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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

WWE: RAW - September 25, 2006 – Review
~ Edge was pretty much in the character. You captured Edge’s intensity and the character well. Enjoyed this promo. However, the length seemed a bit short to be honest with ya. Apart from that, it was a good way to kick off the show. It leaves us to a surprise of whether Edge will come back or not. But I predict that he will come back and with a bang!

~ Interesting backstage segment there with the Rated R Army. I really don’t like this stable, hope you do something with this and just leave Lita and Edge alone. Others don’t suit in with them.

~ Estrada was good with the microphone, and he truly put over Umaga as the moster. Not sure that he’ll go for the WWE Championship just yet. Still a long way to go for it. Umaga squashes Haas and then proves Estrada’s statement a bit that he’s going for the WWE Championship. But I’m not sure with this one.

~ JBL did not hype up the main-event because he did not talk about Chris Benoit. So, no. Anyway, he did hype his feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin. JBL was right in character in this promo, but it looked like the same ‘ol JBL promo.

~ After winning the championship, Carlito retains it and maybe proves that he’s gonna have this title for a long, long time. What good is that the Rated R Army is breaking soon. Nitro, Ken, and Melina are not on the same page, and I just hope that this Rated R Army breaks. A program between Nitro, Melina, and Ken is starting. It could be interesting.

~ Surprisingly, Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak did not win the Tag Team Battle Royal, which I predicted. AMW’s win is also nice. I know that Luther and Jindrak’s team was eliminated in last, but the build-up, which you gave to Luther and Jindrak last night, seems pointless.

~ Orton wasn’t looking in character at all. I’ve heard you saying ‘washed-up’ at almost every promo, which is kinda getting boring. And Orton’s future, well, I don’t know where he is heading to, which is good seeing that surprising factor is nice, but at the other hand, it’s also bad that some of your wrestlers are not currently involved in a storyline (For example: Umaga, Edge)

~ Probably the worst promo of the night. Shawn Michaels was not in character, and same goes for ‘Taker. Also, now every promo of you is like the wrestler will say that the opponent of his put up a ‘hell of a’, ‘good fight’ or whatever it is. It is just getting boring. And then McMahon saying to Michaels and ‘Taker that you shouldn’t lay a hand on each other or you’ll be suspended on the spot was not needed because ‘Taker and Michaels are both faces, and they didn’t even do a thing, so that was senseless. Don’t know how you’ll build-up this feud seeing both men are faces, but I’m predicting that in two weeks, Edge will return and make that match a no contest, and then at the next pay-per-view; Badd Blood, we’ll see a triple threat for the title between them.

~ Match was just okay, nothing special. RVD wins and once again Rated R Army’s team mate loses. However, Nitro coming up was senseless because I don’t think that he cares about his Army now, specially since he’s beginning a feud with Doane, and just earlier on the night, they brawled. It was just like that you were throwing in some stuff for this match. Joey Mercury as a face is also hard to imagine. If I were you, I’d have re-unite MNM, that’s it, the end of the story. And right after it, Nitro and Ken were arguing? Unrealistic because just earlier in this night, they were brawling and trying to destroy each other.

~ Not sure what’s happening with Big Show? And not sure where Big Show is heading to. And that’s another example that your few wrestlers are going to nowhere.

~ Yah, I know you love Mickie. So, it was expected that Mickie would earn a pinfall to get her team the victory. Anyway, this division is also kinda getting a bit stale. Would love to see something fresh.

~ Want me to give you another example that your wrestlers are going nowhere? Yah, Chris Benoit. He’s also going nowhere, he was just invloved to give JBL and Benoit a bit build-up. Expected to see Stone Cold Steve Austin making a comeback because you kinda gave it away. I would have actually love to see a surprise return, but that was just expected seing that this was the main-event of the show. Also, I think that the HBK/Taker/Vince promo should have been either after the main-event or before it. I’m not sure why you had Masters/RVD match, followed by a small Big Show promo, and then a Women’s match. It looks like the WWE Championship isn’t prestigious, which is bad. There is still a lot to improve on. Not a good show, but not a bad too.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Thanks for the reviews guys. Just a couple things...

Originally Posted by Apple Spitter!
Also, I think that the HBK/Taker/Vince promo should have been either after the main-event or before it. I’m not sure why you had Masters/RVD match, followed by a small Big Show promo, and then a Women’s match. It looks like the WWE Championship isn’t prestigious, which is bad.
The HBK-Taker segment is in the middle of the show. Top of the second hour, if you will, which is sort of considered one of the top three spots (opening, top of the 2nd, main event).

As for the characters not having direction, we just came off of a pay per view in which a lot of things concluded so, yeah.

Anyway, thanks for the reviews and I'll return them eventually.


for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

I'll return that review soon, just tell me which one out of Raw and Smackdown I should do.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Deadman_014's Raw Comments

Its much easier for me to leave comments while I write WM, then tiring myself with a full review, so here are some comments from me bud. It opened up interesting enough, and the Rated R army confrontations continue, which should be great fun to see exactly where it goes. Armando was good, and Umaga continues his push and all looks good so far bud.

Coming out of a PPV the direction of a lot of people like said before, has been lost, but its alright I guess. You kinda forced SCSA into things, it should of been well built, and possibly hinted at SummerSlam instead of The Rock, but then Rock came out anyways. To go along faster, after reading through the show you overpacked the card it looks like for a regular Raw.

Masters vs. RVD was out of place, and the HBK promo with Undertaker and Vince was good, but the place where the match takes place is bad. I think HBK vs. The Undertaker on Monday Night Raw, is a bit much, adding in the WWE Championship stip and its way to much. There is no build, and it just seems out of place and not a good decision. The ending was good, but Benoit seemed a bit out of place all together in this.

You should of had Benoit moving towards his next feud, cause he's odviously not into this situation anymore. Possibly you should of had JBL come out now, and had this match off the card, and it wouldn't of seemed as packed. Decent ending, but Benoit seemed a bit out of place in the end, and it was alright. AMW winning the titles coming right in to add in since I didn't comment, was a bad decision. They need to build with more then vignette's, to get the World Tag Team Titles right off the bat.

It wasn't a bad show, but it had its flaws. The Big Show promo was one of them, as it was just a filler it seemed to get him on the card, and probably should of had something different there to get Show involved. Not sure where a lot of this going, but also McMahon didn't address Edge at all after that promo, which was needed. A few other promos weren't good, or not in character, but I think I left enough comments since this was comments. I will be doin comments for all shows now till WM, since I am trying to stay focused yet get some reviews & comments around to all. Hope you appeciate this, hope you don't take it badly, it was an alright show, but it had a few flaws and some things need to be addressed.
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Post Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac raw review

1st Promo-This seemed a little awkward I don’t see Edge walking out because he didn`t get a title shot I know it’s his character but I still don’t see him doing it. The promo was ok nothing much too comment on.

2nd Promo-Doane character was a little off as I don’t find Doane the in sulting type. The promo was ok I expect Doane to win the intercontinental title then turn face.
1st Match-Not much too comment on here just a squash like you said.

3rd Promo-Are you actually going to have a promo with a confrontation this promo was just boring and the only thing it did was hype up for the obvious match at Bad Blood.

2nd match-Dang I guess my prediction was wrong oh well maybe next tyme. I liked this match a lot it was perfect length for a recap match good job.

3rd match-Im not good at predicting thought it would be Luther and Jindrak.The match itself was laking of action although it was a battle royal so it was understandable.

4th Promo-What’s the point with all these useless promo’s this was boring and useless and personally I hope you don’t continue this feud as it wasn’t too interesting.

5th Promo-Finally a promo that meant something .The announcement about the match in too weeks on raw is good but maybe have a edge Michaels match instead it would be better and the winner would face taker at bad blood would be more interesting but then again it’s your btb.
4th Match-A masters win really put him as the best of the rated r army besides edge of course I think he’s gonna be the batista of orton vs. hunter only it will be doane vs. nitro for him.

5th Match-Once again match wasn’t important so not going to comment.

Main event-OMG stone cold stone cold stone cold im glad he’s back and the feud with JBL should be interesting to say the least. About the match itself great action would have loved to read this match in full good job.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Unforgiven Review

A good opening video to hype the show. Did it’s job, and good usage of the word Unforgiven throughout the package.

Chris Benoit vs John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: A pretty good match to start the show. Good wrestling from the two, and this match was very physical. Some points in this match were boring and slow, but it picked up later and is normal for these two wrestlers to have a non-fast paced match. Glad to see Benoit winning, and although this was short, this still was an exciting opener to the show. It’ll be interesting to see who he faces later on tonight, so I’ll be intrigued into the Undertaker/Big Show match later on tonight.

Decent Orton promo. You captured him well though, very much in character. His cockiness was shown here, and you played the promo out well. Good job.

WWE Women’s Championship; Mickie James (c) vs Trish Stratus: Not really a fan of this one. Odd start to it with the collar-elbow tie up. Not used to seeing that open a women’s match. The flow and the wrestling factor helped this match, but everything else didn’t seem right. Not shocked that Mickie retained the title, and should be interesting to see who the next challenger for the title will be.

Austin!? What the heck?

Big Show vs The Undertaker: A decent match here. Nothing too special. Show dominating in the beginning is realistic, seeing as he towers over everyone in the WWE. Glad to see Taker come back and win the match. Hopefully he goes on to win the number one contendership to the WWE Championship. Although the finish was sketchy, because there’s no way Undertaker could hit the Last Ride on him. Anyway, fun and exciting match, but not the greatest match in history that’s for sure.

Interesting Rated R Army promo. Kenny kissing Melina on the cheek heats the tension between him and Nitro, which should provide some entertainment for the six man match later on.

Intercontinental Championship: Six Pack Elimination Challenge: A very exciting, fast-paced fun match here. Loved nearly every second of this match, from start to finish. Tons of action in this one, and was played out well, and it flowed very nicely. Glad to see Carlito pick up the victory and win the IC Title, Should be great to see where his title reign goes, and how far he holds it and who his first feud will be with. I’m hoping it’s with Doane, to give him a push in the thread would be nice. Good job with this one, MOTN so far.

Well, looks like we won’t be getting that feud I wanted. Although a Doane/Nitro feud could be pretty good.

Austin! Holy crap!! Excellent promo from both Layfield and Austin. Both of them were in character, and Austin dropped his famous entertaining lines, and JBL was his normal self as well, using his catchphrases as well. Good job with this promo.

Good McMahon/Edge promo. Further deepens the hatred McMahon has for Michaels. Just wondering, who’s Montoya?

Legend vs. Legend Killer: Alright match here. Flow was good, but the action was a little slow and there weren’t many high points in this match. Little bit of over usage of the RKO and some other moves in the match, but besides that this match was pretty decent. Not the worst match in history, but not the worst as well. Hopefully with the win, Orton moves up to the main event and goes into the title hunt against the winner of the WWE Championship match tonight. Again, not the worst match of the night or of all time, but certainly not the best.

Nice idea with the battle royal. I see Jindrak and Reigns winning it, just because of this promo and it would be silly for them not to after this. But I won’t be surprised if they don’t. Good job with this promo, everyone seemed in character.

Good AAE and Foley promo. These two guys delivered on the mic, Foley with the better part of it IMO. Impromptu match happens, and Umaga destroys everyone in his path. Good job of making Umaga look like the immovable force he is made out to be. I guess we’ll be seeing an Umaga/Foley feud, which I guess could be pretty good if done well.

Chris Benoit vs The Undertaker: A pretty good match here. Like how this one started out fast, as none of the other matches seemed to go that way. Entertaining match, some slow parts mixed in, but it was a fun and exciting match up until the finish which seemed a little bland in my opinion. Anyway, it was a good match, and glad to see The Undertaker back in the thick of things in the title scene.

WWE Championship: Shawn Michaels (c) vs Edge: Excellent match, but doesn’t edge out (no pun intended) the six man match from earlier. Back and forth action, flowed well, good usage of moves, nothing awful here. Glad to see Michaels retain in the end, in a very exciting finish I might add. HHH back on RAW? Not so sure. But very good finish to the match, and Undertaker in the end does his classic entrance at the end of the PPV.

Overall, a pretty good PPV DDMac. I give this a B, solely because some of the matches were not as good as they could have been. MOTN’s were the WWE Title match and the IC Title match, and the promos were very good. Keep it up, and I can’t wait for No Mercy!

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Mac, finally, here is the review I owe ya...

Pretty good opening promo from Edge, a tad short but it was still a very good one, Edge has walked off RAW! He'll no doubt start feuding with HHH sometime soon methinks

Rated R Army? Sounds OK, but Masters, Nitro, Shelton & Kenny? Big waste of talent IMO, a few lower ranked guys with this may've worked better, hopefully this stable does split as a Nitro/Melina vs Kenny feud seems to be starting. Shelton didn't even say anything the whole promo lol

Umaga is a beast, I'll check out Unforgiven I guess sometime to see what has gone on, as from the sounds of things and that recap of the vid, Umaga mauled Foley. He then goes over Haas, making himself even further over

LOL liked the JBL promo, pretty well in character and he is feuding with the returning Austin? Sounds like a good feud to me

Nitro kicks Kenny, and then Carlito wins the match to retain. The Nitro/Kenny feud must really start now after that

AMW win the battle royal against Jindrak/Reigns, RAW's tag division looks a tad weak. It's still OK though, and AMW will definately bolster it

Orton sounding typically cocky and smartass

Big promo between Michaels & Taker, HBK swiping the mic off Taker made me think he'd turn heel but no, McMahon comes out and announces the match will take place in 2 weeks on RAW. Big announcement

Masters makes RVD fade out to the Masterlock, hopefully an RVD/Masters feud doesn't begin as it doesn't sound too appealing. The Carlito/Merucry/Nitro/Doane thingo is looking good however

Big Show is one pissed off SOB lol

You love Mickie too much lol. Womens division looks typical WWE style, but you do have Trish, Mickie, Victoria and also Melina & Victoria to work with so it's actually quite good

Good main event between Benoit & JBL, JBL gets DQ'd and looks to follow up but AUSTIN IS HERE! Lol typical JR going over the top for the big faces, and Austin distracts JBL allowing Benoit to German Suplex him, and then Austin gives him a Stunner! I'm liking the Austin/JBL feud, and Austin as a part of the RAW roster looks good to me

I gotta admit Mac, you're quite the booker. Good storylines, good booking, mainly good promos. I've seen more than enough to keep reviewing. 8/10


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Renegade that was a typo on RAW. Shelton Benjamin was a member of The Rated R Army but he was shipped to SmackDown.

Thanks for the review

RAW and SmackDown get new homes?

The television deals that the WWE have with USA Network and the CW Network both run out in early-November and its unlikely that McMahon will want to resign his shows with either one. Right now, FX is looking like the destination of where both shows will end up due to the extreme amount of creative freedom allowed on the network. Though ratings would probably decrease because FX isn’t as widely distributed as USA, TNT or other major cable stations, FX is widely recognized and praised for its edgy programming which is something McMahon covets. We will keep you updated on this story as it develops.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter
Mac Note: As this thread moves forward into November (BTB Time), the language, violence and sexuality in this thread will pick up, so the squeamish or easily embarrassed, be weary. Not quite sure how its all gonna work out in the end, but I wanted to give a storyline reason (or explanation if you will) for it, as it will be very noticeable. Guys like Edge, JBL and Austin can do a lot more if the reigns are loosened so, personally, I can’t wait to get started…

Here are the upcoming pay per views in this thread…

No Mercy
SmackDown! Brand
October 8, 2006

Bad Blood

RAW Brand
November 5, 2006

Survivor Series
Joint Brand
November 26, 2006

Joint Brand
December 24. 2006

New Years Revolution
Joint Brand
January 7, 2007

Royal Rumble
Joint Brand
January 28, 2007

No Way Out
SmackDown Brand
February 18, 2007

Saturday Night’s Main Event
Joint Brand Television Special
March 10, 2007

WrestleMania 23

Joint Brand
April 1, 2007

SmackDown will not have a preview and will be posted tomorrow.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Good news on some more explicit content moving into the show as both shows seem to be destined for FX. I've done the same thing, moving away from the kiddy-teen orientated crud that the E is at the moment and I feel it gives you better storylines and creative freedom with certain guys, like the ones mentioned above.

I'll check out SD! when it goes up. Try and return the review soon eh?


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Im sorry mac, i am under alot of pressure now and the Raw review i promised is going to have to come for SD instead, srry once again.
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