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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko


Chavo is a face. Just thought I'd point that out.

Mac, show looks...long. WTF. Review coming soon.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Originally Posted by Kennedy2

Chavo is a face. Just thought I'd point that out.

Mac, show looks...long. WTF. Review coming soon.
Alright, thanks. I have only recently begun reading his show, and yes it is long.

Rep for Rep
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

ddmrko - this BTB is absolutely phenomenal, a privilege to sit at my computer and read through. All your matches are thought out and have a logic to them, your storylines are interesting, and the shows are enjoyable to read. You have inspired me to create my own BTB showing that it isn't as hard as some people say it is (although will be alot of work)

I am thoroughly anticipating both Unforgiven with Shawn Michaels vs Edge and the IC title 6-man match, and No Mercy is shaping up to be even better

When you post Unforgiven, I shall give you an extended review of it, in hope that you can review one of my shows in the future
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

^^agreed, yours is one of the best BTBs on here and I really enjoy it, looking forward to Raw, Smackdown was really good this week!!
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Cena kicks off the show, and looks to still be getting the 50/50 treatment from the fans. Abruptly interrupted by Kennedy, and these two going at it has the makings of an excellent feud. Kennedy was really on form here, getting into the head of Cena, telling him he’d been surpassed. Kennedy to potentially face Kane I’d say is doubtful, as the makings are definitely there for Cena to face Kennedy. Really exciting feud in the making here.

Victory for Hardy … a clean one at that too, keeps Hardy looking good, as he slowly continues his heel turn, refusing a hand shake. Looking forward to seeing when Hardy finally officially turns heel.

Liking the idea of Finlay vs. Triple H. Could be a potentially great match up if done the right way. Dissention between Bookah and Finlay too is likely to set up a break away for Finlay.

Hardy continues to get the push towards heeldom. Dropping in an expletive didn’t seem necessary, as there are better ways of venting anger than just swearing.

London vs. Benjamin has to be awesome. Benjamin & Helms does seem like quite a random pairing, but a good one none the less. Chances are I just missed how they joined up together, but does seem like just a random tandem. Expected Shelton to win, and the match is now set for No Mercy. Big tag title match, that’ll no doubt deliver.

Terrific jibes back and forth from The Rock and Triple H. With the way these two are being booked at the moment, I think an eventual showdown will have to happen at some point down the road. At the moment they are on the same side, but it’s a very uneasy alliance, if it even is that. Excellent all round promo.

Nice switch up for a debuting superstar to lose his first match. Normally it would be seen as a bad thing, but with Daniels, you know he’ll still be booked strongly. This loss was definitely for a reason, and I expect these two to feud for quite some time.

Contract signing now. Batista - who has been booked tremendously recently - wants to get right to action here, undressing for the contract signing, lol. Another f-word?? How often have you seen it happen once on television?? Let alone twice on one show. Really, ruined a great promo from Batista. Great back and forth exchange from Angle and Batista, setting the stage for what should be a terrific re-match. I have a feeling this will get a gimmick strapped onto it, but really, I don’t think it needs it. Maybe just giving No DQ on the night of the show, but a rematch built as well as this wouldn’t need a big gimmick. Nice ending too, with Batista sending a message to Kurt, bombing Long through the table!! Awesome segment, marred by the f word.

Surprised to see some of the jobber guys last as long as they did. Funaki getting eight minutes to survive?? Interesting. Then, Chavo gets sent out by Hardy, giving Matt a double win over Chavo tonight. Lashley looks strong, overcoming Kane, then getting rid of Regal. Hardy gets Mysterio out too, as his imminent heel turn is pretty much complete. Kane then is put out by a teaming of HHH and The Rock, who also rid the ring of Hardy!!!

Surprised it was Finlay eliminating Kennedy and not Cena, although KK continues that particular feud, and screws Cena out of the match. Long period before Lashley is eliminated, with Bobby getting a great run. The Court then toss out The Game, but Bookah double crosses Finlay, leaving it to two, and it’s The Rock who wins.

Short and sweet announcement from The Rock, and it‘s on for No Mercy, with King Bookah to face The Rock.

Enjoyable show, certainly had a big show feel to it, and I'd say right now Smackdown has slightly more going for it, at least in terms of big name storylines, than Raw, although the mid card on Raw is slightly more interesting than SD. Both shows are looking incredibly strong though as of late, and hopefully this keeps up.

Being The Booker
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko


Taboo Tuesday scrapped!

With the perennial low ratings of the last two Taboo Tuesday Pay Per Views, Vince McMahon and management has to decided to scrap the concept and go with a more traditional pay per view. Taking its place will be WWE Bad Blood, a RAW production.

Triple H: Happy without World Heavyweight Title?
According to some of the top sources within the WWE, Triple H is very content with giving other superstars runs with the title. One source said, “At this point in his career, Hunter realizes that he doesn’t need the title to be one of the focal points of the show. All he cares about now is having the best match on the card each and every night. And he’ll definitely have some good ones coming up shortly.” Though it has not been named officially, Triple H vs. Finlay is penciled in for the No Mercy Pay Per View.

Mr. Kennedy face turn…turn?
The current feud between John Cena and Ken Kennedy will be very important to the direction of both men. With the recent mixed reactions that both men are receiving, expect the WWE to firmly establish a face and a heel within the immediate future. And with Cena’s declining popularity since SummerSlam of 2005, many insiders wouldn’t be shocked to see a heel turn by Cena, possibly as soon as No Mercy, which is being held in Mr. Kennedy’s hometown of Green Bay Wisconsin.


Now to answer a couple of questions...

Wolfy - The Shelton-Helms pairing is a rather random one. Just to catch everyone up, Benjamin is drafted to SmackDown! and teams up with Helms, defeating The Hooligans on the first night.
The swearing was a bit much for Hardy but I felt like it fit the feud between Angle and Batista well. But I'll stick away from that from now on.

Rated_RLegendKilla - As J already said, Chavo is a face. He and Rey are friends, much like they are in reality.

sXe_extremist/rabidwolverine2 - Appreciate that.


RAW is coming along slower than usual, mainly because I was disappointed in the amount of reviews recently and I've been working on Unforgiven. I should have a RAW preview up sooner rather than later.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

A Kennedy face turn would be wickied to see, i hope it happens and it will also be intresting to see Cena turn Heel as well!!
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

yeah a cena heel turn could turn out to be very good


Originally Posted by JBL
(to Booker T,Eddie,and UT)

"For god's sake do I have to say it in Mexican,Hip Hop,or Monster,neither of you will ever get my title!"
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Don't post much anymore, but I still read the BTB's. I am going to begin reviewing peoples just to lend a hand because I have read enough of them to know what is good and what isn't good. I hope you like the review, and I hope it helps!

Ddmrko’s Smackdown Review

Cena/Kennedy Promo: Wow this was an incredibly well written promo, with the typical attitude of Cena. He acts so nonchalant, until he gives Kennedy a much deserved FU. The dialogue was well written and the promo was well established. I like the idea of having both superstars in between heel and face, makes for an interesting feud.

Hardy vs. Chavo: A good match here to say the least, and it ended with Hardy continuing on with his heel character. You sold the heel a bit too easily I think, perhaps a cheap victory such as a low blow. Then at the end of the match (seeing as Chavo is a face) have Hardy beat the living hell out of him and bring some weapons in. Maybe smash around a ladder a bit, something within his repertoire. Still a well written match right here, and very developing for future events.

King’s Court Promo: Okay so I see where this is going, King Booker will soon become Booker T once again. What has influenced him to start changing though? Perhaps I am wrong but you definitely tried to enhance his using of the word, ‘dig.’ I also sense that this court is going to be no more, perhaps after the Battle Royal tonight?

Hardy/Rey Promo: Again a nice way to work on the heel Hardy. I thought that in this segment the dialogue was mediocre, but steady nonetheless. A very nicely written segment here with a great way to encourage Hardy as a heel.

Shelton Benjamin vs. London: Kind of a useless summary IMO. I spotted a very costly spelling mistake in the last sentence which really through me off, but it was a great back and forth match. Shelton should have won with a T-Bone or a holding-the-tights roll-up.

Rock/Triple H promo: Hmmm…something struck me as odd in this segment. The feuds that are all taking place within the members of the Battle Royal are beginning to intertwine as it seems. I know that seeing as there will be 20 men in the ring they are all kind of against one another, but not deserving of individual feuds. Still a nicely written segment here, The Rock was in great character, as was Triple H.

Daniels vs. Sabin: Well no real hype up to Daniels’ debut match. Perhaps a few lines on the mic before or after the match but okay, we’ll see where you go with this. Great feud, and a great match. I want to see these two fight it out many more times, as I am sure they can put on one hell of a show at a PPV. Another cheap sell at a heel at the end of the match, with the evil glare, but heel antics are hard to write.

Contract Signing: Batista was given good heat, and Angle a good pop. These two men can probably put on one hell of a match, and this segment was written very well. Until the end with an out of place line…it wasn’t all that necessary to have that line, but the impact made by Batista was insane. This is going to be very interesting, I can’t wait to see how this feud plays out.

Battle Royal: I hate reviewing Battle Royals because they are too long, but to sum it up this was well written. Not so sure if I wanted The Rock to win but obviously it is important to the Rock/Booker feud. I liked this match and it was easily MOTN.

Overall: I really like your writing style, you have good mechanics, and the promos are strong. I give you a solid, 92/100. Sorry if my review isn’t helpful and is one of those, ‘omfg you are da best,’ reviews, but I think you are pretty damn good!

Hey, yo.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Well, here is the RAW recap. Didn't feel motivated to write RAW out in full but this show does give a pretty good final build up to the Unforgiven PPV.
Credit goes to Bethany aka BIE for the RAW banner (who doesn't love BIE?) and to Carl aka -FS- for the Unforgiven banner (he loves teh cock BTW. )

WWE RAW (Recap) - September 18, 2006

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler run down the card for tonight (Flair vs. Edge; Undertaker/Benoit vs. Big Show/JBL; Nitro/Masters/Doane vs. RVD/Carlito/Mercury; Trish/Melina). Our RAW commentators remind us that this is the final RAW before the Unforgiven Pay Per View.

The WWE Champion, “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels makes his way down to the ring and rolls the footage from last week. The video shows HBK accidentally super kicking The Undertaker, taking a choke slam from Big Show, getting pinned by JBL, receiving a choke slam from Taker and ultimately being mocked by Edge and Mr. McMahon. The video ends and HBK warns all of the people who were just seen in the video that ‘payback is a bitch.” Michaels slams the microphone down and leaves the ring.

[Commercial Break]

In the first match up of the night, “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton takes on Gene Snitsky. The match up is simply a way to get Orton a win before the Unforgiven Pay Per View. At the three minute mark, Orton jumps up and hit’s the RKO!! Instead of going for the cover, Orton instead locks in the TEXAS CLOVERLEAF!! Snitsky taps out in a matter of seconds as Orton debuts his new submission maneuver. Orton picks up the victory via submission at 3:24.

We then cut to the back with Todd Grisham standing by with John Bradshaw Layfield. Grisham asks JBL about the “mini-tournament” taking place at Unforgiven. JBL rips into Chris Benoit calling him a overrated ‘vanilla midget’ and stating that he’ll beat him at Unforgiven just like he beat him at WrestleMania 22. JBL then moves him attention towards The Big Show and The Undertaker, running them down as well, calling Show an ‘ogre’ and Taker ‘a guy pretending to be dead.’ Bradshaw then prepares to move onto the WWE Champion before…SUPERKICK!!! Shawn Michaels stares down at JBL and lets out a smirk with one of the people on his ‘hit list’ down.

[Commercial Break]

We return from the commercial break with Randy Orton walking down a backstage hallway. He sees a couple of backstage workers having a conversation, with one saying ‘that was a hell of a performance’. Orton lets out his trademark smirk ,thinking the two men are discussing his win earlier. Orton walks pass the two men only to hear one say ‘Yeah. When Flair lifted Cactus up and hit that brain buster, that made my day.” The Legend Killer snaps, kicking one in the gut before slamming his head into the wall!! He then grabs the other and beats the crap out of him, mounting him before drilling him with hard rights and lefts! Several officials finally manage to pull Orton off of him and drags him off down the hallway.

We cut to the locker room of The Rated R Army’s locker room. Lita tries to calm Edge down as The Rated R Superstar is a little paranoid about the tirade that HBK is on. The camera then pans over to show Melina warming up for her upcoming match up. Melina goes to leave the locker room but before she does Ken Doane wishes her good luck and gives her a wink. Melina smiles and walks out as Johnny Nitro glares a whole through Doane. The tension within the locker room builds before we cut back to the arena, to see Trish Stratus make her entrance.

Mickie James, the Women’s Champion makes her entrance and joins the RAW announce team for commentary on for the next match. Melina comes to the ring and the match is on. Trish and Melina put on a good contest, with both women giving it their all. Stratus eventually manages to pick up the win, hitting the Chick Kick for the pin fall victory at 6:47.

After the match, Mickie stands up and the two competitors for the Women’s Title match at Unforgiven have a stare down. Ken Doane runs down to the ring and checks on Melina, kneeling over her to make sure she’s ok. Johnny Nitro runs down to the ring and shoves Doane out of the way. He then scoops Melina up and carries her to the back as Doane just smirks and stares at Nitro.

[Commercial Break]

We return from the break into a corridor with the WWE Champion Shawn Michaels walking down it. HBK is all smiles after super kicking JBL but The Heartbreak Kid is stopped by Chris Benoit. Benoit says he respects Michaels a great deal and understands that HBK wants revenge but he better not get involved in the tag match tonight. HBK smiles and says ‘Chris, you got nothing to worry about tonight but if you become the #1 Contender at Unforgiven, you’ll have a hell of a lot to worry about soon enough. But as for right now, I have a match to watch.” Michaels brushes by Benoit and continues down the hallway.

In the third match up of the night, “The Rated R Superstar” Edge does battle against “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. The match up goes a relatively long time, considering that both men need to look strong for their huge match on Sunday. The ending of the match comes when Edge hits Flair with the low blow while the referee is distracted. Edge waits for Flair to get back up and then hits him with The Spear!! As Edge prepares to go for the cover, “Sexy Boy” hits to a tremendous pop. The Rated R Superstar gets distracted and stares at HBK, as Michaels makes his way onto the stage. Michaels gives Edge the DX crotch chop which gets a thunderous ovation from the crowd. Edge throws a fit in the ring until FLAIR ROLLS HIM UP in a schoolboy!!! 1...2...3!!! Flair wins the match via pin fall at 10:12. Michaels smiles at the top of the ramp as we cut to another commercial.

[Commercial Break]

We return from the break with Mr. McMahon inside of his office on the phone… “Yeah….so he’ll be there this Sunday. That’s big but you better make damn sure he’s there or else you’re fired.” Umaga and Armando Alejandro Estrada walk into the office. Estrada asks who that was on the phone and McMahon tells him that it was his assistant. The following conversation then takes place:

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Ha ha! That’s what I’m talking about. Mr. McMahon, haha, correct me is I’m wrong but did your assistant just tell you that Mick Foley will show up at Unforgiven?

Mr. McMahon: My assistant did tell me that a legend will be at Unforgiven but it wasn’t Mick Foley.

Estrada and Umaga get upset at the news, not caring that a legend will show up on Sunday but pissed off that no one seems to know if Foley will show up or not. Estrada and Umaga storm out of the office, as McMahon looks on.

We then have our fourth match up of the night, pitting The Rated R Army (Nitro, Doane, Masters) against. The match up is very fast paced with all six men seemingly trying to make a good impression before the Pay Per View. Eventually, damn near everyone is brawling on the outside, excluding Carlito and Ken Doane. Doane and Carlito battle in the ring and eventually Carlito hit’s the Back Cracker on Doane before going for the cover. 1...2...Melina jumps onto the apron and distracts the referee. Nitro slides into the ring and goes after Carlito. He goes for a clothesline but Carlito ducks and hits him with a BACK CRACKER!! Doane comes from up behind Carlito and gets him in a school boy! Melina jumps down off of the apron, the referee refocuses and counts the three count! The Rated R Army picks up the victory at 9:30.

Melina slides into the ring and hugs Doane, happy he picked up the win. Nitro gets back up to his feet and Melina’s face turns in to one of shock. Melina then gets in between Nitro and Doane and raises their hands in triumph. Masters joins the three and The Rated R Army stands tall in the ring, as the tension between Nitro and Doane continues to build.

[Commercial Break]

We return from the break and the RAW announce team run through the Unforgiven card at the same time hyping tonight’s main event, pitting The Undertaker and Chris Benoit against JBL and The Big Show. J.R. then reminds us of the fact that the WWE Champion Shawn Michaels has promised revenge against Mr. McMahon, Show and Taker, not to mention the fact that he super kicked JBL and cost Edge his match earlier.

‘No Chance in Hell’ hits and Mr. McMahon makes his way down to the ring, surrounded by several security guards, obviously worried about the threats HBK made earlier. McMahon joins Ross and Lawler for commentary. John Bradshaw Layfield and The Big Show (w/Paul Heyman) make their entrances before we cut to another (and our final) commercial.

[Commercial Break]

Chris Benoit and The Undertaker make their ring introductions and the match up gets underway with Taker and Benoit taking on Show and JBL. The match is decent enough with Benoit spending the most time in the ring of the four competitors. Eventually, Benoit makes the tag to The Deadman and the fans go crazy. Undertaker comes in and cleans house, hitting Show with a clothesline before knocking JBL off of the apron with a big boot! Show comes back and hits Taker with a boot to the gut. He shoots The Phenom off of the ropes but Show gets set too early and Taker plants him with a running DDT! He goes for the cover but JBL slides in and breaks it up! Benoit enters the ring and JBL goes at it with The Rabid Wolverine. Benoit clotheslines JBL over the top rope and then prepares for a suicide dive! Benoit crashes right into Bradshaw, taking them both out and onto the floor!! Inside of the ring, Taker prepares for a Last Ride on The Big Show! The Phenom tries to lift him up but Show is just too heavy and back body drops Taker over! Show then raises his hand in the air and prepares to hit his devastating choke slam!!! The audience erupts as SHAWN MICHAELS runs down to the ring with a STEEL CHAIR in hand!! HBK slides into the ring and swings the chair. Show simply smacks the chair out of his hand, much to the shock of Michaels and the crowd! Big Show then attempts a clothesline but The Heartbreak Kid ducks it and HITS SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! Show stumbles out of the ring and the ref calls for the bell. The Big Show and JBL win by Disqualification at 12:54.

The crowd cheers wildly as HBK stands in the middle of the ring, with Big Show, Chris Benoit and JBL down and out on the outside. Michaels then turns his attention to The Undertaker who is slowly making it back up to his feet. HBK begins stomping his foot and the crowd responds with a mixed reaction but still mostly cheers. Taker makes it back up to a vertical base and turns around to face Michaels. The WWE Champion moves forward and DROPS THE PHENOM WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! The audience erupts as Michaels is the only one left standing. McMahon stand up at the announce table but is still surrounded by security guard. HBK smirks and holds up his index finger, illustrating that McMahon is the only one that he hasn’t gotten to tonight. Michaels calls for a mic and says, “Vinnie Mac, don’t worry, I ain’t coming after you tonight. Your payback comes this Sunday. Cause you’ll be there to see it first hand, when I walk of Unforgiven with the WWE Championship! (Crowd roars) Just one question, are you ready?” The crowd continues to cheer wildly but suddenly, Edge and The Rated R Army run down to the ring!! Michaels quickly rolls out of the ring and hops the fan barricade, making his escape through the audience. McMahon, Edge, Taker, Show, Benoit, JBL and The Rated R Army all have their eyes on the WWE Champion. Michaels looks towards the ring and gives all of the top contenders for his WWE Title, DX crotch chops as RAW goes off the air.


Final Card for Unforgiven, September 24, 2006

WWE Championship; Mr. McMahon as special referee
“HBK” Shawn Michaels© vs. “The Rated R Superstar” Edge

Intercontinental Championship
Johnny Nitro© vs. vs. Rob Van Dam vs. “The Phenomenal” Ken Doane
vs. “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters vs. Carlito vs. Joey Mercury

Women’s Championship
Mickie James© vs. Trish Stratus

Winner Faces the Victor of Show/Taker for #1 Contendership
John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Chris Benoit

Winner Faces the Victor of JBL/Benoit for #1 Contendership
The Undertaker vs. The Big Show

#1 Contendership to the WWE Championship
Winner of JBL/Benoit vs. Winner of Taker/Show

Legend vs. Legend Killer
“The Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs. “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton

The Samoan Bulldozer’s Challenge to the Hardcore Legend
Umaga and Armando Alejandro Estrada call out Mick Foley

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