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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

I just realized I reviewed your RAW.

The next show of yours that I'll review is SummerSlam. PM me when it's up, because I'll more than likely forget.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

August 14, 2006
New York City
Hammerstein Ballroom

“Across The Nation” plays and the opening RAW video plays. The pyro goes off in the arena as the audience in New York City goes crazy. The camera pans the audience and gets a close up of the fans and the signs that they have brought with them to the Hammerstein Ballroom. Lots of bring back ECW signs fill the building. We cut to our broadcasters, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

Jim Ross: Hello everyone. I’m Good Ol’ J.R., Jim Ross, here with Jerry “The King” Lawler and what a hell of a show we have for you here tonight. And what a main event!

Jerry “The King” Lawler: In our main event which was made by Mr. McMahon last week, “The Game” Triple H goes one on one with his DX teammate “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels!

J.R.: Six days away from a huge triple threat title match, DX goes one on one here tonight. But will we see it is the question?

King: Exactly, J.R.. Triple H told WWE.com earlier this week and said that he and Michaels plan a repeat of their 1997 European Title fiasco.

J.R.: Yeah I think he called it the “Shove of Doom.”

King: Mr. McMahon’s plan may backfire here tonight.

A man with a whistle comes out on stage. He starts blowing his whistle loudly as the fans in the Hammerstein ballroom go crazy!

J.R.: Who the hell is that?!

King: Its one of those ECW idiots! I think his name is Fonzo or something like that. Who cares?

Bill Alfonso begins pointing to himself as some of the fans in the arena begin an “ECDub” chant!

“One of a Kind” hits in the arena to a HUGE pop. Rob Van Dam makes his way from the backstage area. Van Dam slaps hands with Fonzie and the two ECW alumni continue to make their way down to the ring.

J.R.: Ladies and gentlemen, announced earlier this week on WWE.com a huge six man tag team match up was made for SummerSlam. It will be Rob Van Dam teaming up with Carlito and Joey Mercury to take on Shelton Benjamin, The Masterpiece and the Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro. That should be a hell of a match up in Madison Square Garden!

King: Absolutely, J.R.. The Rated R Army will be in mass at SummerSlam for that match up.

J.R.: They’ll definitely have the strength in numbers on the 20th but what an ovation Rob Van Dam is receiving from the fans tonight.

Van Dam looks around the Hammerstein Ballroom in awe of the ovation he is receiving. Fonzie runs around Van Dam in circles blowing his whistle.

Van Dam: It feels good to be back in New York City!

Cheap pop.

Van Dam: Last week on Monday Night RAW, yours truly, Mr. Monday night got screwed out of the Intercontinental Championship.

Fonzie shakes his head in disappointment as the fans boo.

Van Dam: I got screwed by Johnny Nitro and the rest of The Rated R Army, just like they screwed me out of the WWE Championship a little while back!

Fonzie continues to shake his head in an over exaggerated manner.

Van Dam: But you know what Fonzie…

Fonzie looks up excitedly for Van Dam’s news.

Van Dam: I’m gonna get to right some wrongs this Sunday at SummerSlam. Your favorite wrestler and mine, (fans chant along) ROB VAN DAM, is gonna team up with Carlito and Joey Mercury, and we’re gonna smoke The Rated R Army!

The fans give RVD a good pop.

Van Dam: Rob Van Dam is gonna start fighting back HIS way and it starts this Sunday. RVD has been here for a while but “The Whole Dam Show” returns at SummerSlam!

The New York audience gives Van Dam even more cheers.

Van Dam: So Nitro, Shelton, Masterpiece, you three guys are gonna find out first hand why RVD 4:20 says…

Fonzie joins in.


“Metalingus” hits to an incredible amount of heat. The WWE Champion Edge and his Rated R Army (Lita, Shelton Benjamin, Johnny Nitro, Chris Masters, Ken Doane and Melina) make their way onto the stage area.

Edge: Rob, let me get this straight. In an attempt to spice things up, I add the 20 year old phenom, Ken Doane, to my Rated R Army.

Fans give Edge heat as Doane smirks.

Edge: And the retaliation that you have for my army is to bring in some rat faced ECW bastard off of the streets?!

The audience showers Edge in more heat as he laughs at his own comment.

Edge: You see Rob, we’re going for a clean sweep at SummerSlam. Johnny, Shelton and Chris are gonna “smoke” you and your crew at SummerSlam!

More heat.

Edge: And after Melina wipes the floor with that has been, Trish Stratus, and that damn nut, Mickie James, she’ll bring the Women’s Title to the Rated R Army.

More heat.

Edge: And most importantly, I’m gonna head to SummerSlam, inside of Madison Square Garden, the Mecca of sports entertainment, I’m gonna crush Triple H and Shawn Michaels and I’m gonna retain MY WWE Championship!

Even more heat as Edge savors the moment in his mind.

Edge: (to the fans) WOULD YOU SHUT UP! I’m the WWE Champion! Show me the respect that I deserve!

Naturally, the boos get louder.

Edge: And Rob….

Van Dam: (snore) (snore)

The audience laughs as Van Dam feigns sleeping. Edge kind of smirks at Van Dam’s arrogance/confidence.

Edge: Rough night Rob?

Fonzie blows his whistle in Van Dam’s ear and RVD pretends to wake up. Edge’s smirk quickly turns into a look of anger.

Edge: (To his Army) Kill that son of a bitch!

Masters, Benjamin, Nitro and Doane quickly run down the ramp and slide in the ring. Van Dam fights off a couple of them before the number advantage finally takes a hold. Masters, Nitro, Benjamin and Doane quadruple-team Van Dam. Edge laughs at Van Dam from ringside.

The audience erupts as Joey Mercury and Carlito sprint down to ringside. Carlito and Mercury begin to clean house taking two superstars at a time. The WWE Champion Edge enters the ring and Spears Carlito. The rest of Edge’s Army continue to assault Mercury.


Triple H and Shawn Michaels run down to the ring and Edge immediately bails. Michaels and The Game lay out The Rated R Army with hard right hands. Triple H clotheslines Masters out of the ring. Michaels drills Nitro with some Sweet Chin Music! Van Dam throws Doane out of the ring. Mercury and Carlito double clothesline Benjamin out of the ring and now the faces stand tall. The New York audience goes crazy! Triple H climbs the turnbuckle and poses which gets a thunderous ovation from the fans as they begin a “DX” chant!

“No Chance in Hell” hits to some ungodly heat. Vince McMahon appears on the stage as the fans immediately begin an “asshole” chant. McMahon waits for them to die down before he begins to speak.

Mr. McMahon: Thank you for that warm New York reception.

More incredibly loud heat.

McMahon: Imagine my surprise when I was reading WWE.com and Triple H said that he wouldn’t wrestle Shawn Michaels.

Mixed reaction. Some are happy that DX won’t fight others, upset who were excited to see the match.

McMahon: I guess you guys got one over on me. But you see in six days, the two of you are definitely going to go at it. As for tonight, since the two of you wont compete tonight, I guess you two get the night off.

Vince feigns walking away but then turns back around.

Mr. McMahon: On second thought how about we see, the WWE Champion Edge (boos), team up with his Army consisting of Shelton Benjamin, Chris Masters, Ken Doane and the Intercontinental Champion. And they face Joey Mercury (nice pop), Carlito (good pop), Rob Van Dam (Great pop), and DX!

The audience cheers wildly for DX and the announcement of tonight’s new main event! Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Van Dam, Carlito and Mercury all look pretty happy with the announcement.


The fans pop huge for the huge match.

McMahon: DX, good luck. I would hate for something to happen that would jeopardize your health for SummerSlam. Be careful out there.

McMahon smiles and walks away as Triple H and Michaels look at Vince trying to figure out what he’s up to.

J.R.: 10 MAN ELIMINATION TAG! My God! What a main event for right here in New York City just 6 days away from SummerSlam!

King: I don’t believe it! When was the last time you’ve seen a 10 man tag that wasn’t at Survivor Series or something.

J.R.: I can’t remember King. Huge match for right here tonight.

---Commercial Break---

We return from the break with Melina already in the ring.

“Mickie” hits to a mixed reaction. The WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James makes her way down to the ring.

Lilian: The following contest is a non title match which is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Richmond, West Virginia, she is the WWE Women’s Champion, MICKIE JAMES!

J.R.: Last week here on Monday Night RAW, after she lost a match to Trish Stratus, Mickie James got into a little scrap, a catfight if you will, with Melina. At SummerSlam, Melina and Trish Stratus will challenge Mickie James for her Women’s Title.

King: Melina can pick up some momentum with a win here tonight.

Match #1
Women’s Champion Mickie James vs. Melina
Non Title Match

Match Summary: Mickie dominates the majority of the contest due to her edge in experience. Melina leaves the ring and attempts to head back to the locker room. Trish Stratus appears on the entrance ramp, stops her from leaving and chases her back down to ringside. Melina runs around ringside with Trish in hot pursuit. Melina slides back in the ring and the beautiful Canadian follows. Mickie attempts to nail Melina with a Mick Kick but Melina ducks and Trish gets a stiff boot right to the face. Melina rolls up Mickie in a school boy and hooks her skirt for the pinfall.
(WINNER: Melina via pinfall)

J.R.: For the second week in a row the Mickie James has been pinned by one of her SummerSlam challengers.

King: Mickie could be in trouble come this Sunday.

***We cut to the backstage area with The Coach standing by***

Coach: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time…“The Legend Killer” Randy Orton!

Orton comes into screenshot receiving tremendous heat.

Coach: Randy, I just wanted to know what are your thoughts going into a First Blood match with John Cena this Sunday.

Randy Orton: My thoughts? You want to know my thoughts? I’m gonna bloody Cena up AGAIN come this Sunday at SummerSlam!

Fans give heat.

Orton: Everywhere I go. People keep asking me the same things. “Randy, whats your problem with John Cena?” “Randy, why don’t you like John Cena?” “Randy, why did you bloody John Cena up twice?”

Orton smirks as the fans give more heat.

Orton: I’ll tell you why. I bloodied Cena because he needed it. John Cena needs to be himself! Not this watered down version of himself. Cena needs to stop worrying about these idiots and worry about himself.

The fans begin an “asshole” chant.

Orton: I did it for his own good. In 2004, I tried to cater to these people. I tried to cater to these people. I smiled and I shook hands with fans and what was the reward I received? My career sunk faster than the New York Knicks.

An even louder “Asshole” chant starts.

Orton: I took upon myself to send Cena a message, “CUT THE CRAP!” I used to respect John Cena. I mean he had no respect for the business and that’s why I used to like the guy. Now look at him…he comes out here and he caters to these idiots.

More boos.

Orton: He goes to that ring and he smiles. He slaps hands with the fans. He follows the rules. It makes me sick! This Sunday John Cena is going to learn that being friends with these people, gets you nowhere. He‘s going to learn one way or another that his popularity means squat when it comes to getting the job done. He‘s gonna….

Randy Orton stops in mid-sentence as John Cena walks into screenshot to a good pop.

Cena: Who you kiddin’ Randy? That’s not what this is about.

Orton: What the hell are you talking about?

Cena: I can hear it in your voice man. You’re jealous because I go out there week after week and I have love for these people and they got love for me.

Loud pop with a few scattered boos.

Cena: You pretend like it doesn’t bother you but we all know the truth Randall. Randy Orton…wants to be loved. Every night you come out here and all you want is for one of these fans to show you some love. When you go out to that ring and you do your fairy pose….

A few laughs from the audience.

Cena: …you’re really asking for these people to love you. I get it now. We all need love at one point or another. Did Cowboy Bob not hold you enough?

More laughs. Orton starts to get upset but then another smirk comes over his face.

Orton: You seem to be in a pretty happy mood for someone who’s had 25 stitches in his head over the past few weeks courtesy of The Legend Killer.

Heat for Orton’s comment.

Orton: You seem pretty damn confident for someone who just lost a match to me about a month back.

Cena starts to get upset as Orton runs him down.

Orton: And you seem pretty damn relaxed for someone who in just six days will be busted open again courtesy of yours truly.

Cena: That’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about.

Cena looks down and then drills Orton with a hard right hand which stuns The Legend Killer. Cena continues to swing away on Orton in a fit of anger. Bystanders look on as Cena and Orton brawl through the backstage area. Cena grabs Orton and slams his head into a piece of the backstage set. Several officials finally get there and are able to separate the two. We cut to commercial with Cena being held back from going after Orton.

---Commercial Break---

***We return from the break into the Rated R locker room. Edge and company are all warming up for their match when Vince McMahon walks in***

McMahon: Champ!

Edge: Mr. McMahon.

Edge and McMahon shake hands.

McMahon: I was going over the SummerSlam card in my office and I realized that at SummerSlam, DX will have the advantage.

Edge: What do you mean?

McMahon: Even though its every man for himself, we could possibly see DX take you out of action during the beginning of the match.

Edge: Vince, DX hasn’t been on the same page for weeks. There’s no way they can get it together by SummerSlam.

McMahon: That’s what I thought. But then I said to myself “why take the chance? Why not give Edge the numbers advantage?”

Edge: I like the sound of that.

McMahon: You do?

Edge: Absolutely.

McMahon: Alright. How about at SummerSlam its Edge defending the WWE Title against Shawn Michaels and Triple H in a…..NO DISQUALIFICATION triple threat match.

A wide toothy grin comes over the face of Edge as McMahon leaves the room.

***Back to the ringside area. Viscera is already present in the ring.***

J.R.: That’s perfect. That’s just great. Mr. McMahon is not even pretending to be unbiased.

King: That’s genius, J.R.. Tonight we get a 10 man elimination match and at SummerSlam the Triple Threat WWE Title match is now No Disqualification.

J.R.: There’s definitely some collusion going on between Mr. McMahon and our WWE Champion.

“Pay The Price” hits to a decent pop. Charlie Haas makes his way down the ramp and towards the ring.

Lilian: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Already in the ring, from Harlem, New York, weighing in at 496 pounds, VISCERA!……And his opponent, from Edmond, Oklahoma, weighing in at 235 pounds, CHARLIE HAAS!

J.R.: Charlie Haas has been on a winning streak as of late. He’s picked up a couple of wins here these past couple of weeks

King: Yeah. I’ll admit he’s been impressive but none of those guys were 500 pounds J.R.. We’ll see how Haas does against a super heavyweight.

Match #2
Charlie Haas vs. Viscera

Much to the surprise of everyone in the arena, Charlie Haas dominates his match up with the 500 pounder. Haas uses his decided speed advantage over Viscera to confuse the former King of the Ring. Towards the end of the match, Haas attempts a German suplex but Viscera is too heavy and counters with a huge “butt-bump” which knocks Haas down to the canvas. Viscera attempts a huge splash but Haas avoids it. Haas quickly gets back to his feet. Haas tries to apply the Haas of Pain on Viscera but struggles because of his huge girth. Haas gets it in but not perfectly. Even though the move is in at “half-blast” Viscera still taps!

(WINNER: Haas via submission at 6:21)

J.R.: That was impressive. Charlie Haas for the third week in a row has made some one submit to that devastating submission hold.

King: Haas is a force to be reckoned with here on RAW.

J.R.: There definitely could be some gold in that man’s future right there.

***Shot of Ric Flair, dressed in one of his classic robes***

J.R.: Up next, just six days away from a hardcore match with Cactus Jack, “The Nature Boy” has a hell of a challenge in front of him.

King: You got that right. Ric Flair versus the undefeated Umaga right here tonight. This should be good.

---Commercial Break---

“Samoa” hits to decent heat. Umaga makes his way to ringside with Armando Alejandro Estrada by his side.

Lilian: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at 345 pounds, UMAGA!

Estrada snatches the microphone from Lilian.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: For those of ju that may have forgotten over the past couple of weeks, let me remind ju. My Name Is ARMANDO ALEJANDRO ESSSSSTTRADA! Ha Ha!

Audience chants along but quickly boo.

AAE: And there has been a……como si dice….travesty. As ju may have known my Saaamoan Bulldozer does not have a match for SummerSlam.

Estrada looks around as if he can’t believe it.

AAE: But the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair does!

Pop for Flair’s name.

AAE: Flair. Ju BIG DUMMY! My monster is going to prove to you that it is time for you to move on! Tonight, you get your ass handed to ju. By the Undefeated, Saaaamoan Bulldozer….


“Space Odyssey” hits to an incredible ovation. Ric Flair makes his way down to ringside with a determined look on his face.

Lilian: And his opponent, from Charlotte, North Carolina, weighing in at 243 pounds, “The Nature Boy” RIC FLAIR!

J.R.: Its only six days away. Cactus Jack returns to take on the legendary Ric Flair. And if you remember last week King, Flair didn’t seemed to scared of the prospect of facing Cactus Jack. In fact, Flair compared it to switching outfits.

King: If Flair thinks that he’s just facing Mick Foley with a different outfit on, he is in for a serious wake up call. Cactus Jack is one of the most sick and twisted individuals in the history of this business and Flair will find that out this Sunday.

Match #3
Umaga vs. Ric Flair

Match Summary:
Umaga dominates the majority of the opening minutes of the contest, using his decided strength and power advantage to control the match up. Flair makes a comeback at around the six minute mark with a flurry of chops and punches. Flair gains control of the match with a couple of nasty chop blocks to the leg of the Samoan Bulldozer. Flair begins to feel it and calls for the Figure Four leg lock. Flair hooks it in and the end is near! Umaga looks prepared to tap until…CACTUS JACK comes down from the entrance ramp with a barbed wire baseball bat in hand. Flair quickly lets go of the hold and rolls out of the ring. Jack looks at Flair with a sick look on his face as Flair looks on, unimpressed from ringside. Jack looks at Umaga, jumps up and smashes Umaga in the face with the barbed wire bat. The referee quickly calls for the bell.

(WINNER: Umaga via DQ)

Jack then begins scraping the barb wire against the face of Umaga, who has already been busted open. Cactus Jack then drops the bat and begins hammering away on the face of Umaga. Estrada looks on helplessly as there is nothing he can do about it. Flair looks at the beating Umaga is taking in shock as he has never seen Foley like this. Jack gets off of Umaga and wipes the Samoan’s blood on his face. Jack looks at Flair with a sadistic smile as Flair looks on with a concerned look.

J.R.: I don’t know what to say about this King. This is one of the most surreal things I have ever seen.

King: Umaga was just destroyed by Cactus Jack and Flair may have just realized what he has gotten him self into.

J.R.: My God! Flair versus Cactus Jack. This Sunday at SummerSlam.

King: Its gonna be sick. Its gonna be bloody. Its can’t miss!

J.R.: Up next, 10 Man Elimination Tag Team Match up. DX teams up with Carlito, RVD and Joey Mercury to face the WWE Champion Edge and his Rated R Army. Huge match up, NEXT!

---Commercial Break---

J.R.: Ladies and gentlemen we are only six days away from one of the biggest Pay Per Views in WWE history, SUMMERSLAM!

King: And what a car that we have lined up for this Sunday!

J.R.: One of the most anticipated matches of the millenium in my opinion. The two most popular superstars on the WWE Roster go at it for the World Championship.
Kurt Angle defends against Batista.

King: Angle has been dominating SmackDown! ever since Batista went down to injury and was forced to relinquish. Now Batista is back and he wants his title back.
Who is the true World Heavyweight Champion? We find out at SummerSlam!

J.R.: We saw the sick and twisted actions tonight. It gets worse at SummerSlam!
Ric Flair battles Cactus Jack in a Hardcore Match.

King: Flair has been calling out Foley for weeks and now he’s got CACTUS JACK!
We could see the end of The Nature Boy this Sunday.

J.R.: Oh and I can’t wait to see who shows up for this one. Huge six man tag.
King Booker and his court take on The Undertaker, Bobby Lashley and a mystery partner that no one knows.

King: I’ve got Goosebumps just thinking about the possibilities J.R.. Christian? Austin? Jericho? Kane? Rock? Brock?

J.R.: For the Women’s Championship…
Mickie James defends against Trish Stratus and Melina.

King: Both challengers have defeated Mickie James in the past couple of weeks. Will that be the case at SummerSlam?

J.R.: Does it get any more personal than this? Big grudge match.
“The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry battles “The Rabid Wolverine” Chris Benoit.

King: Mark Henry put Benoit out of action. The Rabid Wolverine plans to return the favor at SummerSlam.

J.R.: These two groups have been fighting for months. They’re gonna fight tonight and they’ll fight at SummerSlam.
Carlito, RVD & Joey Mercury take on The Rated R Army!

King: Look at the athletes in this match up, J.R.. Shelton, RVD, Nitro, Carlito, Mercury and The Masterpiece. This one could steal the show.

J.R.: The largest athlete in the world takes on the smallest superstar in the WWE.
The Big Show battles Rey Mysterio.

King: Show has been on a rampage as of late but will David be able to finally topple Goliath?

J.R.: This one is going to get bloody you can bank on that!
John Cena takes on “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton in a First Blood match.

King: Orton has bloodied Cena twice in recent memory. Can Cena retaliate at SummerSlam!

J.R.: For the first time in a long while the arrogant WWE Tag Team Champions could be in some real trouble.
JBL and Mr. Kennedy defend their tag team titles against Paul London and Brian Kendrick in a Ladder Match!

King: The ladder stipulation definitely favors the challengers but can JBL and Mr. Kennedy…..Kennedy some how pick up the win?

J.R.: And in my mind, THE Main Event.
Edge defends the WWE Championship against D-Generation X, Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

King: I feel it. I feel it. We’re gonna see the self-destruction of DX at SummerSlam. Their egos are just too big. And they both want to be the best in the world.

J.R.: What a night that is gonna be. This Sunday Live on Pay Per View!

“Metalingus” hits to tremendous heat. The WWE Champion Edge makes his way down to the ring with his Rated R Army not far behind.

Lilian: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is a Ten man elimination tag team match. The only way to win the match is to score falls over each one of your opponents until no one remains. Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Lita and Melina, KEN DOANE, SHELTON BENJAMIN, “The Masterpiece” CHRIS MASTERS, the Intercontinental Champion JOHNNY NITRO and the WWE Champion, “The Rated R Superstar” EDGE!

J.R.: Ladies and gentlemen, a huge main event. Edge and his army against DX and a group of their own. 10 Man Elimination Tag Team contest, NEXT!

---Commercial Break---

“Paparazzi” hits to a decent pop. Joey Mercury makes his way down to the ring in his typical “MNM” style outfit as The Rated R Army eyes him like a piece of meat.

Lilian: And their opponents, introducing first, from Hollywood, California, weighing in at 210 pounds, JOEY MERCURY!

*Spits apple* “Cool” hits to a good pop. Carlito comes down the entrance ramp and towards the ring. Carlito and Mercury shake hands.

Lilian: And his tag team partner, from the San Juan, Puerto Rico, weighing in at 220 pounds, CARLITO!

*Huge explosion* “One of a Kind” hits to a huge pop. Rob Van Dam, with Bill Alfonso by his side, makes his way down to the ring.

Lilian: And their tag team partner, accompanied to the ring by Bill Alfonso, from Battle Creek, Michigan, weighing in at 235 pounds, ROB VAN DAM!


Thunderous Pop

“Break It Down” hits to the loudest ovation of the night. D-Generation X, Triple H and Shawn Michaels, make their way down the ramp as the audience goes crazy. The Rated R Army leave the ring and immediately attack DX and company. A huge ten man brawl takes place on the outside until Joey Mercury throws Ken Doane into the ring. Mercury follows.

Match #4
Main Event
Edge, Johnny Nitro, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Masters and Ken Doane vs.
Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, Carlito and Joey Mercury
10 Man Elimination Tag Team Match

Mercury and Doane lock up to start the match off. The two struggle for leverage for several seconds but the two superstars eventually break the hold. Doane slaps Mercury right across the face. Mercury smiles and then laughs. Mercury then hits Doane with a very hard slap, which causes Doane to stumble backward. Mercury then nails him with several hard right hands. Mercury then tries to shoot off the ropes but Doane grabs Mercury by the hair and pulls him down to the canvas. Doane then starts stomping on Mercury. Doane then lifts him up and shoots Mercury off the ropes. Doane gets set early and Mercury performs a sunset flip into a pinning predicament.


Two…….Doane kicks out!

Mercury gets up and lifts up Doane. Doane hit’s a quick thumb to the eye which stuns Mercury. Edge yells “NOW!” Edge and the rest of his team enter the ring. The Rated R Army knocks DX, Carlito and RVD off of the apron. Edge waits for Mercury to recover from the thumb, charges and drills him with The Spear! Edge rolls out of the ring as Doane covers Mercury.




Lilian: Joey Mercury has been ELIMINATED!

Van Dam enters the ring as Doane tags in Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin and Van Dam grapple in a collar and elbow tie up. Benjamin uses his strength advantage to gain the upper hand and he backs Van Dam into a corner. The referee counts to four and Benjamin breaks the tie up. Benjamin takes a swing at Van Dam in the corner but Van Dam ducks and backs Shelton into the corner. Van Dam hits several forearm shots to the face of Benjamin. Van Dam then hit’s a couple of shoulder thrusts before performing a back flip and hitting a big one. Van Dam lifts Shelton up and shoots him into the opposite corner. Van Dam charges into the corner jumps up and grabs Shelton. RVD then performs a monkey flip but Benjamin lands on his feet. Van Dam charges at Benjamin again but this time Benjamin catches Van Dam and hit’s a
Samoan Drop. Benjamin with the cover.




Benjamin lifts Van Dam up and shoots him off the ropes. Van Dam comes back off the ropes and jumps up and over the back of Shelton, whom got set too early. Shelton turns around to face Van Dam who then catches Benjamin with a standing shuffle sidekick. Van Dam drags Shelton’s prone body towards the corner. Van Dam jumps up and onto the turnbuckle and hits Shelton with the Split-legged Moonsault. Van Dam with the cover.




Lilian: Shelton Benjamin has been eliminated!

Benjamin kicks out but its after the three count. Benjamin starts stomping and kicking on Van Dam. Triple H and Michaels try to enter the ring but the referee stops them. Benjamin leaves the ring. Edge enters the ring and waits on Van Dam to get back to his feet. Van Dam struggles but makes it to a vertical base. Edge drills him with a Spear.




Lilian: Rob Van Dam has been eliminated.

---Commercial Break---

There are now 4 people left on Edge’s team and Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Carlito for the other team. Carlito enters the ring and Edge immediately goes on the attack, catching Carlito with a quick rake of the eyes. Edge whips Carlito in the corner. Edge charges into the corner but Carlito gets his feet up and into the face of Edge. The WWE Champion stumbles backward as Carlito charges forward. Carlito goes for a Clothesline but Edge ducks it. Edge hits Carlito with a hard right hand. Carlito returns it and the two superstars exchange punches in the middle of the ring. Carlito gains the upper hand and shoots off the ropes. Edge and Carlito connect with a double clothesline and they are both laid out in the middle of the ring. The referee begins his ten count as Carlito and Edge are motionless.

At the count of four both Carlito and Edge begin to crawl towards their respective corners. When the referee hits a count of seven, Edge and Carlito tag in Doane and Triple H at the same time. HHH and Doane enter the ring. Hunter takes Doane down with a right hand. Chris Masters enters the ring and kicks HHH in the gut. Masters then shoots HHH into the ropes. Masters gets set too early and HHH catches him with a face buster. Doane gets up and charges at The Game. HHH plants him with an Spine buster. HHH with the cover.




Lilian: Ken Doane has been eliminated!

Nitro and Masters both enter the ring and kick HHH in the gut. Masters and Nitro both shoot HHH off of the ropes. They both get set too early and The Game wraps his arms around each of their necks and drops them with a double DDT. HHH gets up and tags in Carlito. Edge enters the ring and goes for a Spear. Carlito sidesteps him, goes behind and drills Edge with the back cracker. Carlito covers Edge but he’s not the legal man. Masters comes up from behind Carlito and applies the Masterlock. Carlito struggles for a few but eventually taps!

Lilian: Carlito has been eliminated!

DX are the only two remaining as Edge has Nitro & Masters to fight with. Michaels enters the ring and slaps The Masterpiece across the face. HBK quickly leaves the ring. Masters follows and the chase is on. HBK runs around the ringside area with Masters in hot pursuit. HBK goes around the ring twice and Masters is already worn out. Michaels slides back in the ring still ready to go and Masters follows, tired from all the running. Masters very wearily gets up to his feet and is met with Sweet Chin Music! Michaels with the cover.




Lilian: Chris Masters has been eliminated.

Edge sends Nitro into the ring as he is his only reinforcement left against DX. Nitro enters the ring and immediately begins slapping himself in the head trying to get psyched up. Nitro charges at HBK and Michaels levels him with a Superkick! Michaels with the cover. 1.……….2.………….3!!!

Lilian: Johnny Nitro is eliminated!

HHH enters the ring. Hunter and Michaels wave for Edge to enter the ring. Edge shakes his head “no” and hops down off the apron. Edge snatches his belt from the timekeeper and heads up the ramp. HHH and HBK tell Edge to turn around. The Rated R Superstar does as asked and sees Carlito, Van Dam and Mercury standing at the top of the entrance ramp. Edge in a panic slides back into the ring. HHH drills the WWE Champion with a right hand. Then Michaels does the same. Then Hunter. Then Michaels. Michaels backs up and drills Edge with a Superkick! Edge turns around and gets kicked in the gut by Helmsley. HHH hit’s the Pedigree and Michaels covers him!




(WINNERS: Triple H, Michaels, Van Dam, Carlito & Mercury)
(Survivors: DX-Triple H & Michaels)

“Break It Down” hits again as RVD, Carlito & Mercury re-enter the ring. HHH and Michaels line up and do the DX crotch chops as the “X” pyro goes off.

J.R.: DX has done it. They survived tonight and boy did they ever make a statement.

HBK, RVD, Carlito and Mercury each go to a turnbuckle and pose for the fans. HHH looks down at Edge and his WWE Title. Triple H picks it up and stares at it. Hunter then poses with the Championship as the fans go crazy! HBK gets down from the turnbuckle and looks at HHH. Triple H stares back.

J.R.: My God! DX walks out on top tonight but only one can be the champion this Sunday! SummerSlam live this Sunday night. ONLY ON PAY PER VIEW.

King: They’re gonna self-destruct!

J.R.: Good night everybody!

End of Show


WWE SummerSlam
August 20, 2006
New York City, New York
Madison Square Garden

World Heavyweight Championship
Kurt Angle(C) vs. Batista

WWE Championship
Edge(C) vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels

First Blood match
John Cena vs. Randy Orton

Hardcore Match
Cactus Jack vs. Ric Flair

Six Man Tag Team Match
King Booker, Finlay & William Regal vs. Undertaker, Bobby Lashley & ???

WWE Tag Team Championship
Ladder Match

JBL(C) & Mr. Kennedy(C) vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick

Women's Championship
Mickie James(C) vs. Trish Stratus vs. Melina

Grudge Match
Chris Benoit vs. Mark Henry

Singles Match
Rey Mysterio vs. The Big Show

Six Man Tag Team Match
Rob Van Dam, Carlito & Joey Mercury vs. Johnny Nitro, Chris Masters & Shelton Benjamin

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Show looks good Mac. I'll drop a review a little later.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

HBKicon Reviews RAW

Opening Promo: Awesome way to start off RAW with RVD and Fonzie returning to the Ballroom! RVD seems confedient like always as we head into Summerslam. Edge comes out and confronts RVD and Edge is confedient that the RAted R Army will leave SS with a win. I like how DX came to make the save and tonight we ahve a huge elimination match! Perfect way to get all the fueds rolled into one as we head into Summerslam!

Womens Title Match: Nice match to start RAW. You wrote this well as it advanced the fued heading into SS. Also, it gave Melina a last minute advantage as we head to SS on Sunday.

Orton/Cena Promo: Orton is his usual cocky self but man, what he said about Cena was great! Cena comes in and makes a few jokes and attacks Orton, typical lol. Overall, these men want at eachother and someone will bleed at SS.

McMahon/Edge Promo: Vince has a point and fixes the problem making it a huge NO DQ match! Could this backfire on Edge though!?

Charlie Haas vs. Viscera: Seemed like a filler to me. It kept the buildup for Haas going. Viscera submitting is a little unpredictable though.

Umaga vs. Ric Flair: Decent match here, building up the Hardcore Match. I like how Jack attacked Umaga, giving Umaga the win. He is playing smart. I like how you portrayed jack as a sick man. Somehow, Flair will survive at SS, IMO.

10 Man Elimination Match: I loved the idea of this match, putting all the Summerslam macthes into one. It was great! I like how the faces won but I don't see the same result at SS. The ending was great too with both members of DX staring at the belt. Will the title mean more then friendship? It usually does!

Overall: 8/10. IMO, too short. I loved everything else about it, especially the main event. It was great. But for a show 6 days before a PPV, it was a little short for my liking. Overall, a good show non the less.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Shows looks good I will leave you a review after my show is posted as I have lost the show I was going to post and I need to concentrate on making a new one
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Opening Promo: FONZIE! i loved it, welcome to the hammersterstein ballroom! RVD seems confident as does edge and the match later on sounds finomenal.

Womens match: Not a fan of womens matches but you put this togerthor well. The match itself was very entertainig to read. Melina picks up a win and SS is shaping up.

Cena-Orton Promo: Loved it verry intense and as HBK Icon before me said that someone is going to bleed!

Edge promo: NO DQ' allright! Edge is deffenatly the underdog as RVD is an ECDUb original.

Hass vs. Visera: Adds to the show and everyshow needs jobbers. I dont like either of these guys but it was a half decent match.

Umaga vs. Flair: I dont like this fued as i have seen it done multiple times. Although if you do it right it can be gold. More hardcore and interfeirence makes matches great

10 man: MOTN, loved the concept. Some great action and it kept me guessing. The ending was brilliant. I see a DX breakup in the future.

Overall: Nice Raw, srry i coulndt reveiw longer but i am verry bussy. I am looking forward to SS and i hope you hit me up with a reveiw for my PPV as i will return it.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Raw looked good mate, I'll get a review up soon bro. Man, I'm gonna be reviewing shows like crazy tonight

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

ORRY'S Raw Review

Opening Segment:
Solid way to open the show, with Van Dam and Fonzie performing their usual routione. The Rated R Army hits the scene, and after punking out RVD on the mike, the Army attacks Mr Monday Night. As expected Carlito and Mercury arrive, closely follwed by DX (who seem to have no problems communicating with each other, despite the fact HBK left HHH high and dry last week?), as the faces clear house. Solid opener to the show, and the main event should be off the chain!

Melina vs. Mickie James: Interesting choice for the opener, usually a Womens matchw ouldn't be the first on the card, as they tend to be dull, and fail to get the crowd hyped. Nether the less, Melina picks up a huge win over the Champ, but I see Mickie retaining at Summerslam.

Orton/Cena Promo: This seemed a little off to me, with ex[ecially Orton out of character. The term "bloodied or bloody" was used way too much in this segment, and it detracted from the quality In any case, it continues to build the feud, and i can't wait to see what goes down at Summerslam.

Edge/McMahon Segment: Very short, but it got it's point across well- Edge will no longer be at a disadantage come Sunday, as I see the Rated R Army getting invloved.

Charlie Hass vs. Viscera: Lol "butt-bump" sounds like it's a very powerful move Hass squashes the 500 pounder in a match that was just their to fill time.

Umaga vs. Ric Flair: Decent match, although I feel Umaga should be used in a more effective way- like a proper feud. Nether the less, Cactus makes his presence felt, as the feud between him and Fair continues. I somehow see Falir overcoming the odds at Summerslam.

10 Man Elimination Match: Obviously this was way too short to be a fully written match, but the half recap, half full idea was great, and it resulted in an enjoyable read. The faces pick up a huge win, which makes me feel that Edge is retaining at Summerslam in someway shape or form.

Overall: Wow, this was way too short for a 2 hour program, this may have not even reached the 1 1/2 hour mark. Besides that and a few shakey promos, this was a pretty good show, and I am looking forward to Summerslam- 7.5/10. On another note, do not force me to review Summerslam man, I'll review the show if I feel you deserve it...which you obviously do of ciourse However next time, a simple request will be much preferred, and maybe less death threats too

Booking Credentials
# Captain of Team Oceania- 2007 BTB World Cup
# Breakout Star of 2006
# Third in WF's Favourite Booker Award 2006
# 5th in the First Annual BTB Promo Tourmament
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# Best New BTB x1
# Most Improved Match Writer x1
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Kennedy2.………2 Review

Don’t have time for a full review Mac. So, I’ll just drop of a couple of thoughts on the show. The opening segment was great. Glad you’re bringing back Fonzie as he is a very important part of Van Dam’s act. Nice opening segment but it’s a shame that we won’t get to see Triple H vs. HBK. The 10 man tag should be a suitable replacement. The Women’s Title feud has been booked perfectly and I see Mickie retaining at SummerSlam. Good promo between Cena and Orton. Cena was his usual corny self. Nice way to hype the first blood match. Flair/Cactus/Umaga segment was perfect and I can see a Foley/Umaga feud after this one is over. The 10 man tag was booked well. Triple H and HBK look strong but I think everybody else came off a little weak. The aftermath was good as well and I’m looking forward to SummerSlam!

Overall: 8/10
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Raw Review

Opening Segment - Smoke the Rated R Army? Smoke? Lol. Reminds me of something, plus, I don't think RVD would say that. Edge interrupts RVD's promo. I hate how "smoke" keeps on coming up. I hate that word, and it would definitely not be used. Holy slapnuts, talk about all hell breaking loose. McMahon comes in, and breaks up the fun. Wow, huge elimination match assigned for tonight's Raw. Okay overalll segment. Tons of things could have been changed, along with some lines.

Mickie vs. Melina - Great ending, with the other participant in the triple threat women's match getting involved in the finish. Melina wins with a rollup, which is perfect because of her heel role. Great match.

Orton Interview - Some okayish lines from Orton, nothing I'd really expect him to say. Orton beating Cena up for the better of Cena? Something different, I guess. Cena interrupts Orton. Randall? Never heard that one. So they got at it in a battle of words, before they strike each other, and have to broken up. Good segment.

McMahon/Edge Promo - Short, but I got the point. The match goes from triple threat to No DQ triple threat. Should be one hell of a match.

Haas vs. Viscera - Great win for Haas, as he definitely deserves more of a push then Viscera. Great to see Haas dominate most of the match as well, despite it not being at all realistic.

Umaga vs. Flair - Damn! Umaga being brutalized really doesn't make his gimmick look at all right, as he's suppose to be unbeatable, and basically indestructable, but Jack made him look like a fool. This really heightens the match between Flair, and Jack at Summerslam. Good match. Also, some great hype from the announcers for Summerslam. The most hype I've seen all night, as not too many matches are being hyped up that great just 1 Raw before the show.

Main Event - Odd first elimination. Surprised there isn't that much interference considering it's a 10 man match. RVD eliminated Shelton with the split-legged moonsault. Edge eliminates RVD with a spear. Trips eliminates Kenny with a spinebuster. Masters eliminates Carlito with the Masterlock. Nitro is eliminated after a superkick. Edge is destroyed by DX to end it. Shakey main event of Raw. Not a match that would usually be booked. Some confusion, and unentertaining moments, but good overall match.

Overall - Shakey, and short for a 2 hour show. Not enough promos in my opinion. The promos were decent as well. Matches were your strongpoint. 7/10

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