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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

I shall drop a review in a little bit ddmrko, you have my word.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Good match to kick off the show with some Cruserweight action inolving JBL and Kennedy, hopefully they are pushed away from the Cruserweight Division after Summerslam, don't expect it to happen though as i still see them facing the Pitbulls after what has gone down recently. JBL and Kennedy abandon the Pitbulls, causing them to lose the match.

Solid intense promo there by Benoit continuing his feud with Henry.

Decent match here, nothing special. Booker gets the win giving him some momentum going to Summerslam.

OK promo here, can't expect much from a Batista promo anyway. Will be interesting to see if anything happens in their confrantation later tonight.

Shame to see Dean get squashed as he is a good wrestler, but it makes Mysterio look good going into Summerslam. Nice aftermath with Heyman cutting on a solid promo and then Hardy making a shocking return saving Mysterio from the Big Show.

Taker and Lashley look like they are going to pick up the win, but King Booker saves his court ending the match in a DQ. Interesting video package afterwards i have a feeling that the mystery partner could be the Rock possibley as the man said the people and that he needed them.

Benoit sends a message to Henry making Helms tap out.

Explosive ending to the show with Angle and Batista getting into a brawl, and Angle gets the better of Batista getting him in the Ankle Lock. This was a good promo to end the show and this feud has been built up well so far.

Overall: 82/100
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

8 Man Tag Match - Nice match to start off with 4 good tag teams getting it on brilliant! Didnt understand why Kenendy and JBL were teamed with the pitbulls but hey

Benoit Interview - Benoit sounded very like Kurt Angle , which is good and i liked how Henry isnt intimidated at the moment

Holly v Booker - Squash match which is quite disrespectful to Holly but never mind , Booker now has the momentum going into summerslam.

Batista Promo - Good backstage chat with Teddy , i liked the statement batista made at the end of it trying to get in the head of Angle.

Mysterio v Simon Dean - Another easy easy squash match , i liked how when it ended heyman comes out try's to get in the head of Rey , which is easy to do. Big show begeins to dominate and to everyones surprise matt comes running out brilliant! Seeing as people had doubts if he would wreslte again. But didnt like the idea of such an easy match for Rey

Finaly & Regal v Taker & Lashley - Good match going into ss , oubvious ending which worked well and the voice of who i think is Kane was nice too.

Angle backstage - Nice thing your doing with the same thing as Batista worked well , but got a tad boring near the end of it.

Batista , Angle Confrontation - Nice strong words to each other and a good fight at the end a nice way to end a good show

entertainemnt: 9/10
spelling: 9/10
booking: 7/10
length: 9/10
realism: 9/10
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Da Miz's SD Reveiw.

Opening Match: Well it was good to see all the fueds comming togethor, i liked the match. Decent length and i think that that SummerSlam is shaping up.

Benoit Promo: I think this promo had great intensity, i also think that Both men were in charictor.

Second Match: well wasnt this a shock, Holly was donminated. Booker gets the win and has the momentum heading into SummerSlam.

Batista Promo: Nothing much to say about this, i wasnt realy excited nor was i dissapointed.

Match 3:
Good match for mysterio over the jobber, Heyman cuts a great promo then......Matt Hardy

Match 4: I liked this 2 of the 6 going at it, but who was the voice? Who will their partner be at SS? I gues i just have to wait. BTW i may be doing somthing similar to this in my BTB so dont think i ripped it from you.

Angle Promo:
The same as the Batista Promo, i wasnt shocked but wasnt dissapointed.

Angle v Batista: I think this promo was the best of the night, i liked the atmostfeir and it was writin well. Great choice of words.I think this match at SS will be MOTN.

Overall:A good show my favorit bits were the 8 man tag and the Angle, Batista confrentation. I cant wait for SS as it is going to be a great PPV. I will from no on be reveiwing your shows just PM me when they are up. I hope you will return also.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

[color=black]Ryu SmackDown Reveiw.

my first review in your btb. and i hope i review well

8 man tag team: That was a great opening match and nice winner's also and i like the team of JBL-Kennedy and they are the tag team champions. looks good

Benoit Promo: This was great Benoit promo, very emotional and touching promo and really good way to build up the feud more.

Holly vs Booker T: This looked like a squash match but Holly did put up a good fight and good win for Booker T.

Rey Mysterio vs S.Dean: A typical Rey match and a easy win for Rey. after the match, Heyman does a great promo and looked very realistic and in the end, Matt Hardy coming in was good to see.

Finaly & Regal v Undertaker & Lashley: This was a good match and the ending was done very well and as for the voice, i think it was of kane. nice match though

Angle v Batista: This looked really intense and it had a great build up to it
and the whole segment was done awsomly and i loved every bit of it so another great segment to end the show.

Overall: Wow that was a great show with lots of goood feuds going on and i enjoy reading your show. it was all entertainment and the length was perfect and i didnt noticed any grammer mistakes so i rate 95/100. great show and i will sure check out your next show as well but if you dont mind just give me a update on it as when will be your next show.

hope you return a review...raw is smackdown[color=black]
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

A review is coming shortly mate, looks like a great show!

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

this looks great mate ill try to review but im busy planning out my thread
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

I'll get a review up tonight or maybe tomorrow
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

8 Man Tag: Good way to start the show, its very strange having the Potbulls teaming with JBL/Kennedy as just a weeek ago they screwed them out of a title shot. 7/10

Benoit Promo: Benoit looks intense, very in character. He sounds like he is going to beat Henry within an inch of his life. 8/10

King Booker vs. Hardcore Holly: Squasher here. You rarely see Holly get squashed so badly. 7/10

Batista Promo: Decent promo. Batista seemed tough and ready for actrion 7.5/10

Rey Mysterio vs. Simon Dean: 2 squash matches in one is not good for ones thread. 6/10

Mysterio/Show/Heymen Promo: Awesome promo.I loved it from start to finish and anytime anyone gets kicked in the balls I laugh 9/10

Taker/Lashley vs. Finlay/Regal: Good Match nice DQ ending very appoperate in this case. Ithink Takers partner is either Christian Cage or The Rock because of the you sold out line 8/10

Benoit vs. Helms: Awesome match here between two very talented wrestlers. Sabin getting involed was good and the aftermath was very like Benoit. 8.5/10

Angle Promo: This promo felt like an absoloute clone of Tistas one. 7/10

Batista/Angle Face Off: Awesome way to end the show, I would have put this as the contract signing or a pre rcorded segement. I feel that Long will have a punishment in line for Angle for putting the main event at risk. 8/10

Overall: 91%. Great show heading into Summerslam. I didn't like the 2 squash matches in the middle
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Smackdown review by Kennedy2.…….2!

8 man tag: JBL and Kennedy walk out on the Pitbulls and their feud continues. London and Kendrick win to pick up momentum going into SummerSlam.

Benoit promo: Extremely intense promo from Benoit and this feud looks intriguing heading into SS. Henry showing no fear is very interesting.

Booker vs. Holly: Booker picks up the quick win over Hardcore and looks strong going into the PPV.

Teddy-Batista: Nice segment in order to build up the main event angle tonight. Batista and Long were both in character.

Mysterio vs. Dean: Good squash match and Rey regains the momentum that he lost last week. The Heyman promo was dead on and the surprise Hardy attack was awesome. One of the best segments of the night.

Finlay & Regal vs. Taker & Lashley: good match but the most important part was the video. I think its Chris Jericho. Nice video though.

Benoit vs. Helms: Nice intensity by Benoit! Benoit breaks Helms arm and the ref’s arm. That’s huge and Mark Henry is finally getting scared of Benoit.

Angle-Teddy: Same as the Batista promo. Both guys were in character but there is no way this will end without violence.

Angle-Batista face off: Great segment. Definitely the best part of the night. The arguments of both guys made perfect sense and I cant wait for SummerSlam. Angle gets the better of Batista and the roles will probably be reversed next week.

Overall: 8.6 Better than your RAW show and the shows keep getting better and better Mac. Keep up the good work.
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