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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Originally Posted by ddmrko
Thanks for the reviews guys. They will be returned eventually. I would definitely keep an eye out for the News and Notes on Saturday. Big announcement.
Woooo. Can't wait
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

HBKicon Reviews Smackdown!

Sabin vs. Crazy: Nice opening CW match. I enjoyed the fast paced action and CW's are a great way of opening a show. I'm not a fan of TNA so I hardly know Sabin but nice to see him win I guess. Nice opening match.

Angle/Batista Promo: Nice little promo, Batista is pretty arrogant. Nice job.

Pitbulls/Long Promo: Nice job here. Building up around the tag division. Nice work.

Rey/Benoit vs. Henry/Big show: Decent match. Eeven though Mysterio/benoit are bigger stars, Henry/Show had the monster advatage. Like I predicted, the Monsters get the big win...literaly.

Mr. Kennedy/JBL Promo: Nice promo. The comic relief of the show.

Tag Team match: Nice job here. I liked Kennedy and JBL on the mic but you should have used them, it would have been awesome. Anyway, I loved the shock ending, and the Triple Threat at SS should be sweet.

Helms/Sabin Promo: Maybe a match at SS? Anyway, you did good and IMO, this would be a nice match to see/read.

Booker Segment: Booker leaving? That's not cool. ANyway, nice short promo here.

Finlay vs. Lashley: Nice match here. The problem with this is that we have seen this so many times before on real tv. You did good but it just wasn't entertaining because of seeing it before.

Regal vs. Taker: Decent match here. The ending was good with Lashley saving Taker. I think you shouild have spaced theese two matches out though.

Tornado Tag Match: Nice match here but a little too short for a main event.

Overall: 8/10. IMO, space your matches out a little better ( the ones that have inteferences and such) Other then booking the order better, I like your storylines and the direction your BTB is going.

If possible review my latest RAW or my next one please?
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

RKO777's Smackdown! Review

Thoughts: A good show like always. This was a great show and hope you continue doing one like this. I would say take time on writing shows seeming you did a lot in the past 2 weeks.

Realism: 6/10

Entertainment: 8/10

Length: 7/10

Colour: 8/10

Spelling/Grammar: 9/10

Sabin/Crazy: An ok match. Not the very best but it was great. I liked Sabin winning the no.1 contender but i would prefer super crazy to win it. You really gave as much detail as you can on this match. 8/10

Henry & Show/Mysterio & Benoit: Good match. I knew these two were going to win it when i read the whole match. Benoit was great and you really pushed him into a better wrestler. Big Show finishing off Mysterio was great. I didn't like the fact that Henry kept on interfering when it wasn't his turn. I liked him fighting with Benoit tho. 8.5/10

Pitbulls/London & Kendrick: Another great match. I liked the fact kennedy interfered and the pitbulls got DQ'd. I liked London & Kendrick winning this. This match has been done in almost every btb lol. Not mine thoi i think. Anyways you gave a lot of detail on this too. 8.5/10

Finlay/Lashley: Another great match. I liked the fact you put these two on the battle again. This match is very realistic and it has happened for real before. Keep this up and you will have great shows & matches. 9/10

Regal/Taker: Another good match. Taker winning is great and very obvious he would've won. I liked Regal getting pushed by having matches with main eventers and great legends like taker himself. I would think you should add a bit of entertainment to your matches. 8/10

JBL & Kennedy/Batista & Angle: A very good match indeed. I liked the fact where batista and angle got teamed up and they facing each other at SS. I liked the very end of the show and both these people will have a great fight at SS. I really didn't know who to pick as my favourite on this match because i really liked both teams. 9.5/10

Overall: Improve on making shows more entertaining and have better promos. 8/10
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

RAW Preview
August 7th, 2006
Springfield, Massachusetts
Springfield Civic Center

This week RAW emanates from the Springfield Civic Center in Springfield, Massachusetts. The RAW superstars invade the northeast and what a huge main event we will see this upcoming Monday night. D-Generation X teams up with John Cena to take on “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton, The WWE Champion Edge and a mystery partner. It is rumored that the mystery partner will be the NEWEST member of Edge’s Rated R Army. Can DX stick together long enough to defeat Edge and company? And will Cena have some bloody revenge for Randy Orton after he was busted open at the hands of “The Legend Killer” last week?

Also announced, Mick Foley will be on Monday Night RAW to answer the challenge of “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Will “The Hardcore Legend” accept the challenge of Ric Flair for a match at SummerSlam? Or have Flair’s threats had no effect on Mick Foley?

Last week, Mickie James abandoned Trish Stratus in a tag match and allowed the blonde bombshell to be pinned by Melina. As a result a triple threat match for the Women’s Championship was made. This Monday Night two out of the three competitors will meet in the ring, when Trish Stratus faces Mickie James in a non-title match. Will Mickie defeat Trish or will the beautiful Canadian gain a measure of revenge against the Women’s Champion?

Finally, “Mr. Monday Night” Rob Van Dam takes on a member of The Rated R Army, Johnny Nitro for the Intercontinental Championship. For weeks Van Dam, Carlito and Joey Mercury have been at war with The Rated R Army. Can Van Dam score a huge victory and wrest the title away from Nitro or does Edge and company have other plans in mind?

All of this and more this Monday Night on RAW. 9/8 CT on USA


Matches Announced for RAW August 7, 2006

Six Man Tag Match

Triple H, Shawn Michaels & John Cena vs. Edge, Randy Orton & Mystery Partner

Intercontinental Championship
Johnny Nitro(c) vs. Rob Van Dam

Non-Title Match
Women's Champion Mickie James vs. Trish Stratus

Note: The matches will not be written out in full anymore and will basically be written in recap form. The main events (and other HUGE matches) of the will be written out. Keep that in mind when you are reviewing.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

RAW review by Kennedy2.…..2

Sorry Mac I am not going to be able to put up a full review but here are some thoughts on the show. It is not in order….You have got something big with JBL and Mr. Kennedy…Kennedy. These guys are both awesome on the mic and you got them both down. King Bookah is another one you have down and his promo was awesome. Batista-Angle is being built up well as you are pushing it as some sort of match of the century. Angle’s gonna go heel. I can feel it. Good promo from the two and a pretty decent match. I absolutely loved the post match antics as I thought they were finally gonna come to blows. Taker bores me but I guess this “Deadman_14” loves him. Sabin vs. Crazy was a good match. You know I cant stand Rey Mysterio so I’m glad you had him lose to The Big Show. Keep up the good work Mac but I think you need a couple of more stars on SmackDown! To kinda make it even with RAW. Later. One.

Overall: 8.5/10

RAW preview looks great by the way. I'll review and make me a Kennedy banner.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Raw preview looks great!
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Hey man. RAW looks great. PM me when it is up, I'll definatly drop off a review.
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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Smackdown! Review

Pretty good way of starting off the show with a cruiserweight match. Thought this was a pretty fun match and I'm glad that Sabin became the #1 contender. Good Batista promo, though the tension that was built in this promo was awesome, I see somewhere along the lines, a bit of a turn in this match. Decent Pitbull promo, I like that team. Good tag match, really liked it. Nice to see the heels win in this case. Gold Kennedy/JBL promo, thought this was really well written. Great tag team match, loved the action in this one. Glad to see the Hooliganz win in this match and become the #1 contenders. Ladder match! Awesome! Good Helms/Sabin promo, thought it was good. Good US title match, Finlay retaining was the right choice. Good to see Taker pick up the victory against Regal. Always nice to see him. Great main event, liked seeing Angle and Batista win in this one. Good show.


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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

WWE News and Notes

Undertaker unhappy? Huge superstar returns?

The Undertaker has been complaining about his recent storyline and his SummerSlam match. Taker is currently teaming up with Bobby Lashley in a feud with King Booker and his court. The current plan for SummerSlam is to have a six man tag match involving the 5 superstars mentioned and a mystery man who would be on Taker’s and Lashley’s team. Taker feels that the hype surrounding the announcement of this RETURNING superstar would hurt his standing on SmackDown! Rumors are flying rampant on who this star could be. We will keep you updated as this story unfolds.

The DX Breakdown?
WWE officials are being very tight-lipped about where the current DX storyline and are giving reporters several different stories to throw them off. Some say Triple H were turn on Michaels while some have HBK turning on The Game. Some are saying that they will not split at all. One thing is for sure, the Triple threat WWE Title match at SummerSlam is a can’t miss.

Management impressed with Kennedy...Kennedy. Main event push?

Ken Kennedy’s recent performances, both in the ring and on the mic, have impressed management so much that they have seriously considered giving him a main event program (see your reviews do count). The Kennedy-JBL team has been picking up a lot of steam as tag team champions recently and creative loves their chemistry. A JBL-Ken Kennedy feud may not be that far ahead.

SmackDown! Rating
The edition of SmackDown! featuring the Batista/Angle vs. JBL/Kennedy tag match pulled in a 3.0 rating. This is by far the best rating that SmackDown! has received since the Summer started. Vince McMahon believes this to be the reason of two things. One, the hype coming into the night. And two, the hype surrounding the current Batista-Kurt Angle feud. Expect this feud to go on for a while.

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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

cant wait for RAW!
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