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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

I'll be sure to review Smackdown. Be sure to check out the Royal Rumble. It's Rumblishous.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Smackdown! looks good, another good read
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

SmackDown! preview looks sick Mac. I'll drop a review.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

ddmrko, I'll reivew SD! when it's up, just PM me.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

SD is ready but with the new (and fuckin' stupid) 10,000 character rule, I'll have to post it in parts. Thats not allowed, so I'll wait until I hear what we're supposed to do before I make a move.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

WWE SmackDown!
September 1, 2006
Memphis, Tennessee; The Pyramid

“Pity” by Drowning Pool blasts in the arena and the opening SmackDown! video plays. The pyro goes off in the arena as the audience in Memphis, Tennessee goes crazy. The camera pans the audience and gets a close up of the fans and the signs that they have brought with them to The Pyramid. We cut to the SmackDown! commentators, Joey Styles and Tazz.

Joey Styles: Hello everyone and welcome to Friday Night SmackDown! I’m Joey Styles along with my broadcast colleague, the former ECW Champion Tazz, and boy do we have a hell of a night in store for you. We have 21,000 fans jammed packed into The Pyramid here tonight!

Tazz: The largest crowd in Friday Night SmackDown! history and we have a rocket buster of a show here for them tonight!

Joey Styles: Absolutely, Styles. All the biggest SmackDown superstars are in the house tonight. The World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle, Batista, King Booker and lets not forget THE ROCK!

Tazz: Two guys who will not be here tonight, JBL and The Big Show who were drafted to RAW this past Monday. But that’s alright because tonight two RAW superstars come to SmackDown! And I can’t wait for…


Finlay’s music hits to an appreciable amount of heat. The United States Champion makes his way to the ring, shillelagh in hand.

Finlay: Last week, right here on SmackDown, I beat The Undertaker….

Crowd boos

Finlay: 1.….2.…..3.

Finlay gives a gapped tooth smile as the audience continues to boo.

Finlay: Roll the footage!

The production crew plays the footage from last week’s main event where Finlay battled The Undertaker. After a distraction by King Booker and Sir William Regal, Finlay used the shillelagh on The Undertaker and pinned him for the victory. The video ends.

Finlay continues to smile after the footage as the crowd packed into The Pyramid showers Finlay in heat.

Finlay: That’s right! You saw it as clear as day. The Undertaker falls to The Fighting Irish Bastard! I…

“MacMillitant” hits. The General Manager of SmackDown!, Teddy Long, walks onto the entrance ramp.

Teddy Long: Finlay, I would just like to congratulate you on your huge win over The Undertaker last week. Usually, I would make a rematch between you and The Phenom for right here tonight…

Finlay looks around shocked as the crowd erupts.

Teddy Long: But The Undertaker is not here tonight.

Crowd boos as Finlay takes a deep breath.

Teddy Long: So how would you feel about a little action here tonight? How about you put that United States Title on the line?

Crowd pops as Finlay looks a bit hesitant.

Finlay: Taker’s not here?

Teddy Long: Nope. Taker is not here.

Finlay seems to get a bit more brave.

Finlay: I’ll take on anybody at anytime!

Teddy Long: Alright playa. So right now we will see a United States Championship match! We will see Finlay take on the first SmackDown draft lottery pick! Holla! Holla! Holla!

Finlay begins to warm up in the ring as the fans in attendance become quiet in anticipation of who the opponent is.


“Slow Chemical” plays in the arena to a huge ovation. “The Big Red Machine” Kane makes his way down to the ring.

Teddy Long: Ladies and gentlemen, show your love, for SmackDown!‘s first draft lottery pick, KANE!!!

Joey Styles:
Oh My Gawd! Kane is back! And he’s here on SmackDown!

Finlay throws a fit, screaming and yelling at Long. Kane enters the ring and the United States Title match is underway.

Match #1
Finlay© vs. Kane
United States Championship

Pretty good match up, with Finlay managing to hang in there with The Big Red Machine. The United States Champion uses his unique move set to wear Kane down. Eventually, Kane’s tremendous strength and power is just too much for The Fighting Irishman to overcome. Kane begins to dominate, hitting all of his signature spots, capping them off with his flying clothesline off of the top turnbuckle! Kane raises his right hand in the air and is ready to hit Finlay with the Chokeslam. Sir William Regal runs down the ramp and jumps onto the ring apron. Kane hits Regal with a right hand, knocking the Englishman off of the apron. Finlay goes over to the corner and grabs his shillelagh. Kane turns around and Finlay takes a swing! Kane blocks the shillelagh with his left hand and grabs his throat with the right! He snatches the weapon out of his hand and tosses it to the ground. Kane then lifts Finlay up and plants him with the Chokeslam! He then covers him for the win and the United States Championship!
Winner: Kane at 10:21 to win the U.S. Title.

Joey Styles: Kane is the new United States Champion!

Tazz: I don’t believe it. His first night on SmackDown he takes out Finlay for the U.S. Title!

Joey Styles: The Draft Lottery is shaking everything up.

The referee hands the title belt to Kane and Kane leaves the ring, like its another day at the office.

[Commercial Break]

We return from the break inside of Teddy Long’s office. Long is discussing something on the phone before his door flies open! The former U.S. Champion Finlay enters his office and flips Long’s table over, sending papers and documents everywhere! Finlay prepares to punch Long before King Booker grabs Finlay. Sir William Regal grabs Finlay and struggles to pull him out of the office. Regal finally gets him out and leaves Booker, Long and Sharmell in the office.

Teddy Long: You need to get your boy under control.

King Booker: Thaddeus. Listen. I would just like to apologize for Finlay’s behavior. He is very upset right now. So you must forgive his actions.

Teddy Long: (annoyed) Is that all?

King Booker: No. Actually, I’m here to talk to you about the RAW draft pick.

Teddy Long: You mean Kane? That was a hell of a debut on SmackDown! playa.

King Booker: No. I’m talking about the 2nd RAW draft pick. Who is it?

Teddy Long: Sorry, I cant tell you playa.

Booker takes his crown off and hands it to Queen Sharmell.

King Booker: You didn’t just say that. Somebody tell me you did not just say that! Teddy, I’m the king of SmackDown! I won the 2006 King of The Ring. I’m a 5 time WCW Champion. I’m the king of all these little suckas around here! You dig what I’m sayin’!?

Teddy Long: I feel you playa’ but…

King Booker: But nothin’ Teddy! First, you totally go over my head and you decide to bring back….The Rock!

Huge pop.

King Booker: And now you cant even tell me who’s the next sucka comin’ into my kingdom! You have got to work with me Teddy!

Teddy Long: How about I give you a hint?

King Booker: DAMN IT TEDDY! I…

Teddy Long: Look, you take the hint or you get nothin’.

Booker thinks about it for a second before nodding “yes”.

Teddy Long: I’ll tell you this. He’s a king much like yourself and he’ll get a great ovation here in Memphis, Tennessee.

Cheap pop.

King Booker: WHAT?! King like me! Cheered in Memphis?!

Booker thinks about it for a second and then begins laughing.

King Booker: Damn dawg! Tough break Teddy. I guess that’s just the luck of the draw. RAW gets two former world champions, JBL and Big Show, and you get that big red freak and a damn announcer! I feel sorry for you man. But you know what?

Booker grabs his crown back from Queen Sharmell and puts it back on his head.

King Booker: I shall welcome The King with open arms to my SmackDown! Kingdom. I shall hold a Royal Welcoming Party for our newest member of SmackDown!

Teddy Long: You do that playa.

King Booker: Lets go my queen.

Booker and Sharmell leave his office as Long shakes his head and smiles.

We cut to a backstage hallway. The WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans, Paul London and Brian Kendrick, are talking to Ashley Massaro. Gregory Helms interrupts their conversation.

Gregory Helms: (In a phony tone) Hey guys. I saw your tag team title match. Great job beating Mr. Kennedy and JBL again.

Paul London: Thanks man.

Brian Kendrick: Yeah. We appreciate that.

Gregory Helms: But lets face facts gentlemen. You could never beat someone as great as Gregory Helms.

Paul London: Is that right?

Gregory Helms: Absolutely. In case you guys have forgotten, I’m the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion in WWE history. Seven months of greatness from yours truly.

Ashley: (sarcastically) Where’s your title?

London, Kendrick and Ashley laugh as Helms gets upset.

Gregory Helms: You better watch your mouth!

Helms puts his finger in Ashley’s face but London quickly slaps it away.

Paul London: Look! All you have to do is find yourself a tag team partner and you can face me and Brian in a tag team match next week on SmackDown!.

Gregory Helms: You’re on! But that’s next week. How about tonight, you and me go one on one.

Paul London: You got it.

Gregory Helms: Can you do me a favor? Keep the slut back here.

Ashley lunges at Helms but The Hooligans hold her back. Helms smiles arrogantly and then walks away.

[Commercial Break]


Ken Kennedy’s music hits to a mixed reaction, slightly more positive than negative. Kennedy enters the ring, kicks Tony Chimel out and waits for his microphone to be lowered from the ceiling.

Mr. Kennedy: Ladies and gentlemen, the following wrestler is now on his own after the weak link of his tag team got drafted to RAW. He is quite simply the fastest rising star on Sma…no…in the WW….no….he is the fastest rising star on TV today. He is still undefeated. He weighs in tonight at an astonishing, tremendous, a freakin’ amazing 242 pounds! He hails from GREEN BAY, WISCONSIIINNNNN! MMIISSTTEERR KKEENNEEDDYY!!!! (Kennedy goes to a corner and climbs the turnbuckle) KKEENNEEDDYY!!!!

Joey Styles: Mr. Kennedy’s tag team partner, John Bradshaw Layfield was drafted to RAW this past Monday night. So we’ll see how Kennedy does in singles competition.

Tazz: Its like riding a bike.

Joey Styles: You mean its easy to pick up again.

Tazz: No I mean, you can be knocked on your ass and that may happen to Mr. Kennedy here tonight. Chris Benoit is focused on destruction.

“Whatever” hits to a huge ovation. “The Rabid Wolverine” Chris Benoit makes his way to the ring, with a stone cold expression on his face. Tony Chimel makes the ring introduction for Benoit.

Joey Styles: At SummerSlam, Chris Benoit defeated Mark Henry, tearing his arm in the process. By the way we have an update on Henry. He’ll be out for 2-3 months. We wish him a speedy recovery. Last week on SmackDown!, The Rabid Wolverine beat Gregory Helms. Can Benoit defeat the undefeated Mr. Kennedy here tonight?

Match #2
Ken Kennedy vs. Chris Benoit

The two top tier superstars put on a great match up. Kennedy relies on his brawling style while Benoit uses his expert technical skill. At around the seven minute mark, Benoit avoids a Kennedy clothesline and plants him with a hard German suplex! Benoit keeps his hands clasped together and hits Mr. Kennedy with a couple of more German suplex. The Rabid Wolverine then decides to finish off the arrogant superstar by climbing to the top turnbuckle. Benoit attempts a flying head butt but Kennedy avoids the contact and Benoit’s head smashes into the canvas! Kennedy gets up to his feet and climbs to the top turnbuckle. Kennedy flies off of the top and hit’s the Kenton Bomb! Kennedy goes for the cover. Benoit’s foot is under the bottom rope but the referee doesn’t see it. Kennedy picks up the win over The Rabid Wolverine!
Winner: Ken Kennedy at 10:12.

Styles: Kennedy picks up the win but Benoit had his foot on his ropes!

Tazz: Ref didn’t see it so it wasn’t there. Kennedy gets back on the winning track and it looks like he’ll do just fine without JBL.

We cut to the backstage area with Josh Matthews standing by.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, The People’s Champion, The Rock!

Rock comes into screenshot, receiving a thunderous ovation. Rock is wearing a t-shirt over his in ring attire and a pair of shades.

Josh Matthews:
Rock, we are just moments away from…

Rock puts his hand in Matthews face and the crowd erupts! They quickly start a “ROCKY!” chant as The Rock prepares to speak.

The Rock: Tonight’s the night! Tonight is the night that The Rock….excuse The Rock one second. FINALLY THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO MEMMMMPHISSSS!!!

Really loud cheap pop.

The Rock: Tonight is the night. The first time in two years that The Rock is gonna compete in a WWE ring. And The Rock’s opponent…William Regal.

Crowd boos.

The Rock: Regal, you want to defend the honor of King Booker? You want to stand up for King Booker? Let The Rock tell you something. The Rock is sick of King Booker and his Court. William Regal, (imitating Regal) ‘I say Finlay, would you mind if I played with your….shillelagh (crowd laughs). I just love playing with a nice hard stick (crowd laughs).’ (Rock voice goes back to normal) AHHHH, SHUT YOUR MOUTH YOU TEA DRINIKING, STICK SUCKING FREAK!

Enormous pop which leads to another “Rocky!” chant.

The Rock: And Finlay. Old gapped tooth Dave. (Using a ridiculous Irish accent) “My Name is Finlay and I love to fight.” (Back to normal voice) The Rock says that the next time you think about using that shillelagh, The Rock is gonna take it, shine it up real nice, have Regal lick your stick one more time…

Crowd laughs as Rock keeps a straight face, as always.

The Rock: Turn that sumbitch sideways and STICK IT STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS!

The crowd continues to eat this up.

The Rock: And as for King Booker, you need to stop worrying about the new RAW draft pick, stop worrying about Royal Welcoming Parties and…get ready. Get ready.

Rock walks off screen.

Josh Matthews: The Rock is obviously ready…

The Rock: For The Rock, to layeth the Smacketh down all over that candy ass! IF YOU SMELLLALALALAO…WHAT THE ROCK…IS COOKIN‘!!!!

The Rock takes his sunglasses off and gives The People’s Eyebrow to a huge ovation!

Joey Styles: The Rock in action. NEXT!

[Commercial Break]

“Royalty” hits to tremendous heat. Sir William Regal makes his way down to the ring with King Booker and Queen Sharmell accompanying him. Tony Chimel makes the ring introductions as Booker and Sharmell join the announce team.

Tazz: Welcome King Booker!

Booker shakes hands with Tazz while totally ignoring Joey Styles.

Joey Styles: May I ask you why you are out here Booker?

King Booker: First off that’s King Booker. Secondly, I am simply out here to watch one of the newest members of my Kingdom compete here tonight.

Tazz: Wow that’s big of you King.

King Booker: I’m just messin’ with you Tazz. I’m out here to watch Sir William bust The Rock’s ass! You dig what I’m saying!


The Rock makes his way down to the ring as his music blasts throughout the arena. The People’s Champion receives a deafening ovation as he enters the ring and poses on two of the four turnbuckles. As soon as The Rock comes off of the second one, Regal goes on the attack.

Match #3
The Rock vs. William Regal
Rock’s first match in two years

The match is basically a showcase for The Rock, to show he doesn’t have much ring rust. Rock manages to get in most of his signature spots. He hit’s the Samoan Drop, the jumping clothesline and even puts Regal in the Sharpshooter for a short time. William Regal manages to get in a move or two before The Rock takes over for good. Rock his him with a DDT, nips up, stalks Regal and then hits him with The Rock Bottom to pick up the victory.
Winner: The Rock at 5:21.

Rock celebrates his victory as King Booker stands up at the announce table. Rock and Booker have a stare down as we cut to the back.

Rey Mysterio is talking to his friend Chavo Guerrero in the locker room when Matt Hardy bursts in!

Rey Mysterio: Hey man! What’s your problem?!

Matt Hardy: Did you see RAW?!

Rey Mysterio: Yeah I saw it. Look man, I’m sorry that The Big Show got drafted to RAW. it’s a tough break but…

Matt Hardy: Tough break? TOUGH BREAK?! No Rey this wasn’t a tough break. At SummerSlam, you could’ve did the right thing. You could’ve stepped aside and let me get the shot at The Big Show. But did you do that Rey?

Rey Mysterio: Matt, look…

Matt Hardy: No Rey. You had to be selfish and take on The Big Show by yourself. Let me ask you something Rey. Did you win that match Rey? Huh? Did you get the job done? No! You lost Rey! You got your ass handed to you and…

Chavo Guerrero: Hey Matt just relax.

Matt Hardy: Rey, you better hope I’m drafted to RAW on Monday or else.

Rey Mysterio: Or else what Matt! You got something to say to me than just say it!

Hardy stares at Mysterio for a second and then storms out of the locker room. Rey and Chavo look on, somewhat flustered by Hardy’s demeanor.

[Commercial Break]

The RAW Rebound:
-John Cena finally picks up a victory over Randy Orton, picking up the win after the FU. After the match, JBL hits Cena with the Clothesline From Hell and announces that he is the first draft pick.
-Shawn Michaels defeats Shelton Benjamin and successfully defends his WWE Championship.
-In this main event, Triple H wrestles Edge. The match ends in a DQ when Lita gets involved. Lita and Edge make a quick exit. Shawn Michaels grabs Mr. McMahon, who was sitting at the announce position, and throws him into the ring. HBK hits him with a Superkick before Triple H drops him with a Pedigree. DX embrace, knowing that if McMahon has his way, this is probably their last night together.

A vignette plays, hyping an upcoming debut on SmackDown! “In just two weeks, The Gospel will be fulfilled. ‘The Fallen Angel’ comes to SmackDown! Christopher Daniels in two weeks.”

We cut to Teddy Long’s office. His place of work is back in order after Finlay snapped earlier. The Cruiserweight Champion Chris Sabin walks in.

Teddy Long: Chris, what can I do for you?

Chris Sabin: Teddy, listen to me. I’m telling you. Bringing in Daniels is a bad idea. The man is like a cancer in the locker room. He’s manipulative and all he gives a damn about is himself.

Teddy Long: Listen playa. I appreciate the concern but I’m the general manager and I have got everything under control. I know what I’m doin’ playa. The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels has wrestled and competed all over the world. He is world renown for his terrific wrestling ability. I hope you're not upset that you're gonna have some more competition around here. But how about this? In two weeks, you can go one on one with The Fallen Angel.

Chris Sabin: Alright Teddy. But you’re making a mistake. A big mistake.

Teddy Long: We’ll see.

Long smiles as Sabin looks almost dejected, knowing that Long is making a mistake. We cut to a locker room.

Kurt Angle is watching footage from last week’s show where Batista laid him out with several chair shots, busting him open in the process. Angle grabs his World Title belt and leaves the locker room.

Styles: Up next, Batista takes on Hardcore Holly and The Miz in a handicap match. What’s Kurt Angle gonna do about Batista?!

[Commercial Break]

Slam of the Night: Footage from last week’s SmackDown!. Batista laying out Kurt Angle, Hardcore Holly and The Miz with a steel chair.

We return from the break with Hardcore Holly and The Miz already waiting in the ring. Both men have taped ribs from The Animal’s assault last week.


Batista’s music blasts over the loud speaker to tremendous heat. The Animal walks to the ring determined, no pyro, no posing, nothing. Batista gets halfway down the ramp before Angle nails him with a steel chair to the back! The World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle drops the chair and mounts Batista, drilling him with hard right hands as the fans go crazy for their Olympic hero. Angle lifts Batista up to his feet and throws him into the ring and the bell rings.

Match #4
Batista vs. Hardcore Holly & The Miz
Handicap match

Holly and Miz attempt to take advantage of Batista’s weakened state by stomping away on Batista. Eventually, Batista recovers and takes over the match. He hits Miz with a Spine buster which causes an extreme amount of pin on his injured midsection. Holly enters the ring and receives a kick to the gut for the effort. Batista lifts Holly up and Batista Bombs him on top of Miz. Batista covers them both for the win.
Winner: Batista at 4:56.

Joey Styles: Oh My Gawd! Batista just destroyed Bob Holly and The Miz.

Tazz: He ran through him like a hot knife through butter. Batista’s been here for a while but The Animal is back! And look at the look on Angle’s face.

Angle looks into the ring, shocked at the dominance of Batista. The crowd continues to boo Batista as he motions to Angle that he’s taking the title. Angle stares at Batista almost in a trance, realizing that The Animal is not the same man he beat at SummerSlam.

[Commercial Break]

“Firestorm” hits to a decent amount of heat as the former Cruiserweight Champion, Gregory Helms, makes his way to the ring. Tony Chimel makes the ring introduction and Helms waits on Paul London.

Joey Styles: Ever since losing the Cruiserweight Championship, Gregory Helms has been on a bad losing streak. Lets see if he can get back on the winning track here tonight.

Tazz: Helms just needs to refocus. He’s the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion in history. He has the talent. He just needs to get his mental state corrected.

“London Calling” hits and one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Paul London sprints to the ring. London gets a good pop from the fans as Chimel makes the introduction.

Joey Styles: London and Kendrick have been on a major roll as of late. The Hooligans beat JBL and Mr. Kennedy and The Pit Bulls at SummerSlam in a triple threat ladder match. Last week on SmackDown!, they beat Kennedy and JBL to retain the titles. Can they keep the momentum tonight.

Match #5
Gregory Helms vs. Paul London

Helms and London have a very competitive, fast paced match up. The beginning of the match up sees London use his speed advantage to control the match up. London hits Helms with several dropkicks and a dropsault. He then uses the Dragon Suplex to pick up a two count early in the contest. Midway through the match, Helms utilizes illegal tactics to fight his way back into the match up. Towards the end of the match, Helms attempts to hit The Shining Wizard on London and connects. Helms covers the tag team champion but he manages to kick out at the count of 2. Helms lifts him to his feet and attempts to go for The Vertebreaker! London counters by rolling him up in a small package. Helms kicks out at 2. Both men get back up to their feet and London attempts a clothesline. Helms ducks, goes behind and gets him in a school boy. He hooks the tights of London for the three count!
Winner: Helms at 10:53.

Helms smiles as he knows he just outmaneuvered Paul London. London looks at Helms upset but knowing he gets a chance to rectify this next week.

Joey Styles: Next week, Helms and a partner take on The Hooligans. Will we see the same result?

Tazz: I don’t know but I want to know who his partner is.

We cut to a shot of King Booker and his Court walking down a hallway.

Joey Styles: Up next, King Booker has a Royal Welcoming Party for the newest draft pick.

Tazz: This should be good.

[Commercial Break]

“Royalty” hits to a HUGE amount of heat. King Booker, Finlay, Sir William Regal and Queen Sharmell make their way towards the ring. Booker enters the ring and raises his right pinky high in the air, receiving some huge heat.

King Booker: I welcome you, all of my loyal subjects, to King Bookah’s Royal Welcoming Celebration!

The crowd boos as Queen Sharmell and William Regal applaud. Finlay doesn’t applaud, still pissed from his loss earlier.

King Booker: Thank you. Thank you. As the lord and ruler of the SmackDown! Kingdom, it is my duty to make sure that all newcomers to my Kingdom feel as welcome as possible. I hope Mr. Lawler follows the rules of my Kingdom unlike that Big Red Freak Kane…

The crowd pops as Finlay seems to be getting even more pissed.

King Booker: and The Rock.

Thunderous pop. Booker looks at the crowd annoyed that they are cheering The Rock.

King Booker: Anyway…My loyal subjects, please welcome Memphis’ own, Jerry “The King” Lawler!

Lawler’s music hits to a great hometown ovation. The King comes out onto the entrance ramp.

Jerry Lawler: It feels great to be back in Memphis, Tennessee!

Very loud cheap pop.

Jerry Lawler: First off, I would just like to thank Teddy Long for inviting me here tonight.

The crowd begins to murmur amongst themselves about Lawler’s comment.

King Booker: I know you are getting up their in age Lawler and you’ve always been senile but the word is drafted not invited. Sir William, the rules please.

Regal pulls a scroll from his suit jacket and hands it to Booker. Booker unrolls it and begins.

King Booker: *Clears throat* Rule number one, “Thou shall not disrespect thou King.”

Jerry Lawler: Booker, Booker…

King Booker: That’s King Booker and please don’t interrupt. That’s rule number seven. *Clears throat* Rule number two, thou shall not…

Jerry Lawler: Booker!

King Booker: WHAT SUCKA!?

Jerry Lawler: I am not the second RAW draft pick.

The crowd begins to stir after Lawler’s statement.

King Booker: What the hell are you talking about man?!

Jerry Lawler: Like I said, I am not the RAW draft pick. Teddy Long invited me here tonight so I could come out in front of my hometown crowd.

Another cheap pop. Finlay snatches the mic from King Booker.

Finlay: I’m sick of the games Lawler! You RAW guys are really starting to piss me off! First Kane and now you with this crap! Long said the draft pick was a king and was from Memphis! If that ain’t you than who is it!?

Jerry Lawler: Actually, what Teddy Long said was he would get a great ovation in Memphis. He didn’t say he was from here.

Finlay: What’s your point Lawler!?!

Jerry Lawler: Here he comes now…

Booker, Finlay, Regal, Sharmell and the 20,000 fans in The Pyramid, wait anxiously. Everyone wait’s several seconds before…


The Memphis crowd goes absolutely berserk as “King of Kings” plays throughout the arena. King Booker, Finlay and Regal are in shock as the music of “The Game” Triple H blasts throughout the building. Regal reaches into his jacket and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles. Booker and Finlay hold their weapons, a scepter and a shillelagh, respectively. The Game appears on the entrance ramp and the crowd lets out a tremendous roar. King Booker’s eyes widen to an almost humorous size as he realizes that Triple H is carrying his trusty sledgehammer in his hand!

The King of Kings walks towards the ring, clad in a t-shirt and jeans. He tries to enter the ring but Finlay doesn’t let him, kicking at him every time he attempts to get on the apron. Fed up, The Game drops the ‘hammer and grabs the leg of Finlay. Triple H pulls him clear out of the ring and the brawl is on. Hunter and Finlay exchange right hands until The Game gains the upper hand. Triple H pounds away on him until Regal exit’s the ring and hit’s the newest draft pick in the back. Regal and Finlay throw The Game back in the ring and Booker begins stomping on him. The Court re-enter the ring and the three on one beat down begins. King Booker raises his pinky in the air as his Court continues to stomp away.


The Rock sprints to the ring and King Booker immediately bails, wanting none of The People’s Champ. Rock enters the ring and goes after Regal, hitting the Englishman with hard right hands. He backs Regal up into the corner with punches until Finlay attacks him from behind. Triple H gets back to his feet and goes after Finlay. Hunter hits him with a couple of hard shots before clothes lining him out of the ring! Rock hits Regal with a couple of hard right. Triple H turns Regal around and hits him with The Pedigree in the middle of the ring! Rock walks over towards the head of Regal and the fans erupt. Rock runs the ropes and drills him with The People’s Elbow!

The Rock and Triple H stand over William Regal as Finlay and King Booker back up the entrance ramp. The two superstars quickly turn they’re attention towards each other. The crowd gets tense as The Rock and Triple H, two long time rivals, stare at each other. King Booker and Finlay begin smiling as they see the tension between the two men. But before the two men can get too confident, Rock and Triple H turn their attention back towards Finlay and Booker. The King’s and The Fighting Irishman’s smiles quickly disappear. SmackDown! goes off the air with Rock and Hunter standing over Regal while staring at Finlay and Booker.


Announced For SmackDown! Next Week:
Draft Lottery
Final two RAW draft picks come to SmackDown!

Non-Title match
WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans vs. Gregory Helms and ????

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Smackdown Review

Finlay/ Undertaker /kane
Good to see kane on smack down and have him win the US title
Hopefully the whole finlay undertaker feud goes on

Ken Kennedy/Chris Benoit
Like both of them but good to see the young one get the win

Rock Promo
Great promo reminds me of the old days for the rock

William Regal/rock
Knew who was gonna win this match anyway

Gregory helms/paul London
Was good set up for earlier in the night
But would rather have seen London pick up the win

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

I'll get a PROPER review up later, this looked like a good SD, I expected HHH to come to SD after it all. Vince now has gotten what he wants, I can see DX reforming coming into Survivor Series or the Royal Rumble in an interpromotional match like the Traditional Survivor Series match. Good stuff with the show and this post might possibly be longer then his review, Hardcore King learn how to review and follow the guidelines at least...
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

A couple of comments on the show Mac. Sorry that I don have time for a full review (but its close). Gotta study before I head back tomorrow. BTW I like the new format.

Nice promo from Finlay to start off the show. Taker’s not here so Finlay will face the newest draft pick. KANE! Kane comes out and beats Finlay for the title. Either you’re trying to push Kane as a monster or you took the title off of Finlay because you have bigger things in mind for him.

Booker demands to know who the draft pick is. Booker is hilarious here, mocking Teddy Long towards the end of his speech. The draft pick is a king and would get a great ovation in Memphis. All I know is its not Lawler since he sucks and that would be too obvious.

The Helms/London promo was good and it’ll be an interesting match next week.

Kennedy beats Benoit and picks up a huge win. It should be interesting to see how you book Kennedy without JBL.

The Rock is awesome. Nuff said. Great promo.

Rock beats Regal and then has a stare down with King Booker. You’re booking Booker as your top heel even though Batista just turned. I guess we’ll just give it time.

Mysterio/Hardy promo was short but effective. Its clear to me that Hardy will turn on Rey but it should be interesting to read.

Sabin/Teddy Long promo was good. I like the fact that you’re using the history of Daniels and Sabin to flesh out the feud. Sabin doesn’t want The Fallen Angel to come in because he’s a cancer. I like the premise of this storyline and I cant wait for their match next week.

Angle gains some revenge by costing Batista his match but it doesn’t matter. Batista runs through Miz and Holly, destroying them both. Good way to put him over and now Angle looks a bit concerned.

Gregory Helms beats London and now he has the momentum for next week. Cant wait to see who his opponent is next week. Maybe a draft pick.

King Booker welcomes….JERRY LAWLER? You sneaky bastard. You make us think its Lawler. So we think its not Lawler and then Lawler comes out. Nice. Wait its not Lawler. You got me again. The Game comes out and he and Rock destroy Regal. Finlay and Booker bail to the outside as Rock and Triple H stand tall.

Good show: 8.5/10
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

ddmrko, I'll drop a review by tomorrow sometime for you, as a thanks for you going to review my Summerslam when it's up.


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