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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

A Royal Review

Opening Segment: This was a perfect way to start off this great addition of Smackdown. Triple H was very in character and was very "intese" as you can say it. This feud is growing pretty strong and I am looking foward to the battle between him and Finlay at No Mercy. Also Stephanie McMahon as the New Smackdown GM, what a way to start off again and I can't wait to see what happens between these two.

Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Christopher Daniels: This was a good first match of the night. It was kind of obvious the Daniels would get over but some good moves performed here. The result was good in Daniels winning and I liked the respect shown by Daniels after.

Hardy Promo: This was a good interview here. I love Hardy as a heel and you played his part well right here. This feud is getting intesne between Rey and Matt and I like the brawl to end the segment.

Chris Sabin vs. Kid Kash: This has always been a dream match that I wanted to see. Just two great crusierweights going at it for the title. Some good moves performed here and this was very enjoyable to read. Good result in the match as Sabin retains the title.

Rock and Triple H: Good promo as both men were in character. This is great hype for a great main event. I liked how you used the Rocks catch phrases as I always believed he was the best mic performer.

Matt Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, Gregory Helms vs. Rey Mysterio, Brian Kendrick, and Paul London: This was great match between 6 crusierweights. These six guys all brought there best as they performed great moves and kept the match flowing. This was very entertaining to read and would love to see this match in real life. Predictable ending with Hardy cheating but it only strengthens the rivalry.

Kurt Angle vs. The Miz: Biggest squash match of the year award lol. Not much to say about this match because it was obvious that Angle would win but the confrontation after when Angle called out Batista was great. This feud is one of the best ones I've ever read.

John Cena and Kennedy Promo: Even though the match will be good, I wasn't a fan of this promo. Neither person seemed lifelike or in character. This was the biggest dissapointment of your show.

King's Court vs. Triple H and The Rock: This was a good main event leading into the ppv. Two of the top matches at the ppv were contested right here. I loved how Trips couldn't get in for awhile like normal heels will do but then finally got the tag and eventaully Rock and Trips winning.

Overall: A great show and I will now review and read every show. 9/10, I hope we may exchange reviews.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Wow, Stephanie is the new SmackDown! General Manager. That's big news and HHH isn't too happy about it. And we get a massive main event booked, the King's Court vs The Rock & HHH. Hopefully for the faces The Great One and The Game can work together against the odds

Sabin & Daniels? I hope SD! isn't TNA littered...
Regardless, they'll put on a good match

Matt Hardy as a heel is new these days and a feud with Rey will put on some good matches, but will struggle for good promos, so try and keep them like this one lol

Another cruiserweight match, two on one show and they're back to back, not the best booking choice

Hmm I can see this turning into a Wrestlemania match maybe because it seems like you're slowly building a feud between Rock & HHH

Nice 6 man tag match but you got the winners mixed up lol. Hardy gets his nose ahead in his feud with Rey, cna he keep it up? Methinks so

Good No Mercy main event video

Angle squashes Miz, the second one tonight, and then gets on the mic demanding Batista come for a fight. A big brawl begins before Steph shows up and makes the rematch No Holds Barred! Big news, should be a brutal match

Cena/Kennedy promo was OK, liking this feud as it can produce some great promos, and I expect Cena to be booed at Green Bay like Kennedy said

Huge main event and the faces win, even if HHH did steal a win off The Rock lol still they got it done and they stand tall to end what wasn't such a bad show like you said Mac

8/10. I didn't see much wrong with it, I'm enjoying SD! as much as RAW actually.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's Smackdown Review:

Triple H seemed to be forcing it at the end of the promo and it dragged on too long. McMahon was fine except for a few comments which hurt it but really, it was a run of the mill promo with an interim GM and main event announced.

Ugh, I can't stand current TNA wrestlers in WWE and I see you're doing the sportsmanship feud. Seen this before in TNA so hopefully something can be different here than what TNA did.

This interview reminded me somewhat of the Matt Hardy V1 Character he had back in 2002 and 2003 which had him work well as a heel. Mysterio attacks him, not a surprise as some buildup is needed.

Two cruiserweight matches back to back, rare to ever see that happen in WWE. Sabin gets a win but something tells me he's going to be the heel in the Daniels feud after his actions while watching Daniels's match.

Triple H kinda got thrown to the side there in that promo with the Rock. Triple H speaking more would of helped but his ending comment I guess was enough to make up for the lack of words.

Hmmm, Hardy cheats and wins. Kinda small but got confused whenever I read the winners, it said Hardy, London, and Kendrick. Anyways, just builds the feud further up with Hardy cheating there.

Ok, video package. Just a little hype for No Mercy, nothing major.

Ok, like Miz ever stood a chance! Squash match here once again and the confrontation really was the big part. Guessing No Holds Barred was needed as it wouldn't be a pretty match in the ring if Angle tried wrestling Batista in a singles contest.

Best promo of the show, hands down! Kennedy was in character, the taunting and mocking of Cena showed he won't back down. Cena looked a little weak not saying much but still, good promo.

Fun main event to end the night off with, the ending makes me think for sure we're in for a future feud possibly heading into 'Mania with Rock vs. HHH. If so, of course HHH will make the heel turn.

Overall, I think this was my first time reviewing. Good show, matches were fine. Promos were ok, somethings can be worked on but overall, you show that you can have what it takes in the future. Let's see what you can continue to bring to the table here.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Smackdown Review

Great way to open the show, with Hunter and Vince. Hunter was in character for the most part, seeming typically intense, but he did start to go on a bit as it went on, and it seemed to go off track a little, but oh well. I didn’t like how Vince said that Finley was going to kick Hunter’s teeth down is throat. Steph coming out was unexpected, and it seems we’ve got a huge main event for the show. I liked how you pointed out the fact that Hunter still has heat with the Rock, nice touch.

Daniels goes over Scotty in the first match of the night, which is fair enough. The mention of Sabin at the end was a nice touch just to keep everyone remembering what’s going on between the two.

Decent Heel promo from Matt Hardy taking cheap shots at the fans to get him over more, which is fair enough. Nice to see some good intensity form Hardy as well, which builds his feud with Rey even more. The attack from Rey at the end was needed in my opinion, as it gives the feud more exposure which is definitely required.

Nice little match between Sabin and Kash. Good to see Sabin go over a credible opponent like Kash, to increase his own credibility as a champion. Still waiting for the impending total heel turn from Sabin, the only thing I didn’t like about this was the positioning of this match on the card, you should have had another match or two in between the two cruiserweight matches, instead of having them after each other. I’m happy to see that you had to CW matches on the one show though.

Typically good Rock promo here, I liked the fact that you didn’t have Hunter say much, and him having the final say was definitely a good thing. This seems to be a slow build to a feud between the two.

The 6 Man Tag was a fun match, Hardy picks up the win to gain the upper hand in his feud with Rey. I didn’t like Hardy’s quick recovery from the 619, this made his finisher look a touch weak in my opinion.

I gotta say, although it’s short and simple, I really dig that Batista/Angle promo.

Angle squashes Miz showing his intensity, gotta love a good squash.

The after math was the big point though, No Holds Barred is great, makes it much more appealing. After this, the match should be just brutal, I liked that you didn’t make Batista look like a coward.

Great promo with Kennedy and Cena. Kennedy was very much in character, with his cockiness clearly evident, as he knows that Cena will be booed in Green Bay. Cena was a little off, but some of his lines were just what you’d expect to come from him.

Only a video promo to hype Lashley/Kane during this show? Strange.

The Rock and Triple H go over in a fan friendly Main Event. Hunter steals the win off Rocky, as their respective feuds with the members of the court is furthered, but I definitely think that there is a feud brewing for Wrestlemania. I think at Survivor Series we’ll see Hunter and Rock involved on the same team some how, probably taking on the Court and others, which see’s more angst between the two. Then more interaction between them at the Rumble, with one eliminating the other, with the eliminated one, coming back to throw out the other, then maybe have one involved in a title match or something at No Mercy, only for the other to cost him the match, which leads to the match at Mania. Anyway, I’m rambling, over all it wasn’t that bad of a show at all, I think you were a bit harsh on yourself.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Really glad with the responses to SmackDown (well, most of them as there was a big discrepancy in one of 'em). I'm currently finishing up the review for FD & Kane's WrestleMania and once that is out of the way it should be smooth sailing as far as reviews are concerned. RAW recap will be posted after I finish FD's WM review. Then after that, reviews for Renegade, KOP, Jericholic, etc will be dished out.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac, I hope to get a review up for SD! this weekend. I as well am working on F-D's review, so yeah I hope to get a review for SmackDown! this weekend.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Deadman_014's Smackdown Review

I was slightly not very much entertained with the opening promo. Both men using slang isn't a good idea, because that is not a really what either man do. A rather quicker promo, and Stephanie is the new General Manager. It should of been made into a surprise, possibly had Vine make that match, and then have Stephanie come out at the end as the announcement. Scotty jobs to Daniels, and I like Hardy as a heel, but you need to think of some lines for him, a nickname and some stuff for him to do in promos. The aftermath of the promo was Hardy and Rey brawl a bit and we go now into commercial break.

We see Sabin beat Kash, and not much to say about that so I'll yawn lol, good match recap there bud. The Rock & HHH promo was decent, he had like two or just one catch phrase, not Rockyish. I see your slowly building tension between the two, with shots at each other, this may culminate into Survivor Series teams, or into WrestleMania. Looks good either way. Hardy wins it for his team with the tights, you probably should of held the two apart till No Mercy I think, alright heel ending. Nice little video for No Mercy, but saying the guys names are TNA'ish. Angle murders Miz, and then a huge brawl erupts between Batista and Angle, which leads Stephanie to make it No Holds Barred. Probably going to make it that much better.

Kennedy and Cena promo was alright, Kennedy seemed pretty good and Cena well was meh, wasn't portrayed great here it was alright I guess though. The Lashley & Kane buildup was shown, but neither were on the card. Now looking at this show 2 matchs of squash have been booked, and you missed the US Champion and others off the show/card. Main Event was alright, I usually don't say much about recapped matchs, but this was pretty decent. The Tag by The Game to take the pin from Rocky was alright, but now that I look at it your building tension between Rocky & The Game, but your not building Finlay vs. HHH or Booker vs. The Rock much anymore.

Decent show, many bad booking flaws such as Hardy pinning Mysterio, he could of easily pinned one of the others, or you could of had this turn into something else like a no contest. I don't think the 6 man tag should've been on the card, because you had them brawl just a second before, so that never happens and comes into a match. We had 2 squashs in the show which is never good, Lashley, Kane, Cena & Kennedy were all off the card. Sloppy booking part of the show, the show itself was ok, but it has its flows. I'll be checking out the next few shows, you said you weren't feelin this and I understand now.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Monday Night RAW (Recap)
October 2, 2006

The night starts off with a tag team match up, Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak taking on “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and Eugene for a shot at the World Tag Team Titles. AMW watch from ringside as Reigns and Jindrak destroy their opponents, regaining some of the credibility they lost in last week’s battle royal. Reigns eventually hits Duggan with a modified swinging neck breaker to pick up the pinfall victory.

Inside of The Rated R Army’s locker room, a huge argument breaks out between “The Phenomenal” Ken Doane and Johnny Nitro. “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters doesn’t make the situation any better, as he takes every opportunity to put over his win against RVD last week. Lita tries to get a word in but eventually gives up, simply storming out of the locker room. Nobody notices though as they are at each other’s throats and without their leader, Edge, things don’t look bright for the future.

Once we return from the commercial break, inside of the office of Mr. McMahon, whom is on his cell phone. Vinnie Mac is apparently on with Edge, talking about a potential title match. Vince says he cant give him one right now but hopefully some time in the future, which cause Edge to hang up. McMahon throws his cell phone down on the couch in frustration.

John Bradshaw Layfield has the worst timing in the world as he storms into McMahon’s office and begins yelling about Stone Cold Steve Austin, saying something needs to be done about The Rattlesnake. McMahon says JBL is right and makes Stone Cold vs. JBL for Bad Blood!! Bradshaw tries to plead but McMahon will have none of it, kicking JBL from his office.

Our second match up of the night takes place between Randy Orton and Chris Benoit. The two men put on a hell of a contest, going about fifteen minutes. Orton comes close to victory on several occasions but eventually Chris Benoit locks in the Crossface!! The Big Show (w/Paul Heyman) makes his way down to the ring, causing a distraction and Benoit lets go of the hold. Benoit turns around right into an RKO!!! Orton picks up the win!

The Big Show slowly gets into the ring and Orton bails wanting no part of the mammoth 500 pounder. The referee attempts to reason with Show … only to receive a CHOKESLAM for his efforts. Show then lifts Benoit up but The Crippler fights back, hitting him with right hands before shooting off of the ropes but Show catches a weakened Benoit, presses him over his head and flings him over the top rope!!

Interview with the WWE Champion Shawn Michaels. HBK just expresses his confidence with his upcoming title match against Taker next week, showing no fear of The Undertaker. Michaels also discusses his main event match tonight against Umaga. The lights begin to flicker off and on with sounds of static playing. HBK shows no fear, sarcastically asking Maria if she’s responsible for this, before smirking and walking away.

In a non-title match up, “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters defeats the Intercontinental Champion Carlito, using a roll up and a hook of the tights for the pinfall victory.

Interview with Armando Alejandro Estrada and Umaga. Estrada puts over the dominance of the Samoan Bulldozer, bringing up his destruction of Mick Foley at Unforgiven and the domination of Charlie Haas last week. He also says once he defeats Michaels here tonight, McMahon will have no choice but to give him a WWE title match in the future.

The WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James goes one on one with Trish Stratus. Trish gains the upper hand and looks like she may have the title in hand, but Mickie has the belt in her hand!! … Mickie drills Trish with the belt, causing the disqualification and escaping with the title once more.

After the commercial break, we head to our main event, pitting “The Samoan Bulldozer” Umaga vs. the WWE Champion, “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels. HBK and Umaga put on a good match up with neither man giving an inch. After some interference by Estrada, Umaga manages to hit the Samoan Spike on HBK and pins the WWE Champion!!!

Umaga and Estrada put a two on one beat down on Michaels until the lights go out!!! The Undertaker appears in the ring and brawls with Umaga, knocking him out of the ring. Michaels then drops Estrada with Sweet Chin Music. HBK and Taker have a stare down as the commentators, Ross and Lawler, give the hard sell for the WWE Title match on RAW next week.



Current Card for Bad Blood
November 5, 2006
Location: Atlanta, Georgia; Georgia Dome

The Return to the Ring of the Rattlesnake
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Raw Recap review by Brye

Opening match: A squash match to some sort. look foreward to seeing an AMW vs Jinkdrak/Reigns match. Pretty obvious of a match but good lead up

I think the Rated R army is breaking up soon without Edge. Doane and Masters are gonna start a feud after this, I believe

Edge/Vince cell phone thing was good and I dont think Edge will be back for a few weeks. JBL vs Austin at Bad Blood sounds like a good Match up

Orton vs Benoit sounded like a very good match between them and a good ending with the distraction by Big Show and a good afermath with Big Show beating up Benoit and the ref

Good Michaels interview with the lights flickering and Taker playing mind games. Umaga vs HBK sounds like a good Main event

Masters beats Carlito by cheating and im guessing he will get a title shot

Good interview by Estrada covering all the basics and hyping up Umaga

Mickie vs Trish was good and Mickie getting DQ'ed to retain was a good idea.

Umaga vs HBK was good but suprising Umaga won. Cool to see HBKs enemy come out to help and great ending

Overall: Good recap of the show and Bad Blood sounds to be shaping up good

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

bAwLiN's ReViEw Of RaW rEcAp

Part One - Match Ratings
Match One - Good squash. good way to set up a match. too m,uch of a squash imo who was Hacksaw's partner?7/10

Match Two -good way for orton to winn. i liked the finish. 8/10

Match Three - good way for carlito to lose, sets up a match. way too short 7/10

Match Four -good disqualification finish. i liked this short match. 8/10

Match Five - good win for umaga, looking for him to win the title. 9/10

Overall match ratings: 39/50 OR 78/100 or a letter grade of C+

Part Two - Pros and Cons
Good booking
cool layout

some weird thisngs, like who was hacksaw's partner?

part Three - Overall show review
Realism - 8/10
Length - 10/10
Flow- 10/10
Spelling - 10/10
Booking -10/10

Overall show review total: 48/50 OR 96/100 or a letter grade of an A
Complete total: 48/50 + 39/50 = 87/100 or a letter grade of a B+

Match of the Night: none
Bathroom break match of the night: none

Would apprecieate a review back please and thank you
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