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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Raw Review-

Very strong promo to kick the show off, with JBL making his feelings clear towards Unforgiven. Not sure why there is somewhat of a tournament to determine the #1 Contender, or how the situation came to pass, rather than have a 4 Way or something. Glad to see Benoit interrupt, and get in JBLs face, before putting his words into action, and makes JBL tap out. Solid opening segment.

Excellent announcement from McMahon, stripping the tag titles, and the announcement for the 6 Man Match was really sweet too. Has potential to be a terrific match.

Decent win for Reigns and Jindrak, and could definately be a solid shout as the next tag champions.

Another solid promo. Heyman works well as a heel manager. Probably works best as a heel manager actually, than anything else, and is a perfect manager for Show. Edge was terrific here too, but I cant imagine Show following his lead.

Havent had much chance to follow the thread, but I'm instantly into Ken Doanes push. His seemingly on-going love triangle with Melina and Nitro looks to be getting him recognised, and I wouldnt be surprised if he became IC Champ come Unforgiven. Good finish here too, with Doane picking up the win, thanks to Melina.
Aftermath was excellently done too, and surely sets up a 6 Man Tag next week, with the three warring members of the army facing RVD, CCC and Mercury.

Wasnt too keen on the RVD, CCC and Mercury argument, but Edges involvement was solid gold. The promo he cut on the Army was absolutely fantastic. Right now, you're definately way in front when it comes to promos involving Edge. Simply phenomenal.

Umaga vs Foley doesnt sound too pleasant, but I'm a mark for both men, so I'd love it. How did this one come about, just so I'm up to speed?? Shock win for Umaga over Snitsky - yeah right. Umaga continues to mow through the Raw roster, and I like it.

Another awesome promo. Simple and effective. Has me into Orton - Flair already.

AMW coming to Raw?? Can you say solid tag team division being implemented??

Mixed tag match was good for filler, although even at 9 minutes, it seems a little long for a match of this caliber on a weekly show. Glad Trish won, and I can see her taking the title at Unforgiven, and possibly then retire??

Main event time then. Excellent match up, with the big 8 superstars involved. Could be foreshadowing of whats to come by setting some tension between HBK and Taker with the mistaken SCM?? Big Show then does the damage, and the sneaky JBL gets the win.

Could really be going in any direction with that, as you've got a nice set up for HBK - Taker out of Unforgiven with the SCM, and the Chokeslam comeback. You've got Show - HBK as a possibilty, with Show doing the damage to set up Michaels loss, and JBL getting the pin gives him leverage over Michaels. Leaves Benoit as the rank outsider to win the 4 man series.

Decent ending to the show, with McMahon happy, Edge transfixed on the title, and Michaels in a bad way.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

JBL opens the show, and by the looks of things, he has gone back to being a main eventer as such, and his match with Benoit will be one to look out for. Benoit comes out, and doesn’t say a lot, but he makes JBL tap out, giving him all the advantage. Okay promo, but ended a bit briefly I felt

Looks like the tag titles are vacated, so we can get a nice tournament to crown new ones I presume. 6 man match for the IC title at Unforgiven looks great, and will probably be the MOTN judging by the talent in it

Reigns and Jindrak pick up a win, and look to be the next big tag team on Raw. They are my current pick to take the titles

Very good promo from Heyman, which put over Show well, but I wasn’t too keen on the Edge interruption. I guess it was designed to put Edge over, but it just didn’t feel natural, and Heyman and Show should have really said something back

Big win for Ken Doane over RVD, and with Melina helping him furthers the love triangle with those two and Nitro. The other 4 men come down afterwards, and we have a traditional brawl, which the faces win. RVD would be the favourite to take the title, if it does change hands at the ppv

Edge shouts down at his team, and there is definitely some dissention in the ranks. Guess they will buck up their ideas, and win a few matches to get them in the right direction

Easy win for Umaga, just to make him look good. His match with Foley will be solid enough, and this feud could really start to get Umaga over as a big heel

Orton is focuses on Flair, and I can only presume that he will get the win over him, as Orton shouldn’t be losing to Flair at his age. Good promo here from Orton really

Trish and Haas get the win in the tag match, and they have the momentum going into their ppv matches. Looking good for them at the moment

Main event looked to be very good, and a huge win for JBL to get pinning HBK to close the night. Makes him look the strong favourite to get a title shot now. HBK needs a bit of revenge though, as he hasn’t looked too good the last two weeks. Nothing goes his way, and he gets his ass kicked to close the show
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Show looks good beeatch. I'll drop a review later.
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Talking Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Heres my review Mac

Jbl promo-good promo you were really trying to push the unforgiven match here good job at doing that also you misspelled god although jbl was in perfect character but benoit was a little off in my opinion benoit wouldt really say much he you would just pretty much go in straight for the crippler crossface and make him tap out

Mcmahon/lita promo-wow great match announced for unforgiven probably going to be doane and nitro against each other in the finals McMahon was in perfect character and same goes for lita so far the show is going great

Tag team match- good match pretty predictable outcome I believe there going to challenge for the tag team titles at unforgiven

Edge show heyman promo- edge was out of character as I don’t believe he would say hit the bricks four eyes show and heyman were in good character do edge seemed pretty confident already calling himself captain I think you got edge and Kenny mixed up lol

Doane vs. rvd-the match was great surprised doane won grabbing the tights at the end was a good move the brawl at the end surprised the rated r army didn’t help ken doane especially masters good way to put the faces over and the match was a good way to put the heels over

Umaga vs. snitsky- not gonna comment as this was basically a squash match

Orton promo- Orton was a little off character but nothing else was specifically wrong

Mickie James and stiker / haas Trish-the match up was great good action nothing really much to say here either

Main event- well great main event not surprised the heels won the match good finish very well done plus nice brawl at the end

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Review by Kennedy2...2!!!

JBL/Benoit segment: Good start by JBL. The man is gold on the mic and can really do no wrong. Plus you’re a huge mark for him so you had his flow down to perfection. Benoit was ok and he looks strong after making JBL tap out.

McMahon/Lita segment: Good segment here and the match should be awesome. Nice start to it, explaining why Edge wasn’t there and Lita was.

Reigns/Jindrak vs. The Highlanders: Squash match but it helps Reigns & Jindrak to look strong.

Heyman/Edge promo: Good promo here by Heyman. Edge’s part was a little short but he was in character. Something tells me that Edge and Show aint getting along.

RVD vs. Doane: Great match here. I like the push of Doane and the love triangle between him, Nitro and Melina. Doane wins and the aftermath was really done well, continuing the tension between all six men.

Edge promo: Good promo afterwards and Edge rips the Rated R Army a new one. Good segment and I hope they get it together.

Umaga promo: Estrada cuts a good promo before what turns out to be a complete squash. Cactus and Umaga should be having a good match if it’s a hardcore match.

Great promo by Randy Orton here and he is pissed with Flair. This feud has been done before so I’ll be interested in seeing what you do with it.

TRISH PINS MICKIE!!!!????? I didn’t expect Mickie to ever lose anymore in your thread, you fuckin mark. Anyway, I expect Mickie to win at Unforgiven cause she’s never losing the title.

Orton/JBL/Edge/Big Show vs. Michaels/Flair/Benoit/Undertaker: Absolutely great main event with tons of drama. Michaels super kicks Taker. Show chokeslams Michaels. JBL pins Michaels. Show walks out. Orton, Flair, Benoit and JBL brawl towards the back and THEN TAKER CHOKESLAMS MICHAELS! Lots of stuff going on and a great end to the show.

Overall: 9/10 Best show in a while.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Wolfy, the reason I used the mini-tournament, instead of a Fatal 4 Way is....basically to fill time on the PPV.

As for metallicman, I misspelled God on purpose. Its spelled the way JBL says it. "GAWD!"

Thanks for the reviews guys, though its a disappointing amount. They will be returned...eventually.

WWE SmackDown! Preview
September 15, 2006
Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Milwaukee Arena

Winner’s Choice Battle Royal
Teddy Long has made a huge main event for this Friday night on SmackDown! Twenty-five SmackDown! Superstars will go at it in an over the top rope battle royal. Huge superstars including The Rock, ‘The Game’ Triple H, John Cena, Mr. Kennedy, King Booker, Finlay, Kane, Rey Mysterio, Matt Hardy and a returning Bobby Lashley will all go at it for the opportunity to name a match up of their choice. The only thing the winning superstar may not ask for is a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship because….

Angle-Batista II: Contract Signing
The match up will soon be set in stone. One of the biggest rematches in WWE history will take place on October 8th at the No Mercy Pay Per View. The Animal takes on The Wrestling Machine when Batista challenges Kurt Angle on the 8th. Batista has been a different man since losing to Angle via rollup at SummerSlam, including destroying Kurt Angle with a steel chair on more than one occasion. So the rematch has been set, Kurt Angle-Batista 2 at No Mercy. The contract signing for the match up will take place this Friday night. With the huge amount of animosity between the superstars, it’s a safe bet that this huge contract signing will not end well.

The Debut of The Fallen Angel
For weeks on end, videos have played hyping the debut of a new superstar, “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels. And for those same amount of weeks, the WWE Cruiserweight Champion Chris Sabin has been warning SmackDown! GM and the fans of the blue brand that Daniels is bad news. So this week on SmackDown!, the match up will happen, Sabin versus Daniels in a non-title match. Will The Fallen Angel prove Sabin right? Or is this a new Christopher Daniels from the one that Sabin once knew?

Matt Hardy vs. Chavo Guerrero
Last week on SmackDown!, Matt Hardy and Rey Mysterio teamed up to defeat The Pit Bulls in what turned out to be a great tag match. Mysterio picked up the win after Hardy hit Kash with the Twist of Fate, causing Hardy to seemingly become upset. After the bout was over, Mysterio’s friend, Chavo Guerrero, stopped Hardy to congratulate him on the win. Matt didn’t appreciate Chavo’s praise of Mysterio and the two men brawled until the scuffle was eventually broken up by several officials. On SmackDown!, the two men will finally face off. Who will come out on top and what will Rey Mysterio’s involvement be come Friday night?

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

SD Preview looks good. Especially the Battle Royal. I expect to see another win for The Rock.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

WWE SmackDown!
September 15, 2006
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

***Recap of last week’s events are shown.***

:::John Cena & Shelton Benjamin are drafted to SmackDown!: Cena hits Mr. Kennedy with an FU, making an impact on his return to SD. Shelton teams up with Gregory Helms to defeat the WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans in a non-title match.:::
:::The Rock, Triple H and the U.S. Champion Kane team up to defeat King Booker, Finlay and William Regal:::
:::Batista-Angle II is made for the No Mercy PPV. Contract signing tonight:::


*Opening Video*

Joey Styles:Tonight, is sure to be a great night as SmackDown emanates from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m Joey Styles and this is my broadcast colleague Tazz and we will be bringing you a great night of SmackDown action.

Tazz: Absolutely Styles. Several blockbuster matches on tap for right here tonight.

Joey Styles: The contract signing for the biggest rematch in SmackDown history takes place tonight. Kurt Angle-Batista II, contract signing tonight. But that’s not all. Tonight, we will have a twenty man WINNER’S CHOICE BATTLE ROYAL!

Tazz: And with huge stars like The Rock, Triple H, John Cena, King Booker and Mr. Kennedy that one is sure to be off the hook.

Joey Styles: And I cant wait…the debut of “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels!! Daniels takes on the Cruiserweight Champion Chris Sabin in a non-title match!

Tazz: I’ve seen both of these guys ‘go’ before. That one is going to steal the show.

“MY TIME IS NOW!” hits to a thunderous reaction with half of the crowd loudly cheering and the other half booing wildly! John Cena makes his way onto the stage area and walks towards the ring.

Joey Styles: What a way to kick off the night. One of the newest draft picks to the ‘A’ show!

Tazz: Haha. My man. The Doctor of Thuganomics!

Cena grabs a microphone from Tony Chimel.

John Cena: Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo YO!

The crowd responds with a mixed reaction. Cena just coolly smiles, keeping on his trademark confidence.

John Cena: I see the Chain Gang is in full effect and we are doing big business, right here in MILWAULKEEEE!!

Crowd responds by giving Cena a cheap pop with a couple of scattered boos throughout the arena.

John Cena: That’s right the Doctor of Thuganomics is back on SmackDown baby! I see all the familiar faces. Lets see we got Tazz and Tony Chimel and…the Little Bastard???

The crowd looks confused as Cena stares at the announce table.

John Cena: Oh my bad, that’s Joey Styles.

Some members of the crowd pop while others boo Cena’s corny joke.

John Cena: Haha You know I’m only joking around Joey. But tonight isn’t about the whiny-voiced midget known as Joey Styles. Tonight, John Cena is a part of a twenty man Winner’s Choice over the top rope battle royal!

Crowd pops, anticipating the huge main event.

John Cena: I’m gonna go out there tonight and I’m throwing nineteen other SmackDown superstars over the top rope. I don’t care who I have to go through. Whether it be Bobby Lashley (cheers), Kane (cheers), King Bookaaaahhhh (boos), Finlay (boos)……Triple H (Great pop) or even…The Rock (thunderous pop).

A ‘Rocky’ chant begins and Cena waits for it to die down.

John Cena: Hell even if I have to go through…


Cena stares at the entrance ramp with a smirk as Mr. Kennedy makes his way onto the entrance ramp. The crowd gives Kennedy a mixed reaction as the arrogant superstar makes his way onto the stage area with microphone in hand. Kennedy steps into the ring and the two men have a stare down before Kennedy backs off.

Mr. Kennedy: John, John, Johnny, Jonathan, Johnnie Boy, Lil’ John. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. When will you learn that quite frankly, nobody gives a rats ass about what you have to say.

Some of the crowd pops as other boos Kennedy arrogance. Both Cena and Kennedy smirk, though for different reasons.

Mr. Kennedy: I mean when will you learn that your 15 minutes of fame are up. I believe I told you this at SummerSlam and I’m telling you tonight, people have moved on.

Cena gives Kennedy a quizzical look as he continue.

Mr. Kennedy: Nobody cares about John Cena anymore. You’re old news. You’ve jumped the shark. There’s just no buzz about John Cena anymore.

Cena keeps his cool as Kennedy begins to run him down.

Mr. Kennedy: I mean there was a time where you were the hot commodity of sports entertainment. You were hip and cool and all that crap. You had your Chain Gang and your belt that was (puts on a kiddy voice) really, really awesome because it spins!!!

Some members of the crowd laugh as Kennedy lets out another smirk.

Mr. Kennedy: John, I’m not saying this to hurt your feelings. I mean, I don’t wanna make you cry or anything but John what I’m saying to you is…move on. I mean you’re a nice guy and all but nice guys finish last.

John Cena: Nice guys finish last, huh?

Mr. Kennedy: Yeah. I mean think about it. First, you lose the WWE Title. Then you lose to Randy Orton. TWICE, mind you. Then you get drafted to SmackDown. Whoa. Whoa. I know what you’re saying, ‘Its good to be back on the flagship show’ but John, you’re also on the same show as Mr. Kennedy.

Crowd gives another mixed reaction.

Mr. Kennedy:…Kennedy. I mean you’re boring enough on your own. But you lose all semblance of being entertaining when you stand next to me.

Cena smirks as Kennedy continues on.

Mr. Kennedy: Quite frankly, that’s enough about you.

Kennedy turns his back on Cena and faces the ‘hard’ camera.

Mr. Kennedy: Tonight, yours truly, will be in the Winner’s Choice Battle Royal. And I got to tell you that I’m a little disappointed that I will not be able to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship, once I WIN the battle royal.

The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Cena leans against the ropes, listening to Mr. Kennedy ramble.

Mr. Kennedy: So since I cant wrestle for the World Title because the shaved ape Batista and our paper champion Kurt Angle will be wrestling for the title at No Mercy. I’ve decided that the poor bastard that I will face will be…the United States Champion, KANE!!!

The crowd responds with shock at the gall of Kennedy to potentially take on The Big Red Machine.

Mr. Kennedy: That’s right and that means at No Mercy, in front of my hometown, of GREEN BAY, WISCONSIIIINNN, I will become the United States Champion!! Now say it LOUD, say it PROUD. MIIIISSTTEEERRRRRR KENNEDYYYY!!!

Kennedy turns around to face Cena.

Mr. Kennedy: KKEENNEEDDYY!!!!

Cena applauds Kennedy, seemingly impressed with his speech. He extends his hand to Kennedy in approval. The arrogant superstar responds by shaking his hand but suddenly Cena lifts Kennedy up onto his shoulders and then HITS HIM WITH THE FU!!! The crowd gives Cena a mixed reaction as his theme plays once more. Cena takes his shirt off and throws it on top of Kennedy before he leaves the ring.

Joey Styles: What a raucous way to kick off SmackDown! What an FU that was!

Tazz: For the second week in a row, Mr. Kennedy’s mouth has gotten him and trouble and he’s received an FU for his efforts. And both of these guys will be in the Winner’s Choice Battle Royal.

Joey Styles: That’s gonna be huge but coming up next, Matt Hardy takes on Chavo Guerrero. Big match up coming up next.

[Commercial Break]


The crowd gives a good pop as Chavo Guerrero makes his way down to the ramp. Chavo plays to the crowd before entering the ring as Tony Chimel makes the ring introduction.

Joey Styles: Last week on SmackDown, Matt Hardy teamed up with Rey Mysterio to pick up a win over The Pit Bulls. After the match up, Matt Hardy and Chavo Guerrero got into a scuffle after Chavo made a compliment about Mysterio. I don’t know about you partner but Hardy’s behavior has been pretty erratic recently.

Tazz: I’ll agree with that. Matt has shown a more aggressive streak as of late but you know what? Sometimes you got to get a little more fired up to get your message across and I like that Hardy’s doing that.


“Live For The Moment” hits to a pretty positive response, though there are some scattered boos, due to Hardy’s more heelish behavior recently. Matt Hardy makes his way onto the stage area and makes the ‘V1’ sign before he continues on his way down to the ring. Chimel makes the ring introduction as Hardy and Chavo square off.

Match #1
Chavo Guerrero vs. Matt Hardy
Match Summary:
Hardy and Chavo cut a fast pace in this match as they both go all out to pick up a win. Both superstars wrestle a clean match, relying on brawling and mat wrestling in an attempt to pick up the victory. Hardy is in control of most of the match up but doesn’t dominate as Chavo holds his own. Finish: Chavo makes a full fledged comeback, hitting Hardy with hard right hands, backing him up into a corner. Chavo then climbs the turnbuckle and starts to hit him with ten punches in the corner. Hardy grabs Chavo and charges out of the corner hitting him with a POWERBOMB. He covers him. 1... 2... NO! Hardy waits on Chavo to get up to his feet, waiting to hit his finisher. Chavo gets up and Matt gets ready to hit The Twist of Fate! Chavo pushes him off and kicks Matt in the gut once he comes back. He then delivers the THREE AMIGOS knocking Hardy out! Chavo climbs to the top turnbuckle and leaps off of the top, looking to hit the Frog Splash. Hardy rolls out of the way and Chavo crashes and burns into the canvas! Hardy quickly gets back up to his feet and waits on Chavo. Guerrero gets up and Matt hits him with the SIDE EFFECT! He then lifts Chavo back up to his feet only to take him out with the TWIST OF FATE!!! The cover. 1... 2... 3!!!
Winner: Matt Hardy via pin fall at 7:32.

The crowd pops as Hardy picks up a good win over a decent name. Hardy celebrates as Chavo gets back up to his feet, holding his head after all the high impact moves. Guerrero extends his hand to Hardy, a sign of respect. Matt looks at the crowd and they respond by giving him a great pop. Hardy then brushes right by Chavo and exits the ring! The crowd is shocked but soon respond with boos, showing their distaste for the blatant disrespect shown by Hardy tonight. Chavo shakes his head inside of the ring as Matt continues towards the back.

:::We cut to the locker room of King Booker and his Court.:::

Booker is not wearing his crown or his robe as he talks to Finlay and Regal.

King Booker: Listen, tonight is some serious stuff. Tonight could change everything. You dig what I’m sayin’? Now, all three of us are involved in the Winner’s Choice Battle Royal. So here’s the plan, the two of you are gonna go out there and you’re gonna help me win this thing. Ya dig? And once I win it, I’m gonna request a three on one, handicap match with The Rock.

The crowd gives a mixed reaction, cheering for The Rock’s name, booing the idea of a handicap match. Regal nods but Finlay seems to be more upset.

Finlay: NO!

Booker, Regal and Sharmell stare at Finlay in shock.

King Booker: You didn’t just say that! Somebody tell me, you did not just say that!

Finlay: You can get as pissed off as you want but that’s not what’s going to happen. You see, I’ve been listening to the talk in the locker room. Everybody is so proud and happy to have Triple H on SmackDown.

Pop for Triple H.

Finlay: All the boys in the back talking how tough he is. Talking about how bad he is. Let me tell you something, if me and Mr. Helmsley were to ever step foot in this ring together, one on one, you better believe that I’d have him squealing like a pig in seconds.

Crowd boos as Booker gets upset.

Finlay: So when I win the battle royal tonight, its going to be Finlay versus Triple H! And then we’ll find out who the real badass around here is! My name is Finlay….and I’m gonna snap Triple H’s neck!!

Finlay storms out of the locker room as Booker looks on upset.

Joey Styles: Everybody has their own agendas heading into our huge main event. Its gonna be great.

Tazz: I’ll tell you something else that’s gonna be pretty damn good. Our next match up.

Joey Styles: Coming up next, Shelton Benjamin with Gregory Helms in his corner takes on Paul London with Brian Kendrick in his corner. An extremely athletic match up, NEXT!

[Commercial Break]

We return from the break inside of Matt Hardy’s locker room.

Rey Mysterio barges in and gets in Hardy’s face.

Rey Mysterio: What’s your problem, man?!

Matt Hardy: I don’t have any idea of what you’re talking about.

Rey Mysterio: I’m talking about you disrespecting Chavo like that. I don’t know what’s going on with you but you need to start showing people around here some more respect.

Hardy pauses but then starts laughing.

Matt Hardy: I need to start showing some people some more respect?! Hahaha! That’s a damn joke. Let me get this straight, I get choke slammed off of a ladder through a table by The Big Show and I need to show more respect?!

Hardy starts to get more upset.

Matt Hardy: Somebody who was supposed to be my friend, refuses to give me his spot at SummerSlam so I can gain my revenge and I need to show more respect?!

Mysterio hangs his head, knowing that Hardy is talking about him.

Matt Hardy: That same person not only LOSES that match to The Big Show but gets his ass kicked for TEN minutes straight and I need to show more respect?!

Hardy gets face to face with Mysterio now.

Matt Hardy: Last week, right here on SmackDown, I do all of the work, I hit the Twist of Fate and YOU pick up the win! And now I need to show more respect?!

Mysterio goes to explain but Hardy continues.

Matt Hardy: You’re a f*ckin’ joke! Get the hell out of my way!

Hardy storms out of his own locker room as Mysterio looks on, somewhat shocked at Hardy’s tirade.

:::We cut back to ringside.:::


Shelton Benjamin & Gregory Helms make their way down to the ringside area. The crowd gives them some pretty decent heat as both athletic, yet arrogant superstars make their way to the ring. Chimel makes the ring introduction.

Joey Styles: Last week on SmackDown, these two gentlemen picked up a huge win over the tag team champions.

Tazz: In my opinion, that’s gotta make them the #1 contenders and a win over Paul London by Shelton Benjamin here will definitely cement them as the top contenders for the titles.

“London Calling” hits to a good pop. The WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans, Paul London and Brian Kendrick, sprint down to the ring at full speed. With Ashley by their side, London and Kendrick slide into the ring as Chimel makes the ring introduction.

Joey Styles: Our extremely athletic tag team champions have to be a bit miffed by this new set of challengers. They’ve never faced a team with this level of athleticism.

Tazz: This should be a great one on one contest man. Two of the best athletes in the WWE going one on one here.

Match #2
Shelton Benjamin (w/Gregory Helms) vs. Paul London (w/Brian Kendrick & Ashley)

Match Summary: Benjamin and London tear it up, putting on a great, tremendously athletic contest. The two agile superstars go toe for toe with each other as Gregory Helms, Brian Kendrick, Ashley and the SmackDown audience watch the incredible contest as London and Benjamin give it their all. Finish: At the seven minute mark, Benjamin and London hit each other with simultaneous clotheslines, knocking each other out. The referee gets up to a count of seven before both guys get back up to their feet. Benjamin and London exchange right hands before Shelton cuts London off with a kick to the gut. He then shoots him off of the ropes only to have London come back and take him out with a spinning wheel kick! Both guys get back up to their feet and London hits him with a dropkick! Benjamin once again gets back up to his feet. This time London takes him down with a DROPSAULT! London with the cover! 1... 2... He kicks out. London lifts Benji up to his feet and hits him with a couple of hard forearms before shooting him into the corner. Benjamin shows his incredible amount of athleticism by LEAPING UP TO THE TOP TURNBUCKLE. He then leaps off and takes London out with a beautiful cross body! Shelton has the cover. 1... 2... London kicks out! Benjamin lifts him up to his feet and prepares for the T-Bone! London hits him with hard elbows, fighting with all his might to avoid the finisher of Benjamin. London breaks the hold and then shoots off of the ropes. Benjamin throws a kick but London catches his foot. He spins Benjamin around and Shelton hit’s the DRAGON WHIP! Cover. 1... 2... No! London barely kicks out once again. Benjamin lifts him up to his feet as the crowd has really gotten into this match up. He shoots London off the ropes but he holds on! Benjamin charges in and London dumps him over the top rope! Benjamin lands on the apron but London thinks he has fallen to the London with a HARD BULLDOG!!! Cover. 1... 2... 3!!!
Winner: Shelton Benjamin via pinfall at 9:12.

Joey Styles: What a match up! Shelton Benjamin picks up the win!

Tazz: That was a hell of a match and now you got to consider Benjamin and Helms the #1 Contenders for those tag team titles.

***Vignette plays hyping the debut of a new superstar: “’The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels comes to SmackDown!…NEXT!.***

:::We then cut to a shot of a hallway with the Cruiserweight Champion Chris Sabin walking down the hall.:::

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, the debut of The Fallen Angel. Christopher Daniels is NEXT!!!

[Commercial Break]

Joey Styles: Before we go to Josh Matthews, huge match added to the No Mercy Pay Per View. On October 8th, The Hooligans defend their WWE Tag Team Championship against Shelton Benjamin and Gregory Helms.

Tazz: That should be a classic, in my opinion.

:::We return from the break with Josh Matthews standing by.:::

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, he will be competing in the Winner’s Choice Battle Royal, “The People’s Champion” The Rock!

The Rock comes into screenshot, receiving a thunderous ovation from the crowd.

Josh Matthews: Rock, we are just…

Rock puts his hand in Matthews face and the crowd erupts! The crowd begins a “ROCKY!” chant as The Rock begins.

The Rock: FINALLY… The Rock has come back to MILWALKEEEE!!!

Thunderous cheap pop.

The Rock: Tonight’s the night. Tonight’s the night, that The Rock throws nineteen other jabronis right over the top rope and wins the battle royal!!

Another great pop for The Rock.

The Rock: Lets see, who’s out there tonight? King Bookah.

Crowd boos.

The Rock: Let The Rock get us straight, you and your Court wanna come at The Rock. You three pieces of trailer park trash honestly think that you can eliminate The Rock? IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!!!

The crowd pops as The Rock gets intense.

The Rock: The only thing that matters is once everyone is thrown out. Once all the dust has settled, once all the smoke….has cleared. The Rock will be standing tall, hand raised, at the end of the night and The Rock will be saying one thing. ‘King Booker, JUST BRING IT!’

Another loud ‘ROCKY!’ chant starts up.

The Rock: Who else is out there? Huh? Oh that’s right……Mr. Kennedy…Kennedy. Let The Rock explain something to that goofy-haired, stuttering, son of a bitch!

Loud pop.

The Rock: Kennedy, is doesn’t matter how many times you say your name! It doesn’t matter that your undefeated! It doesn’t matter that your breath smells like 2 year old Green Bay cheese! The only thing that matters is that tonight The Rock promises, to layeth the smacketh down all over that CANDY ASS!!!

Another great pop.

The Rock:…ASS! Lets see who have we got left. The Rock talked about Booker and Finlay. The Rock talked about Kennedy. Who’s left? John Cena (cheers). Kane (cheers). Bobby Lashley (cheers). Rey Mysterio (cheers). Matt Hardy (mixed reaction)…

???: ME!

“The Game” Triple H comes into screenshot, receiving a great pop. Hunter smirks as The Rock takes his shades off, upset Triple H interrupted his promo.

Triple H: Rock, the fact is that you probably are going to eliminate all those jack offs in that match. But guess what? You ain’t getting rid of me.

Mixed reaction.

Triple H: I am The Game and I promise you this, I’m going to win that damn match! Now you can spit some more nursery rhymes and you can raise your eyebrow all you want. But when it comes right down to it, everybody knows that when The Game and The Rock get into this ring, Triple H always comes out on top.

Another mixed reaction.

Triple H: And as for Finlay, ha…my wood…

Hunter raises his hand to show his sledgehammer.

Triple H: Is bigger than yours.

Crowd laughs as Rock keeps on the same face.

Triple H: Finlay, if we were to ever do go one on one, I’ll prove to you that not only am I the baddest thing on this planet, I’ll prove that I am The Game and I am that damn good!

Crowd pops as Rock looks confused.

The Rock: (mocking Triple H) I am The Game-ahhhh!!! Gonna whip your ass in the middle of the ring-ahhhh!! (Back to normal voice) You still do that crap!? It doesn’t make you sound tough, it makes you sound constipated.

Crowd laughs as Triple H fumes.

The Rock: But don’t you worry, The Rock is gonna take care of that constipation problem by taking his foot and STICKING IT STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS!!

Thunderous pop with a few scattered boos from Triple H fans.


Rock and Hunter stare each other down.

:::We cut back to ringside:::


The music hits and the crowd gives a good pop. The WWE Cruiserweight Champion Chris Sabin makes his way to the ring, slapping hands with the fans. Tony Chimel makes the ring introduction as Sabin enters the ring.

Joey Styles: Up next, Chris Sabin takes on Christopher Daniels. The debut of The Fallen Angel. NEXT!

Tazz: Its going to be off the hook!

[Commercial Break]

“Disposable Teens” hits to a decent reaction as many people in the arena know of him. “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels makes his way onto the SmackDown stage for the first time, dressed in his trademark robe and towel on his head. Daniels continues on his way to the ring as Sabin stares at him with disgust. Daniels enters the ring and removes his entrance attire. Chimel makes the ring introduction as Sabin and Daniels warm up.

Joey Styles: There he is. The newest superstar on our roster.

Tazz: Chris Sabin has called this man a cancer. I don’t know bout all of that but I will say this. He’s one of the most talented wrestlers in the world and its great to have him here on SmackDown!

Match #3
Cruiserweight Champion Chris Sabin vs. “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels
Non Title Match

Match Summary: Just like the first two matches on the show, this is damned good match. Both former TNA wrestlers show the WWE crowd what the X-Division was all about. The two great wrestlers battle at an extremely fast pace with Daniels surprisingly wrestling a clean match, which shocks the commentators and the fans, after weeks of hearing Sabin call him a cancer. We pick up the action after another commercial break. Finish: Sabin charges in at Daniels in the corner and The Fallen Angel counters, hitting him with a boot to the face. Daniels charges out of the corner and Sabin catches him with The Sabilizer, a Ura-nage into a backbreaker! Cover. 1... 2... Daniels kicks out. Sabin lifts Daniels to his feet and attempts to shoot him into the ropes. The Fallen Angel counters the Irish whip but sends Sabin into the corner. Daniels charges in, going for a dropkick of sorts but Sabin moves and Daniels gets hung up in the corner!! Sabin charges in and hits him with a Hesitation Dropkick to the face of The Fallen Angel!!! Cover. 1... 2... NO! Daniels kicks out once again. Sabin lifts him up to his feet and then hit’s a couple of forearms before attempting a clothesline, Daniels ducks the lariat and goes behind. He attempts a German suplex but Sabin lands on his feet. Daniels turns around and Sabin attempts a clothesline. The Fallen Angel counters and hits him with the STO!! Instead Daniels points to the corner, calling for the Best Moonsault Ever! He springboards off of the turnbuckles twice and attempts the moonsault. Sabin rolls out of the way and Daniels crashes and burns! The crowd stands and applauds as both men give it their all. The referee begins his ten count as both tired superstars begin to stir. Sabin and Daniels make it back up to their feet and exchange right hands. Sabin gains the better of the exchange backing The Fallen Angel up into the ropes. He shoots him off of the ropes but he gets set early. Daniels tucks Sabin’s head and goes for the Angel‘s Wings! Sabin fights out of it and puts Daniels on his shoulders, hoping to hit the Cradle Shock! The Fallen Angel fights out of it and hits him with a hard forearm to the back. Daniels then shoots him off of the ropes. This time Daniels gets set too early and Sabin catches him in a Small Package! 1... 2... 3!!! Daniels kicks out but its after the three count!!
Winner: Chris Sabin via pin fall at 12:42.

The crowd gives the two men a standing ovation for the incredible match they just gave. Daniels looks at the referee and motions with his shoulder, saying he wasn’t down for three. The ref says he was and raises the hand of Sabin. Daniels gives Sabin an evil glare before exiting the ring and walking towards the back.

Tazz: That was an absolutely incredible match! That’s the type of athleticism that you can only find on SmackDOwn!

Joey Styles: It was an unsuccessful debut for Daniels but is it just me or was The Fallen Angel a good sport about it?

Tazz: I think he was. I think Sabin might have over exaggerated the bad qualities of Daniels. He’s a great competitor and he seems like a decent enough guy.

:::We cut to the backstage split screen of Batista/Kurt Angle:::

Batista is dressed in a suit and Angle is dressed in casual wear, World Heavyweight Title on shoulder, as they walk down a hallway.

Joey Styles: This is gonna be explosive to say the least. it’s the contract signing for the biggest rematch in SmackDown history: Kurt Angle-Batista II.

Contract signing, NEXT!

[Commercial Break]

We return from the break with a table in the middle of the ring, with two mics and two chairs. Six security guards populate the ring as well. Teddy Long is in the middle of the ring, microphone in hand and begins to speak.

Teddy Long: Quite frankly, their match at SummerSlam was awesome, Both great warriors gave it everything they had but in the end, Kurt Angle retained his World Heavyweight Championship.

Great pop.

Teddy Long: After the match, I and all of you great SmackDown fans thought we were seeing a great show of respect from Batista when he shook the hand of Kurt Angle. Instead, we sat a heinous attack by The Animal, who abused Kurt with chair shot after chair shot.

Heat from the crowd until they begin a “WE WANT ANGLE!” chant.

Teddy Long: Batista wanted it. Kurt wanted it. And you, the SmackDown fans wanted it. So therefore the match has been made. No Mercy, October 8th, Green Bay, Wisconsin, the biggest rematch in SmackDown history will take place. Kurt Angle-Batista 2!!! Holla! Holla! Holla!

The crowd erupts in anticipation of the match.

Teddy Long: Its time to get this contract signing underway. First, the challenger…

Crowd immediately begins to boo.

Teddy Long: From Washington, D.C., “The Animal”, ladies and gentlemen, show your love for… BATISTA!!!

“I Walk Alone” hits to a tremendous amount of heat. “The Animal” Batista makes his way to the ring, skipping the posing and fireworks, all business tonight. Batista enters the ring and he then takes his suit jacket off, followed by his shirt and waits on Long to continue.

Teddy Long: Dave, listen, I don’t want any physicality between you and Kurt tonight.

Batista doesn’t acknowledge Long, staring straight ahead at the entrance ramp.

Teddy Long: And now the champion, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the former Olympic Gold Medalist, ladies and gentlemen, show you…

Batista snatches the mic.

Batista: Kurt Angle, GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE!!!

The fans pop wanting to see Angle before…

“Medal” hits to a raucous ovation, the loudest of the night so far. The World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle makes his way down to the ring, skipping his posing and fireworks just like Batista did earlier. Angle, with title belt on shoulder, slides into the ring and the security guards immediately get in between the path of The Wrestling Machine and The Animal. Long tries to calm the situation, talking both Batista and Angle down. Batista backs up and smiles at Angle, saying he doesn’t pose a threat…right now. Angle sits down in the chair and Batista soon follows.

Teddy Long: Kurt, you are the champion so if you have anything to…

Batista: I’ll go first.

The crowd boos and Angle gets pissed as Batista interrupts.

Batista: January 10th, was the night that I had to relinquish MY World Title! That was the night that I gave up everything in my life that I worked my ass off for. The championship that I had scratched and clawed and bled and sweat for, for over nine months! And it was all taken away from me in a second. But that was a great night for you, wasn’t it Kurt…

Angle shakes his head “yes”.

Batista: Yeah. I’m sure it was. That was the night that you became the biggest paper champion in the history of the business.

Crowd boos as Angle gets upset.

Batista: You won a damn battle royal to win the title. You’ve gotta be..

Kurt Angle: PAPER CHAMPION!!??

Batista: Paper Champion.

Kurt Angle: While you were sitting on your ass, whining about a tiny tear in your arm. I was beating Mark Henry at the Royal Rumble! While you were sitting on your ass at your house, complaining about the bad hand dealt to you, I was beating The Undertaker at No Way Out! I was beating Randy Orton at WrestleMania. I was beating Rey Mysterio and King Booker at The Great American Bash. Paper Champion? The last time I checked, I beat your ass at SummerSlam.

Thunderous pop as Batista smirks.

Batista: Yeah. You beat me…with a roll up. That makes you tough? Huh? That makes you the man around here? I don’t think so. That belt is mine and everyone here knows it.

Crowd boos.

Batista: More importantly than that…you know it. You got lucky Kurt. For all your bragging, for all your big talk, you can’t convince yourself that you’re better than me. I’m better than The Undertaker and badder than Mark Henry. I wouldn’t tap out to your Ankle Lock and you couldn’t pin me with the Angle Slam. You…got…lucky.

The crowd boos and Angle gets upset. Batista picks up the contract and Teddy Long hands him a pen.

Batista: But Kurt, lightning never hit’s the same place twice. And come No Mercy, your luck will run out. I’m not gonna pin you with a f*ckin’ roll-up! There’s gonna be decisive decision. Demon Bomb. One… Two… THREE!

Batista signs the contract and put it on the table. He then takes the pen and flings it at Kurt Angle! The crowd ‘ohs’ as Angle watches the pen hit his chest and fall on the table. Angle picks up the pen and signs the contract. Batista smirks as the match is made official. Then unexpectedly, Angle LEAPS OVER THE TABLE AND JUMPS ON BATISTA!!! The Wrestling Machine wails away on his No Mercy challenger with hard rights. The security guards quickly step in and drag Angle off of Batista. The Animal gets back up to his feet holding his face as security drags Angle up the ramp. Both Batista and Angle look incredibly pissed. Teddy Long tries to talk Batista down as Angle is being held back by six security guards. Batista grabs a mic from off of the table.

Batista: ANGLE! ANGLE! Watch this!!!

Suddenly, Batista KICKS TEDDY LONG IN THE GUT!!! The Animal gets him set and POWERBOMBS HIM THROUGH THE TABLE!!! Long lays among the broken pieces of the table as the security continues to hold Angle back. Several referees run down to the ring and Batista slides out having done the damage.

Joey Styles: OH MY GOOOOODDD!!

Tazz: I don’t believe what we have just seen. Batista just gave our General Manager a Demon Bomb through a table ! That’s just sick!

Joey Styles: Teddy is out of it. He’s really, really out. Lets get some help out here.

Several EMTs run down to the ring as we cut to another break.

[Commercial Break]

RAW Rebound
~Chris Benoit makes JBL tap out at the beginning of the show~

~Six Pack Elimination Match for the Intercontinental Championship was made for Unforgiven. IC Champ Johnny Nitro vs. Ken Doane vs. Chris Masters vs. Carlito vs. Joey Mercury vs. Rob Van Dam.

~JBL, Big Show, Randy Orton & Edge pick up a win over Chris Benoit, Undertaker, Ric Flair & WWE Champion Shawn Michaels. After the match, Taker pays Michaels back for a misunderstanding by giving him a Chokeslam!~

:::We return and ‘Moments ago’ footage rolls. Several superstars look at Teddy Long being placed on a stretcher and wheeled from the ringside area.:::

:::We return to ringside:::

Several WWE SmackDown superstars already fill the ring, ready for the 20 Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal.

1) Kid Kash 2) Jamie Noble 3) Super Crazy 4) Psychosis 5) The Miz 6) Hardcore Holly 7) Chavo Guerrero 8) Scotty Too Hotty 9) Funaki

Joey Styles: I hope Teddy Long is ok but he would want this awesome show to go on, so here we go. The Winner’s Choice Battle Royal.


“Live For The Moment” hits to a mixed reaction as 10) Matt Hardy makes his way down to the ring. Hardy looks focused on the task at hand as Chimel makes the ring introduction.

Joey Styles: Matt Hardy picked up a win earlier tonight over Chavo Guerrero. Can he win this battle royal?

Tazz: With his new attitude, he’s a favorite in my mind.

“Booyaka 619” hits to a good pop. 11) Rey Mysterio springs from under the stage and onto it. He continues on his way to the ring as Hardy stares at him from in it. Chimel makes the ring introduction.

Joey Styles: He may be the smallest man in this match but he may have the most heart.

“Royalty” hits to tremendous heat. 12) King Booker, 13) Finlay and 14) Sir William Regal make their way to the ring. Finlay marches ahead of the other two with shillelagh in hand. Booker looks at Finlay suspiciously as Chimel makes the ring introduction.

They may have the numbers advantage but unless Booker and Finlay work together, it wont mean much.


“Slow Chemical” hits to a good pop. “The Big Red Machine” and United States Champion 15) Kane makes his way to the ring. Every man in the match stares at Kane as Chimel makes the ring intro.

Joey Styles: The Big Red Monster is the meanest, biggest, nastiest guy in this match and he is walking with a purpose.

“Soldier” hits to a great pop. 16) Bobby Lashley makes his first appearance since SummerSlam and makes his way onto the stage. Lashley sets off his pyro and continues on his way to the ring. Chimel makes the ring introduction.

Tazz: Bobby Lashley is back and he is ready to win this battle royal!

Joey Styles: Up next, the Winner’s Choice Battle Royal!

[Commercial Break]

***Unforgiven advertisement airs hyping the WWE Title match between Shawn Michaels and Edge with Vince McMahon as the special referee***


17) Mr. Kennedy makes his way to the ring, receiving a mixed reaction. He has microphone in hands he slowly walks down the ramp.

Mr. Kennedy: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with NO time limit. Introducing, the man who will win this match, and go on to name his match, weighs in tonight at an absolutely freakin’ astonishing 246 pounds. He hails from the site of the No Mercy Pay Per View and the greatest city in the world, GREEN BAY, WISCONSIIIIIINN!!! MIIISSSTTTEEERRRRR KKEENNEEDDYYY!!!! ……KENNNEEEDDDYYY!!!!!

Kennedy drops the microphone and enters the ring.

“My Time Is Now” hits to an even louder mixed reaction. 18) John Cena makes his way to the ring, amped up for the contest. Chimel makes the ring introduction as Cena steps into the ring. Kennedy and Cena stare each other down.

Joey Styles: Earlier tonight, we saw a very heated exchange between Cena and Kennedy which ended with Mr. Kennedy on the receiving end of an FU. Clearly still some resentment there.


“King of Kings” hits to a terrific ovation. 19) The Game” Triple H makes his usual entrance into the arena as the crowd goes wild. Chimel makes the ring introduction as Hunter steps into the ring.

Joey Styles: The 10 time World Champion. The Cerebral Assassin. The King of Kings. Who can stop “The Game” Triple H?


The music hits and the crowd erupts giving an earth shattering ovation. 20) The Rock makes his way down to the ring as the crowd continues to go wild. King Booker looks away as The Rock enters the ring and Chimel makes the introduction.

Joey Styles: Here we go. 20 men. One Battle Royal. The winner of this match gets to choose any match up they want.

Tazz: Lets go. I’m ready. Milwaukee’s ready. The superstars are ready. Lets go!

Match #4
Winner’s Choice Twenty Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal
Winner receives a match of their choice
Main Event

Match Summary: The first ten or so minutes goes as expected as the top stars dominate…

Early Eliminations:
~Kid Kash by The Rock at 2:12.~
~Psychosis by Mr. Kennedy at 3:45.~
~Scotty 2 Hotty by Mr. Kennedy at 3:52.~
~The Miz by Triple H at 4:38.~
~Hardcore Holly by John Cena at 5:21.~
~Super Crazy by King Booker, Finlay & Regal at 6:09.~
~Jamie Noble by King Booker, Finlay & Regal at 6:52.~
~Funaki by Kane at 8:17.~

The Rock and Triple H brawl with King Booker and Finlay. Cena brawls with Kennedy as Kane chokes Mysterio in the corner. Lashley stomps away on Regal as surprisingly, Chavo gets the better of Mysterio. Guerrero backs Hardy up with hard right hands, rocking the former tag champ. Chavo backs up and charges but Hardy counters and sends Chavo over the top rope!!

~Chavo Guerrero by Matt Hardy at 9:25.~

Matt mocks Guerrero on the inside and the crowd gives him a mixed reaction. The Rock hits Booker with a right hand, knocking him down. He then turns around to see Hardy mocking Chavo. Rock taunts Hardy before stalking him. Hardy turns around and gets planted with a ROCK BOTTOM!! He gets back up and waits for Booker. The King gets back up to his feet and The Rock drops him with a ROCK BOTTOM!! Rock turns around and Kane grabs him around the throat. He lifts Rocky up and drills him with a CHOKESLAM!! Kane then lifts Rock up and throws him over the top rope!!! The Rock holds onto the top rope, avoiding elimination!! Kane then grabs Triple H and gives him a CHOKESLAM!! Then he grabs Finlay and gives him a CHOKESLAM!! The Big Red Machine begins to dominate, taking out main eventer after main eventer! Cena and Kennedy continue to brawl until Kane grabs them both around the throat! He lifts both men up and drops them with a CHOKESLAM!! Lashley gets right in Kane’s face which receives a great pop, as the crowd wants to see these two behemoths go at it. Kane and Lashley exchange right hands, with neither one backing up an inch. Kane shoots Lashley into the ropes and goes for a big boot. Lashley ducks it and hits Kane with a SPEAR, finally taking him down! Regal gets up to his feet and comes at Lashley. Bobby gorilla presses him over his head and tosses him out of the ring!

~William Regal by Bobby Lashley at 13:45.~

Hardy gets up to his feet and charges at Lashley. Lashley gorilla presses him as well and prepares to dump him over the top rope. Mysterio makes the save, kicking Lashley in the shin, causing him to drop Hardy. Mysterio shoots off of the ropes and takes Lashley down with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors! The crowd pops as Mysterio glares at Hardy. Matt nods in appreciation of Rey making the save. Mysterio turns to focus on a recovering Booker but Hardy quickly gets back up to his feet and TOSSES MYSTERIO OUT OF THE RING!!!

~Rey Mysterio by Matt Hardy at 15:02.~

The crowd boos Hardy as he just ‘turned’ on Mysterio. Rey looks at him, as if to say ‘whats the deal?’. Hardy shrugs his shoulders, with a barely noticeable smirk. Hardy focuses his attention on Lashley, who has started to recover. He hits him with some forearm shots, trying to wear the big man down. Every superstar in the match begins to recover from their Rock Bottoms and Chokeslams. Rock comes right at Booker, hitting him with his hard right hands. Triple H and Finlay get back up to their feet and immediately go at it with each other, showing their competitive streaks. Kennedy and Cena brawl as Kane lies motionless in the middle of the ring. Everybody is involved with their own brawls until…KANE SITS UP!! Every superstars attention immediately focuses on the U.S. Champion! Lashley hits him with a hard right followed by Cena. Booker, Finlay and Kennedy give The Big Red Monster punches of their own as Kane is being knocked around. Finally, The Rock and Triple H team up to double clothesline Kane over the top rope and out of the ring!!

~Kane by The Rock and Triple H at 18:34.~

Matt Hardy once again tries to take advantage of a situation by charging at Rock and HHH. Hunter and Rock turn around to see Matt and back body drop him over the top rope!!!

~Matt Hardy by Triple H and The Rock at 18:57.~

King Booker and Finlay attack Triple H and The Rock from behind, knocking them to the ground. Lashley charges at Kennedy and attempts a clothesline. Kennedy avoids it, grabs his neck and drops him with The Green Bay Meatpacker!! Kennedy and Cena soon refocus their energy on each other, exchanging right hands. Cena soon gains the advantage and backs Kennedy towards the ropes with hard rights. Cena goes for a clothesline but Kennedy sidesteps him and sends him over the top rope!!! But Cena holds on! Kennedy turns back around and comes at Cena. Cena hits him with a shoulder thrust and then attempts to suplex him out of the ring! He gets Kennedy over but the arrogant superstar lands on the apron. Cena and Kennedy exchange right hands on the apron, both being deadly close to being eliminated! Finlay and Booker turn their attention from a downed Rock and Hunter, to Kennedy and Cena. Booker goes after Cena but he realizes it and hit’s the King with a hard right, knocking him back. Kennedy isn’t so lucky as Finlay hits him with a shoulder thrust, knocking him off of the apron!!

~Kennedy by Finlay at 22:21.~

The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Mr. Kennedy has been eliminated. Booker and Finlay both turn their attention to Cena, who is still on the apron. Booker comes in but is met with a right. Finlay does the same and is met with the same. Most of the crowd starts to get behind Cena as he fights them both off. Suddenly, Kennedy DRILLS CENA IN THE BACK WITH A CHAIR!!! He then grabs Cena by his pants and pulls him down off of the apron!! Booker and Finlay smile as Cena has been eliminated!!

~Cena by Kennedy (not active) at 24:17.~

Finlay and Booker turn their attention to their remaining opponents, Rock, Triple H and Lashley. Finlay and Booker lifts Lashley up to his feet and begin to wail away. They grab him and shoot him off of the ropes. They attempt a double clothesline but Lashley ducks, comes back and HITS THEM BOTH WITH A SPEAR!! Lashley plays to the crowd after the impressive move. He turns around to be met with a hard right from Triple H. Rock gets back up to his feet and both Hunter and Rock wail away on Lashley! Lashley kicks them both in the gut and then shoots off the ropes once more. He comes back and Triple H delivers a kick to the gut. Triple H then drops him with THE PEDIGREE!!! HHH then stares at The Rock and the crowd erupts! Rock and Triple H get face to face and then tension between the two icons builds. Hunter is the first to strike, hitting him with a right hand. Rock soon responds with a right of his own. Triple H and Rock exchange rights but soon Rock gains the better of the exchange and he backs The Game to the ropes with right hands. Rock shoots him off of the ropes. The Rock gets set too early and Triple H makes him pay. He tucks his head and HIT’S THE PEDIGREE!!! The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Hunter raises his hands in the air. Lashley gets up to his feet and comes at the Cerebral Assassin. He hits him with hard right hands and then shoots him off of the ropes. Hunter holds onto the top one and Lashley charges in. HHH takes him over the top rope and Lashley is eliminated!!!

~Bobby Lashley by Triple H at 29:05.~

Booker and Finlay get back up to their feet and dump Triple H over the top rope!!! The crowd begins booing furiously as The Game has been eliminated!!

~Triple H by King Booker and Finlay at 29:20.~

Finlay leans over the top rope and yells at Triple H, mocking him after the elimination. Booker looks conflicted, but only for a quick second before he grabs Finlay by the leg and dumps him over the top rope.

~Finlay by King Booker at 30:00~

The crowd boos as Booker raises his pinky hand in the air, to tremendous heat. The crowd then erupts in a incredible ovation as The Rock kips up to his feet!! Booker turns around and Rock drills him with right hands. He then grabs Booker and shoots him off of the ropes. Rock lifts him up and hits him with the Spinebuster! He throws his elbow pad off, then runs the ropes and attempts to hit The People’s Elbow! Booker rolls out of the way and Rock misses. Booker gets back up to his feet and begins stalking The Rock. He gets back up to his feet and Booker kicks him in the gut. He bounces off of the ropes and attempts the Scissors Kick but he moves out of the way! Booker turns around and then gets planted with THE ROCK BOTTOM!! The audience erupts as Rock lifts him up to his feet and throws him out of the ring, winning the match up!!!
Winner: THE ROCK WINS AT 33:02, last eliminating King Booker.

The Rock looks at Booker on the ground as Chimel announces him the winner. Rock calls for the mic and prepares to speak.

The Rock: Short and sweet. The Rock, King Bookah…No Mercyyyyy!!!

Thunderous pop.

The Rock: IF YA SMELLLLLLLALALALAO, look at the tongue, look at the tongue, LAOOOOOO, WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN’!!!!

Rock drops the mic and stares at King Booker, who is still out of it, being helped by Queen Sharmell.



Matches Announced For No Mercy, October 8, 2006

World Heavyweight Championship
The Rematch: Angle-Batista II

“The Wrestling Machine” Kurt Angle© vs. “The Animal” Batista

“The Great One” The Rock vs. King Booker (w/Queen Sharmell)

WWE Tag Team Championship
The Hooligans(London© & Kendrick©)vs. Shelton Benjamin & Gregory Helms

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Ddmrko’s Smackdown -- Review

Cena/Kennedy promo: Both men, in your show and in real life, are in between face and heel. I think that this makes for an interesting feud in that you can have them work off one another to create an obvious face, and an obvious heel. The promo was well developed, well written, but both men were out of character a bit in my opinion. Most of the things they said I just couldn’t picture either one saying, Kennedy was a bit too…sophisticated. Cena didn’t say much, and let Kennedy run him down a lot. The cheap FU from Cena at the end made me think that Cena would be the heel, and Kennedy the face in this feud. I like that idea, and I think you definitely hinted towards doing this.

Hardy vs. Chavo: Well I thought something would come of this match, regarding the past heelish behaviour from Hardy. And as I expected you did do something, but the reaction from the crowd due to Hardy’s actions was a bit unrealistic. I think that if a heel was offering his hand and a face didn’t shake it, it wouldn’t receive too much heat from the crowd. I am not sure if I like where you are going with Hardy being a heel, as heels require good mic work. As for the match it was well structured and the ending was very back and forth. If you want to make somebody a heel, in this particular case with Hardy you should use weapons. Seeing as he is known for his hardcore abilities, weapons would be perfect in my opinion. Still a well written segment here.

King’s Court Promo: Well written, Booker showing some ways of the old Booker T, but you used ‘dig’ one too many times. Finlay was not really in character, but he doesn’t talk much either. I think that you write characters in a much too sophisticated way, remember it is dialogue not regular sentences. The Court seems like it will be disbanding sometime soon, and a Finlay/HHH feud could be incredible. Already some matches set out by people if they win the Battle Royal, I hope Finlay wins it at this point.

Hardy/Rey Promo: Rey is acting like friends with Chavo, but Chavo is a heel and Rey is a face (is he not?). Maybe not, I must admit I am no avid reader of yours but this I was uncertain about. In my opinion this was another poorly written dialogue, but the promo was good. I am not going to be picky at all about character because what does it really matter? Only swearing is not that common in the WWE, so that was a bit unrealistic. I think this helped build Hardy’s heel character as well.

Shelton Benjamin w/Gregory Helms vs. London w/Kendrick: Well nothing was really said in the summary, should have pointed out who had the advantage for most of the match. The last sentence there was a typo, I can’t figure out what it should be but this is the sentence:

“Benjamin lands on the apron but London thinks he has fallen to the London with a HARD BULLDOG!!! Cover. 1... 2... 3!!!”

I bolded the word I think is wrong, and also I do not think it is realistic having Benjamin pick up the win with a bulldog. The match was well written, and these two athletic men definitely seemed to put on a great show. I would like to see Benjamin and Helms pick up the titles soon.

Styles’ Announcement: YES! Just what I wanted; a match between Helms/Benjamin and The Hooligans. I sure hope Helms and Benjamin pull of a clean win in this one.

Rock/Triple H Promo: What are you doing here? Neither of these men should have anything to do with each other, not yet at least. They are both involved in feuds already and they were talking to one another with great disrespect. I don’t want to see these two men feud, but if that is what you so chose to do then it will be interesting to say the least. All this build up for the Battle Royal has been great, and the Rocks character was bang on…for once! Triple H; however, wasn’t quite himself, but the point still came across.

Daniels vs. Sabin: Hmmm…no promo by Daniels? Maybe that will be after the match. This was a good back and forth match, with both men seeming like clean wrestlers. This could be a good feud, but I think both men need to develop into your storyline more. Daniels with an evil glare? That is it? Okay, so maybe he will have a promo next week, but you definitely need to determine who are your faces and who are your heels. I know you are doing this on purpose, but just don’t have it carry on for too long.

Contract Signing: Batista was a very strong heel in this one, the fans definitely didn’t like him. I liked this promo a lot, a few good words said by both men, both in great character. Not sure if I like the heel Batista, but still better than the face one I guess. The line ‘ANGLE! ANGLE! Watch This!!!’ was a bit out there, and seemed kind of silly. But the impression made after the line was incredible. I wonder what this will do to Batista’s chances of regaining the championship, but I am guessing he isn’t going to get his way.

BATTLE ROYAL: It’s finally here, I can’t wait to find out who wins. Honestly I am as pumped about this as a PPV! Great match hype for this match, very well done. The jobbers or lower-mid carders got eliminated early so that was good. The court seemed to still be working together, though. Hardy defeating Chavo, then defeating Mysterio. Definitely an interesting handicap feud here. William Regal getting eliminated could be the first step towards the court breaking up. Kane got a little bit too much momentum, few too many chokeslams, but Lashley managed to fight back a bit. The Rock and Triple H teaming up kind of contradicted their little promo earlier in the night, and could possibly mean a feud between them in the end of the match? They then defeat Matt Hardy and I am thinking something is going to happen to make these two men turn on one another. Wow, Kennedy out this early in the match? I was hoping for him to be 2nd or 3rd last. Kennedy eliminated Cena the cheap way is a great way to build the feud, and the action is really starting to pick up here. Triple H again should have stayed, but I knew him and Rocky wouldn’t stay loyal for too long. King Booker eliminated Finlay then getting eliminated himself definitely makes it look like the court will be no more. Rocky picks up the huge win, and announces his match at No Mercy. Great Main Event, written perfectly!

Overall: I really liked your show, and the only thing you aren’t that great at is writing characters. It is hard and I can’t even do it so I am not one to talk. 84/100. Matches were strong, but promos were a bit too lacking, especially with No Mercy so soon.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Opening Segment: Great rivalry here between Cena and Kennedy. Typical of Cena, shutting up the heels like such. Good start to the show. 9/10.

Chavo v. Matt Hardy: Good match. Kind of a heel turn you're taking him on at the end. I really don't care that much about Matt Hardy, but I guess this is interesting!! 8/10.

King's Court Segment: Good job. Finlay leaving the Court will cause some problems. So, he's face then? 8/10.

Benjiman v. London: Don't finish it off with a bulldog, I hate those things. Other than that, good match!! 8/10.

The Rock Segment: Build-Up for him. I like how you're setting him up here. Make him get a downfall. Like, when he's at the top, just make him fall!! Yeah!! 8/10.

Daniels v. Sabin: Quick Crusierweight match!! Rapid finish. Pretty intense stuff in there. Not really anything for you to improve on that. 8/10.

Contract Signing: Batista making a heel turn was not a good move. If anyone should go heel, it should be Kurt, not Batista, but good heat up for rivalry all in all. 8/10.

Match #4; Winner's Choice Match: Good start to a rivalry with the Rock and King Booker, the face gets the last laugh in the end was also good too!! 9/10.

Overall: 9/10. Keep this up, especially this Rock/Booker rivalry, that's your best seller right now!! I'll be reading!!
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