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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Hey buddy. Hey buddy, yeah. Yeah. Umm...hey buddy...

...I noticed that you have a list of reminders in your sig about what shows to review...

...I, uh, did review your AWESOME PPV, and was just wondering if you could add that you needed to review my PPV, Genesis (which will be posted on the 19th, Sunday) into your sig. If you could do that, it'd be swell...

...thanks again buddy!

Still Alive
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Cool Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko


Taker/ Finlay/ Kane
Nice to see Kane on Smackdown, I hope he can win a major title.The Undertaker/ Finlay rivalry is a good one, I hope it continues for a while, as I feel it could really go places, but Taker must win overall (of course lol)

Kennedy Vs Chris Benoit
Nice match-up, Keneddy did well to get this win, I expected to see Benoit win. But a fine match
match rating: 7/10

Rock Promo
The Rock is of course the master of promos, and this proved it, I hope you can bring The Rock back to the level he used to be at in the old days. Great promo: 10/10

William Regal Vs The Rock
Another good wrestling match, nice to see Regal face the great one. Good match, with a good finish.
match rating: 8/10

Gregory helms Vs paul London
Nice cruiserweight action, good result, but this match could have been better.
match rating: 6/10

brill way to end the show with Jerry Lawler. I'm very impressed, i will keep reviewing, I hope you will review back and we can trade reviews, if ya could please review my last Nitro, my thread is wcw year of greatness.
Show Rating: 8/10
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

ddmrko, this is mmy return review for my RAW 11/13.

HBKicon Reviews Smackdown:

Opening Promo: It started off weak. I am not a fan of Finlay on the mic. Though, I have really never heard him. It picks up when Long comes out and announces a USD title match. Decent promo, it could have been stronger.

Kane vs. Finlay: WOW! Kane on SD!, just what everyone wants. Nice job. Kane winning the US title is great, it shows how imporntant the draft is. Nice way to kick off the show.

Booker/Long Promo: Nice promo here. Booker was in charecter and I enjoyed this. My only problem was it gave away the second draft pick. Was it supposed to? Also, why announce the two draft picks in a row?

Hooligans/Ashley/Helms Promo: Another good promo. Helms is his cokcy self and man, some harsh words for Ashley!

Chris Benoit vs. Mr. Kennedy: Cheap win for Kennedy. Maybe this has turned into a fued? let's hope. Kennedy gets the win as we come off the heels of Summerslam.

The Rock Promo: Great promo here from Rocky. Tonight, your promos are really on. Rock has his usual taunts and jokes and you showcased it real well.

Rock vs. Regal: Great win for Rock. It was too short though. This fued between Rock and Booker is getting good. Nice job, hyping the fued.

Hardy/Mysterio Promo: it was a decent promo, which got the point across. My prblem was that it ended too soon.

Batista vs. Holly/Miz: What a squash. I didnt like it. It made Holly and Miz look way too weak. 4 Minutes is to short. The onyl good thing was it built up Batista/Angle fued.

Gregory Helms vs. Paul London: Nice win for Helms as we move forward to next week.

Main Event Promo: Great Promo. It shcoked me and that was a great thing. Triple H on SD! is great and this draft is great. The Rock comes out to help the King of Kings and this was a great way to end the show. Nice work.

Overall: 8/10. I enjoyed this. My main problem was that the matches were too short.
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Post Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Originally Posted by theplasmasnake
Hey buddy. Hey buddy, yeah. Yeah. Umm...hey buddy...

...I noticed that you have a list of reminders in your sig about what shows to review...

...I, uh, did review your AWESOME PPV, and was just wondering if you could add that you needed to review my PPV, Genesis (which will be posted on the 19th, Sunday) into your sig. If you could do that, it'd be swell...

...thanks again buddy!
you own me a review too my raw is up now in case you were wondering so if you would be so kind too put me on the own reviews list thanks also in case you were wandering what it is i reviewed it was the phenoamal summerslam ppv

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Thanks for the reviews guys. Still waiting for a couple of more to come in before I post a preview.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Deadman_014's Smackdown Review

Finlay/Long Promo: A little to short for my likings here, this was an ok segment, Finlay seemed off a bit later into the promo, and Long wasn't solid at all with "show your love" etc wasn't good but Kane is a solid SD Draft Pick.

Kane vs Finlay: Of course Kane wins the title off Finlay now, this was a decent match. Regal interfering was good, but I figured Kane would win pretty predictable finish here to a decent match.

Long/Bookah Promo: This was a good promo here, Booker was good, and Long was in character as well. Both solid here, though it wasn't good that Sharmell kept all quiet, it also wasn't good that you kept the "King" gimmick off him for most of the promo still good promo but that wasn't a good part of it.

London & Kendrick & Ashley/Helms Promo: This was short and not good at all, not needed just a filler segment but really not a good segment to say the least. Helms got his heel over, but Kendrick really never spoke besides one 3-4 word comment, and it should of been longer, besides those things it was ok but not good...

Kennedy vs Benoit: This match was another on match, this was to short here as the first one was. Benoit loses to Kennedy? Thats not good for Benoit unless Kennedy's on a super push or something decent match work on the length a bit.

The Rock Interview: This has been the top promo so far tonight, very interesting how this went, he bashed 3 men at once, got a sex joke about the guy he's facing tonight, and was pretty good promo here you got Rock's character in right.

The Rock vs William Regal: Nothing special, very short push over match for The Rock to move on, pushs the Court feud a bit, plus gives The Rock his "first win in 2 years" nothing special here.

Mysterio/Guerrero/Hardy Promo: This was decent, a bit short like the rest of the promos but meh its ok. Hardy will probably get drafted to Raw or Mysterio might even, just to make for some crossbrand action in the future probably.

Sabin/Long: This was WAY to short here, everything seems a bit short besides a segment or two in the show so far. Its not good to have only 2 responses between the two, unless someone else comes in soon after the promo should of gone longer, Sabin vs Daniels looks good but I think the promo wasn't good to get to their match being made.

Handicap Match: This match really did nothing for me, just a filler on the card to build Angle/Batista's feud some more, and to have Batista get a filler win. You did both but I don't think its a good idea to have a main feud with heel/heel but meh I guess its ok, wasn't a good idea to turn Batista though at SummerSlam.

Helms vs London: Nothing special once again, another very short ok contest. If you added some length to some of the matchs it would be better, not good to have this as your top match, SD is looking rather weak at the moment hopefully you can get some of SD's top stars on the cards after this week in Booker, Angle, Batista (in a real match not a filler), etc......

Royal Welcome Celebration: This was good, but this was way to short to end the show, this should of been longer but this was still a good promo here, Lawler was good and Booker played another good role, though you need to decide which gimmick he's using the Harlem Heat or King gimmick lol. Triple H was a solid guy to come out here, and good end to the show with The Rock and all pretty good show.

Overall: 77/100 this was a good show, but I know you can do much better, it seems SD your making by far the #2 show, never mind about that though the matchs need a bit more length as they are to short for my liking, and the promos need a bit more length to them. This was a good show besides those to length problems it was fine, solid ending to the show though some promos just were bad, and with such short matchs the promos really need to stand out, and be solid good show man, get my Rumble review up today please, like you said yesterday you would
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Post Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

smackdown review
the opening segment seemed a bit off caracter for finlay but kane as the draft pick should be good i dont think teddy long whould say show your love do surprised kane got the win here since finlay won against taker but lost the us title to kane that doenst make much sense the booker segment was well done i dont think its king cause that would be too predictable i dont think helms would say slut on tv its just not his caracter the second matcgh was great plenty of action good choice in kennedy picking up the win the rock segment was hilarious as hell good segment well done the rock match nothing special really happened here just a predictable win for the rock the rey matt segment was good a heel turn for matt is in affects and a rey hardy feud too cant wait for the sabin danielles match if writed proprely i could be fantastic great squash for batista all little interesting also
helms london match was well meh not really entertaining or anything nice booker segment it was extremely well done the game will now start on smackdown good show

final view 86/100-not bad the only thing helms vs london for a main event come on the promos were off the roof good the matches were well not bad

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

WWE RAW Preview; September 4, 2006
Atlanta, Georgia; Phillips, Arena

Draft Lottery
Final two SmackDown! Superstars come to RAW

Tag Team Match
John Cena & Ric Flair vs. Randy Orton & JBL

Intercontinental Championship

Johnny Nitro© vs. Rob Van Dam

Non-Title Match
Women’s Champion Mickie James vs. Maria

Matt Striker vs. Charlie Haas

Quite frankly, I didn't fell like writing the preview out in full. The actual RAW show will be in full and will be posted by the end of the weekend.

As for metallicman, I'm not reviewing shit until I can understand what you write. Capitalize and use some decent grammar and I'll drop a return review.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Raw looks good Mac (you lazy bastard)
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

WWE SmackDown!

Certainly remember reviewing a few Raws in this thread before, but I beleive this is my first time having a proper look at SD.

Opening up with Finlay is a good start though Good short and sweet promo, which is best to do with Finlay, as his voice just cant handle a long promo. US Title match against a lottery pick for Finlay now - and boy did he walk right into that one - Kane.

Wow. Big impact made instantly by Kane, taking the US Title from Finlay, despite the interference. Could be somewhat of a push now for Kane, getting a fresh run out of Raw. Also means Finlay can tackle Taker without having to worry about the title belt.

Guessing it's not Jerry Lawler that got drafted to SD. Guessing it's a face who was once KOTR. We'll have to wait and see though I guess.

Looks like a feud developing between Helms and the Hooliganz. Looking forward to finding out who Helms can muster up as a tag partner.

Kennedy scrapes another win, this time over Chris Benoit, who was starting to build big time momentum with wins over the last few weeks. I can see this one developing for a little while, and can see Benoit inflicting Kennedy with his first defeat.

Slightly disappointed that Rocks first match is two years is only good enough for the mid point of the show. For such a momentus moment, it should've been the main event, no matter who the opponent.

Good return win for Rock, basically a through the motions type match, and I guess Rock and King Bookah are on course to feud.

Nice bit of character direction for Hardy, and it looks like a definate heel turn is looming. Not quite sure why it is, but it is certainly a nice change from the usual Hardy booking.

Chris Daniels coming to Smackdown?? Pretty awesome imo. Building a feud for him to walk right into is good too, rather than just winning a number of matches, then getting involved with someone. Sabin makes sense, given they've worked together in the past.

Holly and Miz seems like a random pairing, although with the pre-match attack, they have a chance. Perhaps not, as Batista comes through and picks up the win. Terrific booking of The Animal, as this Angle - Batista feud is brewing brilliantly, with the fearless champion, taking on the animalistic heel challenger. Just awesome.

Hook of the tights gives Helms a precious win over London, before they meet in a tag match next week on SD. Looks like you're building the foundations for a long term feud here.

Bookahs promo here was pretty damned entertaining. Knew that Lawler wouldnt be the draftee, BUT TRIPLE H!!! Big time draftee, which marks the end of DX for sure now. The Game with help from The Rock take out The Court, and this could set up some interesting weeks with Rock and HHH seemingly on the same page, despite their history. Excellent closing segment to the show.

Being The Booker
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