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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

- A nice opening promo with Michaels. Although recapped, I can really invision what exactly he would have been like in the promo. Ive always liked Michaels when he is serious, focused and intent so it’s good you are using him like that, if not only for tonight. I see HBK retaining at Unforgiven and losing the belt the PPV afterwards. Don’t ask why but I have a sixth sense on these things you could say.

- Impressive sort of victory from Orton but if im being honest, I could really see him pulling off that submission or looking even remotely confident doing it either. BUT, at the same time it shows a lot of freshness and freshness is something that all BTB’s need to have at some point in time and you have introduced that tonight. Good call overall. I hope you also use this freshness when it comes to after Unforgiven as there are only so many things that Orton can do under the “Legend Killer” gimmick.

- Oh dear. Priceless promo from JBL. Vanilla Midget? That’s fucking hilarious. My sense of humour is drole though because its 7AM. Then HBK gets involved and that’s one down and a few more to go. Even though I normally wouldn’t like this. I hope you push HBK tonight as he needs some momentum going into the PPV and needs to look stronger than he is at this moment in time.

- Nice 2 promos/segments here. Orton one was ok and very imaginative for what it was. You have a great thing going with the Rated R army and the whole thing between Doane/Melina and Nitro. It’s hilarious and proving some good interesting things happening besides the feuds they are actually involved in. I would of liked a promo here again but nevermind.

- Meh to the womens match. To be honest, I wish you would scrap it in favour of something like the Hardcore or Euro title, something for the underused stars to go for at last. Interesting aftermath and you are building this thing up well at the moment, Mac. Kudos.

- Benoit and HBK have a stare down and I have one thing to say. Feud them. Ok maybe it was 2. Anyway, interesting little lines and continues on with Michaels looks focused and so goes into the next match. HBK interferers ok. Crotch Chop, OK. All in all, decent but im starting to thin you are overbuilding this just a tad. Slow it done and make it seem more hyped with Michaels wanting to get his revenge but playing mind games before doing it, so to speak.

- Interesting promo. I wonder who the legend is going to be? Roddy Piper, I don’t know im not the guessing type of guy to be honest with you. Good you got Umaga in there as that means he has a place on the show and doesn’t get lost in the Michaels revenge mission coming up to the PPV this Sunday.

- 4th match and looked like it was defiantly one of the best matches of the night, wrestling and entertainment wise. Can anyone say overkill? This whole thing is good but it is seeming rushed on this show with 3 individual segments/moments between them all or part of them. Cool down and let it build a little more as you could have something good on your hands.

- Main event time and it looks like it has all broken down as well. Both before, during and after the match. Nice action and good to see Michaels ultimately getting his ultimate revenge on Show and costing him the match but still, its been a fair but of Overkill to what I was expecting tonight. Best aftermath to a show I have seen and heading into Sunday, Michaels has a target on his back, will he be able to overcome it?

- Overall a very good show, Mac even if it was in a recapped form. Overkill a bit with Michaels and the Rated R Army but understandable since they have major roles one way or another going into Sunday. Once again, good show.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Nice show Mac. Double review coming, beeeotch.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Another good show, there Unforgiven is looking good and i cant wait to read!!
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Sorry Mac, not going to be able to get you a review. College is a bitch.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Seemed like a short opening segment, with Michaels looking for redemption tonight, after taking a brunt of abuse last week. The main event definitely could do with more build tonight.

Orton busting out a submission finisher now?? Could make things interesting. I see Orton definitely being groomed here for a future title run, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it came no sooner than Survivor Series. He’s on an awesome run at the minute, and cant see him slipping against Flair.

Guessing we’ll see an awful lot of Michaels tonight, with JBL being strike one. This could be a nice little side issue on the show, with maybe HBK regretting it later on, once the rest come back for him.

Still loving the love triangle. I think it works best because of the parties involved, as I can imagine the three of them meshing well. It’s not like its Lita, Edge and Big Show, if you get what I mean.

Trish gets to roll into Unforgiven looking really strong, but I have a gut feeling Mickie James will pull it off, unless you’re having Trish bow out here like in real life.

Michaels wont be stopped tonight it seems on his quest. Wonder if his comments here are hinting towards a heel turn?? Probably just me reading into the situation too much.

HBK strikes again, getting one over on the #1 Contender, costing him his match with Flair. Surely all these actions will catch up on Michaels before the night is out??

Big news. A legend that is not Mick Foley will be showing up at Unforgiven?? Wonder who, and why it would be of assistance to Vince?? Possibly to help in his quest to take Michaels out as champion?? Hard to tell.

Really loving this love triangle still. Melina saves Doane from defeat, then inadvertently gets Nitro a Back Cracker, before allowing Doane to score a big win for himself. Cant wait to see how this story unfolds again at Unforgiven.

Michaels then causes a DQ in the main event, nailing Show with SCM, then makes no mistake this week nailing Taker too!!! Michaels had it all his way tonight, which might just count against him at Unforgiven, but after winning the belt so soon, I think he should escape with the belt - somehow.

For a recap, this was still well worth the reading, and has me looking forward to Unforgiven greatly. I’ll drop predictions nearer the time of posting the show.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

I think that this is very good
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Originally Posted by The_Rated_R_Supers
I think that this is very good

Anyway, SD is in recap form and should be posted by the end of the week. I know I owe a couple of reviews and I should get to them sometime this week as well. Unforgiven is complete and it came out good enough and should be posted about 4 days after SmackDown is posted.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

WWE SmackDown (recap) - September 24, 2006

Phoenix, Arizona

A recap of last week’s events are shown
:::John Cena FU’ing Mr. Kennedy to open the show:::
:::Christopher Daniels debuts but loses to the CW Champ. Chris Sabin:::
:::The confrontation between King Booker and Finlay:::
:::The verbal exchange between The Rock and Triple H:::
:::Contract Signing for Dave Batista-Kurt Angle II: BATISTA POWERBOMBS TEDDY LONG THROUGH TABLE!!!:::

:::Then highlights of the Winner’s Choice Battle Royal is shown:::
~Matt Hardy turns on Rey Mysterio, eliminating him from the match.~
~Ken Kennedy screws John Cena hitting him with a chair before eliminating him~
~King Booker and Finlay team up to eliminate Triple H~
~Booker turns on Finlay, eliminating him from the match~
~The match up finally ends with The Rock eliminating Booker and making a singles match with him at No Mercy~



The night kicks off with Mr. McMahon walking out to the ring. The crowd is in shock as McMahon is usually on the RAW brand. McMahon states that he will be running the show tonight, due to Teddy Long being absent. He rolls the footage of last week’s contract signing, which culminates in BATISTA POWERBOMBING LONG THROUGH THE TABLE!!! McMahon explains that he is not going to punish Batista for that assault because Batista showed ruthless aggression and that means a lot in the business. But he will put Batista in a match tonight. McMahon announces Batista versus Rey Mysterio which gets a good pop from the crowd. He also says that Kurt Angle win be in action against Matt Hardy which gets another generous pop from the audience. As McMahon goes to walk out of the ring… “King of Kings” hits to a thunderous ovation. Triple H walks down to the ring and gets in the face of McMahon. Hunter reminds the chairman that the last time the two were on the same show, things didn’t turn out to well. McMahon agrees and Hunter continues, telling McMahon that he would hate for ‘an cocky, arrogant, elderly son of a bitch’ to piss him off again. Mr. McMahon states that he runs the show and he’ll do whatever he wants. He then mentions the fact that Shawn Michaels will get destroyed at Unforgiven but he doesn’t have to wait until Sunday to see Triple H get his. He then makes Triple H vs. Finlay & Sir William Regal in handicap match!! McMahon pats Hunter on the shoulder before walking out, leaving The Game fuming in the ring.

[Commercial Break]

Ken Kennedy vs. Bobby Lashley
#1 Contender for United States Championship

In the first match up of the night, Ken Kennedy battles Bobby Lashley, with the winner receiving a shot at the United States Championship at No Mercy. The battle goes back and forth, with each man giving it their all, wanting to prove that perhaps they deserve higher spots on the roster. At the seven minute mark, Kennedy manages to hit a hangman’s neck breaker, The Green Bay Meatpacker, which only gets him a two count. He lifts Lashley up and shoots him into the corner, before charging in. Lashley catches Kennedy and lifts him onto his shoulder. The Real Deal carries him around and spins him, but Kennedy’s feet catch the referee in the face, knocking him out!! Lashley drops Kennedy with powerslam and covers but there is no referee to count the pin fall! Lashley attempts to revive the referee, unsuccessfully, before grabbing Kennedy. The arrogant superstar NAILS A LOW BLOW on Lashley and arrogantly smiles, before exiting the ring and grabbing a CHAIR! He re-enters the ring and prepares to hit Lashley. The crowd erupts as JOHN CENA runs down to the ring. Cena comes at Kennedy but he catches him coming in and drills him with a chair shot to the gut!! He then lifts the chair up and slams it across Cena’s back, taking him down!! The referee begins to recover as Kennedy stands over Cena, taunting him. Kennedy turns around and gets leveled with a SPEAR by Lashley. He then covers him and the ref sluggishly counts the cover. 1… … 2 ... … 3!!
Winner and #1 cont. for U.S. Title: Bobby Lashley via pin fall at 10:21.

Lashley exit’s the ring and slaps the hands of the fans as he walks back towards the backstage area. Kennnedy begins to get up and screams at Lashley from the ring, calling his win a fluke. Mr. Kennedy then turns around and gets lifted onto the shoulders of John Cena. Cena then hits Kennedy with the FU!!! The crowd then erupts in a mixed reaction as Cena does the “You Can’t See Me” gesture in Kennedy’s face.

[Commercial Break]

We return from the break to the inside of Rey Mysterio’s locker room. Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero discuss last week’s battle royal when Matt Hardy walks in. Hardy tells Mysterio that it was every man for themselves in the battle royal and hopes that there are no hard feelings between them. Mysterio thinks for a second before shaking Hardy’s hand, signaling that whatever beef between the two is over. Hardy nods and then leaves the locker room. Chavo tells Rey that there is something untrustworthy about Hardy. Mysterio tells Guerrero not to worry, he and Hardy have been friends for a while as we cut to the ring.

Brian Kendrick vs. Gregory Helms
The second match of the night, features Brian Kendrick, with Paul London & Ashley, taking on Gregory Helms, with Shelton Benjamin. The two men put on a fast paced, athletic contest, closely resembling the match that London and Benjamin put on last week. Five minutes into the match, Kendrick and Helms pick up the pace even more! Helms goes for a Shining Wizard but Kendrick avoids the contact. He then kicks Helms in the gut and attempts the Sliced Bread #2! Helms counters the move and crotches Kendrick on the top turnbuckle! Helms then grabs Kendrick and delivers a running, jumping neck breaker off of the top turnbuckle!! He then covers him and manages to pick up the three count!!
Winner: Gregory Helms via pin fall at 7:12.

Both Paul London and Ashley look extremely disappointed as they lose their THIRD match in a row to the tandem of Gregory Helms and Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin and Helms head up the ramp motioning that they want the tag team titles come No Mercy.

[Commercial Break]

As soon as we return from the break, Joey Styles and Tazz announce that a new match has been named for the No Mercy Pay Per View, John Cena versus Ken Kennedy.

We cut into the locker room of Triple H as The Game tapes up his fist for his match later on tonight. The Rock soon comes in and immediately the tension between the two is felt. Rock reminds Hunter that wherever Finlay and Regal are, King Booker will be as well. Rock then states that he has Triple H’s back in case Booker gets involved. Hunter thanks Rock but as Rock goes to walk out, Triple H adds “but I don’t NEED your help nor do I WANT your help. I’m gonna kick Finlay’s ass and then I’ll kick Regal’s ass and if Booker gets involved, I’ll kick his ass too. Why? Because I am The Game and I am that Damn Good!” Hunter storms out as Rock looks on, a bit upset.

Rey Mysterio vs. Batista
After Mysterio makes his entrance, Dave Batista comes to the ring receiving an ungodly amount of heel heat, with a couple of fans throwing cups and things of the sort at him, pissed about his actions these past few weeks. The third match up of the night gets underway with Batista dominating the opening minutes, using his incredible size, strength and power advantage to dismantle to Mysterio. Eventually, Rey shows his signature heart, making a comeback by using his speed and quickness to his advantage. Mysterio hits his wheelbarrow suplex counter into a bulldog and manages to pick up a two count! He lifts Batista up to his feet and shoots him off of the ropes. The Animal comes back and takes Mysterio’s head off with a nasty clothesline! Batista lifts Rey up and prepares for a Demon Bomb. Mysterio counters into a sunset flip, which once again gets him a two count! Both men get up to their feet and Batista charges but Mysterio trips him up and causes Batista to get caught up on the second rope. Rey shoots off of the ropes and catches The Animal with the 619!! Mysterio then waits as Batista slowly gets up to his feet. Batista makes it all the way up and Mysterio launches himself off of the top rope! He goes for a West Coast Pop by Batista catches him in midair!! Batista then plants him with a DEMON BOMB!!! He then covers Mysterio for a three count!!
Winner: Batista via pin fall at 12:32.

The crowd showers Batista in heat as he stares down at Mysterio. Batista then mounts Rey and begins hitting him with right hands. The Animal shows no relent as he just continues to wail away on the face of Mysterio. The crowd begins a “HARDY!” chant as Batista destroys the crowd favorite. Chavo Guerrero runs down to the ring, slides in and begins hitting Batista with hard right hands! Chavo then shoots off of the ropes but Batista catches him and plants him with a SPINEBUSTER!!! Batista then prepares to go back after Mysterio but KURT ANGLE, the World Heavyweight Champion, sprints to the ring. Batista immediately bails, quickly leaving the ring and heading back up the ramp. The Wrestling Machine screams at his No Mercy opponent as Batista simply smirks back.

[Commercial Break]


*Another video package of ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels, hyping him up even after he debuted.*

We then cut to a backstage hallway as several cruiserweights including the Cruiserweight Champion Chris Sabin watch the vignette. Sabin makes a comment about his past with Daniels, calling him selfish. Several cruisers stick up for Daniels, saying that when they spoke to him last week, he seemed like a pretty decent guy. Sabin says that they don’t know him as well as he does, calling Daniels a locker room cancer. Most cruisers shake their head and walk off, accusing Sabin of jealousy.

Triple H vs. Finlay & Sir William Regal
The fourth match up of SmackDown, sees “The Game” Triple H take on Finlay and Sir William Regal in a handicap match. Due to the fact that Finlay & Regal must tag in and out, Triple H is able to hold his own, mostly battling Regal since Finlay spends most of the match on the apron. After spending most of the match separated from each other, the crowd erupts as Regal tags in Finlay, allowing The Fighting Irishman and The Game to go face to face!! Triple H and Finlay try to maim each other, brutally pounding away on each other for a solid few minutes. Eventually, The Game gains the clear cut advantage, planting Finlay with a hard spine buster! Seeing the end is near, Regal, enters the ring and charges only to be taken down with a right hand from The Game. Hunter lifts Regal up and chucks him over the top rope and out of the ring before refocusing on Finlay, ready to hit The Pedigree. The crowd erupts, giving tremendous heat as KING BOOKER runs down to the ring. Booker jumps onto the apron, only to be taken down with a Triple H right hand. Regal re-enters the ring and charges at The Game but Hunter catches him coming in and drops him with THE PEDIGREE!! Triple H turns around and runs into a boot from Finlay! Finlay then lifts him up and hits him with THE CELTIC CROSS!! Cover. 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Finlay & Regal via pin fall at 12:43.

Booker re-enters the ring and the three men begin stomping away, on Triple H, seizing the opportunity to make a message. The crowd explodes when “IF YA SMELLLLLL” hits on the loudspeaker and The Rock sprints to the ring, STEEL CHAIR in hand!! Booker, Finlay and Regal immediately bail, as Rock enters the ring! Rock stares at The Court walk up the ramp. The fans begin a ‘ROCKY’ chant and The Rock pretends to be ‘smelling’. Triple H gets up to his feet and begins clapping for The Rock sarcastically. Hunter then does the “I’m Not Worthy” bow to The Rock before scoffing and leaving the ring.

[Commercial Break]

We return from the break with Joey Styles and Tazz letting us know that another match has been made for the No Mercy Pay Per View on October 8th. Triple H vs. Finlay.

Cut to the backstage area to show Rey Mysterio with a pack of ice on his forehead as Chavo checks on him. Matt Hardy walks in, concerned. Hardy tells Mysterio that he was warming up for his match and just hear about what happened to him. Chavo calls it ‘BS’ and the two begin to argue. Mysterio says he believes Hardy and then wishes him good luck in his match against Kurt Angle later. Hardy says thanks before giving a slight smirk to Chavo.

We cut to the parking lot to see Triple H hopping into a car as Josh Matthews tries to catch up with him. Matthews asks Hunter about tonight’s events. Triple H says… “I’ll deal with Finlay at No Mercy but as for McMahon…(scoffs) well lets just say that its not that far of a drive from here to California. I mean you factor in all the stops for food, using the bathroom and…erm…entertainment, it should probably just take me…(pretends to be calculating in his head)… ‘til this Sunday.” Hunter then drives off.

Matt Hardy makes his entrance receiving a mixed reaction from the crowd. The World Heavyweight Champion, “The Wrestling Machine” Kurt Angle makes his entrance, receiving a thunderous ovation. We go to our final commercial.

[Commercial Break]

Main Event: World Champion Kurt Angle vs. Matt Hardy; Non-Title match
Angle and Hardy put on a very enjoyable contest, showing their great athleticism in what turns out to be a decent length for a main event. The match up takes a turn when Hardy goes for his patented leg drop off of the middle turnbuckle but Angle avoids it and quickly applies The Ankle Lock!! The crowd erupts thinking that the match up is over but Hardy rolls out of it! Both men get back up to their feet and Hardy kicks Angle in the stomach, before going for The Twist of Fate. Angle COUNTERS and takes Hardy out with THE ANGLE SLAM!! Angle then pulls the straps down and locks on The Ankle Lock!! Hardy scrambles for the ropes in pain as Angle then drops to the ground and grapevines the leg!! Not wanting to risk injury, Hardy taps, knowing he can’t escape the hold!!!
Winner: Kurt Angle via submission at 8:43.

Angle refuses to let go of the hold as the referee tries to pull him off of Hardy’s leg! We cut to the back to show Batista watching the monitor, somewhat shaken by Angle’s intensity. Back in the ring, Angle refuses to let go of the hold. Rey Mysterio runs down to the ring and pulls Angle off. Kurt stares at Rey as Mysterio asks him what the problem is. Due to the respect Angle has for Rey, he calms down before turning his back on the situation. Hardy slowly gets up to his feet and shoves Mysterio into Angle!! Matt then leaves the ring, limping, as Mysterio looks at Hardy confused. Angle grabs Rey and gives him an ANGLE SLAM!!! The crowd pops as Angle yells with intensity in the middle of the ring. Hardy smirks at the top of the ramp as we cut to a somewhat nervous Batista watching in the back, giving us our final shot of the evening.


Current Card for No Mercy; October 8, 2006
Green Bay, Wisconsin

World Heavyweight Championship

The Rematch: Angle-Batista II

“The Wrestling Machine” Kurt Angle© vs. “The Animal” Dave Batista

United States Championship
“The Big Red Monster” Kane© vs. Bobby Lashley

WWE Tag Team Championship
The Hooligans©’s vs. Shelton Benjamin & Gregory Helms

Singles Match
The Rock vs. King Booker

Singles Match
Triple H vs. Finlay

Singles Match

“The Homecoming”

John Cena vs. Ken Kennedy

Credit goes to Tempest , my e-girl , for the SD banner and to RockandSock for the No Mercy poster.

As for Unforgiven, I'll post the final card in a couple of days for you guys to leave your predictions.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Smackdown review Kennedy2.…2!!!

Some big matches announced for the night. I hope Vince isn’t on the show for long because RAW and SmackDown need different figure heads. Sweet way to remind us of the beef between Triple H and Vince and the handicap match should be interesting.

Lashley beats Kennedy after Cena interferes. Good job keeping their feud going. Kennedy gets FU’d for the THIRD time in a row. Damn, I thought you hated Cena. Lashley vs. Kane is a strange match up since its face vs. face.

Hardy’s friendship with Mysterio is back?? I assume he’ll turn on him tonight or maybe at No Mercy.

Helms beats Kendrick. Not a big deal. Just more hype for the tag team match at the PPV.

I like this feud between Triple H and The Rock. Even though they aren’t feuding right now, you can tell that there is a beef between the two.

Good win for Batista over Mysterio. Shocked that he went over Mysterio clean considering that Mysterio is a face. Nice post match stuff too with Batista leaving once Angle showed up. Why didn’t Matt Hardy help?

This is a good storyline with Sabin and Daniels. I see where you’re going with it. Its kinda like those sitcoms/dramas you see on TV. Sabin knows he’s a bad guy but no one believes him. Nice.

Finlay & Regal beat Triple H. The court jumps HHH and The Rock makes the save. Decent. The aftermath was even better with HHH somewhat mocking The Rock. Interesting.

Hunter showing up in California this Sunday. DX reforming at Unforgiven?

Great Main event Mac. Angle makes Matt tap out to the Ankle Lock. The aftermath was sick. It had many things coming together. Batista’s fear of Angle. Angle’s intensity and the official heel turn by Hardy. Awesome stuff and another great end to a great show.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Some nice matches are made for tonight's show. HHH comes out reminding us of his feud with Vince earlier this year and for his punishment he faces Regal and Finley in a handicap match.

Solid match here and as it looks like Kennedy will pick up the win, Cena storms to the ring and costs Kennedy the match.

Firstly Shelton Benjamin/Gregory Helms is a very interesting combination. Helms and Shelton once again pick up the victory over the Hooliganz gaining more momentum going into their tag team match at No Mercy.

Nice addition to the card here, but make sure Kennedy wins, if not

Good match here with Batista destroying Mysterio, good aftermath with Batista beating down Mysterio and then Chavo before Kurt Angle comes out and Batista bails it.

Nice promo here with nobody believing Kash about Chris Daniels.

Quite shocked that HHH lost the match,good aftermath with Rock coming down and saving HHH from a beating from Booker, Finley and Regal. HHH then mocks Rock which could lead to a possible feud between the two later on?

Looks like HHH will be appearing at Unforgiven. Nice match made for NM with HHH facing Finley.

Good match to finish off the show with Angle beating Matt Hardy and then afterwards Angle Slamming Mysterio after Hardy pushed him into Angle.

Overall it was a good recap, i haven't read this thread for quite a while now as i have been very busy. Some good buildup to No Mercy which has a very good card and i will leave a review for you when Unforgiven is up.
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