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Thanks for the No Mercy reviews so far, much appreciated and they will be returned eventually (currently working on Renegade™'s Unforgiven).

On a side note, Allison Danger is the valet for Christopher Daniels in Ring of Honor. I would have posted that before the event but that would have given away the storyline, that started in the news and notes.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Originally Posted by DDMac
On a side note, Allison Danger is the valet for Christopher Daniels in Ring of Honor. I would have posted that before the event but that would have given away the storyline, that started in the news and notes.
All the sudden you're an ROH expert.

Kennedy losing to Cena is retarded but I guess they're both switching rolls since Kennedy extended his hand to Cena which he rejected. I expected Rock to win, same for Batista which means we'll probably get Batista-Angle 3.

Glad you're not going completely with the IWC, and giving Batista the title is a good move.

Things continue to develop between Triple H and The Rock which is always good meaning we'll get a full fledged feud between the two. Lashley wins the title, meh, don't really care but I'm surprised you got a good match out of him and Kane.

Hardy and Mysterio feud continues with the disqualification. Helms sounds like he's injured. Finlay picks up a big win and London/Kendrick retain the titles.

Sorry, for the unorganized thoughts, but I'm doing this off of the top, trying to give you some insight, not pick it apart piece by piece. Main event between Angle and Batista was definitely the match of the night, but all the matches were good and the other big matches stood out as well. Good job D.

Overall: 9.5/10
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

No Mercy Review

This is the first PPV of yours I’ve read, and I can honestly say that I’m really looking forward to the spectacle.

The opening video was brilliant. It didn’t disappoint in the slightest, much better than anything we see on WWE Television. Great start to the show, with all men being kept in character. I wish I had of read Summerslam after reading the happenings between Batista and Kurt Angle. 10/10

The opening commentary seemed all in order. I don’t like Booker being called King of the World, Chris Jericho is the only one of them. Angle v Batista II being the biggest rematch in WWE history may be a bit rich as well, but I can understand Tazz wanting to put over the importance of the match.

Shelton Benjamin & Gregory Helms v Paul London & Brian Kendrick
World Tag Team Championships
Smart choice to open the show here in my opinion, with a match that could potentially be the best of the show. I like the pairing of Shelton & Helms, it’s something different, and that’s good to see. I enjoyed this a lot, it was written well, it flowed nicely and you had both teams working together well. The end was great, enjoyed it immensely, it was plenty quick and the finish was a good way to keep the feud going with Kendrick winning via a roll up. I have to say that Shelton Benjamin comes out of this one looking particularly strong, you made him look very good. Nice start to the show, personally there’s nothing better than a match that’s performed at a solid pace like this one to start off a show. 7.5/10

Noting Batista’s arrival was a nice touch in my opinion, making a big deal of him turning up is a good thing and for that reason I think he’ll go over in the Main Event.

I liked the commentary hyping the US Title match, very Tazz-like.

Kane v Bobby Lashley
United States Championship
Firstly, I have to admit man, I’m not a fan of Kane as US Champion at all, so I hope he loses, even if it is to Lashley. I’m not holding real high hopes for this one, but you never know you might make it good! I’m divided with my opinion of the start of this encounter, I thought it was a decent start to the match, but there was a stage there where I thought you were using the word “huge” too much. There are plenty of other adjectives around. I enjoyed the early exchange between the two from where it went from Kane trying to Chokeslam Lashley, to Lashley bouncing off the ropes, ducking under a clothesline attempt before hitting a Belly to Belly. That would be cool to see in real life, I got an easy image of it in my head which is good. Kane kicks out of the spear…well that has him looking plenty strong already. The description you use in your matches is excellent and I like how you go into all the detail of all the moves of the wrestlers, the crowd reactions etc. Kane hits an Enziguri? That would be quite an effort, and something to see, but I’m not putting it past him as I know that he’s quite agile for a big guy. Wow. The finish absolutely crushed Kane, Lashley comes out looking like a total monster here after that ending. He should get huge rub from this match, he kicked out of some huge power moves as well, furthering his credibility, I guess you can say the same for Kane, but that’s about it. Anyway, this one ended up being much better than I expected, you wrote it really well for a big man match and it was good to see Lashley pick up the win, as the US Title goes with him more than it does with Kane. Where now for the Big Red Machine? 7/10

I really enjoyed this promo. Booker was very much in his King character, and the same can be said for Finlay. I’d say the end is near for the King’s Court though. Great promo. 8/10

Rey Mysterio v Matt Hardy
I liked how you put over this match as a big deal to both guys in their entrances and introductions, particularly Mysterio. Decent match up here, but not as good as I’d expect from two guys of this calibre. It was a fast paced as expected and it flowed very nicely which is great, but I expected more from this one. Rey looked quite strong, continuously kicking out of all of Hardy’s signature moves and I think the DQ finish is a good way to prolong the feud. It makes it more personal between the two and it should continue through Survivor Series, perhaps culminating at Survivor Series. Hardy continuing his assault after the match shows his relentlessness, and totally defines him as a heel. There are many better way to have someone get over as a heel than by have them beat the crap out of Rey Mysterio. 7/10

Really intense promo from Angle here, he’s ready to go. You captured his character very well here and it came across nicely. I still think he’ll lose. 8/10

Chris Sabin v Chris Daniels
Cruiserweight Championship
I have high hopes for this one. I’ll be very surprised if Daniels isn’t a fully fledged heel by the end of this. Another really quick match, I enjoyed this one a lot. Daniels comes out looking very strong, especially after kicking out so many times, particularly from a running powerbomb. Sabin kicking out of the Cradle Shock as well makes him look a little better despite the loss. Allison Danger surprised me? I didn’t read the 3 hours before the event news and notes, but he arrival was unexpected for me. Surprise surprise, Daniels turns heel and picks up the victory, taking the CW Title with him. Great match, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I definitely don’t think this one’s over. 7.5/10

Austin v JBL will be grand.

Lol. I love Hunter. Short little segment here, but I liked it. Steph is obviously establishing herself as a heel. It was essential for you to point out that Steph is Hunter’s ex before that last line for it to be totally effective, so well done. 8/10

I’m expecting the four main events to be long, long matches, since the first four matches have gone for just over 40 minutes between them. Angle-Batista should be quite epic.

I’m sick of Tazz saying “Rocket Buster” lol.

Triple H v Finlay
I’ll be shocked if Finlay goes over here. Once again you went into the detail for this one really well, you described the wrestlers actions nicely and portrayed a clear image as to just how physical the match was. Hunter getting back dropped through the announce table was an interesting spot, especially because we’ve got a No Holds Barred match coming. Hunter kicking out of Finlay’s finisher makes it look quite weak, but the fact he won made up for it. Triple H still looks quite strong despite the loss as he endured quite a beating, managed to hit the Pedigree and Finlay had to cheat to beat him. HUGE win for Finlay, but I’ll be interested to see where you go with both of these guys from here? Anyway, great match here, it was a nice blend of brawling and mat wrestling. 8/10

Nice promo from the Rock, he was very much in character. He pulled out some very Rock-Esq lines and got some good involvement from the crowd. More Hunter, their feud continues to build slowly. Could Hunter interfere in the Rocks match? I don’t think so, as you seem to be approaching this feud differently, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it. Another great backstage segment here 8/10

The Rock v King Booker
Well, I expected Cena v Kennedy now, but I guess Kennedy is the home town boy, so the higher the better I spose. I’m surprised by how short you made this actually. I expected it to go longer. Good match up, but another dodgy ending? Man, that’s 4 in a row now. Hunter did interfere, but he actually helped Rock, now that was unexpected! Great booking there. I expected Hunter to come out bragging expecting the Rock to thank him or something now. I seriously can see this feud dragging on until Wrestlemania. They could both be involved in a tag match at Survivor Series, they have them involved in a multi man title match or something at Armageddon, have one eliminate the other from the rumble and so on. It could really be a great feud, with a huge culmination and if you’re building for Mania this early, then good on ya. Anyway, this was an enjoyable match and I liked the ending, it was great booking for the feud, but I think the dodgy finishes for this PPV are becoming a bit much and I hope someone wins clean between Cena and Kennedy, because god knows what will happen between Angle and Batista. 7.5/10

Good to see Daniels make it back on to the show before the end, giving a bit more hype to his heel turn and making people notice Allison Danger. ROH REPRESENT!

The Kennedy introduction was special. Really, really good. I liked that you pointed out that he got a bigger pop than both the Rock and Hunter. Lol @ “Boo the shit out of John Cena”. That made me laugh.

John Cena v Ken Kennedy
Brilliant. The crowd interaction was brilliant. The way you involved them and kept referring to them and reiterating how hated Cena is, was excellent. Fuck me. Cena wins. Didn’t expect that. Lol. Way to piss off the fans! Lol. Big win for Cena, glad to see it was clean as well. Kennedy looks a little weak after Cena kept kicking out, and Cena busts out a typical superman type feat to win the match. Well, double turn? Or just a tease there. I hope so, a double turn would be sweet! Kennedy hitting the FU on Cena, with his home crowd behind him was great, I could only imagine the type of reaction that would have garnered, it would’ve been priceless to see. Great match, MOTN thus far, largely due to your involvement of the fans and the way you booked Kennedy. 8.5/10

Michael Buffer? Why Michael Buffer? Is he from Green Bay? Anyway, his intros were cool.

I thought you might’ve had a promo in between these two matches, but I guess you can say the video package was one.

Kurt Angle v Batista
No Holds Barred, World Heavyweight Championship
WOAH! ANGLE SLAPS HIM TWICE TO KICK THINGS OFF! Angle gets right inside the head of Batista early on. Kurt playing major mind games, obviously trying to put him off his game, with the slaps, and you’re doing a good job illustrating that Kurt is doing exactly that by describing Batista’s different, frustrated, mannerisms. Woah. Huge spot so early on, with Angle going off the stage. I knew it wouldn’t be a no contest, Steph proves once again that she’s a bitch. Despite the loss, Angle doesn’t look too weak, he endured a hell of a lot and it takes a Batista Bomb on the steel steps to finish it. Great match. Lived up to the hype completely man, it was very well written, very original and very easy to get an image in my mind of. Awesome main event. 9/10

Great show. The Main Event was sick, I loved it. The 3 matches before it were all great as well! Your spelling and grammar was fine, there were only a few minimal errors around the place I think. Your promos were awesome too, well done mate! 96/130
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

WWE News and Notes

- It is all but confirmed that SmackDown! will be moving to FX in a very short time frame, as early as two weeks from now. The announcement may come tonight on RAW.

- WWE officials were very happy with the way the No Mercy pay per view came together. As was expected, the Angle-Batista match stole the show along with the dynamic between Triple H and The Rock.

- Right now, Rock vs. Triple H has been penciled in for several different events. When Rock first returned the plan was for the two to wrestle at Survivor Series but now the plan has them taking on each other at WrestleMania. We will keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.

- Even though Mark Henry and Jeff Hardy did not appear on the pay per view, they’re returns to television are scheduled shortly.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

I thought a Rock/HHH encounter would eventually pop up, and WM is the best stage for the match to take place, I see The Game turning heel around SS and then having it go from there.

Looking forward to when you post the next show Mac, it's been a while.


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

I hate Henry and Hardy . You talked about the move to FX a while ago and I'm looking forward to it. The build up for Triple H and The Rock has been slow but focused but I'm wondering why HHH helped him at the PPV. Looking forward to the next show.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

RAW Preview

Monday Night RAW rolls into the site of No Mercy, Green Bay, Wisconsin and the whole industry is buzzing about one match up in particular.

Tonight, one of the biggest WWE Title matches in the history of the WWE will take place live on RAW. Two legends will collide when the “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels defends his WWE Championship against “The Phenom” The Undertaker! Will the size and strength advantage of “The Deadman” be too much for the WWE Champion to overcome or will “The Showstopper” overcome the odds once again proving again why he is the best RAW has to offer?

Former champion John Bradshaw Layfield will also be in action this week, taking on the talented Charlie Haas. Will JBL manage to pick up some much needed momentum, heading into his war at Bad Blood against Stone Cold Steve Austin? And will the “Texas Rattlesnake” be in the building?

After The Big Show’s attack of Chris Benoit last week what mood will the “Rabid Wolverine” be in come time for RAW? And what will become of Randy Orton and Umaga, two men who have made their championship aspirations known? Will Edge get back into the title hunt after walking off of Monday Night RAW two weeks ago?

All this and more on the next edition of Monday Night RAW, live from Green Bay, Wisconsin!!


All RAW’s up until and including the Bad Blood pay per view will be recapped. SmackDown!’s will be written out in full. RAW will be posted later tonight.

I'm currently halfway done with Renegade's Unforgiven review so once I'm finish with that, I'll be returning the rest of them.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

RAW; October 9, 2006; Green Bay, Wisconsin

We kick off the night with the “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton, coming down to the ring, looking arrogant as ever. Orton puts over his huge victories the past few months, a win in the first blood against John Cena at SummerSlam, his hard fought victory over Ric Flair at Unforgiven and his win over Chris Benoit last week on RAW. Orton then demands a title shot against the winner of tonight’s WWE Title match. Randy calls for Mr. McMahon to come down and give him his title match but … no dice. He waits for several more seconds before …

Ric Flair walks onto the stage and then into the ring, apparently back from his two week mini-vacation since Unforgiven. Flair thanks the fans for welcoming him back and says it feels good to be back on Monday Night RAW. Orton rolls his eyes and seems rather bored as Flair talks about the tremendous privilege that competing in this business that he loves. Orton cuts him off, demanding to know what he wants. Flair states that even though he lost at Unforgiven to Orton, it was the greatest feeling he’s had in a long time. Flair says he felt alive again, going toe to toe with the ‘new blood’, the future of this business. He then challenges Orton to a rematch … tonight! The crowd pops wanting to see that match once more but Randy is not as excited, denying Flair a rematch, stating he has beaten Flair already and has nothing left to prove.

Disappointment fills the arena until Mr. McMahon walks out onto the stage, to a fairly mixed reaction. McMahon says that neither Flair nor Orton run the show, he does, and therefore Orton’s WWE Title match has been denied! The crowd cheers as Orton fumes, before McMahon continues. He says that Flair’s request for a match with Orton has also been denied, but he has a better idea. “On November 5, at Bad Blood, we will see the legendary, the ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair take on the ‘Legend Killer’ Randy Orton, oh, but it will not be a regular match … it will be … a SUBMISSION MATCH (thunderous pop)!! And the loser will not only be quitting that match but will be quitting Monday nights because the LOSER LEAVES RAW!! The crowd is in shock as McMahon walks into the back, leaving Orton and Flair staring at each other, knowing that one of their days on Monday nights are numbered.

[Commercial Break]

Video package plays putting over the WWE Champion, the “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels, putting over his many accomplishments. The v.p. closes with a graphic hyping tonight’s title match between Michaels and The Undertaker.

John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Charlie Haas
Haas is still clearly in an incredible amount of pain from his beat down at the hands of Umaga last week, and even with that, Haas puts up a valiant effort, hanging with the former champion for a while. Eventually the odds are just too much to overcome as JBL hit’s the Clothesline From Hell to pick up the pin at 4:56.
JBL grabs a mic from ringside, as he apparently has something to say. He says that in just under a month’s time, he will end the comeback run of Steve Austin before it even gets off of the ground. Bradshaw even goes so far as to guarantee a victory over Stone Cold at Bad Blood. Haas slowly gets up to his feet and JBL seeing this, bounces off the ropes once more and hits him with another Clothesline From Hell! He gives a smirk to the camera before giving the fans the double finger salute to major heat from the crowd as we cut to the back.

… … … …

In the Rated R Army’s locker room, Chris Masters flexes in front of a mirror, impressing himself with his own impressive physique. Lita walks in and asks where Johnny Nitro, Melina and Ken Doane are. Masters is too infatuated with himself to answer so Lita repeats herself and Masters turns around. He tells here that he has no clue where the rest of the ‘Army is. Lita says she needs them here because she has bad news, great news and fantastic news. Masters exit’s the locker room, going to search for the other members of his team, whom have all had their problems with one another, which have only escalated since Edge walked out on RAW two weeks ago.

[Commercial Break]

Video package plays putting over The Undertaker and his fifteen plus years of dominance. The v.p. closes with a graphic hyping tonight’s title match between Michaels and The Undertaker.

Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs. America’s Most Wanted w/Gail Kim
Harris and Storm, the World Tag Team Champions, pick up some momentum as champions, picking up a solid win over Cade and Murdoch. The two relative newcomers, hit the Death Sentence on Cade to pick up the pin fall victory at 5:12.
After the match, the #1 contenders for the tag belts, Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak, run down to the ring as AMW celebrate their victory and attack the champions from behind. Reigns & Jindrak stomp away on AMW and eventually Cade & Murdoch join in on the beat down, gaining a bit of revenge for their lost just suffered. The four men put a beat down on the men for a good four minutes, with Reigns eventually hitting his Rolling Cutter on Harris as Jindrak hit’s the Mark Of Excellence on Storm!

[Commercial Break]

Umaga and his manager, Armando Alejandro Estrada come to the ring. AAE grabs a mic and says that the savage streak of Umaga started at Unforgiven with the destruction of the hardcore legend, Mick Foley, at Unforgiven and Umaga’s path of violence will continue until he is in the possession of the WWE Title. Estrada: “The longer it takes for him to get a title shot, ha ha, the more bodies will hit the floor. Bring out the next victim for the SAAAMOAN BULLDOZER, UUUUMAGA!!!”

Viscera vs. Umaga w/Armando Alejandro Estrada
Another quick match, as the show seems to be leaving plenty of time for the huge main event between Michaels and Taker. Despite the incredible size advantage, Umaga runs right through big Vis, hitting him with all of his signature maneuvers before finishing him off with the Samoan Spike at 3:34.
Estrada grabs a steel chair and tosses it into the ring to Umaga. Viscera gets up and gets leveled with a sickening steel chair shot to the head! Umaga then puts the steel chair around the neck of Vis!!! Several referees run down to the ring, in an attempt to stop him, but its of no use as Umaga chases them away. He then gets back up, leaping off the turnbuckle, landing on the chair, CRUSHING VISCERA’S THROAT!!! Vis coughs up blood as Estrada calls Umaga out of the ring.

… … … …

In the locker room of the Rated R Army, Lita waits patiently until finally, Chris Masters comes back into the room, with the other members of the unit, “The Phenomenal” Ken Doane, Johnny Nitro and Melina. Nitro and Doane look at each other with pure hatred, as the anger the two men have for each other is still strong. Lita says she has several announcements. The first one being, after his past couple of big wins these past few weeks, Chris Masters will go one on one with Carlito for the Intercontinental Championship NEXT WEEK!!!

Masters is stoked as Lita continues, saying that there is also bad news, being that at Bad Blood, Doane and Nitro must be forced to team up against Rob Van Dam and Joey Mercury. Nitro and Doane blow a gasket, throwing a bitch fit, refusing to team up with each other. Lita says they don’t have a choice, since its Mr. McMahon’s decision. She then gets ready to tell her fantastic news but says they will have to wait until later tonight and find out.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage, Chris Benoit does an interview with Todd Grisham. Benoit talks about his attack at the hands of The Big Show last week, costing him his match against Orton last week. Says some way, some how, he’ll eventually get even with The Big Show. Show’s manager, Paul Heyman, appears and tells Benoit that he should let it go, because he’s a great technical wrestler and doesn’t need his great career destroyed by The 7’2’’, 500 pound monster. Heyman rattles off the accomplishments of Benoit, putting him over just long enough, so he becomes distracted AND GETS ATTACKED BY BIG SHOW! Show hits Benoit from behind, knocking him down. He lifts Benoit and gorilla presses him over his head, 9 some-odd feet in the air. Show then tosses Benoit into the backstage set!! Benoit hit’s the steel and falls all the way down to the concrete floor as Show and Heyman walk off.

Trish Stratus vs. Victoria
The Women’s Champion, Mickie James, watches from ringside as Trish and Victoria go at it. The two women put on a very competitive match up, Victoria trying to work her way into the title picture as Trish tries to build up some momentum, heading into her Women’s Title match at Bad Blood. Towards the end of the match, Trish hits Victoria with the Chick Kick, going for the cover but Vickie kicks out!! Trish gets frustrated but plans to stay on the attack but Mickie James jumps onto the ring apron, causing a distraction. Trish goes to attack Mickie, but she quickly jumps down, avoiding contact. Trish turns back around and Victoria kicks her in the gut, hitting The Widow’s Peak for the pin fall victory at 7:01!! Victoria defeats the #1 contender!!
Mickie James enters the ring and gets right into the face of an unconscious Trish Stratus, telling her that she will never recapture the Women’s Championship. As Mickie trash talks Trish, she doesn’t see Victoria eyeing the Women’s Title with a crazed look in her eye.

Mr. McMahon seems to be walking toward the ring area, when he is cut off by Umaga and Armando Alejandro Estrada. AAE puts over the destruction of Viscera earlier tonight, before asking McMahon for a WWE Title match. Vince says what Umaga did against a man of that size was impressive … but if he wants to earn a title match, if he wants to earn the big bucks, then Umaga needs to take out the ‘big dogs’. McMahon then excuses himself as a sinister grin comes over the face of Estrada, seemingly having a plan in mind.

[Commercial Break]

Mr. McMahon comes to the ring, grabbing a microphone amongst a mixed reaction. He rambles on a bit, putting over how great the show has been tonight, because of the work he has put in. He then states that the rumors reported on wwe.com are true, in two weeks time,
SmackDown! will be moving to FX! The audience continues to cheer McMahon as he makes one more announcement, stating that on the same week as SmackDown!‘s debut on FX, he will be naming a NEW General Manager of RAW!! Crowd pops huge before Vince walks off, after making a huge impact!

… … … …

Backstage, the Intercontinental Champion, Carlito, has an interview with Maria. Nothing more than a typical ‘hype’ promo with Carlito trashing his challenger for the Intercontinental Title next week, Chris Masters.

Our commentators, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler, hype the HUGE WWE Title match main event tonight, giving us a tale of the tape between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker.

[Commercial Break]

WWE Championship: Shawn Michaels(c) vs. The Undertaker
The Showstopper and The Phenom put on a hell of a contest, each man showing why they have reached iconic status within the business. During the early parts of the match, The Undertaker works over the back of the WWE Champion, the same back which put him on the shelf for four years. He hits Michaels with hard shots in the corner, working over the midsection, ribs and kidneys of HBK, before hitting a backbreaker, going for the cover but only picking up a two count! Taker remains focused on the task, hitting Old School and then a hard sidewalk slam, but still only managing to pick up a two count! Now The Deadman is a bit upset, whipping Michaels into the corner with force, charging in with a big boot … but Michaels moves, and Taker’s leg gets caught up on the top rope!

HBK shows his legendary tenacity, going to work like a man possessed, wailing away on Taker with hard right hands! He then dropkicks Undertaker, sending him out of the ring! HBK then leaps over the top rope with a pescado, taking him out!!! He gets Taker and throws him back into the ring, going for the cover but only getting a two! Michaels climbs the turnbuckle and jumps off, looking for a double axe handle … but Taker is ready, catching him in the gut with a hard right!

The Phenom then goes back on the offense, running HBK over with a couple of hard clotheslines! Shoots Michaels off of the ropes, hitting a back body drop! Taker then lifts him up, hitting the snake eyes on the turnbuckle, shooting off of the ropes and charging at Michaels but HBK leaps up and catches Taker with a Lou Thesz press, wailing away on The Undertaker! He lifts The Phenom up and attempts to shoot him off of the ropes, but Taker counters, sending Michaels in. HBK comes back and drills him with a flying forearm, before KIPPING UP!!

Undertaker gets back up to his feet but Michaels is on fire, hitting Taker with hard right hands before delivering a Manhattan drop and running him over with a clothesline! He then scoops him up, hitting a body slam, before going over to the corner and climbing the turnbuckle. HBK leaps off the top rope, looking for the flying elbow drop … and hits it!! Michaels is on a roll, stomping his foot in the corner, waiting for The Undertaker to get back up to his feet! He finally does and Michaels goes for the Super kick … but Taker ducks, avoiding contact AND THEN HIT’S THE CHOKESLAM!!!

He goes for a cover on Michaels but he kicks out, showing his tremendous resilience!!!! Taker lifts him up to his feet and goes for the Last Ride but Michaels counters out of it, squirming free of his grip AND HITTING SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!! Michaels can’t immediately cover, too worn down from the choke slam but he manages to crawl over, getting a hand over Taker’s chest! 1... 2... TAKER GETS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPES!!

Michaels and Taker both lay out for several seconds before HBK kips back up to his feet AGAIN!! He then goes onto the ring apron, climbing the turnbuckle and waiting on The Deadman when TAKER SITS UP!! Michaels leaps off of the top, going for a cross body … but TAKER CATCHES HIM, THROWING HIM ONTO HIS SHOULDER AND THEN, HITTING THE TOMBSTONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Undertaker covers Michaels, using the Darkness pin, hoping for the WWE Title!! 1... 2... NO! UMAGA BREAKS UP THE PIN FALL, ATTACKING THE UNDERTAKER!!! The referee calls for the bell, disqualifying Michaels (though not his fault) at 17:49.
Umaga attacks The Undertaker, hitting him with hard rights until Taker fights back, and the two huge men attempt to destroy each other, fighting toward the backstage area as Michaels slowly gets up to his feet in the ring, wondering what the hell just happened. The referee hands him the WWE Championship which he retains since he can’t lose it on a disqualification.

HBK kind of shrugs his shoulders, not liking the way he retained the title but damn sure glad he’s keeping it. The crowd cheers on The Showstopper but it quickly turns into heat … when EDGE JUMPS OVER THE RING BARRICADE AND INTO THE RING!!!!!! Michaels turns around AND EDGE SPEARS HIM IN HALF!!! He then grabs a microphone and announces that HE’S BACK on RAW because his demands have been met, he gets a title shot at Bad Blood!! He then states that he’ll announce the special stipulation next week! Ross and Lawler wonder what the hell he’s talking about as we fade out of the show!!



Current Card for WWE Bad Blood - November 5, 2006

WWE Championship:
Stipulation To Be Added:
Shawn Michaels(c) vs. Edge w/Lita

Women’s Championship:
Mickie James(c) vs. Trish Stratus

Loser Leaves RAW: Submission Match:
Randy Orton vs. Ric Flair

Friends or Foes?:
Ken Doane & Johnny Nitro w/Melina vs.
Joey Mercury & Rob Van Dam w/Bill Alfonso

Return To The Ring Of The Rattlesnake:
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

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