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WWE: ShowTIME! - We're Back!
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

looking foward to the summer slam preview will deffintly review


WWE: No Turning Back!

First Raw and Smackdown Are Up!

I Owe Reviews To:
  • RYU's Survivor Series
  • Ethan 619's Raw

Tell me if I owe you a review.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Note #1: Sorry I haven't been reviewing a lot of shows lately as I have been as busy as hell writing this SummerSlam.

Note #2: My PPV previews will be different from everyone else's as I believe in moderation. Two match previews a day people. A couple of comments would be appreciated.


In a match which is definitely one of the most anticipated of the year, the World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line when “The Wrestling Machine” Kurt Angle defends against “The Animal” Batista. After seven months of debate, the question will be answered. Who is the true World Heavyweight Champion?

How we got here….

In January, the World Heavyweight Champion at the time, Batista, suffered a serious injury to his right tricep, courtesy of “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry. The injury would force Batista to relinquish the Championship, subsequently ending his nine month reign with the title.

On the very same night, in a shocking turn of events, RAW’s Kurt Angle jumped ship to SmackDown! and won a battle royal to crown a new World Heavyweight Champion. For the next seven months, Angle would go on to defeat the best that SmackDown! had to offer. He defeated Mark Henry at the Royal Rumble. The Undertaker at No Way Out. Randy Orton at WrestleMania 22. Chris Benoit at Judgment Day. And King Booker at The Great American Bash. Throughout Angle’s incredible title reign, many fans still felt that Batista was still the rightful champion and wanted to see what would happen if the two megastars ever met in a match up.

At The Great American Bash, those fans saw their dream become a reality when Batista defeated Mark Henry to become the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. So now, the match is set. Kurt Angle and Batista will finally meet to determine who the true champion is.

Will Batista regain the Championship that he never lost? Or will “The Wrestling Machine” put “The Animal” down and prove that there was no debate all along? Find out this Sunday live on Pay Per View!

Let the guesses begin.

At The Great American Bash, Finlay screwed over Bobby Lashley and became the United States Champion. Lashley gained a measure of revenge later in the night when he stopped King Booker, Finlay and Sir William Regal from stealing the World Heavyweight Championship.

Due to those actions, King Booker and his Court decided to make an example of Lashley with a 3 on 1 assault on SmackDown! Booker and his Court beat the former United States Champion to a pulp until THE UNDERTAKER made a surprise appearance and cleaned house of Lashley’s attackers.

Then a shocking announcement was made by Teddy Long on wwe.com. At SummerSlam, King Booker and his Court will take on The Undertaker, Bobby Lashley and a mystery partner. The catch is that absolutely no one except Teddy Long knows who it its. Not King Booker, not Bobby Lashley and not even The Undertaker.

Several big names have been thrown around. The Undertaker’s brother, Kane. The youngest WWE Champion in history, Brock Lesnar. The Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Immortal, Hulk Hogan. Captain Charisma, Christian. The People’s Champion, The Rock. Y2J Chris Jericho, And even former World Heavyweight and WCW Champion, Bill Goldberg has been mentioned.

Is it one of these big name superstars or does Teddy Long have someone else in mind to deal with Booker and his Court? Find out this Sunday.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Usertitle ist hier
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Nice Previews, looks like a great PPV and i will get a review up.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

HBKicon's Summerslam Predictions Part 1:

Kurt Angle vs. Batista: ANgle needs this win. This will be a pefect fit to the Batista heel turn that looks so promosing here in this BTB. Week after week, to me it seemed as though Batista is set to turn somehow. Losing this match would definatly give Batista that "final straw" to turn on the fans. Either way this match will be average and maybe great. I mean Kurt Angle is in it but then again...so is Batista. My guess is Kurt retains the gold.

King Booker, Finlay, Regal vs. Undertaker, Lashley, Mystery: First off, I love your ida with the mystery guy here. It leaves room for prediction. My guess is that Steve Austin or Kane will show up at Summerslam. Normally, most bookers will book it so that the mystery guy returns and they win the match. Here, I think differently. My guess ia King Booker, Finlay and Regal because you will either go with Undertaker/Lashley turning on the MYstery guy or a typical heel win, continuing the fued either between the six men or Booker and the Mystery guy. Personally, this match will be a surprise to me and my gues is Booker, Finlay and Regal leave SS with a win!
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

I like the way HBKicon did his predictions, so I'll do the same.

Kurt Angle vs. Batista- I think Batista will win and much like HBKicon I predict that their will be a heel turn, Angle's. Kurt has worked his ass off trying to prove that he is the true World Champion. So I predict when Batista wins the match (which I predict that he will), Angle will snap and turn heel. This will probably be a good match as I can't see you writing a bad one involving Angle.
Finish: Batista uses the Batista Bomb to put Angle away in 15 minutes.

King Booker, Finlay, Regal vs. Undertaker, Lashley, Mystery: I think its Captain Charisma. Christian and company will defeat Booker and his Court then Christian and Booker will continue their feud. As for Taker, Lashley, Finlay and Regal, I think they will move onto feuds with different people.
Finish: Christian pins Regal in 10 minutes after the Unprettier.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Just a comment on Raw, and the main event feud, which I absolutely love, and is one of the best feuds around at the moment. Cant wait for the triple threat match, as it has been booked brilliantly

Solid promo from Heyman to start the show, hyping up Show for all the things he has done to Matt and Rey. Matt comes out, and him and Rey take down the Big Show, and get the advantage on him. Good stuff here, and it will be interesting to see what happens at SS

Sabin shocks Helms and wins the Cruiserweight title, although he had been making a bit of an impact in the last few weeks. Shame to see Helms drop the belt, but I have a feeling that this feud isn’t over just yet

Good promo from King Booker, although he was perhaps a bit too ‘street’ at times. I have no idea who the mystery man is going to be at the moment, but this looks like being a good 6 man tag match

Hardy to try and convince Rey to let him wrestle the Big Show instead it looks like, and I cant see Rey giving up his spot. Maybe a handicap match though?

Pit bulls get the win in the tag match due to JBL and Kennedy costing the Hooligans the match, who then get the hell beaten out of them afterwards. I see them taking the title though, as I don’t think JBL and Kennedy fit as a tag team, nor in the tag division, and a ladder match isn’t there thing

Short and sweet batista promo which gets his point over. He takes the title at SS I feel

Match ends in a no contest when Henry comes out to try and soften up Benoit ahead of their SS match. Batista then drills Angle with the spinebuster, and so far, it has been all Batista’s night, and he isn’t too far away from the title

Regal gets the win over Lashley, but only because of Finley and his sheilagh. Taker then comes out though, and cleans house, only for a very confusing video to be played. I have no idea who the mystery man is, but can only guess at Kane, but I’m not too sure about that at all

Angle beats Henry in the main event, which he had to do, although getting some help from benoit maybe makes him look slightly weak .Henry then starts to dominate afterwards, but Batista comes out and takes him down, only for Angle to get the advantage over Batista. Good end to the show, with Angle standing tall, which sets up the title match well

Summerslam Predictions

World Heavyweight Championship
Kurt Angle© vs. Batista

WWE Championship
No Disqualification; Triple Threat Match
Edge© vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels

Hardcore Match
Cactus Jack vs. Ric Flair

First Blood Match
John Cena vs. Randy Orton

Six Man Tag Team Match
King Booker, Finlay & William Regal vs. Undertaker, Bobby Lashley & ?????

WWE Tag Team Championship
Ladder Match
JBL© & Mr. Kennedy© vs. The Hooligans

Grudge Match
Chris Benoit vs. Mark Henry

Singles Match
The Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio

Women’s Championship
Triple Threat Match
Mickie James© vs. Trish Stratus vs. Melina

Six Man Tag Team Match
Rob Van Dam, Carlito & Joey Mercury vs. The Rated R Army

Wild Card questions

1) Who will team up with The Undertaker and Bobby Lashley in the Main Event? Kane

2)Will we see one of the members of D-Generation X turn on the other? Yes

3) Biggest Spot of the night? Something in the ladder match - maybe a shooting star press off a ladder through a table

4) Will we see a title change hands? If so how many? Yes and 2

5) Will Rey Mysterio allow Matt Hardy to take his sopt in his match with The Big Show? No
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

I should be back to reviewing shows regularly once SummerSlam is completed. I know I owe several people (WCW Rules, Kane01) If you would like me to review your show just post in this thread. A couple of comments on the preview would be appreciated.


David vs. Goliath.

The Big Show has been on a monstrous rampage as of late. His two favorite victims, Matt Hardy and Rey Mysterio. At The Great American Bash, The Big Show choke slammed Matt Hardy off of a 20 foot ladder and through a table below, to win the much hyped Tables Match between the two. After the match was already over, Show decided to inflict more damage on the fallen superstar. But Rey Mysterio would have none of it, running to the ring with steel chair in hand.

Mysterio’s brave actions would cost him later that night. During Rey Mysterio’s Triple Threat World Heavyweight Championship match, The Big Show would make his presence felt. Show came to ringside, pulled Mysterio out of the ring and delivered a chokeslam which effectively took Mysterio out of the World Title match.

Big Show may get his comeuppance at SummerSlam but will it be from Rey Mysterio or Matt Hardy. The match has already been made. Big Show versus Mysterio on August 20th but there is a twist. Teddy Long will allow Matt Hardy to wrestle Show at SummerSlam if Mysterio is willing to relinquish his slot.

So who will be gaining retribution for The Great American Bash? Will Mysterio pay Show back for costing him the World Heavyweight Championship or is a Twist of Fate in the future of the 500 pounder?

Better question: Does it really matter who faces The Big Show since he may be unstoppable anyway?

In May of this year, Chris Benoit was added to the growing list of superstars who were taken out by “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry. Batista, Undertaker and World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle have all felt the wrath of Mark Henry as he put each and every one of them on the shelf for varying periods of time.

Benoit returned at The Great American Bash, making an immediate impact by attacking The Worlds Strongest Man. Benoit has vowed to take Henry out as payback for Henry’s actions earlier in the year. Until recently, Henry has shown no fear of The Rabid Wolverine, going so far as to laugh at Benoit’s threats.

Henry’s attitude changed on a recent edition of SmackDown!, when Benoit’s intensity overcame him. Benoit applied the Crippler Crossface on Gregory Helms and refused to break the hold. When referee, Jimmy Korderas, attempted to stop Benoit from tearing Helms’ arm, Benoit applied the devastating hold to Korderas! Korderas is now going to be out for several months with a severely torn shoulder!

Will The Worlds Strongest Man suffer the same fate at SummerSlam or will the Mark Henry’s path of destruction run right through Chris Benoit on August 20th?

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Good previews amigo, I really liked the first one with Mysterio/Show that looks really good. As well as Benoit/Henry but I see Benoit winning that match for sure unless your pushing that freak which I don't see happening, good looking show mate another good preview btw give us an update on how many matchs and stuff are done please...
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Show vs. Mysterio: I think we'll see a Matt Hardy heel turn. We know trhat Mysterio is not gonna give up his match with Show so therefore I think that Hardy will cost Mysterio the match.

Benoit vs. Henry: Mac, you've got to do the right thing here with Benoit. You've done a good job pushing Henry as a monster but he still sucks. It doesnt matter how good you write him, he still sucks. Hopefully Benoit makes him tap to the Crossface. This match probably wont go over 10 minutes.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

HBKicon's Summerslam Predictions Part 2:

Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio: WIth weeks of confussion in this Mysterio/Show fued and after last week and Haryd's idea. It's very hard to predict what is going to happen here and I like that! Somehow, I see a heel turn for either Rey or Hardy? Either way I see Show leaving Slam' with a win!

Mark Henry vs. Chris Benoit: This fued has been going on a while, especially since Henry took out Benoit. This match won't be a surprise as I see Benoit making Henry tap out for the win to end the fued!
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