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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Good opening video, which was based around the theme of being unforgiven. Gave some nice hype to the main events as well, and started off the show in a way that hypes you for the rest of it

JBL vs. Benoit is a good opening match, and will start the show in style. Don’t expect it to be too long, with the winner wrestling again, but hopefully it will be good enough. Benoit starts by getting the first move in, before there is a fightback by JBL, as he starts to dominate the middle of the match. Benoit fights back with the germans, but JBL counters the headbutt, and he goes back onto the attack. Nice little sequence here. Benoit though regains the momentum with the dropkick, but only gets a 2 with the headbutt. JBL goes for the CFH, but Benoit ducks but he cannot get the crossface in first time, but second time he does, and he gets the win in what was a good opening match to the show. Never got too dull, and did a lot in the time slot that you gave them, which was good to see. Benoit has the momentum with him now, going towards his final tonight

Good promo from Orton, which was surprisingly good for him, and gave some good build towards his match with Flair. Can’t see him losing it at all, but will be a good match

Probably the filler of the card, but it will still be a good match between them. Good to see the fact they are bitter rivals is shown through them choking each other, and it looks as if you are taking this match seriously, which is good to see. Some good action in the middle of the match, before we get towards the finish, but no-one wants to give the match up easily, with Trish kicking out of Mickie;s moves, and Mickie doing the same to Trish. Some good near falls, which add to the interest in this match, before Mickie steals one after the Mick kick and the feet on the ropes. Good womens match here, but this wont be the end of the feud based on the ending, and I guess you are going to try and do better in that match. Looking forward to the rematch

Guessing that man was supposed to be Austin, and if it was, then interesting to see him backstage, and to find out what the hell he was doing there… don’t expect to see him tonight, as it would make sense to hype his appearance a bit more over the next few weeks, with a heel calling out Austin, until he finally shows and beats them down… why am I booking your show here… oh… see what happens with this I guess

Not expecting too much from the next match to be honest, although I’m hoping that it will at least be passable. Show manages to out power Taker, and dominates the early going of the match, which was done reasonably well, but this match isn’t going to be a great one, but it will do. Taker fights back with the ddt, and this is getting towards the end of the match, and we will get an explosive finish. Taker manages to kick out of the cobra clutch, which was a nice surprise, and then they trade the chokeslams, but neither is enough to get the win. Taker nails a last ride, and he gets the win, and now faces Benoit tonight, in what would should be a great match. Solid enough match between these two, but Benoit vs. Taker should be great

Rated R Army are confident it seems, but the problems that exist between Nitro and Kenny may cost them the title. Doane kisses Melina, and that means the rivalry between them has just got a bit more heated

Liked the RVD promo, as it had some good humour in it with him saying that he will smoke everyone, but remained serious enough to make him a threat in the match tonight. Promos have been working well tonight, and seem to have a meaning to them as well

6 way match should be great with the men involved, and this hopefully will go long and have a lot of good, exciting stuff in it. Good to see the MNM members start the match, which gives it a bit of a story, and no-one seems to be able to settle in the match, with all 6 men trying to do what they can. RVD though is on fire it seems, with him basically beating the hell out of Masters, and dominates him to the extent that he is out of the match, and we are down to the 5 of them. Masters looks to be going for a feud with RVD then, which I’m not too keen on myself, but it could be done well. Mercury pins RVD, taking the star of the match so far out of it, and leaving us with 4. Carlito and Mercury then have some good action in the match, and this does seem to a feature of the match, that 2 people will wrestle until 1 is eliminated, and them someone enters the match. Superplex off the top is enough to see off Mercury, which may be a bit weak, but to be honest, I don’t mind it, as it is still a high impact move. 2 on 1 on Carlito, and he is going to have to fight the handicap now if he is to win the title. Some great stuff between these 3, before Doane double crosses Nitro and nails him with the leg drop, taking him out of the match. Melina will now be the key figure, as the winner will all depend on whether she sides with Doane. Nitro and Melina get taken down, only for Carlito to hit the backcracker, and he is the new champion, which is good to see. Good match here, and the mid card is a strong point on this show at the moment. Looks as if Melina will be staying with Nitro after slapping Doane across the face, which is good to see, and that should be the next feud

JBL comes out, and it looks like he has a complaint about why he lost his match earlier, and that was something that I didn’t spot… as you didn’t write about that in the match I see. Austin comes out, far too quickly for my liking, as there was no hype at all towards this. Big returns need a lot of hype, or be a total surprise, but this was a hybrid really, and didn’t work as well. Can’t fault the promo really, as Austin’s speech was done well, but maybe JBL should have got a few more words in. Looks like Austin is back full time, which should be entertaining, but not quite sure where he fits on the roster. Anyway, this should be a nice feud to go with the promo, but the idea behind the promo didn’t work I felt

Edge has Vince on his side, but somehow HBK is going to overcome the odds, maybe with the help of a certain HHH

Orton vs. Flair was a pretty decent match, and the way it went down was interesting, with Orton able to match the work of Flair, making him look as if he could be the next legend, which does a lot for Orton. Flair though does seem to have enough to make a comeback, only for him to be nailed with a mid air RKO, which has to be enough, but Flair gets the shoulder up. Maybe doesn’t help the move really, as a mid air RKO should be enough to finish off Flair, even though there was a gap. Flair though gets in the figure four leg lock, but Orton manages to make it to the ropes and keep the match alive, as Orton nails another RKO< but he lets Flair get up, wanting to finish him off a different way. He goes for the texas cloverleaf, which is nice to see that you have given to him, but he gets the ropes, but another RKO is enough for the match to end, and Orton gets the win. Good match here, which does a lot for Orton with him coming out of this looking very strong, and Flair put in a good performance as well

Nice tag match for tomorrow night I guess, and it will be interesting to see who wins the belt… based on who is in the match, you could do with maybe 1 more face tag team

AAE and Umaga call out Foley, in what should be an interesting segment. Some okay stuff from Foley, but he can do better, but the match that comes out of this will be good. AAE was on form here, and then so was Umaga once the unsanctioned brawl began, and some brilliant stuff from Umaga, getting him over as a big monster again after the destruction he put down on Foley. Don’t expect to see him for quite a while now, but he will be back to face Umaga

Benoit vs. Taker now, and this will be a good match, and is a feud that at some point I would like to see the WWE do. Benoit goes straight for the crossface, but Taker shows that he can wrestle, and he gets out of it, and this could be a recurring theme of the match by the looks of things. Benoit shows that he can wrestle with Taker, and the germans followed by the northern lights was some good stuff, and this has been a very good match so far. Benoit locks in the sharpshooter, but Taker gets out of it and nails the chokeslam, but Benoit gets out of that. Some good near falls here, and although this match is definitely beig rushed, it does make sense with them having wrestled tonight already. Benoit finally gets in the crossface, but Taker gets to the ropes, and a tombstone is enough to get the win, and Taker is the new number 1 contender… and that is good to see, and his match with HBK should be a good one. This match was possibly MOTN, but the fact it was short doesn’t help it. Would love to see a rematch down the line, where they go for 20+ minutes

Main event time, and I’m pretty sure that at some point this is going to turn into a gimmicked match, with run ins to help Edge get the title back, but hopefully it wont be too overbooked. Fast counts from Vince are going to happen then, and this will be good to see, as the odds are heavily stacked. Edge runs into the steel, but it isn’t too long before he is back in control, as nothing HBK can do is working tonight, and he seems to be too distracted by Vince as the referee. Moonsault should be enough, but the very slow count means Edge kicks out, and this is starting to piss HBK off. Edgecator is locked in, but even though HBK gets the ropes, he doesn’t have to release it. Nice heel tactics here, which is nice to see. Shocked to see the kick out of the spear, even with the fast count, as it kind of buries the move a bit. SCM should be it, but Vince stops the count, and that means there is no way that he can win without Vince being knocked out. Looks as if Edge and Vince are going for the concerto, but out comes HHH, and he nails the pedigree to Vince, removing him… SCM to Edge, and it is over, and HBK keeps the title. Good match here, but the ending felt a bit flat and lacklusture, with the HHH arrival having to happen, but somehow just not feeling right. Good to see Taker come out to end the show after the DX stuff, and it looks as if you are going straight into the next feud
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac, I should have my review up for Unforgiven my the middle of the week. I'm halfway done with it. Just letting you know.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Let me start off by saying Thank You to everyone who reviewed Unforgiven. Definitely taking all your critiques under advisement and I thank you for the praise and suggestions.

Alright peep this. I know I said the next show would be posted on the 15th but its being moved up...to tonight. I'm just not very poised. So if you were gonna give me a review for Unforgiven, and you haven't started it, just review RAW. If you started it, might as well finish it.

As for the reviews I owe, I'll stop being lazy and get them up eventually...

Just saw this thread has 20,000 views. Celebration bitches

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Congrats man o and i will def. review raw, today, well later today its 12 am
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Post Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Originally Posted by DDMac
Let me start off by saying Thank You to everyone who reviewed Unforgiven. Definitely taking all your critiques under advisement and I thank you for the praise and suggestions.

Alright peep this. I know I said the next show would be posted on the 15th but its being moved up...to tonight. I'm just not very poised. So if you were gonna give me a review for Unforgiven, and you haven't started it, just review RAW. If you started it, might as well finish it.

As for the reviews I owe, I'll stop being lazy and get them up eventually...

Just saw this thread has 20,000 views. Celebration bitches
Ok Ill review raw then it will be up either tommorow or tonight or maybe wednesday

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Thanks to everyone who voted me Most Improved Booker of December and got me some votes for the Year End Awards. 'Preciate it.

WWE Monday Night RAW

September 25, 2006
Los Angeles, California; Staples Center

-Recap of Unforgiven

-Opening Video


Jim Ross: Coming off of the heels of an exciting and shocking pay per view, RAW comes to you live from the site of Unforgiven! Ladies and gentlemen, I’m Jim Ross, here with Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, and we have a hell of a show for you tonight!

Jerry Lawler: J.R., the World Tag Team Championship is on the line and the Intercontinental Championship will be defended as well. But that’s not all. The WWE Champion Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Edge, Randy Orton, and Mr. McMahon are all here tonight and, not to mention our huge main event. Chris Benoit and JBL go one on one and…

“Metalingus” hits to a tremendous amount of heat from the sold out audience.

Jim Ross: Oh and we’re kicking off the night with the former WWE Champion, who failed to regain his title, losing to “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels last night at Unforgiven.

‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge makes his way down to the ring, with no one by his side. Edge scowls at the crowd as he enters the ring and snatches a microphone from Lilian Garcia.


Edge takes a deep breath, calming down.

Edge: Last night, was the biggest joke of a WWE Title match in the history of this business and everybody here knows it!

Crowd boos as Edge gives the crowd a menacing glare.

Edge: (points to crowd) You saw it, clear as day! I…GOT…SCREWED!!

Crowd begins an ‘asshole’ chant.

Edge: And for those of you idiots who were under a rock last night or passed out from drinking your pathetic lives away, ROLL IT!

Footage from last night Pay Per View, Unforgiven is shown. The video only shows the closing minutes of the main event, with Triple H showing up, Pedigreeing Vince and using his hand to count the pin fall, giving Shawn Michaels the win. The footage ends and Edge holds his head in center-ring.

Edge: McMahon didn’t make that count! Triple H did! Hell he’s not even on RAW!! That’s the biggest pile of crap, I’ve ever seen! I should be the damn Champion!

More boos for Edge’s incessant whining. Edge lets out a forced smirk.

Edge: But no, everybody’s favorite mid-life crisis, “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels, is still walking around with my title.

Mixed reaction with some cheering HBK and others booing Edge’s statements.

Edge: Shawn, lets be honest, you know deep down inside, that inside this ring, one on one, man on man, you CAN’T beat me!

More boos for The Rated R Superstar.

Edge: You didn’t pin me to win that belt at SummerSlam and you needed Triple H’s help to beat me last night at Unforgiven!

An ‘asshole’ chant starts up.

Edge: SHUT UP! This is bullsh*t!

The crowd responds, giving Edge an ungodly amount of heat

Edge: Earlier today, I did what needed to be done! I said what needed to be said! I stormed into McMahon’s office and demanded that I get my damn title match!

Edge takes another deep breath.

Edge: And our genius boss, the almighty Mr. McMahon, said that he wanted to give me another title shot…but couldn’t.

Thunderous pop for Edge’s bad news.

Edge: You see after Unforgiven, I’m apparently no longer the number one contender. That distinct “honor” goes…to The Undertaker!

Another enormous pop. Surprisingly, Edge seems to be calming down.

Edge: Well…since McMahon doesn’t want to give me what I want, what I deserve…he can take this job and shove it up his ass!

Crowd responds with shock.

Edge: That’s right, you heard me! McMahon doesn’t want to give me my respect, Vince wants to treat me like I’m some kinda mid-carder, then he can kiss my ass!

Edge smirks and stares at the ‘hard‘ camera.

Edge: Vinnie Mac, until I get what I want, until you’re ready to give me what’s mine, you can consider me on vacation. So uh, Vince, when you’re ready to give me my title shot, give me a call. (scoffs) You know the number.

Edge drops the mic and leaves the ring, before storming up the ramp. The crowd doesn’t even manage a “na na” chant due to the shock of the announcement. The Rated R Superstar walks through the curtain as we cut to our first commercial.

[Commercial Break]

:::We return from the break to the locker room of The Rated R Army:::

The Army is in full force, sans Edge, with Lita, Johnny Nitro, Melina, Chris Masters and Shelton Benjamin standing around the locker room, seemingly in shock after Edge‘s tirade.

Ken Doane: I don’t believe this. I mean, how could something like this happen?

Lita:Edge is having a really hard time right now, so he’s gonna need our support.

Doane looks confused by Lita‘s statement.

Ken Doane:
Edge?? I’m talking about me. I can’t believe you guys blew my shot at becoming the Intercontinental Champion last night!

Johnny Nitro: We blew it?! No. You blew it! All we had to do was go out there and work together but your ego blew it for all of us. And not only that, you were just using Melina all these weeks to try and get my Intercontinental Title.

Melina:Yeah, I feel so…so…used!

Ken Doane: Number one, Melina, I’m sure guys use you for plenty of things.

Both Nitro’s and Melina’s eyes widen at Doane’s insult.

Ken Doane:
Secondly, please, don’t flatter yourself, I was messing around with Melina, because it was something to do. Besides, I don’t need anybody to kick your ass.

Doane and Nitro get face to face.

Chris Masters:
Can’t we all just get along?

Nitro, Doane & Melina: Shut up!

Lita: Everybody, shut up and listen! Tonight is very important. The Rated R Army needs to get back on track. You (points to Chris Masters) have a match up with Rob Van Dam.

Crowd pops for the mention of RVD.

You two (points to Nitro and Doane) have a triple threat match with Carlito for the Intercontinental Championship. I’m begging with you, I’m pleading with you two, one of you, one of you please come back with the Intercontinental Title.

Nitro and Doane just stare at each other as Masters nods.

Chris Masters:
Its all under control.

Masters smiles confidently as Nitro and Doane continue to stare at each other, still with an extreme amount of hate between the two.

:::We cut back to ringside area:::

Jim Ross: I don’t believe what we have seen here tonight. “The Rated R Superstar” Edge has left the building, after whining about not getting…

Jerry Lawler: He was whining J.R.. Edge was robbed last night and he’s upset. Hopefully Mr. McMahon is trying to get this whole thing straightened out right now. We need Edge here in the WWE.

“Samoa” hits to a large amount of heat as “The Samoan Bulldozer” Umaga and his manager, Armando Alejandro Estrada, make their way down the ramp. Estrada is all smiles as he enters the ring and grabs a microphone from Lilian.

Armando Alejandro Estrada:
In case ‘ju’ may have forgotten…MY NAME IS ARMANDOOOO ALEJANDROOOO ESTRRRRADAAAA!!!! Ha ha! And last night, ha ha, well turn your attention towards the big screen.

The disturbing footage of Unforgiven plays of Umaga destroying Mick Foley, hitting him with several Samoan Spikes, drilling him with a 2 x 4 and power bombing him through the announce table. The footage finishes with a close up of a bloody Foley being wheeled out of the arena.

Armando Alejandro Estrada:
That’s what I’m talking about! That is a message to every single person in the back! Ju play with fire, ju get burned! Ju mess with Umaga, ju get put in the, como se dice, HOSPITAL!!

Crowd boos as Umaga snarls.

Armando Alejandro Estrada:
Now that the washed up, fat, disgusting, lazy, over the hill, one-eared DUMMY, Mick Foley is out of the way, we must move on to more pressing business. That being…the WWE Championship!

Crowd responds, somewhat shocked that the monster wants the title.

Armando Alejandro Estrada:
So this is a message to every body in the title picture. Whether it be The Undertaker (crowd pops), Edge (crowd boos) or the current champion “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels, (crowd pops) ju either step aside or get pushed aside, like Mick Foley!

Crowd boos for the mention of Foley’s treatment.

Armando Alejandro Estrada:
Because soon enough, the next WWE Champion, will be the SAAAAAMOAN BULLDOZER, UUUUMMAGA!!!!

“Pay The Price” hits to a decent pop as Charlie Haas makes his way down to the ring. Haas looks focused on winning as Lilian makes the ring introduction.

Jim Ross: Last night at Unforgiven, Charlie Haas was one of the contingent of. RAW superstars who attempted to help Mick Foley last night and he has stepped up to challenge Umaga tonight.

Jerry Lawler: J.R., we got and up close and personal view of last night’s…massacre and I can honestly say that it was one of the most sickening assaults that I have ever seen. Umaga shouldn’t be in wrestling ring, let alone compete for the WWE Championship.

Match #1
(w/AAE) vs. Charlie Haas
Unfortunately for Charlie Haas’ push, this match up turns into a squash match, with Umaga asserting his dominance over his talented opponent. Haas barely manages to get in offense, maybe a punch or two, but Umaga completely dominates, finishing Haas off with the Samoan Spike for the pin fall victory.
Winner: Umaga via pin fall at 3:21.

Jim Ross: Umaga is a monster. He is one of the most…what the hell is this!?

Jerry Lawler: Uh oh. Looks like Haas is in for some more punishment. He’s gonna end up like Foley.

Umaga exit’s the ring and grabs a steel chair from the ringside area and slides back in. He lifts the chair up and SLAMS IT across the back of Haas, and AGAIN, and AGAIN!! Several referees run down to the ring and beg for Umaga to stop the onslaught. Umaga prepares to take out the ref but Estrada holds him back, convincing The Samoan Bulldozer to leave the ring. Umaga and AAE walk up the entrance ramp, being showered in heat as we cut to the back.

:::Cut to the back with Jonathan Coachman standing by:::

The Coach:
Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, John Bradshaw Layfield!

JBL comes into screenshot, receiving tremendous heat from the sold out audience.

The Coach:
JBL, last night…

John Bradshaw Layfield: Last night was the biggest travesty in WWE history.

Crowd boos.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
Chris Benoit did not beat me last night. My foot was on the rope, which mean his submission meant nothing.

“You Tapped Out” chant begins.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
I did not tap out. I was screwed. So later in the night, I did the right thing, I did the honorable thing. I went to the ring and demanded that I get my title shot. But I didn’t get my title shot. Instead, I was interrupted by…

JBL takes a deep breath.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
…Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Tremendous ovation for The Rattlesnake.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
Steve Austin decided to interrupt me to announce his “big” comeback to Monday Night RAW.

Another thunderous pop for Austin’s return.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
Steve, I got news for ya, this ain’t 1998 anymore. This is 2006. We are now in the JBL era. Eight years ago, you were on the Pay Per View posters, you sold out the arenas, these people chanted your name.

An “Austin” chant starts up.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
But things have changed. You are no longer the face of the WWE, I am Mr. RAW. My name is up in the lights. I sell out the arena. These people chant my name. (closes eyes) JBL…

Crowd: SUCKS!

John Bradshaw Layfield:

Crowd: SUCKS!

John Bradshaw Layfield:

Crowd: SUCKS!

John Bradshaw Layfield:
So Steve, I’m warning you, stay the hell out of my way. Come back to RAW, drink a couple of beers and stun a couple of lowly referees. But whatever you do, don’t come on MY show and think that you’re gonna be the top dog around here. Because that spot belongs…to the WRESTLING GAWD!!

JBL then storms off of screenshot as The Coach looks on. Ross and Lawler once again hype up the main event between Bradshaw and Chris Benoit.

[Commercial Break]

{The same vignette that has been playing for weeks, plays again tonight, hyping the debut of America’s Most Wanted}


The crowd gives a very good pop as the NEW Intercontinental Champion Carlito makes his way down the entrance ramp, title slung over shoulder. Carlito slaps the hands of the fans as Lilian makes the ring introduction.

Jim Ross:
There he is. The new Intercontinental Champion Carlito. Boy did he pick up a huge win last night, defeating FIVE other WWE RAW superstars to pick up the prestigious title.

Jerry Lawler: He got lucky J.R. but there is no way that he can beat Nitro and Doane AGAIN tonight.

“Paparazzi” hits to a decent amount of heat and the former Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro makes his way down to the ring with his girlfriend, Melina, by his side. Nitro seems a bit upset, perhaps ticked by everything going on, as he enters the ring.

Jim Ross:
Can Johnny Nitro regain his title here tonight? He was double crossed by his Rated R teammate last night, Ken Doane but tonight…

Jerry Lawler: Tonight, Doane and Nitro need to work together so one of them can leave with the Intercontinental Championship.

“Out of My Way” hits to heat as “The Phenomenal” Ken Doane makes his way to the ring, looking more focused and not as arrogant as usual. Doane slides into the ring and has a stare down with Nitro, and the tension between the two picks up once again. The referee calls for the bell and the title match is on.

Match #2
Carlito&#169; vs. Ken Doane vs. Johnny Nitro
Intercontinental Championship; Triple Threat Match
Match Summary:
Nitro, Doane and Carlito cut a very fast paced match, each man using various athletic maneuvers in an attempt to gain the advantage. Though Nitro and Doane clearly have a distain for each other, they attempt to work together, trying to eliminate Carlito from the equation. Finish: Doane and Nitro hit Carlito with a double brainbuster, perhaps taking him out of the match!! Doane quickly makes the cover, only picking up a three count before Nitro pulls him off!! The two men bicker for a quick second, before it quickly turns into a brawl! Nitro and Doane exchange right hands, until Kenny goes low and kicks Nitro in the gut. He then plants him with a vertical suplex before going to the top rope!! He gets set on the top, perhaps going for his patented leg drop but … MELINA SHOVES HIM OFF!! Doane gets up furious, yelling at Melina from the ringside area. Melina simply stays quiet, letting Doane steam after gaining revenge from last night and his comments earlier. Doane turns around and is met with a SUPERKICK FROM NITRO!!! Johnny takes a little too long to celebrate in Kenny’s face and… Carlito COMES FROM BEHIND WITH A SCHOOL BOY!!! 1... 2... 3!!!
Winner: Carlito at 8:38 to retain the Intercontinental Championship

Carlito slides out of the ring and the referee brings him the Intercontinental Championship. He throws it over his shoulder and walks up the ramp as the fans cheer him on. Inside of the ring, Nitro stares at the entrance ramp in shock, not believing that he lost his second IC Title match in a row! Ken Doane gets back up to his feet and … TAKES NITRO DOWN WITH A DOUBLE LEG!! The two members of the same stable, wrestle around on the ground for several seconds before a couple of referees pull the two men apart. The possible disintegration of The Rated R Army continues and “The Rated R Superstar” Edge is nowhere around to stop the bleeding.

:::We cut to the backstage area:::

The WWE Champion, ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels, shows up to the arena, dressed to impress, with his championship slung over his shoulder. Michaels looks rather calm for a man who’s next title defense is against The Undertaker. Several backstage workers congratulate Michaels and he thanks them all, before continuing on his way to the locker room.

:::Cut to a different part of the back:::

Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak walk down a backstage hallway and towards the ring. Ross and Lawler, remind us that the Battle Royal for the vacant World Tag Team Championship is up next!!

[Commercial Break]

We return from the break with several tag teams (The Highlanders, Cade & Murdoch, and Johnny & Mikey from The Spirit Squad) already in the ring.


The crowd gives a decent pop as “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and Eugene make their way down to the ring. Both men seem beat up after the brutal assault they received from Umaga while trying to save Mick Foley last night.

Jim Ross:
Last night was the damnest thing I have ever witnessed. Umaga delivered a nasty shot to the throat of Duggan with that 2x4!! He hit him right in the throat with it!

Jerry Lawler: There’s no way these two idiots are 100% ready for this match up. They don’t have a chance of winning.

“Hard Knocks” hits to some pretty decent heat. Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak make their way down to the ring, Jindrak with confidence, Reigns with his trademark scowl.

Jim Ross:
These guys are definitely the favorites in this match up. That Luther Reigns is a bad man and as for Jindrak, his athleticism for his size is remarkable.

Jerry Lawler: There definitely my pick. I can see it now.

Jim Ross: Alright those seem like all the teams. Lets…


The crowd pops as they figure out what those words blasting over the loudspeaker mean. The ovation gets slightly louder as America’s Most Wanted, “The Wildcat” Chris Harris and “The Cowboy” James Storm make their way onto the RAW stage for the first time, with Gail Kim by their side. The two men confidently walk to the ring, wearing their trademark coats as the crowd continues to cheer.

Jim Ross:
Oh my God King! AMW! America’s Most Wanted is here!

Jerry Lawler: I don’t see what’s so impressive about these two. They look like a couple of regular guys to me.

Jim Ross: I’ve heard some good things about these two. And on their first night in the WWE, they have a chance to become the World Tag Team Champions.

Match #3
Over The Top Rope Tag Team Battle Royal
World Tag Team Championships

Match Summary:
The match up starts off rapidly, with it quickly breaking down to a frenzied environment. America’s Most Wanted dominates, as does Reigns and Jindrak, eliminating every other tag team until it comes down to just those two tag team tandems. Finish: Jindrak squares off with Harris, as Reigns goes head up with James Storm. The four men brawl with one another and eventually, AMW gains the advantage. Storm backs Reigns up into a corner and begins to let loose on him, hitting him with hard rights to the face. Jindrak fares better with The Wildcat, going low and hitting him with a knee to the gut. He then grabs Harris and attempts to throw him over the top rope, but he manages to hold on to the top rope and land on the apron! Jindrak, thinking that Harris has been eliminated, goes over to aid his partner and hits Storm in the back. The Wildcat re-enters the ring and the two members of AMW double team Jindrak. They soon grab MJ and send him over the top rope, to the outside, eliminating him from the match up. Ross and Lawler reinforce the format (both members of the team must be eliminated) as Jindrak gets up to his feet on the outside. MJ stares at Gail Kim, as AMW double team Reigns in the corner. Kim backs down from Jindrak, before MJ grabs her and Gail lets out a scream. Harris and Storm turn their attention towards ringside and Jindrak sees them, before quickly letting go of Kim. They turn back around to Luther and he charges but AMW reacts AND SENDS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE, onto Jindrak, eliminating him from the match and winning the tag team battle royal!!!
Winners: AMW at 13:12 last eliminating Luther Reigns.

The referee quickly goes to ringside and hands America’s Most Wanted their newly won World Tag Team Championships. AMW go to a corner, climb the turnbuckle, Gail Kim enters the ring and the three celebrate their win as we cut to the back.

:::Cut to the backstage area with Maria standing by:::

My guest at this time, “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton!

Orton comes into screenshot, wearing an expensive suit and an arrogant smile.

Randy, last night at Unforgiven…

Randy Orton: Last night at Unforgiven, I did exactly what I said I was gonna do. I beat “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

Heat for Orton as he rubs his chin.

Randy Orton:
But I gotta hand it to Ric, he gave me a run for my money. The old man put up a hell of a fight and showed the world that The Nature Boy…WOOO…hasn’t lost a step.

“WOOO!”s for The Nature Boy.

Randy Orton:
That’s right, I said it. Ric Flair is as good as he has ever been! The man is great! Ric Flair is truly a legend.

Crowd cheers for Orton and The Legend Killer lets out his trademark smirk.

Randy Orton:
I’m just… better.

Crowd boos as Orton lets out a slight chuckle.

Randy Orton:
Ric, you were at your best! You gave it everything you had. You put in the performance, the fight, the battle of a lifetime, but you still came up short.

Orton continues to smile as he brings the point home.

Randy Orton:
And Ric, its not because you’re old, its not because you’re washed up, it had nothing to do with your training, your endurance, your stamina, your drive, your motivation, your resilience… I’m just better. Don’t blame me though…its just…its just…destiny.

More heat for Randy. Orton smirks and winks at Maria before walking off camera, as we cut to a video package.

Video package plays, featuring The Undertaker. Clips play of the legendary career of The Phenom, highlighting his fifteen plus years in the WWE, hyping him up for his eventual title match with Shawn Michaels.

[Commercial Break]

Another video package plays, very similar to the one that played before the break, except this one highlights the career of Shawn Michaels. The package ends with a shot of the end of the Unforgiven pay per view, with HBK and Triple H staring at the top of the ramp, as Taker returns the glare, giving Michaels the throat slash.

“Sexy Boy” hits to a thunderous ovation as the fans go wild for the WWE Champion. “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels makes his way onto the stage, dressed in a suit, with his prestigious title slung over his shoulder.

Jim Ross:
The crowd is going crazy for the Heartbreak Kid. He overcame all the obstacles and managed to defeat The Rated R Superstar, even with Mr. McMahon as the referee.

Jerry Lawler: He didn’t beat Edge. Triple H is the one who counted him down and not only was he not in the match, HE’S NOT EVEN ON RAW!

Michaels enters the ring and grabs a microphone. An “HBK” chant begins as Michaels smiles, happy with the appreciative reaction he is getting. He then begins to speak…

Shawn Michaels:
Well…I did it.

Thunderous pop as the crowd cheers for the simplicity of Michaels’ statement.

Shawn Michaels:
Make no mistake about it, Edge gave me the fight of my life and he is definitely one of the very best that this business has to offer, but there’s just no stoppin’ the Shooooow Stoppaaaa!

Another great pop for HBK.

Shawn Michaels:
Granted, I had a little bit of help. Maybe about that (Michaels squeezes his index finger and thumb together) much help and for that, Hunter I’ll send you something really nice. Maybe a DX t-shirt or something.

Small chuckle before he continues.

Shawn Michaels:
Moving on…now that Edge has taken his ball and went home, its time for the next challenger to my WWE Championship to step up.

Silence before a “Taker” chant starts up, causing Michaels to let out a smirk.

Shawn Michaels:
Yeah, I heard. Ha, my next opponent, my next challenger is…The Undertaker!

Incredible ovation for The Phenom.

Shawn Michaels:
I have got an huge amount of respect for The Undertaker. He has done a hell of a lot in, and for, this business. But, uh, Deadman…if you think that you’re taking this title off of my shoulder…

Michaels breathes on the title before shining it off.

Shawn Michaels:
You got another thing comin’!

Loud mixed reaction.

Shawn Michaels:
Because “The Headlina’” , “The Showstoppa’”, “The Main Event”, “The Icon”, THE W-W-E CHAMPION, “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels is ready to take you…


The crowd erupts as the lights shut off.




The lights come back on with The Undertaker standing face to face with Michaels!!! The crowd erupts as HBK stares into the eyes of The Deadman!! Taker reaches down and grabs the microphone from the hand of Michaels, who lets it go with a slight smirk.

The Undertaker:
Shawn Michaels. You are currently in the possession of the one thing that I desire. The WWE Championship.

Michaels continues to glare at Taker as he continues.

The Undertaker:
And though I have no ill will towards you, I must have the WWE Cham…

MICHAELS SNATCHES THE MIC!! The crowd lets out a gasp collectively as Taker stares fiercely into the eyes of Michaels!

Shawn Michaels:
How can I put this in a way you’ll understand?? This belt is staying with me!

Thunderous mixed reaction. Taker snatches the mic back!!

The Undertaker:
Shawn Michaels!!!!...when you and I do step in this ring…you will…REST…IN…PEEEAAACE!!!

Taker drops the mic and HBK smirks. Michaels then drops the title and takes off his suit jacket, causing Taker to take off his hat and his jacket, which gets a raucous ovation from the crowd whom are ‘fiending’ for this match up. HBK rolls up his sleeves, ready to go but… “No Chance in Hell” hits to an incredible amount of heat, causing both Taker and Michaels stare at the entrance ramp, as Mr. McMahon makes his way onto the stage, microphone in hand.

Mr. McMahon:
Congratulations Shawn on retaining your championship at Unforgiven.

Crowd begins an ‘asshole’ chant.

Mr. McMahon:
And that guy who helped you last night, well, I’ll take care of him this Friday night on SmackDown!.

More boos and a slight “Triple H” chant starts up.

Mr. McMahon:
As for this HUGE, HUGE match up between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship…this match up will take place…on MONDAY NIGHT RAW!!

Deafening ovation for the huge announcement. Michaels and Taker stare at each other.

Mr. McMahon:
It will take place on RAW, two weeks from tonight!!

Mixed reaction, due to the disappointment that the match is not taking place tonight.

Mr. McMahon:
As for the two of you, I would suggest that you two get your acts together and get out of each others face, because if the two of you have any contact with each other before that match takes place in two weeks… then you will be suspended on the spot.

The crowd boos but HBK and Taker ignore McMahon, continuing to stare each other down. “No Chance in Hell” plays once again as McMahon walks to the back. Taker rolls his eyes into the back of his head and the lights go out!! After several seconds, the lights come back on but The Undertaker has disappeared!! The crowd is in shock as Michaels lets out a smirk, seemingly unimpressed with the mind games of The Phenom. HBK lifts his title up and sets it in the middle of the ring, before doing his signature pose, setting off his pyro, as if nothing strange has happened.

Jim Ross:
My God! In two weeks, , Shawn Michaels versus The Undertaker for the WWE championship. My god, what a match up that’s gonna be. One of the biggest matches in the history of RAW!

Jerry Lawler: HBK looks confident, he looks ready and surprisingly calm for his match up with The Undertaker. I can not wait to see that match. Two of the greatest superstars of all time go at it, in just two weeks!! Later on tonight, we will see JBL take on “The Rabid Wolverine” Chris Benoit.

Jim Ross: But up next, Rob Van Dam taken on The Rated R Army’s, Chris Masters. RVD and The Masterpiece. NEXT!!

[Commercial Break]

“Masterpiece” hits to a decent amount of heat as “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters makes his way onto the stage area, wearing a new ‘Rated R Army’ t-shirt instead of his usual robe. Masters does his usual posing before getting into the ring as Lilian makes the ring introduction.

Jim Ross:
Last night at Unforgiven, The Masterpiece came up short in his quest for the Intercontinental Championship after being eliminated by Rob Van Dam.

Jerry Lawler: Oh but that wasn’t all. Masters got his revenge later in the night, eliminating RVD with a steel chair shot!

“One of a Kind” hits to a great pop. Rob Van Dam makes his way down to the ring, with his manager, Bill Alfonso, by his side. Van Dam slaps the hands of the fans and continues into the ring, as Lilian Garcia makes the ring introduction.

Jim Ross:
Mr. Monday Night looking ready and focused. He wants some payback on The Masterpiece.

Match #4
Chris Masters vs. Rob Van Dam (w/Bill Alfonso)

Match Summary:
Masters and Van Dam put on a fairly decent contest, with RVD doing his best to carry The Masterpiece to a passable match up. Mr. Monday Night controls most of the match up, with Masters getting in an acceptable level of offense. Finish: Van Dam hits Masters with a couple of right hands before shooting him into the corner. RVD charges in, but Masters gets his feet up and drills him in the face. The Masterpiece charges out of the corner but Van Dam catches him with a powerslam!! He goes for the cover but only picks up a 2 count. RVD lifts him up and hit’s a scoop slam, before shooting off and hitting The Rolling Thunder!! Another cover but once again, he only picks up a 2 count! Van Dam climbs to the top and gets set on the top turnbuckle, waiting for Masters to get up. The Masterpiece finally gets up and Van Dam leaps off of the top, but Masters CATCHES HIM, before throwing him onto his shoulder and hitting a running power slam!! Masters then clutches his hands together, calling for The Masterlock!! RVD gets up and Masters attempts to lock the hold in, but can’t, as Van Dam slides to the ground and kicks him in the face! Johnny Nitro comes down to the ring and hops onto the apron, attempting to distract Van Dam, to assist his Rated R teammate. Van Dam becomes distracted but soon, Ken Doane runs down to the ring and snatches Nitro off of the apron. The two feuding members of The Rated R Army argue…but inside the ring Chris Masters comes from up behind RVD and locks in THE MASTERLOCK!!! The crowd pops as Carlito and Joey Mercury run down to the ring and begin brawling with Doane and Nitro!! Inside of the ring, Van Dam slowly but surely begins to fade to Masters’ submission hold. Four men brawl on the outside, but Van Dam is almost out on the inside, with the referee now lifting his hand up…and it falls back down, limp! The referee calls for the bell!!
Winner: Chris Masters via submission at 11:55.

Mercury and Carlito stop brawling with Doane and Nitro slide into the ring, attempting to go after The Masterpiece, but Masters slides out of the ring. Mercury and Carlito help Van Dam up in the ring as the three members of The Rated R Army back up the entrance ramp, Nitro and Doane still arguing with each other, as Masters motions to Carlito that he is coming for the Intercontinental Championship.

:::Cut to the backstage area:::

Todd Grisham stands by…

Todd Grisham:
Ladies and gentlemen, my guests at this time…The Big Show and his manager Paul Heyman.

Show and Heyman come into screenshot to a lot of heat, with Show looking upset.

Todd Grisham:
Big Show last night, you lost to The Undertaker and…

Show looks at Grisham with fury, with his eyes almost bulging out of his head. He grabs a hold of the microphone and CRUSHES IT IN HIS HAND!!! Grisham cowers away from Show but it does no good. Show grabs Todd and flings him into the RAW set-up, his head smacking it hard!! Grisham lays on the ground unconscious as several security guards and referees move in. They are too scared of Show to get near him or tell him to lay off, but Show eventually walks off, with Heyman staring down at Grisham, before smirking and walking off.

Jim Ross:
My God. Todd is down and out. The Big Show damn near destroyed him.

Jerry Lawler: A word of advice to all announcers, referees, wrestlers and the like…stay clear of The Big Show.

Jim Ross: Man, that was…that was disturbing. Anyway, later tonight, “The Rabid Wolverine” Chris Benoit battles JBL. But coming up next, the divas are in action. Six diva tag team match up is up next.

[Commercial Break]

SmackDown! Rebound:

~ John Cena costs Mr. Kennedy a match up, allowing Bobby Lashley to earn the #1 Contendership for a U.S. Title match against Kane at No Mercy.
~ Batista defeats Rey Mysterio in a match, looking strong for his upcoming World Heavyweight Championship match against Kurt Angle at No Mercy.
~ Finlay pins Triple H in a handicap match also involving William Regal.
~ Kurt Angle shows a new found intensity in his match with Matt Hardy.
~ Matt Hardy basically completes his heel turn by shoving Rey Mysterio into Angle, causing Kurt to give him The Angle Slam.

“Mickie” hits to a mixed reaction and the WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James makes her way down to the ring, alongside Victoria and Candice Michelle, ready for this six diva match up. Lilian Garcia make the ring introduction as the three divas enter the squared circle.

Jim Ross:
Last night at Unforgiven, Mickie James and Trish Stratus put on one hell of a match up, but in the end it was Mickie who left with the Women’s Title.

Jerry Lawler: Stop living in the past J.R.. We’re gonna have twelve PUPPIES in this next match!!

Originally Posted by Mac Note
I hate The King.
“Time to Rock and Roll” hits to a pretty good pop as Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson and Maria make their way down the entrance ramp. The three divas enter the ring as Lilian makes the introduction.

Match #5
Women’s Champion Mickie James, Victoria and Candice Michelle
vs. Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson and Maria

The match up is basically filler, but is also used as a way to ease off of the current Mickie James-Trish Stratus feud. Trish, Victoria and Mickie spend the majority of the match in the ring, to make sure its at least a respectable contest. Eventually, Mickie and Maria end up being the two legal competitors, which leads to a Mickie DDT and a pinfall victory for the Women’s Champion.
Winners: Mickie James, Victoria & Candice via pinfall at 5:47.

Jim Ross: Mickie James picks up the victory and the Women’s Champion continues to roll.

Jerry Lawler: I may need a water break after that match.

Jim Ross: What a night we have had on Monday Night RAW so far King! Edge has walked out, Johnny Nitro and Ken Doane are still at each other’s throats, Carlito has retained the Intercontinental Title, Umaga is on a rampage, The Big Show is destroying announcers, The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels are gonna wrestle in a couple of weeks and WE STILL GOT THE MAIN EVENT!!

Jerry Lawler: This is great. I love Monday Nights!

Jim Ross: And it gets even better because coming up next…Chris Benoit goes one on one with John Bradshaw Layfield. JBL, Benoit, NEXT!!

[Commercial Break]


“Longhorn” hits to tremendous heat and “The Wrestling God” John Bradshaw Layfield makes his way down to the ring, not wearing his trademark toothy grin, instead scowling at the crowd with anger. JBL enters the ring as Lilian makes the ring introduction. An “Austin!” chant starts up, which causes Bradshaw to slowly turn towards the crowd, pissed.

Jim Ross:
The biggest shocker of the year took place last night when Stone Cold Steve Austin returned to Monday Night RAW!

Jerry Lawler: And interrupted JBL and then gave him a Stone Cold Stunner!! That’s not how you treat a Wrestling God.

“Whatever” hits to a great ovation and “The Rabid Wolverine” Chris Benoit walks down the entrance ramp. Benoit looks ready, focused, and looks like he has ice cold water running through his veins as always. Lilian makes the ring introduction.

Jim Ross: Chris Benoit is focused on this match. Last night, Benoit lost a number one contender match to The Undertaker. But is he complaining about it? Is he bitching and moaning like Edge and Bradshaw? Hell no! Benoit is a fighter and he’s gettin’ right back on the horse, ready to go!

Jerry Lawler: You’re just a Chris Benoit fan.

Jim Ross: You’re damn right about that King.

Match #6
Main Event
Chris Benoit vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

Match Summary:
Benoit and JBL put on one hell of a hard hitting contest, with both men using their smash mouth style in an attempt to gain the advantage. At several points throughout the contest, JBL becomes upset by the thunderous “AUSTIN!” chants which causes him to become distracted. Finish: Benoit backs Bradshaw into the corner with hard forearm shots. He lets loose on him with chops, kicks and punches, before shooting him into the corner. Benoit comes charging in bur JBL moves out of the way and shoots off of the ropes! He goes for The Clothesline From Hell but Benoit ducks, grabs him by the waist, and takes him over with a German Suplex!! He keeps his hands clasped together and manages to hit Bradshaw with a couple more, before finally releasing his grip! Benoit does the throat slash before climbing to the top turnbuckle and going for the DIVING HEADBUTT…BUT JBL MOVES…avoiding contact!! After several seconds of being on the mat, Bradshaw and Benoit make their way back up to their feet. JBL throws a right but Benoit blocks it and hits him with a couple of hard forearm shots before bouncing off of the ropes. The Wolverine goes for a cross body but Bradshaw catches him and drills him with The Last Call!! He goes for the cover. 1...2...KICK OUT!! JBL lifts Benoit up and tucks him between his legs, possibly going for a power bomb but Benoit counters out of it and goes for the Crossface!! Benoit manages to get JBL down to the ground…and finally…HOOKS IT IN!! Bradshaw struggles, reaching for the ropes, which are just barely out of reach!! The crowd chants for Bradshaw to tap out but he refuses to submit, using his free arm to inch closer and closer to the ropes!! He reaches out…BUT HE’S NOT CLOSE ENOUGH and Benoit keeps the devastating Crippler Crossface locked in!! JBL inches closer a bit more and…FINALLY REACHES THE ROPE…causing the hold to be broken!!! Benoit attempts to stay on the attack but JBL has had enough of the onslaught and hits Benoit with a low blow!!!…causing the disqualification!!
Winner: Benoit via Disqualification at 14:37.

The crowd boos as Bradshaw makes it up to his feet, smirking at his actions, though still holding his shoulder due to the pain of the Crossface. JBL slides out of the ring, motions for Lilian Garcia to get up out of her chair, grabs it and slides back into the ring. Bradshaw waits for Benoit to get up but…


Jim Ross:

The audience erupts as Stone Cold Steve Austin walks down to the ring in typical rattlesnake fashion, head wagging, as JBL calls him in, still wielding a steel chair. Austin stands at the bottom of the ramp, trash talking at Bradshaw, who kicks at the ropes, refusing to let him come in. An “Austin” chant picks up but Bradshaw just smirks because Stone Cold can’t get into the ring…BUT BENOIT COMES FROM UP BEHIND JBL AND GIVES HIM A GERMAN SUPLEX!!! The crowd erupts as Benoit then holds one nostril and blows his snot on JBL before leaving the ring. Another “Austin” chant picks up as The Rattlesnake takes the scenic route, climbing up the ring steps into the ring. Bradshaw slowly gets back up to his feet and Austin flips him off…STUNNER!!! Austin drops down and wags his head in JBL’s face amidst an amazing reaction!

Jerry Lawler: Not again! He did it again!

Jim Ross: Stone Cold just gave JBL another Stunner for good measure!! My God, what a night we have had on Monday Night RAW. Get ready for the rollercoaster ride of a lifetime! Stone Cold Steve Austin is back!!!

The crowd erupts as Stone Cold calls for a couple of beers, smacking them together and downing them, with the crowd going wild as RAW goes off the air.



Matches Announced For Bad Blood
November 4, 2006

No Matches Announced


Credit goes to Bethany (BIE) for the RAW banner and RaS for the Bad Blood poster.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Warning: I have only reviewed your show once and I dont know the feuds and storylines well

Opening Promo was good and Edge sounded pissed off. I dont know the storyline behind this feud but it looks good. Edge was also in character and its nice to see the Undertaker as the new No1 contender

Ken Doane and Rated R Army promo was pretty funny and I like how Nitro and Ken are going at each other.The comments at Melina were funny too and Masters made it good

Umaga vs Haas was pretty much a squash match and Umaga destroyed him but it was very good to see him beat him up after the match

JBL promo was pretty good and i liked how the crowd made fun of him

Triple threat match was as I predicted it to be and i figured Carltio would roll one of them up after they turned on each other.good match

Tag team titles match was well done but there were really only two teams that were gonna have a chance. I would have liked to see Jindrak and Reigns win but hell it was good

Orton Promo was well written and he was in good character...thats about it

HBK and Taker Promo was well done and I am looking forward to their match. I know little about your show yet it has been great

RVD vs Masters was good and even though Masters won via Masterlock it was good to see the IC title feud again in one night.I am a little unfamiliar if kenny is in the Rated R Army or not

Diva tag match was your average diva match and I like the womans title fued you have going

main Event with JBL vs Benoit was an incredible way to end your show and having SCSA come out after and beat up JBL was great.I look forward to seeing this feud escalate

overall I would give this show a 95/100 and I like your style.I will be reading this thread alot

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

RAW Review.

Edge Promo
Great way to start the show! Edge coming out in his bitter mood is always a great way to kick off imo. What a great promo, Edge was totally in character and it flowed wonderfully following the events from Unforgiven. Edge walks out? Boo. That’s not cool, Vince needs to give him the title match None the less, great promo to start off!

Rated R Army Promo
I’m loving this stable, the unrest in the camp as well. Ken Doane’s character is definitely the best out of the lot, and I’m looking forward to him and Nitro getting into an all out feud soon enough. Another great promo.

Umaga v Haas
Umaga beats the crap out of Haas, furthering his dominance and crushing any credibility that Charlie Haas has. Umaga beats the hell out of him some more after the match, further show casing his ruthlessness.

Nice promo from JBL here, as it looks like a feud between Bradshaw and Austin may well be on the cards.

Carlito v Doane v Nitro
Nice match up here. You messed up when you said “quickly makes the cover, only picking up a three count before Nitro pulls him off!!” Nothing major here though, so no real problems. Very entertaining finish, with it seemingly coming down to Doane and Nitro, only for Carlito to spoil it for them. Okay, it seems the feud between Doane and Nitro is now really kicking off, good stuff.

Battle Royal for Tag Champs
AMW are here! I hope they win! Great match up here, really enjoyed the finish. I liked how you reiterated the rules of the match as well, that was a nice touch. AMW comes out as winners on debut, very, very cool. I just dunno about the big ovation they received upon their entry, as I’m not too sure how many WWE fans would know who AMW are.

Orton Promo
Nice promo here from Orton, very much in character and it’s good to see him showing respect to Flair, whilst still maintaining his cocky persona.

WOW. Awesome, I thought you’d done well keep your characters maintained until now, but this one is something else. The opening was brilliant, vintage HBK, then Taker comes out, making sure his Deadman gimmick stays intact with exactly what you’d expect from him. Typical Vince as well, I like it how you mentioned that HBK simply carried on after Vince and Taker left as though nothing had happened. Big match announced for Raw. I was expecting this one to take place at your next PPV

RVD v Masters
Decent time given for this one, which is great. RVD jobs to the Masterlock, well didn’t expect that at all. This one just seemed like another chance to further the unrest in the Rated R Army. Enjoyable match none the less. I was glad that you gave this match a decent amount of time, and didn’t job RVD out to the Masterlock in a few minutes.

Big Show shows his dominace, destroying Todd Grisham. I love the Big Show as the big tough angry heel, I hope to see him right up in the title scene.

Divas Match
Lol. I loved your note, other than that, I just don’t dig diva’s matches at all. As you said, this one was just there as purely a filler.

Bradshaw v BENOIT <3
I loved what JR said about Benoit before the match even started, so true! Great match, both Benoit and Bradshaw looked strong here, smart finish so no one suffered. Good to see Benoit have the crossface locked in for a good period of time before JBL hit the ropes. Give good rub to both men.

Wholy crap. What about the after math, all be it a little predictable, JR’s reaction was awesome, totally what you’d expect and it was great to see Benoit get in on the festivities with the German, followed up by the Stunner to end the show.

Over all, great show mate, awesome follow up to Unforgiven, very well done.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

IAmLegend's RAW Review.

Edge Promo: Surprising way to start the show! Edge was really in character here, and it was well written. I was extremely shocked by Edge's revelation and a little disappointed that he is being denied his WWE title rematch. I'm sure he wont be gone for long though.

Rated R Army Promo:I really like this stable, and especially the way they constantly bicker. Doane's line to Melina was a gem. 'The Phenomonal' one reference to AJ Styles?) is the best thing about this stable in my opinion, though Masters and Nitro are great entertainment too. I can see Carlito taking advantage of Doane and Nitro's squabbling to retain.

Umaga v Haas: Umaga is looking really dominant on Raw now, especially after destroying Foley and now Haas. So he is coming after the WWE Championship, which should prove interesting. HBK vs. 'Taker vs. Umaga would be a hell of a match.

JBL Promo: Well written, entertaining segment here, setting up a nice feud brewing between JBL and Austin.

Carlito vs. Doane vs. Nitro: Good match here but with a predictable outcome. It's a common problem with weekly shows that titles can very rarely change hands. Doane and Nitro costing each other the title was good; Carlito using the roll up to win was just like him.

Battle Royal for Tag Champs: This was a good match, but I really think it highlights the weakness of your tag team division. AMW are the only ones deserving of the tag titles, so I was pleased to see them win. Luckily, I think most WWE fans will know who they are by now. May their reign be long and prosperous!

Orton Promo: This was a good segment, with Orton coming across as his traditional arrogant self. I wonder what is next for the Legend Killer, now that his feud with Flair is seemingly over. Is he coming for the WWE Championship too?

HBK/'Taker/Vince: Very good section here. HBK opened it up nicely with his usual showboating, before the Phenom interrupts him ('Taker is always interrupting people nowadays) and challenges for the WWE title. Vince sets up a future encounter between the two nicely, which brings back great memories of their '97 rivalry.

RVD vs. Masters: MOTN so far I think. It was given a fairly hefty amount of time for a non-title match, but I think it was done to further a rivalry between RVD and the R-Rated Army. The R-Rated Army is self-imploding on us again here, which is fun to watch. It was also nice to see Masters go over on RVD with the Masterlock.

Big Show Segment: Well, Big Show seems pretty pissed off! With 'Taker moving into the WWE title picture, I expect Show to follow. He deserves to anyway.

Divas Match: Whoever you were quoting got it spot on: Diva matches are really only fillers, but this wasn't a bad attempt.

Bradshaw v Benoit: Great match to end with. Hard hitting, with neither man coming across as weak. JBL didn't even submit to the Crippler Crossface immediately, which was good for the 'Wrestling God'.

Aftermath: Stone Cold coming out was a little obvious but it was still fun. Benoit and Austin teaming up with a German and then a Stunner was a nice touch.

Overall:A very good show with good length, good grammar and good spelling. A nice way to follow Unforgiven.

8 1/2 out of 10 - Keep it up!
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Hey Mac you're next I'll hit you up with a RAW review tomorrow.


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