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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Thanks for the review Wolfy and others who reviewed. And thanks everyone who voted SummerSlam the PPV of the month (even though I felt KOPV1's Backlash was better).

WWE RAW - September 4, 2006
Atlanta, Georgia; Phillips, Arena

*Recap of the main event angle which took place last week shows. Edge and Triple H battle in the main event until Lita causes Edge to be disqualified. Shawn Michaels grabs Mr. McMahon, who was sitting at the announce table, and throws him into the ring. HBK hits McMahon with a super kick before Triple H gives McMahon a Pedigree. DX embraces in the ring, knowing that its their last time together. Footage is then shown of Triple H showing up on SmackDown!, revealing himself as the newest draft pick.*

Opening RAW video


Jim Ross: Hello everyone and welcome to Monday Night RAW. I’m Good ‘Ol J.R. here with Jerry “The King” Lawler and the wrestling world is still shaken coming off the heels of the split of DX.

Jerry Lawler: I was in Memphis when Triple H came out in front of the SmackDown fans and they are extremely happy to have him.

Jim Ross: As happy as the Memphis fans were, they aren’t nearly as happy as Mr. McMahon is now that he has gotten his wish.

“No Chance in Hell” hits to tremendous heat. Mr. McMahon makes his way down to the ring, strutting like only he can. McMahon has a huge smile on his face as he enters the ring. Lilian hands him a mic and McMahon begins to speak.

Mr. McMahon: Welcome everyone to the new era of MONDAY NIGHT RAW!

Crowd boos as McMahon lets out a smile.

Mr. McMahon: I would just like to welcome you all to the DX-free Monday Night RAW. That’s right. No more male strippers. No more chicken jokes. No more “two words for ya” and all that crap. DX…IS…DEAD!

Crowd gives McMahon even more heat as his smile grows wider.

Mr. McMahon: Triple H is now a proud member of the SmackDown! Roster.

Crowd boos and begin an “asshole” chant.

Mr. McMahon: Lets not talk about Triple H that way!

Crowd continues to give heat as McMahon is having the time of his life.

Mr. McMahon: But this isn’t Friday Night SmackDown!. This is Monday Night RAW. So lets talk about the only member of DX left on RAW. That would be our WWE Champion, “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels.

Thunderous pop for HBK’s name.

Mr. McMahon: As you all may know, we have a Pay Per View coming up. September 24, the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, Unforgiven! And on that night, we will see the WWE Title defended by Shawn Michaels!

Great pop.

Mr. McMahon: That’s right. At Unforgiven, “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels will defend his WWE Championship against the former champion, the man who was never pinned or made to submit at SummerSlam, the rightful champion, “The Rated R Superstar” EDGE!

Tremendous heat for one of the most hated men on RAW.

Mr. McMahon: That will be one hell of a battle at Unforgiven but I think we need someone to make sure we have a clean match at the Pay Per View. Somebody who can make sure that The Rated R Army stays away from ringside.

The crowd seems intrigued by McMahon’s proposition.

Mr. McMahon: But who could possibly maintain order in a match of this sort.

McMahon puts on a “thinking face”.

Mr. McMahon: What do you think about Mick Foley?

Good pop.

Mr. McMahon: How about Rowdy Roddy Piper?

Another good pop.

Mr. McMahon: What about someone like…STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!!!

Thunderous ovation!

Mr. McMahon: Alright I have made my decision. The special referee for the Unforgiven main event will be….ME! Vincent Kennedy McMahon!

Crowd boos McMahon who just smiles.

Mr. McMahon: Please contain your excitement. Let me finish.

McMahon looks right into the camera.

Mr. McMahon: Shawn, I just want to let you know that I hold no ill feelings towards you or Triple H at all. I just want us all to move on and I wish you good luck in your title match on the 24th.

McMahon goes to walk away but realizes that he forgot something.

Mr. McMahon: Oh. I just remembered. Shawn Michaels will be in action right here tonight. We will see HBK face Shelton Benjamin right here on RAW.

Nice pop as the fans are glad to see HBK in action.

Mr. McMahon: And just to get somewhat of a preview of Unforgiven, tonight’s match will also have a special referee. It will be Shelton Benjamin versus Shawn Michaels and the special referee will be….EDGE!

Crowd erupts, showering McMahon in heat.

Mr. McMahon: Thank You.

“No Chance” hits again and McMahon walks back up the ramp, getting the hell booed out of him. McMahon simply smiles, proud of everything he has accomplished tonight.

Jim Ross: You have got to be kidding me. Mr. McMahon has once again stacked the deck against our WWE Champion, Shawn Michaels. Not only is Michaels in the fight of his life at Unforgiven, he’s gonna be put through hell tonight.

Jerry Lawler: Shelton Benjamin versus HBK with Edge as the referee. That’s gonna be great J.R.! But that’s not all, tonight we will see John Bradshaw Layfield team up with “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton to take on John Cena and “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

Jim Ross: But coming up next, Johnny Nitro defends the Intercontinental Championship against “Mr. Monday Night” Rob Van Dam. RVD. Johnny Nitro. NEXT!!!

(Commercial Break)

We return from the break to the locker room of The Rated R Army. Lita, Johnny Nitro, Chris Masters, Ken Doane and Melina are standing around. Edge and Shelton Benjamin aren’t around, presumably getting ready with Mr. McMahon for HBK tonight. Tension between Nitro and Doane is still running high from the last couple of weeks, where Doane has shown an interest in Melina.

Johnny Nitro: Kenny do me a favor. Stay the hell away from me and Melina.

Ken Doane: We’re teammates Johnny. Besides Melina and I are just friends.

Johnny Nitro: Don’t give me that bullshit.

Doane smirks as the tension builds. Masters and Lita get anxious as Nitro and Doane stare holes through each other. Melina hangs her head, upset at the current situation.

Doane: Johnny, look…

Nitro immediately cuts him off.

Johnny Nitro: No, you look. I don’t care if we’re teammates or not. I see you. Hugging her. Whispering things in her ear. Smiling at her…

Doane jumps in.

Ken Doane: I’m just a nice guy.

Johnny Nitro: BULLSHIT!

Doane and Nitro get face to face. Masters gets in between the two men as Melina looks concerned. Lita speaks.

Lita: Alright look. I don’t know what’s going on between you three but you (points to Nitro) have to defend your Intercontinental Title right now. So go get ready for that.

Nitro backs up, keeping his eyes on Doane the whole time. Nitro picks up his IC Title belt and grabs Melina’s hand. Nitro goes to walk out but Doane speaks up once again.

Ken Doane: What are you doing?

Johnny Nitro: I’m going to beat RVD’s ass. That’s what I’m gonna do.

Ken Doane: I understand that but its too dangerous for you to take Melina out there especially with that freak, Alfonso, out there.

Nitro thinks about it for a second and then lets out a smile.

Johnny Nitro: (Sarcastically) Right. Melina lets go.

Ken Doane: (Desperately) Alright then let me go out there with you. You know, to make sure Melina’s safe.

Melina smiles as Nitro fumes.

Johnny Nitro: You have got to be..

Lita: You have got the right idea. The three of you go out there and make sure the title stays with The Rated R Army.

Nitro quickly storms out of the locker room, after grabbing Melina by the hand. Doane follows with a smirk on his face. Lita and Masters look on.

We cut back to the arena.

“One Of A Kind” hits to a good pop. Rob Van Dam, with his manager, Bill Alfonso, makes his way down the entrance ramp, slapping hands with the fans. Lilian Garcia makes the ring introductions and RVD and Fonzie wait for Johnny Nitro.

Jim Ross: There he is. Mr. Monday Night. RVD has been feuding with The Rated R Army for months now and he has a huge opportunity to cause some damage to them tonight by capturing the Intercontinental Championship.

“Paparazzi” hits to a decent amount of heat. The Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro, along with Melina and Ken Doane, makes his way to the ring. Melina does her signature entrance. Doane tries to get an eyeful but Nitro blocks his view with a stern look on his face. Doane lets out an uneasy smile as Lilian makes the ring introductions.

Jim Ross: Johnny Nitro has held the Intercontinental Championship since late June. But is he more focused on Melina and Ken Doane than defending his Intercontinental Title.

Jerry Lawler: You heard Kenny earlier. He and Melina are just friends. Stop trying to cause problems J.R..

Match #1
Johnny Nitro© (w/Melina & Doane) vs. Rob Van Dam (w/Bill Alfonso)
Intercontinental Championship

Nitro and Van Dam put on a very competitive match up, which sees no interference from Melina or Bill Alfonso, for their respective wrestlers. At the seven minute mark of the contest, Nitro scoops RVD up and hits him with a body slam. He then hits him with his Breakdance leg drop and covers. 1...2...No! Nitro lifts him up and shoots him into the corner. He plans to go after RVD in the corner but he catches Doane whispering something into Melina’s ear. Nitro gets really pissed and pays no attention to Van Dam coming out of the corner. RVD turns him around and gives him a couple of right handed forearm shots. He then shoots him into the ring ropes. Nitro comes back and RVD takes him up and over with a back body drop. Nitro gets back to his feet and RVD takes him out with a standing sidekick! Van Dam drags Nitro towards the corner and goes for a split legged moonsault. Nitro gets his knees up and into the gut of Van Dam! Nitro covers him but only manages to pick up a 2 count. In an attempt to stay on the attack, he lifts RVD up and shoots him into the corner. Nitro charges in but Van Dam avoids the contact and goes behind and DRILLS him with a release German Suplex! RVD tries to capitalize and climbs to the top turnbuckle. He flies off of the top and drills Nitro with the Five Star Frog Splash. 1...2...Surprisingly, Ken Doane breaks it up by stomping on the back of RVD! The referee calls for the bell.
Winner: RVD by DQ at 11:32. Nitro retains IC Title.

Doane begins stomping away on Van Dam. Nitro makes it back up to his feet and stares at Doane, shocked that he saved him from losing the Intercontinental Championship. Nitro soon refocuses and joins in on the beating of RVD, stomping a mud hole in him. Fonzie blows his whistle wildly as he waves for reinforcements to come down to the ring. Soon after, Carlito and Joey Mercury run down to the ring and slide in. Nitro and Doane immediately bail to the outside, not wanting any part of a fair fight. Mercury, Carlito and Fonzie check on Van Dam as Melina brings Nitro his Intercontinental Title belt. Doane, Nitro and Melina walk up the ramp smiling, proud of the damage done.

Jim Ross: The Rated R Army got one over on Van Dam and company tonight.

Jerry Lawler: If you thought that was bad, you just wait. Because, tonight the WWE Champion, “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels takes on Shelton Benjamin with Edge as the special referee.

(Commercial Break)

We return from the break with Vince McMahon in his office, admiring his “Muscle and Fitness” cover. McMahon smiles as he begins imitating the pose he has on the cover until there’s a knock on the door.

Mr. McMahon: Come in.

John Bradshaw Layfield walks into McMahon’s office.

JBL: Mr. McMahon. How you doing sir?

Mr. McMahon: I’m fine. Thanks for asking.

JBL: That’s a hell of a poster you got on your wall there. I must say that you have one of the most impressive physiques in the world.

Mr. McMahon: Thank you. I appreciate that.

JBL: Hell, your physique is almost as impressive as your mind. I mean, you are a genious. In fact you are the most intelligent man in the history, I mean the history, of sports entertainment. I mean you crushed Eric Bischoff and Billionaire Ted. You single handedly destroyed, WCW, ECW, all the territories and, and DX. You are an awesome man. I know I’m an American hero but…(JBL pretends to get choked up) you’re my hero.

McMahon smiles realizing that JBL obviously wants something.

Mr. McMahon: What do you want John?

JBL: It’s a about a huge match up.

Mr. McMahon: You’re right tonight’s main event is huge. JBL and Randy Orton vs. Ric Flair and John Cena.

JBL: I was actually talking about a potentially bigger match. At Unforgiven, HBK versus Edge versus JBL for the WWE Championship. What do you think?

Mr. McMahon: Bradshaw, you’ve been on RAW for two weeks and now you want a shot at the most prestigious championship on RAW? I’m sorry but…

JBL: I’m the longest reigning WWE Champion in history. Ten months I reigned with that WWE Championship. The highest buy rates in wrestling history. The highest ratings in history. Sold out arenas all over the world.

McMahon develops a smile as JBL rattles off his ‘accomplishments.’

JBL: From the United States, to Canada, to Italy, hell even to Germany. JBL was and still is the top draw in the business. So putting JBL in the WWE Championship makes sense to me. Because I am JBL and I am a Wrestling God.

JBL smiles as McMahon mulls over what was said.

Mr. McMahon: No.

JBL’s smile quickly turns into one of a shocked disappointment.

Mr. McMahon: Listen, John I can’t warrant giving you a title shot. Besides the main event for Unforgiven has already been set. Edge versus Michaels.

JBL hangs his head and starts to walk out.

Mr. McMahon: But I’ll tell you what I can do.

JBL turns around, hopeful.

Mr. McMahon: As you know, the final two SmackDown draft picks will show up here tonight. So how about this, at Unforgiven, you, John Bradshaw Layfield take on the first draft pick to show up here tonight. The Big Show takes on the second draft pick. And then the winners of those two matches, wrestle each other on the very same night for the #1 Contendership.

JBL looks upset at all the work that winning two matches would take. He eventually extends his hand.

JBL: Thanks Mr. McMahon.

JBL and Vince shake hands and Bradshaw leaves the office. McMahon goes back to admiring his picture.

Back to ringside.

Jim Ross: HUGE matches announced for Unforgiven. JBL takes on the first draft pick to show up and The Big Show takes on the second draft pick. And then the winners wrestle to determine a Number 1 Contender!

Jerry Lawler: That’s huge J.R. but I wonder who the draft picks are gonna be.

Jim Ross: We’ll find out tonight!

“Mickie” hits to a pretty mixed reaction. The WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James makes her way to the ring, skipping the whole way. Lilian Garcia makes the announcements as Mickie enters the ring.

Jim Ross: Last week on Monday Night RAW, our Women’s Champion, Mickie James, brutally assaulted Maria for asking a simple question.

Jerry Lawler: It was a stupid question J.R..

“Legs Like That” hits to a decent pop. Maria, with Trish Stratus at her side, makes her way to the ring, seemingly a little apprehensive about the match up. Lilian makes the ring announcements and Maria hesitantly enters the ring.

Jim Ross: Maria has to be feeling a bit apprehensive about this match up. Mickie is the Women’s Champion and Maria is a fairly inexperienced wrestler.

Jerry Lawler: Trish Stratus is out here and we know that she and Mickie will wrestle for the Women’s Championship at Unforgiven. She must be trying to get a closer look at Mickie. I’m trying to get a closer look at her. Woo hoo!

Match #2
Women’s Champion Mickie James vs. Maria (w/ Trish Stratus)
Non-Title Match

The women’s match up is basically a showcase to establish the dominance of the Women’s Champion, Mickie James. Trish Stratus watches from ringside as Mickie completely decimates Maria, Even though Maria manages to put up a decent enough fight, Mickie is just too much. She soon hits her with the Mickie DDT and picks up the three count in dominating fashion.
Winner: Mickie at 2:42.

The referee grabs the Women’s Title from the timekeeper and hands it to Mickie. He raises her hand as she stands over Maria. Trish stares in the ring at Mickie stares right back.

Jim Ross: AN impressive win to say the least. Mickie wins in dominating fashion.

Jerry Lawler: But can she do that to Trish Stratus at Unforgiven? Later on tonight, The Legend Killer and The Wrestling God take on The Nature Boy and The Doctor of Thuganomics.

Jim Ross: Flair and Cena take on Orton and JBL.

**We cut to the locker room of the WWE Champion, “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels. Michaels is sitting on a steel chair holding his championship. Michaels looks over at the chair to the right of him, soon realizing he is by himself. HBK hangs his head and stares down at his WWE Title, realizing he must go at it alone tonight and at Unforgiven.**

Jim Ross: And also tonight, “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels goes at it alone when he takes on Shelton Benjamin with Edge as the special referee.

Jerry Lawler: That’s gonna be great.

(Commercial Break)

*A vignette plays hyping the debut of a new tag team on Monday nights. “America’s Most Wanted coming soon.”*

We cut to the backstage area and watch Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak watching the vignette of AMW.

Luther Reigns: Can you believe this? Another garbage tag team, coming into our division. I’m sick off all these shitty teams around here. Where’s all the competition? Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Eugene? The Highlanders? Cade and Murdoch? The Spirit Squad? Is this supposed to be some kind of a joke? As a matter of fact, I cant even remember who the World Tag Team Champions are?

Mark Jindrak: Its The Rated R Army. But those guys haven’t named their champions yet.

Luther Reigns: Is that right?

Jindrak nods.

Luther Reigns: I think its about time they made their decision. The sooner they choose, the sooner we take those belts.

Jindrak and Reigns head off down the hallway, presumably to Mr. McMahon’s office.

We cut back to ringside.

“Teacher” hits to some decent heat. Matt Striker makes his way down to the ring, looking just as confident as usual. Lilian makes the ring introduction as footage plays on the tron. The replay, shows the footage from last week, where Matt Striker attacked Charlie Haas, after Haas refused to be his tag team partner.

Jim Ross: This is a grudge match of sorts. Charlie Haas refused to be Matt Striker’s partner, so Striker attacks him?

Jerry Lawler: I guess if you cant join ‘em, beat ‘em. Ha Ha!

“Pay The Price” hits to a respectable pop. Charlie Haas makes his way down to the ring, looking focused on revenge. Lilian makes the ring introduction and Haas enters the ring, keeping his eyes on Striker the whole time.

Jim Ross: One of the fastest rising stars on Monday Night RAW. Charlie Haas has been winning matches left and right as of recently and it will be interesting to see if he can continue his roll tonight.

Jerry Lawler: I hate to admit it but with that Haas of Pain finisher, who can beat him?

Match #3
Matt Striker vs. Charlie Haas

Very spirited match up and surprisingly Striker manages to ’stick’ with Haas. Charlie Haas eventually manages to use his vast array of suplexes to gain the upper hand, but he doesn’t dominate Striker. At the six minute mark of the match, Haas knocks Striker down with a beautiful dropkick and goes to the corner. Haas climbs to the top turnbuckle and waits for a groggy Matt Striker to make it back up to his feet. Striker gets back up to a vertical base and Haas flies off of the top turnbuckle, looking to hit a cross body block. Haas hits him with it but Striker uses his momentum to roll through. Striker hooks the tights and picks up the pin fall victory, ending Haas’ recent winning streak.
Winner: Matt Striker at 7:02.

Jim Ross: Damn it! Striker grabs the tights to pick up the victory.

Jerry Lawler: Whatever it takes J.R., whatever it takes.

**We cut to the back with Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak exiting Mr. McMahon’s office. Jindrak has a grin on his face as Reigns just nods in approval.**

**In a different part of the backstage area, Edge, Lita and Shelton Benjamin walk down a hallway. Edge is dressed in a referee shirt, smiling from ear to ear. Both Benjamin and Lita also look confident as we cut to a break.**

Jim Ross; This is gonna be a complete joke. Up next, the WWE Champion Shawn Michaels takes on Shelton Benjamin. And Michaels’ Unforgiven opponent is the special referee.

(Commercial Break)

“Metalingus” hits to tremendous heat. The #1 Contender for the WWE Title and special referee for this match up, Edge makes his way to the ring with Lita and Shelton Benjamin by his sides. Lilian Garcia makes the introductions.

Jim Ross: Oh this is gonna be real fair. When was the last time a wrestler made an entrance with the referee right by his side?!

Jerry Lawler: Stop with the conspiracies. I bet Edge is gonna call this match right down the middle. Just relax.

“Sexy Boy” hits to a thunderous ovation! The WWE Champion, “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels makes his way to the ring, no dancing, no posing, all business. Lilian makes the introduction and Michaels enters the ring. Edge checks Michaels for weapons and then surprisingly does the same thing with Benjamin.

Jerry Lawler: Did you see that J.R.? you see Edge is gonna call this match down the middle.

Jim Ross: Maybe you’re right. I might have been overreacting slightly.

Match #4
WWE Champion Shawn Michaels vs. Shelton Benjamin
Non-Title Match
Special Referee - Edge (w/Lita)

Edge calls the match right down the middle during the beginning of the match, though Benjamin is never in any real danger of losing of the match. Towards the middle of the match, the obvious biased officiating of The Rated R Superstar finally becomes apparent. Michaels hits Benjamin with a couple of hard right hands before Edge grabs Michaels hand and gets in his face, telling him not to use the closed fist. Edge and Michaels get face to face until Benjamin hits Michaels from behind. Shelton lifts HBK up to his feet but Michaels catches him with a shot to the gut before shooting him into the corner. Benjamin shows his unparalleled athletic ability by leaping from the canvas all the way to the top turnbuckle! Benjamin leaps off of the top and attempts a moonsault. HBK gets out of the way and Benjamin inadvertently takes out Edge! Benjamin gets back up to his feet and Michaels immediately takes him out with Sweet Chin Music! Michaels covers him but there is no referee! Chris Masters runs down to the ring and hops onto the apron and is instantaneously taken out by a Michaels’ right hand. Johnny Nitro runs down to the ring and is met with more of the same from the WWE Champion. Both Masters and Nitro jump back onto the apron and Michaels knocks them off once again with Edge and Benjamin laid out in the ring. All of the sudden “The Game” hits to a incredible ovation! Michaels looks at the stage with a shocked but glad expression. Vince McMahon walks out onto the stage, dressed with a fake beard, DX t-shirt and a water bottle in hand. McMahon takes a sip of the water and spits it out, much in the way Triple H does. Michaels fumes as McMahon begins laughing his ass off. HBK turns around and gets SPEARED BY EDGE!!! Edge drags a limp Benjamin on top of Michaels. He then gets down and counts the 3!
Winner: Benjamin at 14:13.

Edge smiles at his handiwork, a fallen WWE Champion in the ring. McMahon continues to laugh on top of the entrance ramp as Edge helps Benjamin up to his feet.

Jerry Lawler: Come on J.R., say it! (Mocking Ross) The Game! The Game! The Game!

Jim Ross: I don’t believe this. How low will McMahon go to stick it to our WWE Champion? Later tonight, JBL teams up with Randy Orton to take on “The Nature Boy “ Ric Flair and John Cena.

(Commercial Break)

The SmackDown! Rebound airs:
-“The Game” is drafted to the blue brand effectively ending D-Generation X.
-The Rock wrestles his first match in two years, defeating William Regal.
-“The Animal” Batista runs through Hardcore Holly and The Miz in less than four minutes. The World Heavyweight Champion, “The Wrestling Machine” Kurt Angle watches as Batista dominates.
-Kane is drafted to SmackDown and defeats Finlay to capture the United States Championship.

We cut to the backstage area with Todd Grisham standing by.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, my guests at this time, Armando Alejandro Estrada and “The Samoan Bulldozer” Umaga!

Umaga and Estrada come into screenshot to some heat. Umaga looks Grisham up and down like he’s analyzing him.

Todd Grisham: Armando, last week you called out Mick Foley and challenged him to show up to Monday Night RAW tonight. Well its almost the end of the show and theres still no sign of Mick Foley anywhere.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Mick Foley, this is the third week in a row that I am calling ju out. Are ju some kind of a coward Foley? You don’t have a, como si dice, nut sack?!? A few weeks ago, right before SummerSlam, ju had a lot of balls. Ju took a barb-wired baseball bat and bloodied the face of Uuuumaga.

Crowd pops as Estrada gets upset.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Apparently, ju did it to send a message to “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Umaga is a stepping stone for nobody! And one way or another ju’re gonna find that out Foley!

Umaga yells something at Estrada but its unintelligible.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Mick Foley, ju can run but ju cant hide. Here’s the, como se dice, DEAL! Ju bring your ass to Unforgiven or else! Or else the Saaaamoan Bulldozer is gonna kick your ass in the street! At your house! In the park in front of your kids! It does not matter! Ju fat, out of shape, lazy, pathetic, scared, washed up, one-eared DUMMY! Ju better show your face on the 24th or else, ju get seeked out and destroyed by Uuuumagaaa!!!

Estrada and Umaga walk off as Grisham looks on.

Back to ringside.

Jim Ross: Once again, Umaga and Estrada calling out Mick Foley. Will Foley show up for Unforgiven?

Jerry Lawler: I don’t know J.R. but Unforgiven is getting better by the second.

Jim Ross: Absolutely, September 24 in the sold out Staples Center. Its going to be a cant miss event. Uh, it appears Lilian has an announcement before our main event.

Lilian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the newest draft pick to Monday Night RAW and JBL’s opponent for Unforgiven…

“Whatever” hits to a thunderous ovation.

Lilian Garcia: CHRIS BENOIT!!!

“The Rabid Wolverine” Chris Benoit makes his way to the ring, as intense as always.

Jim Ross: CHRIS BENOIT! CHRIS BENOIT! The newest draft pick to Monday Night RAW! I don’t believe it!

Benoit joins Ross and Lawler at the announce position.

Jim Ross: How you doing Chris? How does it feel to be on Monday nights?

Chris Benoit: I feel great Jim. I just came out here to get a closer look at my opponent for Unforgiven. I have a feeling that JBL will be tapping come the 24th.

Jim Ross: Up next, JBL and Randy Orton take on John Cena and Ric Flair. Chris Benoit is out here and he’s the newest draft pick!

Jerry Lawler: Who’s the second draft pick?!

(Commercial Break)


“Longhorn” hits to a lot of heat. John Bradshaw Layfield makes his way to the ring with his signature Texas two step and toothy grin. Benoit stands at the announce table and JBL’s smile immediately disappears as he realizes that he has to face “The Rabid Wolverine” at Unforgiven. Lilian Garcia makes the ring announcements as JBL enters the ring.

Jim Ross: At Unforgiven, JBL takes on Chris Benoit. The winner of that match will face the winner of the Big Show match. And then, the winner of that match will become the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah but who will The Big Show’s Unforgiven opponent be? I guess we’ll find out later tonight.

Chris Benoit: I cant wait to get him in the ring at Unforgiven. I’m gonna wipe that stupid smile right off his face.

“Burn In Me Light” hits to a loud mixed reaction. “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton makes his way to the stage area. Orton does his ‘destiny’ pose as his pyro falls. Randy then continues, arrogantly, to the ring. Lilian makes the ring introduction as Orton enters the ring.

Jim Ross: Last week, Orton showed a tremendous amount of disrespect for the future AND the legacy of this business. First, after he loss a match to John Cena he gave him an RKO! Then later that night, he mocked the courageous victory of Ric Flair at SummerSlam. Orton is a disgusting excuse for a human being.

Jerry Lawler: He’s just confident in his abilities besides Orton did what Flair did at SummerSlam, two years ago!

“Space Odyssey 3000” hits to a roaring ovation. “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair makes his way to the ring being showered in “WOO!”s along the way. Lilian makes the ring introduction as Flair enters the ring.

Jim Ross: The Nature Boy Ric Flair has shown everyone in the WWE that he still has it. Just about two weeks ago, this man defeated Cactus Jack in a hardcore match. He is quite possibly the greatest wrestler in the his..

Jerry Lawler: Alright J.R.. Enough about Flair. We need to talk about the future of this business. “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton. That man is the top man in this business. Not Ric Flair.

“My Time Is Now” hits to the loudest reaction of the night. Split 50/50 in cheers and boos as the crowd is split on their opinion of John Cena. Cena makes his way to the ring, pumped up and ready to go. Lilian makes the ring introduction as Cena enters the ring.

Jim Ross: You know many people consider this man to be the future of our business. The kid works hard. He’s a former 2 time WWE Champion and he’s got a great fighting spirit.

Match #5
JBL & Randy Orton vs. John Cena & Ric Flair
Main Event

With the four somewhat similar styles in the ring, the match up turns into an all out brawl. The referee struggles to maintain order as all four top tier superstars slug it out with each other. Eventually, John Cena and Randy Orton are the two legal competitors in the ring. Orton kicks Cena in the gut and shoots him into the ropes. The Doctor of Thuganomics comes back and takes him down with a flying shoulder tackle. Cena calls for Orton to get back up to his feet and Orton obliges. He charges ahead and takes The Legend Killer down with a hard clothesline! He gets back up and Cena takes him down with another hard clothesline. JBL enters the ring and charges at Cena but Cena takes him up and over with a back body drop! Cena tags in The Nature Boy who receives another roaring ovation. Flair comes in and lights Orton up with stiff knife edged chops! Flair takes Orton and attempts to shoot him off of the ropes. Orton counters the Irish whip and catches Flair with a beautiful standing dropkick once he comes back! Cena re-enters the ring and begins nailing Orton with right hands. Cena goes for a big clothesline but Orton ducks it and catches Cena with a dropkick, much like the one he gave Flair! JBL lifts Cena up and throws him to the outside of the ring. Bradshaw follows and leaves a cocky Orton with a fallen Flair in the ring. Orton stalks Flair, waiting for the legendary wrestler to make it up to his feet. Flair struggles to a vertical base and turns around. Orton jumps up and attempts to hit the RKO! Flair counters and sends Orton into the ring ropes. Orton comes back and Flair catches him with a small package and…the victory!
Winner: Ric Flair and John Cena at 13:45.

Flair rolls out of the ring and raises his hands, proud of his victory. Orton is in shock on the inside of the ring, as he cant believe he lost to a man 30 years his senior. Flair walks up the entrance ramp and towards the back. Orton quickly leaves the ring and follows, apparently going after The Nature Boy. Flair and Orton vanish into the back. John Cena sees Orton going after Flair and decides to give chase. Cena chases after Orton. JBL rolls back into the ring and raises his hands, wanting the adoration of the crowd. The audience doesn’t respond kindly, booing the hell out of Mr. Layfield. All of the sudden the crowd erupts! JBL begins smiling as he thinks the cheers are for him. Little does Bradshaw know that Chris Benoit has gotten up from the announce table and enters the ring. JBL turns around and looks into the eyes of his Unforgiven opponent, The Rabid Wolverine. JBL puts his hands up and backs away from Benoit. But just as quickly, JBL takes a huge swing! Benoit ducks and hits him with a German Suplex! The crowd pops huge as Benoit keeps his hands clasped together! He lifts Bradshaw up but instead of delivering another suplex, he applies The Crippler Crossface! JBL taps immediately but Benoit doesn’t release the hold!


The Big Show, with Paul Heyman by his side, makes his way down to the ring. Show climbs over the top rope and stares at Benoit, The Wolverine quickly releases JBL and comes at Show with a right. Show blocks it and takes Benoit down with a huge head butt. Show lifts Benoit up and throws him into a corner. He then delivers a nasty overhand chop to the chest of Benoit!

Jim Ross: Benoit is being destroyed here! We know that at Unforgiven. Benoit will square off against JBL but who will face The Big Show. We know it’s the final draft pick but how in the hell is….Oh my God!

Show prepares to deliver another overhand chop before…


The audience erupts with a deafening pop.


Show looks around the arena as the fans continue to go crazy.


The lights go out.


The lights come back on with The Undertaker standing in the ring.

The Big Show turns around and faces The Undertaker as JBL cowers in the corner. Show takes a huge swing at Taker but The Deadman ducks. Taker hits Show with a couple of right hands before hitting him with a big boot, taking him over the top rope. JBL sneaks up behind Undertaker but Taker quickly turns around, catching him in the act. Bradshaw quickly begs off, hoping to avoid a fight with The Phenom. Realizing that his reasoning is futile, JBL attempts to take a swing but Taker quickly reaches out and grabs him around the throat. The crowd erupts as Taker lifts him up and delivers a nasty Chokeslam! Taker grabs a mic from ringside as Big Show backs up the ramp. The fans chant for The Undertaker as Benoit clutches his chest in the corner.

Taker: Biiiiig Shoooowwww. YOU. ME. UNFORGIVEN!!!!

The crowd erupts as Taker drops the mic and does his signature throat slash.

Jim Ross: The Undertaker is now part of Monday Night RAW! The Deadman is right here!

Jerry Lawler: Even bigger than that, The Undertaker faces The Big Show at Unforgiven!

Jim Ross: At Unforgiven, JBL versus Chris Benoit! The Undertaker versus The Big Show! My God what a night that will be! Good night everybody.


Credit to -FS- aka the greatest for the sick banner.

Matches Announced for Unforgiven; September 24, 2006

WWE Championship with Mr. McMahon as referee
Shawn Michaels(C) vs. Edge (w/Lita)

Winner faces the victor of JBL/Benoit match
The Undertaker vs. The Big Show (w/Paul Heyman)

Winner faces the victor of Taker/Show match
Chris Benoit vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

#1 Contendership to the WWE Championship
Taker or Show vs. JBL or Benoit

Women's Championship
Mickie James(C) vs. Trish Stratus

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Show looks good Mac and the banner looks sick. I'll drop a review a little later on.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Raw Review

opening segment - a good announcement but i think it really lacked something. it just ended very dull because vince dominated the whole thing, and maybe HBk should have turned up even if it was just for an attack.

kenny/nitro promo - very interesting promo, and good to see tension build from the inside here. Its almost like the fall of the nWo.

nitro/RVD - after fueding with the army for that long, i expected a bit more out of RVD. The aftermath was decent and keeps the kenny storyline going smoothly.

JBL promo - nice description for JBL, and an interesting concept for later. why big show though? oh well, good way to intro the new superstars.

womens match - good squash and gets mickie dominant for unforgiven. thought trish would have done a bit more though.

nice HBK moment, really shows how he misses HHH. nice little spot.

tag segment - should be good to see how you use AMW but slagging off cade and murdoch was silly since jindrak used to team with cade. hope this goes somewhere good.

striker/haas - a bit of a gap filler to be honest, and not a fued that would pull in many fans. decent finish to the match, but the superstars involved means its not that big of a showcase.

HBK/Benji - good match action and a greatly timed ending. Vince going back on his word was good, and the fued is going to be a promising one. why wasnt this the main event though?

AAE promo - wow this is the first i've heard of this fued. decent promo but i think it was a little dull due to no foley appearance.

main event - good action and a nice finish to the main event. good pick at benoit, and benoit/JBL should be a fairly even contest. taker being shows opponent was totally out of the blue which is great, and now unforgiven looks very promising.

entertainment: 8.5/10
length: 9/10
grammer: 10/10
realism: 8/10
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

DX's Review

Opening segment - a great announcment but the ending was a little off. Vince pretty much took control the whole time.

Kenny - nitro promo - very good but intresting promo.

nitro - RVD - Good match between the two but RVD was lacking a little in this match. More buiild up to keep the Kenny storyline going.

JBL - promo - Good promo from JBL introducing new stars. I still dont know why the Big Show but I guess I'll find out.

womens match - squash match but good. Mickie picks up a win which is good so she is ready or Unforgiven

tag segment - GOod segment between all the teams as this continues on and should look good.

striker/haas - a decent match but not very intresting to me. Good ending though.

HB - /Benjiman - best match of the night as it was back and forth with a great ending.

AAE promo - good promo but a little boring because there was no Foley/

main event - great action and glad beniot came ontop. JBL vs. Benoit should be one of the best matches of the night at Unforgiven.

OVerall: 8.5/10


WWE: No Turning Back!

First Raw and Smackdown Are Up!

I Owe Reviews To:
  • RYU's Survivor Series
  • Ethan 619's Raw

Tell me if I owe you a review.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Deadman_014's Raw Review

Mr. McMahon Promo: Ah very good start to the show, the promo was ok but you got a big match planned for tonight, and a big match planned for Unforgiven in the process. Though I don't enjoy all the referee stipulations with special referee's, still a very interesting 2 matchs were going to see with Tonight and Unforgiven, hopefully you don't cut HBK a short title reign like a month, because that would damage the title a bit good start to the show bud.

Rated R Army Promo: Good promo here, though I would of rather seen Edge the leader making a few statements at least, but meh its alright Lita sucks though in this lol. Doane & Melina are probably going to cause the end of the Rated R Army eventually if they "hook up" lmao......

Nitro vs RVD: Good start to the show match wise, Nitro doesn't win RVD does, but you keep the title on Nitro for now which is good, it will be interesting where you take this feud that you've set up right now, I can really see the lower ranks of the Rated R Army breaking apart in the next few months with this current storyline, good aftermath as well.

McMahon & JBL Promo: Decent promo, JBL wouldn't hang his head and leave though after being rejected he would complain and moan, besides that solid promo here in the end, JBL was good for the most part besides almost leaving with his head between his tail, going to be huge draft picks from Smackdown I am sure to come, or we might have a joker come in for JBL, and someone big for Big Show or vice versa looks like a good situation though very interesting indeed.....

Mickie James vs Maria: Since its the Women's Title, and your a Mickie mark, she'll never lose the title lol. Squash here for Mickie, I don't really enjoy the women's division, especially copy catting in a way the women's division with Trish & Mickie went while they were feuding, anyways ok contest I don't find most if any women's matchs anything special though.

Striker vs Haas: Didn't feel the point to talk about that promo with Reigns & Jindrak way to short, ok match here, Striker steals a nice win here in the end, I was hoping to see Haas win but Striker does, I like both men it will be interesting where you take this.

Shawn Michaels vs Shelton Benjamin: Ah this was a good match, Benjamin gets a big win and a nice push win with this win here. Vince comes out in the DX stuff, with the fake beard and all, I can easily see HHH helping or screwing HBK at Unforgiven, leading to a cross brand feud of sorts, good match here Edge screws HBK figures, very predictable wonder when you plan to announce the draft picks......

Estrada Interview: I really don't like this idea, Umaga vs Foley would just suck lmao, Umaga isn't amazing and Foley needs a good opponent and he should be heel not a face with this and even if he is a heel, thats even worse in this feud. Umaga vs Foley in a No Hold Barred match for sure at Unforgiven not going to be happy though with it....

Main Event: Very good main event, your making up I see for the SummerSlam you thought wasn't anywhere near as good as you thought, with Unforgiven and some solid Raws. Solid end to the show, Benoit and JBL is a solid match with Benoit a solid pick, and damn The Undertaker on Raw thats cool though both Benoit vs JBL, and Show vs Undertaker are way to overdone, as well as HBK vs Edge, and James vs Trish still good stuff, though its a very none unigue or original PPV because of it, but a good one probably in the end with JBL vs The Undertaker probably the final.

The show was good in the end bud, I hope to see you reviewing Smackdown its up you know that though lol, Raw was solid this week 81/100 a good show nothing great though good though later bud....
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

RAW Review by Kennedy2.....2!!!

Mr. McMahon promo: Good stuff here as you really captivated that McMahon was truly happy with the departure of Triple H. The Unforgiven main event looks more interesting with the special referee stipulation an it should be and interesting match.

Doane-Nitro segment: Nice segment with these two here. Melina seems to be leaning more towards Doane in my opinion so we could possibly see The Rated R Army crack under the pressure of this scandal.

RVD vs. Nitro: good match here. I like the way the flirting between Melina and Doane distracted. RVD wins but Nitro keeps the belt. I really like the feud between Doane and Nitro.

JBL-McMahon promo: Bradshaw was really on point with the sucking up to McMahon. The matches that are made for Unforgiven are a little complicated but I think I got it. Top notch draft picks have got to be showing up.

Mickie vs. Maria: You’re such a Mickie mark, that its not hard to predict her matches. Mickie defeats Maria as Trish watches. Not much to this but it does keep the feud between the two women going.

Reigns-Jindrak segment: Good segment to set up the potential feud with AMW. I wonder if Reigns and MJ are going to convince McMahon to vacate the titles.

Striker vs. Haas: Filler but good filler as this feud continues. Striker picks up the win and ends Haas winning streak. Shame, though Haas will get revenge somehow.

Michaels vs. Shelton - Great match here just like their match last week. Vinnie Mac comes out with his “Game” outfit on and costs Michaels the match. Nice hype for Unforgiven.

AAE promo: Nice promo from Estrada and it seems like Foley will most definitely show up at Unforgiven. I like this feud but I hope they wrestle in a hardcore match because a regular one, just won’t work.

Main Event: Chris Benoit is the first draft pick so I guess its Benoit vs. JBL at Unforgiven. Orton, Flair, Cena and JBL put on a very good ME with Flair piccking up the win. Big Show comes down and attacks Benoit. THE UNDERTAKER!!!!! Nice. Taker cleans house and he’s the final pick. Another good show Mac and I cant wait to read SD to see who the two final SD picks are.

Good Show 8.5

Edit: Oh and congrats on the award thingy, though I don't see it anywhere.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Looks like a great show. PM me if I dont get a review up by Thursday.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko


Same goes for me Mac, although I'm still waiting for your Smackdown review

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Thanks for the reviews guys, though I don't know why J and Deadman call me a Mickie mark. By the way, new user title!!!

Still waiting for a couple of more reviews to come in before I post a SmackDown recap, probably tomorrow.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Post Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

ill get a review up sometime tonight or tommorow pm me if it isnt up by then also ill try to get in my review so youll understand them

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