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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

WWE Monday Night RAW
September 25, 2006

No better time to start reading a thread than after a PPV. I would like to thank you for taking the initiative to review my thread.

Length: Your match summaries were very detailed, and the majority of your promos had great length. 9.5/10

Spelling and Grammar: Very good job! One of the few people who realize crowd is singular entity. 9/10

This is obviously the way to start Raw with the former champion complaining. Mid life crisis line was good. I personally would rather see Undertaker vs. HBK, but Edge has to be in the mix sometime soon. I really liked his character here, but I think the vacation was too desperate.

That is quite an army. Two women, one athletic freak, one good wrestler, one baboon, and one okay person. Oh, and Kenny is there too. Nice little addition. The dissension is imminent without the leader present. Lita was a bit errant as the leader, but there really is no one else.

Always good too hear Armando talk, getting the Samoan’s accomplishments from last night over more.

Match #1
Umaga (w/AAE) vs. Charlie Haas

Unfortunate to see Haas’ push stall with a convincing loss. Umaga is more important than Haas though, so he is a sacrificial lamb.

It is a typical JBL promo, attracting a good amount of heat and proclaiming himself to be a god. JBL vs. Stone Cold will be a good feud promo wise, just not match wise. The only thing I did not like about this promo is that it was reminiscent to Edge’s promo not too long ago, talking about big screwages.

Match #2
Carlito© vs. Ken Doane vs. Johnny Nitro (w/Melina)

Intercontinental Championship; Triple Threat Match
Is the word distain or disdain? I have no idea, but I would bet on disdain. Anyway, what I find hard to believe about this is Kenny being able to land on his feet after being shoved off the turnbuckles. The ensuing superkick and roll up was nice, but that was implausible. I like the in ring dissension now.

Match #3
Over The Top Rope Tag Team Battle Royal
World Tag Team Championships

I will tell you straight up that I do not like debuting teams to win the championship in their first match like the WWE does, but it does have some good effects as they can remain fan favorites like that. You made the match long as it should have been as it was over the top rope.

Very interesting interview with Randy Orton as I really liked the way that Randy put himself over by putting Flair over a lot. Must agree with every word he said. :agree

I really enjoyed this promo with Undertaker and HBK, until McMahon ruined it. HBK was greatly in character, especially with the little finger squeeze. Undertaker was in his character though, you could have incorporated statements about death in his dialogue. I was really hoping this would be on a PPV as they are two of the best wrestlers ever, but I know you will give them enough time. Not really into the suspension for next week because the match can have that much more build up.

Match #4
Chris Masters vs. Rob Van Dam (w/Bill Alfonso)

RVD did his part, but he more or less jobbed for the Rated R Army. The whole fight at ringside was the real attraction, good stuff going on there, and there is nobody to stop it. RVD is sort of being degraded, but I am not saying he should be at the top.

Big Show’s wrath could lead to interference in the Undertaker and HBK match possibly.

Ha, Mac notes! Just do what I do, replace people you hate with yourself.

Match #5
Women’s Champion Mickie James, Victoria and Candice Michelle
vs. Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson and Maria

Very good of you to give the heels a victory. Smart of you to give the experienced wrestlers the time. I do not understand the Mickie James infatuation, but she is a good wrestler. I also do not like women matches before main events, but no big deal.

Match #6
Main Event
Chris Benoit vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

I believe this was the opener to Unforgiven. I always love to see Chris Benoit in the main event. Tis a shame that such a good match had to end with a disqualification, but smart move on JBL’s part, saving himself the humiliation of tapping out twice in two days. I am sure Benoit was just used to transfer JBL to Stone Cold. Of course, JR goes nuts for Stone Cold. Blowing snot on wrestlers is a heel Chris Benoit move, but I love it. Stone Cold is back!!

Entertainment: You definitely had a good show. HBK and Undertaker was the best promo along with Orton’s and JBL’s interviews. The rest could use some ameliorating. Match ups were good enough. 8/10

Bottomline: Well, I had no idea of what to think of you before, but you are pretty good and those awards are well deserved. I am impressed by some of your writing, but I still had two big problems. Your promos could be a lot better, though you had some good ones. The match ups were decent enough, but I have to complain about RVD and Charlie Haas just being fed.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

DD Mac Review
Raw, Spetember 25th

Edge Promo
The Edge promo was very good, he was very much in character
and it was quite a shock to see him walk out until getting the title shot.

Rated R Army Promo
Another good Rated R Army promo here, with all the arguing between Ken Doane, Nitro and Doane maybe we are seeing shades of the group breaking up

Umaga vs. Charlie Haas
By the way I think the Umaga promo should have been after the match as I don't think it is very realistic having 3 promos in a row. Just another savage domination match by Umaga, Nice to see a sort of psycho angle on Umaga

JBL Promo
Good JBL promo to carry on his feud with Steve Austin, he seemed very much in character

Carlito vs. Ken Doane vs. Johnny Nitro
Weird to see Nirto and Daone teaming up after the argument earlier but with the fight between them afterwards I think this could defiantly meaning the breaking up of the stable. But good Match and I knew Carlito would retain anyway

Tag Team Battle Royal
It was weird how you built up Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak having the build up to the match and then to give the victory to AMW, but a nicely written battle royal

Randy Orton Promo
Randy was definitely in character here and it was a very well written promo

Undertaker/Shawn Michaels Promo
The Undertaker/Shawn Michaels promo was very good and I am guessing they will fight it out at bad blood

Chris Masters vs. Rob Van Dam
I would of had Van Dam win the match due to the distraction from the two fighting members of the Rated R Army but I can now sense a feud between Carltio and Chris Masters.

Big Show Promo
Well I like the angle you are putting on Big Show here, maybe he will be in the WWE title picture soon

Womens Tag Team Match
Average Womens Match which was probably just a filler anyway, Nice to see Mickie pick up the win

Chris Benoit vs. JBL

A really good match here with Chris Benoit could of won but a JBL low blow stops it, the low blow is something he would of done anyway

Steve Austin Aftermath
Steve Austin, I thought he might arrive that some point, just another way to beat JBL down but nice to see Austin anyway

Overall Another Brilliant show, you spelling and grammar were fine, I saw no mistake, I look forward to this weeks Smackdown


-rabidwolverine 2

Please can you review my Raw which will be posted tommorow, Thank-you

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Honestly, I wasn't feelin' it on this show. Just wasn't flowing like usual. I still think its a pretty decent show but...meh.

WWE SmackDown!

September 29, 2006
Fresno, California

-Opening Video


Joey Styles: We are here in sunny Fresno, California, ready for a great edition of Friday Night SmackDown. I’m Joey Styles, here with my broadcast partner the former ECW Champion Tazz.

Tazz: I got goose bumps man. This is a big show can you feel it?!

Joey Styles: Absolutely, SmackDown always puts on a great show, week in and week out.

Tazz: And whatta’ ‘bout Mr. McMahon’s huge announcement??

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, before we came on the air, we were told that the Chairman of the Board had a huge announcement that would not only affect Triple H but all of SmackDown. You think it has something to do with The Game interfering at Unforgiven?


“King of Kings” hits to a thunderous ovation and “The Game” Triple H walks out onto the stage dressed in jeans and a ‘DX’ t-shirt, probably just to piss McMahon off even more. Hunter grabs a mic and begins to speak.

Triple H: Well here I am. Now, I know you’re sittin’ in the back McMahon. Doin’ whatever it is that you do. The fact is I don’t have time to waste on a shriveled up old bastard like ya‘ self. Ya see in just ten days, I go one on one with “The Fighting Irish Bastard” Finlay.

Crowd pops, anticipating the huge match up.

Triple H: And at No Mercy, I plan on takin’ that shillelagh and shoving it down Finlay’s throat. That’s all I’m trying to focus on but ya see, Vince McMahon is pissed off because at Unforgiven, I did what I had to do. I showed up at a RAW event and I pedigreed Vince’s ass!

Another good pop for The Game.

Triple H: And now Vinnie Mac is apparently ready to make some huge announcement which concerns me. Alright, fine. Vince, take off the reading glasses, stop rubbin’ in the “Bengay”, quit drinkin’ the prune juice and get your ass out here, to hand out your “judgment”.

After several seconds, “No Chance in Hell” hits to an incredible level of heat. Mr. McMahon walks out onto the stage, microphone in hand. Vinnie Mac seems to be in a rather good mood, smiling away.

Triple H: What the hell are you so happy about?? What did you do today? Huh? Club some baby seals?? Push an old lady down a flight of stairs? Take candy from a baby? What does an old evil bastard like you do for fun?

McMahon continues to smile, even after Hunter’s smart ass comments.

Mr. McMahon: Just keep talkin’ Hunter. Keep talkin’. The more you talk, the more enjoyment I get out of the announcement I’m about to make.

Triple H: Well … go ahead. Wait. Wait. Wait. Can I get a couple of guesses first? Ok, I know its gonna be something bad. Something horrid. I got it. You’re gonna lock me in a room and force me to watch The Scorpion King for 10 hours straight.

The crowd ‘ohs’ and give a few boos as Triple H takes a cheap shot at The Rock, showing his seven plus year rivalry with Rocky still remains strong.

Triple H: Now THAT would be cruel.

Mr. McMahon: SHADDUP!!!

Hunter begins laughing as the crowd showers McMahon in heat.

Triple H: I get the feeling … you don’t like me too much.

Mr. McMahon: I’m sick of you!! You arrogant little prick. I’m sick of the old jokes. I’m sick of the juvenile jokes. I’m sick of the sophomoric DX routine. Hunter, I’m sick of YOU and quite frankly, I can’t wait to see Finlay kick your teeth down your throat at No Mercy!!!

Hunter seems to be getting more serious as he stares at McMahon.

Triple H: Ya know what Vince? You don’t like me? All you gotta do is grow a set, and bring your wrinkled up ass down to this ring.

The crowd pops, wanting Vince to get in the ring.

Mr. McMahon: Between you here on SmackDown and Shawn Michaels on RAW, I just don’t have the energy for this anymore.

A grin comes over the face of Triple H.

Triple H: (with an extreme level of sarcasm) Don’t tell me that you’re retiring. That would just crush me.

Mr. McMahon: You wish.

Triple H: (scoffs) You ain’t lyin’ jack.

Mr. McMahon: My announcement is that I have found a replacement for the injured Teddy Long.

The crowd begins to murmur amongst themselves as McMahon’s announcement begins to come into focus.

Mr. McMahon: So without any further ado, let me announce to all of you, the new General Manager of Friday Night SmackDown!!!

The crowd waits as does Triple H for several seconds but nothing happens.

Triple H: What happened Vince?? Did the jack-off you hired to fill this gig, finally grow a pair of balls and realize…

“I’m All Grown Up” hits to shock, then a good pop, which then deteriorates into boos as STEPHANIE MCMAHON makes her way onto the stage. Triple H stares at the stage in shock as his ex-wife and Mr. McMahon embrace. Vince hands Steph the mic and takes his leave, giving Hunter a fake wave before going.

Stephanie McMahon: You seem surprised to see me.

Hunter tries to shake off his disbelief, but his menacing glare comes off as forced.

Stephanie McMahon: That’s quite alright. You don’t have to say ‘hi’. You don’t have to say anything. But Hunter, just to let you know, I have no hard feelings towards you for anything. I’m just here to make sure that SmackDown puts on the best show possible, each and every Friday night.

Mixed reaction from the sold out crowd

Stephanie McMahon: And that all starts tonight, right here in Fresno, California!

Cheap pop, though boos are still heard.

Stephanie McMahon: In a huge main event, we will see King Booker, Finlay and Sir William Regal.

Crowd boos all three men of The Court.

Stephanie McMahon: And they will take on “The Game” Triple H…

Great pop for Triple H, whom smirks slightly.

Stephanie McMahon: His tag team partner, The Rock…

Enormous ovation for The People’s Champion. Hunter scowls a bit, showing his distaste for The Rock.

Stephanie McMahon: And their tag team partner …

Stephanie puts her hand on her chin, thinking of something.

Stephanie McMahon: You know what. Think about how big a team like that is. Triple H and The Rock. The Game and The People’s Champion. The Great One and The King of Kings. That’s a Dream Team.

Triple H: What’s your point?!

Stephanie McMahon: My point is that team is so good, so great, that you don’t even need a third man.

The crowd boos. Stephanie lets out a smirk as Hunter’s trademark scowl comes over his face.

Stephanie McMahon: So therefore as my first act, in my new regime as the General Manager of SmackDown, it will be King Booker, Finlay and William Regal taking on The Rock and Triple H, in a two on three handicap match!

Triple H puts his head down as Stephanie smirks and the audience once again boos the ‘new’ general manager.

Stephanie McMahon: Oh and Hunter…

Trips lifts his head up.

Stephanie McMahon: Good luck.

Stephanie’s music hits once again and she gives Hunter a smile before walking to the back. Triple H shakes his head in the ring, knowing he faces a handicap match later tonight as we fade to our first commercial.

[Commercial Break]

We return from the break with Scotty Too Hotty already in the ring. “Dilated Teens” hits to a mixed reaction as “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels makes his way down to the ring, ready for only his second match in the WWE.

Joey Styles: Over the past couple of weeks, our Cruiserweight Champion Chris Sabin has been calling Daniels a locker room cancer but all I’ve seen from him so far is a good sport, a class act, and a great wrestler. Whatta bout you Tazz??

Tazz: Seems like an ok guy to me Styles. Maybe Sabin is just jealous of all the attention Daniels has been receiving lately.

Match #1
Christopher Daniels vs. Scotty Too Hotty

Match Summary/Finish: Match turns into basically a squash match, with Daniels dominating the majority of the contest. Several times in the match up, Scotty hit Daniels with a couple of moves, causing The Fallen Angel to seemingly lose his temper. The finish of the match comes when Daniels hit’s a modified Sambo Suplex and then hit’s the Best Moonsault Ever for the pinfall victory.
Winner: Christopher Daniels via pinfall at 3:21.

After the match, Daniels lifts Scotty up to his feet and raises his hand into the air. The crowd politely applauds as Daniels seemingly shows good sportsmanship. The Fallen Angle then looks into the ‘hard’ camera and gives a wink. We cut to the back to see the Cruiserweight Champion Chris Sabin watching the monitor, shaking his head at Daniels’ kissing up to the crowd.

:::We cut to the backstage area:::

Kristal Marshall is standing by, microphone in hand.

Kristal Marshall: My guest at this time … Matt Hardy!!

Hardy comes into screenshot, receiving a huge amount of heat from the crowd.

Kristal Marshall: Matt, last week on SmackDown, you refused to help your friend Rey Mysterio when he was attacked by Batista. Then later on in the night, you caused him to get The Angle Slam from the World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle. Matt, I have to ask, why?

Matt Hardy: Why? You wanna know why? I’ll tell you why. Rey Mysterio is selfish. I did what I had to do last week, to teach that little punk a lesson! At SummerSlam, Rey could have done the right thing. All he had to do was give me his spot against The Big Show at SummerSlam. But no, Rey Mysterio only cares about himself. Not only did he take my match against Big Show … he got his ass kicked. So why did I betray Rey Mysterio?? (scoffs) I didn’t. I didn’t betray Rey. He betrayed me!

The crowd boos as Hardy stares intensely.

Kristal Marshall: What about all of your fans??

Matt Hardy: My fans? My fans? Let me ask you something Kristal, what have the fans gotten me til now? Huh? It’s the fans fault, I got fired in the first damn place. It’s the fans fault that I lost everything I gave a damn about. It’s the fans fault that this has been the absolute worse year of my LIFE!! So to answer your question … quite frankly … I don’t give a damn about the fans!

Hardy looks directly into the camera.

Matt Hardy: Rey, the match has been made. I just came from Stephanie McMahon’s office and its official. At No Mercy, its gonna be you and me goin’ one on one. And Rey I want you to be ready. I want you to be prepared because at N…

REY MYSTERIO ATTACKS HARDY!!! Mysterio hits Hardy with clubbing shots to the face as Matt covers up, caught off guard. He soon recovers and hits Rey with a knee to the gut before slamming him into a nearby wall! He attempts to do it again but Rey counters, hitting Hardy with an elbow to the stomach and then slamming his face into the wall!! Several referees and such get between the two superstars and manage to pull the two apart. We fade to a commercial with both superstars struggling to break free and get a hold of one another.

[Commercial Break]

Joey Styles:
Welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown and after that huge brawl that took place before we went to break, we have a huge match up made for tonight. Matt Hardy teams up with #1 Contenders Gregory Helms and Shelton Benjamin to face the WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans and Rey Mysterio!!!

Tazz: What a match up that is gonna be. Should be a rocket buster!!

“Kid Kash” hits to a slight response and “The Notorious K.I.D.” Kid Kash makes his way down the entrance ramp, no longer adorned in the Pit Bulls get up that he had been sporting for several months. Kash taunts the fans as Tony Chimel makes the ring introductions.

***HAIL SABIN!*** Those words blast over the P.A. system, receiving a good pop from the crowd. The Cruiserweight Champion Chris Sabin makes his way down to the ring, belt strapped over his shoulder, ready for this non-title match.

Match #2
Cruiserweight Champion Chris Sabin vs. Kid Kash
Non-Title Match

Match Summary: Sabin and Kash put on a very fast paced match up, each man giving it their all. Kash seems to be back in his pre-Pit Bulls character, adding a lot more ‘bark’ to his ‘bite’. Both man gets in a decent amount of offense but Sabin controls most of the action to increase his credibility as the champion. Finish: Sabin hits Kash with a couple forearms shots, knocking his arrogant opponent back. He then shoots him into the corner and charges in, but Kash gets his feet up and into the face of the Cruiserweight Champion! Kash then charges out of the corner but Sabin quickly reacts, lifting him up and hitting a power slam! Cover! 1...2...KICK OUT! Sabin plans to stay on the attack by lifting Kash up to his feet, but K.I.D. will have none of it, catching him with a thumb to the eye. Kash then lifts him up, going for the Dead Level Brainbuster but Sabin counters and lands behind him. Kash turns around and Sabin kicks him in the gut before lifting him up and hitting the CRADLE SHOCK!!! Sabin hooks the leg and goes for the cover! 1...2...3!!
Winner: Chris Sabin via pinfall at 6:54.

The crowd cheers for Sabin as the referee hands him his Cruiserweight Title. He celebrates for a bit before we cut to the back.

:::Cut to the Back:::

We cut to Triple H’s locker room as he wraps his fist with tape, presumably for his tag team handicap match later tonight. The door is heard opening and The Game stands up as THE ROCK comes into screenshot, wearing his trademark shades and a shirt with his wrestling gear.

Triple H: You uh…you got some kinda problem?

The Rock: Yeah, The Rock’s got a problem. The Rock’s got three problems. Problem number one, The Rock is in a handicap match tonight … oh but don’t you worry about that. The Rock has got that one under control. Ya see The Rock is gonna go out there. The Rock is gonna face William Regal. The Rock is gonna face Finlay and The Rock is gonna face King Bookahhh and The Rock is gonna lay the SmackDown on ALL THEIR MONKEY ASSES!!!

The crowd cheers in the background.

The Rock: Problem numero dos. (Puts two fingers in Hunter’s face) Number two. In just ten days, ten very short days, The Rock takes on King Booker, one on one at No Mercy. But guess what? The Rock doesn’t need your help on that one ‘cause The Rock’s got that one under control. What The Rock is gonna do, is take his size thirteen boot, shine it up real nice, turn that sumbitch sideways and STICK IT STRAIGHT UP HIS CANDY ASS!!

Another great pop as Rocky rattles off catchphrases.

Triple H: Well Rock, sounds like you got every thing under control so you can just …

Rock puts his hand in Hunter’s face, receiving ‘ohs’ from the crowd. Triple H fumes at the gall of The Rock.

The Rock: That brings The Rock to problem number three and that would be … you. The Rock heard your cheap shot out there earlier tonight. Yeah. And The Rock remembers you mocking him last week. But more importantly than all of that, The Rock can remember a long, LONG, time ago. The Rock can remember being hit with a sledgehammer several times. The Rock can remember the brutal matches. The Rock can remember the year long feuds. SO, just don’t think you can throw on a DX t-shirt and think The Rock is gonna forgive and forget. The Rock … doesn’t … trust you.

Hunter feels on his beard before responding as The Rock stares into the eyes of The Game.

Triple H: Ya know what Rock? (scoffs) You don’t have to trust me. In fact, tonight, you can just stand on the apron and don’t get involved. Alright? (Rather matter-of-factly) Wouldn’t want you to get your nails dirty Hollywood.

Hunter then slaps Rock on the shoulder before leaving the locker-room. Rock takes his glasses off in frustration as we cut to another commercial.

[Commercial Break]


“Live For The Moment” hits to a good amount of heat. Matt Hardy makes his way down to the ring, flanked by Shelton Benjamin and Gregory Helms, ready for this six man tag team match.

Joey Styles: Matt Hardy goes one on one with Rey Mysterio at No Mercy. Friends turn enemies and now they’ll be trying to rip each other apart in ten days.

Tazz: That’s gonna be a hell of a match up and what about the match for the tag team titles. What a fast paced match up that will be when The Hooligans take on Shelton Benjamin and Gregory Helms.

“Booyaka 619” hits to a great pop and Rey Mysterio shoots from under the ring onto the stage area. Paul London and Brian Kendrick sprint form back to the ring with Ashley Massaro not far behind as Chimel makes the ring introductions.

Match #3
Matt Hardy, Shelton Benjamin & Gregory Helms
vs. Rey Mysterio, WWE Tag Team Champions Paul London & Brian Kendrick

Match Summary: Fast paced six man tag team match up, with everyone involved in the match wrestling at a rapid speed. Matt Hardy and Rey Mysterio don’t spend much time in the ring with one another, in an attempt to keep the match up between the two superstars fresh for the No Mercy pay per view. Finish: The match breaks into a huge six man brawl with each man pairing off with an opponent. Hardy and Mysterio are the legal men in the match up as all hell breaks loose. London and Kendrick clothesline Helms and Benjamin over the top rope as Mysterio and Hardy swing away on each other. The Hooligans then shoot off of the ropes and FLY OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH STEREO PLANCHAS!! All four men are taken out as just Hardy and Mysterio remain in the ring. Matt goes for a clothesline but Rey ducks it and then Mysterio dropkicks Hardy in the back, causing him to get caught up on the second rope, in perfect position for the 619. Rey shoots off of the ropes AND HIT’S THE 619!! Hardy makes it up to his feet as Mysterio springboards off the ropes going for a West Coast Pop. Hardy catches him on the way down with a stiff kick to the gut and goes for the Twist of Fate! Mysterio counters and rolls him up! 1... 2... NO! Hardy counters and switches positions with Rey. 1... 2... (Hardy hooks the tights for leverage) … 3!!!
Winners: Matt Hardy, Paul London and Brian Kendrick via pinfall at 9:42.

Hardy rolls out of the ring quickly, after managing to steal a victory over Mysterio. Rey stares up at the ramp as Hardy mocks him, damn near salivating over his cheap victory over his No Mercy opponent.

Joey Styles: Matt Hardy steals a win over Rey Mysterio, hooking the tights for the win.

Tazz: By hook or crook, Hardy picks up the victory. Don’t matter how you get it, as long as you get it done.

Joey Styles: In just ten days, one of the biggest rematches in WWE history takes place. Kurt Angle defends the World Heavyweight Championship against Dave Batista. Angle-Batista II in ten days at No Mercy. I can’t wait for this match up…

:::Video Package for Angle-Batista II:::

Narrator: On October 8th, The rematch finally takes place.

Teddy Long: Kurt Angle, Batista, TWO!!!! Holla! Holla! Holla!

Narrator: The World Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle. A Grand Slam Champion. An Olympic Gold Medallist and quite perhaps the greatest amateur wrestler and professional wrestler in the history of the industry. His technical skill and prowess at brawling allows him to defeat opponents of any size and weight.

*Clips of Angle schooling several wrestlers including Stone Cold, The Rock, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit.*

Narrator: His opponent, the #1 Contender, “The Animal” Batista. His savage strength, brute force and surprising explosiveness make him a threat to any title reign at any time.

*Clips of Batista’s dominance, power bombing large men such as Triple H, Goldberg, Kane and Scott Steiner.*

Narrator: At SummerSlam, it was about the championship.

Tazz: Angle has got him. JACKKNIFE COVER!!!

Styles: Three count! ANGLE HAS BEATEN BATISTA!!

*Shot of Batista and Angle shaking hands after the match.*

Narrator: On October 8th, its personal!

*Shot of Batista turning the handshake into a devastating clothesline, then wearing Kurt Angle out with chair shots to the back. They then show clips of Batista power bombing Teddy Long through a table!!!*

Batista: No remorse!

Narrator: Batista…

*Shot of Batista delivering the Batista Bomb to Angle*

Kurt Angle: No compassion!

Narrator: Angle…

*Shot of Angle trying to break Batista’s leg with The Ankle Lock*

Batista/Angle: NO MERCY!

Narrator: TWO!!!

*Shot of Angle and Batista face to face.*

Narrator: Angle-Batista 2! SmackDown presents…No Mercy. Sunday, October 8th.

:::End of video:::

Joey Styles: Coming up next, the World Heavyweight Champion is in action! “The Wrestling Machine” Kurt Angle is up next!!

[Commercial Break]

Raw Rebound
~ Edge walks out, refusing to compete on RAW until he gets his WWE Title match.
~ AMW debuts and wins the World Tag Team Championship.
~ The Shawn Michaels-Undertaker match is announced for the 10/9 edition of Monday Night RAW.
~ JBL and Chris Benoit have a great match until Bradshaw causes the DQ. Stone Cold Steve Austin shows up and gives JBL a Stunner!

“Medal” hits to an absolutely incredible ovation and the World Heavyweight Champion makes his way onto the stage area. “The Wrestling Machine” Kurt Angle spends no time setting off his pyro and instead walks right down to the ring, eyes focused on his opponent, The Miz, who is already in the ring.

Joey Styles: Look at the champion, Angle is focused, ready and determined just a few days away from a mammoth title defense.

Tazz: He better be ready. Cause in ten days, he’s got Batista and ever since SummerSlam, Batista has been a different animal. No pun attended.

Match #4
World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle vs. The Miz
Non-Title Match

Summary/Finish: Match basically serves as a warm up for Kurt Angle and allows him to pick up another win. Kurt shows an incredible amount of intensity, destroying The Miz with suplex after suplex after suplex. Angle then hits The Angle Slam, followed by The Ankle Lock for the quick victory.
Winner: Kurt Angle via submission at 2:31.

Angle keeps the submission hold locked in, refusing to break even after Miz taps out. The referee tries to break the hold but Angle will have none of it. Kurt finally lets it go. He grabs a microphone from ringside.

Kurt Angle: BATISTA!!!

Crowd boos the mention of “The Animal”.

Kurt Angle: ME!! YOU!! NOW!!

Incredible ovation as the crowd salivates over the match up. Kurt waits for several seconds but nothing happens.

Kurt Angle: What’s the matter Dave?! Get your ass out here so I can make you tap like the bitch that you are (Crowd ohs)!! Oh, its true! Its damn true!!

Angle waits for several seconds before … “I Walk Alone” hits to a phenomenal amount of heat. Dave Batista walks onto the stage, dressed in an all black suit with a pair of shades on. Batista glares in the ring at Angle for a while before taking off his glasses and tossing them away. Angle has an almost sick look on his face, as he waits for Batista to get into the ring. The Animal then takes off his suit jacket and starts to walk towards the ring. He gets halfway down the ramp and then flings the jacket over his shoulder and turns around!! The crowd boos as Angle’s eyes light up and he leaps out of the ring. Batista walks through the curtain as Angle sprints up the ramp, hoping to grab him before he escapes. Angle runs through the curtain and … COMES FLYING BACK OUT!!!

Batista comes back out onto the stage STEEL CHAIR in hand. Batista drops the chair and mounts Angle, raining down punch after punch, shot after shot onto the now BLOODY face of Angle! Batista lifts Angle up and slams his face against the set, the smack echoing throughout the arena! He then turns around and raises his arms into the air, receiving a shitload of heat from the crowd. The Animal goes back over to Angle and lifts him up but Kurt fights back!! A bloody Kurt Angle hits Batista with hard right hands, unleashing his rage on his No Mercy opponent! Several members of security come onto the stage and attempt to break up the brawl. Batista and Angle turn their attention to them, actually hitting security guards! Kurt grabs one and hits him with a European uppercut while Batista grabs a security guard and slams his face into the set. Angle pushes past a few more and lunges at Batista, taking him down before hitting more right hands!! Numerous lower-tiered wrestlers of the SmackDown roster come out to separate the two wrestlers, finally managing to create some distance between the two.

“I’m All Grown Up” hits to heat as Stephanie McMahon walks onto the stage, right between where Angle and Batista are being held back. Steph begins yelling her announcement in her squeaky voice.

Stephanie McMahon: You two want at each other that badly?! You wanna hurt each other that much?! Fine! Your match at No Mercy is now NO HOLDS BARRED!!!

The crowd erupts as Angle and Batista yell out at each other, both pleased that the match up now basically has no rules.

Joey Styles: OH MY GAWD!! No Holds Barred, Tazz. Things are gonna explode at No Mercy!

Tazz: This is unbelievable!! I didn’t think that match could get any bigger!! Batista-Angle two is gonna be off of the hook!!

[Commercial Break]

We return from the break with John Cena in the backstage area, talking to a couple of the divas. Everything is going fine until…

???: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Cena and the divas turn around to see Ken Kennedy walking towards them.

Mr. Kennedy: Oh isn’t this peachy. Vanilla Ice talking to these pieces of plastic (crowd ohs). How cute. Hit the bricks!

The divas run off as Cena smirks at Mr. Kennedy.

Mr. Kennedy: John, how you doin’? Wait a minute. Wait…I’m having…I’m having a flashback. If I remember correctly, last week, you cost me a shot at the United States Championship.

Cena nods sarcastically.

John Cena: That does sound vaguely familiar.

Kennedy smirks.

Mr. Kennedy: Oh it does, huh? Well I got some news for ya, Johnny Boy. No Mercy is being held in a very special place. My hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin. And I cant wait. I seriously can not wait until you get booed out of the freakin’ building come next Sunday.

Cena lets out a smile.

John Cena: It wont be the first time and it wont be the last and you can…

Kennedy interrupts.

Mr. Kennedy: Oh but Cena, that’s not the worst part because come No Mercy … October 8th … Green Bay, Wisconsin … you are in for the beating of a lifetime. And at the end of the night, when its all said and done, you will hear it shouted from the freakin’ rooftops … “AND THE WINNER OF THE MATCH … MISTER KENNEDY … KEN-NAH-DAH!!

Kennedy then smirks and attempts to walk off but Cena grabs his arm.

John Cena: If you want some … come get some!

Crowd pops as Kennedy stares a bit nervously.

John Cena: We ain’t gotta wait until No Mercy. You here. I’m here. Nuttin’ between us except space and opportunity.

Kennedy looks a bit rattled but he keeps on his tough exterior, not wanting to let Cena know all of his big talk was just that … talk.

:::A Video Package plays hyping the dominance of “The Real Deal” Bobby Lashley and the United States Champion “The Big Red Machine“ Kane.:::

Tazz: Joey I can not wait to see that one. Power versus power. The Immovable Object versus the Irresistible Force. Kane versus Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship.

Joey Styles: But coming up next, our main event. Handicap match. King Booker, Finlay and Sir William Regal team up to face “The People’s Champion” The Rock and “The Game” Triple H! NEXT!!

[Commercial Break]


“The Fighting Irish Bastard” Finlay makes his way towards the ring, shillelagh in hand, as the crowd gives him heat. Finlay, focused as always, simply enters the ring as Tony Chimel makes the ring introduction.

“Royalty” hits to an enormous amount of heat and King Booker, Sir William Regal and Queen Sharmell make their way down to the ringside. King Booker waves to his ‘adoring’ public as they enter the ring.


“King of Kings” hits to a phenomenal ovation and “The Game” Triple H makes his way down to the ring, using his signature entrance but doesn’t enter the ring immediately, not wanting to get in the ring with a three on one disadvantage.


The crowd goes absolutely crazy with the loudest ovation of the night as The Rock makes his way onto the stage area and then sprints down to the ring.

Joey Styles: Here we go!! The Great One is ready to go!

Tazz: Rock and Hunter have got to get along if they wanna win this thing.

Match #5
Main Event
King Booker
(w/Queen Sharmell), Finlay & William Regal vs. The Rock & Triple H
Handicap Match

Match Summary: Rock and Triple H manage to hold their own against the three man team of Booker, Finlay and Regal. Hunter and Rocky some how manage to get along for the most part, avoiding any miscommunications. Towards the middle of the match, the numbers advantage becomes too much and The Game becomes isolated. We pick it up when Hunter makes the hot tag to The Rock. Finish: Rock enters the ring and clears house, taking out Booker, Finlay and Regal with right hands. Rock hits Regal with THE ROCK BOTTOM and goes for the cover … but it is quickly broken up by Finlay and Booker. Triple H re-enters the ring and hits Finlay with hard right hands before shooting him off of the ropes and planting him with a “Double A” Spinebuster!! Booker and Regal attempt to double team Rock by shooting him off of the ropes but Rocky comes back and takes them both out with a double clothesline! Booker slowly gets up to his feet and Rock takes him over the top rope to the outside with a clothesline! Hunter lifts Finlay up and throws him to the outside, soon following as well, leaving Rock and Regal, the two legal men, in the ring alone. Regal hits Rock from behind with a left hand, spins him around and then attempts the Irish whip. Rock counters the Irish whip and sends Regal into the ropes. He comes back and Rock plants him with a spine buster! The camera closes up on King Booker and Finlay who begins walking up the ramp, realizing that this match is now a lost cause. Hunter jumps back onto the apron as Rock throws off his elbow pad, runs the ropes and HITS THE PEOPLE’S ELBOW!!! Rock gets up and TRIPLE H TAGS HIMSELF IN!! The crowd “ohs” as Rock and Hunter have a stare down. Triple H then lifts Regal up and GIVES HIM THE PEDIGREE!!! COVER! 1... 2... 3!!
Winners: Triple H and The Rock via pinfall at 12:12.

Rock stares at Hunter almost in shock as Booker and Finlay stare at the two megastars from the top of the ramp. Triple H soon turns his attention from The Rock and stares at Finlay, pointing to The Fighting Irishman before giving him the DX crotch chop, receiving a nice pop from the crowd. Rock looks at The Game and shakes his head, realizing that Triple H may be playing mind games. He then turns his attention back towards King Booker telling him to “Just bring it” as we go off the air.


Matches Announced for No Mercy

October 8, 2006; Green Bay, Wisconsin

World Heavyweight Championship
No Holds Barred
Kurt Angle© vs. Batista II

The Rock vs. King Booker

Triple H vs. Finlay

John Cena vs. Ken Kennedy

Grudge Match
Rey Mysterio vs. Matt Hardy

United States Championship
Kane© vs. Bobby Lashley

WWE Tag Team Championship
The Hooligans©’s vs. Shelton Benjamin & Gregory Helms


Credit goes to Tempest() for the SmackDown! banner and RaS for the No Mercy poster.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Smackdown review

The opening promo was a bit hit and miss imo. Hunter was in charachter, then out, then in, i don't know what to think. It seemed a bit rushed this promo, to be honest. Steph regains her GM spot, this HAS to mean something is bound to happen to Triple H!

Daniels squashes Scotty, no further comments

Good heel promo by Hardy. You capture his heel persona well, kudos for that. Rey comes in and attacks him, furthering the feud.

Sabin defeats Kash, but luckily it wasn't a squash. two of my all time favorite cruiserweights put on a good match, and i can only hope(it'll remain only hope though) that these two get into some kind of feud in the future.

Good promo here, with Hunter as well as Rocky in charachter. They won't screw each other tonight, i know it.

And Hardy steals a victory up next. Good way for him to regain credibility after the attack by Mysterio earlier. Couldn't pick a better winner, tbh, good job.

Two squashes in one night? Not a very good decision, but it was needed to build up the aftermath i guess...

the aftermath which was great! Intensity, brutality, entertainment . And then it's announced the second match will be no holds barred, this can only be good!

Not the best promo next. Kennedy was in charachter, but Cena was out, imo. He didn't get much in either, maybe these two could've gotten equal talking-time?

The main event was fair enough. It was obvious the two HUGE stars would get the win, and they got it quite easily as well. The only thing that entertained me about this match-up was when Trips tagged himself in to get the victory.

Overall : Decent to good show, hyping up No Mercy. The matches are a bit too short for my liking, if they're as short as they are here, they don't tell the story, but that's just my opinion. Overall, the promowork was good.

btw : raw is up
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

WWE: SmackDown! – September 29, 2006 - Review
~ Triple H was really bland in the opening promo. And why the hell he is using slang? Slang for Triple H? And I think that Trips was interrupted way too early, so the promo’s in a bad shape so far. McMahon also comes up and he also looks way out of character, just like Trips. And then McMahon also uses some slang? That’s bad. Then the jokes of Trips towards Vince were just bland, didn’t entertain and didn’t make me laugh. Stephanie as the new GM is nice though, but it could have done in a better way, and in more surprising way. I’m looking forward for the main-event, but the promo was horrible.

~ Daniels was expected to get a victory over here with a typical squash match. Okay, can’t comment more now.

~ Hardy’s words/lines were really bland, and it looked like that some random guy was talking at some points. That happened with me, maybe because Hardy isn’t one of the best promo cutter. Mysterio attack aftermath was nothing special, but it did its purpose of hyping up there feud more, which isn’t appealing to me, to be honest with you.

~ Now, this match just looked like a filler type of match on the card, just to have Sabin do something. It was a good match though, which I thoroughly enjoyed while reading.

~ Alright, Rock was really out of character in this promo. Where were his catchphrases? I also found Rock a bit off. And I didn’t enjoy the promo to be honest. It was the same ‘ol boring thing.

~ This match was more of a brawl, rather than a wrestling contest. And in the end, Matt Hardy getting a pinfall over Mysterio (I know he cheated, but a win is a win.) So now, Mysterio has lost all the momentum and this feud now totally doesn’t looks good. Just why the heck would you want someone (Hardy) to pin his opponent (Mysterio), when they are actually gonna meet in some time, come at No Mercy? Bizarre booking there.

~ Batista/Angle match at No Mercy getting more hype? That’s cool.

~ I am just don’t liking this show to be honest with you. Why should I like it? There isn’t entertainment, and I haven’t still founded good wrestling matches yet. We’ve already had a squash match, so was another needed? Totally a bad booking. Aftermath was enjoyable though, with both men trying to destroy each other. But you already did this type of a thing (In Mysterio/Hardy), so that isn’t appealing to me. No Holds Barred would be good though, if done in a right manner.

~ I haven’t enjoyed a single promo and a match so far of this show. And this Cena/Kennedy promo was also not enjoyable. Kennedy and Cena were way out of character, and the build-up to this feud should get better.

~ Okay, now is the main event time. Oh, wait, wait. Why the hell this match is the main event? I think that World Heavyweight Championship scene should be more prestigious. So, totally a bad booking there. Bah, anyway, I’ll move on. Triple H and Rock, as expected picked-up the victory and expanded there rivalries. Overall, it was a below average show. Everything wasn’t enjoyable and I wasn’t feeling it either. By the way, this show was October 29th. Right? And No Mercy is at October 8th? WTF!?

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Originally Posted by Apple Spitter!
By the way, this show was October 29th. Right? And No Mercy is at October 8th? WTF!?
You couldn't figure that error out for yourself.

EDIT: Really, really wasn't happy with this show. I thought it came out alright but as I said before the actual show I just wasn't feelin' it. I'll be posting recap of the next RAW and SmackDown either today or tomorrow to wash the taste out of my mouth.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Da RAW Review

~I liked the writing for this promo, but for the storyline, even more. Edge was very in character, and the dialogue was very nice. Edge’s Rated R Army is quickly falling a part. Benjamin’s gone; Nitro and Doane have imploded, and now Edge is walking out… this was a very effective way to end the stable, and let the mid carders go off on their own. Masters can carry on with RVD, and Nitro/Doane can feud, although I really want to see Melina double cross Nitro in the end of that. Edge being out lets some more guys get time in the main event, and hopefully fast; the new age Taker blows, no matter how you book him.

~Yuk, Lita trying to show unity in the faction. Let her go with Edge, and they can make babies. Nitro and Doane should be at each other’s throats after Unforgiven, and that wasn’t the case here at all. Thumbs down on your part. Let the faction blow up.

~Edge is gone, and already, someone is trying to step up in Umaga… I like. I like the character, he’s actually been booked well by WWE, as shocking as that may be. I’d like to see you one up them though, and if you can make him a credible Champion, then I will approve. Umaga vs. Haas is nothing more than a squash, which I am cool with. Umaga’s heading for the top, after he gets the rub from Foley, or so I am hoping/expecting to happen. Chair shots to the back afterwards… that’s weak, make it to the head, be vicious, be a savage… everything Umaga is. To the back, now that’s just lame.

~JBL bitching was eh, okay. I wasn’t really digging the promo much, but I could like the feud with Austin. However, I am very con-Austin returning full time. I’d like to see you book a more realistic WWE style of BTB, not bringing back Foley, Austin, and Rock full time. That’s weak IMO; bringing back older, star powered, wrestlers to compensate your roster and such. Downgrade DDMac, downgrade.

~I definitely am loving the storyline progressment that came out of the IC 3-way. Carlito gets to keep his Title, and although he looked too weak for my liking, fresh off the victory, the money is in Nitro/Doane. They work together, then implode, again, Melina gets involved, and helps Nitro one-up Kenny, and cue the finish. Now, you’ll need to turn one of these guys to a more face role, which in this case, would need to be Nitro. Not sure how good that will be seeing as Nitro’s well, bland, but I think you can pull it off Mac. Oh well, good stuff out of here nevertheless.

~Meh, AMW winning the Tag Titles does nothing for me. Maybe it is because I am just now turning into the BTB; maybe their debut hype has been good, but JR oversold them way too much, and with Gail Kim being by there side, way too TNA ish for me. I am really getting annoyed with the outside influx of talent already in this. It really saddens me. To add onto the fact that, for a tag team, you have Jesus pushed AMW, neither one of them got eliminated, and looked way too strong. Just not a happy segment for me at all.

~Really don't dig Orton's praising of Flair. It's just not in his character. The little promo was rather bland, and just from this and Unforgiven, Orton seems very one-dimensional to me.

~Okay, so you single-handedly proved what I said earlier; the new age Taker sucks. Michaels, you had a good promo going with him. In character, all-around nice to read. Taker comes out, and as soon as he gets the mic, I vomit. Not only was it boring from a fan's perspective, from a reviewer's perspective, uh, out of character... a lot. WWE Title match on RAW? Either you realize Taker sucks and you made a bad decision by letting him win at Unforgiven, or you just want a no-contest finish, and the feud to carry on. Either way, I'm not interested in the slightest at this juncture.

~First off, from Unforgiven, Fonzie = incredible out of character. yeah, you have him use daddy, but no redneckish slang, no over-selling yelling, no whistle tooting... just made me sad to read. The match itself... I got very flustered with Nitro coming out. Let the Rated R Army fold already! You keep hinting and hinting, and you try and keep it together. GAH!

~Wait what? That wasn't the main event? Eh, this is starting to drag now.

~A big LOL at Big Show for crushing the microphone. What a bully. This segment was rather pointless, but funny nevertheless.

~Yay, the Woman's Division is filler (and lame) and Mickie still owns. Hoo-rah.

~The write-up was really good for the main event, and I thought JBL may actually tap again, but he didn't, and to really just make the main event a buzz kill, a weak ass DQ finish. I mean, if you make it DQ, at least make it something better. The low blow was weak. I was really into the main event, you had a solid summary recap, and then, bam, anti-climaticism to just kill the mood. No shocker that Austin comes out and one-ups JBL again to end the show, which was nice enough.

~Overall, the show was average at best. Definitely dragged on, and there wasn't a whole lot to interest me. JBL/Austin is nice, and I am looking forward to Nitro/Doane, but that's only after you finally kill off the Rated R Army. RVD seemed meh from Unforgiven, and his feud with Masters seems stale. A Jesus pushed AMW won't do anything for me, and a bland Undertaker won't make for a good main event feud at all. Hopefully SD can offer me more, which I will try and review at some point.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac


Triple H opening promo: this was a good way to start the show and a good job to hype the match with Finlay for No Mercy. Triple H was in character with his intensity and joking towards McMahon, but then when he said ya & short talk I was confused and I think I would have let him talk longer. Funny line when says what are you so happy about club some seals that was funny or take candy from a baby LOL. Also funny with the comment about the scorpion king. But then woah, Stephanie McMahon the new GM I have a feeling things should get interesting.

Scotty 2 Hotty vs Christopher Daniels :Squash match to put Daniels over I knew Daniels would win got way to win with Daniels hitting the B.M.E. for the win. Good sportsmanship at the end from Daniels

Matt Hardy Interview:
Good way to further the rivalry between Hardy/ Mysterio Matt was sort of out of character. Maybe it’s because I’m not used to Matt as a heel, Rey then attacks Hardy to lead to a brawl decent promo

Chris Sabin vs Kid Kash: great match for the Cruiserweight title exciting even fast paced match with Sabin reatining with the cradle shock.

Rock/ Triple H confrontation: good meeting to hype the match tonight the Rock was funny and in a character but how could you not have a If ya smell what the rock is cooking to end his promo

Hardy, Benjamin & Helms vs Mysterio, London, & Kendrick: Great match with all these risk takers with the two separate rivals into one match, exciting match. Cool spots when London & Kendrick hit a flying plancha at the same time. Hardy cheats to win you made a mistake with winners you wrote winners hardy, London & kendrick but matt was with Benjamin and Helms

Batista/ Angle hype: great job anticipating that match sounds exciting and with Angle it should be great good video

Kurt Angle vs The Miz: I n the most wild unpredictable match ever I didn’t know who would win( JK) this gets Angle over although beating the miz in my eye doesn’t do anything. After Angle calls him out and then Batista comes out and both men try to kill each other I can’t wait for their match now.

John Cena/ Kennedy promo: your worst promo yet not a good promo no chemistry and out of character although the match will be good.

King’s Court vs Rock & HHH:
Good match great with The Court isolating HHH until the hot tag to the rock great action with HHH and Rocky winning predictable

Overall: 80/ 100 I know you can do better an off show but still NO Mercy is looking good


Batista vs Angle
Rock vs King Booker
Finlay vs HHH
Kennedy vs Cena
Hardy vs Mysterio
Lashley vs Kane
Hooligans vs Helms & Benjamin
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

DDmac, whats up? I have been busy with SS but nwo that it is done, I'll start reviewing again. Anyway, SD! looked good. I'll try to get a review up soon. If not, PM me when the next show is up. Thanks bro.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac


I will probably be very lost with the feuds and storylines in this show so forgive me for any mistakes, and just to get this out of the way, the No Mercy card looks really good, but Shelton and Helms?

No idea what happened to Michael Cole, but it sure is interesting to see Styles and Tazz on commentary. So far so good with the Triple H promo, the shot at the Rock was great, and the humour you’re giving the Game is working well. Triple H insulted McMahon with the word, wrinkles, too much in my opinion, yeah that is a tiny detail, but that’s how I review these days. Big surprise with Steph becoming General Manager, but why is she Triple H’s ex wife? I’m just guessing something happened in this thread for that to happen. Nice main event, this show is off to a great start.

Daniels and Sabin in this thread, not too good for me, but seeing the amount of time I have been inactive in reading this thread, maybe it’s okay. This match was just a squash, could tell straight away when I saw the words, Scotty 2 Hotty. This feud between Daniels and Sabin I don’t really like, you should pair a TNA guy with a WWE guy to make some fresh and unique matches.

You captured Matt Hardy quite well in this interview segment, I could picture him saying everything he said, with his funny accent and all. This rivalry is interesting, but doesn’t really appeal to me, but a heel Hardy is nice, you made him very realistic. Good attack at the end, typical thing to further a feud and build for a future match.

Alright match, alright finish, I’m thinking that the Daniels versus Sabin feud has not developed fully yet, as I didn’t see a mention of Daniels in this match slot. And just on a side note, the commentary has been spot on throughout the show so far, you have both guys saying their well known lines and all, nothing awkward to me, so good job on that.

Good segment, the Rock flowed perfectly, no flaws that I saw, Trips was okay. Rather matter of factly, now that’s funny stuff, hehe.

These are the short of matches that pops up every time before a Pay Per View, carrying out two feuds in a tag team match, and this was exactly that. The finish was great, good to see the focus of the bigger feud, the reversed roll up was interesting, and the hook of the tights conveyed Hardy’s heel alignment well. Another funny line I came across was, damn near salivating over his cheap victory, laugh out loud!

A really good video, but way too much narrating for Angle’s credentials, the part about his technical skill and whatnot was not needed. The finish was awesome, with Angle and Batista taking turns with the lines, and matching with the narrator’s lines, good stuff right here. A excellent main event feud, you are utilizing the superstars on the roster well.

I don’t think I can call this a match, but I’m glad you had something after. Everything from Batista coming out and on was bland, the brawl was okay but the No Holds Barred match announcement was too random in my opinion, you needed to add more to what Steph said.

I absolutely loved this confrontation, from the start to the end, Kennedy was especially very realistic, his comment about Vanilla Ice and the pieces of plastic was exactly like something he would say. It seems Cena is back into his thug character, which is very different to the other threads.

Bobby Lashley versus Kane didn’t get any attention in this show except for this video package which you didn’t even write up. Kane as the United States Champion is weird, but yeah, power against power, looks to be a good match.

I thought the King of Kings theme song was only used when Triple H came out for a promo, but whatever. The Rock Bottom in the middle of the match could’ve been a move with less impact, nice action overall though and good finish. Something is brewing between Triple H and Rocky, maybe we’ll see match between them after No Mercy?

I didn’t see much flaws in this show at all, flow was great to me, no idea what you had a problem with. The main problem that I could see were the matches, two of them were squashes which I didn’t like. The promos were really good, I love the humour you have in them all the time. Main event was match of the night, the feuds are all coming along nicely, but do you mind telling me how Shelton and Helms became a tag team together? Also, I probably laughed at some random and not so funny parts, but I guess that’s what thirteen year olds are like, hehe, great job with the show. If you thought this was a bad one, I can’t wait to see what you can do when you are at your best. 8/10
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